Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 27: Power of the X-Antibody

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

A/N:The end is coming, the last chapters in the saga of the X-Antibody. It was a pleasure writing this story for all you DigimonxNaruto fans. Well here it is Naruto vs. Lucemon and nearing of the destroying of the D-Reaper. Enjoy and please review review review because that is what keeps me going, also I will not be updating until the end of this school term, which is in late March, so you won't really have to wait long, now on with the story.

Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

The Digi-Gnomes frowned as they saw the tired look on the God's face. They touched multiple areas on Fanglongmon's body and the Dragon of the Center felt a rush of power throughout his body and his body rejuvenated.

"Arigato, but it will not be enough. I cannot hold off the D-Reaper and Lucemon"

The Digi-Gnomes nodded as they opened the portal to the Real World. The mass of swirling pink and white data showed an image of the Reaper engulfed area of West Shinjuku.

"It is time, get them and bring them here...Naruto, Dorumon, please get here in time"


Time skip- Three days later

After the defeat of ADR-10:Cerberus, the tamers and their Digimon continued to fight off the D-Reaper threat. The D-Reaper had returned to using regular agents; Creep Hands, Pendulum Feet, Bubbles and Horn Strikers. The tamers fought until they couldn't fight anymore, choosing then to make a strategical retreat each time. Consequently, they were growing stronger with each battle. The bonds between the tamer's and their Digimon allowed for higher usage of battle prowess for the original four in their bio-merged forms, and the newer three had allowed their Digimon to grow in strength as well. Even as we speak, the group of tamers and Beelzemon are fighting off a horde of D-Reaper agents.

"BRAVE METAL!" the bio-merged dragon roared. Dorugoramon's silver covered body rammed straight through the chest of a Horn Striker creating a large hole in it before it toppled to the ground as data flakes. The dragon then turned and slashed at a Bubble agent before leaping into the air and smashing his fist down onto the head of a Creep Hands. Dorugoramon then ran into a horde of Bubble agent drones. He punched one in the face before going forward with the momentum of his punch to roll on the ground and perform a windmill, slashing at the chests of the surrounding Bubble agents, slicing through their synthesised flesh before going into a handstand and repeatedly stabbing through their heads with his arrow head tipped tail. Dorugoramon then pushed off the ground and charged chakra into his hands.

"RASENGAN!" the spiralling chakra spheres slammed into two more Bubble agents sending them spiralling into their brethren as the dragon jumped in the air then coated his claws with wind chakra before igniting them. The orange flames grew more intense from the thin streams of wind chakra.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Akuma Ryu no Dai Kaji no Jutsu/ Collaboration Jutsu: Devil Dragon's Inferno Jutsu!" the fire coated dragon roared before slamming his claws into the ground. The fires were spread out in a large wave that scorched the very earth, turning the grey roads black and reducing the D-Reaper agents to ashes. Dorugoramon smirked as he marvelled at his own destruction.

"Kami, I love to destroy stuff" the dragon chuckled.

"I told you" Kyuubi stated with a vulpine grin within Naruto's mindscape. The bio-merged Digimon mentally nodded in agreement with the nine tailed bijuu before ducking underneath a swipe from a Creep Hands and then slapping it into the air with his thick tail.


The blue D-Reaper Agent soared through the air, righting itself to land on its hands as it had no legs, but was halted as Gallantmon flew by on his trusty steed. The Creep Hands was impaled through the chest by the holy lance causing it to turn into data flakes upon its death.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" Gallantmon's lance glowed with blue energy before it was concentrated at the tip. Blue sparks of electricity flew off before an arc of electricity flew through the air and crashed down into the ground, electrocuting the surrounding D-Reaper agents with an electrical pulse. The Royal Knight then reverted his lance and shield into his hands before holding up the index and middle fingers straight up while curling in the other three. He raised his right hand high into the air and released a pulse of chakra.

"Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu/Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu" the red and white armoured Digimon cried out. The air suddenly condensed in large amounts forming a large cloud of mist above the head of the Royal Knight.

"SAKUYAMON, GIVE ME SOME WATER!" Gallantmon cried out. The fox miko nodded to the airborne knight as she backflipped over the fist of a Horn Striker. She quickly called upon the kitsune spirit of water from the pipe attached to her waist. The fox howled as it released high amounts of water pressure upon meeting the Horn Striker's head, boring a hole through it. The kitsune spirit howled as it reached the cloud of mist, absorbing it into its body before forming a large whirlpool above Gallantmon's head.

The Royal Knight flashed through handsigns and ended on the tori/bird sign. It was times like this that Takato was thankful for his barely used, but still present, photographic memory.

"SUITON: SUIRYUDAN NO JUTSU/ WATER STYLE: WATER DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the large whirlpool suddenly morphed into a chakra infused water dragon. The liquid reptile roared as its yellow eyes honed in on its targets and then crashed down with massive force, shattering the ground from the impact. The D-Reaper Agents that were caught in the attack didn't live to see another second as the water crushed them from the massive amounts of pressure.

MegaGargomon grabbed a piece of the now soaked road and heaved it out of the ground and threw it into the body of a Horn Striker. The beetle like D-Reaper agent growled as it grew bigger. MegaGargomon activated the rocket thrusters underneath his feet and crashed into the Horn Striker, causing it to get bigger once more. The Horn Striker dug its clawed feet into the dirt, halting the bionic bunny's movement and then pushed back against MegaGargomon. When there was a suitable amount of room between the two combatants, the green armoured ADR-06 pushed with one hand, simultaneously readying a fist before letting the fist fly. The attack struck forth and got MegaGargomon in the face sending the armoured rabbit skidding backwards.

The compartments on the mega level Digimon's body opened up revealing the multiple amounts of ammunition.

"MEGA BARRAGE!" the missiles, laser bullets and regular bullets flew through the air and impacted with the Horn Striker. The resulting explosion sent it upwards into the sky before Beelzemon, who had just killed a large amount of Pendulum Feet with his Double Impact, turned to see the rising D-Reaper Agent. The Demon Lord of Gluttony flipped and slammed his metallic tail downwards before aiming his twin shot guns.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" the Sin of Gluttony roared and twin Chrome Digizoid bullets shot forth from the guns' barrels. The resulting explosion caused the descending Horn Striker to be destroyed just before it hit the ground. Beelzemon then dived down, landing in kneeling position. The result of his landing was a shockwave that scattered the D-Reaper agents before Andromon and Leomon leaped over his head as MarineAngemon appeared with them, encasing a large number of agents in heart shaped bubbles.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" an orange lion head made of fiery energy ejected itself from the lion Digimon's fist and crashed into a few of the encased D-Reaper Agents before he drew his black blade and threw it. The blade rotated in the air due to the angle it was thrown at allowing it curve through the air, simultaneously removing the heads and/or appendages of each D-Reaper agent is passed, and allowing the Champion level lion to catch his sword back by his hilt.

Andromon's hand spun at high speeds, changing into a drill. The drill hummed louder as it was surrounded by blue energy.

"LIGHTNING BLADE!" Andromon locked on to many targets with his built in guiding system and the android Digimon released the arc of blue energy. The attack went through the horde of enemies before releasing a small explosion before the other heart bubble encased D-Reaper agents were crushed within their prisons as MarineAngemon reduced the bubble's size, effectively killing them.

"DRAGON FIST!" Dorugoramon dropped down and released a stream of fire from his hands in the form of a dragon. The beast of burning oxygen tore through the army just as Ophanimon descended with her bronze javelin, Eden.

"EDEN'S JAVELIN!" the ground shook as ten pillars of light, arranged in a circle, erupted from the ground. The light pillars began to move in a circular shape, the circle's diameter getting smaller and smaller with each rotation before they all joined to form one gigantic light beam that incinerated the D-Reaper agents.

"SEFIROT'S CRYSTAL!" the ten winged angel formed a circle shaped set of ten amethyst crystals. Her crystals shot off and tore through the D-Reaper agents' flesh before rolling on the ground. Ophanimon snapped her fingers and the crystals began to jump and rumble before they seemed to melt into the ground. For each one of the submerged crystals, five large prism like pillars shot forth from the earth below and impaled a multitude of enemies. The crystal pillars then exploded into a sea of violet flame that washed over the D-Reaper agents, incinerating them.

Suddenly a giant tornado traversed the road, courtesy of Sakuyamon's wind kitsune spirit, and seemed to inhale the violet fire as it became a giant pillar of swirling fire.

"KATON: KATATSUMAKI NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE TORNADO JUTSU!" Sakuyamon yelled as she used her staff to manipulate the fox spirit that lay within the swirling mass of fire and wind. The attack sucked up another portion of D-Reaper agents before setting a course for the D-Reaper. The gelatinous beast gurgled before it reared up and changed part of its body into a tidal wave that dwarfed the tornado and submerged the attack. The fires were smothered out and the wind fox spirit returned to the safety of its pipe by cutting through the D-Reaper's flesh.

Justimon jumped into the air and aimed a kick at a Horn Striker.

"JUSTICE KICK!" the bio-merged form of Ryo and Monodramon exclaimed. The weight of 45 tons met the Horn Striker's chest, knocking the wind out of its lungs as it met the harsh earth. The mega raised his bionic arm and a low whirring sound came from it.

"THUNDERCLAP!" the bionic right arm came crashing down and a clap resounded across the battle field releasing shockwaves that knocked away other D-Reaper agents as the Horn Striker that Justimon just attacked turned into data flakes, its head crushed. Another Horn Striker appeared and brought down its large green fist. Justimon quickly backflipped to avoid it and then jumped into the air, smashing his fist against the face of the armoured behemoth. The ADR-06 grew larger from the blow and released a roar that sent Justimon to the ground from the sound waves.

tache"Dear Kami, his breath stinks" the heroic Digimon gagged only to be silenced as a giant foot seemed to flatten him.

"Itai" Justimon groaned before cracking his neck to ease the tension in them. He performed a cat spring to climb to his feet and then raised his right arm to stop the fist that aimed to hit him. A loud BOOM formed from the impact, but Justimon hadn't moved an inch from his position upon catching the fist. He then redirected the fist sending it into the ground, kicking up dust and rubble before jumping up and performing a roundhouse kick that sent the beast's head snapping to the left from the force. He then followed up by grabbing the Horn Striker's head and smashing it down into the ground with his strength.

"Now let's try out that new combo, eh Ryo?" Justimon asked his human half.

"IKUZO!" the self proclaimed Digimon King yelled as he used the strength of his Digimon body to kick the Horn Striker in the face sending it skyward. He then jumped after it and Justimon appeared to the side of the Horn Striker before performing a series of punches with his left arm before raising the Trinity Arm. The Trinity Arm glowed as the hand retracted into the arm itself before a large orange energy blade emerged from it.

"VOLTAGE BLADE!" Justimon cried out as he brought the blade down, slicing the Horn Striker in half. As Justimon fell, he quickly sheathed his energy blade and his hand came back. The red orb in the center of the Trinity Arm's palm glowed crimson as Justimon fell to earth, palm first.

"THUNDERCLAP!" the large shockwave produced generated a small scale earthquake that shook the skyscrapers and other tall buildings around it while also sending a large number of D-Reaper agents into the sky. However, the D-Reaper agents took their aerial advantage and eyed the battlefield from a bird's eye view. They spotted the other tamers and through the D-Reaper's control, split off into groups due to the wires attached to their bodies and went for their targets.

of Dorugoramon and Ophanomon smirked at the descending ADRs and Dorugoramon's claws twitched before they erupted into orange flames. The flames morphed into the heads of dragons. The 'Final Enemy' flew skyward and punched the air twice yelling the name of his attack.

"DRAGON FIST!" the twin reptiles of pure heated oxygen scorched the D-Reaper agents they came in contact with and then a large explosion formed in the air. Ophanimon then raised her javelin and sent it upwards. She then clapped her hands as if in prayer and Eden glowed a holy golden bronze. Then multiple streams of light energy lanced through the air, impaling each and every single D-Reaper agent Dorugoramon hadn't hit.

MegaGargomon narrowed his eyes at the descending army of D-Reaper agents headed his way. He quickly flashed through handsigns and stamped his foot on the ground.

"DOTON: DORYUDAN NO JUTSU!" the large earthen dragon roared as it burst from its confines and tore through the D-Reaper agents, but it wasn't enough as there were still a large amount falling towards the mechanised rabbit. He quickly shook some Creep Hands that tried to attack his distracted form and blocked a punch from a Horn Striker with his knee. He then punched it in the face and grabbed it by the arm and swung it towards its brethren before firing the two large missiles atop each shoulder.

"GARGO MISSILE!" the megalevel rabbit roared and the two missiles each gained a smiling face as they flew through the air before creating a massive explosion that took out the rest of the airborne agents as well as a good number of Pendulum feet.

"FOX DRIVE!" Sakuyamon yelled as she fired a giant sphere of sapphire flame at the group of D-Reaper agents that tried to attack her, only to momentarily pause as she looked to the sky from hearing the roars of the descending D-Reapers. She cursed and stabbed her staff into the ground and flashed through handsigns. She then let loose her fire elemental kitsune spirit while simultaneously releasing a column of flame from out of her chakra filled lungs.

"Collaboration Jutsu: KitsuneRyu no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Fox Dragon Jutsu!" the fire fox spirit suddenly morphed with the Ryuuka no Jutsu from its masterand suddenly gained the appendages of the reptile along with its large pair of snapping jaws before tearing through the airborne army and exploding into a shower of red and orange embers. The D-Reaper agents were incinerated.

Gallantmon who was airborne was quick to deal with the D-Reaper agents as he flew around on GRANI.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" the Royal Knight yelled and bolts of blue electricity lanced through the air electrocuting a multitude of the agents before raising his shield. The triangles that surrounded the Digital Hazard symbol glowed a golden colour before the Hazard symbol itself shone crimson. The entire face of the mighty Aegis shield suddenly glowed golden before releasing a giant beam of light.

"SHIELD OF THE JUST!" and the giant beam of light destroyed both air based and land based agents of the gelatinous Digital monster. Gallantmon chuckled and patted the dragon looking ARK's head.

"We're doing good GRANI, keep up that amazing flying" GRANI beeped in response to its rider's sentence and flew off towards the D-Reaper.

Beelzemon quickly flew through the air barrel rolling, flipping and loop-de-looping around D-Reaper agents while also retaliating with his Double Impact attack. He quickly flew and kicked a Pendulum Feet in the face and used to go into a backflip so as to grab the head of an incoming Creep Hands and twist its neck and ripping it off. He threw the head at another Pendulum Feet causing it to go off balance even though it was attached to the D-Reaper by the cord like every other agent. A flying Horn Striker was intercepted by two bullets meeting its face, blowing the head clean off as Beelzemon sheathed his shot guns and raised his arms to block the energy spheres from a horde of Bubble agents before opening his mouth. A dark blast of energy was accompanied by his roar and the blast destroyed a good portion of the flying D-Reaper agents. The Sin of Gluttony quickly changed his right arm into the Corona Blast and charged the attack. Red and yellow energy merged to form a miniature version of the yellow sun.

"CORONA BLASTER!" the Demon Lord cried, firing off the nuclear blast and incinerating the agents in one shot. He continued to hold up the blast, tearing through flesh, stone and sky before making his way to the D-Reaper and caused a large explosion as the attack ran out of power. The D-Reaper gurgled in pain from the attack.

"PRETTY HEART!" MarineAngemon quickly put up a shield and blocked the D-Reaper agents as they were falling before encasing them in a large bubble of red gelatinous material and then caused the bubble to shrink as she closed her fins together. The bubble constricted the D-Reaper agents and they were no more, falling from the sky as sparkling pieces of red energy.

"SMILE ATTACK!" MarineAgemon turned to where her comrades, Andromon and Leomon, were fighting and released a blindingly white smile. Her teeth released shine that caused a sunset background to form out of nowhere and the D-Reaper agents the two Digimon were fighting suddenly became immobilized.

"What the fuck?" Leomon and Andromon exclaimed before Jeri and Kazu slashed cards through their D-Arks.



Andromon's left arm suddenly morphed into the left of the legendary white knight and he aimed the Garuru Cannon.

"SUPREME CANNON!" Its jaws opened wide before firing a beam of icy blue energy that froze the enemies in place. Leomon jumped in the air and the forces of the earth condensed into one single place. A large sphere of fire and earth suddenly appeared between Leomon's hands and he threw it.

"TERRA FORCE!" Leomon roared and the sphere destroyed the frozen D-Reaper agents in a storm of fire, however a pair of Horn Strikers ploughed through the flames and crashed into the Ultimate and Champion level Digimon sending them flying through air and landing at the feet of their tamers.

"You guys okay?" Kenta and MarineAngemon asked as he quickly slashed a modify card.


"HOWLING BLASTER!" MarineAngemon screeched as she released a beam of sapphire flames from her jaws that seemed to freeze and burn at the same time. The attack tore through a multitude of enemies before crashing into the D-Reaper with, literally, explosive force.

"Yeah we're fine" the visor wearing tamer replied to his glasses wearing friend. The two Horn Strikers roared as they charged their opponents once more only for them to get a mouthful of blue fire from MarineAngemon's Howling Blaster attack sending them skidding back. The beasts roared as they grew in size.

"Nice job Kenta, now they got bigger" Kazu deadpanned causing Kenta and MarineAngemon to chuckle nervously. Andromon dug his hands beneath the ground and tore out a slab of asphalt and concrete and threw it towards the two Horn Striker only for them to raise their fists and shatter the slab. They then roared, releasing a shockwave as a result, but they were halted as Andromon's internal mechanics activated allowing him to perform a clap that shattered the sound barrier and stopped the shockwave roars. Leomon held out both his fists and shot them forth.

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" twin lion heads made of fiery orange energy burned up the oxygen in the air before impacting with the Horn Strikers sending their heads reeling back allowing for Andromon to move in and jump near their heads and perform a split kick. Their necks snapped to their respective sides, right and left, before Kazu swiped a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...CYBERDRAMON'S DESOLATION CLAW ACTIVATE!" Andromon's hands suddenly changed into dragon like claws that were coated in emerald green energy. He then slashed his newly formed claws and the result was that three slash marks made of pure emerald energy tore through the air and sliced the Horn Striker's heads into thirds and killing them. However, their victory was short lived as a screech was heard throughout the air. A D-Bird descended upon the android Digimon and sent the Ultimate level into a building from the force. The D-Bird screeched once more as it flew towards Leomon who reacted fast enough to avoid the attack while also drawing his blade and managing to slash part of the gelatinous bird's right wing off.

The red and orange entity quickly regenerated and performed a loop-de-loop allowing for it to come back for another attack. It performed a 180 degree turn in mid-air allowing it to right itself and dove back towards the Champion level lion Digimon. Leomon raised his fist and shot it forth releasing the lion shaped attack. The Fist of the Beast King was easily overpowered as the D-Bird ploughed through it and then extended its talons using the stretching ability its creator allowed it to use. The talons wrapped around Leomon's arms, surprising Leomon and smashed him into the ground before dragging through the hardened asphalt and up a building. The D-Bird then let Leomon go and the Champion Digimon fell to the ground.

"JERI A LITTLE HELP!" the orange furred lion yelled to his tamer. Jeri nodded and slashed a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...HYPER WING ACTIVATE!" six silvery wings of data suddenly appeared out of Leomon's back, three on each side, and the lion Digimon used his new gift of flight to fly towards the D-Bird. He drew his blade and slashed it in half due to his momentum giving him enough strength to do so. With the D-Bird gone, Leomon descended towards Jeri, but was quickly slashed at by a Pendulum Feet earning a roar of pain from him. Two more flanked him and slashed at his sides with their scythe like feet.

Jeri gasped as quickly took out her Blue Card as she saw five more Pendulum Feet begin to hack away at her partner like a piece of meat.

"DIGIMODIFY...MATRIX DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" Jeri yelled, swiping the card.


"LEOMON DIGIVOLVE TO...GRAPLEOMON!" a tornado suddenly formed from where Leomon was, slicing the Pendulum Feet to shreds. The tornado died down to reveal Leomon's digivolved form. The now Ultimate level Digimon roared as he vanished from sight just as a horde of Bubble agents moved in on Jeri, Kazu and Kenta. Andromon was busy fighting off some Creep Hands while MarineAngemon was suffocating a pair of Horn Strikers by encasing their heads in crimson heart shaped bubbles.

Jeri screamed only for it to be drowned out by the sound of swirling wind. Her brown eyes widened when she saw a large tornado in the shape of a lion tear through the bubble agents.

"LION CYCLONE KICK!" GrapLeomon roared. After the attack, GrapLeomon ran towards Jeri and knelt down to look her directly in the eyes.

"You okay there kiddo?" GrapLeomon asked with a toothy grin.

"H-Hai, arigato" Jeri replied as a she aimed to calm her heart beat. A slamming sound was heard behind them as Justimon sent a Creep Hands flying into another one of its species. The twin blue beasts grumbled before their lives were ended as Justimon performed a body slam, crushing them beneath him. He then heard a screech to see a D-Bird fly towards him. He jumped in the air and punched through its stomach with his Trinity Arm. The D-Bird, regenerated however, trapping Justimon's arm and preventing it from moving. The D-Bird took to the skies before plummeting head-first towards the ground. Justimon grunted before an idea formed in his head. He retracted his arm, freeing himself before forming the orange energy blade.

"VOLTAGE BLADE!" he slashed the gelatinous creature in half before flipping in the air to crash his feet against the head of a Creep Hands. He used the head to vault off of it and leap skyward, heading towards a Pendulum Feet. He quickly grabbed the anti-aircraft D-Reaper agent and kicked it in the face and using the force to backflip onto the face of another. He jumped off of it and latched on the back of a D-Bird. Punching through its head with his left fist, he ripped the head off as a result and threw it away before leaping off the descending body and flipped. He grabbed the Pendulum Feet he landed on and then bent his arm at the elbow, allowing him to flip off of it. He continued this method of travel before reaching the giant white sphere that was made by the D-Reaper. Justimon quickly jumped onto a D-Bird and raised his Trinity arm and held it by the neck. The bird screeched as it tried to get the foreign object off of it, but to no avail and submitted to the rider's hold. Justimon nodded and controlled the D-Bird, moving it towards the giant orb of data. Once he reached it, he peered inside and spotted a single object within it.

"Is that...NO IT CAN'T BE?" the bio-merged mega exclaimed. Inside the white orb he spotted the single figure. A thirteen year old blonde girl dressed in an entirely black outfit. She was in a fetal position and her face was buried within her arms.

"ALICE?" Justimon exclaimed. However, his resounding yell had not gained her attention. He continuously yelled at her in order to gain her attention, but o no avail. Justimon then jumped off his airborne steed and formed the Voltage Blade. He slashed at it a multitude of times, but his sword refused to pierce it and with no more force keeping him airborne, he dropped down. His trusty D-Bird saved him, however and dropped him onto the ground...painfully. Since it no longer had a rider it returned to trying to kill Justimon, but was quickly cut in half by the energy blade.

'What's going on? Why is Alice in that thing?" Ryo asked his digital half.

"I don't know" was Justimon's only reply to his tamer.

The battle raged on for many hours and the tamers were soon at their limit.

"NARUTO-KUN, WE NEED TO FALL BACK!" Sakuyamon yelled, speaking with Rika's voice, to the draconic mega. Dorugoramon quickly released a blast of flame from his maw, turning a few D-Reaper agents to charcoal.

"Gather the others and fall back...I'll try to hold them off until you get to safety" Dorugoramon said. Sakuyamon's eyes widened beneath her helemt.

"NO WAY, DORUGORAMON! YOU CAN'T HOLD THEM ALL OFF BY YOURSELF" Naruto's voice broke through when he turned to Rika and Renamon's bio-merged form.

"RIKA...I SAID FALL BACK!" Sakuyamon took a step back from the sudden outburst. The commanding tone of voice was not that of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, boyfriend of Rika...but Dorugoramon, leader of the Digimon forces doing what he can to ensure the survival of his soldiers. She then watched as he gathered chakra into his right hand, the chakra swirling into a compact sphere the size of a basketball and slammed it into the body of a Horn Striker.

"OODAMA RASENGAN!" the attack rammed into the D-Reaper agent and force it back before the chakra was released in an epic explosion, taking out even more agents.

"DO IT NOW, SAKUYAMON!" the dragon yelled. The fox mistress nodded before stabbing her staff into the ground and released a pillar of red light, which was the beacon that signalled for the retreat. The other bio-merged Digimon and the other three tamers and their partners spotted the pillar and carried out the order to retreat. Sakuyamon quickly took to the skies after her friends, but looked back as she saw the bio-merged form of Naruto and Dorumon beating back the army...alone.

Dorugoramon panted as he was suddenly hit in the face by a Creep Hands' fist before a barrage of energy spheres from a swarm of Bubble agents bombarded his body sending him flying through the air only to be halted as two Horn Strikers appeared above him and smashed their fists into his body. One of the Horn Striker's then raised the downed dragon and hurled him into the air as Pendulum Feet extended their feet and sent the leader of the Digimon forces to the ground.

Dorugoramon roared in anger and pain as a group of Creep Hands dogpiled him. He released a burst of fire from his body and sent the pile soaring before punching the ground and a stream of fire in the shape of a dragon's head tore through the D-Reaper's ranks.

He quickly formed two kagebunshin and looked up at the large wall of D-Reaper agents that dared to stand against him. The dragon clones suddenly became encased in an aura of silver and blue, taking on the shape of a dragon. Though he may not appear to feel it, Naruto was always sad whenever he made a clone, knowing that it would eventually die. He remembered everything they did, including how they met their ends and so he grimaced when he held his kagebunshins by their wrists.

"I got your back boss, we have wills of our own, but we choose to protect you, the original" the Dorugoramon clone said with a toothy grin. The original 'Final Enemy' nodded before spinning, holding his clones in an iron grip. The clones then released a roar as it was heaved towards the D-Reaper army, looking an twin bullets of silvery-blue energy.

"DORUDJINN!" and with that the dragon like auras exploded outwards in a show of power that it would have made even Fanglongmon gaze in wonder. Two energy dragons impacted with the army and the D-Reaper agents were sent to their deaths from the explosion. Dorugoramon watched as the explosion and flew off in burst of speed.

Hypnos Towers- Computer Room

The Digimon and their tamers were very tired. This was revealed due to the fact that they had returned from the battleground at least five hours ago and were still knocked out on the set of couch beds that were prepared for them. Rika and Naruto, along with Gatomon and Dorumon were asleep on bed, while Renamon by her choice, slept on the floor in a meditation pose. Andromon had de-digivolved into Guardromon in order to conserve energy before shutting down his systems and Leomon curled up as if he were a kitten, like Guilmon, sleeping next to the bed that Jeri and Takato were now occupying. Kazu, Kenta and Henry didn't care and didn't even take the time to unfurl the bed as they collapsed onto the leather couch and instantly fell asleep upon doing so, with MarineAngemon and Terriermon sleeping atop their respective tamer's heads. Ryo and Monodramon were sleeping on the floor.

Janyu had stopped typing to watch his son and his friends sleep for a few moments, though he was knocked out of his thoughts as Yamaki walked up to him.

"Hey Janyu" the blonde man greeted. The Monster Maker nodded in reply.

"They're really tired, it's veen over five hours since they came back from the battle" the Asian computer genius said. Yamaki played with his cigarette lighter and nodded.

"Is Suzy doing all right since her brother has been fighting for the past four days?" Yamaki asked. Janyu chuckled.

"She's still wondering when he'll come back, but...she has Lopmon to look after her and I've had her mother watch after the both of them around the clock to make sure they don't try to sneak out"

"She's six, Janyu. What can she do?"

"You'd be surprised" the Monster Maker replied earning a round of laughs from both men. The lab was silenced, only filled with the sound of finger hitting keyboard keys.

"Is the algorithm ready?" Yamaki asked.

"Almost, Shibumi said he had to put the finishing touches on it and then we'd be good to go" Janyu replied.

"Excellent, I'll go check on Shibumi now" the head of Hypnos said before walking off. The man adjusted his sunglasses, which was rather stupid of him since he arrived at the secret room entrance and performed the laser eye scanner prior to the fingerprint scan, thus forcing to adjust the sunglasses again. He quickly punched in the code for the room and the door opened with a hiss as the mechanics in the door activated. Yamaki stepped through to see Shibumi typing away. The Monster Maker was surrounded by what seemed to be hundreds of empty styrofoam cups which previously held coffee, and one large water bottle that was closed tightly, filled with yellow liquid that smelled like ammonia if you decided to open and take a whiff of the stuff. Paper towels were crumpled into balls and strewn everywhere around the now full trash bin (Riley had given up on emptying it after the twentieth time, which had occurred two days ago). He continued to watch the computer genius type, but his eyebrow rose in confusion when saw Shibumi suddenly stop. A surprised look suddenly forced its way to his face.

"I can't believe it...I just can't believe it" the man spoke more to himself.

"Shibumi, what's wrong?" Riley asked as she turned away from her monitor. The man snapped his head around so fast that Riley froze in place from the sudden movement and the fear that he would have literally snapped his neck from the whiplash.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" the man yelled and grinned widely as if he were insane. He gripped Riley's shoulders and shook her back and forth. Yamaki quickly walked towards the pair and yanked the red haired woman from the Monster Maker's grasp only for HIS shoulder to replace hers. To Yamaki's surprise, the grip of the man was surprisingly strong.

"SHIBUMI, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! WHAT'S GOING ON?" the dirty blonde haired man exclaimed. Shibumi stopped shaking the head of Hypnos before his insane grin grew wider.

"I've done it" he whispered as he pointed at the screen, "I've finished the algorithm, Yamaki"

Yamaki's and Riley's eyes widened at that as they looked at the Jesus lookalike.

"I am not kidding" he said suddenly, answering their unasked question. Shibumi quickly typed a few more keys and pressed the Enter key. There was a multitude of code stretching across the mutliple screens before they all became filled with the letters S-H-I-B-U-M-I. His signature for every single piece of work. To label the code as his...and his alone. True he had help from the rest of the Monster Makers team in creating it, but they all knew that Shibumi had done the majority of the work. They just helped tie up the loose ends. There was a single beep from the computer and Yamaki watched as Shibumi pulled out what he would call, 'His greatest creation'.

The Red Card.

A few hours later

The tamers had rested for a long while. They deserved the rest after all. After a few more hours had passed the group had finally woken up, identified by the chorus of yawns that filled the room and the mechanical whirrings of Guardromon's systems reactivating. Once that was done, Yamaki led them to the staff room which contained a bathroom and fully stocked kitchen where they ate to their heart's...or rather, stomach's content. Once they had eaten their fill, Yamaki had pulled a bottle of Listerine out who knows where and gave to them. Once they rinsed their mouth of their afternoon breath within the bathroom, Yamaki took them back to computer lab.

Computer Lab

As soon as they arrived back at the computer lab, Yamaki led them to the large monitor at the back of the room where the whole Monster Maker team and Riley were waiting.

"What's this about?" Naruto asked. Shibumi took a step forward and reached into his pants pocket and fished out a rectangular piece of aluminium coated plastic. It was a card that was similar to the tamers' Blue Card, except that it was red. The large capital 'D' with a picture of a pixelated dinosaur looking Digimon poking is head through the space in the 'D'.

"We've finally developed the algorithm needed to defeat the D-Reaper" Riley stated causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"NANI?" was the simultaneous cry from both human and Digimon.

"I can't believe it" Henry gaped at the little rectangular piece of plastic and metal.

"Well believe it" Naruto said with a slight smirk as he said his catch phrase. Janyu and Yamaki then turned to look at Henry, but more specifically at the Digimon laying atop his head. They looked to each other and nodded.

"Henry, is it okay if we see Terriermon for a moment?" Janyu asked. Henry looked puzzled at his father's question, but nodded and handed the long eared rabbit-dog to Janyu. With that, Yamaki and Janyu left the room. The group waited for a while as they didn't want to continue without Terriermon and the other two computer geniuses. After five minutes, the two men and Terriermon came back, but Terriermon was rubbing a spot on his arm.

"Why'd you have to give ME the shot?" Terriermon asked.

"It's something that will help in bringing down the D-Reaper" Yamaki lied, not wanting to tell Terriermon what they had REALLY injected into the Rookie's Digital makeup.

(A/N:and I won't tell you all either)

The Rookie jumped back atop his tamer's head and adjusted to suit his comfort.

"So...what's the plan?" Takato asked.

"I say we go and just beat the crap out of them, Takatomon" Guilmon said with a toothy grin earning a sweatdrop from the group.

"I think Naruto's rubbing off a bit too much on you" the goggle wearing tamer commented.

"OI!" the blonde shinobi yelled taking offence to the comment.

"Alright guys, calm down" Shibumi said as he stroked his beard. When the room quieted everyone looked at him. "Alright, the Red Card is a algorithm I developed that I have created allowing you to bypass the D-Reaper's external structure and reach the inside of it, thus it will allow you to activate the secondary aspect of the Red Card. It will require the use of a high energy catalyst so through the use of this catalyst it will create a reversible reaction that will release a high energy pulse that will spin in the opposite direction of the vortex that the D-Reaper would have originated from thus reducing it back to its basic algorithmic functions and send this half back to the Digital World and upon crossing the vortex back to the Digital World will directly affect the half in the Digital World upon its return" Shibumi explained.

"We'll be setting up communications with you guys through the use of a digital link that we made ourselves. Every single being, whether it be living or non-living, releases a vibrating force which resonates throughout the atmosphere, but at various frequencies. All the Digimon, we have come to realize, enter the Real World at a certain wave frequency and retains that frequency. All Digimon, therefore have the same molecular resonance, so we will be setting the digital link up along the wave frequency of the Digimon, thus allowing us to remain in contact with you all" Yamaki added.

"Oh, yes and one more thing before you guys start, you should know that you are all now celebrities...worldwide" Riley said as she switched on the television to show the News channels. The monitor's screen immediately split up into a variety of smaller screens that revealed several Tv News Anchors all displaying the same story in different languages.


Then many shots of video footage began to fill the screen, showing them from fighting the basic D-Reaper agents, to the higher class D-Birds, to ADR-10:Cerberus.

"Where did they get this footage, there were no news helicopters around during these fights" Rika said. Yamaki then pressed a button and suddenly an image of a bird looking D-Reaper agent appeared.

"These are generating video feeds all over the world, and are apparently linked to one another showing each other what they see" Yamaki said, "This type of D-Reaper agent has been broadcasting your fights all over the world since there are many, smaller D-Reapers in every single major country and continent in the world"

"So do they know who WE are?" Kazu asked.

"No, only your Digimon forms as it seems that the D-Reaper can only see Digital life forms or anything concerning electrical appliances" earning a sigh of relief from the teenage tamers. There was small period of silence as Riley switched off the television.

"Oh, by the way I almost forgot to ask...what is that large sphere?" Kenta asked pointing at the large white sphere where, not known to anyone but Ryo and Monodramon, Alice was kept.

"Oh yes, we had done a scan of that. Apparently it is what protects the Core of the D-Reaper, though the orb around it is made of dense synthesized data and only something of great force can break through it. Also upon further analysis, there appears to be something within the Kernel Sphere, as we dubbed it"

(A/N: The Kernel Sphere is a D-Reaper agent known as ADR-09:Gatekeeper)

"I know what's in it" Ryo said. Everyone turned to Monodramon's tamer.

"What is it?" Shibumi asked.

"Well it's not really a what...more like a who" Ryo said.

"There's a person in there?" Janyu asked earning a nod from the boy.

"Hai, it's a girl I know...her name is Alice, she was a tamer of a Digimon called Dobermon" Ryo said.

"ALICE?" Dolphin scrambled to his feet and pushed his way through stacks of paper and computers before collapsing on his knees in front of the boy.

"You found my daughter?" everyone's eyes widened.

"YOUR DAUGHTER?" everyone exclaimed.

"Yeah...Alice had gone missing for a few months, but when I called her into Missing Person's they couldn't find her anywhere...but at least I know she's alive" Dolphin said with a tear going down his cheek, the emotion too much to be kept inside his body. Daisy and Curly knelt down and rubbed the now crying man's back as he wept in happiness for knowing the fate of his daughter.

"Alice was in a depression and I saw that there were a few lines of data moving across her body as if the D-Reaper were scanning her" Ryo added.

"The D-Reaper probably wants to understand humans, it is a program designed to learn before acting" Yamaki explained. Kazu slammed his fist against the wall gaining everyone's attention.

"CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS AND JUST HURRY AND GET RID OF THE D-REAPER ALREADY?" he roared. The group gained serious looks and nodded, agreeing with Kazu. For once. Shibumi then handed Henry the Red Card.

"Slash it through your D-Arks and it will automatically download all the capabilities you will need to bypass the D-Reaper's outer shell. Also, the Kernel Sphere is currently being reabsorbed back into the D-Reaper's body..." Shibumi pointed to the Gatekeeper which was currently three quarters eaten by the D-Reaper's gelatinous form.

"Good luck" Shibumi said, however just as the plan was to start a large swirling mass of data appeared above Naruto and Dorumon. Everyone looked up to see a group of DigiGnomes floating above them.

"The DigiGnomes!" the tamers and Digimon exclaimed.

"What are they doing here?" Renamon wondered, like everyone else. The DigiGnomes floated down from the portal and then stopped in front of Dorumon and Naruto. Two of the DigiGnomes then touched their foreheads and suddenly Naruto's and Dorumon's pupils dilated and their irises expanded as a sea of information and images entered their minds. It all happened within seconds and the two groaned, gripping their skulls.

"No way...HE'S OUT!" Naruto exclaimed. The DigiGnomes nodded.

"Naruto, we have to go" the purple furred dragon said. The duo turned to Gatomon as they walked by the DigiGnomes.

"What...what's going on?" Rika asked.

"Something's happening in the Digital World. Fanglongmon is too busy trying to hold off the D-Reaper without using his strongest attack which could very well destroy the Digital World, and Lucemon is free. You all are not strong enough to stand up against the leader of the Demon Lords. Gatomon you're in charge..." Naruto was interrupted when Rika latched onto him.

"NO, why must you always insist on doing things yourself. True, you're strong...but you're not invincible Naruto-kun...I...I don't want to lose you" she whispered the last part so that only he could hear it. The blonde shinboi looked down at his red haired beauty and stroke her hair.

"I know that I'm not invincible Rika-chan...but you need to stay here. Save your world, tell you what..." he said as he pushed her way in order for her eyes to look into his, "I'll make a bet with you, you bet that I will make it back. After all they do say Lady Luck will be on my side"

Rika's eyes lined with tears, but she blinked to hold them back, "Fine, but if you don't make it back...I'm dragging you back from hell and kicking your ass"

Naruto chuckled before kissing Rika on her lips, "I'll see you when I get back...I love you, Rika...don't forget that" Rika nodded as she saw Dorumon give Gatomon one last kiss on the lips before both of them grabbed the DigiGnomes and vanished in a flash of yellow light into the portal. The portal then closed. Gatomon and Rika looked at each other and Rika went to shove her hands in her pockets, but suddenly felt something that wasn't there before. She pulled out the object and saw that it was Gatomon's bronze coloured D-Ark and the Blue Card that came with it.

Rika's violet-grey eyes hardened as she gripped the D-Ark before looking at Gatomon.

"Well, you're in charge" the red haired tamer said. Gatomon nodded as she looked at the rest of the tamer's and their Digimon.


"HAI!" was the resounding reply.

Digital World-Southern Quadrant

Desert- approximately 500 kilometres from D-Reaper's second half

The Sin of Pride clenched his hands into fists as he kicked up sand as he ran across the sands of the Southern Quadrant. He had been running for quite a while, he really should have specified the location of where that portal dropped him off. He had wasted too much time already traversing the length of desert he already had.

"Kuso...I can see the D-Reaper from here, but does it have to be so damn far away. My destiny lies so close...yet so far" he growled. He ran for a few more minutes and smirked as he had covered half the distance he had just ran in that time.

"Almost there...and then both the Digital World and the Real World will be mine" the Demon Lord cackled only to skid to a stop when a large mass of yellow energy opened up in front of him...a portal. The portal then pulsed as it released two figures making Lucemon's eyes widened before a wicked grin spread across his face.

" glad I can finally meet you two face to face"

"The feeling is not mutual" the two said.

"Now, now is that anyway to say hello to your new lord and master...Naruto, Dorumon" the blonde shinobi and X-Antibody holder growled in response, their eyes filled with anger towards the Demon Lord at how they had been unknowingly used to bring about his current freedom. A flash of light and dark energies suddenly clashed against the D-Reaper's body which was only 250 kilometres away.

"Fanglongmon seems to be holding his own against the D-Reaper quite well don't you think?" Lucemon said as he flapped the wings of his Chaos Mode.

"Yeah, too bad he couldn't kill you though" Dorumon hissed. Lucemon's eyes narrowed at that, but was suddenly met with a bright flash of light as Naruto swiped the Blue Card through his D-Ark.


"DORUMON WARP MATRIX DIGIVOLVE TO... DORUGREYMON!" the red dragon roared as he towered over the Sin of Pride.

"Ah, DoruGreymon, Ultimate level Digimon. Only your digivolution, Dorugoramon holds the worthy title of being the 'Final Enemy' though" Lucemon said. Naruto and DoruGreymon glared at the ten winged demonic angel.

"We're going to kill you" Naruto said as raised his hands into a cross shaped positions.

"TAJUU KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" a thousand clones suddenly formed forming a wall of orange and black. A shroud of red youkai cloaked each of their bodies as they all bent down on all fours. Their crimson eyes staring at the Demon Lord.

"You think that you two can stop one can" Lucemon spoke in a soft, pure voice, but behind the pureness the two partners could hear the evil and dark desires that were held within the dialogue.

"Yes we will and we will not rest until we destroy you for good, Lucemon" the dragon and shinboi yelled.

"Please, I know your every move, your every attack because I've had a spy watching you for quite a while my young friends" Lucemon said with a chuckle. The two figures seemed to growl in anger.

"What spy, no one on our side even knows of you much less sided with you!" the now crimson eyed jinchuriki yelled. The dark angel chuckled again, but this time a bit louder.

"You naive fools, the spy has been here amongst you this entire time allowing me to watch through their own eyes while I observed you in silence" Lucemon paused, "the spy is none other than...your precious little Gato-chan" DoruGreymon's eyes widened before he stamped forward and charged. His rage completely taking him over as he spun and lashed out with his tail. The golden spike driving forth, aimed for the Sin of Pride's heart. Lucemon chuckled as he raised his gloved hand and caught the tip of the blade between his index and middle fingers.

"LIAR!" DoruGreymon roared as he tried to overcome the monstrous strength of the Demon Lord, the muscles in his tail trying oh so very hard to drive the point of the golden blade forward, but to no avail. Lucemon smirked.

"It's the truth, though you must suddenly hate that neko now. Her existence being the reason for your downfall" Lucemon grinned maniacally.

"NO, GATOMON IS OUR COMRADE, IF SHE WAS YOUR SPY...SHE WOULDN'T HAVE BECOME MY PARTNER. SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE MEMORY OF YOUR CONTROL OVER HER...SHE IS ONE OF OUR PRECIOUS PEOPLE, AND I WON'T...LET YOU DEGRADE HER!" Naruto roared as he gave the command for his army of clones to attack. The chorus of yells met the ears of the Demon Lord.

Lucemon smirked and then changed his grip to holding the blade of DoruGreymon's tail with both hands and to the surprise of both tamer and Digimon, he easily spun, twirling around the gigantic dragon as if he were a ragdoll and threw him away, causing the dragon to land atop a number of clones. The rest of the clones continued their charge. Lucemon then got into a fighting stance and then ran into the fray. He quickly grabbed the fist of one clone and choke slammed it before using its downed form to leap over the body and slam an axe kick against the head of another clone. He then crossed his arms and blocked the triple punch from three kagebunshins and pushed them back before dropping low to avoid a spin kick the head and then rushed headfirst into another kagebunshin before backflipped and punching the ground causing a shockwave that sent clones flying. Lucemon the raised an arm to block the chop to the neck from another kyuubified clone before grabbing its arm and ripping it off causing the clone and the detached arm to disappear in a plume of smoke. He then grabbed the head of a clone and ripped it off before spinning and landing a kick to the diaphragm of another clone and then ducked down to avoid a rasengan from one clone. He grabbed the outstretched arm and slammed the rasengan into another clone sending it spiralling into its brethren before he took the clone he still gripped and slammed its stomach against his knee earning a cracking sound as the bones shattered. His sky blues eyes glowed as he looked into the crimson eyes of the kyuubi chakra enhanced clones before he roared and released as pulse of dark energy. The energy blast sent clones flying and then he leaped and grabbed one of the airborne clones by its ankles and flipped before slamming the clone into the hard desert sand. Lucemon quickly crouched down and performed a sweep kick that sent a clone to the ground as he followed up by kicking the clone square in the face. He began to dance around each clone, blocking their attacks and countering ending their lives as quickly as they attacked. He quickly grabbed two clones thast had emerged from the ground and stopped their hands which each clutched rasengans in their palms before snapping the wrists and then throwing them skyward. he flew up after them and performed a double axe sending both clones of the blonde shinobi to ground zero. He dropped down, surrounding his fist with light energy and slammed it into the earth releasing a pillar of light upon impact that destroyed many clones. He then smirked before he took to the skies and put his body in the shape of a cross.

Ten superheated spheres of light energy formed in the shape of a cross before they launched at the crowd of clones.

"GRAND CROSS!" the Sin of Pride yelled as the attack struck and a large explosion killed many a clone. DoruGreymon the flew back into the battle and flipped in the air, catching the Demon Lord off guard by his sudden appearance and was sent below the sands from the tail sending him downwards. The Demonic Angel quickly burst out, underneath DoruGreymon's stomach and knocked the wind out the Ultimate level's lungs before gripping the large dragon and throwing him atop the remaining clones, ending their lives. DoruGreymon's crimson eyes narrowed as he roared before rushing forth and slashing with his claws, but Lucemon ducked beneath the slash and then flew up, crashing his fist against the chin of the mighty dragon. He then performed a rapid combo of punches that sent the dragon's body reeling back before he was sent flying from a roundhouse kick to the face. The original Naruto, since all his kagebunshins had been defeated, rushed forth with a rasengan in hand, but the demonic angel ducked beneath the attack and aimed to slam an elbow against the boy's chest. Naruto quickly reacted and twisted his body to avoid the counterattack and then lashed out with a kick. Lucemon tilted his head to the side to avoid the blow, but was caught off guard as Naruto twisted to grab his arm and flipped in the air to correctly position his body to crash his heel against the Demon Lord's face. Though the attack didn't hurt much, it contained enough force to send Lucemon to the ground.

"Well done, Naruto. As expected from the son of the Yondaime Hokage" Naruto ignored the Demon Lord's comment, though it still made his mind wonder, and kept up his momentum. He roared and released a youkai pulse that sent Lucemon skidding backwards into the tail of a waiting DoruGreymon. The Sin of Pride cursed at his carelessness at forgetting the boy's partner and quickly flipped in the air to right himself and blocked a spin kick from the blonde before swinging the shinobi through the air and sent him flying. Naruto recovered however, and flashed through handsigns, going through jutsu after jutsu.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" the raging ball of flame rocketed from Naruto's mouth, but Lucemon cut them in half with a chopping motion.

"Doton: Doryudan no Jutsu!" the gigantic earth dragon suddenly erupted from the earth before he flashed through more handsigns.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" a fire dragon followed and then melded with the earth dragon causing it to melt and form magma.

"YOUTON: YOURYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ LAVA STYLE: LAVA DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the giant lava dragon roared as it descended upon Lucemon who had to backflip to avoid collision with the might repitilian beast only to get hit with large amounts of water pressure as Naruto performed Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu. The water dragon sent Lucemon up as it roared and trapped the Demon Lord in its jaws before crashing into the ground.

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki no Jutsu!" a giant tornado formed as Naruto yelled the name of the jutsu sending Lucemon spiralling into the skies. The Demon spread his wings as he aimed to stop his dizziness, only to be stopped as a giant lightning bolt struck him in the back.

"RAITON: RAIKURAI NO JUTSU/ LIGHTNING STYLE: THUNDERBOLT JUTSU!" the bolt of electricity lanced through the air and struck Lucemon's back once more only for Lucemon to turn and deflect the many other lightning bolts that followed after. Lucemon then fired multiple balls of light energy.

"DOTON: DORYUKEHKI NO JUTSU!" the giant earth wall erected upon its name being called and was crushed by the multiple impacts, but it did its job as Naruto leapt into the air and flashed through more handsigns.

"FUUTON: FUUJIN KEN/ WIND STYLE: WIND GOD'S FIST!" Naruto roared as he let loose a punch that sent a fist made entirely of swirling winds at Lucemon. The Sin of Pride released a pulse of dark energy that nullified the jutsu only for another fist to follow right after the first and struck the demonic angel. Lucemon cursed as he saw Naruto land with him. The blonde slammed his hands on the ground.

"DOTON: YOUGOUSHA NO TSUCHIJIN/ EARTH STYLE: PROTECTOR OF THE EARTH GOD!" the sand rumbled as it rose and twisted before solidifying into solid rock and created a giant male lion. Its glowing green eyes glared at its master's opponent before roaring. It charged, paws thundering across the landscape as Lucemon coated his fists in dark energy and punched the sands. A stream of darkness raced towards the lion, but the beast melted into the sands to avoid the attack before reappearing right in front of Lucemon and slapped him across the face with enough force to snap a neck, but Lucemon was a Demon Lord and he wouldn't go down like that. He flipped in the air and reacted quickly, grabbing the jaws of the lion that tried to bite his off and then roared, releasing a pulse of light energy that tore apart the earthen beast from the inside, out. Once the lion died Lucemon released a stream of light energy towards the blonde shinobi, but Naruto quickly cartwheeled out of the way and flashed through handsigns.

"FUUTON: FUURYUENDANN NO JUTSU/ WIND STYLE: WIND DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" a serpent of swirling winds suddenly formed from behind Naruto and took off towards Lucemon. Lucemon dodged the initial attack and then cartwheeled to avoid the follow up. He jumped and flipped to avoid the flexible reptile of wind before bringing down his hand in a chopping motion upon the dragon's head, slicing it down the middle as a crescent of dark energy cut through it. Naruto the launched several fireballs at Lucemon who knocked them down with a simple clap that had released a shockwave to snuff out the spheres of heated oxygen. Naruto the formed two kagebunshins and the three of them went through a string of handsigns.




The oil from the kagebunshin was set afire by the flames of the karyuendaan upon their meeting before the flames were intensified when they fused with the wind dragon. Naruto then smirked as he yelled the name of his sensei's jutsu.

"KATON: GAMAYU ENDAAN/ FIRE STYLE: TOAD FLAME BOMB!" the flaming bullet raced across the sands turning some of it into glass from the extreme heat and Lucemon had to raised his arms, coating them in darkness energy to prevent himself from being burnt. DoruGreymon quickly took to the air and opened his jaws. A small metallic orb emerged before it began to grow, becoming ten times the size of the already gigantic dragon.

"METAL METEOR!" DoruGreymon roared and the metal spheroid descended towards Lucemon, turning red from the heat in made from the friction with the wind resistance. Lucemon looked to see Naruto coming in with an Oodama Rasengan to his left, and looked up at the descending mass of heated steel. Lucemon smirked.

'They put up just as much of a challenge as Fanglongmon...though, only a god can match the power of another god' Lucemon thought as he raised his left fist and coated it with dark energy. With a yell he punched the sands, kicking up a large explosion of the particles of crushed and weathered earth and the resulting shockwave sent Naruto flying back, his Oodama Rasengan dispelled from the lack of concentration. The Demon Lord quickly changed his focus onto the giant sphere and held up his hands. DoruGreymon and Naruto watched with wide eyes as Lucemon coated his hands with light energy and caught the Metal Meteor. The impact forced Lucemon to skid back a good few feet, but in the end he came to a stop with the smoking metallic sphere held up with both hands. The blonde Demon Lord laughed loudly.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING WITH THE POWER OF A GOD!" Lucemon roared as he pelted the sphere back at DoruGreymon who quickly flew to the side to avoid it, only to be met with the gloved fist of Lucemon sending his head snapping to the left. Lucemon quickly performed a spin kick to the dragon's neck before grabbing DoruGreymon and flew down, choke slamming the gigantic red furred dragon into the sands. He then raised his arm and blocked the chakra enhanced kick from Naruto and punched him in the face. Lucemon flew after the blonde shinobi and grabbed him while he was in the air and slammed him into the ground. He then raised the blonde shinobi and punched him in the face with his right fist before following up with a left hook to the cheek. He then ducked down and punched the jinchuriki twice in his stomach sending him upwards and then jumping up with a kick from his right foot and then following up with his left. Naruto's eyes widened as he coughed up blood and bile from the furious blows to his midsection. Lucemon then performed a multiple punch-kick combo to Naruto's body causing bones to fracture before Lucemon raised his hands and clasped them together. He brought them down onto the blonde's skull and that sent Naruto rocketing to the ground before Lucemon dived down after him and slammed his knee into Naruto's stomach causing Naruto to scream in pain.

'Music to my ears' Lucemon then threw the damaged Naruto against DoruGreymon causing a large smoke cloud to form. Lucemon chuckled as he watched the cloud of dust and sand.

"A good fight, but they died in the end" Lucemon said as he cracked his joints. However, he paused when he was about to leave when the smoke cloud suddenly dispersed as a large explosion of fire erupted from the smoke cloud. The orange fires morphed into the shape of a dragon before the fiery reptile released a roar as it stretched across the landscape. Lucemon held out his hand and was surprised by the amount of force that he was met with and the dragon suddenly exploded in his face sending him flying. His eyes, which were shut from the pain, snapped open as he felt a punch to his diaphragm knock the wind out of him. His sky blue eyes met golden yellow.

"DRAGON FIST!" Dorugoramon yelled as his claws ignited and a dragon shaped fist descended knocking Lucemon into the ground. Dorugoramon then dropped down straight as a pin towards Lucemon. The Demonic Angel rolled out of the way just in time as the claws of the true 'Final Enemy' met the sands. Lucemon then performed a windmill, tripping the dragon's feet out from under him, but the bio-merged Digimon lashed out with his tail and wrapped it around Lucemon's own ankles and pulled his feet out from under him sending the blonde demonic angel to the ground as well. Both combatants quickly rose to their feet and performed a series of backhand springs to gain some distance before they both raised their fists.

They thrust them forward and twin fire streams met a mixture of light and dark energy. A large explosion formed from the collision and a smoke cloud formed. Using it to his advantage, Dorugoramon growled and the Final Enemy went through the smoke cloud twisted in the air catching Lucemon in the stomach with his clawed feet. Lucemon gapsed as the dragon followed up with a fire blast from his jaws, sending him skidding backwards. Lucemon flew back and crashed his head against the steel dragon's stomach and then grabbed the 'Final Enemy' by the head and repeatedly slammed it against the sand, filling the bio-merged Digimon's mouth with sand and blinding him as sand got into his eyes. The blonde Demonic Angel then punched Dorugoramon in the stomach before spinning and crashing his heel against the dragon's temple. The Final Enemey flipped in the air as he recovered and raised his arms to block the chop that was aimed for his forehead. He quickly redirected the attack and slammed his flaming fist into Lucemon's stomach sending the Demon Lord flying back as the dragon fist extended in its serpentine form. Dorugoramon followed the Sin of Pride and wrapped his tail around his arm and impaled the blade at the end through Lucemon's back earning a scream of pain which was music to Dorugoramon's ears. He then threw the Sin of Pride downwards and then his body was surrounded by a silvery aura.

"BRAVE METAL!" the draconic mega roared as he slammed a powerful skull bash to Lucemon's stomach. The blue eyed villain grunted as he held the dragon's skull in place before spinning and slamming the dragon into the sands. He then raised Dorugoramon by his neck and punched him numerous times in his stomach before throwing him into the air and formed a cross with his body.

"GRAND CROSS!" the ten super-heated orbs of energy scorched the air as they blasted off towards Dorugoramon and made impact. The resulting explosion sent Dorugoramon flying off a good distance, but Lucemon flew after him, full speed, allowing him to reach the Final Enemy's location in seconds. He timed the dragon's descent and lashed out with a straight kick which nailed Dorugoramon in the stomach. The steel-like dragon roared in pain before he countered by grabbing Lucemon's arm and flipping over it allowing him kick Lucemon in the face. He then dropped down and created friction between his claws causing them to become encased in fire.

The dragon quickly punched Lucemon in the stomach with one flaming fist before following up with the other. He then crashed his knee into his stomach before twisting to slam his heel against the temple of the blonde angelic demon. He then launched himself at the Demon Lord, sending his flaming fist into the sternum of Lucemon before crouching down. Using the momentum from his knees as he shot back up, he slammed a flaming uppercut, spinning as he did so, to send the Demon Lord spiralling up into the air from the impact. Lucemon fell to the ground before Dorugoramon became encased in an aura of blue and silver energy which took the form of a mighty dragon.

"DORUDJINN!" the Final Enemy roared as he descended. Lucemon raised his arms and an orb of dark energy formed in his right hand while an orb of light energy formed in his left.

"ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!" the ten winged Demon Lord cried out. The two spheres of energy launched themselves at Dorugoramon's draconic energy form before encasing him in a cube of black and white.

"Let's see if luck is on your side" Lucemon said as he snapped his fingers. The cube suddenly glowed, but then it dissipated as if nothing happened.

"Kuso" Lucemon growled as Dorugoramon continued with his attack after a confused look. The Sin of Pride roared and released a blast of light energy from his mouth, but the energy dragon avoided it and Lucemon cursed once more as he was hit with the attack. A large explosion formed and Lucemon screamed in pain from it. When the blast and sand cloud died down, it cleared to reveal the panting body of Dorugoramon and Lucemon.

"Well done, boy" Lucemon said.

"" Naruto's voice came through the dragon's mouth. The dragon's fists suddenly became encased in fire and he slammed them into the ground.

"DRAGON FIST!" the stream of fire tore through the sands before taking on the shape of a dragon which Lucemon sidestepped before he raced forth. Lucemon was suddenly in front of Dorugoramon, his arm draped across the dragon's neck and his voice whispered into his ear.

"You have done well in this fight...though time to end it" Dorugoramon's golden eyes widened as he realized Lucemon had struck him in the stomach.

"PARADISE LOST PUNCH!" Lucemon then followed up with a punch to the face and then a left hook to the cheek. He then spun and crashed his leg into the Final Enemy's stomach causing the dragon to cough from the lack of air in his lungs. The Demon Lord then followed up with a straight kick to the stomach and then performed a two hit combo to the face with his fists. He then crouched down and performed an uppercut that had the dragon sent up off the ground. Lucemon the performed a backhand spring and the toe of his boot caught the dragon on the chin sending him higher up. Lucemon jumped after the dragon and performed a straight vertical kick causing the toe of his boot to reunite with Dorugoramon's chin. Two more uppercuts followed after causing the two combatants to rise higher off the ground. Lucemon then coated his fists in light and dark energy. He performed a rapid flurry of punches and kicks before twisting and performing an upward hell kick sending Dorugoramon even higher upwards. Lucemon flapped his wings as he appeared above the twirling dragon's form before stopping him. Dorugoramon's eyes widened as he realized he was upside-down. His legs were bound by Lucemon's arms and his arms and head were locked by the Sin of Pride's legs.

"Going down" the demonic angel grinned widely as gravity took effect on both and the two megas descended. A loud crash echoed across the sandy landscape as Dorugoramon met the sands headfirst. Lucemon got off the downed body of Dorugoramon.

"You know this was how I defeated your friend Alchemon...too bad you died so soon" Lucemon said, "This was rather fun, but it had to end"

The blonde Demon Lord's ears suddenly twitched when he heard a chuckle and looked to see the Dorugoramon before him stir and fell forward allowing him to see the dragon's bleeding form.

"You're right Lucemon...this had to end" and the sky blue eyes of the Demon Lord seemed to widen even further when there was a loud screeching sound heard from above. The Dorugoramon before him vanished in a plume of smoke. He looked up to see the original Dorugoramon above him, flying down and in his right hand was a bright blue sphere of chakra, that appeared white. around the orb was a shuriken shaped by the numerous blades of wind chakra that spun around the orb.

"I'M ENDING THIS...FUUTON: RASENSHURIKEN!" Dorugoramon threw the final form of the rasengan and Lucemon's eyes widened as the attack flew towards him.

"NO, I'M NOT DYING!" Lucemon quickly held two spheres of light and dark energies and launched the blast at the wind shuriken, but the shuriken sliced through the blast like paper only to come to a stop when Lucemon began to push more power into his attack. He tried to overpower the attack, but it remained at a stalemate. Dorugoramon smirked as he released a blast of fire that coated his rasenshuriken in fire and the attack increased in strength before plowing through more of Lucemon's energy beam attack before it expanded when it reached a suitable distance.

Lucemon's eyes widened as he was suddenly enveloped in a dome of wind blades and streams of fire. The Demon's Lord scream would have echoed throughout the Digital World if it was possible due to its loudness. The scream died down as the blast continued to tear up the sands in a storm of wind and fire. Dorugoramon then smirked as he fell to the ground, panting.

"You think we did it?" Naruto asked. Dorugoramon smirked.

"I think we did" the digimon replied to his human half.

"You did good kit" the nine tailed fox grinned at his jinchuriki from inside the cage.

"Arigato Kyuubi" Naruto said with a smile. However, the victory was suddenly interrupted when all three, human, Digimon and bijuu were all caught off guard by the appearance of the Sin of Pride walking out of the resulting smoke cloud, though he did have a large number of lacerations over his body, but his healing factor made quick work of them.


"What...what did he do?"

Lucemon chuckled as he watched the dragon's surprised face.

"You're probably wondering what happened, well...I'll tell you. Just before your new technique went off, I performed an alternative form of my Ultimate Sacrifice attack that I never had the pleasure of using until now. It utilizes the extreme density of the light and darkness energies within the attack and I used it to create a shield, though I must admit, your attack is quite strong as it had completely cut through the attack and even slashed me. I'm sure I would have died from it" Lucemon congratulated the bio-merged Digimon. Dorugoramon was in too much of a shock to become aware of the Demon Lord's burst of speed and was only aware of it when he suddenly felt the strong grip of Lucemon around his throat. Dorugoramon slashed at Lucemon, but even with the fires surrounding the dragon's claws, Lucemon refused to let go. His gloved hand, though lacking the glove aspect, retained its strong hold on the dragon's throat.

"I take back what I thought are actually as strong as Fanglongmon when you don't hold back. Your powers know no bounds young Naruto and with little Dorumon here...the collaboration jutsus I've seen you do. Breathtaking. So sad that you have to die, tell you what, give up and surrender to me and then I'll let you live and you'll become my second in command of the new world" Lucemon proposed. Dorugoramon's golden eyes gained a reddish hue from the Kyuubi's chakra leaking through.

"Bite me" Dorugoramon gasped. Lucemon smirked and then tightened his grip.

"Your choice" and with that Dorugoramon saw darkness.


Drip Drip

Naruto and Dorumon awoke to the sound of water dripping. The shinobi and dragon looked around to find themselves in the blonde's midscape. Kyuubi was before them and looked at them with an emotionless look.

"'re dying"

Naruto nodded, "So I've noticed by the fact that Lucemon is taking away our ability to breathe"

"So's all over. All we did...we fought our hardest...and we failed"

"No..." the two smaller beings turned to the gargantuan demon.

"No...NO...NO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY NO! WE'RE BEING CHOKED TO DEATH AND YOU THINK WE HAVE A CHANCE AGAIN?" Dorumon yelled. Naruto sat in a meditative position as he looked at his bijuu.

"He's here isn't he?" the giant bijuu gave its jinchuriki a vulpine grin that showed his pearly whites.

"Yes...he is. I'm sure you would like to meet him" Dorumon looked confused as the jinchuriki and bijuu talked to each other.

"What the hell are you two talking about?" his burnt orange eyes widened when Kyuubi reached out with a single claw. The demon fox then tapped the floor outside the seal cage and a large door with the symbol of the X-Antibody appeared.

"He awaits you both behind the door" Kyuubi said. Naruto stood to his feet and then looked at Dorumon with a grin.

"Come on, we're gonna see an old friend" Naruto took Dorumon by his claws and opened the door. Dorumon and Naruto walked through the door and the pair was suddenly in a space that was completely dark.

"Naruto I don't understand there's nothing he-" the X-Antibody holder was silenced when a bright orange light suddenly appeared before him and Naruto.

"Now now Dorumon...I can't believe you'd be one to give up so easily. Even when you're about to die"

The purple furred dragon's eyes widened as he recognised the voice, "No...No way"

Before Naruto and Dorumon, there was the floating form of his deceased best friend, Ryudamon.

"Hello, Dorumon" the samurai armour clad Digimon smiled.

"But..But you're..."

"You hold my DigiCore within you, remember?" Ryudamon said, his green eyes staring into Dorumon's orange ones.

"Dorumon, Ryudamon will help us in defeating Lucemon" Naruto told his partner. Dorumon and Naruto floated within the dark space in front of Ryudamon. Ryudamon the held out his claws and a sphere of silvery blue energy appeared. The silvery blue energy then retracted to the half way mark of the orb, revealing the multiple colours of its second half, the mixture of black, gold and orange. The DigiCore of Dorumon floated before them.

"THIS, Dorumon, is your DigiCore" Ryudamon stated.

"Why does it look like this?" he asked noticing the different colours as well as the Digi-Code symbols for 'Dragon' on one half and the symbol for 'Warrior' of the other.

"This is because, Dorumon, you have more than one mega form" this caused both tamer and partner's eyes to widen.

"More mega" they gasped. Ryudamon nodded.

"During my time in your DigiCore, I realized the potential you possess. Now your DigiCore is part of two different Digimon. The half you are using right now is the physical representation of the 'Dragon', this silvery blue half of your DigiCore" Naruto and Dorumon's eyes suddenly widened when they saw Ryudamon change into a large black scaled chinese dragon. Its fleshy underbelly was a crimson colour and two spikes along with the majority of its face was a cream colour. In one of its forelimbs was a green sphere and in the other was an orange sphere. It looked at the two with piercing green eyes.

This was Hisyarumon, Ryudamon's Ultimate level form. The seal that was composed of the "Dragon" and the "General" data engraved on the deepest parts of his Dig-Core was broken, producing this Digimon. His form is suitable enough to be dragonic, and he runs across the Digital World, making use of his movement powers fully. When he touches the "Dragon Cane" and "Dragon Corner" gems he has in his hands, he shows his powerful anger despite his godlike existence being praised. It is said that the gems are crystals that contain the ruined souls of his companions (in other words, their Digi-Cores) that died.

Hisyarumon then looked at the second half of Dorumon's DigiCore.

"Your other half however, is much more powerful that Dorugoramon"

"More powerful than the 'Final Enemy'? Naruto asked. The great serpentine Digimon nodded.

"Hai, due to my presence in Dorumon's DigiCore, the 'Warrior' half of Dorumon's DigiCore has increased in strength exponentially" Hisyarumon suddenly glowed as he went through another change, becoming a large brown scaled dragon. Its underbelly, face and feet were covered in golden scale like armour. The tip of its tail was a large golden blade. Its wings were a pair of black blades that were lined with a bright golden colour. In its hands were a pair of large blades.

This was Owryumon, Ryudamon's final form. It is a large mega level Digimon that, due to the interface on its brow, even its DigiCore's own creativity was miraculously released, and its form digivolved. Possibly because it naturally possessed the ferocious combat data of the "Dragons" and "Generals" of Japanese myth within its DigiCore, the form created by its DigiCore is a "Warrior Dragon", clad in frightening, majestic Japanese armor and holding swords in both of its hands. The left-hand sword is the Gairyƫ Sadaijin/Armored Dragon Left Greatsword, and the right-hand sword is the "Gairyƫ Udaijin/Armored Dragon Right Greatsword. The blades of the wings on its back are called the Gaiba Daimeijin/Armoured Horse Famous Blades.

"Why are you only changing?" Dorumon asked.

"I am changing to match your level of strength. I was previosuly Ryudamon, then I changed to Hisyarumon, my Ultimate form, but I am Owryumon, my mega form. This is the form that will allow you to reach the 'Warrior' core's true potential" Owryumon explained.

"Sugoi" the two gaped.

"Now listen to me, both of you. This new form will possess great power, so be careful when you use it as it can sometimes be hard to control" the great dragon looked down at Dorumon's DigiCore and then passed his hand over his friend's DigiCore and the orange/gold/black half enveloped the entire core.

"You will now become the 'Warrior'. This Dorumon, is the true power of the X-Antibody. Use my power, and let it explode, though it may be hard to harness at first become the great warrior you were meant to be. BECOME THE ALPHA DIGIMON!" a bright flash of gold, orange and black suddenly enveloped Naruto and Dorumon.

Lucemon smirked as he felt Dorugoramon go limp only to be sent flying back from a strong pulse of data and energy.

"What the...impossible?" Lucemon exclaimed as he saw the orb of gold, black and orange energy envelop the dragon's form. Dorugoramon suddenly disappeared and then a whole knew figure formed within the egg of swirling data. Naruto watched from inside the orb of data, through the eyes of his and Dorumon's new bio-merged form. A black draconic body formed first, lacking the tail, but a pair of golden feather wings emerged from his back. Then, encasing the body of the newly formed mega was a set of black and gold armour. A flowing cape that was torn at the edges, that was white on the surface, but the underneath being a royal blue colour emerged from his back. His wings extended from the armour that covered it. The helmet that covered his head suddenly glowed crimson before the glow died down to reveal the bright red eyes within. The newly formed Digimon took a single step forward as the egg of swirling data burst apart.

Lucemon's eyes narrowed at the new arrival.

"Who are you?" he demanded to know. The knight like Digimon didn't respond, but simply got into a fighting stance. Lucemon growled and raced forth. The crimsoneyes within the helmet widened as he saw Lucemon's rapidly approaching body. Naruto watched through these eyes, seeing what was about to happen before it even happened.

'I'm seeing what's about to happen before it happens' the shinobi thought from within his bio-merged body and he ducked benath the punch before performing a roll to avoid the blast of light energy that followed after. The armoured Digimon cartwheeled to avoid Lucemon's flying kick and it caused a large amount of sand to kick up.

'So this must be what it's like to have a Sharingan' Naruto thought before he smirked and he and Dorumon's new form slipped into a fighting stance once more.

"Naruto, Lucemon wishes to know who we are" Dorumon's voice spoke. Naruto grinned his foxy grin.

"Then let's give him a good introduction"

The black and gold armoured Digimon nodded to himself before ducking beneath another kick and grabbed Lucemon's outstretched leg.

"You want to know who I am?" he swung Lucemon away before punching the sands, releasing a timed shockwave that struck the Demon Lord. Lucemon roared and released a blast of light energy. The Digimon vanished in a burst of speed, reappearing in front of Lucemon's surprised face.

"I AM A ROYAL KNIGHT!" he crashed a multitude of punches into Lucemon's stomach before Lucemon could even register what happened before tried to counter with an elbow only for his opponent to grab it and then twist his arm in an angle it shouldn't be bent at before breaking it. Lucemon growled as he felt the arm heal, but was hit with a powerful kick to the face sending him spinning as he met the ground.

"I AM THE ALOOF HERMIT!" he appeared before the downed Sin of Pride before throwing him up into the air and then flapped his wings to follow up after his enemy. The armoured Digimon then performed a roundhouse kick that sent Lucemon flying through the air before using another burst of speed to catch Lucemon upside down and locked his limbs in place, using Lucemon's own move against him.

"I AM THE HOLDER OF THE EMPTY SEAT!" the proclaimed Royal Knight yelled as he slammed Lucemon into the ground. He then pulled the blonde Sin of Pride's body out of the sand and then threw him away before disappearing in another burst of speed. He balanced on left arm and leg before timing an upward kick that crashed into Lucemon's flying form, hitting his skull.

"I AM THE ALPHA DIGIMON!" Lucemon flew back up before the Holder of the Empty Seat appeared behind him, performing Kagebuyo/Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. He then twisted his body, crashing his leg against Lucemon's ribs before using the force to reverse his spin to crash his other's foot's heel into the Demon Lord's stomach. The Royal Knight twisted his body to crash his right fist into the Demon Lord's face before using his wings to right himself and then flipped in the air to perform a crushing axe kick to the stomach. Lucemon met the sands harshly and coughed up sand when he looked to see his opponent drop down and seem to curl his hands around something in the air. Streams of green and orange energy suddenly swirled to life in the Aloof Hermit's hands before it condensed and soldified, taking on the form of a giant blade which had a very thin hilt, but was thick enough to grip well. The blade itself looked like a giant shield, except that it wasn't due to the two sharp protrusions that extended from either vertex of the shield-like base of the blade and curved, meeting each other at a single point.

Lucemon then heard these words just as he saw the blade's tip.


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