Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 19: Rescuing the Light Pt. 2

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"I am Ryo Akiyama and I am Rika's boyfriend" Naruto, Dorumon, Gatomon, Renamon and Ryudamon's, hell even Kyuubi from within his cage heard this and their eyes all widened in shock.

"HER WHAT?" they all exclaimed. Rika's eyes widened before she glared at Ryo along with Naruto.

"Oooo kit's not too happy about this" the Lord of Kitsune commented as he could feel the lack of repressed killing intent towards this newcomer.

"Who are you?" Ryo asked Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, Ryo is my ex-boyfriend...okay EX" she emphasized. Naruto nodded and then smirked at Ryo who seemed to turn his head away from the Rika and himself, which in Naruto's mind was a psychological defense to block the hurt Ryo felt because the claim to being an ex-boyfriend must have been true.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and I am Rika-chan's current boyfriend" Naruto growled, his eyes flashing crimson. Ryo and Naruto glared at each other, anime lightnign formed between their eyes to represent the tension.

All the Digimon: Renamon, Dorumon, Gatomon, Clockmon, Hagurumon, Ryudamon and even Cyberdramon along with Kazu, Kenta and the Kyuubi all watched the scene from different vantage points, but they all had one single thought in their minds.

"Well...this is awkward"


"'re Rika's boyfriend?" Ryo asked glaring into Naruto's sapphire eyes with his own brown ones.

"That's right and I'm no doubt a better tamer than you, you barely control your own Digimon" Naruto growled as he pointed at the large humanoid dragon Digimon.

"Leave Cyberdramon out of this, blondie. You wanna go right now?" Ryo said backing off and putting up his fists, ready to fight. The others, minus Clockmon, Hagurumon and Cyberdramon were in shock at Ryo's challenge.

"Naruto would slaughter the guy" Dorumon said.

"No doubt" Gatomon added, "I can't wait to see how he wipes the floor with Rika's ex" Rika looked in shock at what Ryo did and what her boyfriend was about to do.

Naruto smirked and back away with his arms folded.

"I bet I could take you without my hands" Naruto said confidently.

"Naruto-kun, please don't you might hurt him" Rika said, knowing full well how powerful her boyfriend was, even without using chakra he could break a grown man's ribs with a single strike having seen the act done firsthand.

(A/N: Refer to chapter 8)

"Rika, you really think this guy could beat me?" Ryo looked at his former girlfriend before receiving a glare from the fiery haired girl.

"Just shut up,'ve cause enough trouble for today" Rika growled before taking Naruto's hand. "Come on guys, we have to meet up with the others as soon as we can"

The Digimon, minus Cyberdramon, Clockmon and Hagurumon, along with Kazu and Kenta shrugged before turning around going to walk in some random direction in hopes of finding a way back to the group. Ryo gritted his teeth, his fist clenched as his brown eyes attempted to burn a hole into the back of the blonde shinobi's head.

'I'm not going to let some blonde baka steal my girl and get away with it' the so-called legendary tamer thought before lunging at the blonde. His fist cocked back, aimed for Naruto's head. However due to Naruto's sixth sense for danger and his shinobi skills he sensed movement behind him.

Naruto ripped his hand free from Rika's grip before turning around, his blue eyes changing crimson as he put up a hand and blocked Ryo's fist. Naruto then redirected the fist before moving his left foot forward thus positioning his body in such a way that the blonde grabbed Ryo by the throat and slammed him down on the ground. Ryo gasped in pain as he felt the impact.

Cyberdramon raced to help his tamer, that even though Cyberdramon was not really that tamed, Ryo granted him power that he could never have achieved and therefore needed to get rid of the threat that is Naruto. However, as Cyberdramon leaped to the attack, he was halted as Dorumon, Gatomon and surprisingly Ryudamon all jumped to perform a powerful triple kick, one to head, one to the chest and one to the lower abdominals.

Cyberdramon flew through the air before being restrained as Dorumon wrapped his arm around Cyberdramon's head, performing a choke hold while Gatomon and Ryudamon held down his arms using surprising strength.

"Stay down" the three Digimon told the large Ultimate level who still fought to free himself.

Naruto neared Ryo's face as he the brown haired boy tried desperately to free himself. Naruto's grip was far too rigid to break free of and Ryo eventually was left to just gripping Naruto's wrist in a feeble attempt to prevent further strangulation.

"Now listen here you little punk, you better learn to not attack your superiors. I am far more powerful than any human and stronger than most Digimon, I can probbaly take down your little pet provided that I go all out or close to that" Naruto said as his eyes remained crimson.

"Now back off from Rika-chan...or I will personally... make you see hell" the jinchuriki growled as Ryo stared into those pools of death as he was suddenly filled with visions of people dying, giant claws slicing them to shreds, the red and black fur of a giant creature with nine tails and the last sound he heard before fainted...was the sound of the Kyuubi no Kitsune's beastial roar.

Naruto smirked as he saw Ryo's eyes roll into the back of head, his head lolling back as the brown haired boy fainted.

"Alright, you three can let go of Cyberdramon now" Naruto said. Dorumon, Gatomon and Ryudamon nodded before releasing the Ultimate level Digimon. The two Rookie and one Champion Digimon jumped back to their friends' sides before the group walked off.

Clockmon and Hagurumon watched the blonde shinobi's retreating back before looking at the 'legendary' tamer and the large dragon Digimon who seemed to be growling out of rage, but was really out its weakness.

'Two Rookies and a Champion bested me' the dragon thought before walking over to his tamer, 'Must find more powerful opponents to fight in order to become stronger'

"Naruto don't you think you went a little too far making Ryo faint?" Rika asked. Naruto frowned.

" why didn't you ever tell me you had an ex-boyfriend?" Rika bit her lip as she could practically feel the intensity of his glare that he sent her way.

"Ummm...well it never really mattered" she started. Naruto looked at her with an odd, but still pissed off look.

"Didn't matter?" he practically spat out, "Rika-chan, you could have at least told about this. Your little secret boyfriend that you would have never told me about" Rika turned to the blonde and stopped walking, grabbing him by the arm to stop him. The Digimon, who were up front stopped and turned around to watch the lover's spat that was about to unfold.

"Alright Naruto listen up and listen well, I BROKE UP WITH HIM! Ryo was a perverted teme when we together, besides he was too much of a bother. He threw around his status as the Digimon King like as if it were toy a dog would play with. He thought he deserved respect from it, I didn't respect, but I only went out with him because, I'll admit, he was nice looking and because of his status as Digimon King. After I got to know him, I realized he was a baka and he was only harrassing me, asking me where I was, who I was with...he was too clingy" Rika yelled at him, showing reasons as to why she chose to forget Ryo.

"But the main reason..."her voice went soft at that part, "the main reason I broke up with him...was because I saw him with another girl...and making out with her." Rika clenched her fist at the emotionally scarring memory before looking at Naruto who was looking at her with wide eyes. His sapphire eyes now filled with regret for getting mad at her, but there was a hidden feeling of intense rage towards Ryo and gave even more reason as to why Naruto should beat him up.

"Wow..."was all Naruto could say, "I...I don't know what to say I" Naruto looked down in shame after what he just heard. He looked into Rika's eyes as she walked up to him and held his face in her hands.

"Look, was a long time ago, we broke up and I've put it all behind me because it was all in the past. Besides, I love you now and no one is going to stop me from doing so. Ryo was just a memory in the back of my mind and that is all he will be to me" Rika replied with a small smile. The blonde looked at his girlfriend before smirking and wrapping his arms around her shoulder and pulling her next to him.

"Arigato...Rika-chan" he whispered.

"No problem" she replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek. There was silence as the Digimon, Kazu and Kenta turned away as the pair looked at them, whistling innocently and acting as if they hadn't witnessed one of the couple's first fights.

"You all can stop whistling now" the blonde and red head said with a laugh causing them all to scratch their heads in embarrassment.

"Alright then..."Ryudamon looked around the landscape of clouds, "we better get a move on and find another one of those teleportation data beams and get off this cloud city"

"Hai" was the response from everyone before they headed off in a direction that to Goldramon knows where.

With Takato and the others


Hot and thirsty.

That was how Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Leomon and Jeri felt at the moment. They were previously doing what they were supposed to be doing, heading south, at a walking pace, but now due to the intense feeling of heat that somehow emerged after hours of walking they were now reduced to trudging and/or dragging their feet across the red sands of the seemingly endless desert landscape.

"Uuuuugh, how long have we been walking?" Takato asked. Henry sighed and licked his lips. He, along with everyone else had been feeling thirsty for quite sometime now. Henry had packed some water for the trip in large canteens, but sharing three canteens between six VERY thirsty Digimon and people proved to be an unwise decision as they downed all the water they had within the few hours they had been walking...and now they had none as they had underestimated the time it would take to cross a frickin' desert.

"Probably a few hours...just keep heading south" Henry said. Terriermon spread out his ears to provide Henry with much needed shade.

"Here you go buddy, I'll keep you cool" the dog eared bunny said to his tamer as he rested atop his head. The Asian tamer smiled up at his partner.

"Arigato, Terriermon...I'll be able to keep walking for a while longer now" Terriermon chuckled.

"Momentai" he replied.

" have good eyesight...see if you can find anything across the horizion or whatever you call it" Jeri panted.

"It's too hot to care what it's called" Guilmon said as he dragged his feet and claws, leaving trails in the dirt.

"Man...I wish we could find someplace with shade and water" Leomon said to himself as he scanned the area. Unknown to them all, glowing golden figures floated above them, giggling to themselves before their glows became shines.

The DigiGnomes stopped glowing before giggling once more and then flew off with a wave, but they were still unnoticed by the tamers and their partners.

Leomon continued to look across the red sands before he spotted something in the distance.

"Oi, minna-san" Leomon alerted everyone, "I see something and it looks like...NOT DESERT!"

"REALLY?" Takato yelled in excitement and grabbing Leomon. Leomon looked at Takato with a sweat drop forming on the back of the lion Digimon's head.

"Uh yeah" he replied before getting Takato off of him. "Right over there, in that direction" the bue eyed lion pointed towards the south east. At least they were heading south still.

Takato laughed with excitement and insanity...but mostly insanity before he grabbed Guilmon and climbed atop his back. Guilmon gave an 'oof' as he felt Takato's weight on him.

"IKUZO GUILMON...MUSH!" Takato yelled.

"Aye Aye, Takatomon!" Guilmon cried out before taking off towards the unknown non-desert area at high speeds. Speeds that no one knew Guilmon possessed.

"Sugoi...they must be really thirsty" Jeri said.

"Come on we gotta keep up" Leomon said before grabbing Henry and Jeri and placing them both on his large and broad shoulders.

"Yay, Leomon's giving us a ride" Terriermon said with glee atop Henry's head.

"MUSH!" Henry exclaimed, Leomon looked back at him with a 'Are-you-serious?' look.

"Don't push it gaki" the lion told the blue haired boy before taking off after the goggle wearing tamer and the rapidly moving crimson lizard.

After a few minutes of anime enhanced running, which resulted in large trails of dust and sand being kicked up, the group finally reached the non-desert location and it was a forested area.

"AAHHHHHH!" the group screamed in glee before running into the nice shade that the large trees and other types of foliage provided. They continued running before they suddenly felt the ground beneath them disappear. They seemed to pause in mid air before rolling down the hill that were suddenly on and stopping as they reached the bottom.

"Uuuuuuuugh" they groaned in pain. Guilmon was the first to recover before sniffing the air.

"Oi...guys, I think I smell" Guilmon sniffed again, "I smell water"

"WATER?" Guilmon was thrown back from the sound waves generated from their shout due to the sheer volume of it.

"I think it's right in front of us" Guilmon pointed his claws directly in front of them. The people and Digimon turned from Guilmon to see only a thick mist in front of them. However, as they continued to look, as if by some unseen force, the mist began to disperse and decrease in thickness.(A/N: Unseen force=me)

All of a sudden they were gifted with the sight of a crystal blue lake filled with water that shone in the sunlight. And then suddenly as the lake was shown, the sound of an angel's chorus graced their ears.

"Sugoi" Jeri said with wide eyes.

"I can hear angels singing" Takato said.

"Or it could be that group of Gekomon over there" Henry and Terriermon said pointing out the group of frog looking Digimon. Henry took out his D-Ark and scanned the Gekomon to learn the information he could learn from his green D-Ark.

The group turned to see that there was in fact a group of Gekomon. Gekomon were frog looking Digimon, with emerald green skin and a white underbelly.

"Gekomon, Champion level. Their tongues contained holes on the tip and around their neck was a golden horn/trumpet. Through these four holes, music came through which can be melded with their singing to create amazing tones and music that is able to influence the feelings of others. Their signature attack is Symphony Crusher" the Asian tamer read.

The frog like Digimon, with their red coloured eyes never blinking as they sang in a harmony that in complete contradictory to their looks which was quite beautiful as they looked just plain butt ugly.

"The Gekomon are famous for their singing" Leomon explained, "Although their appearances are not the best, their voices and the music they make through the holes in their tongues and the trumpet on their necks, more than make up for it"

"Okay guys" a large red digimon said in front of the Gekomon, "let's now try out the song we've been working on"

"What Digimon is that?" Takato took out his red D-Ark and scanned the largest of the Digimon that was a part of the Gekomon's choir.

This Digimon resembled a toad or a bullfrog in more ways than one and was the digivolved, Ultimate level form of the Gekomon and their leader. The holographic image of the large red Digimon appeared on the D-Ark.

The large red behemoth of a Digimon was larger than even Leomon and had the crazed look that the Gekomon all had in his eyes. There were two horns on his shoulders and topknot on his head. There are two tape strips across his belly, where it indicates the Digimon has an outie navel (belly button). He also has two claw-like whiskers.

"ShogunGekomon, Ultimate level. His singing voice can be manipulated scale-wise by his two horns, which also act as brass instruments. His voice is far lower than a Gekomon's, making him the samurai lord of all Gekomon. His attacks are Musical Fist and Horn Howling" Takato read before pocketing his D-Ark.

"A one, a two...a one, two, three, four" the horns then blared on all of the Gekomon as well as on ShogunGekomon in one large chorus of brass instruments.

"That's loud" Jeri yelled to Takato.

"Yeah, I know" the goggle wearing tamer yelled back.

"Now let's start singing" their trumpets the front and middle rows of the five rows of Gekomon began playing what they would assume to be the melody. Meanwhile the ones in back played an accompaniment piece.

(Full Metal Alchemist Opening 4-Period)

Owarinaki tabi no tochuu tachidomarisou na toki
Fukai tameiki kobosu bokura wa

Tsukamikakete wa mata hanarete itta
Demo ima wa mou nani mo osoreru koto wa nai

Kokoro o tsunagu tsuyoi kizuna wa
Keshite hodoke wa shinai sa
Sagashitsuzukete tadoritsuita
Kono basho de Period ni

Ai ni michita nukumori karadajuu kakemeguru
Nido to kieru koto nai kioku ga…

Kanarazu yakusoku hatashite kimi o tsureteku yo
Afureru (yume o) negai (daite) subete uta ni nosete

Genjitsu kara me o sorasazu ni
Tachimukau yuuki o
Kanashimi ikari chikara ni kaete
Unmei wa sugu soba ni

Mukau saki wa hora
Kirameku sekai

Boku o furuwasu kono kansei o
Uragiru koto wa shinai sa
Tomo ni ikiteku mirai no tame ni
Kono basho de Period ni

Shinjitsu wa yubisaki ni

Takato and the others could only stare in amazement at the song the amphibious Digimon just sang as they took a bow. Then Jeri began to clap, which caused a chain reaction thus causing the others to clap. Henry even performed the whistle where you stick two fingers in your mouth.

"Encore Encore" Guilmon cried out.

"More, more" Terriermon said.

"Excellent music by all of you" Leomon said. The Gekomon looked surprised along with their leader, ShogunGekomon at the appearance of humans.

"Are you guys humans?" ShogunGekomon asked, and to the confusion of everyone,he sounded exactly like Morgan Freeman for some reason.

"Hai, we came here to the Digital World to help a friend, but we need to rest for a the way nice job" Henry explained. The large red bullfrog Digimon nodded with a smile.

"I see, well welcome to the mildly swampy area that is my and my choir's home. Gekomon, say hello to our guests" ShogunGekomon said.

"Ohayo humans" the green Digimon said with smiles.

"Ohayo, I'm Matsuki Takato, this is my partner Guilmon" the red D-Ark wielding tamer introduced himself and his partner.

"That's Wong Henry and his partner Terriermon" the Asian tamer nodded while Terriermon gave an enthusiastic wave and smile.

"And finally over there is Katou Jeri and her partner Leomon"

"Nice to meet you guys" the female tamer greeted while Leomon gave a nod of respect to the Gekomon and their leader. ShogunGekomon smiled and waved at the tamers and their partners before a serious look crossed his face.

"So, I see that you like our music and our singing judging by your reactions" the leader of the Gekomon said in voice that was still eerily familiar to Morgan Freeman's.

"Yeah, amazingly talented you guys are" Jeri said with a small clap causing the large Digimon to chuckle.

"You humans have good taste in music then, would you like to hear some more?" ShogunGekomon asked.

"Of course!" the group replied with happy expressions.

"Very well" the large crimson bullfrog said with a wilder than average look in his already wild looking eyes. Turning to his group, ShogunGekomon smirked before counting the timing for the next song.

"One, two, three, four...okay guys... HIT IT!"

With Naruto and his group

The group of four Digimon and four humans continued to traverse the snow white area, but it never seemed to end and they hadn't even come across any other Digimon, which was both good and bad becaase they wouldn't have to fight, but that means that there were also no signs of a digital transportation beam coming back up to this place.

"Naruto-kun, we've been walking for hours" Rika whined, "Can we rest now?"

"Yeah, I'm a bit tired myself" Naruto said before dropping down on his knees. Rika, Kazu, Kenta and the Digimon also fell to the soft, fluffy surface of the cloud city. The only sounds being the echoing, monotonous sound of the broken cuckoo clock they had left behind, that surprisingly carried the sound of its ticking throughout the entire area...that and their breathing were the only sounds heard.

"It's amazing how that cuckoo clock ticking could be so annoying" Kazu commented.

"Yeah" Kenta agreed.

"So, Ryudamon...have you ever been to this part of the Digital World, this cloud place?" Dorumon asked.

"" he stated earning sighs of disappointment from the group causing him to sweat drop.

"Kuso" Renamon cursed.

"Gomen, but the only chance of getting off this place is with a transportation data beam" the samurai armour wearing dragon told the group. The group then proceeded to rest, unknown to them that the DigiGnomes were watching from above.

The little ancestors of the Digimon all giggled before waving their hands. Their soft glowing bodies, became similar to shining beacons in the sky before releasing a pink aura of power that shot off a few miles away from where the group was now currently resting. The pink aura then transformed into a beam of data...the transportation beam. The DigiGnomes giggled once more before flying away leaving no trace of ever being there.

The pink beam of data then neared the group, casting a soft glow over their bodies. The group quickly sat up, their eyes widened in surprise before their vision was engulfed with pink.

"NANI?" was the only word that escaped their lips in exclamation before they vanished from where they were sitting.

Gekomon Swamp-Dark Time

"One more, please?" Takato asked. The Gekomon were a bit tired from singing, but they could manage one more song.

"Don't worry, we may be tuckered out, but we'll be able to sing one more song" ShogunGekomon said as he wiped his brow which was covered with what seemed to be sweat.

"If you guys are tired, you don't have to" Henry said feeling sorry for the tired amphibious Digimon. The darkness had come in the middle of one of their songs that they made up on the fly called 'Digimon are the Champions', which sounded oddly familiar, but they didn't question it.

(A/N: Yes it is the main opening theme of Digimon seasons 1-3)

ShogunGekomon and the others waved their hands.

"No, no" said one of the Gekomon choir members, "this is the first time we've sang to an audience" the creature spoke with an obvious lisp, but continued, "we are honoured to have humans, much less Digimon tamers enjoy our singing"

"We will sing one more song" the rest of the Gekomon chorused. ShogunGekomon looked at his choir with anime tears flowing like waterfalls from his eyes. (A/N:Think Gai and Lee when they cry)

"I'M SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!" he bellowed before smiling and waving his hands in the air to provide the timing for the song.

"All right and to close this off we have this final song, it may sound sad, but it is the best ending song we got" ShogunGekomon said with a smirk and wink to the group of tamers and their partners. However, just as they were about to start there was bright flash of pink light as a data stream passed through the lake, parting the water. The Digimon and tamers watched in awe as they saw eight figures falling from the beam and into the water before the beam vanished.

The lake water flowed back into the space that was no longer filled when the data beam parted it. The group of Gekomon, ShogunGekomon, Takato, Henry, Jeri and their partners all blinked when they saw the water begin to bubble.

Suddenly out of the water burst Naruto, Rika, Kazu, Kenta, Dorumon, Gatomon, Renamon and Ryudamon all gasping for breath as they hadn't prepared to fall into freezing lake water. The four humans and four Digimon swam to the shore and climbed onto the sweet, dry land.

"Dear Kami...why did that thing drop us off in the middle of a fucking lake!" Naruto cursed as he stood to his feet. He then turned around and helped the Digimon and Rika climb out while Kazu and Kenta had to climb out on thier own.

"Geez, thanks for helping us out of the water" Kazu said sarcastically. Naruto smirked with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"You're welcome" thus earning a glare from both of them.

"And you are?" ShogunGekomon asked the newcoming tamers, humans and the Digimon.

"Oh, I'm Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, I'm a Digimon Tamer. These are my partners, Dorumon" he gestured to the purple furred dragon who nodded, "and Gatomon" the feline gave a wave and a smile causing most of the Gekomon to blush.

"This is Dorumon's friend, Ryudamon" the second X-Antibody Digimon nodded with short bow, "and this my girlfriend or..."Naruto blushed, "mate as you guys might define it" the terminology used caused Rika to also blush while everyone else snickered earning glares from the couple.

"Her partner, Renamon" the blonde kitsune nodded. "And those two bakas are Kazu and Kenta"

"OI I RESENT THAT REMARK!" Kazu and Kenta yelled. ShogunGekomon nodded with a serious look.

"So, Takato-san..." the goggle wearing tamer looked up at the giant toad Digimon.

"Hai?" he asked.

"Are you friends with these tamers and their Digimon and those two...bakas?" he asked pointing at them. Kazu and Kenta fumed, but kept silent not wanting to anger a Digimon that could easily step on them and turn them into literal pancakes.

"Hai, they are my friends" the response earned a smile from the large Digimon who then turned to his choir. Before they began though, Naruto had used the Evaporation jutsu to dry everyone's clothes. THEN the final song began.

"Okay guys, it's dark and these humans and their Digimon are probably tired so let's give them a song to make them sleepy" ShogunGekomon said. A chorus of "Hai" was heard. The trumpets then began to play a sad sounding tune, but it still sounded nice. The tamers yawned out of tiredness as they laid against the trunks of the nearby trees or against their backpacks to use as pillows.

(Full Metal Alchemist Opening Five-Rain)

Yatto mitsuketa atarashii asa wa
tsukihi ga jama wo suru
mukau saki wa tsugi ja nakute
Sugi bakari oikaketa

Nariyamanai yousha nai omoidetachi wa
Yurushite kuresou ni mo nai
sorosoro ka na tesaguri tsukareta hoho wo
Kattou ga kobore ochiru

Ame wa itsuka yamu no deshou ka
zuibun nagai aida tsumetai
Ame wa doushite boku wo erabu no
tsutsumarete ii ka na
Ame wa yamu koto wo shirazu ni
Kyou mo furitsuzuku keredo
Sotto sashidashita kasa no naka de
Nukumori ni yorisoi nagara

The song ended and by that time, the song had already put all of the humans and digimon to sleep.

"Well guys that's all for today let's go home and rest our voices with some nice milk and honey" the leader of the Gekomon said.

"HOORAY MILK AND HONEY!" and with that, the Gekomon and ShogunGekomon left the so-called swamp and headed back to their home.

Digital World-Gekomon Swamp

Light Time

The group yawned as they awoke from their sleep.

"Ah, that was a nice rest" Kazu yawned as stood to his feet to stretch. The others followed suit and stretched their tight muscles due to lack of movement while they were sleeping.

"Yeah it was, but" Naruto twisted his body and head causing everyone to hear the cracks that his neck and back made and making them wince, "those trees are not comfortable, if I wasn't completely asleep I would have moved"

"Those Gekomon do make nice music though" Henry said.

"That they do" Terriermon responded to Henry's comment to which everyone nodded in agreement.

"So...what should we do?" Kenta asked adjusting his glasses, "By the way, how long have we been in the Digital World for?"

Naruto looked at his watch.

"Well time passes slower in the Digital World, but in terms of the Real World...we have been here for..." Naruto's eyes widened, "We've been here for nearly an entire week"

"NANI?" everyone gasped.

"But it seemed to be less than that, and besides it's only been two days here" Jeri stated.

"Well that's the way things work in the Digital World" Leomon told his tamer before looking around, his eyes narrowing and his ears flicking back and forth.

"Matteo...I think I heard something" the group was previously talking, but was now completely silent. The bushes to the left of them rustled and suddenly there were sounds of fighting as twigs snapped, leaves flew out of the nearby forest and suddenly there was a grunt of pain as a silver and black blue flew out of the trees, knocking a few of them down on the way out of the depths of the trees.

"What the hell was that?" Dorumon exclaimed looking at where the silver and black blur had flown past them. The group looked to see a humanoid looking Digimon encased in what seemed to be a metal armour of some sort, but his organic parts such as its lower face, one of its arms and part of its thigh and lower leg.

"Whose that Digimon?" Jeri asked.

"It's Andromon" Kazu said in awe, "He's one of my favourite Digimon of all time and his signature attack is..."

"LIGHTNING BLADE!" Andromon roared in a deep voice indicating he was male, stood to his feet. His right hand rotated at high speeds turning into a makeshift drill. The hand hummed with power as electric blue coloured energy formed around it. Andromon swung his arm and an arc of blue flew into the trees and an explosion erupted from the forest as the attack made contact with the forest foliage and whatever Andromon was aiming at because there was a scream of pain.

(A/N: I know a lot of Digimon are appearing to be male, but it's not my fault blame the Digimon creators they made most of them like that, I'm not sexist)

There was silence as everyone stared at the forest, readying themselves to fight...except for Kazu, Kenta and Jeri who hid behind Leomon.

There was a loud hiss that made the hairs on the back of Naruto's neck stand on edge, his eyes flashed crimson as he and Kyuubi knew the sound well.

"Hebi/Snake" Kyuubi said to his jinchuriki.

"No shit sherlock" Naruto growled to his bijuu. A pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared in the darkness of the forest before seven more pairs of eyes appeared, there golden glows illuminating the darkness before the beast lashed out heading for Andromon alone.

"Don't attack!" Leomon ordered, "It's only after Andromon"

"But we can't just abandon the guy" Kazu said.

"This is not our fight and we can't take any unnecessary actions" the Beast King growled to the visor wearing pre-teen. Kazu gritted his teeth as he saw what seemed to be a giant eight headed snake attack the android Digimon.

"Let's see what that thing is" Naruto said taking out the bronze coloured D-Ark that was Gatomon's. The holographic image of a large serpent with one organic head and seven robotic ones appeared on the screen of the bronze coloured D-Ark.

"Orochimon, Ultimate level. It is gigantic and possesses eight heads, though seven of them are dummies, and the black one in the middle is the only real one. Attacks are Inferno Blast and Ame no Murakumo" Naruto read.

"INFERNO BLAST!" the giant snake hissed before its real head unleashed a large blast of white flames. Andromon held up his arms in defense before taking the attack head on. Andromon was shown to be struggling to hold off the giant snake.

"How dare such a foul beast attack a brave knight such as myself. As the Iron Knight, I, Andromon shall make haste to rid the Digital World of a piece of vermin such as you Orochimon" everyone sweat dropped as Andromon spoke in a language that only people in the Middle Ages spoke, the olden King's english.

"What a moron"

"That is so cool" Kazu said as he saw Andromon jump into the air after leaping through the alchoholic flames of Orochimon and then slamming a powerful kick to one of its dummy heads, however the other five dummies lashed out and bit on Andromon's limbs before one took him and threw him away, slamming into a tree. Then Orochimon's tail came crashing down upon Andromon's downed form and putting the digimon into even more pain.

Andromon groaned before glowing with a yellow light and reverted into his Champion form, which looked far more robotic. The robot's armour was rust red and he also possessed jet packs on his back.

"He probably took a lot of damage before he arrived here, he de-digivolved into Guardromon" Kazu said running up to the unconscious android Digimon. It was then, however that the Gekomon and ShogunGekomon had chosen to come and practice their singing.

"La La La...La...what the fuck?" the amphibious Digimon cried out in alarm at seeing the large eight headed serpent.

"Kuso" the tamers cursed, "The Gekomon are here, quick we gotta protect them" Naruto ordered having seen Orochimon's head turn. The snake hissed before opening his original mouth and showing the alcohol streams that filled his mouth before the alcohol began to burn and turn into pale white flames.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" Leomon let loose a powerful fiery fist that took the shape of a lion's head. The attack struck Orochimon's original head in the chin, stopping the attack.

"Are you okay?" Kazu asked.

"I am fine child, but..." Guardromon grunted in pain as he tried to stand, but Kazu stopped him.

"No, you're not. You need to stay down or you'll hurt yourself even more" Kazu said with concern for the Digimon. Guardromon seemed to chuckle at Kazu's emotions.

"I see...well then, I guess I cannot obey your command, human" te robotic Digimon stood before pushing Kazu behind him and then holdingup his iron hard arms to block an incoming swinging tail from Orochimon.

"However, I will not let Orochimon harm such an innocent bystander, much less a child" Kazu looked in awe as Guardromon pushed the tail aside.

"GUARDROMON, NO DON'T FIGHT!" the visor wearing pre-teen shouted, but his words fell on responders because Guardromon jumped away and into the heat of the battle.

"GUARDIAN BARRAGE!" Guardomon opened fire as two literally whistling missiles flew through the air and impacted with one of Orochimon's dummy heads, but barely did any damage.



Dorumon and Gatomon struck home as they impaled one of the dummy heads and killed it thus leaving Orochimon with only six dummy heads and his original. Leomon drew his blade and jumped to the side as another dummy head tried to crash down on him, but instead got a mouthful of dirt. Leomon then gave a roar before slicing through the metallic serpent head this beheading it and leaving only five dummy heads remaining.

"INFERNO BLAST!" the original head of Orochimon let loose the white alchoholic flames causing everyone to get slightly wqoozy from the scent seeing as how the scent of alcohol emanating from the white fire was so strong. However, Guardomon being a machine, had not been affected and crashed a powerfdul right hook to one of Orochimon's dummy heads, leaving a noticeable dent before spinning and performing a roundhouse kick utterly destroying the entire right side of the dummy head.

"You will pay, insolent little worm" Orochimon hissed before wrapping his tail around Guardromon and then slamming him repeatedly into the ground before throwing dragging him along the ground. Guardromon grunted in pain, trying to stop his movement by digging his fingers into the dirt, but to no avail.

Orochimon then threw Guardromon into the air.

"Batter up" the large seprent said before swinging his tail like a baseball bat and slamming it into Guardromon's side sending the robotic Digimon spiraling through the air and into the dirt.

"Dude, I told you...stop" Kazu said running up to the android Champion level. Guardromon sighed in defeat.

"You don't understand, it is against my nature, I am supposed to guard the Digital World from fiends such as Orochimon. I am the Iron Knight...I"

"Don't have to do this alone. I'll help you" Kazu said with a smirk. Guardromon looked in shock at Kazu's willingness to help him, even without supernatural abilities.

"Well then, partner, I guess... I will listen to you" Guardromon said. Then a light appeared and Kazu saw a small little bubble appear out of Guardromon's body. He grabbed the bubble and in his hands was a purple D-Ark. Kazu looked in shock before looking with the surprised looked that was seen in Guardromon's eyes.

"I'm your tamer?" Kazu said as he slid a Blue Card out from behind the purple D-Ark.

"It appears so...what is your name?"

"Kazu...Shioda Kazu"

"Well then Kazu, help me fight" Guardromon said standing to his feet. The two watched as the other tamers fought back with all they had, but Orochimon managed to hold them off due to his many heads and the drowsiness that was caused by the alcohol laden flames of the serpent Digimon's Inferno Blast.

"INFERNO BLAST!" the large snake breathed the white flames which were headed towards a downed Henry and Terriermon, who were to drunk to be able to avoid the attack.

"Kuso" the two cursed.

"HENRY!" the others yelled, but fell to their knees as in their attempt to help Henry, the effects of the white flames began to take their toll on them as well. Their eyes widened however as they heard a familiar voice shout out something they never would have expected.

"DIGIMODIFY...WARGREYMON'S BRAVE SHIELD ACTIVATE!" Kazu swiped the card through his new D-Ark. Guardromon quickly flew through the air using the jet like thrusters on his back to propel him in front of Henry and Terriermon before a large yellow shield with the crest of Courage emblazoned on the front in orange, formed in Guardromon's hands and deflected the fiery attack.

"What the...Kazu?" the others exclaimed. Kenta watched from the bushes in surprise as his friend was shown to be using a D-Ark.

Unknown to everyone, the cause of the tamers fighting, the Gekomon choir and ShogunGekomon had long since left the battlefield and went to go and practice their songs somewhere else.

Kenta looked with wide eyes at the purple D-Ark in his best friend's hand.

'So even Kazu is a tamer...but what about me?' the glasses wearing boy thought with a frown.

"You guys okay?" the visor wearing tamer asked.

"'re a..." Naruto blinked as he couldn't finish his sentence.

"Yeah, I know it came as a surprise to me too, I mean...I'M A TAMER NOW WOOHOOO!" Kazu yelled in excitment before taking out the 'Emergency' Digimon Cards that he always kept in his pocket, but stopped when Naruto called out to him.

"KAZU...HERE FINISH IT IN ONE SHOT!" Naruto yelled. Even though he was disoriented from the Inferno Blast attack, he managed to throw the card he wanted to give Kazu directly at the new tamer. Kazu looked in surprise as he caught it before flipping it over.

Kazu's eyes widened before smirking.

"ARIGATO, NARUTO!" Naruto nodded before Kazu held his D-Ark in his hands and swiped the card.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON!" Kazu yelled. Guardromon held out his left arm and suddenly in flash of blue light, the arm transformed into the shape of MetalGarurumon's head. The mouth of the MetalGarurumon head opened to reveal a large cannon within its jaws.

"NO WAY AM I LETTING YOU WIN MACHINE!" Orochimon hissed before striking out with his heads. Guardromon smirked before readying the cannon.

"SUPREME CANNON!" the android Digimon yelled before a large ice blue beam of energy flew forth from the cannon and took down each one of the metallic dummy heads until only Orochimon's original head remained.

"Insolent machine...INFERNO BLAST!" the large torrent of white flames ejected from the Ultimate level Digimon's mouth with such speed and power, Guardromon was barely given enough time to fire the cannon.

"SUPREME CANNON!" Guardromon fired the cannon and the icy blue beam collided with the blast of white hot flames. The two attacks pushed against each other, fighting for domninance. The two Digimon putting more power into their attacks. Kazu then drew a card and swiped it.

"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Guardromon glowed with a red aura before the aura flowed into the Supreme Cannon and the beam suddenly expanded in size and began to push back the Inferno Blast.

"'s...not..."Orochimon tried to push more power into his attack, but he was already at his maximum, "POSSIBLE!"

Guardromon gave a yell of exertion before the blast cut straight through the flames and Orochimon's golden eyes widened in shock as his attack was nullfied and the last thing he saw was a flash of blue light. The Supreme Cannon 's laser shot straight through the serpent's mouth before expanding in size and blowing off the Digimon's entire head. The body of the Ultimate level Digimon stood still before toppling to the ground and vanishing as flakes of red data.

Guardromon's body gave off a loud groan before the android Digimon fell to his knees.

" okay?" Kazu asked. Guardromon nodded his metallic head.

"Uh, yeah just a bit..." another groan escaped Guardromon's body before the Digimon's eyes vanished as he fell unconscious.

"Ah, GUARDROMON!" Kazu yelled whacking his Digimon's head like someone would a computer when it freezes.

"Don't worry, Kazu" Rika said getting up with help from Renamon, "He's probably just exhausted and powered down from using so much energy"

Kazu was still looking worried, but then realized he was still holding Naruto's card.

"Oh...Naruto,'s your card back" the visor wearing pre-teen said handing the card back to Naruto, but the blonde shook his head.

"Nah, you keep it...I have two more, that one is the second one I found" Naruto proved his point by pulling out two of the Supreme Cannon cards from his card case.

"Sugoi" Kenta said looking at Kazu, "Dude, you're a tamer now"

"Hai" Kazu said with a large grin plastered on his face, "Oi what's wrong?"

Kenta sighed as he glanced around the surrounding group.

" guys all have Digimon partners...and now I think I'm just gonna be dead weight now" Naruto placed a hand on the younger boy.

" were deadweight before you began thinking this" the blonde said, earning stifled chuckles from the others, but in order to save the boy any further humiliation, Rika elbowed the jinchuriki in his ribs.

"Itai...Rika-chan, that hurt" Naruto said with a whining tone, Rika gave her boyfriend a glare and pointed to Kenta. The group looked at the glasses wearing boy who was looking downcast.

"Don't worry buddy, you'll get your chance" Takato said.

"Maybe...maybe not" Henry said, but then noticed the looks he was getting, "Oh right...gomen not helping much with that comment"

"Anyways, come on we gotta continue heading south" Leomon said.

" far from this area is the Southern palace?" Gatomon asked. Ryudamon sniffed the air, his green eyes seemed to scan the area in front of them.

"Hmmm, well it seems that we are only a few days away, but there are too many breaks in between. At this rate it will take us maybe a week or more to reach Zhuqiaomon's palace" the orange furred dragon said.

"Really, that long?" Dorumon asked his fellow X-Antibody Digimon earning a nod from his friend.

"Well then...we better get a move on" Naruto said as Dorumon climbed onto his back and Gatomon jumping atop his head. The group then set out, heading south for the Sovereign of the South...and in hopes of finding their friend.

'Don't worry Calumon...we'll find you...and bring you home' the shinobi-tamer thought.

Digital World- Dark Prison

Lucemon watched as the group continued to trek through the Digital World's many areas in search of the Sovereign's dwelling.

" is almost time for my plan to unfold" the Fallen Angel Digimon said to himself, staring hungrily into the image of the group of tamers, their partners...and Kenta. Lucemon then made a few movements with his hands and suddenly the image of the group split into the five different images.

"The chosen five that will result in my freedom" Lucemon smirked.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the first" he said staring at the blonde's image before shifting his gaze to the second one.

"Dorumon, the second" the third image showed the image of the samurai armour wearing dragon and the second existing X-Antibody Digimon.

"Ryudamon, the third" then the fourth image of the bipedal lion Digimon appeared in the eyes of the Fallen Angel.

"Leomon, the fourth" and finally the fifth image shown in the orb was our favourite bread loving, crimson scaled, dinosaur like Digimon.

"And finally, Guilmon the five shall grant me the power to escape my retched prison and once again give me the chance to take over the Digital World...and with that, I shall destroy the Sovereigns and Fanglongmon and then...I shall take over the Real World as my trophy" Lucemon let out an evil laugh before passing his hands over the images of his chosen five before the image of the Phoenix Sovereign's lair appeared.

"And now...for the catalyst that will trigger the reaction and release me"

Digital World-Southern Quadrant

Zhuquiaomon's Lair

Upon his throne of flames, the Phoenix Digimon sat. His four eyes closed as he contemplated his next move.

"My lord, Zhuquiamon-sama" Lucemon spoke to the fiery Digimon. The four golden eyes, that seemed to burn like the flames on his throne, snapped open upon hearing the voice of his most "trusted" advisor.

"Ah, young advisor...what brings you to contact me once more...although, Makuramon is lacking in returning the Catalyst...wait hold that thought" the large bird of flames turned to see Makuramon, riding atop Majiramon and entering his abode. As Makuramon touched the floor, the dragon deva nodded to his superior lord, who nodded back, before turning and taking to the skies.

"My Lord...I've finally got the little cream puff" the monkey deva said with a smirk and then knelt to the Soverereign. Calumon was unconscious, but alive, and this please the Sovereign.

"Excellent work, my servant. Now hand me the Catalyst" Zhuquiaomon extended on of his black feet. Makuramon's eyes widened at seeing the long, sharp talons that nearly threatened to rip his face. The monkey deva handed Calumon to Zhuquiaomon before bowing once more.

"You may leave"

"Hai, Zhuquiaomon-sama" Makuramon nodded before running out of the room. The Sovereign of flames then let out a loud screech that tore open a rip in the Digital space-time continuum and also awoke Calumon.

Zhuquiaomon then flew through the portal that led to a dark cavern that held nothing but a small pedestal which looked like a crystal of some sort should be placed.

"What the...aahhhhh giant bird!" Calumon exclaimed and struggled to get free.

"Now, now my friend. You are the Catalyst and a necessary element in our survival" Zhuquiaomon said.

"I'm no Cata-what-ist, I'm Calumon and I'm a Digimon like all you. Now let me go!" the cream puff Digimon yelled in surprising anger. The upside down triangle on his forehead glowed, but it was too late for anything to happen as the Sovereign of the South placed the Catalyst onto the pedestal. Suddenly, the pedestal grew walls of crimson energy and the dark cavern was filled with a bright crimson light before turning to a soft, crystal blue.

"You shall once again help us become stronger, Calumon. Farewell" the large bird flew back through his portal before releasing another ear-splitting shriek and the portal closed.

Calumon's ears shrunk as he looked around the glowing blue cavern.

" I'm lonely"

Back in Zhuquiamon's lair

' were saying' Zhuquiaomon spoke through his thoughts as he resumed the previously interrupted conversation with Lucemon.

"Ah yes...anymore interruptions?" Lucemon asked.


"Good, because I need you to help a little friend of mine"

'Who?' the Phoenix Digimon asked.

"You know him quite well...the little imp Digimon...Impmon"

'Oh yes, the little purple Rookie Digimon. Yes I remember him...what do you need me to do?' Zhuquiaomon asked.

"Well...I need you to Warp Digivolve him. You see, the little Rookie craves power. Power to be the strongest of them all, so I think you should give him that power. With it, he could rid the Digital World of the humans that have invaded the Digital World"

'Nani...the tamers...and their partners, they found a way through to the Digital World?' Zhuquiamon asked.

"Oh give the little imp his power and they'll be out of hair...feathers...for good" Lucemon responded. Zhuquiaomon tapped his claw on the ground below his fiery throne.

"Hmmm...well with the Catalyst, the process of forcing Digivolution should be an easier task...very well" Zhuquiaomon said, proving the use of thinking his words to be too annoying for his tastes.

"Very well" Lucemon said, "I shall leave it up to you"

The connection between the two became severed before the Sovereign flapped his large, fire coloured wings and then a tornado of flame emerged from the ground. The fires dispersed to reveal the seemingly hypnotized Impmon.

"You called for me...Zhuquiamon-sama" Impmon said bowing to the great Digimon, unknown to both that the Digital Hazard sign became visible in a deep purple colour. Impmon's green eyes became a lighter shade, but this went unnoticed by the Sovereign Digimon.

"Come to me, young Impmon" the Rookie level walked forward before Zhuquiamon's wing stretched out and the tip of his feathers touched Impmon's forehead.

"I give to you...the power of DIGIVOLUTION!" the bird screeched. In the cavern, Calumon screamed in pain as he felt his forehead feel as if it were being burned. A red light, mixed with light shades of black and violet flew from Calumon's forehead as the inverted Zero Unit glowed.

Impmon growled in pain before falling to his knees, his form glowed crimson as the Light of Digivolution began to affect his being. Zhuquiaomon looked in awe as Impmon's form pulsed rapidly before a dark feel washed over the Sovereign.

"What is this...dark power?" Zhuquiaomon said to himself. Impmon's head then snapped upwards, eyes glowing emerald in colour as the power of Digivolution filled him.

"Yes...YES...YEEESSSSS!" Lucemon cried out in excitement as he watched the scene from his prison.


Impmon's form grew taller as the red energy became dotted with flecks of dark violet and black until the energy created a large shockwave and revealing his new form. Impmon grew from a short three feet to a whopping ten feet tall. His face became more humanoid and a bird like mask of a violet material covered the top half of his face. Platinum blonde coloured hair, spiked out in the back. He wore clothes similar to a biker's outfit. He wore a tight muscle shirt, entirely black that showed his newly formed muscle and its definition. He wore a long sleeved leather jacket over the t-shirt and had a red bandanna similar to the one around his neck, except without the smiley face, wrapped around his left bicep. A pair of leather pants were were also worn, the knees had some kind of knee pad. A pair of leather, steel toed boots were worn on his feet. Three spikes jutted out of the steel toed area. The boots reached up below the knees of Impmon's new form. Attached to his left boot, was a pair of shot guns made of chrome digizoid. Finally to complete the look, a scaly tail made entirely of steel stretched out from his tail bone and formed a hole in his new leather jeans. The tail lashed out and created a crack in the ground from where it landed due to the weight and force it held. His eyes changed from emerald green to blood red, but the mo9st drastic change was when his began to grunt in exertion before his shoulder blades began to bulge before forming a pair of large wings coated with ebony feathers.


'Dear Goldramon...what have I done?' the Phoenix Digimon thought as Beelzemon left the palace and took to the skies.

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