Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 18: Rescuing the Light Pt. 1

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"So, what's so special about this village?" Rika asked.

"Oh, it was village where I was born and raised..."Dorumon stated before Naruto cut in.

"And it was the place where me and Dorumon first met"

The Dark Area-Lucemon's Prison

Lucemon looked around his prison made of the elements that was constructed by Fanglongmon to imprison him for his attempted assault on the Digital World to rule it. Lucemon then looked at the main lock, the lock made of the elements of Fanglongmon, Light and Darkness.

"Soon, I will be free" Lucemon then looked at his little crystal ball that showed where Naruto was and smirked. The Fallen Angel Digimon's eyes brightened with glee as he saw where the blonde tamer was.

"Ah, so you have returned to the Digital World for your little friend eh? Well then welcome back to the Digital World, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko..." Lucemon cackled loudly within his confines before looking at the image of Naruto and Dorumon. His sky blue eyes holding a glow that held malice and glee, his violet tattoos and golden bands around his ankles and wrists holding the same glowing characteristic.

"Welcome salvation"


The group walked through the desert as they followed Naruto and Dorumon. After what seemed like hours of walking, the group finally began to complain.

"Agghhh, are we there yet?" Kazu groaned.

"No" Naruto replied as soon as Kazu asked his question.

"Dude, we've been walking for hours" Kenta whined, "I'm starting to trudge...I do not do trudging, I've never trudged before in my life"

"Well get used to it because we're not there yet, we told you two to stay back, but nooooo you wanted to come and get your own Digimon partners" Dorumon yelled back at them. That caused the two non-tamers to shut their mouths thus earning a moment of bliss for the group.

After a few more hours of walking, Naruto and Dorumon squinted as they looked up ahead, spotting a distant shadow.

"Hey guys, I think I see something" Naruto said.

"Is it the village?" Gatomon groaned, even she was starting to get tired of the endless walking, she was now trudging like the rest of the group.

"Actually...yes...I think it is, Gato-chan" Dorumon said as he managed to make out the shapes of huts and other mediocre infrastructure.

"REALLY?" the others yelled in surprise sending Naruto and Dorumong flying back anime style due to the combined volume of the group.

"Uh...yeah" Naruto and Dorumon replied, dusting themselves off as they got up. Gatomon and Rika then tackled their respective boyfriend's to the ground and kissed them.

"Did I ever tell you I loved Whiskers?" Rika asked with a smirk.

"Uh...No actually, now that I think about it" the blonde replied. Rika chuckled.

"Well then...I love you" the red head rose off Naruto, Gatomon doing the same action with Dorumon before the two guides got up and began to lead the group towards the village where the blonde and purple furred dragon first met.

Digital World- Nearby Village that Naruto and Dorumon spotted

While the group was walking towards the village and were quite happy about it, it was a different story as for what was going on inside the village. Ever since the incident concerning the Tyrannomon when Naruto arrived, the village had been on high alert when rebuilding had been completed.

The village was made up of many small mud huts with doors of wood and stone that were found after much scavenging around the Digital World. The huts were about the size of a small car in terms of space, and as high as a refrigerator.

In the village, a decent of number of Digimon thrived even in the harsh desert climate they had managed to adapt and live peacefully, unless attacked. Digimon ranging from Baby level to Mega lived here. Many Baby Digimon were present with just as many In-Training and Rookie level Digimon, but there only a choice few that made it to the Champion level and there were no Ultimate or Mega Level Digimon present in the village at all.

The village was surrounded by eight towers the size of a street lampost. Two towers were placed up at each cardinal point surrounding the village. Two to the north, two to the east, two placed at the west and two more placed at the south. These towers were used by the Digimon inhabitants to survey the area and check for any intruders. Of course, handling large Digimon that intruded would still be a bit of a problem, but since some of the Digimon in the village had managed to digivolve into their Rookie and a select few into their Champion forms, they were able to handle the situations.

Each of the two towers were occupied by Digimon known as Aquilamon, the digivolved form of Hawkmon and a Champion level Digimon.

The Aquilamon were large bird like Digimon that were large enough to carry two grown men on their backs. They looked through piercing blue eyes that could spot things from great distances and hence were the best type of Digimon to use for the job of being a scout or lookout. The necks of the bird Digimon had a ring of brown feathers around its base while the rest of it was covered with white feathers. The Aquilamon's beaks were a golden yellow and sharp enough to seem that they could poke through steel. The feathers located at the tips of the wings were white and tipped red while the rest of the wings along with the rest of their body was covered with brick red coloured feathers. Its feet was coloured a dark shade of blue and each foot had two large, black claws that could rip flesh from bone and a third back claw was located on the back of the Champion Digimon's foot.

Along with the Aquilamon, Digimon known as Gotsumon which is a Rookie level Digimon whose body was comprised entirely of grey rock and had yellow eyes that seemed to glow gold in colour. The Gotsumon served as the ones to tell the leader of the village when there was trouble approaching.

Right now we will focus on the west perch which is the side from which out heroes are approaching from. The Aquilamon which was looking around, not really expecting anything to happen this day was yawning as it put a wing in front of its mouth.

"So Aquilamon, spot anything?" the Gotsumon partner for this Aquilamon asked. The one of four Aquilamon looked ahead and scanned the area, using great eyesight and spotted an unknown group of individuals approaching the village. The Aquilamon's eyes widened at this before turning to its Gotsumon partner.

"Quick, alert the leader there is a group of..." the Champion Digimon turned back and counted, " Thirteen individuals are approaching the village, although seven of them do not appear to be Digimon"

"Got it" Gotsumon nodded, replying in a female tone of voice, quickly turned and jumped down from his tower before running through the village. It then reached the largest hut in the small village and opened the stone door and entered the village leader's quarters. The rock like Digimon quickly ran up to the seat where his leader sat and dropped to his knees.

"Leader-sama, there are a group of outsiders approaching the village. Thirteen of them were counted by my Aquilamon partner" Gotsumon reported.

The village leader took a deep breath through the mouth before exhaling before inhaling through its nostrils. Gotsumon noticed this was what his leader did in order to smell what type of Digimon the intruders would be and could also determine their level by just smell alone.

"Hmmm...let's see we have seven of them that do not appear to be Digimon, strange" the leader spoke in a male voice indicating that the leader was male, and then took another deep breath through his nose.

"There are two Champion, and five Rookie level Digimon in the group. A Leomon, a Renamon, a Terriermon, a Gatomon and two unknowns..." the leader said with mild surprise.

'Interesting, but one of those of the smells like...' the leader took another sniff of air before his previosuly closed eyes snapped open revealing them to be a piercing emerald green colour. A smirk formed on the leader's face before turning to face the Gotsumon. There was also some sort of crimson gem located in the center of the leader's forehead as he turned around to face his subordinate.

"What are your orders, Leader-sama?" the Gotsumon asked.

"Come Gostumon..." the leader rose and walked out of the darkness, the gem in the leader's forehead shone brilliantly casting a soft red glow in some parts of the hut's interior, "let's welcome them"

Gotsumon looked confused. "Welcome?" he voiced his thoughts as he followed his leader out of the hut.

"Hai...I have an old friend to see" the leader replied. The leader, followed by Gotsumon walked through the village towards the west towers. The inhabitants looked surprised at seeing their leader standing out in the light, having usually remained within the confines of his large hut where it was safe.

The Digimon all gave respectful bows to their leader while the Baby and In-Training Digimon merely smiled at him.

The leader simply smiled and waved at them before apporaching the western tower.

"Aquilamon!" the leader called to the western Aquilamon. The great bird Digimon looked down and spread its large wings before landing softly on the sandy ground.

"Leader-sama" the Aquilamon bowed to its master, "as you must have heard, there are outsiders approaching, do you want us to drive them back or..."

" violence is necessary, I have smelt the air and one of them, I have an old friend of mine" the leader said as his previous smirk became a simple smile showing a few sharp teeth that poked through the upper lip. The leader, Gostumon and Aquilamon then stood there as they watched the approaching shadows.

The shadows grew closer and closer before their figures began to take shape. They neared the towers and were obviously visible to them as they stopped to point in out before they all broke into a run. After a few minutes of running the approaching group stopped and panted as they regained their breath.

The leader looked over them, observing their physical characteristics. The seven unknowns were unlike any creatures he had seen before. They all had varying colours of skin, one appeared to be the sole female of the species given the creature's difference in anatomical structure, but was still similar to that of her other male counterparts.

The female had red hair and greyish-violet eyes and her skin was pale. She wore a blue and white long sleeved t-shirt with the image of a broken heart on the front and a pair of dark blue jeans. A red belt was worn around the female creature's waist and two bands of red were worn around her right thigh area. A pair of red and steel grey shoes completed the look.

The others were all male, one had bluish black hair and brown eyes. The boy looked like a mix between two different lineages since his scent carried two different smells, and wore a black t-shirt underneath an orange vest with a pair of blue pants and grey and yellow coloured sneakers.

The second male creature wore a blue hooded shirt that doubled as a sweater with a pair of grey pants and green and yellow sneakers were worn on the male's feet. A pair of yellow, blue lens tinted goggles were worn around the boy's forehead.

The final one was a male, obviously older, probably by one year, and more experienced due to the look in his sapphire eyes. There were three whisker like scars or birthmarks on each cheek of the strange male creature and spiky blonde hair was atop his head. The boy wore a black t-shirt with the image of an orange scaled dragon with orange flames lining the bottom of the t-shirt along with the edge of the sleeves. A pair of dark blue jeans with many pockets was worn with a pair of orange and blue sneakers.

(A/N: Some Digimon wear clothes when they digivolve which is why I would think they would have the terminology to actually know what types of clothes are which)

The two unknown Digimon were a large red scaled lizard with a white underbelly, the chest area bearing the symbol of the Digital Hazard. The Digimon was a red dragon-like Reptile Digimon with yellow eyes, wing-like ears, a long and strong tail, and carries the black Digital Hazard symbol on his chest. The digimon seemed to be muscular, yet a little slender with big legs, perfect for fast running. On each of his strangely large hands, the dino digimon had paws (something you wouldn't normally see on a Dinosaur or Reptile Digimon), and three fingers with long claws; and on each foot, he has two clawed toes and a claw coming out from the heel. One very indistinct feature of the digmon Naruto was looking at were the stripes and triangle patterns on certain parts of his body. On its snout is a black, inverted version of the Zero Unit.

The second was...'I knew it, I knew the unknown smelt familiar' the leader thought with a smile as he looked at Dorumon from behind Aquilamon.

"Who and what are you?" Aquilamon asked stepping forth in front of his leader. Gostumon standing next to the giant bird that was at least the same size as Leomon in terms of height.

"We are humans and Digimon tamers. We are here from the Real world to help a friend who was taken here by...a misunderstanding Digimon" the blonde one said. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and these are my friends, The leader observed and like his two guardians, Aquilamon and Gotsumon, his eyes widened in surprise at hearing they were humans, but quickly looked back to Dorumon and smirked.

"YOU!" the group was taken entirely by surprise as a small figure jumped out from behind Aquilamon and tackled Dorumon to the ground. The leader and Dorumon rolled across the dirt.



The group watched as Dorumon kicked the leader off of him and growled before tackling the leader himself.

The group observed the Digimon that attacked their companion. It was similar to that of a dragon, but covered in what seemed to be orange fur. The skin was a grey colour where its underbelly was. Two strong forearms held Dorumon by the head and threw the purple furred dragon into the dirt. There was a type of armour like coating, aking to samurai armour worn on the leader's body, it was black with purple spikes jutting out of it, but they didn't seem sharp enough to impale anyone since they were only half a centimetre high. Green eyes stared into Dorumon's orange ones, a small pony tail of red hair came out from the back of the samurai like hemlet the Digimon wore and in the center of its forehead, lined by a golden armoured area of the helmet, was a crimson gem, like Dorumon's own Old Interface gem.

"What is your leader doing attacking out friend?" Takato yelled and was about to send Guilmon in to fight, but was stopped when Naruto and Aquilamon held their hand/wing out.

"No" they said.

"Nani?" the group exclaimed, "Naruto he's your partner and you're letting him fight an unknown Digimon..."

"Look at their eyes" Aquilamon said. Everyone paused in whatever they were about to say and looked at the two Digimon rolling in the dirt like two fighting children, in the orange eyes of Dorumon and the green eyes of the leader Digimon...there was happiness in them.

Finally after a few more seconds of rolling in the desert sand the two Digimon stood up and panted.

"It's good to see you again, Dodomon" the leader said.

"You too, Kyokyomon" Dorumon replied and then the two hugged each other as if they were old friends. The pair then walked up to the group and smiled.

"Minna-san, I want you all to meet my friend, Kyokyomon" Dorumon said.

"Dodomon, shut up, I digivolved name is Ryudamon now" Ryudamon said with a smirk before playfully punching Dorumon in the shoulder.

"Well I digivolved too, my name is Dorumon now" the purple furred dragon said to his samurai armour wearing friend.

"Good to know, come into my hut...we have much to discuss old friend" Ryudamon said and then led the group through the village towards the large hut that only the village leader occupied.

"A lot has changed since you left, Dorumon" Ryudamon said as the group entered the hut.

"I can tell...the Aquilamon and Gotsumon scouts called you Leader-sama which probably means..." Ryudamon nodded.

"Hai...I am leader of our village now Dorumon" the orange furred Digimon said, closing his emerald coloured eyes.

"Uh, guys it's good to see that you all are reunited and all, but shouldn't we be looking for Calumon?" Kazu asked.

"Matteo..."Dorumon said as he saw everyone looking about to get up and leave, "I've gone for so long, I need to know what has happened in my home"

The group looked at Dorumon before Naruto stepped forward and placed his hand on the dragon Digimon's head and petted it.

"Take all the time you need, we will be waiting outside for you" Naruto said.

"Arigato, Naruto...see you later Gato-chan" Dorumon gave a wave to his feline girlfriend before the group left the hut to go and take a look around the village. Dorumon sighed before turning back to Ryudamon.

"That tamer of yours...he cares for you like a little brother, I can see it in his eyes" the orange furred dragon Digimon said.

" tell me...what happened while I was gone, How and when did you Digivolve, What happened since the Tyrannomon attack, when were you made leader?" Dorumon asked before getting a sad look in his orange eyes, "What happened to Jiji Saggitarimon?"

Ryudamon sighed, a similar sad look appearing in his emerald green eyes. The other X-Antibody Digimon looked up at the earthen ceiling of the hut.

"I'll answer one question at a time, but I will start from when I had left to go and get some food for the new Baby Digimon...I was still Kyokyomon back then..."


In the small Digimon village, the village leader Saggitarimon sat in his hut. Saggitarimon was a large armour level Digimon, the result of the Digi-Egg of Hope bonding with his previous form, Veemon. Saggitarimon was a large black skinned centaur. His hands were covered by the hand armour of Flamedramon and had the horn of Raidramon. On his back was a large bow and quiver.

The door to the leader's hut opened and Saggitarimon looked to see his one of the younger Digimon, Kyokyomon enter the hut. Kyokyomon looked very much like a snake, serpentine in terms of body chracteristics with six spike like protrusions, like that of hair stretching from the back of Kyokyomon's head. The the longest of the six were tipped with a violet colour and looked like horns, the remaining four were shorter and were located somewhere on the upper neck area and were tipped with red. Kyokyomon's underbelly was a greyish colour and had four small flippers which acted like legs and arms while he floated in the air. Green eyes stared at the village leader.

"Y-You called for me, Saggitarimon-sama?" Kyokyo asked, being nervous around the old yet powerful leader of the village. Saggitarimon chuckled and scratched at the greying areas of hair, showing how old the Digimon was, after all even data had its lifespan.

"Please young one, you can me Jiji Saggitarimon, Saggitarimon-Jiji or just Jiji would suffice" the centaur like Digimon said with a smirk.

"But that would be disrespectful to you, Saggitarimon-sama" Kyokyomon said.

"I don't care for formalities unless required and it is not required here my child" Saggitarimon said in a sage like voice that calmed the jittery In-Training Digimon.

"So... Saggitarimon-Jiji, what did you call me for?" Kyokyomon asked.

"Well my child, I noticed how over the past few years that even though you have not even reached the Rookie level, you still work harder than any other Digimon here in the village, even working to take care of our little ones" Saggitarimon said with a smile before standing onto his horse like legs. He rested his hand on the young serpentine Digimon's head.

"Now then, I need you to go to the forest located to the west and get some Digi-Berries from there. The forest, which is about a few hours from the village, is relatively safe just be sure to be careful though because some Digimon are violent in the forest" the armour level Digimon advised. Kyokyomon nodded.

"Hai, Saggitarimon-sama..I mean Jiji" Kyokyomon corrected himself. Saggitarimon nodded with a smile on his face.

"You may go now, have a safe journey" the elder Digimon said before sitting back down on the grass covered area where he always sat. Saggitarimon watched as Kyokyomon left the room and let then let out a series of harsh coughs, covering his mouth with his armour covered hands.

"Oh, curse this old body of mine" the armour level Digimon said.

Kyokyomon looked from the opening in the door as he had forgotten to close it completely shut and when he had went to, he saw the old Digimon coughing loudly. Kyokyomon turned and then left for the forest, floating above the sands of the desert area.

After reaching the forest, Kyokyomon began to pick up the few small Digi-Berries in his mouth, and placed them on a large leaf he had found earlier to place the collected berries on.

"Only a few of these berries, after all the Baby Digimon wouldn't eat that much" Kyokyomon said to himself before the image of a purple and white furry fluffball with orange eyes appeared in his mind's eye.

"Except for Dodomon...probably should bring some extras for him" Kyokyomon said with a chuckle. The little purple puffball was the closest to a little brother Kyokyomon would ever have. Kyokyomon then picked up a few extra berries and then folded the leaf so as to keep the berries protected from the desert's heat and also it would be easier to carry. The serpent like Digimon went and to the edge of the forest and began to walk across the desert.

"Oh boy, Saggitarimon-sama...I mean Jiji and the babies will be so proud and happy with me when they see how much food I brought back for them" Kyokyomon said to himself as he floated across the sands. His body wriggled like a snake's as he floated, his eyes forming upside down Us showing he was smiling as he held the leaf full of berries in his mouth.

After the hours of crossing the desert, Kyokyomon stopped at where he knew the village and then opened his eyes, his green eyes that were normally full of happiness and joy became full of fear and sadness as he saw the once peaceful, beautiful little village, destroyed and burning. Many of the buildings were broken, reduced to rubble while only a few were left untouched, but still surrounded by the red flames.

""Oh no" Kyokyomon dropped the berries and flew as quickly as he could towards the village and ran to where Saggitarimon's hut was. The serpent like Digimon's eyes widened in shock, tears lining his eyes as he saw the broken form of what used to be the elder armour Digimon's hut.

Kyokyomon floated over to the broken mud hut and let out a few sobs before he stopped when he heard a groaning.

"Urgghhh" Saggitarimon groaned as he tried to push a large piece of his former home off his broken body, but to avail.

"Saggitarimon-sama!" Kyokyomon cried out and went over to the aged centaur Digimon. "What happened are you okay?"

" attack for no reason... saying it wanted to absorb... our data" Saggitarimon groaned.

"How are the babies, did they get away, what about Dodomon...did he get away in time?" Kyokyomon asked. Saggitarimon shook his head.

"I managed to help most into the underground safehouse beneath my house, they are all there..." Saggitarimon took a deep intake of breath, "Some...I couldn't save, burning in the flames that that evil behemoth caused, but...gomen nasai, forgive this old Digimon...I could not find Dodomon"

Saggitarimon began to release tears of his own as Kyokyomon watched as his grandfather figure was gasping, trying to hold on to what little life he had left.

" are the only one who can bring this village back...I cannot, I am too old and too damaged" Saggitarimon groaned as he felt a another wave of pain wash over his centaurian body.

"Save your strength Saggitarimon-sama, we need to get you out from under here" Kyokyomon said as he floated around and pushed with all the strength he had, but to no avail.

"Hehehe" the old armour level Digimon chuckled, "Don't...Kyokyomon, we both know I will not be able to make it..." Saggitarimon then held out the only good arm he had, the other crushed by a large piece of his own home. The armour Digimon then raised his hand and then touched Kyokyomon's forehead.

"I will give you my data, you will be able to Digivolve and protect what remains of the young ones" Saggitarimon said before closing his eyes.

", don't you're gonna be okay Saggitarimon-sama, please don't" the golden scaled serpent said, his green eyes releasing his tears.

"Don't cry my child...and's Jiji" the black coloured centaur Digimon said with a smile before a blue glow surrounded him.

"Protect the young ones...I know you can for starting are the leader of this village" Saggitarimon's body then began to disintegrate into blue and red flakes of data which went into Kyokyomon's body.

"Promise me you will protect them and be the great leader that I know you will be...Kyokyomon" Saggitarimon smirked before disappearing completely becoming pure data that was absorbed into Kyokyomon who was still sobbing.

'I promise Jiji...I will protect them and reform this village and make sure nothing like this happens again' Kyokyomon glowed with a golden light before a golden egg of data surrounded him.


His body grew in size and his limbs grew into powerful forearm that were shorter than his equally strong legs. His hands and feet each sported three sharp claws, the claws on the feet obviously being longer than that on the hands. Sharp teeth, with a few poking through the Rookie Digimon's mouth like fangs, filled his mouth. His body changing into the likeliness of a dragon, but covered in what seemed to be orange fur. A row of small spikes went down the newly formed Rookie Digmon's back. The skin remained its original grey colour where his underbelly was. A black coloured like coating with purple like spikes covering it, suddenly formed from the fur covering the Digimon's back and tail. Two armour covered bands were worn on the Digimon's wrists to complete the armoured look. The armour like coating was akin to samurai armour. Green eyes snapped open and looked over the new body that Kyokyomon just gained. Finally a helmet formed on the Digimon's head similar to a samurai's own, a golden band made of what seemed to be similar to a bronze coloured Chrome Digizoid decorated the front of the helmet and in the center of the Digimon's forehead where the helmet didn't cover, was a ruby red crystal embedded into the skin.


Ryudamon dropped down and looked at his new form after emerging from the golden Digivolution egg of data.

"I will keep your promise, Saggitarimon-Jiji...I swear it" Ryudamon said and then removed Saggitarimon's body from out of the rubble using his newfound strength causing some of the rubble to fall from the support it gained from the armour Digimon's body. Ryudamon then walked into the center of the burning village and dug a hole in the ground before burying Saggitarimon's body there and placed a broken piece of the leader's hut as a tombstone before carving a few words into the stone in Digicode. Ryudamon then walked away to go and help the hidden Baby Digimon.

'Here lies Saggitarimon...Leader, Friend and Grandfather. May his DigiCore be at peace' was what the tombstone read.

End Flashback

"I see...well you see it was Naruto, my tamer, and I who defeated the Tyrannomon, but we were summoned by the Sovereigns by the time you returned I imagine" Dorumon said.

"You...and that human...defeated a Champion Digimon like Tyrannomon?" the purple furred dragon nodded. Ryudamon smirked.

"Naruto is a strong human, he and his friends possess abilities that other humans could only dream of having" Dorumon said defending his tamer and friend.

"You said you were summoned by the Sovereigns... why?"

"They thought I was a suspicious Digimon, saying how I possessed a unique form of data in my body called the X-Antibody" Dorumon pointed at the gem that represented his Old Interface on his forehead.

"But I have one too...why wasn't I taken as well?" Ryudamon asked pointing at his own Old Interface gem. THe purple furred dragon shrugged.

"I guess, my own was more noticeable and so they called me, I mean you said you didn't arrive until an hour after the battle..I guess the X-Antibody is unlocked when in a fight also...Zhuquiaomon said how I possessed a dark nature within my DigiCore and how he could sense it" Dorumon shuddered as he remembered the Phoenix's rage so clearly in his mind.

" took down a Tyrannomon with the help of a human, a strong human at that...and it seems you got a girlfriend too. That Gatomon...pretty little thing isn't she?" Ryudamon chuckled at his little brother figure as he saw the small blush that appeared through the dragon's fur.

The orange furred, armour wearing dragon stood and walked over to Dorumon and patted him on the head, staring him the eye, after all they were the same height.

"I guess you've grown up, seem stronger and wiser beyond your years" the armour wearing Digimon said. The dragon Digimon snickered.

"I could say the same for you, you've become the village leader, and you have done well in protecting the village. I mean those scouting towers were never there before and you made a wise choice is having Aquilamon be the lookouts and the Gostumon being the ones to alert the village if a threat was apporaching"

"I guess we both have" Ryudamon said with a chuckle. Dorumon laughed along with his old friend and brother of a Digimon before they quieted down and then Ryudamon asked a question that shook Dorumon to his very DigiCore.

"Dorumon...are you going to stay home, remain here in the village with me and the others?" Ryudamon asked, shocking his fellow X-Antibody Digimon, "Or will you remain with that human, Naruto?"

"R-Ryudamon..." Dorumon sighed, "I came here to help find a friend...he was kidnapped by Zhuquiaomon and I'm not going to stop until I rescue him...but the decision to choose between my home and you... and my's a tough choice to make" the two X-Antibody Digimon looked at each other before exiting the hut.

The group was watching the statue of Saggitarimon that the Gotsumon had built and carved using the stones that made up parts of their bodies, in memory of the old village leader.

"So how was this statue made?" Henry asked, "It's very detailed, what Digimon is this?"

"That my child" the group turned to see Ryudamon standing there with a sad smirk and Dorumon with a sad look in his eyes, "That is the previous leader of this village, Saggitarimon, but we affectionately called him Jiji. He was a wise and once powerful Digimon...the statue is made from the pieces of the many Gotsumon that now inhabit our village. The Gotsumon are gifted with regenerating limbs, therefore they made no fuss on giving up their arms and legs to help build the statue which was carved by a Dinohyumon who chose not to wield his blades to destroy, but to create masterpieces such as this." Ryudamon explained.

"In fact, it was here where Ryudamon had buried Saggitarimon" Dorumon said as he remembered the story that his old friend had told him. The statue was placed within the center of the village where Saggitarimon's grave was and the statue was placed atop the gravesite and had the same DigiCode inscription, that Ryudamon had wrote on Saggitarimon's gravestone was now on the statue's large stone pedestal.

"Ah, Dorumon..."Naruto called out as he walked over to his partner, "You're done?"

Dorumon nodded and put up a fake smile, that Naruto could immediately see through, after all he wore a mask of stupidity for thirteen years.

'We'll talk about what happened with Ryudamon when you want' Naruto said through the telepathic link between tamer and partner.

'Maybe later, but not now' Dorumon replied.

"So, are you all leaving now?" Ryudamon asked. The group nodded.

"Hai, we're on a tight schedule...we have to go and get Calumon as soon as possible" Rika told the orange coloured dragon Digimon. Ryudamon looked over the group with his green eyes and smirked.

"Then you will need a guide who knows these parts of the Digital World..."Ryudamon smirked, "I shall join you in your quest to find and help your friend Calumon"

"NANI?" Dorumon looked at his old friend, "No you can't, you're leader of this village, they need you"

"But you need me more, the village can handle themselves in my absence...HALSEMON!" Ryudamon turned and barked out the name of the giant bird Digimon.

A loud screech filled the air as a large Digimon flew over to the group and landed, kneeling before the armour wearing dragon. This Digimon was the form of a Hawkmon, bonded with the powers of the Digi-Egg of Love. It walked on all fours and looked more like a mixture between a lion and a hawk...a chimera of some sort if you will. The Halsemon was larger than the Aquilamon and had red feathers covering the entirety of its body other than its feet, which were like that of a carnivorous animal's with three sharp claws on them while the back feet resembled that of an Aquilamon's. On its head, covering the majority of it, only the underside being exposed, there was a silver helmet like object covering its slender and large head. The crest of Love was inscribed into the helmet in purple.

Halsemon looked down upon her leader after rising with piercing blue eyes.

"You called for me, Leader-sama?" Halsemon asked.

"Hai, I will leaving to go on a journey with my friend, Dorumon..." Ryudamon gestured to the purple furred dragon, "and I will need to you to care of things here in my absence, make sure the Digimon are all fed at their proper times and while you are running things, have a Hawkmon fill your position it would be good eye training for when the Hawkmon becomes a lookout one day"

"Of course my liege...but one question" Halsemon stated.


"When will you be back?"

"I will return in good health, do not worry Halsemon. Remember the last time WE fought in a spar" Ryudamon said, smirking as he watched the Armour Digimon shudder from the memory.

"Of course, Leader-sama. I will expect your return to be quick" the female Halsemon nodded before walking towards the large Leader's hut.

Digital World- Desert Region

Middle of Nowhere

"So...where are we headed?" Naruto asked the armour wearing X-Antibody Digimon.

"Well, you are looking for Zhuquiaomon, correct?" the orange furred dragon asked and looked back, receiving a nod from the blonde shinobi.


"Well then, since Zhuquiaomon is the Sovereign of the Southern Quadrant it is common knowledge to know his lair resides far south" Ryudamon answered.

"But how do you know which way is south?" Rika asked.

"Well we left the village from the southern lookout post did we not?" Ryudamon replied. This caused everyone to sweat drop.

'Baka' they called themselves in their thoughts.

"So Ryudamon?" Leomon asked.

"Hai, my feline friend?"

"How far is the distance from your village to the lair of Zhuquiaomon?" the large bipedal lion asked while adjusting his hold on Jeri who was riding on his shoulder.

"Oh, well given our current pace, we should reach in about four days time" Ryudamon answered, "That is the time reference you all use in the Real World correct?"

"Hai...but how does time pass here in the Digital World?" Jeri asked.

"Well actually Takato...there is no day time and night time here in the Digital World. The dark comes out randomly and becomes what you would define as night time" Renamon explained.

"Oh" was all the goggle wearing pre-teen could say, "you mean like that?"

Everyone looked to see where Takato was pointing and saw a large dark wave run across the land and the sky and suddenly it was similar to that of night time and the only source of light was the large replica of the Real World and its data streams.

"I guess we should find some shelter and turn in for the...night?" Henry questioned as he was unsure of what to call the dark time seeing as how Renamon said that there was no day or night just simply the time of light and the time of darkness. The group continued to wander through the darkened desert before coming upon an area filled with rocky mountains, hills and just a few random boulders.

"Look, up there...that should be a good place to rest" Naruto said pointing to a cave located within the face of a cliff that over looked the entire area.

"But the problem is, are we getting up there?" Henry asked. Leomon and Renamon quickly grabbed their tamers and began to leap up the side of the cliff and made it safely to the cave. Naruto then looked at the remaining members of the group before forming a cross-shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu" he said and to the surprise of Ryudamon, he watched as in several puffs of smoke, copies of the blonde shinobi appeared as if from nowhere. Dorumon smirked at his long time friend.

"Told you Naruto wasn't weak" Dorumon said.

"I believe you completely as of this moment" the samurai armour wearing Digimon said before one of the clones grabbed him and began to run up the side of the cliff...without his hands.

"What the hell?" the orange furred X-Antibody Digimon watched in awe as the clone, just like the other clones and their passengers and the original Naruto carrying Gatomon and Dorumon, ran up the side of the cliff as if they were running on the ground.

"It's handy, having a shinobi as your partner" Gatomon told the orange furred dragon.

"Shinobi...Ninja?" Ryudamon asked earning a nod from the clone that carried him.

" stop gaping and get some rest... we've reached the cave" the clone said as it flipped upwards to cover the last few feet between itself and the cave.

" truly are strange creatures, you humans" Ryudamon said to the clone before it vanished in a plume of smoke. The rest of the clones arrived with Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Kazu and Kenta and the original with Gatomon and Dorumon before resting them all on the ground before the clones disappeared as plumes of white smoke leaving only the original blonde shinobi-tamer.

"Yes...yes we are" the jinchuriki replied with a foxy grin.

"Well come on...we have a long day ahead of us. Let's get some rest" Naruto said.

"Alright...Kobanwa minna-san" Takato said and was earned with a 'Kobanwa' from the others before falling asleep against Guilmon's stomach that was actually quite warm due to having fire burning in the Digimon's stomach. Naruto sat against the wall near the mouth of the cave and looked as Dorumon and Gatomon snuggled against each other and smiled. He looked over the others as they slept before seeing Ryudamon walking up to him.

"You're a born leader, you know that?" the armour wearing dragon said. Naruto chuckled.

"I've been hearing that a lot from those guys about how I'm a leader" the blonde said pointing to the four other Digimon tamers.

"Well you do hold the characteristics of one. Trustworthy, strong, intelligent are a good friend to them all" Ryudamon said with a smile. Naruto sighed before looking at the digital replica of the Real World in the sky.

"What exactly are those beams coming from that thing in the sky?" Naruto asked.

"Oh well those are beams of data that transport anyone and anything from one place of the Digital World to another" Ryudamon answered. The blonde jinchuriki looked astonished.

"So it's a teleporter?"

"Well yes, in a sense, but the thing is that those data beams transport you to practically anywhere in the Digital World. So you can go into it and transport yourself to another area of the Digital World, these data will most likely just transport you to some other area of the Southern Quadrant, see those larger data beams?"


"Well those ones are capable of sending one from one Quadrant to another...a Gomamon and a Biyomon from the Eastern Quadrant where Azulongmon reigns were both transported to my village at one time. Those two...such a nice pair of Digimon" the armoured Digimon said with a smirk at the humourous memory.

"So...we should avoid those at all costs then"

"That would be the best choice of action, so yes we should stay clear of the data streams"

"Alright, well I guess we should get some sleep, Ryudamon" Naruto said.

"Hai, we should...well as you humans said...Kobanwa?" Ryudamon then curled up in a ball like an armadillo and fell fast asleep. Naruto looked around the cave once more before closing his eyes and falling asleep as well.

Digital World- One Day later in the Real World

Naruto yawned as he rose from his nice bed which consisted of his backpack as a pillow and the floor of the cave as his mattress.

"Hmmm...that was a nice nap" he said before rising to his feet and performing a few stretches and looked around to see everyone was still sleeping. The blonde shinobi scratched what sleepiness he had left out of his eyes before looking out of the cave to see that the light had returned.

'So it is similar to day and night...only night comes unexpectedly' Naruto mused before turning back to face the sleeping group.

"Okay minna-san, time to get up...we got a long walk to Zhuquiaomon's place...IKUZO!" Naruto yelled. The others groaned in annoyance.

"Five more minutes" Takato moaned as he dug his face into Guilmon's stomach. Naruto sighed at his friends' reactions before forming a kagebunshin and then took out a kunai with an exploding tag wrapped around the handle and then pumped small bit of chakra into the exploding tag and threw the kunai at a boulder near the foot of the cliff.

"Katsu" he said and then as the kunai touched the boulder, the exploding tag went off and a large explosion rocked the earth and caused everyone to snap awake and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Everyone stopped running around when they looked to see Naruto and his kagebunshin on the ground laughing their asses off.

"Oh dear Kami...that was too good. You guys should have seen yourselves" Naruto howled before clutching his stomach from the pain of laughing. The Digimon and their tamers along with Kazu, Kenta and Ryudamon all gathered around the blonde who recovered from his laughter. The kagebunshin realized this and then poofed out of existence in order to spare itself a painful death.

Naruto looked around to see them all staring at him with glares that were so cold they seemed like they could freeze lava.

"Uh...gomen nasai?" he said nervously.

"NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" they roared before the tamers, Kazu and Kenta went back to get their stuff. After that, the group had descended down the cliff with the help of some of Naruto's clones before trekking back on the path towards Zhuquiaomon's lair.

"Hey guys...look over there is that what I think it is?" Kazu asked pointing in the general direction of north east. Everyone followed his finger's location and looked to see a small dust cloud. Out of the dust cloud came a small red and silver machine that began to grow larger as it sped towards them.

"Is that a..." Takato started.

"A motorcycle?" Rika asked. The motorcycle revved its engine as it was nearing the group.

"Holy shit, it's that motorcycle that nearly trashed the village a few days has earned the name The Behemoth because of the destruction it caused. It has no rider and is said be a Machine Digimon that wanders the Digital World looking for a rider worthy to ride. When it attacked there was a Meramon riding it and we managed to free the Meramon, but at the cost of losing one of our own...a MetalKoromon" Ryudamon said, telling them about the haunted motorcycle.

"Quick we gotta get out of the way now" Ryudamon shouted out to the group. Heeding his warning the group took off in the direction away from The Behemoth.

Naruto stopped though before skidding to a halt and forming a few handsigns and then slamemd them on the ground.

"Doton: DoKen" he said and then the earth moved from his hands and the chakra moved beneath the ground towards the evil motorbike and then a large earthen fist rose from the earth and crashed into the motorbike that surprisingly stayed intact as it was sent careening through the sky from the blow.

"That should buy us more than enough time" Naruto said to himself before running to catch up with the group.

"Naruto-kun...what were you doing?" Rika asked.

"I just went to stop the motorcycle from chasing us" he responded before continuing to walk, "Well...Ryudamon lead the way"

"Uh...hai" the green eyed Digimon replied before leading the way once more. The group continued to walk through the desert region, throughout the rocky canyon.

"Oi, guys let's take a break, my feet are killing me" Kenta whined, adjusting his glasses. Kazu agreed with his best friend.

"Alright, fine...bunch of babies you two are" Rika mumbled beneath her breath. The group watched as Kenta and Kazu sat on the dusty ground, releasing a sigh of relief as their feet felt the much needed rest. The group then began to feel hungry as Guilmons stomach began to growl.

"Takato, I'm hungry. Did you bring any bread?" Guilmon asked. Takato nodded and opened his backpack to show the many loaves of bread his parents made.

"I want some" the others cried out from hunger and delved into the backpack, each person taking a piece of bread from the few of many loaves that the goggle wearing tamer brought.

"Sugoi...this is the best thing I've ever tasted" Ryudamon said as he munched on the bread before continuing to eat. After eating their fill the group sighed in sweet relief from the lack of hunger they now felt.

"That was some good bread" Naruto commented.

"I gotta hand to your parents Goggle-head, they make some pretty damn good bread" Rika said agreeing with her boyfriend.

"Arigato, I learned to make some bread too, of course it's not as good as theirs" Takato replied, scratching his head in embarrassment. Jeri then crawled up next to Takato and looked at him.

"Did you make any of the bread in your bag?" the brown haired girl asked. Takato looked at his crush and nodded.

"Uh, yeah I made a few rolls, here " he took out a roll he had made and handed it to Jeri. The puppet wearing girl smiled at Takato.

"Arigato" she said before saying, "Itadakimasu"

She ripped a piece of the roll to try and then popped it into her mouth. Everyone stared at Jeri as she began toi chew the piece of bread before she froze.

" okay, is the bread alright? Did I make it too soft?" the goggle wearing tamer asked. All was silent, only the makeshift wind howled before Jeri began to respond after a few seconds. Her eyes widened and began to sparkle.

"This is the best roll I've ever tasted!" she exclaimed before allowing everyone else to take a try. Everyone took their small pieces of Takato's roll and ate before they replied with results similar to Jeri's.

" gotta tell me how you made this" the whisker cheeked blonde said as he swallowed.

"Yeah chumley, you've been holding out on me and Kenta. We could've gotten some free bread made by you instead of me having to pay for it from your parents" Kazu said. Takato sneered at Kazu.

" do know the bread I make is sometimes sold in the bakey...right?" Takato asked. This caused Kazu to freeze before slumping his shoulders in disappointment. Everyone laughed at the expense of Kazu's lack of being able to have free bread should they make it back to the Real World.

After a few more minutes of rest, Ryudamon stood up.

"Alright minna-san, we have a lot of ground to cover so let's a get a move on" the green eyed Digimon said. The others nodded before standing to their feet as well.

"Alright, so just keep heading south and we'll reach Zhuquiaomon's palace within four more days" Ryudamon stated.

"Nani, but I thought you said it would take four days for the trip to be made, we already traveled for one" Henry said.

"Yeah, but we stopped for too long, it's going to take more time to reach the palace of the Sovereign than just three days. However as Ryudamon was explaining this, everyone looked up in surprise to see a alrge pink beam of data moving towards them.

"Uh, Ryudamon?" Takato asked.

"Hai, Takato?"

"Should we run from that?" he asked. Ryudamon turned around saw the very far away data beam.

"Oh that, the pink teleportation beam of data why yes, we should avoid that, now then as I was saying..." Ryudamon froze before realizing what he just said before turning back to see the pink of data approaching them.

"Everyone move!" Ryudamon and Naruto yelled before running out of the way by running a few feet to side out of the data beam's radius length. But...

"AAAAHHHHHH!" everyone looked to see Kazu and Kenta running away from the data beam within the beam's path.

"Agh, bakas, I knew we should have left them behind" Naruto grumbled.

"Well I guess we will have to get them" Dorumon said.

"Alright, does anyone else wanna come and save Kenta and Kazu?" Naruto asked. Everyone, but Rika, Renamon and Ryudamon stepped back.

"Alright, you three you're coming with us" Naruto said. "Be sure to keep up Rika-chan" he teased as he, Gatomon and Dorumon took off after the two idiotic boys.

"You want me to keep up, I'll show you keeping up" Rika channeled chakra into her feet and took off with Renamon, who was carrying Ryudamon, by her side at speeds that wouldn't be humanly possible for someone without chakra.

"Maybe you should be keeping up" the fiery haired girl said as she passed Naruto, Gatomon and Dorumon before slowing down and grabbing the two tamers grabbed the two moronic boys.

"Are you two insane, running WITHIN the path of the data beam!" the six chasers yelled. Kazu and Kenta chuckled nervously before looking to see the pink beam quite near to them.

"Uh, guys" Kazu and Kenta said with worried expressions.

"WHAT?" they yelled. It was then that they chose to sweat drop. "The data beam is nearing us isn't it?" Renamon asked.

"Uh yeah pretty much" Kazu said before the eight of them of turned to face the giant, rapidly moving pink beam.

"Kuso" Naruto cursed before looking back at the others, "Go on without us, just keep going south, we'll catch up with you guys!"

The others, except for Leomon, were confused as to what would happen as the rapidly moving, pink beam of data engulfed them. The second after the pink beam swallowed them, they disappeared. Naruto, Dorumon, Gatomon, Rika, Renamon, Ryudamon, Kazu and Kenta...all disappeared in a flash of pink data.

"'re a native Digimon...what will those things do?" Takato said gripping onto Leomon's chest hair and pulling making the large lion Digimon grit his teeth in pain at having his hairs being pulled at.

"Okay first off, please let go, you're pulling my chest hairs and that hurts like a bitch" Leomon said as he felt relief when Takato let go, "Alright secondly those data beams are somewhat like teleporters that if you are touched by them, they will send you to any other part of the Quadrant, the larger ones, bigger than the one we just so are able to transport you from one of the four Quadrants to another" Leomon explained.

"But do you know where they could end up, like a Recycle Bin like on the computer, where they throw trashed data?" Henry asked.

"No, those data beams send anything anywhere. It's a completely random teleporter, so they could be anywhere within the Quadrant...let's just keep going South like Naruto said" the large feline then turned and picked up Jeri from off the ground and rested her on his shoulders and began walking.

"Alright, if we make it to the lair of Zhuquiaomon, we will have to wait on them in case they don't arrive by the time we do" Takato said.

"Yeah that sounds like a plan" Terriermon piped is before the remainder of the un-transported group continued to head South.

Meanwhile in some random area of the Southern Quadrant

When Makuramon had managed to kidnap Calumon..well Zhuquiamon did, but Makuramon had to deliver him to the Phoenix of the South. Makuramon had locked the Digimon in a cage, but had crashed to the ground since his wounds from Naruto made him weak and he had to rest.

Unfortunately, while the monkey deva was resting, Calumon had managed to escape with the help of some 'flying, shiny fishes' that were actually the very first data constructs, known as DigiGnomes. The ancient ancestors of the Digimon that had the power to grant the wishes of the individuals they deemed worthy to have their wishes become reality. They helped Calumon escape by having him break out of the cage, quietly, and then give him the temporary power of true flight, not just gliding along the winds with his ears.

When Makuramon woke up his eyes bugged out his head as he realized that the cream puff Digimon was missing and thus, the search for the Light of Digivolution began.

Makuramon was riding a large dragon Digimon with large antler like horns. The dragon was covered with green scales, had large red eyes and was big enough to rival Zhuquiaomon in size. Long, sharp claws were on its hands and feet and similarly sharp teeth lined its jaws. This was Majiramon, the Dragon deva Digimon and an Ultimate level just like all the other devas.

"Urrghhh, that damn cream puff...Zhuquiamon-sama is going to have my head if I can't find the Light of Digivolution" Makuramon said with a worried expression on his face.

"Please Makuramon...Zhuquiaomon would burn you to a crisp, your entire body, not only your head" Majiramon said with a deep chuckle. Makuramon sweat dropped.

"Thanks for the encouragement, Majiramon" Makuramon said as the dragon deva continued to fly through the air as they searched for Calumon, unknown to them, they had flown right past the cream puff Digimon who was merrily walking behind a large sand dune.

You see, after Calumon had escaped earlier, he began to run to Goldramon knows where. He was then suddenly attacked by a few Bearmon that wanted to eat him before escaping before having to survive as a Doggymon, who was being watched by a couple of Motimon and Tentomon.

"Poor kid" they said to themselves. Calumon was finally able to survive, his running skills finally paid off in the end as he outran the Doggymon.

Calumon was laughing as he hopped, skipped and jumped along the desert sands, going who knows where, unknown to him he was heading straight for the lair of Zhuquiamon, which was quite far away, but he was still heading in that general direction.

The pink, tumbleweed like balls of data rolling alongside him as he ran through the desert sands. His foot prints were making marks in the sand as he ran. Calumon then began to sing a song to himself.

"I was having a yucky day, but now WOOHOO, I get to play! Other Digimon were so mean, they're nasty if you ever seen. I don't need them, not at all, my brand new friends are big pink balls! Running here and running there, like a hyper teddy bear RAAAARR! Happy doodle oh what fun! I wish I had a chocolate bun, or a cookie or a cake, or a minty chocolate shake. Who need snacks, I have a time my friends need lollipop for joy! I'm so happy, I don't care, I'm still not wearing underwear!" Calumon sang in glee.

Unknown to the laughing Light of Digivolution, his footprints had carved out a weird design in the sand with the haphazard movements he was making and suddenly the DigiGnomes appeared, flying next to him and then Calumon's upside crimson triangle, the Zero Unit, glowed brightly on his forehead.

The footprints he made in the sand suddenly began to glow and a group of Woodmon who were watching the little tyke noticed the glow in the sand.

"Woah...what's going on? I feel funny" the Woodmon said before they glowed with a red light and then Digivolved into large tree looking Digimon called Cherrymon.

"Huh, hey look we digivolved" one of the newly digivolved Cherrymon exclaimed. However, Makuramon had decided to circle back and caught sight of the glowing golden light in the sands.

"Hmmm is is...the Light of Digivolution!" Makuramon exclaimed, "Quick Majiramon, go towards the Light"

'You know, this is actually the one time I actually WANT to go towards the light' the dragon deva thought, snickering to himself at the mental joke.

Digital World- Southern Quadrant

Unknown Location

Naruto, Rika, Renamon, Dorumon, Gatomon, Kazu, Kenta and Ryudamon all screamed in fright as they found themselves falling onto what seemed like hard ground from above. However, upon landing, there was no sound of cracking earth or the breaking of bones.

"Hey...we're alive" Dorumon said.

"WE'RE ALIVE!" Ryudamon cried out and hugged his old draconic friend along with Gatomon and Renamon. Meanwhile Rika and Naruto kissed each other, just to remind themselves they were alive...and to get something out of the feeling.

"Soooo..." Kazu looked around and noticed they were in an area that looked to be made entirely of clouds. There were large gears, similar to that of gears in a clock, resting atop poles. However, none of the gears appeared to be rotating.

"Where are we?" the glasses wearing boy that is Kenta, asked more to himself than the group.

"I don't know" Ryudamon said, "it appears we are in some place made entirely of solidified clouds though"

The armour wearing dragon jumped up and down to find that it was surprisingly springy for something so soft.

"Maybe there are some Digimon over here" Renamon said as her icy blue eyes scanned the area. "Oh...look there's someone over there"

Everyone followed the golden furred kitsune's gaze and then noticed she was right. The group ran towards the figure, that they now realized to be two figures standing by what seemed to be an old and broken cuckoo clock. They could tell it was broken because the second hand was constantly sticking at the ten second mark.

The group stopped a few feet away from the two and watched them as they talked. Naruto and Rika took out their D-Arks and scanned the two Digimon.

One of the figures, that looked like a phantom of some kind with only half a human body wearing a red and grey coloured sweater kind of clothing, while from the waist down it was a giant alarm clock that had an extra pair of hands, real hands and also a pair of legs. In the human part of the Digimon, there was a small silver hammer in its hands. Green eyes looked at the cuckoo clock's broken second hand.

The second look like a large gear made of up greyish metal and was coated with a golden metal of some kind around the edges while two smaller gears floated in front of it, acting as hands of some sort.

"Hmmm its broken and I nwant to fix it so bad, but if I do then the timestream of the Digital World will be disrupted and the Digital World could collapse...oh no wait that's just with my clock" the Digimon looked at its lower clock like body, "but that stupid ticking noise is driving me crazy, but we'll get in real trouble anyway from the boss if we do." the first figure said.

Judging from his tone, they could tell that this Digimon was hyperactive or just happened to talk really fast for no apparent reason.

"Then why don't you just leave it alone" the second figure that looked like a gear said.

"Okay, the first one is Clockmon, a Champion level Digimon. He is said to govern over all of space-time within the Digital World and can even fast forward or reverse time itself. His attacks are Chrono Breaker and Time Burster" Naruto read from Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark.

"The second one is Hagurumon, a Rookie level Digimon. There are countless gears built into its body, and the gears are constantly rotating. For that reason, if even a single gear is missing, all of the gears in its body stop rotating, and it becomes unable to maintain its vital functions. His attack is called Cog Crusher" Rika read from her blue D-Ark.

"Oi, minna-san!" Kazu called out. Everybody looked at the visor wearing pre-teen as the other face palmed, even Kenta.

"Oh dear Kami-sama, Kazu you retard" Rika groaned.

"Doesn't he know the meaning of the word stealthy?" Gatomon hissed.

"I guess not" Renamon said as they saw Kazu walk up to the Clockmon and Hagurumon.

"Hey guys...I hear you got a clock problem?" Kazu said as he walked up to them.

"Ah, a human...what are you doing here?" Clockmon asked in surprise.

"Nothing, but me and my friends..." Kazu gestured to the rest of the group who sweat dropped at Kazu's retard-ism and inability to think, but walked up alongside him anyways. "We were wondering where we were?"

"Oh you're in the sky relam where the time of the Digital World flows, we were wondering what this Cuckoo clock does because it always remained broken, but we never knew whether to just leave it or fix it because our boss is not so friendly when he wakes from his mid-morning nap" Clockmon said frantically.

"Well that's an easy answer, you fix it"

"NO KAZU DON'T!" but it was too late as Kazu had already moved the second hand and caused it to move and suddenly the alarm went off on the cuckoo clock. Suddenly the large non-spinning gears that balanced atop the poles began to rotate and make a loud noise as they gnashed together.

"Oh great, now you've done it" Hagurumon whimpered. Everyone's eyes widened in shock at what the gear like Digimon said before turning to Kazu.


"Uh...whoops" his voice, however was drowned out by the sound of a thunderous roar. Suddenly out of the clouds, a large serpentine like Digimon emerged. It was very large and was covered in orange scales and a yellow underbelly. It had no legs and its large powerful arms were sporting to large laser cannons that could open and close to replace its hands. A pair of ripped and tattered, violet coloured wings granted the creature flight as its steel mask covered head loomed over them. The group looked as large, yellow eyes with slitted pupils stared down at them.

"Alright...who woke me up?" the dragon like Digimon growled. Naruto quickly took out Gatomon's bronze D-Ark and scanned the Digimon.

"Megadramon, Ultimate level. He is a Dragon-Cyborg Digimon who boasts about being the strongest of his type of Digimon which I stated before as being a Dragon-Cyborg. His attacks are Dark Side Attack and Ultimate Slicer" Naruto read before pocketing the D-Ark.

"Oh, what's this...humans and Digimon, then that must mean you Digimon have been to the Real World...hehe, if I absorb your data I can easily reach into the Real World" Megadramon roared before swooping down on the group.

"Everyone, out of the way!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed Rika and rolled along the clouds.

"Soft landing, nice" Rika commented. The Digimon quickly rose to their feet and were ready to fight.

"DIAMOND STORM!" Renamon yelled. A white circle of energy formed in front of her before diamond shaped and similarly hard crystals formed in front of the energy circle. The shards of diamond flew towards Megadramon and barely even fazed him as Renamon was struck down by one of Megadramon's large arm cannons.

"DIGIMODIFY...GEOGREYMON'S MEGA FLAME ACTIVATE!" Naruto swiped the card through Dorumon's D-Ark. Dorumon held out his claws and suddenly a ball of red flame materialzed in his hand.

"Hmm...maybe I should get a tamer" Ryudamon said.

"Yeah, it helps a lot" Dorumon said before both he and Naruto jumped into the air.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" Naruto took a deep breath and a large dragon of fire burst forth from his lungs and out of his mouth.

"MEGA FLAME!" Dorumon yelled as he threw the large ball of fire. The two fire attacks mixed to form a larger fire dragon made of reddish orange flames.

"Rika, add some of your fire" Naruto said. Rika nodded as she pulled on her chakra and formed handsigns.

Hebi... Tora... Saru... Inu ...Uma...Tora

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" Rika let out a medium sized fireball from her mouth and that mixed along with Naruto and Dorumon's signature collaboration move.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Katon: Saikyo no Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" the three yelled as the Omega Fire Dragon attack flew towards Megadramon.

"ULTIMATE SLICER!" the large Ultimate level Digimon opened his arm cannons to reveal the three steel like claws that formed when they opened. The dragon Digimon slashed straight through the flames and completely nullified the attack.

"KATANA ATTACK!" Ryudamon shouted and fired several blades of iron from his jaws that struck Megadramon in the stomach and impaled him thus causing some mild damage to the large Digimon, but this proved to just anger the much larger Digimon.

"Kuso...we got to Digivolve" Rika said.

"Right" Naruto and Rika were about to draw their Digivolution cards when they heard a yell from above. The group looked up to see a very muscular dragon like Digimon with four crimson, bat like wings and wore a mask that obscured the upper area of its face as it was pitch black. Its skin was dark grey and had shining claws on its hands and feet.

"Go Cyberdramon" a voice atop the smaller dragon Digimon said. Everyone looked to see the Digimon, now identified as Cyberdramon, land on the clouds in front of them. A human, a boy to be specific jumped off the Cyberdramon's back. The boy had brown hair and brown eyes, wore a black t-shirt with a red neckerchief worn around his neck and wore what looked like a gauntlet of some kind on his right arm. A pair of tan coloured gloves were worn on each hand. The boy completed the outfit with a pair of khaki coloured pants that appeared to be worn underneath a pair of black short pants and a pair of red and white sneakers.

'No way' Rika, Kazu and Kenta thought in surprise, immediately recognizing the boy who was Cyberdramon's tamer.

"Cyberdramon attack!" the boy commanded. The Ultimate level Digimon released a roar before flying up and grabbing Megadramon and to the surprise of everybody, the much smaller Digimon heaved Megadramon over its shoulder and slammed it down on the clouds, hard even though it landed on clouds, Megadramon still got hurt.

"DESOLATION CLAW!" Cyberdramon exclaimed before its claws glowed green. The green energy suddenly flew from its claws as Cyberdramon slashed the air and then ten slash like markings of emerald green energy flew through the air and impacted with Megadramon. Megadramon howled in pain as the data-erasing energy hit home before it burst into red flakes of data. Cyberdramon then absorbed the data before releasing a bestial roar and then landed on the clouds next to the boy.

"Hey Clockmon, Hagurumon...I fixed the clock, well broke it... again so it's all safe now" the boy said. Clockmon and Hagurumon smiled with joy before Kazu and Kenta ran up to the boy and looked at with stars in their eyes.

"They said you had disappeared, but you didn't you just cam here to the Digital World"

"I can't believe it, we thought you were dead or something"

The two boys were suddenly knocked away as Cyberdramon nearly took off their heads when he knocked them back.

"CYBERDRAMON STOP IT!" the boy took out a black D-Ark before unleashing a whip of dark blue data and wrapped it around Cyberdramon's neck. Cyberdramon roared in annoyance and rage as it tried to get rid of the whip constricting it, but after a few seconds it calmed down.

The boy sighed in relief before turning to the group of tamers and Digimon. Then the boy's eyes settled on the fiery haired beauty.

"Ah, Rika Nonaka. Long time no see" the boy said, "You're as beautiful as ever" the boy said as he began to flirt with the red head. Rika's eyes widened before she turned away from him, a slight blush on her face.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, well actually, he more or less growled the question out. Five seconds after even meeting the guy, he already starts flirting with his girlfriend, but it seemed as if the boy knew Rika beforehand.

"I am..."

"This is Ryo Akiyama, the legendary Digimon King and the best in the Digimon card game. He was the King and Rika always lost to him, but ever since he had disappeared from the last tournament he won, Rika here began to develop an ego when she became the Digimon Queen" Kazu and Kenta answered.

"Uh Naruto-kun is it okay if we just leave" Rika said.

"What and not get the chance to talk to this charming fella, preposterous?" Naruto said with sarcasm dripping from his words like venom from a cobra's fangs. Not even taking his glaring eyes off of Ryo.

"So let me hear your introduction from you..who are you exactly?" Naruto asked again.

"I am Ryo Akiyama and I am Rika's boyfriend" Naruto, Dorumon, Gatomon, Renamon and Ryudamon's, hell even Kyuubi from within his cage heard this and their eyes all widened in shock.

(Ryudamon was introduced to everyone and got to know everyone when they took the break to eat some bread)

"HER WHAT?" they all exclaimed. Rika's eyes widened before she glared at Ryo along with Naruto.

"Oooo kit's not too happy about this" the Lord of Kitsune commented as he could feel the lack of repressed killing intent towards this newcomer.

"Who are you?" Ryo asked Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, Ryo is my ex-boyfriend...okay EX" she emphasized. Naruto nodded and then smirked at Ryo who seemed to turn his head away from the Rika and himself, which in Naruto's mind was a psychological defense to block the hurt Ryo felt because the claim to being an ex-boyfriend must have been true.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and I am Rika-chan's current boyfriend" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing crimson. Ryo and Naruto glared at each other, anime lightnign formed between their eyes to represent the tension.

All the Digimon: Renamon, Dorumon, Gatomon, Clockmon, Hagurumon, Ryudamon and even Cyberdramon along with Kazu, Kenta and the Kyuubi all watched the scene from different vantage points, but they all had one single thought in their minds.

"Well...this is awkward"

(A/N: Well here is the first part to the Rescuing the Light being finished. Chapter 18 is done. I know there is barely any fighting in this, but I learnt from an author that action is not necessary in ever single chapter so therefore I still hope you guys like this chapter. Oooooo look what's going on, Naruto and Ryo have met and already their off to a rocky start with Naruto ready to rip Ryo in two. How will this affect Naruto and Rika's relationship now that the red head's ex-boyfriend, the Digimon King, is back? Also it seems that the group is miraculously reunited. However it seems that they must take a little detour because apparently Kazu wants to help an Andromon, that de-digivolved into a Guardramon, regain its honour by fighting the bully Orochimon who had taken over a colony of Gekomon that serve it sake. Will Naruto kill Ryo and tear him limb from limb? Will the chivalrous Guardramon be able to defeat the evil Orochimon? Find out next time on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody, Chapter 19: Rescuing the Light Pt. 2. Please review -K.D)