Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 15: The Lion and the Rat

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"What's an asshole, you called Terriermon that" Calumon asked again.

"Yeah Takatomon, what's that?" Takato and Naruto looked at each other as they tried to explain the vulgar word.

"Uh, Rika-chan a little help please" Naruto pleaded. Rika chuckled before going up to Renamon who picked her up. The two females smirked.

"Have fun" they said before Renamon blurred out of existence.

"Henry?" but when they looked they found him already a few miles away, running as fast as he could. The two tamers sighed.

"Fuck" they mumbled.

"What does that word mean?" Calumon and Guilmon asked. Takato and Naruto looked at each other while Dorumon and Gatomon were snickering at the sight.

'Why us?' the two tamers thought.


Naruto, Rika, Takato and Henry were all playing a game of Go-Fish as the day went by. It had been at least three days since Vajramon and Pajiramon had been defeated at the hands of Rapidmon and Taomon. Kazu and Kenta were sitting there with the tamers and their digimon joining the game of cards.

"Rika-chan, do you have any fives?" Naruto asked.

"Nope Go-Fish" the red head told her boyfriend with a smirk on her face. Naruto face faulted as he was denied his card.

"Aww man, that's like what...the fifth time I couldn't get a card" the blonde frowned. The expression on his face made the group laugh at his expense before they heard the sound of running. Naruto looked up from his face faulting and looked at the stairs, along with everyone else, as they saw someone running up the stone steps towards the shed.

"It's just Jeri-san, no need to be alarmed" Dorumon said after sniffing the air.

"Jeri-chan?" Takato exclaimed. The girl he had a crush on was coming HERE. Takato suddenly began to panic before just sitting down before his brain had a meltdown. The brown eyed girl was wearing her usual outfit of a cream coloured shirt beneath a green dress, white socks and sneakers, her brown hair tied into two small tails by two pink bows or whatever you call those things she puts in her hair.

"Oi minna-san!" she called out to the group. She immediately bypassed everyone before heading over to Takato.

"Takato-kun, can I be a tamer now?" she asked. Takato blushed slightly at the suffix, but looked confused.

"Nani?" he noticed her gripping something in her hands. A large stack of Digimon cards.

"I got cards just like everyone else, I was wondering if maybe you could teach me so that then I could become a tamer just like you guys" Jeri pleaded, her eyes doing that wobbly thing that all anime characters are able to do when they enlarge their eyeballs through some unknown thing. Takato stared.

"Uhhhh..." was all that he was able to say before Rika and Naruto walked over to her.

"Don't worry, Rika-chan and I could teach you, but just because you will know how to play does not automatically make you a tamer" Naruto said. Jeri nodded.

"Arigato, Naruto, Rika" she said with a smile.

"Okay now then, in order to be a good digimon card player you need to have a good balanced deck, with the use of Power for strong attacks, but also those for defense and abilities that aid in allowing your digimon to do some damage as well" Rika began to explain. Kazu and Kenta in the meanwhile were looking at the deck that Jeri had handed to them for the boys to hold while she listened.

"Woah, she has some really good cards" Kazu said.

"Yeah, I don't have this one...I would give her five of mine for that one" Kenta said as he adjusted his glasses. Kazu looked at the group who were busy explaining to Jeri on how to play the game, Kazu smirked before reaching to take a card for his own from Jeri's deck, but then a snow white blue grabbed the card and the deck from his hand. Kazu looked up to see the seven foot tall kitsune of a digimon staring down at him with a hard gaze. Her glacial blue eyes acting as if they were about to stare into his soul, freeze it and crush it into itty bitty pieces.

"Uh...hey there Renamon...I wasn't going to steal a card" he said nervously.

"Sure you weren't" the blonde kitsune rolled her eyes before walking towards the others. After a few minutes, Jeri had understood the concept of the game and how to play it and what cards to use in certain situations.

"Wow, I had no idea that Digimon was such a hard thing to learn" Jeri said scratching her head in embarrassment.

"Not a problem, you just took a bit longer to understand the game is all, Jeri-chan" Takato said. After that Jeri gave a smile to the goggle wearing tamer.

"Arigato Takato-kun" Jeri said before turning to leave, taking her cards from Renamon and then heading down the stairs.

"That's one weird girl" Naruto said as he watched the pre-teen leave the area.

"For sure" Rika and Henry said before everyone turned to face Takato.

"What do you see in her?" everyone, including the digimon asked.

"Guilmon, you're siding with them, you're supposed to be my friend" Takato whined. Guilmon frowned.

"You are my friend Takatomon, but Narutomon told me that in embarrassing situations I don't always have to take your side" Guilmon said with a smile. Takato turned towards Naruto and looked at him with a sweat drop.

"'re corrupting my digimon" the goggle-wearing tamer said. Naruto chuckled and gave a hi five to his digimon partners and Guilmon.

"Plan 'Turn Guilmon over to the Dark Side' complete" the jinchuriki said with a toothy grin.

"Hell yeah!" Gatomon and Dorumon said.

Meanwhile with Jeri

Jeri was walking down the path, the sunlight touching the red brick path through the spaces between the tree leaves.

"I wonder when I'll get my digimon partner, maybe then I could become a tamer" Jeri said to herself, then she heard a rustling in the bushes. She looked down to see the white, bunny looking digimon.

"Calumon?" Jeri asked. Calumon looked up after falling out of the bushes and dusted himself off. His ears expanded in happiness before jumping into Jeri's arms.

"Jeri!" Calumon said with a large smile.

"Calumon you're a digimon right?" Jeri asked as an idea came to her mind. Calumon tilted his head to the side slightly and blinked.

"Uh, yeah...that is what I was last time I checked...why am I not a digimon?" the Light of Digivolution asked. Jeri smiled.

"Great, so this is it. This means that you are my partner and I will be your tamer" Jeri said with a fire burning in her eyes. Calumon looked oddly at the sock puppet wearing girl.

"Tamer?" Calumon looked confused, but shrugged. The little cream puff had no idea what was going on, but it sounded fun. "Okay, sure"

"Reallu, oh arigato Calumon!" Jeri said as she began to sqeeze Calumon, his head somehow expanding as it was being crushed in the girl's arms.

"AGGH, Jeri...*gasp*...choking, not *gasp* *wheeze* breathing" Calumon managed to gasp out as his short life began to flash before his eyes and he saw a white light. Calumon's normally white persona began to turn blue, his eyes starting to roll upwards before Jeri let him go, allowing him to leave the presence of the white light he had seen before as he was dying.

"Gomen nasai, Calumon" Jeri said with a chuckle. Calumon sighed.

"No problem, but next time...try NOT to choke the life out of me" the small little rookie digimon said. Jeri nodded and the alleged partner and tamer began to continue walking through the park. Unknown to them, just a few feet ahead, in the underground sewer, a Digital Field sprung up before a digimon appeared. The digimon looked around the disgusting area before seeing a ladder leading to the surface.

"Hehehe" the digimon chuckled, "now I can go to the surface and the wreak havoc upon the humans" the digimon climbed the ladder with what looked like sticks for limbs. As it climbed, it poked it head upwards in order to raise the man hole cover that blocked its way. Red eyes scanned the area before the digimon released another evil laugh.

"Hahaha, without anyone to stop me, the Sovereigns will finally raise me up from the rank of weakest deva" the unknown, now classified as a deva, digimon said. However it was during the time that when the deva chose to raise the man hole cover that Jeri decided to walk over it. So after that little monologue made by the deva digimon, Jeri's foot was 'strategically' place atop the man hole cover and it slammed down on the digimon's head earning a yelp of pain as the digimon lost its balance and fell back into the polluted waters of the sewer.

"Itai, itai" the digimon groaned. The digimon growled before jumping and blasting through the man hole and arriving into the light of the sun as he surfaced. Jeri and Calumon turned around to see the unknown digimon standing there. The alleged partner and tamer stared at the weird looking digimon. It had an odd orb shaped body, kind of like Sinduramon's except had the kanji for 'rat' in black in the center. Four skinny white limbs poked through four holes in the orb and the feet and lower leg area was covered by bronze coloured 'boots' if you could them that. Two bronze coloured wings sprouted out of its back and a metallic grey tail swung behind it. On its back, made of the green metal was a Bao Chu. The oddest thing of all, though, was that its head was that of a white rat. Three horns place in a triangle formation on its forhead and red tattoos on its cheeks.

"What the...AAAAHHH a digimon, quick Calumon..." Jeri thrust Calumon forward, "Protect me!" she cried out. Calumon freaked out and hid behind Jeri's leg.

"I'm not a fighter, I'm a crowed pleaser" the cream puff digimon retorted. Jeri then stared at the mouse/chicken/metal thing.

"Some digimon partner you are" she grumbled, "Are you my digimon partner?" Jeri asked pointing at the digimon. The digimon snorted and laughed.

"Me, I wouldn't be your partner for all the Digi-cake in the world. I am a deva, the rat deva, Kumbhiramon and I have come to destroy all human kind...starting with you" the now notified, Kumbhiramon, said with an evil glint in his eyes. Jeri and Calumon screamed as they ran away. Kumbhiramon chased after them using surprising speed for such a small body. The two tried to lose the rat deva, but everywhere they went, he followed. Then they arrived at fountain area where Jeri and Calumon had finally lost sight of the little rat deva.

"Phew, he's gone" Calumon sighed.

"Yeah...he's not gonna find us for quite a while" the brown haired girl added with a smirk. However, their short bit of happiness was ruined when Kumbhiramon jumped down from a nearby tree and landed on one of the nozzles of the fountain whose stream of water had just fallen back into the nozzle.

"Hehehe, no escape for you now little girl, I will now kill you!" Kumbhiramon said, his teeth snapping together making that sound like when a mouse eats cheese. Jeri and Calumon too a step back as the rat deva took a step forwards before a gurgling sound was heard. The one human and two digimon looked down to see the water suddenly burst out of the nozzle Kumbhiramon was standing on before being rocketed into the sky and then crashing down on the ground in a heap of limbs. Then as the rat deva stood to his oddly shaped feet, another flash of data appeared and a digital field opened up to reveal a large lion looking digimon with a yellow coloured mane and deep electric blue eyes. It was bipedal since it was standing on two legs, it's muscles tightened as the lion digimon spotted Kumbhiramon. It took out a short sword, made of black steel from the scabbard on its belt before shifting into a fighting stance, gripping the blade in a reverse grip. It wore a pair of long black cargo pants and wore steel knuckles on its left hand and wore many belt like bands around its arms.

"Hey it's Leomon!" Calumon shouted in excitement.

"He...he came to save me..." Jeri stared at the yellow maned lion digimon, "He must be my partner digimon"

Stars appeared in Jeri's eyes as Leomon jumped into the air. Leomon then stabbed his sword downwards, but the rat deva simply sidestepped the attack before shooting a kick to Leomon's side who simply caught the oddly shaped leg and then standing up which caused the shorter, ultimate level digimon to be picked up off the ground and then with a mighty swing Kumbhiramon was thrown over Leomon's shoulder and into the pavement, skidding along it before crashing into a tree. The rat deva growled.

"I'll be back for you Leomon...and you too human" Kumbhiramon quickly sped away into the forest of the park. Leomon pulled his sword from the slit it made in the pavement before sheathing the blade and began to walk away. The Champion level digimon paused however when he felt something grab his arm.

"Arigato Leomon" Jeri blushed slightly as he saw a weird...lustful looking look in her brown eyes. Leomon blinked twice.

He only managed an "Uhhh?" before Jeri spoke again.

"So does that mean you're my digimon partner?" Jeri asked, the lion digimon blinked, but before he could answer..."This is so great, I'm finally a tamer just like Takato-kun. We're gonna be the best..."

"Listen here gaki..."Leomon interrupted the girl. Jeri stared up at the bipedal lion in pants, "I work alone, I only know the art of battle and if I'm a partner to a human you'll only slow me down" Leomon then took off.

"Matteo, Leomon!" Jeri chased after the lion digimon. The beast king looked back and sweat dropped as he saw Calumon and the girl following him wherever he went. He quickly hid behind a tree as he rounded a corner and sighed in relief. Of course when he looked out to see if she was gone, she was...but Calumon wasn't.

"OI JERI...SHE'S OVER HERE!" Calumon shouted out. Leomon growled in annoyance and took off, speeding past Jeri as she was running towards him. The young girl and small cream puff digimon followed the lion digimon wherever he went, he even thought he had found solitude when he found Guilmon's shed and hid there, but as Jeri ran past Calumon spotted him.


"Oh no you don't you little cream puff" Leomon reached and his large hands covered Calumon's mouth and thus muffled his cries. The beast king sweat dropped, his left eye twitching in annoyance as Jeri had somehow heard Calumon and found him.

"Come on Leomon, you're supposed to be my digimon partner" Jeri said. Leomon ran his fingers through his mane as he sighed.

"Listen here gaki, you're a, well you're a kid and I fight alone, A-L-O-N-E, alooone. I work with no one but myself and this sword" Leomon snarled and then turned. Jeri's eyes widened as she stared at the sharp canines of the beast king. His rounded pupils turning into vertical slits. Leomon then turned and walked away leaving Jeri staring after him, she wanted to yell for him, but...her words froze forming an invisible lump in her throat. Jeri sighed and began to walk away. She walked down the stairs leaving the shed once more before reaching the red brick path that led out of the park.

With the Tamers

"...and so I took my rasengan and slammed it into his chidori before it broke through and hit the teme in his stomach sending him spiraling through the air and into the hole he made in the statue he had slammed into before" Naruto said as he finished his story about how he fought Sasuke. They were all sitting in Naruto's apartment previously watching television until Takato had asked about Naruto's fights as a shinobi. And of course Naruto had to retell most of them with excruciating detail.

"Sugoi" the other three tamers, Terriermon, Dorumon, Gatomon and Guilmon said. Renamon's eyes widened as she listened from her place on the kitchen counter, tapping her claws on the counter top.

'The remarkable thing is that he's not lying...such power these shinobi possess' the kitsune digimon thought. Then beeps originated from the pockets of the four digimon tamers as their D-Arks detected a bio-emergence.

"Strange...the D-Ark says how that this digimon appeared earlier...why didn't it pick it up before?" Naruto asked himself. (A/N: The D-Arks have the ability to show the time of when a digimon had first bio-emerged)

"Could have been a signal interference, but at least we got it" Henry said.

"Ikuzo!" Takato announced and they left the apartment.

Shinjuku Park

Jeri was walking along the red brick path, Calumon resting atop her head.

"Awww, Jeri's so sad. I wish I could help her" he said to himself for he knew that when Jeri was in a depression of any kind, any words she should be able to hear fell on deaf ears. His ears retracted as he too became depressed and Calumon and Jeri remained silent. The girl stopped however, when a familiar face reappeared.

"AAHHHHH, IT'S THAT CROSS BREED RAT THING!" Jeri and Calumon cried out. Kumbhiramon growled.

"I am no cross breed thing human" the rat deva cried out before flapping his wings slightly. He then took off towards the girl and small digimon, however a cry of "Pyro Sphere" echoed throughout the area and a small ball of red flame soared through the air at god damn fast speeds and impacting with the deva sending it skidding through the air slightly. Kumbhiamon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the forest and saw the four tamers along with the five digimon appear from their depths.

"Hmph, more of you gakis and those digi-bakas who dare to side with that not of the Sovereign One" Kumbhiamon said, his crimson eyes staring at them. Rika's D-Ark scanned the digimon and a hologram with data on the digimon came up.

"Kumbhiramon, Ultimate level digimon. He's a follower of Ebonwumon and it says he's a pervert" her eyes widened at that before reading more, "he plays the part of the challenger, wanting to predict the mindset of the opponent during the fight. Attacks are Deva Clone and Bao Chu" the red head read from her D-Ark.

Kumbhiramon then observed the digimon before focusing on Gatomon. His eyes then widened and then a sly smirk played itself on his face as the deva settled on the ground and winked at the feline digimon. Gatomon's eyes widened before growling, a look of disgust found on her face.

"Now you there, Gatomon...why not join our cause, I can tell you have that fire in you that the Sovereign One would dearly appreciate unlike these humans would. And as an added bonus, you could have the honour of hanging out with yours truly, a great deva..." Gatomon's eyes, along with Dorumon's turned slitted as they glared at Kumbhiramon and Naruto's flashed crimson.

"Do you guys mind if we take this fight?" Naruto growled, his hands flexing, wanting to crush the rat deva for making a move on his digimon partner.

"Oh...uh yeah sure" Henry and Rika said.

"Can I at least get one hit in, please?" Takato asked, Guilmon repeated the question. Naruto nodded.

"Hai, but make it quick...we want to utterly crush this rat" Gatomon hissed. Takato pumped his fist into the air.

"Okay, Guilmon try out that combo we've been working on" Takato said. Guilmon nodded and his pupils dilated as he let his viral nature surface. The red reptile charged forward with an attempt at growling, but failed miserably. Kumbhiramon stopped 'flirting', failing in doing so, with Gatomon and looked to see the Digital Hazard digimon rush him. Kumbhiramon smirked before side stepping the dinosaur and then kicked out with one of his feet, but Guilmon ducked underneath it and smirked.

"DO IT GUILMON!" Takato yelled out to his partner. Guilmon nodded before leaping into the air and front flipping.

"ROCK BREAKER!" he yelled, but instead of just his claws, Guilmon's entire being was coated in flames. Guilmon stopped flipping and dived forwards and then opened his mouth as a Pyro Sphere formed. However instead of firing it, he grabbed it from his mouth and held it in his hand. He then formed another one and smirked as he transferred all the flames surrounding his body and into the already burning hot flame orbs.

" rip off artist" Naruto growled.

"Oi, no need to be hating on it" Takato said holding up his hands in a feeble defense.

"RASENKADAIBAKUFU/ SPIRALING FIRE EXPLOSION!" the virus type digimon yelled, Kumbhiramon's eyes widened before jumping back to avoid the attack, one of the sphere's caused a large crater along with an explosion of fire. Kumbhiramon stared in shock along with everyone else, except Takato at the damage done. Guilmon then rushed through the flames and dust, the other orb held in his palm before thrusting it forward. Kumbhiramon quickly used the art of telekinesis and levitated the Bao Chu on his back to hold it front of him and then swung at Guilmon. Guilmon growled and unlike every other time, he managed to roar, not a whiny nasally one, but a real, bestial roar. The sound reached the ears of all present before they watched the fire orb break through the Bao Chu in a stream of fire that continued its path before slamming into the rat deva sending it into...the waiting Fist of the Beast King attack from Leomon?

Everyone turned to see Leomon standing there, his fist holding the last few embers of the fiery lion shaped attack. Kumbhiramon stood, he had taken a bit of damage from the attacks, but nothing serious.

"Leomon?" Jeri asked.

"I did not come here to help you kid, I heard fighting so I came to fight" Leomon stated to Jeri.

" know Leomon?" Takato asked.

"Is he your..." Jeri shook her head.

"No...he says I would only hold him back in battle" Jeri said, explaining Leomon's reason to not be her tamer.

"Well...a digimon must choose its partner and Leomon does not want you Jeri" Naruto said, Jeri's head lowered as Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder, "You will have to respect his decision"

"I know, Naruto" the brown haired girl replied with a sigh. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon then walked up to the battlefront as Guilmon walked away, having taken his one shot.

"Nice attack, Takato...but still a rip off of my rasengan" Naruto said. Takato chuckled nervously. Kumbhiramon stood to his feet as he looked between Leomon and the blonde tamer and the two digimon partners.

"I'm outta here" the rat deva said before jumping, flapping his wings. Leomon and Naruto growled."Oh no you don't!" the two jumped into the air and flipped before crashing their heels in a brutal double axe kick to the deva's wings. A satisfying snap was heard as the two attacks crashed into the bones of the wings. Kumbhiramon cried out in pain before plummeting to the ground. Naruto and Leomon looked as Kumbhiramon fell, creating a small cloud of dust upon impact. Naruto and Leomon landed on the ground before looking at each other. Electric blue staring into Sapphire blue. The two nodded to each other, respecting each other for their fighting skills.

"You are quite strong for a human" Leomon commented.

"Arigato, not bad technique for an amateur fighter" Naruto said.

"AMETEUR?" Leomon said shocked. Naruto nodded as he looked as Kumbhiramon stood nursing his broken wings.

"Hai, your technique has many flaws, while in the middle of that axe kick you lost a bit of your momentum so it was weaker than it should have been, also your leg locks in place too tightly when you execute it. I could have easily blocked it and while it was locked, broken your leg" Naruto explained. Leomon's eyes widened.

'Such observational skills, for such a young looking human, but it's his eyes...he's been in more serious threatening' Leomon noticed.

'He's strong...but I hope what I told him will allow Leomon to gain strength should he be an ally' Naruto thought. Kumbhiramon stood to his feet and growled.

"THAT'S IT...NO MORE MR. NICE DEVA!" the rat deva roared before channeling a multicoloured energy around him. His form suddenly then split into five clones of himself.

"DEVA CLONE!" the deva said with a smirk. The clones and the original surrounded Leomon and smirked at the lion.

"Matteo" Naruto said holding back his two partners, "Let's see how Leomon does in this...besides, I want no distractions when I show Kumbhiramon how many clones I can make" Naruto said with a smirk. The six Kumbhiramon suddenly began to circle Leomon before spinning so fast they looked like a wheel of colours that slowly began to constrict, nearing Leomon. Leomon looked around as he tried to find a way out and then jumped to escape however one of the deva clones jumped and body slammed into the beast king sending him back to the ground, however it was just before he touched the ground that the clones and the original made their moves. All six flew forward and crashed simultaneously into Leomon. However, when all the Kumbhiramon had impacted with the beast king, he smirked before twisting his body around allowing him to free himself, land on the ground to position himself in a hand stand before spinning, performing a windmill that caused many kicks to lash out and strike the five clones an the original sending them skidding backwards. Leomon then jumped into the air and rapidly punched the air and then punching it a seventh time.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" the beast king yelled before six lion shaped blasts of fire like energy were launched from his fist, swerving in one specific direction attack each Kumbhiramon. Kumbhiramon growled before dodging them, but two of his clones were hit causing them to fade away as data. The rat deva and his three remaining clones leaped at Leomon. One tried to headbutt him, but he ducked under it before lashing out with a spin kick before back flipping over another that tried to hit him frm behind and then dropped down low after a clone sailed over his head and then jumped to his feet and performed a Fist of the Beast King at close range killing a clone that tried to attack him, leaving only three Kunbhiramon left. However Leomon, who after much dodging and counter attacking was finally becoming exhausted as the three remaining Kumbhiramon began to beat down on the lion digimon before the three attacked simultaneously and Leomon was sent flying through the air, the wind knocked out of his lungs before crashing into the trunk of a thick tree. The deva smirked before turning to Gatomon.

"You see my dear Gatomon, with me you can have power beyond your wildest dreams, you even be my mate" Kumbhiramon smirked pervertedly, "What do you say to that?"

Gatomon glared before her claws twitched, "I say fuck off you perverted excuse for a digimon" Naruto, Dorumon and the others smirked at that response, while Kumbhiramon fumed.

"Nani, you would rather hang out with this...this...tamed digimon and that human than be free with your own kind. That dragon looking freak, the Sovereign said he was an evil digimon who could destroy the Digital World and that human is not even human!" Kumbhiramon shouted, "You're a isgrace to our race, Gatomon. Those two, the male human and that digimon, you and them both...what are you some kind of digimon slut just wanting to URK!" Kumbhiramon was silenced as the words were literally trapped in his throat. Dorumon and Naruto had used unforeseen speed to arrive in front of the three remaining Kumbhiramon and Naruto grabbed the one that was talking by his throat.

" digimon" Naruto growled as his voice became darker. 'Kyuubi...we take him mercy'

"Hahahaha excellent, well here you go...make me proud kit. Slaughter that mouse" Kyuubi laughed within the confines of Naruto's mind.

'Will do, Kyuubi...and I'll do even much more than slaughter, I'm gonna fucking annihilate him' the blonde thought before gripping the Kumbhiramon in his hand and crushing it. An audible snap was heard throughout the area as everyone stared in shock as the clone disappeared as data. The original Kumbhiramon then watched as Dorumon and Gatomon appeared in front of his last remaining clone and impaled it through the skull with their claws. Kumbhiramon quickly jumped backwards and then growled.

"You cannot defeat me fools, that attack caught me off guard, but not this time" the rat deva announced as he formed another batch of clones.

"DEVA CLONE!" then six clones formed, making there be seven Kumbhiramon's standing before the trio.

"Dorumon, Gatomon..." Naruto said to his partners as he looked at the seven rat devas in front of him.

" can have him, but remember...NO FUCKING MERCY!" the two digimon said as they backed off. Naruto smirked, his eyes now fully crimson, his whisker marks broader and darker, fangs and claws from his nails and teeth elongating and his hair becoming wilder as the Kyuubi's youkai formed a red aura around him , like the silhouette of a tailless kitsune. Naruto smirked as he took one step towards Kumbhiramon, killing intent spreading throughout the area.

"No...mercy" Naruto reminded himself before forming his all favourite jutsu, the cross shaped handsign coming to life. "KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

In a burst of youkai, Naruto formed over one hundred clones, he could have formed more, but that would be overkill and obviously attract unwanted attention towards the secluded area of the park.

"You can make clones...let's see how fare against mine"

"N-N-Nani?" the seven forms of the rat deva stuttered in surprise. "Y-Y-You're a f-f-freak" Kumbhiramon said. Naruto chuckled as he looked at his clones.

"I've been called worse rat deva, and you should be one to talk, you're like a fucking combination of shit, a rat tail and head, rooster wings and a ball for a body" Naruto said and then he and his few hundred clones took a step forward. Kumbhiramon nearly shit himself, and would have if was able to produce egested material from the lack of intestines he possessed.

"Prepare to die!"Naruto roared before he and his clones charged forwards. The seven forms of Kumbhiramon could only scream in pain as they were ruthlessly pummeled by the clones. For several minutes, nearly one hour of attacks. Naruto had held back slightly in order for the rat deva to still be alive after all of it. Except for the clones, those were hit especially hard as they vanished within the first half hour. The clones then puffed out of existence leaving only the original Naruto and the original Kumbhiramon. Naruto smirked before performing a last combo to kill the deva. He grabbed it by its head and then punched Kumbhiramon in the face before using shunshin to appear behind him to perform a roundhouse kick that sent the deva soaring through the air once more. Naruto raced alongside the flying deva that was screaming in fear and pain before grabbing the deva in mid flight and slamming him into the ground and repeatedly punched him until the ball that made the rat deva's torso and body began to crack and creak from the strain. Naruto then threw Kumbhiramon into the air and then jumped to meet him there. He then rapidly punched the deva before flipping to bring down an axe kick on the deva sending him into the ground before dropping down like a pin and planted his feet into the deva's head and then lifted the deva by his ears with a sadistic smirk on his face.

"If you are ever reborn in the Digital World after this...remember my face, I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune"Naruto growled as he formed a violet coloured rasengan. Then out of the fun of it, he added wind chakra to increase its slicing power. A screech was heard and Naruto looked as the rasengan was suddenly encased in a shuriken made out of pure wind chakra. Naruto watched in awe before smirking.

"Fuuton: Rasengan!" he yelled and thrust the attack forward and then sent it into the body of Kumbhiramon so that he would go skyward. Kumbhiramon was sent spiralling upwards as the Fuuton: Rasengan took off and went into the body of Kumbhiramon before beginning to spin rapidly, the screeching sound getting louder before a large tornado of wind chakra formed in the air and utterly destroyed the deva, red flakes of data mixing with the whirlwind before dying down and nothing was left.

The red aura left Naruto as the jinchuriki recalled the Kyuubi's chakra and sighed.

"I wonder how I did that?" he whispered to himself. He looked at his right hand where he had held the wind style version of the rasengan.

"Well kit, you did read your father's scroll didn't you?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto nodded mentally.

'Hai, I read Otou-san's scroll. What about it?'

"Agh, even after all of this, you still suck at theory work" Kyuubi face palmed or...face pawed. Naruto sweat dropped, "Anyways, your father had written the aspects of the Rasengan in the scroll. Remember he said it was an incomplete jutsu, to combine shape and nature manipulation"

'Oh yeah, didn't you teach me nature manipulation before though?' Naruto asked. Kyuubi nodded.

"Hai, I did, but you never applied to the rasengan before. The rasengan is a mastery of shape manipulation which is why it has a spherical shape. By adding your chakra nature, your main one being wind while your sub elemental chakra natures are water and earth due to your relations with the Shodaime Hokage. You have also have the other two elements of lightning and fire from myself. But your father had a wind chakra nature, so the rasengan was meant to be a fuuton jutsu" the behemoth of a fox explained. Naruto nodded.

'I I just need to add my chakra nature to the rasengan and it will be complete...but didn't I do that just now?'

"Partially, it is still incomplete...while you were using the Fuuton: Rasengan, the wind chakra input was still a bit unstable. The Fuuton: Rasengan is what would be a weaker version of what I assume would be an even more powerful, complete version of it" Kyuubi said.

'Okay...also, due to my relations to the first Hokage, my original affinity for wind and you...I have an affinity for all five elements of chakra?' Naruto asked.

"Hai, but your water, earth and wind natures are most prominent, the fire affinity is easier to use since it is my main element, however my lightnin nature will be hard for you to control...after all lightning is unpredictable, lashing out whenever it wants to...lightning, you could say has its own consciousness, I also had trouble mastering it while I was split off from the Juubi" Kyuubi explained.

'The Juubi?' Naruto asked. Kyuubi shook his head.

"Another story for another time, right now we should go home and you should move right about now, you're on your knees staring at a tree right now and your friends think you're dead. I'll explain everything when we get home. Come into your mindscape when you do though, these explanations are done better through sight that sound"

Naruto nodded before cutting off his connection with Kyuubi and then looking up, his sapphire blue eyes staring into the violet grey ones of Rika Nonaka.

"Naruto-kun, are you okay, you spaced out for a while?" Rika asked. Naruto shook his head and stood to his feet.

"I'm fine, Rika-chan...just a bit tired from the fight is all" he lied, he wasn't even winded during that fight, that was obviously the weakest of the deva, Naruto realized.

"Well now that that's over with, let's go home" Takato said.

"I want bread" Guilmon whined. Leomon stood to his feet and groaned, rubbing his head.

"You okay?" Naruto asked the lion digimon after noticing him moving. Leomon nodded.

"Hai...just a bit dizzy, that deva was weak...but he managed to exhaust me after having me dodge and counter attack his clones so much" Leomon said.

"Excuses, excuses, you're just plain weak" Naruto joked, a chuckle following behind it. The bipeal lion nodded before turning and walking away.

"Matteo, Leomon..." Jeri called out. Leomon turned to Jeri and shook his head.

"Listen here gaki, you may be small, but I can see that you have a lion's heart. You care for others and wouldn't be afraid if it means that your friends are at risk and you are able to do something to help...I would be your partner if I could, but...not now" Leomon then walked off down the path into the sunset. Everyone watched the beast king walk away.

"Anyone notice he was walking off into the sunset, I mean really it's like somebody is controlling this very existence, I mean the sun was shining just a moment ago" Naruto said.

"True, but you were fighting for quite a while" Henry said.

"That is true, Henry, but...I can't help but feel like as if all these escapades and fights in this life is suddenly some kind of story and people are reading it and are now either laughing or sighing at the fact that I'm noticing this" Naruto said. The others shrugged and then left for home. Naruto sent a kagebunshin to aid Renamon in walking Rika home while he walked away with Dorumon and Gatomon. (A/N: You nearly broke the Fourth wall, Naruto...the fourth wall, don't break it or I will kill you)

Naruto shuddered and sneezed as he walked.

"You okay Naruto, getting a bit sneezy there?" Gatomon asked.

"'s just that I have this feeling that someone wants to kill me for that thing I said earlier" Naruto said to his partners.

"Well ignore it, it's probably nothing"

"Yeah" Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon then walked for a few hours until they reached the apartment before falling asleep, Naruto on his bottom bunk and Dorumon and Gatomon on their shared top bunk.

(A/N: Well that's chapter 15, sorry it's so short and I took so long to publish it, but really it's hard to come up with something long enough when you have to use the weakest deva to fight them and I was not really motivated to write this chapter because of those aspects. Anyways please review and I hope you continue to follow this story. In the next chapter, Summer Vacation is starting and everyone is ready to do some vacationing. Takato's going to visit his cousin Ken, Henry's going to go on a deep sea expedition for tourists while Rika and Naruto will remain in Shinjuku to do some things that couples will normally do during the summer, date, make out, go shopping, make out...more shopping with Naruto having to hold the bags...more making out, etc. However, it seems Lucemon's prediction has come true, Apocalymon a digimon thought to be defeated by the digiestined of old from Odaiba has risen once more and is now out to find a way into the Real World. He manages to do so and suddenly there's this weird computer thing called a V-Pet. What is going on? Find out next time in Naruto: Tamer of XAnitbody, Chapter 16: Adventurer's Battle)