"I don't believe it. I can't believe it. I won't..." McGee is so agitated he's already muttering as he rushes into the lab and begins pacing. Abby turns from her microscope and places her hands on his shoulders to stop him.
"What's happened?" She removes her hands and smiles reassuringly.
"He said...they are...Gibbs...I..."
"Slow down Tim. Use your words."
"He told me. You were right with what you said the other night. Your CCC was spot on. How could I have missed it?"
"Who told you what? And what on earth is a CCC?"
"Your cute couples contraction. You know what you told me about Tony and EJ."
"Tony told me this afternoon. He says the whole Navy Yard knows. This is a total disaster."
"Why? I thought we agreed that Gibbs would deal with it and there was really no need to worry. Are you now telling me I should?"
"Yes. No. I don't know."
"Tony also told me something else."
"He said Gibbs has been giving him grief about sleeping with her."
"Good. That's good, right? DiNozzo will realize what a mistake he's making and that he shouldn't go against Gibbs and they'll break up and we can all get on with catching the bad guys."
"I'm not sure about that. Tony said having her around is complicating things but I don't think he's going to give her up. He's been so happy lately and technically there's no agency policy against it. What if he decides to go against Gibbs?"
Abby chuckles. "Tony go against Gibbs? It's not going to happen Tim. You've been working too hard if you're starting to think that is possible. You need to relax. Shall we go grab a bite to eat?"
She shuts down her equipment and as they leave the lab arm in arm he lets out a small sigh of relief. Abby had to be right about this didn't she?


(Yes, really)

A/N - I'm not sure on what show I recently heard the term 'cute couples contraction' so I can't give credit but once I heard it I knew I had to add it to this story. I'm sorry the layout of this is a bit all over the place but it was originally intended as a one-shot tag.