A/N - This was written as a tag to Two-Faced so the details in it became non-canon with later episodes.

A Bar. Washington, D.C.

"Wow, what a day." Abby takes a long sip of her beer.
"Yeah, I know what you mean." Tim smiles at her across the small corner table in the nearly deserted bar.
"I have to say I really wasn't expecting Ray to..." She pauses biting her lip as she tries to think of the right words.
"Be part of the CIA?"
"That too of course. What I meant was he seems an odd choice for Ziva. I was expecting someone more muscled, tougher looking."
"More like Rivkin?"
"Maybe. Didn't Ray seem a bit effeminate and kind of prissy to you?"
McGee takes a sip of his beer. "Well he is in the CIA so I guess he has some skills."
"Don't let Tony hear you say that." They grin.
"Anyway, I doubt Ziva will want to see him again after he lied to her. You know how she feels about that."
"True which is a little odd considering her past."
"Abby." Tim glares at her a little stunned at her comment. "I think her past is exactly why she places such a high premium on honesty and loyalty. Let's talk about something else."
"Okay. What do you think about TEJ?"
"TEJ?" McGee frowns at her in puzzlement as he tries to figure out what she's talking about.
"It's pronounced like hedge" she replies giving him a mischievous grin.
"I still don't..."
"Oh, come on Timmy. TEJ as in Tony and E.J. What do you think about it?"
"Tony and Agent Barrett?" His voice rises in volume as he asks the question. "You mean they're an item?"
"And you call yourself a special agent." She leans over and affectionately tousles his hair.
"How do you know this? Did Tony tell you?"
"Of course not. I figured it out. Haven't you seen the looks they've been exchanging when they meet in the elevator, the break room or the squad room? Haven't you noticed how worried Gibbs has been looking lately? I don't know why but it's clear he doesn't trust her and that means neither do I. We have to look out for Tony. I'm getting really bad vibes about this." She frowns.
McGee chuckles. "You're worrying over nothing Abby. Gibbs is probably just worried about the case. This one is going to be quite a puzzle. DiNozzo is quite capable of taking care of himself. Besides he's got Gibbs looking out for him and that should be enough right?"
"Right." She smiles suddenly looking a bit more cheerful.
"There is something much more important I was going to ask you."
"What's that?"
"P2P killer sounds too much like a computer game and this guy..."
"Guy? Don't you think women can be serial killers Timmy?"
"You know what I mean. This person is a serious threat. Can you come up with a new name?"
"Can you?" She asks the challenge clear in her tone. They both take another sip of their beer and begin to think.