Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 1: Salvation

(A/N: This is a NarutoxDigimon fanfic, honestly I found Digimon to be much more entertaining than Pokemon so this is why I'm not following my poll results. Now then, this is based on the series of Naruto which is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and the Digimon aspect owned by...whoever is the guy that own Digimon. The story is mine though. Now enjoy and review)

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

"Digivolution"- Normal speech

'Digivolution'- Normal thoughts

"Digvolution"- Unknown Voices

"Digivolution"- Flashbacks

"Digivolution"- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi speech

'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

A young boy, around thirteen years of age and stood at height of five feet, four inches walked through the streets of Konoha with a backpack hung across his back. He had tanned skin, on his face were three markings on each cheek that would remind one of whiskers, like that of a cat or fox. On the boy's head, wild, spiky blonde hair that jutted out in all directions like a wild storm of gold. Saphire blue eyes that once shone like crystal dulled down to show a mix of emotion, hate, anger, grief...and sorrow. He wore a pair of orange pants with a dark blue shirt which was fully covered by a matching orange jacket. A pair of dark blue sandals donned his feet and a necklace made with a leather cord was wrapped around his neck, a green crystal that shone in the sunlight was what made said necklace, standout. This was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...former shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. Naruto stopped at the main gate of Konoha and looked to see the large crowd that had gathered to see him leave, most were smiling in joyous glee as they watched the blonde about to leave the village, while only a select few... the ones that he could call friends, were filled with distress and sadness towards his current predicament. Naruto sighed as he remembered the earlier events that transpired yesterday afternoon.


A large crowd had gathered in front of the main gate of Konohagakure no Sato because they had heard from a shinobi scout earlier that the squad that was sent to retrieve the traitor Sasuke Uchiha, of course not many saw him as such, from going to the village of Otogakure to join Orochimaru. Everyone watched and gasped at what they saw. They saw two figures, one was walking while the other seemed to be supported on the other figure's shoulders as the walking towards the gates. One wore an orange jacket over a dark blue t-shirt and orange pants, a weapons pouch attached behind him on his waist with blue ninja sandals, a Konoha hitai-ate tied around his forehead and had wild blonde hair that spiked up in every direction. The second was a black haired boy, the hair looking like that of a chicken's ass, who wore a blue t-shirt with the back having a small red and white fan imprinted on the back of it and a weapons pouch on his left thigh. White pants and blue ninja sandals completed the boy's outfit. These were Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The crowd immediately went into an uproar as they saw the scene, both boys were coated in red liquid...blood.

A pink haired girl with emerald green eyes and a red dress, eyes wide with fear and shock at the scene stood at the front of the roaring crowd. Two other girls stood with her, a platinum blonde with sky blue eyes that wore a purple tanktop and skirt. The second being a pale eyes girl, the eyes of a Hyuuga, with bluish black hair and wore a tan jacket and short navy blue pants. Both girl wore ninja sandals that were blue and had weapons pouches on their right thighs. As Naruto walked through the gates of Konoha, the blonde boy gasped in exhaustion and fell to his knees before gently resting the barely alive Sasuke on the ground next to him. Sakura ran up to them and knelt on the ground by Sasuke's unconscious form. Naruto showed his foxy grin to Sakura's trembling form.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan he's only unconscious...I kept my promise" Naruto said with pride. However, that was ruined as Sakura turned and glared at Naruto before slapping him hard in the face that caused silence to form among the throng that watched the scene. The sound of the slap echoing for a while.

"I ASKED YOU TO BRING SASUKE-KUN BACK HEALTHY AND WELL, NOT BARELY ALIVE...YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HIM, THE ONE TIME I TRUST YOU TO DO SOMETHING AND YOU MESS IT UP JUST LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO, I HATE YOU...YOU...YOU DEMON!" Sakura yelled before focusing back on Sasuke. Naruto recoiled from the words, especially when he heard the words demon. Ino and Hinata were shocked at Sakura's behaviour. The two walked up to the pink haired girl and looked down at her with wide eyes.

"Sakura, sure Naruto beat up Sasuke-kun, but it was for the good of the mission, to help bring him back. I mean sure it's Naruto, but not even HE deserves what you just said" Ino said. Sakura turned and glared at Ino and Hinata.

"Ino, he hurt Sasuke-kun, he needs to be punished for hurting him" Sakura said. The crowd behind the girls heard this and yelled in agreement. Hinata's eyes widened before seeing the villagers grab various weapns that they had on hand like knives, shovels, kunai and other things. Ino and Hinata watched in shock at the villagers before looking at Naruto who looked like his soul had been ripped from his body and he was now a motionless puppet on the ground. Hinata stood in front of Naruto and got into the Jyuken fighting stance and her Byakugan blazed.

"I will not let you hurt Naruto-kun" she said in a firm voice.

"The demon has brainwashed the Hyuuga heiress, we'll have to punish him even more and have to kill the girl too" a villager yelled. Ino looked in shock at what was happening and she quickly ran to go tell Tsunade, but she didn't need to because the area was suddenly filled with killing intent, all coming from one angry Godaime Homage, Tsunade Senju.


"Hokage-sama, the demon has brainwashed..." the man didn't get to finish before Tsunade punched him in the skull sending him into the crowd and knocking back the mob. Tsunade then turned and looked at Sakura before grabbing her by the throat.

"You dare insult my shinobi, if memory serves it's because of Naruto I was here as your Hokage...I could kill you right now" Tsunade said as she applied pressure causing Sakura to become blue in the face.

"But I won't, but this may serve as a warning to ALL OF YOU!" Tsunade roared before throwing Sakura down and then causing the girl to bounce back up into the air from the recoil force before punching Sakura in the face and sending her nearly half way across the village. Tsunade then picked up Naruto and carried him to the hospital along with Sasuke.

Hokage's Office

Tsunade was angry about what happened during the earlier transgressions in the streets, but now she was down right pissed off because of what she and Jiraya, who had joined the meeting, heard.

"YOU WANT TO WHAT?" Tsunade and Jiraya yelled.

"We have decided, we the elders and the civilian council have decided that Naruto Uzumaki is to be banished for injuring a fellow Konoha shinobi" Koharu said.

"WHAT, that was the mission and I specifically said that extreme force could be used if necessary and from what I've heard from Shikamaru Nara, the team leader of the mission, Sasuke Uchiha used the Level 2 of the curse seal mark." Tsunade said.

"True, but Shikamaru also told us about the situation in which he had seen Naruto's using the Kyuubi's chakra during the battle and he is now proven dangerous from what we have seen of the Uchiha's body at the hospital" Homura said.

"What the fuck, the boy should be rewarded for bringing back your precious Uchiha and instead you banish him!" Jiraya yelled.

"It's the best course of action" Danzo, the one eyed war hawk said. Jiraya growled.

"That boy is not who you think he is, in fact he is not even a he...IT IS A DEMON!" the civilian council said.

"That 'demon' has save d this village more times than you count and he was the one that helped bring back Tsunade-sama as our Godaime Hokage" Shibi Aburame said. The arguemenjt between civilians and shinobi began and Tsunade looked at the arguement before finally having enough of it.

"ENOUGH!" she roared slamming her hands on the meeting table causing it crack straight down the middle and break in two.

"We'll take a vote then" Danzo said, "Who votes that the Kyuubi jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki be banished?" Danzo asked. The three elders and the entire civilian council raised their hands.

"Those opposed?" he asked. Jiraya, Tsunade and the shinobi council all raised theirs, but they dropped their heads in disappointment, they were outnumbered.

"There, it's settled, Naruto Uzumaki is to be banished" Homura said. Jiraya looked at them and muttered one word.

"Namikaze" he said. Everyone turned to look at the Gama Sannin.

"Excuse me, Jiraya-sama?" Tsume Inuzuka asked.

"Hid GODAMN NAME IS NAMIKAZE, NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE, SON OF KUSHINA UZUMAKI AND MINATO NAMIKAZE, THE YONDAIME HOKAGE!" Jiraya roared before leaving the room in a poof of smoke not able to take the foolishness of these people any longer.

"Is this true Tsunade-sama?" everyone asked the Hokage. Tsunade looked downcast before looking up with tears in her chocolate brown eyes and nodded.

" Minato's son" she said, "and you all just banished his legacy" Tsunade said. She then walked towards the door and opened it.

"Sasuke Uchiha is to stripped of his shinobi status and forced to live for the rest of his life in a jail cell with chakra restricting seals on his body, if anyone has a problem with that..."Tsunade let loose her rage at full blast, killing intent filling the entire Hokage Tower and then some, "TAKE IT UP WITH ME AND WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!" Tsunade then left the room to go and tell Naruto the news.

Konoha Hospital

Naruto was sleeping in his room, but although he was physically fine, he was busy having a chat with his tenant.

Naruto stood in front of the cage of the demonic entity known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"I can't believe she said that to me, after all I've done for her this is how she repays calling me a demon" Naruto said as he knelt before the cage.

"Kit, don't worry yourself, she was bitch from the beginning and don't worry the best thing for you right to leave this hell hole" Kyuubi said. Naruto looked up at the nine tailed fox and stared into the fox's large crimson eyes.

"Kyuubi why? The villagers, Sakura, Sasuke...they've all betrayed, I have only a few people here that I can call friends, maybe...maybe you are right" Naruto said. Kyuubi nodded. Although Kyuubi was a bloodthirsty demon, he was a bloodthirsty demon with a heart and although he despised his container in the beginning, the unshakeable determination and strength Naruto had was enough to actually earn the demon's respect for his jinchuriki.

"I know I'm right"

"And I should let down my mask of idiocy" Naruto said.

"You should, but are your emotions a mask too?"

"No, my emotions were real as you and feelings for my friends were real..." Naruto said. Kyuubi nodded his large vulpine head before raising his head.

"Well that's enough chit-chat, now come on wake up, that busty Hokage of yours is here to see you kit. We will talk later" Kyuubi said and then there was a bright flash that burned Naruto's eyes before he found himself lying in a hospital bed underneath the bed sheets and covered in bandages. Naruto turned to face the door as he saw the knob turn and the door open to reveal the Godaime Hokgae herself.

"Oi Obaa-chan, what's up?" Naruto asked as she walked over to him. Tsunade didn't say anything until she reached his bed and then dropped to her knees and hugged the younger blonde. Naruto's eyes widened when he saw her do this and then wrapped his arms around her as she stained his hospital gown with tears.

"Obaa-chan what's wrong?" Naruto asked. Tsunade looked at Naruto with tears in her brown eyes.

"I-I, I really tried Naruto, I really did, but they outnumbered us" Tsunade said. Naruto looked at Tsunade oddly, tilting his head to the side. Tsunade's information was confusing him.

"What do you mena, who is they?" he asked.

"The council...they...they've banished you from Konoha" she said. Naruto froze, shock-still. Then he cast his head down low and began to cry. After the two cried their eyes out, Naruto and Tsunade looked at each other.

"Naruto I have something to tell you" Tsunade said. Naruto nodded as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

"It's about your parents" Tsunade said. Naruto's eyes seemed to have brightened up at that information.

"Really, you know who they are?" Naruto asked. Tsunade smiled and gave a nod, 'affirmative'.

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki from the country of Uzugakure and your father...he was the Yellow Flash and Konoha's Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze" Tsunade said. Naruto's eyes widened at realizing who is father was.

"Really, is this true? Am I really related to the Yondaime?" Naruto asked. Tsunade nodded and Naruto smiled before hugging the older blonde.

"Arigato, Obaa-chan" Naruto said. Tsunade smiled and returned the hug.

"Of know I've always seen you as a little brother, Naruto" Tsunade said.

"And I have seen you as an elder sister, Tsunade" Naruto said. Tsunade backed up when he called her Tsunade.

"You just called me by my name" she stated.

"Yeah, well I can't call my sister figure by her name?" Naruto asked. Tsunade chuckled.

"Of course you can" Tsunade said. The two turned to hear the door opening and saw Jiraya walking into the room.

"Did you tell him yet?" Jiraya asked.

"Yeah, she told me, Ero-Sennin" Naruto said with a foxy grin. Jiraya chuckled and walked over to Naruto before reaching into his pockets and pulling out two scrolls, one with the kanji for Namikaze, the other for Uzumaki.

"Well then...I'm sorry I couldn't teach more Naruto, but here are the jutsu scrolls of your father and your mother. There's also a letter addressed to you from them at the beginning of each scroll" Jiraya said.

"Arigato, Ero-Sennin" Naruto said taking the scrolls.

"I will miss you, you would have been the best student I ever had, better than your father" Jiraya said. Naruto nodded and smiled.

"Well, how long do I have to get ready to leave the village?" Naruto asked.

"The council has given you enough time to pack your things and leave, you must leave by tomorrow afternoon though" Tsunade informed him. Naruto nodded and then Tsunade and Jiraya took him out of the hospital to help him pack.

End Flashback

"Get of here demon!" a villager yelled.

"Yeah, we don't need your kind in Konoha!" another said. Naruto sighed and then glared before unleashing some of the killing intent he had.

"You are all bakas, to think I even cared about saving your insolent and pathetic lives time after time. I'm glad I'm leaving this hell hole" Naruto said before spitting on the ground in front of the them. "May you all burn in hell" Naruto growled before turning to his friends of Team 8, Team 10 and Team Gai and looked at them as if to tell them, 'I still care for you though' The genin nodded and then watched as Naruto adjusted his backpack before channeling chakra into his feet and taking off at an insane speed so that in case anyone from the council was going to tail him, he would be far enough ahead to escape.

Naruto jumped from tree to tree before settling down in the forest as night began to fall.

Meanwhile in anther world and dimension

A large world comprised entirely of computerized data was formed from the entire world's computer networks combining as one to form a land known as the Digital World. Data took the physical embodiments of creatures known as digimon and like humans, had feelings. However, when they grew stronger from battling other digimon, they absorbed their data and grew stronger and undergoes evolution , also known as digivolution. The Digital World was ruled by four Digital Sovereigns, a group of four Mega-level Holy Beast Digimon that are derived from the Japanese myth of the Four Guardian Spirits of Kyoto, itself derived from the Chinese myth of the Four Symbols. Like the Guardian Spirits, they represent and rule over the cardinal points of the compass —Ebonwumon for the north, Zhuqiaomon for the south, Azulongmon for the east, and Baihumon for the west. There is also a fifth member, Fanglongmon, who represents and is enshrined in the "Center", from which he supervises the others. However, deep within a prison, the Dark Prison, a jail cell that was used to hold one of the most evil forces of the Digital World. There lay a dark beast, which ironically came to exist in the digital world as an Angelic Digimon...a digimon with ferocious power that was sealed away by the Sovereigns themselves in order to prevent the Digital World's destruction. Lucemon.

"Hmmm, it seems there is someone who can help me escape this prison" Lucemon said as he sat in his dark prison. Lucemon was a young blonde humanoid looking digmon with blonde hair and seven angelic bird wings. Purple markings formed on the boy's chest and the digital hazard symbol was shown on his right hand. A large orb floated in front of Lucemon and in that orb was the image of a blonde boy resting in the forest. Lucemon smirked before channeling her energy and the energy took the form of a blue rectangular piece of data. A Blue Card. Lucemon then opened a rift in the space-time continuum by using the card as a medium.

"Since I cannot escape this prison, this card will help bring my salvation to me" Lucemon said before tossing the card through the portal and the dark abyss closed.

"We will see each other soon...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, until then...have fun in the Digital World young tamer" Lucemon said with an evil smirk.

Back with Naruto

Naruto was resting against a tree as he was quite tired from using his chakra for so long during his run. He stared into the orange flames of his campfire before feeling bored.

'Hey Kyuubi, you there?' he thought to the giant fox in his gut.

"Well it's not like I have any place to go, kit" Kyuubi said with a grin. Naruto chuckled.

'So, what should we do...I hear Wave Country is nice this time of year. I could see the old man Tazuna again and Inari and Tsunami' Naruto thought.

"What about Suna, your friend Gaara with that baka Shukaku in him is there. Start over your life as a shinobi maybe" the nine tailed fox suggested. Naruto sighed.

'I honestly have no idea what I'm going to...wait a minute, what's that?' Naruto thought before he saw a flash of blue fill his vision. Naruto covered his eyes from the bright blue light until the light died t down to nothing, but a faint glow. Naruto uncovered his eyes and looked to see a small blue card laying in the grass in front of him. Naruto got up and walked towards the strange blue card and saw the blue glow that emanated from it.

'Kyuubi have ever seen something like this?' Naruto asked his bijuu as he looked over the card.

"No Naruto, it does not look like anything I have ever seen before in my life" Kyuubi said also curious about this blue card. The card was electric blue in colour and on it was a capital 'D' made out of yellow squares and out of the space in the 'D' a blue dinosaur looking creature seemed to be coming out of it.

"Hello, Naruto" a mysterious voice said. Naruto jumped back slightly and whipped out a kunai and held it at the ready and looked around his campsite.

"Who said that?" Naruto asked, "Show yourself" Naruto demanded, his sapphire coloured eyes darting every which way looking for the enemy. However, he turned around when he heard the voice again.

"That was me, young shinobi" the voice said. This time, Naruto heard where it came from...the strange blue card. Narut knelt down and looked at the card.

"Oh great, I'm going mad already, a talking blue card" Naruto said to himself rubbing his eyes.

"I assure you young man, you are not insane. But I am not here to question your sanity, I am here to offer you a proposition young Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" the voice said. Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at the card.

"How do you know my name?" he asked the card.

"Oh I've been watching you for quite a while young Naruto, and I know everything about you, from your little tenant to your banishment" the voice said. Naruto gulped, this was really, REALLY starting to freak him out. A card that knew everything about him, and what about this stupid proposition? Naruto shrugged, things couldn't get any worse so he picked up the card and looked at it.

"Okay, what's your deal?" Naruto asked the card.

"The deal is that, I can give you a second chance...a do-over if you will" the voice said. Naruto looked at the card with a perplexed look on his face.

"And what do I have to do in exchange?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing. Now if you want to do this, just pump your chakra into the card and you will be transported to a new world and dimension" the voice said. Naruto thought for a while before deciding to consult with his bijuu.

'Well Kyuubi, what do you think? I think it sounds pretty good' Naruto thought.

"Well, there is no downside to dimensional travel, plus there is the fact that Konoha will mark you as an S-ranked shinobi in their bingo book, so if you go to this new world you won't have any worries about having multiple assassinations on your head 24/7...I say go for it kit" Kyuubi decided. Naruto thought for a while more. Kyuubi did make an excellent point with the assassination thing. Naruto nodded before looking at the card.

"Okay I'll do it, but...where am I going?" he asked the blue card.

"Now where's the fun in that...finding out is half the fun and besides if I told you...I'd have to kill you. Bye now" the voice said with a cherry tone before disappearing. Naruto sweatdropped.

'Oh well, let's do this. You ready Kyuubi?'

"I've always been ready kit" Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded, he picked up his backpack off the floor and then channeled his chakra into the card and then a burst of blue energy was released from the card along with bolts of blue lightning that were launched forwards a few feet in front of Naruto before taking on a circular shape and then a blue portal formed. Naruto looked in awe at what just happened before taking a step towards the portal.

"Okay here goes nothing. GERONIMOOOOOO!" Naruto jumped into the portal and was suddenly being sucked in at supersonic speeds. Both Naruto and Kyuubi had to coat his body with their chakras to keep it from being ripped apart at the speeds they were going at. Naruto opened his eyes and saw began to experience tunnel vision. Numbers then began to cross Naruto's vision, ones and zeros randomly appeared in front of his eyes. They all glowed an eerie green colour before fading out and then a white light enveloped Naruto's body.

Digital World

A large blue portal opened in the sky in the digital world and then a small orange blob fell from the portal and made a loud boom as it connected with the ground.

"Itai, itai, itai" Naruto groaned as he stood to his feet. He looked over himself and saw that his jumpsuit was ruined. The jacket was torn beyond repair, his pants had numerous slashes on it from the speed he was travelling at through the portal and his sandals were broken. He then looked at his backpack to find miraculously in one piece. He opened it and saw that he still had the food he packed. Enough ramen to last him a good few weeks, the scrolls given to him by Jiraya that were originally obtained by his parents and a change of clothes given to him by Tsunade. Naruto smiled as he took off his jumpsuit.

"Finally, I can get rid of this stupid jumpsuit. I never had a reason to do it before, but now..." Naruto stripped down to his underwear and put on the new clothes and smiled to himself as he looked over his new look. A black t-shirt with orange flames on the bottom lining of the shirt with a picture of an orange scaled dragon on it. A pair of long dark blue cargo pants that ended just above his ankles and contained many pockets, and to complete it, a pair of black ninja sandals. Naruto no longer had his hitai-ate, so his bangs fell over his forehead now. Naruto jumped out of the crater he had made and then shouldered his backpack. He looked around to find himself in a large desert area with a few patches of grass here and there. He then looked up and gasped at what he saw, his widening in awe. Above him, where the sky was, there also floated a large ball of light and looked to be like a hologram of some kind that looked very much like the earth. Large beams of light fell from this globe of light and touched down on the desert area.

"Wow" Naruto said, because that pretty much what he could think to say right there. However, he was snapped out of his hypnotism when he heard a loud roar. He turned to the east and then channeled chakra into his feet before running off in the direction of the sound.

'I don't care if I might find a giant monster or something, I need some information about this world' Naruto thought. Naruto continued running and in a matter of minutes he arrived at the source of the roar. There, attacking a small village was a large red tyrannosaurus looking monster. It had a large red body, black stripe like markings that seemed to be all over it body, a white stomach, large sharp claws and teeth, dark blue coloured eyes and green spikes that traveled along the length of its body, from it skull, down its back and ended at the tip of its tail.

"What the hell?" Naruto said as he watched the dinosaur like monster destroy the village.

"Soon I will digivolve and I will become a strong enough digimon to go to the human world and find a tamer!" the dinsoaur roared.

'Digivolve, digimon, tamer?' Naruto thought. Naruto then ran into the village and saw many strange creatures just like the dinosaur. Some were small and round, others were a bit bigger around the size of a child. They all ran from the dinsoaur.

"FIRE BLAST!" the giant monster yelled. A large stream of fire flew from the creature's mouth and burnt a large portion of the village and killed some of the other creatures, turning them into what Naruto thought looked like light particles. The large tyrannosaur like creature roared before continuuing its path of destruction, however Naruto spotted one tiny creature that stared at the large dino.

"I won't let you hurt my village!" the small creature said. It looked like a small purple ball of hair with large orange eyes and two ears that were the same colour as its fur. The mouth area was a white colour. The ball of fur jumped forwards and then yelled something.

"Iron Beads!" then small iron beads shot out of the little puffball's mouth and struck the large dinosaur in its stomach. The large monster looked down at the puff ball and laughed.

"You little pipsqueak, you think that hurt...I'll show you hurt, DINO KICK!" the large dinosaur yelled. The small purple ball was struck hard by the monster's foot and was sent flying. Naruto watched as the ball of purple flew through the air and quickly channeled chakra into his feet and caught the thing before setting it down on the ground. It looked badly hurt before turning and facing Naruto.

"Thanks for saving me, mister...Holy Sovereign of the North, you're a human!" the purple ball of fur yelled with the voice of a young boy, this told Naruto that the ball of fluff was a male.

"Yeah so, are humans not native to this land?" Naruto asked. The ball shook its head.

"No, this is the digital world where digimon like us and that large monster live. I'm Dodomon by the way and that thing there is a Tyrannomon, a champion level digimon" Dodomon said.

'So digimon are the species that live in this new world, but they know what humans are. So that must mean that there must be a parallel Earth, except different from mine because the blue card had told me I would be in a different dimension' Naruto thought as he analyzed the information he had just received.

"Now if you know what's good for you you should leave before it kills you, human" Dodomon said. Naruto smirked before kneeling down and touching Dodomon's head.

"You really want to save your village, don't you Dodomon?" Naruto asked. Dodomon looked at Naruto with a fierce look in his eyes.

"Of course and I will do anything, even give my life if it means I can take that big asshole of a dinosaur digimon with me" Dodomon said and then Dodomon glowed in a purplish aura before Naruto.


The purple aura disappeared and Naruto looked in awe as he saw Dodomon had changed. Dodomon had grown taller, about four inches taller due to the growth of four legs making him quadripedal. A short pointy tail, that was shaped like his ears grew from his backside and he seemed to be slightly slimmer. He was no longer Dodomon, he was Dorimon.

"Hey I did it...I digivolved" Dorimon said looking at his new form.

'So this is digivolution' Naruto thought.

"Okay, well then Dorimon, let me help you take down this creep" Naruto said. Dorimon looked at Naruto with a 'are you retarded look?'

"Are you crazy, you're a human, you don't stand a chance against that thing!" Dorimon said. Naruto smirked down at Dorimon and then channeled chakra into his legs.

"I'll show you what I , Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, can do" Naruto said and then took off at a speed Dorimon could not keep up with.

'What the hell, what kind of human is this guy...Naruto?' Dorimon thought. Naruto ran along the path to Tyrannomon before jumping up to Tyrannomon's eye level.

"OI, DINO-SHIT EAT THIS!" Naruto yelled before forming a cross-shaped handsign. "Kagebunshin no Jutsu/Shadow Clone Jutsu" Naruto yelled and then five clones appeared in puffs of smoke. The clones and the original Naruto all channeled chakra into their fists before slamming it against Tyrannomon. All of them hitting the giant dinosaur digimon in between its eyes. The large dinsoaur was thrown back and fell to the ground surprising Dorimon who saw this.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Dorimon yelled before running on his newly developed legs to see Naruto. Naruto stood on the Tyrannomon's stomach and then looked behind him to see Dodomon running towards him.

"So what do you think of me now, Dorimon?" Naruto asked.

"I think...I think you're insane" Dorimon said, "but I like you human...I mean Naruto" Dorimon said. Naruto gave Dorimon a thumbs up before Tyrannomon began to get up. Naruto jumped off of the digimon's stomach and landed next to Dorimon.

"So Dorimon, now that you've digivolved or whatever you call your transformations, are you stronger now or something?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, but I'm only an in-training level digimon, I'll explain the system to you later, but right now we have to take down Tyrannomon" Dorimon said. Naruto nodded and then looked down at Dorimon who smirked up at him.

"So what are we partners or something now?" Naruto asked.

"We'll see Naruto" Dorimon said, 'He might be the human I can pair up with to be my tamer and then I go to the human world' Dorimon thought. Dorimon was knocked out of his thoughts as Tyrannomon rose to his feet.



"Bring it, human" Tyrannomon growled before unleashing a Fire Blast attack. Naruto grabbed Dorimon and jumped out of the way.

"Okay, Dorimon I'm going to throw you and we'll see what you can do on three okay?" Naruto said. Dorimon nodded, not really paying attention to what Naruto just said.

"Huh, hey wait a minute, no wait" Dorimon said frantically trying to break free of Naruto's grip.

"One...two...THREE!" Naruto yelled.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Dorimon screamed in fear, tears coming from his from both the fear and the speed he was thrown at. Dorimon then got over his fear and a determined look crossed his face.

"METAL DROP!" the purple quadripedal digimon yelled before firing a large metal ball about the size of a basketball at Tyrannomon hitting the champion level digimon in its eye. Tyrannomon roared in pain as Dorimon followed up by crashing right into the metal ball thus forcing the metal sphere to damaged Tyrannomon's eye even more. Dorimon rubbed his head, nauseated from the headbutting and then gave a...paw/thumbs/appendage up, to Naruto. Naruto smirked before running and forming a kagebunshin. Naruto held out his hand and the kagebunshin began to move it hands over Naruto's outstretched one. A glowing blue ball of chakra and wind swirled into existence before he jumped and the kagebunshin dispelled itself. Naruto then jumped right onto Tyrannomon's nose and ran along the snout and slammed his attack right into the damaged left eye of Tyrannomon.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled and thrust the chakra sphere forwards. He crashed through the metal sphere and the rasengan was plunged straight into Tyrannomon's eye before shredding it into data and the Tyrannomon was no more. Naruto and Dorimon fell to the ground.

"AHHHH, some body save me ahhhhhhhh!" Dorimon yelled. Naruto chuckled before grabbing Dorimon and was about to prepare for the impact with the ground, but the two suddenly began to glow a rainbow of colours and just before they hit the ground, they vanished.

The Centre of the Digital World

In the Digital Core of the Digital World, five powerful digital beings stood in a circle. The first was a large brown two headed turtle, with red eyes and black mask like helmets worn atop the two heads. A large tree was shown to make up most of this turtle-like digimon's shell and it stood on four large legs as large as the trunks of fully grown oak trees. The second was a large phoenix or a bird of somekind. Its feathers were coloured the colours of fire, red, orange and yellow. Glowing yellow eyes blazed beneath feathers that seemed to be shaped into a helmet. The only parts that weren't the colours of fire were the lower part of its beak, the feathers that made up its neck and its talons which were all a pitch black. The third was a dragon, a blue dragon with a mask at its head that was navy blue with yellow lightning patterns of it. A large, blur lightning shaped horn came from the dragon digimon's mask through which large red eyes peered through said mask. A large wavy mustache, the colour of freshly fallen snow streyched from the snout of the dragon. Along the length of its blue scaled body, many chains were wrapped around it and at the tip of its tail, a bolt of lightning sparked with tremendous power. The fourth was a large white tiger which was patterned with purple stripes. The tiger wore a purple and black coloured mask through which four orange coloured eyes looked at the other digimon present. Along the length of its back, three large spikes protruded from the tiger's back, two forearm guards which were purple and outlined in black with the kanji for 'steel' in white were worn on the tiger digimon's forelimbs. On its backlimbs were large black bracers which were studded and the final piece of steel on its body was the ring of black steel placed on its tail and had four large and sharp spikes on it. The final and fifth member of the five digimon present was a large golden dragon like digimon with many sharp, bronze coloured scales along the length of its body. Eight glowing orange eyes were present on the dragon's face as well as a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Six large bronze spikes rose up from this second dragon digimon's body, somewhere where the rib cage would be. All of these digimon were mega level digimon, with twelve glowing spheres, the digicores roating around their bodies, except for the golden-bronze coloured dragon which had eight. These were the five digimon Sovereigns, Ebonwumon the Turtle of the North, Zhuqiaomon the Phoenix of the South, Azulongmon the Dragon of the East, Baihumon the Tiger of the West and Fanglongmon the Dragon of the Center.

Then the five mega level digimon looked in the centre of the circle they had formed when a rainbow coloured glow formed. The glow died down to reveal the forms of Naruto and Dorimon. Dorimon and Naruto landed with an "oof" on the ground and then stood to their feet.

"Damn, what happened to us...whoa you guys are quite huge" Naruto said in awe as he saw the five giant digimon that easily dwarfed the Hokage Tower.

"Naruto, you shouldn't say such disrespectful things about these digimon. These guys are mega level and they are the four Sovereigns of the Digimon World although I don't know who the golden dragon is though unless he's..." Dorimon said, but his speech was left unfinished as Zhuqiaomon became annoyed.

"SILENCE HUMAN YOU AS WELL YOUNG IN-TRAINING DIGIMON!" Zhuqiaomon screeched. The two immediately shut up when the large phoenix spoke.

"Now, now Zhuqiaomon, no need to be so rough with these young people" the right head of Ebonwumon said. "Now then seeing as how the human boy..." the left was suddenly interrupted when Naruto spoke again.


"I'm sorry, my hearing isn't what it used to be young man" Ebonwumon said and both heads stretched forward.

"My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Naruto said. Ebonwumon nodded.

"Well then Naruto" the left head continued, "We are the five digimon sovereigns, I am Ebonwumon, the impatient phoenix here is Zhuqiaomon..."

"HEY, I resent that remark" the phoenix digimon said to the eldest of the five sovereigns. Ebonwumon ignored Zhuquiaomon before continuuing.

"The tiger here is Baihumon, the blue dragon is Azulongmon and finally our leader the one and only Fanglongmon" Ebonwumon said finishing the introduction. Naruto and Dorimon bowed to the Digimon Sovereigns.

"May I ask why we are here?" Dorimon asked Baihumon with the utmost respect. Baihumon looked down at the two.

"We have all gathered here because of you young Dorimon is because you contain an unnatural string of code in your digital makeup. It is called the X-antibody and since we found out about you we have been monitoring you until you suddenly digivolved and we are here to discuss your fate. As for you Naruto, we have seen you appear out of nowhere and fought the Tyrannomon with Dorimon...we are here also to discuss your fate as your powers that you displayed in the battle...peaked our curiosity" Baihumon said.

"Excuse me, Baihumon-sama?" Naruto asked.

"Speak" Baihumon said.

"Well seeing as how I am new to this world due to this blue card I found in my world...I am foreign to this world and was wondering if you or any other one of the sovereigns here could give a little description of the Digital World?" Naruto asked. Baihumon nodded and then gestured to Ebonwumon. Ebonwumon nodded and then a long green vine stretched out from the foliage of the large tree on the turtle digimon's back. The vine then touched Naruto's forehead and then Naruto's brain was uploaded with the information on the Digital World. When the data transfer was complete, the vine retracted back to Ebonwumon's tree. Naruto blinked as he stared at the five.

"Wait a minute child" a deep voice said. Everyone turned to see Fanglongmon, the other four were surprised and judging from their surprise, Naruto and Dorimon guessed that Fanglongmon didn't talk much.

"" Azulongmong said in surprise. Fanglongmon nodded.

"Yes, I am gifted with speech, why does that surprise everybody all the time?"Fanglongmon said with an irritated tone.

"No reason" the other sovereigns said turning away from his gaze. Fanglongmon then bent his neck down to Naruto's level. Dorimon got scared of the large dragon and immediately hid behind Naruto's leg, but Naruto showed no fear on his face at all which surprised the other four mega leveled digimon, considering that any other digimon or human for that matter, would be scared shitless fro

"Young Naruto...this blue card that you mentioned, show it to me, I need to...check something" the great dragon digimon said. Naruto nodded and then reached into his pocket and pulled out the blue card with the capital 'D' on it with the picture of, what Naruto now knew, was a digimon coming out of it.

"This blue card is what granted me the dimensional travelling ability to come here in the Digital World" Naruto explained to the bronze dragon. Fanglongmon and the other sovereigns were intruiged.

"Young Naruto, that card only appears to humans that have the ability to partner or tame digimon, thus earning them the title Digmon Tamer. You are one of those chosen apparently" Azulongmon said in surprise.

"A digimon tamer?" Naruto asked, although Ebonwumon had given him the information of the Digital World, the two headed turtle did not give him this information. Dorimon decided to speak.

"Yeah Naruto, you see a digimon tamer is someone who makes a partnership with a digimon and helps them grow stronger with the help of their tamer. Like how when you and I were fighting and then I digivolved from Dodomon to Dorimon" Dorimon said. Naruto looked at the blue card and then back at Dorimon. Ebonwumon chuckled.

"Well my fellow sovereigns, it seems we have a new tamer in our midst" However, Zhuqiaomon wasn't as please as the others.

"Nani, are you all insane, these two are obviously dangerous. This human has shown to be able to use powers that regular humans do not possess and this young digimon is an unknown digimon. They must be DELETED!" Zhuqiaomon screeched as fire swirled around his being. Naruto and Dorimon backed away from the phoenix before Fanlongmon decided to intervene.


"LIKE YOU COULD STOP ME, I CAN SENSE THE DARKNESS IN THIS DIGIMON'S DATA, HE MUST BE DESTROYED!" Zhuqiaomon said with even more anger. However, that 'Like you could stop me' remark seemed to have struck a cord in Fanglongmon and the ancient digimon faced his fellow ancient. The large bronze dragon roared and killing intent struck the phoenix digimon like a wave of water and snuffed his flames.

"Care to say that again?" Fanlongmon asked. The Sovereign of the South remained quiet and shook his head. Fanglongmon nodded and then held out one of his claws. A glowing golden light formed and a small device floated from the dragon's claw and into Naruto's hand. Naruto gripped the light and in his hand the light changed into a device with a small screen with two buttons that acted as 'left' and 'right' arrows and one small orange button beneath the screen. A strap that could be used to attach the device to Naruto's pants. The strap was coloured a reddish violet just like the colours around the screen.

"What is this?" Naruto asked.

"That, my young friend is what is known as a Digivice also called the D-Ark. In the Earth of this universe, Digimon is a card game and no one other than other tamers know that Digimon are real. Digimon is a card game in this Earth and thus they sell ability cards in shops that can be used to power up your digimon partner" Fanglongmon then held out another glowing claw and a light then fashioned itself into five cards. Naruto took the cards from Fanglongmon and looked at them.

"Are these power-up cards?" Naruto asked. The Sovereigns nodded.

"Yes" Azulongmon said deciding to explain things, "These cards each contain a bit of our power and as a result they are the most powerful digimon modification cards. You can and MUST only use them in dire situations and ONLY then, understood?" Azulongmon said.

"Hai, I understand" Naruto said. "So who is my digimon partner if I'm a tamer now" Dorimon looked up at Naruto, after hearing that question Dorimon immediately thought that Naruto did not want him as his Digimon partner and turned to leave, but Naruto called Dorimon.

"Hey Dorimon, where are you going?" Naruto asked.

"Well, since you're still considering who your partner will be I'm guessing you don't want we as your partner" Dorimon said. Naruto smirked and walked over to Dorimon and knelt down to speak to the purple digimon better.

"Dorimon, you and I fought a digimon together as a team. You have an unbridled determination and you're really strong and you don't want to gain strength for yourself. You want it to protect others, I would pick you over anyone including the DigiSovereigns" Naruto said.

"HEY, I RESENT THAT REMARK!" Zhuqiaomon said earning a chuckle from everyone.

"So what do you" Naruto said extending his hand. Dorimon looked at Naruto's hand and then smirked before extending his paw like apendage.

"Partners" Dorimon said and as the two touched, Dorimon's true strength was unlocked and the in-training digimon began to glow in a purple ball of energy.


The purple glow died down and Dorimon looked over his new rookie form.

"I digivolved again!" the newly digivolved Dorumon said with excitement and looked over his new form. He looked like a small dinosaur or dragon with light purple fur. His eyes were now a golden orange colour, the mouth and snout areas of his head were still white. His ears grew longer and each had three black stripes on it. His tail was like that of a fox tail and was tipped with white and was purple like the rest of him. A pair of tiny black wings grew from his back, his belly was white and he was now bipedal with short forearms and longer backlimbs each with three black claws. The foreclaws being shorter than the claws on his feet. However, the thing that was most prominent was the grey outlined, crimson coloured triangle in the centre of Dorumon's head.

"So what's your name now?" Naruto asked.

"It's Dorumon" Dorumon replied. Naruto nodded and then the pair turned to face the Sovereigns and bowed to each one of them.

"So how do we get to the Human World?" Dorumon asked. Azulongmon turned and a bolt of lightning shot from his horn and a portal opened up revealing a city.

"This is Shinjuku Town, a place in modern day Japan. This is where the other tamers are located, also before you go we need to tell you something" Azulongmon said.

"Yes?" the new tamer pair of Naruto and Dorumon asked.

"You see the light of Digivolution, the power that gives digimon the ability to digivolve, has been threatened as a result we transformed the light into a physical body, the body of a digimon called Calumon. If you see him please keep an eye on him for us, he tends to have a habit of disappearing when you're not looking" Ebonwumon's left head said said. Fanglongmon then called Naruto back.

"Naruto listen, I know that you will develop a close relationship with Dorumon, but Zhuqiaomon was right when he said he had felt an evil presence inside your partner so just as a precautionary measure..." Fanglongmon drew one of his scales which immediately grew back, and handed the ripped scale to Naruto. The scale then changed into the shape of a kunai knife except was entirely made of the Dragon of the Center's scale.

"This scale contains the power of light in it, if Dorumon should ever drift towards the darkness, this kunai made of my scale will purify him" Fanglongmon said before ushering Naruto to the portal.

"Well have fun youngsters" the right head of the turtle sovereign said. Naruto nodded and the pair left through the portal.

Shinjuku Town

In Shinjuku there stood two tall towers that people had thought to be a simple electronics building, but that was just a cover. These two towers were actually the headquarters of the secret organization called Hypnos. Hypnos's original purpose was to monitor the electronic communications of half the Earth as a SIGNITsystem for the Japanese government. Because of the legal issues of violating privacy, Hypnos was kept secret from the public just as it's real life counterpart project ECHELON. However, Hypnos discovered Digimon (termed "Wild Ones") who entered the real world. As a result, the agency's new objective is to detect Digimon when they Bio-Emerge in the real world and to prevent it if possible. If a Digimon does manage to cross over, Hypnos would try to capture the Wild One and study it. Another function of the agency is to prevent media leaks about Digimon, as well as cover up incidents (such as creating cover stories) that involve Digimon. There inside the building, were many floors and labs, but the most important room was the top floor room.

In this room were a large amount of electronical equipment used to track, and if possible destroy any Digimon that tried to enter or 'bio-emerge' into the real world. In a large chair, a young brown haired woman was typing away rapidly on a colourful keyboard and surrounding her was a holographic projection of the town of Shinjuku. Also there was an electronic representation of the digital data stream. A large red dot formed on the data stream and travelled to Shinjuku Town. Observing this was a young blonde man in a business suit and wore black shades.

"Sir, there's a 'wild one' approaching, should I send a tracer?" the woman asked.

"Hai, kill the thing before it reaches here" the man said. However, as the tracer was sent the 'bio-emergence' began to occur.

"Sir, we're too late, the Wild One has begun to bio-emerge" the woman said. The man shrugged it off.

"It doesn't matter, anyways the real priority is where the Wild One showed up" the man said. The woman typed away on her colourful keyboard.

'I have no idea what I'm doing' the woman thought as she randomly typed keys that surprisingly were the correct keys needed to find the digimon.

"It's in Shinjuku Park, sir" the woman informed the blonde man.

Shinjuku Park

Naruto and Dorumon appeared through the glowing portal that Azulongmon sent them through and landed with a loud cry of pain as they hit the hard concrete. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other before standing up to their full heights. Naruto had then just noticed that Dorumon was now around his ribcage in terms of height.

"Nice growth spurt" Naruto said.

"Thanks, I've been working on it" Dorumon said, however a group of kids surrounded Dorumon and began to talk to him asking him questions like, "What digimon are you?" or "Cool costume where'd you get it?" and so on until their parents came and apologized before shooing them away.

"No harm done" he told the parents. Dorumon looked up at Naruto who looked down at him. Orange stared at blue until...

"So...what should we do now?" Dorumon asked.

"Well, first we have to buy a place, an apartment maybe luckily I still have my backpack and I had enough money in there to at least may one month's rent depending on the type of apartmen we're buying" Naruto said. The two nodded and then began to walk around the town until they found a newspaper stand. Naruto took one and scanned through it until he found the section about homes for sale. There was an apartment which had one bedroom with a bunk bed, a couch, television, air conditioning and a kitchen/living room, that offered just the amount of money Naruto had in his bag. Naruto and Dorumon then walked to Karyuu Street where the apartment was located and apparently it was located close to Shinjuku High School. Naruto talked to the landlord and offered to buy the apartment, Naruto then broke into a sob story about how his parents died in a car crash when he was just a baby and only his Uncle Kyuubi, who was too busy to take care of him, could look after him, but failed to do anything the only reminder he had of his parents was this digimon toy (Dorumon) that they gave him when he was born. The landlord broke down right there and sold the apartment for half price. Naruto wiped his tears and then picked up Dorumon and walked up the stairs.

"And the award for best actor goes to...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Kyuubi said.

'Thank you, thank you' Naruto thought back to Kyuubi. 'So Kyuubi what do you think of this world so far?' Naruto asked his tenant as he set down Dorumon when they were no longer in the land lord's field of vision before they turned to climb the stairs to apartment 5-S.

"It seems nice, really nice, the pollution leaves a lot to be desired, but other than that it's nice. You should attend school though to keep up your cover. We don't want anyone to know you are a shinobi other than Dorumon and those other tamers if you find them because if you do you will have to tell them eventually" Kyuubi said.

'Yeah, alright, damn you and your persuasive nature, damn it' Naruto thought before cutting off his connection with Kyuubi. Naruto and Dorumon then entered the apartment with the key that the landlord gave him and observed the apartment. It was small, larger than the apartment that he had in Konoha so it was pretty much okay to him. The kitchen had no food in the fridge so Naruto knew he had to go out shopping sometime later as well as for some clothes since the ones he was wearing now were the only set of clothes he had. There was a microwave and an electric stove too with a small kitchen table for two. The bedroom had a bunkbed, with Dorumon immediately calling the top bunk. There was a nightstand with a lamp which had three drawers to put things in. There was also a closet and a drawer set to put things like underwear and socks in.

'Pretty nice' Narut thought. Naruto looked outside and saw the sun was setting and decided to go and sign up at the Shinjuku High School tomorrow.

"Well time for bed, Dorumon" Naruto said, but his statement was replied to with a snore. Naruto chuckled to find the dragon-like digimon fast asleep. Naruto stripped his clothes and put on the pajamas he had packed in his bag. He then got under the covers and began to close his eyes.

'Goodnight...partner' he thought to Dorumon.

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