Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 25: D-Reaper what you Sow

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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A/N: This is it. Its been fun writing this story and having so many people enjoy it, but it seems that I am only a few chapters away from ending this story. The D-Reaper saga begins, I'll try to make it last as long as I can, but I think this story will last only about three to five more chapters. You all have been a wonderful audience to this story. This chapter will not have much detailed action since I will have to go into a lot of not violent stuff, like the thing with Alice and Dobermon and Impmon becoming Beezlemon Blast Mode and the only detailed action will be between Fanglongmon and Lucemon. So here it D-Reaper what you Show, chapter 25. Enjoy and review.

Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

"No way, that's impossible!" Ryo said to Monodramon.

"I know, red head and fox girl took it out back in the Digital World as Sakuyamon" the purple scaled dragon replied to his tamer. Jeri latched onto Takato as she Tsunomon in her other arm. Rika took her place by Naruto's side and they all gazed up as the gelatinous form of the data destroying beast seemed to endlessly flow from the vortex.

"That's the...the..." Takato couldn't finish his sentence as his surprise and sudden feeling of fear welled up inside of him.

"The D-Reaper" Naruto and Dorumon growled.


The pink and purple portal continued to release the red-orange behemoth of data into the Real World. The D-Reaper continued to gain size until it was nearly the size of Azulongmon before it detached itself from the main body which still resided in the Digital World. However, the portal continued to remain open.

"Okay guys..." Naruto turned to the tamers and looked them over before pointing at the D-Reaper, "The power of that thing is near unfathomable. Why it has come here it is unclear, but it can't be good, so here's the plan" the blonde took out both his silver blue D-Ark for Dorumon and the golden-bronze D-Ark for Gatomon.


"Simple, yet effective" was Ryo's comment.

"I concur" Monodramon said. The black D-Ark wielding tamer took a step forward. Calumon floated in the air as he landed on Naruto's head. Naruto glanced at the cream puff Digimon and smiled at him.

"Calumon, listen to me..." the blonde took the small Digimon off of his head, "I need you to stay here in the bakery with Takato's Okaa-san okay, she'll keep you safe. We're gonna go fight some bad guys, you see that big blob?"

Calumon glanced at the D-Reaper and nodded, "Uh huh"

"It's the bad guy so we're gonna go beat it up. After that, we'll come back for you, okay?"

"Okay, Naruto...we can play after you beat the bad guy right?" Naruto patted Calumon on the head.

"Sure thing, Calumon" and with that the little cream puff flew back into the store.

"Naruto, though we have our differences and negative feelings towards each other...would you and the others allow Monodramon and I to fight alongside you" Ryo said politely with a bow to the blonde. The shinobi, along with the other tamers (A/N: Forgot to mention in the last chapter, Suzy and Lopmon are not here) were surprised by Ryo's act.

"I may be leader of the tamers, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and right now, if you wish to fight with us...the weakest link would be the trust that my friends and their Digimon feel towards you, so it is not me you should be asking...but them...but mostly Rika-chan since she's very pissed off at you right about now" he whispered the last part.

The brown haired tamer and his violet scaled reptile turned to the other tamers with a look a hope in their eyes.

"You are a teme for having left Rika. cheating on her while still together, is said that a person should be judged on things that they can do rather than what they did" Takato took a step forward and held out his hand. Ryo smiled and shook the extended hand. The others soon joined in along with their Digimon...that is, all except Rika and Renamon who stood there with icy glares.

"Rika-ch..."Ryo paused in adding the suffix to the red head's name before simply calling her just "Rika?"

He and Monodramon awaited their response. Over their heads, the sounds of new helicopters as well as Japanese military helicopters came, some of them being helicarriers which brought it troops to combat the D-Reaper.

"You broke my heart" she growled. Ryo looked down with shame, but nodded.

"I just want to know...why did you do it?" she stared at him with those violet-grey eyes and Ryo suddenly felt like the world was on his shoulders and he struggled to hold it up as he tried to reply, but when he opened his words came out.

"I was a baka..." he said as the words began to flow like water, "I was young, I mean come on Rika, you were eleven and I was twelve back then. I was barely even aware of how to handle a relationship and the consequences of cheating on you would be. Heck I didn't even know what cheating was until I turned thirteen. But Alice..."

"Was that her name? The blonde, gothic girl?"

Ryo nodded, "Actually she isn't goth, she just likes to wear black. But yes, her name is Alice..."

The two tamers and their Digimon continued to stare at each other as silence entered the space surrounding them.

"Well...I've hated you for nearly two years, especially since you had disappeared the few AFTER I caught you making out with that blonde haired tramp...but I can't hate you forever so I will accept you as a comrade to fight with"

"If Rika will fight with you...I will fight with you and Monodramon, Ryo Akiyama" Renamon spoke her acceptance to fight with Ryo. The black D-Ark wielding tamer nodded with a smirk. He then saw Rika walk up to him and hold out her hand to shake, only when he went to return the gesture, Rika pulled her hand back.

Her five fingers curled inward and she let the arm shoot forth in a straight forward motion.


The tamers and their Digimon, every single one of them winced as they saw Ryo get clocked in the head by Rika's rather hard fist. The boy flew through the air like a rag doll and skidded comically as he rolled and skidded into a nearby by street lamp.

"Itai Itai Itai...okay...I deserve that, but oh dear kami-sama, that hurts" the boy wimpered to himself. The others gaped while Rika held a satisfied look on her face.

"Naruto, one question though" Kazu spoke.

"What is it?" Naruto asked as he continued to watch the pain wracked Ryo stand with the help of his dragon partner.

"Ummm, shouldn't we at least do some observations of the D-Reaper? I mean we barely know anything about it, that and we only have Rika's small scuffle with it to judge its power and even though it scares the Sovereigns, we still have no idea how to fight it and for all we know the power it used against Rika may not even be its full power"

"You put up a good point, Kazu"

"That and the army is there and they will probably be wondering what a couple of gakis like us are doing in the middle of a potential crossfire" Kenta added.

"Another good point"

"So, what's the plan now if it's not to attack and take it down?" Jeri asked. Naruto looked at the reinstated tamer as she held Tsunomon.

"Well first of all, we gotta get Tsunomon to digivolve to Rookie at least. Even though he isn't Leomon, Rookie level would be enough to protect you should you be in any danger"

"So how we do that?" Jeri asked as she hugged her horned talking head of a partner. Naruto looked to Takato.

"Takato, you're a Digimon fanatic. Quick, what's the evolution of Tsunomon that could digivolve to Leomon?" Takato seemed caught off guard.

"I'm not a fanatic, I'm just rather knowledgeable on the subject" he said taking offense to the 'fanatic comment', "Anyways, ummm let's see Tsunomon can digivolve into either Gabumon, Elecmon and Bearmon for Rookies. Gabumon digivolves into Garurumon for a fact. Bearmon turns into Grizzlymon so the only choice left is Elecmon" the goggle wearing tamer deduced.

"Great, so we know what form Tsunomon should get...but the question is how?" Henry said. The others began thinking hard as Ryo and Monodramon walked back to join them.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"How to get Jeri's Tsunomon to digivolve to Elecmon so that she can have Leomon back as her partner" Rika replied. Tsunomon looked around at the other tamers.

"Jeri...why are you all wanting me to turn into a Leomon so badly?" the In-Training Digimon asked. Not wanting to re-tell the horrible tale about how he nearly died, Jeri just smiled and patted his head.

"It's nothing, it's just that Leomon is very strong and I'm more of a cat person that a wolf or bear" she said, bending the truth only slightly. She did have a pet cat after all and as cool as it would be to have a wolf or bear for a pet...well they are rather violent species when they get older.

"Okay" was Tsunomon's only reply. Tsunomon continued to stare at the other tamers, he couldn't place it, but the talking head of a Digimon could swear by Fanglongmon that he had met these tamers before. He had heard their names from somewhere, but he couldn't place it and he continued to stare as the tamers and their Digimon tried to figure out how to make Tsunomon become Elecmon.

Shinjuku- D-Reaper's Location

The soldiers of the Japanese military all marched out of the helicarriers, trucks and jeeps that had come to drop them off. They quickly deployed tents in which they were to make their sleeping quarters as they made camp.

"Okay men!" the commander of the forces before him bellowed, "We have an unknown enemy..blob...thing...and it appears to be non-violent. However, we cannot be sure of that until we know what we are dealing with because I sure as hell do not know!"

"Sir, what are order sir?" a soldier asked. The commander thought for a while before snapping his fingers.

"Alright, the camp should already be set up, so I want some of you men to go and take images with the miniature cameras that we have. Use infra-red scanners, use bluetooth, I don't care. We need to try and figure out what the blob is and why. UNDERSTOOD SOLDIERS!"

"SIR YES SIR!" the infantry replied with salutes.

"Alright, now which of you soldiers specialize in technology and spyware" about ten of the the hundred or so soldiers before him raised their hands. The commander nodded, "Excellent, you all will lead the missions. Ready the small spy planes and also get those cameras and see if you can enter that thing, hook it up so that we can see what the camera sees"

"Understood, SIR!" the ten tech soldiers replied before leaving with the rest of the infantry to carry out their orders. Soldiers ran up and about as they began to ready the spy planes and the video cameras.

A few minutes passed and the spy planes were ready to go into the air. The minitature pieces of army spyware technology were about the size of paper airplanes made with regular printer size paper. Each plane had a uranium battery as a power source thus allowing them to work for about ten hours each as the maximum. In the nose of the planes were tiny cameras that were able to record up to about one day's worth of video feed.

"Alright boys, fire up those planes!" the commnader barked. The soldiers nodded before flipping the switches and the planes hummed before taking off. The white airplanes zoomed through the air before nearing the D-Reaper.

"Putting on cameras now" a soldier pressed a series of buttons on the remotes and suddenly the multiple screen within the commander's tent flashed on and colour images formed on the screens.

"Accessing infra-red settings of the cameras" the few technologically advanced soldiers spoke before pressing buttons on their remotes and suddenly the colours on the screen became a mixture of red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Red being the highest concentration of heat and blue being the lowest.

The commander's eyes widened along with his troops' when he saw that the entire form of the D-Reaper was red and orange.

"Sir, that thing has the highest heat signature and the scans show that it is largely synthetic proteins, so that means its not organic, in fact the scanners show that it seems to be solidified matter made of an unknown substance...though what else it contains...we aren't sure" the soldiers said turning to their commander.

"SIR, WE JUST LOST OUR EXTENSION CAMERA!" a soldier yelled running up to the commander.



"Sir, our spy planes were just taken down!" a soldier yelled. The commander gritted his teeth before another soldier ran through the opening that led into the tent.

"Sir, the blob is moving, well not really moving, but increasing in size, I suggest we perform a tactical retreat"

"I second that motion, private" the commander yelled when he saw every single screen in the tent suddenly go black.

The D-Reaper growled as it suddenly increased in size as soon as it absorbed the mechanical equipment. It suddenly reached out in the direction of the army camp. Luckily the tropps and their commander were able to pile into the vehicles and drove off with whatever they could take up at the time, including the miniature, portable screen that connected to the extension camera through wireless connection.

Upon remembering that, the soldier flipped the switch on the screen, an orange light glowed at the top of the before the screen became snowy and then images began to appear.

"Sir, I got through with the wireless on the extension camera" the commander turned to look at the little monitor in his private's hand.

"Excellent job, boy...hmmm it appears there is no damage done to anything organic if those unharmed trees are any indication, though..." the commander zoomed in on the inside of a building that the D-Reaper had just consumed and noticed it was 'eating' everything that was electronic. Televisions, computers, large electronic billboards, etc.

"It appears that its eating all of our electronic equipment, that could explain why it took our spy planes" the screen suddenly turned red and orange before turning snowy.

"And now it ate our camera, sir" the soldier deadpanned.

"This ain't good, ready the weapons when we stop...we shoot that thing like there's no tomorrow"


With the Tamers

The group of Digimon tamers walked through the streets before they reached a secluded area of the streets.

"Alright guys here's the plan, Elecmon is an electric Digimon" Takato explained, "So my idea is that, if the surrounding area is full of electricity, Tsunomon will digivolve with respect to his surroundings. If its cold, he could digivolve to Gabumon or Bearmon in order to stay warm due to his fur, but maybe if the air was full of electric charge..."

"The surrounding charge could be absorbed into Tsunomon while he's digivolving and then turn into Elecmon" Gatomon finished before turning to Takato.

"And I thought you were dumb"

Takato sweatdropped at that before looking at the electric pole and opened the fuse box. He opened it and yanked out the wires and watching the ends spark as they became live.

"Okay, here we go..." Naruto took out a card and swiped it through Gatomon's D-Ark.

"DIGIMODIFY...ELECTRIC FIELD!" Naruto shouted. Gatomon's fur suddenly pointed up as electric charge built up around her fur. Everyone's eyes suddenly widened when her fur puffed out and she looked like a giant puff ball with claws and a tail. Her blue eyes narrowed as she saw them try to hold in their laughs.

"Laugh and I will kill you all" she growled.

"Gomen...*snicker*, Gato-chan" Dorumon chuckled. Gatomon turned to her tamer who remained with a stoic expression, but she could see the hidden laughter within his eyes. The white feline held out her claws and released a wave of electricity that passed harmlessly through the air within a twenty foot radius.

"Okay, now then, Dorumon...attack Jeri" Naruto commanded. Dorumon's burnt orange eyes widened and turned to his tamer. Burnt orange met cerulean blue, but the X-Antibody holder caught on to the blonde's plan.

'You evil genius' Dorumon spoke through the mental link between tamer and Digimon.

'I know, I know'

'What, what, I wanna know the plan!' Gatomon whined. When she got no reply from either male, she inwardly huffed her fluffy self before trying to flatten her fur down. The other tamer's eyes widened in shock as Dorumon shot forth towards Jeri. Not knowing of the plan, the other Digimon immediately went to stop the purple furred dragon.

Terriermon launched forward with a fist surrounded by green wind, but Dorumon merely ducked underneath it and grabbed Terriermon and slammed him into the ground. The dragon flipped over Terriermon and kicked Guardromon in the face before twisting to get behind the mechanical robotic organism and released an orb of tempered steel to stop the heart shaped prison that MarineAngemon was about to use.

Guilmon quickly coated his claws in orange flames.

"ROCK BREAKER!" Dorumon watched as the red scaled lizard tried to attack him only for said red scaled lizard to pause as Dorumon blurred out of his vision. Then his eyes widened as he felt the air from his lungs escape him.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" the X-Antibody holder roared and sent Guilmon flipping through the air before using his sixth sense of danger and ducked and kicked upwards allowing him to slam his feet into Renamon's chest. Falling forward, Dorumon landed in a crouch and plucked Renamon out from above him and swung her into the nearby wall.

Takato, Rika and Henry then decided to take a stand, knowing full well they might not get out of this unharmed. After all, Dorumon knew every trick Naruto did and Naruto taught them everything they knew.

Slipping into fighting stances they watched as Dorumon blurred out of sight, vanishing as in a flash of purple and white. The three tamers didn't even notice until it was too late. Dorumon had used his speed to land behind them...and right in front of Jerry.

'Please let this work' Dorumon thought. He could still feel the negativity from the electrons in the air, causing his fur to stand on edge, but he raised his claws to strike at Jerry, who clutched Tsunomon out of fear.

Jeri and Tsunomon watched as Dorumon's three claws flew through the air in a downward arc.

Suddenly Jeri's D-Ark released a flash of bright yellow energy causing Dorumon's eyes close from the intensity na have him along with anyone else who was caught in the light of Digivolution's blinding light.



Tsunomon's fur and skin peeled off and his horn shattered into data flakes. The wire frame of yellow twisting and bending into a new form. The data then reattached itself to the yellow wire frame before forming Tsunomon's Rookie digivolution. The electricity in the air began to bond with the data flakes and induce the change of one of Tsunomon's three Rookie forms. Red fur formed on the upper areas of its body, its fur was white on the underneath. Each of its four paws had three ivory claws extending from each one. Blue coloured patterns formed on its fur, on its legs were stripes and on its back extending to the nine feather like tails that fanned out behind it, a blue patterns formed in the likeliness of flame. Its long ears were tipped with the blue fur. Blue eyes snapped open and sparks of yellow electricity surrounded its body.


Elecmon quickly jumped out of Jeri's hands and his body surrounded by electricity rammed into Dorumon, electrocuting the dragon. Dorumon skidded backwards and recovered fast enough to dodge a swipe from Elecmon's claws before striking back with his own and sent Elecmon to the ground.

"Alright, that's enough" Naruto said. Dorumon nodded before returning to his tamer's side.

"What was that for?" Takato asked.

"To get Tsunomon to digivolve of course" Naruto said as if it were the answer to the most simplest of questions.

"So you had Dorumon nearly beat our Digimon...all to get Tsunomon to digivolve?" Rika asked.

"Pretty much" the dragon replied.

"Aww I wanted to be in on the plan, I wanted to fight too" Gatomon pouted only to get a peck on the cheek from Dorumon.

"Don't worry, you'll get plenty more time to fight when we go get the D-Reaper" he said, which earned a smirk from the cat Digimon. Elecmon quickly returned to Jeri's side, but remained wary of Dorumon.

"Don't worry Elecmon, it was just Naruto's way of getting you to digivolve" Jeri explained. The nine tailed mammal growled softly before taking note of the lack of hostility from the blonde tamer and his Digimon partners before accepting his tamer's explanation.

The downed Digimon climbed back to their feet before glaring at Naruto.

"Did you really have to do that?" Renamon said as she rubbed her head.

"Well I had to make it believable in order for Tsunomon to digivolve" the Kyuubi jinchuriki replied.

"Give us a warning next time at least" Terriermon and Guilmon whined.

"I didn't even hit you guys that hard" Dorumon said before sweatdropping as the three Digimon he did hit glared at him.

"You slammed me into the ground"

"You crashed your steel hard skull into my stomach"

"And you threw me into a wall"

Guardromon and MarineAngemon, who weren't even hit, watched in awe as a demonic aura surrounded the three Rookies.

However, their little episode was over when they heard a yelp of pain. The source of the sound was from Elecmon who was on the ground clutching his now throbbing skull.

"Elecmon what's wrong?" Jeri asked as she watched the pained expression on her Digimon.

"Head...hurts" he managed to gasp out, and the nine tailed Digimon's blue eyes snapped open and his pupil dilated as a sudden rush of data entered his brain. Elecmon then stopped screaming and fell to the ground once more.

"Elecmon!" Jeri picked up her newly digivolved Rookie and looked at him.

"Ugh...I...I remember...I remember you guys now" Elecmon suddenly flipped around in Jeri's arms and landed on the ground.

"What..what do you mean you remember us?" Kazu asked.

"I remember all of you now, Takato, Naruto, Renamon, Dorumon, all of you. I know who all are now. When we were walking I had a feeling I knew you guys, but I didn't know how because I had never seen you guys in my entire life" Elecmon explained.

"Ah, so your memories of us came back" Gatomon stated.

" mean I had amnesia?" the red furred Rookie asked. However, the topic of conversation had changed as Naruto spoke, denying Elecmon of an answer.

"Alright, now that that's done, come on we have to get to the D-Reaper's location" Naruto pointed to the large red-orange blob.

And with that the group set off. The tamers ran through the streets.

"Is it just me, or do the streets empty to you guys?" Takato asked. Takato's observation proved to be correct for as they kept running through the street, veering left and right to reach the D-Reaper, there was no sign of the citizens of Shinjuku.

"Maybe they are inside their houses" Henry guessed. The rest of the run was relatively silent, only the sound of their breathing and their feet stamping against the pavement as they ran was heard. Finally they stopped at a nearby overpass that people used to cross the street whenever there were high amounts of traffic.

They climbed the steps and looked as the D-Reaper crept over the streets and parts that were obstructed by buildings began to climb them before swallowing them in a sea of red-orange.

"Okay, we take it down hard and we take it down fast...hopefully" was Naruto's original plan. It was then that they heard the sound of rotating blades slicing through air. The group looked up to see helicopters, news and military alike soaring through the skies. The news copters stayed further away from the gelatinous behemoth.

The military copters hovered near the D-Reaper before a loud rat-tat-tat-tat sound broke the sound barrier as bullets from the helicopter's machine guns fired, releasing over 100 bullets per minute. The firing continued until the copters ran out of bullets.

"Sir, this is Blackhawk 1, the bullets have done no damage whatsoever"

"Well don't just hover there, use the missiles!" the commander roared into the walkie talkie he held in his hands. The Japanese Defense Force was near to the location of the copters and were watching the assault.

"Roger that...okay men, take aim aaaaaaand..." the copters lined up the shot and pressed the big red button, "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!'

Fuel ignited and projectiles fired. The missiles flew through the air leaving a trail of small flames and grey smoke before impacting with the D-Reaper. Large explosions resulted as the twelve missiles from each of the twelve Blackhawks fired with pinpoint accuracy.

The D-Reaper released a growl of what seemed to be either pain or annoyance, most likely the latter though. It then began to bulge and twist before it swirled and then what seemed to cords, but were actually veins, shot out of the D-Reaper from various angles. There were at least fifty of these cords, but it was what was attached to the end of these cords is what caught the attention of both the army and the tamers.

The figures at the ends of the cord-like veins looked like stereotypical wraiths, each one haveing cord like limbs with scythes attached to the areas where the hands would be and the feet were larger sickles. Its body was covered by a large cloak of somekind and it had a pumpkin like face.

This is one of the D-Reaper's agents, the ADR-03: Pendulum Feet. An agent used for anti-aircraft assault.

The Pendulum Feet hovered in the air, silently as if judging what it should do next. The truth is that is exactly what it was doing. The D-Reaper aimed to understand what it would be up against in its quest to rid this area of the organisms that extended beyond their normal boundaries. Scanning the copters, the D-Reaper spotted the weak points before sending the information to the Pendulum Feet.

With that, the Pendulum feet raised their scythe edged limbs and like a rocket, the limbs stretched out like rubber and sliced cleanly through the rotors and lower areas of the Blackhawks. Luckily, the soldiers were able to get out in time and parachute down to safety and then running away and screaming like little girls.

The Pendulum Feet retracted their limbs and then continued to float around.

"This is Anzu Takenouchi reporting for Channel 5 News. Earlier today, a vortex opened up in the sky and released this large behemoth. The beast appears to be expanding at a rather slow rate, but even so it is swallowing our city beneath waves of its being. The Japanese Defense Force had just sent in Blackhawks for an aerial assault only for them to be quickly struck down. Luckily, the soldiers were able to escape unharmed as these..." the camera zoomed in on the Pendulum Feet, "what appear to wraiths or specters of some kind easily took out the helicopters."

"We wait in anticipation to see what the armed forces' next move will be. Also for those still within the West Shinjuku area it is heavily advised that you all evacuate this area. This is Anzu Takenouchi, Channel 5 News"

"Those things have power equal to that of an Ultimate level Digimon" Renamon said as she felt the energy coming off of the specters of the D-Reaper.

"Then we just gotta go mega" Naruto said taking out his silver-blue D-Ark.

"Alright, IKUZO!" Takato exclaimed. Rika and Henry readied their D-Arks as well since Takato's yell alerted them of their presence.

"Way to go Takato, they've seen us" Kenta deadpanned, MarineAngemon mimicking her tamer's expression.

The four tamers with the ability to bio-merge ignored Kenta before pressing the orange button on their D-Arks. A cloud of data, similar to the colour of each tamer's D-Arks formed before the clouds dispersed. The four tamers blinked.

"What the..." a screech was heard as the Pendulum feet descended.

"WHY CAN'T WE BIO-MERGE!" Rika yelled out as she jumped out of the way of the many sickles that aimed to cleave her and her friends in two or more pieces.

"MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE..." Henry quickly backflipped and cartwheeled as he dodged three more scythes that aimed to slice him, "WE AREN'T IN THE DIGITAL WORLD. WE WERE DATA THERE SO IT WAS EASIER TO MERGE WITH THE DIGIMON, BUT OUT HERE..." Henry quickly formed handsigns and conjured up an earth wall that deflected the attacks, but was broken through due to the amount of attacks the wall had taken, "WE'RE FLESH AND BLOOD!"


"BUT NARUTO, REMEMBER I CAN GO MEGA WITH THE BLUE CARD NOW!" Gatomon reminded him. Naruto's eyes widened in realization before his foxy grin formed on his face. He quickly took out two kunai laced with wind chakra and sliced through the blades that aimed to cut him, but cut them instead.

"Takato, Rika, Henry, throw two kunai in the air...I'll take care of the rest" Naruto ordered. The three original tamers nodded before taking out the weapons from the pouches Naruto had given them to store their weapons and threw them sky high. Naruto quickly flashed through handsigns.

"NINPOU: KAGE KUNAI BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" the eight kunai in the air were suddenly hit with a pulse of chakra and then began to multiply. Eight became sixteen, sixteen became thirty-two and so on and so on, until there were 8000 kunai in the air, all formed within a matter of seconds.

"This should buy us some time and then he, Rika, Henry and Takato drew their Blue Cards.







The four Ultimate level Digimon released a chorus of battle cries before racing forth and began to tear through the army of Pendulum Feet agents.

"Naruto, what about me?" Gatomon asked.

"These four look like they've got it covered, Gatomon...besides I got a modify card that should make you happy with the destruction it would cause" Naruto said. Gatomon frowned slightly, but when he mentioned the modify card a malicious grin stretched across her face. Naruto then drew a card from his card case. It was the only Sovereign card he hadn't used yet. Naruto wondered what the effect of the attack was, but he had hoped it was offensive.

"DIGIMODIFY...EBONWUMON'S SOURYUHA ACTIVATE!" the card was slashed through the D-Ark and the feline's form glowed with a green aura in the shape of the twin headed turtle. Opening her jaws, Gatomon charged a large sphere of violet flame before releasing it.

"SOURYUHA!" twin streams of fire launched themselves from Gatomon's mouth and morphed into the shape of dragon's heads. The twin dragons destroyed a couple of Pendulum Feet, but a majority of them had avoided it. However, the attack kept going forward as it crashed into the D-Reaper, creating a large hole as the attack went into the D-Reaper and exploded inside causing the gelatinous beast to bulge from the inside and a tower of purple flame and energy erupted forced its way through. The attack also burnt away some of the cables that attached the Pendulum Feet to the D-Reaper and they began to drop like flies, unmoving upon hitting the concrete road.

"METAL METEOR!" DoruGreymon roared. A large metal sphere, ten times the size of the dragon formed above his head. The large projectile quickly destroyed a large amount of Pendulum Feet, but kept going and hit the D-Reaper as well causing a large amount of damage if the D-Reaper's loud roar was any indication.



WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon released their energy based attacks simultaneously causing the two tow swirl around each other form into one large beam that cut through nearly half of the remaining Pendulum Feet and also struck the D-Reaper.

"TALISMAN STAR!" Taomon quickly took her large paintbrush and drew a Sanskrit symbol in the air before grabbing it as if it were solid and threw it. The symbol glowed gold before cutting through the remaining D-Reaper agents and struck the D-Reaper like the rest of the attacks from her fellow Ultimates.

The D-Reaper roared loudly as it burning form began to regenerate the part of its body that it lost before processing the information on these newcomers. In order to defend against such large opponents, you need an equally large, if not larger, fighter. The D-Reaper quickly swirled and then part of its form branched off and separated from the main body. The glob began to grow and take shape.

The four Ultimates watched from above as the glob separated into four pieces, each one as large as DoruGreymon who was the largest of the Ultimates. They were large and blue and had two limbs which appeared to look like large spiral shaped arms. Its yellow eyes glowed before it released a low growl.

This was ADR-05: Creep Hands. These agents are mostly used for ground assault, but their large limbs provide great strength and could easily jump to high altitudes. They are medium-sized offensive units and are equal to an Ultimate level Digimon.

The Creep Hands growled before crouching on their large hands and jumping to the level of the Ultimate Digimon who were in the air. DoruGreymon quickly lashed out with his spike tipped tail, but the Creep Hand grabbed it before it even struck and swung DoruGreymon down into the ground, creating a large crater in the road.

WarGrowlmon couldn't use Atomic Blaster at such close range due to the time it took to charge his cannons so the Cyborg Digimon quickly charged energy into his arm blades, which glowed sapphire from the energy.

"RADIATION BLADE!" WarGrowlmon released two arcs of energy from his blades, only to be caught by surprise as the blue D-Reaper agent clapped its hands together in the air and released a shockwave that cancelled out the attack creating a smoke cloud from the resulting collision. The Creep Hand then burst through the cloud and crashed its fist against WarGrowlmon's face sending both fighters to the ground.

Taomon and Rapidmon stood back-to-back as each of their Creep Hand opponents went for them.



The two missiles flew from the armoured rabbit's arm cannons before explodion against the Creep Hands face sending to the ground, but Rapidmon was caught off guard as the blue beast's arm stretched out and slammed into Rapidmon's face sending him into Taomon whose concentration was interrupted as she had tried to draw a talisman in the air. The other Creep Hand took its chance and then flipped in the air and grabbed both Digimon by their skulls and used the momentum to slam them both into the ground with crater forming force.

DoruGreymon quickly slashed at his opponent who grabbed his clawed appendage before he opened his jaws and fired a growing Metal Meteor from his jaws only for the Creep Hands to make a last ditch effort and slammed both fists against the sides of DoruGreymon's head, discombobulating him as the blue beast flew back from the Metal Meteor and was destroyed.

"These things are tough" Takato growled.

"No duh, alright, Gatomon you're going in!" Naruto turned to his second partner. The white furred feline grinned toothily before readying the fight as her tamer took out her D-Ark and the Blue Card.

"Alright let's go...DIGI-huh?" Naruto, the Digimon and the Creep Hands halted their battle as a loud howl filled the area. Everyone covered their ears as the volume nearly caused their eardrums to burst. Then, on the freeway a large dog like Digimon landed in front of them.

It look like the doberman breed of dog, but was much larger. It was black and brown like most doberman. Around its neck, a large steel collar with spikes jutting out of it was worn. Its spine appeared to be quite visible as it was covered only by a thin layer of muscle and skin. What seemed to be rubies were embedded within the thigh muscles of the Digimon's four limbs.

Kazu quickly scanned the Digimon as it barked.

"Dobermon, Champion level Digimon. Dobermon are extremely loyal to those they follow, but he is attrocious and rather uncontrollable at times. His species is a rival to the Gatomon...oh that can't be good for Naruto then. His attacks are Grau Larm and Schwartz Strahl" Kazu pocketed his purple D-Ark as he finished reading the information.

"GRAU LARM!" a loud howl escaped Dobermon's mouth causing a larger sound wave to pulse outwards and freeze the Creep Hands in motion. The four Ultimate level Digimon were in shock before they got over it and Dorumon helped get the one off of WarGrowlmon before slashing it into pieces.

Rapidmon and Taomon used their strong leg muscles to kick the one holding them down away before Taomon blurred behind it and sliced it in half with a powerful karate chop.

"Arigato" Naruto said to the canine Digimon. The dog turned to Naruto before growling at Gatomon, who hissed in return.

"Are you the tamers?" Dobermon asked as he looked back to the D-Reaper which seemed to growl in annoyance and began to bulge and twist.

"Uh, excuse me?" Jeri asked.

"ARE YOU THE TAMERS?" Dobermon asked again.

"Uh...HAI!" the group replied. Dobermon nodded.

"Follow me, I need to show you all something, but the D-Reaper will prove a distraction in doing so...HURRY, QUICKLY!" Dobermon quickly opened his jaws and faced the D-Reaper.

"SCHWARTZ STRAHL!" a large pulse of dark energyy rocketed towards the D-Reaper who had formed four more Creepy Hands. The D-Reaper agents met the attack, but they were instantly reduced to data flakes as the attack condensed around them. The sphere of dark matter imploded in on itself and destroyed the Creepy Hands leaving nothing behind.

The four Ultimates quickly regained their bearings and floated next to the overpass that was starting to crack from the fights and was about to come tumbling down. Takato quickly took Jeri and Elecmon onto WarGrowlmon and Henry took Kenta and Marine Angemon onto Rapidmon. Naruto quickly grabbed Gatomon and climbed onto DoruGreymon's back while Taomon and Guardromon carried their respective partners. Dobermon leaped off the overpass as it broke down and along the length of road.

"What is it you need to show us?" Rapidmon asked as they began to follow the doberman like Digimon.

"I will show you when we get there" the canine Digimon replied.

With Impmon

The three foot tall Digimon walked through the streets of Shinjuku as his memories began to assault his mind. His legs seemed to be taken over and he couldn't stop himself even if he tried. He made a left and walked up a few blocks before turning and making a right and then stopped.

The green eyed Digimon looked up at the house. It was the same as he remembered it to be. A red brick path that led from the streets that snaked its way up to the front door as if parting the surrounding greenery that made up the front lawn. The wooden door made from oak with its golden handle reflected the sunlight. Two pairs of windows were strategically placed on both the first and second floors of the two story house. The house itself was a plain snow white colour that seemed to be untouched by the elements. A black tile roof was place atop the house. A large tree sprouted up near the window on the top left which was the room where the two children slept.

"Well let's see if their still home" Impmon murmured to himself before running across the grass and expertly leaping up the wall. He kicked off of the white surface and then digging his claws into the tree's bark, he began to climb. Once he reached the branch that was level with the window he peered in and frowned slightly when he saw the neatly packed, bunch of toys.

'Hmmm, their not home' he thought, but just for nostalgia's sake he slid the window upwards and climbed into the room. He took a deep breath, inhaling the familiar scents of his former home. He then walked through the empty house.

'Gakis' parents must not be home' he deduced since there was absolutely no one in the house. He then walked into the kitchen and took out a cookie from the cookie jar. While eating the treat he noticed the message on the fridge door. Although it was sad because he saw they signed it in that weird human language, but he knew the translation for that phrase alone.

'For Impmon'

Impmon took the note off the fridge before walking out of the house with cookie crumbs covering his face. The little Digimon walked through the streets and noticed the people walking about from this further side of Shinjuku, nothing like that other place where there wasn't even a soul left until he reached "his" side of Shinjuku.

He then paused on the street and held up the sign.

"Can somebody translate this for me?" he asked a stranger who was on his cellphone and ignored the little imp. He then noticed a woman and held up the sign again.

"Excuse me, miss..." damn he hated being polite, "Can you translate this for me please?"

The woman looked at Impmon's face and noticed the large fangs and the tail before running off. About fifteen more people passed, but none had agreed to help him out of ignorance of his existence or fear because they figured out that he was a Digimon.

With a heavy sigh, Impmon was about to walk off when he saw white. He looked up to find the white was of the pant leg of a aged man who looked rather strong.

'For a human that age' Impmon commented in his thoughts.

"Well hello there little fellow" the man said.

"Oi, mister..." his politeness had run its course and he couldn't help but revert to his regular self, "do you what this sign says?"

"Hmmm, let me take a says 'From Ai and Mako. Impmon we are very sorry for how we treated you before. If you find this message and we are not home then we are by our grandparents in Odaiba. Please come back...For Impmon' and the address for the house in right here 342 Tagashi Dr., Odaiba" the old man finished.

"They really want me to come back?" he asked more to himself than the man. The elderly man nodded.

"It appears this Ai and Mako really care you, Impmon. You should go to them, the subway leads you to Odaiba" the old man pointed straight behind Impmon. The green eyes Digimon turned and looked at the flight of stairs and nodded.

"Arigato?" his face confused for when he had turned back, the old man was gone. The scarf wearing Digimon shrugged before turning and clutching his note he rode the train to Odaiba.

"Last call, subway train to Odaiba will now depart"

Impmon quickly ran and jumped through the closing doors, panting in exhaustion since his legs were so short his speed wasn't that great.

Impmon then sat on a seat and stared at the floor before looking to find that the other passengers were staring at him.

"What, you never see a Digimon on a train before?" he asked rudely. The other passenger jumped at the sudden outburst before turning to look out the window. After a long while, the train finally stopped off at Odiaba and then walked all around the large city passing crowds of humans and looking at the many street signs.

"Oi, mister, can you tell me where Tagashi Drive is?" a man wearing a black suit and had dark brown hair looked down at the Imp Digimon.

"Oh, excuse me?"

"Tagashi Drive, do you know where it is?" the neckerchief wearing Digimon asked again. The man nodded and gave the green eyed Digimon the directions. Impmon thanked the man as he ran off. After following the directions the man gave him, Impmon finally found the street he was looking for.

'Tagashi Drive' he thought with a smirk before running up the road and found the house number 342. He gulped as he raised his gloved hand. With one last breath to calm himself he knocked on the door. He waited a few seconds before the door slid aside and he was greeted to the sight of the two small children.

"Ai...Mako?" he asked. The two children blinked before smiling broadly and jumped towards Impmon.

"IMPMON YOU CAME BACK!" they cheered, hugging the Rookie Digimon. Impmon was shell shocked.

'Even after all this time...they still...missed me?' a smile formed on his face, a genuine smile of happiness. He returned the hug and with that a golden light shone above the three. A DigiGnome giggled before forming a dark violet D-Ark and dropping it onto Mako's head earning an "itai" from the young boy. The DigiGnome giggled quietly to itself before disappearing in a flash.

Mako and Ai looked at the strange device while Impmon was merely in shock. Never had it been known that two humans could be the tamer for one Digimon...but then again, there was one tamer who tamed two Digimon.

"Impmon, what's this?"

"That Ai, is a D-Ark. That makes you two gakis, my tamer" the two children looked confused at Impmon's explanation. "Ok, let me put this in terms you guys can understand. That is a represents our...friendship, yeah let's go with that, it is a symbol of our friendship and only really good friends of Digimon can get those meaning you two are special"

Ai and Mako went wide eyed and jumped gleefully. "Ai, Mako come inside, it's time for lunch" the two children's grandmother shouted from inside the house.

"Coming Obaa-chan!" Ai replied before pulling Mako and Impmon in as she went inside, closing the door as she did so. When the two young tamers got their lunch they sat in front of the television with their now sleeping Obaa-chan and Impmon. Accidentally switching it from the cartoon they were watching to the news, the news reporter, Kairi Takenouchi immediately appeared on the screen.

"This is Kairi Takenouchi from Channel Five News where it appears strange creatures, now identified as being the same Digimon that fought off the giant boar one month ago are currently locked in combat with a..." (A/N: Remember they were in the Digital World for quite a while and time passes slower in the Digital World)

Impmon blinked as he saw the channel switch back to the cartoon and looked at Mako.

"Wait, Mako, change it back...I need to see something!" he yelled at the four year old. Mako looked confused as to why Impmon would want to watch something so boring as the news, but complied before switching to the previous channel.

"...the new Digimon are fighting back and are easily defeating those wraith creatures. Oh...but it seems new beings have come forth from that giant behemoth" the camera zoomed in from inside the helicopter to give the viewers a look at the Creep Hands that were emerging from the D-Reaper's bowels. "The Digimon are fighting back...oh no, they're being beaten back!" The Creep Hands were busy fighting the four Ultimate level Digimon before Impmon turned to Ai and Mako.

"Ai, Mako...gomen nasai, but I have to go. Those are my..." Impmon paused as he he hadn't really known them that well, but...they saved him from whatever was controlling him and even saved him from the dying in the desert, "They are my friends and they are fighting out there" he said pointing to the television screen and winced as he saw Rapidmon get hit in the head from a Creep Hands' giant fist. Ai and Mako frowned.

"But...but you just got here" Ai said with a frown. Impmon didn't want to leave after seeing the two gakis after so long, but he had a debt to pay to Naruto and Dorumon for saving him out in the desert in the Southern Quadrant.

"Don't worry you guys" he gave them a thumbs up, "I'll be back before you know it"

The two children smiled slightly at that before Mako walked up to the neckerchief wearing Digimon. He held out his hand, a small NERF gun held in it.

"This is my favourite toy, take it. It might help you beat those bad guys" Mako smiled. Impmon looked in shock, they really did change for the better. Impmon clutched the gun in his hand and looked at Ai, who held the D-Ark in her hand.

"See ya" and Impmon ran out the house. A bright light came from Ai and Mako's D-Ark, both gasping from its sudden appearance and ran to the door and opened it just in time to see Impmon being surrounded by a violet egg of spiralling data.


Impmon quickly went through his Champion and Ultimate digivolutions before reaching his Demon Lord form, only this time he was not under the influence of Lucemon. The NERF gun in Beelzemon's hand suddenly began to grow and change. The gun was now much larger and made of black and silver Chrome Digizoid. It had the regular handle of his shotguns, but instead of a gun barrel, it looked like a pair of jaws. Energy crackling between them. The egg of data broke apart as Beelzemon spread his wings.

"BEELZEMON...BLAST MODE!" Beelzemon clutched the gun tightly and jumped, flapping his wings and flying in the direction of Shinjuku.

"I'll keep that promise, Ai...Mako...I will come back to you"

Digital World- The Void

The resulting mushroom cloud from Lucemon's Ultimate Sacrifice attack began to die down. The Fallen Angel narrowed his eyes lookig for any sign of the Dragon of the Center's body.

"Come on, come on...I want to see a dead or dying dragon god" Lucemon flapped his wings in anticipation. Lucemon's sky blue eyes widened as he saw not the god of the Digital World, but the god of the Digital World covered in a dense cube of cracked Huanglong Ore.

"IMPOSSIBLE, ULTIMATE SACRIFICE ANNIHILATES ANYTHING WITHIN IT!" he roared in anger as he watched the Huanglong Ore retract into Fanglongmon's slight tired form.

"Huanglong Ore, the hardest material ever known to Digimon. My scales are coated entirely with this material and have the powers of Light, Darkness and my primary Earth element flowing through it. Due to its many years of exposure to the conflicting energies of Light and Darkness within my own body, I have the ultimate defense against you, Lucemon. That is why in our battle, you were never able to pierce through my hide" one of the DigiCores surrounding the dragon's body suddenly flickered before dimming like a dying light bulb. Certain powers come with a price after all.

"I hate you" the blonde Digimon growled.

"The feeling is mutual" Fanglongmon replied before opening his jaws and releasing a blast of golden flames. Lucemon performed a chopping motion coated in darkness energy before releasing an arc of it that sliced through the flames and crashed into Fanglongmon's face. The Dragon of the Center opened his eyes as he closed them from the pain, and they widened as he found Lucemon already in his face. Anger filling those sky blue eyes.

"PARADISE LOST PUNCH!" Lucemon let loose a barrage of punches that hit Fanglongmon multiple times with enough strength to have the larger Fanglongmon take a few steps back. Lucemon then ended the combo with a powerful axe kick to the nose. Fanglongmon's head was forced down before Lucemon raised his arms and coated one with light energy and one with dark energy before slamming them down on Fanglongmon's snout. The Dragon of the Center was forced to the ground from the attack.

Lucemon flew down only for a pillar of earth to rise up and hit him in the stomach. Fanglong roared as he regained his footing and slammed his claws into the ground. A large plate of earth formed before splitting apart into one hundred equal slabs of stone. The slabs flew towards Lucemon who either avoided or punching and kicking those that nearly hit and shattering them upon contact.

Lucemon quickly flew through the air and avoided a few more slabs of hardened earth before clapping his hands together and releasing an arc of dark energy. Fanglongmon bent his neck and avoided it before raising his right forelimb against the charging Fallen Angel.

"DRAGON SMASH!" Fanglongmon swiped with claws coated in dark energy that Lucemon quickly dodged by performing a barrel roll and firing a sphere of light energy that crashed into the dragon's side earning a roar of pain even though it didn't puncture his hide, after all his hide was made up entirely of Huanglong Ore so his nerves were located in the scales. Lucemon fired two more blasts of light energy, but looked to his left as he saw movement and was met with a hard slap from Fanglongmon's tail sending him careening through the sky. Fanglongmon used his ability to fly and followed his opponent and coated his claws with darkness energy once more.

"DRAGON SMASH!" the attack struck home this time and Lucemon was sent downwards. Lucemon flipped in the air and recovered before flying away to gain some distance. Fanglongmon released a jet of golden flames that Lucemon dodged and then the Fallen Angel countered with a ear splitting shriek. The sound waves imbued with darkness struck the golden dragon in the chest sending him skidding backwards. The dragon flew forth, unaware of the little rifts in the air around him just before they disappeared.

"KOUTEI NO KIBA!" Lucemon quickly avoided the crushing bite from his opponent before countering with a two punches to the side of the dragon's face, but Fanglongmon recovered and slashed at the Fallen Angel. The ten winged demonic angel moved to the side, but was wounded a claw scraped against arm leaving a large gash that quickly healed. Fanglongmon's hard skull suddenly found its way to Lucemon sending the blonde flying through the air before he was struck by the tongue of golden flames that originated from the dragon god's mouth. Lucemon growled from within the flames before thrusting his arms forth and released twin arcs of light and darkness. The arcs cut through the flames, saving their master, before hitting Fanglongmon in the face. The dragon roared in pain before he was suddenly encased in a cube of white and black.

The orange eyes of the Dragon of the Center widened in shock.

"ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!" Lucemon roared before Fanglongmon's vision was filled with the colours of fire from the resulting explosion. Fanglongmon's scales allowed him to survive, but the pain was excruciating nonetheless. The dragon panted as another one of his eight DigiCores dimmed, their power recharging from saving the dragon god. Opening his mouth the god released a glowing yellow orb that was surrounded by the earth below and swirling winds. Earth and sky met literally in the swirling typhoon.

"OUKAI!" the typhoon of earth and wind spun at rapid speeds. Lucemon quickly surrounded himself in an orb of light to shield him as he was sucked into the vortex. The golden dragon expected this and then held his right forelimb out and bent the typhoon to his will. The typhoon spun faster as it began to condense into a ball surrounding Lucemon's light shield before it stopped and solidified as a floating sphere of earth. The golden dragon flew towards the sphere, claws coating themselves in darkness.

"DRAGON SMA-!" Fanglongmon was stopped cold as the sphere began to glow with golden energy and beams light began to break through the forming cracks before it exploded. A shockwave of light energy crashing into Fanglongmon as an added bonus of the Fallen Angel's freedom from the earth prison. Lucemon forth and crashed a double kick into the dragon's snout before twisting and his fist found its way to Fanglongmon's jaw. The head of the great god snapped to the left from the blow before the dragon countered with a lash from his tail. The Demon Lord flew back as Fanglongmon stretched out his two arms. An arm of light and an arm of darkness stretched out.

Lucemon's eyes widened before he began to weave his way around the arms as the hands attached to them tried to grab him. The demonic angel paused as he saw both hands on his left and right and both closing the space between each other very quickly.

'I've always wanted to do this' the blue eyed Digimon smirked before soaring upwards with a powerful flap of his wings. Both palms of light and dark energies collided and cancelled each other out in the resulting explosion. The Sin of Pride suddenly found Fanglongmon in his face, jaws spread apart to give Lucemon a view of the dragon's gaping maw.

"KOUTEI NO KIBA!" Lucemon raised his arms an caught Fanglongmon's jaws stopping the dragon from impaling him with his teeth, his feet holding the dragon's lower jaw in place. The great dragon began to fly down to the ground in hopes of crushing his sworn enemy. Lucemon grunted in effort, watching over his shoulder at the nearing ground. He had two choices, get smashed into the ground or get eaten...he chose secret option number three. Lucemon removed his legs and arms allowing Fanglongmon's mouth to slam shut with enough force to crush a boulder before grabbing the dragon and heaving him over his head and using the momentum from the downward movement to send Fanglongmon to the ground faster.

The dragon god fell, but twisted in the air and thrust his left forelimb upward. A hand of dark energy wrapped itself around Lucemon's body holding him in place within its tight grip. Fanglongmon twisted as Lucemon was hurled downwards and both fighters met the ground at the same time. The Fallen Angel quickly burst forth from the smoke cloud slammed his hands into the ground before ripping out a large boulder the size of a Monochromon and hurled it at Fanglongmon's location. The orange eyes dragon spied the large rock and burnt it with a breath of gold flames. The rock melted into liquid, but Fanglongmon clutched his ears as the Sin of Pride released a high pitch screech. The sound waves also sent the dragon flying back from their impact with him and Fanglongmon skidded back.

Lucemon held his right hand over his left in front of his chest and orb of violet-dark and gold formed. The blonde, blue eyed Demon Lord thrust his arms forward and the sphere shot off at high speeds towards Fanglongmon who was shaking his head side to side to remove the ringing from his ears. He looked up and his orange eyes widened in surprise and reacted quickly. He reared up on his hind legs and raised his forelimbs, an orb of light in his right and an orb of darkness in his left.

The Sin of Pride watched in shock as he saw the attack he made split apart into their component elements and each one was absorbed into the matching elemental spheres in Fanglongmon's claws. Lucemon watched as Fanglongmon crashed both sphere against one another before opening his mouth and swallowing the large sphere. The Demon Lord spread his wings and got ready to dodge as the Dragon of the Center opened his mouth, however when he was about to fly he was surprised when he didn't. He felt as if something was anchoring him to the ground. He looked down at his feet and found the earth had risen up wrapped itself around his ankles and was slowly climbing up to his knees.

"TAIKYOU!" Fanglongmon roared before releasing the blast of light and dark energies. Lucemon's eyes narrowed and Fanglongmon nearly chuckled as he spied with one of his four eyes, Lucemon raising the middle finger at him and yelling "FUCK YOU!"

Being an entity of light and darkness himself Lucemon was able to survive the attack, but the pain from it earned a loud scream from the throat of the demonic angel.

The Fallen Angel flew back before the attack sent him through many cliffs that the great dragon had created for the fight Alchemon had previously lost. Fanglongmon growled menacingly as he watched the resulting explosion of his attack. A large mushroom cloud erupted from where it had stopped only for Lucemon to quickly emerge from it with slightly torn clothing and a few bruises that were quickly healing. Lucemon took a deep breath and released a sound wave infused with dark energy, but Fanglongmon countered with a roar of his own, sending out a shockwave filled with light energy. The two sound waves of opposite elements collided and resulted in a large explosion of gold and violet-black. Suddenly a portal opened in the middle, sucking in the explosion as if it suddenly imploded in on itself. Lucemon and Fanglongmon stood equidistant on either side of the portal and were in awe at the rift in the void...and the thing that made Lucemon's expression change into a wicked smile led straight to the Digital World.

"OH NO YOU DON'T, I CONTROL THIS REALM AND YOU WILL NOT LEAVE IT!" the dragon yelled before clapping his forelimbs together as if he were praying and suddenly the portal closed as if it were never there, Lucemon only a few feet away from it.


Fanglongmon responded by slashing the air with darkness infused claws sending six arcs of dark energy towards the Fallen Angel. The attacks hit home and Lucemon was sent back, but quickly recovered and avoided Fanglongmon's claws and grabbed Fanglongmon by his tail and swung him into a cliff causing the entire rock formation to collapse on top of the dragon.

Lucemon smirked before rubbing his palms together.

"Now then..." he took a deep breath and coated his lungs with darkness AND light this time before releasing the loud screech. The screech shot off into the distance, the sound waves causing ripples in the fabric of space. Lucemon then shut his eyes as he increased his efforts and the screech increased in pitch before the sound waves ripped apart the space in the void. A golden portal with flakes of blue, red and green data surrounding it, opened, revealing the Digital World on the other side. Lucemon chuckled as he walked towards pure freedom.

A rock tumbled down the pile of rubble that was a cliff face before it exploded outwards with a blast of darkness energy. Fanglongmon roared before turning to face Lucemon once more only to gape in shock as he saw the demonic angel standing in front of the portal.


"Oh it's possible" the blonde Demon Lord said with a grin, "now if you excuse me, I have a Digital World to conquer"

And with that, Lucemon stepped through the portal and vanished as it closed. The Dragon of the Center roared in anger, slamming his claws into the earth and released a jet of golden flames into the air to try and vent the rage within him.

During their first battle, the two gods had fought in this very same place...the Void. The reason being that Fanglongmon's Taikyou was an attack that, if it touched the Digital World's surface, would cause the entire Digital World to collapse in on itself before being reborn...only without the inhabitants it once had. A monster nearly destroyed his home and world in the effort to rule it with an iron fist, failed to kill him and instead sealed him in the seemingly unbreakable Dark Prison. Only for that prison to break.

Now that same monster, who killed one of his only friends, who he had just fought with and failed to kill once more... was about to go on a rampage and take it over once more.

Twice he had fought..."And twice I have failed" the Dragon of the Center muttered to himself in self pity. He couldn't the leave the Void since he would no doubt have to use Taikyou should he continue the battle and that would cause the Digital World's destruction and rebirth so many times. Closing his eyes, the great god of the Digital World felt defeated. The Digimon were busy fighting off the D-Reaper and judging from where the portal opened, Lucemon, though a great distance away from that battleground, would soon appear there and crush all who stood in his path.

Fanglongmon sighed opening his eyes to see a few DigiGnomes floating in front of his face.

"I have failed ancestors...I am deeply sorry" the god dropped his head. The DigiGnome shook their heads and through telekinesis, raised the golden dragon's head. Fanglongmon's four eyes looked to see the DigiGnomes floating in a circle. The inside of that circle glowed with a pink and purple colour before a holographic image of the Real World appeared.

The D-Reaper was there, but far from the behemoth's form, running with a Dobermon were the Tamers.

"You want me to call on the Tamers?" he asked, "But the D-Reaper has broken through into their realm, I can't summon them now!"

The DigiGnomes shook their heads once more before the image flashed and the image suddenly split into two separate images. One with the image of the blonde shinobi and the other with the Ultimate level of the X-Antibody Digimon.

"Naruto and Dorumon?" the DigiGnomes giggled and nodded. The great dragon thought for a while, those two were indeed strong. Stronger than the other tamers due to his abilities and due to both tamer and Digimon possessing unbridled will and determination made him and Dorumon that much stronger... but were they strong enough to fight the Sin of Pride? Fanglongmon's eyes glowed as he raised his head after thinking.

"Go, find them and bring transport them to Lucemon's location...but not until the I aid in saving the four Sovereigns and the Digimon fighting the D-Reaper" The DigiGnomes giggled with glee before patting the dragon on his head as if he were still a Baby Digimon before vanishing in flashes of golden light.

With the Tamers

Dobermon and the tamers stopped in front of a large warehouse. The place looked extremely dilapidated and began to creak and groan from its instability as a weak gust of wind blew.

"You may want to de-digivolve if you wish to enter" Dobermon advised before walking through the space where the door of the warehouse would have been. The Ultimates did as instructed as returned to their Rookie forms before they entered the warehouse with the tamers and the other Digimon.

"Glad you could make it" a feminine voice spoke from a dark part of the room. The tamers turned their heads in the direction of the voice before Dobermon and the owner of the voice walked out into the light. Everyone looked at the newcomer, it was a girl alright. A girl that appeared thirteen years old, like Naruto and Ryo. She had platinum blonde hair and wore a black long sleeved top and a matching black, plaid skirt that ended just below her knees. She wore a pair of long stockings and black shoes with a half inch heel.

Rika and Ryo looked angry and surprised respectively as they looked at the blonde girl. The other tamers and their Digimon looked in confusion as they noticed their reactions.

"Alice?" Ryo asked. The Lolita girl turned at the mention of her name and a small smile formed on her previously emotionless face.

"Ryo, nice to you again. Dobermon here has been keeping me posted about your time in the Digital World, you know being the messenger for the Sovereigns and all. Had fun?"

Monodramon was very worried for his tamer who hadn't shifted from his position, not even a blink.

"YOU!" Rika roared as she walked towards the black clad girl. Alice narrowed her eyes at Rika before snapping her fingers and Dobermon was immediately between the two females, growling menacingly at the red head.

"Hmmm, red hair, broken heart must be Rika Nonaka. The little emotionless slut Ryo dumped for me" she deduced. Rika's angry expression evolved into rage as a fiery aura surrounded her. Naruto walked up to Rika and rested his hand on her shoulder.

Rika looked at her boyfriend and saw the look in his eyes. He shook his head and she unclenched her fists which had unconsciously formed from her blind rage, ready to pound the shit out of the blonde.

"Alice, you said your name was?" the proclaimed leader of the tamers asked. Alice nodded to Naruto, the two blondes stared at one another and faster than even Dobermon could react, the shinobi was behind her. A kunai held against her jugular, both hers and Dobermon's eyes widened at the display of speed.

"Insult Rika-chan and that sentence would have been your last words" Naruto's eyes flashed crimson before he put away the kunai in his weapons pouch and blurred next to Rika. The red haired Nonaka showed Alice a smirk smug.

"Shinobi for a boyfriend, and he's a waaaay better kisser than Ryo"

"Rika-chan...don't say that out loud!" Naruto exclaimed as he saw the snickers the others were giving him, except for Jeri and Takato who had taken a quick glance at each other before noticing each other's stares and turning away. After that the situation regained its original seriousness.

"So, judging by your abilities I'm guessing you are the shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, alleged leader of the tamers?" Dobermon asked. Naruto nodded as he, Dorumon and Gatomon took their places at the head of the group.

"And what if I am?" the blonde asked in return. Dobermon smirked, this gaki was a lot more interesting than the others.

"In order to defeat your foe, the D-Reaper, you need the ability to bio-merge correct?" the canine asked. The tamers were in shock at Dobermon's knowing of the term.

"Just who are you?" Gatomon asked.

"I need not answer to a feline, especially a Gatomon" Dobermon told his rival species. Gatomon's eyes narrowed at that.

"Anyways, I have a 'gift' from the Sovereigns themselves"

"What is this 'gift'?" Henry asked. Dobermon looked to Alice who seemed distraught.

"It'll be all right Alice" the canine nuzzled his face against arm. Alice patted his head in return before turning away with her arms folded, her form trembling. Turning back to the tamers, everyone watched as Dobermon sat and held his head high. His originally black eyes glowed with energy. His right eye was an evil looking crimson while the other was a deep ocean blue. His chest began to visibly pound in the rhythmic movement of a heartbeat. The brown furred area suddenly split apart.

The tamers and their digimon went wide eyed as they viewed the red wire frame structure beneath before that too bent into a circular shaped hole. A glowing purple sphere emerged from Dobermon's chest, attached by a single thread of red data. Dobermon panted in exhaustion, nearly falling to the ground had Alice not ran up to him and held him steady.

"Arigato Alice" he growled with a toothy smile.

"You're going to kill yourself, don't do this!" Alice exclaimed.

"NANI?" Kazu voiced the thoughts of everyone present, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GOING TO KILL HIMSELF!"

Dobermon chuckled though everyone could hear the pain and sadness in his tone, " the key to your ability to bio-merge with your partners. Tamers...this sphere contains enough of the Light of Digivolution for your D-Arks to absorb and allow you to bio-merge"

"But you still didn't answer our question" Kenta stated, "How can this kill you?"

The many Digimon present turned to their tamers and sighed, "Because that his Digicore"

"His what?" Kazu and Kenta asked.

"His DigiCore, my young tamer" Guardromon explained, "It is the source of a Digimon's power and is what gives us it the equivalent of the human soul"

"But why would the Sovereigns do that to you?"

"I willingly accepted this fate, well knowing the consequences...but I would rather die than see both the Real World and the Digital World fall to that...that THING!" he howled in anger as he turned in the direction of where the D-Reaper was. The canine's DigiCore literally hung int he air by a thread, a thread of crimson data no less.

"Please, I beg of not let the Digital World or yours be destroyed by the D-Reaoer" Dobermon bowed his head, "Mighty tamers, reclaim your right to become one with your Digimon!"

Naruto looked into Dobermon's eyes...they were the same as his when the village was attacked by Suna and Oto, the same eyes he knew he had when he fought Gaara. Eyes of determination to not have something precious to you be taken away...even if you had to die for it.

"We accept" Naruto spoke. Everyone looked at Naruto as if he had just grown a second head.

" can't be serious?" Rika asked.

"Yeah man, I mean think about Alice...look at her!" Ryo pointed at the blonde girl. Naruto stared at his fellow blonde, tears were streaming down her face as she hugged the Champion level Digimon.

"Alice...I hope you will forgive us" Naruto said before raising his silver-blue D-Ark. Dobermon howled as he felt the energy being pulled from his DigiCore and a beam of data was sent into the D-Ark's screen. The other tamers looked in horror before succumbing to the reality of the situation and with a sad look on their faces, they raised their D-Arks, except for Kenta since his partner was already a mega Digimon.

Beams of data shot from the violet DigiCore and into the screens of the other five D-Arks. Dobermon howled to the heavens in pain before the beams died away and only a tiny bit of the core was left, about the size of a peanut. However, that too began to dissolve just like Dorumon's body as it began to break apart into red data flakes.

"Arigato, tamers" Dobermon panted. Naruto nodded before walking toward the dog Digimon, resting his hand on his head.

"No, I should be the one thanking you. You gave us a fighting chance, I will make sure to have Fanglongmon immortalize you in some way when we destroy the D-Reaper"

"You...You know the great god?" Naruto's infamous foxy grin threatened to split his face as he performed it.

"Hai...besides, you'd be more a hero than any of us. You took the data that would be able to have us bio-merge knowing that you would become deleted in the end" Dobermon grinned widely at that before closing his eyes. Naruto continued to rest his hand on Dobermon's head until he was fully deleted. Alice's arms dropped from when they were wrapped around Dobermon's neck and Naruto looked down at the ground and neither moved from their positions...not for a full minute. Rika, Dorumon and Gatomon grew worried when they saw their tamer's body beginning to tremble.

They walked up to him and Rika rested her hand on his shoulder.

" had to be done" she admitted more to herself than to her boyfriend. Naruto's form continued to tremble and Ryo had already went to console Alice.

"Naruto-kun...are you-" her question about her boyfriend's status hadn't even been finished as the shinobi had stopped trembling. He slowly stood to his full height and everyone had taken a step back away from the blonde as they felt killer intent come off from him in waves. His hair grew wilder, his nails turned into claws, teeth lengthened and sharpened into fangs. His whisker marks grew darker and an aura of red youkai burst forth, surrounding the shinobi in its embrace, though it wasn't enough to cause Gatomon any pain like it did when he was in his tailed forms. He turned to his friends before taking out his Blue Card and swiping it through Gatomon's D-Ark.



A golden egg of swirling data formed around quickly became her Ultimate digivolution before Angewoman was coated in a large aura of golden light. Her power skyrocketed as her form changed into something different. She grew at least five feet taller. Her clothes disappeared before her legs and chest area were covered by a pair of white pants and a white bra made of what seemed to be silk. Her arms became coated in silver Chrome Digizoid before a pair of aqua coloured gloves in the likeliness of armour, made also of Chrome Digizoid formed over her hands and extended to the rest of her forearms. More armoure formed over her leaving only her stomach bare. Her chest armour had two golden circles engraved into them, at her shoulder were two large, circular plates, each with a large spike jutting out from the center. From her waist to her legs, more armour covered her. A cross of gold formed over the area where her sex would be located. (A/N: Maybe a mark of chastity or something like that since she's an angel) A helmet that covered the upper areas of her face, but allowed her burnt orange hair to flow down to the middle of her back. In the center of her helmet was a four pointed star. A pair of aqua coloured heels covered her feet. On her left glove, a kite shield formed. It was made of aqua coloured Chrome Digizoid like her armour and had a lining of gold Chrome Digizoid, the image of a golden unicorn formed on the shield's face. The newly formed mega opened her right hand and a pillar of light formed in it before solidifying into the shape of a golden javelin, the area where she gripped it had a ring with a pair of wings protruding from it, surrounding her hand. Golden wings sprouted forth from her back, ten wings that showed her to be of the highest rank of angelic Digimon. The ten winged angel twirled her lance before slamming it down, bursting apart the egg of data.


"Sugoi" everyone could only gaze in awe as they stared at the mega level of Gatomon. Henry quickly scanned her with his D-Ark.

"Ophanimon, mega level. Ophanimon is one of the highest ranked angelic Digimon since she has ten wings, the only other angelic Digimon being Seraphimon. Ophanimon's power is as great as her beauty. In her hands, she holds the javelin, Eden, and the shield, Magen. Her attacks are Eden's Javelin and Sefirot's Crystal"

"So do you feel?" Naruto asked the female mega. Ophanimon smiled down at her tamer.

"Like I can take on a Demon Lord and win, now hurry and bio-merge with Doru-kun. We have a battle to fight"

"YOU HEARD THE LADY!" Dorumon yelled with a large grin on his face. Takato, Rika, Henry and Naruto held out their D-Arks, a light erupting from them.



Henry and Terriermon were enveloped in a shroud of green data as their bodies fused. Terriermon's body expanded and grew to the size of a three story building. Terriermon's skin peeled away as his body became coated in armour. His face formed into the face of an adult rabbit of somekind, long arm and legs formed, all covered with pale white skin before being coated by green armour. Around the wrists, two large machine guns rotated before two black hands grew from the center of the guns. Two missile launchers merged with his shoulders and in each launcher were missile with a rabbit like face on them. Large armoured feet formed, green like the rest of his armour with three black claws growing out of them. Around each ankle, a black, studded brace formed. An armoured kilt/skirt formed around the large mega Digimon's waist, being held up by a large black belt, with a white symbol in the center of the kilt. In the center of the chest armour was a small smiley face was imprinted. The newly formed mega Digimon stamped down on the ground creating cracks in them.



Rika's body fused into Renamon's as the fox Digimon's skin peeled off to show the blue wire frame pattern. A sea of blue data surrounded Rika before Renamon's form reconstructed itself and bonding Rika's DNA to the data. Slightly tanned skin formed before the form was clothed in a black, full body suit. Energy sprouted of the bio-merged Digimon's form and then four kitsune like spirits, one blue which bore the kanji for'water' on its forehead, one green and had the kanji for 'wind', one yellow for 'thunder' and one red and had the kanji for 'fire' on its forhead. The fox spirits all spun around her waist before changing into four pipes that attached themselves to her waist. Then armour formed around her upper body. On both shoulders were the images of the Yin-Yang symbol and in the center of the armour, just below her chest area were grey symbols that looked like a flower in the shape of a cross. A flowing mane of silver hair, fashioned into the look of a fox's tail grew from her head before a helmet in the shape of a fox's head covered the upper half of her face. Purple and gold gloves that formed from her wrists to her elbow along with similarly coloured leg protectors that reached from her upper thigh to her ankles, each bearing the Yin-Yang symbol formed. Then a golden light shone in her hands before a golden staff was found to be floating above her palms. The staff was about nine feet in length and at its tip was a large ring. Connected to that ring were eight others, six on the bottom and two on the top. The two on the top placed themselves next to a golden spike that grew from the top of the ring. The bio-merged Digimon grapsed the staff and twirled it before yelling her name...

"SAKUYAMON!" the bio-merged Digimon spoke in the fused voices of Renamon and Rika.


Takato and Guilmon were surrounded by a golden light and suddenly Takato and Guilmon fused into one another within the light. Guilmon's body became human like and was coated in armour. 99.9% Chrome Digizoid armour to be exact. The armour was pure white and the shoulders, knees and ankles all had an armoured covering in red and gold. Golden coloured eyes watched through the helemt whose top looked much like the top of Guilmon's head. Guilmon's hands became human like hands and then there was a flash of light. In the right hand of the bio-merged Digimon, there was a long silver coloured lance, the lower part being red and gold to match his armour, the holy lance, Gram. In his left hand was a large shield that would be able to cover at least two thirds of the Digimon's body. The rim of the shield was gold with golden triangles creating a circular pattern around another circle, making it similar to a sun, the holy shield, Aegis. Its cuirass and greaves are adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, its forehead and Aegis bear the Zero Unit, and the DigiCode on Aegis translates to 'Digital Monster'.

The knight looking Digimon twirled its spear expertly and hoisted its shield, looking as noble as any knight should while shouting his name...



Monodramon and Ryo were surrounded by a violet light and the dragon and human fused into one another within the light. Monodramon grew larger and became more humanoid. Its body was made purple skin where strong muscle lay beneath. Covering its body was a suit of purple and white. Two black stripes descended from its waist to its upper thigh area. A long red scarf was worn around its neck. A large steel helmet covered the Digimon's head from the top of the skull to just below the mouth, leaving the chin exposed. Its right arm was a large mechanical appendage with three fingers and on the back of the hand was a triangle. In its palm was a bulb of red light where all the energy to the arm was located. The bio-merged Digimon stamped the ground with his legs and right arm leaving a large crater as the force of over 90 tons hit it while shouting his name...



Naruto and Dorumon were surrounded by a bluish silver light and suddenly Naruto and Dorumon fused into one another within the light. Dorumon grew to a larger height, about seventeen feet tall. Its body was similar to that of a humanoid dragon. It was covered with armour like scales coloured a deep royal blue on the stomach, knee and shoulder areas while the rest was shining silver. There were also some traces of golden armour scales. Two large wings grew out from its back and fanned out and looked to be made of steel. The wing 'membrane' was a deep cerulean blue, the wing itself was silver while its wing tips were golden. On its hands, three fingers tipped with razor sharp claws formed. The claws scratched against each other and created sparks as the dragon's hands ignited with orange and yellow flames. Sharp teeth lined the humanoid dragon Digimon's jaws. The tail was long, strong and covered in the same type of silvery armour scales, the tip was similar to that of a spear head of a unique design with golden patterns on it. Golden eyes glowed in their sockets and the ruby gem of the Old Interface shone in the center of the bio-merged Digimon's forhead.

The humanoid dragon released a thunderous roar, releasing bursts of flame and projectiles of steel before shouting out its name...


"Ok everyone, we can't lose here. Prepare for a battle that will decide the fate of two pressure" Dourgoramon said with his human half's foxy grin causing the other tamers and their partners to sweatdrop.

"Yeah pressure" they repeated.


(A/N: Well guys that's chapter 25. Hope you liked it, I know it was rather boring compared to my other chapters, but good things come to those with patience am I right? Just a heads up though, Fanglongmon is going to be taking a while to save the other Digimon from he D-Reaper. He may be a god, but even gods can't do everything so the DigiGnomes will go and get Naruto and Dorumon during the time when they go to fight the D-Reaper during the time Shibumi creates the Red Card to allow them to go into the D-Reaper and not get deleted in heir bio-merged forms. Yes it will be only Naruto and Dorumon fighting, but Gatomon/Ophanimon will join them soon enough, I promise you guys that.

Now that Lucemon has broken out, the last Demon Lord and Sin of Pride makes his way...slowly and dramatically...towards the D-Reaper's location where the portal to the Real World made by the behemoth had been opened and still remains open. The Digimon still try to keep it at bay and are doing rather poorly until Fanglongmon appears to give a little helping hand.

The tamers, now bio-merged and with Gatomon in her mega level form, the angel Ophanimon, they are ready to kick some D-Reaper ass and during the fight, an old buddy comes to their aid. Beelzemon BLAST MODE! Kazu and Jeri are in for the fight of their lives, but a little miracle occurs just when they are about to be defeated. What it is...I can't tell you, but it will be good, even better than just having Elecmon digivolve into Leomon.

Tamer of the XAntibody, Chapter 26: United we Stand!)