Forbidden wish.

As children, purity still linger. A strange and misunderstood feeling that couldn't be considered as 'pure' and 'innocent' anymore.
So when four years old Bethany Hawke told her mother that she would one day married her elder brother, even if their mother didn't realize it, she was more serious than she could ever imagine.

When Garrett Hawke, her elder brother, told her she was the same as ever, she couldn't help but feel frustrated.
What was he talking about? ! She was eighteen now! Wasn't she feminine enough? !
But after he laughed at his sister pouting, what he said made her blush and he managed to recover her smile ..."You are right thought, you have grown into a fine beautiful young woman."

Close. Too close. Merrill was too close to her brother.
She knew he was an attractive man, he was even popular at Lothering but still...
There wasn't any reason to give in HER affection! As they walked in the street of Kirkwall she could see in front her Garrett and Merrill talking as if they knew each other for years.
The gentle smile he would show, the blush and small smile she had...Sickening. Before she could show any emotion of jealousy, Isabella told her
"That's no ordinary jealousy you have dear...That look on your face is of a woman in love jealousy."

They were doing their chores as always when this strange conversation came up.
They were washing the dishes and talking about what their mother told them about marriage. Then Bethany said that no decent man would want to be with a mage.
She seemed quite sad about it so he decided to cheer her up by saying that 'who wouldn't want such a beautiful and nice young lady like you. Any man would. I would-'
He couldn't finish what he was saying because of the sound of a crashing cup.

She cut herself. It wasn't bleeding too much. It was nothing that she couldn't heal with her magic.
Yet he knew she wanted to do things like normal people. Not like an apostate. So before she could heal the small wound with her magic, he took her hand to examined it.
She said it was nothing and yet he was sure there was something he could do. Before she could protest and say that she was fine, He did something she didn't expect and made her blush quite heavily .
He licked the wound on her finger. He did it slowly, gently, not to hurt her. And after he was finish he kissed the wound and asked if it still hurt. all she could do was nod.

She hated storm when she was a ten years old child. They would always scare her to death, the loud sound, the thunder, everything.
Carver would be snoring in his sleep while she was shivering and trembling.
But in cases like that, there was a place she was always welcome to go. Her elder brother's room. She went over there trembling and crying, yet he would always welcome her with his gentle smile.
He would took her in his arms and then put her on his bed, she would fall asleep immediately while griping his shirt to death.
After a few years she didn't needed him anymore, it made him sad for some reason he couldn't explain himself.
Though one thing was clear as pure water, neither of them could let go of the beautiful sickening feeling worth of disgrace that would be between them.