Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 20: Rescuing the Light Pt. 3

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"What is this...dark power?" Zhuquiaomon said to himself. Impmon's head then snapped upwards, eyes glowing emerald in colour as the power of Digivolution filled him.

"Yes...YES...YEEESSSSS!" Lucemon cried out in excitement as he watched the scene from his prison.


Impmon's form grew taller as the red energy became dotted with flecks of dark violet and black until the energy created a large shockwave and revealing his new form. Impmon grew from a short three feet to a whopping ten feet tall. His face became more humanoid and a bird like mask of a violet material covered the top half of his face. Platinum blonde coloured hair, spiked out in the back. He wore clothes similar to a biker's outfit. He wore a tight muscle shirt, entirely black that showed his newly formed muscle and its definition. He wore a long sleeved leather jacket over the t-shirt and had a red bandanna similar to the one around his neck, except without the smiley face, wrapped around his left bicep. A pair of leather pants were were also worn, the knees had some kind of knee pad. A pair of leather, steel toed boots were worn on his feet. Three spikes jutted out of the steel toed area. The boots reached up below the knees of Impmon's new form. Attached to his left boot, was a pair of shot guns made of chrome digizoid. Finally to complete the look, a scaly tail made entirely of steel stretched out from his tail bone and formed a hole in his new leather jeans. The tail lashed out and created a crack in the ground from where it landed due to the weight and force it held. His eyes changed from emerald green to blood red, but the mo9st drastic change was when his began to grunt in exertion before his shoulder blades began to bulge before forming a pair of large wings coated with ebony feathers.


'Dear Goldramon...what have I done?' the Phoenix Digimon thought as Beelzemon left the palace and took to the skies.


The group walked through the forest of the Digital World and found themselves in an area that contained a large lake.

"Let's take a break, I'm getting thirsty" Kazu said, "Come on Guardromon"

The metallic android looked perplexed at his tamer's lack of knowledge.

"Kazu...although you are my tamer and I must do as you say, do you not know that water reacts hazardously with my iron like exterior and can cause me to rust?" Kazu paused in his drinking, having already reached the lake's edge and turned to his Digimon and sweat dropped.

", no I did not think of that?" causing the other tamers...and Kenta to laugh at their friend before they themselves decided to get a drink as well. After pausing for a drink, Naruto's ears twitched.

"Do you guys hear that?" the blonde asked. Everyone became silent as they tried to hone in on whatever it was Naruto had heard.

"No, not really?" Kazu and Kenta said before they were interrupted by a flying pink object landing near the side edge of the lake. Then two more creatures, obviously of the same Digimon species seeing as how they looked alike in terms of structure, but oddly not in colour. Kazu decided to be the first to use his new purple coloured D-Ark.

"At last, my first Digimon scan" the visor wearing tamer said with glee. The image of the pink coloured Digimon appeared first. It appeared similar to that of a pixie only without legs and had a more serpentine appearance. It had two pink, feathered wings growing out of its back, two short antennae and two flipper like arms. On its chest area was a red mark that looked akin to a heart and around its neck was a golden ring with DigiCode written around its circumference that translated to 'Digital Monster'. Large green eyes appeared on the holographic image of the Digimon.

"MarineAngemon, puny for a Mega Level Digimon. Although they are called 'Angemon', they bear no resemblance or digital code similarities to the Patamon Digivolution line and tend to be related to the Gomamon. Attacks are Kahuna Wave and...Smile attack?"

Everyone sweatdropped at the last attack.

"Smile attack?"

"That's what it says?" Kazu replied.

"Never mind that, what are those other Digimon?" Henry asked.

"Okay..." the holographic image of the two dragon looking digimon appeared at the same time on the Kazu's D-Ark screen. The dragon Digimon were rather muscular and from looking at them, they looked only about two feet shorter than Leomon. A pair of crimson horns grew out of their head and nose areas, as similarly coloured spines went down their backs. A pair of torn looking wings were mostly able to give the dragon digimon the gift of flight. In their mouths were sharp teeth and sharp claws were on their hands and feet as well. A pair of red coloured eyes seemed to glow within their sockets. The only difference between their appearances was that one dragon was blue and the other was green.

"Coredramon Blue and Coredramon Green. They are both Champion level Digimon. The Blue Coredramon assimilate a large amount of Blue Diamante, a rare precious gem located deep within the mountainous regions of the Digital World, as a form of food, but also go out to hunt other Digimon in order to ad variety to their diet. Now the Green Coredramon are similar to their blue brethren except they assimilate Green Malachite, a rare gem found deep within the bowels of forested areas. Their flying abilities are adequate, but not nearly as good as the Blue Coredramon, but their legs are much more powerful and hence have a higher level of speed. Coredramon Blue's attack is Blue Flare Breath and Coredramon Green's attack is Green Flare Breath" Kazu read before pocketing his D-Ark.

"Coredramon...are you sure?" Renamon asked Kazu.

"Uh, yeah that's what my D-Ark said" Kazu said with a perplexed look on his face, "Why?"

"Because, Coredramon are said to be legendary in terms of strength. Hell there have been tales where even an Ultimate level Digimon had trouble taking on only one Coredramon" the blonde kitsune. Kenta looked around and noticed that Coredramon Blue was looking at them, while Coredramon Green was stalking towards the tiny MarineAngemon.

'Don't worry little guy, I'll help you' Kenta thought. MarineAngemon, being a Digimon of love and peace, was able to read the aura of people and tell their intentions. MarineAngemon looked to see Kenta running towards her.

'This...creature has a pure heart. But I am an unknown Digimon to him. Why help me?' MarineAngemon thought. Coredramon Green growled and began to use his powerful leg muscles to reach the small Mega Level Digimon.

"KENTA...WHAT THE HELL?" Naruto yelled, before channeling chakra into his legs and taking off at speeds that left a large cloud of dust in his place. Naruto then leaped and performed a flying kick and struck the Green Coredramon in its face and sending the emerald scaled dragon into a tree as Kenta, after getting over his initial surprise at seeing Naruto kick a Digimon that nearly would have killed him, quickly grabbed MarineAngemon and joined the rest of the group.

"Hey little guy, you okay?" Kenta asked. The green eyed Mega level Digimon nodded, surprise etched all over her face.


"Oh, gomen, I'm Kitagawa Kenta. I'm a human from the Real World" Kenta said adjusting his glasses. MarineAngemon was about to respond when she heard the sound of bestial roars. The green Coredramon had recovered from that swift kick to the head from Naruto and Coredramon Blue had joined his green brother in the fight. Both dragons stared at the blonde shinobi that dared to attack them.

"You dare to attack a Coredramon...foolish creature. You do not look like any Digimon we have seen before" Coredramon Blue said in a feminine tone, indicating that this Digimon was female.

"Ignore what they are or what they aren't. They interrupted our hunt and they must perish" Coredramon Green said in a gruff male voice. The two dragon Digimon nodded to one another before charging Naruto. However, what confused them was how that as they rushed him, Naruto made no move whatsoever to counter or dodge.

Naruto's eyes were closed as if he were meditating, not paying attention to the world around him. However just as the green and blue dragons neared him, his eyes snapped open, crimson in colour with slitted pupils.

'Arigato Kyuubi'

"No problem kit, I got your back"

Naruto then used his heightened reflexes and strength to direct a slash from Coredramon Blue sending the sapphire scaled reptile to the dirt while managing to twist his body to avoid a bite from Coredramon Green and then slamming his youkai enhanced fist into his cheek. The emerald scaled dragon skidding along the ground before managing to right himself and then ran towards Naruto at speeds that only Naruto could keep up with. Naruto then met Coredramon Green in a fierce taijutsu battle.

The green dragon released a swift kick with his left leg which Naruto blocked using his forearm, but although he recovered quickly, even with the regenerative abilities of his youkai filled system and enhanced endurance, the force of the kick was still felt. Naruto managed to contain his surprise at how powerful the kicking strength of this Digimon was.

'Reminds me of Bushy Brows' the blonde thought as the image of the Green Beast of Konoha filled his vision before he returned to the fight and ducked under a sweeping kick aimed for his head. Naruto then sprang up, gaining momentum from his knees and using it to propel himself upwards and slam a powerful uppercut to the dragon's chin sending his head reeling back. Coredramon Green recovered and blocked a punch from Naruto and then swung the blonde away, but Naruto flipped in the air and landed deftly on his feet.

"GREEN FLARE BREATH!" the emerald scaled Digimon roared before unleashing a powerful blast of green flames from his jaws. Naruto quickly looked at the lake next to him and flashed through handsigns.

"Suiton: Uzu no Tate!" he yelled. Water from the nearby lake swirled to life before turning into a whirlpool and then the whirlpool made its way in front of Naruto and blocked the attack from Coredramon Green, steam formed as flame and water connected. Naruto used the steam as a cover and jumped through before hitting Coredramon Green in the face with an unexpected spinning kick. However Naruto was barely aware of an approaching figure from behind and managed to kick off of Coredramon Green's chest and backflip over the speeding sapphire bullet that was Coredramon Blue. Naruto landed on the ground as he saw both dragons crash into the ground since Coredramon Blue couldn't stop due to his momentum.

Coredramon Blue recovered first and rocketed towards Naruto once taking flight. The larger of the two dragons sped towards Naruto who charged a rasengan in his hand.

Sensing the power in that attack, Coredramon Blue opened her jaws and released a blast of blue flames.

"BLUE FLARE BREATH!" the jet of blue flames raced across the land, burning the grass and leaving a trail of scorched black earth and blue embers.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto slammed the blue ball of chakra and clashed with the fire blast and Naruto struggled to overcome the powerful attack.

'Strong little buggers, these guys are' the blonde thought through gritted teeth before channeling more chakra into his attack and managed a stalemate causing him to skid backwards. However Coredramon Green had recovered and managed to appear behind Naruto using his incredible speed and slammed a powerful kick to Naruto's back that would have broken the spine of a normal man, but Naruto was no normal man. The green reptile then kicked Naruto while he was down sending the blonde skyward.

"Get him, Blue" Coredramon Green yelled to his blue sister.

"I gotcha" Coredramon Blue said with a chuckle before taking to the skies, spreading her wings. The others watched in horror as Naruto was accompanied by Coredramon Blue in the sky before the sapphire scaled Digimon performed a front flip and slammed her tail onto Naruto's chest sending him careening towards the ground. Naruto gritted his teeth and managed to right himself in the air, but forgot that once he hit the ground there was a other Digimon waiting for him as Coredramon Green ran towards him and using his powerful legs struck out with a vicious kick that caused Naruto's ribs to release a cracking sound before he was sent into a tree. Coredramon Blue then appeared next to Naruto and grabbed the blonde before throwing him across the field and had the blonde eating dirt before the dragon unleashed blue flames from his jaws once more.



Dorumon quickly appeared in front of his tamer and fired multiple spheres of steel that burst through the flames and impacted with Coredramon Bue sending the female dragon into the ground from the multiple impacts before Gatomon surged forth with a devastating Neko Kick to Coredramon green's side sending him into a tree, creating a noticeable crack in the thick trunk.

"NARUTO!" the other yelled before turning to the Coredramon duo.

"Let's get him" Takato said, but everyone was halted as Naruto got up with a determined look in his eyes.

"NO!" the whisker cheeked blonde roared, "THIS IS MY FIGHT!"

"But Naruto-kun, you're getting your ass handed to you" Rika cried out, "No offense"

"None taken" he replied shaking his head, "but I haven't had an interesting fight with just me fighting a Digimon one-on-one..or two-on-one" Naruto cracked his neck and back as he felt his ribs being repaired by Kyuubi's youkai. Naruto then decided to be on the offensive now.

"Prepare...for your defeat"

"Bring it...whatever you are" the Coredramon duo replied. Naruto then formed a cross shaped handsign and a kagebunshin appeared next to him. The two dragons' eyes widened in surprise at seeing a carbon copy of the creature they were fighting appear next to him. Naruto and his clone rushed the two Coredramon who quickly got over their surprise and rushed Naruto and his clone. As the four combatants neared each other, Naruto and his kagebunshin nodded to each other before dropping to the ground and skidded between the legs of their opponents and jumped up as they got behind them.

"What the..." the dragons were halted in their exclamation as a fist slammed into each of their faces sending them back. Naruto then threw his kagebunshin at Coredramon Blue before leaping at Coredramon Green himself. A devastating kick connected with the stomachs of both Digimon and knocked the wind out of their lungs as an added bonus. Naruto and his clone then began to work in unison performing attacks in simultaneous movement.

They quickly jumped and spun, performing a spinning kick to the side of the Coredramon's faces before dropping and using a roundhouse kick that connected with the sides of their bodies. The Coredramon released roars of pain as Naruto and his clone performed handsigs and then slammed their hands on the ground.

"Doton: DoKen no Jutsu!" they yelled and suddenly two fists of earth rose from the ground and connected with the Coredramon's stomachs. Naruto and his clone then ran towards the dragon Digimon and channeled chakra into every single one of their muscles to increase their strength and speed to insane levels since Kyuubi's youkai was already flowing through their beings. The two blondes performed a powerful uppercut to their respective Coredramon sending both skyward before performing a back flip in mid-air that allowed a kick to connect with their chins sending Coredramon Green and Coredramon Blue higher into the air. The two Narutos landed on the ground before leaping high into the air to meet their opponents and then performed a front flip and slammed twin axe kicks that impacted with Coredramon Blue and Coredramon Green's skulls.

The two dragons landed in the lake with a large splash that caused a large amount of water to rise into the air before both Naruto and his clone landed atop the water's surface and gave each other smirks.

"Nice job" Naruto told his clone who nodded before disappearing in a plume of white smoke. The two dragons gasped for breath as they resurfaced and then swam to shore. As they climbed out, Naruto had used shunshin to appear in front of them with two kunai, one held to each of their throats.

"Woah, woah...dude what's the big deal?" Coredramon Blue asked.

"Yeah, we were just trying to get some dinner" Coredramon Green said. Dorumon and Gatomon walked up next to their tamer.

"Dinner?" the group asked in shock.

"Well, yeah. Sure we eat the Blue Diamante and Green Malachite, but we need to eat something else too you know" Coredramon Green said.

"By the way, what kind of creatures are you?" Coredramon Blue asked.

"I prefer the term, human...rather than 'creature'" Naruto said, smirking at their surprise.

"Humans?" they exclaimed. The group then walked up to Naruto who had already become fully healed as Kyuubi had already set to work once they had won.

"So you guys are tamers and Digimon partners?" Coredramon Green asked. This earned a nod from the entire group.

"Well all of us except for..."

"HEY GUYS I'M A TAMER NOW!" everyone turned to see Kenta running towards them with MarineAngemon and a Rose coloured D-Ark.

"What" Henry gaped like the rest of the group.

"Well, MarineAngemon said thank you for saving him and in return she made me her tamer now, isn't that cool? And she's a mega level Digimon" Kenta stuck his tongue out at the others.

"Huh...well isn't that a coincidence?" Takato aske Guilmon.

"I'll say" the red scaled dinosaur replied.

"Anyways, I'm Coredramon Green"

"And I'm Coredramon Blue"

"But you can just call us Green and Blue" the two dragon Digimon said simultaneously. "So anyways, back to the all are really tamers?"

The group nodded in confirmation at the duo's question. Green and Blue looked at each other before a serious look crossed their faces.

"Well actually, I don't have a tamer, I'm just a guide to help them reach...a place where they want to go" Ryudamon said, hiding the information about wanting to go and see Zhuquiamon's palace.

"I see, well then...we were sent to look for creatures similar to the one we met because he said he wanted to talk with you?"

"Really, another human?" Jeri exclaimed, voicing everyone's thoughts.

"Hai, follow us and we shall lead you to him" both Coredramon then took flight and flew off as the rest of the group followed on foot.

With Ryo

"DESOLATION CLAW!" Cyberdramon roared before unleashing the green data erasing energy from his claws. The humanoid dragon cleaved the Ikkakumon he was just fighting, in half before absorbing its data.

"That's number one hundred and twenty one" Ryo said, having kept count of how many Digimon they had been fighting.

"We must go and find the blonde tamer now...I wish to fight him and show my increased strength. Ryo smirked.

"I say we go" Ryo climbed atop Cyberdramon's back and noded. Ryo then took out his D-Ark and the compass application appeared and showed the entire quadrant of the Southern area on the D-Ark's holographic projector. There were many red blips that represented Digimon, but in a certain area, there were a few green blips that represented the D-Ark electronic signatures.

"Alright they are quite far away, in the north eastern direction, but with your speed we could reach them in no time"

"Excellent" the large Ultimate level Digimon took to the skies and headed off in the direction that led towards their rival.

"I'm coming for you...Naruto and soon...Rika will be mine"

With Beelzemon

The Mega level Digimon walked through the desert, panting in hunger.

"Data...I need data" the winged Digimon gasped before spotting a large swarm of Keramon, the virus Digimon. Beelzemon grinned, saliva released from his mouth before he ran towards his meal.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" Beelzemon drew his two shot guns and fired. Two bullets fired from each gun and and a few Keramon were shot down from those four bullets. Seeing some their own die in a single attack, the Keramon turned only to see one of the Seven Deadly Sin Digimon apporaching them.

"IT'S A BEELZEMON RUN!" the Keramon scrambled trying to escape, but Beelzemon used his newfound power to slaughter the entire swarm. Shooting them all down in a few shots of his shot guns. After the killing, there was a large cloud of red data flakes.

"I love the smell of raw data in the morning" and the Dark Digivolved Digimon absorbed their data.

"Delicious" he commented before a faint mechanical sound was heard in the distance. Beelzemon turned to see a small dust cloud in the distance. Then the light reflected to show the object to be a red and chrome motorcycle. The motorcycle neared Beelzemon and intended to run him over, but Beelzemon simply held out his hands and prepared to tackle the Behemoth head on. The possessed motorcycle raced towards Beelzemon before the Behemoth crashed into Beelzemon. Beelzemon held on as he felt the Behemoth push him back from the force they collided with, but the raven winged Digimon smirked before twisting the Behemoth and slamming it on the ground.

"You're a nice ride" Beelzemon said to the crimson/chrome machine earning a large 'vroom' from the vehicle. Beelzemon then saw a small metal ball sitting in the rider's seat. Beelzemon held down the Behemoth with one hand before yanking the metal ball off, revealing it to be a MetalKoromon.

"Huh? What happened?" MetalKoromon asked before he met the gaze of the red eyed Digimon. MetalKoromon quickly jumped away from Beelzemon and hopped away, Beelzemon blinked before looking at the Behemoth and the sat in the driver's seat. The Behemoth released a loud roar from its engine and began to ride, its consciousness trying to overpower Beelzemon's. However, Beelzemon simply smirked before taking a good grip on the handle bars of the motocycle and then performed a wheelie.

"You think that you can overpower the great Beelzemon, well think again you piece of junk" Beelzemon laughed as he took control of the Behemoth and then rode off into the distance.

"You're mine now" the motorcycle didn't respond with anything, but merely a roar of its engine as it respected its newest rider. The chosen rider for the Behemoth was Beelzemon. Beelzemon sniffed the air as he sensed the data of a group of Digimon a good distance away, a few hours at most.

"Well well...seems I have a new meal" the Mega level Digimon performed a wheelie using his newest mode of transportation and rode the direction of where the tamers were.

With the Tamers

The tamers, Ryudamon and the Coredramon walked through the forested area and reunited themselves with the desert landscape.

"Oh great, more desert" the tamers and their partners groaned. Ryudamon, Blue and Green turned to look at them with confused looks.

"What's wrong with the desert?" they asked.

"Well for one it's hot, it's dry and it goes on for fucking ever" Dorumon retorted. The three non-tamer Digimon looked at each other.

"Well quit your whining and come one, he is waiting for you" Blue said before she and her green brother began to fly faster and causing the others to break into a fast paced run. After running for a while, the group came to a great rocky area with large mountains of rock. The Coredramon twins quickly flew upwards and went into a cave near the top of a nearby cliff.

"Well come on" Green shouted down to them before he and his sister entered the cave. Rika, Henry, Naruto and Takato all channeled chakra into their feet. Naruto then picked up Dorumon and Gatomon while Rika handled Ryudamon. Leomon drew his blade and wedged it into the cliff wall and began to climb with Jeri and Kenta on his shoulders. Guardromon, being equipped with rocket thrusters flew up with MarineAngemon to the top and waited as the others climbed the wall of rock.

Upon reaching the top, Kazu was busy looking around the cave and saw it filled with sparkling metals. They seemed similar to the precios gems and metals found on Earth, yet they seemed different.

"Oi, you slowpokes up yet?" Green yelled.

"Yeah yeah hold your horses" Rika yelled back to the two dragon Digimon. The group then began to walk through the cave, the shining of the gems on the walls of the cave provided sufficient illumination in the darkness.

"So Blue?" Rika asked.


"What are these sparkling things on the rock walls of this cave?" the red haired tamer asked. Green and Blue smirked at each other before looking back at the tamers and Ryudamon.

"Those...are raw pieces of pure Chrome Digizoid Metal. The hardest metal in the Digital World" Blue replied. The Digimon looked in shock, but continued walking.

"Chrome in, like WarGreymon's Brave Shield, Chrome Digizoid?" Takato asked.

"The very same, although there are many different form of Digizoid metal in the Digital World. There's regular Chrome, there's gold, blue, red and there is even black Digizoid. However, there is said to be a legendary ore that outclasses every single type of Chrome Digizoid" Green said as they made a turn to the left.

"And what is that?" Gatomon asked.

"It's only a myth, but it is said to be called Huanglong ore. The only Digimon to ever possess such a metal is Fanglongmon, a god of the Digital World and ruler over all four of the Digimn Sovereigns" Green said. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other upon the mentioning of the Dragon of the Center.

"Yeah...a myth" the two mumbled with a smirk as they along with the three original tamers and their partners knew the truth. Fanglongmon was as real as any other Digimon in the Digital World. The rest of the journey through the cave of Chrome Digizoid ores was a silent one before they reached a dead end. However, upon reaching the dead end both Coredramon told the group to stand back.



Tongues of blue and green flame expelled themselves from the mouths of Coredramon Blue and Coredramon Green. The combined flames caused the dead end to glow with the colours of the attacks. The Coredramon twins stopped as the rock began to continue to glow with the colours of the flames.

"This dead end can only be opened by us Coredramon and was a safety made by the human who resides in this cave"

"It was by chance, my brother and I came here to look for some Blue Diamante for me to eat" Blue said as the rock moved aside by some unknown force and then revealed its depths to the newcomers. Upon entering everyone could only gape in awe at what was on the other side.

A large library, books with the spines labelled in DigiCode so they didn't know what the titles of the books were. The room was similar to the inside of a lecture room in a university. A black board was up in front along with a desk. On that desk was a phantasmal image of a person.

"Is that a...person?" Takato asked squinting to make sure he was looking at it right.

"It seems to be"

"YO SHIBUMI!" Green yelled. The phantasm stirred before raising its head to reveal the face of a man. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and long black pants. His skin was slightly pale and he had golden brown hair that reached just above his shoulders. His eyes were a dark brown and he had a beard stretching from a mustache and covered his entire jaw area except for his lips.

"Ah, Blue...Green. Did you find them?" the ghostly image, identified as Shibumi asked.

"Yup, the tamers are right here" Blue said gesturing to the group of children and their Digimon partners. Ryudamon was busy looking around the area before he spotted the ghostly human like figure.

"'re a human aren't you?" Ryudamon asked walking up to the desk. The orange furred dragon hopped atop the desk's surface. The group followed and looked from behind Ryudamon.

"Anyone else thinking that this guy looks like Jesus?" Kazu asked.

"You that you mention it, he does kind of look like Him" Henry said.

"So Shibumi, what did you need these gakis for anyway?" Green asked.

"I need to tell them some important information. You two can leave now if you want" Shibumi said.

"All right, but remember to call us if you need anything. We're still your buddies remember?" Blue said. Shibumi chuckled.

"I know, I will take you up on that offer soon" the ghost said. The two dragons left through the rocky entrance and allowed to the rock to seal the entrance behind them. The group then turned back to look at the ghost of a man.

"So are you really a ghost?" Naruto asked looking at the faint green glow that surrounded the image of the man, as well as the fact that he was transparent.

"In a way yes. First off, let me introduce myself...I am Mizun Gorou, but my friends call me Shibumi. I was one of the original creators of the Monster Program." Shibumi said.

"The Monster Program?" Henry asked.

"Henry, do you know what this Monster Program is?" Takato asked.

"Well sort of...Otou-san used tell me of it back when I was younger. He said how back in his college days he and a group of friends had been experimenting with artificial lifeforms, but they were shut down at the peak of their creation due to lack of funds" Henry said. Shibumi nodded.

"That was exactly what happened...Your father is Wong Janyu isn't he?" Shibumi asked.


"I knew him, he was my roommate back in college" one of the original Monster makers said with a smirk at the old memory.

"So did you get into the Digital World?"

"Well actually, I was doing a project at home in which by creating a distortion in the computer's Digital World using the Blue Card Program I would be able to make a portal between the Digital World and the Real World...unfortunately it failed and I ended up in coma. Although I am aware of what is going on in the Real World, I'm actually unconscious and still alive in a hospital in the Central Area of Shinjuku...however my mind and spirit are here in the Digital World"

" mentioned a Blue you mean these?" Naruto said taking out the rectangular shaped card. The pixelated Digimon along with the capital 'D' on the front made Shibumi realize that it was in fact, his card.

"How did you get those?" Shibumi asked.

"Well they are there when we become tamers" Naruto explained as he also took out his two D-Arks. The bronze one for Gatomon and the reddish violet one for Dorumon.

" the Digivice project was successful in a way" Shibumi said.

"Digivice Project?" the tamers and Digimon asked tilting their heads to the side in confusion.

"Hai, after Digimon became such a large worldwide franchise, we began to develop more types of media such as the television series, the games and now we were focusing on creating a handheld game that we would call the Digivice, which is short for Digital Device. It was supposed to be similar to the Tamagatchi game except with Digimon in which you can choose one of many Digimon to be your chosen Digimon and train them using the handheld device. Kind of like the Gameboy from Nintendo infused with the Tamagatchi" Shibumi explained.

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"I see...but these are different" Takato said, "they bring the ability cards from the Digimon Card Game to life. So if we slash a card through the side area here, the abilties the card has are transferred to our Digimon"

"I you can really say it is a dream come true for you all" Shibumi said sighing. The tamers nodded. "Well then I must explain to you the principle of the Digital World. You see the Digital World is comprised entirely of data, but that is only the half of it. You see during the creation of the Monster Program, you could say that it was our dreams that fueled its creation and its being was comprised of data. In a sense, the Digital World and all Digimon are in fact the result of data and the dreams of humans becoming one" Shibumi said putting his hands to together to make a visual representation of the fusion.

"Well Guilmon was originally a drawing and then I scanned his picture through my D-Ark and suddenly his Digi-Egg was there" Takato said explaining the result of Guilmon's being.

"See now there is a prime example. You see my boy, your Digimon was originaly a drawing, but your dreams allowed to be real...that and these guys here" Shibumi said pointing above. Everyone looked up to see nothing, but then a small glow of golden light illuminated the area and suddenly there were small fairy looking things.

"Are these Digimon?" Leomon asked, "I haven't seen Digimon like these in my life"

"That is because they are not Digimon...these are the predecessors of the Digimon, the DigiGnomes. They were apparently the original Monsters that we made. However it seems that they are capable of bringing dreams to life. As shown with Guilmon. The act of bringing your dream Digimon into reality is an example of the holy powers these little guys contain" Shibumi watched as the DigiGnome flew around his head.

"So they can bring anyone's dreams to life?" Kazu asked as he leaned up against Guardromon.

"Oh yes, but they have a conscience and are capable of choosing the people whose dreams are worthy of being real" Shibumi told the visor wearing tamer.

"Well now that we have established that...what is this important information you wanted to tell us about earlier?" Naruto asked. Shibumi nodded.

"Okay well you see, during the time of the DigiGnomes, this was back when computers were in high demand, everyone had a computer all over the world and was when the Internet had reared its head. During that time, the first CVPP was made."

"CVPP?" Dorumon asked.

"Computer Virus Protection Program" the bearded man answered before continuing, "The CVPP was set up and was a big success and was also upgraded over the years. It was known as the Reaper because it ate any data that exceeded its original limit. Unfortunately it saw the DigiGnomes as such and destroyed nearly all of them"

The DigiGnomes above suddenly had frowns upon their faces as they remembered the dark wave of red and black that swept over the Digital World.

"The Digimon were then created and as such began to evolve on their own. However, I began to think of a way in which the Digimon should be able to bypass that boundary so that the Reaper wouldn't be able to harm them. In a sense, I created the first Mega level Digimon using an algorithm that you all now hold in your hands...the Blue Card" Shibumi said. "As you may have noticed, the Digimon are based off of nearly all things that reside in the Real World. The Sovereigns are based off of the myth of the Four Guardians of the Earth, the devas are based off of the original devas from ancient Chinese religion and so on and so forth. So after doing so, I failed to realize that the Reaper was able to evolve itself as well and began to try and destroy the Digimon, however like I said, the Digimon were able to bypass the boundary so the Reaper couldn't harm them and were able to fight back the vaccine program and thus it was put into a dormant state and probably hidden deep within the Digital World's crust"

"So this Reaper...nearly destroyed all the Digimon?" Henry asked.

"Precisely, but upon further research, I have found out that the Reaper is about to rear its ugly head once more. I don't know when and judging from the information you cannot stop the Reaper in its advanced state because even in its dormancy it was still able to evolve and I think the original Digimon, even the Digimon gods can stop it" Shibumi said with a frown.

"So you need us to stop it?"

"Well you guys are tamers. Tamers, and in you realized, children in general...they are somehow able to bond with Digimon as you have done and unlock their true potential. Digimon love children"

"You make us sound like pedophiles, going after children" Terriermon said with an angry look.

"Terriermon, that's rude" Henry said.

"But he does, who agrees with me?" the Digimon in the room did find themselves sounding like pedophiles the way Shibumi described it and then turned to glare at the ghost like man. Shibumi sweat dropped.

"I did not mean it like that when I said Digimon love know what I mean" the bearded Monster Maker said. The Digimon nodded, knowing his meaning, but still disliked the terms he used.

"Anyways, like I was saying, if you guys can find the location of the Reaper and hold it back you might be able to save the Digital World" Shibumi said. The group looked at each other and seemed to contemplate their place in this Reaper situation.

"So if we find the D-Reaper..." Takato started. Everyone looked at him.

" was just called the Reaper" Kenta informed the goggle wearing tamer.

"Well, it's a Digital Reaper, so D-Reaper for short and gotta admit, D-Reaper is a lot more catchy that just Reaper" Takato said with a shrug. The others looked at each other with a sweat drop, but they did admit, D-Reaper was more catchy.

"Well okay, so as I was saying, we find the D-Reaper, destroy it and we all go home happy?" Takato continued his question. Shibumi shrugged and nodded.

"That's pretty much the gist of it" Shibumi said, however he looked perplexed as a DigiGnome appeared in front of him floating above the wooden desk. The tamers, their partners and Ryudamon all watched in awe as the DigiGnome became a cloud of mist in front of Shibumi's face. The group then went into Shibumi's side of the desk, crowding around the ghostly form of the Monster Creator as they saw three images flash on the made up screen that was the DigiGnome.

One showed the image of a large green dragon with antlers on its head flying through the air. Then the second showed the image of a brown haired boy riding atop a black four winged humanoid dragon. The final image was of a humanoid looking digimon wearing a purple bird mask riding a red and chrome coloured motorcycle. The image then showed the three, well technically four, figures coming from three different directions and were about to converge near the area where they were currently in since the image looked like it was being taken from the sky.

"Kuso...It's Majiramon!" Leomon growled, "He is one of the remaining devas" the lion Digimon informed the others.

"And there's Ryo riding Cyberdramon!" Kazu and Kenta exclaimed pointing at the tiny black dot.

"And...we have no idea who that guy is...but he seems to be way he's riding the Behemoth" Ryudamon said, his green eyes widening along with everyone else's.

"Let me see that" Naruto shoved Ryudamon out of the way, causing the little orange furred to dragon to be met with the hard wooden floor of the hidden library of Digital Knowledge that belonged to Shibumi's ghost.

"Ughhhh, the much pain" Ryudamon whispered to himself as Dorumon helped his best friend off the ground. Naruto then looked as the DigiGnome made the image appear large by magically zooming in with it's godly powers.

"Hmm that is certainly an odd looking Digimon" Henry said watching the motocycle riding Digital Monster heading their way.

"Let me take a scan of it" Naruto said taking out Dorumon's reddish-violet D-Ark and scanned the image of Beelzemon. The holographic image of Beelzemon appeared on Naruto's D-Ark screen.

"Okay, here we go. Beelzemon, Mega level. It is one of the Seven Demon Lords of the Digital World and represents the sin of Greed. It can destroy just about anything with its shot guns that fire bullets at high speeds. Its signature attack is Double Impact" Naruto read pocketing the D-Ark.

"Beelzemon?" Takato asked.

"Hai, and from the D-Ark's description...he is really powerful and we should get out of here" Dorumon said before turning to the phantasmal image of the Monster Creator.

"Do you have a back way, a secret exit or something of that sort?" the purple furred dragon asked. Shibumi nodded before turning to a DigiGnome. The golden being nodded before floating over to a red book and pulling it out.

'It's always the RED book' the tamers thought.

The bookcase on the far right suddenly ejected itself out and slid to the side to reveal a dark pathway. But luckily the pathway was illuminated with torches.

"Go through that way and you should be able to avoid them and any unnecessary confrontation" Shibumi said. The others nodded.

"Arigato for the information on the D-Reaper as well for helping us" the blonde shinobi-tamer said. Shibumi nodded. The Monster Creator gave a small wave as he saw the bookshelf realign itself with the others and thus concealing the secret exit once more.

However, Shibumi suddenly felt a pull on his form.

"Kuso...I'm being pulled back, no...not yet" Shibumi grunted in effort as he tried to keep his spirit and mind within the confines of the Digital World, however he failed and his glowing phantasmal form vanished into nothing.

Real World- Central Shinjuku Hospital

Room 334

Shibumi's eyes snapped wide open as he felt the rush of his soul being returned to his body.

"No...Kuso" the bearded man let a few curses fly out of his mouth. He removed the apparatus that allowed him to breathe properly and got off the bed. Shibumi looked around and looked at the black leather chair in the corner. He looked to see an envelope along with a pair of brown pants, socks, brown leather shoes, a white shirt and a brown overcoat.

Shibumi walked over to the chair and picked up the envelope. He opened it and revealed the folded white piece of paper inside.

Dear Monster Maker Shibumi,

I am someone who knows of your true identity and the role you played in making the Digimon. Come to West Shinjuku and meet in front of the twin towers, the Hypnos Towers, there. We shall explain everything that is going on there. Come with the Black Card that is inside the envelope as your identification. Your old friends will be waiting for you there.

Also there are some fresh clothes for you. We hope for your arrival.


Shibumi looked inside the envelope once more and spotted the black card and yanked it out. He looked it over, it looked like a regular card about the size of a credit card and had the name 'Hypnos' printed out in bright yellow on it. Shibumi then looked at himself and found he was in a hospital gown.

"I guess these clothes should come in handy now" Shibumi undressed, placing the envelope, letter and card down on the bed before changing into the new clothes that were presented to him.

"Not too shabby" the Jesus look alike stated to himself as he looked himself over before taking up the envelope and its former contents and stuffing them in his jacket pocket.

'Guess I'm going to West Shinjuku' the man thought before leaving the hospital.

Shinjuku Park

Yamaki and Janyu were sitting on a park bench watching little Suzy Wong play on the jungle gym.

"Be careful sweetie" the glasses wearing man said before turning to Yamaki.

"It seems so...quiet without those kids here" Yamaki said, "fighting off Digimon"

"Well I wouldn't know, my son told me his secret about a week ago" Janyu said looking up at the sky. Yamaki sighed.

"So anyways...I managed to find your old friend" Yamaki said, "I gave him a letter and told him to meet up at the Hypnos Towers"

"Really?" Janyu exclaimed, "You found Shibumi...even after all these years, you managed to find the guy"

"He was difficult to find, don't think it was just type his name in Google and you'd find him" Yamaki said earning a few laughs from both men. However, unknown to them...Suzy had stopped playing and was standing at the top of the slide looking at the sky as she saw a DigiGnome appear.

"Oooo pwetty little faiwy...Otou-san look a Faiwy!" she called out. Janyu and Yamaki stopped talking and looked to see a golden light suddenly appear in the sky, unknown to them it was the DigiGnome, before it became a beam that engulfed Suzy.

"SUZY!" both men ran towards her, but Yamaki had been running to stop Janyu.

"Janyu don't be stupid, we don't know what could happen if WE go into that light!"

"LET GO, SHE'S MY DAUGHTER SHE'S TOO YOUNG TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME...SUZYYYY!" Janyu cried out to his youngest child as she floated up towards the gaping mouth of the Digital Portal. Its data lined rim looked welcoming to the eye, but to those that knew better...well let's just say they didn't see it as so inviting.

"Otou-san?" Suzy watched from above as she floated into the swirling Digital portal that had formed. Suzy disappeared and Janyu fell to his knees.

"There must be a reason why she was chosen, after has a funny way of creating your destiny" Yamaki said trying to console the computer hacker. Janyu beat his fist on the hard dirt and tears fell like rain drops from his eyes.

"Be careful Suzy...please come back safe" he managed to speak through his grief.

Digital World- Souther Quadrant

Zhuquiamon's Palace Grounds

The swirling portal opened and little Suzy Wong fell onto a hard rock.

"Itai" she said rubbing her paining backside. She got up and looked around. The earth was a dark black mixed with shades of dark purple and grey. Stray patches of dry grass were scattered throughout the land. The sky was filled with black clouds, similar to ash clouds from a volcano. The sky was shown to be entirely red in the area she was in as the black clouds floated through the vast red expanse of sky.

Suzy heard a noise to her right and looked to see a bird looking creature. It had brown feathers covering its entire body, as well as its long legs and feet. Three sharp claws formed on each foot and it had to hands, just a pair of small wings that were disproportionate to its body thus it wouldn't be able to fly. Its head was like that of a skull and was coloured grey. Its long beak protruded like Pinnochio's nose when he least that the simile Suzy was thinking of when she saw the bird's head. It had sharp, green eyes that were filled with hunger as it looked at Suzy. A mane of green hair stuck out of the back of its mask like head.

This was a Kiwimon, Champion level Digimon and was a omnivorous bird Digimon that feasted on both plants...and meat.

"Hewwo birdy" Suzy said with an innocent smile, "Wanna pway?" The Kiwimon simply stared at Suzy before walking towards her before releasing a menacing screech. Suzy stepped back in fear as the bird neared her, but then Kiwimon and Suzy both stopped whatever they were doing as they heard loud stomping sounds.

Both human and Digimon turned to see what looked like a giant...bunny rabbit?

"Ooooo, bunny wabbit!" Suzy exclaimed and the six year old clapped her hands in joy. Kiwimon's eyes widened before he sped away using his strong legs. The rabbit continued to walk, its foot steeping over Suzy's small form.

"HEWWO!" Suzy called out. The giant rabbit stopped and turned around allowing Suzy to get a good look at it.

The rabbit was extremely tall, about 30 feet tall, approximately. It wore a type of armour that was pearly white and lined with gold, around its neck that covered its chest area. A purple scarf was also worn around the rabbit Digimon's neck. It wore a red shirt that was skin tight and showed a very muscular abdomical area. A pair of purple pants and similarly coloured shoes were worn as well. Its arms were quite long, long enough that its fingertips ended just past the knees. A pair of white shoulder pads lined with gold were worn...on its shoulders. There were white patterns on its arms and its forehead and most of its face was white as well. Three small horns jutted out its head in a triangular position. Its ears were tipped with a pink colour and large orange eyes looked down upon the little human.

"Uh...hello?" the giant rabbit said.

"Do you wanna play?" Suzy asked. The large rabbit looked confused.

"Play?" the gargantuan bunny bent down to...well it couldn't bend down to Suzy's level but it crouched down, "Listen little...thing" the rabbit poked Suzy causing her to giggle, "I can't play, I'm busy"

"NANI?" Suzy exclaimed, "WHY?"

"Because I have to, now run along you little...whatever you are and go home" the large rabbit said.

"But...I don't even know how I got here" Suzy told the rabbit Digimon. The large rabbit looked with silence at the sad looking girl...she looked down right pitiful. Then the large bunny's eyes widened when Suzy looked at her, her irises suddenly grew to large sizes, well large for a creature of her size, but...

"What the...?"

"Pweease...can I at weast come with you Mr. Bunny Wabbit?"

"That's Miss. Bunny Wabbit to you and besides I can't drag a gaki like you around this place now run along" Suzy's 'Puppy-Dog-Eyes' intensified and the large rabbit Digimon began to sweat drop as she suddenly felt her will beginning to crumble.

"What's...going on?" she whispered to herself, "Losing will...can't contain feeling to say 'No'...oh dear Goldramon what is happening to me?"

"Pweeeeeeeeeease?" the rabbit Digimon's will finally crumbled.

"Alright fine" she spoke with a sigh, "just...just don't do that eye thingy's creepy and...very dangerous"

"You mean this?" she performed the Puppy Dog Eyes again causing the rabbit to back off a bit.

"Hai...THAT...don't EVER do that again" the large rabbit told Suzy. The six year old girl nodded before the rabbit picked Suzy up and placed her on her head.

"Alright gaki...let's go" and the large bunny waabit...I mean rabbit...walked off with Henry's little sister to who knows where.

Digital World-Southern Quadrant

With the Tamers and Ryudamon

The group ran through the lighted pathway as fast as they could. About three minutes had passed as they raced along the rocky grey pathway, it had begun to steepen in terms of its gradient and as such they began to speed up due to gravity.

"Oi, I see a light up ahead" Kazu yelled as he was in the front of the group.

"Great!" the others exclaimed. After a few more seconds of running through the dimply lit secret exit they finally made it through and gasped in exhaustion after running for so long. Naruto reached into his bacpack and took out a few energy bars for the others.

"Here you guys, we had been running non-stop in there, you should eat these" Naruto handed the energy bars out and watched as they nodded their thanks and then quickly scarfed down the five inch long bar of carbohydrates and glucose.

The group then looked around before nodding to each other.

"The coast looks clear" Gatomon stated before she looked to Ryudamon. "Which way should we go?"

"Well we've obviously been taken off track due to this mishap and are probably farther away or by some sheer luck, closer to Zhuquiaomon's hideout" Ryudamon weighed the options. He then face palmed.

"Shit I just remembered I could smell" Ryudamon cursed before sniffing the air. After a few seconds of sniffing, the thick scent of smoke and fire hit his nostrils causing his green eyes to widen. The X-Anitbody Digimon pointed to the left.

"That way" and then took off, running on all fours. The group followed after the orange furred dragon Digimon. About nearly a half an hour had passed after running and the group finally decided to take a break.

"I've, *gasp* never run so much *wheeze* in my life" Jeri gasped as Leomon patted her back to help her catch her breath.

"Same *cough* here" Kazu and Kenta said before the three looked to see Naruto, Takato, Henry and Rika looked only slightly out of breath.

"We're more fit that you" Rika said answering the unasked question. The three nodded before turning back and coughing their last bit of dust out of their lungs and inhaled a fresh batch of air into their lungs.

"Alright, Ikuzo...we have to hurry. We're nearly to Zhuquiaomon's palace" Ryudamon said before turning back in the direction they were heading in, however before the group even took one step, a black blue landed from the sky in front of them kicking up a small cloud of dust and sand from the sandy ground. The cloud cleared and everyone looked to see a familiar face.

"Akiyama...Ryo" Naruto growled, his eyes turning crimson. Rika looked at her ex-boyfriend with the same intensity as her current boyfriend. The brown haired boy jumped off of Cyberdramon and looked at the group.

"So I see there are more of you?" Ryo asked. Takato got stars in his eyes while Henry looked surprised as they spotted the legendary tamer.

"Sugoi" Takato was a bigger fan and ran up to Ryo and reached into his backpack, moving aside the bread to pull out his small little notepad that he used for drawing and a pen.

"Here, can I have your autograph Mr. Digimon King" Takato said holding out the pad and pen. Ryo smirked and quickly signed Takato's pad causing the boy to run off squealing like a little girl who had just gotten a pony for her birthday.

"Now then...why are you all glaring at Ryo?" Takato asked as he looked at Naruto, Rika, Kazu and Kenta as well their partners. Of course MarineAngemon and Guardromon had no idea who this was, but if their tamers didn't like this Ryo guy, then they didn't either.

"What do you want, Akiyama?" Naruto growled. Ryo glared at Naruto's now crimson eyes.

"I want to fight you, Rika-chan is my girl and should be with me?"

"You cheated on me while we were dating you teme!" Rika roared, the betrayl now evident in her greyish-violet eyes as she looked at the so-called legendary tamer.

"You left me for some little gothic, blonde bitch!" the image of the girl Ryo cheated on her with, though it was only her back, formed in Rika's mind's eye and increased her anger ten fold. Takato and the others who hadn't been present at the first encounter with Ryo in the cloud area all looked shocked at what they just heard before looking at Ryo with looks that ranged from anger to pity.

"I...I can explain..." Ryo said as he back pedaled trying to think of an explanation.

"No there is no need to explain..." the blonde shinboi took a step forward, the other including Ryo took steps back from the shinobi as Kyuubi, in an effort to get Naruto to slaughter the boy who emotionally scarred his jinchuriki's mate, allowed Naruto use of his youkai and an aura of red youkai surrounded the sapphire eyes boy.

"You dared to do something like this to one of my nakama/comrades and will pay with your life"

Cyberdramon quickly took a step towards Naruto as his tamer went back.

"I will defeat you...human!" Cyberdramon roared before his claws glowed green with data erasing energy. And since they were in the Digital World, that meant that they were all data as well so if Naruto was hit with that he could be gone forever. Of course, we can't have that? Can we?

The green energy formed extensions of Cyberdramon's claws before he slashed the air.

"DESOLATION CLAW!" the green arcs of data erasing energy shot forth towards Naruto. Naruto growled before taking a deep breath.

"ROOOOOAARRR!" Naruto released a bestial roar that mixed with his own voice and released a pulse of youkai that completely wiped out Cyberdramon's attack. Naruto then sped off and crashed his elbow into Cyberdramon's solar plexus sending the air out of the Digimon's lungs. Naruto then removed his elbow and spun crashing a hard right heel against Cyberdramon's ribs earning a satisfying crunch. Cyberdramon skidded sideways, but Naruto was relentless as he appeared beneath Cyberdramon and crashed a powerful uppercut against the dragon Digimon's chin. Naruto then jumped back and formed his favourite handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu" the blonde jinchuriki said in a mixture of his and Kyuubi's voices. Five clones puffed into existence. The Narutos then ran around Cyberdramon and took their various positions and Ryo watched in complete and utter amazment, fear and shock as his partner was taken down.

"U..." one clone ran forth and punched Cyberdramon with enough force to send the four winged dragon flying back. The original Naruto and one of his clones then jumped and used the clone that punched Cyberdramon as a springboard sending him skyward.

"ZU...MA...KI..." three clones that were ready behind the dragon Digimon got down on one hand and leg and released a devastating, simultaneous triple kick to Cyberdramon's head. Cyberdramon went up and Naruto and his clone flipped downwards to meet the dragon before two powerful axe kicks came crashing down on Cyberdramon.

"NARUTO RENDAN/ NARUTO UZUMAKI BARRAGE!" Naruto and his clone roared before landing on the ground after Cyberdramon. The Ultimate level Digimon had fallen unconscious from the attacks. Naruto then looked at Ryo who was beyond scared, and way past the point of scared to death and that was an understatement.

However, before Naruto could take down his 'hated enemy' a loud roar echoed from the sky. Everyone turned their heads to the Digital World's clouds and saw an emerald scaled serpent descend from the heavens.

"Majiramon, Ultimate level. One of the devas and a follower of Azulongmon. He does not do anything unless he benefits from it in some manner. His attack is the Treasure Arrow which fires one thousand simultaneous arrow of light from his mouth." Takato read from his red coloured D-Ark before pocketing it. Naruto growled as Majiramon slammed on the ground creating a large earthquake from his impact.

"You are the human that Zhuquiaomon fears?" Majiramon asked looking at Naruto.

"Don't bother with me now, deva" the red cloaked blonde hissed, baring his fangs. Majiramon chuckled.

"Zhuquiamon promised me power if I destroy you" the dragon deva said as he remembered the reason why he needed to destroy such a weak specimen of life.

"NOW DIE...TREASURE ARROW!" Majiramon opened his jaws and his beard and claws, began to glow with a holy golden light. The light was then released up into the heavens before there was a bright flash. All of a sudden, one thousand arrows of light came raining down, all of them aimed right for Naruto. Their paths straight and true. Dorumon's eyes widened as he felt the power of the Kyuubi increase his powers, but the dark feeling that came with it also seeped into his DigiCore. Gatomon however, unable to use the Kyuubi's powers began to feel excruciating pain and fell to the ground.

"AAHHHHHH!" the feline screamed in pain. She looked to Dorumon and gasped, her eyes widening as she saw the the once soft burnt orange eyes now mixed with an evil red colour. His fur taking on highlights of red as well.

"NOOOO!" Dorumon ran towards his tamer as both tamer and partner's anger increased. Naruto's anger was from seeing Ryo and Cyberdramon as well as having Majiramon ruin the final blow while Dorumon's was anger towards the dragon deva for attacking his tamer.


Dorumon grew in size, to the same size as his regular Champion form, Dorugamon...except a dark red and black aura surrounded the Rookie's growing form. Dorumon's eyes became more fiery looking and then he took on a metallic look. The black fur of Dorugamon became a solid navy blue colour and then suddenly became coated with metal. mainly around his head in the form of a helmet. His tail became covered in steel and then the tip split off to look like three live wires. Sparks of electricity flew from the tips of the wires. Yellow teeth and red claws held the want to rip apart any enemy. The demonic red eyes of the dark digivolvution glowed within their sockets, similar to that of a monster's. The dragon let out a roar as it spoke its name.


DexDorugamon had never been seen since the fight with Mihiramon, but even then and now...his appearance still sent shivers down everyone's spine.

"Dorumon...what happened to you?" Ryudamon looked at his childhood friend, now a draconic beast of darkness. The Dark Digivolution of Dorumon roared before unleashing several balls of steel.

"CANNONBALL!" the black spheres collided with a few of the arrows of light and destroyed them, but the numbers of the light arrow outnumbered that of the spheres created from the dark dragon Digimon's attack. Naruto growled as he swished his newly formed chakra tail. Naruto then formed handsigns he did not even know he knew and then clapped his hands together.

"YOUKAITON: TATE NO KYUUBI/ DEMON STYLE: SHIELD OF THE NINE TAILS!" Naruto roared before his single tail dug into the ground and then split off at the tip into nine separate constructs. The nine tails lashed out, lengthening and retracting at speeds that were too fast for the eye to keep up with before finally they coverged into the single tail once more and released a pulse of red demonic chakra that stopped the entire assault of light arrows.

Naruto and DexDorugamon growled at Majiramon who watched in shock as his attack was stopped.

"N-N-Nani?" Majiramon was too amazed to noticed DexDorugamon take the chance to attack and flew up to Majiramon's skull. His right arm then became covered with a steely silver glow. The glow intensified until it rivalled that of the light arrows and finally caught Majiramon's attention, but he was too slow to react for DexDorugamon had flown high up and reached Majiramon's joint between his neck and head.

"METAL CAST!" the Dark Dragon Digimon roared before unleashing the arm and a silver light trailed behind DexDorugamon emphasizing the fact that he was flying near mach speeds, and then there was the sound of a blade slicing through flesh. The silver covered arm tore through the digital flesh of the dragon deva and it was so fast no had even known what happened until IT happened.

DexDorugamon flapped his large wings before releasing a roar and as if on cue...the giant head of Majiramon suddenly grew a large slash mark, bleeding red flakes of data before falling from its perch and then vanishing into red flakes of data along with the rest of the dragon deva's body.

DexDorugamon then landed next to the still Kyuubified Naruto who growled before turning to Ryo. Ryo looked in shock, although Naruto was not one to kill, you must remember that anyone who had done anything harmful, emotionally, mentally or physically to ANY of his precious people...and they would pay with their lives.

"NARUTO!" Naruto and DexDorugamon turned to see Gatomon writhing on the ground in pain. Her fur was no longer snow white, but dark red. Her eyes were wide open for all to see the pain in them, no longer crystal blue, but dark violet with a tinge of crimson.

"AAHHHHHH!" the feline Digimon screamed again. Naruto and DexDorugamon looked in shock as they watched their partner and lover, respectively, filled with so much pain. Naruto and DexDorugamon blinked and their eyes returned to their regular colour. Naruto's from crimson to sapphire and DexDorugamon from red to burnt orange. The red cloak in the form of a one tailed kitsune disappeared from Naruto's body and back into the seal while DexDorugamon glowed with a white light and shrunk back down into Dorumon.

"GATOMON!" the two yelled in shock before watching as their friend stopped writhing in pain, the crimson fur became snow white and her eyes returned to being a clear blue once more.

"Gato-chan...Gato-chan?" Dorumon held Gatomon in his arms.

"Doru-kun, Naruto...are you yourselves again?" she asked with a chuckle. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other with a single tear falling from their eyes before turning back to Gatomon.

"Hai..we kinda went out of control when we saw Ryo and Majiramon" Naruto explained. Gatomon groaned as she rose to her feet.

"Well...I'm glad to see you both are alright" Gatomon said before Rika had wrapped her arms around Naruto.

"Don't ever lose yourself like that might have done something you would have regret" Rika said. Naruto frowned and returned the embrace.

"Yeah...I know" the blonde looked out of the corner of his eye as Ryo bent down to check on Cyberdramon who was badly injured. Naruto sighed before releasing Rika. However, the fun was not over for after this little emotional episode, the group all listened as they tuned in to the sound engine?

"Does that sound like anything mechanical to you guys?"Kazu asked.

"Maybe it's just the ice cream man" Kenta said, earning glares from the others for his poor timing in choosing now to make a joke.

"'s..."Leomon squinted before his eyes widened as the image of the nearing vehicle. A glint of red and chrome crossed the lion Digimon's vision.

"IT'S BEELZEMON, EVERYONE RUN!" the bipedal lion roared, but it was too late because the motorcycle began to speed up as Beelzemon did a wheelie and was only about a good thirty feet away from them. Then a shadow jumped off from the Behemoth and Beelzemon spread his raven feathered wings and flew towards the group at speeds that left a trail of dust behind him.

The motorcycle had turned and parked itself to await its master's return. Beelzemon watched the fleeing group of tamer through red irises and smirked, licking his lips. Taking on a burst of new found sped he headed off the group causing them all to skid to a stop and watch with fear and a few brave souls decided to use a glare.

The Mega level Digimon touched down in front of the fear filled group. After all how would you feel if a powerful Digimon with a menacing appearance and two guns in its hands, appeared in front of you?

"Hehehe, you gakis are gonna be my next meal" Beelzemon licked his lips, "Badaboom"

Everyones, besides Leomon, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Ryudamon, their eyes widened in shock as they recognized the tone of voice from the Digimon and recognized who it was immediately.

"IMPMON!" they gasped.

"Impmon?" the four Digimon looked at the others.

"Hai, he was a Digimon in the Real World who left his tamer...however, he became a prankster and an annoying little gaki in the end, but he had some good in him" Naruto said. He watched as Beelzemon grinned.

"I'm am no longer the little prankster known as Impmon, I am the Demon Lord...BEELZEMON!" the Mega level Digimon flapped his ebony wings in a menacing way.







(A/N: Gatomon has no long range attacks and MarineAngemon is just plain weak, even for a Mega so they wouldn't be able to attack)

The six attacks rocketed towards the Demon Lord of Greed. The crimson eyed Digimon smirked before raising his fists and then rapidly punched every single one of the attacks. They were all destroyed and everyone stared in shock at the show of power that Beelzemon had just performed.

Beelzemon did a mocking bow as he whipped the ground with his tail causing it to crack. Beelzemon then reached to his left boot and pulled out one of his shot guns.

"Now listen here you little gakis and you Digi-bakas, you guys are now data...and as data it means that I can now eat you and gain more power" Beelzemon smirked as he pointed his shot gun at the group.

"Now then which one of you should go?" the bird masked Digimon asked himself. Naruto looked around and noticed the fear in everyone's eyes, he looked at his hands and found them to be uncontrollably shaking.

"Beelzemon?" Naruto called out catching the attention of the Demon Lord Digimon.

"What gaki?"

"I have more power than any of these people and the Digimon. Take me...and spare them all" the blonde said. Everyone's eyes widened.

"NANI?" everyone yelled.

"You really think your pitiful human self can equal all of theirs?" the winged Digimon asked until he felt a spike in power that equalled that of his own. Beelzemon's crimson eyes looked in shock as he felt the power was coming from Naruto himself causing Beelzemon to smirk.

"Very well...I shall spare your little exchange for your life" Beelzemon pointed the gun at Naruto, "Say your goodbyes"

"Naruto you can't?" Takato yelled.

"No Naruto-kun, I won't let you...I will not let you die like this" Rika said with tears lining her eyes. Naruto chuckled and then turned to the group.

"I have had fun fighting Digimon with you guys" he said looking over the group.

"Kazu...Kenta...take care of Dorumon and Gatomon for me will you?" the two newest tamers could not make any sort of response as he said his goodbyes.

"You the short time we've known each other...I've come to see you all as friends and some as family. Arigato" Naruto then turned to the original three tamers and plastered his foxy grin to hide his emotions.

"Takato..stay strong, Henry keep that logical attitude up. You guys are going to need that to surivive" Naruto then softened his gaze as he looked at Rika. Naruto quickly flashed through handsigns.

"Rika-chan...I love you" and with that Naruto charged chakra into his hands after finished the handsigns. He then punched the ground.

"Doton: Doryukurassha no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Dragon Crusher Jutsu!"and the earth began to split separating Naruto from the rest of the group as a large gorge formed between them. They were in too much shock at what Naruto was doing to even consider doing anything, their minds felt as if they had shut down. Their leader was leaving this?

Naruto smiled sadly at them before giving a small wave.

Naruto turned to face Beelzemon and nodded. Naruto faced Beelzemon with a gaze as hard as Chrome Digizoid.

'This is a sad ending for you all' Naruto thought his final words to the others, even though he knew they couldn't here them. 'But I promised myself...' Naruto looked as Beelzemon aimed the gun and pulled the piston back, the clicking sound being heard as he pointed the shotgun at Naruto's head.

'I promised myself that I would protect my precious people...all of you guys...even if it cost me my life, and it looks like I'll get to keep that promise' Naruto faced the barrel of the gun. The yells of his comrades to not do this fell on deaf ears before the blonde took a deep breath to await his death.

'And I know I will not be there to help you all through this, but I guess you'll have to get Calumon without me...' Beelzemon laughed before pulling the trigger. Naruto's sapphire eyes looked back once more before he turned to face the shotgun.

'Gomen nasai'



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