Rifts that Naruto Trips


Naruto x Harem


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story start


A goddess in human form. That was the only way to describe Six. Long legs that were nearly endless connecting to a very soft and very spacious ass with wide hips, flat stomach, and large, perky breasts with very sensitive nipples. She also had plump but not too plump lips and flawless skin. She was a walking wet dream, living perfection and seeing as she was pretty much created it made it all the more believable yet unbelievable.

''I'm not going to change my mind,'' Naruto said, trying to remain firm but his voice cracked slightly, he could feel his resolve slipping slightly.

''I know baby, I just wanted to say goodbye,'' she said in that sensuous tone of hers. He didn't say anything when she slowly brought a finger to his forehead and gingerly sucked her sweat off his skin, savoring his flavor. He wasn't even aware he sweating, his eyes never leaving her form.

''I'm serious Six...'' he trailed off as he pulled at the collar of his shirt. '
She leaned down so that her head was right next to his ear. "I know.'' she said placing her lips just behind his right earlobe and sucked gently. ''I just wanted to do something spontaneous that's all.''

Without realizing it, his hand had come up and unwittingly wound itself in her short violet hair, her her to his neck as he pressed forward to take in her scent.

Immediately, his body was flush against her as they fell down onto the bed. . Without missing a beat, his fingers trailed along her impossibly perfect form.

Having Six pressed against him this way was like being encompassed by a living mold that changed depending on one's touch. She was just so soft and full it felt like his fingers would often be sucked in, especially when they rested against her naked breasts.

Six hands began to explore his body, he growled and wrapped his arms beneath her, pulling her tighter against him. His right hand slid up her dress, his hand glided over her dark blue tongue and ventured up her body, palming her breasts, enchanted by her rather spontaneous decision as she called it. She moaned and arched into him, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck.

Her mouth sent shocks up his spine. She tasted of Ice Tea and honey. Each movement from her lips or lick from her tongue sent a new series of shivers racing through his body. She wriggled beneath him as shivers went through his form, the hair all over his body standing attention. A growl escaped his lips as he moved up and pulled her dress over her raised arms as he cupped her breasts and crash his lips against hers once more.

Naruto let out a groan as he could feel Six's delicate fingers massaged his crotch. Her other hand moved to his back, sliding his shirt up as she nibbled along his jaw line. Eventually through gropes and kisses Naruto's shirt was removed. Six hand's tugged at the waist band of his pants. His cock brushing against her thigh as his trousers was slowly slid down, his hardness restrained against the red boxers tot he point it looked like it was going to burst free.

''Hhm you're so hard baby! I'll take care of it don't you worry,'' Six's voice was deep and guttural, sometimes it was hard to remember that Six wasn't just a woman with an amazing body but a former sex slave of sorts. Six arched her hips into his already swollen length, resulting in Naruto bucked his hips against hers. A groan whispered in her ear as he copied her movement, grinding against her and allowing the friction to heat her center while he cooled everywhere else.

Six's hand slid down into his boxers and took a hold of his hardness. He was solid and thick in her hand. She began to stroke, resulting in Naruto moaning loudly and palmed her breast as he enjoyed the sensations of Six's hand. After a few seconds of bliss, he reluctantly removed her hand and pulled her tongue off her form and tossed it to the edge of the bed. ''I can't wait anymore,'' he growled as he pinned her arms to the bed as he laid a trail of kisses down her neck and breasts. Six opened her mouth as a moan echoed from her lips.

''Give it to me baby! Fuck me!'' she cooed as Naruto slid out of his boxers and positioned himself as her entrance. He could smell her sweetness as he rubbed his tip at her entrance. Giving in completely to his lust, he slowly pushed forward and watched as Six's bit her bottom lip and reached up and grasp her arms as she dug her nails into his hand. He let out a groan as her fingernails pierced his arm as he slowly filled her, aiming to reach the brim. Six was tight and the fit was rather snug; like she was crafted just for him. The tightness grew as he slowly moved against her, slowly speeding up as wanton cries escaped Six lips.

"Oh, Naruto," she half-moaned, half-screamed when he finally bottomed out. She ground her hips against him, desperate for some kind of friction because Naruto had stopped moving. ''That's it! Give it to me!''

Naruto pulled out, drawing another deep moan from Six; leaving only two inches inside of her before he slowly pressed back inch by inch. He could practically feel her frustration, knowing she wouldn't be able to cum at this rate. Naruto let out a choke cry of fuck when Six slammed up, her hips meeting his as she threw her arms around him and pulled him down. Naruto gave in to the sensations as his movements became fast and fear against her slick, tight walls. They knew they didn't have much time so their movements became quicker and they fucked even harder to bring the other to release as they could feel the sensations to new heights.

As Six's fingernails duck into Naruto's back her cries became louder. Heat feeling the room as feverish kisses were traded between them. The bed began to shook and the head slammed into the wall as a rhythm formed. Squeaks filled the room to add to the symphony of sloshes and moans. Finally Naruto exploded inside of her, his hips grinding into her form as he proceeded to piston into her as spurt after spurt of his cum filled her.

''Hhm that's it!'' Six cooed as she placed a hand under his chin and brought her lips up to meet Naruto as he softly thrust into her as he continued to cum. After a few more spurts Naruto pulled out and formed a hand seal as a second Naruto was created. Before Six could say anything the second Naruto placed a cock to her lips, pleading for entrance. Six relented as as took the meaty cock into her mouth and began to blow the second Naruto and caressed his balls as she leaned forward and used one arm to steady herself, letting out a surprised moan as the other Naruto grabbed her hips and situated her so she was above him and slid him down her cock. Her plan to convince her captain was fading from her mind as she was being screwed into a sexual bliss. Soon several more Narutos popped into existence letting her no she was going to be at this for a while.

Unknown to Six the original Naruto had slipped away, dashing down the hallway and pulling out a pair of clothing he had stashed away in a closet for such an occasion. ''Gus, shut up and get to the teleporter room!'' he said as he entered the robot's room only to see he had a make up kit in his hand and he appeared to be applying eye-shadow. ''I'm going to start suppressing this now.'' he said as he exited the room.

Soon enough they finally arrived to the space port. ''Passengers for flight eleven for the creation of time now boarding at gate one!''

''I'm going to go get something to drink! Wait right here!'' Naruto informed Gus, ignoring the Robot's protest about something or another. ''Galactic Cola? So generic?'' he said as he ordered one. He hadn't had a chance to replenish himself at that encounter with Six. He found himself pausing in mid-step when a rush of kagebunshin memories came rushing to him resulting in someone crashing into his and spilling his cola onto the hat of the person in front of him.

''Look what you did you little jerk-off! You know me 500 Kronigs for a new hat.''

''500 my ass!" Naruto exclaimed in dismay. ''It was an accident. I'll offer you some napkins but that's about it.'' he said and paused as something struck his odd. 'That rather deuchey voice sounds familiar.

''Why I oughta...'' the person removed his hat revealing he was a purple blond with green splotches. ''Naruto?''

''Chode? What the hell are you doing here?''

''Going to the beginning of time! Once and for all to prove that it was the Big Bang and not some imaginary sky man that created the universe! How you been?'

''Good...but I can honestly said if I had realized that one of your crew members was a the cow beast from hell I would have only paid half of what I did.''

''Why don't you just buy her out?'' he asked as he and Naruto walked down the hall.

''I tried but she won't sell. I think 10,000 Kronigs is reasonable.''

''Sounds reasonable enough for me. Enough cow feed to keep her fed for weeks!'' at that they both left out a roar with laughter as they joined Gus who had just finished talking with his friend and religious freak Nancy, a golden machine just like Gus but female.

''Finally what took you...oh what in heaven's name is he doing here!'' Gus cried out rather dramatically as he pointed at Chode.

''Well hello to you too fembot!'' Chode remarked rather snarkily. ''If you must know I'm joining you boys on this little trip. Once and for all we can finally prove it was the Big Bang that created the Universe.'' Naruto began massaging the temple as he ignored the God vs Big Bang debate that broke out. Once this little trip was over at least things couldn't get any worse.