The Dark Heroes


Naruto x Harle x ?


Author's Note


Surprises bitches. Early update and yes I do plan on another one soon. Though I had to leave a cliffhanger. Anyway, hope you guys are enjoy this.


Story start


"I don't what you were expecting to happen, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Playing hard to get I see," she cooed. Naruto was suddenly seized by vines, which pulled him toward Ivy. "What I was expecting was for you to plant your seed planted in my garden. Right now," she breathed, pawing at his shirt.

"I don't think so," the blond instantly broke free from the vines. "I won't do that to Harley. Not after what she's been through."

"She doesn't have to know," she breathed. "We can keep it between you and me. Don't fight it, just let it happen." she whispered, bringing her lips towards his.

Naruto seized her by the wrists. "This is the last time I'm warning you. If you keep this on I'll consider it an assault on my person and I'll have your ass in the back of a police car faster than you can say Caesar Salad."

Upon realizing just how angry the blond was getting Ivy decided it was time to end the charade. "Harley was right about you Golden Boy."

"Excuse me?" Naruto responded as he sent the woman a pointed stare.

"With the way Harley talks about you, you think you can walk on water." Ivy remarked as she went over where she stashed the pair outfit she planned on wearing when she made her inevitable leave.

Upon hearing the comment Naruto's lip twitched, which soon followed it growing into a full blown grin which did little to hide his snicker. In the midst of dressing Ivy turned to the blond casting him a glare. "Do you find something funny?"

"Yeah," he answered as he continued to chuckle. He went over the mini-fridge and pulled out an alcoholic beverage.

"I can walk on water actually. Its one of my many tricks." Ivy rolled her eyes. With how many alien invasions the Earth received yearly, a guy walking on water was practically common place. "So what the hell was that all about?" he asked before taking a gulp of his drink. Naruto softly exhaled as the bubbles causing a burning nose discharged.

"You're her friend Poison "Red" Ivy right? Last I check people who are genuinely friends don't sleep with their friend's lovers or attend to."

"I was testing to see if you were good enough for her." Ivy answered as she finished dressing. Unlike her usual outfit she was wearing a head wrap, a black turtleneck sweater and a pair of jeans that hug her hips quite nicely. It was obvious she was going incognito, the ensemble being topped off with a pair of shades."

"I see…considering her ex I could have been a two-bit thief and I'd still be golden boy right?" he asked as he took another swig of his drink, leaning against the dresser.

"Not like it would have been that hard. Though it wouldn't have been out of the possibility she would have encountered another monster, one who gets off on just abusing people like Joker but would have decided on quickly disposing her." Ivy studied the blond as they conversed. He wasn't unattractive by any means, but he was hard to gauge. He just didn't scream super hero. Then again it was probably the fact he had a regular human chin unlike most of the Heroes on TV nowadays.

"Has Harley told you about the team we planned on forming?" the blond asked then quickly downed the rest of his drink.

Ivy's eyes widened in surprise once the blond dropped this revelation. This was the first she was hearing about this. "Team? What team?"

Naruto took aim with his empty can before hurling it right into the trashcan. "I'll be frank with you. I used to be part of the Justice League, but I had to leave because of an incident. Between that and other incidents over the past few weeks I've found myself coming to realize something. Criminals like the Joker need to die. They've been allowed to harm people for far too long. I'm tired of families being torn apart because normal are too weak, incompetent, or obstructive to handle these villains and the heroes too soft or stuck on their morals. I won't lie; I was a lot like them. I was highly idealistic, but that was because I always had people shielding me away from the harshest realities in my former career. Could you imagine a world without a Joker, forcing countless people living in fear? A world without crazed ice killers, freezing people to death or a world without rich psychopaths ruining countless lives only to get out of their punishment due to their money? After all, how many of these same criminals have probably cost untold damage to the earth and by extension nature itself to fulfill their plans? If need be, I'm sure the Government wouldn't mind sanctioning us. After all, a group of super powered individuals working with the government would bring good publicity and show they are doing something to keep the public safe beyond broken promises and an endless cycle. Without a doubt that sort of thing would bring top dollar which will allow us to do things otherwise without the annoyance of having to deal with the law."

Ivy had to admit, the whole proposal sounded rather interesting. "And Harley is going along with this? I was under the impression she was trying to become a psychologist again."

"She is, as her day job or cover. Let's just say that her job opportunities aren't that numerous." He answered as he began remembering a story Harleen told him.

"Hello, can I help you?" a pretty young ravenette asked from the counter.

"Yes." Harleen answered as she took out her resume. Naruto decided that he wanted to be smart with what money he had and placed them into several avenues. One was stocks, another was an account for emergencies and the other was to start investing in the things necessary for the team he was going to form. He was no Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor after all and between taxes, all the money he began putting into orphanages along with his own bills and the fees he had to cover for property damage he only had enough money to be well off for the rest of the year until money was a concern.

Though Harleen now realized why Super Heroes are always so quick to fly or run just after the problem was taking care of. Damages from battles were so damn expensive it was ridiculous. Thankfully insurance paid off for the majority of the incidents. "I'm looking for a job, maybe a receptionist or something like that."

The woman nodded slowly taking the paper from Harley. "Okay, let me read your resume." She said putting on her reading glasses.

Harleen couldn't help but feel nervous. She was silently hoping that just maybe the infamy of Gotham's Villains weren't well known in this city.

"Your resume seems to be in order. Amazing credentials and schooling, I just have to check with my manager." The brunette pressed a button on a machine in front of her.

"Hello Mr. Bronson, we have a woman here who's looking for a job, can you come down please."

"I'll be there in a moment Kristin!" the voice responded from the other side.

Kristin looked at Harley. "He'll be here in a minute." Harley nodded. The two women talked for a little bit about small things like Schooling, the weather, and stores. Out from the back stepped a man who looked to be in his forties, thick brown hair on the portly side.

The worker gave her boss the resume to which he promptly read over. "To be honest you seem a little overqualified for this Ms. Quinz…" He stopped in mid-sentence and reread her name. "Quinzel?" he repeated in a whispered voice. Harley's face dropped the smiled and turned to sheer horror. 'oh no!'

"How dare you," the manager whispered, nothing but blazing hatred flashed in his eyes. "How dare you show your face!" he screamed, his face turning red with rage.

"M-Mr. Brosnon!" Kristin cried out, not used to seeing her rather kindly boss shout at someone.

"I'm sorry!" Harleen immediately cried. She didn't need to know the crime. She didn't need to know the victim. At this point there were far too many to remember. Faces, that's all that came to her mind, blending together without names to go with the victims. That's just what they were, simply just nameless figures.

"You're sorry? YOU'RE SORRY! THAT WON'T BRING MY FAMILY BACK! YOU AND YOU'RE SICK PSYCHO BOYFRIEND TOOK MY WIFE! MY LITTLE GIRL! YOU TOOK EV-…" A strangled cry erupted from the man's mouth as he began leaning against the desk, dropping the crumbled resume on to the ground

"Mr. Bronson!" Kristin cried out, clasping her mouth and horrified.

"M-My arm…I can't feel my arm." The man said as his breathing became shallow.

Harley couldn't take it anymore. Snatching up the crumpled resume she ran off out of the building. She ran for what seemed like a lifetime, accidentally pushing people out of the way. Not stopping until she made her way back to the apartment.

"And that's what happened," Naruto finished the story. "She'll never be able to live a normal life. This team might be her best bet at redemption. Because let's face it, Harleen doesn't have the personality or temperament to deal with things like most other people not to mention it'd be a waste of her skills."

"You've given me a lot to think about." She remarked pulling up the hand bag she brought with her. "I'll consider your proposition." She said, taking out a card and pen. Flipping it over she wrote something on the back. "Meet me there tomorrow night and I'll have your answer then." Without so much as a goodbye Ivy let herself out of the room.

Reading over the information a thought came to Naruto's mind. How was he going to explain what happened without Harleen murdering him or Ivy, but most importantly mainly murdering him?

His thoughts were interrupted when a knock on the door drew his attention. Naruto opened it and was summarily shocked. The last thing he expected to she was a raven haired Amazon on the other side of the door.