Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 13: A Dragon's Heart

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"Oh yes, Zhuquiaomon-sama, however the timing must be right if you are to succeed. Do what you wish until that time, but I suggest you send out Vikaralamon for the offensive power due to his sheer size and his strength and Makuramon for the stealth and speed to retrieve the Catalyst you disguised as a digimon" Lucemon said.

"I see, this plan is very good. However, when is the time to send those two out?" Zhuquiaomon asked.

"In at least the time frame of one month passes in the Real World, until then send out whatever devas you wish" Lucemon advised. Zhuquiaomon nodded his large fiery coloured head, his feathers rustling so that it looked like they were actual burning flames.

"I will do this, as you have not shown any reason to have failed me, it is the devas they are too weak. So I will need to send out some stronger ones. Before you leave my advisor...who are you?" Lucemon chuckled as Zhuquiaomon's question.

"I am someone who will aid in your quest to destroy the Chaos" Lucemon said as he severed his connection with Zhuquiaomon.

'And in doing so, I shall rule over the Digital World and destroy all who oppose me, including you my young Phoenix. Naruto will come to the Digital World, I will be freed and I WILL RULE ALL BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'


It had been at least one week since the episode with Sinduramon on the camping trip and the tamers were getting used to a normal lifestyle without fighting the few digimon that came through the barrier between the Real World and the Digital World. Juggernaut-X was actually doing a pretty good job so far, so Yamaki was also taking a slight break...while Riley and Tally slaved over the Juggernaut-X Program.

Naruto and Rika were walking down the road hand in hand, their digimon were taking the day off...slightly since they were following the two along the rooftops.

"Hey look it's Rika Nonaka, the Digimon Queen!" some random guy yelled out. Immediately her fan boys came rushing over to her, but were stopped to a halt as Naruto stepped in front of her, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Sapphire eyes filled with malice, his extra long and sharp canines bared.

"Mind telling me, what you guys are trying to do with my girlfriend?" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing red for a second. The boys backed away, a few being brave enough to stand up to the blonde.

"Oi, what the hell are you talking about? Rika wouldn't date a loser like you" a guy yelled. A tick mark appeared on Rika's forehead before she walked up and yanked the boy down by the collar to meet her eyes.

"Listen here punk, you insult Naruto-kun again and I'll have what makes you a man severed when you're asleep" the girl released a bit of killing intent, after all having a shinobi for a boyfriend had its perks. Killing intent use being one of the many advantages. The boy backed away and ran away screaming with tears in eyes. Naruto smirked and kissed the red head on her cheek earning gasps and glares from her fan boys.

"Arigato Rika-chan"

"No problem, Whiskers" she said using the affectionate nickname she used when she needed to get rid of the stalkers in front of her. Naruto then released full blast of killing intent causing many to faint and wet their pants leaving stains on the groin area of their pants. Others ran away terrified and Naruto and Rika walked along the road, stepping on the fan boys in the process, whistling a happy tune.

"They should be a force to be reckoned with" Dorumon said as he walked with Gatomon and Renamon along the rooftops.

"That's for sure, I mean did you see those guys' faces. They probably shit their pants" Gatomon added.

"As much as I like Rika now being open with me, this happy-go-lucky attitude she feels so alien to me" Renamon said.

"Don't worry Renamon" the two partners of the blonde tamer spoke as they leaped across another roof, "Rika is still the same egotistical maniac we all know and love, just with a major attitude adjustment" Renamon chuckled at the two shorter digimon and nodded.

'It's for the best. I wonder how things would have turned out if we hadn't met Naruto' Renamon thought. (A/N: That would be canon then Renamon)

As the couple and the their trailing digimon continued to travel a small rookie digimon was thinking over some things as he sat in a tree branch.

'Ah those stupid tamers and their stupid partners, making me feel...something good' Impmon thought as he snapped his fingers staring at the red flames that appeared and disappeared with each snap.

'Humans...they are nothing, but trouble...just like my...tamers were'


Two small children were glaring at each other as a teddy bear stood between them along with a young scarf wearing digimon with purple skin and a pale white face. Green eyes flashed between both humans as the digimon looked back and forth between his tamers. The first was a girl, due to her height she was obviously older than the boy. She wore a white shirt underneath a pink dress, her brown hair tied into two pig tails and two brown eyes filled with annoyance towards the boy were present as well. The boy was shorter and therefore younger than his older sister. He wore a white shirt underneath blue overalls, annoyance present in his brown eyes as well towards the girl.

"Hey why did you take my toy?" the girl cried out to the boy.

"Because you always take mine, besides Okaa-chan said I could!"

"Well I say you can't!" both children glared at each other before turning towards the digimon in between them.

"Well you're just a big fat head. Impmon tell her!" the boy cried.

"Nani, you're just a stupid gaki. Impmon get him!" the girl yelled pointing at her brother. Impmon, his eyes filled with confusion and fear as he faced a dilemma on what side to choose clouded his young mind. The two then grabbed Impmon's arms, the boy on his left and the girl on his right. They began to pull, hard. Impmon's eyes lined with tears as his arms felt as if they were going to be ripped out of their sockets.

"IMPMON!" the boy pulled harder.

"IMPMON!" the girl pulled to try and bring Impmon over to her side. Impmon grunted in pain before screaming.

End Flashback

Impmon shivered in his tree branch, his arms wrapped around his body as he curled his body into a small little ball. The feeling of his arms being pulled at felt as if his sensory nerves were on fire. His arms shifting ever so slightly so as to remind himself they were still there.

"Those two gakis...ruined my life. I can never trust humans, only using digimon for their own selfish gains, but...' Impmon's mind showed him a picture of the tamers and their digimon laughing as he swam with them in the river. The smirk of...happiness...that formed on his face.

"Those tamers...they don't seem to act like they want to hurt their digimon. Especially that blonde one, he fights alongside his partners and they respect each other...those smiles they seem so genuine" Impmon shook his head, "NO, I cannot trust them, I forged my own path...I can't go back to them, not ever" Impmon growled before standing up and leaving his tree in a show of speed that he had never shown. A few leaves fluttering to the ground being the only evidence that something was up in the branches.

Shinjuku Park

The group of tamers were standing there glaring at each other in silence as they pondered their next move. Outside, Kenta, Kazu and Jeri were watching them.

"Look at them, talking about some serious deva stuff while we stay on the sidelines" Kazu muttered.

"Kazu, it's not nice to talk about them like that. Takato-kun and the others are doing what ever they can to protect people that could get hurt if wild digimon appear...I just wish I had my own digimon too though?" Jeri said with a downcast look.

"Same here" Kenta and Kazu sighed as they agreed with Jeri, on the not having a partner part. It was then that they heard footsteps and looked to see Naruto walking outside the shed and looking up at the sky before he spoke.

"The devas haven't been sighted lately, but remember to keep your guard up." Naruto said.

"Hai, but..." Takato stopped.

"What is it Takato?" Henry asked.

"Yeah buddy, spit it out" Terriermon said.

"What if the next deva is too strong for us to handle, what if..." he froze as Naruto walked up to him. The older tamer placed his hand on Takato's shoulder and gave him a foxy grin.

"Takato, I understand your fears. I once felt them myself..." Naruto paused as his fellow tamers stared at him. The fearless blonde shinobi...had once felt fear. "But in order to become fearless one must know their fears, conquer them and then you will be able to take them on. However, some fears cannot just simply be overcome such as fear of loss or death" Takato looked confused at his mentor.

"I still don't understand"

"What I'm trying to say is, it's alright to be afraid. It's part of what makes us who we are and if the next deva is stronger for us to handle...then I, along with your digimon and mine, we will lay down our lives if it means protecting yours, Henry's and Rika-chan's" Naruto spoke, seriousness and determination evident in those sapphire orbs.

"Naruto-kun..." Rika looked as Naruto glanced at her.

"Rika-chan, I will do what I must if it means I can assure your safety. If anything happened to you...or any of the others I wouldn't be able to have a peace of mind." Naruto walked over to the red haired tamer and smiled down at her, "I protect my friends and those I hold precious to me, that is my ninja way and I don't go back on my word"

Everyone's eyes widened, even the digimon's at Naruto's words. Naruto then glanced at Dorumon and Gatomon.

"Let's go you two, we have a job to do" Naruto said, walking straight past them as he left the shed. Gatomon climbed atop the blonde's head and Dorumon jumping onto his shoulder, using Gatomon as a balancing support. Kazu, Kenta and Jeri then watched as Naruto walked away from the shed, the other tamers and their digimon watching the blonde's retreating back before the three vanished in blur of speed, a swirl of leaves being the only thing left behind.

"Do you think he really meant that?" Henry asked.

"Rika, does he?" Takato turned to the blonde's girlfriend. Rika sighed and wiped the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Knowing that stubborn Whiskers...he means every word" Rika said. Renamon picked up Rika and vanished as a blur as Takato left Guilmon in the shed and Henry and Terriermon taking off after the goggle wearing tamer.

"Woah, things must be really bad if they acted like that" Kenta spoke adjusting his glasses.

"I think we better leave" the timid girl said before getting up to go home. Her puppet hand 'barking' along the way. Kazu and Kenta looked at each other and shrugged before following the puppet wearing girl.

Digital World-Southerm Quadrant- Zhuquiaomon's Lair

The large phoenix of a digimon sat in front of his throne of flames. His four golden eyes, burned like the fires within his body as he stared down the digimon in front of him.

"Now, do you understand your mission, my loyal servant?" Zhuquiaomon asked.

"Of course, Oh Sovereign One" the digimon bowed before the Sovereign, said. The fiery coloured bird nodded before stretching out his wing as if pointing at something, namely outside his lair.

"Excellent, now remember as one of my devas, I do not accept failure as failure results in your deletion." the deva before the Sovereign nodded as Zhuquiaomon continued, "Retrieve the Catalyst, but first take out those pesky human rats and their digimon if they decide to interfere" Zhuquiaomon said. The deva nodded.

"I live to serve thee, oh great Sovereign of Flames" the deva bowed. Then the deva disappeared through a blue portal of data before it closed. Zhuquiaomon looked at what the humans would call a calendar. Having reconstructed one out of the images he had received from the Real World. It was now the month of June, the end of the month named May was when Sinduramon had entered the realm of humans and the beginning of June was when the rooster deva fell at the hands of the very same humans he had been trying to destroy. Also, that was when he had received his advice from the 'voice' who seemed to have a power over him, something that felt familiar and dark, yet comforting and warm that he was able to be swayed by the voice's advisory abilities.

"The Chaos is rising, I must save my kind. The digimon depend on the Catalyst and...the humans will fall as they have brought this threat upon us" Zhuquiaomon then went towards his throne of flames and flapped his wings before nestling in it.

"Zhuquiaomon-sama, I have some changes in the plan for you to make" Lucemon said, once again for those that might get confused, Zhuquiaomon doesn't know this is Lucemon talking to him.

'What is it now?' Zhuquiaomon said rolling his eyes. He was getting annoyed with having to respond using his thoughts whenever his 'advisor' spoke to hime. Zhuquiaomon was one who liked to hear the sound of his own voice.

"The timing, the month must be changed for which you will send Vikaralamon and Makuramon to the Real World. Apparently, during the summer, the digimon Apocalymon in Azulongmon's quadrant, the one who was defeated by the Digidestined that is seen as a television show in this Real World will attempt to break free into the Real World. This is will put a damper on our own plans because he will interfere with the tamers as they will have to go and try and stop him and they will take the Catalyst with them. Wait until the winter times, during the month of September is when we will send out the two devas."

'But why so late to send out the devas?' Zhuquiaomon asked, his throne of fire crackling wildly to reflect his uneasiness, he wanted to retrieve Calumon as soon as possible. His throne was a mental link to his emotions, such as flaring up when in anger or gentle when calm.

"Because Zhuquiaomon-sama, due to the devas you will not send during the summer, the tamers will lulled into a fasle sense of security, after all you will send out your other devas during this month alone correct?"

Zhuquiaomon nodded, "That is correct, if Indramon fails, I will be sending out as many of the devas we can when possible, in order to get back Calumon...but I see where you are going with this. By not sending out any of the devas in such a long time they will think we have given up and then..."

"We will have the element of surprise on our side. Choose carefully as to who your devas will be when Indramon fails...Naruto will not be taken down so easily"

"How do you know that boy...the shinobi, is the one to defeat MY deva?"

"Naruto's potential and strength know no bounds, he is constantly growing and adapting as he increases in levels of strength. Indramon will fall because of his arrogant nature as he underestimate the boy as well as his friends and their digimon...remember what I said...choose carefully when sending out your next devas. Until next time Zhuquiaomon-sama" Lucemon smirked as he severed the connection. Since Zhuquiaomon was located in the Digital World it was easier to get in contact with the phoenix rather than to get in contact with Naruto in the Real World. Also Zhuquiaomon was very easy to manipulate once it aided in the Phoenix of the South's plans to get back Calumon.

"Naive little fool" the fallen angel said to himself before going into rest, "During the winter time, the seal will be at its weakest...however it will still be strong enough to hold me, yet weak enough for it to be broken by an outside force. The time draws freedom draws near, and Naruto my will help me in doing so" Lucemon spoke with an evil grin, his sky blue eyes glowed along with the seemingly pulsing Digital Hazard symbol on his right hand.

" will be taken here, your rightful place in the Digital World will be restored" the phoenix said to himself.

Shinjuku- Underneath the Freeway

It was evening, the sky was now filled with a blood red colour, clouds seeming to be an ebony shade as they floated in the crimson sea. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon stood beneath the freeway, it acted as a bridge as people normally passed beneath it while cars took the freeway in order to bypass the human traffic congestion. Now that it was evening, the people were in their homes and there were no cars on the freeway.

"So Naruto...what are we doing here?" Dorumon asked his tamer, Gatomon resting her head on his shoulder as he was in a sitting position against one of the support columns that made up the freeway.

"We...are waiting" Naruto said.

"For what exactly?" Gatomon asked, a purr added at the end of her question, a sign that she was bored. Naruto did not respond, but suddenly his D-Arks began to go off. Both reddish-violet and bronze coloured D-Arks released high pitch beeps that alerted them to the arrival of a digimon.

Hypnos HQ

"Sir, there's been a digimon spotted. It's attempting to bio-emerge" Tally said, although she held more respect in her tone since she did not have the confidence of her co-worker Riley to stand up against the blonde man.

"I see, well take it down. That digital monster must not be able to make it's way here. Activate Yuggoth and send a tracer to stop it" Yamaki commanded as he sat down, observing the fingers that flew across the keyboards of his two workers from their rotating chairs above.

"Yuggoth deployed...and Yuggoth destroyed?" Riley said with a confused look on her face, Yuggoth's data representation was removed from the screen, but the tracer still managed to lock on as the digimon continued to make its way through the barrier between the two worlds.

"'s bio-emerging, the digimon made it through. The location is..." Riley typed a few keys, "the West Shinjuku freeway"

"Understood, prepare to utilize the Juggernaut-X Program" Yamaki commanded, "I want it ready within the hour"

"Hai" the two computer geniuses typed away as their boss bit his nails in frustration.

'Why do these freaks only make it through, Juggernaut-X had been a success so far, maybe this one is like that giant tiger those kids fought. It was the only one that able to get through...let's see if it can handle this level of data removal' the blonde sunglasses wearing man though, his cigarette lighter cap opening and closing as he played with it.

West Shinjuku Freeway

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon stared at the large digital field that formed before the field dissipated and a large fountain of data emerged from the earth. The data began to swirl as it began to condense and form into a solid shape. Proteins began to synthesize as the data mixed with the proteins and made solid form. The result was a digimon.

It looked like a giant horse, with purple fur that covered most of its body. A silvery mane stretched down from its head and made its way down the digimon's neck and ended at the mid back, some of it sweeping over its shoulders and in front of its neck while also covering its eyes. A single red horn poked through the mane hair surrounding its forehead. Its two front limbs were larger than its back limbs making it hunch over slightly. The two front limbs were covered in red bandages from the thigh area to just above the hoof area, with golden chrome digizoid that made horse shoes for the mammalian looking digimon. Golden horse shoes and hooves also made the digimon's back feet. Golden bracers were wrapped around its ankles. Golden armour was worn over its chest area that covered the upper abdominal of the rather muscular horse. A belt was worn around its waist along with a giant conch shell was attached to its back by two green cloth straps that were worn over its shoulders.

"I am the server of the Sovereign One, who may you be? Where is the Catalyst?" the large horse bellowed as he spied Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon walking out from beneath the freeway.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and judging from your big ego, I'm guessing you're a deva who follows the old bird?" Naruto said with a glare at the horse.

"I will not allow you to speak about Zhuquiaomon-sama that way!" the horse whinnied before raising his large frontal hooves and bringing them down. The three rolled to the right before they glared at the horse.

"Why are you here for Calumon?" Naruto asked.

"Zhuquiaomon-sama had ordered me to do so, the Light of Digivolution must be brought back to the Digital World is what he said and destroy the those who oppose me. I will follow the Sovereign One without question, now be gone!" the purple horse raised his large frontal hooves again and tried to crush the three beneath them, but Naruto quickly grabbed his two partners and jumped back. He rested them on the ground and took out his D-Ark. After twenty seconds, which was the time it took for the large deva to reach them, the D-Ark beeped and a holographic image of the purple horse appeared on screen along with its data. Dorumon and Gatomon quickly jumped to attack the deva landing on the digimon's arms as it tried to knock them down before running up its arms to reach its head.

"Indramon, Ultimate level and follower of Zhuquiaomon, just as I thought. His strength is just as large as himself and he is able to hold that giant shell on his back with telekinesis. His attacks are Horn of Desolation and Bao Bei." Naruto pocketed Gatomon's D-Ark before taking out Dorumon's and the Digivolution card, but paused and put them away when he saw a small shadow jump out from behind him.

Dorumon and Gatomon were running up along Indramon's arms before jumping off. Gatomon's foot glowed with a bright white aura while Dorumon's body suddenly shone as if it were polished steel.



The two attacjs collided head on with Indramon's nose sending the deva's head back a bit from the impact of the two rather strong attacks.

"Hmmm, you two are quite strong for a rookie and a champion level" Indramon said before smirking, "however, you're going to need more than that to beat me" Indramon struck them down with his large left hoof sending the two partners downwards. They managed to flip in mid air and right themselves before skidding along the ground. They growled at the deva, but stopped when they saw a small purple digimon in front of them.

"Oi, horse breath. What the hell do you you're doin'?" Impmon yelled.

"Hmph, another weakling. These two are my opponents, leave me be" Indramon said looking over to Dorumon and Gatomon.

"I will not be ignored. I'm just as strong as those two" Impmon yelled as a small red fireball flickered to life on the edge of his finger.

"BADABOOM!" the red fireball collided with Indramon's nose, but did no damage.

"Is that all?" Indramon chuckled before lashing out and crashing his right golden hoof against Impmon sending the rookie digimon to the ground before striking him again and slamming him into a nearby column. Impmon fell to the ground panting, but remained defiant.

"I AM NOT WEAK!" Impmon ran and jumped as he avoided an attack before leaping up to Indramon's nose.

"YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR STINKIN' SOVEREIGN ARE GONNA DEFEAT ME! I'M TOP DOG AROUND HERE AND I WILL OBLITERATE YOU!" Impmon lashed out with a ferocious right hook followed by a kick before rotating his body and slamming his heel against the horse deva's muzzle and then used the momentum to reverse his twist and then performed a front flip to plant an axe kick which crashed into the horse deva's nose. Impmon then lashed out with a doubled punch followed by a double kick and then fired multiple fireball at Indramon. Impmon suddenly heard Indramon chuckled and saw his attacks had done no damage whatsoever before he was struck in the side with a hoof. Impmon fell before Indramon raised his hoof, it travelled after Impmon and landed atop the fallen digimon. Impmon was shown to be badly injured as the hoof was raised. His form flickering in and out of its stability. Impmon struggled to stand, his form still flickering.

Meanwhile beneath the freeway, Takato, Henry and Rika had arrived and were watching the poor guy struggle as he fought with all his heart to fight the larger digimon.

"Renamon we have to help him!" Rika cried out to her partner. The blonde kitsune digimon shook her head before her icy blue eyes gazed at the fellow rookie digimon.

"No, not unless we have to. This is Impmon's fight, we cannot intervene...this is a matter of pride, not strength" Renamon spoke.

"INFERNAL FUNNEL!" everyone looked to see Impmon standing on his two feet, arms outstretched before a red ring of fire formed, with a pink ring of flame forming within the red ring. The two mixed to form a larger fireball about the size of two basketballs combined. The pinkish red fireball flew at Indramon and impacted with his mane, setting the hair ablaze. Indramon gasped and quickly put out the flames, but some of the silvery hairs fell to the ground, burnt to ashes.

"YOU...YOU BURNT MY LUXURIOUS MANE! I WORK HOURS TO MAKE IT HAVE THAT SHINE, YOU INSOLENT LITTLE DIGI-GAKI, I'LL END YOU!" Indramon raised his arms and the shell on his back appeared in front of him.

"BAO BEI!" the shell then came down upon Impmon, but before it could make contact, Renamon quickly sped into the fray and grabbed the little digimon and bringing him back to the freeway.

"I...I was supposed to be the strongest there was, apparently I'm just a nobody...a weakling" Impmon said as he sniffled. He feel to his hands and knees, a pathetic act for one such as Impmon as he pounded the ground with his fist, Renamon watched before turning and running off into battle.

'Gomen Impmon...but we can't let you die, not have a just need to find out what it is' Renamon thought as the tamers swiped their cards and the four rookies digivolved into their champion forms.






"EVERYONE, ATTACK!" Naruto cried and the five Champion level digimon sprung into action. Dorugamon and Gatomon upon the dragon digimon's head, flew up to eye level before Dorugamon opened his mouth.

"POWER METAL!" the dragon roared before the electrically charged orb of steel and iron struck the horse sending it stumbling back a bit. Growlmon then jumped and his elbow protrusions glowed blue with energy.

"DRAGON SLASH!" the two blades of energy clashed with Indramon's red banadages, not even ripping them, but the impact of the attack was felt as Indramon grunted, but still didn't budge. Kyuubimon ran forward and then spun in the air.



Growlmon's and Kyuubimon's attacks mixed to form a violet fire dragon that crashed into Indramon's stomach that nearly caused Indramon to fall, but he was humilated as the deva did fall.

"GARGO LASER!" Gargomon yelled as his bullets hit the sensitive under parts of the golden hooves of the horse deva causing him to whinny in pain a bit before stumbling onto one knee.


"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Naruto yelled swiping the card through Gatomon's D-Ark. Gatomon's claws were then surrounded by a brighter white energy before slamming into Indramon's face with enough force to send the digimon's head snapping back.

"DRAGON SLASH!" Growlmon yelled as Dorugamon swooped down and threw the red scaled dinosaur up to Indramon's facial level and then the Digital Hazard digimon spun in the air and using the momentum, the Dragon Slash struck forth and sent the large horse tumbling to the ground. Growlmon was then joined in the air as the other appeared next to him. Growlmon opened his maw and the largest ball of flame ever made by him was formed. Red, blue and violet sparks of electricity formed in Dorugamon's reptilian jaws as a metal sphere materialized in it coated with the sparks. Kyuubimon spread out her tails and the nine small blue falls of flame formed, the ghostly blue fireballs then began to burn even more intensely as Kyuubimon channeled more power into her attack. Gargomon's gattling guns, spun rapidly, glowing an emerald colour while Gatomon's foot glowed with a powerful white aura.






All five attacks were launched forth. Naruto then smirked as he drew a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...ENERGY TRANSFER ACTIVATE!" the blonde shinobi tamer swiped the card through the slit in the side of the bronze-gold coloured D-Ark. Gatomon then spun in the air forming a small twister of white as the energy from all the other attacks surrounding her fused with the energy from her Neko Kick, transferring into her being. Gatomon's foot then glowed a rainbow of colours as they formed a large rainbow coloured flame around what used to be a Neko Kick attack. Gatomon bared her sharp feline fangs in a broad smile as the powers of fire, light, steel and electricity coursed through her veins. The electricity and flames flying off as residue from the attack as it neared Indramon's downed form.

"COLLABORATION ATTACK: ELEMENTAL CRUSHER!" Gatomon cried out, however as the attack was about to make contact, Indramon's form was suddenly absorbed into a swirling red, green and blue vortex in the sky. Luckily, Gatomon's attack was able to nail the deva hard enough in the stomach for Indramon to cry out in pain before he vanished as data into the vortex of Juggernaut-X.

"Hey, my attack didn't get all the way through!" Gatomon yelled as she stood in the crater that was made as her attack had met the ground. Everyone then looked up to see the swirling colourful vortex, red, green and blue flakes of data made up the portal that led back to the Digital World. Suddenly the vortex began to suck up Growlmon, Gatomon, Gargomon and Kyuubimon into the vortex. Dorugamon growled as he was also being sucked into the vortex, but then without his knowing, the X-Antibody on his forehead shone with a crimson light.

"X-Antibody Activate!" Dorugamon yelled as if he was possessed by some other being. His burnt orange eyes holding a dull glow to them. The X-Antibody then released a large beam that shot into the vortex that caused the Juggernaut-X Program to crumble from within before it vanished in a flash of white light. Dorugamon sighed, the glow leaving his eyes. He then quickly dive down, straight as an arrow and caught Gatomon on his back and Growlmon and Kyuubimon in his hands which he tirelessly began to try and rest on the ground gently as he flapped his wings heavily. Gargomon fell past them and slammed onto the ground forming a small crater. Gargomon whined as he rubbed his head.

"Did somebody get the Digi-code of the Monochromon that ran me over?" Gargomon asked before lying back down and de-digivolving back into Terriermon. Everyone sweat dropped, but still managed to show concern through it as their friend was injured. Dorugamon managed to let Growlmon and Kyuubimon down as gently as he could causing them both to drop from about ten feet onto their asses.

"Itai" the two Champion level digimon grunted before they de-digivolve. Dorugamon the de-digivolve in mid air, managing to catch Gatomon also while landing on his feet.

"You okay, Gato-chan?" the purple furred dragon asked the feline digimon. "That attack seemed to take a lot out of you"

"Where did you learn that attack?" Renamon asked.

"She didn' came with the spur of the moment. All of our attack were going to collide with Indramon, the horse deva digimon we were fighting just now, so I decided to transfer all of their power into Gatomon's attack since she actually required physical contact for her attack. The name...Elemental Crusher, as cool as it sounds, it was made up wasn't it?" the blonde asked his partner. Gatomon stuck out her tongue playfully which meant 'yes I made it up'.

"What was that portal in the sky?" Henry asked. Naruto sighed.

"Hypnos, as I told you which is located in the twin towers over there" Naruto said pointing to the clearly seen Hypnos HQ towers, "is an organization that is trying to stop digimon from bio-emerging into the Real World so as to protect it. However, Yamaki, the seemingly head honcho of Hypnos had developed a program called Juggernaut-X, a destructive program that seems to remove digimon from this world and send them back to the Digital World. Although, I could see that as some of the digimon from before we met Mihiramon on the day the Juggernaut-X Program was launched, some digimon had disintegrated. much as I dislike the devas though, I hope Indramon managed to survive" Naruto explained.

"I see, so the how is Dorugamon able to stop it?" Takato asked, "He seemed to fire a laser from his forehead and stop it"

"That is the work of the X-Antibody within Dorumon's programming. You see in the beginning when digimon were first being made, the prototype program called the Old Interface was made in the act of trying to create artificial life, I have my sources by snooping through Hypnos' secret files when I sneaked in before, anyways the project was shut down due to lack of funding and the digimon project cut off. However, the digimon managed to live on and thus it formed Dorumon...or Dodomon since he was still a baby digimon" Naruto said.

"The Juggernaut-X program contains a specific data destroying program that destroys and trashes any useless data that is seen as such by the user of it, it is called the X-Program. The X-Antibody from what I can tell was integrated into Dorumon's software as he was made and therefore he built up an immunity to the ancient program and thus is able to survive the Juggernaut-X Program as well as use it's powers to stop it by shooting a beam as we have just seen or during the first time, a large shield of data was generated from the X-Antibody to protect him during the time with Mihiramon"

"I this Juggernaut-X Program is a digimon genocide maker?" Henry summarized.

"Pretty much and we have to be careful when Yamaki uses it...or else one of our own could be lost to it" Naruto said. The tamers nodded, but then they paused as Naruto and Dorumon turned back to face Gatomon who was still looking at the crater from the Elemental Crusher.

"Gatomon/Gato-chan?" the tamer and partner asked, trying to get her attention. Gatomon remained focused on what she was looking at before looking up at where the Juggernaut-X portal formed and then she spotted something, floating in the air were tiny blue and violet data particles that stayed there for a while before shooting off across the sky as it turned dark.

" not gone" Gatomon said as she faced the others.

"NANI, are you sure!" Guilmon asked.

"Hai, I residue, but it wasn't...apparently the devas are able to disintegrate their own data and then probabaly re-integrate themselves back into their forms as they are probably able to re-integrate themselves back into their original forms...Indramon is probably injured from the attack we hit him with, even if I only managed to produce minimal damage, the attack was able to injure that smelly horse enough for him to retreat. The Juggernaut-X was probably there only to take Indramon, but since Indramon had disintegrated himself..."

"The Juggernaut-X Program looked for the next best" Rika inquired. Gatomon nodded.

"Well the, guess tomorrow we'll have to prepare for a surprise attack. Remember don't let your guard down at all tomorrow morning guys. Gatomon, Dorumon?" Naruto then knelt down as Dorumon climbed onto his back and Gatomon on his blonde hair covered head. The shinobi gave a small wave and winked at Rika before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. The others nodded to each other, serious expressions played upon their faces before they turned away and left for home.

'Be holding back' the other tamers and their digimon thought simultaneously.

The Next Day

Shinjuku Sewer Complex

Impmon trudged through the murky waters of the sewer as he sighed. His green eyes downcast.

'I'm such a failure, having that Renamon save my ass' Impmon growled as he fell from exhaustion. Indramon's attacks had left more than just pain of the body, it pained his mind and spirit from the battle. His weakness being shown to him first hand while the others fought valiantly and managed to pull off a win.

"I'm never...I'm never going to digivolve, I'm just a loser, a digi-baka, I don't even deserve to be what I am, I'm not even considered to be a digimon... I can't do anything" Impmon began to shudder and shake, tears began to fall from his eyes. The bottled up emotions of sadness, regret and frustration all being released as the dam burst and the emotions flooded out. He sat there for one whole hour until a blue light covered him.

"Huh, so this world can't even stand my weakness and is gettin' rid of me too eh?" Impmon said as he looked at the blue light. His emerald eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the light.

"What...what the hell?"

"Do you wish to become strong?" a voice asked him. Impmon gulped and walked towards the light that suddenly became a portal.

"Do you wish to become strong?" the unknown voice asked again. Impmon blinked, the voice was full of warmth and kindness, but behind that he could hear the darkness within those words, but in his pitiful state he couldn't really interpret anything, however the young digimon didn't know how right he was as he nodded.

"Hai...I want to be strong...I want to digivolve" Impmon declared. The voice chuckled and then the Digital Hazard symbol blazed to life on Impmon's chest and then he was sucked into the portal.

"Come to me, come back to your home in the Digital World... and I shall grant you your wish, young Impmon" the voice said. Impmon's green eyes suddenly widened and the image of a young humanoid digimon with eight angelic wings and blonde hair with sky blue eyes formed in his mind's eye.

"I...will go home. I will serve you...Lucemon-sama" and with that Impmon disappeared from the Real World.

Streets of Shinjuku

The four tamers and their digimon were walking through the streets, well actually, Guilmon, Dorumon and Terriermon were kept in the open while Gatomon and Renamon had to take to the rooftops since Renamon was too big and no one would have bought the kid in a cat suit alibi since the flicking of Gatomon's tail would have blown her cover. Calumon had appeared out of nowhere again and was currently atop Dorumon's head making funny faces into the reflection of himself as he gazed into the shining Old Interface of the X-Antibody embedded in Dorumon's forehead.

'I don't know how people are gullible enough to buy that Guilmon and Dorumon are people in costumes while when I brought out Gatomon they thought she was a mutant cat...that makes no fucking sense' Naruto thought as he watched Dorumon mope without his girlfriend beside him. Naruto held on to Rika's hand as they walked through the streets until they heard a cry.

"OI, TAKATO/CHUMLEY/TAKATO-KUN!" came the respective cries of Kenta, Kazu and Jeri. The three non-tamers ran up to them and smirked.

"Oi, chumley, check this out, I made my own Blue Card. Now I'm a tamer just like you guys" Kazy said proudly flashing the badly drawn card. It was made of several pieces of contrsuction paper stuck together to the same thickness as a digimon card and was coloured blue with the badly drawn 'D' and pixelated, if you could call it that, dinosaur. The drawing was crudely coloured as well as if by...

'Is that crayon?' they all thought with a sweat drop.

"Kazu, listen it's not that easy. Making your own Blue Card doesn't make you a tamer, you have to have a partner and a D-Ark that represents the bond between you and your digimon like we do" Takaton explained. "Now come on, we're gonna kick a giant horse's ass to the curb" Takato said as their D-Arks began to beep.

Exit Highway from West Shinjuku leading to Central Shinjuku

The cars were stopped as the traffic lights suddenly began to stop working and a large digital field popped up out of nowhere. The digital field expanded, growing larger and larger before it was removed and there stood Indramon. The giant purple pony whinnied before bringing his hooves down, crushing a few cars and causing a shockwave that caused the highway, which was balanced on strong titanium infused columns to crack slightly and creak and also cause many cars to turn over and crash into each other causing major traffic congestion. People, having seen the giant horse quickly began gettin out of their cars and racing back towards the city. After several hours, many people had made it to saftey, although Indramon may not have been so merciful and killed few hundred with his Bao Bei, the giant shell. Then when the majority of people left, the four digimon tamers arrived on the scene.

"Look it's's Indramon!" Henry cried out as the four tamers and three non-tamers arrived on scene.

"Let's do this" Naruto cried out as they all took out their D-Arks and cards. (Cue Digimon Theme Song)

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Calumon's crimson traingle on his forehead began to glow, bathing the four rookies in a red light as their tamers slashed the Digivolution cards through the slits on the side of their D-Arks.



Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data. Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.



Renamon's form was encased in a swirling blue egg of data, her skin and fure peeling off to reveal a larger form beneath it all and bound together by a wire frame pattern. She changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.



Guilmon was surrounded by a swirling red egg of data. Guilmon's skin then peeled away to reveal a darker red form that was patterned in a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to form a larger, more powerful form of Guilmon. The egg of data exploded to reveal a larger version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital Hazard symbol was located on his left shoulder.



Terriermon was surrounded by an egg of swirling green data.

Terriermon's skin peeled away to reveal a large green rabbit covered in wire frame pattern, or blue squares for a simpler term. The skin then reattached itself as Terriermon's body grew into that of a larger rabbit, his face and ears were entirely green, the edge of the ears, the body and muzzle of Gargomon being a tan colour, a red diamond lay in the centre of the champion level's forehead. Two red slash like marking were on Gargomon's cheeks, his hands were replaced with gattling guns, a string of ammunition was strapped across the trigger happy bunny's chest and he wore a pair of navy blue jeans.


The five Champion digimon appeared again to face off against the dreaded purple pony only his time, the giant deva seemed to be a bit bigger than last last time.

"Is it just me or does the purple pony over there seem bigger?" Gargomon asked. Everyone looked at Gargomon and then at Indramon before their eyes widened.

"You know...I think Gargomon has a point" Rika said, the large horse deva did seem to be a few metres taller from when they previously met him.

"Ah yes, my little playmates, so nice to see you again. Now Zhuquiaomon-sama can finally get the Catalyst back seeing as how he is with you, right there" Indramon whinnied pointing at Calumon.

"Now way you're going to get your grubby little hooves on Calumon!" the digimon roared. Indramon snorted and stomped his hooves.

"These hooves are encased in chrome digizoid so who do you think you're calling grubby" Indramon said. Indramon, as powerful as he is, had a soft spot for his looks and was why he lashed out with such fury when Impmon burnt his mane. The digimon then charged forwards and attacked.

"DRAGON SLASH!" Growlmon yelled before jumping into the air and aimed his elbow blades at the large horse, but the deva smirked before bringing up his hoof and slamming it down on Growlmon. The red dinosaur grunted in pain as he met the harsh concrete right between two cars. Kyuubimon then ran past the downed dino before spinning in the air, ghostly blue flames surrounding her form and then taking off in the form of a dragon.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" the sapphire dragonn roared before racing towards Indramon, but the horse simply took a deep breath and large hurricane of winds from his large horse nostrils. The winds, although fanning flames, also managed to divert and blow the dragon off course and it dispersed in mid air. Gargomon had used the attack as a distraction in order to leap atop a large gasoline truck.

"Henry, a little strength here" Henry nodded and swiped the card.

"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Gargomon looked and Dorugamon and Gatomon and the three nodded. Gargomon jumped high into the air using powerful leg muscles as he leaped of of the gasoline truck. Dorugamon then swooped down and grabbed it before throwing it upwards, Gatomon followed it before spinning in the air and used to build up momentum.

"NEKO KICK!" her glowing white paw/foot slammed into the now dented gas truck as it sailed past Gargomon and at Indramon.

"GARGO LASER!" the two gattling gun hands of Gargomon fired the barrage of green laser bullets that struck the gasoline truck as it was near Indramon's face and caused it to explode causing a loud boom to race through the air and reach the ears of those present. The digimon smirked in triumph, however their happiness was short lived as they saw the digimon standing their without any damage done to him.

"Is that all you got?" Indramon asked with a chuckle before the giant Bao Bei on his back floated from his cloth bindings and appeared in front of him.

"Take him down, combine attack!" Dorugamon yelled. Naruto slashed a card through Gatomon's D-Ark and the feline's left arm grew into the shape of MetalGarurumon's head, the head's jaws opened out and a cannon was shown to be held within.







The five attack swirled into one before racing towards the gargantuan steed, but Indramon chuckled as the inside of the Bao Bei began to glow with a rainbow coloured light and the attack was absorbed into it.

"HAHAHA, YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!" Indramon bellowed as he took a deep breath.

"He..." Growlmon's eyes widened.

"Just abosorbed..." Gatomon spoke.

"All our attacks" Kyuubimon finished the sentence. A surprising statement since those were their most powerful attacks as well as one of Naruto's most powerful modification cards. Indramon then took a deeper breath of air before releasing the air into the large conch shell with an exhale from his great lung capacity.

"HORN OF DESOLATION!" a large beam, with at least double the attack power of their combined attack shot back at the five. Naruto and the others cursed as the blonde drew a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...IMPERDIALDRAMON PALADIN MODE'S OMNI SWORD!" he yelled, Gatomon's claws were suddenly clutching the famed Omni Sword before she spun the blade expertly in her hands before spinning it in a circle. The Horn of Desolation was being held back, but Gatomon was only one digimon and although the attack was significantly weakened, it still posed to cause great damage. And great damage it cause for Gatomon's Omni Sword broke before her very eyes and the attack continued straight and true before impacting with her and the rest of the digimon. The other watched as the blast had their digimon scattered. Then they heard the sound of helicopters from above.

"Look, maybe this should be a job for the military, they could handle it!" Takato yelled. The helicopters raced through the clear blue skies over their heads.

" that a giant horse?" one pilot asked.

"I don't care, just kill it!" the lead pilot ordered. Missiles blazed to life as their speed and destructive detonating prowess were sure to defeat the digimon, which it didn't for Indramon simply raised his front hooved and blocked it before swiping with them. Hitting three of the four helicopters than came to help from the Japanese Defense. The helipcopters spun out of control and the pilots ejected themselves as their rides were blown to smithereens as it impacted with the road below.

"I'm gonna miss that heli" said one pilot. The fourth helicopter then acted as a rescue copter and saved the parachuting ex-pilots before abandoning the mission.

"Mission abort, mission abort. Enemy is too strong, cannot engage, I repeat we cannot engage. We're returning to base" the pilot of the fourth helicopter said.

"Great, even the country's defenses don't work" Rika said rolling her eyes. The digimon then stood to their feet and Naruto gritted his teeth as he withdrew a blue card.


"Matrix Crystal Activate!' Calumon yelled as the blue light expelled from the bronze D-Ark mixed with the light of digivolution as it was launched at Gatomon. Gatomon smirked.

"I'll take you down now!"



Gatomon glowed a bronze-gold colour as her body lengthened and became more humanoid. Her tail retracted into her body and eight angelic wings grew on her back. Her ears became a small pair of angelic wings that were connected to a steel helmet that covered her eyes and nose. Long, flowing blonde hair cascaded down her back from her head like a waterfall of gold. A white outfit covered her previously naked body, leaving only a bit of her stomach, and her upper thighs visible. Two wing shaped cups covered her breasts in a makeshift bra of some sort and a long pink ribbon with digicode printed along it was wrapped around her arms. A pair of golves that stretched to her forearms appeared and finally a pair of boots, the one on her left looked like a regular high heel boot that was apparently a part of the leotard like body suit she was wearing while the one on her right was relatively normal if you didn't count the fact it was completely covered with pure white feathers. Her ring from her tail became wrapped around her left ankle. Her eight angelic wings flapped magestically.


The angel digimon glared beneath her steel helmet and held out her feathery bow and an arrow of light formed.

"CELESTIAL ARROW!" she yelled and the light arrow sped towards the deva, but Indramon batted it away only to come face to face with an angry Goddess of the Digital World. With surprising strength that surprised even Indramon, Angewoman lashed out and punched Indramon in the face sending the horse deva stumbling backwards and falling to the ground. Then she grabbed the deva by his back left hoof and dragged him along the ground scraping his body against the cars, only stopping when she reached where her friends lay which only fueled her need to stop this monster. She threw Indramon up into the air and then flew after him at speeds that caused her to break the sound barrier. A barrage of punches landed before she let loose a palm strike, that formed a palm of light, to the stomach before flying towards his chest area and punched it repeatedly as cracks began to form on the armour. She then kicked him in the stomach before twisting and a back hand struck Indramon sending him flying through the air. Angewoman then blurred out of existence before appearing behing Indramon and fired a roundhouse to his back and then appearing in front of him and spun to crash her elbow against his snout. Indramon whinnied in pain as a left hook struck his jaw followed by a right hook then an elbow to the chin. Angewoman then spun ninety degrees and crashed her right elbow into his face before twisting at her hips and hitting Indramon with her left elbow.

"That was for endangering my tamer!" she roared. This wrath of the angel digimon gave new meaning to hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

She then got down low by flying underneath the now falling Indramon before going upwards and planted both her feet against the horse deva's chin. Indramon flew upwards as Angewoman appeared above the horse deva and then clasped her hands together and brought them down on Indramon.

"That's for hurting my friends!" and then as the purple pony fell her giant light arrow formed and then she aimed and let it fly, straight and true.

"AND THIS IS FOR HURTING THE MAN I LOVE, OODAMA CELESTIAL ARROW!" the eight winged angel digimon yelled out her final proclamation which caused Dorugamon to smile.

"She's a knockout" he whispered as the celestial arrow struck the horse deva. A large explosion of light formed and a large smoke cloud resulted. Angewoman puffed as he fixed her hair and descended slowly to ground level. Her eight wings flapped tiredly and her feather boy retracted back to lay against her arm. Angewoman smiled at the others and gave a thumbs up.

"We won!" Kazu yelled. Naruto nodded, but then stopped as his eyes widened.

"No...NO IT CAN'T BE!" he yelled. He turned to his Ultimate levelled partner.

"ANGEWOMAN GET OUT OF THERE NOW!" the angel digimon looked confused as she looked down and saw a bright light and as she was struck the last things she heard before going into unconsciousness and reverting back to Gatomon was her name being yelled out by her boyfriend and the name of the attack that struck her.

"HORN OF DESOLATION!" a pillar of light greeted the eyes of the six pre-teens and single teenager. Angewoman screamed loudly from the pain as the Bao Bei returned the power of her Oodama Celestial Arrow struck her with twice the force and twice the power sending her falling to the ground smoking from her wings. Everyone's eyes widened and then Naruto quickly channeled chakra into his feet and ran before catching the fallen angel.

"ANGEWOMAN!" Dorugamon cried out in fear, the emotion evident in his burnt orange eyes.

"Angewoman" then she glowed with golden-bronze light and shrunk down, becoming cat like as she returned back to being Gatomon. Naruto shook with anger and sadness as he looked at his barely moving partner. He quickly formed handsigns and used one of the only healing jutsus he knew. Green chakra spread out over her body, healing her wounds, the dust on her fur still there though. He then got up and saw Kyuubimon right next to him. The nine tailed kitsune looked at Gatomon and nodded before taking her from Naruto.

"That's hurt this city, you hurt innocent people and now you hurt my partner...THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL YOU'RE GETTING OUT OF THIS ALIVE INDRAMON!" Naruto roared, killing intent flew from him and struck the ultimate level digimon like a tsunami. Indramon didn't seem fazed by it, but on the inside he was sweating a bit.

"He's a human, he can't do much" the horse deva whispered to himself. He was proven quite wrong as Naruto, cloaked in a wild red aura of youkai struck out with a powerful punch that sent Indramon skating backwards for several seconds before tripping over a car and then rolling on the ground. Naruto dropped down and then Dorugamon flew up into the air and then dropped down in front of Naruto.

"We will make you pay, for hurting our comrade...the one I love" Dorugamon said, with a few tears falling from his burnt orange eyes. His rounded pupils were slitted now, just like Naruto and contained a slight tint of crimson. Calumon's red triangle in the zero unit emblazoned on his forehead glowed intensely before shooting off towards Dorugamon who was a few feet in front of the cream puff digimon. Dorugamon growled as the power of the Light of Digivolution filled him.

'What another one can digivolve?' Indramon thought as he rose to his feet, the armour that Naruto punched, a large chunk of the chrome digizoid fell off and then Indramon looked as Naruto held a glowing sapphire card in his hand. Indramon could only gasp and say one thing.

"Oh fuck"

"DIGIMODIFY...MATRIX DIGIVOLUTION!" Naruto yelled and the red light surrounding Dorugamon intensified before mixing with the deep blue of the Blue Card. Dorugamon growled before releasing a beastial roar to the heavens. Power flowing through him.


Dorugamon's entire body was encased in what looked like liquid metal, solidifying over his body. Dorugamon's body was then changed within the metal cocoon which could be seen from the external look of the metal covering. The metal then broke and revealed the Ultimate level digimon. The two front limbs grew longer and then the dragon digimon dropped onto all fours. The tail lengthened and began to twist along the length and at the tip was a large golden spike of some sort. The dragon's face had elongated, looking for reptilian looking, a large blade made the horn that grew from his snout. Two pairs of steel coloured wings, the lining surrounding the wings was a darker shade of grey than the membrane. Five golden rings lined the skin that surrounded the lining of the membrane, each having one sharp golden spike on the rings. The back pair of wings were slightly smaller than the frontal pair. The dragon was covered with red fur with black zigzag markings. The nose area, feet and underside of the dragon was snow white just like the mane which ran down its back. The mane ending at the end of the long neck the dragon had. Four grey, steel spikes jutted out of the neck of the Ultimate level dragon digimon, two on each side, the ears were more pointed. Three long, sharp black claws poised to kill grew out of each foot and its teeth were lined with many pearly white teeth. His crimson red eyes glowed with power along with the Old Interface that remained on his forehead before releasing a roar to heavens.


Everyone stared in awe at the large dragon. The digimon was as large as Indramon, possibly a bit bigger.

"" Indramon paused.

"Yes, I digivolved, now..." Dorugreymon's eyes glowed as he glared at Indramon, "You misguided horse deva, for hurting someone dear to me, prepare to face the consequences" Dorugreymon growled. Indramon held the Bao Bei in front of him for defense and charged the equal if not slightly larger, dragon digimon. He swung the large conch shell with a battle cry.

"BAO BEI!" the purple horse cried and swung the shell. Dorugreymon looked bored before ducking beneath the swing and charged forward and headbutted Indramon before rearing up on his hind legs and slashing with the forelimbs, leaving large gashes on the horse's body. He then impaled Indramon's arm from a headbutt using the horn blade on his nose. As he removed the blade, Dorugreymon twisted and grabbed Indramon's back left hoof and pulled, tripping the horse deva and then standing atop of him and growled like the beast digimon he was.

"I hold the alias as 'The Final Enemy' Indramon, did you know that. I am your final enemy that you will see. Dorugreymon held up his golden spike pointed tail and held it high.

"Any last words?" the crimson furred dragon asked. Indramon chuckled before nodding.

"Hai, two...BAO BEI!"

"Huh?" Dorugreymon was suddenly struck in the head sending him skidding over a few cars, before the dragon decided to use his wings and took flight.

"HORN OF DESOLATION!" the violet coloured deva said before taking many deep breaths and launching multiple energy blasts from the Bao Bei. Dorugreymon then twisted in the air to avoid one and then performing a barrel roll to avoid another. He then ducked and became streamlined as he managed to squeeze himself tightly to avoid two that nearly sandwiched him before performing a loop-the-loop as he avoided another and then dive down, spinning like a drill looking like a tornado of red, black and grey. He plowed through the final Horn of Desolation attack and smirked as he crashed into Indramon and then bit down with his sharp teeth at the area where his bicep was and then using amazing feats of strength lifted the horse deva up and slammed him down on the ground before picking him up again and slamming him down on another field of machinery, repeating this process a few more times before throwing the purple horse a good height, a few hundred feet into the air before flapping his powerful wings and meeting the large horse in the sky for all to see below at what he was about to do, before his tail was raised and poised to strike.

"BLOODY TOWER!" his tail shot off faster than anyone had ever seen. As the deva fell from the sky, it looked like nothing happened, but then large holes of data fell from Indramon as all four of his limbs were impaled. Dorugreymon the roared and fired a small ball made of steel from his maw. The ball then began to expand and grow larger until it was at least the ten times the size of Dorugreymon himself.

"My final attack...METAL METEOR!" the large metal sphere flew down from the sky, burning from the friciton with the air as it fell making it literally red hot as it actually looked like a meteor. The attack then met Indramon's body and the deva whinnied and screamed in pain as the body of Indramon was crushed and burnt before dispersing into red flakes of data that dissipated from view. Dorugreymon walked up to Naruto, holding a three quarters of fully awake, Gatomon and bent down.

"Is Gato-chan alright?" the ultimate level digimon asked.

"Hai, were amazing out there. Good thing you digivolved in the nick of time" Naruto said, anger gone along with Kyuubi's youkai cloak of a tailless kitsune.

"Arigato, Naruto. Good to see Gato-chan is okay too" Dorugreymon responded with a smile before walking over to the others, towering over them.

"Oi, what did you guys think? I'm really strong now, right?" Dorugreymon asked.

"Yeah and you're about as big as WarGrowlmon" Takato managed to say, after seeing a large red furred dragon with a lot of pointy objects attached to each limb was kind of scary.

"SUGOI!" everyone else cried out, including Renamon and Rika.

"Naruto-kun" she said walking over to him as he came over. She then glared at him before slapping him in the face. This surprised for as he was about to ask why, she suddenly captured his lips with her own. Naruto melted into the kiss and could feel what emotions she felt, happiness at the victory, but sadness and a bit of betrayl.

"Rika-chan...I..." he couldn't continue as Rika stopped him.

"I know you said, you would risk your life for us...but I, I just got you Naruto and I don't want to lose you. Not now...not ever" she whispered the last part. Naruto's eyes widened, he didn't know Rika cared that much for him, he smirked before bending down slightly to reached her eye level.

"Gomen Rika-chan, but until we defeat Zhuquiaomon or whoever is behind this...I'm not going anywhere and I won't die, never. Not until my time comes" Naruto said with a fox grin on his face before pecking her on the lips and then watched as Dorugreymon de-digivolved back into Dorugamon and then into Dorumon. Dorumon sighed as he fell to one knee.

"You okay there buddy?" Naruto asked the dragon digimon. The X-Antibody holder smirked, panting slightly.

"Hai...I'm okay Naruto. Just get Gato-chan" he said, he was suddenly tackled in a hug as Gatomon had woken up. In fact she was awake just after he digivolved, Naruto was just too surprised to notice.

"You were amazing you know that" she spoke into his ears. His pointed ears twitched as her warm breath tickled the sensitive parts. His eyes widened.

" saw?" he asked. She nodded.

"I was awake just after I saw the light disappear just as you finished digivolving" the feline digimon explained.

"Well, I did it all for you, just like you fought as Angewoman for me" Dorumon said smiling at his feline girlfriend. Gatomon smirked before kissing him on the cheek.

"And it's why I love you, Doru-kun. Never afraid to risk your life for your comrades...looks like a trait from our tamer has rubbed off onto you" Gatomon said with a giggle. Dorumon nodded and chuckled, a small grin on his face.

"So it appears" the group then rose to their feet, the digimon having all returned to rookie level, and then headed back for their homes.

"Rika-chan, I thought we had a date this evening?" Naruto asked his girlfriend.

"Oh yeah, well then after why don't we go now?" she asked. The blonde nodded and smirked.

"I'll show you how to make ramen, my Okaa-chan had a secret recipe so you can help me make it for lunch" the whisker marked jinchuriki spoke. The two chuckled as they continued to walk with the rest of the group.

Hypnos HQ

"Yamaki, there have been reports of a...giant horse on the news...what are doing to explain this so as not to cause anymore panic after all many were at the scene of where the digimon appeared" a man with a business suit, black sunglasses and black hair, on a screen said. Another screen flashed on along with one other.

"Yeah Yamaki, you gotta do something. People are already thinking that something's up" another man said, he was in between fat and skinny, but was still a bit big and wore a grey business suit and was nearly completely bald.

"I say let's go eat lunch to get out mind off of things before making a decision" a man who looked like he was playing golf said as he swung the nine iron club.

"Nice swing Tokushima" the man in the black business suit said as he watched the ball sail through the air.

"Arigato Kenshin, I've been working on it"

"So Yamaki, what are you going to do?" they all asked the blonde leader of Hypnos.

"Don't worry about it. I'll handle it..." Yamaki said as he paused, "Just give me some time, it was you guys who created Hypnos in the first place, I'm the one who has to do all the hard work and create all the cover stories"

"Okay, but make sure you'll be able to submit it soon, no less than three days. Anymore and the public will think that the city will be under attack by real digimon" the balding man said. "Well, the wife's calling, gotta go. Riza out" the screen with the balding man went black.

"Kenshin/Tokushima out. Good luck Yamaki!" they said and their screens went black also, leaving Yamaki alone with Riley, Tally and the computers.

"Set up an excuse, make sure this occurs throughout the entriety of West Shinjuku. No screw ups okay Rileu, Tally? People will begin to suspect digimon are real things, so we cannot allow this to happen as wide spread chaos on a world wide scale could occur. Keep Juggernaut-X at the ready"


'Now then...' Yamaki turned away, playing with his lighter and picked up a book labelled, 'Digimon the Encyclopedia', 'Time to learn more about you digital monsters'

Digital World

"Oh confound it, Indramon has been least they killed him. If he had come back to me empty handed, his death would not have been so swift" Zhuquiaomon grumbled to himself. The fires of his throne burning more intensely due to his anger, bordering on orange to blue as they got hotter. Zhuquiaomon then looked at the copy of the Real World's calendar.

"I guess I'll send out Vajramon and Pajiramon next...and then after that, Khumbhiramon. Majiramon is much too rebellious and would only follow Azulongmon, even denying to do the actions of the other Sovereigns, but..." Zhuquiaomon paused as he looked out of the corner of his eye and into the dark corner of his lair if he could have, Zhuquiaomon would have smirked. Of course this is difficult as a bird. A small figure walk out of the dark corner and nodded. On the red scarf the small digimon wore, was a violet symbol...the Digital Hazard emblazoned on the red neckerchief. His leathery purple skin, pale face and shining green eyes graced the presence of the Sovereign of the South, or would it have been the other way.

"In just three months, the plan will come into action and all shall bow to the Digimon Sovereigns and the Chaos will finally be able to be kept at bay once more...isn't that right...Impmon?" Zhuquiaomon asked with a hint of mirth in his burning golden eyes.

"Hai...Zhuquiaomon-sama" Impmon replied, the Digital Hazard symbol seeming to pulse on the fabric and the once deep green eyes became shrouded in sky blue, mixing to make an aquamarine colour.

'Think what you wish, Zhuquiaomon-sama' Lucemon thought with a smirk. 'But this little puppet is one of the many pawns that I shall use to take my place as King of the Digital World...and yet you don't even know that you are one yourself foolish Sovereign'

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