Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 10: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"THE SOVEREIGN ONES SHALL FOREVER REIGN OVER THIS WORLD AS SUPREME RULERS OF BOTH DIGITAL AND REAL WORLDS!" the voice said and then a large blue light formed from the portal made by Juggernaut-X and onto the roof of Hypnos.

"The Sovereigns?" Naruto questioned.

"'s coming" Gatomon and Dorumon said. Naruto glared, at the light, this was one battle...that needed to be won, but Naruto could only think one thing as he felt the power coming from the bio-emerging digimon.

'Will we survive this?'


Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon looked at the pillar of sky blue light as it descended from the swirling void of colour that made the portal that was Juggernaut-X Program. The beam of light disappeared along with the swirling mass that made up Juggernaut-X. The sky lost its blood red colour and revealed the glittering night sky, lamp lights illuminating the surrounding area.

"Gatomon..." Naruto said as he continued to stare at the building.


"I need you to stay here, Dorumon has more experience and besides I can't operate both of your D-Arks while fighting this digimon. The energy coming off that thing is immense" Naruto said. Gatomon nodded as she looked through the now fading transparent shield that made up the X-Antibody's defense.

"I...I understand Naruto" Gatomon said with her head bowed. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other and then turned to leave. Naruto was unaware of the fact that as Dorumon was about to leave Gatomon had grabbed his hand. The dragon digimon turned back and looked with a confused at his feline digimon companion.

"Gatomon?" he asked, his orange eyes staring into her blue ones. He noticed Gatomon was fidgeting as she stood there, holding his hand.

"Gatomon, are you alri-" but he was cut off as Gatomon suddenly went a bit closer to him, raising her head to look up at the slightly taller digimon and her lips met his in a kiss. Dorumon's eyes widened in shock, but suddenly felt himself melt into the kiss and return it. For a few seconds this continued, but to them it was an eternity. When the two parted, Gatomon looked down with a blush and Dorumon could only stare into space before he shook his head.

"Be careful" he heard Gatomon say. The X-Antibody digimon smirked and nodded.

"Of course...I'll come back for you, Gatomon" he said and then took off after his tamer who was now aware of Dorumon not being by his side. Naruto looked around and then just as always, Calumon appeared out of nowhere.

"Ah there you are...and there YOU are" he said turning to Dorumon. "What kept you back?"

"Gatomon wanted to...tell me to be careful" he partially lied. Naruto nodded.

" know what to do" Naruto said. Calumon nodded, he had been aware of his part in digivolving as he noticed Naruto always used to look at him in an odd way before anyone began to digivolve.

"Gotcha, Naruto" and then the red traingle on his head glowed and shone its light over the tamer and digimon. Naruto drew the digivolution card which now glowed red along with Dorumon's X-Antibody crystal.



Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


The large dragon digimon roared before bending down low before Naruto jumped onto his back. The ebony furred reptile flapped his massive wings and with a few powerful flaps, took to the skies. Naruto held on with chakra as the dragon flew up quickly before landing softly on the roof, the only sounds being their low breathing and the clicking that Dorugamon's crimson claws made as they made contact with the surface of the helipad roof of the Hypnos building.

Takato and Guilmon, along with Rika and Renamon and Henry and Terriermon were at the base of the building waiting for Naruto to do something as they knew he had flown up their with Dorugamon, having seen the two.

"Gatomon, why aren't you with them?" Takato asked.

"Naruto...does what is best. He said he wouldn't be able to manage with two digimon against this digimon, the energy coming off of it is too immense in order for him to protect us as well as fight the threat" the cat digimon explained. The three other tamers and digimon nodded in undertanding, Naruto was a battle strategist and spent most of his life fighting. His decisions were usually acknowledged in the highest regard...except by Rika.

'Be careful up there Whiskers'

Naruto and Dorugamon scanned the area as they looked around for the enemy digimon.

"Where is he?" the blonde tamer asked.

"I can't smell him, however..." Dorugamon quickly jumped and twisted in the air as a large object came crashing down on where they stood.

"It doesn't mean I can't here you" the dragon digimon growled. His orange eyes going slitted. "Show yourself, coward and fight like mon" A dark chuckle flew through the air as sound waves that were reached the winged beast's ears. Dorugamon turned and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the opponent along with Naruto.

There stood a large yellow furred tiger, with a mess of purple stripes across the golden fur. A large red scarf was worn around its neck and above each limb on the thigh area were violet shields, each with a spike protruding from the center. Two large golden, purple striped wings, each with pure white feathers attached to the muscular wing area. Gleaming white teeth and claws made a stark contrast to the night area as it glared at Dourgamon, its long tail swishing behind it.

"Good reflexes young digimon" the tiger said. Naruto drew out his D-Ark and scanned the digimon, however...

"What the fuck, there's no information of this digimon" Naruto said. Dorugamon and Naruto, who had jumped off his partner's back, stared at the tiger digimon as it smiled evilly at them.

"Kuso, guess we'll just have to go in and take him down" Dorugamon said. Naruto nodded and then drew two kunai and laced them with wind chakra.

"Ikuzo!" he roared and the two charged the digimon. The tiger leapt to the side as Dorugamon tried to slash at him with his claws, but then Naruto appeared in the digimon's face and charged chakra into his kick and slammed his foot into the tiger's nose. The tiger digimon growled in anger, but not before switching to pain as Naruto's kunai struck through its tough hide and dug into the synthesized proteins that made up its flesh. Naruto then raced forwards and held out his hand. Wind and chakra swirled into a compact orb as Naruto jumped into the air and slammed the ball of chakra against te tiger's face.

"RASENGAN!" he yelled and then the attack sent the tiger skidding backwards slightly before Dorugamon appeared and slammed full force into the side of the unknown digimon. The dragon jumped and flipped before slamming his tail onto the back of the tiger and then picking it up, with a bit of difficulty, before throwing it into the air and opening his mouth.

"POWER METAL!" a large steel sphere, surrounded by sparks of blue, red and violet electricity shot forth and went towards the descending tiger digimon. However, the tiger flapped its wings and then spun in the air. Its tail suddenly changed into an octagonal, tri-sectioned staff.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" the tail, now a Bao Bang, struck forth and slammed against the metal orb and sent it back towards its user. Naruto cursed before flashing through handsigns.

"Doton: Doryudaan no Jutsu!" he yelled and the earth dragon materialized from the concrete of the helipad before swallowing the Power Metal and exploded as the metal orb detonated from the large amount of charge piled into the orb. The earth dragon dying along with the explosion. The tiger's smile grew wider for some reason as it wiped what looked like blood from its lips with its paw.

"You opponents are much more interesting than my others in the Digital World. The Sovereign One would be most pleased if I bring you to him" the tiger digimon said. Naruto gritted his teeth as his D-Ark gave off a beeping sounds. Naruto drew it from his pocket and watched as a holographic image of the digimon appeared.

"Mihiramon...Ultimate Level!" Naruto exclaimed, his eyes wide with shock, "a mythical beast digimon. Attacks are Samurai Tiger Tail and Armoured Tiger Tail" Naruto read what little information he was given on the opponent. Naruto and Dorugamon were in shock at the news that this digimon, Mihiramon was an ultimate level.

"However, you will only hinder the plans of the Sovereign One"

"Who is the Sovereign he one of the Digimon Sovereigns?" Dorugamon asked. Mihiramon growled, his red eyes glowed in the moon light.

"How do you know of the four great digimon?"

"We met them...they brought us here in the Real World" Naruto replied.

"Ah, yes. The Sovereign One told me of a child and a digimon, who contains an evil power within its digicore were sent here by the great other Sovereign One, Azulongmon" Mihiramon mused.

"WHO THE FUCK IS THE SOVEREIGN ONE!" Naruto bellowed. The tiger digimon growled again.

"Don't you dare raise your voice to me human, I am a Deva, I outclass you and this digimon who has chosen to side with the enemy." Mihiramon said.

"You may outclass us, but..." Naruto and Dorugamon got into fighting stances. "That doesn't mean you will assure victory over all of us"

Mihiramon's eyes widened as the blonde human disappeared from view. Naruto reappeared behind the tiger digimon. His body was cloaked in a red aura in the likeliness of a tailless kitsune. His eyes crimson, fangs and claws bared, and whisker marks darker and more wildly patterned. A harsh kick to the ass sent the tiger skidding forwards before Dorugamon's tail clashed against his face, but Mihiramon recovered quickly and then his tail changed into the Bao Bang staff and collided with the claws Dorugamon intended to slash at the deva with. The tiger then backflipped as he redirected Dorugamon's attack as Naruto slammed into the ground creating a small crater. Naruto then formed handsigns and Dorugamon opened his jaws.

"POWER METAL!" five electrically charged orbs of steel launched forth from the maw of the X-Antibody digimon.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu" he yelled and a ball of Kyuubi chakra powered flame flew from Naruto's lips as the heated oxygen sphere went towards the metallic spheres. Lightning and fire mixing to create a deadly combination of burning and shocking sensations if contact was to be made, which Mihiramon did not want.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Goukadaibakufu no Jutsu" and the fireball barrage rained down like meteors from the heavens, but Mihiramon spread his majestic wings before bringing them upwards and then downwards in a flapping motion to take himself upwards and avoided the rain of fire. The tiger digimon then front flipped and his tail slammed into the ground.

"ARMOURED TIGER TAIL!" the impact shook the whole roof and caused Naruto and Dorugamon to lose their balance as the shockwave reached them and sent them skidding backwards. Dorugamon quickly took the hit for his tamer as Mihiramon attempted to attack the blonde with his Bao Bang tail/staff. Dorugamon's fiery eyes glowed before he grabbed Mihiramon by his throat and slammed him into the ground. The tiger roared, but was silenced as Dorugamon fired a Power Metal into the tiger's face, earning a large explosion for his troubles. The smoke cloud that was generated, cleared away to reveal Mihiramon standing up, but his face was twitching on account of the electrical charge messing up his facial nervous system. Dourgamon was sent skidding back as Mihiramon struck out with his powerful tail.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" he yelled and the attack struck Dorugamon in the stomach. Then Mihiramon followed up by crashing his head into the dragon's stomach and then slashing with his claws along the chest area of Dorugamon. Dorugamon roared in pain and Naruto grew more angry before the red chakra around him grew more concentrated. His eyes and mouth grew a black outline of some kind and his fangs an claws lengthened. The chakra cloak began to take on a solid, bubbling form, two large ears of chakra twitched as if they really picked up sound and a tail swung behind him. Naruto raced forward and crashed into Mihiramon.

"You don't hurt, Dorugamon" the jinchuriki growled. Both pairs of crimson eyes stared into the other. Dorugamon's eyes became more fiery looking and then he took on a metallic look. Metal coated his fur, mainly around his head in the form of a helmet. His tail became covered in steel and then the tip split off to look like three live wires. Yellow teeth and red claws glinted in the moonlight.

"DARK SLIDE DIGIVOLUTION...DEXDORUGAMON!" the metallic dragon digimon yelled as the dark chakra influenced his dark digivolution. Mihiramon watched as the two vanished from sight and two powerful forces knocked the air out of his lungs as both of Naruto's large chakra claws slammed into his solar plexus sending the tiger upwards. DexDorugamon roared and then slammed his live wire tails against the face of the tiger deva. Mihiramon roared in pain as the wires electrocuted his body. DexDorugamon then slashed with his claws earning many a hit upon the figure that was the tiger deva before knocking Mihiramon away with a punch to the face. Mihiramon flew back, but spread his wings to stop his movement, and growled before the two began an aerial battle. DexDorugamon slashed with his claws, but the tiger dodged swiftly and countered with his own claws. However, the metal coating the zombified Dorugamon didn't allow damage to be caused. The danced a battle of destruction as claws and tails lashed out against each other. The sound barrier breaking several times from the collisions their attacks made. DexDorugamon quickly kicked Mihiramon in his chin before slamming multiple punches over the facial area, a resounding crack was heard when a fist crashed into Mihiramon's nose. The tiger gasped before one of DexDorugamon's arms took on a glow of silver mixed with bloody crimson.

"METAL CAST!" the arm would have taken off Mihiramon's head had the deva not ducked in time. Mihiramon's tail quickly changed into the Bao Bang. The tiger deva lashed out and struck the dragon several times in his head before slamming shoulder first into the chest of the metal plated digimon. Then a front flip allowed the tail to slam into the head of DexDorugamon.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" the attack sent DexDorugamon downwards into the ground next to Naruto. The shockwave of the landing caused Naruto to barely skid back had the Kyuubi's cloak not allowed him to stick to the surface just as his natural chakra did. Naruto stretched out his arms and the claws extended towards Mihiramon. The tiger deva managed to avoid them as he descended towards Naruto, but the kitsune jinchuriki smirked and then his claws reatracted back to him before he leapt up to meet the tiger digimon. His right hand cocked back and a rasengan swirled to life. Its violet coloured glory spun rapidly before it impacted with Mihiramon's Samurai Tiger Tail.



A shockwave resulted in the air, a resounding boom flew from the epicenter where the two attacks Bao Bang received a spider web of cracks in the effort to remain intact. However, Naruto began to feel pain all over his body, as he heard DexDorugamon clutching his body in pain. The pain was enough to give Mihiramon a chance to somehow increase the power of his attack as well as overpower the Kyuubi Rasengan, but managed to do both with difficulty. Naruto watched in shock, his Kyuubi Rasengan was dispersed from the power of the tiger tail and slammed into his body sending him rocketing back to earth. The tamer landed atop his similarly demonic digimon. Mihiramon then front flipped, gaining momentum before crashing his tail into the ground with tremendous force.

"ARMOURED TIGER TAIL!" the tiger deva yelled out and the shockwave released was enough to send the damaged tamer and digimon off the edge of the building.

Gatomon was clutching her body as she felt a burning sensation in her stomach. Her widened eyes began to flicker between shining crystal blue, violet and bloody crimson. Her fangs retracted and lengthened in various times. The others watched in horror at the changed happening to Gatomon before her eyes settled on crimson, her claws remaining lengthened and her pupil slitted. Her fur gained a light red hue to it and then her normal growl, which was a bit high pitched, was deep and demonic. However, before anything could happen, the feline digimon, not being accustomed to the Kyuubi's power flowing into her had been knocked unconscious by a wary Renamon who chopped her in the back of the neck. The cat digimon fell unconscious.

"RENAMON!" Rika exclaimed.

"Rika, something is not right with Gatomon. Maybe the Kyuubi demon Naruto told us about that is in him, is indirectly causing his digimon partners to become dangerous." the golden fox digimon said.

"That is a possibility, however we can't know for sure" Henry said.

"Henry, what's that falling from the sky?" Takato asked.

"Well Takatomon, I think its a star look how bright and red it looks" Guilmon said with happiness, but his eyes widened along with everyone elses as they saw it was...

"Naruto?" they asked themselves, but then saw the large metallic dragon next to him.

"Is that...supposed to be Dorugamon?" Takato asked in fear. Even unconscious, both seemed to be quite intimidating as they finally crashed into the ground creating a sizable crater. The group grabbed Gatomon and watched the duo. Naruto's one tailed form receeded and became his normal self and a soft white and red glow formed around DexDorugamon as he changed back into Dorugamon and then into Dorumon.

"Is he..." Henry paused. Rika checked his pulse and sighed in relief.

"Whiskers is okay, but...what is up there that had managed to beat Dorugamon or this evil form he has?" the red headed tamer asked.

"What happened to the Ice Queen?" Terriermon asked.

"Terriermon!" Henry groaned.

"Momentai, I'm just curious"

"You're gonna get yourself beaten up if you don't learn when to not say certain things, Terriermon" Henry said. The three younger tamers looked at their superior and Naruto groaned as he was able to rest himself into a sitting position. His now sapphire blue eyes gazed downwards before turning to Dorumon.

'What did I do to you, that I changed you into...that?' Naruto held his reptilian partner.

"Naruto did you learn anything from fighting that digimon?" Henry asked.

"Mihiramon...Mythical Beast Digimon...very strong, can't remain conscious for long" Naruto whispered before he coughed up a glob of blood onto the concrete street.

"Come one Whiskers, stay with me..." Rika paused as she saw Naruto look up at her with a foxy grin, his teeth stained red from the blood he hacked up.

"Don't worry Rika-chan, Kyuubi's good for more than just simple conversation. Give me an hour and I'll be fine." Naruto said, but she didn't believe a word he said as Naruto grunted in pain and reflexively turned to the side and felt blood and bile, pile up his throat before he released it all out in what would become his 'little pile of thrown up shit from his body'. Naruto coughed a bit before turning back to Rika.

"Just kick that tiger's ass for me, Rika-chan" the elder tamer said. Rika nodded as Naruto fell asleep , his head resting next to the heads of his unconscious digimon partners. Gatomon, from the Kyuubi's chakra indirectly affecting her and Dorumon, from the fight and impact they made with the ground.

Rika growled and then drew a card from her card case and swiped it.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" she yelled. Calumon's upside down triangle glowed on his forehead.



Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.


The nine tailed kitsune digimon jumped and began to run up the side of the Hypnos building and then it crossed paths with Kyuubimon upon her reaching the roof. Mihiramon smirked as Kyuubimon's icy blue eyes gazed into his fiery red ones.

'Don't worry Whiskers, we'll take down this stupid tiger' the red haired tamer said as she watched Kyuubimon disappear over the edge of the roof as the fox digimon climbed onto the flat surface of the roof.

The tiger vanished into the darkness as Kyuubimon attempted to track him. However, Mihiramon jumped out from what seemed like nowhere and bared his sharp fangs before clamping them down on one of Kyuubimon's tails. The fox digimon howled in pain before slapping Mihiramon in his face with the other eight, causing his jaws to slacken slight. Kyuubimon then freed herself and charged forward, but the deva smirked and then held up his clawed paw and smacked across the face of Kyuubimon. The blonde, miniature Kyuubi no Kitsune skidded along the broken ground made from Naruto and Dorumon's battle. Kyuubimon fanned out her tails and each one lit up with a ghostly blue fireball on each tip.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" she yelled. The fireballs raced towards Mihiramon, but the tiger deva smirked before forming his Bao Bang staff, the cracks still visible, but Kyuubimon was not able to noticed that as the tail slammed into her fox fire attack and snuffed the flames. Kyuubimon then jumped and spun in the air as blue flames surrounded her being.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" the bright blue fires of the fox digimon spun and launched forwards towards Mihiramon as a large fire blast which took the form of a dragon. The fiery entity roared and struck Mihiramon, but the tiger took no damage to the surprise of Kyuubimon before the tiger vanished again. The tiger circle around his victim and smirked, his crimson eyes glowing in the darkness. Then a roar was heard as the predator struck out and spun with his tail/staff at the ready.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" he yelled. The tail crashed into the side of Kyuubimon before it was hit in the area where the knee joints were sending her to the ground as all four of her knees buckled. Mihiramon then raced forwards and crashed into Kyuubimon's downed form and sent her off the roof, but as she flew off the edge of the roof, Kyuubimon seemed to float in the air before gravity could take its effect on her body. The tiger spread his wings, racing through the air, appearing above the fox digimon in a blue of speed, and his Bao Bang slammed into Kyuubimon's damaged form.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" and the tail sent her downwards at a breakneck speed. Rika watched in horror as her partner fell to the ground, hitting a lamppost, which luckily stopped Kyuubimon from having a serious fall that would have killed her as she slid off the post and onto the ground. The large fox reverted back into Renamon.

"Renamon...are you okay?" she saw the fox's eyes closed, "Speak to me, Renamon" Renamon stirred and weakly opened her eyes, her form flickering as her data configuration was damaged.

"Rika" she gasped, "so strong, took me down.. too quickly for me... to make a good attack." Renamon said.

"It's okay, you're going to be fine" Rika said with a small smile, "Don't force yourself to talk"

"Ultimate...possibly Mega level" Renamon slipped away into the dark embrace of unconsciousness as she said those last four words. Rika quickly laid Renamon's head in her lap and wiped off some of the dust on her fur. Terriermon looked at his downed friends and glared upwards where Mihiramon waited.

"Henry...I'm going" Terriermon said.

"Terriermon, you can't. That digimon easily defeated Kyuubimon as well Dorugamon. What makes you think you can?" the Asian tamer exclaimed in worry for his partner.

"Henry...this digi-baka hurt my friends...your friends we can't let them get away with that. NOW GET ME UP THERE!" the bunny-dog digimon demanded. Henry's eyes widened, he never saw Terriermon act so...angry before.

"Naruto taught us, those who follow rules are trash, but those who don't respect or care for their friends are worse than that" Henry whispered and then a determined look filled his grey eyes. Henry drew a card from his card case and gripped it tightly.

"Let's do this, Terriermon"

"DIGIMODIFY..."DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" the card was scanned through the green D-Ark before Calumon's powers activate. The smallest of the tamed digimon was bathed in a red light and then began to digivolve.


Terriermon was surrounded by an egg of swirling green data.


Terriermon's skin peeled away to reveal a large green rabbit covered in wire frame pattern, or blue squares for a simpler term. The skin then reattached itself as Terriermon's body grew into that of a larger rabbit, his face and ears were entirely green, the edge of the ears, the body and muzzle of Gargomon being a tan colour, a red diamond lay in the centre of the champion level's forehead. Two red slash like marking were on Gargomon's cheeks, his hands were replaced with gattling guns, a string of ammunition was strapped across the trigger happy bunny's chest and he wore a pair of navy blue jeans.


Gargomon then positioned his guns downward and fired.


The downward force of the bullets caused Gargomon to apply Newton's third law, the downward force by the bullets as they left the barrel of the gattling guns caused Gargomon to exert an equal and opposite force that allowed the large rabbit digimon to take himself skyward. Gargomon landed soundly on the roof and then noticed the shadow of the beast digimon passing next to him before it receeded into the darkness of the night, not even the stars and light of the moon shed its light on the area as Gargomon frantically looked around. Suddenly Gargomon's ears twitched before the large champion digimon ducked beneath the ultimate level before the tiger deva skidded and growled before circling again. Gargomon looked around again and then his gattling guns began to whir rapidly.

"Come on out little kitty kitty" Gargomon taunted. When nothing happened Gargomon decided to go on the offensive.

"If you won't come out, I'll blast you...GARGO LASER!" the rabbit digimon yelled. The emerald laser bullets flew through the air around the entire roof area, Mihiramon, although invisible to Gargomon, was swiftly avoiding the attacks, some of the bullets ricocheting off the shields on his limbs. Then Mihiramon jumped and tackled Gargomon to the ground. Gargomon landed with an "oomph", but quickly rooled with the fall and turned, his gattling guns glowing green where the bullet chambers were before he swung wildly.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" Gargomon felt his guns hit something solid and smirked when he heard a grunt of pain. 'Gotcha' the rabbit thought before spinning and kicking Mihiramon in the chin. Mihiramon growled and swiped his claws and the attack was too quick for Gargomon to dodge as it hit the young champion digimon in the rib area. Gargomon fell to the ground before he was kicked in the stomach. Gargomon nearly fell off, but used his ears to hold on before pushing himself upwards and flipping. Using the bird's eye view his jump got him he saw the shadow of Mihiramon as the tiger spread its white wings and roared. The tiger deva launched itself at Gargomon before taking the rabbit down onto the already damaged roof. Gargomon made a crater a Mihiramon landed, his entire body weight resting atop the back of Gargomon. Gargomon groaned and stood to his feet, slowly, as Mihiramon got off and went back into his shadowy surroundings to strike again. Gargomon then realized something.

'This kitty cat is always circling me before he attacks...then I can get him' Gargomon's eyes narrowed, shifiting left and right, his ears twitching and every muscle in his body tensed as it prepared to dodge and counter strike. Mihiramon smirked in the shadows before launching himself forwards after he stopped circling Gargomon. Gargomon smirked before turning and lashed out with a kick and nailed Mihiramon in the jaw, but it did no affect as Mihiramon continued to charge forward and then crashed into Gargomon with enough force to knock him off the building.

"AAHHHHHH!" the rabbit digimon yelled as he fell from the roof. Henry could only watch as Gargomon fell, but then reverted back into Terriermon, allowing him to catch the rookie digimon in his arms before he made contact with the unforgiving earth.

"Terriermon...are you okay?" worry was evident in the Asian tamer's voice as tears formed at the edge of his eyes. The tears threatened to spill over, but he held them back as Terriermon, even in his damaged state managed to lean his head up and whispered something into Henry's ears. The green D-Ark wielding tamer's eyes widened before he turned to the only fighting tamer.

"Takato!" the goggle wearing tamer turned to his friends as he was gazing at the downed Renamon, Terriermon and Dorumon.

"Huh, yeah Henry?" Takato asked. Guilmon watched in interest as to what Henry had to say.

"Mihiramon, the tiger circles like a shark before he attacks you. So be careful and make sure Guilmon keeps his ears peeled" Henry advised.

"Gotcha" Takato responded with a determined nod. Takato then took out a card from his case as the upside down triangle on Calumon's forehead shone over Guilmon.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" the card was scanned as Takato swiped it through the red D-Ark.


Guilmon was surrounded by a swirling red egg of data.


Guilmon's skin then peeled away to reveal a darker red form that was patterned in a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to form a larger, more powerful form of Guilmon. The egg of data exploded to reveal a larger version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital Hazard symbol was located on his left shoulder.


Takato then took out another card and swiped it.

"DIGIMDIFY...HYPER WING ACTIVATE!" six silvery white wings materialized from nowhere onto Guilmon's back. Three on each side. The wings flapped, kicking up an average amount of dust before flying up to the roof. Growlmon's golden eyes stared up at the roof as he neared the top, his rounded pupils dilating in anger as his viral nature began to surface as it always did in the field of battle.

Growlmon landed and then raced forwards and felt the presence of another digimon on his right as the wings dispersed into data pixels. Growlmon's right elbow blade, sparked as blue energy glowed with power. Growlmon then made a slashing motion as he intended to slice the flesh away from his opponent's body.

"DRAGON SLASH!" the attack nearly made contact, but Mihiramon smirked and managed to bend his body out of the way and skidded away into the shadows to circle around and strike. Growlmon...well he growled in anger and frustration as he searched for his opponent. He could smell the stench of blood on the tiger's claws, he could hear the heavy slightly laboured breathing of the ultimate level digimon as it circled him, but then everything went silent and the scent of Mihiramon disappeared from Growlmon's sense of smell. Given the fact that it was dark, Growlmon was suddenly finding himself fighting deaf, blind, and unable to smell.

The dragon digimon snarled as his eyes attempted to find the tiger digimon in the darkness, but was suddenly struck in his side. Then a headbutt caught him in the stomach. Growlmon stumbled, but managed to regain his footing before Mihiramon released a roar that resonated throughout Growlmon's ears and caused Growlmon to clutch his ears in pain, but he held through and stopped before opening his mouth and orange and red flames morphed into a ball.

"PYRO BLASTER!" Growlmon yelled and then fired the Pyro Blaster attack rapidly. Multiple fireballs landed in the dark abyss that made the roof, the collisions that the flaming projectiles made with the roof caused pillars of flame to erupt from the point of contact. The fires illuminated the area and Growlmon smirked as he saw the tiger digimon leaping away from one of the larger spheres of heated oxygen. Growlmon then rushed forward with speed he didn't know he possessed and then stretched out his arms. The blade protrusions on his elbows glowed with electric blue energy.

"DRAGON SLASH!" the attack impacted and Mihiramon roared in pain as Growlmon slashed the side of his body. Growlmon then turned and his tail crashed into the same exact spot where the Dragon Slash landed. The dinosaur-dragon digimon followed up with multiple slashes with his long ivory claws before kicking Mihiramon in the side. Mihiramon skidded backwards and recovered, but as he turned to look at his crimson scaled opponent, he was only able to see the glow of the fires as a comet like ball of flame shot out of Growlmon's maw.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the attack sped towards Mihiramon, but the tiger quickly positioned one of his shields, the one on his foremost right, to take the attack. An explosion resulted from the contact between the Pyro Blaster and Mihiramon's shield, but the tiger, as the dust and smoke cleared, was revealed to be unharmed. But if you looked closely, a small crack could be seen on the right frontal shield. Mihiramon then ran forward and knocked Growlmon to the ground before jumping off of the dragon and his tail changed into the Bao Bang, the spider web of cracks still visible from its battle against the Kyuubi Rasengan from Naruto.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" and then Bao Bang created a shockwave of dust as it impacted with Growlmon's stomach.

Takato yelled out in pain and clutched his arm and stomach in pain.

"Takato...what's wrong?" Henry asked in concern for his friend. Naruto groaned as he finally regained consciousness in time to see the goggle wearing pre-teen fall to his knees.

"Oi, I wake up from a fight and then first thing I see is Takato falling to his knees..." Naruto mumbled, "I'm guessing Mihiramon's putting up a fight?"

"Yeah, Rika look Naruto's awake, help him to his feet" Henry advised the red haired tamer. Rika nodded and gently rested Renamon's head from her lap to the cold concrete before aiding with Naruto's standing as Henry turned back to Takato. "Come on...Takato, please tell us what's wrong" the Asian tamer pleaded with his friend to tell him the cause of his pain.

"I...I feel...every hit" Takato said and then the joint pain than transferred from Growlmon to himself caused him to black out.


Takato groaned as he opened his eyes and found himself floating in a strange area of space. Everything was red, black and white, all swirling into a mix of strange shapes and other things.

"Tamer" a voice called to him. Takato turned, looking around for the source of the voice.

"Huh, who said that?"

"Tamer, over here" the voice said again. Takato turned to see Growlmon, half of his face and torso covered in darkness.

"'re okay!" Takato said with happiness, but then noticed that Growlmon had called him 'Tamer' and not by 'Takatomon'

"You don't recognize you, Growlmon?" Takato asked. Growlmon chuckled.

"Of course I do Takatomon, it just seemed like much too serious a moment to be calling you Takatomon" Growlmon said. Takato nodded.

"However, Tamer I need you to help me in this fight"

"Nani, sure Naruto taught me to fight somewhat, but I can't fight a digimon!" Takato exclaimed.

"Tamer, I cannot do this alone...our joint strength is what makes me stronger. You MUST help me Tamer" Growlmon pleaded.

"Growlmon..." Takato's reddish brown eyes stared into the single golden eye of Growlmon since the other was shielded by the shadows of this seemingly weird void of Takato's dream. Then he felt his head nod.

"Growlmon, you're my partner..." Takato then floated towards Growlmon, hand outstreched and touched Growlmon's claws. "We'll fight together, until the bitter end, although I prefer it not come to that...NO MATTER WHAT!" Takato screamed as he made contact with Growlmon and then a flash of light enveloped him and he found himself awake, screaming and clutching Calumon's fingerless hand.

"Uh, Takato...why are you screaming?" Calumon asked tilting his head, "and why are you holding my hand?" Naruto chuckled.

"Having a nightmare there Takato?" Naruto asked and then grabbed Takato and hoisted him to his feet without any trouble.

"Goggle-head fainted, hahaha, what a wuss" Rika said. However, all joking was cast aside as Takato glared upwards.

"Growlmon, you're not alone in this fight..." he then reached into his card case and clutched a card. The card glowed as Takato touched it and changed into a sapphire colour, the golden yellow capital 'D' with a pixelated dinosaur coming out of the space in the 'D' formed. The almighty Blue Card. The card of the Digimon Tamers.

"I will not let you leave me, or anyone of us, we will fight using all our power...using the power that granted us the blessing to become tamers in the first place...WE WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO DEFEAT!" Takato roared and then grabbed his D-Ark and slashed the Blue Card through the red D-Ark. The triangle on Calumon's head glowed even more brightly as Takato slashed the card. The card was scanned and then a bright red light in the shape of the Zero Unit flew up from the D-Ark's screen and into the downed Growlmon's snout where his Zero Unit symbol lay.

Growlmon opened his eyes which were filled with red from pupil to sclera. Growlmon stood to his feet and roared at Mihiramon, much to the deva's surprise.





A carbon copy of the Matrix Crystal flew around Growlmon before settling itself into the nose where the inverted Zero Unit lay on Growlmon's snout. The Zero Unit glowed as Growlmon underwent his transformation. Growlmon grew in size and his torso was suddenly surrounded by an armour casing made of chrome digizoid. Two vernier were attached to his shoulders, and an 'Assault Balancer' extended like a cable from the back section of the torso armour. His arms were encased in black metal and along the edges of the black metal casing were long, curved, chrome digizoid blades. A metal, muzzle like armour was formed around its jaws, but it didn't act like a muzzle as he could still open and close his jaws. The harness for the blades were adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, and the DigiCode on its stripes reads which translated to 'Digital Monster'. The digivolved form of Growlmon roared before slashing its blades in a menacing way, yelling his name.


Takato's D-Ark suddenly beeped and showed the holographic image of the newly digivolved ultimate level digimon.

"Alright, Growlmon digivolve into WarGrowlmon. A Cyborg, Ultimate Level digimon. His armour and blades are made of Chrome Digizoid and he uses the vernier on his shoulders to be able to fly. He uses the metal muzzle like armour on his jaws to act as a restraint to keep from going beserk. His attack are Radiation Blade and Atomic Blaster" Takato read. He smirked as he looked up on the roof.

'Show that stupid tiger what you got, boy' Takato thought. WarGrowlmon roared and charged towards Mihiramon and lashed out with his blades aiming to cleave the tiger deva in two, but Mihiramon dodged all the attack before countering with swift powerful swipes of his claws before turning around and kicking out with his back legs, slamming them into WarGrowlmon's chest sending the Ultimate digimon skidding backwards.

Takato also skidded backwards.

"This bond thing, might end up killing me" Takato gasped as he felt the pain in his chest, "but we won't give up" Naruto nodded.

"I have taught you well" Naruto said with a smirk.

"That you have, Naruto" Takato said.

WarGrowlmon roared and managed to graze Mihiramon with his Digizoid blades, but the tiger deva dodged the attack. Mihiramon jumped into the air and tackled WarGrowlmon to the ground before backflipping into the air and just before touching the ground, he transformed his tail into the Bao Bang and slammed it into the ground. The roof shook, but due to its thickness it was able to withstand the one of the many shockwaves produced by this attack.


A shockwave was released from the tail as it crashed into the roof and slammed into the mechanized digimon. WarGrowlmon roared in pain before managing to roll with the shockwave and climb to his feet. The two Ultimate level digimon charged each other in a great display of power. Shockwaves filled the air as the sound barrier broke many times from their collisions. WarGrowlmon slashed with his claws, but Mihiramon ducked, but was unable to dodge the attack from WarGrowlmon's tail as the mechanized dragon crashed into his face. WarGrowlmon then tackled Mihiramon sending the tiger skidding backwards before a clawed paw found its way to WarGrowlmon's jaw knocking back the dragon digimon's head. Mihiramon then backflipped, using the momentum of the flip to perform a powerful kick to the jaws sending WarGrowlmon up off the ground, however the vernier suddenly activated and two blasts of blue flame came forth from the vernier to allow WarGrowlmon's flight capabilities to come into effect. Mihiramon growled and spread his wings and the two battled in the air. Mihiramon moved to the side to avoid a bite from WarGrowlmon before headbutting the dragon digimon's chest that caused WarGrowlmon to fly back from the force, but also caused one nasty bump to form on the head of the tiger deva.

"The Sovereign One will never be defeated...NEVER!" Mihiramon roared before going up a bit higher and then descending upon the recovering dragon. Mihiramon performed a series of front flips to build momentum before his tail transformed into the powerful tri-sectioned staff that made the Bao Bang.

"SAMURAI TIGER TAIL!" the Bao Bang tail struck out with devastating force, but WarGrowl on looked up in time to see it coming. His arms moved amazingly fast with the added bulk of the Chrome Digizoid armour and then the blades on his arms glowed blue and crackled with power as they cut through the air.

"RADIATION BLADE!" the two electric blue blades collided with the the tail and the two attacks seemed to be evenly matched...and it was just 'seemed' to be. The cracks on the tail began to race across the entire surface and the sound reached the ears of both digital combatants which brought about two different reactions. One of surprise from Mihiramon as he never in his life had seen anything happen to his tail, at least nothing such as it breaking apart. WarGrowlmon was chuckling and a grin spread across his face beneath the power restrainers that lined his jaws. WarGrowlmon roared in exertion as he put more force into his attack.

"YOU'VE BEEN..." the blades pushed more and the cracks began to show more and pieces of the steel hard tail began to fly off, "A VERY BAD KITTY!" the Radiation Blades broke through and slashed into Mihiramon causing two large gashes to form on the tiger's stomach. WarGrowlmon then slammed a shoudler tackle into the damaged area of Mihiramon before using the vernier to take himself a bit higher to do a front flip and slam his heavy, muscular tail into the head of Mihiramon sending him downwards and creating yet another crater in the once nice helipad roof of the Hypnos HQ building. WarGrowlmon descended onto the surface of the helipad and watched as Mihiramon struggled to stand and managed to do so with difficulty. The gunports on the torso armour began to glow with red energy, poised to blast Mihiramon.

"YOU WILL NEVER HURT THIS WORLD AGAIN!" WarGrowlmon yelled. Mihiramon's eyes widened as he stared into the barrel of the laser.


"NO, MIHIRAMON...I BETRAY MY KIND FOR THE SAKE OF THE LIVES OF MY FRIENDS, NOW PREPARE TO BE ERADICATED!" WarGrowlmon's cannons gave off a loud whirring sound as two large spheres of energy gathered in front of the gunports.

"ATOMIC..." WarGrowlmon's attack became fully charged.

"BLASTER!" Takato finished as the attack was launched. The dual beams of crimson were launched from WarGrowlmon's cannons and struck Mihiramon with destructive force. The tiger deva roared in pain before his entire digital existence was literally disintegrated into nothing. Nothing was left as his body exploded into red data flakes and even those were destroyed by the Atomic Blaster. WarGrowlmon gave a roar to the heavens in victory.

The vernier allowed WarGrowlmon to descend to ground level where his friends and tamer we're. Takato ran over to the large digimon and hugged his claw.

"You did really well out there boy" Takato complimented his digimon.

"I could not have done it without you, my tamer" WarGrowlmon's eyes changed into upside down Us indicating he was smiling beneath the metal muzzle.

"WAY TO GO WARGROWLMON!" Naruto cheered. Rika and Henry gave nods of satisfaction. The other digimon were already awake and healed to the point they could at least stand and walk.

"I am proud to have been your teacher" Dorumon said to WarGrowlmon. The mechanized dragon nodded to his former sensei.

"And I was proud to have been your student...Dorumon-sensei" WarGrowlmon replied.

"Dude that was awesome, Takato was telling the truth his digimon is real" Kenta said.

"Chumley, you did good out there" Kazu congratulated his friend. Takato looked surprised to see his two best friends on the scene.

"Takato, I don't like Guilmon like this...change him back" the socket puppet using girl, a.k.a Jeri said looking at the gargantuan dragon digimon. WarGrowlmon suddenly became enveloped in a silvery glow before he reverted back into Growlmon and then back into Guilmon.

"Is that better, Jeri?" Guilmon asked. Jeri squealed at Guilmon.

"KAWAIII/CUTEEE!" Everyone sweatdropped. Rika and Naruto were the only ones to say anything. The two tamers looked at each other and then at Jeri.

"You did NOT...just call Guilmon kawai?" they exclaimed.

"Cool, would be a better term to use" Kazu said. The entire group agreed causing Jeri to cry anime tears and the rest of the then laughed at her reaction. Calumon quickly jumped onto Naruto's sun kissed mop of hair and smiled.

'Like I said once before, humans are so silly...but it's never dull around here no, no, no' the light of digivolution thought. The tamers, their digimon, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri all left, but up in the sky in a helicopter a good few metres from the battle sight, Yamaki was amazed at what just transpired.

'Those kids, actually beat that thing...this will require further research' Yamaki then told his pilot to take him home.

Naruto's Apartment

Calumon had decided to hang out at the apartment as he found Naruto and Dorumon to be as he had said, "more fun than the others". Naruto was more than happy to welcome the little cream puff into his humble abode. After a few hours to stay up and eat a dinner of rice, chicken and a side of ramen with some cream puffs for Calumon, the four went to bed...or at least two of them did.

Gatomon had opened the window and was overlooking the shining, colourful lights of the buildings of Shinjuku, her eyes focused on them, but her mind was focused on something else.

'Why...why did I kiss him, he was in shock when I did it. I don't even know why he kissed back. Does he like me, or doesn't he going to reject me?' all these thoughts raced through her mind. She closed her eyes and sighed in frustration.

"You're still awake?" Gatomon's eyes widened and her claws poised to strike as she rapidly turned, but relaxed when she saw it was just Dorumon.

"Uh...hai, Dorumon. Any reason why you're still awake?"

The purple furred dragon sat next to his feline companion on the windowsill enjoying the cool night breeze.

"Well, I couldn't sleep because there has been a question in my mind" Dorumon said looking over Shinjuku.

'Please don't let it be about that kiss, Please Kami-sama please!' Gatomon prayed to whatever deity would help her. (A/N: Gomen Gatomon, but I am your deity and I cannot help you)

"Why?" he asked. Gatomon decided to play slightly dumb because she wasn't sure, but was partly sure, of what he was asking 'why' what.

"Why what?" she asked.

"Before I went to fight Mihiramon...why...why did you kiss me?" he asked. Gatomon looked at Dorumon with wide eyes and mentally cursed.

"Ummm...what kiss?" she asked nervously with a slight blush playing across her face. Dorumon glared at the feline.

"Gatomon, please I'm not in the mood for your playing dumb. Now answer the question." Dorumon paused. "Why. Did. You. Kiss. Me?" he asked again. Gatomon looked down as she attempted to avoid Dorumon's eyes, but the dragon would not grant her such luxury and he put his claw underneath her chin before pushing her face upwards so her blue eyes met his orange ones.

"Gatomon...please I need to know" Dorumon said. Gatomon gulped as she tried to think of an alternative answer, but her mind betrayed her and didn't come up with any.

"I will answer you, but I need to know one thing" she said.


"If I told you the truth...would you still...see me as how Naruto had put it...'precious' to you?" she asked. Dorumon looked like he had been slapped in the face as the question was one he was not expecting.

"Uh..." he shook his head rapidly before answering, "Of course I would. Gatomon you're my friend, I'll always deem you precious to me. I'd kill for you if it would help make you happy" Dorumon said with a smile. Gatomon nodded, but her mind only focused on the one word he had said.

'A friend...that's all he'll see me as, but there's no turning back' she took a deep breath and steeled her nerves for whatever was coming.

" you can answer" Dorumon encouraged her to do so. Gatomon sighed and looked into Dorumon's eyes and gulped loudly.

"I...I...I kissed you b-b-b-because...I-I-I...Dorumon" she stuttered, but paused as the words wouldn't leave her throat.

"Come on Gatomon, spit it out!" he said, his voice slightly raising in volume. A few seconds passed, but Dorumon was beginning to become impatient and saw Gatomon turn her head.

"Gatomon, just tell me for Kami's sake!" he yelled, he grabbed her head and forcefully turned it to face him, his gaze hard, bu quickly softened as he saw the sign of tears in her eyes.

"Alright, you wanna know why I kissed you back then. Alright I'll tell you. It's because I love you okay, I Love You. Are you happy now?" she growled with her crystal blue eyes filled with what looked like...sadness and rejection. Dorumon's claws slipped away as he stared at Gatomon in shock.

"Y-Y-You...You love...m-m-me" he stuttered. Gatomon nodded.

"But I realize now, that you'll never me as nothing more than a friend" Gatomon whispered loudly enough for Dorumon to hear. She twisted her body and jumped off the windowsill to land on the carpeted floor of the apartment building. She knew neither Naruto nor Calumon would have woken from their sudden outbursts and then she walked over to the couch, but paused as she felt something grip her arm. She turned around to see Dorumon's clawed hand/paw clutching her arm. She struggled to free herself from his grip as he dropped down from the windowsill and faced her. She stopped when she saw his smile, showing his sharp teeth.

"Now Gatomon...why would I turn down the only digimon I came to love more than a friend?" he asked and then rested his forehead against her own, their eyes staring into each other's.

"B-B-But...but you said..."

"I said that because, I wasn't sure how you felt about me. However, now that I do...what would you do if I were to say I love you too, my dear sweet Gatomon" he said. Gatomon blushed heavily and a smirk tugged at her mouth.

"Well if you were to say that...I imagined that I would scream with glee and..." her voice was cut off by the sudden feel of Dorumon's lips on hers and her eyelids fluttered as she felt a rush of emotions ranging from 'butterflies in her stomach' (A/N: I don't know how to define that feeling into a single word) to pure happiness. She kissed back and the two remained like that before falling asleep together on the couch wrapped in an embrace. However, a young blonde shinobi had watched the entire scene, from when Dorumon had left the room. He smirked, his sapphire orbs staring at the new couple before taking the blanket he had provided for Gatomon and draping it over the two digimon. He chuckled to himself as he saw the smirks that played upon their faces as he closed the window and turned on the living room AC so it wouldn't get too hot for the two fur covered digimon.

Naruto watched the couple one more time and went back to the bedroom, looking back once more before closing the door to his bedroom and retiring to sleep with only one thought in mind.

'Dorumon and Gatomon huh? Who would have thought?'

(A/N: Well that's chapter 10. I hope you all enjoyed the fight scenes. The slight romance I included right there with Gatomon and Dorumon, I know it's not great after all I discovered this a while ago that I was made to create scenes made for the battle field not on the aspect of love and romance. But still tell me how you guys think I did on that aspect of the chapter. So WarGrowlmon was made and now that love is in the air, it's time for out little tamer pairing to blossom into the flower it was meant to be. In the next chapter, Naruto decides to tell the others about his time in the Digital World, from meeting Dorumon to meeting the Sovereigns, also information on the devas as Ebonwumon had given him information of those twelve, now eleven digital temes. Poor Takato, for under the ever so 'digimon-quiet and trustworthy' friends of Kazu, Kenta and Jeri have revealed the secret of Guilmon's existence. What the hell is Takato to do when his friends and classmates wish to see the digital dinosaur? Also Naruto, after seeing love occur in the life of his two digimon partners decides maybe it's time he find happiness and love for himself and goes to ask out our favourite female tamer, Rika Nonaka. Will Rika say 'yes' or 'no'? And if she does, what is Naruto to do having never been on a date himself? Also what is going on in the subway, why is there a Fucking Giant Cobra the Subway of all places? It's never a dull day in this town. So tune in next time for the exciting story that is Naruto: Tamer of the Xantibody, Chapter 11:Truths, Snakes and Dates)