Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 14: Ultimate Level x2

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"In just three months, the plan will come into action and all shall bow to the Digimon Sovereigns and the Chaos will finally be able to be kept at bay once more...isn't that right...Impmon?" Zhuquiaomon asked with a hint of mirth in his burning golden eyes.

"Hai...Zhuquiaomon-sama" Impmon replied, the Digital Hazard symbol seeming to pulse on the fabric and the once deep green eyes became shrouded in sky blue, mixing to make an aquamarine colour.

'Think what you wish, Zhuquiaomon-sama' Lucemon thought with a smirk. 'But this little puppet is one of the many pawns that I shall use to take my place as King of the Digital World...and yet you don't even know that you are one yourself foolish Sovereign'


The shopping district of the western area of Shinjuku was a very active area of the city, since it was the shopping district it was shown to be bustling with activity. Many people were rushing through the streets looking for something to buy for either friends, family or maybe both. However, in a small gumball vending machine, a boy was aiming to get some Digimon cards from the Digimon card vending machine. He put in his three quarters before turning the knob and he got out his card pack. As he opened the pack his once bright eyes dulled and his shoulders, slumped.

"Aww man, that's a serious rip off" the boy mumbled. As he was turning a man wearing a dark blue hat and a yellow jacket walked past him and bumped into him. The boy's cards spilled from his hands, but as he was picking them up, he noticed there was another card amongst the pile. He turned around while picking up the card and noticed the retreating back of the yellow jacket wearing man.

"Oi, jacket-san!" the boy yelled out waving the card like it was a flag, but dropped his arm down as he noticed the man was not looking back. The boy looked at the card and noticed how it did absolutely nothing worthwhile that could help him in any card game he would play.

"Well this is even more of a rip off than I imagined" the boy growled as he stared at the card, however as he shoved it into his pocket, he never noticed the card flashing to a blue colour before returning to its disguised form.

The four tamers were walking down the streets talking to one another.

"So when do you think another deva will appear, it's been three days" Takato asked.

"I don't know, maybe there are certain time intervals when the devas can be sent out" Henry suggested. Naruto shook his head.

"Unlikely, otherwise there would be a pattern in the arrivals of each of the deva and judging by how the variations, I would say that Zhuquiaomon is being picky about which devas he chooses to send. He may be an old phoenix, but the bird knows the art of battle and strategy. He's planning on sending out a deva sometime later, just planning on which one to send out" the blonde tamer inquired.

"How do you know that, from what you told us. You've only met Zhuquiaomon for only a few hours in the Digital World" the other three tamers asked. Naruto looked at them and frowned as he thought of the Sovereign of the South.

"As a shinobi it is required that one be able to tell how an enemy is ale to act upon a first glance if not a second one. Given the few hours I had, I had more than enough time to observe Zhuquiaomon...that look in his eyes when he defied Fanglongmon to destroy myself and Dorumon, also gave me the impression that he hates humans and anything he cannot understand and wished to eradicate it" Naruto said before sighing, there was a period of silence throughout the group before it was ruined by Takato's stomach growling.

"I guess I could use a little food" Takato said scratching behind his head in embarrassment. Rika rolled her eyes.

"Goggle-head" she insulted him, "those goggles around your head is keeping nutrients from reaching your brain"

"HEY!" The four then went towards the nearest food parlor they could find, but Naruto paused and looked around sniffing the air, his eyes flashing red and slightly bared his fangs.

"Something wrong, Naruto-kun?" Rika asked her boyfriend. Naruto nodded and told Rika to stay with Takato and Henry.

"I'll be right back, don't worry. I just need to...check something" he then stepped away from the red head, giving her a kiss for reassurance. The feisty Nonaka was about to retaliate and demand answers when Naruto formed half the handsign for ram and then vanished in a swirl of wind and leaves before anyone could take notice.

"Oi, where's Naruto?" Takato asked holding two ice cream cones, one for himself and Naruto. Henry came out with two of his own, one for Rika and himself.

"He went somewhere, it's probably a digimon, but he disappeared before I could follow him" Rika explained, "stupid Shunshin no Jutsu" she mumbled.

"Hey don't worry, this is Naruto we're talking about. He can handle himself, even without Dorumon and Gatomon" Takato said, but then noticed Naruto's ice cream was melting.

"You know I should keep Naruto's ice cream from melting and the only way to that is to keep it safeguarded in my stomach" Takato then began to eat away at Naruto's ice cream while the other two pre-teenaged tamers sweatdropped.

'Baka' they thought.

With Naruto

Naruto appeared atop a building a few blocks away from where he had left Rika and the others. He closed his eyes and focused on his sense of hearing, after a while his eyes snapped open and he turned around just as a digital field opened up, surrounding himself and the roof of the building.

'Kyuubi quick, put up a genjutsu' Naruto declared. The great bijuu nodded within Naruto's mindscape.

"I'm on it kit" Naruto eyes became red as Kyuubi temporarily took control, 'You would think he would say thank you for all this shot I've been doing to keep him from being noticed' Kyuubi thought. Naruto/Kyuubi flashed through handsigns and a genjutsu was cast over the entire roof and a bit beyond to make whatever was there invisible, namely Naruto, the Digital Field and whatever digimon was up there.

"Hehehe, so you're my opponent?" the digimon asked as it appeared, "A lowly human?" Naruto took out his D-Ark and a holographic image of the digimon appeared. It looked like a cream coloured ball with arms and legs if you put it bluntlty. It wore a mask made of red cloth with two eye holes through which orange eyes looked through. A small sword was strapped to its back while in its hand was a four starred shuriken. It wore fishnet arm bands and spiked shell like material on its shoulder areas.

"Let's see what we got here" Naruto whipped out Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark, "Ninjamon, what the hell, he looks like a wannabe ninja to me, he is a supposed master at espionage and speedy yet powerful blows are used. His attacks are Ninja Knife Throwing, odd since he has a shuriken...and Fire Enbuken" Naruto read before pocketing the D-Ark.

"It seems the master does not see my abilities at a high enough level if he put me up against a lowly human. Well then..." the Digital Hazard symbol was suddenly formed on the center of the shinobi digimon's mask and his eyes became a mixture of sky blue and orange as the sky blue colour bled into the originally orange irises.

"Oh great, another one of you 'master' freaks" the blonde said rolling his eyes before shifting into a fighting stance, "Well listen here, your 'master' and you are going down" Naruto drew two kunai knives from his hidden weapons pouch on his right shin, the kunai then glowed a light blue colour as wind chakra was applied making their blades sharper and more refined as well as lengthening the blade's reach. Ninjamon jumped into the air and took aim, pulling back his arm.

"NINJA KNIFE THROWING!" the red mask wearing digimon yelled and then hurled the star shaped weapon. The shuriken spun as it sliced through the air, but Naruto smirked before raising one of his kunai, spinning around to build momentum before slashing downwards, the shuriken breaking apart in half before disappearing as red flakes of data. Naruto then threw his kunai, but the digimon rolled beneath the flying wind propelled/wind enhanced projectiles, embedding themselves three quarters through the concrete roof. The ninja digimon growled before charging Naruto and aimed to punch him, but Naruto ducked underneath the blow before sidestepping a frontal kick to the face. He caught a fist aimed for his stomach before catching the other fist. Ninjamon growled and tried to kick Naruto in the groin who had to let go in order to jump back and avoid being crippled.

"Hey, no fair. That's a cheap shot and have nothing for me to kick you in" Naruto said. Ninjamon smirked and reached for his sword.

"Awww, too bad." Ninjamon then gripped the hilt as he saw Naruto's eyes flash to a crimson colour and in the blink of an eye before he could even draw his blade, Naruto was in his face. The blonde jinchuriki's fist poised to strike. The whisker cheeked blonde punched Ninjamon in the face/body before using the momentum from his punch to crouch down low and sweep his opponent's feet out from under him before striking the digimon with an uppercut to the lack of a chin that sent the wannabe shinobi digimon skyward. Naruto then leaped upwards and grabbed the digimon's ankles before performing many front flips along with the help of gravity to slam Ninjamon into the concrete roof forming a spiderweb of cracks from the impact. Naruto jumped away and snorted at the downed digimon.

"You're no can't even stand up to me, I am the true shinobi." Naruto said. Ninjamon stood to his feet and turned to Naruto, his sword drawn.

"Don't...insult my title as a ninja" Ninjamon roared before his blade erupted into flames.

"FIRE ENBUKEN!" Yellow, orange and red mixed to form a blaze that would burn through most things. Flesh and bone being one of them. Naruto quickly ducked benath a horizontal slice, aimed to take off his head. The searing heat made him slightly sweat from the proximity to the flames.

He quickly sidestepped a downward vertical slash. Ninjamon's eye twitched before continuing with an onslaught of attacks. First he slashed downwards in a diagonal slash before going into a horizontal slash to try and cleave Naruto in half before going into an upward vertical slash and then reversing to go downwards before going into an upward diagonal slash. Naruto avoided them all and jumped back as Ninjamon jumped into the air, his flaming blade behind him as he flipped in the air, scattering embers through to the wind before slamming his blade down into the concrete of the roof causing a small blast of fire to erupt from the area of contact. Ninjamon growled in anger, his Digital Hazard sign seemed to glow as his negative emotion of anger and hatred flowed through him. This was increased as Naruto appeared in front of him with a burst of speed and formed handsigns.

"Jinton: Kurassha no Jinryu/ Speed Style: Speed Dragon Crusher!" Naruto performed the combo used with his father's kekkai genkai as his speed dramatically increased as Naruto balanced on his right hand and right foot before kicking upwards with his left to hit Ninjamon in his hand causing the burning blade to fly out of his hands and the loss of contact with its wielder caused the sword's blade to become regular steel as the flames vanished. Naruto then recovered to stand up on his two feet and performed a right hook, nailing Ninjamon in the cheek before landing a left hook to the opposite cheek. Naruto then twisted on his heel and slammed a back hand to the face before twisting again and crashing his heel into the digimon's back sending him to one knee and then twisting again to grab Ninjamon by the mask and heaving him over his shoulder and into the ground. The force of the throw caused Ninjamon to bounce back up into the air to allow Naruto to land another punch with his right followed by a second punch with his left. While Ninjamon was relatively stationary from the impacts, Naruto knelt down and formed his famed cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" he cried out as a plume of smoke appeared above his and a carbon copy of himself, appeared out of the smoke with a poof sound, swinging back its leg and crashing it into the face of Ninjamon in a sweeping upward curve that, as a result sent the digimon upwards. Naruto jumped up and lashed out with a double sweeping upwards kick just like his clone as it puffed out of existence before clasping his hands together and slamming it down on the head of the digimon. Ninjamon let out a cry of pain before slamming into the ground and then Naruto's descending fist, powered by the force of gravity impacted with what would be considered, Ninjamon's stomach.

Naruto stood up to his full height and glared at the ninja digimon.

"You will never amount to the caliber of being a true shinobi, Ninjamon" Naruto growled, "Don't flaunt around that title like it's a flag that could be swept away by the winds...'ninja'" Naruto turned and shoved his hands in his pockets, "Pathetic"

Ninjamon gritted his teeth and then the Digital Hazard mark on his mask glowed brightly and pulsed before a dark aura of shadow outlined the digimon. Orange and blue irises stared at Naruto's retreating back before the digimon stood to his feet and held an arm, the sword that was previously embedded in the concrete roof was yanked out by some invisible force before it was 'thrown' through the air and Ninjamon soon held his blade in his grip once more. Naruto turned around once he heard the sound of a blade slicing the air and his sapphire eyes widened and it was only years of training and experience, along with dumb luck and reflexes that allowed Naruto to quickly grab a kunai from his weapons pouch, coat it with wind chakra and block the sword that nearly cleaved in half...all in the span of two seconds.

"Cheater, you attacked me while my back was turned" Naruto whined before redirecting the sword and then spinning to fire a roundhouse kick that sent Ninjamon skidding backwards, but held his ground.

"The 'master'...has granted me more of his power...I will prevail and you will fall by our combined might" the shinobi digimon said. The blonde rolled his eyes.

"I've beaten every single one of you guys that's come here into the Real World, you won't prevail over my dead body" Naruto roared. Ninjamon then flicked his wrist and then the sword twitched in his grip and Naruto narrowed his eyes as he saw that instead of bright orange, yellow and red mixing into the plume of flame from earlier, the flames were now a mixture of purple and black.

"SHADOW FIRE ENBUKEN!" Ninjamon said in a dark tone of voice before slashing the air and a crescent of fire flew through the air. Distortions in the air formed around Naruto's kunai as he channeled pure wind chakra around his blades and slashed, the winds diverted the flames while also, the stray embers allowed Naruto's kunai to be surrounded by an aura of fire. The flaming, ebony blade was thrown at Ninjamon who held up his shadow fire consumed sword and blocked it sending the knife clattering to the ground before slashing downwards and impacting it with the ground. A burst of shadow fire rocketed across the roof of the building they were fighting on scorching an outline of its path as it rocketed towards the blonde shinobi.

Naruto jumped over the attack and charged chakra into his leg as he brought down his leg in an axe kick, but the digimon held up his sword and blocked the attack, if it weren't for the chakra coating though Naruto would have burnt his leg off.

"Okay, so you wanna play rough...let's play rough" Naruto growled. Ninjamon chuckled before stabbing his blade into the ground.

"KAGEKARYUENDAAN!" a blast of fire erupted like a pillar from the sword before taking the form of a purple-black coloured dragon with glowing green eyes. It gnashed its teeth of dark fire together before releasing a roar and charged. Naruto flashed through handsigns and took a deep breath.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" he yelled as a reddish-orange fire dragon was released from his mouth. Naruto's fire dragon glared with glowing yellow eyes at its adversary of dark fire ad charged. Naruto then flashed through more handsigns.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!" a great gust of wind flew from his outstreched hands as it infused with the flames of the Karyendaan making it stronger as it clashed with the Kageryuendaan. The two dragons roared as they fought before they dispersed each other in an explosion of purple and orange flames. A smoke loud resulted and Naruto, using the smoke as a cover plowed through it and slammed his shoulder into Ninjamon's face/body sending them both to the ground. Naruto then held down Ninjamon who cracked open his closed eyes and saw Naruto, his right arm cocked back with a fully formed rasengan ready to shred him to data flakes.

"Now tell me...who is the master before I shred you to data" Naruto growled. Ninjamon chuckled as the Digital Hazard symbol on his mask glowed brightly and then sky blue completely filled his irises. His eyes closed and then snapped open.

"Well, well, well...very good Naruto-kun. Another one of my minions you have taken down." the voice of the Blue Card spoke. Naruto growled.

"You...that voice from the Blue Card...who are you?" Naruto asked, his eyes flashing red.

"Now, now Naruto-kun no need to get violent after all, I have the answer to the question you ask" the voice said through Ninjamon's mouth. The possessed digimon chuckled.

"" Naruto then pressed the rasengan a bit closer, "or I'll shred your face"

"Naruto-kun, you do know I am possessing this poor soul, if you kill him there's no harm done to me other than me just leaving this place until I am able to find another host body."

"Answer me damn it!" Naruto yelled and then in a fit of anger shredded Ninjamon's arm off. Ninjamon screamed, but then released a creepy grin as the voice of the Blue Card filled its vocal cords.

"You want answers, name has always been in your sight my dear blonde tamer. It has always been with you, after I am 'The Fallen Angel' well time to go" the voice left the body of Ninjamon and then the Digital Hazard sign began to pulse and Naruto quickly picked up Ninjamon's body and slammed the rasengan into it sending the digimon flying away before it was consumed by a dark void that swallowed it up before red flakes of data flew out from the void and then dispersing into nothing.

"He is the 'Fallen Angel' that makes no..." Naruto's eyes widened as he took out his Digimon card deck and looked through it until he pulled out one card. The holofoil Digimon card he got from the Digimon Gaming Factory during the field trip. 'The Fallen Angel' Digimon card. A picture of a young humanoid looking digmon with pale skin, sky blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. Eight angel wings made of dove feathers were attached to the digimon's back with two smaller ones poking through the blonde locks of the digimon's hair. A white tunic covered most of its body except for the left side which is where an odd arrangement of purple coloured tattoos stretched from the left pectoral all the way down to the end of its rib cage and along the left arm which lead to form a Digital Hazard sign on the back of his left hand.

'Strange, that symbol wasn't on its hand before when I looked at the card before...wait a minute let me read the description' Naruto looked down at the little box which held the card's effect and read through it. His eyes widened.

The card 'Fallen Angel' is used by any Fallen Angel digimon and is most powerful when used with digimon such as Devimon. It allows these types of digimon to double their power. The power of this card can also be used to triple the attack power of a chosen digimon is you have the card...

"Lucemon...'The Fallen Angel' Digimon" Naruto read those last five words. The name seemed to strike a chord in him and he looked at the picture of the seemingly innocent little boy that was a digimon. The picture seemed to wink at him.

"You got it" Lucemon's voice whispered in his ear. Naruto turned around but saw no one there. He quickly put away his deck and went to go back to the others.

"I need to talk to Dorumon and Gatomon with this after" he used shunshin and vanished in a swirl of leaves and wind.

With the Tamers

Henry, Takato and Rika were walking around town after eating their ice cream and Naruto was still not around.

"Naruto's taking a really long time to come back" Takato said.

"I wonder what's wrong?" Henry wondered. Rika remained silent, but then as they were walking a boy ran into Henry and sent both of them to the ground.

"Oh, gomen nasai" the boy said standing up. Henry shook his head before rising to his feet, grabbing a card that he saw on the ground.

"No problem, it was an accident, is this yours?" Henry asked handing the card to the boy. The boy stepped away from the card like it was the plague or something.

"Nah, you can have it. I got this card from one of my friends, if you want to find him he's in the park right now, and besides it's useless" the boy said and then left. Henry looked at the card and noticed it had no description just the Digimon Card game covers on both the back and front.

"Huh...I wonder what's wrong with this card?" Rika asked swiping it from the Asian tamer. She looked at it, holding it up to the light of the sun to see if it was fake. The card was genuine, but...

"Maybe we should check out that kid's friend, where did he say he was?" Takato asked.

"Shinjuku Park, come on!" Henry said and the three headed towards the park. There they found the boy's friends who pointed out he traded the card with another guy who always plays Digimon with his friends underneath the bridge near the river. At the river, the same boy told them he found the boy, named Toshiro who was actually the guy's friend and therefore had his address, who traded him the card first was playing a game in the shopping district. By the time this all transpired, the day already over and sundown was on its last leg. They then used the information they used from the last guy to find Toshiro in a house near the shopping district.

"Toshiro, so where did you get this card?"

"Well actually, I never really got it, some guy bumped into me and dropped it. When I tried to call him out to give him back he was gone, but I remember he was wearing a yellow jacket" Toshiro told them. The three nodded and headed back to their homes.

"So...a man wearing a yellow jacket?" Henry thought as he looked at the card, however as he was looking at it the card let off a soft blue glow before changing into a Blue Card. Yellow 'D' and pixelated digimon and all. Henry's eyes widened as he looked at it, turning it over as he looked it over.

"This...this is that card that Naruto and Takato used to digivolve their digimon to Ultimate" Henry realized, "but don't I have..." Henry looked through his deck and found his Blue Card was no where to be found.

"But...I thought I had one when I got Terriermon...where is it?" Henry looked through his deck all the way home and found no trace of it. "Maybe...I should have Otou-san look at this" Henry said and then entered his apartment.

"Otou-san" Henry walked up to his father, Janyu Wong, who was on the couch watching television.

"Hai, Henry?" Janyu said.

"Ummm, I was wondering if maybe you could look at something for me?" Henry asked. Janyu blinked and nodded his head.

"Sure thing, let's go to your room" he said and then he and his son walked into the room before sitting down in front of Henry's computer. "Okay let's see this thing"

Henry took out the Blue Card and handed it to his father who placed it into the computer's hard drive scanner. A three dimensional wave motion made of green data formed on the screen along with randomly appearing one and zeros in rapid succession until it looked like the screen was covered with the the two numbers that made up computer language.

Janyu's eyes widened, "Nani, impossible!"

"What...what's impossible, Otou-san" Henry asked. Janyu shook his head and looked over the screen again.

"Oh, it's nothing Henry. Just an ordinary card, nothing fancy. Now go on" Janyu told his son. The blue haired boy nodded, but looked oddly at his father befoe leaving. Janyu sighed as he stared at the code written on the screen. Suddenly the letters 'S-H-I-B-U-M-I' appeared on screen before vanishing as if they were never there.

"Shibumi...what is your code doing in that card?" Janyu asked himself as if he were talking to his old friend, "I thought you were done with the Digimon Project?"

Then the Asian computer programmer remembered what happened earlier today.


Janyu was walking down the street, he had just finished working and was going home when a man wearing a black business suit, dark sunglasses that masked his eyes and dirty coloured blonde hair walked up to him.

"Are you Janyu Wong, a.k.a Tao of the Monster Makers in 1984?" the man asked. Janyu glared at the man.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"My name is Mitsuo Yamaki, I am here to tell you that one of your old teammates on the Digimon Project refused to quit after you all 'pulled the plug' on the project" Yamaki said.

"Nani?" Janyu looked confused as he ran his hand through his hair, "What do you mean?"

"I've told you enough for you to know just what's going on" Yamaki said as he pocketed the cigarette lighter in his hand, "Good day to you, Janyu-san" and Yamaki turned, a few people walked in front of where he was walking and when the people cleared out, the blonde head of Hypnos was gone without a trace.

Janyu took off his glasses, cleaned and put them back on to check to see if he was dreaming or not and then pinched himself, in which he felt pain. Not good, this wasn't a dream.

End Flashback

'Why Shibumi?' Janyu thought before standing up as his wife called the family for dinner.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto's mind was racing, he was barely aware of when he fumbled for the key in his pocket, opened the door and stumbled into the apartment room. Dorumon and Gatomon were sitting down on the floor playing a game of Go-Fish when their blonde tamer walked in.

"Oi, Naruto you're...Naruto?" the two digimon noticed the serious and calculating look on the shinobi's face and he got like that when he was thinking really hard about something or when he is fighting and since they weren't in a battle it was obviously the former.

"I need to ask you two something" Naruto said. The three were suddenly in front of the computer desk, Naruto sitting in the chair , the chair swiveling as Naruto looked down at his two partners.

"Okay, what did you want to ask us?" Gatomon asked, scratching her ears.

"What do you two know about a the name of Lucemon?" he asked. Gatomon's and Dorumon's eyes widened at the name before looking at each other. They were having a mental conversation that ended in a few seconds before they turned back to their tamer.

"Don't know, never heard of him" the two said shaking their heads. Naruto growled at them, his eyes flashing crimson.

"You two, this is know time to be keeping secrets from me." he gritted his teeth together as he looked at the two. Dorumon and Gatomon returned the gaze with equal fierceness.

"We told you...we never heard of him" Dorumon said.

"LIES!" he roared. The blonde stood to his feet causing the two digimon to take a step back in surprise, "Dorumon, Gatomon, I know Lucemon is real. He is the so called, 'master' who used that weird purple symbol to manipulate Raidramon, IceDevimon, Drimodgemon and the other digimon we face before who bore that strange symbol. Now tell me...before I make you" Naruto flexed his fingers as chakra and killing intent flared, but was directed towards them in order for the neighbours to be unaffected by the sudden feeling. Dorumon and Gatomon began to slightly sweat, and an invisible force that seemed to multiply the force of gravity Naruto was extremely serious about this and used killing intent against them only when they ate his ramen or when he needed something that they wouldn't give to him.

"Alright, fine...we'll tell you" Gatomon said.

"Yeah, just turn off the Killing intent and the chakra works will ya?" Dorumon said. The dragon and cat digimon sighed in relief as the invisible pressure force was released from their bodies allowing a normal amount of the force of gravity to affect them. The two digimon then followed their tamer's movements as he sat back down on the leather chair, his blue eyes intense as he stared at them, and his arms folded in front of his chest.

"So...what do you want to know?" Gatomon asked.

The Next Day

Naruto met up with the other tamers as he heard the news about the strange Blue Card that Henry received from some random kid.

"So what do we do?" Naruto asked. The digimon were with them in the shed where Guilmon was in Shinjuku Park.

"Well...actually we don't know." Takato said.

"I say, we don't do anything and go relax for a while, we haven't taken a break in so long. I mean for the past few days we've had our guard up. Maybe we can let it down for a few hours or for the day" Henry suggested. Naruto looked at Rika who nodded.

"Well then, let's go" the blonde shinboi-tamer said with a foxy grin.

"Really?" the jinchuriki nodded as Takato and Henry broke out into grins. Rika just smirked before latching her arm onto Naruto's and dragged him, with Takato and Henry in tow towards the shopping district. Guilmon, Terriermon and the others following right behind them.

West Shinjuku Shopping District

The four tamers, Dorumon, Gatomon and Guilmon were walking through the Shinjuku Shopping district, people were really gullible into thinking Guilmon was just some guy in a digimon costume due to the popularity of the digimon franchise, or at least that's what the people thought. They also bought the excuse that Dorumon who was being held by Naruto and Gatomon by Rika along with Terriermon into being just large stuffed toys, well they thought that about Gatomon and Dorumon...Terriermon was extremely believable in being a stuffed Digimon toy. As the group walked through the mob of people, Renamon observed the scene from the rooftops.

"Something's...not right" she said to herself, her glacial blue eyes scanning the area, but she found nothing.

"Must be overreacting" she sighed rubbing her temples.

"Oi minna, look over here!" Takato exclaimed as he put his face up against a glass window.

"What, Takato?" the other tamers and their digimon, minus Renamon, asked.

"Look, a new Digimon is going to be brought out soon, Digimon World:Dawn and Digimon World: Dusk" Takato exclaimed, stars in his eyes. Naruto thought for a while, he had heard this name before...then it hit him.

"Oh right" he said snapping his finger in a realization, "those are the new games, Kari-san is making"

"Huh?" everyone looked at Naruto oddly, "Who is Kari-san?"

"Oh right you guys are in a different class, right...anyways, Kari Ishida who I call Kari-san, is the assistant manager at the Digimon Gaming Factory, my class went there on a field trip a few months ago. She showed us how the games were being programmed, how long it took to actually get one string of code for the game, etc. and she mentioned the name of the games which were those names over there Dawn and Dusk" Naruto explained.


"Yeah, this was before Gatomon was here, Dorumon and I went into the Digital World, well the main hard drive of the computer when a Diaboromon tried to absorb all the data in the factory" Naruto said.

"Woah woah woah, back up...start from the beginning" Rika said. Naruto sighed. He then began to explain from the beginning about how he was on the bus, was challenged to play a game of Digimon with his friend and classmate Kioshi with the use of the Omni Force: All Delete card, how that they toured the factory, the duel between himself and Kioshi which he was proud to say he won, then the computer's starting to go haywire and flashing a symbol on the screen in a weird purple colour.

"What did the symbol look like?" Rika asked.

"It that" Naruto said pointing at Guilmon's chest where the Digital Hazard symbol was. Guilmon looked down at his chest and pointed at the irregular bio-hazard symbol. Then out of nowhere, just like every other time, Calumon flew down from the buildings out of nowhere and landed on Naruto's head.


"Calumon, where did you come from?"

"The sky" the digimon responded cutely with a big smile as his ears retracted and expanded periodically.

'I see, but...' the others thought with a sweatdrop, 'Where does he go?' They all stared at Calumon for a while before going back to Naruto.

"So Naruto, what happened after that?" Henry asked. Naruto then explained about how he used chakra to see the computer's screen and managed to see minute images of Diaboromon being chased by MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon, the big battle that ensued which finally led to the DNA digivolution of the two mega levels to Omnimon and they won.

"Sugoi" was all that could be said.

"Doru-kun, did you really see the Royal Knight?" Gatomon asked. Dorumon smirked.

"Of course, Gato-chan" the dragon digimon said with a smirk. The day was pretty much a bit normal after that, a few stores in which they did some window shopping, eating food and other things. However, the good times ended when everyone's D-Arks started beeping loudly.

"Kuso, why is there a digimon now?" Naruto groaned.

"Don't worry, Naruto-kun we can beat them easily" Rika assured her shinobi boyfriend. A Digital Field then sprung up and out of a vortex in the sky two pixelated forms dropped down before synthesizing proteins to become solid.

The first one looked like a huge black ox, except more or less like a centaur. Its lower half was that of an ox, orange tattoo like marking emblazoned on each of its four powerful leg muscles, while its upper half was that of a human, but its head was that of a an ox. It wore red and gold armour on its chest and arms. Red and gold metallic bands were worn around each of its ankles and attached to the waist area of its human half were two scabbards where two large swords were sheathed. Two long golden coloured horns sprouted from its head and a ring was pierced in its nose.

The second was like its accomplice, a centaur like digimon except in the form of a ram. Fluffy white fur covered the most of its body except for its hooves and face which were a chocolate brown colour. Purple and gold armour was worn around its chest and arms. A red scarf was worn around its neck and a belt around its waist area of the human like half of the digimon's body. Strapped onto its back was a crossbow. Two long, curved purple lavender horns came from its head. It was obvious that both of these digimon were deva.

"The Sovereign told us to be careful of some pathetic humans with digimon" the ox deva said. The ram bleated in what seemed to be exasperation.

"Oh please, Zhuquiaomon-sama is just overreacting, the others who lost to those humans were just weak" the ram deva said. The two then began to run around the city and began to eat every single electronic device they could find.

"Why are they eating all the electronic equipment?" Rika asked. Naruto looked at them and then noticed their forms flickering before going back to being solid as they ate.

"I see,'s because it's difficult for them to remain in a physical form here so the need something to stabilize them. By eating all this equipment they will be kept stable" Naruto explained. Then he drew out Gatomon's D-Ark and scanned the two digimon. Their images appearing on the screen.

The first image was of the ox deva.

"Okay let's see, guys we have Vajramon who is the ox. He is a follower of Ebonwumon and is an Ultimate level digimon. His attacks are Terra Blade and Bao Jian" then the image of the ram deva appaeared.

"Next we have Pajiramon, another Ultimate level. She is a follower of Zhuquiaomon and attacks are Bao Gong, Thunder Stomp and Lullaby Bleat" Naruto pocketed Gatomon's D-Ark before taking out the reddish purple coloured D-Ark that was for Dorumon. Renamon then phased into existence next to Rika, a few feet away from Vajramon who, like Pajiramon had just eaten his fill. He scanned the kitsune digimon's body and smirked.

"Ah, a truly are a beautiful little digimon aren't you?" the ox deva said.

"Flattery will get you nowhere"

"Renamon, why don't you join our cause, leave that pathetic excuse for a human...follow the Sovereign One. I shall tell you of our plans" Vajramon persuaded, but Renamon stayed firm, her icy blue eyes holding a fire that would burn the deva to ashes had it been materialized.

"No way in hell, deva...I know of that Sovereign's plans, Zhuquiaomon wants the Light of Digivolution, the Catalyst...he wants Calumon" Renamon said. Vajramon growled.

"How did you...?" Vajramon paused as he looked through the tamer's ranks and then spotted him. The blonde tamer and the purple furred dragon that held the X-Anitbody.

"YOU...YOU TOLD THEM OF OUR PLANS!" Vajramon bellowed out at Naruto. Pajiramon bleated before trotting up next to her accomplice.

"Oh just up Vajramon, let's just kill these humans...and their digimon, they have betrayed us by killing the many deva that have come here and for siding with those humans" she spat the word 'humans' like it was acid on her tongue, as if it burned her very Digicore. Pajiramon reared up onto her hind legs and brought down her front hooves with a mighty crash.

"THUNDER STOMP!" a large shockwave flew out from her hooves and caused the ground to crack as the force caused the digimon and their tamers to loose balance. Vajramon drew one of his Bao Jian from its sheath, weilding the Treasure Sword like a master, but then Renamon appeared in front of him ,arms crossed in front of her chest as a white circle of energy formed in front of her. Diamon shaped particles of energy and light materialized as Renamon threw out her arms.

"DIAMOND STORM!" Vajramon watched as the diamonds fell like hail and snorted before simply holding up the drawn Bao Jian and deflected every single one of the diamond shards before slashing at the kitsune. Renamon quickly dropped down and let gravity allow her to avoid the horizontal strike from the Treasure Blade before rolling backwards and bouncing to her feet.

"Poetry in motion" Vajramon complimented her. Renamon rolled her eyes, this guy just wouldn't give up in this crush he immediately had on her.


"Hai!" Rika responded. The other tamers followed suit as they took out their D-Arks to digivolve the rookie digimon to Champion level.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" the tamers swiped the card through their D-Arks as the card was scanned and the abilities transferred to the digimon.






Each of the four rookie digimon was shrouded in an egg of swirling data, their fur/skin peeling off before reattaching to form their Champion level forms. The eggs then exploded as their Champion leveled forms were made.





The four newly formed and one already formed, Champion level digimon stood front and center ready to fight.

"CHARGE!" Gatomon cried. Growlmon and Gargomon took Pajiramon while Dorugamon, Kyuubimon and Gatomon took Vajramon.

Growlmon ran to headbutt the ram deva, but Pajiramon quickly stepped back before turning around and kicking with her back hooves sending Growlmon to the ground before raising her hooves and slamming them down.

"THUNDER STOMP!" the resulting shockwave caused pain to rack through Growlmon's body as the force caused him to go into the air. Pajiramon then readied her crossbow and fired arrows that materialized out of thin air.

"BAO GONG!" she bleated. Three arrows flew towards the reptile digimon, but Gargomon quickly took to the skies and jumped before firing his gattling guns.

"GARGO LASER!" Gargomon yelled as multiple laser pellets flew from the gun barrels and clashed with the arrows sending them off course and impaling the ground. Gargomon then dropped down on the ground with Growlmon who both landed on their feet before charging forwards. Gargomon then jumped into the air and spun to build momentum and brought down one of the emerald green glowing gattling gun arms.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" the gun struck home nailing the ram deva in the face before Growlmon appeared beneath the deva and his elbow blades glowed blue and sparked with energy before slicing upwards.

"DRAGON SLASH!" he cried. The reptilian digimon struck with one blade to the chin before following up with the other one and sent Pajiramon skyward. Growlmon then jumped and flipped in the air and brought down his thick heavy tail onto Pajiramon's face sending her into the ground.

"GARGO LASER!" Gargomon yelled before firing a barrage of bullets at the ram deva causing a large smoke cloud to erupt where the fallen deva lay.

"Do you think we got her?' Growlmon asked.

"I think so buddy" Gargomon said happily, but that happiness was shortlived as Pajiramon stood there with barely any form of the attacks being effective. The only evidence being a few dust spots on her white coat and a bruise on her face from where Growlmon's Dragon Slash and tail slam had damaged her.

"That kind of hurt" the ram deva bleated before charging. Gargomon fired bullets while Growlmon used Pyro Blaster to fire a few large fireballs. The attacks were avoided as Pajiramon dodged to the side and jumped over most of the attacks before firing her crossbow. Two arrows nailed Growlmon in the chest that caused the digimon to roar in pain and thus his virus nature was brought out. His pupils dilated before he jumped over Gargomon and clashed with Pajiramon. The two digimon wrestled, but then Growlmon chuckled much to the surprise of Pajiramon as he opened his jaws and a ball of flame formed.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the large fireball fired at point blank in Pajiramon's face sending the Ultimate level digimon skidding backwards, but then she recovered quickly and bleated loudly.

"LULLABY BLEAT!" the deva cried out. Growlmon suddenly felt drowsy and before he fell asleep he fired one last Pyro Blaster that crashed into her chest armour, not harming her, but managed to scorch her armour. She then turned to Gargomon and charged. Gargomon ran away before coming up to the wall of a building and managed to somehow run up the wall before backflipping and while in the air above a charging Pajiramon, fired a barrage of green laser bullets that scored home, but did no damaged since the armour deflected most of them. Gargomon then slammed a glowing green gattling gun against the back of Pajiramon's head before jumping back. Pajiramon clutched her head with her humanoid hands and glared at the trigger happy bunny digimon.

"You'll pay for that" she growled. She held her bow and fired a few arrows, Gargomon dodged them all, but then while he was dodging Pajiramon used that time to rush him slamming her shoulder into the rabbit digimon's stomach before he crashed into a wall. She then ran up to him and picked him up before slamming him into the ground multiple times and then threw him away before rearing up and slamming down her front hooves.

"THUNDER STOMP!" she bleated and the shockwave slammed into Gargomon who was sent into a car. The window shattered upon impact and the car was extremely dented leaving an imprint of the digimon's back. Gargomon struggled to get up, but then froze as Pajiramon stood above him, Treasure Bow at the ready. Henry gasped before drawing a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...HOLY BARRIER!" a golden shield formed in front of the bunny digimon and protected him as five arrows flew at him from point blank, but were deflected from the barrier. Then for more protection, Henry drew another card and slashed it through his D-Ark.

"DIGIMODIFY...ROCK SHIELD PETRIFICATION!" Gargomon was suddenly turned to stone, trapped in a petrified state. The holy barrier was beginning to crack and Henry stared in shock as his partner was about to be trampled to rubble.

Dorugamon and Kyuubimon ran towards Vajramon who smirked, making a 'come' motion with his humanoid hands. He swung his blades, but the three digimon dodged it before Gatomon jumped off of Dorugamon's head and her paw/foot glowed white.

"NEKO KICK!" she cried slamming it into the ox deva's snout. Vajramon snorted in disgust and annoyance before batting away the feline digimon like a fly. Gatomon flipped in the air before skidding along the ground and looked up in time to see Dorugamon slam his body full force against the deva. Vajramon grunted as he skidded across the ground before Kyuubimon spun in the air, coating her body in sapphire flames.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" the nine tailed fox digimon cried out. The flames flew before morphing into the shape of a dragon. Vajramon growled before drawing his other Bao Jian and slashed the dragon in two before spinning both blades in his hands and stabbing them into the ground. A large amount of earth and rubble flew out as a large gap in the earth formed.

"TERRA BLADE!" the ox deva yelled before slashing the flying rubble in the air. The rocks flew through the air and impacted with the two large Champion level digimon, however Vajramon was to preoccupied with them to see Gatomon's attack.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the glowing white paw slammed into Vajramon's cheek causing his head to turn. Gatomon the swiftly rotated her body and her foot/paw slammed into Vajramon's face as a powerful blow that sent his head snapping backwards in the form of a Neko Kick. She then grabbed onto his leathery skin, her claws digging into it before releasing a rapid flurry of Neko Kicks before backflipping off of him.

"DIGIMODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto yelled as he powered up Gatomon.

"DIGIMODIFY...SABERLEOMON ACTIVATE!" he added the other card. Gatomon was suddenly encased in flames as she rocketed towards Vajramon using Flamedramon's signature attack, Fire Rocket while her claws glowed orange as SaberLeomon's attack, Howling Crusher took effect.

The flaming feline crashed into Vajramon's side, causing a large crack to form on his chest armour and the impact sent him skidding backwards and toppling to the ground as he tripped over a car. Dorugamon then grabbed Kyuubimon who was sent upwards. Kyuubimon spread out her tails as nine ghostly blue fireball ignited the tips of her nine tails.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" she yelled.

"DIGIMODIFY...GREYMON'S NOVA BLAST!" Rika yelled as Kyuubimon released a large orange ball of flame that mixed with the Fox Tail Inferno. The fire attack swirled into one large fireball as Dorugamon threw Kyuubimon who then used Dragon wheel and a large blue fire dragon formed that mixed with the other flames to form a white fire blast in the form of a dragon. Vajramon's eyes widened before he grabbed his twin swords and spun them like windmill blades as the swords impacted with the fire blast and began to divert its literally, white hot flame. After the the flames dissipated, Vajramon stopped, but that was a mistake for as his vision was greeted with the sight of Dorugamon's maw.

"POWER METAL!" the electrically charged sphere was launched and impacted with the ox deva's stomach and sent him skidding backwards as his stomach was fried by the electricity and was probably broken in a few places from the metal orb's impact with him. Vajramon snorted and his vision went red as his anger peaked. He then thundered across the streets, waving his blades at speeds that only a master swordsman could be able to achieve. The tamer digimon avoided the attacks, but Vajramon remained on the offensive, Gatomon tried to break through, but the flat side of a Bao Jian slapped her into a wall, leaving her stuck a good four feet into the brick wall. Gatomon's eyes remained half open as she tried to remain conscious. Then Dorugamon was tackled into a truck before a blade nearly chopped his head off had he not weaved out of the way. He then sprung up and bit down on the ox deva's neck, and held on before flapping his wings and taking to the skies. Vajramon punched the dragon in many places that were surely painful to be hit in, but his jaws refused to slacken. Any tighter and his jaws might snap off. Dorugamon smirked before dropping the large black ox and watched as he plummeted towards a waiting Kyuubimon.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" the golden fox howled as the nine ghostly fire balls spiralled in the air and struck with terrific force that resulted in an explosion, Vajramon fell a bit to the left of her. The groaning of pain indicating that they had won. Vajramon chuckled.

"You are truly strong my dear, beautiful yet deadly...too bad I will have to kill you" Vajramon wheezes as he quickly, to everyone's surprise, stood to his feet. He then kicked Kyuubimon in the face before grabbing her by her throat and slammed her into the ground multiple times and then swinging her into a car. After that he threw Kyuubimon into the air before aiming to cleave her into three as his blades poised to slash her body apart. Rika, Naruto, Dorugamon and Gatomon watched in horror, they were too far away to do anything and Naruto, even though he had the speed to save the fox, he wasn't sure if he would be able to dodge the blow himself after saving her.

Calumon watched as Gargomon's Holy Barrier was broken and then Pajiramon stomped on the petrified bunny. The stone shield began to crack revealing digital flesh. Gargomon was going to be crushed at this rate. Calumon's wide green eyes watched as Kyuubimon was also about to be sliced and gutted like a fish. Something then snapped inside of him and a large crimson light shot out into the sky. Henry and Rika then noticed a soft blue glow coming from their card decks.

"The Blue Card!" they exclaimed. The two gulped, one out of fear, the other out of the expectations of what might occur should the Blue Card be used. They then slashed the cards through the slits of their D-Arks.

"DIGIMODIFY...MATRIX DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" a blue light shot out of the screens of their D-Arks and into the sky where Calumon's Digivolution light had been fired before mixing and then splitting into two separate beams of light. The two beams hit Gargomon and Kyuubimon respectively. Pajiramon was forced to step back from the light's intensity and Vajramon had to stop his slashing motion due to the same reasons as Pajiramon.



Gargomon fired a few glowing bullets as he was suddenly surrounded by a glowing field of data. His body then disintegrated into data before reforming. Gargomon grew taller, skinnier and his leg muscles more lean and muscular. Then the bullets he fired before encircled him before forming armour. Two green and silver armour-like boots were worn on its feet. A green orb like armour covered its lower abdominal muscles, groin and a part of the upper thigh area, the red triangle from Gargomon's forehead was placed in the center of the orb shaped armour. Black arm stockings covered his arms as two large missile launchers covered his hands and lower arms. Three crimson points came out of the rim of the launchers in a triangle formation making it look like claws. Two large shoulder pads, made of green and silver armour were formed. His ears were extended and covered in green armour that was tipped red. Its chest and head, except for the face area was covered with green and silver armour also. A long, sharp horn formed from the forehead area of the armour plating. Finally a large missile launcher looking weapon was attached to its back. The digimon's large blue eyes glowed before a mouth covering formed from the head armour. (A/N: Like Optimus Prime when he goes into fights, he puts up that jaw shield looking thing)




Kyuubimon was encircled by blue flames and a shining white light. Her form suddenly lengthened and became more human looking. Violet pants formed on her legs as a white, long sleeved robe like shirt formed on her upper body that covered her large hand like paws. A black hat was worn on the fox digimon's head, with violet strems of cloth coming down from it. A yin yang symbol lay in the center of the shirt and a belt was worn around the waist that attached a large paint brush to her back. On a long piece of cloth that extended from the shirt from the stomach area to the knees a golden Sanskrit word was written, meaning 'Truth'. The large blonde, white tipped tail waved behind her. She spun on large feet like paws before allowing her hands to be seen and making the japanese handsign for 'ram'.


The two Ultimate level digimon were then visible to all. Henry and Rika scanned their digimon as they looked at them.

"Rapidmon, Ultimate level digimon. His speed is nearly unmatched, moving at speeds near the speed of light. His attacks are Tri-Beam, Rapid Fire and Homing Blast" Henry read.

"Taomon, Ultimate level Digimon. She is skilled in the mystic arts and uses a variety of spells and spell tags to take down her enemies. Her attacks are Talisman of Light, Thousand Spells, Talisman Star and Talisman Spell" Rika read the information about her digimon.

Rapidmon smirked as he stood to his feet and then took one step forward and suddenly he blurred from the speed he moved at before crashing into Pajiramon.

"So Henry what do you think? Pretty fast right?" Rapidmon asked. Henry smirked, but could only nod dumbly as his eyes told everyone he was surprised as hell. Pajiramon growled as she stood up to her full height again and then taking out her cross bow.

"BAO GONG!" she yelled firing an endless storm of arrow from her Treasure Bow. Rapidmon smirked in the air as he flew in the air, speeds nearing the speed of light were used as he avoided the onslaught before flying through it and slammed one of his missile launchers against Pajiramon's face. He then kicked her upwards in the chin sending her skywards before racing up to meet her there and then readied his missile launchers.

"I'm going to have so much fun with you now" Rapidmon said with a chuckle.

"RAPID FIRE!" Two large missiles flew from close range at Pajiramon and blasted into her as she was sent dowanwards and skidding across the street and into a building. Rapidmon then blurred out of existence and reappeared in front of the ram deva before kicking her in the face repeatedly.

" I...felt when you...kicked me" Rapidmon said between each flurry of kicks he made. He then 'punched' Pajiramon upwards and then appeared above her and performed a roundhouse sending her careening across the sky. He then appeared behind her and fired a missile at her from his launcher and sent her flying in another direction. Kicks and missiles were then continuously used before Rapidmon appeared below the ram deva and kicked her skywards before appearing above her.

"Say Goodnight" Rapidmon said with a humourous look in his eyes. Pajiramon's eyes widened as Rapidmon's missile launcher on his back began to rotate.

"HOMING BLAST!" a barrage of missiles shot out and impacted with Pajiramon sending her downwards, her form flickering, but there was nothing left for as she flickered on the ground, Rapidmon formed a 'Y' shape with his body. A green light surrounded his body and then rocketed towards Pajiramon.

"TRI-BEAM!" the green laser blast destroyed the deva as she was disintegrated into red flakes of data.

"I win, did you that Henry?" Rapidmon asked as he landed on the ground by his tamer, "I'm really strong now aren't I?"

Taomon looked at Vajramon who was looking her over with a snort.

"How dare look more like a human" Vajramon snorted and stamped his hooves.

"I don't care what you think...pig" she insulted him.

"I AM AN OX, NOT SOME STUPID PIG!" Vajramon said, that insult obviously struck a nerve. He then spun his Bao Jian and stabbed them into the ground kicking up earth before slashing them and the impact sent the earth towards Taomon. Taomon smirked before taking the large brush that she had on her back and drew a symbol in the air. The symbol was the Devanagari letter for 'Ra'. The symbol spun in the air before racing through the air, slicing the earth to dust and then headed for Vajramon. Vajramon quickly built up momentum by spinning his swords and slashed downwards. The symbol was light was cleaved in half. However Taomon suddenly was in front of him and she spun and crashed her left heel into the ox's face. Vajramon skidded back from the force of the kick, then Taomon made a handsign before one thousand spell tags flowed out of her rather large sleeves. The spell tags flew through the air and attached themselves to Vajramon and then Taomon smirked. The hanyou looking digimon formed another handsign and the spell tags detonated.

"THOUSAND SPELLS!" she yelled as the large ox was surrounded by flames and smoke. Taomon then took her brush and drew a large symbol in the air as she saw Vajramon had barely managed to survive the attack, his form flickering in and out of existence as his data became unstable. The Sanskrit Buddhist symbol glowed a golden colour before rocketing towards the downed ox deva before forming like a tattoo on Vajramon's chest since his armour was reduced to splinters that became red flakes of data. The tattoo then turned black before alternating between red and black, the Sanskrit symbol continued to alternate between the two colours, the alternation speeding up as if it were...

"It's counting down...EVERYONE MOVE!" Naruto yelled. Dorugamon grabbed Gatomon from the wall where she was unconscious before grabbing Naruto and Rika and flying over to Henry and Takato and their digimon. Growlmon had woken up and de-digivolved when Pajiramon was destroyed and saw Vajramon on the ground with Taomon standing over him a good distance away too.

"What's going on?"

"The ox is going to go up in smoke...literally" Takato explained.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!" Taomon howled before the symbol glowed gold and then Vajramon let out a 'mooo' of anger as he glared at Taomon one last time before the light became smoke and flames. The ox deva was destroyed, turning into flakes of red data before those disappeared also.

"TALISMAN SPELL!" Taomon had formed the spell when Vajramon had exploded in order to protect herself. Taomon smirked before floating down onto the ground and then de-digivolved into Kyuubimon then back into Renamon. Rapidmon de-digivolved back into Gargomon and then into Terriermon while Dorugamon and Growlmon simply went back to their rookie forms of Dorumon and Guilmon.

"Well...I guess we won another fight" Takato said.

"Good job you two" Naruto congratulated Terriermon and Renamon.

"Arigato, Naruto" Renamon said with a smirk.

"No problem, I can't believe I was such a badass"

"You're you full of yourself, you asshole" Naruto told the digimon. Terriermon stuck out his tongue while Guilmon and Calumon looked confused at the use of language.

Calumon then walked up to the others and jumped onto Naruto's head.

"Takatomon...what's a badass?"

"Oh...that's just another way of saying ummm..." Takato fumbled for words.

"It's another way for saying you're cool" Terriermon said.

"Oh, does that mean I am a badass, Takatomon?" Guilmon asked.

"Yes/No" came the various answers from the group. Calumon then looked at the others and voiced his question.

"Then what's an asshole?" Calumon asked. Naruto and the others looked at Calumon atop Naruto's head and sweat dropped.


"What's an asshole, you called Terriermon that" Calumon asked again.

"Yeah Takatomon, what's that?" Takato and Naruto looked at each other as they tried to explain the vulgar word.

"Uh, Rika-chan a little help please" Naruto pleaded. Rika chuckled before going up to Renamon who picked her up. The two females smirked.

"Have fun" they said before Renamon blurred out of existence.

"Henry?" but when they looked they found him already a few miles away, running as fast as he could. The two tamers sighed.

"Fuck" they mumbled.

"What does that word mean?" Calumon and Guilmon asked. Takato and Naruto looked at each other while Dorumon and Gatomon were snickering at the sight.

'Why us?' the two tamers thought.

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