Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 17: Digimon are the Champions

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Poll: Should the other tamers learn how to use chakra and ninjutsu.



Well it seems that Rika, Takato and Henry and any other tamers will not be learning how to be a ninja, however, in order to satisfy those that said yes, I will be having them learn how to use weapons such as kunai and shuriken. I will also have them learn the Academy Three and some basic jutsu like Goukakyu no Jutsu and Futton: Daitoppa, etc. Well this is the moment you have all been waiting for, Vikaralamon and Makuramon enter and Calumon is stolen and the group will finally go the the DIGITAL WORLD WOOHOOO! I feel so proud of myself for reaching this far and I also want to thank the readers ad reviewers who stuck through this story and waited so patiently for this.-K.D

Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"Zhuquiaomon" the dark angel spoke into his crystal ball.

"Ah my young advisor...what do you want?" Zhuquiaomon replied using his thoughts.

"Ready Vikaralamon and Makuramon my Lord Zhuquiaomon-sama" Lucemon told his 'Master'.

"You it time already?" Zhuquiaomon asked. Lucemon smirked and nodded, even though Zhuquiaomon couldn't see him, he knew the phoenix knew his movements.

" is time...for in one month...we retrieve the Light of Digivolution"


It was a now nearly the end of summer vacation, with only about two weeks left in the entire summer before September began and so would school. Naruto, Takato, Rika and Henry, after having dealt with the issue of Gulfmon and finishing spending time away from each other decided to spend the rest of the summer vacation together.

Shinjuku Park- Guilmon's Shed

"Ah, well this sure beats fighting Digimon all the time" Takato said with a sigh as he lay back on the wall next to Guilmon.

"I agree with you for once, Gogglehead" the red haired tamer said to the blue shirt wearing boy as she leaned her head onto her blonde boyfriend's shoulder. Henry nodded as he watched the Digimon play in the area outside the shed as leaves of many shades of green, with a few beginning to change colour, began to drift along the wind's path.

"Naruto-kun, you're awfully quiet" Rika said. Naruto's eyes looked like they were empty, but when Rika spoke he shook his head and looked at his violet-grey eyed girlfriend.

"Hehe, sorry just talking with Kyuubi about something...something concerning you three" he said pointing at the three pre-teens.

"Us?" they asked, receiving a nod from the shinobi-tamer.

"What would you and Kyuubi talk about that concerns us?" Henry asked, voicing everyone's thoughts.

"Your training" the blonde stated simply.

"Training...but we already did that with you" Takato whined. Naruto looked at the blue D-Ark wielding tamer.

"True, but Rika-chan hasn't and besides I think it is time you go beyond learning martial arts" Naruto said.

"Beyond martial arts?" Henry asked, "What else could we do, but use hand to hand combat?" Naruto smirked as that was the question he had hoped Henry would ask.

"Oh, nothing special just..." Naruto formed a rasenagn, "how to use chakra"

"NANI?" the three exclaimed. The Digimon stopped whatever they were doing and ran over to their human tamers and looked at them oddly, silently asking what the hell was going on.

"Are you serious?" Rika asked.

"Hai, you three are all strong in your own right, but I think it is time I upgrade that strength and I can't always be there to protect you Rika-chan" Naruto said turning to Rika.

"So what will we learn, water walking, walking up a wall with no hands...oh oh or maybe breathing a fireball like you do?" Takato said excitedly earning a chuckle and a sweatdrop from the other three tamers.

"What's going on?" Gatomon finally asked.

"Oh, long were you all standing there?" Henry asked.

"A minute or two, anyways, I'll ask again...What the hell is going on?"

"I'm telling them about how I will be teaching them on how to use chakra" Naruto replied. The Digimon nodded.

"Oh...okay" they said as if it were an everyday occurence, but then the information was finally relayed through their brains once more before their eyes bugged out of their heads and they looked at the blonde with wide eyes and slacked jaws.


"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" the blonde asked.

"Well, Naruto" Dorumon began, "I mean...well..." Dorumon sweatdropped as he couldn't find any words to answer that question.

"So what will you be doing with Rika?" Renamon asked, concerned for her tamer's well being.

"Well, first off, I will have kagebunshins tutoring them one on one, but I will have to work Rika-chan quite hard because she hasn't learned how to fight yet, also I will be teaching them on how to use basic weapons like the shuriken and kunai and after that I will be teaching them on how to access chakra, how to use it and finally put that into play by teaching them a few basic jutsu like the Bunshin, Kawarimi and Henge along with Katon:Goukakyu no Jutsu and Fuuton: Daitoppa for example" Naruto explained.

"I see, but what will the times of the training be, because I mean they are only twelve, they have curfews most likely" Renamon said with a tilt of her vulpine head.

"Well that depends on the times they have to return home" Naruto said.

"I have an eleven o' clock p.m curfew" Takato said.

"Same here" Rika and Henry answered simultaneously.

"Well then, the training will begin at 8 o' clock sharp, no tardiness from any of you and I'm not going to go easy on you Rika-cha, you may be my girlfriend, but you still have to catch up to Takato and Henry. I have already taught them mixed martial arts and have trained their Digimon as well, so Dorumon and Gatomon will also be training Renamon" Naruto explained to both female tamer and Digimon.

"Hai" the two females replied with a nod.

"Alright, well then now that that's over with..." Naruto paused as he saw Takato raise his hand like a student would do when he wanted to ask a teacher a question.

"Uh yes Takato?"

"Why are kagebunshins being appointed to us instead of you just training us yourself?" the goggle wearing tamer asked.

"Because...I have some training to do myself" Naruto answered with a foxy grin, "There's a jutsu I have been working on with Kyuubi, but it's not fully completed and I need a secluded area for it be done so I will be gone from Shinjuku for the two weeks of vacation we have remaining and from what I've noticed, all three of you are quick to think and are able to adapt and pick up things quickly, just like me so I'm sure you all will be able to complete my training by then" Naruto explained.

"Dorumon, Gatomon" Naruto called to his Digimon.

"Hai. Naruto?" the two Digimon asked.

"You two are in charge while I'm gone, that means that you are to watch over the others and also Dorumon you're in charge of the apartment, but please...don't eat my entire ramen supply" Naruto pleaded. This caused everyone in the vicinity to sweatdrop.

"Don't worry I won't eat it all" the purple furred dragon said with a wave of his claws, "I'll just eat most" he mumbled beneath his breath softly.

"Alright, anymore questions?" the blonde asked before seeing Guilmon raise his claws.

"Will we getting training from Dorumon-sensei too, Narutomon?" Guilmon asked.

"That is up to Dorumon" Naruto said before forming his favourite cross shaped handsign, "Kagebunshin no Jutsu"

Three clones of the blonde shinobi appeared all with serious looks on their faces.

"Alright, you three are to train Rika-chan, Takato and Henry and I have given enough chakra to each of you to survive for the two weeks so you'll be able to withstand the normal punches and kicks along with flicks and being impaled with pencils"

"Hai Naruto-taichou" the clones said with salutes. Naruto nodded with a playful smirk. He then kissed Rika on the cheek and waved goodbye to the others.

"I'll see you guys in two weeks, I have to go the apartment and get my stuff and then I'll be on my way" and the whisker marked blonde vanished in a whirl of wind and leaves.

"Well these last two weeks are going to be interesting" Terriermon commented.

The Next Day- Training Day

The group had arrived in front of the shed where Guilmon lived and were ready to start the training at 8 o' clock sharp. The Naruto kagebunshins, the original Naruto had left behind when he left, Dorumon and Gatomon were there waiting for them.

"Ah, so you came" one kagebunshin said.

"But...we're missing somebody" the second blonde clone stated.

"True, where is Wong and Terriermon?" the third asked his fellow clones.

"What are you three talking about?" Rika asked as she approached her boyfriend's carbon copies with Renamon, Takato and Guilmon.

"Henry and Terriermon aren't here" Gatomon and Dorumon informed her.


"Well where is he?" the goggle wearing tamer asked.

"Maybe he went to buy us bread" Guilmon guessed. Everyone looked at the crimson scaled lizard with a sweat drop.

"Guilmon...really?" Dorumon asked. This caused Guilmon to chuckle nervously before everyone heard the sound of running footsteps. They turned to see the approaching form of Henry Wong and his Digimon partner, Terriermon atop his head of blue hair. The boy was holding a rolled up piece of paper in his hand and was panting heavily as he stopped in front of the group, clutching his knees as he attempted to catch his breath.

"Woah there Henry, what's the rush?" the first clone asked.

"Yeah dude, you look like you were running from a Digimon or something" Takato added patting the boy on the back. The Asian tamer panted before catching his breath and then stood to his full height as he looked Takato, who was exactly his height, in the eyes. The blue haired Asian tamer then held up the piece of rolled up paper to the brown haired tamer.

"The devas...I know what kind of devas might come next" he panted. This caught everyone's attention as the second Naruto kagebunshin swiped the paper from Henry and unfurled it to view its contents.

"What is this...Henry this is a calender with pictures of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac" the clone informed the group.

"What happened, couldn't find the ones with the bikini girls on them" the thrid clone joked earning himself a glare from his creator's girlfriend, after all his thoughts were his boss's thoughts, "I'll shut up now, Rika-chan"

"Good" the sole female human of the group said with a smirk.

"So, what does the calender have to do with the deva Digimon?" Guilmon asked.

"Well I've noticed that the devas are all modeled after the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, so if we cross out the ones we've beaten then we can have an idea of which ones we would have to face in the future" Henry explained.

"I see, an excellent hypothesis" Dorumon said before Gatomon spoke.

"So let's see this then" the white furred cat Digimon said before swiping the calender from the clone that was holding it.

"Oi, what was that for?" the clone exclaimed before it got a glare from the blue eyed feline which he returned ten fold. Rika-chan, he was afraid of, Gatomon...not so much.

"Anyone have a pen?" Dorumon asked. Takato fished one out of his pocket and handed it to the purple furred dragon.

"Why do you need a pen?" the goggle wearing tamer asked.

"To cross out the ones we've beaten" he answered with knowing look in his eyes. Afterwards, everyone's eyes were trained on the calender.

"Anyways, let's see..." she lay out the piece of paper and held it down using a few 'strategically placed' rocks that were found nearby, "the devas that have appeared and we have defeated so far are the tiger, Mihiramon"

Dorumon put a big black X through the month that had a picture of a tiger on it.

"Sandiramon is the snake and the rooster would be Sinduramon" Renamon added. Two more large Xs filled the boxes of the months that contained pictures of the snake and a rooster.

"We've also beaten Indramon who would be the horse" Dorumon said as he drew the large letter through the month of the horse.

"Oh Vajramon would be the ox" Rika piped in earning another X on the calender.

"Pajiramon would be the ram/sheep of the zodiac" Terriermon and Henry said simultaneously. Dorumon nodded as he drew the X through the month of the ram/sheep.

"And the rat would be Khumbiramon" Gatomon said with disgust as she hated rats, especially that perverted little pest. Good thing he was dead now. Dorumon drew the final X which showed the remaining types of devas that would approach Shinjuku to get Calumon.

"Well the remaining animals left are...the rabbit, the dog, the dragon, the monkey and the boar/pig" Henry stated as he looked at the calender.

"Hai, but we won't know which ones will attack" the first Naruto clone said.

"True, but that's why the boss told us to train them, so help prepare them as their skills must have dulled after not fighting after the situation with Gulfmon" the second clone said. The third clone nodded.

"Alright, let's go, Rika-chan you're with me, Clone 1 you take Takato and clone 2, you take Henry" the third clone instructed.

"OI WHY DO YOU GET TO TEACH RIKA-CHAN!" the other two roared.

"Because I'm better than both of you"

"WE'RE THE SAME PERSON!" the first clone reminded the third.

"Well listen, I'm training Rika-chan and that is that now shoo" the clone told the other two making a shooing motion with its hands before taking the red headed girl's hands and dragging her away to train her in hand to hand combat.

"Kuso" the other clones cursed before telling Takato and Henry to come with them. The Digimon were all that remained of the group after that.

"So Dorumon, will you be teaching us again?" Guilmon asked.

"I don't know, you and Terriermon have learned basically everything I taught you about fighting and the rest of your training would only be completed by experience as for Renamon, she doesn't really need much help in fighting either" the X-Antibody holder replied.

"Well then let's just take a break then and sleep" Terriermon suggested.

"I have taught you well, Terriermon"

"Hai, Dorumon-sensei" the dog eared bunny chuckled

With the tamers and the clones

Since it was the first day, the clones decided that it would be best if all the three pre-teens worked together instead of separately.

"Okay, first of all we will be teaching you more of the taijutsu, also known as hand to hand combat since we need to get Rika-chan up to speed" the first clone stated.

"Right, so Rika-chan, clones one and three will be helping you while I will be dealing with Takato and Henry, understood?" the second clone said.

"Hai!" was the reply from the three pre-teens.

"Alright, Rika-chan..." the clone one said, "We will be teaching you the katas, or stances for the fighting style we will be teaching you so pay attention and be sure to pick up quickly so that we won't be lagging. Remember later on we will also be teaching you and the other two boys how to use kunai and shuriken"

"Hai" Rika responded and followed every instruction her boyfriend's clones gave her.

'I won't be left behind again, I will help protect Naruto-kun and Renamon'

So for most of the day, Rika was taught in the various katas while also being trained in other physical traits such as stamina, strength and speed.

"Excellent work you three" the clones said as they looked at the panting pre-teens. Then clone number three took out some kunai and twirled them expertly between his fingers.

"We will now be teaching you how to use weapons. Now the knives I am holding are known as kunai and are used for basically any range of combat. By range, I mean close combat, mid-range combat and long range" clone number three explained. Clone number two then interrupted his carbon copy.

"As for these" he said pulling out a shuriken, "these are known as shuriken and are used only for mid to long range weapons combat. They are mainly used for incapacitating an enemy or for a quick kill by aiming for the jugular" the clone pointed to the vein that carried blood away from the brain back to the heart by raising his head and pointing at the slightly visible bluish green coloured internal tubing.

"So, what do we just throw them"

"That and also you have to improve on your accuracy because I doubt any of you have even held these weapons once"

"I held a kunai once" Henry piped in.

"Did you know how to use it?" clone number one asked.

"" the Asian tamer replied with a sweatdrop.

"Well then, let's get to it then, we'll provide you some targets for you to throw at and we'll keep practicing with those weapons until the end of the training session. This schedule will be continuous, starting off wit your taijutsu training, followed by your physical training and then followed by your weapons training. You will continue to use your weapons until you can throw your weapons perfectly in the center of your targets" clone number two instructed.

"Hai, Naruto-sensei!" the three young tamers responded before starting the weapons training. The three clones then turned to each other and nodded before flashing through handsigns. They then planted their hands on the ground.

"Doton: Tsuchibunshin no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Clone Jutsu!" the three clones yelled as they formed a multitude of earth clones of varying heights.

"Alright, now for the finishing touches" clone number two said before flashing through handsigns.

"Raiton: Raikurai no Jutsu/ Lightning Style: Thunderbolt Jutsu!" the second clone held out his index and middle fingers as if he were pointing at something with them. Blue sparks of electricity formed at the tips of the two fingers as he curled the rest of his fingers in as if he were forming a make shift fist before rapidly firing low powered thunderbolts at specific areas on the earth dummies that formed small holes that cut halfway through the thick earth as the areas where Takato, Rika and Henry were supposed to aim their weapons.

"Right, so where I have made holes in the dummies, that is where you will throw your kunai and shuriken. The points I have made are places in the human body that are guaranteed to be able to kill someone if struck there. The brain, heart, throat, both lungs, liver, the eyes and if you put enough force into the throw, you can penetrate through the person's stomach and go straight through to their spine" clone number two explained before he and his fellow kagebunshins moved away from them.

"Now begin" clone number one told them.

"They'll pick it up in a matter of days" clone number one said to his fellow kagebunshins.

"Yeah, these kids look like they will learn things really fast" clone number two stated.

"Reminds me the boss really, but still, you get my point" clone number three added.

For the next few days, which was around at least five to six days of training in taijutsu, Rika was finally able to match Henry and Takato in fighting prowess and they were also trained in their throwing weapons. After those few days passed, they had finally been able to get a grasp of throwing their weapons, but they were far from being able to have mastered the art of using the kunai and shuriken and Rika was still a bit behind on her taijutsu, but she was still able to beat Takato in sparring sessions of their training.

"Alright you three, you have finally gotten a pretty good grasp of use of taijutsu and you have also gotten pretty decent at using your weapons. So here's what, at the end of this training session we will be giving you your own sets of weapons that we managed to find at an old man's shop in Eastern Shinjuku. We have them in this scroll here" clone number one said, holding up the storage scroll.

"Right" clone number two said, "So when we give you these, you are to take extra care of them, sharpen them using a rock if you have to so that they never dull. Just rub the rock against the edge of the blade of the kunai and the points of the shuriken in a diagonal direction"

"However, enough of weapons because now it is time for you three to focus on doing what we wanted to teach you" clone number three said.

"You mean...?" Takato paused.

"Hai, time to learn how to tap into your chakra" clone number three said with his creator's foxy grin.

Meanwhile in a secluded area far from civilization

Outside of Shinjuku was still quite populated, but the farther you travelled the less the land was polluted by man's buildings and machines. So far outside of the city and in a secluded, forested area of Japan, a young boy, no less that thirteen sat meditating in front of a waterfall upon a large boulder.

"I wonder how the others are doing?" the boy wondered.

"I'm sure they are fine, Naruto now enough meditating...time to get back to training on your Rasengan" a deep voice from within the bowels of the boy's mind spoke. The boy, now identified a our protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, nodded.

"Yeah, alright Kyuubi" he told the great nine tailed kitsune within him. Naruto jumped off his rock and landed atop the surface of the small pool of water the waterfall made from years of erosion. He walked towards the shore before readying himself to make the complete rasengan. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he calmed his mind. Then his eyes snapped open and then held out his right arm in front of him and concentrated. Streams of blue chakra swirled into his palm and were then seemingly bound as the chakra formed a tight sphere of shining blue. Although the ball was quite small, about the size of a baseball, it held a lot of power in it, enough to shred through steel if it had to.

"Alright, there's the rasengan" Naruto said.

"Now add the wind chakra"

"Yup" Naruto nodded and then focused his wind element chakra into the sphere. The rasengan gave off a soft screeching sound as wind chakra was applied to it, then more of the elemental nature was added as the screeching began to get louder and higher in pitch, scaring off a few birds from their nests. The rasengan became remained in its original form, bit around it was a shining white shuriken of pure wind chakra.

"Alright, there's the Fuuton: Rasengan... now just..." Naruto grunted as he tried to hold the rasengan's stability, "a little more"

He pumped more wind chakra into the attack before the shuriken started to grow larger, but then the rasengan started to pulse as it began to loose stability and the chakra began to backlash, nearly hitting him. To add insult to injury, he lost his focus as a bird surprised him when it jumped out of its nest thus causing a huge backlash of wind and chakra. Naruto grunted in pain as he was thrown back and landed on his back on the harsh ground the slicing wind chakra took off thin lines of skin causing many slash marks on his arms to form, each one releasing a thin line of blood.

"Well, you nearly got it that, kit" Kyuubi said. Naruto stood to his feet and dusted the leaves and dirt off his clothes.

"Yeah, but Kami-sama, damn it all...I nearly got it and nearly is not going to cut it. I have to complete this rasengan" Naruto growled.

"Take it easy kit, maybe you should rest a bit" Kyuubi said, "I mean ever since you found this place two days ago, you've been non-stop"

"Well I need to get this is about to start and the others are training, I can't take a rest everytime I get frustrated at not completing the rasengan" the blonde shinobi responded. He pounded his fist against the grass covered ground, causing a dent to form in the ground from the force.

"'s like trying to look left and right at the same time...I can't do it" Naruto said through gritted teeth.

"Well, you can actually. You can make a kagebunshin and look both ways" the most powerful of the bijuu interjected. Naruto's eyes widened in realization.

"Look left and right at the same time...kagebunshin..." Naruto whispered.


"I got it...I know how to do it. Arigato Kyuubi, I love you. If you were in a physical body I could kiss you"

"'re welcome and blech...please don't kiss me, even if I did have a physical body don't" Kyuubi said. Naruto giggled with glee before jumping up and down in happiness before forming his favourite cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" he formed one carbon copy of himself.

"Alright, form the rasengan" he said to himself, he formed the spiraling chakra sphere in his right hand, "Now add my wind chakra"

The shuriken of pale white, pure wind chakra formed around the rasengan as the Fuuton: Rasengan was formed.

"Now you..." he looked at his kagebunshin.

"Add your wind chakra and put your hands there like when we used to form the rasengan in the beginning to stabilize it" the blonde told his clone. The clone's eyes, along with the blonde's inner bijuu's eyes widened in realization at what Naruto had planned. The clone smirked and did as he was told and the shuriken began to grow in size and began to spin rapidly as the wind began to pick up. Small rocks rose from the earth and before they even reached eye level, they were shredded into nothing, as if they were disintegrated.

"Hehehehe, kit... sometimes, you are such a genius" Kyuubi chuckled at the idea that his container had.

With the other Tamers

"Oh dear Kami-sama, we've meditating for hours, Naruto...I mean clone, kagebunshin..." Takato tried to correct himself as clone number one chuckled.

"Takato will you quit your whining, we've only been meditating for four hours" Rika said before turning to the clone with a glare.

"So really, what does meditating have to do with chakra?" Henry asked as he too, along with his fellow students, was getting bored of just sitting and breathing.

"Well my students" clone number two piped up, "as I have told you before, chakra is the energy that is created from the unity between the physical energy from the body's cells and can be increased by doing exercise and mixed with the spiritual energy which is drawn from the soul and this type of energy is increased through meditation. You all have already been trained in physical aspects of chakra, this is to aid in your spiritual aspects"

"Also meditation helps you become more acute in drawing out your chakra since your mind will be focused on nothing, and by focusing on nothing your mind will be able to focus on the hidden something, which is your chakra" clone number three said in a wise tone.

"That somehow...makes sense" the other two clones wondered, "now back to meditating!" they barked. The three to-be-chakra users nodded and went back to just taking in the darkness as they closed their eyes and breathed while meditating.

After many hours of simply sitting and breathing in the process of meditating, the three clones were busy observing their students.

"They are getting closer into tapping into their chakra pools" clone number one whispered to his fellow kagebunshins.

"Hai, but it will take while for them to control it when we teach them jutsus" clone number two said.

"That's why we will teach them tree climbing before that and if we have enough time after we teach them jutsus, we can probably move on to water walking" clone number three said.

"I don't know how you're smarter than us" clone number one said to clone three earning him a shrug from his fellow clone.

"ALRIGHT, YOU THREE CAN GET UP AND GO HOME NOW!" clone number one yelled.

"The moon is out already, you need to go home and sleep" clone number two said.

"Hai, we'll see you tomorrow" the three pre-teens said. Takato then took Guilmon to the shed while Rika and Henry went straight home. The clones then watched as Dorumon and Gatomon walked up to them. The physical representations of data looked at the chakra constructs.

"So how long has it been since you guys have started this training?" Dorumon asked.

"We lost count of the days" the feline explained. The clones looked at each other.

"Well I think it has been about five days, there's two more days in the week and that would leave us with only nine more days before the school term begins again and also means nine days before the boss comes back" clone number one said.

"Well it's going by quick, the days I mean" the purple furred dragon stated, "You have to get those three to at least make some progress in getting their chakra to surface"

"Oh, it's there in fact they will be ready after this week is over" clone number two said.

"Two more days of meditation and then they will be able to tap into their chakra pools" clone number three added with a smirk. Dorumon and Gatomon looked at the clones of their tamer with their lack-of eyebrows raised.

"Really, that fast?" Gatomon asked, her tail flicking the air behind her.

"Hai, they learn really fast"

"You know, I find your traits are starting to get contagious" the X-Antibody holder said with a smirk causing three foxy grins to meet the eyes of the dragon and cat Dgimon.

"We're Naruto Uzumaki, what do you expect?" they said simultaneously.

In the past two days after the mind numbing meditation sessions the clones put Takato, Rika and Henry through the three had finally been able to unconsciously tap into their chakra reserves thus it was time they learnt to access and control that power.

It was now Monday and at sunrise, the three pre-teens were already there, standing before the clones as their Digimon partners watched from afar with Dorumon and Gatomon, eating from one of Naruto's scrolls that held a large amount of Naruto's popcorn supply. And it was a good thing the original nor the clones noticed because the only thing Naruto loved more than Rika-chan or ramen was his popcorn.

"Alright you three, after these grueling exercises this past week, we, yours senseis have detected your chakra signatures meaning that you have finally tapped into and unlocked your chakra reserves" clone number one said. This earned smiles of accomplishment from the three pre-teens, but...

"However the time for celebration is not yet over for that means that you must work even harder now. We will now teach you three basic jutsus that all beginner shinobi learn upon accessing their chakra. These three jutsus are the Bunshin no Jutsu/Clone Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu/Transformation Jutsu and the Kawarimi no Jutsu/Substitution Jutsu" clone number one explained.

"Now then as to how these techniques are performed, we will do so through demonstration. Seeing as how the boss gave us enough chakra to sustain ourselves for the two weeks he will be gone along with enough to actually perform these three basic jutsus, we shall each show you one of the techniques" clone number two said.

"Matteo you two, we still haven't taught them the handsigns for jutsu. Before teaching them anything we need to teach them those" clone number three interjected.

"What do you mean by handsigns?" Rika asked.

"Yeah" Henry and Takato said simultaneously, agreeing with their female friend as to what handsigns were.

"True" clone number two said, having ignored the words of his pupils and more to that of his fellow clone, "Alright well seeing as how you three are incapable of performing and even knowing the signs used for ninjutsu, I will teach them"

"Alright well there are twelve handsigns, and just like the zodiac each handsign is named after an animal. Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird/Rooster, Boar/Pig, Dragon, Horse, Tiger, Ox, Snake and Monkey" the second clone explained while also performing the handsigns as he called out each one.

"These handsigns are used to help perform and help channel chakra in order to perform ninjutsu and genjutsu" the first clone explained.

"Exactly" the first clone said, "So until you three can get these handsigns down flawlessly and not risk killing yourselves you will be practicing these for the rest of the day until you get it right"

"Kami, I now realized just boring your boyfriend can be" Takato mumbled to Rika.

"I now realized that too" she replied.

"OI, RIKA-CHAN, TAKATO NO TALKING AND MORE HANDSIGN-ING!" the three clones barked earning nervous looks on the red haired girl and the brown haired boy as they did as they were instructed. At the end of the day after continuously doing the handsigns and getting many a hand cramp, they finally got the handsigns down pat.

The next day they were NOW ready to perform the three basic Academy three jutsu.

"Alright now then, to perform the Bunshin no Jutsu, you must first form the ram sign before channeling your chakra. The technique comes naturally when you yell out the name of the jutsu which helps one in focusing on that specific jutsu, like so" clone number one said before performing just as he had told his students. In a swirl of black and orange and a puff of smoke, a perfect copy illusionary copy of the copy appeared.

"Now Bunshins, unlike us, Kagebunshins, are illusions while we are solid meaning that you can feel us, but Bunshins have no physical form" the kagebunshin put his hand straight through the head of the Bunshin it had formed before dispelling the bunshin.

"Now you try" the three kagebunshins told them.

"Reach deep into yourselves and look for that hidden power within you that you have barely touched and then concentrate on it, build it up and then unleash it" clone number three told them.

"BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" the three pre-teens yelled after they had done so. A large plume of smoke emerged as all three Bunshin no Jutsus went off simultaneously. As the white smoke cleared it revealed to the young tamers and Naruto that they had in fact pulled of the jutsu...only their clones looked like they had diarrhea and were dying from malnutrition and lack of vitamin D.

"Well it was a first try, you three can practice more once we get you to learn how to use the Kawarimi and Henge" clone number two encouraged them. "Now dispel the bunshins by just, willing them to dispel. Clones are dispelled with just a thought"

Three pops were heard as the dead looking bunshins of Takato, Rika and Henry disappeared with a small plume of smoke.

"Right, now then for Henge just use your chakra and coat it around your body then imagine the person you want to transform into and picture them in your mind's eye. Detail in key to looking like the person you want to look like, especially on infiltration missions, but you might never have to do such mission since you're not in the world of shinobi" clone number one said and then demonstrated by changing into Dorumon, even going so far as to get the small little brown speck within Dorumon's sclera that is invisible to the naked eye.

"And then just think of yourselves and you'll change back into your original form" the kagebunshin spoke before changing from that of a Digimon to human form.

"Sugoi" the three young tamers gaped in awe before trying it themselves. Takato tried to change into Guilmon and managed to get most of him right, except he looked like Guilmon with a messed up looking tail, it was all squiggly and not reptilian looking at all.

"Nice job, Takato...but work on that tail a bit more" the clones said.

"Does my tail really look like that?" Guilmon asked since he never really looked at his behind appendage.

"Nah, Takato just messed up" Terriermon replied.

"Oh...okay, good" the crimson reptile replied before the Digimon looked back to see Rika use Henge.

"Henge no Jutsu!" she cried out and in a plume of smoke she changed into a carbon copy of her Obaa-chan.

"Nice job Rika-chan, very good." the clones gave a small round of applause as Rika returned to normal shown to be doing a bow.

"Henge no Jutsu!" it was Henry's turn and in a plume of smoke...another Calumon appeared from the smoke.

"Oi what am I doing there...if I'm here?" the original Calumon asked as he floated over from the trees from where he observed his friends practicing. He stood in front of Henry and the Asian tamer gave a small wave to the original Light of Digivolution.

"Hey there Calumon" Henry spoke in Calumon's voice.

"Nice job, he even got the voice down" clone number two said.

"Okay, Henry you can change back now" clone number one instructed the Asian tamer before the cream puff's clone was changed back into the blue haired tamer.

"Alright, now then time for Kawarimi no Jutsu" clone number three said, "This jutsu is used to avoid being hit by attacks and is a high speed move used in which an invisible string of chakra is connected to an inanimate object such as a log or rock. The person then takes that object, switches it with him/herself while simultaneously performing a Henge on the object by channeling chakra into the object and performing the principle of Henge no Jutsu on the object. The user then usually hides and escapes or uses that moment when the Kawarimi is over, to counter attack"

Clone number three then took out a kunai and threw it to Rika who caught it expertly in her hand before twirling it so she held it in a reverse grip.

"Now throw it at me" the clone instructed.

"NANI?" the three pre-teens stared at the kagebunshin with wide eyes and slack jaws.

"Hai, now do it so I can demonstrate the Kawarimi no Jutsu" clone number said. Rika bit her lip as she thought it through before nodding. She looked at the clone and then threw it. The kunai was released with a flick of the wrist, wind whistling as the weapon sliced through the air.

"Her aim is truly magnificent" clone number two said as he watched the kunai earning a nod from clone number one. The kunai then impacted with clone number three sending his head reeling back as it impacted with his skull. Then just as quickly as the kunai had been embedded in the skull of the clone had there been a puff of smoke as the clone disappeared to reveal a small log that fell to the ground.

"Nice hit" clone number three said appearing out of a tree.

"That was so cool" Takato said as he squealed like a little child earning a cringe from the clones as the squeal sounded like those of fangirls.

"Now you guys try" clone number two said as he picked up a few rocks from the ground.

"Now you should practice with these rocks instead of kunai since...well you could die if you don't get the Kawarimi down and get impaled by the kunai and die of excessive bleeding" clone number added.

"And you think it will help if we pelt each other with rocks?" Henry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, but at least you won't die...depending on how hard you throw the rock though, but don't worry we know some medical jutsu so we'll heal you if you get too bruised up" clone number three informed the three tamers who still looked unsure as the clones tossed the rocks up and down in their hands.

"Ready?" they asked as the pre-teens nodded in reply, but with nervous looks on their faces.

"Now remember, make a string of chakra and attach it to the object you want to replace with and then perform a transference Henge no Jutsu on the object and you'll get away scott-free" the clones advised.

"Takato, you'll go first" clone number two stated. Takato nodded before taking a horse stance, spreading his legs out wide so that if he failed, he'll be able to at least the survive a rock being thrown at his chest. The clones nodded and then threw their small sized rocks that could still hurt like hell. Takato then formed a chakra string and tried to attach it to something, but his string managed to attach to the trunk of a tree and since he couldn't replace himself with a tree...well...

"ITAI ITAI ITAAAIIII!' Takato screamed as the rocks impacted with his chest, stomach, legs and one nailed him in the groin sending him crumpling to the ground.

"Oooooo" everyone hissed as they saw the goggle wearing tamer fall to meet his new friend, the dirt.

"That's not pretty" Dorumon, Terriermon and Guilmon said.

"Poor poor Takato" Renamon and Gatomon shook their heads in pity at the twelve year old.

"Takato, are you okay?" clone number two asked.

"Kinda" Takato said in a high pitched voice as his balls were still hurting. The three clone's then put their hands near Takato's groin and their hands glowed with green healing chakra.

"Good, he'll be fine, there's nothing out of place and he's not infertile" the clones announced making everyone sweatdrop.

" just...stay there and don't walk"

"No problem" Takato gave a thumbs up, clutching his still paining balls, but they were healed, healed but hurting.

"Rika-chan, your turn" clone number one called out. The red head groaned.

Time Skip- One Week later

Last day of Summer Vacation

"Well you three have done surprisingly well these past two weeks" clone number one said.

"You have mastered the ability to access your chakra as well as mastering the Bunshin, Henge and Kawarimi" clone number two added.

"Also, you have been able to do you a satisfactory amount of work on the tree climbing exercise we taught you using just your chakra" clone number three said as he stepped aside to show three large trees in the park that the three in-training shinobi used. The trunk was littered with slash marks from the kunais they used to mark their progress.

"Is there anything else left to teach us?" Henry asked.

"No not really, you have mastered the basics,now all that's left is to use elemental jutsu...soooo" the three clones each took out a piece of paper and handed it to each of the young tamers.

"Pump your chakra into the piece of paper I have just handed you and we will determine your elemental affinity, meaning which type of elemental jutsu you are most suited to" clone number one said.

"Hai!" the three complied and did as they were told and a blue glow surrounded the paper as they pumped chakra into the paper. Takato's paper became soggy, Rika's became ash as it erupted into flames and Henry's turned to dust.

"Okay, so Takato you have a water affinity, Rika-chan you have a fire affinity and Henry you have an affinity for earth" clone number three said.

"Cool" the three pre-teens said in excitement.

"So in order to master your elemental affinity, I will give each of you some exercises. Takato to master water...take a coin and place it in the water and then use your chakra alone to have the water push the coin to the surface of the water and make it remain there for a period of at least five minutes. Rika-chan, to master fire you must use chakra to set a leaf on fire and Henry you must be able to convert a rock into mud by using chakra to change its molecular makeup" clone number one said.

"A rock into mud...that's impossible" Henry said. The three clones smirked before walking over to a few decent sized rock, about the size of Henry's head. The clones each picked up a rock and then channeled chakra into the rock. Everyone watched in awe as they saw the rocks start to sway and seem to liquify. The grey and brown rocks began to turn a dark chocolate brown as they became mud. The clones let the mud slide to the ground and then used a minor water jutsu to wash it off.

"Care to say that again, Henry?"

"No" the Asian tamer shook his head as the three foxy grins from the three kagebunshins formed.

"Also I have few jutsu, each of you will have to learn when you finish mastering your elemental affinity" clone number one began before reaching into his rather large weapons pouch and took out three scrolls.

"Takato, your jutsus are basic, yet can be quite effective if used right. The jutsus in here are Kirigakure no Jutsu/ Hidden Mist Jutsu, Suiton: Suijonheki/ Water Style: Water Wall, Suiton: Mizubunshin no Jutsu/ Water Style: Water Clone Jutsu and Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu/ Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu" the kagebunshin tossed the scroll to Takato who caught with his eyes shining as he stared at the rolled up piece of paper.

"Rika-chan, yours are also basic fire jutsu that are actually quite powerful if enough chakra is put into the jutsu, but start off with the minimum amount before you blow up something...or yourself. Yours are Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu, Katon: Housenka no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu, Katon: Kabunshin no Jutsu/Fire Style: Fire Clone Jutsu and Katon: La Endaan/ Fire Style: Fire Blast" Rika nodded and smirked as she caught her scroll.

"And finally Henry, Doton jutsus are quite powerful, but are also useful for defense so I've given you a bit more jutsus to work with. Two more to be exact. So you will have five jutsus to spend your time learning" Henry nodded as clone number one told him his jutsus.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Wall Jutsu, Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Inner Decapitation Jutsu, Doton: Domu/ Earth Style: Dome, Doton: Doryu Taiga/ Earth Style: Mud River, Doton: Tsuchibunshin no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Clone Jutsu and Doton: Arijigoku no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Antlion Jutsu"

Henry nodded as he caught his tossed scroll and put it in his pocket.

"I have taught all I have to teach, now all that is left is for you to master jutsus that I might teach you later on in the journey" the clones said to the three.

"We were honoured to be your students, Naruto-sensei" Takato, Rika and Henry bowed low to the blonde shinobi-tamer's kagebunshins who smirked.

"Rise for it is not s you should be bowing to, but to..." the kagebunshin suddenly vanished in plumes of smoke causing the three pre-teens to blink in surprise.

"You should be bowing to me...the original Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" the original Naruto said. The group of Digimon who were standing by immediately stood up and ran towards the pre-teenaged tamers and gaped as they saw the blonde shinobi. Dressed in his usual garb, a black t-shirt with an image of an orange scaled dragon with orange flames along the hem and the edge of the sleeves, dark blue jeans and orange and blue sneakers. However his clothes were slightly covered with dirt due to his journey.

(A/N: What you didn't think he would think to at least bring a few changes of clothes did you?)

"Yo, what's up?" Naruto gave a small wave and a wink in order to imitate his former silver haired sensei.

"Naruto?" the others asked.

"In the flesh" suddenly the foxy grinning blonde was tackled to the ground by his friends and girlfriend.

"Itai" he grunted as he felt the full weight of a few Digimon and three pre-teens nearly crushing his lungs and ribs.

"Gomen, nice to see you...Naruto-sensei" the three pre-teens said with a wink showing hey were just teasing their teenage friend.

"Haha, arigato. Nice to see you all too" Naruto said dusting most of his clothes off. Dorumon then latched himself onto his tamer's back as if he were riding piggy-back and Gatomon jumped and rested comfortably on the blonde's spiky head of hair, taking their usual resting places on their tamer, as if he never left

"I'm guessing you missed me"

"No, of course not" Dorumon said with a smirk and his voice dripping with sarcasm earning a chuckle from Naruto.

"I missed you guys too" the blonde shinobi-tamer replied and petted the purple furred dragon and the white furred cat Digimon. The two Digimon smiled before jumping off and kicking Naruto lightly sending him forward stopping just in front of the red haired female.

"Naruto-kun" Rika spoke.

"Rika-chan" Naruto stated, his blue eyes looking into her violet-grey ones. The two seemed to be staring each other down before the shorter red head enbraced her boyfriend with a few tears running down her face.

"It's good to see you again"

"What do you mean, you had my kagebunshins didn't you?" he joked.

"No kagebunshin could replace the real you and you know that" Rika said as she continued to hug him.

"Well I-" the jinchuriki was cut off from any further speech as Rika kissed him full on the lips, making his eyes early roll back into his head as he nearly fainted when she started to use her tongue in the kiss, he quickly regained his bearings and kissed her back before the two separated after a fifteen seconds of kissing.

"So how was training you three, did I push you all too hard"

"Nope you were fair, with just the right amount of disicplinary attitude" Henry replied.

"What he said" Takato stated pointing at Henry.

" Takato, make any progress with Jeri-chan?" Naruto teased, wiggling his eyebrows slyly. Takato blushed before turning away and mumbling about "nosey, embarrassing blonde shinobi".

"Well then seeing as how your training is nearly complete only having to master your elemental affinities, I say we go and have a nice dinner by Takato's bakery" Naruto suggested.

"YEAH!" everyone agreed.

"You do know, you all can't come?" Henry told the Digimon. "I mean it would be weird having a large amount of Digital Monsters in your bakery. This caused everyone to sigh.

"By the way, how did you know about our elemental affinities?" Rika asked.

"Remember kagebunshns relay whatever they do and know back to me" the original blonde jinchuriki replied.

"Well okay, we'll see you back at the apartment" Dorumon and Gatomon said with a wave before walking off. Terriermon walked away with Renamon since Henry's and Rika's places were in the same general direction, while Guilmon, now able to walk in the park by himself, left the group to go back to his shed.

"I'll bring some bread for you tomorrow Guilmon, after school" Takato said.

"Oh right, we have school tomorrow" Naruto grumbled.

"Damn the educational system" Rika said through gritted teeth.

"Well...beggers can't be choosers, looks like we'll have to cancel on that dinner, Naruto" Henry said. Naruto nodded and kissed Rika goodbye before leaving in a swirl of leaves.

"He needs to teach us that when we're done with these jutsus and exercises his kagebunshins gave us" Takato stated.

"Ain't that the truth" the two other tamers said before they all headed back home.

Time Skip- One month after the start of the new semester

Time flew by like an eagle descending on its prey, quickly. The first day of school after the end of summer vacation was rather uneventful with the welcoming back to the school, the new syllabus the students would be following and people greeting their old friends after having not seen them for a long time.

The three tamers had enjoyed their time, and while focusing on their school work, in their free time they had been practicing constantly with their new abilities. In the beginning they had been practicing in using the Academt three basic jutsus and building up their chakra control and increasing their reserves by using the tree climbing exercise that Naruto's kagebunshins had taught them as well as with their weapons training having been given their own set of kunai and shuriken to use. Then two weeks into the school term they had finally begun to train in mastering their elemental affinties, it had taken the rest of the month, but after constant effort, they had finally mastered their exercises to master their elemental affinity and were now well on their way to begin practicing their jutsus.


In the Digital World-Southern sector- Zhuquiaomon's lair

"Well I have waited long enough, I think it is time we send Vikaralamon and Makuramon to the Real World" the Sovereign of the South spoke.

"I believe so, as well...we have waited long enough, however send in Makuramon before sending in Vikaralamon so as to actually LOCATE the Light of Digivolution" the advisor of Zhuquiaomon said. The advisor as you all know, is secretly Lucemon, the Fallen Angel Digimon.

"I see...excellent plan, I will do as you advise...MAKURAMON!" Zhuquiaomon shrieked as he at upon his throne of fire. In a matter of seconds, there was a portal in front of the throne of the Phoenix Digimon, a swirling mass of blue surrounded by green, red and blue flakes of data. Out of the portal, a humanoid monkey walked out. The monkey was covered in dark brown fur, with peach coloured skin without fur was shown in the facial area and white fur tipped the deva's tails. It wore a pair of off white coloured Kung Fu style pants and lavender/grey coloured armour to cover its torso. The armour was patterned with golden coloured swirls and lines. A pair of gloves in the same style as the armour covered the Monkey deva's hands and to finish the outfit, a pair of purple and gold shoes were worn on its feet, along with a purple and gold hat, which had the kanji for 'Monkey' on it in ebony was placed on its head.

"You called for me, oh Sovereign One" Makuramon bowed low to the great Phoenix.

"Hai, Makuramon I need you to disguise yourself as a human and search the city of Shinjuku. The Light of Digivolution, which I disguised as a Digimon by the name of Calumon, is hiding out there. I need you to find him, when you do, you are to immediately contact me so I can send in Vikaralamon to do the dirty work while you retrieve the Catalyst"

"Of course, Sovereign One...but I thought your original plan was to disguise the Catalyst in order to preotect it from the Chaos?"

"It was, but I now realize that we NEED the Catalyst in order to combat the Chaos, for I sense it is rising, although slowly, it still is upon us and we must prepare all the Digimon we have in the Digital World in order to fight it" the Sovereign Digimon explained.

Makuramon nodded and smirked before standing, his form suddenly began to warp. His primate looking anatomy chanign into that of a human's. He changed to a tanned young boy, around twelve years of age, wearing a yellow shirt that was covered by purple overalls. Red shoes were worn on the human Makuramon's feet and a large red hat was worn on his head. His mouth was that of a straight line and his eyes looked emotionless, but then the emotionless eyes held mischief in them as the stoic look changed to that of a michievous or sadistic look.

"Your wish is my command"

Makuramon then turned and exited the throne room via data portal to Shinjuku. Makuramon suddenly found himself zooming at hyper speeds through the portal, light articles began to elongate as his eyes began to develop tunnel vision until there was a white light. Makuramon squinted as he went into the epicenter of the white light. The portal opened in the sky as he bio-emerged atop a roof in Shinjuku. The disguised Digimon looked around and watched all the people walking through the streets of West Shinjuku.

"Now then...where are you Calumon?" Makuramon wondered before leaping from roof to roof.

With Naruto

Naruto was in his apartment, as school had just finished. He was sitting in front of the computer playing a game of Command and Conquer:Tiberium Wars while Dorumon and Gatomon were watching over Calumon, who chose to stay with them for the day.

"This is fun, fun day, fun day with Naruto and friends" Calumon giggled as he jumped up and down on the couch.

"We should decrease his cream puff intake" Dorumon said turning to his girlfriend. The feline Digimon nodded as she tapped her foot on the ground, her sky blue eyes following every movement of the Light of Digivolution.

"Are you sure he's the Light of Digivolution?" she asked.

"Trust me, we've asked ourselves that question so many times, but he's proven himself" Naruto said, not taking his eyes off the computer, his fingers flying over the keys as he typed.

"Naruto what are you typing, you haven't moved from the computer since you came home" Gatomon stated as she jumped atop her tamer's head. Naruto smirked as he continued to type.

"Well I have a report for school, I'm doing it on the Principle of Least Astonishment or POLA for short"

"And I have no idea what that is and we don't care" the X-Antibody holder said.

"Well I just have to write a five page report on it and it's due in a few days" the blonde said as he continued to type.

"You know something, ever since you got back to school you got boring" Dorumon said with a smirk. The reason for the smirk was because as he said that, Naruto immediately stopped typing and turned to face his first Digimon partner.

"Did you just call me boring?" Naruto asked, his eyes flashing red. Dorumon's pupils turned slitted and a toothy grin spread across the reptile digimon's face.

"Yes, yes I did"

"Well then come on we're going to the park and we are going to have FUN!"

"Now that's what I'm talking about" Gatomon said jumping off Naruto's head and landing next to the purple furred dragon.

"Nice job, Doru-kun" she whispered giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Argiato, Gato-chan" the dragon smirked as he pecked her back. And with that Naruto, Dorumon, Gatomon and Calumon all left the apartment to go play in the park.


" hard is it to find one simple little Digimon?" Makuramon growled. Even in his human disguise, his teeth still remained sharp as ever and since he was baring those pearly whites, he earned himself quite a few stares.

"Excuse you know where you might find a Digimon?" Makuramon asked a random woman.

"Oh...well do you want a toy or something young man?"

"No, I mean a real, living breathing Digital Monster" the disguised Monkey deva replied, which caused the woman to scoot away from him before running away.

"You belong in a mental hospital!" she shouted causing Makuramon to sweat drop.

"Humans" he sighed before noticing a young brown haired boy wearing a blue hooded sweater/shirt, greyish pants and green and white sneakers. A pair of goggles with blue tint on the lenses was worn around the boy's forehead and two yellow wristbands were worn as well. Next to the boy, Makuramon noticed a red scaled reptilian looking creature. However as he looked at them, he noticed the marks on the creature's chest were similar to that of a certain piece of digicode, but couldn't remember what it meant.

"However, I don't means that this boy is a tamer and that is a Digimon standing with him it proves that he is a tamer. Maybe if I follow them, I'll be able to find th Catalyst" Makuramon whispered to himself and then followed behind the boy and Digimon.

Takato and Guilmon were unaware of them being followed and were walking towards the park.

"So Guilmon, don't you find it amazing that one month of the school term has already flown by?" the brown haired tamer asked his Digital partner.

"No not really, Takato, time moves as quickly as one interprets it to move" Guilmon replied causing Takato to blink.

"When did you get such a high vocabulary and how are you so deep?"

"Since Narutomon, taught me to read, mostly poetry books and philosophical ones's fun to read" the crimson reptile replied with a grin.

"Never thought I'd hear a digimon saying it was fun to read"

"Well I never thought humans would be gullible enough to fall for the excuse that I am a person in a Digimon costume" Guilmon retorted, proving his point when some kids ran up to him asking where he got his 'costume' before being shooed away by their parents.

"Touche...well we're here now, now where are Kazu, Kenta and Jeri...they were supposed to be here to meet with us" Takato said as the duo arrived in the park.

"Maybe they are at the shed" the fire using Digimon suspected. The two then walked towards the shed, climbing up the abandoned stone staircase and in fact did find their friends waiting for them there.

"Oi, Jeri-chan, Kenta, Kazu" Takato and Guilmon greeted the trio with a wave.

"Ohayo, Takato-kun" Jeri said with a smile, her puppet hand barking its own words.

"What took you two so long?" Rika grumbled as she walked out of the shed with Henry, Terriermon and Renamon.

"Well...I got lost on the road of life?" Takato tried the blonde's excuse causing Henry and Rika to sweat drop at the lame excuse excuse.

"Oi, it's a good excuse" a voice from the trees said. Everyone turned to see the blonde drop down from a branch with Dorumon and Gatomon by his sides.

"Naruto-kun?" Rika asked, "I thought you said you'd be busy all day with a report you had due for school in a few days"

"Yeah well, I decided to take a bit of a break and continue tomorrow" the blonde replied.

"That and I called him boring" Dorumon said with a smirk causing the tamers, their Digimon and the regular people to sigh.

Meanwhile, Makuramon was crouching on a tree branch, hidden amongst the leaves as he observed the group.

'Hmm...well the tamer and their Digimon are there...some regular humans as well, but where is the Catalyst?' the monkey deva thought. His fangs nearly poking through the flesh of his disguised human form.

Time passed by and the sky was alight with the colours of fire, reds, oranges and yellows of differents hues replaced the blue and the white clouds began to turn a bit dark coloured. Makuramon was bored as hell as he had continued to observe the tamers, waiting for the Catalyst to appear.

'OH TO THE GREAT FANGLONGMON, WHERE THE HELL IS THAT STUPID CALUMON?' the monkey deva began to beat his head against the trunk of the tree he was resting on repeatedly before he heard a playful shriek of laughter. Turning around, the monkey deva's eyes lit up as he saw a white cream puff of a Digimon with purple edged ears, hands and feet appear. The Digimon had large green eyes and the Zero Unit emblazoned on its forehead.

"Calumon, why were you hiding, I thought you were with us the whole time?" Naruto asked. Makuramon's ears twitched when he heard the name of the cream puff Digimon.

'It is Calumon' Makuramon let out a soft giggle of excitement before jumping away.

"Did you guys hear something?" Naruto asked, his ears twitching as he looked around the foliage of the park.

"No...not really. The trees rustled a bit, but it was probably just a bird" the Digimon replied. Naruto bit his lip as he began to get a bad feeling in his gut.

"And you usually follow that feeling" Kyuubi spoke.

'I know...and I always do and I always will'

"So are you gonna use your newest jutsu when you fight in today's battle?" the great Lord of Kitsune asked.

'Depends, but I might' Naruto said, 'Only in needed situations though, you know the consequences of that jutsu'

"I do, I spent about two days healing the damage to your hand and forearm. That and it was doozy to reheal the chakra cells in those areas"

'Well then...guess we have a fight on our hands'

With Zhuquiaomon

The great Phoenix of the South was nesting in his throne of flames before a circle of data formed in front of him. The cirlce suddenly showed the image of the disguised Makuramon.


"My lord...I have found him. I have found the Light of Digivolution, Calumon"

"Very well done, follower of Baihumon...I shall send Vikaralamon right away" the large bird replied. The monkey deva nodded before his image vanished in a flash of red data flakes. Zhuqiaomon turned and smirked to a large shadow within his quarters.

"Are you ready, boar deva?" the large shadow nodded as it stepped into the light showing its gruesome face. The individual resembled a giant wild boar with clam grey skin. A large amount of golden brown fur covered most of its body, except for the snout, tusks and hooves. There were red bands wrapped around the ankles of each of the boar deva's four limbs. Three spikes came down in a straight row along the boar's back and three smaller, red spikes jutted out of the deva's forehead in a triangular formation. Silver patterns lined its fur surrounding its red eyes as well.

"As always, Lord Zhuquiaomon" Vikaralamon answered. The boar deva then turned to see a large portal awaiting him.

"No failures" the Sovereign of the South stated.

"Of course, my Lord" the boar deva made one last boar before turning back to the portal and vanished as white flakes of data upon entering the portal.

Shinjuku Park

The sun was still in its setting stage as the night had yet to come. Kazu and Kenta yawned as they watched their friends play with the Digimon.

"I'm tired guys, maybe we should play tomorrow" Kazu said. The group looked at each other and shrugged.

"Yeah, why not? It's nearly night time, we should head home" Takato said.

"See you tomorrow Takatomo..." Guilmon's eyes suddenly began to widen and then his pupils dilated as his viral nature began to surface.

"Guilmon, what's up, why did you pause so suddenly?" the crimson reptile's tamer asked. Suddenly all the Digimon in vicinity began to feel tense. Their pupils changing into vertical slits, claws twitching, noses shifting as their senses suddenly became hyperactive.

"Kazu...Kenta...Jeri...get out of here now" Naruto ordered.


"JUST DO IT!" the blonde said more forcefully.

"Alright" the three suddenly began to run towards their homes, but they like the rest of the population of Shinjuku stared in shock at what they were seeing. A large rip in the sky formed, showing a large wire frame pattern. A large shadow fell from that rip and landed dead center in the park.

"What...what is that thing?" Kenta asked.

"It looks like a giant pig?" Kazu answered.

The tamers and their partners, with Calumon began to follow the oversized pig towards the city, which was where it was headed.

Rika quickly took out her D-Ark and even from that distance, the gargantuan piece of pork was scanned and the information came up in a matter of minutes.

"That is Vikaralamon, a Holy Beast Digimon and an Ultimate level. Most likely the Boar deva, his massive size grants him large amounts of strength and endurance. His attacks are Fusion Ball and Boar Bog" the red haired tamer read.

"You guys, it's time to Digivolve" the blonde shinobi said. The four tamers took out their D-Arks and their Digivolution cards before swiping them through the slits on the side of them.

"DIGIMODIFY...DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Calumon jumped atop Naruto's head as the Crystal Matrix began to glow crimson.


Renamon was engulfed by a swirling blue egg of data.


Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.


Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


Terriermon was surrounded by an egg of swirling green data.


Terriermon's skin peeled away to reveal a large green rabbit covered in wire frame pattern, or blue squares for a simpler term. The skin then reattached itself as Terriermon's body grew into that of a larger rabbit, his face and ears were entirely green, the edge of the ears, the body and muzzle of Gargomon being a tan colour, a red diamond lay in the centre of the champion level's forehead. Two red slash like marking were on Gargomon's cheeks, his hands were replaced with gattling guns, a string of ammunition was strapped across the trigger happy bunny's chest and he wore a pair of navy blue jeans.


Guilmon was surrounded by a swirling red egg of data.


Guilmon's skin then peeled away to reveal a darker red form that was patterned in a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to form a larger, more powerful form of Guilmon. The egg of data exploded to reveal a larger version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital Hazard symbol was located on his left shoulder.


Gatomon and Naruto jumped atop Dorugamon and took flight as the rest of the Champion level Digimon rode theirs and took the old low road. The group moved quickly and made to the city just as they saw a News Helicopter flying above the giant boar deva.

"Kuso...oh well, it was inevitable" Naruto said.

"Yeah...Digimon will now be known to exist across the country, or maybe the entire planet" Gatomon said.

"Well secrecy was good while it lasted" Rika told Kyuubimon.

"True, but at least I don't have to hide in trees anymore" earning a chuckle from her tamer.

"No more hiding in the shed, Growlmon...the people of Shinjuku are now about to learn that Digimon exist" Takato told his giant dinosaur Digimon.

"Does that mean I can now get more bread?" Growlmon asked. Henry and Gargomon sweatdropped at Growlmon when they heard that.

"Digimon are about to go public and you guys want to get bread?" Henry and Gargomon asked simultaneously to Growlmon who smiled.

"Hai" thus their sweatdrops grew bigger.

The group had finally arrived at the area of the city. They looked as Vikaralamon began to destroy everything, lauching large red balls of destruction.

"So can fight a large boar right?" Naruto asked his fellow tamers.

"We're not that good at using our abilities" Takato said.

"Well think of it as practical training...on second though, this is the real deal so suck it up and get ready to fight" Naruto quickly took out two kunai and suddenly they released slow humming sound as he encased the blades in wind chakra.

"O-O-Okay" Takato stuttered and drew one of his kunai. Rika and Henry followed suit like Takato, shivering at the thought of actually having to fight for once.

"DON'T BE SCARED!" they heard Naruto yell as they watched the giant boar come towards them. Suddenly they heard the sounds of jet engines as the military jets flew over the destroyed area of West Shinjuku. People were already evacuated and were being led away from the area by police and other members of authority.

"This just in, a large boar of somekind has just entered the West Shinjuku Area. The military has just sent in its best pilots to try and stop the beast" the reporter in the New Helicopter spoke through the microphone in her hand. The jets flew towards Vikaralamon performed a barrel roll as the boar opened its mouth.

"FUSION BALL!" a large red ball flew from Vikaralamon's mouth and nearly hit the jets. Dorugamon saw the large sphere of crimson heading towards them.

"POWER METAL!" a rapid shot of metal spheres coated with electrcity flew from the dragon Digimon's mouth and impacted with the Fusion ball causing a stale mate as the two attacks resulted in a small explosion.

"Quick men, use your giant pig maneuvers" a jet pilot radioed to his men.

"We have giant pig maneuvers?" another pilot asked before following the others and fired every single homing missle, heat seeking missile and regular missiles as well as using the built in gattling gun. Large explosion formed as the military weapons impacted with Vikaralamon.

"The military has just launched an all out attack in hopes of killing the massive creature, let's see if they did" the news reporter said. The smoke cleared and to the surprise of the military and the new reporters, Vikaralamon was unharmed.

"That thing doesn't even have scratch on it" a jet pilot cried out in alarm.

"Let's get out of's like that fight with that giant horse" the captain of the jet pilots said and then the jets left the area.

"Alright, now that the military has left..." Naruto turned to see his fellow Digimon tamers still shaking in fear as they saw the giant boar destroy their fair city.

"Are you sure you want to fight, or just let me and the Digimon handle it?" Naruto asked,

"We could use you out there, Rika" Kyuubimon said.

"At least use the jutsu, you learned, no close combat" Naruto said and thus earned a nod from them.

"ALRIGHT...IKUZO!" the blonde charged forwards with the five Digimon.

"FUSION BALL!" a large red ball flew from the boar's mouth, and Vikaralamon watched as it soared through the sky, but his eyes widened in surprise as he watched the red sphere halt in the air before being dispersed. A small blue sphere tearing through it as it became nothing.

"Nani?" the boar deva cried out in surprise.

"OODAMA RASENGAN!" Naruto roared and slammed the basketball sized spiralling chakra ball against the snout of Vikaralamon. The giant boar snorted in pain as a large explosion formed and pushed him back and caused a decent amount of damage.

Takato quickly held one hand to his chest and one hand in the air as he formed half a ram sign with each.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu!" he cried out, a large amount of mist formed in the sky above the large boar.

"NARUTO!" the brown haired tamer cried out. The blonde nodded.

"HENRY, SET ME UP!" the blonde cried out. Henry nodded and formed handsigns before slamming his hands on the ground.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu!" a large amount of earth began to rise from underneath Vikaralamon with so much force that the boar was actually launched up into the air.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu!" Naruto said and added a large amount of mist that melded with the one that Takato made, when enough mist was made, Naruto flashed through a large amount of handsigns at speeds no one could keep up with, unless you had the Sharingan.

"SUITON: SUIRYUDAN NO JUTSU!" a large water dragon formed from the mist that Vikralamon was just below. The entire mist condensed and the water dragon roared to the heavens before spotting its master's target. The dragon descended and slammed into the large boar with tremendous force sending it down onto the ground, creating a crater as well as soaking the boar.

"RIKA-CHAN!" the blonde commanded. Rika nodded and performed some handsigns.

"KATON:ENDAAN!" a large stream of fire flew from the fiery headed girl. Now normally, since Rika was average in the use of this attack the result wouldn't have had the effect it would normally have with a master such as Naruto, of course, the blonde decided to help his girlfriend out a bit.

"Fuuton: Kamikaze no Jutsu" a large gust of wind flew from Naruto hands and just as the Katon: Endaan reached Vikaralamon, the winds connected and thus a large storm of fire formed, burning the pig.

"WE'RE HAVING PORK CHOPS TONIGHT!" Dorugamon cried out, thus it was the Digimon's cue to attack.

"POWER METAL!" Dorugamon fired a large amount of metal spheres and each electrically charged one hit dead on as the boar howled in pain.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" the ghostly blue fire balls were launched from Kyuubimon's tails and swirled in a circle towards the large pig.

"PYRO BLASTER!" the large red and yellow fireball flew into the middle of the circle made by Kyuubimon's Fox Tail Inferno before merging with it to form a large blue ball of fire.

"GARGO LASER!" the emerald laser bullets merged with the ball of fire as it changed to a light bluish green colour.

"DIGIMODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto swiped the card through Gatomon's bronze coloured D-Ark.

"FIRE ROCKET!" Gatomon cried out as her being became surrounded by the flames of the embodiment of Courage. Gatomon hissed as she flew towards the giant fireball made by the merged attacks and her Fire Rocket suddenly turned pale white.

All three Champion level attacks and the Armour level attack became one as Gatomon flew towards Vikaralamon.

"METEOR MASH!" Gatomon yelled the name of the attack and then impacted with the boar deva. Vikaralamon cried out in pain as part of his back where he was struck was surrounded by a column of white flames.

"AGGGGHHHH!" the boar screamed as Gatomon jumped off, performing a backflip and landing deftly on her feet atop Dorugamon's head.

"Nice shot, Gato-chan" her boyfriend said with a smirk.

"Arigato, Doru-kun" she replied as she watched the boar shake its large body to try and quell the flames.

"FUSION BALL!" the large boar cried out, this time a green sphere was launched.

"Oi, why is it green?" Rika asked. The green sphere descended upon the flaming boar and suddenly, Vikaralamon was covered in a green aura. The flames that covered his body were gone in a flash and suddenly the intense burns were healed as well making Vikaralamon good as new.

"Kuso...the green ones heal...and the red ones destroy. It's a perfect combination for him, he must have a lot of stamina and could destroy the entire city. We have to stop him NOW!" Dorugamon roared.

"Yeah" was all the others could say.

"Let me handle this for a while, it has been a while since I've fought on my own" Naruto said.

"NARUTO/NARUTO-KUN!" the others yelledin protest, but he held up his hand.., "Don't worry, if worse comes to worse I will retreat and we'll go Ultimate understood?"

The group was silent, but nodded.

"Baka tamer" Dorugamon and Gatomon growled.

"I'll be okay you two" the blonde chuckled at his partners before forming a kagebunshin. The Kagebunshin quickly added chakra to Naruto's hand as he formed a rasengan.

"OODAMA RASENGAN!" Naruto crashed his large orb of chakra against Vikaralamon again. Vikaralamon skidded backwards as Naruto continued to attack.

"Doton: Doryudan no Jutsu" a large earth dragon, about twice the size of a hummer limousine, rose from the bowels of the earth and struck the large deva. Vikarlamon growled before forming a red sphere.

"TAKE THIS HUMAN...FUSION BALL!" the large red sphere flew towards the blonde shinobi, but Naruto quickly drew on Kyuubi's chakra and formed handsigns.

"Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba" a large wind blade formed in Naruto's hands and the attack sliced that of the deva's in half. Naruto then ran and threw his wind blade, stabbing the deva in the back, literally. Then Naruto ran towards Vikaralamon and drew on his large chakra pools.

"TAJUU KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto yelled. Everyone's eyes bugged out of their heads as they saw well over one thousand, at least four thousand clones of the blonde shinobi jump into the air and descend upon the boar, each with a rasengan in hand.

"NARUTO NINPOU: NARUTO YONSEN RASENGAN RENDAN/ NARUTO'S NINJA ART: NARUTO FOUR THOUSAND RASENGAN BARRAGE!" the four thousand clones yelled before thrusting the spiralling chakra spheres from all sides. Vikaralamon threw out and stabbed a few hundred clones before they could hit him, but the numbers proved to great and at least three thousand and something clones impacted their rasengans into the boar deva's flesh, tearing through it. A large explosion of chakra resulted from the impact of so many rasengans.

After the clones puffed away, and the smoke of the explosion cleared, Vikaralamon was shown to still be there, after all a beast of his size would have been able to survive, even if it was just barely.

"FUSION BALL" the boar deva managed to shoot a green sphere upon his body and heal most of his wounds and was able to stand once more, causing the blonde to curse quite loudly.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto cried out as he formed four clones, using his favourite cross shaped handsign. All five Narutos went through handsigns before readying their attacks.

"KATON: KARYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" a large fire dragon blasted from one clone's mouth.

"DOTON: DORYUDAN NO JUTSU/ EARTH STYLE: EARTH DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" a large earth dragon rose from the broken, cracked streets as the second clone slammed its hands on the ground.

"SUITON: SUIRYUDAN NO JUTSU/ WATER STYLE: WATER DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the water in the air condensed as the third clone formed a similarly sized water reptile that roared like its brethren, speeding towards the giant boar.

"RAITON: RAIRYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ LIGHTNING STYLE: LIGHTNING DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the fourth clone clapped its hands together after forming its handsigns before swirling its arms, like a turbine. Yellow and blue lightning bolts sparked from the tips of its right hand before letting the hand point outwards like a knife. Then large amounts of electricity flew from the clone's fingertips and morphed into a large lightning dragon.

"FUUTON: FUURYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ WIND STYLE: WIND DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the original Naruto took a deep breath. Wind swirling into his mouth before exhaling and releasing the winds, morphing them into the likeliness of a dragon. The five elements flew towards Vikaralamon and then merged, becoming a large fusion of the elements.

"NOW STAY DOWN, GODAIRYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ ELEMENTAL DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the blonde yelled the name of his all powerful attack.

But Vikaralamon was able to at least fire an attack and counter the large elemental reptile.

"BOAR BOG!" Vikaralamon cried out and opened his jaws and launched large glob of blank gunk. The gunk was made of very stick and elastic material, similar to that of tar. The dragon roared, its violet eyes shining before impacting with the large glob of black. The Boar Bog exploded as the dragon crashed into the elemental dragon and thus both attacks cancelled each other out, the tar like attack was able to hold its own and was annhilated as it took the entire force of one of Naruto's most powerful attacks. Naruto's blue eyes widened in shock.

"No...No way" the blonde fell to his knees as he watched the boar.

"Impossible...that was one hell of an attack...and it blocked it" Gatomon said in surprise. Naruto stood and then turned to face the others. He formed a kagebunshin and took out both of his D-Arks.

"All right, you five ready...Because we're going Ultimate and Don't... Fucking... Hold... Back" Naruto said as he held the Blue Card. It shone in the evening light, the pixelated 'D' and the Digimon on its front engulfed in the glow. Calumon smiled as the upside Zero Unit on his forehead glowed brighter than ever before.

The other tamers took out their Blue Cards and their D-Arks and readied them.





A carbon copy of the Matrix Crystal flew around Growlmon before settling itself into the nose where the inverted Zero Unit lay on Growlmon's snout. The Zero Unit glowed as Growlmon underwent his transformation. Growlmon grew in size and his torso was suddenly surrounded by an armour casing made of chrome digizoid. Two vernier were attached to his shoulders, and an 'Assault Balancer' extended like a cable from the back section of the torso armour. His arms were encased in black metal and along the edges of the black metal casing were long, curved, chrome digizoid blades. A metal, muzzle like armour was formed around its jaws, but it didn't act like a muzzle as he could still open and close his jaws. The harness for the blades were adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, and the DigiCode on its stripes reads which translated to 'Digital Monster'. The digivolved form of Growlmon roared before slashing its blades in a menacing way, yelling his name.




Gatomon glowed a bronze-gold colour as her body lengthened and became more humanoid. Her tail retracted into her body and eight angelic wings grew on her back. Her ears became a small pair of angelic wings that were connected to a steel helmet that covered her eyes and nose. Long, flowing blonde hair cascaded down her back from her head like a waterfall of gold. A white outfit covered her previously naked body, leaving only a bit of her stomach, and her upper thighs visible. Two wing shaped cups covered her breasts in a makeshift bra of some sort and a long pink ribbon with digicode printed along it was wrapped around her arms. A pair of golves that stretched to her forearms appeared and finally a pair of boots, the one on her left looked like a regular high heel boot that was apparently a part of the leotard like body suit she was wearing while the one on her right was relatively normal if you didn't count the fact it was completely covered with pure white feathers. Her ring from her tail became wrapped around her left ankle. Her eight angelic wings flapped magestically.



Dorugamon's entire body was encased in what looked like liquid metal, solidifying over his body. Dorugamon's body was then changed within the metal cocoon which could be seen from the external look of the metal covering. The metal then broke and revealed the Ultimate level digimon. The two front limbs grew longer and then the dragon digimon dropped onto all fours. The tail lengthened and began to twist along the length and at the tip was a large golden spike of some sort. The dragon's face had elongated, looking for reptilian looking, a large blade made the horn that grew from his snout. Two pairs of steel coloured wings, the lining surrounding the wings was a darker shade of grey than the membrane. Five golden rings lined the skin that surrounded the lining of the membrane, each having one sharp golden spike on the rings. The back pair of wings were slightly smaller than the frontal pair. The dragon was covered with red fur with black zigzag markings. The nose area, feet and underside of the dragon was snow white just like the mane which ran down its back. The mane ending at the end of the long neck the dragon had. Four grey, steel spikes jutted out of the neck of the Ultimate level dragon digimon, two on each side, the ears were more pointed. Three long, sharp black claws poised to kill grew out of each foot and its teeth were lined with many pearly white teeth. His crimson red eyes glowed with power along with the Old Interface that remained on his forehead before releasing a roar to heavens.




Gargomon fired a few glowing bullets as he was suddenly surrounded by a glowing field of data. His body then disintegrated into data before reforming. Gargomon grew taller, skinnier and his leg muscles more lean and muscular. Then the bullets he fired before encircled him before forming armour. Two green and silver armour-like boots were worn on its feet. A green orb like armour covered its lower abdominal muscles, groin and a part of the upper thigh area, the red triangle from Gargomon's forehead was placed in the center of the orb shaped armour. Black arm stockings covered his arms as two large missile launchers covered his hands and lower arms. Three crimson points came out of the rim of the launchers in a triangle formation making it look like claws. Two large shoulder pads, made of green and silver armour were formed. His ears were extended and covered in green armour that was tipped red. Its chest and head, except for the face area was covered with green and silver armour also. A long, sharp horn formed from the forehead area of the armour plating. Finally a large missile launcher looking weapon was attached to its back. The digimon's large blue eyes glowed before a mouth covering formed from the head armour. (A/N: Like Optimus Prime when he goes into fights, he puts up that jaw shield looking thing)




Kyuubimon was encircled by blue flames and a shining white light. Her form suddenly lengthened and became more human looking. Violet pants formed on her legs as a white, long sleeved robe like shirt formed on her upper body that covered her large hand like paws. A black hat was worn on the fox digimon's head, with violet strems of cloth coming down from it. A yin yang symbol lay in the center of the shirt and a belt was worn around the waist that attached a large paint brush to her back. On a long piece of cloth that extended from the shirt from the stomach area to the knees a golden Sanskrit word was written, meaning 'Truth'. The large blonde, white tipped tail waved behind her. She spun on large feet like paws before allowing her hands to be seen and making the japanese handsign for 'ram'.


Hypnos HQ

"Sir there are news reports coming from every single news station on's no use sir, they know about Digimon now and we can't do anything" Riley told Yamaki as he smashed a cigarette he was holding on the ground.

"SHIT...well fire up the Juggernaut-X...we need to stop it before it can destroy any more of the city"

"Sir?" Tally Onodera, the other computer genius that worked along with Riley, spoke.

"WHAT?" the shades wearing blonde bellowed, obviously pissed.

"Uh, might want to see this" Tally quickly typed a few keys and then on a large screen they showed a news camera showing a large amount of people, nearly four thousand, thrusting spheres of what looked like energy at the beast Digimon that came forth from the Digital World. Then when the people vanished in puffs of smoke, a five dragons, made out of the elements were seen flying at Vikaralamon.

"It's that gaki, Naruto...and he seems to be beating the monster" Yamaki said in surprise. The blonde shinobi didn't have a close up since the news camera didn't have that much zooming capabilities. However after a large black blob had seemed to have stopped the elemental dragons they saw a large bright red light.

The bright red light vanished and suddenly there were five large Digimon.

"Good evening, this is Sora Toshihiro from Channel 6 News on the latest scoop that is quickly being called Armageddon. Earlier this evening, what seems to be a giant boar like creature began a rampage and destroyed many buildings in the West Shinjuku area, many deaths with a minor amount being able to survive with fatal injuries. These people were not able to be found however since the giant boar had blocked the road that led to that area. Right now the West Shinjuku is being declared a hazardous area and the entire population of the West Shinjuku area are being migrated to other parts of the city by the authorities. Furthermore it seems that more of these creatures, that sources tell us to be known as Digimon, have arrived however they seem to fighting against the giant boar. Also it seems that their seems to be another creature that holds characterisitics similar to that of a human's.." a blurred image, due to the flying debris damaging the News Helicopter's camera, of Naruto was frozen and put onto the screen surrounded by his army of four thousand clones for he world to see.

"This individual possess super human powers and has managed to push back the giant Digimon, our hopes now lie in the hands of those other monsters that are fighting the boar and the humanoid creature" Sora stopped talking as she quieted down to view the fight, the news camera being fixed on the battle from the aerial view. The red flash filled the camera's lens and suddenly the images of the Ultimate level Digimon of the tamer, appeared on the screen.

"No way...I recognize those Digimon" Yamaki said.

"You it the kids' Digimon?" Riley asked.

"No doubt about it" the blonde head of Hypnos replied to his head computer programmer.

"Do you still want me to use the Juggernaut-X?" Riley asked. Yamaki gritted his teeth as he weight his options...let the town be destroyed during the ensuing chaos, although knowing full well that the Digimon of the children could defeat the large boar...or...use the Juggernaut-X and stop any chaos from even starting and also getting rid of any other Digimon. He decided to go with the latter.

"Use the Juggernaut-X...destroy those monsters"

"Hai, Yamaki" Tally and Riley complied with the order and furiously began to type on the keys of their keyboards.

"RAPID FIRE!" Rapidmon shouted as he fired both missiles from the cannons on his arms. Both missiles flew towards Vikaralamon intent on destroying the boar deva. Their normally impassive faces changed into happy smiles as if the missiles were happy about what they were about to blow up.

"Pitiful attack" the boar deva cried out before lashing out with his tusks. Both ivory tusks struck the two missiles and sent them veering off course and crashing into two separate buildings. The missiles detonated and caused both buildings to collapse and crumble into rubble.

Taomon rushed forth and struck with a powerful kick to the snout of Vikaralamon, but the boar used its endurance to not even budge from the force of the kick and made an upwards movement sending Taomon skyward, but since the mystical kitsune Digimon could fly, it proved to be no effect as gravity did not have its hold on her.

Tao then drew the Sanskrit symbol for 'Light' in the air with her brush, tattooing the air. The symbol became dark and then flashed gold before imprinting itself onto Vikaralamon's body and then flashed between red and black.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!" the humanoid kitsune howled as she formed the ninjutsu handsign for 'ram'. The tattooed Sanskrit symbol glowed red before detonating in a flash of light and fire. Vikaralamon sqealed in pain as the explosion rocked the streets that were far from being usable. WarGrowlmon charged and his arm blades glowed with blue energy before raising both arms and slamming them down onto the ground.

"RADIATION BLADE!" WarGrowlmon roared as two large arcs of blue energy were released from the Chrome Digizoid blades. The energy arks raced across the ground towards Vikaralamon.

"FUSION BALL!" a red sphere of energy was launched from the boar deva's mouth. The large sphere impacted with the two blue energy arcs and caused a large shockwave and a dust cloud to form.

Using it as a cover, Angewoman flew through it and then punched the boar full in the forehead sending its large head reeling back from the blow before flying upwards and then forming her angelic bow.

"CELESTIAL ARROW!" the eight winged angelic Digimon yelled as she fired an arrow of light from her bow that materialized out of nowhere. The arrow flew straight and true and tore through thick fur, blubber and flesh causing a deep wound in the deva Digimon. Angewoman then fired three more arrows. The four arrows then released pulses of light energy that were in the form of what seemed to be white lightning.

Vikaralamon then squealed again as DoruGreymon flew down and attacked.

"BLOODY TOWER!" the crimson dragon of steel roared before striking out with the golden spike tipped tail. The spike impaled itself through the boar deva's forehead before being dragged across in a sideways motion leaving a large gaping slash in the boar deva's head.

Vikaralamon roared before lashing out with very single body part that was movable, his tusks slammed into DoruGreymon sending the dragon into the rubble of what used to be an apartment building. He then widly fired Fusion Balls, all of them crimson, meaning they were destructive in nature. Due to their numbers, some managed to hit the tamed Digimon and send them into the ground or into buildings/rubble.

DoruGreymon roared as he burst through his earthen prison, debris flying in every which way. The four winged dragon looked around to see that his friends and girlfriend had been knocked away by energy spheres. The boar then turned to the dragon, wounds visible to all before smirking.

"FUSION BALL!" the boar deva cried out before firing a red sphere while firing a green sphere the second after from his large mouth. The red one was launched at DoruGreymon while the green one landed only a a few centimetres from the boar deva.

DoruGreymon quickly flapped his wings in one powerful motion that sent him skywards and then dove down like a missile. While DoruGreymon neared Vikaralamon, the green sphere was inhaled by Vikaralamon and the boar deva was surrounded by a green glow before his wounds began healing, although scars remained due to the intensity of the attacks that hit.

DoruGreymon roared as he swooped down on he still healing boar and left five claw marks as he tore away synthesized flesh from the Digital Monster.

"You little insect, siding with the humans and daring to attack me, a deva why I ought to send you straight to the Sovereign One and-AGGGHHHH!" Vikaralamon howled in rage and pain as DoruGreymon cleaved yet another wound in the deva.

"Kuso" Naruto cursed as he formed handsigns. He looked as DoruGreymon attacked from the sky and as the rest of the Digimon got up and began to fight back again.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu" Naruto cried as he slammed his palms on the ground. The large wall of earth rose from the bowels of the broken streets to protect them.

"Kuso...we need to find a way to attack" the blonde shinobi-tamer growled.

"But they are all crowding around that piece of pork, we can't get a clear shot" Henry stated.

"What do we do?" Takato mumbled, at that question the three pre-teens looked at the pissed off blonde. Naruto looked with a confused look as he saw them staring at him.


"Well..." Rika urged. Naruto's eyebrow rose.

"Well what?" they all sighed and muttered a silent 'baka' in their minds.

"Well you are the idea man, what should we do?" Takato said. Naruto immediately jumped to his feet and backed up against the earth wall.

"Nani?" he exclaimed, "I'm not a leader, I can't tell you all what to do"

"Naruto, you were the one who trained us. You made us stronger, you..." Rika was cut off as her boyfriend spoke.

"Rika-chan...Henry...Takato. I'm not what you think I am..." Naruto took a deep breath and suddenly he raised his voice causing everyone to flinch, "I'm a failure. I was banished from my village, was not able to even find a way to find salvation in my own universe. I came here by sheer coincidence, this universe does not need someone like me. I can't even fight right now to help my partners" Naruto pointed his finger at the earth wall, gesturing to the other side.


Everyone's eyes widened as they saw Rika suddenly lash out and slap Naruto right across his face leaving a red hand print from the impact.

"Listen to me, are not a failure, you helped everyone you made friends with here in our universe. You helped our Digimon become stronger, you helped us become stronger and right now you are helping the people of this city to survive by fighting with don't EVER call yourself a failure" Rika smirked before kissing him on the lips for a few seconds, "We need you, now more than ever come up with a plan to get us out of this mess"

Naruto blinked before shaking his head and nodding. Determination filled his sapphire blue eyes and a smirk of confidence stretched across his face.

"You're then let's get this boar deva" Naruto said before snapping his fingers thus disrupting the chakra flow that kept the earth wall up and it crumbled. The four then looked and gaped at what they saw. The fighting had stopped, but it was not by choice for up in the sky a large vortex spun. The vortex was a mass of spiraling blue and black matter, the edges covered with flakes of red, green and blue data.

"Grrr...YAMAKI!" Naruto roared as he looked at the vortex that represented the Juggernaut-X Program. The Digimon present suddenly stretched vertically before returning to normal as the vortex tried to pull them all in.

"No...I'm not letting you take us" DoruGreymon growled, his eyes glowed along with the Old Interface on his forehead. the Ultimate level Digimon opened his jaws and released a blue beam of data that looked like a laser. The beam entered the Juggernaut-X Program and began ti mix with it before there was a large flash of white and blue. the Juggernaut-X Program vortex suddenly began to swirl rapidly and grew in size.

"What the hell...that was supposed to stop it!" DoruGreymon exclaimed in surprise, but then watched in relief along with the other Digimon and their tamers as the vortex stopped spinning before exploding into white flakes of data. The fighting them quickly resumed.

Takato, Henry and Rika then took a few steps forward and flashed through handsigns to get ready to strike.

"Matteo" Naruto stopped them before they could do anything. The three pre-teens turned and then saw Naruto in front of all of them with his hands glowing blue with the chakra he had surrounding them.

"Here, just a little helping hand" Naruto said before going through handsigns. He then touched each of their foreheads and suddenly the three young tamers felt a rush of power as a large amount of chakra was shoved into their systems thus increasing their chakra reserves and they also felt a slight headache as they suddenly learned the handsigns and how to use three of Naruto's most powerful techniques.

"The chakra i gave you is only temporary and the jutsu I used allowed me to give you that large amount of chakra and not harm you from the excess chakra. You all now have jounin level chakra and the jutsus I gave you are at the same level. Now then the jutsus I gave you all from implanting the information I just gave you into your brains will not leave you, but as I said before, when you use these jutsus, your chakra capacity will return will return to normal and you will feel slight exhaustion as a side effect" Naruto explained to them. The blonde then turned away and began to run.

"Matteo, Naruto-kun, where are you going?"

"A little run" he said as he flashed through handsigns to perform one of the Namikaze kekkai genkai jutsu.

"Jinton: Onsoku no Jutsu/ Speed Style: Speed of Sound Jutsu!" then before the eyes of the younger tamers, in one second Naruto was standing right in front of them and then in the other second, there was a resounding boom as Naruto broke the sound barrier moving at three hundred and thirty metres per second.

(A/N: That is the speed of sound in case anyone was wondering)

The three tamers then turned back and saw their Digimon attacking the large boar deva.

"BOAR BOG!" Vikralamon launched a large black tar like substance from his maw and struck Rapidmon and Taomon sending them to the ground and immobilizing the duo.

"RADIATION BLADE!" WarGrowlmon roared before bringing down both his glowing blue blades on the boar deva thus causing two large gashes to form on the boar deva's body. WarGrowlmon then spun and slammed his thick heavy tail against the snout of Vikaralamon sending him back.

Angewoman fired three arrows with a cry of "CELESTIAL ARROW!"

The arrows of light embedded themselves into the flesh of Vikaralamon before DoruGreymon took to the skies and then released a small sphere of metal that grew to be ten times the size of the crimson dragon.

"SET HIM UP FOR ME!" DoruGreymon shouted to the others below him.

"FUSION BALL!" Vikaralamon charged a large crimson sphere in his jaws before firing it at DoruGreymon.

"ATOMIC BLASTER!" WarGrowlmon cried out as the gunports on his chest glowed criomson before releasing powerful twin beams of energy that impacted with the Fusion Ball causing a large explosion to form in the air.

"NOW!" DoruGreymon yelled seeing the opening for his friends to make. Taomon and Rapidmon managed to break out of the Boar Bog attack and then charged forth with the others. WarGrowlmon charged and shoulder tackled the boar deva sending it back before taomon formed a handsign and then drew her brush and wrote the Sankrit symbol for 'Ra'. The symbol suddenly began to spin and became that of a star.

"TALISMAN STAR!" the blonde kitsune roared before hurling the star of golden light. The star flew and sliced through both thick ivory tusks thus causing both pain and ridding the boar of its troublesome weapons.

"RAPID FIRE!" Rapidmon cried out and fired two missiles from his cannons on his arms again and both finally hit their mark and caused a large explosion, burning the boar's flesh and sending it off the ground. Angewoman then took the offensive and struck with a powerful fist covered with light energy. The boar deva was sent flying through the air.

Calumon (A/N:I know I haven't mentioned him throughout most of the chapter) giggled as he watched his friends fighting.

'Yeah beat him up guys" he shouted making punching motions with his fingerless hands.

"Alright, minna-san IKUZO!" Takato yelled. Henry and Rika nodded as the three flashed through long strings of handsigns. Takato finished first before clapping his hands together. The water began to condense in the air before shooting off towards Vikaralamon at unbelievable speeds.

"SUITON: KIBA NO HIDORA/ WATER STYLE: HYDRA'S FANGS!" The water morphed into a multiheaded serpent that looked like a mixture of a dragon, komodo dragon, snake and salamander. (Odd combination I know) the hydra of water then opeend it mouth and bit down on Vikaralamon thus halting the flying boar deva's movements while also damaging it.

Henry was the second to finish. He then clapped his hands before slamming them on the ground.

"DOTON: SEIRYOKU KYOJIN/ EARTH STYLE: TITAN'S MIGHT!" the earth beneath the hydra covered boar suddenly rumbled as a pair of large earthen fists rose and crashed into Vikaralamon's back sending him upwards.

"METAL METEOR!" DoruGreymon roared as he finally saw his chance and launched the large sphere of steel at the rising Vikaralamon. Rika smirked as she finally finished her handsigns, having the most to form before taking a deep breath and aimed for the metal meteor attack.

"KATON: GEKIDO NO FENIKKUSU/ FIRE STYLE: PHOENIX'S RAGE!" Rika took a deep inhale of air before exhaling powerfully to release an extremely powerful blast of blue flame. The blue fire blast rocketed through the air, briefly taking the image of a phoenix. The phoenix screeched as it crashed into the metal meteor and since metal is a good conductor of heat, the metal meteor was coated in blue fire and then the attack impacted with Vikaralamon.

An explosion formed in the air. Vikaralamon let out one last squeal before vanishing as red flakes of data as he died. The fire blast burnt out and suddenly all the Digimon fell to the ground. DoruGreymon managing to use what little strength he had left to land softly on the ground.

"We did...we won" WarGrowlmon said with a smirk beneath his power regulating muzzle. The others chuckled before smiling.

"WE DID IT!" they all screamed simultanoeusly. Sure, they were exhausted, the Digimon injured, the entire area that made the battle field was now reduced to rubble, burning materials and cracked earthen streets...but they won.


Naruto ran across the roads, bypassing anyone that was in the streets with ease before taking to the rooves of the houses and buildings and then jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he stopped. He skidded to a halt as he reached the entrance of the, to his surprise, smoking Hypnos Towers.

"It was attacked, maybe their was a slight malfunction that cuased the Juggernaut-X to go out of control back there before it disappeared" Naruto mused. His ears twitched as he listened for anyone in the building, no footsteps. Naruto concluded that they must have all evacuated. However, to Naruto's surprise he looked up and before him he saw a floating boy. The boy was wearing a yellow shirt with purple overalls, red shoes and a large red hat.

"HAHAHAHA!" the boy laughed, which actually sounded more like a monkey's to Naruto's ears as a ball of white energy formed in the boy's hands. The boy suddenly warped his form and changed into a seven foot tall monkey wearing a purple and gold armour like shirt, grey kung fu pants, gold and purple shoes and a gold and purple hat with the kanji for Saru/Monkey on the front of it.

Naruto took out his D-Ark as he saw Makuramon pelt the ball of energy and it caused the area that was hit to burst into another columnof smoke and flame.

"Makuramon, Ultimate level" Naruto read, "follower of Baihumon. He is said to be very mischievous and can move with catlike agility. He is more suited to stealth related missions. His attacks are Treasure Ball and Primal Orb"

"OI WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Naruto yelled jumping to the roof of a nearby building. The monkey turned and smirked.

"Oh well if it isn't the annoying human with superpowers that the Sovereign One told me about" Makuramon said.

"So the old bird told you about me...then" Naruto formed a rasengan in his hand, "You should know you should stop whatever it is you're doing or be eradicated"

"Oh please...these humans in this building were interferring with out plan and..." the conversation halted as a loud explosion echoed throughout the air. A ball of blue flame filled the space where the battle between the tamers and the deva was taking place.

"Ha...Vikaralamon was probably killed just now because I know the attacks that that baka ino/idiot boar wouldn't be able to do something like that" Naruto said with a smirk. Makuramon growled before smirking.

"And the plan is going following just as the Sovereign One planned it" Makuramon said before turning and givng a large toothy grin towards Naruto, "You know our main goal..and this was just a distraction"

Makuramon suddenly took off at a speed Naruto couldn't believe.

"His main goal..."Naruto's eyes widened as he realized what the monkey deva meant, "CALUMON!"

The blonde shinobi pumped chakra into his leg muscles and took off after the monkey deva. In a matter of seconds, the blonde caught up to Makuramon.

"MAKURAMON DO NOT DO THIS!" the blonde yelled.

"HAHAHA!" the monkey cackled and before they knew it, the chased and chaser had made it to the fighting area. Makuramon quickly spotted Calumon and in one fluid motion, went towards the white cream puff of a Digimon and scooped him up.

"I got him..I GOT HIM!" Makuramon cheered. Naruto dropped down in front of the monkey deva and looked to see his friends tired and down.

"Naruto-kun" Rika panted, "What's going on?"

"That monkey is a deva, he's taking Calumon and now I'm going to stop him" Naruto quickly drew a kunai and threw it at the money deva who quickly tucked Claumon beneath his arm and grabbed the kunai out of the air and chucked it back at the shinobi. Naruto growled as he ducked and then ran towards Makuramon.

Naruto then released a swift right punch and struck home. Calumon flew out of the deva's hands from the impact and rolled on the ground as he watched Naruto beat up the money deva.

"YAY GO NARUTO!" Calumon cheered.

Naruto roared in rage as he followed up with a left hook to the face. He went down low and performed a sweep kick tripping Makuramon before using a powerful uppercut. The uppercut hit dead on on the monkey deva's chin sending him upwards. Naruto jumped and did a backflip, landing another kick to the monkey's chin sending him up higher. the blonde shinobi jumped and grabbed the monkey deva's ankles and spun in the air, using the several front flips to build momentum and slam Makuramon on the ground. An imprint of the deva was formed on the street from the force of the slam. Naruto then swung Makuramon into the ground before throwing him up and then formed handsigns and slammed his hands on the ground.

"Doton: Ichisen Ken/ Earth Style: One Thousand Fists!" Naruto cried out and then the earth rumbled beneath him. A thousand fists of stone, concrete and other earthen materials rose from the ground and pummeled Makuramon. Naruto then jumped into the air and performed a roundhouse kick sending Makuramon into the side of a building.

Makuramon panted as he fell to the ground, but his punishment for an attempted kidnapping of one of Naruto's friends was not over. Naruto grabbed the monkey deva by the throat and then threw him across the street. The blonde then used chakra to increase his speed and performed the speed style combo that he learned from his father's scroll. A resounding boom formed as Naruto took off.

Naruto appeared beneath the falling Makuramon and then performed an upward kick, balancing on his left arm and leg. The kick slammed into the chest of the money Digimon sending him skywards, a boom following shortly afterwards as Naruto's blows began to move faster than the speed of sound. Naruto then jumped up and punched Makuramon rapidly in the face and stomach before performing a roundhouse that sent Makuramon through the air. He then landed on the ground and ran across the broken streets and jumped and performed a bicycle kick that struck Makuramon in the face and landed again before jumoping up once more and performing multiple front flips to slam Makuramon on the ground, but Naruto never lost his momentum as he spun around quickly and threw Makuramon upwards. Naruto then channeled chakra into his legs and jumped high enough to be above the rising Makuramon. Naruto then flipped and performed an axe kick to the solar plexus, knocking out the wind from Makuramon's synthesized lungs. As Makuramon fell, Naruto straightened his body and flashed through handsigns.

"Jinton: Jin Bureka Rendan/ Speed Style: Sound Breaker Barrage!" Naruto roared as he held his fist back. His fist descended upon the damaged monkey deva, the fist moved so fast it broke the sound barrier..twice. However, just as Naruto was about strike the final blow, above the clouds, the sky ripped apart. Suddenly a large shadow of a bird formed in the rip. A large wire frame patterned the inside of the rift that ripped the sky.

A stream of fire suddenly rocketed at speeds that exceeded even that at which Naruto was moving at and struck the blonde shinobi. However, since Naruto never noticed the attack he was struck in the chest by the fiery missile and sent him flying back and skidding along the streets. His clothes were burnt away and his skin on his chest and some of his stomach was burnt too. Kyuubi immediately began to try and heal the damage.

"NARUTO!" the others cried out in alarm at seeing their friend/tamer struck by the blazing attack. DoruGreymon and Angewoman growled, but they were too tired to move. They then directed their eyes to the sky, and as they looked up, just like everyone's eyes, who had looked to the skies to see where the attack came from, widened as they saw the large rift in the sky. A large fiery stream descended from the rift as the large shadow of the bird moved its wings. The flame moved and took on the likeliness of a hand and scooped up Makuramon who had fallen unconscious from the pain and then also took Calumon who had tried to run away from the scary fire arm.

Naruto grunted as he looked up in time to see his little cream puff friend being taken right before his eyes towards the rift.

"NO CALUMON!" Naruto struggled to reach towards in a feeble attempt to try and reclaim his friend, he then looked up and noticed the shadow of a bird...or rather...a phoenix. Naruto growled in rage, his rage caused him to pull on Kyuubi's chakra, but only enough to have his eyes flash crimson.

"ZHUQUIAOMOOOOONNNNNNN!" the blonde roared to the heavens as the rift closed. Naruto grunted in pain as he shifted into a sitting position. He beat his fist into the ground and a tear fell from his eye.


A few days after the attack

Naruto was walking towards school since the school hadn't been anywhere near the attack. Actually none of the tamer's homes were near the battleground, but still many died on that day. The day Vikaralamon attacked and the day Calumon was taken. However, Naruto paused when a black Honda car pulled up next to him. The windows were tinted so Naruto couldn't see who was inside, but his question was answered as the window was lowered and Naruto saw the face of the blonde owner of Hypnos.

"You" he growled, "Yamaki what do you want?"

"I want to talk...only that and besides it's only 7:20 you have a good forty minutes before school starts" Yamaki said. He opened the door to the passenger side of the car. Naruto looked a bit suspicious, but he complied. The blonde shinobi looked around before entering the car.

"So what do you want?"

"Well, ever since the attack on that area of West Shinjuku, the paparazzi and other forms of media have been covering up the entire topic that Digimon are in fact real. There is nothing we can do to stop the punblic now that the entire population of Shinjuku, heck I bet even the entire country of Japan or even the world knows of their existence" Yamaki said. Naruto frowned.

"Yeah...secrecy was a key element in this little thing we had going on" Naruto said.

"Now then, what I need you for is...that well I need your entire group of friends" Yamaki said.

"What do you need us for?" Naruto was puzzled, yamaki would have NEVER asked for their help, but these were dire times and certain things, such as pride needed to be pushed aside.

'Reminds me of Sasuke-teme' Naruto thought as he looked at Yamaki sigh.

"Well you see, using what was left of our equipment, we discovered that the rift that everyone saw a few days ago, was actually from the Digital World leading to the Real World"

"Yeah I kinda figured that when I saw the giant Digimon that kidnapped one my friends, another Digimon...Calumon" Naruto muttered the name of his kidnapped cream puff.

"Well...I think we can both help each other out. Well the rift managed to cause a large amount of data to be released into the Real World from the Digital World. The data that was released was then spread across the city and accumulated into one spot and thus it formed an anomaly of some sort" Yamaki explained.

"Continue" Naruto stated, his interest perked.

"Well...we believe the data accumulation anomaly to be a portal into the Digital World" Yamaki said. Naruto's eyes widened and he immediately latched onto Yamaki.

"Tell me, where is this portal" Naruto demanded. Yamaki pushed Naruto off of his and dusted his suit as if Naruto infected it or something.

"Well, here's the thing. If we tell you where this portal is, you are to follow the instructions I give to do while you are in there" Naruto groaned.

"What are they?"

"I only have one, get in, save your friend and when you do... find away to close that portal so that no more Digimon can enter the Real World ever again" Yamaki said. Naruto was silent as he thought it over before nodding.

"Where is the portal?" Naruto asked.

"Its somewhere in Shinjuku Park, meet me.."

"You will meet us by the shed by the abandoned part of the park. Tomorrow. Noon" Naruto told the Hypnos executive. Yamaki bit his lip from yelling for being interrupted, but complied with a nod.

"But isn't that during school?"

"Hai" Naruto replied with a smirk. Yamaki looked shocked before smirking.

"I like the way you think, Namikaze" Yamaki opened the door and allowed Naruto to leave. The blonde shinobi nodded to his fellow blonde before using the telepathic mind link that tamers had with their Digimon.

'Dorumon...Gatomon' Naruto spoke through his mental link.

'Hai, Naruto?' they replied.

'Come into school at noon tomorrow, no hiding. Oh and make a nice entrance will you' Naruto added with a smirk. Naruto could imagine the surprise on his Digimon's faces.

'Uh...sure, but why tomorrow?' they asked.

'To pack, get ready and have the others reveal their Digimon to their families because starting then...we're going to the Digital World to rescue Calumon'

Time Skip- End of school

Naruto, Henry and Takato were walking home together and Naruto relayed the information he learned from Yamaki.

"So there is a way to rescue Calumon?" Henry asked

"Hai" Naruto replied.

"So when do we leave?" Takato asked.

"Tomorrow...tell your parents about your Digimon today because...well they already know about their existence" Naruto said witha shrug.

"I assume you've already told Rika?" Henry asked. Naruto nodded.

"Texted her during break" he replied. Naruto turned away and began to walk towards his own house.

"I'll see you all tomorrow...don't forget, Shinjuku Park, Guilmon's shed at noon. Don't be late" he said with seriousness in his tone. The two pre-teens nodded and left Henry left for home, while Takato actually headed for the park.

Later that Day- 8:00 p.m

Henry's Apartment

Henry and Terriermon were in Henry's room looking at each other.

" ready for this?" Henry asked.

Terriermon nodded, "Of course, but the question remains...are you?" the dog eared bunny Digimon asked. Henry sighed.

"I guess so...we need to rescue Calumon and I can't leave them knowing that I've kept secrets from them for so long" the Asian tamer replied. Terriermon jumped atop Henry's head.

"Then let's go" Henry nodded and opened the door where he saw his entire family. Janyu; his mother, Mayumi; his older brother, Rinchei, his older sister; Jaarin and Suzy all sitting there on the couch waiting to see why he had called them all together. Henry walked up to them with Terriermon atop his head.

"So son, what did you want to tell us?" Janyu asked. The ex-Digimon maker looked as his son took a deep breath, as if he were about to leave and see them for the last time.

"Otou-san, Okaa-chan, Suzy. Rinchei, Jaarin...there's something I need to tell you" the blue haired boy said.

"You mean that your dream of having Digimon becoming real actually happened?" Richei asked. The eldest child was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by Jaarin who motioned for her younger brother to continue.

" see, I have actually always had a Digimon with me and a Digimon Tamer" he admitted.

"He's right" Terriermon said jumping off Henry's head and onto the coffee table. The rest of the Wong family stared in disbelief as they say Henry's 'toy' come to life.

"'re weal?" Suzy asked earning a nod from the dog eared bunny.

"Also, guys I'm going to have be going away for a see one of our friends, Calumon was taken and.."

"Woah hold it...'our' friend as in...there is more of you 'Tamers'?" Janyu asked. Henry nodded.

"Anyways, Calumon was taken to the Digital World and we have found a way to get in and so I'm telling you all this because wel..I love you guys and I don't want there to be any secrets between us" Henry said. Mayumi looked at her son and glared at him.

"There is absolutely no way I am letting you go to this Digital World. It sound highly dangerous and..." she froze as Janyu placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Mayumi" he spoke softly and this caused Mayumi to tear up, "let him go...I'll help you pack for your trip, one backpack should be enough, after all you would be converted to data in the Digital World and so your regular clothes should last the entire time you're there"

"Arigato Otou-san" Henry said with tears lining his eyes. Mayumi couldn't take it and suddenly hugged the bue haired boy. the green D-Ark wielding tamer returned the hug and suddenly everyone was surrounding Henry and telling him their goodbyes.

"'ll pwotect Henwy, wight?" she asked. Terriermon smirked and gave her a thumbs up.

"No problem, I'll do whatever it takes to keep your aniki safe"

With Takato

Takato had went to the park during the night and managed to sneak Guilmon in since the bakery was closed. Takato then walked by and saw that his parents were in the kitchen.

"Uh...Otou-san, Okaa-chan?" he called in a nervous tone. Takehiro, his father and Yoshie, his mother, looked at him. His father putting the newspaper down and his mother had just finished washing the dishes.

"Hai, Takato-kun?" Yoshie asked.

"Uh, you guys know that Digimon exist now right?" Takato asked.

"Yeah, apparently it wasn't just imagination on your part" Takehiro said with a chuckle. Takato nodded and then walked in.

"There's something I need o show you two...don't freak out"

"Takato why on earth would we...Oh my Kami, what the hell is that thing?" Yoshie and Takehiro cried out in alarm as Takato walked in, with Guilmon following behind him. The crimson lizard looked at Takato's parents and smiled sheepishly while waving.

"Uh...Kobanwa, Takatomon's parents"

"Uhhhh...Kobanwa, large lizard monster" Takehiro greeted with a nervous sweat drop.

"Look guys, I've been keeping this guy a secret from you two. His name is Guilmon and he's a Digimon. Those Digimon you so fighting on the televison, the large cyborg looking one was mine"

"So he grew bigger, but he looks so much smaller than on the tv?" Yoshie said.

"Well after he digivolves, he can return to normal after the fight is over. Now then well you see, on our friends Calumon was taken by a Digimon when that rift in the sky opened as you probably saw on the news...and we found a way in to the Digital World, which is where Digimon live and we are going there in hopes of rescuing Calumon and bringing him back here to the Real World where it is safe"

"But Takato...does that mean you'll been doing all these dangerous things like fighting these Digimon?" Yoshie asked. Takato nodded. Yoshie glared at her son and looked at her husband.

"Honey, tell Takato he is grounded for the rest of his life"

"NANI?" both males shouted.

"Hai...Takato is just a boy, he's twelve he can't go out fighting all the time in this Digital World, I'm worried he'll get hurt there or worse..." Yoshie began to to tear up at the mere thought of her son dying while in a Digitally made up world.

"Listen honey...I think Takato should go" Takehiro said.

"NANI!" Takato and Yoshie cried out.

"Hai, he is old enough to make his own choices. He's twelve years old, we can't always be babying him and keeping him cooped up in this small house" Takehiro said and then turned to Guilmon, "You will be there to protect him?"

"Oh yeah, me, Terriermon, Henry, Renamon, Rika, Dorumon, Gatomon and Narutomon" Guilnon said with a smile.

"You mean...there are more of you tamers. He just called human names, Henry and Rika...and who are those other Digimon?" Yoshie asked rapidly.

"Hai, there are more tamers. Rika Nonaka and Henry Wong, my friends that I've told you about are tamers along with Naruto. Dorumon and Gatomon are Naruto's partners, Renamon is Rika's and Terriermon is Henry's" Takato explained.

"You mean, the nice blonde boy that we've been selling bread to...owns a Digimon?"

"Two actually" Takato replied to his parents. Takehiro nodded before getting up and going over to the back where the stove and bread making supplies were.

"Honey, what are you doing?" Yoshie asked.

"Takato, when do you leave?"

"We're going to meet up in the park at noon tomorrow"

"So you're skipping school?"

"Okaa-chan, my friend is more important, besides it'll be in the middle of math period. I'm not gonna learn anything important" he responded with a smile.

"Well dear, we better get cracking and make some bread for the boy's journey"

"Oh boy, bread" Guilmon said in excitement. Takato teared up and then hugged his parents.

"You guys are the best"

"We'll miss you too Takato"

With Rika

The moon shone over the rather large front yard of the Nonaka household. Rika, Makino and Seiko were all sitting on the small little bridge that stood over the five foot deep pond that surrounded the wooden structure.

"So Rika-chan...what did you want to tell us?" Makino asked. Rika took a deep breath and sighed as she mentally prepared herself for what she was about to tell her grandmother and mother.

"Obaa-chan, know how on the news they said how that there was a Digimon battling with other Digimon?"

"Of course, who wouldn't. I bet the entire country, if not the world knows about what happened in Shinjuku" Makino said, "Why?"

"Well because...I was there Digimon was fighting in that battle" Rika said. Makino's eyes widened while Seiko remained impassive.

"What do you mean YOUR Digimon?" Rika's mother asked. Rika then raised her head.

"Renamon" she called out. In a blur of motion, Renamon appeared in front of the pond, kneeling before the three females.

"I am Renamon, a Digimon and your daughter/granddaughter's protector. It has been honour battling with her" the blonde kitsune said. Makino's eyes widened as she watched Renamon rise to her full height of seven feet.

"Uh, Rika-chan..." Makino paused as Seiko began to talk.

"So Renamon, I trust you have been keeping my granddaughter out of trouble?" Seiko asked. Renamon's eyes widened before nodding quickly.

"Uh, Hai"

"Well then" Seiko stood to her feet, "Rika-chan seeing as you have just told us there anything else?"

Rika nodded as she stood up to look her grandmother in the eyes.

"Hai, Obaa-chan...during our fight with the giant boar Digimon, Vikaralamon...there was a giant rift in the sky and then something grabbed one of our friends, another Digimon called Calumon. We have a friend who managed to find us a way into the Digital World to rescue Calumon and bring him back here to the Real such...I might be gone for a few days...maybe weeks" Rika said.

"NANI?" Makino cried out, "No, Rika-chan, I know that my job keeps us apart, but I still love you and you are my daughter and I am not having you go on some dangerous journey by yourself with just...Renamon"

"There are more of us Digimon tamers. Takato, Henry...even Naruto is one" Rika stated. Makino remained silent at that piece of information.

"So...when will you be leaving?" Makino asked. Rika's eyes widened.

"Ummm...we're leaving at..." she was interrupted as Seiko spoke.

"So you, Renamon, Naruto, Takato and Henry are all going to this Digital World by yourselves with your Digimon partners?" Seiko asked.


"Then I'll put my faith in you, protect her no matter the cost" Seiko said turning to Renamon.

"I will give my life" the kitsune Digimon replied with a small bow.

"I trust you will do the same, Naruto?" Seiko asked, her head turning to a tree. Rika and Makino looked confused, but then that changed to surprise as they saw Rika's boyfriend drop out of the tree with Dorumon and Gatomon on their usual places, on his back and head respectively.

"You are such a hassle, Seiko-san" Naruto joked. Seiko chuckled at that before looking into Naruto's sapphire eyes.

"You are a fighter...a shinobi perhaps?" Seiko asked. Her answer was given due to Naruto's raised eyebrow.

"How did you know, how long?" he asked.

"I have known ever since I met have the eyes of one who has seen the battlefield and that of death...such eyes should not be present on one of your age, Naruto-kun" Seiko replied. Naruto sighed.

"A shinobi's life begins at the age of twelve, for one year I have been a shinobi exiled from my homeland for injuring a traitor" Naruto said, more to himself than to the Nonaka family.

"'re a shinobi?" Makino asked. Naruto looked up and nodded with a shrug.


"Then you can do extraordinary things and protect my daughter?" Naruto nodded and smirked.

"Of course" he said, deciding to give them an example, he walked forward and stepped onto the surface of the water, standing there as if it were solid ground, surprising Seiko and Makino at that feat.

"I have taught Rika-chan, Takato and Henry as well on how to use the energy that shinobi use, chakra"

"YOU WHAT?" Makino roared, but Naruto did not yield.

"I taught her on how to use her chakra. All humans have chakra which allows shinobi and those learning the shinobi arts to use ninjutsu. I have also taught them on using shuriken and kunai as well as teaching them a but of taijutsu or hand-to-hand combat as you would call it" Naruto explained.

"Well then...I guess I can keep a clear conscience knowing my granddaughter is with people who are able to protect as well as having things to be able to protect herself on her own" Seiko said.

"'re going along with this?" Makino asked.

"The boy is not a liar, I can tell that much"

"Arigato for your trust and hospitality towards me, Seiko-san, Makino-san" Naruto bowed to them before looking at Rika.

"Rika-chan, we leave tomorrow at noon. I stopped by to tell you that...until then" Naruto gave a small wave.

"Bye guys" Dorumon and Gatomon said with a small wave of their own before Naruto put his hand into half the handsign for 'ram' and then the three vanished in a swirl of wind and leaves.

"He has to teach me that" Rika mumbled.

"So Rika-cha...I guess we have to help you pack for your trip" Seiko said. Rika teared up as she watched her grandmother walk into the house to go and pack her backpack. Makino then walked up to her daughter and for the first time ever since Makino left to do her modelling...Rika broke down in front of her and hugged her.

Renamon noticed the emotional scene and then left, not wanting to disturb them.

"Rika-chan...I'll miss you" Makino whispered as she stroke her daughter's back. Rika cried into her mother's chest, the moon and Renamon being the only spectators to the scene between mother and daughter.

The Next Day

Shinjuku Junior High- Noon

Naruto looked at the clock as it was the middle of math period. Mr. Kazuma was writing an equation on the bored and then Naruto noticed the time. He sighed.

'Guess its time already...I'll miss you guys, Kioshi, Kasumi' Naruto thought as he looked at his only two friends from his class. Naruto stood up, taking his backpack which did not contain his school supplies, but his rations and other survival equipment stored in multiple sealing scrolls, and walked towards the window.

"Getting some fresh air, Mr. Namikaze?" Mr. Kazuma asked, the young teacher looked as the blonde walked over to the window and opened it.

"Well guys...guess I'm gone" he stated. This confused everybody as they saw Naruto smile. Naruto looked at Kioshi and Kasumi.

"You two...keep my seat warm for me" Naruto told them before whistling. Everyone was silent as the whistle pierced the air with its sharp sound. Everyone looked as Naruto walked over to the window sill and gave a small mock salute before dropping down.

"NARUTO!" everyone ran over to the window and looked in surprise, stepping back as they saw a large black and white furred dragon. The dragon flapped its wings, bringing Naruto up to that level. Next to Naruto was Gatomon was gave a small smile. The girl's eyes shined at seeing the such a "cute kitty", but quickly backed off as Gatomon didn't appreciate being called a 'kitty' and flexed her claws, the sharp as razors, claws nearing their faces as she lashed out, being held back by Naruto.

"Is that a...?" Kioshi paused.

"Yup, this is my Digimon Dorugamon and Gatomon...say hi"

"Hey, what's up?" the red eyed reptile spoke with a toothy grin.

"Don't ever call me a kitty again" Gatomon said with vemon in her tone.

"Well I'll be going now, Mr. Kazuma" Naruto said and then gave a smirk before Dorugamon flew over to the window where Ms. Asagi's class was.

Ms. Asagi's classroom

As Ms. Asagi was writing on the chalkboard, Takato who always sat in the back where he usually sat before turning to look out the window and spotted Naruto standing atop Dorugamon with Gatomon.

Takato turned to Henry, who had Terriermon hidden in his backpack, and gave the blue haired boy a nod. Henry nodded back. He and Takato then rose to their feet. Kenta, Kazu and Jeri also stood up taking their backpacks and walked over to the window.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Ms. Asagi asked. Takato turned and smiled.

"We're going to save a friend" he stated before opening the window and then dropping down with the others. The class immediately ran over, Ms. Asagi taking the front and saw them standing atop a large dragon like monster.


"But we have a mission and we're not coming back until we've saved our kidnapped friend" Henry said. Dorugamon then gave a bestial roar before taking off towards Shinjuku Park leaving a stunned class of pre-teens and one teacher.

Shinjuku Park-Guilmon's shed

Dorugamon landed before kneeling down for everyone to get off. After that he de-digivolved into Dorumon and stood next to Naruto and Gatomon. Rika and Renamon were already there waiting with Yamaki. Guilmon ran out of the shed to go and stand next to Takato, while Henry released Terriermon from the confines of his bag.

"I don't know why you didn't just let me wait here instead of hiding me all day in school in your hot backpack" Terriermon panted. Yamaki then looked over the group and walked up to talk.

However, before Yamaki could speak...

"So explain..why are you three here?" Naruto said glaring at Kenta, Kazu and Jeri.

"Well we want to help in whatever way we can" Kenta said with a smile.

"That and we want to go and see if we can find any Digimon that might become our partners so we can become tamers like you guys" Kazu added. Naruto gritted his teeth.

"Bakas" he muttered, "Fine it's not responsibility if you get killed by wild Digimon...why are you here though?" he turned to Jeri. Jeri smirked and reached into her backpack's outer pocket, unzipped it and then yanked out a yellow D-Ark.

Everyone's eyes bugged out of their heads.

"You're a tamer...who is your partner?" Takato asked.

"Oh he's right here" Jeri said, suddenly out of the bushes there stood a large bipedal, pants wearing, blade wielding lion Digimon.

"Leomon?" Naruto asked.

"Ah, the other tamers...what a surprise" Leomon said as he stood next to Jeri.

"So you're Jeri-chan's partner?" Takato asked.

"Hai, she helped heal me... A few days ago, I was fighting some bio-emerging Digimon that appeared when a large rift appeared and seemed to cut the sky in half. I managed to defeat them, but I was heavily injured. Luckily or just by sheer coincidence, Jeri here found me and helped heal me by bringing me food and bandaging my wounds. After that, she got her D-Ark and I became her partner and she became my tamer" Leomon summarized the story of how he and Jeri became partners.

"I see, well we could always use whatever allies we have" Naruto said.

"Well that's enough talking, let's get down to business" Yamaki said as he stepped forward. "Now you kids, the portal to the Digital world is inside the shed...all the way in the back where that..." he pointed to Guilmon, "dug a hole in the wall. Now then, before you go I have something for you guys" Yamaki reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black device that looked similar to an ipad 2 except without the apple insignia.

"This is a communications device that Janyu Wong, Henry's father, and I developed together. This will allow to keep contact with the outside world"

" long ago was this made, I don't remember Otou-san coming home late at all" Henry said.

"Maybe that's because you're never home when he reaches back, he stayed late after work to help me make this. I, of course gave him the schematics and the resources to help build it" Yamaki explained, "Now, the power switch is located on the back of the communications device, then use the electronic, touch key board to type out your message and then hit send. It's kind of like e-mail in a way except across worlds" Yamaki dumbed down the explanation a bit.

"Okay" Naruto took the device and handed it to Takato who put it in his backpack.

"So are you all ready?" Yamaki asked.

"Of course" the group replied.

"Now then, I have only a few orders for you all" he looked specifically at Naruto for this, " rescue your kidnapped friend, watch out for each other and come back safely to your families. Live to see another day in this world. AM I CLEAR?" he barked.

"HAI!" was the simultaneous response. Yamaki nodded before walking past the group, but paused briefly when he reached Naruto and mumbled to the teenager's ears.

"Listen, don't do anything reckless in there, you don't know what might happen so keep your guard up at all times...and be careful" Yamaki said. Naruto smirked.

"Aww, you sound like you actually care" this caused Yamaki to smirk as well.

"Yeah yeah, good luck out there gaki" and then tapped Naruto on the shoulder before leaving. The group then walked towards the shed, entering the darkness, only it wasn't as dark for the golden light of the Digital portal lit the tunnel that Guilmon had made in the back of the shed.

The portal was golden yellow and swirled like a vortex, edged with red, white and silver flakes of data.

"Well...are you all ready?" Naruto asked. A nod was received from each member of the group. The blonde shinobi then looked at his partners.

"Well're going home" and with that they were all pulled into the portal, moving at supersonic speeds through it.

Naruto looked around, everyone wad flailing their limbs about, except for he and Dorumon since they were used to this kind of travel. Tunnel vision began to develop as they moved faster through the portal and then there was a bright flash of blue light and the group exited the Digital portal and found themselves floating in a large blue area of space. Large amounts of zeros and ones floated past them.

"Where...where are we?" Jeri asked. Leomon looked around, holding onto Jeri tightly.

"This is the void that separates the Digital World from the Real World" Renamon said as she pointed what seemed to be up from her perspective. Everyone looked where Renamon pointed and saw the golden portal they exited from.

"So the Digimon that bio-emerge come through here to reach our world?" Henry asked. Renamon nodded.

"Correct, however here...the laws of physics do not apply as such there is no force of gravity, there is no up, down, left or right, this area is powered by thought and so if you think one direction is down then..."

"I think down is there" Guilmon pointed. Suddenly it was as if gravity came into effect and they all started falling through the blue void.

"So if you think one way is down, then that way becomes down?" Naruto yelled out to Renamon as they were falling.


"Could you guys quit with the small talk and...FIND US A WAY TO NOT GET KILLED BY FALLING TO OUR DEATHS!" Kazu yelled.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine" Naruto said. Suddenly white clouds of data zoomed past the group as they fell and suddenly they saw a large data chip, about the size of a rather large cloud.

"Hmmm, those weren't there when I came" Naruto mused before he, and everyone else, slammed straight through the giant data chip. Another one appeared and they smashed through that one as well. More data chips appeared from nowhere and they all kept going through them as if they were made of brittle material before falling from what seemed to be five stories in terms of height and landed in a tangle of limbs.

Leomon, Renamon, Naruto, Takato, Dorumon and Guilmon on the bottom of said pile and took the brunt of the impact thus ensuring the other people's survival, but they were still in pain.

"Agh...pain..." Naruto moaned.

"So much...pain" Takato groaned as Leomon helped them both up.

"Are you two okay?" Jeri asked.

"Hai, just a bit" Naruto stretched his back and caused it to crack, "stiff in the joints"as he continued to crack every available joint he had. After everyone was shown to be alright and their belongings secure, Kazu decided to take pictures of everyone.

After a minute of taking pictures of being the first humans...minus Naruto, to come to the Digital World, Kazu put away his digital camera and then looked around.

"The Digital World is more...desert like than I imagined" he said.

"Well that's how it was the first time I came here" Naruto said before looking at Dorumon, "Do you remember which way to the village?"

"Of course, I was born and raised there for years, just that I hadn't digivolved until I met you" the purple furred dragon replied. Everyone looked at the blonde tamer and his partner upin hearing that there was a village, of course they had only paid attention to that specific piece of dialogue.

"Uh...Doru-kun, what village?" Gatomon asked.

"Come on I'll show you" Dorumon said. He and Naruto then began to lead the way through the desert region, the makeshift wind blowing balls of raw data that looked like tumbleweeds across the uninhabited area.

"So, what's so special about this village?" Rika asked.

"Oh, it was village where I was born and raised..."Dorumon stated before Naruto cut in.

"And it was the place where me and Dorumon first met"

The Dark Area-Lucemon's Prison

Lucemon looked around his prison made of the elements that was constructed by Fanglongmon to imprison him for his attempted assault on the Digital World to rule it. Lucemon then looked at the main lock, the lock made of the elements of Fanglongmon, Light and Darkness.

"Soon, I will be free" Lucemon then looked at his little crystal ball that showed where Naruto was and smirked. The Fallen Angel Digimon's eyes brightened with glee as he saw where the blonde tamer was.

"Ah, so you have returned to the Digital World for your little friend eh? Well then welcome back to the Digital World, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko..." Lucemon cackled loudly within his confines before looking at the image of Naruto and Dorumon. His sky blue eyes holding a glow that held malice and glee, his violet tattoos and golden bands around his ankles and wrists holding the same glowing characteristic.

"Welcome salvation"

(A/N: Yes I am finally done. Well I hope you all liked this chapter, I worked really hard consider all the difficulties I had coming up with ideas on what to do for this chapter, mostly the chakra training for Takato and the others. 28,000 words in total :D Now then in the next chapter, when the group reaches the old village where Dorumon grew up, they meet a friend of Dorumon's, but why does he bear the Old Interface on his forehead. Could Dorumon's friend also hold the X-Antibody? Also it seems that data beams that fall randomly from the sky, have split up the group, will they ever find each other again? But most importantly...will they be able to find and rescue Calumon from the clutches of the Sovereign Phoenix of the South? The Light of Digivoluton's fate rests in this quest... Find out next time on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody, Chapter 18: Rescuing the Light Pt. 1)