The Dark Heroes


Naruto x Harle x ?


Story start


"Damnit Wally, what was important enough that you found it necessary to break into my house?" Naruto hissed, he was doing his best to keep his cool.

"I just thought I drop by, didn't think you were busy." Naruto would have like nothing more than to knock that grin off of Flash's face. Friend or no friend, there's just some business that a buddy was to never interrupt. "That's a cute Blonde. Does she have a sister?"

Naruto was about to open his mouth to snap no, then paused when he thought about it. "I…I don't know actually." He admitted. The subject of Harleen's family didn't come up too much, well besides her mother and brother. "Is that why you're here?"

"Thought we would go out and have a night out with just the boys, but looks like you have other plans." He said, sending a glance towards the kitchen.

"Some other time okay Wally. I just, I need some more time." Naruto carefully picked his words. Batman contacting him was bad enough; he didn't need the other league members to be hovering around through this transition.

Suddenly the Flash got solemn, one didn't need to see his face, and his tone said everything. "It's not the same without you. It's quiet and everyone is so tense. Shayera doesn't even threaten to kick me out of the air-lock anymore not to mention you can hardly find J'onn unless it's time for a mission. And Diana…"

"You guys are the senior seven," Naruto cut in. "Come on, you guys don't need me." How long had it been since he used that false smile. "Just give it a few weeks. I'm not leaving the planet or anything, I'm just on vacation and in a few weeks I'll be out there. Even heroes need breaks." He was sure Wally would buy it.

Realizing that Naruto wasn't ready Flash decided to leave Naruto to sort through his thoughts, before leaving him this one question. "You may feel that way, but what is a team without its spirit?" And with that he was gone.

Realizing that he needed to clear his head, Naruto volunteered to take Bud and Lou out for a walk. By the time he got back the smell of Rice Eggs and Sausages filled the room. He entered the room and sure enough Harley was in the kitchen fixing dinner. She was wearing a white cotton sleeveless tank top and fitted jeans. Her golden hair was done in the style of a pony tail. "And here I was thinking I would have to be the cook."

"Oh, hey there Narry."

"This smell delicious, do you cook often?" he asked as Harleen's eyes became downcast. "I…I'm sorry I…"

"No, it's okay." She insisted. "Yeah, I was the cook but apparently I always screwed up. You try feeding a small army of thugs with a tight schedule and on your own. It often ended up in the trash or on my face than being eaten." She sighed.

Using a spoon Naruto scooped up some of the rice and tried some. Harleen tentatively watched, waiting for Naruto's opinion on her cooking. "Needs more pepper." He remarked with a ginger, teasing smile.

"Oh you jerk," she playfully swatted his arm as a grin broke out on Naruto's face.

"Otherwise it's perfect." He said as he looked around the disaster that was once his kitchen. He looked up and saw there was stuff on the kitchen ceiling.

"Uum, sorry about that. That was my second attempt at desert?"

"Second?" Naruto echoed. He didn't want to know what happened to the first. "Even with clones this is going to take forever." He remarked as Harleen giggled.

"I'll help you."

"No, no! You will stay there and look pretty, I'll just make some clones to fix them."

"Or maybe we can skip dinner and skip right to desert?" she said, wrapping her arms around the blond to pull him down to kiss him only for his stomach to growl.

Naruto sheepishly smiled. "I didn't have lunch and for my metabolism that's no good."

Harleen couldn't help but chuckle. "I love that cartoon."

"Cartoon?" he asked her, wondering what she was talking about.

"Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Come on, who hasn't heard of it?" she looked at Naruto's face, noticing the rather blank look on his face. She gasped, "You poor dear. Quick, grab a plate of food and your laptop. You need to be educated."

Despite his confusion, Naruto decided to listen to Harley and grab a plate full of food. Three hours later Naruto now knew of the existence of Sonic the Hedgehog. "Those comments on that Youtube video were saying SatAM is better. I'll have to check it out." The synopsis of it definitely sounded more to his taste.

"But that one is so much darker and not as fun. I don't like it as much." Harleen pointed out.

"Yeah well, I'll reserve judgment for it." He pointed out. Suddenly Harley latched onto him, embracing him in a warm hug. He swallowed, but his mouth was already dry. She played with his ear as she placed a tender kiss on his cheek. This continued on a few seconds when he wrapped his arms go around her back, pulling her close, and he tilts his head to catch her lips.

His hands slid down to her hips, leading her backwards until her back hits the wall. It's not painful, but it's forceful, and she gasps out, unable to keep silent- begging him to kiss her. After a few moments the kiss broke. Before they could continue an explosion outside drew their attention, along with the tremors that followed. It was official. The universe was against him getting laid.