Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 12: Why is there a Chicken in the Woods?

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"Well it's about damn time they got together" Gatomon said.

"Good things come to those who wait, Gato-chan" Dorumon said and then pecked her on the lips. The two then got up and went to bed, however unknown to the two tamers and their digimon was that during the date, a small little camera was shown be acting as a 'fly on the wall'.

The camera's wireless link led to the large screen of a computer in the Hypnos Towers. Yamaki sat before the screen and replayed the date between Rika and Naruto, as well showing other scenes involving the entire group of tamers. He froze the frame when he saw Naruto kissing Rika in front of her house and smirked.

'Interesting...Naruto, you are one wild card my boy' Yamaki thought as he stared at the image.


Takato and his friends were chatting with each other, talking about digimon and other unimportant things. Ms. Nami Asagi, the teacher of Takato and his friends had just walked into class with that uncaring look on her face that said, 'Why am I here, you children are all going to be failures in life'. She closed the sliding door and turned to the class slamming her one of five heavy textbooks on the desk. The ear shattering 'THUMP!' that echoed throughout the class was more than enough to silence any and all conversations in the class. Ms. Asagi nodded before secretly taking out a relaxant drug that she always kept on hand.

"Now that you all have settled down, I have an announcement to make.." she was interrupted as Kazu shot up and spoke.

"School has been closed for the rest of my life?" he asked hopefully, a large grin plastered on his face. The young teacher sighed.

'Dealing with children like Kazu is sooo worth more than minimum wage' she thought before speaking, " matter how many times you ask that question I will answer it with the same thing, school will not and never be closed unless there will be some sort of apocalyptic crisis" Ms. Usagi said.

(A/N: And yet school still continued when the D-Reaper attacked Shinjuku which I found to be confusing)

"Awww shucks" Kazu whined as he slumped back into his chair.

"Now then as I was saying, the announcement is that the principal has allowed my class and I along with Mr. Toshiaki Mori's class and his class to go on a camping field trip for the next two days, starting tomorrow. I have the papers that tell you what you will need to bring for the two days and also your parents will have to sign the permission slip attached to the sheet at the bottom of the itinerary" Ms. Asagi said. The class immediately became excited, but just as quickly became silent as Ms. Usagi slammed her giant text books on the desk...again.

"Ms. Asagi?"

"Hai, Takato?"

"I was just wondering, what will be doing on the trip?" Takato asked. After training with Naruto, it had become almost second nature to the goggle wearing tamer to know just what he was dealing with, after all in battle you must study the opponent and know what he/she is and how they fight. Apparently camping trips applied to this particular application of study in Takato's mind.

"Takato, the activities are located on your itinerary sheets. Anymore questions?" she asked. The class was silent as they cast glances around the room, which caused Ms. Asagi to smile.

"Good, now then if you turn to page 67 of your History books..." she was interrupted as the door of her classroom was knocked on. The class and teacher turned to look at the door.

"Come in" Ms. Asagi called out. The door lid open to reveal a familiar face to Asagi. "Mr. Kazuma, what are you doing here?" she asked. The glasses wearing teacher waved to the class before walking up to her.

"Ah, yes Ms. Asagi listen, one of my students had seen the paper advertising the camping trip tomorrow morning and one of my students wanted to know if would be able to join" the brown haired educator said. Ms. Asagi nodded, but frowned.

"It would be able to be done, but won't you have to teach YOUR class, Mr. Kazuma?" she asked, adjusting her bangs simultaneously.

"Actually ummm, I can' Obaa-chan is in the hospital, she fell down the last few stairs and dislocated her shoulder and also had a heart attack. Lucily my cousin was staying with her, so the family and I are going to see her"

"Oh my, that's terrrible, is she alright?"

"Ma ma, she's okay. Obaa-chan is a tough old bird. Anyways, due to this predicament I will not be able to teach I have informed the principal and he said tha my class does not have to come to school tomorrow, anyways, is my student allowed to join the camping trip?" Mr. Kazuma asked adjusting his rectangular framed glasses. Ms. Asagi nodded.

"Of course, I'll just need his name and.."

"No need, he can tell you can come in now" Mr. Kazuma called out into the hallway. Everyone turned and waited a few seconds, but no one came in. Mr. Kazuma frowned and looked out into the hallway to see his student texting on his cellphone.

"Oi, you can come in now" the student pressed 'Send' on his touch screen phone before pocketing it. The boy followed his teacher and the others gasped or looked confused as they saw who it was.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Takato asked. Naruto smirked and he waved to the young reddish brown eyed boy.

"Well, as Mr. Kazuma was explaining to Ms. Asagi just now, I am interested in joining the camping trip tomorrow" Naruto said with his foxy grin spread across his face.

"Well Naruto, you have my permission as well as Mr. Kazuma's by the looks of things so I guess you won't need a permission slip" Ms. Asagi said before taking out the intinerary sheet. "Here's the list of things you should bring with you for the two day trip as well as the activities we will be doing"

The blonde nodded and took the sheet.

"Arigato, Ms. Asagi" before he turned and left the class with Mr. Kazuma pausing as he turned to Takato and spoke a silent message to him. The brown haired pre-teen understood the look in Naruto's eyes.

'If you bring Guilmon, watch him carefully' (A/N: If I could communicate through eye contact, migrane's would be a thing of the past)

With Rika

Rika was as bored as hell as she stared at her teacher. The man was explaining the laws of Sir Issac Newton in which Rika was slightly paying attention to as she was still thinking about the date she and Naruto had three days ago. Naruto had been busy after that night, school, keeping up his cover that he was not an extraterrestrial visitor from another universe since some people had accused him of being the boy who ran up the side of a building or ran by them at speeds humans should not be capable of, having told her of these things when they managed the few seconds of conversation they had before he had to run to make sure Dorumon didn't eat all the ramen. He managed to weasel his way out by using his quick thinking and excuses, also he was being hounded by the paparazzi since they recognized him from his date with the daughter of the famous fashion model.

'Poor Naruto' she thought. Her phone vibrated in the pocket of her uniform's skirt. She looked down at her pocket and then up at her teacher who was writing an equation on the board. She quickly took out her cell phone and pressed the center button. The screen became filled with light and colour before she clicked the 'Messages' icon.

'From Naruto?' she thought as she opened it and began reading.

Gomen for avoiding you these past few days. With the accusations and the paparazzi hounding me, you'd think they would have something better to do Lol. Anyways, I am allowed to go on a two day camping trip with Takato's and Henry's classes for tomorrow and the day after that. I was wondering if you would be able to tag along, ask your Obaa-chan, Seiko-san if you are able to come. Your Okaa-chan will probably want to know also since you told she's been with you since our little 'get together' ;). Reply when u can :).

Love u Rika-chan ;)- Naruto

Rika blushed lightly at the 'Love' part. She knew he was teasing her, but couldn't help but think that he meant it. She began to reply when a loud voice filled the room.

"RIKA NONAKA!" Rika's head shot up from resting it on the desk, so as to make it appear she was sleeping.

"Huh, hai Mr. Tashinoka?" she asked.

"What are you doing sleeping in my class? If you do it again, I will have to send you to the principal's office, if you weren't one of my best students, Rika I would make you feel mental stress like you wouldn't believe" he said.

'You're causing the stress right now asshole' she thought with a slight roll of her eyes.

"Hai, Mr. Tashinoka" she replied before taking her pencil case and resting it against her hands so as to conceal her phone as she replied to Naruto.

Hai, I understand your pain Naruto, lol. Sure I'll ask Obaa-chan if I can go. C u when I can.

Love u 2 Whiskers ;) -Rika

She sent the message before pocketing the phone and returning to the lesson that she was currently trying to understand.

'What the hell is a Pascal?' she thought.

Time Skip-After School

"So guys, are you excited about the field trip?" Henry asked as he walked alongside Naruto and Takato. Terriermon was with Suzy so the commentating digimon left room for pauses in between the conversation...for once.

"Yeah, I mean I've never been in the forest before. It must be so cool, seeing all sorts of animals and stuff. I wonder if any digimon are in the forest?" Takato said. The eldest of the three tamers chuckled.

"Well Takato, the woods can sometimes be a bit disappointing and not meet your expectations" Naruto said, "Also, I was wondering that myself, digimon tend to be in the populated areas, but I wondered if there were any outside of Shinjuku?" Naruto wondered. The trio was silent, until Henry decided to break the ice.

"So Naruto, is your beloved Rika-chan coming with us on the field trip too?" Henry asked, earning snickers from himself and Takato. Naruto shrugged.

"I don't know, she replied to my text and told me she had to ask Seiko-san first?" he replied.

"Who's Seiko-san?"

"Her Obaa-chan" the two pre-teens nodded in understanding before they split up.

"Remember Naruto, seven o' clock tomorrow!" Henry reminded the blonde. Naruto nodded to the Asian tamer before heading back around the corner to reach Karyuu Street where is apartment resided.

When Naruto reached the apartment complex he climbed the stairs to the floor where his apartment was. As he walked he wasn't watching where he was going as he was looking for the key in his pocket, as a result he collided with another and both went tumbling to the ground.

"Oi, watch where you're going you little..." the voice stopped as Naruto looked up at the person. Naruto's blue eyes stared into violet-grey as he stood to his full height.

"Rika-chan, what are you doing here?" he asked. Rika had already finished school and had changed into her regular street clothes. She smirked at him.

"Well I was going to tell you I could go to the field trip thing with you, but you weren't home so I was about to leave. Anyways seeing as you're here, I got permission from Obaa-chan to go on the field trip, she said she would lie to my teacher for me telling him I have a bad case of the flu. Okaa-chan just became annoying again about how I'm so hopelessly in love with you and all that stuff" Rika said rolling her eyes at the part about Makino. Naruto chuckled.

"Well aren't you, Rika-chan?" he asked. Rika's face became filled with shock before Naruto simply smirked and walked past her, but not before capturing her lips with his own. He then spun her out of his arms and winked at her before going up to the door of his apartment.

"What was that for?" she asked. Naruto opened the door and turned to her, a foxy grin plastered upon his face.

"Well, isn't natural for a boy to kiss the girl he dates? We are together now aren't we?" he asked. Rika nodded and smirked.

"I believe so"

"Good, well see you tomorrow then Rika-chan" and then he entered the apartment, shutting the door behind him. Rika walked away, a confused look on her face before it changed to happiness. She released a fangirl squeal and jumped up and down from sheer happiness before going down the stairs to leave the apartment complex.

'I'm his girlfriend, Naruto-kun's girlriend' she thought.

Inside the apartment, Naruto had just rested his bag on the ground before looking around for his partners. He found Gatomon and Dorumon lying down on the couch watching an episode of Digimon Adventure 02.

"Hey guys" he greeted the two. The two digimon turned away and smiled at their tamer, turning off the television and running up to the blonde.

"Naruto, what's up?" the X-Antibody holder asked.

"I hear you're quite the popular guy now, you've been shown a bit on the telly" the feline digimon spoke.

"Oh shut up, Gatomon. Oh by the way, you guys will be posing as mine and Rika-chan's stuffed toys tomorrow. We've been allowed to go on a camping trip for two days with Takato and Henry" Naruto announced.

"No problem" Gatomon said, "although I still hate the idea of degrading myself to the point of being a mindless stuffed toy"

"Come on Gato-chan, it's for the good of the field trip" Dorumon said to his feline girlfriend.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I'll like it"

"Well maybe you two could be sealed in these two empty scrolls I have. I could then apply the use of Kuchiyose no Jutsu and summon you guys to the campsite" Naruto suggested. After much talking about the positives and negatives of the ideas, they agreed on the use of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu.

"However..." Dorumon began to speak, "are we really doing this for the fun of the trip or are we going to secretly keep an eye on Guilmon and the others while simultaneously looking for any devas that would appear in the unpopulated areas?"

"A bit of all three" Naruto replied.

"Sweet" the two digimon replied. Naruto smirked and shook his head before going to pack for the trip.

'I swear, those two are perfect for each other'

The Next Day

Two large buses, like the ones from when Naruto went on his field trip to the Digimon Gaming Factory, were lined up outside the school. Henry stood with Terriermon was resting on his head, keeping the 'stuffed toy' act up until they reached the campsite. Henry looked around and spotted Naruto and Rika walking up to him.

"Naruto, Rika!" he exclaimed. The blonde and red head walked over to the blue haired boy. "So, where's Dorumon, Gatomon and Renamon?"

"Renamon's going to be following us along the rooftops" Rika replied. Naruto patted two of the many pockets on his dark blue pants.

"Dorumon and Gatomon are sealed into scrolls. I'm going to use Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon them to the campsite when we arrive there" the blonde tamer answered.

"Oh yeah, you told me about those kind of things during training. That's where you summon something from another dimension right?" Henry asked. Naruto nodded.

"Looks like somebody has been paying attention during my training sessions" Naruto smirked and patted Henry on the shoulder.

"Now where's Takato?" Rika asked looking around the front of the school. as the trio turned to the left, they spotted the goggle wearing tamer talking to Ms. Asagi.

"Now what is he up to?" Henry sighed.

"Maybe he's trying to sweet talk the teacher into allowing Guilmon to come along. The guy's huge you know?" Terriermon piped in. Naruto looked and then spied a group of student's from Takato's class all forming a circle like barrier around one individual. Naruto caught sight of a flash of red within the circle and well as the tail that flicked in and out of the barrier a few times.

"Well there's your reason" Naruto said pointing at them. Rika, Henry and Terriermon looked to see Guilmon in the middle of the circle while Takato distracted Ms. Asagi by asking her how the camera he had worked. After Guilmon got on, Takato began to laugh.

"Don't worry Ms. Asagi, it didn't have any film in it anyway. I forgot" he admitted, he really did forget to put film...simply because it was a digital camera.

"I'm guessing Ms. Asagi doesn't know that's a digital camera which is why she bought it?" Rika asked.

"Most likely" the two male tamers answered before climbing onto the buses. Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, Takato and one of Jeri's friends sat on top of Guilmon so that Ms. Asagi wouldn't see him until she sat down.

"Look guys, Calumon saved us some seats" Naruto pointed out. The cute little cream puff digimon chuckled and waved to Naruto.

"Over here, Naruto!" Naruto and Rika took those seats, sitting next to each other, while Henry took the one behind their chair. Ms. Asagi stood up and looked around.

"Okay, everyone this trip will be a few hours long, so until then please no rough housing on the bus. Please don't do anything that will hurt yourselves either." Ms. Asagi then turned around and sat down and took out two earplugs, one for each ear. She sighed as the sound of loud students was immediately blocked out and replaced with silence before she drifted off to sleep.

'Ah silence, sweet bliss and music to my aching ears' she thought and began to snore lightly. Meanwhile around her, students were chatting up a storm. Guilmon was finally able to breathe since the combined weight of five growing twelve year old children nearly crushed his spine and lungs.

"Takato, why are we here in the back?" Guilmon asked.

"So no one will see you, especially Ms. Asagi she might go insane if she saw you and might actually have to go to the psychiatric ward if she did" Takato said with a nervous laugh.

"Oh...Takato what's a psychiatric ward?" Takato sighed, this was going to be a loooong bus ride. Kenta suddenly grabbed a microphone that Ms. Asagi had used to speak to the students and yelled out to the class.

"HEY GUYS LET'S SING A SONG!" Kenta yelled and began singing.

"I...wanna rock n' roll all niiiight" he began to sing...and quite horribly. Naruto and Rika, who were busy talking to each other froze as their ears nearly began to bleed.

"Will somebody please kill the cat that's dying already!" he yelled. The bus became silent before bursting into laughter as Kenta slumped his shoulders.

"Do I really sound that bad?" the glasses wearing boy asked. Naruto got up, leaving Rika for a few seconds. He swiped the microphone from him and held it, gripped in his hands before running and opening the window where he and Rika were nearest to. He opened the glass/plastic shield before throwing the microphone out of the bus and watched as it clattered on the road before it was crushed by the other bus and then by three more cars followed by a splotch of bird shit landing on it from the heavens. Poor microphone...I knew thee well.

"I was going to continue singing though" Kenta whined. The older boy placed his hand on Kenta's shoulder.

"Kenta, is your name right?" Naruto asked, the glasses wearing boy nodded. "Listen Kenta, everyone has a talent and everyone has their faults and singing is one of your BIGGEST, MOST EPIC FAULTS EVER! DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN SO AS TO SPARE US ALL A REASON TO TAKE SOMETHING AND JAM IT INTO OUR EARS SO AS TO BLOCK OUT THE HIDEOUS SOUND OF YOUR VOICE!" Naruto yelled.

"Gomen Kenta, but it was time you knew" Naruto turned ad left a frowning Kenta with the laughing of the rest of the class reaching his ears.

"So, Naruto-kun are we really together now as in...boyfriend/girlfriend kind of thing?" she asked. Naruto held his hand in hers and smiled.

"Of course, why wouldn't we be?" he asked.

"No reason, just making sure" she replied quickly with a slight blush.

"You know, you're cute when you blush" he whispered, causing her to blush a bit more.

"Shut up" she said punching her newly proclaimed boyfriend in the shoulder.

"Itai, Rika-chan, that hurt!" he frowned, mock sadness in his eyes. He then performed the Kawaii no Jutsu/ Puppy dog Eyes. Calumon chuckled from the luggage area above and saw what Naruto was doing.

"Oh boy, funny face" Calumon said and then flopped down on Naruto's head and joined in the 'fun' of making Rika buckle under the pressure of TWO Kawaii no Jutsus. Rika remained stoic, but crumbled. Her iron will was melted into liquid state before she finally hugged the blonde.

"Gomen nasai" she mumbled.

"I knew I'd win. I always win with that" he said earning himself another punch to the shoulder. The rest o ride was then quiet as the class fell asleep. Rika had her head leaning on Naruto's shoulder and the blonde's head was resting on her head. His arm enveloping her in a one armed hug. Finally, the few hours had ended and the bus screeched to a halt, the hiss of the hydraulics filling the ears of the tired students, having just woken up. One of the ther students went and removed the ear plugs from Ms. Asagi's ears and woke her up. She quickly stood up before sitting back down from the head rush.

"Okay people, listen up, you will all split up into different sections. The girls are with me, the boys are with Mr. Mori. Also be sure to peg down your tents well, the winds tend to blow a bit stronger out here in the wild. Rika took her stuff and left with Ms. Asagi, but not before pecking Naruto on the cheek.

"I'll see you after I finish setting up the tents" she said.

"Same here" the blonde replied. He sighed and took a deep breath of fresh air. Having lived in a metropolitan area filled with barely any nature, Naruto was in relief to be back out in the wild, trees and vegetation filled the surroundings with a healthy green colour. Naruto took out his scrolls and opened them before pumping chakra into both.

"KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!" he yelled. Dorumon and Gatomon appeared from the inside of the pocket dimension they were in.

"It's about time, we were starting to freeze in there" Dorumon shivered. With no source of heat, the pocket dimension was a cold, dark void so the two digimon, having arrived in the same dimension had to huddle together for warmth, not that either of them complained about the snuggling, but the cold left a bit to be desired.

"Well here we are, natural wild life" Naruto said. He then told the two to go hide in the bushes until Mr. Mori left. They complied and the two digimon partners quickly fled, peeking through the leaves though in order to monitor the area.

"So...where's Guilmon?" a voice asked. The two recognized the voice as Renamon's, and therefore did not react in any way that would have frightened the blonde kitsune.

"No idea, he was on the bus, but he disappeared..."Dorumon smelt the air before turning to the left. A large tree was blocking him so the purple furred dragon looked around the tree and found the large red dinosaur digimon hiding poorly behind a bush that was obviously a bit too small to hide behind.

"Guilmon!" Gatomon whispered. Guilmon's bat like ears twitched before he turned and spotted his fellow digimon.

"Oi, Dorumon, Gatomon and Renamon!" Guilmon chuckled as he walked over to them, "You came, I thought it would have just been me, Terriermon and Calumon. Hooray more fun!"

"Yeah, well we're going to have to lay low until we do something that will allow us to leave the company of those chaperone teachers or if it's night" Dorumon said.

Naruto sighed as he watched Mr. Mori attempt to put up another tent in order to impress Ms. Asagi with his 'wilderness survival skills' and those skills downright sucked.

"Mr. Mori are you sure you don't need help?" Takato, Henry and Naruto asked. The older man nodded, but the tent looked nothing like it did on the box, the tent poles were jutting out at wrong angles, parts of it were on the verge of being torn while Mr. Mori lay tangled in the wire used to aid in tying down the tent pegs. Naruto sighed before grabbing Mr. Mori by his hand and yanking him out.

"You know, Mr. Mori...the other guys got their tents up just fine" he said gesturing to the student's tents that were already up, "I'm sure we can do ours, you don't need to impress Ms. Asagi and besides even if you did...putting up a tent...not a good way to pick up a girl"

"Naruto, please, I know what I'm doing" Mr. Mori said, but tripped on a wire and fell to the ground. Naruto sighed before finally taking over. He put up the cloth, used the poles to provide stability before pegging the corners down into the ground and using the wire by tying each peg to one another to form a square borderline around the tent.

"There all done" Naruto said. Rika and Ms. Asagi had walked up during the time Mr. Mori had been decomissioned by Naruto as the blonde had taken over the tent preparation. When the jinchuriki-tamer finished he turned to see the two females watching him with impressed looks.

"I've camped out a lot. I could even forage off the land and get us some food. Anyone interested in deer and fish?" he asked.

"No" the camp chorused.

'How did everyone hear that?' he asked himself.

"Oi kit"

'Kyuubi, it's been a while? What's with the period of silence?' Naruto thought to his bijuu.

"It has hasn't it. I haven't really been needed during your times to fight, I only help in certain parts of your battles such as when we fought Mihiramon and I gave you one tail of my power. Also, you haven't spoken to me, your mate over there has kept you quite occupied along with the other digimon that bio-emerge"

'Oh...hey wait a minute, Rika-chan is not my mate!' Naruto yelled.

"So you say. It's kind of sad though that these humans can't even survive off the land like we did back in our universe. They have become too reliant on technology. The only thing's worth building were the computers, cell phones and the automatic fur scratcher/belly rubber/flea cleaner device. I could use one of those"

'Yeah...why do you need a flea cleaner, you're made of chakra. Chakra can't get fleas'

"Whose the giant kitsune with fur. Is your name Kyuubi no Kitsune, most powerful of the nine bijuu. No I think not, besides you're related to a bunch of monkeys with only a two percent difference in DNA. Monkeys eat the damn fleas. Also I am the one with fur, I think I would know if I had fleas" Naruto paused, the fox did have a point.

'True, but humans are nothing like monkeys. That two percent difference is what makes us dominant, besides I have opposable thumbs HA take that Kyuubi'

"If you haven't noticed, I have a fifth claw too that acts as an opposable thumb you retarded, hairless monkey"

'Kuso, I thought I would have gotten you with the opposable thumbs bit' Naruto thought.

"Naruto...Naruto" Ms. Asagi called out to the blonde who had been staring for a while and his gaze was a bit below her neck meaning he was looking at her...

"Naruto god damn answer me" Naruto's head shot up and his eyes became focused.

"Huh, who, what, where?" he frantically searched around, grabbing Rika bridal style and hiding behind a tree for cover as a part of reflex. The two teacher's and the three younger tamers looked at the teenage jinchuriki with confused looks.

"Gomen, reflex action. While I was camping, I've nearly been mauled by racoons and other furry creatures...had to keep my guard up and improve my reflexes" he explained. Mr. Mori and Ms. Asagi bought it and nodded before making an announcement.

"Okay people listen up!" Ms. Asagi pulled a megaphone out from her backpack. "Are you all finished putting up your tents?" she asked.

"HAI MS. ASAGI!" the children chorused.

"Good, because now we are going to go for a little swim in the nearby river if anyone's interested" the class immediately agreed for the sun was blazing down on them like it wanted to turn them into cooked eggs on the sidewalk. After changing into their swim suits, the boys and girls quickly set off with their teacher-supervisors, who had also changed and headed for the river.

As the class went towards the river, Naruto tilted his head as he viewed Rika's ass from another angle of his perspective. The red haired girl turned and noticed this out of the corner of her eye. She smirked and winked at the blonde who grinned cheekily and made an 'okay' sign. Upon reaching the river, the boys shed their t-shirts before they joined the girls in just their swim suits as they plunged into the refreshingly cold waters of the still, calm river.

A game of 'chicken' was then ensued, with Naruto and Rika against any opposing challenger. The duo was assuring victory over Kenta and Kazu before Takato and Jeri decided to try their luck. Naruto smirked at Takato who were carrying their teammates on their shoulders.

"Give up Takato, you cannot defeat us"

"If you strike me down, I will come more powerful than before" Takato said.

"You need to stop watching Star Wars" Rika inquired as she recognized the line was from Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV, A New Hope.

"Hey, it's a good show" Naruto and Takato retorted in defense. The game ensued with Rika an Naruto obviously becoming the victors. The four tamers were then drying themselves off as they watched Mr. Mori attempt to rub sun screen on Ms. Asagi's back...and failing as he was grabbed by his arm and with a surprising feat of skill and strength, the female educator threw her fellow educator over her shoulder and into the freezing waters of the river.

"Wow" was all that everyone who had seen the wrath of Ms. Asagi, could say. Henry and Takato were sitting by the edge of the river while Naruto and Rika rested next to each other under the shade of a tree. They were a good few metres away from the rest of the group so as to keep the digimon who were currently playing a game of tag in the river, out of their range of sight. Gatomon being the only one out of water since cats naturally hate water. However, just in case Naruto casted a low level genjutsu to surround the digimon in order to hide them from the sight of the other students and the two teachers as well to make the splashing seem like Takato and Henry were the cause of it.

"Such a bunch of losers you guys are" Impmon said as the scarf wearing digimon appeared on a branch. The tamers and their digimon stopped playing as they glanced up at the rookie level digimon.

"Oh, hey Impmon" the group said with distaste. Guilmon looked at the fellow rookie and noticed something in the annoyed, angry look of Impmon's eyes... loneliness.

"Oi, Impmon wanna play with us?" Guilmon asked.

"What why would I play with you freaks?" Impmon asked with a flabbergasted look on his pale white face.

"Because it's fun, I bet you wouldn't be so grouchy if you had someone to play with" Guilmon said. Everyone looked at the red scaled dinosaur.

'What the hell?' Impmon thought.

'Since when did Guilmon seem so...insightful?' the others thought.

"No way I'm gonna play with losers like you Badaboom!" Impmon commented before turning his back.

"Sore loser" Dorumon said. Impmon froze before turning back to face them.

"You think I can't win a game of tag with you digi-bakas, well I'll show you BADABOOM!" Impmon jumped headfirst into the waters and chased after the others. Naruto watched Impmon, studying the digimon's face and noticed the smirk that formed.

"Seems Guilmon was right" he mumbled.

"What was Guilmon right about?" Rika asked her boyfriend.

"Impmon really is alone...unlike the other digimon, Impmon seems to have been alone in the Real World his entire life, but the loathing of humans shows that he actually had a human partner...but they probably didn't treat him right" Naruto sighed.

"Well at least someone understands because I sure don't" Rika said. Naruto chuckled before he bent down and kissed Rika earning a few whistles from some of the digimon aware students that were watching. Naruto smirked during the kiss before looking up at the whistling and cheering students before sticking his tongue out playfully. After a few minutes the digimon climbed out, Impmon turned to leave, but was stopped as he heard his name.

"Impmon...where are you going?" Naruto asked.

"Well I'm done playing games with you bakas. I'm going for a walk to clear my head, I have to...think...about some things" the midget digimon said. Naruto nodded and let the digimon go.

"Oi minna wanna go for a walk?" Naruto asked his friends. The others nodded, Renamon appeared from her tree as she didn't go swimming and nestled down on the grass.

"Sure" the gang chorused. Naruto nodded and then looked to Ms. Asagi before running up to her.

"Ms. Asagi, Rika-chan, Takato, Henry and I are going for a little walk in the woods" he said.

"Nani, are you crazy, you could get lost?" the teacher said with a surprised look.

"Don't worry, I camped here a few times with my uncle when I was younger. I know this place like the back of my hand" he lied, showing the foxy grin for good measure for her to buy his lie. Ms. Asagi frowned, but complied in the end.

"Alright fine, but be back by..." Ms. Asagi grabbed Naruto's arm and looked at his watch. "Be back by sunset, I don't want to lose you four"

"Understood Ms. Asagi" Naruto gave a mock salute earning a chuckle from the older woman before the blonde turned and left.

"Strange boy...I like him"

As the group wandered through the woods, their digimon in tow they came out of the edge of the forest and found themselves by a cliff where a rope bridge hung over a deep gorge. Guilmon smirked as he spotted a tree stump and did a handstand.

"Oi minna, look I'm doing it. I'm standing on my hands" Guilmon cheered. The others chuckled as the other digimon began to join the tower of digimon. Atop Guilmon's feet, Dorumon also did a handstand, balancing on Guilmon's feet. Gatomon landed feet first with...catlike grace atop Dorumon's own feet before holding out her arms. Renamon stood on the feline digimon's hands and then Terriermon balanced on the fox digimon's head using his extremely long ear while Calumon stood on Terriermon's foot. The weight of several digimon nearly caused Guilmon to loose his balance but he managed.

"Well this is nice isn't it?" Henry asked.

"Well think we should go back now?" Rika asked. Takato frowned.

"Are you crazy, and ruin this perfectly good totem pole" he said gesturing to the tower of digimon that suddenly began to wobble. Naruto took out his cellphone and took a picture of the digimon totem pole. He smirked as he looked at the picture.

"Nice shot if I do say so myself" the other tamers looked at the picture and agreed.

"Picture Time!" Takato yelled and swiped the phone. Naruto growled at Takato as the goggle wearing tamer took a picture of Naruto glaring at him. However, his glare was suddenly replaced with 'Deer in the Headlights' eyes as Rika kissed him on the lips. Takato snapped the shot and again when Naruto returned the kiss. Henry took the camera this time and turned to take a picture as the totem pole of digimon collapsed. In the shot it showed the tangling of many limbs as the digimon fell onto the ground.

Many other pictures were taken with Naruto's phone, one of him standing with his 'badass mode' as he folded his arms and looked over the gorge from atop a tree and a serious look on his face. Another was with Guilmon having a staring contest with Calumon and then one where Calumon shifted and began to have a contest with a rock. There was another with Calumon by himself and a big smile on his face, ears expanded. Another was with Naruto and Henry having a sparring match with each other, followed by a picture of Terriermon and Renamon smirking and giving a thumbs up as they watched Dorumon and Gatomon make out. Another picture was with an enraged Gatomon about to swipe at Terriermon's frightened face while Dorumon tried to hold his girlfriend back, although the reluctance could be seen in his face after all the dog-bunny was spying on them.

The last one being taken by a kagebunshin Naruto made to take a picture of the entire group. Guilmon was lying down flat, a toothy smile present on the reptile virus digimon's face as Calumon rested atop his head. Renamon was kneeling next to Rika who was sitting next to Naruto, leaning her head on his shoulder. Both with smiles on their faces just as the rest of the group did. Dorumon and Gatomon were in the same position as Naruto and Rika except were sitting in front of the two tamers. Henry was sitting cross legged next to Terriermon who was resting on his shoulder on the far right while Takato took his place next to Guilmon.

"Okay guys, say DIGIMON!"

"DIGIMON!" the phone's camera let loose a flash of white light as the timer for the picture to be taken went off and the kagebunshin looked at the picture before handing it back to his creator and then dispelled himself. Naruto pocketed his phone and looked at the sky. The sky was still blue, but the faint wisps of red and yellow and pink began to bleed into it as the sun was about to sink below the horizon which was visible from the cliff they were watching.

"Okay guys, time to head back" Naruto ordered, "I promised Ms. Asagi we'd be back by sunset" The group nodded, but frowned.

"I was having fun" Calumon and Guilmon complained.

"You weren't the only one" everyone responded to their whining as they were also reluctant to leave. As the group began to walk through the woods, following the slashes on the side of trees Naruto had made with his kunai on the way, their D-Arks began to beep. Everyone took out their D-Arks, Naruto taking out Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark. The holographic compass appeared, the red arrow swirled around the blue field of data it rested upon before facing to the north where they had just come from.

"Another digimon...think it's a deva?" Henry asked.

"We'll have to see, come on" Rika said and the group followed the lone female of the tamers until they reached a tree that the compass was pointing at. The tamer looked around the tree before looking up at the branches of the tree. A small digital field formed as the digimon formed. They all sweatdropped at what came from the digital portal.

"You can't be serious?" Rika said.

The digimon was in form of a small metallic rooster made of golden metal. The chest area was blue with two golden circles on the pectoral area along with a few black symbols on the blue armour. Its wings were tucked in and a scarf was worn around its neck. The rooster's crest was made of red feather and its tail was a rainbow of colours as it flowed behind the newly arrived digimon.

"Why is there a chicken in the woods?" Naruto asked.

"I was thinking the same thing" Dorumon and Gatomon said.

"I'm not getting anything on my D-Ark" Henry added.

"Same here" Rika and Takato failing to receive any information on the digimon.

"Well it's pretty small, so we should leave it alone. Let's go back to camp" Naruto said. The group nodded and turned to head back when suddenly the rooster's eyes glowed crimson and a nearby owl whose large black eyes became filled with the same crimson colour. The owl twisted its head and looked at the tamer and digimon as they walked away.

"I assure you I am no chicken" the owl said in voice that was similar to that of a wannabe ghost. The tamers and their digimon were too far away however as the owl had spoken. The rooster digimon seemed to frown at his owl medium.

'Why does everyone always leave when I'm about to speak?' the rooster thought, voicing it through the owl.

However, during the night the digimon got up and growled, alerting their tamers.

"What's up Dorumon, Gatomon?" Naruto asked as his waking up also caused Rika to rise.


"There's something wrong" Terriermon said and the digimon quickly took off towards the forest. Their tamers, in their pajamas and their sneakers without socks on their feet, began to follow the digimon into the depths of the foliage. They continued to follow Guilmon, Dorumon, Gatomon, Terriermon, Renamon and Calumon until they reached the rope bridge. The digimon paused, taking a sniff of the air as the wind shifted before crossing the bridge. The tamers followed their hyperactive digimon across the bridge before reaching the edge where a metal fence was put up so people could watch from a cliff side, the tall buildings of Shinjuku. The lights acted as flashing colours to brighten up the darkened sky until the digimon and their tamers paused in their run to see the chicken digimon from earlier.

"Oi what the hell is wrong with you guys, it's just the chicken from earlier" Naruto said.

"Yeah, calm down" Henry said, "Momentai"

The digimon stared at the metallic piece of poultry and everyone stared in awe as the two metal discs on its chest suddenly glowed with yellow light. The light stretched out over the body of water that separated Shinjuku from the forested area where the group was currently residing. The lights of Shinjuku suddenly began to shift between coloured and pitch black before remaining in darkness. A black out. The electricity travelled through the air and struck the giant rooster. It then shifted its head and turned to face the tamers. The owl it had possessed earlier appeared, glowing red eyes staring into their own. Then they looked to see the small little rooster begin to grow in size as electricity poured into its body through the two metal discs on its chest. The rooster let out a cry of triumph after absorbing the electricity before 'cock-a-doodle-doodling' at the children and their digimon.

"The deva shall destroy you all" the owl screeched in its wannabe ghost voice.

" possessed a poor defensless owl, what the hell is wrong with you?" Naruto asked the giant chicken causing everyone in the vicinity to sweat drop.

"Well I can only communicate through this owl or basically any other type of bird here since I am made of metal and cannot really speak that well" the newly pronounced deva said. Naruto sighed.

"It's late did you really have to suck out the electricity in Shinjuku?" Naruto asked.

"Ummm yes" the rooster deva replied.

"Well I want to do it tomorrow, we'll fight then okay?"

"NO I WILL NOT BE DENIED AGAIN!" the rooster crowed, "I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LOOKED DOWN AS ONE OF THE WEAKEST OF THE DEVA, BUT NOW I SHALL ...AAAAHHHHHHH!" the rooster's speech was ruined as Dorumon and Gatomon charged forward and grabbed the rooster deva and flung it into a tree before attacking with Hyper Dash Metal and Neko Kick. The deva flew through several trees and crashed into a boulder as it fell unconscious.

"I'm going to back to bed, I'm not suited for this kind of shit" Naruto and his partners mumbled before they headed back to the campsite. The others stared at the destruction caused by the feline and furred reptile digimon before folliowing Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon back to the campsite.

'He's right though, we're not suited for the shit that just happened' they all thought. As they arrived back in the campsite, they had all immediately fallen back to sleep. Calumon lay down with Naruto and Rika who were laying down next to Gatomon and Dorumon. However, one thought coursed through Calumon's mind before he fell asleep.

'What is shit?' he thought.

Hypnos HQ

"Yamaki, there's been a sudden black out, luckily our emergency power generator was able to respond quickly enough so that we didn't lose our data" Riley said. Yamaki played with his cigarette lighter and nodded.

"Good, make sure to find the source of that black out though, apparently we might be one of the few buildings in Shinjuku with power right now" Yamaki said. Riley nodded and quickly began to type away on her colourful keyboard.

'I really should get a raise' the red haired woman thought with a yawn.

The Next Day

The group had awoken and Nami and Mori were busy waking up the rest of the students. Kazu and Kenta were standing outside the tent that Guilmon was sharing with them and Takato.

"Boys is Takato awake?" Nami Asagi asked. The two digimon fanatics nodded.

"Hai, Ms. Asagi. He's just changing is all" Kazu said. The brown haired female teacher nodded before moving on. Naruto and Rika walked out of their tents, having taken turns to change with one standing outside the tent they shared as the other changed into their clothes.

"Okay, well it seems that this we'll be heading back later this evening" Naruto told his girlfriend. Rika nodded.

"Yeah it has actually been a bit fun, what do you think happened to that giant chicken from yesterday though?" she asked. The blonde shrugged his shoulders and yawned. Calumon, who was resting atop Naruto's head, yawned also.

"Don't know, don't care" he replied before walking up to the group of Henry, Terriermon, Takato, Kenta, Kazu and Jeri.

"Konichiwa minna-san" the two greeted their friends.

"Konichiwa, Naruto, Rika" the others, except Kazu, having developed a disliking for both Naruto and Rika, replied. The group began to converse with each other before Mr. Mori and Ms. Asagi got the entire group of children's attention.

"Alright people listen up!" Mr. Mori shouted, which was a surprise since he never took charge before. "Okay we'll be leaving to go home by six o' clock this evening. The buses will have arrived by then so until then please continue to enjoy yourselves and please don't wander off so that none of you are left behind"

"Wouldn't that be a miracle for my life" Ms. Asagi mumbled, "A less amount of students to teach" her eyes became full of bliss as she imagined a life without teaching, but apparently she couldn't get a good job in her current reality and had to suffer the art of educating, not that it had its interesting and fun moments, but you get her point. The teachers and the other children nodded to each other before leaving to go and integrate with one another.

"Okay, I'm going to go and see if that chicken deva is still around" Naruto said.

"Actually it's a rooster"

"Rooster, Chicken it doesn't matter it's a stupid piece of poultry, anyways wanna come?" he asked the others who readily agreed. Jeri, Kenta and Kazu decided to tag along to see how digimon fought.

The group trekked through the forest, Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon holding the lead as the others followed.

"Remind me again, why we are following HIM?" Kazu asked Takato.

"Because, in a way Naruto is our leader. He made the tough decisions that aided in our battles and helped us train, besides he's stronger than the rest of us."

"So you're saying, Naruto is your leader?" Kenta asked. Takato nodded.

"Pretty messed up leader if you asked me" Kazu mumbled only to have his head in extreme pain as Rika slammed her fist into his skull.

"Urasai, you don't say anything about Naruto-kun, understood?" Kazu whimpered on the ground and managed to say "Hai" before steadily climbing to his feet. The group continued to walk until they heard a loud crowing sound.

"That must be the chicken, I mean rooster deva" Rika said.

"Well let's go then" Takato said. The tamers, their digimon and the three regular people ran towards the sound of crowing and trees being sent to the ground before arriving in a clearing where the sky was visible to all and they saw the deva flying in the air as it watched another tree fall to the ground.

"OI CHICKEN!" Dorumon called out. The rooster turned and glared at the tamers below.


"Dear Kami-sama he sounds like he wants to commit human genocide" Henry said.

"Maybe that's the point of them being here, to wipe us all out" Kenta said, his knees wiggling like jelly.

"Ah don't worry Kenta, we have Naruto right here, he'll protect us" he said putting his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Don't touch me" causing the visor wearing pre-teen to retract his appendage. The tamers then had Jeri, Kenta and Kazu stand back before taking out their D-Arks. Having taken out his first, Henry was able to scan the digimon. An image of the digimon appeared in holographic form as well as a small amount of information.

"Alright guys, I got some info on him. This is Sinduramon, an Ultimate level digimon and a deva like the others. He follows the Digimon Sovereign, Baihumon. His attacks are Positron Pulse and Bao Chu" Henry read.

"Interesting, Baihumon sure is crazy if he picked this guy as a follower" Gatomon said as she looked at the overgrown rooster.

"I AM NOT A CHICKEN, I AM A ROOSTER...A ROOOSTERRRR!" Sinduramon screeched as his body was suddenly filled with electrical energy.

"He must not like the Chicken who crossed the Road joke" Terriermon said.

"POSITRON PULSE!" a large blast of lightning shot out from the body of Sinduramon and rocketed towards the tamers. Gatomon quickly jumped in front of the group and her claws glowed white.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" her training with Naruto seemed to pay off as the white energy surrounding her paws began to intensify and formed an aura in the shape of large claws before slashing the lightning and diverting its path causing burn mark to form on the ground below.

"Okay guys let's do this!" Naruto yelled taking out Dorumon's D-Ark as he pocketed Gatomon's which he had earlier. The other tamers nodded and they all took out the same card.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" they yelled. The card was swiped through the slit on the side of their D-Arks. The card's ability was scanned and transferred to the respective digimon.






Each of the digimon began to glow with red light as they changed into their Champion forms, Calumon's crimson triangle glowed. The spiraling eggs of data that surrounded each digimon exploded as they revealed their digivolved forms.





The five Champion level digimon stood to face off against Sinduramon who seemed to sweat sparks of electricity.

"No one shall defeat me, POSITRON PULSE!" the attack flew towards them and contacted with the ground as they all avoided them. Kyuubimon quickly spun in the air and the large dragon of blue flame flew towards the rooster deva. Sinduramon dodged the attack before swooping down and grabbing Kyuubimon by her forelimbs and throwing her into a tree. A large amount of green bullets mixed with three large fireballs were fired from Gargomon and Growlmon, respectively and nearly struck him, but the deva twisted in mid air and then released a blast of lightning that struck the two before performing a back flip in the air and the Bao Chu that rested on his back suddenly floated as it was held up by 'arms' of lightning and struck Dorugamon who had tried a sneak attack from behind and sent the dragon careening through the sky. The rooster then turned and screeched causing Gatomon who tried to slam a Neko kick to the chin, failed as the screech disoirented her and then the rooster slammed the Bao Chu down on the feline digimon sending Gatomon to the ground.

"That hurt dude" Gargomon whined.

"Well I wasn't sent here by the Sovereign One to be nice" Sinduramon then screeched before striking out with the Bao Chu and was completely on the offensive. Sinduramon quickly flung the Bao Chu and threw it like boomerang as it twisted in the air and curved so as to try and hit all of them. However, althought everyone managed to duck, Dorugamon was unsuccesful and was hit across the head. Dorugamon growled and opened his mouth.

"POWER METAL!" he cried and the steel sphere rocketed through the air, but was halted as Sinduramon was coated in an aura of electricity, freezing it due to the magnetic field produce by the lightning.

"Too bad, BAKAWK!" Sinduramon flung the Power Metal attack back to his owner and struck the dragon sending him through a tree causing it to fall. The rooster deva screeched in pain suddenly as Naruto rammed a rasengan into his back.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto cried.

The cyborg chicken was sent downwards, but managed to spread his wings and catch himself before he hit the ground, however this gave everyone the opening they had. Kyuubimon quickly spread out her nine tails and each one became alight with a ball of ghostly blue flames.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" and the nine fireball crashed into the body of the follower of Baihumon. Then Growlmon appeared behind the flying digimon and his elbow blades glowed electric blue.

"DRAGON SLASH!" Growlmon yelled and struck the rooster deva before spinning and slamming his muscular tail into the rooster's body. Growlmon followed up by punching Sinduramon in the beak and then opened his maw.


"POSITRON PULSE!" the lightning tore through the fire ball and struck Growlmon, sending over one thousand volts through the large dinosaur's body. Sinduramon suddenly began to make a comeback as Kyuubimon tried to strike at him with a Dragon Wheel. The rooster summoned the Bao Chu and it struck through the dragon and nailed Kyuubimon in the muzzle as it flew back into the arms of lightning he made to hold it and then ducked beneath a Bunny Pummel from Gargomon.

"Foolish bunny, BAO CHU!" the large weapon glowed with electricity before it struck the trigger happy rabbit and sent Gargomon into the fallen form of Growlmon. Sinduramon chuckled before forming a large ball of electricity in front of him.

"POSITRON PULSE!" the large electric attack soared through the sky, but was suddenly countered when a large metal sphere clashed with it causing a small explosion.

"GATOMON NOW!" Dorugamon roared. Gatomon was in the air and behind Sinduramon, a smirk on her face.

"DIGIMODIFY...SABERLEOMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto yelled swiping a card through Gatomon's D-Ark.

"HOWLING CRUSHER!" she yelled and her claws became enveloped in a glowing orange light that struck the deva she then dove down after the deva like a missile.

"DIGIMODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto cried out as Gatomon became encased in orange flames.

"FIRE ROCKET!" Gatomon cried out and shot off towards the falling deva, however she was halted as the Bao Chu obscured her vision sending her flying back. She flipped in the air and righted herself to land on her feet. Dorugamon then appeared and slashed at Sinduramon causing three large and long claw marking to appear on the metallic chest of the poultry like deva.

"You cannot defeat me, I am invincible" Sinduramon roared through his owl before diving down and striking Dorugamon in the chest, but then Gargomon and Growlmon who had recovered tried to provide assistance.



The two attacks collided with Sinduramon sending him skidding along the air before he screeched.


"Oh no you don't...FOX TAIL INFERNO!" Kyuubimon yelled and her fireballs collided with the lightning blast before it could hurt her friends, then Gatomon kicked Sinduramon in the back before dropping down and rolling underneath his floating body and then performed Lightning Paw in the form of an uppercut. Gatomon the jumped up and kicked Sinduramon in the side of his face and using the momentum from her kick, she managed to rotate and slam her heel against the back of Sinduramon's head.

"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Henry yelled. Gargomon jumped and grabbed Sinduramon between his gattling guns and slammed the deva into the ground causing a decent sized crater before throwing him up. Naruto smirked and decided just this once to pull a rip off on this move. Naruto appeared beneath the floating rooster deva and smirked poking Sinduramon on his back.

"Let's see you get out of this" Naruto spoke to the follower of the Tiger of the West. Naruto quickly channeled chakra into his limbs to enhance their power and endurance as he spun and a kick slammed into the side of the dropping duo of human and digimon. Naruto then used momentum from the kick to rotate and crash his other leg into the stomach of Sinduramon earning a painful "SQUAWK!" from the digimon. Naruto then punched Sinduramon in the face before twisting again and slammed his foot into the stomach of Sinduramon just as they were a few feet off the ground causing Sinduramon to slam into the ground with what would be back breaking force.

"SHISHI RENDAN/LION'S BARRAGE!" Naruto roared as he planted the final blow and then jumped away. Sinduramon squawked with anger as he managed to stand.

" not...over yet" Sinduramon screeched and then flapped, but due to the indent of Naruto's foot and the dents in his body he was rather beat up looking and his feather were all ruffled up. However the deva was given no chance as the digimon tamers struck out full force.

"DIGIMODIFY..." they all yelled and swiped the same card, "POWER ACTIVATE!" Power coursed through the veins of the digital monsters and charged the Ultimate level digimon. Kyuubimon ran up and spun on her back limbs as he fire coated tails from a not yet launched Fox Tail Inferno crashed into Sinduramon.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" the nine tailed kitsune digimon cried out before she let loose the fireballs sending the rooster carrening through the air to meet a Bunny Pummel from Gargomon.

"GARGO LASER!" and the multiple green bullets blasted into the damaged metallic poultry with explosive force.

The Gargo Laser attack sent Sinduramon towards Growlmon whose elbow protrusion were glowing brightly with energy.

"DOUBLE DRAGON SLASH!" and the blades of energy were slammed into Sinduramon's back sending the rooster upwards as a fireball trailed behind him.

"PYRO BLASTER!" and the comet like fireball sent Sinduramon further upwards to Gatomon who was atop Dorugamon. Gatomon jumped and flipped in the air several times. She then felt her speed increase as Naruto used the Speed Modify card. Gatomon smirked, with power and speed she did an attack that only Rock Lee was capable of, except on a lower scale. She batted the chicken through the air using Neko Kick and Lightning Paw before using Lightning Paw to send Sinduramon downwards.

"DIGIMODIFY...ELECTRIC ROPE ACTIVATE!" Gatomon suddenly held a rope of pure electric charge in her hand which was wrapped around Sinduramon and pulled him back up, the electricity was absorbed into his body as he reached the feline, but the electricity build up wouldn't do any good as Gatomon slammed both her right claw and leg into Sinduramon's stomach.

" NINPOU HIJUTSU: URA RENGE/ NINJA ART SECRET TECHNIQUE: HIDDEN LOTUS!" she yelled and sent the deva downwards and a shockwave resulted as Gatomon's attack broke the sound barrier before it even made contact with the digimon. A black blur then flew past the falling deva, Dorugamon rested Gatomon on the ground before looking at Naruto.

"DIGIMODIFY...BAIHUMON KONGOU!" Naruto swiped the card containing the power of the Sovereign of Steel. Silver energy surrounded Dorugamon as the dragon flexed his claws. The image of a large tiger was visible to all before Dorugamon roared and then took off with a powerful flap of his wings and slashed Sinduramon who then met the ground. Dorugamon and the other watched as the tiger shaped aura vanished from his figure and then Sinduramon suddenly began to change colour. His metallic chest, in fact his whole body became a steel silver before it began to turn reddish brown, his body oxidizing...rusting.

The power of Baihumon's Kongou attack, an attack which causes the digimon's body to turn into metal before rusting and being destroyed after fully rusting over. Sinduramon then became fully rusted after a minute before exploding into red flakes of data.

"Woah, Naruto where did you get that card?" the other three tamers asked.

"I got it from the Sovereigns, I was given five cards, each containing the power of one of the Sovereigns. The one you just saw, was the power of Baihumon and Rika had seen the one with Azulongmon. Remember that lightning attack I used on Raidramon a long time ago?"

Rika nodded, the image was beautifully destructive, blue lightning in the form of a dragon falling from the heavens. Truly a power worth fearing, and if that was just a fraction of their power, the real deal must be even more destructive.

"Well, that's that" Takato said as the digimon de-digivolved, except for Gatomon, back into their rookie forms.

"THAT...WAS...AWESOME!" Jeri, Kenta and KAzu cried out and began to chat up a storm. The tamers and their digimon chuckled. The day had gone by quickly after that, Naruto had sealed Gatomon and Dorumon back into their scrolls for travel, and Guilmon was put into a blank sealing scroll for Takato when Guilmon was put into such situations, while Renamon snuck ontop of the vehicle and used her claws to remain stationary as the bus began to move. Terriermon and Calumon kept up their disguises as stuffed toys. When the students arrived back at school, their parents had arrived waiting for them and took them home.

"Well Takato, Henry I'll see you guys later then" Naruto said with a wave. The other two male tamers nodded and then left. Takato had managed to have Naruto seal Guilmon into a blank scroll he always carried with him and was going back to the park to let him out. Naruto had given Takato had then pumped chakra into the scroll before Takato left so that all Takato had to do was open the scroll when he reached the park.

Rika was about to walk over to Seiko, Makino having left to go on a fashion shoot in France, but the young red head paused as she saw Naruto raising his eyebrow playfully.

"Now I knew I forgot something" Rika said with a giggle as she walked up to Naruto. Naruto chuckled and bent down as the two kissed each other goodbye. Rika then decided to spice things up and added a bit of tongue to the kiss, which Naruto gladly complied to. The two remained kissing for a good half a minute before parting. Naruto's eyes were a bit hazy.

"I'm in love with Rika-chan" Naruto whispered as he waved goodbye to his Rika-chan as she walked away with Seiko. Rika waved back and winked at her boyfriend before turning back. Naruto then disappeared using shunshin.

"You really love that boy don't you, Rika-chan?" Seiko asked as they walked towards the house. Rika thought for a while, she was young and didn't really understand the concept of love yet, but she knew she had strong feelings for Naruto. But the things Naruto could make her do... laugh, blush, smile and get that fuzzy feeling in her body. Rika knew it and Seiko knew it too...Rika Nonaka loved Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

In the Digital World (A/N: It's been a while since I shifted scenes to this place)

Dark Prison of Lucemon

Lucemon watched as Naruto used shunshin to go back to his apartment before causing the orb he used to spy on the blonde jinchuriki to go dark, not wishing to see anymore. Lucemon cursed.

"Kuso...this is taking too long, Naruto needs to get back into the Digital World, but how...How?" Lucemon thought. The Angel digimon thought for a while before an evil smile broke out on his face. The Digital Hazard symbol seemed to pulse on his right hand as his plan came into action.

"The devas are being sent out which means one thing...Zhuquiaomon wants The Catalyst...and if The Catalyst is returned to the Digital World, with the bond it has made with Naruto and the others...they will no doubt come to rescue him. I better influence Zhuquiaomon to send out these two deva" Lucemon's marking glowed violet and the golden cuffs around his ankles and wrists glowed with a golden light.

South Section of the Digital World-Lair of Zhuquiaomon

The large Phoenix cursed as he felt the presence of another deva being vanquished.

"The Chaos is returning, I need that Catalyst, but those tamers...those human scum and their digimon filth, they are getting in the way" Zhuquiaomon grumbled, fire surrounded him to emphasize his feelings of anger and frustration. Then a voice was heard in his head.

"Ah, having a little trouble are we Zhuquiaomon-sama?" the voice, unknown to the Sovereign it is Lucemon, asked.

"Ah, it's you...that voice that told me about the Chaos rising and to retrieve The Catalyst, what do you want?" the Phoenix of the South asked.

"Listen, the reason you have failed is because the tamers and their digimon are too powerful as a team therefore you will need a large amount of offensive power to combat them, while also you need someone with speed and stealth to retrieve the Catalyst" Lucemon said.

"Do you have any two devas in mind?" Zhuquiaomon asked.

"Oh yes, Zhuquiaomon-sama, however the timing must be right if you are to succeed. Do what you wish until that time, but I suggest you send out Vikaralamon for the offensive power due to his sheer size and his strength and Makuramon for the stealth and speed to retrieve the Catalyst you disguised as a digimon" Lucemon said.

"I see, this plan is very good. However, when is the time to send those two out?" Zhuquiaomon asked.

"In at least the time frame of one month passes in the Real World, until then send out whatever devas you wish" Lucemon advised. Zhuquiaomon nodded his large fiery coloured head, his feathers rustling so that it looked like they were actual burning flames.

"I will do this, as you have not shown any reason to have failed me, it is the devas they are too weak. So I will need to send out some stronger ones. Before you leave my advisor...who are you?" Lucemon chuckled as Zhuquiaomon's question.

"I am someone who will aid in your quest to destroy the Chaos" Lucemon said as he severed his connection with Zhuquiaomon.

'And in doing so, I shall rule over the Digital World and destroy all who oppose me, including you my young Phoenix. Naruto will come to the Digital World, I will be freed and I WILL RULE ALL BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'

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