Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 24: Battle of the Gods

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

"PARADISE LOST PUNCH!" Alchemon stood to his feet and raised his arms to deflect most of the flurry of punches that aimed to damage his body, but then Lucemon twisted in a one hundred and eighty degree angle so that he face backwards and kicked Alchemon, breaking through his guard and sending him skyward and the flat of his boot crashed into the alchemist's chin.

Alchemon flew into the air, flipping all the way, before he was stopped as Lucemon appeared beneath his upside down form. Alchemon gripped Achemon's legs with his arms and held his hands in place so that Alchemon couldn't clap. With his limbs locked in place, Alchemon and Lucemon dropped down from the force of gravity, Alchemon falling head first. Alchemon couldn't move and he couldn't counter. He was too weak to be able to survive this blow, closing his eyes, Alchemon accepted his fate.

The blonde thought about his armoured guardian that was killed by Beelzemon and smiled, 'Alphonse...guess I'll be joining you soon enough'

And the two mega level Digimon crashed into the ground.


The clock ticked and tocked on the nearby wall as the tamers and their partners, along with Impmon and Calumon watched Yamaki in his face as he prepared to interrogate...I mean, question, the children about their time in the Digital World.

"So, what information of the Digital World do you have for me?" the blonde head of Hypnos asked. Naruto tilted his head.

"I don't believe we had made any arrangement to tell you about the Digital World before our absence from the Real World" the shinobi inquired.

"True, but you guys owe me. I helped get you guys out of there"

"He does have a good point blondie" Impmon stated earning a glare from the blonde.

"You're not helping"

"Never said I would" the scarf wearing Digimon replied with a shrug.

"And were on missing person's for quite some time until we had finally given up after a few weeks of searching for you. I should call your Otou-san for you" Yamaki told Ryo.

"I'd prefer you not do that...yet" Ryo stated before looking at Monodramon.

"Your Otou-san is very strict, probably knew about Monodramon and planned to take him away from you huh?" Rika asked her ex-boyfriend. Ryo remained silent, but answered Rika's statement with a nod.

"I see..well I will postpone that phone call" Yamaki said as he played with his cigarette lighter.

"Mister, can me and Lopmon go to the pawk with Otou-san?" Suzy asked. The group present sweatdropped at Suzy's inability to notice how serious Yamaki was. The blonde man turned to Janyu who was sporting an amused grin on his face.

"Janyu, you handle this" the blonde man said. Suzy jumped to her feet, Lopmon being held by her throat as her tamer dragged her away to go the park with her father, who had approved of the venture. When the two Wong's left, Yamaki sighed.

"And that is why I will never have kids" Yamaki said, "So that I don't have to deal with those kinds of situations"

"That's not your call mister" everyone turned to see the red haired Riley glaring at her boss, boyfriend when outside of work. Yamaki sweatdropped.

"Do we really have to have this conversation again, Riley?" he asked. Riiley's eyes narrowed as she walked up to the taller man.

"And do you know who always wins said argument?"

"You" the Head of Hypnos replied with a downcast look. The red haired computer genius patted her boyfriend on the head.

"That's right" and with that she went back to the computer to shop online. The shades wearing man turned back to the tamers, Impmon and Calumon who were all sporting devilish grins aimed towards him. He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What?" he asked. Their smiles grew wider.

"You're whipped" they chorused. Yamaki sighed louder at the fact before returning to the topic he was discussing.

"Yeah, so returning to the topic of discussion. Digital World, tell me what it's like" he demanded.

"Well the Digital World is composed of four Quadrants. The North, East, West and South. Each Quadrant is ruled by one of the four Sovereign Digimon or gods of the Digital World. The North is ruled by Ebonwumon the Turtle, the east by Azulongmon the Dragon, the west by Baihumon the Tiger and the south by Zhuquiaomon the Phoenix. We landed in the Southern Quadrant which just happened to be where Zhuquiaomon ruled and where he had taken Calumon" Henry explained as he pointed to the cream puff Digimon.

"Sounds like the legend of the Four Guardians of the Earth" Yamaki mused.

"That's what I thought too" Naruto stated.

"Continue" Yamaki gestured to the tamers. Rika decided to take her try at explaining.

"Okay, so like Henry said, the Digital World is made up four quadrants and ruled by one of the four Sovereigns. However, there exists a fifth, the Dragon of the Centre, known as Fanglongmon and is the true god of the Digital World. He governs over every single Digimon and is also the most powerful Sovereign Digimon" Rika explained. Yamaki's eyes widened at the prospect of a large dragon god.

"Have you all met these Sovereigns?" the head of Hypnos asked. The tamers nodded.

"Hai, though Naruto and Dorumon are the only ones to have met Fanglongmon" Rika added. Naruto and Dorumon nodded in confirmation to Rika's statement.


"Now before the time of the Sovereigns there was a time where in the early stages of the Digital World there lived the early digital lifeforms known as DigiGnomes and could perform miraculous works inside or outside the Digital World, Guilmon's creation from Takato's drawing would be an example of such" Naruto started.

"Then the first Digimon were made where there was an ancient program known as the X-Program which what you used in the Juggernaut-X. There were a few Digimon that built up an immunity to the X-Program which was to kill off any uneccessary data, which during that time were the first Digimon. This immunity was known as the X-Antibody. Dorumon and his late friend, Ryudamon, were holders of the X-Antibody" Naruto pointed at the ruby red crystal in the center of Dorumon's forehead.

"Hmmm, I see. Very interesting, so the X-Program was made before the Reaper" Yamaki mused quietly to himself so that the children and Digimon couldn't hear his murmurings.

"Kazu didn't you take pictures while we were there?" Kenta asked the visor wearing tamer. Kazu's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that" everyone watched as Kazu opened the backpack he had brought with him to the Digital World and rummaged through it before yanking out a red digital camera. Kazu then pressed the "ON" button and watched as the device activated itself. The purple D-Ark wielding tamer then went to the camera's media area and clicked on the icon to view pictures...only for no pictures to show up.

"HEY WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL MY PICTURES!" Kazu exclaimed. Everyone looked as Kazu scrolled through the picture area and saw only sheets of black that indicated an empty file.

"That's a digital camera right?" Yamaki asked. Everyone looked up and nodded.

"Yeah so?" Kazu responded rudely, obviously annoyed with how his great photos were lost to him.

"Well when we activated the portal to get you children home, in order for it to work we needed to use some electromagnetic waves to keep the portal stable. Maybe the waves caused your camera's memory to wipe itself out" Yamaki hypothesized.

The tamers blinked, "The who-with-the-what now?

Yamaki sweatdropped, "Do you gakis even pay attention in school?"

A nervous chuckle spread throughout the room as the tamers scratched their heads in embarrassment. The Digimon all looked at the children with confused looks.

'Isn't that the point of getting an education?' the Digital Monsters thought.

"Oh also we think we should let you know this, Yamaki" Naruto spoke causing the group and Yamaki to pause as they watched the blonde.

"While we were there, we were wondering...since you are a computer genius and are part of an organization that has been around since the early computer inventions" Naruto's blue eyes narrowed as he stared into Yamaki's dark sunglasses, "Do you know anything about something called the D-Reaper?"

Yamaki's brown eyes widened beneath his shades and he grabbed Naruto by the shoulders and gripped them tightly, "Where did you hear about that...who told you about the D-Reaper, that is classified information"

"Shibumi told us" Takato answered in Naruto's stead. The two blondes looked at Takato before back at each other. Yamaki let go of Naruto and stepped back.

"Alright well, I'll try to explain this as easily as I began 30 years ago" Yamaki started before continuing,

"The Reaper program was created in the late 1970s, allegedly by the United States Department of Defense, before Digimon and even the DigiGnomes as Naruto had pointed out, which appeared in the early 1980s. It was designed so that whenever the number of digital lifeforms surpassed a set amount, it would delete them to return the Digital World back to a state of nothingness, in order to prevent the Digital World from being overloaded. However, when it was written, the Digital World had a very small RAM size, and while the network has grown exponentially, the D-Reaper's threshold is still based on that early, tiny figure. With nothing to do at the time, the D-Reaper program went dormant and remained deep within the recesses of the Net" Yamaki adjusted his sunglasses before he fished out his cigarette lighter and began to play with it as he usually did.

"At about this time, the "Creeper" virus infected ARPANET, the network belonging to the Department of Defense. It was deleted by the "Reaper" program, which was allegedly created for only this purpose" Yamaki looked to see if the children were still paying attention, seeing that they were, he continued.

"In 1980, the Artificial Life research project "Tierra" began operations. However, the Reaper program causes mass genocide of Tierra's virtual lifeforms whenever they multiplied beyond a certain amount of memory. Throughout the 1980s, the SIGINT system known as "ECHELON" began operations under the leadership of the United States Department of National Security, which built communications bases in various nations across the globe. It is thought that the self-defense program used by ECHELON was a forerunner of the D-Reaper, or the program itself"

"Hmmm, well it seems the Reaper program gained a mind of its own from Shibumi's explanation. He told us that the Reaper began to destroy the DigiGnome when it picked up their data signatures. Upon nearly driving them to extinction, Shibumi told us that it was during that time that the Monster Makers, well actually just Shibumi, had managed to finally create the Digimon. Upon doing so, Shibumi created an algorithm which was in the form of a Blue Card" Naruto fished out the Blue Card from his deck of Digimon Cards and showed it to Yamaki.

"The Blue Card was used to allow the Digimon to go beyond their regular boundaries and as a result, he created the first mega level Digimon...the Sovereigns and apparently Fanglongmon as well who well exceeded his original boundaries. As a result, the Digimon were able to put the Reaper into a dormant state. Knowing that the Reaper might return, the Sovereigns, well Zhuquiaomon and Azulongmon in particular, changed what they called "the Catalyst", the Light of Digivolution, the light that causes Digimon to digivolve, into a single entity. Calumon"

The cream puff Digimon looked up upon hearing his name and blinked his large green eyes.

"Interesting, the Digimon are much smarter than they appear since the ones that bio-emerge are usually rampaging beasts" Yamaki stated as he continued to play with his cigarette lighter.

"Hai and that's pretty much what I was told in combination of the knowledge I got from the Sovereigns and Shibumi, but you see the D-Reaper has re-awaken and is now trying to delete every single Digimon within the Digital World. Luckily we were able to hold it back a bit longer so we bought the Digimon some time, but we need a way to kill the D-Reaper before it destroys the Digital World and everything in it"

Yamaki pondered as he reflected on the information Naruto just told him.

"Well the truth is that the D-Reaper cannot be killed..."he frowned when he saw the surprised and downcast looks that followed on the tamers and the Digimon's faces.

"But..."their heads shot up at that wonderful word, "we might be able to reduce its size. If what you said is true, then the D-Reaper after years of being dormant would have grown in size and power. As a result it would be near unstoppable, but what we need is to be able to reduce its size and change back to its original programming size"

"How would we do that?" the tamers asked. Yamaki yanked a cigarette out his pocket and then lit it. Taking a drag, the dirty blonde haired man gave a confident smirk to the tamers.

"Leave the grown ups" Yamaki turned and then left the room, "You gakis and your Digimon can go home now, go spend some time off. You deserve it"

The tamers smiled widely and nodded before taking off with their Digimon. Impmon stayed behind as he watched the group of friends run off without a care in the world. The scarf wearing Digimon sighed.

"Hey Impmon" the purple imp looked up to see Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon watching him, "You coming or not?"

The Rookie's green eyes widened before he closed his eyes and chuckled.

"Yeah yeah, don't get your data in a twist"

Digital World-Southern Quadrant

Deep in the mouth of the tunnel, there lay a mountain of rock that was formed by Sakuyamon's attack. The rocks rumbled and tumbled as they began to shift from the movement of the D-Reaper's attempts to escape.

"Get ready everyone, the Chaos will be free in a matter of time" Azulongmon warned.

"Aye lads, when the mangy cur of a digital organism rises, don't hold back. Give it everything ya got and don't attack like a bunch o' pansies!" Ebonwumon's left head said. The mega Digimon in the sky and on the land all tensed as they felt the earth rumble beneath their feet.

"Three" Baihumon counted down.

"Two" Zhuquiaomon's wings coated themselves in flames before he took to the skies beside Azulongmon.

"One" the four Sovereigns voiced and then there was a large earthquake before the hole in the ground exploded and a large fountain of red-orange gelatinous substance spewed from the mouth of the hole. The substance then curved away from the Digimon and landed with a resounding squelch as it began to form into a large behemoth of red-orange substance.

The D-Reaper morphed into the shape of a large mound equal to the size of many of the Digimon combined and its power equaled that of a Sovereign. The D-Reaper growled before releasing what sounded like gurgled roar before racing forth. Arms stretched from its body as it aimed to delete the Digimon, after all its primary function was to reduce the size of data that had exceeded their original boundaries...and the Digimon well broke their boundaries.

A large shield of flame formed and deflected the arms as Zhuquiamon flapped his wings. The flames dispersed and the Digimon charged. A group of WarGreymon clumped together before raising their arms to the heavens. Fire and earth swirled together as the forces of the earth condensed into one large sphere in each of their hands.

"TERRA FORCE!" the mega level form of Agumon roared and with a swing of their arms, the multiple spheres of flames blasted into the D-Reaper. The Chaos incarnate roared as it was struck as a large hole formed where it was struck, but then it healed itself.

"AURORA FORCE!" Azulongmon released a large lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon and shocked the D-Reaper and sent it flying through the air, but the D-Reaper formed a pair of arms and stabbed them into the ground and halted its movement before sending out large globs of its form that morphed into the shapes of birds. The D-Birds flew through the air and the Digimon made whatever effort they could muster to avoid them.

However, a couple of Ravemon and Rosemon were struck and their data absorbed. The D-Birds were then struck by a missile.

"GIGA MISSILE!" some MetalGarurumon shouted and blasted the birds to nothing.

"BLAZING HELIX!" the Sovereign of the South released twin streams of fire that twisted around each other to form the double helix, however the D-Reaper rejoined its two separate pieces into its single body and swirled into a circular shaped shield and took the attack head on and took no damage. A large pair of jaws suddenly formed on the orange-red digital behemoth.

The jaws opened wide as they raced towards the group of Digimon.

"WEB WRECKER!" Diaboromon charged their cannons in their chests and fired off multiple roundsand blasted the jaws of gelatin only for no damage to be done as the speed the jaws moved merely deflected the attacks and caused some of the Digimon to get hit and deleted by the attack.

A large paw smashed down on the ground and Baihumon's white aura shone brightly before he took off. His claws shone as he brought them down and sliced the jaws through and through, cleaving them from the main body only for the jaws to take a life on their own and morph into a draconic creature.

The D-Dragon roared before flying through the air and crashed its body into that of a HercuelesKabuterimon. The insectoid Digimon flew through the air from the attack before flapping its wings.

"MEGA ELECTRO SHOCKER!" a swarm of the mega level of Tentomon banded together and released a large sphere of red electrcity. The D-Dragon roared before opened its jaws and released an energy blast that met the attack head on and created an explosion. The main body of the D-Reaper suddenly formed arms and used the smoke cloud from the explosion to its advantage to send the arms and the D-Dragon through the cloud and attacked the Digimon. The HerculesKabuterimon swarm was attacked and only four out of the ten survived the attack.

The D-Dragon roared as it took to the skies and released energy blasts. A WarGreymon tried to use it Brave Shield to defend itself, but the attack cut through the Chrome Digizoid like it was paper and blew a hole through WarGreymon's stomach. The other WarGreymon growled as they saw one of their own fall. Spinning dreadfully fast, two of the WarGreymon launched themselves at the D-Dragon.

"GREAT TORNADO!" the yellow tornadoes flew forth and impaled the dragon in the head and chest and out the other end. The other nine WarGreymon then each came down and sliced the dragon's limbs off.

"DRAMON KILLER!" and their claws cleaved the D-Dragon to pieces.

"CRIMSON FLAME!" a Hououmon released a stream of red fire from its maw and burned away what remained of the D-Dragon and nodded to the Dramon Digimon. The Hououmon's eyes widened suddenly along with those of the WarGreymon as an arm of gelatinous material impaled through the Bird Digimon's wing. Hououmon's released a screech before a HerculesKabuterimon sliced through the arm and freed the Bird Digimon and supported it.

The HerculesKabuterimon then grabbed Hououmon and spun. Using amazing strength the insectoid Digimon through the mega level bird Digimon through the fray towards the main body. An aura of flame of golden light surrounded Hououmon before the light exploded outwards as the Hououmon made contact.

"STARLIGHT EXPLOSION!" the attack struck, but Hououmon's suicide attack made no effect as the D-Reaper had smothered the Hououmon and crushed the bird in its body as well as absorbing the attack. The D-Reaper then stretched upwards as the Digimon all fired their attacks at it before it stretch lengthwise and formed a wall like structure. Spikes then formed along the surface of the D-Reaper's wall like form before being rocketed through the air as one fired.

A Diaboromon was impaled through the head and then smothered in the D-Reapers gelatin, crushed and absorbed. The Diaboromon had been deleted. Suddenly the sound of objects whistling through the air met the Digimon's ears and they all began to dodge for their lives, literally, as spikes sped through the air and aimed to impale and delete the Digimon.

Many Digimon were struck down. A Vikemon took a deep breath and released a loud roar as it jumped into the air. Its hammer, Mjolnir, met the ground with a thunderous sound and the earth crack and split as a large chasm opened up beneath the D-Reaper. The large data eating monster nearly fell through, but recovered only for it to be struck by a numerous amount of Terra Force attacks. The monster roared in what seemed to be pain before a large amount of missiles, made from MetalGarurumon's Ice Wolf Claw, struck and froze a good portion of its body.

A few Vikemon moved across the land with terrifying speed for such bulky creatures and slammed their hammers against the frozen portions and reduced the size of the D-Reaper. A portion of the remaining Hououmon flew through the air and released streams of red fire upon the D-Reaper.

"MEGA ELECTROCHCKER!" red electric spheres broke the sound barrier as they were blasted from the mouths of the HerculesKabuterimon. A few D-Birds formed and took the hit for the main body as they were destroyed upon impact.

"CRIMSON FLAME!" they screeched and the flames impaled the D-Reaper. The D-Reaper fought back though and spikes impaled a multitude of Digimon. What were once thousands of Digimon were reduced to the hundreds in a matter of hours of endless fighting. The Digimon refused to backdown though.

The Sovereigns glared before they each formed their attacks.

"BLAZING HELIX!" Zhuquiamon took a deep breath and twin streams of fire twisted to forma double helix crashed into the D-Reaper's form sending it back.

"AURORA FORCE!" Azulongmon roared, cumulonimbus clouds gathered over the D-Reaper's form and then a large lightning bolt in the shape of a dragon crashed down with an earth shattering BOOM and electrocuted the Digimon. Baihumon leapt into the air and dove down, his aura of white shining brightly.

"KONGOU!" the white tiger roared before going straight through the D-Reaper and suddenly its form became metal and the gelatinous behemoth became a large mountain of solid steel that quickly began to rust. Ebonwumon, the oldest of the Soveregns next to Fanglongmon, drew in a deep breath and both heads opened their jaws. Columns of deep violet flame rocketed from their jaws and swirled to form one gigantic blast of heated oxygen.

"SOURYUHA/DOUBLE DRAGON WAVE!" the heads of the Turtle of the North chorused as the attack struck the D-Reaper and a large explosion formed as a result. The mushroom cloud that resulted was so large it made the other Sovereigns widen their eyes in awe.

"Ebonwumon, when did you get so strong?" Zhuquiaomon asked.

"I've always been stronger than you three, I just never had a chance to show ya" the right head smirked. The smoke cloud died down and revealed the metallic pieces of the rusted coating that covered the D-Reaper. The gelantin behemoth was splattered everywhere as puddles or droplets of its larger self.

"Nice" Baihumon commented with a toothy grin only for the grin to quickly disappear as the D-Reaper's residue quickly began to join back together and regenerate into the large behemoth it was just before. Ebwumon quickly took a few steps forward and looked to the skies. The sky suddenly turned black and dark clouds gathered.

"KOKUHYO/BLACK HAIL!" true to its name, pellets of ice, black as pitch fell from the heavens and fell onto the Chaos. The Black Hail began to burn through the D-Reaper's gelatinous form and caused it to spasm and roar in pain as it tried to escape.

"TERRA FORCE!" a WarGreymon group roared before throwing their large orbs of burning oxygen and energy. The attacks impacted and burned away sections of the D-Reaper's form.

"ICE WOLF CLAW!" every single compartment on the bodies of the MetalGarurumon opened up and missiles flew through the air and impacted with the D-Reaper, freezing multiple portions of its body. The ice rattled before shattering.

However, as soon as that happened the atmospheric temperature began to drop rapidly as the herd of Vikemon howled to the heavens. The storm of black hail still affected the D-Reaper as it began to freeze over.

"ARCTIC BLIZZARD!" they howled and ice formed on the D-Reaper and froze is it place. The Vikemon rushed forth and raised their hammers, their morning stars, each named like the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, and slammed and threw them towards the D-Reaper with explosive force as they impacted with the frozen behemoth. The hammers flew back towards their owners' hands as the ice shattered along with the D-Reaper and the frozen areas of the D-Reaper began to be pummeled by the Black Hail.

Once they saw the ice shatter from the hail, Ebonwumon growled and the skies halted their hail storm and the black clouds parted.

"Did we do it?" Baihumon asked.

"I think so" Azulongmon replied. Keeping their guard up the Digimon scanned the area. Baihumon's superior vision caught sight of a blob of the Chaos incarnate about the size of a Biyomon.

"LOOK OVER THERE, THERE IS STILL A PIECE OF IT REMAINING!" the tiger of the West roared, the piece of the Chaos began to grow larger as Baihumon neared it. Accelerated mitosis of its data made cells began to occur and it quickly grew to the size of the tiger Sovereign. Baihumon raised his claws and slashed the D-Reaper to shreds only for it to regenerate and grow larger before it returned to its original gargantuan size which was about the size of Azulongmon and Ebonwumon combined.

"SOURYUHA!" Ebonwumon roared and released the twin streams of purple flame from his jaws. The flames morphed into the reptilian beast and crashed into the D-Reaper, and a large explosion resulted.

Knowing the D-Reaper would have most likely the survived, a large amount of Halsemon that had gathered quickly joined together and spun.

"TEMPEST WING!" a large tornado formed and cut through the earth as it made its way towards the D-Reaper. The smoke cloud cleared to reveal the D-Reaper had spun into a funnel shape to spread out the force of the impact of Ebonwumon's Souryuha and not explode into millions of pieces.

The twister of data eating substance reared its ugly bulbous form and released a gurgling roar before diving into the ground and burrowed its way underneath the wind vortex and exploded up into the heart of the tornado and ate the Halsemon. The Armour Digimon released loud screeches as they were crushed and their data absorbed and the tornado was dispersed.

Diaboromon and MegaSeadramon flew through the air released beams of energy and ice, but they were easily avoided before they were also taken down by a large wave of D-Dragons. The Sovereigns could only watch in shock as the Digimon were absorbed and killed before their eyes.

"SONIC ZEPHYR!" the Sovereign of the South screeched.

Zhuquiaomon quickly saved a large group of Digimon from the D-Dragonsby slashing at them with his flames covered claws. D-Birds suddenly formed but Azulongmon struck them all down with great accuracy as lightning bolts from his aura destroyed them.

WarGreymons' Terra Force did nothing even when they burned their ways through the D-Reaper's form only for the beast to regenerate and grab them with its long arms and pull them into its body where they were quickly destroyed and reduced to data flakes.

The D-Reaper then turned to the Sovereigns and the few hundred Digimon that still remained. The Digimon were exhausted from their attacks and constantly dodging and counterstriking only for their attacks to have barely done anything. The D-Reaper then turned and looked up at the Earth floating in the sky, using the ability to scan data, which the Earth in the sky was composed of, it found organisms that had exceeded their boundaries and prepared itself to take care of those organisms as well.

The D-Reaper quickly morphed its shape and became long and tall before launching itself upwards, stretching and twisting. The Digimon quickly tried to stop it as they realized the D-Reaper's path.

"STOP THE CHAOS...IT'S HEADING FOR THE REAL WORLD!" Baihumon roared before he used his extreme speed and then turned the D-Reaper to metal. The metal coating rusted the D-Reaper in place and then Azulongmon lashed out with his tail and Ebonwumon along with the Vikemon horde rushed forth and crashed their bodies into the bottom half.

The top half that was hit by Azulongmon's powerful tail, flew a good distance away while the bottom half was sent skidding across the desert lands of the Southern Quadrant. The metal of the D-Reaper suddenly began to melt away as the D-Reaper increased its temperature.

"No...impossible...IT'S ADAPTING TO SITUATIONS THAT'S HOW IT'S SURVIVING FOR SO LONG!" Ebonwumon cursed as he took note of the sudden increase in the Chaos' temperature, the sudden shift between states of liquid and solid in order to take on heavy attacks when solid and to bend and twist to avoid when in liquid as well as to do a bit of both when it wanted to remain in its regular gelatinous form.

The D-Reaper roared before it began to twist and spin forming a vortex of red-orange. The sound barrier broke with a powerful boom as the two halves continued to stretch, mingling with one another as they rejoined. It continued to rise before there was a giant pulse of data at the tip of the spiraling twister of Chaos.

Being made to destroy things that exceeded their original size, the D-Reaper sensed there were organisms that exceeded their original boundaries inside that sphere that was released beams of pink data. The D-Reaper's now adaptable data released another pulse of data as it continued to rise, its twister like form increasing in diameter.












All these attacks and more mixed together to form one giant blast that attacked the D-Reaper, but the D-Reaper suddenly accelerated its growth. With that a D-Dragon head grew from the side where the attacks were about to hit and the D-Dragon was huge, nearly equaling Azulongmon in size and opened it maw. It jaws stretching beyond regular mouth stretching capabilities and swallowed the entire attack. The Digimon were in shock and felt the energy from the D-Reaper increase before it used the energy is assimilated and released it as a high energy matrix that bent the very fabric of time-space.

The beam cut through the air and neared the floating sphere that represented the Earth. Upon making contact, a large pink and purple portal opened up. The swirling vortex that cut between the Real World and the Digital World opened up and with that the "head" of the D-Reaper made its way to the realm of humans.

The Void

Lucemon Chaos Mode walked out of the smoke cloud that resulted from the finisher from his Paradise Lost Punch attack. Lucemon chuckled quietly to himself as he clutched his prize in his hand. The metallic right arm of Alchemon, the destroyer of Demon Lords, one of the greatest mega level Digimon to have ever walked the Digital World.

'And he is no more...though I do owe to him to be able to get me to scar' Lucemon thought as he lloked at the large slash along the length of his chest. It is said that skin will always heal when left undistrubed, but Alchemon had aimed for that particular area and slashed with his automail blade so many times that the healing factor did nothing to heal it completely and could only heal it enough that it would still leave behind a scar.

"A worthy opponent, that Alchemon" Lucemon commented before turning and raising Alchemon's body from the ground and watched as it began to dissolve into data flakes. Lucemon Chaos Mode held out his gloved hand and absorbed the data, but had it so that he could keep the arm.

"A trophy to the victor" and Lucemon then walked off, picking up Alchemon's red cloak and draped it around himself. Raising the hood, Lucemon smiled.

'If that telepathic link did any good, I should be greeted with that mangy dragon soon enough. And then...I shall finally have my revenge against Fanglongmon...but if I do, I will still be trapped here, so that leaves one question...'

"How do I get out of here?" Lucemon asked himself. The Fallen Angel continued to traverse the vast, endless area where Fanglongmon lived, the endless void for a few more minutes.

"No wonder he's so boring, he lives in an endless area" Lucemon insulted the mighty bronze dragon before he felt a pulse of energy that was felt across the void.

"Seems he's done with the healing the Core. Good, can't rule the Digital World without having a Digital World to rule over" Lucemon said to himself with a large grin that threatened to split his face.

Behind him, a large swirling mass of gold and white opened up. Lucemon smirked as he turned in order to face the portal. Out of the portal came on large, bronze scaled limb, followed by a second limb. Then the head of the reptilian god as well as the rest of his body. The great dragon growled as he stepped out of the portal. His deep orange eyes glowed within their sockets and the DigiCores surrounding his form pulsed with power. His bronze-gold scales shone even though the skies were dark with the clouds Fanglongmon created. Flashes of blue and gold lightning streaked across the sky as the angry Dragon of the Center stared into Lucemon's sky blue eyes.

Fanglongmon's tail crashed onto the ground in rage creating a large crater in its shape. Fanglongmon looked around to see a figure wearing Alchemon's cloak.

"Alchemon, you're alright. Thank goodness you're all right, you used the link and it sounded like you were about to die. Good job old friend... does that mean you defeated Lucemon?" the bronze scaled dragon asked. The dragon took a step back in confusion as he saw 'Alchemon' laughing beneath the hood of the cloak. However his orange eyes widened as the figure threw back the hood and revealed the face of the Sin of Pride.

"Fanglongmon, good to see you" Lucemon smiled to annoy Fanglongmon...and it worked. The true god of the Digital World slammed his front limbs into the ground and a flash of gold raked the earth as it sped towards Lucemon. The Sin of Pride cartwheeled out of the way and the streak continued to stretch on until it stopped creating a large explosion, the resulting shockwave reaching all the way to Lucemon's location.

"I see you haven't lost your 'magic touch'" Lucemon mused. Fanglongmon bared his sharp teeth and roared.

"You...Killed...Alchemon" Fanglongmon growled.

"Alchemon?" Lucemon question before smirking, "Oh yes, Alchemon...the blonde alchemist, he put me through the ringer and nearly would have defeated me had I not digivolved into my Chaos Mode" Lucemon gestured to his current form before reaching into the cloak and yanking out Alchemon's detached automail arm.

"An excellent opponent" Lucemon smirked before throwing the arm towards Fanglongmon. The dragon held out his clawed hand ready to catch it only for it to disappear as a flash of light and dark energies collided with it in midair.

Fanglongmon caught air as he watched the data flakes of the automail arm floated to the ground and dissolved into nothing. Fanglongmon shook with anger, his head bent low.

"Awww is wittle Fanglongmon gonna cwy" Lucemon teased. However, his body was suddenly struck with killing intent that had enough force to paralyze the inhabitants of an entire quadrant of the Digital World.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE LUCEMON!" Fanglongmon roared before slamming his claws into the ground. Two streaks of golden light rushed towards Lucemon who held out his hands and released two beams of dark violet energy. The powers of Light and Darkness collided with one another.

Both Digimon, gods among Digimon and both wielders of the elements of Darkness and Light. Truly a Battle of the Gods.

Fanglongmon roared and released a shockwave from it. Lucemon held his ground and merely skidded a few feet back before running towards the dragon. Fanglongmon swiped at the much smaller Digimon leaving five gouges within the earth as Lucemon jumped.

"I may not be able to do the full combo, but I'll make he most of it...PARADISE LOST PUNCH!" the Fallen Angel announced the name of his attack before releasing a barrage of punches against Fanglongmon's snout. The dragon of the Center scoffed and swiped at Lucemon as if he were a fly and sent him to the ground.

The Sin of Pride left an imprint in the ground as he crashed into it. Pulling himself out, Lucemon was able to take to the skies and avoid Fanglongmon's large tail that would have surely hurt if it made contact. However, he failed to remember that the tail could change direction on the dime and he was suddenly hit with the full force of Huanglong Ore hard scales.

The Demon Lord halted his movement in the air and then took the shape of a cross in midair. Ten spheres of super heated energy formed in the same shape before being launched.

"GRAND CROSS!" the attack raced through the air and made contact with Fanglongmon's chest. The Dragon of the Center was hit with enough force to send him skidding backwards a good few feet before he hit with a punch infused with the power of Darkness. The dragon roared in pain as his snout was forced downwards from the attack. Although Huanglong Ore boasts of absolute hardness, if an attack is strong enough, Fanglongmon will be hurt...and the two only Digimon able to do so were Lucemon and the deceased Alchemon.

The dragon growled and lashed out with his claws, but Lucemon quickly barrel rolled to avoid the attack and then formed an orb of light around himself as Fanglongmon released a column of dark energy from his jaws.

The light and dark energies collided and resulted in an explosion and sent Lucemon flying out of the resulting smoke cloud.

"I see you're using your dark energy attacks, I thought you refused to no longer use that element?"

"You are an enemy that is much too powerful for me to have to hold back, Lucemon" Fanglongmon growled. The great dragon raised his claws and brought them down. Streaks of light flew forth.

"DRAGON SMASH!" the golden dragon roared. Lucemon watched the light streaks tear up the earth before joining up beneath his position and created a beam that shot skyward to his location. Lucemon quickly flew out of the way as the attack formed a hole in the clouds.

"GRAND CROSS!" the ten super heated energy spheres raced towards Fanglongmon, but the dragon quickly manipulated the element of the Earth, and a large wall formed and protected him. After all, alchemy and ninjutsu cannot match that of a Digital god. Fanglongmon then punched the wall and the slab of rock and mud flew through the air. Lucemon punched it and it was broken up into the several fragments.

Fanglongmon ran swiftly towards his foe and leaped into the air, flipping and bringing down his gigantic tail. Lucemon raised his arms in an X formation and took the tail slam head on. He was brought down to the ground, but he was able to remain standing as Fanglongmon continued to apply pressure on his standing form.

Lucemon then pushed some light energy into his arms and moved the heavy tail to his side before holding up his hands and an orb of light and an orb of dark energy formed in each hand. Fanglongmon's eyes widened before they narrowed. holding up both of his front legs, in the palm of his claws he also held a sphere of light and a sphere of darkness.

Both angel and god faced each other before releasing their attacks.

"ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!" Lucemon roared.

"TAIKYOKU!" Fanglongmon exclaimed.

The two attacks of light and darkness met head on and destroyed everything in a fifty mile radius, reducing the earth to the pure whiteness of the void. Fanglongmon rushed forth and reformed the earth where the void with just a thought before grabbing Lucemon in his claws and slamming him into the ground...painfully.

Releasing the Fallen Angel, the Dragon of the Center opened his jaws and released a sphere of yellow light the size of one his DigiCores, which was quite large.

"OUKAI!" the Dragon of Earth, Light and Darkness yelled. The sphere of yellow light then began to rotate and gathered up earth that magically became mud as it touched the sphere. Wind and earth swirled around the sphere before taking off towards the Sin of Pride.

Lucemon Chaos Mode could only gaze in amazement at the sheer size and the unimaginable ferocity of the typhoon that the god of Digimon created.

"Never cease to amaze, Fanglongmon" Lucemon quickly spread his eight ten wings and took off, fighting against the suction of the twisting vortex of earth and wind. Lucemon quickly formed Grand Cross, but the large amount of mud and earth swirling around it, took the brunt of the attack and the typhoon was still standing.

Fanglongmon released a roar before the typhoon seemed to spin faster and Lucemon could no longer resist the wind and he was drawn into the cyclone of earth. Bombarded with multiple projectiles in the vortex of earth, Lucemon's clothes were tattered along the sleeves with a few cuts and scrapes along his face. Lucemon quickly formed a shield of light energy around him and protected himself.

The Oukai attack died down and Fanglongmon had long since noticed the glowing orb of Lucemon's light shield and channeled darkness into his claws and brough the down.

"DRAGON SMASH!" the attack crashed through the light shield and the Sin of Pride was sent downwards. The Fallen Angel quickly pulled up and avoided the following claws of darkness.

The Fallen Angel flew up and channeled dark and light energies into his fists and began to go into an all out physical assault. Avoiding the gnashing teeth of the Dragon of the Center, Lucemon flew under the reptile's chin and performed a powerful uppercut to the dragon's chin. Fanglongmon's head snapped straight up from the powerful attack before Lucemon raced to the dragon's chest and became straight as a needle, his feet poised to strike and strike they did as Fanglongmon was sent back from the powerful double kick. Lucemon then grabbed Fanglongmon by his snout. With great exertion and much channeling of energy, Lucemon hoisted Fanglongmon, much to the dragon's surprise, off his feet and over his head and slammed him down on the ground.

Fanglongmon roared in pain as his back met the harsh earth and looked up to see a cross made up of super heated energy spheres.

"GRAND CROSS!" the Sin of Pride yelled and the attack struck home. Fanglongmon was sent down into the earth from the impact and created a nice imprint of him. Lucemon then charged a sphere of light in his left hand and a sphere of darkness in his right. He threw down the light sphere and then the darkness followed right after it.

"Now let's see if chance is on your side oh great god of the Digital plane...ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!" a large cue made of light and dark energies formed and then there was a giant explosion of energy as the cube exploded.

"Hmm seems the attack chose to annihilate you" Lucemon smirked as he watched the smoke cloud clear and there was no trace of the Dragon of the Center. The earth that was completely dissolved showed the whiteness of the Void underneath. However, his eyes widened when he heard a deep voice chuckling behind him.

"Impossible, how?"

"You forget...I have the power of dimensional travel, Lucemon" Fanglongmon stated as the golden portal behind him closed off.

"AND THIS... IS MY REALM!" Fanglongmon opened his jaws, "KOUTEI NO KIBA/FANG OF THE EMPEROR!"

The great jaws of the Dragon of the Center closed down on Lucemon Chaos Mode. However, Fanglongmon began to feel resistance as his jaws were being held back. To his surprise, the great dragon found that Lucemon was holding his mouth open with his bare hands, but some of his teeth had impaled the Fallen Angel through the left shoulder and right foot.

"I don't give a fuck if this is your realm, YOUR REALM...ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE DIGITAL WORLD..." Fanglongmon felt his jaws rising as Lucemon continued to push up and force his lower jaw down.

"...WILL BE MINE!" Lucemon roared before forcing the jaws of the mighty golden dragon apart with enough room for him to fly out and escape. Lucemon quickly shook his arms and legs as he felt the healing factor that all Digimon possessed, kick in. However, the blood stains remained on his clothes and on Fanglongmon's teeth.

Lucemon then charged up a sphere of dark energy and let it fly. Fanglongmon quickly ducked and took a deep breath and released a column of golden flames that was actually pure light, but given the appearance of fire. Lucemon swooped down and punched the ground and a streak of light energy tore up the ground and struck Fanglongmon with a large amount of force causing the dragon to stumble backwards.

"GRAND CROSS!" the attack shot forth and crashed into Fanglongmon's face. Fanglongmon growled as his face healed only to be greeted with the feeling of pain as a column of dark matter energy crashing into his body. Two more dark energy blasts followed soon after and Lucemon used an extreme amount of speed to reach Fanglongmon's position before flipping and crashing his heel against his opponent's snout. The blonde demonic angel quickly followed up with a powerful right hook to the side of Fanglongmon's snout. Using the momentum of his powerful punch, Lucemon twisted his body and crashed his heel into one of Fanglongmon's orange eyes.

The great dragon released a roar as one of his eyes was struck, the other three narrowed in anger before Fanglongmon roared and released a shockwave from the roar. A stream of dark energy followed after and morphed into the shape of a clawed hand. Lucemon's eyes widened before he flew up to avoid the attack, but the hand followed the trail.

After a few seconds of being chased, Lucemon turned around and flapped his bat wings and released a gust of violet wind and then flapped his angel wings that released a gust of golden wind. The winds struck the hand of dark energy and dispersed it. Fanglongmon flew up (A/N: He's a god, of course he can fly) and slashed at Lucemon who grabbed the hand and stopped its motion. He quickly to attack with his tail, but Lucemon quickly let go of the hand backflipped out of the reach of both claw and tail.

Releasing a tongue of golden flames as a distraction, Fanglongmon quickly held up his front legs and formed a sphere of dark energy in his left clawed foot and a sphere of light in his right.

"TAIKYOKU!" the attack of light and darkness shot forth. Lucemon had held back the flames with his hands coated in light and dark energies before he felt the flames disperse and suddenly felt an even more powerful force strike his hands. He looked between his fingers to see a beam of swirling violet-black and gold being held back by his hands.

'Thank whatever deity other than Fanglongmon that I had my gloves coated with light and darkness or I would been toast' Lucemon thought. With a grunt of effort, Lucemon tried his best to hold the attack at bay before channeling as much energy as he could into his hands.

"GRRRRAAAHHHH!" Lucemon quickly pushed the attack upwards and the attack pierced the heavens before it exploded into an orb of light and dark energy. The resulting shockwave sent both Digimon to the ground from the force of it.

Both Digimon growled at each other.

"You're still as strong as ever"

"Likewise" Fanglongmon admitted, though the Dragon of the Center was truly God among Digimon, Lucemon also held a similar position due to his manipulation of the same elements as himself.

"DRAGON SMASH!" twin streaks of light shot forth from both of Fanglongmon's claws as he crashed them down into the earth. Lucemon crossed his arms and then forcefully spread them out as a shockwave was darkness countered the attack. Lucemon then jumped into the air and brought down his fists which created craters in the earth from the impact before two shockwaves of light raced towards the golden-bronze dragon.

Coating his claws in dark energy, the great dragon slashed at the shockwaves and dispersed them before using his manipulation of the earth and caused a multitude of boulders to rise from the ground. With a roar, each boulder launched themselves at the Sin of Pride.

Lucemon quickly punched one boulder and shattered it before twisting and slamming the bottom of his boot into another. Performing a duck-and-roll maneuver, the blonde demonic angel avoided another boulder before fixing himself into a kneeling position before clapping his hands and releasing an arc of dark energy which sliced the fourth boulder in half. Rolling back and lying flat as a board, Lucemon avoided the fifth boulder before performing a cat spring to crash his feet into the approaching sixth boulder, shattering it on impact and then took a deep breath as he landed on his feet and released a high pitch screech like that of a bat. The sound waves reached the ears of Fanglongmon who roared in pain as he was nearly deafened by it and as such lost his control over the other boulders that were floating around him.

The screech continued before Lucemon increased the frequency of the pitch while simultaneously adding a pulse of dark energy to further damage the pain ridden dragon. However, while doing so, the Sin of Pride noticed that there was a ripple in the air as his sound waves traveled through the air. Lucemon's curiosity was peaked as the ripple in the air disappeared as he ended his screams.

Fanglongmon gnashed his teeth together as he attempted to get the ringing sound out of his ears before he was suddenlt greeted with the sight of twin spheres, one of light and one of darkness, coming towards him. In his nauseated state, Fanglongmon couldn't simply move to the side and dodge nor counter the attack.

"Kuso" the Dragon of the Center cursed before the attack struck.

Real World-Shinjuku City

Night time

One day had nearly passed, since Jeri lived quite a long way from where Hypnos was, Takato had decided to let Jeri spend the night at his place since her mother was still busy working and her little brother and father would have already been asleep at this time. Guilmon, although he would have liked to go to Takato's house, decided that he really wanted to sleep in the shed since he liked the smell of fresh air, which surprised Takato since he thought it would be Guilmon's dream to be asleep in a place filled with bread.

The two pre-teens decided that they should at least buy Jeri some pajamas for her to sleep in while she was there. After buying a nice pair of pale yellow pajamas, the same colour as her D-Ark, the two headed for the bakery/house where Takato lived.

"Are you sure about this Takato-kun?" Jeri asked as she held Leomon's Digi-Egg.

"I'm sure, Jeri-chan. Don't worry, my parents wouldn't mind at all. They actually think I'm antisocial since Kazu and Kenta were like my only true friends back in the day" he said with a chuckle. Swinging the bag containing Jeri's pajamas, Takato stopped when he looked at the brown haired girl.

Jeri had continued walking, but stopped when she realized Takato was staring at her.

"What?" she asked, "Is there something on my face?"

Takato blushed when he realized he had been staring and quickly tried to come up with an excuse before Kami decided to grant him one as the Digi-Egg in her arms jumped. The two tamers watched in awe as the egg continued to jump before the shell cracked. The crack continued to grow larger and the orange and black egg shattered as a soft redhorn stabbed through it. The shell fragments all fell to the ground and disappeared as red data flakes.

The Baby Digimon before them was small, small enough to make Calumon look relatively big. It was a large red plushy thing with two black eyes. On its head were three soft horns. It had no mouth, nose, looked like a giant red blob with three horns and a pair of eyes if you put it simply.

Jeri took out her yellow D-Ark and scanned Leomon's baby form.

"Punimon, Baby Digimon. Its body is composed of a gelatinous substance and is very squishy thus making it relatively invulnerable to physical attacks. It horns cannot do any damage due to their softness. Its only attack is Bubble Blow" Jeri read.

"Aww he's so cute" Takato said poking it. The two laughed as they saw the Baby Digimon's body wobble and jiggle from the poke.

"Puni?" Punimon looked confused as to why his tamer and the other human was laughing. Punimon's large coal like eyes blinked before he rubbed his head against Jeri's chest. Jeri giggled as she stroked the little Digimon while Takato scowled at the Digimon as he wished himself to be in that position with Jeri-chan. Punimon then spotted the D-Ark in Jeri's hand.

"PUNI!" the two looked surprised by the sudden outburst as Punimon leaped from Jeri's hands and knocked the D-Ark from her hands. Jeri and Takato looked at each other and then at each other as Punimon jumped towards the D-Ark, since it had no legs.

Punimon then turned to Jeri and hopped next to the D-Ark.

"What do you want me to do?" Jeri asked her Baby Digimon. Punimon narrowed its eyes due to the lack of communication between him and the tamer. Punimon touched the D-Ark and it released a bright yellow light almost automatically.



A yellow egg of spiraling data formed around the Baby Digimon. Punimon grew a bit larger. Red gelatin peeled away to reveal the wire frame form beneath it. Then skin reattached to the wire frame as it grew orange fur around the skin. Out of the top of the head of the digivolved Digimon, a large black horn about the size of Guilmon's claws in length, formed. Large grey eyed opened widely. The yellow data egg burst open to reveal the In-Training Digimon.


Tsunomon blinked and looked around the area before settling his large grey eyes on the much taller Jeri Kato.

"Hmmm what happened?" Tsunomon looked bounced across the street, still being a talking head, and stopped in front of a window near a closed shop and saw his new form.

"Haha, well look at that I digivolved. Jeri did you see that I digivolved" Tsunomon said with excitement as he jumped into Jeri's arms.

"Y-Y-You remember my name?" the brown haired girl asked in surprise.

"Well yeah, you're my tamer. I'm supposed to know my tamer's name right?" Tsunomon replied with a grin. Jeri giggled at that and nodded.

"Hai, I guess so" Jeri said as she turned to Takato. Takato smirked and mouthed out an "I told you so"

Jeri smiled and nodded as she hugged Tsunomon. Takato and Jeri then continued the walk to Takato's house.

"Besides the goggle-headed one said you name before" Tsunomon added. Takato's head dropped at Tsunomon calling him goggle-head and Jeri just laughed at that.

Matsuki Bakery-Takato's House

It was nearly 10 o' clock by the time they reached the door to he bakery/house and Takato's parents had increased his curfew time to 11 0' clock since they now knew about Guilmon. The two pre-teens took off their shoes before walking up towards the stairs. Takato and Jeri then spied Takato's parents sitting at the kitchen table talking about everyday things, like how Takato was such a grown up now, saving the world, getting a Digimon, the usual talk since he left for the Digital World.

"Kobanwa, Otou-san, Okaa-chan" Takato greeted his parents. The two elder Matsukis looked up and smiled at their son.

"Good to know you're back safe, son" Mr. Matsuki said with a smile as he saw his son for the second time today.

"Takato, do you want anything to...oh and who's you're little friend?" Mrs. Matsuki said spying the girl hiding behind Takato. Mr. Matsuki smirked at his son and gave a wink.

"Ummm yeah, this is Jeri. She lives a while from where Hypnos lives and her Okaa-chan is working late so she said Jeri would have to spend the night at a friend's. I was wondering if you guys would let her stay the night?"

"Well of course you can, Jeri" Mrs. Matsuki said walking up to the girl, "I'll get you some of my old pajamas"

"No need, Mrs. Matsuki. I have my own" Jeri said with a polite smile as she took the bag that Takato was holding.

"Well okay...Takato I'm assuming she's sleeping in your room?" Takato nodded to his mother.

"She'll sleep on my bed, I'll take the extra futon" he said as he took his goggles off his forehead. Jeri shook her head.

"No, you don't have to do that Takato-kun, Tsunomon and I are just fine if we have to sleep on the futon"

"No, Jeri-chan. You're a guest, and a lady guest at that. I can't have you sleeping on the futon now can I?" he tilted his head and bore the ever popular fox like grin that Naruto always had when he was mischievous, flirty or just plain happy. Right now, Takato was just being mischievous, though in the mind of his parents he was being flirty.

Mr. and Mrs. Matsuki glanced at each other and held in their laughs as Takato looked confused when he took note of Jeri's flushed cheeks. Tsunomon looked up from Jeri's arms between Takato and Jeri.

' unpredictable' the In-Training Digimon thought.

"Well I'll get the extra futon, Takato you can take Jeri to your room. No funny business though" Mr. Matsuki said with a mischievous smirk.

"OTOU-SAN!" Takato exclaimed as he began to blush rather heavily and Jeri's blush increased in brightness, so much she could have rivaled Hinata.

"Now, now Takato, Takehiro was only kidding...weren't you Take-kun?" she asked with a sickenly sweet voice that promised pain should he make that joke again. Takehiro swetadropped.

"Yes, Yoshie-chan" he stuttered out nervously as he took note of the demonic aura surrounding his wife. The two pre-teens and Tsunomon sweatdropped before they humourously moved away from Takato's seemingly insane parents. The two headed upstairs where Takato showed her the bathroom and where his room was.

Not wanting the male Digimon to see her, Jeri handed Tsunomon to Takato.

"No, I must stay with you Jeri. I am your Digimon, what if an enemy tries to kidnap you while you're in there" Tsunomon argued.

"Then I'll just call on you two boys to help me then" Jeri smiled as she patted her Digimon causing Tsunomon to purr softly as she stroked his fur before leaving to go into the bathroom. When the Digimon and tamer got into the room, Tsunomon immediately hopped out of Takato's arms and jumped onto the bed.

"" Tsunomon laughed, saying each word with each jump he made. Takato chuckled as he watched the hyperactive talking head jump up and down on his bed rapidly as if he were on sugar high before he suddenly landed with a 'plop' and knocked out, releasing light snores.

Takato sweatdropped at how quickly the In-Training Digimon fell asleep. Takato then looked at the clock on his bedside table.

"Hmmm half past ten, best get to sleep" Takato said with a yawn. Takato then walked to his sidetable and turned on the lamp to get some light for him to see. He opened his closet and took out a white t-shirt and a pair of comfortable, lengthy cotton pants. He quickly did his pants first so that just in case Jeri had finished she wouldn't see his lower half. Then he took of his shirt and unknown to him, just as he did that Jeri had opened the door.

Jeri's brown eyes widened in awe and she swore that she nearly drooled when she saw Takato's body. For a twelve year old he was rather physically fit (A/N: Fighting Digimon and training with Naruto can do a lot for a person)

His arms were muscular, but they were lean not bulky showing that they were gained through much hard work. His chest was still developing muscle, but Jeri had no doubt when he hit puberty he would turn out rather "hot" was the only word that graced her thoughts. Finally she looked at his abdominal area and saw that he had a developing six pack. The definition was clearly shown and damn he was workin' it.

Jeri quickly wiped away the little bit of blood that flowed from her nose and went back to the bathroom to wipe it off. Then she entered Takato's bedroom to find him with his shirt on, much to her disappointment after seeing what was underneath the white t-shirt, and laying out the futon for him to sleep on.

"Oh hey Jeri-chan" Takato said with a small wave. Takato looked at the pajama clad girl, even though they were rather baggy, Takato's hormones had him scanning her body with just a single glance. Her hair was not done up in his little pony tail and was let loose, so her hair flowed down and was longer as it extended past her neck. Her developing breasts were slightly shown through the slightly small top and Takato nearly got a nosebleed, but he resisted the act through sheer willpower. The pants were nearly skin tight as they showed her long (for a twelve year old) lean legs. Jeri had used to do gymnastics for the Shinjuku Junior High Gymnastics team, but stopped when her usually high grades started slipping because of it and apparently the results of that acrobatic training were still in effect.

Takato quickly turned away before coughing.

"Umm yeah well, Tsunomon's already asleep so...goodnight, Jeri-chan" Takato said as he was about to climb into the futon.

"Umm Takato-kun..." Jeri walked up to her friend and looked up at him. It was then that she now realized he was taller than her by a good two to three inches.

"Hmmm?" Takato answered with a raised eyebrow. Jeri fidgeted before looking directly into his eyes.

"Arigato" she stated with a small blush. Takato just got even more confused.

"For what, exactly?"

"Well you helped me get through the time when I thought Leomon had died and you helped reassure that if Tsunomon were to digivolve back into Leomon that he would remember me...and for letting me and Tsunomon stay here for the night" Takato swallowed audibly before nervously scratching the back of his head.

"Aww shucks, it's no problem. You're my friend Jeri-chan, I care about you" he said with a grin and a slight blush when he realized how the last part would sound to a female. Jeri blushed a bit at that before hugging the goggle wearing tamer and then planting a kiss on his cheek and then retreated from his stunned, blushing form.

Jeri giggled at Takato's face before gently moving Tsunomon over and going underneath the warm covers. Takato raised his hand to his cheek and looked at Jeri with a still stunned look. He turned off the bedside table lamp and then went under the covers of his futon. Takato then touched his cheek once before uttering a single syllable before he fainted from the amount of blood that rushed to his head.


The Next Day

Takato's alarm clock released its annoying buzzing sound and caused the two pre-teens and one Digimon to wake up and glare at the evil invention. At least he had set the clock for a late time, 10:30 a.m the clock read.

With a yawn all three occupants of Takato's room got up, well Tsunomon couldn't really get up since he was a talking head, but you get my point. Jeri climbed out of Takato's bed as Tsunomon jumped down from the soft mattress onto the hard wooden floor.

Then the door opened to reveal Yoshie Matsuki who was smiling brightly, apparently she was a morning person.

"Ah good, you kids are awake. Takato, Jeri and talking head, breakfast is ready in the kitchen, so have a shower. Jeri, I washed and ironed your clothes from yesterday since I realized last night you didn't bring any extra clothes"

Jeri smiled sleepily, "Arigato, Mrs. Matsuki"

The older woman smiled before leaving the room to go and manage the bakery downstairs. The two pre-teens then took turns to use the bathroom, Jeri went first since Takato had fallen back down on his futon right after his mother left. After getting Takato out of bed, Jeri managed to get the rag doll of a boy into the bathroom by himself before closing the door.

After Takato's shower, Jeri was waiting outside with a grin on her face as she saw Takato with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing covering his top half. Jeri's mind suddenly ventured into the forbidden zone.

'What's underneath the towel?' she mused only for a bright pink to flood her face as she mentally kicked herself and force the blush down, 'Mind out of the gutter Jeri, Okaa-chan taught you better than to have your mind turn towards Takato's...hunky...' Jeri was put out her thoughts when Takato opened the previously closed door that led to his room, dressed in his usual garb.

A blue hooded sweater over a white t-shirt, a pair of grey pants, his goggles worn on his forehead and his new golden D-Ark worn around his neck like a pendant and his card case in his pocket. He quickly pulled on his socks and walked past Jeri as he headed downstairs.

"Jeri-chan, come on...aren't you gonna have breakfast?" he asked. Jeri shook her head of whatever dirty thoughts were left in them and nodded.

"Hai, come on Tsunomon" she bent down to pick up the horned In-Training Digimon and headed downstairs to be greeted with a classic breakfast of pancakes and waffles. After the Digimon and two tamers eat, they quickly put on their shoes and headed outside.

"Okaa-chan, Otou-san, we're going out now" Takato told his mother. Yoshine and Takehiro waved to their son as they just handed a bag of pastries to a customer.

"Have fun, Takato" the two parents said before saying bye to their customer. However before they even took five steps outside the door of the bakery/house, Jeri, Takato and Tsunomon were greeted to the sight of the other tamers and their Digimon, Guilmon was among the throng before the Digital Hazard bearing Digimon walked up next to his partner.

"Uh, hey guys" Takato said with a wave, "what's up?"

"Ummm Takato...I don't know if you noticed, but...what's that?" Naruto pointed up to the sky at an angle, and Takato and Jeri, along with the rest of the group turned their heads in the direction Naruto's hand pointed. Takato, Jeri and Tsunomon's eyes widened as they saw, floating in the sky was a large swirling vortex of pink and purple. The vortex hovered near to one of Shinjuku's many skyscrapers before a loud roar sounded from the vortex.

Then the tamer's eyes widened, along with that of their Digimon partners as they spied the ever familiar red-orange substance that made up the monstrous behemoth from the Digital World.

"No way, that's impossible!" Ryo said to Monodramon.

"I know, red head and fox girl took it out back in the Digital World as Sakuyamon" the purple scaled dragon replied to his tamer. Jeri latched onto Takato as she Tsunomon in her other arm. Rika took her place by Naruto's side and they all gazed up as the gelatinous form of the data destroying beast seemed to endlessly flow from the vortex.

"That's the...the..." Takato couldn't finish his sentence as his surprise and sudden feeling of fear welled up inside of him.

"The D-Reaper" Naruto and Dorumon growled.

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