Summary: Isabella Swan has waited her whole life for an opportunity to attend Dance Academy the most prestigious academy for dance in the world. What would happen when she meets Edward Cullen, the playboy at DA, AKA the perfect distraction for her quest to her most prized dream? Will she fall under his charm?

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Dance academy. The most prestigious academy in the world, especializing in ballet and recently added: hip hop and jazz. That has been my dream for many years now, kind of a cliché; small town girl dreaming of making it big in the City. I remember how psyched I was when my acceptance came, after working oh-so-many hours in an pocket-size studio for my audition. I made it!

Now, after so many months of waiting, I was here. My dad had come to drop me off in his falling down Ford truck. It was a bit hard for me since everyone here was mostly rich, the tuition was so expensive that my parent's were barely able to pay it with money from the farm, but I wasn't embarrassed of my dad nor where I came from, it was a part of me.

I hopped down of the truck, took my bags, and said goodbye to my dad.

I went to the receptionist to look for where my room was— the Academy was also a boarding school, though its main emphasis was dance, and everyone was assign a roommate. My room wasn't that far just in the second-floor, by the time I got there my roommate was already there.

"Bella!" exclaimed Alice happily. Alice was a dark-haired, pixie-esque girl, whom I met at my audition "I knew you were going to be accepted" she walked up to me and hugged me "which was the reason why, I requested you as my roommate" she smiled brightly

"Thanks, Alice" I smiled back "but, I don't know, I mean I promise Rose I'd share the room with her" I admitted. Rosalie Hale was another girl I met at my audition.

"Look, Bella, I understand, but do you really want to be seem with Rosalie Hale? I mean the teachers are going to think you don't take this seriously without even knowing you" It was true that Rose was a bit wild, I don't even know her that well and I can see that, but she was really nice and someone I'd like as a friend.

"Its just that before coming here I decided to be friends with everyone. You know no drama, no nothing, just dance" I told her. It was true that I really wanted to have no troubles with anyone, plus I really liked Rosalie.

"Your choice" she rolled her eyes. Rose and Alice didn't got along well, and I had no idea why. "I came here last summer, I can show you around, if you want" she offered

"Thanks, Alice I'd love that" I left my all bags, but a small one, on top of the bed at the right, and followed her out.