Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 16: Adventurer's Battle

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Poll: Should the other tamers learn how to use chakra and ninjutsu.



Well it seems that Rika, Takato and Henry and any other tamers will not be learning how to be a ninja, however, in order to satisfy those that said yes, I will be having them learn how to use weapons such as kunai and shuriken. I will also be starting my NarutoxPokemon Crossover. Naruto: Johto Journeys. It will follow the game's concept so that way it will sound more realistic unlike Ash's world where you try to learn move without TMs and HMs as well a mixture of the manga Pokemon Special will be added as well. Also I'm sorry for the late publishing of this chapter, due to its simplicity I haven't really felt motivate to write it. Well here it is, on to the chapter.

Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"That is true, Henry, but...I can't help but feel like as if all these escapades and fights in this life is suddenly some kind of story and people are reading it and are now either laughing or sighing at the fact that I'm noticing this" Naruto said. The others shrugged and then left for home. Naruto sent a kagebunshin to aid Renamon in walking Rika home while he walked away with Dorumon and Gatomon. (A/N: You nearly broke the Fourth wall, Naruto...the fourth wall, don't break it or I will kill you)

Naruto shuddered and sneezed as he walked.

"You okay Naruto, getting a bit sneezy there?" Gatomon asked.

"'s just that I have this feeling that someone wants to kill me for that thing I said earlier" Naruto said to his partners.

"Well ignore it, it's probably nothing"

"Yeah" Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon then walked for a few hours until they reached the apartment before falling asleep, Naruto on his bottom bunk and Dorumon and Gatomon on their shared top bunk.


With Takato

It was now summer vacation. The time for fun and no school, two months of pure, unadulterated freedom from the education system of the world for the young minds of the city of Shinjuku.

Takato was at home packing for a trip to a nearby island where his cousin Kai lived. He was busy packing, jumping up and down on the bag to try and force everything down.

" it" he said with a final jump. The small suitacase was forced closed and he managed to zip it closed.

"Takatomon, how will I go on the boat? Other people might see me" Guilmon asked. Takato had managed to sneak Guilmon home and get him upstairs and as Guilmon asked the question Takato gave his partner a smirk. Takato then reached into his closet and pulled out a rather large suitcase.

"This is where you will be hiding" Takato told the red dinosaur digimon.

"Oh" Guilmon's yellow eyes blinked before he suddenly found himself being pulled into the woven case and stuffed there as Takato closed the bag shut. The goggle wearing tamer then grabbed both of his suitcases and took them downstairs. The first one he packed was small enough for him to strap onto his back with the straps it had, while he had to struggle to carry Guilmon's.

"'s dark and hard to breathe in here" Guilmon said as he poked a claw through the material to allow him to see as well as breathe. Of course this was when Takato had finally made it downstairs where his mother was.

"Takato, did you say something?" the brown haired woman asked as she gave a bag of bread to another customer. Takato began to sweat slightly.

"Uh no Okaa-chan, just talking to myself about how it might get dark and hard to breathe where Kai lives" Takato explained.

"Oh, well don't worry Kai lives on an island so breathing won't be a problem, but it can get pretty dark so be careful" Mrs. Matsuki said as she walked up to her son and gave him a hug.

"Do you have your bus money?" she asked.


"Your clean clothes and toothbrush?"


"Clean underwear"

"Hai, Okaa-chan" Takato said rolling his eyes. Mrs. Matsuki smiled at the goggle wearing pre-teen before hugging him.

"I'll see you in two months okay honey"

"Hai, tell Otou-san I left" Takato said and then rolled out the suitcase which had Guilmon in it as well as his backpack-like suitcase. Takato then went to the bus stop and paid the bus driver before setting off with the disguised Guilmon towards the airport.

With Henry

"Wet suit, check...Water proof camera, check...a few sets of clean clothes, check...cell phone, check" Henry threw away the check list he had set for himself as he picked up D-Ark off the computer desk oh his room. He then closed the small suitcase he had and then walked out of the room. He picked up Terriermon who was still posing as a lifeless stuffed toy.

"Henry, are you ready to go?" Janyu asked his son. The green digivice wielding tamer nodded.

"Hold on Otou-san, just a minute!" the blue haired boy called out before turning to Suzy who was looking at him with sad eyes.

"Well Suzy, you're going to have to not see Terriermon for quite a while" Henry said to the shortest and youngest of his siblings. This caused the brown haired girl to frown.

"But Henwy, why I can't I keep Tewwiermon with me?" she asked. Suzy looked at her favourite big brother with Puppy Dog Eyes, but Henry willed himself to not crumble.

"Because, Terriermon will help protect me, you don't want me to get hurt do you?" he said truthfully. Terriermon would protect him, but Suzy didn't need to know that...yet. Suzy thought for a while, tilting her head cutely before nodding and smiling up at her older brother.

"Okay, Tewwiermon can stay with Henwy" Suzy agreed before running to go on the computer in Henry's room.

"HENRY COME ON, YOUR PLANE IS GOING TO LEAVE IN A FEW HOURS!" Henry's father called out to him. Henry ran over to the computer genius that was his father, his bag in tow and Terriermon atop his head.

"Yeah, yeah...hold your horses" Henry called out.

"I think that attitude would qualify as rude, don't you think so Henry?" the small dog-bunny digimon told his tamer with a smirk.

"Oh shut up" Henry said rolling his eyes.

With Rika and Naruto

"Well Takato is going to visit his cousin, Kai on an island" Naruto said as he and Dorumon walked through the streets with Rika. Renamon and Gatomon following from the rooftops.

"Henry's going on a deep sea expedition tour" Rika said.

"And that leaves the three of us all alone" Dorumon finished. Rika and Naruto looked at each other with raised eyebrows before looking down at the purple and white furred dragon digimon. Dorumon looked up, feeling their stares before sighing.

"Okay, I'm going, I'm going...I hope you two swallow each other" he mumbled before walking away and then ducked into an alleyway where he scaled the wall to reach Gatomon and Renamon on the roofs using his sharp claws.

"Soooo, whatcha wanna do?" Naruto asked with a foxy grin. Rika looked at her boyfriend with a sly look and then neared his face.

"We...are going..." she paused for dramatic effect as she went closer and closer to Naruto's face, their breath felt on each other's skin.

"Yeah...Yeah" Naruto said excitedly.

"Shopping for some new clothes for me" she finished as she pulled away causing the blonde shinobi to collapse anime style on the ground, a sweat drop developed on the back of his head.

"Uhhh" he got up and looked around, "I think I hear Dorumon calling me" the blonde said as he tried the excuse to escape the act of having to carry Rika's bags if she bought anything. If it was anything he learned from his universe and this one, it was that women, no matter where always seemed to be a dominant species that controlled everything with just a puff of their chest, batting of the eyelashes or the simple wink of the eye.

(A/N: As a guy I do not like this way of life and to all my fellow male readers, we must find a way to bring them down -_-! I need your help to do it)

Rika then went up to the slightly taller blonde and her lips met his in a kiss that caused his eyes to bug out of his head, his eyes seemingly rolling back into his skull before Rika pulled away...much to his dismay.

"So, as I was're going shopping with me"

"But I thought you hated to do that?" Naruto said tilting his head questionably.

"True, but Okaa-chan's genes tend to get through once in a while. Naruto frowned.

"I hate you" he mumbled which caused the violet eyed girl to smile evilly.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun"

Meanwhile on the rooftops

"Females...such a persuasive species...I hate it" Dorumon frowned as he crossed his arms, feeling Naruto's pain.

"Aww, come on Doru-kun" Gatomon said to her draconian boyfriend, "My being a female can't be all that bad" she purred. Dorumon's burnt orange eyes rolled in their sockets as he looked at Gatomon's blue orbs.

"True as that may be, females still attempt to crush us and bend us to their you're right now" Dorumon realized as he stood up. Renamon chuckled as she sat down on the ground, cross legged.

"And I thought men were stupid"

"Oh they are, they just have their moments" Gatomon said with a wink at the purple furred dragon.

"I'm breaking up with you" he said with a playful glare causing Gatomon to frown.

"Don't be like that, Doru-kun"

"No, I'm serious, I'm not listening to this, I can't take the abuse" he said before jumping away, Gatomon in tow with Renamon following just for the fun of watching the lover's spat.

"Come back"

"LALALALA I'm not listening" Dorumon put his claws in his ears.

'It's never dull around here' the blonde fox thought.

Meanwhile in the Digital World- Eastern Quadrant

During the time before the four Digidestined you see now were created, there was a group of eight children who made the group known as the Digidestined. Unlike the ones of Shinjuku, these children were from Odaiba and grew up in the area where the people of Shinjuku saw the city of Odaiba as a fictional world. These eight children grew up in this fictional, yet at the same time, real, city. The eight were composed of Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Yamato "Matt" Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Joe Kido, Takeru "T.K" Takaishi and Hikari "Kari" Kamiya.

These eight children were the eight chosen ones who saved the Eastern Quadrant of the Digital World with the help of their digimon partners. Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, Patamon and Gatomon. They all managed to digivolve their digimon to the levels of Champion, even managing to reach Ultimate level with only Tai and Matt being able to achieve the Mega level. Thus thwarting the efforts of foes such as Devimon, Etemon, VenomMyotismon and the Dark Masters, Piedmon, Puppetmon, MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon. However, even after accomplishing all this, there was still the great Dark Leader of all these evil Digimon. Apocalymon.

Apocalymon was a dangerous digimon who lived in a secluded area of the Digital World's Eastern Quadrant, all alone where he developed his strength and watched from his lonely prison as the Digidestined attained friends and love from all around the Eastern Quadrant. However, all that watching made emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy...all these bubbled to the surface until he felt the need to destroy the chosen eight. When these eight managed to find Apocalymon, they fought with all they had using the attributes of Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope and Light, respectively, hidden within each and every one of them and thus when they were on the brink of defeat they countered and struck back and as a result, destroyed Apocalymon for good...or so they thought.

Apparently a shred of Apocalymon's data had remained from his destruction and it was from that shred of data that Apocalymon was able to bide his time, regain his physical form and once again return to full strength.

Deep in the dark part of the Eastern Quadrant, two figures were fighting. One was a well known Digimon, a Royal Knight. A black arm extended from the base of a skull helmet which looked like the head of a WarGreymon, with the Brave Shield from WarGreymon's back being the shoulder of the arm. A black arm extended from the base of another skull which looked like that of MetalGarurumon's with a blue circle with yellow spikes that looked like the same material MetalGarurumon's body was made from, made the shoulder. Attached to the arms, the digimon's body was adorned with white armour, three purple stripes were on each pectoral. On his waist were two golden spikes that curved upwards like devil horns and on his feet were three golden claws, each. His eyes were a bright blue and two fang like marking were on the mouth part of his face. On the digimon's chest was a fusion of the crests of 'Courage' and 'Friendship' in gold. Then the new digimon wore developed white cape with a red underside that flowed down from his shoulders in makeshift wind. The MetalGarurumon mouth on the right arm opened to reveal the hidden cannon while he flicked his left hand which looked like WarGreymon's head and a long sword blade flew out. Along the length of the blade, in golden digicode, the words 'All Delete'. This was Omnimon.

The second fighter was a black, three dimensional shape that had many claws, connected by chains, sprouting from many hexagonal shaped holes in the Digimon's body. A small body, surrounded by a dark coloured cape looking cloth covered most of its body showing two dark red eyes. This was Apocalymon.

"The Digidestined, have defeated you once...and as the former partners of Taichi Kamiya and Yamato Ishida we will stop you" Omnimon said in the fused voices of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon. Apocalymon gritted his teeth together as he heard those two names.

"You dare speak the names of those children...I was once all powerful and undefeated before they came along!" the alleged Dark Master roared.

"Well now you will be brought down once more"

"NEVER!" the two clashed, causing many rifts to form in the Digital Space which in the Real World would be what pop-up windows are formed from. Omnimon quickly dodged rapid slashes of Apocalymon's claws, however one managed to wrap itself around the Royal Knight's waist. Then another converted into the likeliness of a Devimon.

"TOUCH OF EVIL!" Apocalymon slashed Omnimon across his chest, the strong armour plating on the Royal Knight protected it from most of the damage. Omnimon then roared and used the Brave Sword to slash through the chain that bound him like a knife through butter before flying straight towards Apocalymon. He then spun and slashed, taking down one claw, then another before leaping above one, and used it to spring himself into the air. He then flicked his right wrist, causing the head of MetalGarurumon to open and shot that and few more chain claws down.

"TRANSCENDENT SWORD!" Omnimon yelled and then stabbed Apocalymon with the blade. Apocalymon gritted his teeth and moved back as Omnimon painfully wrenched his blade free from his body. Apocalymon was able to still fight, but not for long in his Mega form so in order to remain alive, Apocalymon was force to de-digivolve to his Ultimate form.

His form glowed a soft grey and white before changing to look like that of a large bipedal ram. Its head and neck were a light shade of grey with a mane of red hair going down its neck to just below it, a pair of curved brown horns came from its head and a pair of glowing orange-red eyes stared at the Royal Knight. The torso was black and its lower limbs were covered with thick brown fur. Two leathery, bat like wings sprouted from its back and flapped, the sound echoing throughout the shadowy battleground. Its shoulders looked like pads of blue with three red lines on each pad, black and orange stripes made up its arms which connected to forearms that were covered in brown coloured fur just like its lower body. A black tail swished behind it. This was Mephistomon, an Ultimate level Digimon who was made up from the data of the Apocalymon.

"Apocalymon...I will find my way into the Real World and destroy it" Mephistomon said and then opened his mouth, "DARK CLOUD!"

A black mist flew from Mephistomon's mouth and began to disintegrate any data that surrounded its vicinity. Omnimon quickly opened both cannons on his hands and fired.

"DOUBLE SHOT!" a blast of ice from the Garuru Cannon froze the mist in blue ice, but it was slowly breaking free, but it was stopped as the frozen data destroying cloud was blown apart by a fire ball from the WarGreymon cannon. Omnimon then rushed through the smoke cloud generated and raised the Transcendent Sword which was surrounded by an aura of green and black energy.


"Oh like hell you will!" Mephistomon quickly leaned back to avoid the horizontal thrust that intended to impale him through his stomach and kill him and performed a matrix move before grabbing onto the WarGreymon skull that made Omnimon's left arm before swinging upwards and kicked Omnimon hard in the face before jumping back and punching the knight twice in the stomach. The ram looking digimon quickly began spinning and managed to crash a hard left fist to the white knight's face and then performed a roundhouse that sent Omnimon backwards.

"Oh and will you look at that..." Mephistomon and Omnimon both looked to see a rip in the space of Digital World forming a portal which viewed an image of Shinjuku, "You opened a portal to the Real World for me" Apparently when Omnimon used his Omni Force: All Delete, he had put a bit too much power into the attack and it ripped a hole in the Digital and Real World boundaries.

"NOOO MEPHISTOMOOON!" Omnimon raced forward with all the speed he could muster, firing haphazardly with his MetalGarurumon Cannon by using his Supreme Cannon Attack. Mephistomon smirked, deleting the attack with his Dark Cloud attack and then waved to Omnimon.

"Ta Taaaa" he said in a sing song voice and the Ultimate level digimon disappeared through the portal and then it too disappeared. Omnimon glared at the previous portal, he was one of those digimon that would not be able to reach the Real World and survive its environment and as such could not leave the Digital World.

'Kuso...if only I knew someone who could stop that menace...' Omnimon's mond raced through one hundred nanocycles of thought per minute before smirking. He did have someone who could stop Mephistomon.

'That and the boy and partner have friends' the Royal Knight thought with a smirk. Time to call an old friend.

Real World- With Takato

Takato was in the airport looking at the large crowd of people as he had just landed in the airport from Shinjuku to Okinawa where his cousin Kai lived. Right now, the goggle wearing tamer was looking around the area for his cousin.

"Gosh, I wonder if Kai's changed. I haven't seen the guy in nearly five years" Takato commented.

"Why haven't you seen Kai in so long Takato?" Guilmon quietly asked, so that only Takato could hear.

"Because, Kai lives here in Okinawa with his grandfather and I live in Shinjuku so we rarely get to see each other since we live so far away from each other" Takato explained as he patted Guilmon's bag.

"Oh" was all Guilmon could say.

"Huh, Takato?" a voice asked. Takato and Guilmon's eyes which was looking through the hole he made with his claw, turned to see Henry and Terriermon walking towards them...well Guilmon saw their lower halves.

"Henry, Terriermon!" the red digivice wielding tamer exclaimed upon seeing his friends. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well I'm here to go on a tourist dive in the reef to look at the underwater ruins off the shores of Okinawa...Terriermon wants to try the food" Henry said with a sweatdrop.

"Is there bread?" Guilmon asked. This caused Henry and Terriermon to smirk.

"I see you're still hiding Guilmon" the Asian tamer added. Takato rubbed his head in embarrassment and chuckled.

"Hehe, yeah"

"Well, I gotta catch my bus to the hotel I'm staying at. See ya later"

"Yeah, we'll hang out later when you're done with your expedition thing" Takato answered.

"Sure thing"

"Don't hurt yourself" Terriermon yelled back. As the pair of digimon and tamer left the presence of the other Takato frowned as he realized there was still no sign of Kai.

"Where is that boy?" Takato thought before sighing, "Great, I'm sounding just like Okaa-chan"

"And now, here in Okinawa is the creator of the new computer program on the block, V-Pet creator, Tamashiro" a news reporter said on the television. The news reporter put the microphone by Tamashiro's mouth. Tamashiro looked like a man in his late twenties, early thirties and had dirty blonde hair that as most likey filled with gel. He wore a pair of black shades that covered his black eyes and wore a tan coloured shirt with matching coloured pants, brown leather shoes and an orange jacket over the shirt. Hints of a regrowing beard could also be seen.

"So Mr. Tamashiro, would you tell us what this V-Pet is?"

"Well V-Pet, obviously means Virtual Pet. It takes on the likeliness of a dog and can practically do anything from helping you organize your e-mail, remove spam and viruses from your computer as well as keep you company while acting as a real pet. So you have to feed and clean the thing" Tamashiro explained getting a few chuckles from the last part.

"Well that is quite..."


Everyone on the television screen including those who were watching the country wide interview looked in shock as they saw a tanned skin boy with long black hair that was tied into a short ponytail. The boy had deep brown eyes and wore an open yellow-brown shirt that exposed a flat, yet slightly muscular body. A pair of blue short pants were also worn with a pair of brown sandals.

"NANI...KAI!" Takato explained as he grabbed his suitcase and rolled his suitcase all the way over to the crowd where the reporters and other people had come to see the genius computer inventor. After going through the crowd he saw Kai standing there in a small scuffle with Tamshiro.

"I'm only looking for my cousin Takato, he's here in the airport...LET ME GOO!" Kai screamed. However, the security guards held him back. Takato quickly made his way over and grabbed Kai's arm.

"Kai, what do you think you're doing?" Takato asked.

"Huh, Takato?" the black haired boy blinked before smiling at his cousin, "TAKATO, YOU'RE HERE!" he yelled as he broke through the security guards' grip and hugged the boy.

"Nice to see you too" Takato said as he was released from the hug. Suddenly the two felt a hand on each other their shoulders. They looked up to see Tamashiro smiling a the camera.

"You see these two boys, they are potential V-Pet customers and could be the newest generation of V-Pet creators" Tamashiro said with a smile. The camera immediately began to to zoom in on Takato and Kai's images.

Shinjuku- Takato's House

Mrs. Matsuki was watching television as there were no customers entering the bakery at the moment. She was watching the interview with Tamashiro about the V-Pet and then her eyes widened.

"Oh dear Kami-sama!" the middle aged woman yelled. "Honey quick, Takato's on the t.v"

"Nani, really?" Takato's father immediately ran down the stairs and skidded next to his wife as he reached the screen and frowned as he watched the screen switch to a commercial.

"Where is Takato?" he asked.

"He was there in the Okinawa airport, so that means he got there safely. He and Kai were on the interview with some guy called Tamashiro for this thing called a V-Pet" Mrs. Matsuki explained. Mr. Matsuki sighed.

"Oh well, at least we know he made it to Okinawa...didn't even get to see my onw son on t.v" he frowned as he shuffled back upstairs.

Back with Takato

Takato and Kai along with Guilmon's suitcase and another magically appearing Calumon who popped out of Guilmon's suitcase, sat atop the small boat the two cousins were on as they careened across the blue sea towards the island that Kai lived on.

"Sugoi, this place is amazing" Takato said as looked at the clear waters, through which he saw many schools of fish, large amounts of coral and then the island in the distance.

"Hai, it is the perfect vacation paradise for the summer" Kai said with a smirk. The tanned boy then walked over to the edge of the boat, hopped up onto the railing and quickly dove off into the blue waters.

"KAI HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT?" the boat captain yelled to the boy as he surfaced.

"Uh counting now...7" Kai replied. This caused Takato and the captain to sweatdrop.

"I guess he does this a lot huh?" Takato asked. The captain sighed.

"He caused me to go bald" the captain told the tamer as he raised his hat to show the lack of hair on his head. Calumon then jumped off the boat and rode the winds, flying after Kai towards the isalnd as Kai swam.

After a few minutes, the boat docked off and Takato thanked the captain before the boat left. Takato then rolled the suitcase with Guilmon along the lone path that Kai said was the only path on the island. It led straight towards Kai's Oji-san's house which was the only house on the island. Takato sighed and began rolling the suitcase with Guilmon along the path to Kai's house. However, after a long while Takato began to get tired and Guilmon was getting hot in his suitcase due to the hot tropical sun so Takato let the dinosaur digimon out of the suitcase so that Takato slept atop the suitcase while Guilmon pushed.

After a while, Kai, who was waiting for Takato and his overly large suitcase was met with a large surprise as he saw Takato...sleeping atop a self rolling suitcase? Kai blinked and rubbed his eyes before he spotted Guilmon poking his head from behind the suitcase.

"Ohayo Kaimon" Guilmon greeted Kai with a wave.

'What the...?' was all he could think.

Later that Day

Takato groaned as he woke up. He found the sky was a dark shade of pink mixed with purple, meaning that it was near or probably was dusk. The goggle wearing tamer looked around and saw an old man wearing a white vest and a short pair of green/brown pants. The man was watching Takato.

"Oh, Takato you're up"

"You're Kai's Oji-san right?" Takato asked. The old man nodded, the two then heard a loud, yet familiar voice.

"OI OJI-SAN, WE'RE BACK!" the voice of Kai was heard as Takato rose to his feet. His eyes widened, his mouth agape as he saw the crimson reptilian digimon walking behind Kai with a big smile on his face.

"Look, Takatomon, I caught a's a pink fishy" Guilmon said as he held the pink scaled minnow between two of his claws. The fish wiggled and squirmed before falling still as it lacked water. Kai on the other hand held a large amount of trout. Calumon was flying behind the two large individuals.

"Oi, Takato you're up. Nice Digimon you got here" Kai said pointing at Guilmon. Takato blinked.

"Y-Y-You know about Digimon?" he asked. Kai smiled.

"Well duh, everyone knows about Digimon, well I knew about the card game, but I never knew real Digimon existed. Guilmon is really cool"

"That's a really big dog, you should have him sleep outside" Kai's grandfather said. Kai and Takato sweat dropped.

"Oji-san that's not a dog, that's a Digimon, a Digital Monster" Kai explained to the elderly man. Said elderly man simply shook his head.

"Noooo...that's a dog" Kai's grandfather and Kai then looked as Calumon flew between them and waved before landing on Guilmon's head.

"See, did you see that? What would you call that, a flying dog?" Kai said with a smirk of victory. Kai's grandfather frowned before turning away.

"I have to prepare dinner, come inside and get the dogs"

"Is your Oji-san always like this?" Takato asked with a sweat drop.

"Pretty much"

With Rika and Naruto

"So, Rika-chan, what do we do now?" Naruto asked, "We've shopped more most of the day, the date is finished and I'm sure Renamon, Dorumon and Gatomon are bored out of their minds from watching us for the entire day"

"Well there have been no sightings of any of the devas, maybe they finally gave up and decided that we are too strong for them" Rika said.

"Maybe, but still I'm actually wishing something would happen, it's summer vacation and I'm bored out of my fucking mind"

"Hmmm, well it is summer vacation sooooo" Rika just grabbed Naruto and began to make out with him...again, which Naruto was more than happy to comply to. However, during that kiss, there was a large explosion that originated from the Shinjuku Gasoil Factory. Naruto and Rika rolled their eyes.

"It's never dull around here" they said simultaneously before Naruto picked up Rika and ran towards the explosion site, their digimon partners not far behind along the rooftops.

Shinjuku Gasoil Factory

The Shinjuku Gasoil Factory was a large area of pipes, towers and oil and gas reserves that were used to store the natural resources to be used for things such as electricity, but however some of all those large pieces of fused metal and plastic were now columns of bright orange flames as they were destroyed in a fiery explosion.

"Nani?" Naruto and Rika looked around the area for the cause and took out their D-Arks as they spotted their little troublemaker. Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark glowed blue on the screen as the hologram of the Digimon that appeared in front of them was scanned.

"Okay looks like we got a Pteramon on our hands. An Armour Level Digimon who flies at the speeds that jets can achieve. His attacks are Missile Storm and Sharp Beak" Naruto read before he grabbed Rika and jumped out of the way as a barrage of flying projectiles flew towards them. A large explosion sent Naruto and Rika careening through the sky, but Naruto managed to flip and land on his feet. He rested Rika down and looked at her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, RENAMON!" she called and the blonde fox appeared with Gatomon and Dorumon atop her shoulders.

"So what do we got?" Dorumon asked as he and Gatomon dropped down.

"Pteramon, Armour Level"

"We'll walk all over it" Gatomon said with a purr as she licked her claws. Naruto nodded and then grabbed Gatomon and Dorumon before throwing them into the air while Renamon just jumped. The Pteramon spotted them and let out a screech.

"MISSILE STORM!" and the many missiles underneath the Digimon's wings flew towards the three tamed digimon.

"DIAMOND STORM!" Renamon yelled as she unleashed a barrage of diamond shards at the missiles destroying them all as they came in contact with them. Dorumon and Gatomon were then thrown by Renamon towards the Digimon and grabbed onto his wings before flipping onto its back.

"METAL SHOOT!" the dragon like Digimon roared before multiple metal spheres fired from his maw and impacted with Pteramon's body causing a loss of balance and the three began to go into a dive. Gatomon and Dorumon then jumped off and readied their claws.



The two soared downwards and as Pteramon met the harsh ground, Gatomon's glowing white claws impaled it and Dorumon's metal hard body created a rather large dent in the Armour Digimon. The smoke cloud cleared and the two Rookies and one Champion looked at their opponent. The look in that Pteramon's eyes...the golden eyes of the Armour Digimon looked empty and the pupil seemed to be lost to the naked eye. That soulless look in the Digimon's eyes gave an odd chill that ran up the spine of the two Rookies and one Champion level Digimon.

"This Pteramon..." Gatomon began.

"How could this be?" Renamon finished before the digimon vanished as red flakes of data. Dorumon frowned as he watched the eyes of the dead Pteramon before it vanished.

'I know that look' Dorumon thought, the look he saw in all the Digimon that he, Gatomon and Naruto now knew, Lucemon had possessed.

"Good job guys...what's wrong?" Rika asked.

"This Digimon...was being controlled" Dorumon said. Silence filled the air upon this sentence.

A few days later- Okinawa with Takato

Takato yawned as he rose from his bed, he quickly bathed, ate breakfast and changed into his singnature blue sweater/t-shirt, blue tinted lens goggles, yellow wrist bands, tan pants and sneakers.

"Konichiwa minna-san!" Takato told everyone as he saw them outside. Guilmon and Calumon were playing a friendly game of tag while Kai was busy readying some fishing rods made of bamboo and a very waxy looking piece of string with a hook on the end.

"Oh, Takato you're up" Kai said excitedly, "Good, come on we're gonna go catch some fish"

Takato's eyes nearly bugged out of his head in surprise as Kai just tossed him the fishing rod.

"Uh, okay" Takato then went with Kai, Guilmon and Calumon towards the shore where they piled into the boat that Kai's grandfather owned and then set out to sea. After a few minutes of just drifting, the two threw out their rods and landed their baited hooks in the water.

"Well this is nice" Takato commented as he watched Guilmon dunk his head beneath the small waves that clashed against the boat's wooden surface.

"Yeah, I do this all the time...I wish you could visit gets lonely here with just me and Oji-san" Kai commented. Takato sighed, images of Digimon battles and the devas flashed through his mind's eyes revealing the truth to the young tamer.

"Yeah, so do I" however the waves suddenly crashed harder against the boat as the three heard a scream. Calumon, who was sleeping, woke up to the very same sound.

"Huh, what's going on?" the large eared Digimon asked. Taking to the skies, Calumon, along with everyone else in the boat watched with wide eyes as they saw a young brown haired girl, wearing a pink dress on a small motor boat. A frightened, yet wild look in her maroon coloured eyes were shown before her chaser was revealed. A giant blue and white coloured shark looking creature.

"I don't think that's a normal mantaray" Kai stuttered.

"YOU THINK!" Takato yelled as he drew his D-Ark from his pocket which was immediately splashed with water making Takato blink as he relaized it was still working besides being soaked to the last microchip, "Huh...I have now realized this thing is waterproof"

The D-Ark beeped before a holographic image of the digimon appeared on the screen. It was a large blue and white shark looking creature. The head of it was a darker blue while its lower, serpentine like body was an ice blue colour. Sharp white teeth filled its jaws and the eyes of the Digimon were a deep ocean blue. Two blade like protrusions came out of the prehistoric looking Digimon's back. Four flippers allowed movement in the aquatic layout of the ocean.

"So that thing is a Digimon. Tylomon, a prehistoric Digimon who looks like the ancient sea dwelling creature, Mosasaurus. Armour Level Digimon who moves quickly and hunts its prey using its sharp teeth to rip apart prey and easily catch them using its flippers for maneuverability. Tylomon's attacks are Torpedo Attack, Shark Fin Blade and Hydro Wave" Takato read the information off his D-Ark before putting it away.

"I'm on it Takato!" Guilmon roared before Takato could say anything. Guilmon's pupils dilated within his golden irises, his virus nature coming to the surface before jumping off the boat with amazing jumping power and tackled Tylomon just as the shark looking digimon caused the unknown girl on the motorboat to fly through the air and near the two boys. Kai and Takato helped bring the girl aboard just as Guilmon and Tylomon delved beneath the big blue.

"Is she okay?" Takato asked. Kai quickly pressed his middle and index fingers against the pink dress wearing girl's neck and sighed in relief.

"Her pulse is still there, she's alive. Come on, we gotta get her to shore" Kai said as he activated the motor on his speedboat.

"No, we have to wait on Guilmon!" Takato retorted. Kai frowned, but nodded, but not before moving the boat a good enough distance from the battle field.

Beneath the waves, Guilmon was still wrestling with Tylomon. Tylomon growled before wriggling out of Guilmon's grip since the reptilian Digimon's sharp claws had managed to dig through Tylomon's hard scales.

"TORPEDO ATTACK!" Tylomon roared as it opened its jaws to reveal five torpedos that were shaped exactly like itself before firing off towards Guilmon.

"PYRO SPHERE!" Guilmon fired five balls of heated energy at the torpedos, but the cold waters reduced their strength considerably. The attacks clashed, but the Pyro Spheres managed to hold their equilibirum long enough in order to result in an explosion. Guilmon and Tylomon were both blown back from the resulting waves. Guilmon quickly surfaced, gasping for breath. When his breath quickly steadied, he dived back beneath the waves and found Tylomon coming towards him.

"SHARK FIN BLADE!" the blades on Tylomon's back shone with a light blue light before Tylomon roared and sped towards Guilmon. Guilmon growled and his body ignited with flames that managed to burn even beneath the cold waters of the sea.

"ROCK BREAKER: FULL BODY FORM!" Guilmon used the move that he had invented as a result of his training with Naruto and Dorumon before punching Tylomon in the face and then lashed out with a powerful kick to the fish Digimon's chin sending it towards the surface. Guilmon then pumped his legs and tail furiously as he sped after the surfacing Tylomon. The two Digimon surfaced and Guilmon's claws ignited with flames once more.

"ROCK BREAKER!" and the pairs of claws came down on Tylomon leaving six burning slash marks upon the sides of Tylomon's body. Tylomon roared.

"HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME!" Tylomon's eyes held a soullless look in them, but the rage was evident before it lashed out and its tail slapped Guilmon's face before Tylomon landed back in the water and then allowed his head to remain above sea level and then roared. Waves became more violent as the seas released their power in the form of Tylomon's attack.

"HYDRO WAVE!" a large tsunami rose up and crashed against Guilmon with devastating force sending Guilmon beneath the water. Tylomon then dove down and sped towards Guilmon and tackled his side earning a cry of pain from the crimson reptile. Tylomon smirked at the damage he began to deal before turning and slashing Guilmons back with his Shark Fin Blade attack.

"TORPEDO ATTACK!" Tylomon bared his teeth before opening his large mouth to fire a multitude of Tylomon looking torpedos at Guilmon.

The barrage of torpedos attacked both Guilmon's arms and then his chest and stomach and back mostly. Guilmon's scales and his reflexes to dodge most of the attacks did all they could to protect him from the attack, but the continuous slashes from Tylomon's Shark Fin Blade attack mixed with the Torpedo attack made their mark and Guilmon was now covered with data leaking scars. Guilmon roared as his virus nature was released full force.

He grabbed Tylomon's fins just before they hit him and then planted a clawed foot against the Digimon's face before punching Tylomon repeatedly and then swung Tylomon around forming a miniature whirlpool and then ignited his body with flames.

"ROCK BREAKER!" Guilmon roared before throwing Tylomon upwards and then rocketing after him to perform a powerful headbutt to Tylomon's body that sent both combatants out of the water. Guilmon then slashed downwards with his flaming claws and opened his jaws.

"PYRO SPHERE!" A powerful and large crimson sphere of flame and energy flew out of Guilmon's maw and crashed into Tylomon sending the evil shark into the unforgiving waves of the ocean. Guilmon then decided to finish it and concentrated all the flames around his body into his right clawed hand. The flames spun into the spiraling variation of the rasengan of fire.

"RASENKADAIBAKUFU/ SPIRALING FIRE EXPLOSION!" he cried as his variation of the Rock Breaker mixed with Rasengan broke through Tylomon's hard scales and impaled the Armour Level Digimon like a sword through the stomach, burning the enemy Digimon's insides to red flakes of data before bursting into said red flakes of data. A giant tornado of flames surrounded him and Tylomon before the waters snuffed them out and revealed only Guilmon amongst the roared in victory before his pupils grew back to normal size and his battle instincts and the adrenalin wore off. Guilmon sighed before swimming back towards where he spotted the boat.

"Good job boy" Takato congratulated his partner, helping him onto the vessel.

"Arigato Takatomon" Guilmon said with a small smile.

"Dude, that was wicked awesome. I wish I was a tamer like you cousin" Kai said with a grin that reminded Takato of Naruto.

"Yeah, let's head back to shore and help this girl" Takato said. Kai nodded and the group went back to shore.

Kai's House

The boys went to Kai's grandfather who quickly told them to get a small futon to rest the girl on. Upon resting the girl down, they noticed that she had a bag on her person that was covered entirely in plastic to keep it from getting wet.

"Smart girl" Kai commented before heading inside as Takato volunteered to watch over her. Guilmon, thanks to the fast healing ability that all Digimon have was able to make a fast recovery, and Calumon played a game of tag as Takato watched the sleeping girl. After about two hours of shifting between watching the girl and playing Guilmon and Calumon, he took a fresh towel soaked with hot water and wrung it to release any extra liquid. He placed the towel on her forehead after removing the previous one they had placed on her earlier.

"Hmmm, maybe I should check what's in that curiosity is getting to me now" Takato mumbled to himself before ripping the plastic off the bag and taking out a laptop.

'Maybe this laptop will give me a name or where this girl comes from' the tamer thought as he opened the laptop and pressed the power button. As the screen flashed white and then filled with colour, Takato's eyes widened as he recognized the screen's image. On it was a three dimensional, pixelated organism in the likeliness of a dog.

"T-T-This is a...V-Pet?" Takato wondered.

With Henry

Henry sighed with a smile as he climbed back onto the boat. He took off his scuba gear and smiled at the underwater camera he held in his hands.

"I think I maxed out the memory card on this thing with the amount of pictures I took" Henry said. Terriermon jumped on top Henry's head and chuckled.

"Well how about we pay old Gogglehead a visit then since you're done with these boring ruins"

"Hey those ruins were very interesting, you should have seen it...anyways you're right, we could visit Takato the next day" Henry agreed with the dog eared bunny. With that the pair headed back to their hotel where they were staying.

With Naruto and Rika

Naruto and Rika had finished a recent date and were now walking back towards Rika's house. Now that it was dark, no one was out on the streets seeing as it was summer, most people had 'fled' the country to go abroad to places such as America or the Caribbean or other tourist areas. So Renamon was out in the open with Dorumon and Gatomon. However, as a precaution Naruto still cast a mild genjutsu that made Renamon seem like a young blonde woman who looked old enough to be Rika's older sister yet young enough to not be her mother.

"So what do we do now?" Rika asked as she turned away for a few seconds. Renamon was constantly looking behind them in case there was anybody following them so they didn't expect was would happen these next few seconds.

"I don't know maybe we could..." then Naruto paused mid sentence as he looked up along with Dorumon and Gatomon. Above them was a swirling blue and black portal lined with flakes of red, green and blue data. Then a yellow beam descended down and entrapped Dorumon and Naruto, Gatomon who was holding Dorumon's claws was also sucked into the yellow beam. Rika and Renamon's eyes widened as they saw the blonde and his two partners quickly being pulled into the portal above. Naruto's sapphire eyes widened with shock as he looked down at Rika.

"NARUTOOO!" Rika cried out, but the portal closed and the yellow light vanished along with the blonde tamer and his two Digimon partners.

"Kuso" the red haired girl cursed as she looked up at where her boyfriend had left, "What did you get yourself into now Naruto-kun"

Digital World- Eastern Quadrant- Former Prison of Apocalymon

A dark portal opened up in the former prison of the escaped Dark Lord of the Digimon and in it stood the Royal Knight. The DNA Digivolved fusion of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon, Omnimon. Omnimon smirked as he watched the swirling mass of black and blue data before three figures shot out of the portal.

"Ah, you've come my old...well young, friend" Omnimon said as he looked down at the three newcomer. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon shook their heads wildly side to side as they got over the rush of moving at super speeds through the rip in space. The tamer and his Digimon then looked around the dark prison of the former Apocalymon before the image of white armour filled their vision. Naruto and Dorumon's eyebrows rose in confusion.

'This looks...' the three looked up and their eyes widened as they saw the deep blue eyes hidden behind the white armoured mask of the Royal Knight Digimon, Omnimon.

"OMNIMON!" Naruto and Dorumon yelled in surprise before leaping at the white knight and hugged the Digimon. Gatomon looked in shock as she saw her tamer and her boyfriend just jump, in what seemed to be sheer joy and HUGGED the Royal Knight, the legendary Omnimon as if they were old friends.

"Hahahaha, it's good to see you two" Omnimon said as he let the two down from his body.

"It's good to see you too, Omnimon. How have you been?" Naruto asked.

"I've been...holding up, but I need your help with is why I have called you two here" Omnimon said.

"Three" the two said. Omnimon looked perplexed as they said that word.

"Three?" Naruto and Dorumon parted to give Omnimon's eyes the view of the feline digimon.

"A Gatomon?" he asked.

"Hai, she is my second partner and Dorumon's girlfriend" the blonde shinobi explained. Omnimon nodded as he walked towards the shocked feline.

"Ohayo, Gatomon" Omnimon said with a wave of his MetalGarurumon hand. Gatomon blinked before dropping down onto one knee, her head bowed.

"It is an honour to meet such a revered Digimon such as yourself, Omnimon the great White Royal Knight" Gatomon greeted. Omnimon looked in shock at the...unexpected respect from Gatomon.

"Rise Gatomon, there is no need for such formalities" Omnimon said with a chuckle.

"Yeah Gato-chan, he's a friend" Dorumon said.


"Well we have no more time for friendly conversations, I have a request for help from both of you...I mean the three of you" Omnimon corrected himself. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon looked between each other and nodded before looking at Omnimon with a serious and determined look, the one that Omnimon had seen in their fight with Diaboromon back in the days. It was that look that had earned Naruto and Dorumon, and now Gatomon, his full respect.

"What do you need?" they asked simultaneously.

"Well in the beginning, I was once an Agumon and a Gabumon who and friends to two children from the first set of Digidestined, Taichi Kamiya and Yamato Ishida" Omnimon began.

"You Tai and Matt from the television show, that entire thing happened here?" Naruto asked. Omnimon nodded.

"The Digidestined of what you know as the television show, had their battles here in the Eastern Qudrant of the Digital World, ruled by the Sovereign Azulongmon" Omnimon answered, "Did you see the battle that we had against Apocalymon?"

"Yeah, you all completely destroyed him...didn't you?" Dorumon asked, having seen the episode.

"Well that was back when I was just WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. This was before the fight with the first Diaboromon when I first became Omnimon" Omnimon said, "However, it seems that Apocalymon survived the battle and when he was fully recovered he tried to strike back, find a way into the Real, yet fictional, World of Odaiba. However, I was able to come here after sensing his presence and fought him and managed to weaken him, turning him back into Mephistomon, his Ultimate level form. I was about to defeat him too, however the energy released from my All Delete attack during the battle had caused a rift to form between the Real World and the Digital World and sent him, not to Odaiba, but to your Real World in Shinjuku and since I cannot leave the Digital World, I need you three to defeat Mephistomon for me along with the other Digidestined" Omnimon explained as he finished his tale.

"I do you have an idea of where Mephistomon is though?" Dorumon asked. Omnimon shook his head.

"No, he has eluded me and I cannot feel his presence. He must be blending in as a human somewhere" the Royal Knight hypothesized. Silence filled the dark void of where the four individuals stood, well actually they were floating, but you get the picture.

"Well, Mephistomon must be someone who is within the crowd, an average looking person that no one would pay any attention to" Naruto said.

"Well then he would be difficult to find, we don't even know where to start looking" Gatomon interjected.

"Well then what if he is somebody well known, most would think that villains tend to be someone inconspicuous and want to blend in with the crowd when the reality is that they are the the well known people because they would know that humans tend to focus on the background rather than the main thing when a villain escapes" Dorumon said. Omnimon nodded.

"Both ideas are sound, but you will have to split up then if you wish to undergo the search" Omnimon said.

"Understood" the three said with a mock salute causing Omnimon to chuckle. The Royal Knight then opened the portal back to Shinjuku and the tamer and two Digimon partners left.

Okinawa- With the unknown girl

The brown haired girl that had been attacked by the Tylomon was stirring in her sleep as she was dreaming...having a nightmare. In her dream she was swimming in the stormy seas as a white and brown furred puppy was being taken out to sea by the large and rough waves.

"MEI!" the girl called out as she furiously kicked her legs to try and reach her dog, but to no avail as the waves pushed the girl away from the dog, now identified as Mei. Mei was then dunked beneath the deep blue waters, now a fierce navu blue colour due to the storm. The girl sobbed as she cried out for the pup as a rescue boat found her and helped her out of the water and took her back to shore.

With that the girl woke up. She looked around, surveying the area to find she was in some kind of tropical island of some kind. She looked at her clothes to find they were not her own.

"Your clothes were soaked, I called a friend from the mainland to send some clothes for you" Kai's grandfather said as he walked out onto the porch where the girl was resting. The unknown girl looked around before standing to her feet.

"Arigato for your hospitality" the girl said with a small bow. Kai's grandfather nodded.

"It's no trouble, now come and eat. You must be starved...but before that would you mind telling us your name"

"Us?" the girl asked. Kai, Takato, Guilmon and Calumon suddenly ran up the path, having just done a day of fishing. Guilmon had caught another little pink minnow while Kai and Takato had caught a few trout.

"Oh, you're up" Takato mused as the four reached the girl and Kai's grandfather.

"Hai, you have my laptop?" she asked. The brown haired boy nodded.

"Hai, do you want it?" Kai asked.

"Very much please" the girl said, but then she looked away before doing a double take and began to stare at Guilmon and Calumon, now noticing the two Digimon.

"You can have your fancy gadget once you eat, but you still haven't given us your name" the elderly man said. The girl shook her head.

"Ah, i-it's the way are those..." she pointed at Guilmon and Calumon.

"Hai, those are Digimon" Takato and Kai said simultaneously, "This is Guilmon and that's Calumon" Kai said pointing at the crimson reptile and the flying cream puff. Minami was then seated on the floor with everyone else, since it was a short table. The food was set up, white rice with baked trout with a few choice vegetables. After a few minutes of eating, Takato asked a question to Minami.

"So Minami, why was that Digimon chasing you?" Takato asked.

"I...I don't really know" the brown haired girl replied. Then after everyone was finished eating, they realized Minami had barely eaten.

"Uh...Minami are you okay?" Takato asked with concern evident in his tone. He placed a hand on her shoulder and Minami suddenly broke down into tears and latched herself onto Takato's body and cried, staining his white t-shirt that he wore during the summer with tears. Takato...having no idea how to deal with girls just sat there with a surprised look.

Meanwhile in Shinjuku Park

Rika sighed as she walked down the street.

"Where are you, Naruto-kun?" she asked the wind. Renamon phased next to her red haired tamer as she sat on the bench.

"Feeling a bit down, Rika?" Renamon asked. Rika sighed.

"Well considering my boyfriend was just taken from me into a portal that leads to Kami knows where and has been gone for a whole day, no I guess I don't feel down" she said, sarcasm dripping from her tone. Renamon chuckled.

"You know, I heard your Okaa-chan is coming back soon" Renamon said. Rika rolled her eyes at that.

"Hmmm, want them when their never here and when they are their not wanted" Rika sighed.

"'s not like either of them are going to fall out of the sky" Renamon said. With that a large black and blue swirling mass appeared in the sky above, lined with red, green and blue squares of data. Then three figures dropped out of the portal from the sky landing in front of the female tamer and Digimon.

"Why do portals always drop you from the sky?" the blonde shinobi-tamer asked as he dusted his pants after landing. However, he was suddenly knocked down to the ground as one Rika Nonaka tackled him to the ground and showered his face with kisses as she hugged the air out of his lungs.

"Agh, Rika *gasp* chan...*wheeze* *rasp* choking not...*gasp* breathing" Naruto managed to get out. Rika giggled as she let her boyfriend go.

"Gomen nasai, you were gone for a whole day, where did you go?" she asked. Naruto looked at Dorumon and Gatomon with a raised eyebrow.

"A day...but we were gone for like...half an hour" Naruto said.

"I guess time passes slower in the Digital World, well in the Eastern Quadrant at least" Gatomon said with a shrug.

"Well what did you three do there?" Renamon asked, her tail swishing back and forth. Naruto then went into the explanation about what happened with Omnimon and Apocalymon and then Apocalymon turning into Mephistomon and then hid among the humans.

"Oh" was all that the females could say.

"So starting tomorrow, we'll go looking for Mephistomon and whatever bio-emerging Digimon" Naruto suggested as he looked at the crescent moon in the sky.

"Sounds like a plan" the others replied.

The Next Day- Okinawa

With Henry

Henry was waking up and had just finished showering. As he put on his regular clothes which consisted of the blue t-shirt underneath an orange vest, green pants and sneakers, the phone began to ring. Henry looked at the bathroom door and watched the steam flow from beneath the space between the bathroom door and the floor.

"Terriermon...always using up the hot water, good thing I went first" the tamer mused before picking up the phone.

"Ohayo, Henry Wong speaking" Henry said.

"Henry" the voice on the phone said. The blue haired boy's eyes widened.


"Henry, how are you?"

"I'm good and you?"

"I'm fine" Janyu said, 'Suzy is really missing you and Terriermon" Henry chuckled and he heard Suzy yell at their father.

"Anyways your sister was using the new V-Pet application we got her and apparently something is wrong with it. She says how that it's answering questions like 2+2=8 and 6x4=546 and so on" Janyu told his son.


"And now it seems to be eating the live feed of the computer virus rampage that's causing the electronic equipment all over Shinjuku to go haywire"

"Otou-san then that means..."

"I thought so too, the V-Pet program itself is a virus...although I wonder why the water company and airports would need a V-Pet" the computer genius thought.

"Well I'll talk to you later, right now I have to go and visit Takato at the island his cousin Kai lives at"

"Sure thing, I'll talk to you later, Suzy say goodbye to Henry"

"Ja ne Henwy" the six year old said with a sad voice, 'When are you and Pwincess Pwettypants coming back?"

"Soon little sis, soon" Henry said with a chuckle before hanging up and at that time, Terriermon came out with a towel around his shoulder.

"You ready?" the boy asked.

"Of course, let's go see Gogglehead" Terriermon said with a smirk causing his tamer to sigh at his rudeness.

With Takato, Kai and Minami

Takato and Kai were skippping rocks across the ocean water as Minami sat there with her laptop clutched to her chest. The brown haired tamer then walked over to the somber girl and bent down and sat next to her while eyeing the laptop.

"Is it okay if I use your laptop? That V-Pet thing looks fun" he asked. Minami nodded and handed him the electronic device.

"The V-Pet was made to help me stop grieving when I lost my original dog, Mei. She was just a puppy when I lost her...she had drowned after I had won a boogey boarding competition, but as I was swimming back some waves from the incoming storm washed her away and I never her again" Minami said as tears rolled down her face, the painful memory burned into her mind's eyes forever.

"So why was that Digimon chasing you?" Kai asked as he ran up to the two.

"I...I don't really know, this laptop..." she ppinted at the laptop that was now currently in Takato's hands, "Has the original proto-type V-Pet and I was told by my Otou-san to run away with it because somebody wanted to grasp the rights to the V-Pet...since then, I've been running and these strange creatures...the Digimon, have been hounding me for quite a while ever since he told me to" Minami explained.

"Well that's kind of a downer on things now" Kai mused to himself.

"However, I don't know why my Otou-san made me that thing. The V-Pet is just a bunch of code and data, it cannot replace the real feeling of a flesh and blood companion"

"You're wrong" Takato interjected causing the brown haired girl to look at him with a confused look. "Look at Guilmon, he's a Digimon and when I thought Digimon were just data, they only existed as that and in my imagination, but apparently Digimon are real. Guilmon came from my imagination through my D-Ark and into the Real World. Data is not just's a living thing" the reddish brown eyed boy said.

"Since when were you so insightful?" Kai asked causing the tamer to grin.

"My friend and sensei taught me to hone my mind and become more in depth with my thoughts" Takato said as he looked at the sky, blue as it could ever be. However before Kai could further expand on this new piece of information, Guilmon who was watching the depths of the forest behind the group, his pupils dilated and he growled before running over to Takato.

"TAKATO WATCH OUT!" the dinosaur like Digimon yelled.

"HUH NANI?" the group turned as a large boom echoed throughout the foliage and two large Digimon jumped out. One was similar to a large scorpion while the other looked like some kind of blue humanoid fish with an oxygen tank of some sorts on its back and a trident or spear held in its hands. Takato took out his D-Ark.

The image of the scorpion Digimon appeared first.

"Scorpiomon, Ultimate level. Scorpiomon is said to be created when a computer virus infected data in the databanks of a laboratory studying animals from ancient times. He has an enormous appetite. When fighting, he skillfully captures the enemy using his tentacles and then cuts them with the blade on his tail. Attacks are Tail Blade, Twin Sword and Scorpion Storm" Takato read before the image of the humanoid fish along with its info came up immediately after.

"Divermon another Ultimate level. He wraps himself in a wet suit and swims in the Net Ocean. He moves at high speeds underwater with the motor on his back. His underwater combat efficiency allows him to capture his prey with his favorite "Torrent" harpoon, although he is cheerful in nature. Attacks are Striking Fish and Hell Dive" Takato read before reaching into his pants where he kept his Digimon card case in order to keep it from getting wet. He strapped it onto his waist band and got ready to draw his cards as Guilmon growled and opened his mouth.

"PYRO SPHERE!" Guilmon unleashed a barrage of red hot energy spheres at the arachnid and fish Digimon causing a large explosion, however when the cloud of smoke and sand cleared the two stood there with minimal damage.

"STRIKING FISH!" Divermon cried out before throwing his harpoon at the reptile. Guilmon jumped back and smirked before clamping his jaws down on the trident's staff and snapped the weapon in two causing Divermon to become angry. However, Scorpiomon appeared behind Guilmon and struck out with his blade like claws.

"TWIN SWORD!" Guilmon cried out in pain as he was slashed across his back and knocked across the sands skidding along the sand before stopping. After righting himself Divermon appeared in front of Guilmon and lashed out with a ferocious right hook and then spun to deliver a left kick. Guilmon then growled as he ducked underneath the following left punch from Divermon before planting his skull into Divermon's stomach sending the aquatic Digimon back.

"DIGIMODIFY...GREYMON'S NOVA BLAST!" Takato yelled swiping the card. Guilmon released a huge ball of fire at Divermon and scored a hit sending the aquatic Digimon into his companion. Scorpiomon then moved forward and kicked up a sandstorm as its tail began to spin like a helicopter blade and create the storm.

"SCORPION STORM!" the arachnid like Digimon yelled. Guilmon rubbed his eyes as the tiny particles of silt and sand reached his eyes. Guilmon was forced to close his eyes and fight handicapped. However, Guilmon's hearing wasn't to be taken lightly.

"GUILMON BEHIND YOU AND TO YOUR RIGHT!" he heard Takato yell. Guilmon nodded, his opponents were outside the storm and attempting to attack from their and strike him on the inside of the storm. Following his tamer's calls he jumped into the air and then his claws were engulfed in flames as he heard the sound of both his enemies crashing into each other.

"ROCK BREAKER!" the flaming claws crashed down onto both opponents by sheer hearing alone and both opponents were sent skidding out of the subsiding storm. Guilmon rubbed his eyes and opened them to reveal his dilated pupil filled golden eyes.

"DIGIMODIFY...HYPER WING ACTIVATE!" Takato yelled swiping the card. Guilmon then sprouted six silvery wings, three on each side. Guilmon looked as he took flight and performed a backflip to avoid an incoming Divermon before flying towards Scorpiomon. Scorpiomon lashed out with its scythes and managed to swat away Guilmon a couple of times damaging the Rookie, but Guilmon plowed through during his final attempt and kicked Scorpiomon in the eyes sending the scorpion Digimon back before flying with fire trailing from his claws and fiery energy in his maw.

"RASENKADAIBAKUFU!" Guilmon grabbed the Pyro Sphere out of his mouth and mixed it with the flames on his claws to form the spiraling fire explosion that completely destroyed in Scorpiomon granting the enemy Digimon a fiery end. However, Divermon was still around and the amphibious Digimon took advantage of Guilmon's tiredness and shoulder tackled the Digimon to the ground and then grabbed Guilmon by his neck and flung the Rookie into a tree.


"NOW FOR YOU, GET OUT OF THE WAY, WE ONLY WANT THE GIRL!" Divermon yelled. Takato growled, it was time he use Naruto's martial arts training.

"TAKATO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Kai yelled to his cousin as he jumped a few feet in front of Minami. Divermon leered at his human opponent.

"Baka, taking on a Digimon" Divermon smirked before going to punch the tamer, but Takato managed to slip past Divermon's guard and plant a palm strike to its stomach and then Takato ran up and performed an uppercut sending Divermon slightly upwards. The brown haired tamer then performed a backhand spring which resulted in a kick to Divermon's chin sending him higher up.

"KAI GIVE ME A BOOST!" Takato yelled. Kai nodded before cupping his hands and Takato ran towards his cousin before jumping onto his tanned cousin's hands and Kai pushed upwards as Takato juped boosting Takato's jump earning him a higher altitude than his Digimon opponent. Takato then performed a front flip and slammed his heel onto Divermon's head in a brutal axe kick. Divermon grunted in pain, but managed to right himself as he was falling, but landed on one knee. Takato landed on his feet and smirked, but coughed and panted.

'Kuso...I really need to work on my stamina, I may know the moves and had the strength to pull them off, but it was taxing on my body. Gotta get Naruto to help me' the reddish brown eyed tamer thought. Divermon growled as he watched the human tamer.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR MANAGING TO HURT ME HUMAN!" Divermon rushed Takato who closed his eyes waiting for the pain. However, the screen on the laptop, which was dropped by Minami when she had taken it back from Takato just before the attack, shone brightly as a white and golden furred creature leaped forth from the screen to challenge the Divermon that had intended to capture Minami. The Digimon looked like a golden lion-dog hybrid with purple claws, a golden horn, mane, bushy tail, and paws. Takato took out his D-Ark and scanned the newly arrived Digimon.

"Seasarmon, Champion level Digimon. He is an ally of those with pure hearts and he utilizes wild power on his evil opponents. His personality is quiet and he needs to recharge his power by sun-bathing. Attacks are Tee Dia and Sekkantou" Takato read before pocketing the blue rimmed D-Ark. Seasarmon and Divermon rushed each other, tackling one another with such force that kicked up multiple duist clouds from impact. Divermon, however being bipedal had the upperhand before lowering his body and planting an uppercut to Sesarmon's body. Then it jumped and back flipped to crash a brutal and ferocious double kick to Seasarmon's chin and then jumped and headbutted the lion-dog hybrid getting the holy Digimon higher into the air. Divermon jumped and readied a right hook, but Seasarmon recovered and since Divermon was a bit injured in the fight with Guilmon, Divermon had no time to react as Seasarmon's paws glowed with a holy, golden light.

"SEKKANTOU!" the holy Digimon's paws lashed out and nailed Divermon in the face sending both combatants to the ground with Sesarmon landing on all fours while Divermon landed on his back. Then Sesarmon ran forward and crashed his head into Divermon's stomach as it attempted to stand back up before spinning and slamming his tail into Divermon's face. Sesarmon then performed a donkey kick with his back legs and Divermon was sent flying through the air as Seasarmon's mane began to glow with holy light.

"That's Seasarmon...he looks like the guardian of the island" Kai said.

"So the guardian of this island is a Digimon?" Takato asked. Kai shrugged.


"TEE DAI!" Seasarmon yelled before multiple solar beam arrows were fired from Seasarmon's mane and impacted with the aquatic Digimon and caused a bright flash of light before Divermon vanished as red flakes of data.

"Sugoi" was all that the three humans could say as Seasarmon seemed to smirk before walking over to them. After having vanquished the Digimon, Seasarmon turns to Minami and sniffed at her feet.

"Miiiinaamiiii" the holy Digimon drawled out the girl's name. Minami was surprised as Seasarmon mentions her name.

"Y-Y-You know m-m-my name?" she asked, earning a nod from Seasarmon. However the quiet is ended swiftly as a large blue and white mantaray looking Digimon, a Mantaraymon then (A/N: These Digimon creators are so creative aren't they *says with sarcasm*) leaps from the sea and captured Minami, wrapping the antennae from its head around Minami's waist. Guilmon, who had recovered somewhat from his fight looked to see another intruder and opened his mouth and fired a Pyro Sphere. The red orb of fire and energy impacted with one of Mantaraymon's fin/wings. Mantaraymon glided along the air and slapped Seasarmon and Guilmon with its other wing, injuring Seasarmon and Guilmon in the process. Seasarmon then got up quickly, after the screaming Minami as she disappears from view, and Seasarmon is held back by the lapping waters as he looked on in anguish.

"Quick we have to go after her!" Kai yelled.

"No I will go, Kai it's too dangerous for you. You don't even have a Digimon to help protect you" Takato said fearing for his cousin's life. Kai gave Takato a glare.

"Takato, I've been dragged too deep into this thing to back out now. Besides I know these waters like the back of my hand, you need me" Takato frowned, Kai did have a point.

"Alright, but once we start with fighting, you hide okay?" Takato said. Kai nodded.

"Then let's go" he said as he grabbed Guilmon and the two jumped in a boat with Guilmon and Seasarmon, who would lead the way by smelling for Minami's scent, and set off.

On the boat from the Ryukyus of Okinawa to the island where Takato is

On the boat, Henry and Terriermon smiled as they felt the cool ocean spray gently splash their faces.

"So what should we do, be forward and just barge in and say "Hello" or surprise Takato?" the dog eared bunny Digimon asked. Henry smirked.

"How about the latter"

"Aww you're no fun Henry" Terriermon said with a pout. However, the fun was ruined when the boat was suddenly stopped when a large claw appeared out of the water and gripped the boat's hull causing the captain yo have to stop the boat.

'What the hell?' all three individuals on the boat thought. The captain ran downstairs and gaped in shock as he saw a giant lobster like creature rise from the ocean. The shock caused the elder man to faint as his eyes rolled back into his head and drool fell from his open mouth.

"Kuso, Terriermon!" Henry yelled.

"I'm on it!" Terriermon jumped into the air and spun rapidly.


The emerald tornado spun and crashed against the giant lobster Digimon. Henry took out his D-Ark and scanned the creature's data.

"Ebidramon, Champion Level. It has a hard shell and dangerous, powerful claws that could cut through steel. It lives in deep parts of the Net Ocean in the Digital World. Attacks are Twin Scissors and Lobster Step" Henry read before reaching into his trusty Digimon Card pouch.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Henry yelled as he swiped the card.


Terriermon was surrounded by an egg of swirling green data.


Terriermon's skin peeled away to reveal a large green rabbit covered in wire frame pattern, or blue squares for a simpler term. The skin then reattached itself as Terriermon's body grew into that of a larger rabbit, his face and ears were entirely green, the edge of the ears, the body and muzzle of Gargomon being a tan colour, a red diamond lay in the centre of the champion level's forehead. Two red slash like marking were on Gargomon's cheeks, his hands were replaced with gattling guns, a string of ammunition was strapped across the trigger happy bunny's chest and he wore a pair of navy blue jeans.


Gargomon jumped into the air, the barrels on both his gattling guns glowed with an emerald green light.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" the newly arrived Champion level cried out before slamming one gun to Ebidramon's chest before using the momentum to backflip and then land on the boat's railing and jump again before planting the second gun to the giant sea shrimp's face knocking it back into the water. Gargomon then jumped down and opened fire.


"TWIN SCISSORS!" Ebidramon's large claws lashed out and deflected all the laser bullets while also hitting Gargomon in the process. The trigger happy bunny Digimon flipped and landed next to Henry.

"We gotta beat that thing, but how?" Henry mused, but then an idea struck him as he drew a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Gargomon shrugged, he could use a power boost and then fired powered up laser bullets.

"DIGIMODIFY... ELECMON'S SUPER THUNDERSTRIKE!" Henry swiped the card and Gargomon smirked.

"Steamed lobster anyone" Gargomon said as electric charge built up in his gun barrels and then after that charge built up, Gargomon let it all loose.

"SUPER THUNDERSTRIKE!" Gargomon unleashed a bright yellow bolt of electrical discharge and it hit the wet Ebidramon frying it as the water conducted the electricity and then the Digimon vanished into red flakes of data. Henry and Gargomon smirked before a yellow beam of light descended upon them and pulled them into a black and blue portal above.

"Digidestined, I need your assistance" an unknown voice said. Henry and Gargomon were then sucked into the spacial rift.

Meanwhile in Shinjuku

"Kuso...why did it have to happen now?" Naruto and Rika groaned as they watched their Digimon fight off the hoard of Pteramon that had suddenly just appeared. Dorumon and Renamon were shooting most of them down with Metal Shoot and Diamon Storm respectively, while Gatomon was using her superb jumping and martial art skills to knock them out of the sky.

"Okay that's it, I've had enough of this" Naruto growled, his eyes flashed crimson.

"DORUMON!" he called out. Dorumon nodded as Naruto drew Dorumon's D-Ark and a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...GEOGREYMON'S MEGA FLAME ACTIVATE!" Dorumon suddenly held a large red ball of fire in his hands as Naruto began to flash through handsigns.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" he yelled and the orange fire dragon burst forth from his lungs and out of his mouth, roaring as it flew up into the sky, bending to its master's will.

"MEGA FLAME!" Dorumon flung the red ball of flaming oxygen as it mixed with the already large fire dragon making it larger.

"Collaboration Move: Saikyo no Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" they yelled simultaneously. Gatomon and Renamon watched in awe as the large, reddish orange reptilian behemoth of flame cut down the many Pteramon reducing them to nothing, but red data flakes.

"Omega Fire Dragon?" Rika asked.

"It's a cool name" Naruto retorted with a smirk as the Pteramon were finally taken down. Naruto then turned as he heard a rumble from the water pipes underneath the streets and from the active washing machines in the 'strategically placed' laundromat shop.

Water suddenly began to pour out of all the washing machines before the water evaporated from a sudden burst of heat and then blue flames burst forth from the machines to form a seven foot tall, blue humanoid Digimon.

"BlueMeramon, Champion level Digimon. His body is hotter than that of a regular Meramon's since his body is made of blue flames. Attacks are Ice Phantom and Fire Bomb" Rika read. Naruto flashed through handsigns.

"Well guess I should fight fire with water" he said as he ended on the tori sign. "Suiton:Suiryudan no Jutsu!"

A large rumbling was heard from the sewer beneath and a large water dragon rose from the pipes. The dragon roared before it raced towards BlueMeramon.

"ICE PHANTOM!" the blue being said before it phased through the water dragon and the dragon froze still. BlueMeramon then punched the dragon and turned only to see Gatomon's claws.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the feline Digimon cried out. The paw glowed white before BlueMeramon was hit in the face. Gatomon then ducked down and performed an uppercut before jumping and performing a backflip.

"NEKO KICK!" and both of Gatomon's glowing white feet crashed into BlueMeramon's chin sending the enemy Digimon skyward.


"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" Naruto released a large ball of flame from his mouth and then formed more handsigns.

"Fuuton: Kamikaze no Jutsu!" and a large burst of wind flew from Naruto's hands making the flames hotter as the metal orbs from Dorumon's attack caught a flame.

"Collaboration Move: Goukakyudaibakufu no Jutsu!" the two partners yelled simultaneously as the Grand Fireball Explosion impacted with Meramon's body and blew him sky high before Renamon blurred above Meramon and looked at Rika.


"ON IT!" the red head told her partner as she took out the card.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Rika cried out, swiping the card. Naruto watched as Renamon went under the Digivolution process.

"Wanna go Champion?" he asked Dorumon.

"Why not, everyone's doing it?"

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Naruto said as he quickly drew the card and swiped it through Dorumon's D-Ark.


Renamon was engulfed by a swirling blue egg of data.


Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.



Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


"IKUZO!" Kyuubimon and Dorugamon yelled.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" Kyuubi let loose the ghostly blue fireballs from the tips of all nine of her tails and slammed BlueMeramon down, but before it could impact with the ground, the ebony dragon appeared beneath Meramon and spun and slammed his tail against Meramon's back before releasing a large metal orb surrounded by sparks of red, blue and violet electricity.

"POWER METAL!" and the metal sphere impacted with BlueMeramon and reduced him to nothing, but red flakes of data.

"Alright, we did it!" Naruto and Rika said with happiness. Dorugamon, Gatomon and Kyuubimon then ran back to their respective tamers and smiled at them before a large yellow light descended upon them.

"Digidestined, I need your assistance" a familiar voice spoke. The two tamers and three Digimon were then sucked into the blue and black portal above.

"Does Omnimon always have to do this?" Rika asked as she began to float above ground and then she heard one word from her boyfriend before they were sucked into the portal.


Digital World- With Naruto, Rika and Henry

Naruto and Rika and their Digimon appeared in the black prison that used to hold Apocalymon.

"Hello, Naruto and the rest of the Digidestined" Omnimon greeted.

"No're Omnimon!" Gargomon yelled out. The two newly arrived tamers and their partners looked to see Henry and Gargomon behind the white knight.


"RIKA AND NARUTO?" Henry and Gargomon yelled back.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" the group yelled simultaneously, "WHAT AM I DOING HERE, I WAS SUCKED UP BY THIS GUY?"

Omnimon sweatdropped as they spoke simultaneously and pointed at him.

"Uh...yes. Anyways, come with me I shall update you on the current situation" Omnimon said and then briefed Henry and Rika on the situation about Mephistomon.

"I see, so you need our help to stop him?" Henry asked as they flew at super speeds through the black abyss that was the portal.

"Hai" Omnimon replied, however all was silent...well relatively silent because there was the air resistance from their speed causing wind to rush past their ears along with the sounds of roars, screeches, yells and other sounds.

"What are those?" Kyuubimon asked as her vision spotted many small incoming objects.

"Those...are Digimon that are attempting to bio-emerge into your world" Omnimon replied before taking out his Grey Sword.

"Get behind me!" Omnimon said, the other followed the large Mega Digimon's orders and went behind him. Omnimon saw a many Tyrannomon, MetalBlackTyrannomon, Pteramon, Meramon and other Digimon before he began slicing away at them with the speed of a sword master before seeing a large amount try to attack him and took out the Supreme Cannon and fired a blast of blue energy that destroyed them before continuing the process for quite a while (A/N: If you saw the movie, then think that and amplify its awesomeness x100).

"Sugoi" was all the tamers and their partners could say.

Meanwhile with Takato

Seasarmon was leading the way as he sniffed Minami's scent and gave the directions as to where she went after the Mantaraymon took her. A fog had billowed in, but the four individuals present on the boat paid it no heed as they spotted the island where, according to Seasarmon's growl, Minami was taken.

However, before any of them could proceed to go any further a large blue and white mantaray and an amphibious, blue humanoid looking Digimon appeared.

"Mantaraymon and Depthmon" Takato read from his D-Ark, only taking the time to know their names since he had no time to read any other information, but given their names it was obvious they were aquatic Digimon.

"GUILMON GET THEM!" Kai yelled. Guilmon nodded to his tamer's relative before jumping to Mantaraymon and biting it and after seeing the burn mark on one of its fins, it was deduced to be the same one Guilmon had hit with the Pyro Sphere earlier. The bite sent both Mantaraymon and Guilmon beneath the waves before Seasarmon took on Depthmon.

"SEKKANTOU!" the lion-dog hybrid yelled as his paws glowed with a holy light and struck Depthmon, hitting it in the face and sent it skidding back along the waves. Seasarmon's mane then glowed before firing ten solar beam arrows.

"TEE DAI!" the attack flew across the water and impaled Depthmon through many parts of its body before glowing and Depthmon exploded into red flakes of data.

"Where's Guilmon?" Takato asked, his question was immediately answered as Guilmon flew out of the water from an attack by Mantaraymon. Guilmon then flipped in the air and as he fell, Mantaraymon burst forth from the seas and went to tackle its enemy once more.

"PYRO SPHERE!" Guilmon let loose a ball of heated oxygen and energy that resulted in a fireball that rocketed through the air and impacted with Mantaraymon and sent it crashing back down into the waters. However, Mantaraymon recovered quickly and sped along the ocean surface, a large ball of yellow electricity built up between its jaws and then its whole body was suddenly coated with it.

"TORPEDO RAY!" the electrically charged mantaray struck Guilmon just as he was about to land and electrocuted the dinosaur Digimon and had him flying upwards into the sky.

"Don't worry Guilmon, I'll save you!" Takato said as he reached into his card case and pulled out a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Takato yelled as he swiped the card through his blue D-Ark.


Guilmon was surrounded by a swirling red egg of data.


Guilmon's skin then peeled away to reveal a darker red form that was patterned in a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to form a larger, more powerful form of Guilmon. The egg of data exploded to reveal a larger version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital Hazard symbol was located on his left shoulder.


Growlmon released a beastial roar before grabbing onto Mantaraymon and both large Digimon plummeted down beneath the blue waves of the ocean. Beneath the waters, the battle ensued as Growlmon slashed Mantaraymon across its back with his sharp claws before flipping and using his muscular tail to slam the aquatic Digimon down, deeper into the waters. Growlmon then used his tail to propel him quickly through the cold waters before appearing beneath Mantaraymon who recovered and tried to swim away, but Growlmon grabbed the giant mantaray and pulled. Mantaraymon came towards Growlmon who then bit down and ripped a large chunk of flesh out of the Digimon before his elbow blades glowed blue with energy as he let go.

"DOUBLE DRAGON SLASH!" the dinosaur/dragon gurgled before unleashing the attack that sent Mantaraymon soaring through the water, upwards before breaking the water's surface, to the surprise of Kai and Takato.

"Sugoi" Kai muttered as he saw Growlmon jump out and then opened his jaws. A large ball of flame materialized in the maw of the crimson scaled Digimon before firing.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the fireball impacted with Mantaraymon sending the already damaged Digimon through the air before disappearing as red flakes of data.

"Miiinamiii" Seasarmon drawled out as he watched the island. Growlmon swam alongside the boat before climbing onto the shore as Kai stopped the boat. Seasarmon climbed out and Calumon suddenly appeared out nowhere like he always did.

"Let's play!" Calumon said resting on Growlmon's head. Takato got off the boat with Seasarmon, but then his eyes widened as he saw Kai about to climb out too.

"No, Kai you have to stay here" Takato said. Kai looked shocked.

"But, Takato...I..."

"No Kai, you promised that once the fighting started you would stay out of it...I don't want you getting hurt" Takato said. Kai looked at his cousin with shock before it turned to respect.

"I understand, besides I promised and I'm a man of my word" Kai said, "Now go kick some Digimon ass for me"

"You got it" Takato said beaming, the foxy grin of his sensei adorned on his face.

Abandoned Okinawa Factory

Growlmon roared as he used his iron hard head to bash down the steel door that blocked their way. Takato watched the steel door slide across the floor, sparks flying due to the friction before it stopped.

"You do know there was handle to slide it open?" Takato asked with a sweatdrop.

"Yeah, but bashing the door down is more fun" Growlmon said with a chuckle. As the four entered the area, they surveyed it. The room looked like a large bowl shaped dome of some kind as they entered, the walls curving up in an arc to make the bowl shape. However upon entering, many large panels in the walls opened up and many large hoses began to fill the floor with a large volume of water. As the water reached Growlmon's stomach in height, a figure jumped out of the water before diving back beneath it. Growlmon scanned the area with his golden eyes before stopping and then lashing out with a slash that knocked the enemy out of the water. Takato quickly scanned it with his D-Ark.

An image of the Digimon appeared. It looked like a sea turtle with pale yellow skin and its back had a deep green shell with three spikes jutting out the shell like spines. Its two front fins were like saw blades, serrated and very sharp. Its beak was pink and it had pink hair like that of a mowhawk.

"Archelomon an Armour Level Digimon.

He defends himself with his hard shell and the knives on his hands. He is good at both attack and defense. His signature attack are his Fin Blades" Takato read before pocketing the Digivice. Growlmon dodged to the side as Archelomon tried to slice his leg before the turtle spun back around and tried again. Growlmon's elbow blades crackled with energy before he sliced downwards.

"DRAGON SLASH!" his blue blades sliced the water and sent the water as well as Archelomon flying through the air. Growlmon then ran forward and grabbed the Armour Digimon and slammed it into the wall before throwing the turtle into the air and then a fireball formed in his jaws.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the fireball flew through the air and the ball of heated oxygen impacted with the turtle and it dissipated into red flakes of data. The area was suddenly drained of the water as it all flowed into the center of the room where a large whole lay. After all the water was sucked out, the hole was covered by a circular steel cover.

"Now that's the world's largest toilet bowl" Takato said. Seasarmon then sniffed the air before turning to a large window and the movement of figures could be seen. Seasarmon sniffed the air again before growling.

"Miiinamiii" the holy Digimon said. Takato, Growlmon and Calumon looked at the lion-dog hybrid.

"Really, where?" Takato asked. Seasarmon raised a paw and pointed at the window.

"How are we gonna get way up there?" the tamer asked more to himself than anyone else. The group was silent before...Growlmon got an idea.

"I have an idea" the red scaled Digimon said with a toothy grin as he bent down low. "Climb on"

Meanwhile on the other side of the window

Inside the room that was shielded by the window, it was shown to be a high tech lab. Inside there were a variety of machines and equipment that could make any scientist's mouth water. Also it was surprisingly spacious, with a ceiling high enough to have a Tyrannomon stand up at its fully height and long enough for half of Sandiramon's body to fit in. It was a scientific dream come true, however what was going on in the lab was not a dream, but a nightmare.

Takehito, Minami's father, was being held against the wall by Tameshiro, the executive manufacturer of the V-Pet program. Next to him were four Digimon.

The first was the size of an adult man and wore a pair of brown gloves and brown boots. It wore a large cloak that was green, with the edge of the sleeves and the bottom lining were in gold. On its face was a large mask of blue, red and gold material. The image of the mask's face was that of a beast with red eyes and long golden, gnarly teeth while the face was blue. This was Baronmon.

The second looked like a hula skirt wearing monkey. Its face was covered by a long mask of red, blue, gold and green material. The face looked like an angry man. In the Digimon's hand was a large red boomerang that looked to be quite hefty. This was Sepikmon.

The third was a bat of somekind and was covered in blue and white fur. Its glowing red eyes scanned the man before it. In place of the hands at the edge of the wings and feet (This Digimon had 6 feet by the way) were scythe blades that looked like they could cut through bone. This was Pipismon.

The last and fourth Digimon was similar to a cactus and wore an orange poncho over its half a 'body'. It wore a sombrero and wore two red and black gloves on its hands. This was Ponchomon.

"Now...give us the vaccine for the V-Pet" Tameshiro said. Minami, bound and gagged to a chair, watched as her father was held by his collar by the executive of the V-Pet company. Takehito spat in Tameshiro's face.

"Never, now go burn in hell where you belong" Takehito said. Minami's eyes widened as Tameshiro threw her father across the room and he slammed into the wall next to her. She turned and saw her father trying to stand.

"MMMFMMMMFFF!" this was translated to be 'OTOU-SAN!' had she not been gagged.

"M-M-Minami...don't worry...I-I-I won't let them hurt you" Takehito said as he stood to his feet, but when he did Baronmon grabbed the man by his throat and forcefully slammed him against the wall.

"Tell us where the vaccine is and if it's on your person...hand it over...or your daughter..." Baronmon gestured to Sepikmon who had appeared to Minami's right, patted his boomerang before slamming it against the steel wall and left a rather large dent in it.

"Your daughter's head will end up like that wall...except bleeding" Baronmon threatened. Takehito and Minami watched in fear before Takehito gulped.

"A-A-Alright..." Takehito said, however before he could continue talking a loud sound was heard outside the lab. Everyone thought the same thing, but Tameshiro voiced their thoughts.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tameshiro asked. His question was immediately answered as a large red blur rocketed through the glass window and destroyed it, smashing the thing into little itty bitty pieces.

"Now then, where's Minami?" Takato yelled.

"MMM MMMM!" Minami yelled, which translated to "TAKATO!"

Seasarmon jumped off and tackled Ponchomon to the ground before biting down on his face and shook his head side to side like an angry dog before throwing the cactus like Digimon upwards.

"SEKKANTOU!" his paws glowed with golden light before Seasarmon jumped into the air and the Holy Digimon slashed Ponchomon in half with the holy energy powered claws and then Ponchomon disappeared as red flakes of data.

Baronmon, Pipismon and Sepikmon charged Growlmon, but Growlmon was much larger and with just a roar, he stopped them in their tracks and blew them away...literally, before he grabbed all three and threw them out of the window before firing a large fireball from his jaws.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the fireball impacted and blew all three to smithereens as they left the Real World as red flakes of data. As this happened, Tameshiro watched in shock at how quickly his minions had been defeated.

"Hmmm...interesting" he mused. Seasarmon quickly went towards Minami and unbound her as she removed the gag herself.

"Arigato, Seasarmon" the brown haired girl said as she petted the lion-dog hybrid Digimon. Seasarmon nodded.

"Arigato for saving us" Takehito said to Takato.

"No problem, besides it wasn't be, it was the Digimon" however, further conversation was futile as a large suction sound was heard. Everybody looked up to their surprise as they saw a large black and blue swirling mass. Then a yellow beam of light descended from the mass and the light vanished to reveal seven figures. Takato's eyes widened as he saw Naruto, Rika, Henry, Gargomon, Kyuubimon, Dorugamon and Gatomon all standing there.

"Yo" Naruto said with a wave, copying his former sensei.

"Yo" Takato waved back in disbelief.

"How did you guys get here and why is there a giant portal in the ceiling?" the blue D-Ark wielding tamer asked.

"A friend" the blonde replied before looking up and winking at Omnimon who nodded.

"The fight is yours now, be careful Digidestined" Omnimon said for all to hear. Tameshiro chuckled as he remembered the voice all too well.

"Ah so you're Omnimon's little helpers are you...the new Digidestined?" Tamehsiro asked as his form suddenly began to flicker between that of a human and that of a bat winged ram. Blue electricity sparked as his appearance began to flicker to that of the ram.

"Hai, and you must be Mephsitomon?" Naruto asked.

"Ah you know my name, so introductions are not needed kukukuku" Mephistomon chuckled. Naruto shuddered, the laugh was like that of Orochimaru's.

"RRRRAAAAA!" Seasarmon roared as he raced towards the Dark Digimon. However, Mephistomon simply chuckled before holding up a hand and then catching Seasarmon by his throat.

"Weak" Mephistomon said before choke slamming Seasarmon.

"SEASARMON!" Minami screamed as she watched her alleged partner get hurt. Mephistomon then picked up Seasarmon before throwing him up and then performed a round house kick that sent Seasarmon flying towards the tamers. Everyone quickly got out of the way as the lion-dog hybrid flew through the air, but was quickly stopped as Mephistomon appeared on the other side of the room and face planted the Champion level Digimon and then tossed him away next to Minami.


"Takato update us, what's going on who are these two?" Naruto ordered.

"Minami is the girl and that is her father there. They were captured my Tamehsiro, the executive manufacturer of the V-Pet program and apparently, I have now realized he's a Digimon..." Takato paused briefly before continuing, "Minami was held hostage in order for her father to have them hand over what I assume would be the vaccine to the virus in the V-Pet program" Takato informed his teammates.

"I see, well...Mephistomon" Naruto turned to the devil ram, "You will fall"

"Kukuku, we'll see about that" Mephistomon spread his wings and took off, "Let's take this outside" Naruto quickly grabbed Gatomon and jumped onto Dorugamon's back as the other tamers jumped onto their partner's backs and took off after the evil Digimon.

Minami and Takehito watched as Seasarmon glowed before reverting into a small dog with brown fur on top its head. Seasarmon had reverted back into Labramon.

"Seasarmon?" Minami asked. Labramon chuckled.

"Actually it's Labramon" Labramon said as he felt his life fading away.

"Please don't go...p-p-please, I've already lost one friend" her mind flashed to an image of Mei drowning, "I can't lose you now"

"Gomen nasai...Minami"

"No...No" Minami had tears in her eyes now and were now flowing like twin rivers from her tear ducts, "MEI!"

Labramon smiled, "I'm glad you called me that...that's the key to activate the vaccine...and now I can go with a clear conscience...Takehito"

"H-H-Hai" Takehito was freaking out, Digimon, the V-Pet program falling apart even though he expected that, his daughter being used as leverage...

"Keep Minami safe...and I'm sorry for not doing so these past few days" Labramon said before he vanished as gold dust...the vaccine spreading out throughout the atmosphere to stop the virus of the V-Pet.

With the Tamers

The four tamers and the five Digimon chased after Mephistomon before they stopped at an area on the opposite side of the island near the coast.

"Good, you come into my world" Mephistomon suddenly held up his hands and a dark pulse of energy rocketed from his body. A large tsunami formed and enveloped the entire island.

"AAHHHHH!" the tamers screamed, but stopped when the wave crashed down and they felt nothing. They looked around, everything was floating, large battleships, rocks, rubble, buildings that hung from the sky and other odd things that didn't appear as if they were from the island and the thing was that nearly everything was a mixture of purple and red.

"Where are we?" Rika asked.

"You're in MY Digital World" the devil ram answered with an evil smile, "Now...prepare to die"

Mephistomon rushed the group as they jumped off their Digimon, the Digimon rushed forwards as well. Mephistomon quickly ducked under a gun/punch from Gargomon before planting an uppercut to the trigger happy bunny and then jumping and flipping and stopped mid flip to grab Gargomon's head. Using amazing strength, the Ultimate level Digimon picked up and threw the Champion level at Kyuubimon sending the nine tailed fox back before jumping back as Growlmon tried to hit him with his Dragon slash. However, Gatomon appeared out of the smoke from the attack and stretched out her claws.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the claws of the feline Digimon glowed white before refining itself into sharp blades of white. The attack struck home and Mephistomon grunted in pain as he was sent back.

"NEKO KICK!" her glowing white foot then planted itself into the evil Digimon's stomach. She then threw him towards her reptilian boyfriend who caught him and then Dorugamon planted Mephistomon into the ground before removing him from it and then throwing him into the air.

"POWER METAL!" a sphere of steel surrounded by red, blue and violet sparks of electrical charge. Mephistomon chuckled as he descended towards the ascending metallic sphere before opening his jaws and a dark cloud of mist escaped his lungs.

"DARK CLOUD!" the cloud enveloped the sphere before disintegrating it into nothing and managed to move to the side as Growlmon fired a Pyro Blaster. Mephistomon then landed in a crouch on the ground.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" as he looked up he saw a large blue fire dragon attacking him. The attack sent him careening through the air before Gargomon came down upon him with glowing green gattling guns.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" the attack struck Mephistomon in the head he made a crater in the ground as Gargomon dropped down on him with his full weight. Gargomon then backflipped as Growlmon jumped into the air.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the large fireball impacted with Mephistomon's body earning a scream of pain as Dorugamon fired his Power Metal Attack. Gargomon then grabbed the downed devil ram and threw him into the air and met him up there.

Gargomon then punched Mephistomon in the face with a deadly strike to the left of his face and then the right before spinning and performing a roundhouse kick to the chest. Mephistomon flew though the air before Kyuubimon appeared in the air. She flipped and her tails ignited with blue fire. All nine tails slammed down on Mephistomon before she descended after him, and spread out her nine extra appendages. Each one alit with ghostly blue fireballs on the tip.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" Kyuubimon released all nine fireballs that impacted with the devil ram's body before Growlmon appeared right next to Mephistomon as he neared ground level. Growlmon's elbow protrusions glowed blue and crackled with energy.

"DRAGON SLASH!" the elbow blades slashed Mephistomon and sent him flying through the air.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the large fireball was launched from Growlmon's jaws and blasted Mephistomon into the air. A black blur flew after Mephistomon and the blur was revealed to be Dorugamon. Dorugamon then grabbed Mephistomon, stopping him as his claws wrapped around his throat. Dorugamon then flew into the sky and threw the Digimon downwards.

'Naruto...use one of those cards' Dorugamon thought to Naruto using the partner/tamer telepathic.

'I gotcha' the blonde replied as he took out one of the five Sovereign card with a picture of the legendary Phoenix of the South, Zhuquiaomon.

"DIGIMODIFY...ZHUQUIAOMON'S BLAZING HELIX!" Naruto slashed the card through Dorugamon's reddish violet D-Ark. Suddenly a red aura surrounded Dorugamon before Dorugamon spread out his wings to its full extent and roared as his power skyrocketed. The aura took the shape of a large phoenix and then Dorugamon opened his jaws and a large blast of fire flew from Dorugamon's mouth.

"BLAZING HELIX!" Dorugamon roared. Naruto then took out Gatomon's D-Ark and another card.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON!" Naruto swiped the card through the slit in the golden-bronze D-Ark. Gatomon held out her right arm as it converted into the shape of MetalGarurumon's head.

"Say Goodnight...SUPREME CANNON!" Gatomon fired the attack and the ice blue beam rocketed towards Mephistomon's downed body and hit with a large explosion resulting. Ice and fire mixed to form a large explosion of red and blue. The Digimon panted as they watched the large explosion.

"D-D-Did" Growlmon asked.

"I...I think so" Dorugamon replied with a smirk, however the Digimon and their tamers...their happiness was extremely short lived as there was a giant black column of energy rising from the smoke cloud, dispersing it and showing the large column of darkness began to morph and take shape.


The darkness suddenly formed into a large grey and purple behemoth. It had a purple humanoid like body, except it was more demonized. Yellow markings tattooed its arms as two large, brown horns sprouted out of the side of its head in a ninety degree angle. Its entire lower body was like that of a horse making the beast look like a centaur. The horse part of the body was covered in shaggy purple fur except from the thigh area, down. Yellow tattoos similar to that of those on the arms were on the legs and its underside was yellow fur. A long, shaggy, purple tail swished behind the beast and two large brown, feathery wings stretched out from its humanoid back.


Gulfmon roared before stamping its hooves down on the ground causing a large shockwave that caused all the Champion level Digimon to lose their balance.

"He digivolved into his Mega form...Gulfmon!" Takato said as he scanned the Mega level with his blue D-Ark.

"Give us the info, Takato!" Rika said.

". The mouth of his lower torso is said to be connected with an abyss in the Dark Area, and if inhaled, an opponent's DigiCore is smashed to pieces. Attacks are Black Requiem and Dead Scream" Takato read.

"Everyone, stay back from him...He's a one-hit kill Digimon, we gotta hit him with everything we got, NO HOLDING BACK!"

"BUT HOW WE'RE ONLY AT CHAMPION LEVEL!" Dorugamon yelled to his tamer. Naruto growled before he looked around and smirked.

"There he is" Naruto used shunshin and flickered over to Calumon and grabbed him before using the body flicker jutsu to go back to his teammates.

"Calumon...use the Crystyal Matrix" Naruto said as he remembered the words that Calumon said when all the Digimon had made their Ultimate Digivolutions.

"YAY FUN TIME!" the red upside down triangle on Calumon's forehead began to shine as the tamers all drew their D-Arks, Naruto used a kagebunshin to hold both Dorugamon's and Gatomon's D-Arks next to each other. The Blue Card was held in their hands before they slashed it through the D-Arks. Naruto had held the D-Arks vertically in line with each other so that he slashed the Blue Card in one fell swipe.




A carbon copy of the Matrix Crystal flew around Growlmon before settling itself into the nose where the inverted Zero Unit lay on Growlmon's snout. The Zero Unit glowed as Growlmon underwent his transformation. Growlmon grew in size and his torso was suddenly surrounded by an armour casing made of chrome digizoid. Two vernier were attached to his shoulders, and an 'Assault Balancer' extended like a cable from the back section of the torso armour. His arms were encased in black metal and along the edges of the black metal casing were long, curved, chrome digizoid blades. A metal, muzzle like armour was formed around its jaws, but it didn't act like a muzzle as he could still open and close his jaws. The harness for the blades were adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, and the DigiCode on its stripes reads which translated to 'Digital Monster'. The digivolved form of Growlmon roared before slashing its blades in a menacing way, yelling his name.




Gatomon glowed a bronze-gold colour as her body lengthened and became more humanoid. Her tail retracted into her body and eight angelic wings grew on her back. Her ears became a small pair of angelic wings that were connected to a steel helmet that covered her eyes and nose. Long, flowing blonde hair cascaded down her back from her head like a waterfall of gold. A white outfit covered her previously naked body, leaving only a bit of her stomach, and her upper thighs visible. Two wing shaped cups covered her breasts in a makeshift bra of some sort and a long pink ribbon with digicode printed along it was wrapped around her arms. A pair of golves that stretched to her forearms appeared and finally a pair of boots, the one on her left looked like a regular high heel boot that was apparently a part of the leotard like body suit she was wearing while the one on her right was relatively normal if you didn't count the fact it was completely covered with pure white feathers. Her ring from her tail became wrapped around her left ankle. Her eight angelic wings flapped magestically.



Dorugamon's entire body was encased in what looked like liquid metal, solidifying over his body. Dorugamon's body was then changed within the metal cocoon which could be seen from the external look of the metal covering. The metal then broke and revealed the Ultimate level digimon. The two front limbs grew longer and then the dragon digimon dropped onto all fours. The tail lengthened and began to twist along the length and at the tip was a large golden spike of some sort. The dragon's face had elongated, looking for reptilian looking, a large blade made the horn that grew from his snout. Two pairs of steel coloured wings, the lining surrounding the wings was a darker shade of grey than the membrane. Five golden rings lined the skin that surrounded the lining of the membrane, each having one sharp golden spike on the rings. The back pair of wings were slightly smaller than the frontal pair. The dragon was covered with red fur with black zigzag markings. The nose area, feet and underside of the dragon was snow white just like the mane which ran down its back. The mane ending at the end of the long neck the dragon had. Four grey, steel spikes jutted out of the neck of the Ultimate level dragon digimon, two on each side, the ears were more pointed. Three long, sharp black claws poised to kill grew out of each foot and its teeth were lined with many pearly white teeth. His crimson red eyes glowed with power along with the Old Interface that remained on his forehead before releasing a roar to heavens.




Gargomon fired a few glowing bullets as he was suddenly surrounded by a glowing field of data. His body then disintegrated into data before reforming. Gargomon grew taller, skinnier and his leg muscles more lean and muscular. Then the bullets he fired before encircled him before forming armour. Two green and silver armour-like boots were worn on its feet. A green orb like armour covered its lower abdominal muscles, groin and a part of the upper thigh area, the red triangle from Gargomon's forehead was placed in the center of the orb shaped armour. Black arm stockings covered his arms as two large missile launchers covered his hands and lower arms. Three crimson points came out of the rim of the launchers in a triangle formation making it look like claws. Two large shoulder pads, made of green and silver armour were formed. His ears were extended and covered in green armour that was tipped red. Its chest and head, except for the face area was covered with green and silver armour also. A long, sharp horn formed from the forehead area of the armour plating. Finally a large missile launcher looking weapon was attached to its back. The digimon's large blue eyes glowed before a mouth covering formed from the head armour. (A/N: Like Optimus Prime when he goes into fights, he puts up that jaw shield looking thing)




Kyuubimon was encircled by blue flames and a shining white light. Her form suddenly lengthened and became more human looking. Violet pants formed on her legs as a white, long sleeved robe like shirt formed on her upper body that covered her large hand like paws. A black hat was worn on the fox digimon's head, with violet strems of cloth coming down from it. A yin yang symbol lay in the center of the shirt and a belt was worn around the waist that attached a large paint brush to her back. On a long piece of cloth that extended from the shirt from the stomach area to the knees a golden Sanskrit word was written, meaning 'Truth'. The large blonde, white tipped tail waved behind her. She spun on large feet like paws before allowing her hands to be seen and making the japanese handsign for 'ram'.


The five ultimate level Digimon stared at the one gargantuan Mega level.

"Okay everyone, ALL OUT ATTACK!" DoruGryemon said.

"ATOMIC BLASTER!" two powerful red laser beams flew from the two gun ports on WarGrowlmon's chest armour and mixed into one powerful beam of crimson.

"TRI-BEAM!" Rapidmon's body was made into a 'Y' formation before a green beam of energy flew from the armoured rabbit's body in the shape of an inversed traingle.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!" Taomon drew the Sanskrit symbol for 'Light' in the air with her magical, giant paintbrush . The symbol became black before floating in the air and then imprinting itself on the chest of Gulfmon.

"CELESTIAL ARROW!" Angewoman formed her holy bow and pulled the string of light to form her powerful arrow of celestial energy and then fired it at Gulfmon.

"METAL METEOR!" DoruGreymon flew into the air before releasing a small ball of steel from his jaws. The steel sphere grew until it was at least ten times the size of the gargantuan dragon. The metal orb flew towards Gulfmon, burning up as it made friction with the air and descended towards the Mega level Digimon.

The five powerful attacks flew towards Gulfmon.

"BLACK REQUIEM!" Gulfmon roared and then opened its second mouth and launched a large black blast of energy was launched and impacted all five of the attacks and then the attacks battled for dominance.

" attack is holding back all five of ours" Takato grumbled.

"TAKATOMON...WE SHOULD USE THAT ATTACK WITH TAOMON AND RAPIDMON!" WarGrowlmon cried out to his tamer as he continued to hold his own with the Atomic Blaster.

"Rika, Henry...should we?" the brown haired tamer asked. The red head and the blue haired tamers looked at each other and nodded. Naruto looked at his fellow tamers with a confused look.

" I missing something? What is this secret move?"

"You're not the only one who has been training, Naruto-kun" Rika said with a wink. The tamers then turned as a large explosion formed after.

"Okay Taomon!"



"DO IT!" the three pre-teens commanded their Digimon partners. The three nodded and DoruGreymon and Angewoman looked confused as they, along with their tamer watched as WarGrowlmon, Taomon and Rapidmon changed into crystallized energy masses. WarGrowlmon was red, Taomon was gold and Rapidmon was green.

"Okay, one hit K.O Shot!" Takato, Rika and Henry yelled. WarGrowlmon, Taomon and Rapidmon suddenly fused together and then they changed to form a multicoloured phoenix that equalled the size of Gulfmon.

Naruto, DoruGreymon and Angewoman watched in shock as the large phoenix of pure energy screeched.

"Wow" they said dumbly.

"Now...IKUZO!" Takato yelled.

"TRINITY BURST!" the phoenix screeched in the combined voices of WarGrowlmon, Taomon and Rapidmon, as it flew towards Gulfmon.

"DARK REQUIEM!" Gulfmon released a more powerful blast of dark energy to combat the phoenix and the two clashed.

"Keep going" the phoenix said to itself, but began to be pushed back.

"CELESTIAL ARROW!" Angewoman fired her arrow of light and it mixed with the Trinity Burst and made it more powerful.

"It's not enough" Angewoman noticed. DoruGreymon smirked before taking to the skies and diving down towards Gulfmon and then readied his tail.

"BLOODY TOWER!" his sharp tail impaled Gulfmon through the eye did not only take out, DoruGreymon dragged the tail along the length of Gulfmon's face causing the large beast to roar in pain and while it was still imapled so that a large, bloody wound formed from the attack.

"DO IT NOW!" Naruto yelled to the phoenix.

"IKUZOOOO!" the phoenix screeched louder as Gulfmon lost its focus from the Bloody Tower attack and then pushed through the Dark Requiem, dispersing it and crashed into Gulfmon's body. Gulfmon roared in pain and anguish before the phoenix went straight through Gulfmon's body and the Mega level Digimon roared before exploding into red flakes of data. The phoenix let out one last screech before splitting back into the three Ultimate level Digimon.

"WE WON!" the tamers said with glee. The tamers hugged and in Naruto and Rika's case, kissed, each other. The Digimon reverted back to their Rookie forms and fell to their knees, but still smirked at their victory.

"Good job you five" Naruto said to the Digimon as the four tamers walked up to them.

"Hey, we're your Digimon, we wouldn't fail you" Dorumon said as he swished his fox like tail in confidence.

"Hai" Gatomon said with a wink.

"I VOTE FOR VICTORY BREAD!" Guilmon yelled.

"CREAM PUFFS!" Calumon yelled as he floated down from the sky as the fake Digital World created by Gulfmon vanished and changed back into the island.

"Now come on, my cousin Kai is waiting back on the boat" Takato said.

"You have a cousin?" Naruto asked causing the group to sweatdrop at Naruto's absentmindedness.

Meanwhile in the Digital World- Dark Prison

Lucemon smirked within his prison as he saw the destruction of Gulfmon through the orb that he used to watch over the blonde haired tamer.

"Excellent" the Fallen Angel Digimon said with a dark chuckle.

"Now that Apocalymon...I mean gone, the plan can be initiated...time to contact the 'Sovereign One'" Lucemmon's purple tattoos shone with a deep purple glow along with the two wristbands and his ankle rings in a golden colour.

"Zhuquiaomon" the dark angel spoke into his crystal ball.

"Ah my young advisor...what do you want?" Zhuquiaomon replied using his thoughts.

"Ready Vikaralamon and Makuramon my Lord Zhuquiaomon-sama" Lucemon told his 'Master'.

"You it time already?" Zhuquiaomon asked. Lucemon smirked and nodded, even though Zhuquiaomon couldn't see him, he knew the phoenix knew his movements.

" is time...for in one month...we retrieve the Light of Digivolution"

(A/N: Well there it is FINALLY I'M FINISHED YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I know you are all happy so now it is time. Time for invasion to begin. Calumon is taken away and now the entire population of Shinjuku knows about Digimon so it's time for the secret to be let out. The Digimon tamers and their partners are now known in Shinjuku. What will they do with this sudden popularity and the papparzzi? Now they must go to the Digital World to save Calumon from the Sovereigns...will they succeed or will they fail? Find out next time on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody, Chapter 17: Digimon are the Champions. Please review- K.D)