Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 11: Truths, Snakes and Dates

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"I said that because, I wasn't sure how you felt about me. However, now that I do...what would you do if I were to say I love you too, my dear sweet Gatomon" he said. Gatomon blushed heavily and a smirk tugged at her mouth.

"Well if you were to say that...I imagined that I would scream with glee and..." her voice was cut off by the sudden feel of Dorumon's lips on hers and her eyelids fluttered as she felt a rush of emotions ranging from 'butterflies in her stomach' (A/N: I don't know how to define that feeling into a single word) to pure happiness. She kissed back and the two remained like that before falling asleep together on the couch wrapped in an embrace. However, a young blonde shinobi had watched the entire scene, from when Dorumon had left the room. He smirked, his sapphire orbs staring at the new couple before taking the blanket he had provided for Gatomon and draping it over the two digimon. He chuckled to himself as he saw the smirks that played upon their faces as he closed the window and turned on the living room AC so it wouldn't get too hot for the two fur covered digimon.

Naruto watched the couple one more time and went back to the bedroom, looking back once more before closing the door to his bedroom and retiring to sleep with only one thought in mind.

'Dorumon and Gatomon huh? Who would have thought?'


The day after the encounter with Mihiramon, the tiger deva and follower of Azulongmon, was actually quite uneventful, our blonde protagonist was bored out of his mind and decided to take the three digimon occupants of his apartment for a little run along the roofs. Naruto, Calumon and the new couple of Gatomon and Dorumon were roof hopping throughout Shinjuku as they went to the park as Naruto had decided to send a call to Takato and the others telling then to meet him and Dorumon in Dorumon's shed.

"Wheee!" Calumon giggled with glee as he clutched Naruto's hair to prevent himself from falling off the head of the blonde shinobi-tamer.

"So, you two love birds have had this thing for each other for how long?" Naruto asked. Gatomon and Dorumon looked at each other before shrugging.

"I don't know, probably since we first met I guess" Dorumon said.

"Yes...yes it is" the feline digimon said. Naruto nodded, he was happy for the two to have found love with one another and smiled back at them.

"So, Naruto?" Gatomon asked. Naruto nodded in acknowledgement.

"When are you going to ask out Rika?" Dorumon finished. Naruto's eyes bugged out of his head and he nearly lost his footing as he landed on another roof.

"Nani?" he exclaimed.

"Oh come on, Naruto. You're our tamer we know these things, now come on tell us" the two partners whined. Calumon was too busy having fun as Naruto leaped from roof to roof to pay attention to the current conversation which was a real mood breaker considering this one was embarrassing while Calumon's was happy.

" be honest, I was thinking of asking her our today" he said sheepishly.

"REALLY?" the two digimon yelled out in surprise. Naruto was known to be straight forward and quick acting, but with matters concerning Rika, well he wasn't. However, this...this was completely unexpected.

"Hai...I mean it's been months since I've been crushing on her, it slowly developed into something more than a crush over that time and well...I think it's time I make my move before I regret not taking the chance when I had it" he explained. Dorumon and Gatomon looked at each other before back at their tamer.

"Well, it's about damn time then" Gatomon said with a smirk. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Oh shut up" and the three decided to pick up the pace to reach the park.

Shinjuku Park- Guilmon's Shed

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon walked up the steps to the shed as Calumon glided behind them as he rode the wind using his massive ears. Upon heir arrival they were greeted with the sight of Takato and Guilmon, and Terriermon and Henry sitting in a small circle with serious looks on their faces. The tension was high as the four glared at one another.

"What do you think's going on?" Gatomon whispered to her reptilian boyfriend. The dragon shrugged in response to his girlfriend's question.

"I don't know...but it looks like their mad about something, let's watch" Dorumon said and then reached into Naruto's pocket and opened it to reveal a small bucket of popcorn. The two digimon munched on the snack as Dorumon placed the scroll back into one of Naruto's many pants pockets.

"IKUZO!" Takato yelled, "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS...SHOOT!" The circle of four quickly thrust out their hands with everyone having scissors while Guilmon, unable to bend his claws, was only able to form paper. The red dinosaur slumped his shoulders, while the other three laughed and the four outside, yes Calumon sweatdropped, at the ridiculous display.

"Guess this just isn't your game huh boy?" Takato told his digimon with a chuckle.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Naruto questioned, "Really?" and the four entered the shed.

"Hey, you called for the dynamic trio...well quadrupio if you count Calumon" Dorumon said. Gatomon flicked her boyfriend's snout.

"That's mean to disregard Calumon like that"

"Gomen, Gato-chan" the purple furred dragon apologized, earning a small smirk from the feline.

"It's okay Doru-kun, no harm done" Gatomon said giving Dorumon a kiss on the cheek. The four in front of them stared with wide eyes.

"Uhhh, did I miss something?" Terriermon asked.

"You kissed Dorumon, why?" Takato asked.

"Because we're together, as in now have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship status, obviously" Gatomon said rolling her eyes.

"Oh, Naruto were you aware of this?" the blonde nodded earning a period of silence in response. "Oh...okay" the four said. Then the group turned around as they heard the sound of two pairs of footsteps. They turned to see the fiery haired female tamer and her kitsune digimon partner walking into the shed.

"So, what's the big emergency Whiskers?" Rika asked as she leaned up against the wall, Renamon doing the same. "Can you hurry it up too, I have to go to theater with Obaa-chan soon"

" the reason I have called you guys here is because...I haven't told you my entire story" he said.

"Story?" they all questioned him, other than Gatomon and Dorumon who knew the truth of Naruto's past and his escapades in the Digital World, none of them knew in detail about Naruto's meeting with the four most powerful digimon ever.

"Your entire story meaning that you didn't tell us something from when we first met you?"Henry asked. Naruto nodded.

"Hai, if you remember correctly, I never really gave you the details of how I met Dorumon" he said.

"What does your meeting with Dorumon have to do with this?" Takato asked. Naruto waved his head.

"I'll get to that, but first my story. You see after I found the Blue Card like you all, I was sent to the Digital World from my parallel Earth. There I ran into a village that was being attacked by a Tyrannomon, there I met Dodomon, Dorumon's baby form. Then during the fight he digivolve into Dorimon, his rookie form and with my help we were able to defeat the Tyrannomon. We had defeated Tyrannomon by attacking its face, or more precisely its eye in which I shredded it with a rasengan. Then as were falling we were transported to an unknown area of the Digital World."

"Do you know what the place is?" Takato asked.

"He just said it was unknown baka" Terriermon pointed out.

"Terriermon, don't insult people it's rude" the Asian tamer scolded his partner. The long eared bunny-dog slumped and they continued to listen.

"When we were transported there, Dorimon and I were face to face with the four most powerful digimon in existence, The Sovereigns"

Terriermon and Renamon's eyes widened.

"Impossible!" they exclaimed.

"Renamon, you know these Sovereign guys?" Rika asked.

"Hai, but...they are said to be just myth"

"Ah, but my dear Renamon, I as well as Dorumon can assure you that these four are quite real. For you three and Guilmon, the Four Sovereign digimon are what you would call the 'gods' of the Digital World. Seeking to keep the peace and protect the Digital World. Digimon, I have noticed, are somtimes linked to real life myths and legends. Such as the Sovereigns who appear to be based off of the Four Guardians of the Earth."

"You mean like Genbu the Turtle and..." Naruto nodded.

"Hai, exactly like that. Each one rules one of the four cardinal points, or the points of the compass. In the North is Ebonwumon the Turtle, in the East is Azulongmon the Dragon, to the West is Baihumon the Tiger and to the South is Zhuquiaomon the Phoenix. Also there is a fifth Sovereign, the one who governs over the Sovereigns, being more powerful that all four combined...Fanglongmon"


"Well, he's not anymore. Now then as I was saying, after our little run in with the Sovereings, Ebonwumon granted me the knowledge about the Digital World, how it is made, the information on how things are run, digivolution processes and also those who protect them...the devas" Naruto said.

"The Devas?" the three tamers and their digimon questioned their superior. Naruto nodded.

"Mihiramon is one of them" he added.


"You can't be serious Whiskers" Rika proclaimed, waving her hands for emphasis. Naruto looked at her with a serious look in his sapphire orbs.

"I assure Rika, I am completely and utterly serious concerning this mattter" he said. "The devas are the protectors of the Digital World in areas where the Sovereigns are not needed. Each Sovereign has three devas to serve them. All the devas are Ultimate level digimon, only the combined forces of a few Champion level digimon or another Ultimate or higher level digimon can defeat them. Mihiramon, was a follower of one of the Sovereigns and therefore is or was...a deva, which one he is subordinated under, I do not possess that information." the blonde said.

"I see, Mihiramon was talking about a 'Sovereing One' when I was fighting him" Dorumon said.

"Hai, Dorumon...Gatomon do you know anything about the devas, after all you have lived in the Digital World longer than any of these four" Naruto said. Gatomon shook her head.

"The devas, Sovereigns...they were all myths in our eyes" the feline replied. The group sighed.

"Well Naruto, your information was much needed. At least we have an idea of what we will be facing" Henry said.

"Hai, arigato" Takato said and then got up and left for home, "Oh by the way seeing as how we're all tamers and stuff, anybody want to go for a little patrolling mission with me"

"Nah, I have to watch Suzy while Okaa-chan and Otou-san are out. My other siblings are at their friend's houses and they won't be back until later this afternoon" Henry said.

"As I said earlier, I have to go to theater with my Obaa-chan" Rika replied. Takato looked hopefully at the blonde shinobi-tamer. But slumped as he received a shaking head from the blonde.

"Gomen nasai, Takato, but I'm going to be busy for today" Naruto said as he patted the shorter boy on his head. Takato nodded and then said goodbye to Guilmon and the others before heading home. The others were leaving too, but as Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon were leaving, Dorumon remembered something.

"Oi Naruto!" the purple furred dragon exclaimed. Naruto looked down at the shorter individual.

"Uh, hai?"

"Don't you have to ask a certain red headed female something?" Dorumon asked. The blonde Kyuubi jinchuriki thought for a while, red headed female meant Rika-chan, the thing to ask her...Naruto's eyes widened.

"Kuso" he cursed and went back to find Rika. He ran after her and saw Renamon wasn't around.

"OI, RIKA-CHAN!" the usually monotone tamer turned to see the boisterous blonde running up to her.

"Yeah, Whiskers what do you want?"

"Well ummm there's something I've been meaning to ask you" he said scratching behind his head as he always did when he was either embarrassed or nervous.

"Ok, what do you want to ask?" Naruto paused and swallowed some saliva as he suddenly felt his throat go dry. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Naruto sighed and face palmed himself.

"Hurry up Whiskers I have to go meet Obaa-chan in a few minutes" Rika growled. Naruto nodded and took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

"Okay, here goes" he whispered to himself. "Okay, Rika-chan...I was wondering if maybe you're not busy this evening, would you consider..." he froze.

"Consider..." she encouraged him to go on.

"" he rushed down the sentence so fast Rika's brain couldn't processes the words that just flew from his mouth.

"Nani?" she asked tilting her head. Naruto sighed again.

'Troublesome' he thought, 'Great now I'm getting like Shikamaru'

"Okay, Rika-chan are you busy later this evening?" he asked. Rika thought for a while and she shrugged in response.

"No, not really. I'm free this evening why?" she asked, however she was feeling this sudden need to become nervous, which she slightly managed to surpress.

"Okay, that's good because I was wondering if maybe you would like to...go on a date...with me...later...this evening" he said. Rika's violet-grey eyes widened in shock, her mouth hung open and she couldn't utter a word, only a few short breaths were heard as she was trying to calm her mind. She shook her head side to side.

"Um, you want to go on date?" she asked, Naruto blushed lightly, but nodded affirmative. "With me?" she asked, a blush surfacing on her face as well.

"So, Rika-chan, what do you say?" he asked, his blue orbs holding a slight hopefulness in them, but he knew not to set his expectations too high in case he got shot down. When she didn't reply, Naruto turned to leave.

"I'll give you some time to answer..." he was turning away, but was caught off guard when Rika suddenly grabbed his arm and barked out a "YES!" Naruto turned back around to face his female friend.

" to repeat that?" he asked, "I don't think I heard right, did you say yes?" he asked. Rika blushed heavily and a smirk tugged on her facial muscles and she nodded.

"Hai, I will go on a date with you, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" she said. The blonde tamer's brain suddenly fried as he stared at the girl before him. His foxy grin formed on his face before he grabbed Rika in a hug.

"You said yes, you said yes!" he grabbed her was jumping up and down. Rika blushed at the close proximity between their bodies, but couldn't help but laugh at the actions of the blonde. Naruto twirled her around before kissing her on the cheek. He then set her down.

"So six o' clock, I'll pick you up at your place?" he asked. Rika was shell shocked, but managed a nod.

Naruto smiled cheekily before back flipping away and then took off to go and tell Dorumon and Gatomon. Rika touched her cheek as her violet-grey eyes stared at the area where Naruto disappeared.

'I'm going on a date...with Whiskers...with Naruto' she smiled and then went off to meet her grandmother at the theater and to absolutely NOT tell her mother about the interesting little 'going out' session with her Naruto.

'My Naruto...where did that come from?'

With Takato

Takato had arrived home an hour ago and was currently reading a manga book. As he flipped through the pages he sighed before closing the book and tossing it on the ground. His thoughts wandered to the little tidbit of information Naruto had given them.

'It's really weird. Even Digimon have gods in their world, then again we have no proof that our deities even exist, only science is trying to prove that they are not that it's all a chance of fate that something has come to be what it is' Takato thought, 'Wow, I never realized how smart I think I sound when I think to myself...great I'm talking to myself in my head...I wonder if we have doughnuts I'm starving'

The goggle wearing tamer sat up and went down stairs to the bakery area. As he reached downstairs he took a doughnut and began to munch on it when he heard his mother.

"Takato!" the young woman called. Takato turned, his face stuffed with doughnut particles.

"Yesh, Ogha-gan,waf tu you wangth" which really meant 'Yes Okaa-chan, what do you want?'

"Takato, don't talk with your mouth full" his mother glared at him. The young twelve year old swallowed and chuckled nervously.

"Gomen, so what do you want?" he asked again.

"Oh, some of your friends are here to see you" she said, "It's a big crowd, I didn't know you were so popular" she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Okaa-chaaaan" he whined wiping the saliva from the kiss off his face. He then walked to the door and his reddish brown eyes widened in shock as he saw Kenta, Kazu and Jeri all standing with a group of children from his class.

"Uh, what are you all doing here?" he asked.

"Takato, come on let them see him" Kenta said.

"See who?"

"Guilmon, we want to see Guilmon" the children chorused. Takato's eyes widened as he then turned to glare at Kenta, Kazu and Jeri unleashing a small amount of killing intent, which he had learned to use from Naruto.

"Jeri, Kenta, Kazu inside...Now" he growled. He allowed the three inside, he then turned and smiled at his other friends, "I'll be right out" he then slammed the door and turned to glare at the three.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he whispered angrily.

"What do you mean, we just want to see Guilmon?" Kazu said.

"Okay, which one of you three told all those people about Guilmon?" Takato asked, his eyes scanning them like a printer would a sheet of paper. Kenta and Jeri stepped back leaving Kazu standing there by his lonesome and to feel the wrath of Takato Matsuki.

"Kazuuu" Takato growled.

"Oi, don't be like that chumley. Come on we're friends right?"

"True, we are and friends are supposed to trust each other...I trusted you with the secret of Guilmon and you went and blabbed it out towards the whole class, I have every right to end our friendship right now and kick you out" Takato growled. Kazu shivered, he had never seen Takato so angry, but eased up once he saw the glare leave Takato's face.

"However, I'm not that kind of person so I will take them to see Guilmon, but know one thing. If anything happens to Guilmon due to this...I will call Naruto for you" Kazu nodded.

"Oh, your little blonde friend, haha. He think he can fight?" Kazu asked. The door opened to reveal said blonde.

"Huh, what's all this talk about me?" Naruto asked. He had left Dorumon and Gatomon back at the apartment since they were only bothering him about his date with Rika later.

"Oh hey Naruto, want some bread?" Mrs. Matsuki asked. Naruto nodded and then placed the money on the table and caught the bag of bread that had been readily prepared for him since he came to buy three loaves of bread on a daily basis. "Where do you put it all?" she asked him one time, Naruto smirked and didn't reply.

"Takato, what's all this talk about me?" Naruto asked.

"Kazu, tell him" Takato said.

"I talked about Guilmon and told the class about him and now we all want to see him to prove that digimon are real" Kazu replied. Naruto's eyes widened and then looked at the three consisting of Jeri, Kenta and Kazu.

"I see...well then Kazu, I believe your name is?" Kazu nodded, but was shrinking due to the fear in him as Naruto began to growl in anger. "Listen and listen good, Takato is my friend and I am one of the few he has trusted with the information about Guilmon, now I hear you and your big mouth blabbed about the secret and now that group of people want to see the overgrown dinosaur." Naruto's glare intensified.

"Now I'm going to let you off with a warning, do anything...that will cause Guilmon's existence to become known to the public... and you will find yourself in a lot of pain" Naruto grabbed Kazu by the scruff of his shirt and hoisted him a good few feet off the ground...with two fingers. Naruto's eyes flashed quickly from blue to crimson, but Kazu didn't notice as he was being hoisted off the ground.

"Understood?" Naruto said. Kazu nodded and was dropped onto the ground with a 'thump'. "Good" he turned around and began to walk out. "Ja ne, Mrs. Matsuki, Takato!" he said cherrily as if nothing ever happened. The two Matsukis waved goodbye to the blonde. Takato took Jeri, Kenta and Kazu back outside where the other classmates were waitng.

"Okay guys follow me, I'll show you where he lives" Takato said.

Shinjuku Park

Takato walked ahead of the others as he explained about Guilmon's characteristics.

"His name is Guilmon, a digimon I created myself. He's virus type because of it, and he's really strong. His signature attack is Pyro Sphere"

"That sounds so cool" one girl said.

"I wish I had a digimon, being a tamer would be so cool" a boy said. The group stopped in front of the shed where Guilmon was and Takato walked in.

" here boy?" the brown haired pre-teen asked. A low growl was heard, two glowing yellow eyes pierced the darkness of the inside of the shed which caused some of the children to nearly piss themselves. Then the growling stopped as Guilmon walked out with a confused look.

"Takatomon, did you call me? Do you have any bread?" Guilmon asked.

"COOL!" the class exclaimed.

"See I told you guys he was real" Kazu said. Takato introduced his class to the large lizard.

"Guilmon these are my friends, friends this is Guilmon" Takato said gesturing between the two. Guilmon raised a clawed appendage and waved.

"Ohayo Takatomon's friends" Guilmon greeted the people.

"Alright, guys Guilmon's our little secret so if anyone blabs to anyone about him you're going to answer to me and our meeting will not be so pretty" Kazu announced, 'Also my ass will get handed to me by Naruto...he's scary' he added as an afterthought.

"Now that we've been introduced let's play with him!" Kazu exclaimed. The class cheered before taking Guilmon by the claws and leading to the open grassy area of the park. Takato sighed.

'At least no one comes to the park on a Sunday again' Takato thought in relief. He then went to go and play with Guilmon and the others.

With Rika

Rika was currently sitting in an aisle seat at the theatre, next to her grandmother, as she watched the play with a scowl on her face.

"I seem to have lost my puppy." Called out one of the actors, as he walked across the stage.

Rika sighed and rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the play, 'Did a chimpanzee right this play?'

"He saved my life, I must find him!" The actor finished calling out. However, as the play began to run its course, the 'puppy' which was a man dressed in poorly made dog costume came on set.

"Oh look it's my puppy he came back to me, HOORAY!" the actor yelled in fake happiness.

"I, the puppy, have returned" the 'puppy' declared. (A/N: Puppies can't talk, tch, stupid writers lol)

The 'puppy' ran towards his master and in doing so tripped on his overly large paws thus causing him to meet with his new friend, the ground. The actor got up and ran towards the other and hugged.

"Arf, arf!" the man acting as the puppy barked and then panted. The play ended and then two actors bowed. Rika clapped as she began to think.

'She came back.' Rika thought to herself as the battle between Renamon and IceDevimon flashed through her mind.

'Renamon came back for me. She risked her life to save mine even after everything I said to her. All she cared about was protecting me from that frozen freakā€¦' The memory was then replaced by the memory of the battle between Renamon and Harpymon

'And I still didn't get it until Harpymon almost stomped her out of existence.' The image of herself charging towards Harpymon, kunai in hand then appeared in her mind 'I don't think I've ever felt that strongly about anything in my life. I even surprised myself. It was amazing working together, for the first time, as a team.' The image was soon replaced with the end of Kyubimon's battle with Mihiramon, as she de-digivolved back to Renamon 'When Mihiramon attacked, I thought that she'd left me for good. But she didn't, she came back. How could I have ever thought that she was just data?'

With Henry

Henry sat down watching his little sister Suzy playing with Terriermon who she still thought was a doll.

"Okay Pwincess PwettyPants time to go to sleep" Suzy said and then tipped Terriermon over onto his side as Terriermon was covered with a pink, fluffy, frilly blanket...with little red hearts on it.

'Oh the humiliation' Terriermon thought, 'If the others saw me like this, I would die...Henry help' he mentally pleaded. He turned to his tamer and gave the Puppy Dog Eyes, however Terriermon was no Calumon and was therefore not as cute looking. Henry shook his head, holding in the need to laugh at his digimon's predicament. The sound of a lock being unlocked was heard and the two occupants, well three if you count Suzy...bad choice at humour right there. Anyways, the door opened to reveal Mr. Wong, Mrs. Wong and the other sibilings of Henry and Suzy.

"Otou-san, Okaa-chan!" Suzy yelled in excitement as she ran away from the humiliated Terriermon and hugged her parents.

"Hey there Suzy-chan!" Mr. Wong said as he rested his briefcase on the ground.

"Okay Honey, come on we have to go and get dinner started" Mrs. Wong said. The other children bypassed their parents and went into their respective rooms. Just then Henry heard his D-Ark go off. He took out the beeping green digivice and looked at the compass. He quickly pocketed it before anyone noticed what he was looking at and quickly grabbed Terriermon.

"Uh, Otou-san, Okaa-chan I have something to do...some errands to run. I'll be back in time for dinner" he ran out the door with the bunny-dog digital monster.

With Naruto

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon were walking through the streets as they were quite bored. They had already done their training, training which to them is defined by doing 500 push ups and sit ups, five hour sparring session including the use of digimon attacks and jutsus and finally a ten lap run around the entire Shinjuku Park...and they were barely sweating.

"So, what should we do now?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know, there's nothing to do in this town" Dorumon whined as he held hands/paws with Gatomon. The feline digimon nodded in agreement with her boyfriend.

"Hai, Doru-kun is right." Gatomon added.

"Yeah I know, every day while was a shinboi I went on missions on a daily basis. I was constantly on alert, adrenalin rushing through me throughout the entirety of by battles, but now...this is just plain shit" the blonde jinchuriki sighed. Then as the three were slumping their shoulders in boredom, Naruto's D-Arks began to go off. He took out Gatomon's bronze coloured one and the compass application activated showing the holographic compass. The red arrow swirled and pointed in the direction which was straight in front of him.

"Looks, like we got something to ease our boredom" Naruto said. He followed the compass and found himself in a crowd of people who were going into the subway. Gatomon and Dorumon quickly took their places on Naruto, Gatomon on his head and Dorumon riding on his back. He danced through the crowd, skillfully using his reflexes to avoid the members of the crowd as he wandered through it and then down the stairs that led into the subway. He stopped and saw the police officers guarding the ticket booths. He quickly used shunshin and disappeared from view which people miraculously did not notice due to the speed he was moving at. The blonde tamer and his digimon duo moved at high speeds, rushing through the crowd before taking to the cieling and then reappearing on the area where people waited for the train. Naruto let his digimon slide off and watched the compass swirl on the holographic representation. Then it spun to his left. The three turned and sweat dropped as they saw the little cream puff that is and always will be Calumon.

"Oh, it's just Calumon" Dorumon inquired, but then he looked back as Naruto's compass pointed to the right.

"Naruto...the compass" Gatomon gestured to her physical bond with Naruto. Naruto looked at the bronze digivice and saw the compass's crimson arrow pointing to the right. A large mist, a digital field sprung forth from the tunnel where the train would arrive from. Naruto glared as he saw a pair of crimson red eyes. Then he saw the amount of people that were around him. He quickly grabbed Calumon and took out a flash bomb.

"OH MY GOD, LOOK OVER THERE IT'S THE PAPARAZZI WITH ROBERT DOWNEY JR. FROM IRON MAN!" Naruto cried out as he sneakily through the flash bomb. The little ball landed on the ground and released a bright white light. The crowd began to scream and panic, thinking the flash bomb which released a shower of bright lights were the cameras of the paparazzi and immediately rushed to the exits as they thought the receeding lights were the cmaeras leaving the subway. In order to add his cover, he formed a kagebunshin and had it henge into the likeliness of the famous movie star and had 'Robert' leave the subway followed by a stream of raging fans.

'Hopefully this won't make the public news' the blonde thought as the crowd including the police officers, left the subway after the kagebunshin. After the people left, Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon looked back at the tunnel which was releasing a haze of digital particles.

"Robert Downey Jr...really?" Gatomon asked.

"Oi, he was a brilliant actor in Iron Man and Iron Man 2" Naruto defended, he then paused as he heard a hiss. Naruto's hairs raised on the back of neck as he heard the sound he never wanted to hear again.

"Oh come on..." he groaned and then he saw the pair of glowing red eyes that were in Digital Field grow larger as a large white scaled cobra with the hood being patterned with violet scales and had a gold rim lining the hood making it look like a turtle's shell. Naruto took out his D-Ark for Dorumon, and then Calumon's upside down triangle began to glow.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" he yelled swiping the card.


Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


"Snakes...I hate snakes" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing red.

"What's wrong with snakes?" Dorugamon asked, "other than the fact that this one right here is gigantic and destructive"

"Let's not dwell on the past, but let's just say that snakes have not always been resourceful to me" he said as a certain Hebi Sannin crossed his mind.

Dorugamon quickly jumped onto the tracks, Gatomon jumping onto her fellow Champion level's back.

"Gato-chan and I will chase after this Deva" Naruto nodded.

"I'll meet you guys in the other train stop" the blonde told his digimon. Dorugamon nodded and then took off running down the tracks after the giant cobra. Naruto quickly channeled chakra into his feet and raced up the stairs to the surface and towards the other subway station. Naruto ran through the streets avoiding the one or two people that crossed his path, said people only seeing a flash of black and yellow as Naruto's hair and the black and orange t-shirt he always wore crossed their vision. He jumped onto a STOP sign and used it to propel himself in a powerful jump to send his soaring over the heads of some people as he flipped and continued to run before descending down the steps of the other subway station.

Meanwhile with Takato and Guilmon

"SNOT BLASTER ATTACK!" Guilmon yelled as he fired two tiny ball of manufactured wood at Kenta. Kenta pretended to choke and fell to the ground.

"Ackk, you got me" causing the other children to laugh. Takato was even joining in on the fun.

"Guilmon wins!" Jeri cried as she brought out her sock puppet, "BARK!" Guilmon growled and barked back causing the other kids to laugh at the dinosaur digimon's antics.

With Henry

"Great, the one time we actually need Takato and he goes missing" Henry said, "didn't he want to go patrolling this morning"

"Momentai, Takato will show up soon enough, now come on we have to catch a train...or the digimon that's on that train" Terriermon said pointing to the subway entrance. Henry nodded and then went down the steps.

Rika and Seiko were standing waiting for the train to arrive as the play had finished a while ago.

"What's taking this damn train so long" Rika mumbled. Seiko chuckled.

"Now, now Rika-chan, good things come to those who wait" the elder Nonaka woman said. Rika sighed, but then heard a few cries of "HEY!" and "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOIN' BLONDIE!"

The red haired girl turned and saw Naruto rushing down the steps, Calumon resting atop his head. He was holding Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark in his hand and quickly stopped at the edge of the train waiting area. His feet rapidly moving up and down as he ran in place.

"Whiskers?" Rika asked herself tilting her head to the side. Seiko looked at her granddaughter and saw her watching something with an odd look on her face, Seiko followed Rika's gaze and saw who she was looking at.

"Oh well if it isn't that nice little boy. Naruto, yoo hoo!" she called out. Naruto gritted his teeth and turned to Seiko, his gaze softened and he waved back before looking back at his D-Ark. Rika walked up to the blonde and watched his D-Ark.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked.

Hurry up, Dorugamon" Naruto grumbled not taking Rika's words on. He then continued to watch the darkness of the train tunnel and then noticed the two presences next to him.

"Huh, oh hey Rika-chan, Seiko-san" he greeted as he continued to watch down the tunnel.

"So Naruto how have you been?" Rika's grandmother asked.

"Fine" he replied quickly.

"So, Naruto have you asked out my granddaughter yet?" Seiko teased. Naruto and Rika weren't really hearing or paying attention to Seiko's words, but responded.

"Hai, I asked her out this morning. She said yes, I'll be picking up this evening at six" Naruto replied. Rika and Naruto then froze and then looked at each other and then back at Seiko whose eyes were as wide as dinner plates.


'Kuso' they thought, but then they heard a rumbling down the tunnel and Naruto looked at Rika.

"There's a deva here in the subway, get the police to evacuate all people immediately" Naruto ordered with a serious look in his eyes. The runmbling grew louder and increased in magnitude.

"EARTHQUAKE!" someone shouted and the people, with the police officers evacuated the premises. Seiko was pushed towards the exit by the flow of the moving crowd.

"Matteo, my granddaughter" she called out.

"Hurry up and get out ma'am it's dangerous" a blue clad officer said and forced the elderly woman outside. Rika and Naruto watched as the large cobra digimon raced passed them kicking up a powerful wind. Naruto then saw Dorugamon appear a few seconds later.

"What took you so long?"

"Hey that damn snake is really fucking fast okay" Dorugamon said and then took off after the large cobra.


"I'M NOT A PACK MULE FOR ANYONE BUT GATO-CHAN!" he yelled back. Gatomon shrugged and turned back to face the back of their serpentine foe. Naruto growled before jumping down on the tracks and channeling chakra into his feet and took off leaving a trail of dust.

"DAMN YOU, YOU RETARDED DIGI-TEME!" the blonde cried out. Rika sweat dropped as she saw Calumon hang on for his dear little life.

"Renamon" she said becoming serious. The blonde fox appeared out of nowhere and jumped onto the railway tracks as Rika took out a card from her card case along with her blue D-Ark.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" she cried swiping the card through the digivice. It's abilities scanned and transferred to Renamon.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" she yelled. Calumon's upside down triangle glowed on his forehead.



Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.


Rika jumped onto her kitsune digimon's back and the digimon took off with a burst of speed after the others. Kyuubimon ran up to see a faltering Naruto who was becoming quite tired from running for a while.

"Kuso, and you call yourself a partner" Naruto grumbled. He then saw yellow and white out of his peripheral vision and turned to see Rika riding atop Kyuubimon.

"Oi, Whiskers...need a lift?" she asked extending her hand. Naruto sighed before taking her hand and jumped onto Kyuubimon's back. He snaked his arms around her waist and looked ahead as he watched his two partners race after the snake deva. Rika smirked.

"What's wrong Whiskers, afraid you're gonna fall off?" she asked with a chuckle. Naruto's eye twitched.

"No..." he paused, "I'm just making sure you don't fall off" he replied as he kept his arms in their position around her waist. Rika smirked.

'Gotcha' she thought before leaning back against his chest, which to her was surprisingly muscular. Naruto looked at the red haired girl in surprise.

"W-W-What the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"Well aren't you going to make sure I don't fall off" she stated with a smirk and a playful look in her eyes. Naruto looked away and scowled as he heard Kyuubi laughing in his mind. Both jinchuriki and tamer thought one thing, not the same but similar.

"Kit you just got played"

'Did...D-Did she me?' he thought, his left eye twitching extremely.

With Henry and Terriermon

Henry was running along the path that made up the area where people waited for the subway trains. He then saw the digital field form as the giant cobra raced through the subway tunnels. Henry gasped as he saw a mother and her child about to be hit by the rampaging serpent's tail.

"DIGIMODIFY...SPEED ACTIVATE!" he yelled. Terriermon quickly appeared in front of the mother and child and held up his arms as Henry swiped another card.

"DIGIMODIFY...WARGREYMON'S BRAVE SHIELD ACTIVATE!" he yelled. The large yellow shield with the orange symbol of Courage emblazoned on the front appeared in the tiny digimon's hands. The tail was slapped away by the chrome digizoid defense and then vanished in a cloud of blue data flakes. The two then watched as the snake continued to slither through the tunnels. Then he saw Dorugamon with Gatomon riding atop the dragon digimon, followed closely behind by Kyuubimon (A/N: It's going to be a close race folks...sorry I couldn't resist) and atop her was Rika and...

'Naruto?' the two thought. Rika reached into her pocket and took out her cell phone. Henry quickly caught it and looked at the two.

"CALL GOGGLE-HEAD AND TELL HIM TO GET HIS STUPID ASS DOWN HERE!" Rika roared as she turned back to look at the snake deva digimon.

"Were they just...?" Terriermon asked.

"I think so" Henry replied and then dialed Takato's house.

Mrs. Matsuki was just looking through a fashion magazine when her phone started to ring.

"Ohayo, this is Matsuki Bakery how are you?"

"Ah yes, is Takato there?"

"Uh who are you?"

"It's Henry"

"Oh hi Henry, Takato's not here. He's at the park with his friends"

"Okay arigato ja ne" he said and the hung up.

"Ja ne" and hung the phone back on the receiver.

"Kids, always in such a rush these days" she said shaking her head before diving back into the fashion magazine. "Oooo, a sale on jeans..50% off original prices!"

Back in the Subway

Terriermon had digivolved into Gargomon and was currently racing behind Kyuubimon and the others.

"POWER METAL!" Dorugamon cried and fired several metal spheres charged with red, blue and violet sparks of electricity.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" Kyuubimon howled as the ghostly balls of flame surrounded the spiraling metal spheres creating a large orb of steel, lightning and flame. The attack crashed into the digimon and made a large explosion, but when the smoke that had resulted from said explosion cleared, there wasn't a scratch on it. Rika growled as she took out her D-Ark and tried to scan the digimon, but no information came up.

"Kuso, is there no information on these devas" Rika said glaring at her blue piece of machinery.

"Not really, just their names and attacks" Naruto replied.

"It was a rhetorical question"

"I know" Naruto replied with a his foxy grin. Rika glared at the blonde before she saw Gargomon running along the walkway with Henry on his head.

"Oi, what's up my digi-peeps" Gargomon said trying to sound like gangster.

"Please...don't do that Gargomon" Henry said with a sweat drop. Gargomon chuckled nervously and scratched his head with his cannons nearly knocking Henry off. The three continued to run.

"Did you get Goggle-head?" Rika asked.

"No, his Okaa-chan told me he was at the park"

"Figures, the one time he wanted to be serious and he blows it by going to play with the other kiddies" Rika sighed as she face palmed.

"I'm sure he'll some soon enough, but right now we have to stop that thing" Naruto said and then swiped Rika's D-Ark from her and then tried scanning it one more time this time information came up.

"Sugoi, we got a name" Naruto cried out.

"Well what digimon is it...and did you have to take MY D-Ark?" she asked. Naruto looked at the holographic image of the large cobra.

"Sandiramon, Ultimate level digimon. Oh look now it has the name of his Sovereign...Zhuquiaomon is his main leader and follows the Phoenix of the South only. His attacks are Venom Axe and Bao Kui" Naruto read and handed back Rika her D-Ark, "and yes I had to take yours because it was right there"

"I guess it takes a few minutes or more, to scan these digimon because since they are Ultimate they require more data to be scanned" Henry said.

"That is a possibility I mean we've been chasing Sandiramon for at least five" Naruto said. Naruto then stood up and let go of Rika, much to her dismay. He then jumped and landed on Dorugamon.

"Miss me" he told his digimon.

"I was wondering when you would get the common sense to do that" Dorugamon said. Sandiramon then reached a fork in the tracks and turned around hissing at his opponents.

"Fools, to think you can take on a deva such as myself" Sandiramon said.

'Dear Kami-sama, Sandiramon sounds like Orochimaru-teme'

"VENOM AXE!" a large purple axe flew from the serpent's mouth, but the three digimon dodged and the axe impacted with only dust and metal.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" Henry had jumped off of his partner's head as Gargomon's gattling guns glowed emerald green before impacting with Sandiramon's face, but the snake simply wrapped his tail around the bunny and slammed him into the ground before throwing him into the wall. Kyuubimon then rested Rika on the side with Henry before jumping and spinning in the air.



The blue dragon and violet axe collided in a small explosion. Sandiramon used the smoke as a cover and leapt out, fangs poisted to strike, but Dorugamon twisted and his muscular tail slammed into Sandiramon's face sending the serpent back. Naruto and Gatomon the jumped down and landed on the ground.



Tamer and partner let loose their attacks and struck true to their mark hitting Sandiramon in the chin, however the deva refused to be bested and wrapped his tail around the two and threw them away before opening his jaws.

"VENOM AXE!" and the large purple weapon flew at the two enemies of the deva, as it was near impossible to dodge in mid-air. Naruto and Gatomon were struck in the air and everyone gasped as they saw the attack cleave flesh from bone, but were even more surprised as the two bodies changed into two cleanly cut blocks of stone. They all turned as they heard the sound of coughing, Naruto was panting as he held Gatomon, standing next to the wall where he took the rocks that were knocked out from there by Sandiramon's tail.

"That was close" he said.

"No kidding" the feline digimon added and then stood to her feet.

"Naruto, Gatomon you're okay"

"Hai, now come on we got ourselves a snake to catch" the other tamers and their digimon attacked full force. Kyuubimon jumped and slammed her tails against the head of the deva sending it reeling back before Gargomon ran up and performed a back flip to initiate a double kick to the chin before landing on the ground and then performing an uppercut using his Bunny Pummel. Sandiramon hissed as he was struck in the nose from a Neko Kick from Gatomon. Then Dorugamon and Naruto nodded before Naruto slashes a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...GEOGREYMON'S MEGA FLAME!" he cried and a ball of red flame formed in Dorugamon's clawed hands. Naruto then formed handsigns and took a deep breath.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" he cried and the large dragon of orange fire was blasted out of Naruto's mouth.

"MEGA FLAME!" Dorugamon yelled and threw the large red fireball as it merged with the fire dragon.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Saikyoh no Karyuendaan no Jutsu" and the omega fire dragon roared before slamming into Sandiramon kicking up a large amount of dust as a large explosion rocked the entire underground complex.

With Takato

"Oh dear Kami-sama, you humans sicken me" Impmon said. The group of children and Guilmon turned to see the pint sized digimon standing in a tree watching them.

"Umm Takato, do you know this guy?"

"Nice Halloween costume" Kenta said.

"Yeah, sadly. That's Impmon, just ignore him though" Takato advised.

Impmon growled before a small firebal flickered to life on the tip of his finger and he threw it at the glasses wearing boy, burning his sleeve.

"Agh, you could have burnt be dude" Kenta yelled.

"That was the point you human baka" Impmon retorted. Then he looked at Takato and Guilmon.

"Especially you, you take your lesiurely time playing tag and snot balls with these even more idiotic humans while your friends are busy fighting a digimon downstairs" Impmon said, "you have no shame do you?"

Takato and Guilmon's eyes widened.

"Nani?" they exclaimed. The scarf wearing digital monster nodded.

"You're buddies are fighting a deva and you're busy playing silly games. What are you going to do human?" Impmon asked with a smirk. Takato quickly told everybody to stand back as Guilmon began to sniff the air.

"He's right, there is a digimon's below us" Guilmon said, his pupils dilating.

"That means they are in the subway" Takato said, suddenly a large force shook the ground. "That must be the others" Takato said as he drew a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGMON'S DRILLS ACTIVATE!" Takato said swiping the card through the red D-Ark's scanner. Guilomon's hands quickly became two drills and began to tunnel beneath the earth towards the subway complex below.

"Oh, cool a tamer battle. I don't know about you guys, but I gotta see this" Kazu said.

"Takato let us see too" Jeri said. Takato turned back and glared at his friends.

"NO, absolutely not. You guys could get hurt, so stay back and let us handle this" the goggle wearing tamer said. When Guilmon finished drilling, he latched on with his claws and climbed back up.

"Takatomon, we're ready, I've reached the others, they are directly below us"

"Matteo, Takato here take this Power Modify card" Kazu said. Takato nodded as he took the card. He and Guilmon then descended down into the tunnel to the subway.

"You better bring back my card chumley!" Kazu cried out.

In the Subway

The explosion's smoke began to disperse and the others were in shock as they saw Sandiramon's body was nowhere to be found.

"Did we destroy him?" Henry asked. Naruto and the other digimon sniffed the air.

"No, he's still here, then Naruto noticed the kicked up dirt where Sandiramon was.

'Kuso' he thought and then the ground began to rumble beneath them. "He's underneath us!" and Naruto's declaration proved correct as the large cobra jumped out of the ground from a tunnel he had made and aimed to bite Dorugamon. Dorugamon quickly grabbed Sandiramon by his neck stopping him from advancing.


"Oh like hell you will, POWER METAL!" the electrically charged metal spheres blasted into Sandiramon's open jaws and electrocuted the inside of his mouth, but since snakes were made to digest anything, well almost anything, Sandiramon survived the electrocution as he swallowed the things whole and his stomach acids digested them. Sandiramon bent out of the way as the large black dragon aimed to slice off his head before snaking his way around Dorugamon's arm and then biting down on the crook of Dorugamon's neck. He then leapt off, but left the tail area on Dorugamon before wrapping it around his neck and bringing the large dragon down onto the ground.

"VENOM AXE!" Sandiramon yelled, but the large purple axe was deflected as a small red body slammed on the head of Sandiramon with enough force to aim the axe downwards and have it crash into the ground. Guilmon and Takato jumped off the Ultimate level digimon and in front of the others.

"About time you reached here" Naruto scolded. Takato smiled sheepishly.

"Gomen minna" he replied, but then quickly took out his card and swiped it.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Calumon's zero unit glowed as Takato's card was scanned through his red D-Ark.


Guilmon was surrounded by a swirling red egg of data.


Guilmon's skin then peeled away to reveal a darker red form that was patterned in a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to form a larger, more powerful form of Guilmon. The egg of data exploded to reveal a larger version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital Hazard symbol was located on his left shoulder.


The five Champion level digimon stared down the single Ultimate level digimon. Dorugamon couldn't move due to the paralyzing poison coursing through his system.

'K-Kuso' he thought as he struggled to rise, but his efforts were in vain as he fell back down. Gatomon looked at her digivolved boyfriend and frowned.

"Don't worry Doru-kun, we'll win this, you've fought hard. Rest now" she advised. Dorugamon nodded, but reluctantly thought.

"Hai...Gato-chan" he said with a frown and frustration in his burnt orange eyes. The four standing Champions attacked. Kyuubimon released a dragon of sapphire flames at Sandiramon.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" she cried out as the fire dragon roared, but the snake coiled its body and released itself like a spring, moving quickly uinderneath the flames and then then going upwards slamming headfirst into Kyuubimon's body before biting down on her and then throwing her into a wall. A Venom Axe crashed into Kyuubimon as she struggled to get up. Luckily, a weak counter attack from a barely formed Fox Tail Inferno managed to reduce the damage to a minimum. Kyuubimon quickly got up and leaped at her opponent, but Gargomon had chosen that time to act also. Sandiramon smirked.

'I've always wanted to do thissss' he thought and then ducked causing the two to crash their faces into each other.

"Itai" Gargomon and Kyuubimon groaned before Sandiramon slammed his tail downwards sending both to the ground. Growlmon jumped and attacked with glowing blue energy blades.


Sandiramon smirked as he looked out from the corner of his eye. Growlmon was about to hit him, but a CLANG was heard as the Dragon Slash impacted with something else.

"BAO KUI!" Sandiramon declared as the battle axe that had materialzed out of light appeared, clutched in its tails. Sandiramon twirled the axe expertly before slamming against Growlmon and then nearly took off the red scaled dinsoaur's head if he hadn't ducked in time. Kyuubimon quickly leaped and bit down on Sandiramon's neck causing the cobra deva to hiss in pain. He wriggled, but couldn't get free so he tried to next best thing. He threw his Bao Kui upwards before slamming his entire body weight down and damaged Kyuubimon as she took the brunt of the impact. Kyuubimon let go due to the pain as Sandiramon grabbed his axe and then slammed it into the ground. A trail of light formed and struck the fox digimon before Sandiramon ducked beneath a Bunny Pummel from Gargomon.

"GARGO LASER!" the green and tan coloured bunny yelled. A barrage of green laser bullets flew at Sandiramon, but he used the Bao Kui and spun it rapidly, deflecting the mass of projectiles before swiping with his axe. Time seemed to slow as Gargomon ducked and a few hairs were sliced off his ears as he ducked beneath the attack. Gargomon was then hit with the flat side of the axe causing him to form an imprint in the wall.

"PYRO BLASTER!" Growlmon roared as he fired a large ball of fire at Sandiramon. The follower of Zhuquaiomon ducked and smirked.

"How Mihiramon losssst to you whelpssss is beyond me" Sandiramon hissed as he used the Bao Kui to slice through another fire ball. Gatomon watched as her friends continued to fight even as they fell. She knew her attacks would not be useful due to her small stature, hell even Gargomon was bigger than her. Gatomon clutched the earth with her claws.

'Why...Why am I so...useless?' she thought. Naruto gritted his teeth as he saw the other fight.

"Gatomon...we cannot give up" he shouted. Gatomon looked at her tamer as he held her D-Ark in his hands, clutched tightly.

"Gatomon, your friends are being beaten...we must not give up. Remember what I told you.." Naruto said. Gatomon looked at her tamer, "True Strength..." Naruto paused. Gatomon's eyes widened.

"True Strength comes from protecting what is precious to oneself" the feline and jinchuriki said simultaneously. Naruto nodded and then looked at Dorugamon.

"Dorugamon" he said. The paralyzed dragon managed to move his head as the poison began to wear off.


"Watch your girlfriend kick some ass" the whiskered blonde said and then he reached into his card case and took a shining blue card with the image of yellow 'D' and a pixelated dinosaur coming out of the space on the 'D'. Calumon's zero unit glowed even more brightly and the fighting paused as the digimon all felt a large energy surge coming from...Gatomon?

"GATOMON?" Naruto smirked as he slashed the blue card.




Gatomon glowed a bronze-gold colour as her body lengthened and became more humanoid. Her tail retracted into her body and eight angelic wings grew on her back. Her ears became a small pair of angelic wings that were connected to a steel helmet that covered her eyes and nose. Long, flowing blonde hair cascaded down her back from her head like a waterfall of gold. A white outfit covered her previously naked body, leaving only a bit of her stomach, and her upper thighs visible. Two wing shaped cups covered her breasts in a makeshift bra of some sort and a long pink ribbon with digicode printed along it was wrapped around her arms. A pair of golves that stretched to her forearms appeared and finally a pair of boots, the one on her left looked like a regular high heel boot that was apparently a part of the leotard like body suit she was wearing while the one on her right was relatively normal if you didn't count the fact it was completely covered with pure white feathers. Her ring from her tail became wrapped around her left ankle. Her eight angelic wings flapped magestically.


"Sugoi" everyone, except Sandiramon whispered in awe as Angewoman was surrounded by a holy white light.

"Naruto...Doru-kun, look I did it...I digivolved" Angewoman said in an excited tone.

"Too bad you'll never enjoy that feeling ever again, VENOM AXE!" Angewoman turned to see a rapid flurry of violet axes soar towards her. Angewoman flapped her wings and dodged to avoid the attack, although they nearly hit her since she got an increase in height and there wasn't much room to fly in a cramped up tunnel. Angewoman then formed a staff out of light particles and blocked the Bao Kui that Sandiramon aimed at her. Sandiramon the aimed to cleave her in half, but Angewoman held up the golden staff of light and spun it deflecting the attack and sending it off course. Her staff vanished as she watched the axe swing towards her.

"HEAVEN'S CHARM!" she cried and a cross made of light appeared and blocked the attack

"BAO KUI!" he yelled as he swung the axe again. Sandiramon repeatedly tried this method of attack, but proved unsuccessful as the Henaven's Charge always blocked it. He then stopped and the Heaven's Charge Vanished. Sandiramon then used the opening to attack, but Angewoman dodged by twisting her body and then swooped down on to the ground in front of the much taller cobra and kicked upwards, using extreme flexibility to slam a perfect upwards kick to Sandiramon's chin. She then jumped and unlike any angel digimon, used her hands and feet to attack.

"Naruto taught me a few things, you teme" Angewoman said and then jumped up and punched Sandiramon in the face before twisting and the back of her hand swung into the side of Sandiramon's face before she floated to rearrange her position and performed an axe kick sending the deva to the ground. She then formed a halo like shape around her head.

"HEAVEN'S CHARM!" she yelled as the inside of the halo began to glow. Sandiramon was suddenly struck by a green bolt, paralyzing him.

"Everyone, shoot your attack into the halo!" Angewoman yelled. Everyone nodded, Dorugamon managed to stand as the poison had worn off nearly completely.


Naruto formed handsigns and then formed a tornado that swirled all the attacks into it.

"Fuuton: Fuuryuendaan no Jutsu!" he yelled and the wind dragon, mixed with all the attacks flew into the halo that was Heaven's Charm. The two wings on Angewoman's right arm then stretched out and became vertical to form a bow and then the halo swirled before shrinking into a small sphere. The sphere then lengthened to form an arrow of glowing white light.

"CELESTIAL ARROW!" she yelled. Angewoman readied the arrow and the projectile sailed through the air as it was let loose. Flying straight and true, the attack pierced through Sandiramon's chest area, I don't really know a snake's anatomy, but he would die from the attack. Sandiramon hissed loudly as he switched to screaming in pain before falling at the feet of Angewoman.

"Hehehe, you are strong. No wonder they call you the Goddess of the Digital World" Sandiramon said chuckling before he began to disappear as red data flakes.

"There are more of us, the twelve devas may be reduced to ten, but with each arrival, the stronger they are. You will fall tamers, the Sovereign One will become victorious"

"Which Sovereign?" Naruto asked. Sandiramon chuckled.

"You know, the old bird was quite fixated on seeing you and your partners fall especially young Naruto. However, I guess the Sovereign One of Fire cannot be granted everything, even the death of another" Sandiramon hissed before disappearing as red data flakes. Naruto's eyes flashed red.

"Zhuquiaomon...this is all your doing" Naruto growled. He then sighed to calm himsefl before turning to Angewoman.

"You did well, Angewoman, pardon me for saying this, but damn for a digimon you are sexy" the blonde said. Angewoman shrugged before twirling in the air before settling down.

"I can't help it, I'm just naturally so" the angel digimon said before she was bathed in a golden light and became Gatomon again.

"So how do we get out?" Henry asked.

"We could take the elevator?" Takato said pointing up. The others looked and saw the extremely large tunnel Guilmon had dug. Naruto and Rika rolled their eyes.

'Takato will be Takato' they thought before climbing out.

At the Surface

"SUGOI REAL DIGIMON!" Kazu yelled after Takato handed him back his card...he never used it after all.

"KYUUBIMON AND GARGOMON!" one girl yelled out.

"Hey look it's Gatomon" one girl said, "she's so pretty, who does your fur Gatomon?"

"I'm naturally like this" the feline replied.

"Cool, look that dragon digimon...I've never seen or heard of this digimon" Kenta said.

"Well Kenta this is obviously uh...who is this?" Kazu asked causing everyone to fall down anime style.

"Um okay, since the entirety of you guys know about the existence of digimon, this will probably be able to not be avoided" Naruto sighed, "Okay this is Dorugamon, the DORU- part of his name, after much research, I have realized means Digital OR Unknown digimon, since his rookie form's name is Dorumon" Naruto explained, "He contains what is known as the Old Interface an old amount of data that was a prototype program of the digimon program"

"COOOL!" the kids exclaimed. "An Ancient Digimon!"

"Well we gotta go" Naruto said and then jumped onto Dorugamon's head along with Gatomon. He then paused before turning to Rika.

"Oi, Rika-chan?" he asked. The red head turned to the blonde.


"We're still on for six right?" he asked. Rika blushed lightly as the attention was shifted from the digimon to her.

"Uh...hai" she replied. Naruto nodded and then tapped Dorugamon's head and the dragon digimon flew off to the apartment where they lived. Rika then turned to see the others staring at her.

"What?" she asked.

"What's going on between you and Naruto?" Henry asked.

"He...He asked me out and I agreed, so what?" Everyone's eyes widened at that, even Kyuubimon's.


Rika's House

After the little incident with the girl's asking her how lucky she was to have a tamer as a boyfriend and what she was going to wear and all that crap while the boys...they just asked even more crap. When Rika got home it was nearly six o' clock, and her grandmother had told her mother and Makino was so proud and happy. Makino then decided that since this was Rika's first date and that she wouldn't want to look, in Makino's words, too beautiful, she bought clothes that would fit Rika's style yet was still girly enough in Makino's eyes.

Rika was dressed in a solid coloured dark blue blouse with her signature broken heart in violet on the front, which was tucked into a black skirt that reached a bit past her knees, the hem was lined with small light blue flames that when blown in the wind looked like that were actually burning. She wore a pair of black heels that her mother forced on her, the heel being only one inch tall though. She wore a violet bracelet on her right wrist and for the finishing touch...both Makino and Seiko had Rika wear her hair down. The ponytail gone and in its place was a downward flowing sea of red mixed with orange, a river of fire if you would except it was hair. No make up was worn, Rika managed to stop them from doing that at least.

"You look absolutely stunning Rika-chan" Seiko said.

"Truthfully, I think you should wear make up, but this is your date honey. Anyways you look beautiful, you get your good looks from me" Makino said, her vanity was always at the surface. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Makino walked towards the door and winked at Rika who blushed. The door of the old styled Japanese house slid open to reveal... one hell of a sexy teenager. Rika's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she looked at the blonde boy.

He kept his hair in its wild and untamed state seeing as how it would never go down. The sapphire blue of his eyes was brought out by the black shirt he was wearing. His shirt had the Konoha insignia on the right chest pocket etched in gold while he wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of black and blue New Balance brand sneakers, that would be considered passable for the outfit. He wore his G-Shock watch on his right wrist. The blonde yawned explosing his sharp canines to the world as he scratched the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Holy mother of..." Naruto froze as he stared at what he could only describe as a goddess before him. Naruto coughed and blushed a bit in embarrassment, "I mean ummm you look very nice Rika-chan"

"I could say the same for you...Naruto" Rika said. Naruto looked up as she had called him by name not by the proclaimed nickname he had been given.

"Your Okaa-chan and Obaa-chan are standing behind this part of the door aren't they?" he asked as he poked the unopened part of the sliding door. Rika blushed and nodded. Naruto chuckled and held out his arm.

"May we take our leave Ms. Nonaka?" he asked with tip of his imaginary hat. Rika giggled and took his arm.

"Lead the way Mr. Namikaze" she told him. Naruto nodded and then the two walked out as Makino and Seiko watched the two walk out of the main gate of the house.

"It's about damn time that Rika got a date, I was beginning to think she didn't like all" Makino said. Seiko sweat dropped and sighed.

'You just had to ruin the moment didn't you Makino' she thought.

The red haired pre-teen and the blonde teen walked through the busy night streets as the crisp, cool Sunday evening air. Some guys gave wolf whistles to Rika while the girls got hearts in their eyes as they saw Naruto walk past them. Rika glared at both the guys and the girls as she held onto Naruto's arm. She looked at the blonde and noticed he wasn't really taking the 'sluts' as she would define them as, on and not even sparing them a glance.

"Not to worry Rika-chan. I don't like girls who act like that" he said reassuring her. Rika blushed lightly and nodded.

"So where are we going?"

"Well I arranged for reservations for two at The Silver Dragon" he said. Rika's eyes widened.

"But that...that's like the place where rich people eat"

"And you deserve to be treated like a queen my dear" Naruto said with a wink (A/N: I suck at romance don't I, even these lines. Please tell what you think of this date because honestly I don't think I'm doing a good job)

The two continued to walk before they reached the restaurant. The restaurant was crowed with people wearing fancy suits, expensive dresses and all of them had that air about them that said 'I'm rich, I have more money so therefore I can afford to spit on the ground you walk on because you're a peasant in my eyes'. Naruto walked up to the front desk and knocked it a few times. A man suddenly appeared from behind it.

"Hai, welcome to The Silver Dragon, home of the great Silver Dragon Noodle Soup, do you have a reservation?" the man asked. Naruto nodded.

"Hai, I made a reservation under the name Namikaze" Naruto said. The clerk checked the rather larger registration book and nodded.

"Ah yes here it is, your table is right this way" and the clerk led Naruto and Rika to a table by a window, the older men and women glanced at them.

'Probably wondering how two children got into this place' the two tamers thought. The two seated, Naruto being the gentleman he was, aided in pulling out Rika's chair for her to sit in. Naruto then took his seat and one of the waiters immediately came to them.

"Ohayo, ah what a cute couple you two make...let me guess, first date?" the two blushed, but nodded earning a chuckle from the waiter.

"Hai, well we have our long time special, The Silver Dragon Noodle Soup which I highly recommend you order" the waiter said. Naruto and Rika looked and each other, the red haired girl shrugged as if saying, 'Go for it'.

"Okay then, we'll have two orders of the noodle soup and, Rika-chan what do you want to drink?" the blonde asked.

"I'll have a coke"

"Same here" Naruto told the waiter, who nodded and then bent down to Naruto's ear.

"You're a very lucky man to be dating a girl such as herself. Treat her right and you'll go far"

"I know...I know I am, and I don't plan to mess this up" Naruto whispered back. The waiter nodded and patted Naruto on the shoulder before leaving to get their order. The two made small talk, discussing what they do outside of battling other digimon and certain strategies to use during battles. Their food arrived and Naruto's eyes turned into hearts.

'It...It tastes like the ramen, Ichiraku-jiji makes' Naruto smirked, but then frowned, a sad look overtaking the joy in his eyes as he remembered Ayame and Teuchi.

'Those two were the first to see as who I was instead of what I was burdened with by Otou-san' Rika looked up from her meal and noticed Naruto's chop sticks slowly sinking into his soup.

"Naruto...are you okay? You've been rather quiet" the red haired said, concern evident in her tone. Naruto smiled sadly.

"Hai, I'm fine...just, just remembering" he stated and continued to eat. All conversation had left them at that point and they continued to eat. After eating, Naruto and Rika left, Rika was going to take out some money to pay for her half, but Naruto rested his hand on hers.

"Please, allow me Rika-chan. I asked you out, it's my responsibility to pay for it" he said with a smile, Rika blushed again.

'Why am I blushing so much, I normally never do around other guys...but Naruto...Naruto is special' she thought. Naruto paid the clerk up front with his credit card, but the moment was ruined as one guy stood up.

"Now I know you, you're Rika Nonaka, daughter of the famous supermodel Makino Nonaka" the guy said. Naruto and Rika's eyes widened as a commotion suddenly began to develop and then all of a suddenly paparazzi that were staked out around the restaurant to get the latest gossip on the lives of the rich, suddenly turned their undivided attention on to the young couple.

"Teme" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing red. He quickly grabbed Rika, holding her bridal style and took off in a run. The cameras flashing as the camera men chased them, white flashes following their every move. Naruto then ducked into an alley and continued to run until he met a dead end. Naruto cursed and his channeled chakra into his feet and placed one foot on the wall and then another before running up the solid vertically positioned wall just as the press managed to squeeze their way into the slightly tightly spaced alley to come to the dead end with no sign of Naruto or Rika.

"Kuso, that would have made a great scoop" one camera guy said. One camera guy looked at his images and all he got was a blurry black blob.

"All I got is a blob, what did you guys get" judging from the groans and sighs of disappontment, he was guessing that the others received similar pictures of a black and yellow blob. When the paprazzi left, Naruto chuckled as he watched from below. Rika's arms were still wrapped around his neck as Naruto still held her bridal style.

"Oh those damn paparazzi...always following me" Rika grumbled.

"I'm guessing this has happened before"

"I was practically born in front of the camera" Rika said, however her words stuck in her throat as she and Naruto spotted a flash. They turned to see a camera man standing there looking at the image of the blonde and the red head looking down at him, Rika in his arms. "I just wanted a normal date" she groaned. Naruto growled and then he rested Rika on the ground and vanished in a blur of speed. Rika suddenly found her date on the ground level with the reporter, took his camera and punched him in the face. The camera man was so busy looking at his picture he didn't notice the blonde teenager next to him. She smirked with glee as she saw Naruto kick the man in his balls before whispering something in his ear, probably like severing his manhood because the man clutched his balls with even more vigour from when he was hit there. Naruto then held the camera and slammed in on the ground and crushed it beneath his shoes. He then kicked the man in the face, knocking him out as the blonde used shunshin and reappeared next to Rika.

"Well he ought to be out for a while" the jinchuriki said proudly. Naruto then picked her up again and looked at her face which he saw was sporting a blush.

"You look like a goddess you know that Rika-chan?" he asked with a smirk.

"Flattery will get you places, Naruto" Rika said as her blush seemed to intensify.

"Well come on then, Rika-chan. I have something I want to show you" Naruto said and then leaped from rooftop to rooftop towards Shinjuku Park.

Shinjuku Park

Rika, moved her hair out of her face when Naruto touched down on the ground after wall jumping to the ground. He rested the red haired beauty on her feet before wiping off the wrinkles on his shirt and jeans.

The two walk into the park and Rika followed behind the blonde as they entered an open area of the park, the stars shining down them, and the moon acting as a spotlight, as Naruto turned around to face Rika. His eyes widened as he marveled at her beauty, the moonlight bringing out the grey shade in her violet eyes.

"Beautiful" was all he said and caused Rika to blush heavily.

"Arigato, Naruto" she said. Naruto smirked and then told her to wait and he formed a few kagebushins. He then took out a small scroll from his pocket and unrolled it.

"You had a scroll in your pocket the entire time?" she asked.

"Well yeah, can't play music without instruments can you?" he replied.

"What do you..." her voice stuck in her throat as a bass and electric guitar, a keyboard and a drum set appeared out of the scroll. The three kagebunshin took their places at the drums, bass and keyboard while Naruto himself took the electric.

"Well, I wanted to give you something at the end of the date, but I couldn't think of what to give, so I decided on this song I found on the Internet" he said. Rika's eyes widened.

'He...learned a song and is going to sing it...for me!' Rika stood as she watched Naruto begin to play.

If You Only Knew-Shinedown

If you only knew
I'm hanging by a thread
The web I spin for you
If you only knew
I'd sacrifice my beating
Heart before I'd lose you
I still hold onto the letters
You returned
I swear I've lived and learned

It's 4:03 and I can't sleep
Without you next to me I
Toss and turn like the sea
If I drown tonight, bring me
Back to life
Breathe your breath in me
The only thing that I still believe
In is you, if you only knew

If you only knew
How many times I counted
All the words that went wrong
If you only knew
How I refuse to let you go,
Even when you're gone
I don't regret any days I
Spent, nights we shared,
Or letters that I sent

It's 4:03 and I can't sleep
Without you next to me I
Toss and turn like the sea
If I drown tonight, bring me
Back to life
Breathe your breath in me
The only thing that I still believe
In is you, if you only knew
If you only knew

If you only knew
I still hold onto the letters
You returned
You help me live and learn

It's 4:03 and I can't sleep
Without you next to me I
Toss and turn like the sea
If I drown tonight, bring me
Back to life
Breathe your breath in me
The only thing that I still believe
In is you, believe in is you
I still believe in you
Oh, if you only knew

The literal one man band stopped playing and Naruto sealed away the instruments and his clones were dispelled. He pocketed the scroll before walking up to Rika and showed his famous foxy grin.

"So, what did you think?" his answer was a hug that tackled him to the ground. He landed on the ground with an 'oof' and looked up to see Rika's eyes meeting his own.

"I loved it...arigato Naruto-kun" she then bent down and her eyelids began to droop. Naruto leaned up and after a few seconds their lips finally met in a kiss. Neither having experience in the matter, thus it wasn't excellent, but nor was it bad. The two remained in that position for a while before they pulled apart.

"My shinobi senses tell me that you liked the song" he said with a chuckle. Rika got off of him as he climbed to his feet.

"Well then you are an excellent shinobi if you could deduce that" Rika said. Naruto then grabbed Rika bridal style and channeled chakra into his feet and took off for her house.

"Where are we going?" she yelled over the rushing winds that blew through her hair and past her ears.

"Your house obviously, it's nearly ten o' clock, I promised your mother I'd have you home by then before we left" he said.

"When did she tell you that?"

"I heard her through the door, you must have been thinking something" The blonde shinobi carried his red haired goddess to her door and rested her down.

"Well thanks for the date" Rika said as she fixed her hair.

"My pleasure, Rika-chan. Well then I'll see you around, Kobanwa" Naruto said, but before he could even move Rika flung himself at him and her lips captured his own...again. The two kissed by the light of the moon before she pulled away. She smirked.

"Even better than the first time" she said, a slight blush and a giggle were formed from her person, as she saw Naruto's face light up red like a tomato.

"Uh...glad you liked it" he said before walking away, his dazed state had him walking like a drunken man through the gate, his foxy grin plastered on his face as he spun around and gave Rika a wink causing her to blush this time. Rika then turned around and walked through the door and saw her mother and grandmother waiting there.

"So how was it?" they asked. Rika smirked.

"It was...It was perfect" she said with a smile and then shed her shoes before retiring to her room. Makino and Seiko looked surprised, watching the young girl walk away before smirking.

"I want all the details" Makino yelled after he daughter. Rika groaned and rolled her eyes.

'Ruining the moment again, Makino' Seiko thought.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto put the key into the lock and opened it to see Dorumon and a serious make-out session. But due to enhanced senses and quick reflexes the two pulled away quite quickly.

"Don't worry you two, just as long as I'm not here" the blonde said with a chuckle as he walked in. Shutting the door he found his digimon partners watching him with sly grins on their faces.

"Soooo, how did it go?" Dorumon asked.

"It was quite good actually. Other than the part where I had to knock a paprazzi man unconscious because he got a picture of us, it was...well it was good" Naruto said.

"Good?" Gatomon asked, "You go on a date with a girl as pretty as Rika and you can only say it was 'good'?"

"What would you say it would be on a scale of 1 to 10?" Dorumon asked. Gatomon looked between her boyfriend and tamer before focusing on her tamer as he thought for a while. The foxy grin plastered itself upon his face.

"Twenty" and then he turned and left to go to bed. The two digimon looked at each other and smirked.

"Well it's about damn time they got together" Gatomon said.

"Good things come to those who wait, Gato-chan" Dorumon said and then pecked her on the lips. The two then got up and went to bed, however unknown to the two tamers and their digimon was that during the date, a small little camera was shown be acting as a 'fly on the wall'.

The camera's wireless link led to the large screen of a computer in the Hypnos Towers. Yamaki sat before the screen and replayed the date between Rika and Naruto, as well showing other scenes involving the entire group of tamers. He froze the frame when he saw Naruto kissing Rika in front of her house and smirked.

'Interesting...Naruto, you are one wild card my boy' Yamaki thought as he stared at the image.

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