Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 23: Rise of an Enemy, Fall of a Hero

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

"Alchemon...due to Lucemon's escape there has been an unforseen instability in the Digital World's core. I will be leaving Lucemon up to you as I go try to heal the core. Also..." Fanglongmon tapped Alchemn's forehead, "I just established a mental link between us, so if you need my assistance..."

"Don't worry old friend, I won't need it though the help is appreciated" Alchemon stated. Fanglongmon nodded before he vanished in a flash of gold light.

"Alchemon...where am I? How did you get out of Beelzemon's stomach?" the Fallen Angel growled.

"You are in the domain of Fanglongmon that he only allows those he wishes to enter...and you cannot exit without his permission either. You are trapped here..." Alchemon raised his automail blade, "I AM YOUR OPPONENT LUCEMON, I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN...THIS WILL BE WHERE THE FINAL FIGHT WILL BE HELD...THIS WILL BE OUR BATTLEGROUND...THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL FINALLY FALL!"


The tamers looked at the many mega level Digimon surrounding them and could only gape in awe. Calumon hopped over to Dorumon before landing on his head and resting there.

"Hey guys...did I do good?" Calumon asked. Naruto smirked and bent down to pat the little cream puff on his head.

"You did great, Calumon" the blonde shinobi replied.

"Well Naruto, Dorumon...fellow tamers and Digimon..." Azulongmon spoke and bowed to the humans and their partners, "I wish you a safe journey home"

"Arigato, Azulongmon" came the chorus of replies. The earth shook as the Digimon felt the D-Reaper trying to force it way back up towards the surface.

"Though Azulongmon, can't you just open another portal for us to leave in like you did with Naruto and I?" the X-Antibody holder asked.

"My apologies, but I cannot...I will need all my strength to combat the Chaos and it takes a great deal of energy from my DigiCores to allow interdimensional travel and the DigiCores take quite a while to replenish themselves" the Dragon of the East replied.

"Aww man, so are we gonna get home now?" Kazu whined. Baihumon's ears twitched before looking to the sky where the Earth floated in all its glowing glory.

"I believe your transport back home is appearing right now" the great white tiger spoke in his deep booming voice. The tamers and their partners looked to the sky and widened as they saw a large pink and purple vortex swirling before lengthening into a funnel.

"Something's coming out of there" Henry noted as he saw a shadow through semi-transparent portal.

"What the hell is that thing?" the group chorused.

Shinjuku-Hypnos Towers- Tech Lab

In a single room, computers, hard drives, monitors, printers, cabinets filled to the brim with computer programs since the making of the first computers and many other types of electronic equipment and apparatus were located.

The sound of keyboards being used filled the room as the reunited 'Monster Makers' had once again gathered to create a way to bring the children and their Digimon back from the Digital World.

"Okay guys, are you all almost finished with the Central Processing Program for Project ARK, yet?" Janyu asked a man. The man's name was Rob McCoy, who went by the nickname Dolphin. He had orange hair and black eyes which looked through a pair of convex lens glasses. He wore a plaid shirt underneath a sweater vest and long grey pants and black shoes. The man typed furiously away on the keyboard as he entered strings of computer code.

"Alllmooost" he hit the Enter key with a satisfied click, "DID IT!" he cried out in victory.

"Me too, I got the Digital Quantum Matrix all typed out and ready to be launched as soon as you guys are ready to synthesize the data and make the ARK so we can it to the Digital World and get those kids" an Indian woman who wore a purple and gold sari and had deep brown eyes and a pair of purple flats, named Rai Aishuwarya.

An African American man by the name of Babel, who wore a simple dark blue shirt, black pants and brown leather shoes swiveled his chair as he just finished typing out the computer code and clicked Enter. The man's dark shades glinted in the light of the room as he lay back in his chair.

"Alright dogs, I got the supporting data waves merged with Curly's Digital Quantum Matrix, now we can be sure the portal will be stable"

A blonde woman with deep blue eyes wearing a women's business suit got up from her chair to stretch her legs. This was Daisy, another member of the famed 'Monster Makers' squad.

"Alright I got software and the primary data needed to create Project ARK and threw in a few bits and pieces to create a little probe to watch what happens in the Digital World and relay images back to us...we're all ready Tao" she called out to Janyu using his old college nickname. The Asian man nodded before walking over to a large computer screen and typed away on the keyboard connected to it. The screen lit up as he typed in the various amounts of code and then pressed Enter before continuing to type. The screen turned black before a green wire frame pattern in the shape of what seemed to be a Jedi Fighter in terms of design. The ARK gained colour, turning a pale grey before pink and purple flooded the screen and the ARK zoomed through the portal. Janyu typed a few more keys and due to Daisy's prowess in software they were able to get a first hand view of what the ARK was 'seeing'.

Digital World- Southern Quadrant

The Digimon in the air parted as the ARK flew through the portal and and landed softly on the ground in front of the tamers and their Digimon. The ARK released a whining sound as the hatch opened revealing the cockpit, large enough for the tamers and their Digimon to fit in, lined with flashing lights and a single electric eye which allowed the people in the Real World to view the inside of the ARK.

"Sugoi" the tamers gasped before walking towards it.

"It looks like something out of a Star Wars movie" Takato commented as he looked at the Ark's design. Takato suddenly heard a beep coming from his bag and opened it to retrieve the beeping item, the communication pad that Yamaki had given him.

A message suddenly appeared on the screen.

'There is a craft waiting for you when you are all ready to leave. It's called the ARK, I had some people create it for you all to get out of the Digital World. Takato, reply when you get this message to let me know you got this-Yamaki'

Takato immediately replied and Yamaki responded with a confirmation message.

"Hey guys!" Takato turned to the others. "This is our way out of the Digital World. Yamaki said its able to travel between the Real World and the Digital World so we'll be able to go home now"

"Excellent" Naruto spoke before telling them to get into the ARK. When he saw everyone climb in he turned to see Ryo and Cyberdramon standing there with a look of internal conflict within the black D-Ark wielding tamer's eyes.

'Should I go...but they all obviously hate me, especially Naruto and Rika. And besides Cyberdramon is too big to fit into that tiny ship' Ryo's thoughts were interrupted when he saw Naruto and Dorumon walk up to him.

The blonde sighed, "Look Ryo, we have our differences and I do hate you...but you're a human and you've probably been here for a while. So you coming or not?" Ryo's eyes widened in shock as he stared at the shinobi-tamer.

"YOU want come with you guys"

"This would be a temporary arrangement of course" Dorumon spoke this time, his tail swishing back and forth, "Once we arrive in the Real World you and Cyberdramon will be free to do what you wish, whether you choose to stay or leave the rest of the tamers would be your choice"

Cyberdramon growled in thought before turning to his tamer and nodded. The brown haired tamer nodded back to his Digimon.

"We accept, though how is Cyberdramon going to fit?"

Naruto took out a card and slashed it through the reddish violet D-Ark for Dorumon.

"DIGIMODIFY...DATA X-TRACTION ACTIVATE!" Dorumon's claws glowed red before he stabbed them through the Ultimate level Digimon's skull.

"OI YOU JUST IMPALED MY PARTNER YOU TEME!" Ryo roared in rage and surprise, but it was quickly reduced to just surprise as he saw Cyberdramon's form glow with a pale white light before the tall humanoid dragon shrunk down to approximately the size of Dorumon.

Dorumon dropped down and held the blood red sphere of data before crushing it.

"That was the data that made up Cyberdramon, you can still create Cyberdramon through your Blue Card and Matrix Digivolve your Rookie partner" the bipedal furry reptile informed Ryo who could only nod as he watched the light die down and reveal his partner's Rookie stage.

A small, violet scale covered draconic creature stood with a dazed look in its golden eyes. It had two slightly longer than average arms that had wings membranes that were connected to the arm. At the end of each arm, where the wing membrane joined at, it bulged to form a hand like appendage with three drill shaped claws. It legs were very muscular meaning that in could probably run quite fast for a long period of time before getting tired, its feet had three drill shaped claws, similar to that of its hands. On its pectorals extending to its rib area were two long streaks of crimson. It shoulders were coated in what seemed to be golden armour like scales. Its head was shaped like a dinosaur, bird and dragon all fused into one, a crest of some kind extended out of the back of its head which had golden armour like scales at the tip and near the middle. In the center of its forehead lay a gem made of the same material as the golden armour like scales.

"Monodramon, Rookie level. Although it is a Vaccine Digimon it tends to have a rather brutal personality and thus it gets into fights rather quickly. It is said its horn or crest on the back of its head is its weak point, but this hasn't been proven. Attacks are Cracking Bite and Beat Knuckle" Naruto read as he scanned the Digimon.

"Woah...what happened?" Monodramon groaned as the dragon rubbed his aching cranium.

"Come on Monodramon, we gotta get into the ship" Ryo helped his partner to his feet and helped the dragon walk to the craft. Naruto and Dorumon looked as the two climbed into the ship.

"Naruto-kun, come on!" Rika yelled out to the duo. Naruto and Dorumon were about to comply when there was a shift in the wind. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other.

"He's still alive?" Dorumon questioned.

"Apparently...think we should go get him?" Naruto replied with his own question. The X-Antibody holder thought for a minute.

"He tried to eat you and kill you, then he tried to kill the rest of us, normally I would say leave him to die...but he was under the influence of Lucemon, so I can make an exception" the dragon turned to his tamer and nodded.


"NANI, ARE YOU INSANE?" the red head turned to Takato as he just got another message from Yamaki.

'ARK cannot remain stable for so long in the Digital World. Hurry up and get out of there, it has only 30 minutes before instability begins to occur'

"Kuso" Takato muttered beneath his breath so that Suzy wouldn't hear, "Rika, I heard Naruto...tell him he has at least twenty minutes, the ARK has only 30 minutes before it begins to lose its Digital stability and remain in the Digital World"

Rika relayed the message to her boyfriend who gave a salute.

"I'll be back by then...Baihumon, what's the fastest Digimon here, we have to go and retrieve someone" Naruto turned to the large feline Digimon. Baihumon smirked as he bent down to Naruto's level.

" young shinobi would be me. Though a Hououmon is fast enough to keep pace, I am able to put on bursts of speed so that I am far superior. Climb on my back, I'll take you where you need to go, just give me directions"

"Arigato, Baihumon-sama" Naruto and Dorumon gave a bow of respect to the Tiger of Steel before they jumped atop the tiger's back. The tiger gave a roar before taking off shocking all, but the other three Sovereigns, present as Baihumon took off, not even leaving a blur of movement. The tiger just seemed to vanish from the spot...only a trail of desert sand that was kicked up was any indication of the Sovereign's movement.

"WOAH, BAIHUMON-SAMA I NEVER KNEW YOU COULD MOVE THIS FAST!" Dorumon yelled to the Sovereign over the rushing winds that flew past their ears.

"Arigato, I pride myself on my speed" the feline responded with a toothy grin. The dual partnered tamer channeled his bijuu's chakra into his nose so as to increase his sense of smell. He then isolated the many smells that assaulted his nasal caverns before finding the one he was looking for.


"We'll be there in five minutes given my speed" Baihumon replied before turning and rocketing off in the direction Naruto instructed him to move. The large tiger ran for five minutes, just as he had predicted and halted his movement causing Naruto and Dorumon to fly off from the sudden transference of momentum. Baihumon quickly raised his right paw and caught them before resting them on the sands.

"Are you sure, what you are looking for is here. I see nothing, but sand"

"It's not what you see, it's what you smell" the blonde tamer told the Sovereign of the West before he took a few steps forward and then sniffed the air once more, his ears twitching simultaneously as he listened to any sound that would have accompanied the wind's whistling.

A groan hit all three individual's ears.

"What is that?" Baihumon looked around the sands for the location of the groan.

"It's coming from over..." Naruto sniffed again before pointing at a thirty five degree angle from his left, "THERE!"

Naruto and Dorumon quickly motioned for Baihumon to come and the Sovereign followed before walking over the spot where Naruto pointed. With one massive breath, the Sovereign blew away a large amount of sand to reveal...

"Impmon...there you are" Naruto picked up the small scarf wearing Digimon. The imp Digimon groaned.

"Blondie...that you. What happened, I remember I was talking with that blasted bird, Zhuquiaomon and told me he would make me digivolve. Then...I remember turning into...something, and then it all went black" Impmon groaned, clutching his head as a headache hit him full force.

"Don't worry, it's not your fault" Dorumon said, "Come on, we're taking you back to the Real World with us"

Impmon's eyes widened before he looked shot up and his eyes widened even further as he saw Baihumon standing before them.

"The R-R-Real World...and is that, B-B-Baihumon?"

"Do not fret little one, now come on it's been about ten minutes since we left. Naruto you have ten minutes to return to your friends before your time here become truly limited" Naruto nodded at the white tiger and then grabbed Dorumon before leaping with both Rookies and onto Baihumon's back.

"HOLD ON!" Baihumon roared before taking off at even faster pace leaving a cloud of dust followed by a sonic boom as the sound barrier broke.

Back with the Tamers

"How much time do we have left?" Henry asked Takato. The goggle wearing tamer glanced at his watch.

"It's been only fifteen minutes since Naruto left, we have fifteen more minutes before the ARK becomes unstable, but Naruto has five more minutes. We need to leave as soon as possible so that we don't have as a little gap in time in case we run into any unexpected troubles when the ARK begins to leave" Takato said.

"Don't worry Takatomon" the crimson Digital Hazard lizard said optimistically, "Narutomon and Dorumon will be back in no time"

"Yeah dude, Naruto and Dorumon aren't ones to not make it back in time" Kazu smirked.

"I concur" Ryo said, the others looked at Ryo, "that Naruto does not seem like the person who would let people down, especially since you guys are his friends. Besides he's riding Baihumon, the fastest Digimon in the Digital World, not even a Speed Digimodify Card equipped to one of the fastest Digimon would be able to beat Baihumon"

That gave the others a calm conscience.

"Rika, you've been awfully quiet" the black D-Ark wielding tamer spoke. The others winced as Rika's violet-grey eyes turned to look at Ryo's brown ones. A storm of emotions shown in them, but the anger and betrayl she felt towards Ryo was the most the prominent.

"Urasai, teme" the fiery haired girl spoke before leaning against Renamon. The fox Digimon curled her tail around her tamer's waist before looking at Ryo. Her ice blue eyes closed as she shook her head 'no' as Ryo attempted to speak again. Ryo became silent, but that moment of silence was quickly broken by an ear shattering boom as the sound barrier was broken.

The tamers and their Digimon looked up out of the ARK as they saw Baihumon standing there with Naruto and Dorumon atop his head. In Naruto's arms though, there was a small figure, though they couldn't make it out.

Renamon could however, as her glacial blue eyes honed in on the figure in Naruto's arms.

"Look Henwy, Nawuto's on the big kitty cat" Suzy giggled. Everyone sweat dropped as the little six year old managed to ruin the mood of the whole situation. Renamon's eyes widened as she returned to looking at the figure as Naruto and Dorumon dropped down. They turned and bowed to the great cat who nodded in acknowledgement.

Naruto and Dorumon then walked towards the ARK.

"That's IMPMON!" Renamon exclaimed.

"NANI?" the others exclaimed, except for Ryo, Monodramon and Suzy who had no idea what was going on.

"What's wrong with the Impmon?" the three clueless individuals asked as Naruto and Dorumon neared their location.

"Well you see, Impmon had mega digivolved into his dark mega form, Beelzemon on of the seven sins, the Demon Lords. He nearly killed Naruto in that form had he not been rescued by a friend of Naruto and Dorumon who had also been eaten by the Demon Lord named Alchemon. Impmon while as Beelzemon, after "eating" Naruto, turned to kill us instead, but Takato and Guilmon performed what is known as bio-merge Digivolution and turned into Gallantmon and beat him" Lopmon, Suzy's former deva partner explained.

Ryo and Monodramon were in shock, but Suzy was clueless as ever her six year old mind still not grasping the magnitude of what was just said by her chocolate coloured partner.

"So guys, you ready to go? Takato how much time do we have?"

Takato glanced at his watch as he held the communication tablet from Yamaki in his other hand.

"You came two minutes early, ok I'll message Yamaki and then it's back to the Real World" earning a cheer from the rest of the group. The tamers and their Digimon then stood to face the Sovereigns and the other mega Digimon surrounding the gods of the Digital World.

There was an eerie silence as the Digimon faced the tamers. The two sides then bowed to each other, the Digimon just followed the Sovereign's examples though, before raising their heads.

"Have a safe journey home lads" Ebonwumon's left head spoke, "and don't forget to visit us when ya get the chance or I'll thrash you're heads" the right one said earning a chuckle from the tamers.

"We thank you for your help, Sovereigns" Naruto spoke on behalf of his group.

"The pleasure was all ours, tamers" Azulongmon said with what would seem to be smirk, but you can't see it behind his large flowing moustache.

"Improve those manners eh gakis" Zhuquiaomon screeched, "and don't go blowing up my palace"

The tamers and their partners sweatdropped while Monodramon and Ryo just gaped at their new allies.

'They blew up a Sovereign's palace...and their still ALIVE?' the two thought.

"Our bad" Takato chuckled.

"Gomen nasai, Zhuquiaomon-sama" Renamon chuckled. The ARK suddenly released a large humming combined with whirring as the hatch began to close.

"Ja ne!" the tamers and their Digimon called out to the horde of megas who nodded in response. The ARK floated up into the air before a large string of pink coloured data attached to its front flew through the air leading back to the floating image of Earth in the sky. The ARK then began to follow the data cord back to the Real World.

The ARK then began to gain speed as it followed the cord before the cord began to expand in diameted before forming the vortex that it had originally emerged from. The passengers of the ARK suddenly lurched backwards, slamming against each other as the ARK's speed reached maximum levels.

"Way to go ARK!" Guilmon and Takato patted the Digital machine. Everyone's eyes widened in shock as a cord suddenly extended itself from the ARK's board and then went over to Takato and Guilmon. It reach by Takato before the cord attached itself to the tablet that the goggle wearing tamer held.

The ARK's 'eye' glowed before computer language flowed from the ARK through the cord where it was translated upon reaching the tablet into japanse.

'You are welcome-ARK' Takato and Guilmon looked in awe as they realised the ARK just spoke to them, indirectly, but still spoke.

Shinjuku-Hypnos Towers

"JANYU LOOK IT'S WORKING, THE ARK IS COMING BACK!" Curly cried out in joy. Those present in the room clapped as their experimental Noah's Ark, worked and was returningthe children home.

'I'm glad to see you're safe, Henry...Suzy' Janyu wiped the tears from his eyes as he viewed his children who were busy holding on for dear life as the ARK sped through cyberspace towards the Real World.

"Ready the Digital Matter Transporter" Yamaki ordered. The Monster Makers nodded, however they were stopped when the elevator that led to the computer room they were currently in, dinged, and the doors opened.

"I supposed you wouldn't mind if I aided in seeing through that the tamers get back home safely, would you?" a male voice asked before the figure stepped out of the elevator. The Monster Makers smirked.

"No not all..." Daisy said with a smile, "Shibumi"

The Jesus look-alike tipped his hat, "Excellent"

The Void

Lucemon and Alchemon stared at each other as the void suddenly took on a physical form. A rocky landscape with scattered trees made the ground. The ground shook as cliffs and boulders burst out of the earth taking on many shapes in varying sizes. The white nothingness above them changed to a dark storm grey as cumulonimbus clouds formed, lightning flashed, thunder boomed and wind howled, however rain did not fall per the will of Fanglongmon.

"A fitting area for such a battle wouldn't you say, Alchemon?" the Fallen Angel asked with a smirk. The blonde alchemist made no reply, but simply held up his automail arm, the blade he transmuted gleamed in the light of the lightning bolts that stretched across the sky.

"Hmm, silent I see, well shorty..."Lucemon smirked as he floated above the red cloak wearing Digimon as Alchemon developed a tick mark on his forehead.

"You do know I AM taller than you right?" Alchemon replied with a twitch of annoyance forming with his left eye.

"Ah, but still you're too much of a midget to reach me" Alchemon's eyes changed into anime angry eyes, pure white and void of pupils, he pointed at Lucemon.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING TOO SMALL TO NOT BE ABLE TO BE SEEN UNDERNEATH A MAGNIFYING GLASS, TEMEEEEE!" Alchemon roared clapping his hands and slamming them on the ground.

"TRANSMUTATION!" cannons formed as the earth reshaped itself due to the alchemy before they fired yellow blasts of alchemic energy from their mouths. Lucemon simply held out his hand and swatted away each blast like it were an annoying fly. His eyes closed in confidence. However, when the sky blue orbs reopened he was shocked to find Alchemon already in his face.

'He's gotten faster' Lucemon marveled as Alchemon raised his bladed arm.

"AUTOMAIL CRUSHER!" the bladed arm came crashing down with explosive force sending Lucemon to the ground. Lucemon grunted as he wiped his face where the bruise had formed before it was healed thanks to the Digimon healing factor. Looking up he found the pointed edge of Alchemon's blade only a few centimeters from his face.

"You've improved your speed and you blows have gotten stronger since our last fight" Alchemon smirked at Lucemon's praise.

"Well I haven't been doing nothing in Beelzemon's stomach all those years" the blonde mega replied, "brings back memories though. Three Demon Lords were killed by your hand, though you probably did something to revive Lilithmon seeing as you absorbed her data once you killed her. Though she was ended by Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and his partner, Dorumon. I had killed two Demon all that you"

Lucemon chuckled, "Someone's been keeping score, but the time for talk is over" The Fallen Angel took to the skies as he kicked Alchemon away. Flapping his wings Lucemon spread out his arms horizontally and put his legs together so that they pointed straight down, shaping himself into the likeliness of a cross.

"GRAND CROSS!" Ten spheres of super heated energy formed in front of Lucemon, they too taking the shape of a cross. The spheres shot forth and Alchemon countered by clapping his hands together before slamming them on the ground. A wall of earth rose and took the hit, but the shockwave from the explosion was so powerful that Alchemon was sent flying through the air a good twenty feet away and his cloak was on fire, the orange flames licking at his sleeves and the left shoulder area.

Alchemon gritted his teeth before flipping in the air, skidding along the ground and digging his automail blade into the ground as he slowed his movement before coming to a stop. Alchemon shed his cloak to reveal the black sleeveless tunic underneath. His automail right arm shining in all its glory as his muscular right arm flexed in anticipation of movement.

The golden eyes of the alchemist Digimon widened as he saw the large crater where the Grand Cross struck and the long slash in the ground that led to his position by using his trnasmuted blade to slow his movement. It was nearly ten feet in length.

'Has Lucemon always been this powerful?' the blonde alchemist thought. Alchemon clapped his hands and then slammed them on the ground. Blue lightning burst forth from his palms and the ground rumbled as the smoke cloud generated from Lucemon's attack split apart. The eight winged angel raced towards his enemy before he saw the earth behind Alchemon break apart.

"TRANSMUTATION!" an earth titan rose from the bowels of the Void before releasing a loud groan as it took its first step towards his creator's enemy. The titan lashed out with a massive fist, but Lucemon rotated in the air to perform a dive and then avoided the punch only for another earth fist, a significantly smaller one meaning that Alchemon had made it, raced towards him. Lucemon punched the fist with his own and broke shattered it before the earth titan aimed a powerful kick. Lucemon flew up and sky rocketed towards the titan's face before heading straight for the titan's forehead. The holy rings on his ankles shone gold before he curled into a ball. The white and gold sphere of spinning data stopped rotating and shifting his form so that his left leg shot out.

"DIVINE FEET!" the foot imbued with holy energy crashed into the titan's forehead. A large crack formed before Lucemon lashed out with another kick, this time with his right foot and continued the flurry of kicks before the titan's head was littered with feet shaped craters and a spiderweb of cracks formed before Lucemon stopped and righted himself. He smirked before merely flicking the titan's head and the titans shattered before the rubble of its form came crashing down.

Alchemon jumped up, using the falling rubble of his titan as steps as he leaped to his opponent. Lucemon raised his arm in defense and blocked a swift kick aimed for his ribs from the taller Digimon. Alchemon used the momentum of his kick to reverse his body's movement and aimed a backhand for Lucemon's face. Lucemon grabbed the mega's fist and twisted only for nothing to greet his ears as he had forgotten that this was his opponent's automail arm. Alchemon smirked before he touched his palms together and touched his automail arm. The arm changed into a blade that cut into Lucemon's hand and forced the Demon Lord to let go. Alchemon then dropped down to the ground below and rolled so that he wouldn't get earth upon contact. He quickly clapped his hands and changed his arm back into its regular form before clapping once more to form a thousand earthen fists.

Lucemon flew through the multitude of fists only for one to catch him off guard as it redirected its shot and struck him in the stomach. Another fist used Lucemon's temporary paralysis from having the air force out of his lungs to its advantage and struck forth landing a blow to Lucemon's ribs. A crunch sounded as probably one or two ribs cracked from the force. Three more fists came through and struck Lucemon in the fist, stomach and elbow joint, respectively. Lucemon was then met with white hot pain exploding throughout his body. Alchemon ran forth and his automail armed seemed to shine as he leaped into the air.

"AUTOMAIL CRUSHER!" his fist aimed for Lucemon's already damaged body.

Lucemon grunted in pain as the Digital Hazard on his hand pulsed and the holy bands on his wrists and ankles glowed gold, and then dark energy was released from his body along with a pulse of light energy. The two mixed with each other to create an explosion as the opposing elements clashed. Alchemon was thrown back and landed on the ground with a painful thud.

Alchemon grunted in pain as he force himself to his feet and saw Lucemon standing there with an angry look in his sky blue eyes. Lucemon put his form into the shape of a cross and the ten super heated spheres of energy formed in front of him.

"GRAND CROSS!" the cross shaped attack shot forth and Alchemon quickly clapped his hands and erected a wall of earth from his transmutation, but the attack seemed stronger and broke through the wall and released an explosion sending Alchemon soaring through the air. Luckily he had raised his automail limbs to take the blow so he was relatively fine if not for the few cuts along his flesh limbs and the dust covering his clothes and body.

'Too bad I lost my cloak early on, it would have protected me for that one...I really should get that thing remade' he quickly back flipped and created an earth pillar beneath his feet to project him further away as ten more super heated spheres crashed into his previous location.

"DIVINE FEET!" Lucemon's bands glowed with holy power as his foot crashed into Lucemon's automail arm. Alchemon smirked.

"Finally, close combat...this is where I excel" Lucemon's eyes widened as the mistake he made and he couldn't get out of it. He would have to fight with his hands and feet, Lucemon usually used his ability to fly along with his great strength and speed to take down his opponents, but he also used the grand Cross as a way to defeat his opponents easily and as such he was weak in physical combat.

"Kuso" was Lucemon's only comment before he raised his arm to block a fist from his opponent only for Alchemon to fire another fist, which Lucemon caught in his hand. The blonde alchmist then jumped up to floating Fallen Angel and crashed his heels into the child-like Digimon's torso sending him backwards and was met with a powerful palm strike to his chin. Lucemon opened his eyes and back flipped with the momentum of the palm strike to avoid the follow up uppercut. Lucemon then flew down and his bands glowed once more as he lashed out with a kick only for Alchemon's own kick to clash with it.

Both fighter copied each other's movements, they performed matching two punch combos before twisting in the air for their legs to meet at one point. Alchemon then went to perform an uppercut, but Lucemon leaned back and grabbed Alchemon's outstretched hand and swung the blonde alchemist over his shoulder sending the mega to the ground. Alchemon then shook his hand free of Lucemon's grip and performed a windmill and slammed his heel against Lucemon's cheek. The Fallen Angel twisted with the attack and countered with a punch which Alchemon received to the side of his face. Alchemon recovered just Lucemon lashed out with a kick.

"DIVINE FEET!" a flurry of feet came crashing down on Alchemon who raised his arms and blocked the attack before grabbing one of Lucemon's feet and held it in place using the automail arm before swinging Lucemon into the ground. Lucemon bounced back up from the force before Alchemon twisted his body and crashed a powerful kick and sent the Demon Lord flying through the air. Lucemon recovered and steadied himself before flying high into the air out of Alchemon's reach.

Lucemon floated in the air only to see the maw of an earth dragon descend upon him and return him to Alchemon's level. Lucemon coughed as dust filled his lungs only for his face to be filled with pain as Alchemon's foot, the one made of automail, smashed into it.

If it was one thing that Lucemon really hated, it was getting hit in the face with the Chrome Digizoid alloy that made Alchemon's right arm and left leg.

Lucemon rolled along the ground as Alchemon clapped his hands and slammed them on the ground. Blue lightning shot forth and traveled to Lucemon's location before the earth rose up in the form of a pillar and sent Lucemon into the sky. Alchemon then formed a cannon with alchemy and shot himself up into the sky and his trajectory placed him straight above Lucemon's rising form. Alchemon then dive down and positioned his body so that his right arm and left leg were positioned downwards.

Lucemon opened his sky blue eyes and looked as Alchemon descended upon him.

"AUTOMAIL CRUSHER!" Alchemon's cry met the Fallen Angel's ears before he flapped his eight white wings and released a gust of wind to slow Alchemon's descent and give him time to move, but Alchemon's weight and momentume...and gravity, good ol' gravity, kept him going and Lucemon raised his arms in an X-shape before the two automail limbs crashed into his arms. the Demon Lord grunted in pain as the attack nearly broke his arms had it not been for his powers and his healing factor. the force of the blonde mega Digimon's attack broke through his defense as a result and Alchemon positioned his body so that he met Lucemon in the air and grabbed him and slammed his hard skull against Lucemon's.

A two fist combo followed afterward. The blonde twisted and slammed his heel into the stomach of the Fallen Angel before reversing the direction as the blonde alchemist repeated the movement to crash his other heel into Lucemon's stomach. Lucemon gritted his teeth as Alchemon crashed his right fist, his automail one, against Lucemon's face and Alchemon smirked as he heard the satisfying crack as Lucemon's nose broke.

The pair of Digimon continued to fall through the air with only a few feet between themselves and the ground. Alchemon noticed this and began to rapidly punch and kick Lucemon earning grunts of pain from the Holy Digimon.

"NOW TO FINISH THIS!" Alchemon roared and grabbed Lucemon by his ankles and flipped through the air as fast he could to build up momentum and upon reaching the ground Alchemon positioned his body so that Lucemon touched the ground first, by being slammed down on his back with bone shattering force. Lucemon's back arched and his eyes widened from the pain.

Alchemon rose from his feet and then jumped back and then clapped his hands together and slammed them on the ground. Blue lightning sparked along the surface of the brown earth before the ground in front of the blonde mega tore open as the largest earth fist Alchemon could manage to make formed before diving down towards Lucemon.

Lucemon groaned as looked up. He then saw a small object descending upon him. Said object grew larger as it descended and Lucemon could only narrow his eyes as he saw the large earthen fist.

"Oh how I hate that Alchemon" the platinum blonde Digimon scowled before the fist crashed down upon him leaving a large crater and created a large cloud of dust and dirt accompanied by a loud boom upon contact with Alchemon's opponent.

Alchemon panted before standing up to his feet and dusting himself off. Alchemon then calmed his breathing and his heart rate before looking back at the dust cloud where he struck Lucemon.

"He's been staying down too long...what is that devious Demon Lord doing?" Alchemon muttered to himself. Suddenly he felt a large pulse of energy before a beam of golden-white energy shot out of the dust cloud and then a purple-black energy beam accompanied it. The two beams twirled around each other to form a double helix before they joined together and expanded into a sphere.


Lucemon grew significantly taller, around the same height as Alchemon. His long platinum blonde hair took on a slightly darker shade and reached his mid back in terms of length. His sky blue eyes became sharper and more menacing as they achieved a calculating and darker look in them and they already had in his previous form. His tunic was replaced with a set of clothing. The chest area, to just below the waist was white with a golden crest in the center of the chest area that looked similar to that of the sun. His arms were covered with long sleeves that were pitch black with a red insignia along its length and the sleeves were also red from the wrist to the middle of the forearm, and the edge of the sleeves were lined with gold.. White gloves-each with a golden tattoo of some sort on the back- covered Lucemon's hands, each hand had black claw like nails. Two white and gold belts crossed over each other to form an X around Lucemon's waist. His pants were pure black that had a golden pattern that extended from the hips to the knee area. His pants were tucked into golden and white knee-high boots. There were a pair of golden bands around the ankle area of his boots and had a pair of golden wings attached to each band. A pair of wings-one was a white dove wing and the other a leathery bat wing- extended from his skull through his blonde hair. The final characteristic of Lucemon's new form was that there were five pairs of wings extending from his back, one a white, angelic dove wing and the other a dark, leathery bat wing.


The sphere of light and dark energy expanded before bursting and Alchemon had to shield his eyes from the brightness of the resulting explosion. When the light died down, Alchemon felt an unbelievable power coming from where the sphere was.

'Nani?' Alchemon's golden eyes widened as he saw the figure floating in the air. Lucemon's new form flew down and touched down a few feet in front of Alchemon.

"Hehe hello, Alchemon. It's been so long since I used this form, the last time I used this was when I fought Fanglongmon" Lucemon cracked his joints.

"W-What...your's unreal" Alchemon said more to himself than to Lucemon Chaos Mode.

"Why thank you, Alchemon...though I should warn you, you might die today instead of the other way like you proclaimed earlier" the blonde demonic angel smiled. Alchemon took a step back just as Lucemon took a step forward.

"I am the Fallen Angel, I am the Final Demon Lord, the Sin of Pride...I AM LUCEMON CHAOS MODE!" Lucemon roared before Lucemon rushed forth.

'Fanglongmon...I may need some help now, but I don't think you'll make it time' Alchemon spoke through the mental link Fanglongmon established with him. Alchemon clapped his hands and slammed them on the ground and a thousand fists of earth flew forth, but when they all clashed with Lucemon they all shattered as Lucemon released a burst of energy from within his body.

Alchemon stood up before clapping his hands as he saw Lucemon jump into the air and charge up ten super heated spheres of heated energy in the shape of a cross.

Alchemon put his hands together and split them apart as a blue sphere of alchemic energy formed. Alchemon put all his power into what he knew would be his last attack as he watched Lucemon ready his attack.



With Fanglongmon in the Digital World's Core

The bronze scaled dragon was healing the core and was nearly finished, his DigiCores using whatever power they could muster to aid in its healing. However, he suddenly felt a pull on his mind as he heard Alchemon talking through their mental link.

"Fanglonmon...I may need some help now, but I don't think you'll make it in time"

Fanglongmon's eyes widened before looking at the core, still damaged but still required healing. He couldn't abandon the core, but he couldn't abandon his friend either. Fanglongmon roared in anguish before slamming his claws into the earth.

"Kuso" the Dragon of the Centre cursed.

Shinjuku-Hypnos Towers

In a large room containing a mass of technology the Monster Makers were typing on colorful keyboards. In the center of the room was a large mechanised structure that looked something like an arch or gateway.

"Entering Digital cooardinates" Daisy said.

"Activating the Digital Matrix Portal" Curly typed away before pressing a flashing green button. The inside of the arch suddenly glowed as a swirling mass of purple and pink formed.

"Okay the ARK is synthesizing into Real World matter in 3...2...1" Janyu pressed a red button and then the ARK burst through the portal in the ARK before the ARK landed on the ground with a dying hum before releasing a hiss. The cockpit opened up and the tamers and their Digimon climbed out with Calumon.


"OTOU-SAN!" Suzy and Henry were suddenly enveloped in a hug from their father. Then Yamaki walked up...with the other parents of the tamers appeared trailed behind him. The parents immediately rushed to their children's sides and hugged the shit out of them...while some parents (*cough* Kazu and Kenta *cough*) scolded them, but were still happy to know they were safe.

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon stood off to the side with Ryo and Monodramon.

"Having parents must be nice" Naruto commented.

"You're an orphan aren't you?" Ryo asked, Naruto looked down with a frown, but nodded. The brown haired boy remained silent before looking at the blonde shinobi. "Well, my Okaa-chan died when I was young so all I had was my Otou-san to look after me, so I kind of get what you're going through"

"Just shut up" Naruto said, he really didn't like the topic of this conversation. However, his conversation with Ryo was ended when all the parents and Yamaki stood in front of him. The parents looked down at him before bowing their heads.

"Arigato for watching our children, Naruto" Janyu spoke on their behalf. Naruto smirked and waved his hand.

"No thanks are needed, they are my friends I protect those precious to me. It's a promise I made to myself and will continue to make" the Kyuubi jinchuriki replied. In celebration of their safe return, Hypnos had sponsored a party made just for them.

The tamers and the Digimon dug in, famished and parched, and hadn't realized it until they watched how much they were eating and drinking.

"Take as much you like, you guys deserve it" the blonde head of Hypnos said. Naruto smirked as he watched Calumon try to delve into Dorumon's heap of grilled cheese sandwiches. Naruto raised his ceramic cup filled with hot chocolate, after all it was the winter months so it was rather cold. However, he paused when he heard a cracking sound. Looking at the cup Naruto spied a long crack starting at the mouth of the cup and stretching a few centimeters down the cup. The thing about the crack that intrigued Naruto was that it shaped itself into a curved snake like shape...somewhat like the symbol on Alchemon's cloak.

Naruto frowned, 'I'm not very superstitious, but...'

Naruto could only wonder just what was going on in the Digital World.

Digital World-The Void

Lucemon Chaos Mode chuckled to himself as he felt the power coursing through his body and looked in front of him. Alchemon was panting and covered with cuts and scrapes, his clothes cut in some place and there was a long bleeding slash along his arm, but luckily his healing factor was healing it, albeit it was slower due to his weakened state.

"Time to die...Alchemon" Lucemon chuckled as the sin of Pride rushed forth.

"PARADISE LOST PUCH!" Alchemon stood to his feet and raised his arms to deflect most of the flurry of punches that aimed to damage his body, but then Lucemon twisted in a one hundred and eighty degree angle so that he face backwards and kicked Alchemon, breaking through his guard and sending him skyward and the flat of his boot crashed into the alchemist's chin.

Alchemon flew into the air, flipping all the way, before he was stopped as Lucemon appeared beneath his upside down form. Alchemon gripped Achemon's legs with his arms and held his hands in place so that Alchemon couldn't clap. With his limbs locked in place, Alchemon and Lucemon dropped down from the force of gravity, Alchemon falling head first. Alchemon couldn't move and he couldn't counter. He was too weak to be able to survive this blow, closing his eyes, Alchemon accepted his fate.

The blonde thought about his armoured guardian that was killed by Beelzemon and smiled, 'Alphonse...guess I'll be joining you soon enough'

And the two mega level Digimon crashed into the ground.

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