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Kendall watched in disgust as Jett flirted with Jo. His girlfriend. He was getting angrier every second. He could see out of the corner of his eye Mandy was laughing at him and how angry he was. He cleared his throat, trying to get Jett to stop.

"Hey, why don't we start?" Kendall yelled, pulling Jo away from Jett, giving him a glare. He pulled out the list and looked over it with Jo, ignoring Jett's annoyed looks, and proud of himself for annoying Jett.

"Fine, what should we get first?" Jett asked Jo, playing with her hair, obviously trying to get Kendall mad.

Kendall shot him another glare, pulling Jo back again. "Well, my Mom has a bunch of black and white movies in her room. No one knows about except me...and Katie. So we could go get one," he suggested.

"Or, we could get all of them, so Katie's team won't be able to get any!" Mandy pointed out. "Then we'll have a better chance at winning." Kendall smiled, happy he chose Mandy. He never realized she was devious like that.

"Let's do it!" Kendall yelled, running back into their apartment. Kendall ran straight to his mother's room, opened the closet, and grabbed a box full of black and white movies. "Where should we put them all?" he asked.

"We could hide them in my red convertible Mustang," Jett offered.

"Yeah, thanks for the nice description of your car!" Kendall said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, so you don't want to put them there?" Jett asked, folding his arms, giving Kendall a know-it-all look.

"Just make sure you give them all back!" Kendall mumbled. "They're my moms."

Eh, this chapter wasn't as good as the rest of them. It was really short. Sorry...but I hope you liked it :)

Oh, and I don't know anything about cars, so if there is no such thing as a red convertible mustang, then…sorry.