Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 22: Rescuing the Light Pt. 5

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody



Takato and Guilmon were surrounded by a golden light and suddenly Takato and Guilmon fused into one another within the light. Guilmon's body became human like and was coated in armour. 99.9% Chrome Digizoid armour to be exact. The armour was pure white and the shoulders, knees and ankles all had an armoured covering in red and gold. Golden coloured eyes watched through the helemt whose top looked much like the top of Guilmon's head. Guilmon's hands became human like hands and then there was a flash of light. In the right hand of the bio-merged Digimon, there was a long silver coloured lance, the lower part being red and gold to match his armour, the holy lance, Gram. In his left hand was a large shield that would be able to cover at least two thirds of the Digimon's body. The rim of the shield was gold with golden triangles creating a circular pattern around another circle, making it similar to a sun, the holy shield, Aegis. Its cuirass and greaves are adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, its forehead and Aegis bear the Zero Unit, and the DigiCode on Aegis translates to 'Digital Monster'.

The knight looking Digimon twirled its spear expertly and hoisted its shield, looking as noble as any knight should while shouting his name...




Naruto and Dorumon were surrounded by a bluish silver light and suddenly Naruto and Dorumon fused into one another within the light. Dorumon grew to a larger height, about seventeen feet tall. Its body was similar to that of a humanoid dragon. It was covered with armour like scales coloured a deep royal blue on the stomach, knee and shoulder areas while the rest was shining silver. There were also some traces of golden armour scales. Two large wings grew out from its back and fanned out and looked to be made of steel. The wing 'membrane' was a deep cerulean blue, the wing itself was silver while its wing tips were golden. On its hands, three fingers tipped with razor sharp claws formed. The claws scratched against each other and created sparks as the dragon's hands ignited with orange and yellow flames. Sharp teeth lined the humanoid dragon Digimon's jaws. The tail was long, strong and covered in the same type of silvery armour scales, the tip was similar to that of a spear head of a unique design with golden patterns on it. Golden eyes glowed in their sockets and the ruby gem of the Old Interface shone in the center of the bio-merged Digimon's forhead.

The humanoid dragon released a thunderous roar, releasing bursts of flame and projectiles of steel before shouting out its name...



The light that had come with the bio-merge digivolutions died down and both the tamers and the Demon Lords looked in shock as they saw the newly formed mega digimon.

"B-B-But how, this shouldn't be possible!" Lilithmon stuttered as she took a step back. The power coming off the Royal Knight and the Dragon was unreal.

"They...are mega level?" she exclaimed.

"Pfft, you think a little light show and a little power boost is gonna be able to help you. No one is stronger than the mighty Beelzemon. YOU HEAR ME, NO ONE!" Beelzemon spread his raven feathered wings and took off. Lilithmon looked at her partner in shock.

"No you baka, don't attack they're much stronger than they were before" Lilithmon sighed as she saw the sin of Gluttony not even paying attention to her words. "He's gonna get himself deleted" the sin of Lust groaned, facepalming.

The gun wielding Digimon flew towards Dorugoramon who stood there without even making a move, his eyes closed off to the world around him. Beelzemon smirked as he saw Dourgoramon wasn't really paying that much attention to his surroundings...or so he thought. Beelzemon was a few inches away from the steel dragon's form and lashed out with a fierce right hook, but it was then that Dorugoramon's golden coloured eyes snapped open and the Final Enemy and suddenly Beelzemon was thrown back by a powerful force sending the Demon Lord to the ground and stopping at the feet of Lilithmon.

"I told you not to attack" she said. Beelzemon spat out the dirt from his mouth and dusted his jacket.

"Shut it bitch" he growled before turning to Dorugoramon whose eyes still held that powerful glow within them. Beelzemon wiped his lip of the blood that had come from it being being burst and felt the swollen part of his face starting to go down due to his healing factor. A chuckle came from the silver scaled dragon.

"Not bad for three punches" Dorugoramon said, his voice sounding like the combined vocal tones of both Naruto and Dorumon

"Three...punches?" Lilithmon asked herself, there was no way a Digimon could strike that fast.

A chuckle emerged from the Royal Knight at that comment causing the sin of Lust to look at his armoured looked at Gallantmon who stood there with that same look, a look of power and confidence...she hated it. She hissed before taking a deep breath.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" she cried out, exhaling a cloud of black mist from her maw that rocketed towards Gallantmon. The Royal Knight turned and just stared at the black cloud of data deleting smoke before raising his lance. The lance then released a glow of golden light that met head on with the Phantom Pain attack and nullified it causing the attacks to cancel each other out.

"Not bad" Gallantmon said, his voice a mixture of Takato's and Guilmon's.

"Woah" the other tamers and their partners said in shock, except for Jeri who was still in a state of depression at seeing her partner vanish before her eyes.

Henry and Rika took out their D-Arks and scanned the two mega level Digimon.

"Okay" Henry said, "Gallantmon, a Mega level Digimon. He is a Royal Knight and has armour composed of 99.9% Chrome Digizoid and is therefore nearly indestructible. His attacks can be done through the use of his holy shield, Aegis and the holy lance, Gram. Gallantmon's attacks are Lightning Jouse, Shield of the Just and Saber Shot" Henry read.

Rika scanned the fusion of her boyfriend and his draconic partner and was surprised when not much data came up.

"Woah...there's not much data on this guy, but it says his name is Dorugoramon, his alias, The Final Enemy and possesses the ancient Digicore of the Dragon...whatever that is. He is a Mega level Digimon and possesses powers that Digimon can only dream of having. His attacks are Dragon Fist, Brave Metal and DORU Djinn" the red haired girl read.

Dorugoramon and Gallantmon looked over their new forms before looking at each other.

"Not a bad look Takatomon" Guilmon's voice was heard through Gallantmon.

"Woah, I'm seems as if we merged together or something, cause I feel like me, but I can also hear Guilmon" Takato's voice was heard this time. Inside of Gallantmon's armour, Takato was floating in a sea of gold data, but through his eyes he didn't see that, but rather what Gallantmon saw.

"Apparently" Dorugoramon replied with Dorumon's voice. Gallantmon turned to Dorugoramon.

" that you?" Guilmon's voice asked.

"It seems this is the final form between the bond of a tamer and a Digimon...we have biologically merged together to become the mega forms of our Digimon" Naruto said through his new reptilian form, flexing his new claws. His body floating in a sea of silvery blue data within Dorugoramon's body, but like Takato, he couldn't see his body, but rather only saw the body that he was currently using...the body of Dorumon's mega form.

"It appears so" Dorumon spoke through his mega form, "It seems that in order for tamed Digimon to achieve Mega Digivolution, one must have a strong enough bond with their Digimon and then they merge biologically...a bio-merge digivolution"

There was silence for a while as the two newly formed megas continued to test their new body's movements.

"It's too confusing to explain, we're no longer Naruto or Dorumon" Dorumon said, "We're Dorugoramon"

"Exactly and we're no longer Takato or Guilmon, we're Gallantmon now" Guilmon said.

"Stop with the talking you morons, it's time to fight!" Beelzemon roared. Lilithmon nodded as she got into a fighting stance with her partner. Dorugoramon readied his claws and spread his wings while Gallantmon held his shield and lance at the ready.

"You wanna fight?" Dorugoramon growled before scratching his claws against each other causing a few sparks to fly before they burst into flame. The orange flames licked the air as they shrouded the dragon of steel's entire hands. Gallantmon's lance was surrounded by a golden aura and ready to pierce through his opponents with it.

"LET'S GO!" and with that the four mega Digimon charged each other.

Shinjuku- Hypnos Towers

Yamaki was in his office holding the messaging pad and had all the parents of the tamers gathered before him.

"Are our children alright, I'm worried" Takato's mother said.

"Now now" Seiko spoke with a small smile, "I'm sure the children are fine"

The parents still had a frown on their faces as they thought of their children's fates. They had already believed in the explanation that Yamaki gave them about their children going into the "Digital World" as he called it and were in there to save a friend. Suddenly a loud "beep" was heard and the adults all looked at the messaging pad Yamaki was holding.

"Alright, we finally got a message from the kids" the blonde owner of Hypnos stated. The parents/grandparents quickly crowded around the suit wearing computer genius as they looked at the messages from their children. Scanning through the messages as Yamaki scrolled down they sighed in relief as they said how that they were all okay and were just taking a break...of course this message was sent a good few hours ago, but they didn't need to know that.

"Well at least we know they're all alive and safe" Kenta's father said.

"I'm gonna slap that boy upside the head when he gets back for going into that Digital World without my permission" Kazu's mother snorted, lightening the mood for all of them as they laughed at the brown haired woman's comment.

"Yamaki?" Janyu, Henry's father walked up to the dirty blonde haired man.


"Were you able to find them all?" he asked. Yamaki smirked as he quickly walked over the single desk in the room and pressed the button on the intercom box.

"Riley, please send up the guests"

"Yes Sir" the red haired woman replied from the other end. Janyu smirked and cracked his fingers.

"Oh, we're gonna have some fun today" the 'Monsters' creator commented as the other parents gave him weird looks.

Digital World- Dark Prison

Lucemon chuckled darkly as he watched the bio-merging Digimon fighting his fellow Demon Lords.

"Oh you poor have no idea as to what power, MY power, that you released into this world" the Fallen Angel smiled as he stood up from his sitting position. The golden bands around his wrists and ankles glowed with a golden light and his tattoos shone were surrounded by a purple haze as the Digital Hazard symbol on the back of his left hand pulsed with power.

"With the Dark Digivolutions of DexDorugoramon and Megidramon, their virus natures seeped into the earth of the Digital World as their mere existence could cause the Digital World's very destruction. It is said that those two dragons...with just their mere task of exisiting can cause meltdowns and destruction of data from the inside out...and it has done so. Those two viruses were about to destroy the Digital World starting at the core...within my Dark Prison. Luckily I am able to harness that power..." Lucemon's Digital Hazard began to make a large beating sound, like a heartbeat, as a swirl of red and black data surrounded the hand.

"The raw, destructive, viral power of Megidramon..." he stared at the red areas of data, "and the strength of the Dark Dragon DigiCore from now mine"

The powers of the two virus dragons began to swirl at a faster pace around his hand before the Digital Hazard seemed to absorb the power into Lucemon's left hand. The Fallen Angel smirked before his person was surrounded by a mixture of golden light from his bands and the evil violet from his Digital Hazard. Lucemon looked up and floated to the top of his prison where the main lock of his prison lay...Fanglongmon's elements of Light and Darkness that held the Dark Prison together. The eight winged angel channeled all of the power from Megidramon and DexDorugoramon as well some of his own into his left hand. The heart beat sound got louder and faster as Lucemon looked at the elemental seal. Clenching his hand into a fist, the blonde haired angel smiled broadly before punching through the seal like it was made of glass and a large surge of power pulsed from the prison before it shattered into millions of flakes of data which Lucemon watched as they disintegrated.

The Fallen Angel chuckled before the chuckling became louder and louder until it became full blown out, maniacal laughter. He looked up at the long way up from the core, it would at least approximately a week days time in the Real World's time before he would reach the crust, but he didn't mind. And with these three words...Lucemon's reign of terror was about to rear its ugly head.


Elsewhere in the Digital World

Fanglongmon's eyes shining orange eyes snapped open, staring around the white void that represented the realm of the god of the Digital World. A pulse of power washed over him, just as he felt it for the entire Digital World. the presence was familiar...The Dragon of the Centre's eyes widened.

" can't be. We stopped him for good" Fanglongmon roared loudly in rage and distress for his world before he opened a Digital Portal where the Dark Prison was located only to find no Dark Prison...and no prisoner. The bronze scaled dragon trembled with anger, the DigiCores surrounding his body pulsing with his ever increasing rage.


Back with the Tamers

Dorugoramon went for Lilithmon while Gallantmon paired off with Beelzemon.

The sin of Lust was quickly tackled to the ground by the much larger steel Dramon Digimon causing the two to roll on the ground. The dragon then went with the roll and when Lilithmon was on the bottom, he planted his flaming claws against her face as a surface and pushed off of her before jumping off. Lilithmon screeched as she clutched her burnt face. Gritting her teeth, she stood, her face healing due to the healing factor that most Digimon possessed.

"NAZAR NAIL!" she roared lashing out with the golden claws on her hands. The Final Enemy smirked, avoiding the moves as if they were in slow motion before he grabbed one of Lilithmon's arms, burning her once more, to stop a strike from her left Nazar Nail before spinning and crashing his long tail into her side sending her skidding backwards before rushing forth and curled his hands into fists. The orange flames increased in size before he struck out with both fists. The flames morphed into the shapes of a dragon's head before they impacted.

"DRAGON FIST!" Dorugoramon yelled out as he crashed his two fiery fists into Lilithmon's stomach sending her tumbling through the air before crashing into a nearby rock and shattering said rock. Snuffing out the flames on his hands, the dragon of silver watched as his opponent dusted the rubble off of her person. Lilithmon quickly recovered before running towards her opponent and stabbed forth with her golden blades in an attempt to strike down the dragon with her Nazar Nail. Dorugoramon dodged the attacks easily and fluidly, thus frustrating the sin of Lust even more. She then performed an X shaped slash with both her nails causing Dorugoramon to raised his arms and grab the female Digimon's wrists to prevent himself from being struck. The two were at a sudden stalemate before Lilithmon stopped forcing and smirked. Due to the lack of opposing force, Dorugoramon lost his footing and Lilithmon released herself from the reptilian Digimon's hold. She quickly slammed a powerful fist to the side of the silver scaled dragon's snout, much to Dorugoramon's surprise, before he suddenly felt a force slam into his stomach. That force turning out to be Lilithmon's boot and sent the dragon skidding backwards before the Demon Lord saw her opening and struck forth slashed with her golden Nazar Nails, but was caught by surprise as her Nazar Nails, which would usually disintegrate a Digimon through just a single touch alone, created sparks as they came into contact with the other mega level Digimon's scales and caused sparks to fly from the fricition.

"Nani?" she uttered before she was greeted with a flaming claw slash from Dorugoramon sending her backwards from the attack. Dorugoramon chuckled as he watched the spot where the Nazar Nail had struck his chest.

"Interesting thing, it seems as if our combined bodies allowed our body to become impenetrable to your blades, Lilithmon" Dorugoramon spoke in combined voices of Naruto and Dorumon. Lilithmon growled before slashing with Nazar Nails and Dorugoramon countered with his fiery claws. It was if they were copying each other's stances and attacks as they clashed against one another, spark and embers flying from the contact between the indestructible blades. Lilithmon then saw and opening and stabbed her golden claw forward.

"NAZAR NAIL!" knowing it would have no effect, the Demon Lord instead used it as a way to knock her opponent back before she ran forth and jumped. Throwing her legs out in front of her, she became straight as a board as she slammed both her feet into the bio-merged Digimon's chest. The dragon flew through the air and skidded along the ground before perforing a back hand spring to land back on his feet only to be greeted with the sight of Lilithmon taking a deep breath.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" the black cloud of death raced towards him, but he was able to dodge it...mostly as the cloud of data destroying mist glanced his shoulder and Dorugoramon roared in agony as he felt that piece of shoulder, small as it may be, being painfully eaten away. Dorugoramon quickly coated his claws in flame and evaporated the mist and looked to see the piece of his shoulder missing.

Growling Dorugoramon turned towards the Demon Lord who smiled at the prospect of having her opponent being eaten alive by her data destroying mist. Dorugoramon growled even more before red energy formed around that area of his shoulder surprising both fighters as the red energy became data and suddenly flesh and scale became reborn in a mere matter of seconds.

"Remember kit, I'm still here. Whether you're bio-merged or not...I'm still a part of you and I'm not going to have you lose to a bitch like her"

"Kyuubi?" the voices of Naruto and Dorumon asked in unison. The great nine tailed bijuu nodded within his prison.

"Now just go kick her ass, I'll heal you when you get hit, but don't let up. Strike her down!"

"Arigato, Kyuubi" Naruto's voice answered. Dorugoramon stood to his feet and then jumped into the air before coating his hands with flames. The flames morphing into dragon's heads.

"DRAGON FIST!" the bipedal reptile slammed his fists into the earth and suddenly the ground quaked and split creating a path towards Lilithmon before a river of fire rose from the space in the crack and out shot a large fire dragon. The dragon roared as it sped towards Lilithmon who quickly spread her wings and took to the skies only for Dorugoramon to appear in front of her, but she reacted quickly and breathed out a column of black mist at the Digimon's arm. Dorugoramon roared in pain as the Phantom Pain attack ripped away his flesh and was kicked away by Lilithmon.

The onslaught of physical attacks continued as Lilithmon grabbed Dorugoramon and flew downwards and slammed her opponent into the ground. Using her great strength she lifted him up out of the crater she just made and let him drop before stopping him midfall as her fist planted itself in his scale hard gut. Dorugoramon grunted as it seemed that her hits were getting a lot stronger. It was then that Dorugoramon's golden eyes widened as he spotted the source of her new found strength. Located in the center of her chest, just above her visible cleavage...the pure violet symbol of the former prisoner of the Dark Prison, the Digital Hazard, burned with power.

'Kuso' the mega cursed as he was hit in the chin with an uppercut sending him upwards. Lilithmon however jumped after and performed the technique of his human half. Grabbing onto the dragon's ankles, the Demon Lord performed several front flips to build momentum and slammed Dorugoramon harshly into the ground causing an imprint of the mega to form. She watched as Dorugoramon stood to his feet only for him to be sent back down as she crashed an unforgiving elbow into his face. The bio-merged Digimon roared in pain before Lilithmon dragged Dorugoramon along the ground by his tail. Luckily, his scales were more than enough to prevent any pain, but being pulled by his tail and smashing through a few boulders could really hurt sometimes. Lilithmon then swung Dorugoramon around her head by his tail and pelted the dragon through the air sending him crashing through a multitude of boulders before he was stopped...but Lilithmon's heel slamming into his skull and sending him to the ground.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" Dorugoramon roared in anguish as his other arm was being eaten away.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" "PHANTOM PAIN!" two more exhalations of the deadly black mist caused Dorugoramon even more pain as his tail and stomach were struck. His skin was like it was being melted away revealing the bright, silvery blue flesh that was his data. Lilithmon chuckled before she took a deep breath.

"Say goodnight" she chuckled as she looked at the closed eyes of the pain wracked dragon.

"I refuse to lose here..." Naruto's body floated lifelessly in the sea of data as he stared through Dorugoramon's eyes as Lilithmon was going to build up all of her remaining strength into that final Phantom Pain attack.

" came to rescue Calumon and save him from being used by Zhuquiaomon...WE WILL NOT LOSE HERE, WE'VE COME TO FAR TO DIE HERE!" Naruto's eyes flashed a mixture of cerulean blue and blood red as his emotions caused a bit of Kyuubi's youkai to leak through, as new found power coursed through his and Dorugoramon's body. The sea of silvery blue data Naruto's body was floating in suddenly pulsed before the power of the DigiCore of the Dragon erupted like an active volcano.

Lilithmon was suddnenly caught off guard as Dorugoramon's body was surrounded by a silvery blue aura, like a burst of energy that gave the mega level the appearance that it was on fire, and his golden eyes snapped open, glowing with the power it had originally held during the formation of this bio-merged Digimon. Red energy flowed in great bursts and continued to flow and mix with the silvery blue making it take on a light shade of violet. Data reconfigured and reconstructed as it synthesized to make proteins and reform Dorugoramon's lost limbs and stomach area.

Lilithmon screeched like the bat she was, covering her eyes from the brightness of the mega Digimon's aura and then covered her ears as Dorugoramon roared. Twisting his body, the seventeen foot tall dragon performed a windmill tripping her feet out from under her. As she was on the ground, Dorugoramon stamped his foot down on her to hold her down.

"There's a reason I'm called the Final Enemy...because I will be YOU Final Enemy, Lilithmon" and for one of the first times since she was going to be killed by Lucemon...Lilithmon felt pure fear as the fearsome image of this draconic Digimon burned itself into her mind. Dorugoramon raised his foot before grabbing Lilithmon by her throat and then...he ignited that hand burning the Demon Lord's throat and neck, but her healing factor kept its rapid pace so she survived, but that was more of a curse than a blessing as Dorugoramon let her go, dropping to her knees only to find a literally, steel hard foot smash into her face knocking her onto her back. Dorugoramon threw Lilithmon into the air and waited for her to fall.

The sin of Lust cursed in her mind as she fell, she was in too much pain to spread her wings and stop her descent only for her curses to be replaced by white hot pain as the embodiement of the DigiCore of the Dragon performed a powerful slash with his fire coated claws and sent Lilithmon into the ground. Standing to her feet, Lilithmon prepared to attack only for the dragon to have appeared in front of her with a burst of speed and slash, burning away parts of the Demon Lord's dress before spinning and wrapping his tail around her waist like a robe around the neck of a wild stallion before raising her into the air and slamming her down into the ground with enough force to cause the earth to crack before throwing her away like a rag doll.

Lilithmon bounced along the ground before righting herself skidding along the ground, using her sharp nails to stop her movement by digging them into the black earth. She looked up as Dorugoramon snuffed out the flames coating his claws as he took to the skies, his steel like wings flapping only once to get to a suitable altitude. Lilithmon growled before she spread her wings as well and followed the dragon into the air.

"You want an aerial battle, fine by me" Lilithmon smirked before taking a deep breath.

"PHANTOM PAIN!" and with a screech she released a black cloud of data destroying mist. Dorugoramon roared and released a shockwave that parted the cloud and granted him access to her form. With a powerful motion of his wings, the Final Enemy rocketed towards Lilithmon and lashed out with a ferocious slash with his right hand, but Lilithmon ducked only to have a knee meet her face sending her upwards slightly, but she recovered quickly enough to twist her body as she prevented herself from being impaled the blade on the tip of the dragon Digimon's tail.

Growling, Lilithmon struck forth with a punch and smirked as she made contact sending the dragon skidding along the air before she followed up with a left hook to the face causing the bio-merged Digimon to grunt in pain. She then spun and crashed the heel of her boot against the dragon's chin before following up with an elbow strike to the muzzle. Dorugoramon clutched his nose, but was relieved from doing so as Lilithmon released a rapid five punch combo to the stomach and then bending her knees to build momentum as she shot back up and successfully slammed a powerful palm strike to the chin. She smirked as she heard the wonderful sound of teeth clacking together from the force of her strike before finishing her attack off with a flip and a powerful axe kick to the head sending Dorugoramon spiraling down to the ground with an ear shattering boom. Dust and dirt flew, forming a cloud that obscured her vision, but the sin of Lust felt rather proud.

'Only a few minutes as a mega and that dragon has already been defeated...pfft pathetic' she thought, however her thoughts of victory were quickly destroyed as the cloud parted and Dorugoramon flew out of it. The dragon released a bestial roar towards Lilithmon that caused a shockwave to strike at her from the force.

"Is that all you got, it felt like you were tapping me...well then..." the bio-merged digimon chuckled darkly, "let me show MY attacks feel!"

Dorugoramon flew towards Lilithmon who raised her arms to block the rather powerful downward strike from Dorugoramon's slash causing her flesh to tear from her bone and revealing it as it was being healed. The force of the strike, however, was more than enough to break through the Demon Lord's guard and thus leave her wide open. Dorugoramon clenched his hands into fists and then caused friction between his claws to smother them in orange-yellow flames once more. He crashed a powerful fiery attack to the stomach before following up with a left punch causing the Demon lord to double over in pain as she felt the wind knocked out of her and the burning sensation from the strikes only made it that much worse.

Dorugoramon followed up with an elbow strike to the shoulder, a delightful crack reaching the dragon's ears before he pivoted to he behind her and followed up with a slash that raked down her back leaving five slash marks along that part of her body. The dragon continued to pummel his opponent as he released a punch to the face and then a powerful kick to the ribs sending her skidding along the air before she was stopped when she felt something thick and rather hard hit her in the stomach, later finding out as she was careening through the air, that it was the mega level's tail that had struck her.

'How...he's too is he so strong?' she mentally shouted to herself. She righted herself only to find her vision filled with the image of a dragon's maw.

"DRAGON FIST!" Dorugoramon roared as he crashed the attack into her face in the form of an uppercut sending her higher up into the sky. He followed up after her before his speed increased to near unbelievable levels, his skull positioned to strike.

"DORU DJINN!" the steel scaled dragon yelled as his skull seemed to become as hard as a diamond, impacting with Lilithmon's stomach. Lilithmon screamed in pain and bile, saliva and blood all came flowing from her mouth from that one strike. Dorugoramon then grabbed Lilithmon by her throat and repeatedly punched her in the face before he let her go and slashed across her chest, tearing through the fabric and leaving sections of her ample bosom visible, but Dorugoramon was too busy fighting to let the perversions of his human half (Naruto) get in the way before he lashed out with a powerful upward kick to the chin and then performed a palm strike, only with his claws pointing outwards so it was more of a claw strike rather than a palm strike. The five claws impaled themselves into the Demon Lord's skin and tore through her flesh before the claws were painfully and forcefully ripped out as he performed an uppercut to send her higher upwards. He followed after with a few powerful flaps of his wings and then flipped and crashed his heavy tail down onto her head, hitting her with the flat side of the blade on its tip sending her falling at speeds that caused the wind from the air resistance, to drown out her hearing until the sound of wind was replaced with an ear shattering crash as her body met the harsh earth.

Dorugoramon grolwed as he crossed his arms in front of him, calling upon the energy of the Digicore of the Dragon within him. The aura of steel silver and saphire blue that surrounded his body increased in size taking on the image of a large reptilian beast and then the dragon uncrossed his arms forcefully as the energy around him exploded outwards for all to see before he dived down like a comet of blue and silver.

(A/N: Imagine Lee when he opened the five gates and he was coated in a green aura, except imagine it with Dorugoramon and a blue-silver aura with a mixture of Natsu when he went Dragon Force mode after absorbing Etherion)

The bio-merged Digimon roared as loud as the wind that met his ears. Time slowed down for Lilithmon as her purple eyes met the golden eyes of the Digimon that would end her life. Only one thought crossed her mind before the attack met her.

'Curse you...Lucemon, for having me die a second time'

"BRAVE METAL!" Dorugoramon roared, putting all his body and soul into the attack, before making impact with the ground and Lucemon causing a large explosion. Lilithmon screamed loudly as her body was being disintegrated by the DigiCore of the Dragon. Her body was ripped of its synthesized proteins as it became red data flakes making her become a mere wire frame pattern before that too disintegrated into red flakes of data. A bright light of blue and silver formed from the attack before it died down and the only thing standing was Dorugoramon who released a powerful roar of victory.

Dorugoramon panted before turning away from the spot where Lilithmon had once lay and flew out of the crater he had made.

"That...was for Ryudamon" the mega level Digimon stated.

Gallantmon and Beelzemon clashed, both trying to overpower the other as they pushed against each other, but due to the force Gallantmon was pushing with, the Royal Knight was victorious as his holy shield, Aegis crashed into Beelzemon's masked face. Beelzemon stumbled backwards and shook his head to remove the dizziness he felt only to have it return with a vengeance as Gallantmon swung his lance and Gram smashed into the side of the Demon Lord of Gluttony's head sending the raven winged mega to the ground. Rolling with the fall, Beelzemon climbed back to his feet and then quickly sidestepped a forward thrust from Gram before jumping and flipping in the air in order to crash his boots into Gallantmon's face.

The Royal Knight stumbled backwards before Beelzemon took out his two pistols from where he always stored them and fired twice.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" the bullets flew through the air, but Gallantmon raised Aegis and deflected them with a resounding 'Kapwing!' . Beelzemon continued to fire his bullets rapidly before putting them away after realizing they were having no effect. However, Aegis shone and reverted into a hand before punching the sin of Gluttony hard in the face sending him skidding back. Gallantmon then thrust Gram out in from him as the lance was suddenly surrounded by a bright golden light.

"SABER SHOT!" the red and white knight shouted as a beam of the same golden light shot forth. Beelzemon quickly ducked beneath the attack only to hear a resounding boom from the resulting explosion and gritted his teeth.

'How dare those bakas grow stronger...they can't be stronger than me...they CAN'T!' Beelzemon roared as blood pounded in his ears. Beelzemon rushed forth and crashed his fist against Gallantmon's shield face, having raised Aegis to protect himself, Gallantmon countered by pushing the Demon Lord back and then his lance coated itself with blue sparks of lightning. Beelzemon, feeling the power coming from Gram, kicked Gallantmon in the chin before following up with a harsh elbow to the chest before spinning and slamming a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and resulted in Gallantmon falling to the ground. Gallantmon's pupils dilated as the slight viral nature from Guilmon broke through and then the Royal Knight kicked Beelzemon in the shin. Gallantmon then performed a cat spring to bring himself to his feet while also simultaneously crashing his heels into Beelzemon's stomach.

"You should never try to kick a -Mon while he's down" Gallantmon said before he raised his electrically charged lance once more and then stabbed it forth as Beelzemon stood up.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" an arc of lightning shot forth from the tip of the lance and Beelzemon barely had time to blink before white hot pain exploded on his stomach area sending him flying through the air. Beelzemon roared in pain before spreading his wings, but he spasmed slightly due to his data being messed up from the shock. The sin of Gluttony growled before flying through the air and dropped down a few feet from Gallantmon and in doing so, slammed his fist into the earth and stood back up with a boulder the size of a small car in his hand and threw it at the Royal Knight who was knocked back by the blow. Beelzemon then rushed forth and slammed a right hook to the rib area of Gallantmon causing a slight dent to form in the armour.

Gallantmon grunted in pain as he tried to raise his shield, but Beelzemon raised his leg high into the air and crashed it down on the shoulder of the the arm that held Aegis sending it back down. Gallantmon swung Gram wildly to drive Beelzemon back, but on the first swing Beelzemon ducked before catching the second one and pulled Gallantmon towards him before a dark aura surrounded his form. The Digital Hazard formed on his gloved hand and Beelzemon smirked at the rise in power before punching the armoured warrior in the face sending him flying through the air and crashing through a boulder.

The Demon Lord pulled out his guns once more and fired.

"DOUBLE SHOT!" the Chrome Digizoid bullets flew through the air, breaking the sound barrier before impacting with Gallantmon's rising form sending the red and white Digimon back and leaving two dents in his armour. Gallantmon's golden eyes filled themselves with fury and seemed to glow before he called upong Aegis into his hands and threw the shield. The defensive piece of Chrome Digizoid suddenly turned on the offensive as it smacked Beelzemon in the face and then flew through the air. Gallantmon jumped and flew towards it, catching it in mid air and bonded it with his arm once more before dropping down and stabbing his lance into the ground.

"SABER SHOT!" the golden light erupted from the lance once more before leaving a large gap in the ground as it moved from Gallantmon to Beelzemon and slammed into the Demon Lord. The raven winged Digimon flipped in the air before rolling and dodging another Saber Shot.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" the red and white knight stabbed forth with his lance and Gram released a powerful burst of lightning from its tip. Beelzemon, knowing he couldn't dodge and rather wouldn't risk getting hit with one of those again. He channeled the energy of the Digital Hazard into his arms and held them out in front of him and stopped the attack. Gallantmon looked in shock as his attack was redirected. Beelzemon then took to the skies in order to perform an aerial strike, but Gallantmon could also fly as well and flew after the Demon lord. The two duked it out for a while in the sky, Beelzemon tried to pummel the knight only for his armour and Aegis to stop most of them, but Gallantmon got in his few blows with Gram having managed to stab Beelzemon through the left shoulder and render the arm useless.

The two combatants separated and were tired as hell, but as they refused to back down. Beelzemon channeled the power of the Digital Hazard's into his shot guns, not noticing as they transformed themselves to look more menacing than they already were. Their chrome and black colours changing to a deep violet with a black imprint of the Digital Hazard held in the beak of a raven. He pointed them at Gallantmon before firing.

"BLACKWING IMPACT!" yelling the name of his new attack, two violet and black coloured bullets flew out of the guns with trails of energy following behind them before they morphed into two black wings that were attached to the avatar of a raven. Gallantmon could feel the power from the attack and he was quite far away from the attack.

Gallantmon took a deep breath before raising Aegis and then the golden arrow shaped symbols on the shield glowed bright, lighting up in a clockwise manner before they all began to shine. The red symbol in the middle of the shield began to shine as well before the light focused into the center of the shield.

"SHIELD...OF THE JUST!" Gallantmon released a beam of light that rocketed through the air and created a devastating shockwave as the two attack collided. The raven avatar of the BlackWing Impact let out a screech as it tried to push through and Gallantmon grunted in effort as he tried to hold his own.

"Don't back down Takatmon...we can win this!" Gallantmon spoke. Takato was looking tired as he floated in his sea of golden yellow data.

"He hurt Jeri and killed Leomon...we can't lose to someone like Beelzemon...WE CAN'T!" Takato roared. Gallantmon let out a yell as he put whatever remaining energy into his attack and the blast of white light broke through, shredding the raven and then crashed into Beelzemon. The Demon Lord howled in pain before the light released a devastating amount of energy nearly blinding the tamers who were watching from below.

Jeri looked up as the light as it began to die down and saw the raven winged Digimon smoking from the attack before he plummeted to the ground causing the ground to crack from his impact with it. Gallantmon panted as he floated down to the ground. Jeri stood up as she saw the look in Royal Knight's eyes as he walked towards the sin of Gluttony. Gallantmon leaned on his lance as he used Gram to hobble towards Beelzemon. Upon reaching the bird masked mega, the knight raised Gram and aimed it at Beelzemon's head.

"You've hurt many Digimon Beelzemon...and you also killed my friend's partner and with him, her spirit. As a Royal Knight, I cast judgement upon thee and thy judgement shall be death!" Gallantmon thrust Gram forth until...

"STOP!" Caught off guard by the sudden outburst, Gallantmon missed Beelzemon's head by a few inches. Looking up, both knight and Demon Lord spotted the brown haired partner of Leomon with tears in her eyes.

" more fighting. Gallantmon...Takato...please stop" she fell to her knees and the tears rolled down her cheeks. Gallantmon's eyes widened.

"Jeri..." the sound of a large explosion filled the air before everyone saw a large dragon of energy plummet to the earth and cause said explosion. A dome of silvery blue energy formed before it died down after a few seconds. A few more moments passed before a lone figure flew out of the blast site. It was Dorugoramon and he sped towards the rest of the tamers before touching down.

"What's happening here?" the Final Enemy asked before his golden eyes looked at Jeri, Gallantmon and Beelzemon. "Oh, not this scenario again" Naruto's voice came through as the blonde shinobi's mind was filled with the image of when he and Sasuke fought on the hospital roof...and Sakura was about to run in between his Rasengan and the Uchiha's Chidori nearly killing herself had Kakashi not shown up.

"Please...I don't want to see another friend I care about bloody their hands for me. Please Takato...don't"

The scene was rather awkward as the other tamers and their partners wondered what Takato's choice would be. Gallantmon closed his eyes and sighed before removing his lance from the ground and then the weapons glowed and Aegis and Gram were replaced with Gallantmon's regular hands.

"Very well, but Jeri...know that this was your choice" Gallantmon jumped over to the others.

"Don't worry Gallantmon...Takato... besides I wouldn't want you to kill Beelzemon either, yet" Dorugoramon said with a toothy grin. The others looked in shock.

"Naruto...I mean Dorugoramon, why wouldn't you want Beelzemon dead?" Henry asked.

"Yeah dude, I mean he killed Lemon" Kazu added. Dorugoramon smirked before walking towards the Demon Lord of Gluttony.

"Where's Lilithmon...where's Lust?" the raven winged mega asked.

"She's dead, but I need you to do something for me so that you wouldn't have to suffer the same the void to your stomach" Beelzemon and the others couldn't believe what they just heard.

"N-Nani?" they all exclaimed. Dorugoramon looked at Beelzemon's eyes.

"Do it...or risk a fiery death" backing up his threat as he held his flaming claws up to Beelzemon's face. The sin of Gluttony scrambled to his feet before nodding and then turning away from the dragon, he opened the void to his stomach. The portal formed and Dorugoramon slammed his claws down into the earth to anchor himself before picking up a rock that was about to get away. Dorugoramon held up a claw and scratched at it and nodded in satisfaction before blowing away the excess dust and then throwing the rock into Beelzemon's stomach. With a nod of his head, Beelzemon took Dorugoramon's cue and then shut off the portal.

"What'd you do that for?" he asked. Dorugoramon grinned.

"We..." the embodiement of the DigiCore of the Dragon suddenly glowed with a silvery blue light before the light separated and turned into the purple furred dragon and the blonde shinobi.

"We were just telling a friend that he can come home" the two de-bio-merged individuals replied. Gallantmon was surrounded by a golden yellow light before separating into Takato and Guilmon.

"Awesome, we're us again" Takato said with satisfaction. Beelzemon then turned to the group before groaning as he took a step towards the group of tamers, Jeri and the Digimon. The group prepared to continue the fight, but deadpanned when Beelzemon's eyes rolled up into his skull and then he fell to his knees. He began to hack and cough. This continued for a few minutes before there was a bright flash of blue and red and suddenly the portal to Beelzemon's stomach forcefully opened up once more and then a flash of golden light shot into the sky. The golden light crashed down near the group.

Naruto and Dorumon smirked.

"So did you get out message?" Naruto asked. A familiar chuckle greeted the ears of the shinobi and the X-Antibody Digimon.

"Of course...though did you have to throw a rock...that really hurt" a blonde man walked out from the smoke cloud that resulted from his impact. The others looked in shock as they saw what appeared to be another human, but the glint of silver beneath the beings gloves told them otherwise since obviously doesn't shine like that.

"Naruto-kun...who is that?" Rika asked.

"Yeah Doru-kun, he seems to be quite familiar with you and Naruto" Gatomon asked her reptilian boyfriend. Naruto and Dorumon stood next to the six foot tall Digimon.

" Alchemon"

Pedestal of the Catalyst

Calumon sighed in relief as he finally climbed out of the hole that Zhuquiamon had dropped him in, but groaned as he found that the top of the hole was still a long ways up.

"Phew that was close and those red bubbles didn't help either since they kept making rocks disappear" the creampuff Digimon commented before turning around and spotted a red bubble. The bubble continued to float up until it reached a rock and disintegrated that part of the rock. Soon another bubble followed and another, and another. Calumon gulped and then spotted a nearby ledge that spiraled up and led to the top of the hole.

"It might take a while...but, I guess I gotta walk. Up, up and away!" Calumon made a whoosh sound with his mouth as he began to run along the ledge that was miraculously wide enough for his small body to fit upon.

Unknown to the Light of Digivolution a powerful force was stirring and was the source of those red 'bubbles'. A low gurgling growl like sound was heard as more bubbles began to surface.

Chaos was rising.

At Zhuquiaomon's Palace

"So you're like a master of magic?" Kazu asked. Alchemon shook his head as he led the group of tamers, Digimon and Jeri to the entrance of Zhuquiaomon's palace.

"No..." he paused in his stride and turned around to the others, but more to Kazu. "Alchemy is much more complex than magic, that and magic is not as powerful as alchemy unless used by a master. For you see, magic requires using only the energy within you to cast the spells whilst alchemy uses the energy within the earth along with your internal energy thus making my alchemy attacks stronger."

Kazu nodded in understanding before he noticed Alchemon was looking over him.

"Alchemon, something wrong?" Henry asked as he held Suzy's hand.

"What's wrong with that girl?" he asked pointing his gloved hand at Jeri who was latching onto Takato as they walked.

"Her partner was killed by Beelzemon...a Leomon" Rika answered. Everyone looked downcast, until Henry and Terriermon looked at each other in surprise.

"Kuso" he cursed.

"Henwy, what does that word mean?" the little six year old girl asked. Henry cursed again, in his mind though.

"You'll learn when you're older, anyways, guys I completely forgot with all the fighting going on...but Terriermon and I were able to save some of Leomon's data before it was disintegrated" Henry exclaimed as he held up his green D-Ark. Everyone's eyes widened and Jeri looked up as her head was buried in Takato's side.

"Leomon...he can never come back...he's gone forever" Jeri's depression seemed to worsen.

"Everyone gathered around Henry and looked at his screen.

"Are you sure this is Leomon?" Kazu asked, "It looks more like a tornado of a whole mess of crap"

Alchemon walked up to Henry and looked at the D-Ark's screen. On it there was a tornado of swirling blue data, wild and untamed as it had no physical form, not even bonding to form a Digi-Egg.

"Strange...usually when a Digimon dies, there is a chance that whatever leftover data than didn't dissolve could be reformed into a Digi-Egg and yet...this volume of data hasn't" the blonde haired alchemist spoke.

"I can release the data, but I don't know what would happen if I do" Henry pointed out. This was indeed a dilemma, but Alchemon merely smirked. The alchemy using mega looked at the tamers and their Digimon.

"Release him...I can perform a quick enough transmutation to change Leomon's remaining data into a Digi-Egg...although, there will be a chance that Leomon's baby form will not remember Jeri or any of you, but then again there is also the chance that whatever memories that are stored within Leomon's data, they will return to him should he digivolve from his Baby form into his Champion form" Alchemon hypothesized.

"Jeri-chan...look you got a chance to get Leomon back" the goggle wearing tamer smiled. Jeri's brown eyes looked at Henry's D-Ark screen before she reached into her pocket and looked at her own pale yellow one. Her sign as a tamer. Without Leomon, she was nothing but a burden...but if there was a chance to get Leomon back then...

"But...but what if Leomon doesn't come back the same way. What if he doesn't remember me and he wouldn't even become my partner anymore?" Jeri's eyes lined with tears once more, but she felt a hand on her should and she looked up to see Takato looking at her with a toothy grin.

"When this Digi-Egg becomes Leomon, I KNOW...that he will remember you and still be your partner. Don't worry" the yellow D-Ark wielding tamer looked up in awe at her friend and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she blushed.

"Arigato...Takato" and with that she looked up with a slightly determined face and nodded. "Do it"

Henry looked at Alchemon and they nodded to each other. Henry pressed a button and an option box appeared on the screen.




The tamer of Terriermon clicked yes and suddenly the green D-Ark shook wildly in his hands as the data flooded out of the screen.

"Seems you stored a bit more of Leomon's data than you thought" Naruto whistled. Alchemon then watched until all the data came out of the D-Ark and when that happened he quickly channeled his energy and clapped his hands. The red cloak wearing Digimon's hands glowed with a faint blue before touching the cloud of similarly coloured data.

"TRANSMUTATION!" the blonde mega yelled and then there was a bright flash of blue and then everyone watched as the data began to swirl and condense. It took on the appearance of Naruto's Rasengan only it was about the size of an Oodama Rasengan and more oval shaped. The condensed data was then covered in an egg shell that was covered with mostly orange, but had a single black striped surrounding the circumference of the egg. The egg was then caught by the alchemic Digimon who handed it to Jeri.

"Your Leomon is fine, but make sure you have him digivolve along the right path because it is a known fact that Baby Digimon have many different Rookie forms to digivolve into" Jeri nodded as she held the egg and a piece of the hole that formed in her heart began to become whole.

"Arigato Alchemon, I can't think of anyway to repay you"

Alchemon raised his hand saying, "Repayment is not needed, you and your friends helped in defeating Beelzemon and getting me out of his stomach. I think it should be the other way around"

The tamers and the Digimon then walked across the bridge and stopped at the entrance to Zhuquiamon's palace.

"Well here we are, the old bird's house" Naruto sighed. The tamers walked up to the door. Suzy looked up at the large black and red gates.

"Henwy...this place looks scawy" she trembled, hugging her brother's leg.

"It's okay Suzy, Lopmon, Terriermon and I will keep you safe" the blue haired Asian boy said kneeling down to his sister's height. Suzy smiled slightly and nodded before firmly grabbing her tamed Digimon like she was a teddy bear.

"'re choking me" Lopmon gasped as she tried to undo the iron grip of Suzy's arm around her neck. However, as they walked towards the door, two figures dropped down. One was the ever playful, yet stupid monkey...Makuramon, the monkey deva, and the other...was a blue dog like creature, its blue skin looking like armour. Around its neck was a string of purple beads along with a dark violet neckerchief. On the upper parts of its limbs where one would locate the shoulders and upper thighs, the Digimon had golden platings with the kanji for 'dog' in black imprinted on said platings. Its tail look on the appearance of swirling wind to due to appearance of the lengthy hair that made it. Its teeth and claws were a shining white and its pure red eyes stared into the ones of the tamers.

Kenta had already taken out his rose coloured D-Ark and scanned the the dog looking creature. After a minute, the hologrpahic image along with the information on the Digimon came up.

"Caturamon, Ultimate level. He is the dog deva and serves the Sovereign Baihumon. His sense of justice is strong, and it is unsatisfied when it can't make something clear in black-and-white. When all of its comrades are quarreling, it will sometimes serve as a moderator or presiding judge, changing into the "Bǎo Chuí" which is itself as a gigantic hammer, and passing judgment over guilt and innocence. His attacks are Bao Chui and Howl of the Heavens" Kenta read.

"So the two remaining devas show themselves" Rika said with an arrogant look. "Renamon, let's go"

"Rika-chan, why do you get to have the fun"

"You got to fight Lilithmon, now Renamon and I will fight the monkey deva"

"Terriermon and I will handle the dog"

"Hey why can't we help?" Kazu and Kenta exclaimed. The fiery haired and Asian tamers looked at the two novices and shrugged.

"Kazu you're with me" Rika said, "I'm an offensive person and Guardromon has better power moves"

"Kenta, MarineAngemon's attacks have shown to vary, sometimes being defensive and sometimes being able to immobilize and heal. I need you to use your attacks where the situation calls for it, understood?" Kenta nodded to Henry and he and MarineAngemon gave a salute.

"Aye sir" the glasses wearing tamer said.

"Alright, this shouldn't take too long" Rika commented as she took her place next to Renamon. "My chakra has been replenished and now we can fight together, Kazu when you see an opening have Guardromon attack Makuramon"

"Gotcha" the visor wearing tamer replied as he held his purple D-Ark.

Renamon and Rika rushed towards Makuramon who smirked. The Ultimate level watched as Renamon jumped into the air and crossed her arms in front of herself.

"DIAMOND STORM!" a white circle of energy formed before the energy crystallized into diamond like shards before rocketing towards the monkey deva. Makuramon dodged the shards using his amazing flexibility and reflexes only feel a searing heat. He turned around to be greeted with the sight of Rika breathing out a fireball.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" and the Grand Fireball rocketed forth. Makuramon quickly jumped and backflipped over the attack only to hear a whistling sound.

"GUARDIAN BARRAGE!" Guardromon yelled as he fired the two missiles from his arm cannons. Makuramon's eyes widened before he was struck and his body sent skidding backwards...right into Rika's waiting foot.

"Konoha Senpuu/ Leaf Hurricane!" and she spun crashing her heel against the back of the monkey deva. Renamon then appeared next to the flying money and ran alongside his flying form before twisting and her leg hit the monkey deva in the ribs. Makuramon flipped in the air allowing himself to land on his feet before raising his arms to block a kick to the face from Renamon. Pushing her back, Makuramon knocked the blonde kitsune off balance before punching her in the gut and then spun to whip his tail at Renamon's snout causing her to yelp in pain before she was brutally kicked in the stomach sending her back.

Makuramon held out his hand and a glowing white orb formed.

"PRIMAL ORB!" and with that he threw the glowing white spheroid at Renamon and a small explosion resulted. Makuramon smirked, but his look of joy was immediately replaced with a scowl as he saw Guardromon standing in front of the downed kitsune, the bright yellow shield of WarGreymon in front of the steel warrior.

"Are you alright, Renamon?" the Champion level asked. Renmon nodded.

"Hai, argiato" Renamon stood to her feet before looking at Makuramon before blurring out his field of vision.

"DIGIMODIFY...POWER ACTIVATE!" Kazu yelled swiping the card.

"WARNING LASER!" the iron clad Digimon's eyes glowed crimson before he released a powerful beam of energy from them. The concentrated beam of light cut through the ground like a knife through butter before reaching Makuramon. The monkey deva acted quickly and cartwheeled to dodge and then noticed movement out of the corner of his eyes and ducked underneath punch to the head from Rika only to have the fiery haired girl go with the momentum of her punch to flip over Makuramon and land on his other side and then attacking with another punch that crashed into the monkey deva's face sending him.

Rika flashed through handsign.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" she released multiple miniature fireballs from her mouth and Makuramon raised his arms, but still howled in pain as his arms took the brunt of the damage and burnt off a good portion of his arm fur. He screeched like the primate he was only to be silenced as Renamon appeared beneath him and then slamming a strong uppercut to his chin.

"POWER PAW!" the ghostly blue flames surrounding her paw added more pain to the monkey deva as he was followed after into the air as another uppercut struck him in the chin. Renamon dropped back down only for Guardromon to catch her. The two nodded silently to each other before Guardromon stretched his arm back before hurling Renamon at Makuramon. Igniting all four of her paws with ghostly blue flame, Renamon unleshed a deadly two punch combo to the face before spinning and slamming a double axe kick to the primate's head and sent him careening down towards the earth.

"DIGIMODIFY...METALGREYMON'S GIGA BLASTER!" Kazu swiped the card just as Rika finished flashing through handsigns and ended on the tora sign.

"KATON:RYUUKA NO JUTSU!" she roared as she released blazing trail of fire that morphed into a dragon's head.

"GIGA BLASTER!" Guardromon yelled as his arm cannons grew larger before firing twin missiles that had shark like faces painted on them. The missiles flew over the fire dragon and then the two attack met the downed Makuramon before causing a large explosion. Makuramon's body was seen flying into the chasm of lava beneath the bridge, but luckily he was deleted before he could die a fiery death.

"Nice job there newbie" Rika said to Kazu. Kazu smirked.

"Not too bad yourself" however their victory was cut short as they heard a scream.

Henry quickly flashed through handsigns and slammed his hands on the ground.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu!" the Asian tamer caused an earth to become erected, but Caturamon changed himself into the Treasure Hammer and broke through the wall like it was paper. After breaking through, Caturamon reverted to his normal form only to have Terriermon appear in his face, a tornado of emerald winds surrounding his fist.

"My own techniques, Tornado Punch!" Terriermon yelled slamming the wind empowered fist into Caturamon's face. Caturamon barked in pain before recovering from Terriermon's enhancements of the Terrier Tornado before lashing out with his tail, smacking the smaller Digimon into the ground. Terriermon flipped and used his long ears to stop his fall and regain his footing before Henry jumped into the air with a chakra enhanced jump and since the chakra was already in his legs, he spun and lashed out with a kick.

Caturamon yelped as he didn't expect the human to join in the fight and was sent to the ground as Henry dropped down.

"Annoying human" the dog deva growled before taking a deep breath.

"HOWL OF THE HEAVENS!" a loud howl escaped the armoured canine's mouth and caused the earth crack as the sound waves shot forth. The waves flew through the air only to be stopped as a heart shaped barrier formed in front of Henry and Terriermon.

"PRETTY HEART!" MarineAngemon said before the barrier evaporated from existence as the dog's howl ended. Caturamon growled and then charged like a raging bull. Jumping into thew air, the dog deva flipped and changed into the Bao Chui.

"BAO CHUI!" and the Treasure Hammer struck down with amazing force creating a shockwave that sent the two tamers and their Digimon skidding backwards. Henry then formed handsigns and slammed his hands on the ground.

"Doton: Dosokonawareta no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Shatter Jutsu!" a large crack opened up in the earth nearly causing Caturamon to fall into the lava below had he not jumped from wall to wall of the trench and made it to safety.

"TERRIER TORNADO!" the Rookie Digimon spun and released the large tornado of green wind and struck the Ultimate level in the face, but it barely did any damage.

"BUNNY...BLAST!" Terriermon didn't fire multiple energy bullets, but rather charged up the energy in his mouth and fired one large blast, the size of a basketball. Caturamon was hurt this time as a bruise formed on the side of his face where the attack struck and exploded sending the dog deva backwards. The canine Digimon flipped in the air to land on his feet before releasing an ear shattering howl.

"HOWL OF THE HEAVENS!" the attack released the sound waves and this time they hit their mark. Terriemon and Henry were sent flying, but were quickly caught on a rubbery like heart that MarineAngemon formed to break their fall. The heart them smothered the two and healed their wounds formed from the sound waves.

"Arigato Kenta, MarineAngemon"

"No problemon Henry... now let me try an attack" Kenta held his rose coloured D-Ark and swiped a card that he pulled from his pocket.

"DIGIMODIFY...GARURUMON'S HOWLING BLASTER!" Kenta yelled. MarineAngemon felt a cold and burning feeling in her gut before taking a deep breath.

"HOWLING BLASTER!" the ice blue flames rocketed towards the dog deva, freezing the ground as it made it way towards Caturamon. The dog deva's red eyes widened before he reacted and ducked, avoiding the attack and then took the chance to go for a counter strike. He ran and then jumped into the air.


"HURRICANE PUNCH!" the wind around Terriermon's body increased as he initially formed a Terrier Tornado before directing the winds around his paw and went forth to punch the canin's lights out. The two attacks clashed, but even though Terriermon's attack was strong for a Rookie Digimon, it was no match for the Ultimate level deva and Terriermon let out a loud scream of pain as he was crushed into the ground creating a small crater from his impact from the Bao Chui.

"TERRIERMON!" Henry cried out in distress and ran towards his partner. His blood boiled as he looked at the dog deva as he reformed into his animal form. Flashing through handsigns, Henry performed the strongest doton jutsu that Naruto managed to teach him.

"DOTON: DORYUDAN NO JUTSU!" Henry slammed his feet on the ground and then the earth cracked before a large dragon of rock and earth formed. The dragon's yellow eyes glowed before it released a roar and sped towards the dog deva.

"HOWL OF THE HEAVENS!" the dog deva cried out, but Henry quickly formed an earth wall to take the hit for his dragon and then the reptile of earth smashed through the battered wall and Caturamon's eyes widened in fear as the last thing he saw was the pair of golden yellow eyes of the earth dragon. The dragon roared before making contact with Caturamon and sent the canine down into the ground and created a nicely sized crater. Caturamon then whined like a puppy before exploding into red flakes of data and then being burned as a lava spout erupted from the river of the molten rock below the bridge that led to the palace.

Henry quickly ran towards his downed partner just as Rika, Kazu and their partners ran over to them.

"Henry, what happened, we heard a scream and then..." Rika's eyes widened as she saw the bruised form of Terriermon. The others ran up to Henry's side and then looked at his angry and sad face.

"Kuso...if only I was fast enough" Henry gritted his teeth.

"It's not your fault Henry" everyone looked to see Terriermon's eyes opening and then he coughed out the dust from his mouth, "Momentai"

"Yeah...momentai" Henry smirked before looking at Naruto. "Do you have a card that could heal him"

Naruto thought for a while and then reached into his deck case and looked through his cards. His eyes rapidly looked through his cards before he came upon one.

"Here we go, Gatomon..." the white furred feline nodded and then walked towards Terriermon, but was stopped by Suzy. The six year old girl looked up at Naruto holding her D-Ark.

"Nawuto...can I twy a cawd pwease?" she asked. Naruto smirked and patted the girl on the head before handing her the card.

"Sure and keep that card, I'm sure you'll find it very useful" the blonde shinboi said with a foxy grin. Suzy smiled and her eyes shone before she looked at Lopmon. the brown, tri-horned version of Terriermon nodded as Suzy swiped the card.

"Ummm, now what?" she asked. The tamers present sweatdropped.

"Maybe you need a demonstration first" Naruto said taking the card from her and then he swiped the card.

"DIGIMODIFY...ANGEWOMON'S HEAVEN'S CHARM!" he yelled as the card scanned through the bronze coloured D-Ark for Gatomon. Gatomon looked at Lopmon and Suzy.

"You guys understand what to do now?" she asked. Suzy nodded and jumped as high as she could and managed to snatch the card out of Naruto's hand and repeated his action.

"DIGIMODIFY...ANGEWOMON'S HEAVEN'S CHARM!" the six year old yelled. Lopmon's paws glowed gold just as Gatomon's did before the two Digimon held the holy energy over Terriermon. Naruto then took out Fanglongmon's scale and held it over the downed rookie.

"This should speed up the process" he stated and true to his word, the light energy of Fanglongmon allowed the light based technique to increase its rate of healing and Terriermon was healed in a matter of seconds.

"Wow...that's some good stuff" Terriermon said as he pushed the sharp scale away from his face. Naruto put the scale back in his weapons pouch and then the group, led by Alchemon pushed opened the doors to the Phoenix of the South's lair. The doors creaked as they opened and the Digimon and tamers were shocked at what was before them. The room was huge, albeit it being the only room in the whole palace. Its walls and floor were a deep crimson mixed with hues of burnt orange. Then in the center of the room there was a large throne made entirely of flame...and in those flames sat Zhuquiaomon. His orange eyes staring through the mask like feathers that covered them.

"Ah, young have returned. How delightful" the phoenix said with pure sarcasm. Naruto's and Dorumon's eyes narrowed as they took the lead.

"The feeling is mutual" the tamer and Digimon replied.

"Now what do you want?"

"It's not a what we what, it's a who...we want Calumon back now!" the blonde shinboi demanded. Zhuquiamon screeched and the throne of flames increased in size and turned from orange-yellow to light blue mixed with white.

"Do not dare to demand anything from me, boy. You know not of the power I hold"

"I've had a glimpse of it, rather ferocious" the blonde replied as held up the Blazing Helix card he received from the Sovereigns during his first time in the Digital World. Zhuquiaomon's eyes narrowed.

"Ah yes I forgot...Fanglongmon gave you pieces of our power to you" the bird spoke before rising to his feet. Alchemon the stepped forth.

"Old bird, long time no see" the blonde said with a wave. Zhuquiamon's eyes widened as the DigiCores around him spun.

'That voice'the Phoenix of the South turned to glare at the blonde alchemist. "Alchemon" the bird drawled out the name like he never even wanted to utter it.

"Nice to see you too" the red cloak wearing Digimon replied. "Now then...give these gakis their friend back or we'll have to take it by force"

"You...think you can take me on. Pfft foolish Digimon, you may be stronger than most mega levels than I have seen, but you are nowhere near the level of myself and the other Sovereigns"

"I'll test that theory, but not today. Though I would like to see how these gakis would kick your feathery ass" Alchemon said.

"I'll fight too" Terriermon stated. Henry's eyes widened before he stood next to Terriermon.

"NO, you were wounded badly in that battle with Caturamon. I mean look, even though we healed you, you're favouring one leg" Henry was right, Terriermon had been walking and leaning more to his left meaning he damaged his right leg.

"Henry...they say that in order to become stronger, a tamer and Digimon need to fight together. So choose Henry...fight with me or don't fight at all because either way I will fight" Terriermon's eyes shone with a fire that Henry never saw in them before and gulped. A sigh escape Henry's mouth.

"You guys don't mind if we take a shot do you?" the blue haired tamer asked. The other tamers stepped back..waaaay back. This caused Henry to sweatdrop as he saw them wave.

"Have fun" Kazu smiled. Henry's sweatdrop grew larger before he turned back to glare at the Phoenix of the South.

"Hahaha, one human and his measly Rookie partner. Don't make me laugh, you can never handle me" Zhuquiaomon said, his voice full of overconfidence.

"We'll see about that, so with me or not?" Terriermon asked with a smile, already knowing the answer. Henry gripped his D-Ark and then the D-Ark gave off a large flash of green light.

"You bet" the Asian tamer replied.



Henry and Terriermon were enveloped in a shroud of green data as their bodies fused. Terriermon's body expanded and grew to the size of a three story building. Terriermon's skin peeled away as his body became coated in armour. His face formed into the face of an adult rabbit of somekind, long arm and legs formed, all covered with pale white skin before being coated by green armour. Around the wrists, two large machine guns rotated before two black hands grew from the center of the guns. Two missile launchers merged with his shoulders and in each launcher were missile with a rabbit like face on them. Large armoured feet formed, green like the rest of his armour with three black claws growing out of them. Around each ankle, a black, studded brace formed. An armoured kilt/skirt formed around the large mega Digimon's waist, being held up by a large black belt, with a white symbol in the center of the kilt. In the center of the chest armour was a small smiley face was imprinted. The newly formed mega Digimon stamped down on the ground creating cracks in them.


Everyone looked up in shock at the gargantuan, armoured rabbit.

"Woah" was all that the tamers and Digimon could say. MegaGargomon looked over himself and then clenched his fists. Kazu scanned the large mega and the information, along with its holographic image appear.

"MegaGargomon, a mega level Digimon. His armour is nearly unbreakable and equals to that of Chrome Digizoid in terms of hardness. His armour contains multiple compartments which all contain weapons. His attacks are Gargo Missile and Mega Barrage"

"Now this is the kind of firepower I'm talkin' about" MegaGargomon said with a giddy voice, the voice of Terriermon. Henry floated in his sea of green data and was in awe as he looked through the eyes of the mega level Digimon.

"This is amazing, maybe this is the same thing Takato and Naruto did, Terriermon. They merged and became the mega forms of their Digimon"

"Well, Henry let's have ourselves from fried chicken" MegaGargomon said. Henry smirked as he and MegaGargomon aimed an arm cannon at Zhuquiamon.

"Let's" and with that MegaGargomon's arm cannon fired off a multitude of green laser bullets that flew towards the Sovereign, but the phoenix merely screeched and the flames of his thrown rose up and stopped the bullets before they even touched him.

"Very well, prepare to die...tamer" Zhuquiaomon spread his magnificent wings and took flight before releasing a wave of fire from his body, signaled only by a mere flap of his wings. The wave of flame flew towards MegaGargomon who simply performed an axe kick and cut the fire in two leaving a pair of scorch marks on either side of the floor next to him.

"HEY NARUTO!" the bio-merged mega yelled. The blonde nodded.


"Do you think that we could still perform jutsus in this form?" Naruto's eyes widened at the prospect but hadn't really given it a thought.

"I don't know, try it and see if it works!" MegaGargomon nodded before looking at Zhuquiaomon and then the missiles on his shoulders fired.

"GARGO MISSILE!" the missile flew through the air, their faces turning into smiles as they were about to impact with Zhuquiaomon. However, the phoenix simply crossed his wings in front of him before un-crossing them, releasing an arc of fire and knocked the missile off course and exploding into the walls of the palace. Unknown to him, MegaGargomon was forming a series of handsigns.

"Please let this work...DOTON: DORYUDAN NO JUTSU!" MegaGargomon roared before slamming his large armoured foot on the ground. The earth quaked, literally, before a large earth dragon rose from the depths of the palace and roared. Its glowing yellow eyes staring at Zhuquiaomon before racing towards the Sovereign of the South.

Zhuquiaomon was caught off guard by the sudden use of a move unknown to the Digimon before him that he was struck in the chest and sent plummeting to the ground before causing a large cloud of dust.

"IT WORKED, YATTA!" MegaGargomon jumped for joy, but caused the others to fall down from the shock that carried with the armoured rabbit's fall. Suddenly there was a sudden increase in the temperature as Zhuquiaomon rose up from the dust cloud, shaking the rubble off of him. The aura of red that usually surrounded him, grew in size.

"INSOLENT ABOMINATION...HOW DARE YOU STRIKE ME!" Zhuquiamon rose into the air as his power seemingly increased exponentially.

"EVERYONE OUT!" Alchemon roared before turning tail and leaving the palace. The other followed, with MegaGargomon running after them and scooping them up into his hands as the palace of the Sovereign began to come down on top of them. Fire fell from above like rain, luckily MegaGargomon's armour was able to prevent any damage to himself or the others. Once making it outside, MegaGargomon jumped and then unknowingly activated the rocket thrusters on the bottom of his feet and flew a good distance away from the palace. They turned and watched as it came crashing down.

"You think Zhuquiaomon was crushed in there?" Takato asked.

"We wouldn't think so, for an old bird he knocked away my attacks like they were nothing" the bio-merged Digimon replied before his assumptions became true as the rubble of the palace exploded outwards and then a large red avatar in the shape of a phoenix rose from it. The avatar died down leaving only a small red dot before the dot began to travel towards them. MegaGargomon rested his friends down before taking to the skies by his rockets.

"PREPARE TO DIE...ABOMINATION!" Zhuquiaomon screeched before increasing his speed to such a level, MegaGargomon only saw a red flash before he was struck in the chest sending him back, but he had managed to grab onto Zhuquiaomon and keep a hold on him.

"We're not gonna die, not until we save Calumon" MegaGargomon punched the holy Digimon in the beak and then crashing a roundhouse kick to the side of the bird's head. Zhuquiaomon steadied himself just in time to see a multitude of compartments open up all over MegaGargomon's body.

"MEGA BARRAGE!" and with that, bullets, missiles, and all different kinds of ammunition fired from all those compartments. The attack sped towards Zhuquiaomon who could only widen his orange eyes before he was struck down. With a loud screech, the Sovereign of Fire was sent through the air by the blasts. Luckily, the DigiCores that surrounded his body allowed him to come out healed and seemingly unharmed, but if you looked closely you could see the phoenix was panting from having to take such an amount of energy from one of the DigiCores.


Zhuquiaomon let out a screech before speeding towards MegaGargomon who fired the missiles on his shoulders that never seemed to run out.

"GARGO MISSILE!" the two smiling projectiles flew towards the Sovereign who released a column of flame from his beak and caused the missile to explode in mid-flight before rushing through the resulting smoke cloud and crashing head first into the armoured bunny. The phoenix then grabbed the green armoured rabbit and threw him down into the ground and then released a fire blast that sent the mega level Digimon soaring through the air before once against meeting the harsh, black earth of Zhuquiaomon's homeland.

"SONIC ZEPHYR!" the talons of the phoenix's feet suddenly became encased in orange flames before the bird dive bombed the bio-merged Digimon and struck MegaGargomon in the chest.

"That's it, I can't stand by anymore...let's if I still got it" Alchemon clapped his hands together and then slammed them on the ground. The earth rumbled before a multitude of cannons formed and fired bursts of yellow alchemic energy and knocked Zhuquiamon off of MegaGargomon who was covered in burns and slash marks. Zhuquiaomon turned to see who had struck him from behind only to be greeted by a large fist of earth that crashed into his cranium sending him back down.

Alchemon quickly rushed forth and clapped his hands before running his left arm along his right automail arm. The hybrid Chrome Digizoid metal transformed into a blade along the forearm area before he jumped and everyone was surprised as the six foot tall Digimon slashed at the rising phoenix and with a single slash, sent the bird back down. Alchemon then backflipped and clapped him hands before slamming them on the ground once more and a large titan of earth rose up.

"TRANSMUTATION!" Alchemon roared, his red cloak billowing in the wind as the titan walked towards Zhuquiamon. The Phoenix roared with rage before unleashing an aura of fiery power that knocked the alchemy made titan back and destroyed it. Zhuquiamon then took to the skies and concentrated all his rage and fire into his mouth.

"BLAZING HELIX!" a blast of fire launched from Zhuquiaomon's maw, the twin streams of fire twisted around each other forming the double helix that gave the attack its name.

Alchemon clapped his hands together and place both hands by his waist and a bright ball of blue lightning like energy formed.

"ALCHEMIC BURST!" Alchemon let loose the energy blast which came out in the form of a lightning bolt and raced to impact with the Blazing Helix. Suddenly a group of black cumulonimbus clouds formed near the battle and everyone who was looking at the nearing attacks gaped as they saw lightning launch out of the clouds.

"AURORA FORCE!" the lightning bolt shot out, morphing into the image of a dragon and then stopped right between the two attacks between the Alchemy Digimon and the Sovereign of the South, all three canceling each other out. The cumulonimbus clouds diminished only to be replaced by a large white and blue dragon, wrapped in chains. Lightning bolts sparking from every part of the mustachioed dragon.

The Sovereign Dragon of the East, Azulongmon.

"AZULONGMON/AZULONGMON!" the two mega level Digimon gasped. Naruto and Dorumon looked in awe at the still garganutan dragon. The Aurora Force that he used made their card look like a candle while his looked like a freaking forest fire in comparison.

"What brings you here?" the Phoenix said with annoyance.

"I heard the commotion all the way from Eastern Quadrant, you really are quite loud, Zhuquiamon" the Dragon of Lightning commented before looking down and seeing the down MegaGargomon surround himself with green data before reverting back to a dazed Henry and Terriermon.

"Well that was fun" Terriermon commented.

"Are you children and your partners alright?" the great dragon asked. The tamers nodded before Azulongmon turned to look at Alchemon.

" that really you?"

"Yeah, it has been a while since Zhuquiaomon ate me" the blonde Digimon replied with a toothy grin.

"Well it's good to see you again old friend, but I have business to discuss with these tamers"

"Of course, besides I have some take care of" Azulongmon nodded, when Alchemon mention 'business' it meant he had to go talk with the Dragon of the Centre, Fanglongmon. Alchemon was the only mega Digimon to ever be able to meet all five Digimon gods and strike a friendship with Fanglongmon which was why he was well known among the five gods.

"Well guys, I gotta get going. I hope you guys succeed in whatever quest you're doing" Alchemon said before clapping his hands and slamming them on the ground. Blue lightning sparked from the earth before a large dragon formed that then carried the alchemy user away from the two Sovereigns and the tamers.

"So, Azulongmon?" Naruto asked. The Dragon of the East nodded to the shinobi.

"Yes Naruto, I trust you are those cards we gave you in times of stress I assume"

"Of course" the blonde replied with his trademark foxy grin.

"Now then, the business I wish to discuss with you is concerning the Catalyst"

"I don't see why you don't just leave it here, its more use to us here than in the Real World" the stubborn Phoenix spoke.

"Yes, but the Chaos is rising quicker than we expected and until the Catalyst can be used to its full potential it is as vulnerable as the Digi-Egg that child is carrying" Azulongmon pointed his beard tip at Jeri who was carrying Leomon's egg. The two Sovereigns glared at each other, their auras of lightning and fire clashing against one another before they stopped and then turned back to the tamers.

"Climb up on my back, I have to take you to the place where the Chaos is and hope that maybe through the combined efforts of the Digimon and you humans, we might be able to stop it, if not slow its resurfacing" the dragon nestles down on the ground and the other climbed atop the gargantuan dragon.

"I've always wanted to be a dragon rider" Takato said with glee. The other rolled their eyes.

"Gogglehead" Rika said as she leaned back against Naruto who was sitting behind her. The Dragon of the East took to the skies before pausing and turning to the Phoenix of the South.

"Come Zhuquiaomon, Ebonwumon and Baihumon are waiting for us" the Phoenix's harsh orange eyes softened a bit as he sighed.

"Very well, Azulongmon...but that doesn't mean I'm warming up to humans" earning a few laughs from the others.

With Calumon

Calumon sighed as sat down on the large rock that jutted out of the edge of the hole he was climbing out of. As he was walking along the ledge, the red bubbles had disintegrated the rocks that were in jumping distance, and now the little cream puff was stranded in the dark hole with the only light coming from the exit above and the glows of the red data eating bubbles.

"I wish I could float up out of here like those pretty bubbles, then I could get out and go see Naruto and Dorumon and the others" the Light of Digivolution sighed. His ears shrank as he became slightly depressed. However, his depression was soon replaced with shock as the ground began to shake from above, shockwaves travelling down the tube shaped cavern that led to his freedom.

"What's going on up there?" Calumon looked up to see two large shadows. "Strange, that one looks like a tiger and that one...looks like a two headed thingy-ma-doodle. I wonder if they can help me get out of here?"

"HEY, HEEEEELLLLLLP!" the cream puff shouted up at the two large shadows. The two figures looked down and Calumon immediately stopped screaming as the two figures seemed to glare down at him. The tiger shaped one had four glowing yellow eyes and had a white aura surrounding it. The two headed one had two glowing red eyes on each head and was surrounded by a green aura. Both figures looked angered as they released growls from their throats.

"Then again...this place doesn't seem so bad" Calumon seemed to think twice.

Azulongmon and Zhuquiaomon flew through the air as Kazu and Kenta asked the two Sovereigns about the Digital World.

"So Azulongmon, are the original eight digidestined from the tv show real?" Kazu asked.

"Which digidestined do you speak of child?" the large dragon replied with his own question.

"You know, Tai, Matt, Sora, T.K, Izzy, Kari, Joe and Mimi" Kazu replied. Azulongmon's eyes widened.

"Oh yes, those children. Oh such a nice group they were, although I was too busy protecting the Data Stones from being destroyed by BlackWarGreymon...though they did help to free us when we were imprisoned by the Dark Masters"

"So like, how come their Digital World is different from this one in the Southern Quadrant?" Kenta asked.

"Each quadrant of the Digital World is ruled by us Sovereign" Zhuquiaomon answered, "Although the four quadrants create the Digital World, there are many different earth due to the creation of parallel dimensions. As such, we Sovereigns used our powers to have such that only a certain parallel earth could access only one quadrant of the Digital World. Well unless you were caught in the data streams of course"

"You seem well versed on the topic, Zhuquiaomon" Azulongmon chuckled causing his passengers to nearly lose their balance on his broad back. The Phoenix of the South grumbled saying stuff about annoying dragons and how he should go back to rebuild his palace.

"Ah, we're here" the two Sovereigns spoke simultaneously. The large dragon and phoenix touched down in front of a large hole in the earth. Surrounding the hole on the left and right (can't really tell with a circular hole, so I'm just giving it sides) were the great Tiger of the West and the Turtle of the North.

"Ah there ya are lads, you've nearly missed the show" Ebonwumon's left head spoke.

"Zhuquiamon, you mangy bird, what were ya thinkin' tryin' to kill these youngin's eh?" the right head commented. Zhuquiamon screeched at the turtle.

"Now, now, can't we all just calm down" Baihumon said, "Besides we got bigger problems"

The children and their Digimon all climbed off the back of the Dragon of the East, but Takato had to help Jeri down so that she wouldn't damage Leomon's Digi-Egg. Gatomon, Renamon, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Terriermon all looked in shock as they saw the four gargantuan Digimon standing before them. The Sovereigns gathered in front of the tamers and the Digimon, but out of respect for the four, the Digimon named dropped to one knee and crossed one arm in front of their chests.

"It is an honour to be present before the four Sovereigns" they all spoke. Guilmon was confused, but then he knelt as well.

The Sovereigns chuckled, except for Zhuquiaomon.

"I don't see why you couldn't have done that when you met me, boy" Zhuquiaomon looked at Naruto and Dorumon.

"I did" Dorumon said.

"I now arrived in your world, besides you were pissed and besides...ever heard the phrase "Respect is earned, not gained" Zhuquiaomon" the blonde shinobi shot back. The other three held in their laughter at the flabbergasted look that was found on the phoenix's face.

"Well that's enough chit-chat, anyways we found the Catalyst...Zhuquaiomon, how could you place the poor little guy in that dark hole" Baihumon asked, being the youngest of the four Sovereigns he had more understanding of the younger Digimon.

"Because I need to keep the Catalyst in a secluded area, it's not like I'm gonna put him out in the center of Primary Village and put up a neon sign saying "HEY I'M THE CATALYST DRAIN ME OF MY POWER TO USE FOR YOUR OWN GAIN"" the fiery feathered bird said.

"Zhuquiamon has a point, friend, the Chaos has become attracted to Calumon's power and has been able to locate him. Look..." everyone turned in the direction Azulongmon's masked face turned and looked to see nothing before a few red bubbles of data floated out of the hole.

"What are those things?" Takato asked.

"Those, my young tamer, are pieces of the Chaos"

"Guys, I think...I think that's the D-Reaper thing Shibumi told us about" Takato said turning to the others.

"How can you be so sure, Takato-kun?" Jeri asked.

"Think about it, this thing nearly killed off the Digimon and right now their scaring the Sovereigns, the most powerful Digimon in the entire Digital World, gods of the Digital World. If this Chaos is the D-Reaper..."

"Then we need to stop it" Naruto finished.

"But how, Naruto-kun, we're only human...albeit we have powers that you trained us to use, but still..." Rika looked at her boyfriend. Naruto's sapphire eyes gazed into her violet ones before he turned away from her and looked at Azulongmon.

"Calumon is in that hole isn't he?"

"What would make you think that lad?" Ebonwumon asked.

"You wouldn't brought us all the way out here and besides...Baihumon just said it a few moments ago, how Zhuquiaomon put Calumon in this secluded place so no one could find him"

"Hai, it is true that the Catalyst is down there" the Dragon of Lightning spoke, "But this hole is much too small for us to reach and Baihumon and Ebonwumon said how they heard Calumon yelling for help. His voice was close so that meant he was near the mouth of this hole"

"Due to your small stature you humans would be more than enough to get in there and grab the Catalyst and hopefully you could also come up with a plan to stop the Chaos energy from breaking through or at least hold it back"

"We will do what we can?" Naruto said.

"Oh yes, by the way, I found another tamer near here and I thought it would be helpful to you all if he came to help"the Turtle of the North added. The tamers all turned towards the giant reptile.

"Oh no" they gasped quietly as Ebonwumon rustled the large tree on his back and then two figures tumbled out of the foliage.

"Agh, Ebonwumon, why did you do that for"

"Don't disrespect a Sovereign you insolent whelp by speaking like you know them" a deeper voice spoke and then the figure with the deep voice slammed his fist on top of the smaller figure.

"Oh's you" the other tamers and their Digimon deadpanned. The new tamer turned, revealing himself to be none other than the forever annoying...Ryo Akiyama.

"YOU GUYS?" he yelled pointing at them.

"It's them, it's us, aren't you glad to see us?" Terriermon sad with a sarcastic voice.

"There's no way I'm helping them...especially HIM" the black D-Ark wielding tamer spat the word like vemon on his tongue as he jabbed his index finger at Naruto.

"Didn't your Okaa-chan ever tell you it's impolite to point" the blonde narrowed his eyes at the younger boy. Ryo clenched his hand into a fist before looking at the large turtle.

"Help" the turtle spoke in a menacing tone unfitting of the way he had spoken before. Ryo stared at the two pairs of eyes as both heads looked at him with a glare.

"I'll help them, fine...but only this time" Ryo walked with Cyberdramon over to the other tamers and then looked at Rika and gave a small smirk. The fiery haired tamer remained stoic before looking at the Sovereigns.

"So how are we gonna get down there?" Kenta asked.

"Well Azulongmon's moustache can grown in length just by though, so all you have to do is grab some hair and then he will gently let you guys down, oh and be sure to tie it around your waist so that you won't fall so easily" the Tiger of Steel explained.

"Alright, let's go" Henry said, but then he looked at Suzy and frowned.

"Actually, never mind, I'll stay up here with Suzy. I'm afraid she'll be to afraid to go down in to the hole" the others nodded. Jeri stayed behind for obvious reasons.

"We'll stay here too" Kazu and Kenta said.

"Fear of heights" the visor wearing tamer said as he and Guardromon sat down on the ground.

"Necrophobia" was Kenta's reason as MarineAngemon rested herself atop Kenta's head before her tamer lay down on the ground as well.

"Well okay, anyone else want to back out?" the blonde shinobi asked. No replied were made and the whiskered teenager nodded to Azulongmon. Azulongmon's moustache suddenly seemed to come alive before it lashed out, creating long ropes of hair and then wrapped themselves around the waists of all the Digimon and their tamers.

"Now I'll be letting you off when you find ground for you to stand on, although I can increase my hair's length there's a limit to how long it could go...that and it really pulls on the hair roots" the tamers sweatdropped at the large dragon before they were lifted up and gently let down into the hole. The place was dark, but due to the light from the Sovereigns' auras and the light of the 'day time' from the Digital World entering the hole. Their eyes quickly adjusted to the lack of light before their feet touched down on a thin ledge. It was big enough for them to gain suitable footing, but small enough that one misstep and they could fall to their deaths.

"ALRIGHT, AZLULONGMON!" Naruto and Dorumon yelled to the dragon. The cue reached the lightning dragon's ears and his moustache ropes let them go before retracting back upwards. Carefully, the tamers and the Digimon, except for Cyberdramon who could fly, carefully edged themselves along the ledge. A few minutes of moving down the spiral shaped ledge, Renamon and Gatomon spotted something out of their peripheral vision.

The two Digimon looked to see a small white object.

"Naruto, channel chakra into your eyes, we can see something over there. To your left, dead ahead" the blonde shinobi did so and then his night vision as well as his overall vision increased and he looked at the object. It was small and white. Two large ear like appendages were attached to its head and seemed to grow and shrink.

'There's only one thing I can think of who has ears like that' the blonde smirked, "CALUMON!" the tamers looked at Naruto in surprise at the sudden outburst, but their Digimon helped them keep their balance. They all looked in the direction that Naruto was looking and remembering he had a backpack full of necessities, Takato reached in and carefully pulled out his flashlight and shined it in the direction of the white object.

The object turned and bright green eyes shined at the sight of his friends.

"NARUTO, DORUMON, RIKA, TAKATO, GUILMON HAHA!" the cream puff Digimon smiled before jumping and spreading his ears as he attempted to glide towards them and nearly didn't make it had Cyberdramon not caught him in time. Calumon wriggled out of the 'scary lizard's' grip and jumped into Rika's arms.

"You guys came for me" he laughed.

"Well of course we're our friend Calumon" Rika said with a smirk. Calumon giggled before there was a large earth shaking movement. Rika gripped Calumon tightly and the tamers, except for Ryo who jumped onto Cyberdramon's back, used chakra to keep their balance while their Digimon used their claws to anchor themselves to the rocky wall.

The shaking continued until it suddenly stopped.

"What was that?" they all looked down, a few seconds passed and then small red bubbles flew out of the depths of the hole.

"'s the D-Reaper's energy" they watched as the bubbles floated upwards and gazed in fright and shock as a bubble touched an area of the wall and popped causing that area of the wall to be disintegrated.

"EVERYONE OUT NOW!" Naruto yelled. The others nodded. Takato channeled chakra into his feet and arms before aiding in carrying Guilmon up out of the hole by running up the walls. Dorumon and Gatomon were busy attaching their claws to the walls and quickly climbing up out of the hole, following Takato as Ryo and Cyberdramon flew up and out of the hole, avoiding the bubbles of the D-Reaper's data deleting energy. Naruto turned to start scaling the wall, his chakra already pumped into his feet, but he looked to see Rika looking down at the Chaos, its hideous gelatinous form finally revealing itself as it began to climb up the hole.

"RIKA-CHAN!" the fiery haired girl turned and gave Calumon to Naruto.

"Keep him safe, RENAMON!" the blonde kitsune appeared next to her tamer.

"No..NO RIKA-CHAN I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU TRY TO STOP THIS THING!" the blonde growled. Rika turned and then walked up to her boyfriend before looking into his eyes.

"The Sovereigns said for us to try and find a way to get out of this and try to at least hold back the D-Reaper...well Renamon and I will handle it. You've done too much for me, let me do this, let me help to save YOU and the others this time"

Rika kissed Naruto on the lips and they held it for a good ten seconds before she let him go.

"Now go...I promise I'll be back...DATTEBAYO!" she yelled in confidence earning a chuckle from the both of them. They looked down to see the Chaos slowly climbing up, slowly, but still rising.

"Okay...oh and Rika-chan"


"I love you" and with that the blonde tamer clutched Calumon before scaling the walls. Rika smiled at her boyfriend and then got a serious look as she turned to Renamon.

"You'll be there to catch me right?" she asked. Renamon's ice blue eyes burned with determination and promise.

"Of course"

"Then let's go...together" and Rika grabbed Renamon's paw and the two jumped. Rika's D-Ark let out a bright blue light of energy and coated the tamer and Digimon as they fell.



Rika's body fused into Renamon's as the fox Digimon's skin peeled off to show the blue wire frame pattern. A sea of blue data surrounded Rika before Renamon's form reconstructed itself and bonding Rika's DNA to the data. Slightly tanned skin formed before the form was clothed in a black, full body suit. Energy sprouted of the bio-merged Digimon's form and then four kitsune like spirits, one blue which bore the kanji for'water' on its forehead, one green and had the kanji for 'wind', one yellow for 'thunder' and one red and had the kanji for 'fire' on its forhead. The fox spirits all spun around her waist before changing into four pipes that attached themselves to her waist. Then armour formed around her upper body. On both shoulders were the images of the Yin-Yang symbol and in the center of the armour, just below her chest area were grey symbols that looked like a flower in the shape of a cross. A flowing mane of silver hair, fashioned into the look of a fox's tail grew from her head before a helmet in the shape of a fox's head covered the upper half of her face. Purple and gold gloves that formed from her wrists to her elbow along with similarly coloured leg protectors that reached from her upper thigh to her ankles, each bearing the Yin-Yang symbol formed. Then a golden light shone in her hands before a golden staff was found to be floating above her palms. The staff was about nine feet in length and at its tip was a large ring. Connected to that ring were eight others, six on the bottom and two on the top. The two on the top placed themselves next to a golden spike that grew from the top of the ring. The bio-merged Digimon grapsed the staff and twirled it before yelling her name...

"SAKUYAMON!" the bio-merged Digimon spoke in the fused voices of Renamon and Rika.

(A/N: When the tamers aren't around, I, the author, Kitsunedragon will perform the D-Ark analysis of the Digimon for you)

Sakuyamon, a mega level Digimon. She is a miko, a master of the arts of manipulating spirits and bending certain elements to her will. Her armour is composed of magical components mixed with gold Chrome Digizoid. The pipes around her waist each contain an elemental spirit, one for water, earth, fire and wind, respectively. Her staff is able to control all these elements and allow her to perform her abilities at their maximum. Her attacks are Spirit Strike, Crystal Sphere, Amethyst Wind, Amethyst Mandala, Twin Blades of Beauty and Truth and Fox Drive.

The newly formed mega floated in the air before swirling her staff and released a column of light that struck at the bubbles of the chaos energy, completely destroying them. The D-Reaper seemed to roar in anger before a pair of arms made of the gelatinous monster reached out to grab her.

"CRYSTAL SPHERE!" a crystal blue sphere formed around the miko Digimon and repelled the D-Reaper's assault and nullified its arms. Sakuyamon then clapped her hands together and the sphere exploded outwards in the form of an energy arc and sliced the arms off. She then scanned the area around her and noticed the very unstable rock walls. She flew upwards, but not too close to the mouth of the hole before she saw large red jaws nearing her.

"Oh no you don't" she held her staff up high above her head and then a sphere of blue flames formed at the tip of the sphere.

"FOX DRIVE!" the large sapphire ball of flame flew towards the jaws that aimed to eat her alive and absorb her data exploded upon contact and burned through to the bottom of the hole and caused a large plume of fire to burn the majority of the D-Reaper causing the data destroying behemoth to release what seemed to be a cry of pain. The rocks began to fall from the walls and onto the D-Reaper.

"Now to try and make sure you don't get up" Sakuyamon spoke before raising her staff into the air. The pipes around her waist glowed with he colour of their element and then whips of blue, yellow, red and green energy formed and snaked their way around the length of the staff before becoming four fox-like avatars of their colour. She pointed her staff at the D-Reaper and the rock walls.

"SPIRIT STRIKE!" the spirit foxes howled before they shot forth leaving behind a trail of their element behind them. The foxes then morphed into a giant white kitsune that let out a roar that would have made Kyuubi proud before expanding in size and then destroying the area below Sakuyamon and then a large explosion of the elements occurred Sakuyamon turned and flew up and out of the hole.

The miko Digimon panted slightly before being coated in a blue shroud of data and then turning into Rika and Renamon.

"That...was...amazing" the fiery haired tamer gasped.

"I never knew...we possessed such strength as Sakuyamon" Renamon added.

"So you two bio-merged?" Naruto asked. The two nodded and then the blonde turned to Zhuquiaomon.

"You thought humans and Digimon couldn't work together, that if we ever met that it would result in destruction for the Digital World...well look. We all bio-merged with out partners to change into their mega forms, Zhuquiaomon. We stopped Beelzemon and Lilithmon, we held our own against you, a Sovereign and Rika here just helped hold back what you Digimon would call, the ultimate threat" Naruto paused to gauge the phoenix's reaction, but saw nothing...nothing but a look of hurt pride in the four orange orbs that were the Sovereign of the South's eyes.

"You have proven me wrong many times Uzumaki...and it seems that you are correct. Together with your Digimon you have stopped the many threats, even managing to destroy the devas, but now we need the Catalyst's power to aid in destroying the Chaos" the phoenix turned to the small Calumon.

"Calumon" Baihumon spoke. The large eyed Light of Digivolution nodded as he floated up to the eye level of the giant tiger.

"You are part of the fight to end the destruction of our kind by this the D-Reaper. Look inside yourself and search for the sleeping power within you and unleash it. Give your kind the power to help us stop the Chaos and save your species"

Calumon gulped and then looked at Azulongmon and Ebonwumon.

"Please, Calumon" and to everyone's surprise, the Sovereigns bowed to Calumon, "Help us"

The cream puff Digimon suddenly felt the weight of the situation and nodded.

"Will anything happen to me?" he asked.

"No, if you do this though, you would have unleashed all the power from the Light of Digivolution and spread it across the Southern quadrant giving your brethren instant warp digivolution to the mega level. Upon doing so, you will become a regular Digimon...should you wish it"

"Become a...normal...Digimon?" Calumon's eyes widened and then nodded.

"Very well" the Sovereigns smirked at the small cream puff as he floated high into the air and then put his tiny fingerless hands together as if he were praying.

'Search inside myself...look for that sleeping power within me' the Zero Unit on Calumon's forehead suddenly began to glow and then shone with a light that made the lights from Gallantmon's Shield of the Just attack look like it was a tiny lightbulb in terms of the light's brightness. The light then glowed and then a small multicoloured beam of energy flew up into the sky, gaining in strength and size the higher up it went before it condensed into a sphere and exploded. Light beams flew through the air and through the Digital World, digimon everywhere from Rookie, to Champion, to Ultimate, they all gained their light of Digivoluton and changed into their mega forms before using their new ability of flight or super speed to reach the area where the Sovereigns were in a matter of minutes.

Naruto watched in awe before he saw a stray beam of light fly towards him and then go into his pocket. He put his hand into that pocket and pulled out Gatomon's D-Ark. The bronze coloured D-Ark beeped before scanning Gatomon with a multicoloured light before beeping once more after doing the scan.

"Gatomon, recognised. Full Digivolution possible, use of Blue Card now enables Mega Digivolution without bio-merge digivolution" the bronze D-Ark spoke before falling silent. The tamers saw all this occurred and looked at Gatomon.

'I...I can digivolve to mega...without bio-merge' she thought it disbelief. However everyone was knocked out of her thoughts as everyone heard roars, screeches, honks, squawks and various other sounds. They all looked around them and their eyes widened.

Everyone gaped in shock at the amount of mega Digimon stood/floated before them. Diaboromon, MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon, Vikemon, Plesiomon, Hououmon and many other mega level Digimon surrounded them.

Calumon moaned as he felt a strong headache hit him hard. He began to fall only for a Halsemon to swoop down and catch him before resting him down on the ground. The Halsemon nodded and bowed to Sovereigns before taking its place back among the ranks of Digimon.


'But this is only the beginning' Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon looked at each other, 'there is another...a greater evil than the D-Reaper...Lucemon'

Thousands of miles beneath the crust of the Digital World

Lucemon's wings flapped furiously as he aimed to reach the surface.

'Soon, the Digital World will be mine and no one will be able to stop me...not a second time' the Fallen Angel grinned in such an insane manner he could give the Joker a run for his money. However just as he passed the halfway mark between the depth of the Digital World and the surface a loud rumbling was heard from his left. Lucemon's eyes widened before he continued to fly, his eight wings giving him the necessary thrust before a loud crash was heard beneath him.

A roar echoed throughout the soil as Lucemon flew higher and higher, burning away the deep layers of earth that would hinder his movement with the aura of light and darkness surrounding him. However the roar suddenly seemed to paralyze him before the sky blue eyes Digimon looked to see a flash of bronze and gold along with a shining orange colour. Lucemon's eyes widened and then waited for the loud crashing sounds from beneath him to reach his location as he was paralyzed by some unknown force produced by the roar.

Lucemon waited...and waited...a few seconds passed Lucemon sighed in relief. Only for a crash to appear on his left and he was suddenly pushed through the earth, slammed through after layer of dirt, muck, grime, soil, raw deposits of Chrome Digizoid and what not until he was suddenly forced downwards back to the bottom only for a bright flash to flood his vision.

Lucemon looked around the area to find himself back on the surface, but in excrutiating pain and in an area of the Digital World he did not recognise.

"Wha...where am I?" the Fallen Angel got up to his feet. A low growl was heard behind him and the child-like Digimon turned to come face to face with his most masted enemy...the Dragon of the Center...the ruler and true god of the Digital World...Fanglongmon, but it was who was resting atop the dragon that had Lucemon's eyes widen in shock.

"Lucemon...long time so see, still trying to take over the Digital World I see" Alchemon sat atop the Dragon of the Center's head and glared, rage filling his golden coloured eyes. Alchemon clapped his hands together and then trailed his left hand along the right automail arm. A blade forming along the length of the forearm as the metal was transmuted.

"Alchemon...what the...where am I?" Lucemon asked looking around the area.

"Alchemon...due to Lucemon's escape there has been an unforseen instability in the Digital World's core. I will be leaving Lucemon up to you as I go try to heal the core. Also..." Fanglongmon tapped Alchemn's forehead, "I just established a mental link between us, so if you need my assistance..."

"Don't worry old friend, I won't need it though the help is appreciated" Alchemon stated. Fanglongmon nodded before he vanished in a flash of gold light.

"Alchemon...where am I? How did you get out of Beelzemon's stomach?" the Fallen Angel growled.

"You are in the domain of Fanglongmon that he only allows those he wishes to enter...and you cannot exit without his permission either. You are trapped here..." Alchemon raised his automail blade, "I AM YOUR OPPONENT LUCEMON, I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN...THIS WILL BE WHERE THE FINAL FIGHT WILL BE HELD...THIS WILL BE OUR BATTLEGROUND...THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL FINALLY FALL!"

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