Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 21: Rescuing the Light Pt. 4

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

Naruto turned to face Beelzemon and nodded. Naruto faced Beelzemon with a gaze as hard as Chrome Digizoid.

'This is a sad ending for you all' Naruto thought his final words to the others, even though he knew they couldn't here them. 'But I promised myself...' Naruto looked as Beelzemon aimed the gun and pulled the piston back, the clicking sound being heard as he pointed the shotgun at Naruto's head.

'I promised myself that I would protect my precious people...all of you guys...even if it cost me my life, and it looks like I'll get to keep that promise' Naruto faced the barrel of the gun. The yells of his comrades to not do this fell on deaf ears before the blonde took a deep breath to await his death.

'And I know I will not be there to help you all through this, but I guess you'll have to get Calumon without me...' Beelzemon laughed before pulling the trigger. Naruto's sapphire eyes looked back once more before he turned to face the shotgun.

'Gomen nasai'




The sound of the gunshot echoed through the air as others had to turn away so as not to witness the horrendous act that Beelzemon had just done. Dorumon, Gatomon and Rika were the only ones in tears while the others were just looking down in shame, anger and regret about not doing anything to help their leader.

Naruto's head snapped back from the force as the bullet impacted with his skull and sent him flying through the air for a few metres and then landing on the ground with a thud. His eyes closed and his body still, void of any movement.

The others looked up with shock as they saw red flowing from the blonde's head. Most of them turned away, Rika, Dorumon and Gatomon being the only ones to stare in pure disgust, anger, sadness and any other negative emotion as Beelzemon holstered his gun. The Demon Lord of Gluttony grinned widely before he took off his leather jacket and peeled off his shirt to reveal his rather muscular, purple skinned body.

(A/N: I made a mistake, Beelzemon is the sin of Gluttony not Greed. My bad, thank you to Delfim the Black Kitsune for pointing that out to me.)

"You're a special one, so I will eat you in a special way" the mega level Digimon chuckled before a dark circle formed where his belly button was located. The circle grew larger and larger until it became the size of two basketballs and thus was larger than his stomach in terms of width and length.

"Now be eaten!" Beelzemon roared before a red and purple vortex of data swirled to life and began to suck in everything near Beelzemon vanishing into the void of data. The Demon Lord Digimon laughed loudly as rocks, air and other materials were sucked into the vortex in his stomach.

Naruto's still body began to move towards the twister of red and violet data, but was stopped as Dorumon and Gatomon jumped over the shinobi made chasm and grabbed onto Naruto's arms before digging their claws into the ground to prevent any further movement. Beelzemon growled as he watched the two tamed Digimon hold onto their tamer and thus depriving him of his awaited meal.

"I WILL EAT HIM!" the raven winged Digimon howled as the vortex's suction power began to increase and thus Dorumon and Gatomon, along with Naruto were being dragged towards the vortex. Since the others would not have any way to prevent themselves from being sucked into the mass of swirling data, they were barely able to keep themselves stationary.

"PYRO SPHERE!" Guilmon fired three spheres of fier red energy from his jaws, speeding towards the Mega level Digimon.

"BUNNY BLAST!" Terriermon managed to launch the multiple green energy bullets as he hung into Henry's hair for dear life.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" while holding himself and Jeri stationary by stabbing his blade into the ground, the lion Digimon managed to launch the orange coloured lion head from his hand.

"GUARDIAN BARRAGE!" Guardromon yelled as he fired a missile from his free arm cannon. The missile whistled through the air towards Beelzemon.

The four attacks went through the air, all aimed for Beelzemon's unprotected face, but the attacks suddenly swirled into one before being taken into the violet and red data portal from Beelzemon's stomach.

"NANI?" Jeri, Takato and Henry exclaimed.

"That vortex stopped all of our attacks like they were nothing" Kazu yelled in shock.

"QUICK SWIPE A MODIFICATION CARD AND TRY TO SAVE THEM!" Henry ordered. The others quickly responded and turned around in an attempt to keep their cards from being inhaled by Beelzemon's powers.

"I GOT IT!" Jeri yelled. Jeri quickly took out her yellow D-Ark and swiped the card, gripping it tightly to prevent it from being taken.

"DIGIMODIFY... LIMB EXTENSION ACTIVATE!" the brown haired girl yelled. Leomon roared as he thrust his arms forward and they began to extend beyond their limits becoming rubbery, yet strong enough to be able to grab onto the two struggling Digimon who were gripping their tamer in the same manner of strength.

"Come on Leomon, I know you can do it!" Jeri encouraged her partner.

"I'm doing my best" Leomon grunted as he began to pull Gatomon, Dorumon and the still body of Naruto. Gatomon and Dorumon aided themselves and Leomon by gripping the lion Digimon as tightly as they could while holding on with only one hand/claw. However...

" grip it's slipping" Gatomon screeched as she saw her yellow paw begin to lose its hold on the black t-shirt of Naruto.

"Grrr...mine...too" Dorumon strained to retain his hold on their tamer. They tried their best, but to no avail as Naruto was set free on account of the Digimon losing their grips and thus the blonde jinchuriki and sent hurtling into the dark void of data. Beelzemon laughed loudly as he felt the energy fill him upon Naruto's ingestion. The vortex calmed and the Demon Lord of Gluttony gave a loud burp and patted his stomach.

"Delicious" he commented and then put back on his shirt and jacket. Leomon had gripped Dorumon and Gatomon who were now in tears, close to his chest trying to console the two young Digimon. The red eyed Demon Lord licked his lips after a while and then turned to the group.

"Now then who is next?"

"NANI?" the others cried in shock. Leomon quickly turned his body in a feeble attempt to protect the two smaller Digimon.

"But...but you promised Naruto to leave us alone if he..." Kazu paused as he saw Rika slump to her knees and began to bawl. Her fingernails digging into the dirt before looking up at Beelzemon with anger and sadness.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Rika ran towards the winged Digimon, but Renamon held her back. Rika struggled against her partner before her anger caused her to elbowe her Digimon in the stomach, loosening her grip on Rika. The red haired tamer roared as she flashed through handsigns while leaping over the chasm Naruto had made.

"KATON: RYUUKA NO JUTSU!" she yelled and then she took a deep breath before releasing blazing orange and yellow flames from her mouth. The fire rocketed through the air as it morphed into the shape of a dragon. The dragon of flame roared as it struck Beelzemon. The Demon Lord of Gluttony raised his arms and took the attack head on and was quite surprised when he saw his feet shift back slightly from the force of the attack.

"KATON: GOUKAKYU NO JUTSU!" Rika took a deep breath, her hands fixed on the tora sign as her chakra flared to its highest levels. The chakra became fire in her belly rising through her body before she parted her lips and roared releasing the largest fireball she had ever made which was about the size of a small car. The attack burned the air around it, feeding off the oxgen in the Digital made air to fuel its flames. The attack struck home and caused a large explosion and Beelzemon flying through the air. Beelzemon flipped and spread his raven feathered wings and made himself stationary in the air.

Beelzemon growled, his crimson eyes focused on the violet-grey eyed tamer below him.

"Such a pest" he swooped down to cleave the girl in half with his sharp claws, but was surprised as hell when Rika ducked. Channeling any remaining amounts of chakra into her leg muscles and feet, Rika spun and readied her taijutsu move.

"Konoha Daisenpuu/ Great Leaf Hurricane!" Renamon's tamer yelled as her heel crashed into Beelzemon's side and sent him crashing to the ground, skidding along it before he stopped. Renamon then appeared by her tamer in a fighting position. The blue eyed kitsune watched as her tamer panted from exerting so much chakra.

"Don't push yourself, most of your chakra went into those katon jutsus and the last bit of whatever you had just went into that kick. Rest Rika" Renamon told the red haired girl. Rika panted heavily and shook her head. Dorumon and Gatomon then appeared as they had jumped the chasm and ran towards Rika and Renamon.

"No...not until I...avenger Naruto-kun!" she hissed, her shoulder heaving. Rika fell to the ground however as she lost her legs gave out. Renamon quickly caught her and looked up in time to jump away as Beelzemon pulled out his shotguns.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" the Demon Lord yelled his attack as he fired both guns. Dorumon and Gatomon rose to their feet after ducking beneath the bullets.

"You will pay for taking our tamer and friend away from us" Dorumon growled.

"And we will not rest!" and with that statement from Gatomon, the two Digimon raced towards Beelzemon. Beelzemon chuckled to himself before readying his guns, but couldn't aim as the dragon and cat were only jumping about as the neared his position.

"Kuso...can't get a good shot" the Demon Lord of Gluttony quickly spread his wings and was about to take to the skies, only rising a few feet when he felt a force acting on his body.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" the purple furred dragon moved with speeds that he had no idea he possessed and crashed his metal hard body against his tamer's killer. Beelzemon recovered and landed on his feet in a crouch only to receive an unexpected kick to the face from Gatomon.

"NEKO KICK!" her white energy covered foot was planted in his face and the winged Digimon was sent skidding backwards before Dorumon came from the left.

"DASH METAL!" Dorumon shoulder tackled the enemy Digimon before running after the sliding Digimon. Dorumon swiped with his claws, but Beelzemon managed to block and/or avoid them all. However, Gatomon appeared from behind and kicked him, knocking him off balance as the shorter Digimon landed on the ground as she used his head to backflip away. Dorumon then used the distraction and jumped in order to head butt Beelzemon in the chin knocking his head upwards and his being a few feet off the ground. Dorumon then jumped again after landing and back flipped, crashing his foot against the raven winged Digimon's chin this time and sent him further skyward. Gatomon then jumped and used Dorumon as a springboard to meet the Demon Lord.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" white energy coated her paws as she performed an uppercut that sent Beelzemon even higher. Grabbing onto him Gatomon gave one glimpse at her dragon of a boyfriend to find him landing deftly on his feet as he touched the ground. Gatomon then turned her fierce blue eyes back to the Demon Lord and his pain stricken face. Gatomon then held on to the leg of the leather wearing Digimon who had gotten over the pain and spread his wings trying to get Gatomon to let go, but to no avail.

As a reward for his efforts, Gatomon's claws dug themselves into the Demon Lord's leg thus allowing her a solid anchor as the winged Digimon screamed in pain.

"AHHH YOU BITCH!" Beelzemon flew down and prepared to drag Gatomon along the ground only for Dorumon to appear. He jumped and twisted in the air slamming his tail against the side of Beelzemon's face. Gatomon then removed her claws from Beelzemon's damaged leg and jumped off of him. Beelzemon landed on leg, his other one obviously damaged as red data bled from the wound that was slowly, but still quickly, healing itself as his body absorbed the data in the air to heal himself.

Dorumon and Gatomon panted and were a bit tired, but continued to fight. Dorumon raced towards the healing Beelzemon and aimed a slash, but Beelzemon ducked before raising his arm to block a kick from Gatomon. Using the momentum from the kick, Gatomon spun and tried to get a shot with her heel. The Demon Lord leaned his head back and avoided the move before grabbing her leg and then slamming Gatomon into the ground with devastating force before he saw Dorumon running to save his girlfriend.

"You want her...HERE!" Beelzemon threw the feline at Dorumon sending both Rookie and Champion Digimon to the ground. Dorumon recovered quickly and then rested Gatomon down before firing multiple steel spheres from his jaws.

"METAL SHOOT!" the metal orbs soared through the air, but Beelzemon quickly raised is fists and punched them all down with amazing power and accuracy. Beelzemon then smirked as Dorumon continued to fire orb after orb of hardened steel and destroyed ever single one of them in one punch. The Sin of Gluttony then roared as he slammed his raised hand on the ground. The ground cracked as Beelzemon dug his claws into the earth and removed it along with a large chunk of earth the size of a large boulder.

Beelzemon then threw the boulder into the air and leaped before spinning and landing a roundhouse kick on the defenseless rock that sent it rocketing towards Dorumon and Gatomon at high speeds. Henry quickly leapt over the chasm to reach their side of the earth before forming handsigns and slammed them on the ground.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu!" the Asian tamer cried out as a wall of stone erected itself in front of Dorumon and the downed Gatomon. The wall received a great crack as the boulder impacted with the earth wall and thus caused it to crumble as a result after a few seconds. Beelzemon growled.

"Too many interferences, I'LL KILL YOU GUYS THERE FIRST BEFORE I HANDLE THESE TWO!" the red eyed Mega spread his wings and prepared to go towards the remainder of the group.

"KAHUNA WAVE!" MarineAngemon released a bubble of red energy in the shape of a heart. Thinking it was just a weak attack, Beelzemon plowed through the bubble only to find himself trapped as the bubble suddenly grew in size and entrapped him in a heart shaped prison of red.

"What the...?" Beelzemon punched the bubble only to have his fist bounce off of its surprisingly rigid form. Beelzemon continued to try and free himself. Seeing the window of opportunity Leomon looked at the group.

"Quick we have to get out of here!" Leomon roared. Rika, who had slightly recovered stood to her feet as she was rested on the ground before by Renamon.

"No...I need to avenge...Naruto-kun" Renamon held her weakened tamer back.

"NO RIKA...he's gone Rika" Rika refused to listen as she furiously tried to fight off her much stronger Digimon partner.

"No, Naruto always finds a way to come back...he can't die...I love him too much, HE CAN'T DIIEEEEEE!" Rika stopped struggling before having Renamon embrace her as she cried into the fur of her partner. Renamon's ice blue eyes seemed to become even colder in appearance. Leomon quickly leaped across and recovered the now unconscious Dorumon and slightly conscious Gatomon.

"Naruto...gomen nasai" the white cat Digimon whispered as she had failed to avenge her tamer.

"We will make you pay" the kitsune Digimon growled.

"You think you can beat me...I wiped out your leader and thus left you all psychologically destroyed and also I am a Mega level while you guys are just Rookies and Champions. You have no chance" the Demon Lord of Gluttony countered Renamon's threat and all was silent as they knew...he was right even if he was trapped in a bubble prison.

"Now then...I shall AGGGHHHHHHH!" Beelzemon screamed in pain alerting the others to his pain as they saw him gripping his chest and his hands trembling. The sound of burning flesh reaching their ears. To all that looked they saw Beelzemon looking at his hands and chest and they saw the image of the Digital Hazard, violently burning itself into Beelzemon's hands and chest. Smoke rising due to its intensity.

The red bubble of the Kahuna Wave prison began to expand and rise from the heat produced but it expanded to such a degree that the Kahuna Wave stretched beyond its limits and popped sending Beelzemon crashing to the ground in pain leaving an imprint of the Demon Lord.

"AAGHHHHH...WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MEEEEE!" Beelzemon spread his wings and flapped them furiously in an attempt to cool the burns but to no avail.

"That boy will live. He is my only salvation...AND YOU DARE TO DESTROY HIM!"

"W-W-WHO ARE YOU?" Beelzemon roared as he clutched his head, the burning getting worse as he felt as if his hand was about to be smoldered from the effects of the glowing insignia that was the Digital Hazard.

"I...have been waiting nearly countless years for this moment. I will not let some Digital Demon Lord whelp such as yourself to ruin it for're lucky that your stomach does not digest the data it swallows or else I would have completely destroyed you if it meant for Naruto's revival"

"SHUT UP...SHUT UUUUPPPP!" Beelzemon bashed his head against the ground in a feeble attempt to rid himself of Lucemon's evil voice.

"You dare not lay a hand on the boy...he is the key to my freedom" Lucemon spoke into Beelzemon's mind.

"N-N-Nani?" the Demon Lord Digimon looked at his hand as he continued to feel the burning sensation.

"I gave you this power...and I can just as easily take it from you. I GAVE YOU THIS POWER AND YOU USE IT TO DESTROY MY ONLY HOPE OF REGAINING SUBSTANCE IN THIS PITIFUL VERSION OF A DIGITAL WORLD!" Lucemon roared. The group looked in shock as Beelzemon continued to scream in pain, in fact the burning was so intense that his hand was beginning to let off smoke in large streams.

"Quick while we have the chance, RUN!' Leomon and Ryudamon roared. The group froze for a second as the looked at the writhing Beelzemon before nodding and taking off for Zhuquiamon's palace...without Naruto.

"What...what the hell you? WHO are you?" Beelzemon asked looking around the empty air. Lucemon chuckled evilly before using his long range telekinesis to force Beelzemon to the ground once more as the Demon Lord attempted to rise to his feet.

" your new lord and master"

"No way you bodiless freak, Beelzemon don't answer to nobody and that includes voices that think they can..." Beelzemon was silenced as he felt the force of gravity increase ten fold creating an imprint of his body from the downward action.

" pitiful little whelp. Now I will release you, exchange you must do what I ask. And what I ask is for kill that Leomon with the tamers. However, only commit this act AFTER they have reached Zhuquioamon's palace. He is part of the much grander plan I have in mind, meanwhile I will be trying to find a way return my piece de resistance to the world" the Fallen Angel Digimon said. Beelzemon scoffed.

"And what if I don't? Huh? Whatcha gonna do then?" Beelzemon cackled as he began to resist, rising to his knees from sheer willpower alone. But the force suddenly multiplied in strength and he was back, face first in the ground.

"If you don't...then your body will be crushed and your data scattered to the wind" the blonde angelic Digimon replied. Beelzemon suddenly felt a different force. The force of killing, the want for death, the need for destruction...killing intent. It was from this killing intent that Beelzemon knew Lucemon wasn't joking and nodded.

"Alright" he submitted to the Fallen Angel, though with a scowl, "I...I...I'll do your little dirty work. The Leomon right?" Beelzemon asked. Lucemon nodded and gave his newest subordinate a mental "Hai".

"After they have reached Zhuquiaomon's palace?" Lucemon gave the mental confirmation once more.

"Hai...and now go, but here is a little companion for you to take along"

Dark Prison

Lucemon meditated, floating a few inches off the ground, his arm bands and tattoos glowing. Focusing within his Dark Prison, the Fallen Angel called upon his energies of Light and Darkness before pulling out the dark energy. As Lucemon had suspected, the prison he was being held in was weakening over time. His dark energy construct then broke through the prison before it healed itself leaving Lucemon once again with no escape.

"The prison is weak...but not weak enough" Lucemon's sky blue eyes stared at the center and main lock of the prison.

"Anyways...Beelzemon I have just sent the companion for you to take along. Have fun with her, she's a feisty little devil"

With Beelzemon

Beelzemon waited for a few seconds before a dark pillar of purple and black data sprouted out of the ground. The tower of darkness was about as tall as a Tyrannomon before it shrank down to being as tall as Beelzemon himself.

The darkness began to swirl before taking shape. The shape of a humanoid Digimon.

The humanoid Digimon was female in appearance as well as gender. She had black hair that was most likely very long since it was tied up by the many pins as well as the golden crown upon her head. She had a very eye appealing body, with an hourglass figure a LadyDevimon would kill to have. She wore a black body suit with gold markings on it and covered her arms and lower body, leaving only her cleavage visible, with a large purple and gold cloak of somekind. A small pair of bat wings grew out from her between her shoulder blades, in the middle of her back there was a large pair of torn looking bat wings. Below the torn wings were two long belt shaped wings that made a pointed edge in a golden colour and below that were two more golden 'wings' that seemed similar to spikes. The body suit was able to reach down to her feet and formed a sort of footwear.

This was Lilithmon. A Mega level Digimon and a Demon Lord Digimon. She represents the sin of Lust. She was thought to be a fallen Ophanimon who was banished to the Dark Prison. Of course Lucemon was on an evil streak and absorbed her data after killing her, along with the other Demon Lords in a surprise attack to take out each one...except for Ogudomon, Belphemon and Beelzemon, in an effort to take over the Digital World.

(A/N:I needed a reason as to how Lucemon was powerful enough to handle the four Sovereigns and Fanglongmon so if he killed and absorbed three of the six remaining Demon Lords, that would provide sufficient power to do so and also a reason as to how he could reform Lilithmon. The reason for the being of Lust was because well Lust and Gluttony got along well together in the show Full Metal Alchemist so you see where I'm going with this.)

Lilithmon opened her eyes were shown to be completely black where the sclera was and the irises were a dark violet. Her pupils dilating and expanding to adjust to the light. She stretched wings and limb for a few seconds before relaxing them.

"Ahh much better" the female Digimon sighed in relief. She scanned the area before her eyes fell on Beelzemon.

"Hey there big boy, wanna go for a ride?" Lilithmon said with a sly wink. Beelzemon blinked before smirking.

"Listen here toots, I am Beelzemon Demon Lord of Gluttony, I ain't gonna be taken down by some mangy woman" the raven winged Digimon replied as he walked over to his fallen shotgun and then put it back it is slot on his boot.

"Now where do you get off calling me mangy?" Lilithmon growled, a dark aura surrounding her body. Beelzemon chuckled and released his own dark aura, both clashing in a battle of wills and stares. The dark auras grew in size before they died down, the two Sins gave each other nods of respect.

"You're strong" they told each other simultaneously.

"Care for a ride toots or can you fly like the bat you are?" Beelzemon asked. The bird masked Digimon turned around and put two fingers, his index and middle fingers, in his mouth as he whistled. The high pitched sound traveled through the air and within a few seconds the Behemoth rode up from behind a near, yet still slightly far away boulder and skidded to a halt in front of the two Demon Lords.

"Nice motorcycle, and the Behemoth none the less...keep showing off and you might get something in return, sugar" Lilithmon replied with a chuckle. Beelzemon snorted in amusement.

"Yeah yeah, whatever toots, just climb on" he said as he sat down, scooting up so Lilithmon had some space to ride. The sexy female Digimon took her seat, her arms wrapped around Beelzemon's waist.

"Alright, you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be big boy... and the name is Lilithmon, not toots"

"Frankly toots, I don't give a damn" and Beelzemon revved the Behemoth before performing a wheelie and driving off in the direction of the tamers.



Red and Black were the only colours visible to the blonde shinobi tamer as he stood to his feet.

"What the...what happened to me?" Naruto asked as he looked around the sea of red data that was accompanied by a pitch black 'sky' if you could call it that. The sappphire eyes of the Kyuubi jinchuriki looked up at the darkness above.

"Oh right, I died and I think Beelzemon ate me"

"No you baka!" a deep voice resounded through Naruto's head causing the blonde shinobi-tamer to clutch his head.

"Urghh...Kyuubi?" Naruto asked.

"Hai, you retard. How dare you go suicidal, that is so unlike you. You would have fought to the last man, but you went without a fight!" Kyuubi roared.

"G-G-Gomen nasai" Naruto replied to his bijuu, "Besides, I can only handle so much of your chakra and even if I fought Beelzemon there was still no guarantee that we would have won and the others would have surivived"

"That's no excuse to not fight. What is with you, back in our universe you would have gone down like a shinobi, now you're just a pussy"

Naruto looked down in shame, the great demon kitsune had hit a nerve with that last comment. True, Naruto would have not have gone down without a why now?

"Why...why did I not fight?" Naruto asked more to himself than the bijuu, "Maybe it's because I actually have someone, I have someone I truly loved"

"You loved your friends back in Konoha"

"I have people here who respect me"

"Your friends respected you as well back in Konoha" the great nine tailed demon retorted.

"I have two partners that would give their lives in order to protect me and those we cherished. I have people here who are true to their word when they say they are my friends. They didn't hate in the beginning when they found out I had you in my stomach. The people in this universe don't glare at me with those hateful eyes...yet I threw it all away because..." Naruto paused because he couldn't think of a reason.

(A/N: Actually the truth is I can't think up a reason as to why I just had Naruto take a bullet for the team. I thought it would bring suspense to the story, which it did, yet...for people who asked why have Naruto do this...I can't answer because I just can't)

Kyuubi remained silent, because he couldn't comeback on that one. Sakura had denied him the satisfactory of feeling proud when he brought back a teammate that betrayed them all. Villagers glared at him, cursed the blonde and those who treated him as if he didn't have a bijuu sealed in his gut.

"True, you have...well had, actually everything you could ever wish for in this universe. But you avoided the question...why throw it all away with that one bullet?"

Naruto frowned, "I don't know"

" I really dead or is this limbo?" he asked the fox.

"Neither, you see as the bullet was moving towards you. I rapidly took over your mind and body and managed to get as much of my youkai as I could, out and block most of the impact to your forehead where your frontal lobe was. However, the force of the bullet was able to to break through and hit your skull with a slightly less amount of force and thus you didn't die when you were eaten by Beelzemon. Your body was then eaten by him and I'm guessing...we're in some other dimension within the Digital World or we're just plain lost"

"NANI?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Exactly. Apparently there is nothing here but empty space and blood"

Naruto bent down and looked at the sea of blood he was in, only when he dipped his hands in the blood did he and Kyuubi realize it wasn't blood for the blood began to shine similar to that of...

"Data flakes" the blonde gasped, his eyes widening in shock.

"Data flakes?"

"Hai...apparently there is so much here that it looks like a sea of blood" Naruto said as he let the data flakes slip through his fingers, smooth as water yet thick like blood.

"Well guess we have nothing to do..."

"But walk" Naruto finished before he began to walk through the sea of red data. After about an hour of walking Naruto was starting to feel tired.

"What's...What's going on? I feel...weak" the blonde's eyelids began to droop as he felt as if he were being deprived of his energy.

"Kit, quick find some way out of this data. It's draining you of your well as your life force" Kyuubi roared. Naruto's eyes widened at this as he suddenly caught his unknown second wind. He was going to perform an earth jutsu when he realized there was no solid ground, only data flakes.

"Kuso/Kuso" both jinchuriki and bijuu cursed. Naruto began to suddenly panic as he continued to feel woozy, his eyes dropping once more. However as he was about to fall, Naruto felt himself hit something solid.

"Kuso...come on there little guy. I gotcha" a voice said. Naruto looked up just as he was about to faint and he caught sight of blonde hair and golden eyes.

"Stay with me" Naruto's eyes shut as he felt the remainder of his energy that was used to keep himself conscious was lost. Darkness filled his vision and the figure that caught Naruto looked around the darkness. The only light was the shining of the data flakes.

"Good thing I'm immune to the data absorption...but this gaki isn't. Might as well do it" the figure used surprising strength to throw Naruto, who was quite heavy for a thirteen year old boy, into the air before it clapped its hands together before slamming them down on the sea of data flakes. Blue lightning appeared out of nowhere upon the figure's contact with the data flakes.

The data flakes suddenly turned steel silver as they became a hardened metal. The figure nodded in satisfaction before holding his arms and jumped, catching Naruto in mid air as the blonde fell back down to 'earth'.

Resting Naruto on the cool steel pathway, the figure clapped his hands once more and then placed them on the data flakes once more. Blue lightning formed and the red data flakes transformed into an iron staff. After that, the figure picked up Naruto and rested him on its shoulder while using the staff for support to carrying the extra weight.

"Well then, let's get you back to my place" the figure stated to the unconscious form of the blonde.

With the Tamers

The group had just finished running and stopped to rest. The darkness had swept across the area and the group formed a campfire by using Terriermon's Bunny Blast to heat a pile of flammable Chrome Digizoid that Kazu and Kenta had taken out of Shibumi's cave when they had entered with the Coredramon twins.

They were silent, all staring into the campfire. The golden and blue coloured flames burned, crackling as they used the oxygen in the air to stay alive. Leomon ripped small chunks of his immortal and regrowing mane into the fires to keep it burning every time he saw the flames begin to die.

"So...what do we do?" Kenta asked as MarineAngemon slept on his head.

"I guess we should just go back home" Jeri said, "I mean Naruto was our leader, what's a rescue group without it's commanding officer"

"No!" Takato said standing to his feet. His reddish brown eyes enhanced his furious look.

"Takato...I don't mean anything bad, but we've lost. Naruto's gone and without him we can't fight off the strongest Digimon. Dorumon and Gatomon..." the Asian tamer looked to the two melancholy Digimon. They had been lying next to each other, silent.

Rika was pretty much the same way as she rested on Renamon's lap.

"No...Naruto told us to go south and we are going south. Naruto would want us to continue the journey and rescue Calumon" Takato said. The goggle wearing tamer looked at the others who were a bit down after hearing Takato bring up Naruto. Ryudamon stood and nodded.

"Aye, though I have known Naruto for this limited amount of time I know he is a person who would not leave something unfinished. Stubborn, but determined. WE LEAVE AT FIRST LIGHT!" Ryudamon barked. The other tamers nodded with a small smile, and a small glimmer of the light that once filled Rika's, Dorumon's and Gatomon's eyes returned upon hearing those words.


Beelzemon and Lilithmon watched the group from afar.

"Such a nice group of children, that Leomon sure looks nice" Lilithmon said in a sensual tone. Beelzemon licked his lips.

"If only I would be able to eat them" the raven winged, motorcycle riding Demon Lord whined.

"Too bad, Lucemon-sama said not to eat them or harm them in anyway until we arrive at the palace of the Sovereign of the South" the female Digimon said as she watched Beelzemon sucked his index finger as a certain homunculus would.

He bit into the rock they were hiding behind and chewed it.

"Not bad" he commented before continuing to eat the stone.

"You're a pig" the being of Lust sighed.

"And you're a whore" he countered.



And the arguments continued for a while before they quieted down so as not be heard.

With Naruto-Unknown Dimension

Naruto groaned as he woke. His senses kicked in and he jumped from the sudden feeling of cold. He looked around to find himself floating on a small circular shaped island made entirely of metal. He heard the sounds of a crackling fire.


"Ah so you're up" a voice said. Naruto turned around and reached for a kunai, however he found his weapons pouch to gone.

"If you're looking for that pouch with sharp pointy objects, here" the figure tossed Naruto his weapons and caught them before reattaching the pouch.

"Who are you?"

"It's common mannerisms for one to give their name before earning the name of the other" the figure replied with a devilish smirk. Naruto sweat dropped as he remembered that line from when Sasuke spoke to Neji at the Chunin Exams on the second floor.

'Those were the days' he sighed at the memory before returning to the question, "Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto"

"Ah, so you're a human from the Real World" the figure said.

"Are you a Digimon?" Naruto asked as he looked over the figure. Now that there was a form of light other than shining data flakes, he got a good look at the creature's face.

It was humanoid and judging from its structure, obviously male. It looked downright human-like, nothing like a humanoid creature, like Dinohumon, but full blown human looking anatomy and looks. The figure was standing at its full height showing Naruto the figure stood at a height of at least six feet. It had long golden blonde hair, that was tied into a braided ponytail. Bronze yellow eyes looked at Naruto's sapphire blue. He wore a black t-shirt and long black pants with black boots. A pair of white glove was worn over hi hands. The unknown figure completed the look by wearing a blood red trench coat that, if you looked at the back had the image of a serpent coiling itself around a cross.

"Hai" the Digimon replied. Naruto took out his D-Ark for Dorumon which miraculously remained in his pocket along with his Digimon cards and case and Gatomon's D-Ark.

"Ah so you're a tamer" Naruto replied with a simple nod as the image of the humanoid Digimon appeared.

"Alchemon, Mega level. Said to be a master in the art of alchemy and knows how to fight expertly in hand to hand combat. It's said to usually travel with an armoured guardian that Alchemon affectionately calls Alphonse. Alchemon is the enemy of the Seven Demon Lord Digimon and was said to have disappeared in a battle with Beelzemon. Attacks are Transmutation, Automail Crusher and Alchemic Burst" Naruto read before putting away the D-Ark.

"Nice little dohickey you got there" Alchemon said.

"It's a D-Ark. It is said to have information on nearly any Digimon, adding information to new Digimon that have been scanned" Naruto explained before he looked around the metal island.

"So...where's this armour guardian guy?" the blonde asked. Alchemon frowned at that.

"Well like your D-Ark said...I had disappeared with a fight with the Sin of Gluttony, Beelzemon. However, Ale died and was absorbed/eaten by Beelzemon. I fought with rage and thus it became my downfall and he ate me using the data portal"

"So where does the data portal take us, how long have you been here?" Naruto asked his questions in rapid succession. Alchemon chuckled.

"Well we are in Beelzemon's bottomless pit of a stomach. The reason you were feeling drained is because those red data flakes are actually Beelzemons past meals that after being digested of all usable nutrients, they acted as assimilators, absorbing the life force of anything that is eaten via data portal."

Narutos eyes widened as he looked around, not beliving that this HUGE place was actually the Demon Lord's stomach.

"As for how long I've been here..."Alchemon answered the second qestion, "I've been here for so many life-cycles I've lost count, but I have been developing a way to get out, although I haven't tested it yet and am afraid of the results if it doesn't go as planned"

"So is there an end to this place, I mean there has to be a way out right?"

The blonde haired Digimon shook his head.

"There is no end going up, left or right and his stomach is indeed bottomless having opened up a well in the past using my alchemy to drop a transmuted rock down it and waited five minutes and there was still no sound of it hitting the bottom" golden eyes filled with seriousness looked into Naruto's surprise filled sapphire orbs.

There was a period of silence.

"Kit, Alchemon said he can use the ancient art of alchemy and developed a way to get out. Be the test subject"

'NANI?' Naruto mentally yelled to his bijuu, 'Are you insane, he said he never tested it and the results could be really really bad if it goes wrong'

"Well it's probably our only chance at getting out of here"

'Fine, but I want to talk to him first...get to know him and earn a glimmer in not most of his trust'

"Sounds like a plan" and Kyuubi stopped talking.

"Alchemon?" the red cloak wearing Digimon looked at Naruto.

"Hai, Naruto?"

"I was wondering...what is alchemy exactly?" Alchemon's eyes shone with happiness.

"Oh its been so long since someone has asked me that question. I'll be happy to explain. Well before we begin into Alchemy, you must know the Law of Equivalent Exhange. This is a law that all Alchemists follow, both human and Digimon since it is necessary for one to know this before attempting alchemy at all."

"What Law is that?"

"The Law of Equivalent Exchange states that, "No form of living organism cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth" ..." and with that Alchemon explained the art of Alchemy and how the use of transmutation circles allowed one to change the appearance of something, transform things from its original form into another form (Although it must be of equal mass), as well as the taboo of Digimon-Revival Transmutation.

"What is Digimon-Revival Transmutation?" the blonde shinobi asked the alchemic master.

"Digimon-Revival Transmutation is something based off of the alchemy in the Real World, known as Human Transmutation. It is a taboo among any kind of alchemist, human or Digimon. I had a friend, she had been destroyed when a Virus Digimon called DarkTyrannomon attacked the area we were staying in. I was still a Rookie level back then and it killed her and my other friend that I had seen as a brother. I performed the taboo and as such I lost two of my left leg and my right arm" Alchemon rolled up his pants leg and the sleeve of his trench coat to reveal them to be shining metal.

"Sugoi, but how were you able to do this?" Naruto asked, "Attaching the limbs and making them able to move to such a high degree they move just like regular fingers, I mean"

Alchemon smirked.

"Another friend of mine, a Babamon who specialized in making limbs for Digimon who lost their original ones, made out of a hyrbid metal from combing Gold and Silver and regular Chrome Digizoid. She called it Automail. After that she reattached them to my nerves and what not and here I am"

"Sugoi, guess I know who to go to in case I lose a limb or two" he joked earning a laugh from the Alchemy Digimon.

"I'm glad I'm not alone in this place anymore. You've earned my friendship...and my trust young tamer" Alchemon said. Naruto smirked and held out his fist for Alchemon to bump. Alchemon looked in surprise before smiling broadly and then rolling down his pant leg and sleeve before bumping fists with Naruto.

"No problem...but I will need to leave. My friends up on the surface of the Digital World need my assistance. We are trying to save a friend from Zhuquiaomon"

"The old bird Sovereign of the South?" earning a nod from the blonde shinobi. The blonde alchemist listened as the tamer told his tale and then paused as the information soaked into Alchemon's brain.

"Okay...then I will help you escape" Alchemon said standing to his feet. Naruto stood up as well.

"You will?" he asked, obviously surprised. Alchemon nodded to his fellow blonde.

"Hai, but first I need to set up the doorway. I had always considered the possibility of what would happen if I opened the Digital Gate of Alchemy and used it on a living being."

"Guess we'll find out today" Naruto said and with that the two blondes set to work.

Time Skip- One Day (Digital World Time)/ Half a Week in the Real World

They contacted Yamaki via the data pad that Takato had completely forgotten he had in his bag. After sending their messages that were to be relayed to their parents, they had gotten a reply from the Head of Hypnos saying the old group of Monster Makers had gotten together again and were now making a surprise way for the group to return home.

The group then continued onwards. Ryudamon then paused, a smile stretching across his face as he turned to the group.

"Ryudamon, why are you smiling?" Dorumon asked his childhood/Baby-level-hood friend.

"Because...we've arrived" the orange furred pointed ahead as he switched from all fours to standing in his back legs. The others looked ahead to see the blue sky had suddenly become dark and smelled of sulfur a few metres away from where the were currently standing.

"YATTA!" the group screamed in accomplishment.

'We did it Naruto...we're gonna rescue Calumon' Rika thought.

After a few minutes of running, the group finally reached the cracked purplish earth and walked across it. Streams of black and white smoke, the colours varying, spouted from geysers. The sulfurous fumes in the air began to cause every cough, but it wasn't so bad that they could get poisoned. After a few minutes of walking, the group stopped at the entrance to the palace...which was separated from them by a large menacing steel, spike railed bridge and a large...bunny rabbit standing in front of the only way to cross the bridge.

"Ohayo, we're here to see Zhuquiaomon" Kazu said walking up with Guardromon. The large rabbit looked down at the tamers, their partners and Ryudamon.

"I am a servant of the Sovereign and it is my duty to have no other Digimon other than the other Sovereigns cross this path to the palace of Zhuquiaomon-sama" the rabbit replied.

Henry took out his green D-Ark and scanned the large twenty foot rabbit.

"Anytlamon, Ultimate level Digimon and is the rabbit deva. She is strong and agile, a perfect combination for hand to hand combat. That mixed with her attack, Bunny Blades which changes her hands into twin bladed swords make a deadly combination"

"Henwy?" everyone looked up, their eyes widening to twice their original size, Henry's was times three as he saw his little sister, Suzy climb out from behind the rabbit deva's ears.

"Suzy...SUZY?" Henry exclaimed. The rabbit looked between Henry and his little sister.

"You know this thing?" Antylamon asked pointing at Suzy.

"Yeah I know her, she's my sister now put her down!" Henry said, fury crossing his facial features.

"Okay, sure" Henry lost all anger which had quickly become confusin as Antylamon reached atop her head and rested Suzy on the ground in front of her aniki.

"Henwy!" Suzy ran up to Henry and gave him a hug, well hugged his legs anyways. Henry rested his hand atop her head.

"Suzy, what are you doing here?" Henry asked as he looked down on Suzy.

"I...I don't know?" Suzy answered truthfully, "One second, I was in the park with Otou-san and then I saw this pwetty light and then I ended up hewe with Antylamon" she replied with a smile as she ran back to the deva and patted its leg.

"Uhhhh" Henry looked confused at what just happened.

"Dude, your little sister just befriended a just got served by a six year old" Kazy whispered to the Asian tamer.

"Oh urasai Kazu...Antylamon we need to speak to Zhuquiaomon" Henry said.

"Hai, it's urgent, we're looking for our friend Calumon" Takato added.

"Look, I am ordered to guard this bridge for all time and I will carry out that task. Even if you are friends of Suzy here..." the rabbit deva looked down at the purple haired girl, "I cannot allow you passage"

"HAHAHAHA!" a familiar voice sounded, echoing throughout land of Zhuquiamon. That accompanied by the roar of the mechanical beast. The tamers and their partners turned slowly in fear and shock as they looked to see the familiar face that came with the familiar voice.


"Miss me gakis?" Beelzemon asked as he screeched to a halt in front of the tamers, their partners, Suzy, Antylamon and Ryudamon. Beelzemon stepped off with Lilithmon and the two Demon Lords stood in front of the group.

Kenta then used his D-Ark to scan the female Sin of Lust. A holographic image of the demon-ness came up on the rose coloured D-Ark's screen.

"Lilithmon, Mega level! Kuso we can't take on both of them. Her power is supposed to be equal to that of the other Demon Lords like Beelzemon which is an insane amount. Her attacks are Nazar Nail and Phantom Pain" the glasses wearing tamer read. He then pocketed his D-Ark and the group stared at the two Sins of the Digital World.

"Hehe, now then, since the little blondie is gone it's time I killed you all" Beelzemon gave off an evil grin. However as he took a step forward the Sin of Gluttony suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach, sending the raven winged Digimon to the ground.

"What's wrong, I told you not to eat those stupid Patamon on the way here. They give you indigestion" the Sin of Lust commented. Her words fell on deaf ears as Lilithmon watched her fellow Demon Lord clutch his stomach in pain as he began to wretch, saliva and what seemed to be red flakes of data spewing from his mouth.

"Urgh...w-w-hat's happening?" he grunted as he continued to wretch.

Beelzemon's stomach

"Alright, the transmutation circle is set up" Alchemon said as he finished drawing the circle with the kunai that Naruto gave him.

"Alright, so I stand in the center right?" Naruto asked. The Mega level Alchemy Digimon nodded.

"Hai, do that and I will do the rest" Alchemon said. Naruto nodded and did as he was told, standing in the center of the large transmutation circle.

"You will use this to get yourself out won't you?" Naruto asked. Alchemon smirked.

"I'm afraid I can't as I will be unsure of whether or not the transmutation will be successful" the red cloak wearing Digimon said.

"But, I can come too. You can come with me, stand here and we'll get out together" Naruto said. Alchemon shook his head.

"Equivalent Exchange remember. When you pass through the Gate to get out of Beelzemon's stomach the Gate will want something in exchange for your exit..."

"Don't you have one of those Data Stones, the one that allows you to bypass the Law?" Naruto asked, remembering the conversation on it from his talk about alchemy with Alchemon earlier. Alchemon's eyes widened as he slapped himself.

"KUSO, How could I forget" he cursed and Alchemon reached into his cloak's pocket before pulling out a small crimson stone the size of a pebble.

"Well then...if you can find a way to let me know if this works..." Alchemon paused as Naruto gave him the Nice Guy Pose along with his trademark foxy grin.

"I will" the blonde shinobi nodded to the blonde alchemist.

"Alright, let's do this thing!" Alchemon exclaimed. He rested the Data Stone on the edges of the circle before clapping his hands together. The sound echoing throughout the area. Alchemon slammed his hands down on the ground on top the edges of the transmutation circle, each hand on either side of the crimson pebble.

"TRANSMUTATION!" Alchemon yelled as Naruto began to feel a pull on his body. A large storm of blue and red lightning sprouted out of the ground near Alchemon as the alchemic reaction between regular alchemy and the Data Stone enhanced alchemy was performed.

"I'll see you...on the other side!" Naruto yelled earning a wink from the golden eyed alchemist.

"May I live to see that day, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto" and with that there was a large bolt of blue and red lightning that obscured both human and Digimon's vision. Naruto then vanished in a blur of orange and black into a yellow data portal above.

Digital World-Southern Quadrant

Zhuquiamon's Palace Grounds

Beelzemon continued to hack and wretch before he screamed to the sky and then the red and violet data vortex that led to his stomach opened up from his mouth. It twisted like a tornado before there was a yellowish glow coming from its epicenter. The yellow glow moved upwards before it was launched into the sky. The ball of yellow energy then descended to the point between the tamers and the Demon Lords.

A large dust cloud erupted from the energy ball's contact with the earth and debris was scattered everywhere. The group of Digimon and humans all looked with wide eyes, even Lucemon who was watching through the orb in his prison watched in awe as the cloud of dust began to settle.

"Im-Impossible!" Beelzemon roared. The dust cloud parted by a gust of wind and a flare of blue chakra as there, in front of the group stood the one and only blonde shinobi-tamer, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto.

"N-N-Naruto-kun?" Rika stuttered. The sapphire eyed boy turned to his friends and gave a wave.

"Yo, gomen nasai for being late. I was lost on the road of life" He was then tackled, nearly losing his balance as his girlfriend glomped him.

"I...I thought you had died" she sobbed into his chest. Naruto smiled sadly as he stroked the red headed girl's back.

"Gomen nasai, Rika-chan. I didn't mean to make you cry...and I won't ever happen again" he whispered to her. Rika sniffled before smiling up at the taller teenager before she kissed him. Naruto returned the kiss and they held it for a few seconds.

As Rika let him go he was taken by surprise as she ducked suddenly as Gatomon and Dorumon jumped on his face and chest, respectively.

"NARUTO!" they yelled, hugging him. Naruto laughed as he pried the Digimon off of him.

"It's good to have you back man...just don't do that again" the purple furred dragon said.

"Yeah...we thought we lost you. We nearly lost our will to live when you left us...tamer" the white furred feline added with a downcast look. Naruto bent down to their level and hugged them.

"Don't worry, I'm not EVER going to leave you guys or the others...ever again" Naruto then let his partners go before standing to his full height and turning around.

'Alchemon...arigato, I wish I could help you, but I guess repayment is the next best thing' Naruto thought, his eyes closed as his newest Digimon friend formed in his mind's eye. His sapphire eyes snapped open as he saw Beelzemon recover from hacking up the shinobi.

" did you get out of my stomach?" he roared, spreading his wings menacingly.

"A friend" was all Naruto replied before turning to the others.

"Now then...whose ready to kick some ass?" Naruto roared. This earned him a cheer in acknowledgement from his friends and their Digimon.



"CHARRRGE!" Naruto commanded and the tamers rushed towards the two Demon Lords. They split up into their assigned groups and the battle begun.

Lilithmon licked her lips.

"Such a nice looking boy, too bad I'll have to kill you" Lilithmon said with a smirk before she extended her nails by thought alone as they became claws.

Naruto's eyes flashed crimson before changing back to blue. He cocked back his fist and let it fly as it was aimed for Lilithmon's face, but the Sin of Lust ducked and aimed a slash with her newly developed claws. The attack was deflected as Ryudamon jumped and appeared between the blonde and the raven haired beauty, his armour more than enough to take the hit.

Dorumon then opened his jaws.

"METAL SHOOT!" a multitude of metallic spheres were launched at Lilithmon who ducked beneath them before she twirled like a ballerina in order to avoid an attacking Gatomon.

"NEKO KICK!" the white energy covered foot barely scraped Lilithmon's body and the Demon Lord struck out with a vicious kick that crashed into the feline's face sending her back. Gatomon flipped in the air and landed on her feet before laying low as Dorumon fired more metal spheres at Lilithmon.

Using amazing strength, Lilithmon punched the ground and hoisted up a large slab of rock and used it to deflect the attack before throwing it at Dorumon.

"Doton: Doryudan no Jutsu!" Naruto yelled. An earth dragon made of the purplish-black ground rose up and roared, slamming straight through the thrown piece of rock. Lilithmon's eyes widened as she jumped, backflipping in the air as the dragon crashed down on her previous spot.

Landing Lilithmon was force into doing a series of acrobatic movements as Ryudamon opened his jaws and attack.

"KATANA BLADE!" a numerous amount of steel blades flew forth nearly impaling the Sin of Lust. After dodging them all, Lilithmon saw both Gatomon and Dorumon both in the air ready to the attack.

Naruto formed a kagebunshin and tossed it Gatomon's D-Ark and a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON!" the two Narutos yelled as they swiped the cards. Dorumon's and Gatomon's left arms suddenly morphed into the shape of MetalGarurumon's heads. The jaws of the head opened to reveal the cannon, already charging ice blue energy.

"SUPREME CANNON!" the twin beams of blue energy stretched towards Lilithmon at speeds one could only hope to achieve. The raven haired Digimon's eyes widened as the two attack struck her. A large explosion resulted as the attack impacted with her.

Naruto's kagebunshin then handed Gatomon's D-Ark back to him before dispelling itself. The smoke cloud cleared as Dorumon and Gatomon landed on the ground and ran back to their tamer.

"Did we get her?" Dorumon asked with a growl. Gatomon's pupils became slitted.

"Far from it, Doru-kun" she flicked her tail in anger as it revealed Lilithmon covered by her large purple cloak that was now nothing, but a mere tattered mess. Lilithmon frowned as she rose from her crouched position and looked at the cloak.

"Phooey, you bakas ruined my favourite cloak" she pouted as she tossed the article of cloth away revealing her rather alluring body. However, this did nothing to change the attitude and emotions that the three males felt towards their opponent.

Lilithmon ran towards the four and then jumped in the air, the Nazar Nail poised to strike.

"NAZAR NAIL!" she yelled. The four jumped out of the way as the Demon Lord crashed down on the area where they stood. The ground where Lilithmon, to the surprise of the three Digimon and one tamer, began to disinitegrate as the data that made up its structure began to detetiorate at an alarming rate forming a neat little hole in the ground.

"Oh, I missed" Lilithmon said with a small chuckle, "Guess I'll try again"

"NAZAR NAIL!" Lilithmon cried as she swiped with the golden spike on her hands. The Digimon and Naruto all jumped, flipped, twisted and performed many acrobatic skills that tested the limits of their flexibility and agility as Lilithmon struck mercilessly and swiftly.

"This is fun" the Sin of Lust commented with a chuckle before she swiped in a downward slash aimed for Dorumon. Dorumon back flipped and avoided the strike before he saw an opening, and he took it. Dorumon jumped.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" Dorumon's body suddenly became as hard as steel. The purple furred dragon streaked through the air before impacting with Lilithmon's face sending her flying back and skidding along the ground before she came to a stop.

"I...*pant* I got her" Dorumon gave a thumbs up to the others.

"Nice job Dorumon!" Ryudamon said to his childhood friend. The Sin of Lust growled as she wiped the dust off of her face.

"You have hit me once..." she stood to his feet, "and this the only amount of times you will hit me!"

Lilithmon opened out her bat like wings and sped towards the group.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" Naruto roared. His hands in the tora sign, Naruto took a deep breath before exhaling the fiery ninjutsuin form of the dreaded reptilian beast.

The fire dragon roared before it impacted with the Demon Lord, but it was shown that she had raised the Nazar Nail to block the attack and delete the data converted chakra into nothing before she flipped and then brought down the golden blade.

Naruto rolled to the side before Ryudamon struck with a headbutt. Lilithmon moved to the side and then lashed out with a kick, catching Ryudamon in the side and sent him flying. Gatomon then tried a slide tackle to trip her up, but instead she jumped over Gatomon before spinning and slamming a powerful backhand against Dorumon's approaching mouth and nearly broke his teeth.

Naruto sped through handsigns at an alarming rate before slamming them down on the ground.

"DOTON: SEIRYOKU KYOJIN/ EARTH STYLE: TITAN'S MIGHT!" the ground rumbled beneath Lilithmon causing her to slightly to lose her balance, but her reflexes and agility were as sharp as her Nazca Nail as she performed a backhand spring to avoid the pair of giant earthen fists that jutted out of the ground.

Naruto formed more handsigns.

"Doton: TsumeNi no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Double Dragon Fang!" the two fists suddenly morphed into a twin pair of jaws with spikes of hard rock for teeth. The pairs of jaws snapped at Lilithmon who dodged before she crashed both her fists into one mouth ending the jutsus life as she destroyed the other by disintegrating it with her Nazar Nail.

Dorumon and Ryudamon jumped in the air and opened their jaws.



A hailstorm of steel blades and spheres rained down on the Demon Lord. Lilithmon sighed before taking a deep breath through her nose before exhaling through her mouth.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" her screech sounded like that of a bat's as she released a cloud of black smoke from her lungs. The black misty substance then disintegrated the data that made up the attack turning it into nothingness.

"What the...?"

"Well she is a Megal level boys" Gatomon reminded them, "NARUTO CARD!"



Gatomon's speed tripled as she raced towards Lilithmon, her body surrounded by fire making her look like a blazing comet.

"FIRE ROCKET BARRAGE!" Gatomon yelled as she slashed with her fire covered claws earning a wound on the Demon Lord of Lust across her arm. Two more slashed formed on the same arm while also accompanied by burns and the screams of pain from Lilithmon.

The Sin of Lust was battered about as she was slashed from all sides, her back, stomach, chest, arms and legs were covered with burns and slash marks as Gatomon finished her attack.

Gatomon appeared behind Lilithmon and used her remaining power and speed from the modification cards to perform an actual Fire Rocket and crash into Lilithmon's back sending the being of Lust forwards.

"METAL SHOOT!" Dorumon ran forth and opened his jaws, bombarding the feminine Digimon with metallic orbs.

Ryudamon spun as Lilithmon headed towards his location. His tail impacted, hard, with the embodiment of Lust and sent her skidding along the ground and stopping a few feet away from Naruto.

"Had enough?" the blonde asked. Lilithmon cursed in a language Naruto had no idea what it was before she performed a windmill to act as a defense and offense as she twisted, using her arms for balance and then using them to spring back onto her feet.

"NAZAR NAIL!" she thrust the golden blade forth for Naruto's chest, but the blonde quickly bent back at the waist, performing matrix, his upper body parallel to the ground before he continued with his momentum and went into a handstand and grabbed the Nazar Nail with his feet and flung it and Lilithmon over his head.

The bat winged woman twisted and landed on her feet before stabbing with the Nazar Nail again which Naruto avoided by ducking. Naruto launched a powerful right hook which was avoided as the demon-ness wisted to the side and then countered with another slash.

This dance of death continued for a while before Ryudamon's green eyes widened as he formulated a simple, yet effective and classic plan.

"KATANA ATTACK!" a sword blade, the blade of a katana fired from his mouth towards Lilithmon. The purple eyed female quickly noticed the attack, but also Naruto's incoming kick to her side was approaching so she chose option number 3 and blocked Naruto's kick with her thigh while grabbing the katan out of the air with her left hand.

She then slashed with the katan, nearly taking off Naruto's leg had he not retracted fast enough. Naruto then jumped back as the katana made a cloud of dust from its impact with the earth. Lilithmon then broke through the dust cloud and Naruto twisted to the side before spinning with the momentum and smirked as Lilithmon's eyes widened.

Time slowed as Naruto went into a roundhouse kick that crashed into Lilithmon's head. Naruto followed up with a swift punch with his right followed by a left hook. He then went low, bending his knees so that his elbow was able to crash into Lilithmon's stomach, knocking the wind out of he then punched with his right fist and slammed it in to her stomach before it was accompanied by a left fist to the stomach. He then bent down and formed a kagebunshin behind him that jumped and performed a powerful sweeping kick that arced upwards and thus crashed into Lilithmon's chin and sent her upwards. Naruto then jumped and performed a similar kick like his clone as it vanished before using another sweeping upward kick. Both combatants went higher into the air as Naruto clasped both his hands together and then slammed them down in a chakra enhanced hammer blow to Lilithmon's unprotected face earning a grunt of pain from the Lust Digimon.

Naruto then went after the descending Lilithmon and held out his right hands. Chakra and wind swirled into a miniature, compact sphere of spinning chakra.

"RASENGAN!" the spiraling chakra sphere crashed into Lilithmon's body sending her spiraling downwards into the ground and creating a medium sized crater just as Naruto fell atop her stomach as he fell straight as a pin. Her stomach made a weird noise as Naruto's feet planted themselves forcefully and firmly against it.

Naruto then got off of her and jumped away, out of the crater and sighed to catch his breath, Ryudamon, Dorumon and Gatomon were running up to him.

" okay?" Gatomon asked her tamer.

"Hai, Gatomon. I think we got her" he added. However, their victorywas shortlived as Lilithmon, covered in scratches, scars and ripped clothing with a hint of insanity and anger in her lustful eyes, jumped out of the crater and slammed onto the ground.

"DIE!" she howled before she scraped the ground with her Nazar Nail, leaving a trail of darkness behind her as the golden blade disintegrated the data that made the ground where the Nail passed. They all shifted into their fighting stances as she approached them, but it seemed as if her lust for death increased her fighting skills as she ducked beneath a Lightning Paw from Gatomon and then slammed an elbow into the feline's body before grabbing her by the head and slamming her forcefully into the ground. Naruto's feline partner was down and out before Naruto himself as he was about to dodge a straight kick to his sternum, but was caught off guard as the embodiment of Lust twisted her body and slammed her fist into his stomach and then crashing her leg against his side which would have broken ribs had Kyuubi not healed them the second they were hit. Naruto was sent skidding along the ground before Dorumon and Ryudamon attack and slammed both their tails against Lilithmon's back sending her stumbling forward.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" Dorumon sped towards the bat winged woman and then crashed into her with his steel hard body. Lilithmon growled, baring her now sharper than usual fangs before slashing at him with the Nazar Nail.

"NAZAR NAIL!" she roared as she swiped at him multiple times, only to have sheer adrenalin and agility, along with luck, save his life. However, Dorumon tripped over a rock. Ryudamon was a few feet away as Lilithmon took a deep breath. Ryudamon ran for his dear life in an effort to reach the purple furred dragon.

"No...I won't lose him. Not again"

"PHANTOM PAIN!" Lilithmon screeched and with that Ryudamon leaped.

With the other tamers

Beelzemon raised his arms to deflect the incoming Pyro Spheres from Guilmon and then took out his shot guns.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" he pulled the triggers and two speeding bullets raced towards the crimson reptile.

"DIGIMODIFY...WARGREYMON'S BRAVE SHIELD!" Henry yelled. The newly digivolved Gargomon quickly held a golden shield of Chrome Digizoid with the crest of Courage emblazoned on the front. The attack was blocked and the shield disappeared.

Renamon then digivolved into Kyuubimon and flipped in the air. Her spinning form surrounded by blue flames.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" the blue flames flew from Kyuubimon, morphing into the shape of a dragon. The dragon roared as it sped towards Beelzemon and the Sin of Gluttony quickly flew into the air to avoid it as he couldn't punch it down while holding his shot guns.

He fired his Double Impact once more, this time at Jeri. However, Leomon grabbed his tamer and ran out of the way and rested the girl down.

"Are you okay, Jeri?"he asked.

"Hai" Jeri confirmed.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" an orange coloured lion head of energy flew forth from Leomon's fist and struck Beelzemon in the back as he focused on Guilmon and Gargomon. The attack had the Mega level staggering as one of his wings was hit by the brunt of the attack.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" Kyuubimon spread out her nine tails, each one tipped with a ghostly blue fireball. The nine fireballs flew and exploded as they impacted with Beelzemon, sending him to the ground. Guilmon then rushed forth, his entire body covered in flames.

"ROCK BREAKER: FULL BODY MODE!" Guilmon then swiped at Beelzemon with flame covered claws and slashed the leather of his jacket. Guilmon then spun and crashed his thick fiery tail against Beelzemon's chest and sent him skidding backwards.

"BUNNY PUMMEL!" Gargomon slammed a glowing green gattling gun fist against Beelzemon's head before following up with his left gun like hand. Leomon then appeared beneath Beelzemon and performed an uppercut.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" the lion head of energy, combined with the uppercut made for a deadly combination as Beelzemon was sent skywards.

"GUARDIAN BARRAGE!" Guardromon fired two missiles, one from each of the arm cannons he had present and the two missiles whistled through the air. Beelzemon reacted quickly as he recovered faster than expected and lashed out with his tail and sent the missiles off course. Beelzemon flew through the air and slammed a fist against Guardromon and then spun and crashed a boot covered foot against the side of the android Digimon's head before picking up the rather heavy Champion level with just raw strength and threw him into a rock.

The rock then became rubble as it fell atop the robotic Digital Monster.

"GUARDROMON!" Kazu yelled, "My digital Chumley, you okay?"

Kazu ran up to Guardromon, "Anyone get the number of the Monochromon that ran me over" and Guardromon fainted. Kenta, who had ran with Kazu quickly got MarineAngemon.

"Quick you have to heal him" the pink angel creature quickly blew a kiss which released a red energy in the shape of a heart and coated Guardromon in a red aura as he was being healed, slowly.

"RASENKADAIBAKAUFU!" Guilmon yelled as he thrust the fire rasengan at the Sin of Gluttony, but the Demon Lord dodged at the last second before he pointed his gun at Guilmon's head.

"Say Goodnight"

"GOODNIGHT!" Gargomon yelled before kicking Beelzemon. The Mega level Digimon skidded backwards before turning and pointing his guns.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" the two bullets headed for the trigger happy bunny who ducked before firing back with a Gargo Laser. Beelzemon spread his wings and took to the skies and then swooped down, but was tackled by a blonde kitsune Digimon.

"Give up, you're out numbered" Kyuubimon demanded as she stood atop the Mega level Digimon earning a smirk from Beelzemon.

"NEVER!" and he lashed out by slamming of his feet into Kyuubimon's stomach sending her skywards before jumping and meeting the fox in the air and punching her in the face and body before flipping and crashing an axe kick to Kyuubimon's forehead and sent her crashing to the ground in pain and incapacitated.

Guilmon, Gargomon and Leomon stood facing off against the raven winged Digimon.

"PYRO SPHERE!" three spheres of red energy rocketed towards the bird masked Digimon who spun and kicked them all into embers before firing his shot guns.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" Beelzemon yelled. Leomon appeared in front of his friends.

"DIGIMODIFY...LADYDEVIMON ACTIVATE!" Jeri yelled as she swiped the card through her yellow D-Ark. Leomon roared and released a purple wave of energy that knocked the bullets off course and destroyed much of the ground that was already damaged.

'Grrr...this is taking too long. I need more power' Beelzemon growled in his mind before turning to see Antylamon and Suzy.

'Perfect' he thought and sped towards the little six year old girl.


"SUZY NO!" Henry yelled in fright at seeing his sister in danger, but was caught by surprise, in fact the watching tamers all got surprised looks as Antylamon lashed out with a vicious kick and slammed Beelzemon into a boulder.

"You may not pass this point...and you may not harm Suzy" the large rabbit deva snarled, her red eyes staring down the rising Demon Lord.

"FOOL YOU CANNOT DEFEAT THE MIGHTY BEELZEMON!" he yelled and then raced towards Antylamon.

"BUNNY BLADES!" her hands suddenly transformed into a pair of swords and wielded them expertly if her deflection of Beelzemon's bullets didn't say much.

Antylamon then spun and aimed her large heel at Beelzemon who put away his guns and grabbed the foot and then swung Antylamon over his shoulder and began to spin around, swinging the rabbit deva around.

"WOOAHH!" the long eared Digimon screamed as she was thrown away and smashed into the ground. She groaned in pain and looked to see Beelzemon walking towards her.

"Uuughh" Antylamon groaned, trying to to raise herself, "Gosh I haven't fought in so long I can't believe I got this weak"

"ANTYLAMON!" everybody looked to see Suzy running towards Antylamon...and Beelzemon.

"SUZY!" the group yelled in alarm before running to stop her from going towards the evil Demon Lord of Gluttony.

"Oooo, an appetizer" Beelzemon licked his lips before cracking his fingers, but as he was getting ready to eat the purple haired six year old, Antylamon managed to kick him and send him flying over her head and was met with Gargomon's gattling gun.

"You...don't...touch...SUZY!" Gargomon roared as he punched Beelzemon using Bunny Pummel, a punch for each word that was said. Beelzemon growled and kicked Gargomon off of him before punching the rabbit in the face and then followed with up with a another punch to the face. The winged Digimon then twisted his body and a n elbow found its way to Gargomon before being sent away and skidding along the ground and stopping at Henry's side. Weak and Battered, Gargomon was defeated.

Suzy then walked over to Antylamon.

"Antylamon...are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine kiddo...just a little banged up"

"I hope you get better" Suzy said with slight tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry Suzy, you little gaki. I'll be fine in a few minutes" Suzy smiled at that and suddenly there was a light from Antylamon as she glowed red and reverted into her Rookie form, Lopmon and there floating above Suzy's head was a pink light.

The light lowered itself to Suzy's level who caught the light in her hands which died down to reveal...a pink D-Ark. Suzy Wong was a Digimon Tamer.

Guilmon and Leomon then roared as they unleashed a storm of Fist of the Beast Kings and Pyro Spheres. The red and orange fiery attacks were all avoided by Beelzemon as he made his way towards the two. Guilmon quickly performed Rock Breaker and looked at Takato who nodded.

"DIGIMODIFY...FIREWALL ACTIVATE!" Guilmon roared before slamming his two fire covered hands on the ground and sent out twin streams of fire that stretched out and formed a wall around Beelzemon trapping him in a circle of orange and red flames.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" Leomon thrust his fists forwards and two lion heads roared as they impacted with Beelzemon's body, being powered up by the flames of the Firewall ability card since it was a fire based attack and also burning the Demon Lord as he was sent flying through the firewall as it dissipated.

Beelzemon rolled on the ground, but managed to get back on his feet. Guilmon slashed with his claws, but Beelzemon twisted to the side but found his counter punch to be blocked by Leomon's blade. The bird masked Digimon then got a headbutt from Guilmon that crashed into his side and sent him skidding along the ground. Leomon then kicked him while he was down. Beelzemon then performed a windmill kicking Leomon in the face in the process and then looked to see Jeri standing a few feet away.

"Look it's your little tamer, maybe I'll eat HER!" Leomon's blue eyes widened and then he released a beastial roar.

"I'LL NEVER LET YOU HURT HER!" Leomon slashed with his blade, but Beelzemon grabbed it and snapped it like a twig before punching Leomon in the face and then kicking him in the stomach.

"And for the finishing blow!" Beelzemon's hand became straight as a board and a dark, foul energy covered it and became a blade of darkness before it impaled Leomon through the stomach. Leomon let out a roar of pain and Takato, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Jeri all watched in horror as Leomon was killed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" came the simultaneous cries of anguish from Jeri and...Dorumon?

Yes apparently Ryudamon had leaped and taken the strike for Dorumon. Ryudamon's lower body was missing as it was disintegrated by the black mist cloud that made Lilithmon's attack. Naruto, Gatomon and Dorumon watched as Ryudamon's half a body fell to the ground.

Ryudamon coughed as he looked to see the rest of his body about to melt away as data flakes.

"Dorumon...are you okay?" he asked his childhood friend. The purple furred dragon looked at his fellow X-Antibody Digimon.

"No...Ryudamon...why...why did you take the hit for me?" he asked with tears forming at the edge of his eyes.

"Because...*cough* that's what friends do for each other *wheeze* they help each other" the armour wearing dragon replied.

"Dorumon...I have one last request because body is disintegrating and I don't have much time"

"No...No...Naruto quick find a card, any card to bring him back. What about the Computer Reboot?" Naruto shook his head as he registered what Dorumon told him and nodded, and quickly took out the card and swiped it. Dorumon's hands glowed white and he touched Ryudamon's disappearing body.

"It's... NOT WORKING!" Dorumon roared to the red sky. Ryudamon raised a hand and put it on Dorumon's face.

" old friend...take my Digi-Core and use it in your quest to defeat the great evil Shibumi told us about and to defeat Lilithmon"

"No..NO!" Dorumon said, "You're going to be alright"

"How nostalgic, I said those very words to Saggitarimon-Jiji...listen Dorumon I will give you my Digi-Core and remember...I will always be with you that your Digi-Core" Ryudamon's body then vanished and burst into orange coloured flakes of data. Dorumon watched as the orange data flakes swirled into a ball of orange data. Dorumon held the ball in his hands and felt the familiar feeling of his friend as it was absorbed into his chest. Dorumon glowed with an orange aura before it vanished.

Dorumon sighed before he stood to his feet and he and Naruto looked at Lilithmon with a new level of hate and anger in their systems.

" oldest friend" Dorumon growled.

"For killing Ryudamon, you will pay with your life. You have hurt my partner, Lilithmon, Demon Lord of Lust. Prepare to be OBLIDERATED!" Naruto roared as the Kyuubi's chakra seeped into his system and thus the reaction from Dorumon was that much greater. Gatomon didn't know how to describe it, but she suddenly felt the extreme pain she felt before as the Kyuubi's chakra flooded her being. Her fur turning crimson and her eyes becoming a deep violet.

Naruto growled as Dorumon's and his hate for Lilithmon grew.

"We will kill you" Naruto growled as he grew one tail. Dorumon unconsciously dark digivolved into DexDorugamon. A second tail then sprouted from Naruto's demon fox cloak. DexDorugamon then began to grow larger and more powerful.


DexDorugamon became encased in metal and became the size of DoruGreymon and looked exactly like it in terms of body structure. Its body was completely black and where the fur was supposed to be white, it was a blood red. A metal helmet of some sort covered it head, except for the lower jaw. A zig-zag shaped saw blade made up the horn and a combination of many tails swirled around a steel apparatus which was tipped with a large steel, spiral shaped tip blade made the wings were lined with black, just like its skin and its wing membrane was blood red. White claws and teeth looked ready to slice Lilithmon to shreds.


However, it refused to end there for the death of Ryudamon had hit Dorumon much harder than it seemed and it seems as if the anger of Dorumon was affecting the anger of Naruto as well as he grew a third tail of youkai. Gatomon howled in even more pain as she felt three tails worth of the Kyuubi's youkai fill her body.


DexDoruGreymon grew to a size that dwarfed his other pre-digivolutions. His body became more humanoid like, while also looking a bit more draconic. His body was covered in jet black scales that seemed similar to armour. Purple armour that had a large red spike on each armour plate covered its thighs. White a solid purple coloured armour was worn on its lower legs, lower arm and shoulder areas. Two yellow, lightning shaped protrustions grew from its head that seemed to be covered by a helmet of some sort. Its tail was large and thick and tipped with a heavy iron ball, that made its tail look like a wrecking ball. Finally eighteen wings, nine on each side, alternating between black and leathery bat-like wings and red feathered dove-like wings with one of the nine each being similar to a serrated blade were flapping behind its back. Red eyes glowed, filled with the need for vengeance and bloodlust.


Lilithmon stepped back in horror as she stared at the two demons. A giant dragon and a human sized kitsune like one with the power that rivaled her own, but still lower. DexDorugoramon and Naruto roared before charging, unaware of the pain wracked Gatomon.

Meanwhile Takato was filled with his own feelings of anger and bloodlust along with Guilmon.

" dared to kill our friend. You killed JERI'S PARTNER!" Takato roared. Guilmon released a bestial roar as he digivolved into Growlmon.

Leomon's body was still in its disappearing stages. Jeri cried as she slumped to her knees, her eyes filled with tears. Henry quickly searched for cards that could somehow help, but couldn't find any...that is until one dropped from his deck.

"I got it...Gargomon, can you stand?"

"Yeah" the trigger happy bunny stood to his feet. Henry swiped the card.

"Digimodify...Data Absorption Activate!" Leomon's data was suddenly being directed towards Gargomon and then into Henry's D-Ark.

"Jeri, don't worry I will see you again. Be brave. You make weak on the outside, but on the inside... don't have a lion's heart" and with that Leomon left as data flakes and went into Gargomon and then into Henry's D-Ark. Gargomon being the link between the data and the D-Ark.

"OI TAKATO I...Takato?" Henry looked in shock as he saw his friend's eyes. They were filled with hatred and bloodlust, something he never thought he would see in his best friend.




WarGrowlmon roared before slashing at Beelzemon with his blades, but Beelzemon dodged them, but was taken aback by the sudden increase in speed and power as WarGrowlmon slammed his claws down on Beelzemon and created a crater in the ground.

WarGrowlmon raised his hand to see Beelzmeon lying there before roaring to the heavens. Beelzemon's red eyes snapped open and he charged forward.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" two data destroying bullets fired from the two shotguns and WarGrowlmon raised his arms in defense and WarGrowlmon looked in shock as his arm guards, made of Chrome Digizoid were reduced to mere flakes of data. Beelzemon then punched WarGrowlmon in the face and sent him flying with a roundhouse kick. WarGrowlmon fell to the ground.

"GET UP WARGROWLMON...DEFEAT IS NOT AN OPTION!" WarGrowlmon nodded and his bloodlust, fueled by his tamer's increased and then there was a dark red aura surrounding WarGrowlmon and the Digital Hazard Symbol on his chest began to glow, flashing between crimson and black.


WarGrowlmon shed his armour, his legs merged together and joined with his tail and grew to the same size as DexDorugoramon. His arms grew more muscular as the armour was shed and then his head and face became more dragon like and more menacing looking. A pair of torn, lava coloured wings grew from the Mega Digimon's back. His body was suddenly coated in Chrome Digizoid Armour once more except much stronger. It was cream coloured while it was primarily blood red. In the center of its chest where a cream coloured chest plate lay, the Digital Hazard symbol glowed crimson there. The armour was cream on the chest, below the upper body where the tail started, the shoulder areas and the underside of the tail. In black, the Digital Hazard symbol was emblazoned on the left shoulder. Two curved, deadly looking blades grew from the arm armour. Sharp claws and teeth were ready to slice Beelzemon to bits.


Beelzemon grabbed Megidramon as the large Digimon tried to attack him and fended him off. Beelzemon suddenly was pushed back before Megidramon grabbed him in his claws and roared.

"KILL HIM!" Takato ordered. Megidramon threw Beelzemon away, near the battlefield where Naruto was and the Sin of Gluttony rolled along the ground before coming to a stop.

There was a loud scream and Beelzemon turned to see an incoming object. Lilithmon flew through the air and crashed into Beelzemon sending him back to the ground as he was about to get up.

"What the...bitch get off of me"

"Urasai, there's this giant dragon Digimon about to kill me with his demonic kitsune partner"

"Yeah well I got my own giant dragon problem toots" Beelzemon said as they both stood to their feet. DexDoruGoramon roared as it flew towards Lilithmon and Beelzemon with Naruto and Megidramon. The two giant dragons and one jinchuriki surrounded the group from three sides.

The three growled before releasing deafening roars of anger. Megidramon slashed at the two Demon Lords, but they dodged. Lilithmon was suddenly grabbed by her neck and slammed to the earth as DexDorugoramon attacked. Naruto ran up to Lilithmon and released a roar that doubled as a chakra pulse and an arc of red charka flew towards Lilithmon's downed form and sent her flying out of the crater she was currently in.

Megidramon lashed out with his tail and slapped Beelzemon with it before picking up a chunk of earth and throwing it. The rock slammed into Beelzemon before it also landed on Lilithmon and both Sins of Lust and Gluttony.

"Grrr...we need more power to beat these guys" Beelzemon said.

"I know, but where are we going to get?" Lilithmon asked.

"DRAGON HOWLING!" Megidramon released a roar that generated a shockwave that made the earth shatter and quake as Beelzemon and Lilithmon were knocked off balance.

"METAL IMPULSE!" DexDorugoramon roared before slamming his wrecking ball like tail down on the ground. The ball melted into a liquid and seeped into the cracked ground. Beelzemon and Lilithmon then looked around before there was a large rumbling beneath them and suddenly began to jump about as a multitude of metal spikes flew out of the ground in attempts to impale them.



Both Demon Lords released their attacks, but Naruto flashed through handsigns.

"Fuuton: Kamikaze no Jutsu/ Wind Style: Holy Wind Jutsu!" Naruto blew a powerful gust of wind that sent the bullets off course and the Phantom Pain mist back at the original user. Beelzemon and Lilithmon quickly took to the skies. However Naruto formed more handsigns.

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki/ Wind Style: Tornado!" a vortex of wind formed as the wind began to swirl violently.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Grand Fire Ball Jutsu!" Naruto released a ball of flame towards the tornado of wind before it burst into flames.

"KATON: KA ARASHI NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE STORM JUTSU!" Naruto yelled as he watched the red tornado of flame. Beelzemon and Lilithmon used whatever wing strength they had to get away and suceeded in avoiding dying a fiery death. They sighed in relief and smirked as they could fly, they had the "Advantage"...but forgot one little detail in their advantage...DexDorugoramon and Megidramon could fly too.

Both dragon slashed and sent the Demon Lords to the ground before trying to repeatedly punching them into oblivion while also slamming them with their tails.

"Where's Gatomon?" Rika asked and looked to see a faint figure in the distance. She quickly helped Kyuubimon climb to her feet and race past her fighting boyfriend. She got off Kyuubimon and looked to see Gatomon writhing in pain just as when Dorumon had become DexDorugamon.

Her fur was red, eyes a deep, evil looking violet.

"H-H-Help me" she whimpered and Rika couldn't help but feel pity for the hard headed feline. Rika nodded before picking up Gatomon and resting her atop Kyuubimon.

She then ran back over and grabbed Jeri to over to where Takato was as he was watching Megidramon, DexDorugoramon and Naruto beat the shit out of the two Demon Lords.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Rika yelled.

"TAKATO-KUN!" Jeri yelled. They couldn't hear them as the sounds of fighting filled the air. Kyuubimon then ran up to Takato and rested Jeri there before running towards Naruto.

Jeri walked up towards Takato, whose eyes were filled with the anger and bloodlust of a killer.

"Takato-kun...TAKATO-KUN PLEASE STOP THIS!" Jeri shouted. Takato looked at Jeri.

"Jeri-chan...what are you talking about? He killed Leomon, he made you cry. Beelzemon deserves this" Takato yelled back.

"Nani?" Jeri looked in shock as she heard Takato's words.


Takato touched his reddening face from where Jeri slapped him, "Takato-kun, Guilmon was a nice sweet little Digimon, but made him into a demon...a monster. LOOK AT HIM!" Jeri pointed to the draconic beast and Takato's eyes widened.

"Huh?" Takato shook his head as if he had just woken up from a trance and then his eyes widened as he saw the giant Megidramon, " that...Guilmon?"

"Hai...Takato-kun...please change him back to normal...please and don't be so angry anymore" Jeri sobbed as she walked up to him and then wrapped Takato in a hug, surprising the goggle wearing tamer.

"Please" she whispered. Takato nodded after a while.


Rika and Kyuubimon stopped, the weakened Gatomon held in Rika's arms.

"How do we get Naruto's attention?" Rika asked. Naruto roared to the heaven as he slammed his paws down on the ground, burying them beneath the earth before they began to extend and then he wrapped each one of the two Demon Lords in a tight grip before slamming them repeatedly into the ground, however the two Mega level Digimon managed to break free.


Naruto roared and sent a chakra pulse that caused an explosion as Beelzemon channeled most of his power into those attacks. The explosion sent Naruto flying back from the shockwave and skidding in front of Rika and Kyuubimon.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Rika gasped in surprise. Her eyes widening as she saw her boyfriend, coated in the kitsune demon cloak, darkened whisker marks, crimson eyes with slitted pupils, wilder looking hair...he truly looked like a...a...

"A demon" she whispered to herself to complete the though. Naruto stood to his feet, but paused when he heard Rika call him. Naruto turned, with a scowl.

"R-R-RIka-ch-ch-chan!" Naruto was losing his will to tell friend from foe as shown by his stuttering.

"Naruto, please turn back to normal. You're hurting Gatomon. Every time you go into the Kyuubified state, you always end up hurting her" Rika pleaded. Naruto growled.

"Me...don't hurt Gatomon,...protect, keep her safe" he growled as he dropped from his legs to all fours.

"NARUTO LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE...please turn back to normal. If not for least for Gatomon and if not for least change Dorumon back...please" she pleaded. Naruto flinched as he looked at the writhing Gatomon and then turned around to see...the large gigantic armoured dragon that was DexDorugoramon.

The bubbles of the Kyuubi's chakra began to recede back into the seal and disappear without a trace. Naruto fell to his knees from using so much of the Kyuubi's chakra, but also from the shock at seeing what he made his partner become. Gatomon's fur became normal again and her eyes became deep blue once more.

She gasped as if she had been holding her breath for the longest while and then looked at Naruto.

"Naruto...?" she asked. Naruto looked at his feline teammate.

"I don't know what to do, Gatomon. Dorumon looks like a draconic demon...and urrrgh I can't do anything to change him BACK!" he roared, slamming his fist on the ground. Naruto looked at his bloody knuckles and then looked at his second partner.

He never really noticed before, but Gatomon was actually wearing a pretty golden ring around her tail.

'Matteo...wait a minute...' Naruto reached into his weapons pouch.

"Please, let it still be there, please, please!" Naruto said to himself. Rika, Kyuubimon and Gatomon looked at each other and back at Naruto as he rummaged through the pouch before he smirked and pulled out a kunai. It looked like any other kunai, except the blade was longer and it was made entirely of Huanglong Ore, the metal of Fanglongmon's scales.

"The scale of Light...Gatomon!"

"On it" Naruto drew his Blue Card and swiped it through his D-Ark.


The angelic Digimon quickly readied her bow.

"I hope this works" Naruto said. Angewomon nodded, "I hope so too"

Angewomon pulled the invisible bow string back and an arrow of light formed, the arrow then grew at least five times larger as the power of light from Fanglongmon's single scale enhanced its strength.

"Sugoi...this...this is the power of Fanglongmon?" Angewomon couldn't believe her eyes as she watched her attack's power increase.

"Okay, Angewomon, you got one shot at this"

"No pressure" the angelic Digimon said sarcastically before aiming the arrow. "Don't worry Naruto...I...won't...MISS!" she fired the arrow. It sailed straight and true through the air before stabbing through DexDorugoramon's hide. The dragon of steel and darkness roared in pain as the light of Fanglongmon began to glow and spread throughout its being. The glow spread and began to get brighter releasing light radiation and indirectly affecting Megidramon who was also roaring in pain now, due to the light.

DexDorugoramon and Megidramon both roared to the crimson skies before they began to de-digivolve into their previous forms before becoming their Rookie stages...Dorumon and Guilmon.



Takato and Naruto ran towards their partners who were both unconscious from the purging of their evil, dark mega level selves.

"Urgh...what hit me?" Dorumon asked. Naruto sniffled as he hugged the purple furred dragon, same as Takato to Guilmon.

"So Takato?" Naruto turned to the goggle wearing tamer. Takato looked at Naruto and nodded.


"You ready to kick some...ass?" Naruto reach into his pocket to pull out Dorumon's reddish violet D-Ark, but instead, got a crushed piece of metal and plastic.

"Oh shit" Takato looked at his red D-Ark to find it in a similar condition.

"Look now's our chance to attack!" Lilithmon said, standing up with Beelzemon. Though they had just received a royal beatdown from the two large dragon megas, they still were able to fight. Beelzemon and Lilithmon both picked up large boulders using their amazing strength and hurled them at the tamers and their partners.

Naruto flashed through handsigns.

"Suiton: Mizu no Yaiba" two water blades formed in Naruto's hands as the water in the air condensed.

"Takato!' Takato turned and caught the liquid blade and he and Naruto threw them and slashed the boulder in half and thus escaped unharmed from the projectiles.

"Oh man...I wish we could get out D-Arks back. If we don't it means I'll never be Guilmon's tamer again"

"Same thing for me and Dorumon"

The two reptilian looking Digimon looked at their tamers and frowned.

"Don't worry you two, I'm sure things will perk up. I mean we lasted this long together, there's no doubt that wouldn't not be tamer and partner" Guilmon said. It was as Guilmon said that, that a DigiGnome was floating above them and then glowed with a golden light.

The DigiGnome suddenly split off into two separate orbs of light. On was golden and one was bluish silver.

The gold one landed in Takato's field of vision and the bluish silver one in Naruto's. Both boys looked in shock before grabbing the two balls of light and to their was two new D-Arks for their partners.

It looked like their normal D-Arks except these were slightly larger. Naruto's was bluish silver and Takato's was gold. Around the rim, the word 'Digimon Tamer' was written in DigiCode.

"SUGOI!" Naruto and Takato gave each other and their partners high fives.

"YATTA!" Takato smiled before looking at Guilmon.

Naruto looked at Dorumon before the four looked at Beelzemon and Lilithmon.

"Now then..." Naruto spoke.

"Are you two..." Takato followed after his blonde leader.

"Prepared to lose" Takato and Naruto said simultaneously. Beelzemon and Lilithmon looked at each oter before laughing.

"Oh please, even if we are heavily damaged...there's still no way you can beat us" the Sin of Lust said.




Takato and Guilmon were surrounded by a golden light and suddenly Takato and Guilmon fused into one another within the light. Guilmon's body became human like and was coated in armour. 99.9% Chrome Digizoid armour to be exact. The armour was pure white and the shoulders, knees and ankles all had an armoured covering in red and gold. Golden coloured eyes watched through the helemt whose top looked much like the top of Guilmon's head. Guilmon's hands became human like hands and then there was a flash of light. In the right hand of the bio-merged Digimon, there was a long silver coloured lance, the lower part being red and gold to match his armour, the holy lance, Gram. In his left hand was a large shield that would be able to cover at least two thirds of the Digimon's body. The rim of the shield was gold with golden triangles creating a circular pattern around another circle, making it similar to a sun, the holy shield, Aegis. Its cuirass and greaves are adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, its forehead and Aegis bear the Zero Unit, and the DigiCode on Aegis translates to 'Digital Monster'.

The knight looking Digimon twirled its spear expertly and hoisted its shield, looking as noble as any knight should while shouting his name...




Naruto and Dorumon were surrounded by a bluish silver light and suddenly Naruto and Dorumon fused into one another within the light. Dorumon grew to a larger height, about seventeen feet tall. Its body was similar to that of a humanoid dragon. It was covered with armour like scales coloured a deep royal blue on the stomach, knee and shoulder areas while the rest was shining silver. There were also some traces of golden armour scales. Two large wings grew out from its back and fanned out and looked to be made of steel. The wing 'membrane' was a deep cerulean blue, the wing itself was silver while its wing tips were golden. On its hands, three fingers tipped with razor sharp claws formed. The claws scratched against each other and created sparks as the dragon's hands ignited with orange and yellow flames. Sharp teeth lined the humanoid dragon Digimon's jaws. The tail was long, strong and covered in the same type of silvery armour scales, the tip was similar to that of a spear head of a unique design with golden patterns on it. Golden eyes glowed in their sockets and the ruby gem of the Old Interface shone in the center of the bio-merged Digimon's forhead.

The humanoid dragon released a thunderous roar, releasing bursts of flame and projectiles of steel before shouting out its name...


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