Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 28: Birth of the Super Ultimate Level

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

A/N:The end is coming, the last chapters in the saga of the X-Antibody. It was a pleasure writing this story for all you DigimonxNaruto fans. Well here it is Naruto vs. Lucemon and nearing of the destroying of the D-Reaper. Enjoy and please review review review because that is what keeps me going, also a heads up. In Alphamon's fight, I will be using both versions of Digitalize of Soul, which are to fire green laser beams from his hand that effectively damage an opponent and/or summon a great beast from another dimension. Also the Ouryuken will be more than just a sword as I will give it a few...upgrades :). Also for those of you who read my Naruto: Johto Journeys story and The Legend of the Wolf and the Fox: Twilight Princess, NOTE that I have NOT abandoned them, I have merely put them on hold until I finish this one.

Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

"You want to know who I am?" he swung Lucemon away before punching the sands, releasing a timed shockwave that struck the Demon Lord. Lucemon roared and released a blast of light energy. The Digimon vanished in a burst of speed, reappearing in front of Lucemon's surprised face.

"I AM A ROYAL KNIGHT!" he crashed a multitude of punches into Lucemon's stomach before Lucemon could even register what happened before tried to counter with an elbow only for his opponent to grab it and then twist his arm in an angle it shouldn't be bent at before breaking it. Lucemon growled as he felt the arm heal, but was hit with a powerful kick to the face sending him spinning as he met the ground.

"I AM THE ALOOF HERMIT!" he appeared before the downed Sin of Pride before throwing him up into the air and then flapped his wings to follow up after his enemy. The armoured Digimon then performed a roundhouse kick that sent Lucemon flying through the air before using another burst of speed to catch Lucemon upside down and locked his limbs in place, using Lucemon's own move against him.

"I AM THE HOLDER OF THE EMPTY SEAT!" the proclaimed Royal Knight yelled as he slammed Lucemon into the ground. He then pulled the blonde Sin of Pride's body out of the sand and then threw him away before disappearing in another burst of speed. He balanced on left arm and leg before timing an upward kick that crashed into Lucemon's flying form, hitting his skull.

"I AM THE ALPHA DIGIMON!" Lucemon flew back up before the Holder of the Empty Seat appeared behind him, performing Kagebuyo/Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. He then twisted his body, crashing his leg against Lucemon's ribs before using the force to reverse his spin to crash his other's foot's heel into the Demon Lord's stomach. The Royal Knight twisted his body to crash his right fist into the Demon Lord's face before using his wings to right himself and then flipped in the air to perform a crushing axe kick to the stomach. Lucemon met the sands harshly and coughed up sand when he looked to see his opponent drop down and seem to curl his hands around something in the air. Streams of green and orange energy suddenly swirled to life in the Aloof Hermit's hands before it condensed and soldified, taking on the form of a giant blade which had a very thin hilt, but was thick enough to grip well. The blade itself looked like a giant shield, except that it wasn't due to the two sharp protrusions that extended from either vertex of the shield-like base of the blade and curved, meeting each other at a single point.

Lucemon then heard these words just as he saw the blade's tip.



The sound of feet hitting the ground resounded throughout the relatively silent streets of West Shinjuku. Eyes darted left and right and the company walked towards the gargantuan mass of synthesized data. The D-Reaper released a gurgling roar as it sensed foreign material nearing it. A swarm of Bubble agents, all connected by the cords that breathed life into their forms, emerged from the D-Reaper's depths.

Hands quickly made odd signs before clapping together.



"COLLABORATION JUTSU: YOURYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ COLLABORATION JUTSU: LAVA DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" the two elements fused into one gigantic reptile of molten earth. The dragon impacted with the Bubble agents and released an explosion of lava that completely smothered the swarm, thus effectively wiping them out.

"Epic pownage!" Kazu and Kenta cheered as they saw MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon wipe the enemies with their combined techniques. The D-Reaper gurgled some more before releasing ten Horn Strikers. The giant beetle like agents roared in anger as their creator sent them towards the threats. Andromon and GrapLeomon looked at their tamers who nodded in approval. MarineAngemon giggled to herself as she performed a Pretty Heart technique. The ten enemies were suddenly encased in heart shaped bubbles before the hearts were hurled in the direction of the cyborg and lion Digimon.



A large blast of wind that took the shape of a large lion's head, accompanied by a powerful arc of blue electrical energy, flew through the air before impacting with heart encased Horn Strikers. The lion head roared as it expanded into a dome of slicing wind blades filled with electrical charge reduced the Horn Strikers to mere data flakes before those to disappeared. However, the D-Reaper refused to back down it seemed, for as the group of Horn Strikers were defeated, a wave of Creep Hands, with numbers obviously greater than their own. Of course, who needs power when you have mega level Digimon with the power to use ninjutsu on your side?

"KATON: ENDAAN NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE BLAST JUTSU!" Sakuyamon roared as she released a torrent of orange-yellow flames from her mouth. The wave of fire spread through the ranks of Creep Hands, but a number of them survived the fiery attack before charging the tamers.

"DIGIMODIFY...METALGARURUMON'S ICE WOLF CLAW ACTIVATE!" Kenta yelled. MarineAngemon's arms suddenly morphed into twin cannons that fired a barrage of missiles before exloding, encasing their victims in blocks of ice. The Creep Hand wave continued though, smashing through their frozen brethren. One Creep Hands jumped into the air with another next to it. One of the airborne agents threw its fellow agent, much like how kagebunshins threw Naruto, and it rocketed towards the group, avoiding the attacks upon its descent and smashed its fist into the ground releasing a powerful shockwave that sent the tamers skidding backwards. However, they held their ground and MegaGargomon countered with a brutal kick sending the blue behemoth flying through the air.

"Setting missiles into firing range!" Andromon's eyes glowed a faint blue as his chest opened up and two orange missiles made themselves visible. Targets suddenly filled Andromon's vision as he locked on to his opponent's locations.

"AND FIRE...GATTLING ATTACK!" the Ultimate yelled. The twin missiles launched themselves from the android Digimon's chest in a burst of speed. They homed in on their targets and opened their jaws to reveal the hidden machine guns within. Bullets rapidly released ammunition, ending the lives of many a Creep Hands before they descended and exploded. Smoke and fire took the stage amongst the Creep Hands army.

"Let's see if this will work!" MegaGargomon flashed through handsigns before slamming his palms on the ground.

"Doton: Doryuheki no Jutsu!" the earth rumbled as two earth walls appeared amongst the ranks of the Creep Hands sending some of them soaring through the air. However, it was what Henry's bio-merged form did next that really hit the nail on the head. He clapped his hands together and the earth walls seemed to gain a life of their own and moved towards each other, crushing whatever Creep Hands that was between them into a heap of red data flakes indicating their demise.

"Alright, it worked!"

"Now they know how a pancake must feel" Takato commented as he performed a Saber Shot that impaled the Creep Hands agents.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON ACTIVATE!" Kazu yelled. Andromon's arm glowed as it changed into the Garuru Cannon and fired a blast of ice blue energy causing an explosion that froze the roads causing Creep Hands to humourously slip and slide, trying to gain stable equilibrium on the icy surface.

"DIGIMODIFY...TERRA FORCE ACTIVATE!" Jeri yelled. GrapLeomon jumped in the air and the powers of the earth condensed into a gigantic of ball of earth and fire.

"TERRA FORCE!" the lion Digimon roared as it hurled the flaming sphereoid down upon his enemies. The attack created a dome of fire upon contact that destroyed the remaining Creep Hands. The D-Reaper then began to send out D-Birds and D-Dragons, the same ones that were used in the Digimon battle back in the Digital World. The beasts of gelatinous substance gave the same gurgled roars/screeches that their creator performed before dive bombing the tamers.

"Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu/ Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" the attack caused water to condense around a good bit of the agents, halting them before Gallantmon formed Gram and lightning sparked at its tip.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" the lightning bolts lanced through the sky, impaling through all the D-Reaper agents that lay within the water orbs, electrocuting them as well. Sakuyamon slammed her staff on the ground and her four kitsune spirits emerged from their pipes as their master called upon their aid.

"SPIRIT STRIKE!" the four spirits howled as they swirled in the air and morphed into a giant kitsune made entirely of energy. The pure white beast howled loudly, releasing a powerful shockwave that sent the D-Birds and D-Dragons back. The D-Reaper agents continued to move forward however, and they dive bombed the tamers, but the kitsune swiped away most of them with its powerful tail. A few got through only for Andromon to impale them with his spear of a hand, electrocuting them with the power of his stored up Lightning Blade, which he then released upon a stray D-Bird that tried to attack Kazu. The Spirit Kitsune roared as it then barreled towards the army of D-Reaper agents that the D-Reaper had summoned in that time and committed a kamikaze attack, wiping itself out along with a large portion of the army in a great explosion of the elements. The spirits returned to their pipes having expended much of their energy to create the kitsune avatar.

MarineAngemon quickly formed a Pretty Heart and sent it rocketing towards some D-Reaper agents that were suddenly encased in it. A grin that would have made Gaara proud, etched itself onto the mega's face.

"Bye byeee. PRETTY HEART!" she said sweetly before crushing her flippers into her equivalent of a fist and the heart bubble did as its creator intended and the heart shrunk, crushing the agents within. Kenta's eyes twitched as he watched his partner mercilessly, and with a sadistic grin too, crush D-Reaper agents with her attacks.

'She's creepy when she fights'

"SMILE ATTACK!" a blinding white light emerged from MarineAngemon's teeth that suddenly caused the illusion of a beautiful sunset to form behind the D-Reaper agents and they were stunned by the attack. Everyone watched Kenta's partner with a face that clearly said, 'What the FUCK!'. They then realized the opportunity the little mega provided for them and attacked.

Gallantmon rode on GRANI and sped through the ranks, impaling a great amount of agents with his holy lance before throwing his shield. Aegis sliced off the heads of the D-Reaper agents before it ricocheted off of the hard skull of a Horn Striker that grew larger from the attack. The Royal Knight leaped off of his mighty steed and grabbed his shield once more before descending upon the Horn Striker. Gallantmon stabbed his lance through the head of the agent causing it to disappear into red data flakes. He then ducked beneath a swipe from a Pendulum Feet and backflipped off of the Horn Striker's still dissolving body and latched onto the Pendulum Feet as he reverted his lance and shield to form his hands. He then swung the Pendulum Feet into many of its own before he flew away and landed back atop GRANI. Gallantmon recalled Gram and Aegis before he held the mighty shield a bit higher. The patterns on its face glowed with a holy light.

"SHIELD OF THE JUST!" the golden light beam rocketed through the air and caused many D-Reaper agents to fly everywhere.

Sakuyamon quickly sent twin crescent shaped blades skyward with her Twin Blades of Beauty And of Truth attack, slicing away at the agents Takato had blown away with his attack. She quickly ran forward and rolled to avoid the fists of three Creep Hands before regaining her footing and spun to slam a powerful triple kick combo to each of the blue monsters. She then grabbed her staff and its tip glowed with sapphire flames that condensed into a sphere the size of a basketball.

"FOX DRIVE!" the kitsune miko yelled as she released the fireball. The attack exploded outwards, incinerating all in its path. She then flashed through handsigns and ended on the tora sign. She took a deep breath.

"KATON: GEKIDO NO FENIKKUSU/ FIRE STYLE: WRATH OF THE PHOENIX!" and with a mighty exhale of chakra from her lungs, oxygen reacted with it to form a giant blast of blue flame that took on the image of the mythical bird. The phoenix screeched as it flew towards the D-Reaper. With the mighty screech, the phoenix crashed into the gelatinous behemoth killing many D-Reapers as well as setting the D-Reaper alight with sapphire embers. The D-Reaper released a roar of what seemed to be pain before it reared up and released numerous arms made of its substance.

"Oh like hell you will" the ten winged angelic Digimon cried out.

"SEFIROT'S CRYSTAL!" Ophanimon released the ten violet crystals from her location in the sky and the crystals shook violently. Each of the amethyst crystals suddenly grew and broke off into ten large crystal spires that descended upon the arms of the D-Reaper. The one hundred pillars formed a shield that stopped the arms before they began to rumble and changed into a violet sea of fire as the crystal spires exploded. Ophanimon quickly stabbed her javelin into the earth as D-Reaper agents began to surround her as she met the ground.

"EDEN'S JAVELIN!" ten pillars of light erupted from the earth and began to make a circle, beginning to converge at one point. Upon doing so a more powerful pillar of light formed, that then expanded into a giant dome of golden energy. The attack sent many D-Reaper agents to their doom.

GrapLeomon descended upon a Horn Striker and struck forth with a powerful kick sending the green behemoth skidding backwards before it was heaved into the air from a throw by Justimon.

"THUNDERCLAP!" the mega level Digimon yelled. The Trident Arm slammed full force into the ground causing a large shockwave that ripped apart the very streets impacting with the Horn Striker he had just thrown along with other surrounding Digimon. Of course that included GrapLeomon.

"Oi, watch it!" the lion digimon growled as he took out his frustrations on a poor Creep Hands. The Ultimate level Digimon punched the D-Reaper agent in the head multiple times before kicking it skyward. The turbines on his leg began to rotate, causing a tornado to form around the lion's leg.

"LION CYCLONE LEG!" a large twister shot forth as the lion performed a straight kick. The twister took the shape of a lion's head for a moment before taking out all that stood in its path. After a few more minutes of fighting, Gallantmon got tired of it and thought it was time to go through with their original plan.

"BEELZEMON, CLEAR US A PATH!" Gallantmon contacted the Demon Lord through the link Yamaki had set up with all the Digimon. The Sin of Gluttony nodded before charging the Corona Blaster from above.

"CORONA BLASTER!" the yellow blast of energy quickly descended upon the streets of Shinjuku and cut through the earth and the synthesized flesh of the D-Reaper and its agents causing a path to formed as the attack released blast which destroyed everything in a three mile radius.

"Alright, guys, time to break through!" Gallantmon yelled atop of GRANI. The tamers and their Digimon all nodded before the Bio-merged Digimon and the three non-bio-merged Digimon became encased in a red aura akin to fire. The effects of the red card became active and the Digimon all ran/flew towards the D-Reaper. Gallantmon raised his holy lance and released a Red Card enhanced Lightning Joust.

The red lightning coursed through the air before releasing a gigantic explosion that cut through the D-Reaper's data eating exterior allowing the tamers passage into the bowels of their enemy. However, before they could even make it to said passage, a gigantic wall made entirely of D-Reaper agents appeared in front of the hole Gallantmon's attack had produced.

"Kuso, MegaGargomon!" The giant armoured rabbit nodded before halting and opening every single compartment he had on his person. The twin missiles on his shoulders suddenly changed from an indifferent expression to one of smiles as they were about to be fired.


The storm of ammunition impacted with the D-Reaper agents sending them flying everywhere, thus clearing a path for the approaching tamers and their Digimon.

"Suiton: Suijinheki no Jutsu!" Gallantmon formed a water wall in front of him that acted like a large shield and allowed him to push through the D-Reaper agents that either managed to avoid or not get hit, by MegaGargomon's assault, pushing them back and electrocuting them as the Royal Knight added a spark of electrical charge from Gram.

"HURRY UP GUYS!" Gallantmon yelled to his companions before ending the water wall and leaping into the air. Gram suddenly glowed with a golden light as he stabbed the holy lance into the broken streets.

"SABER SHOT!" The light impaled the earth before the Royal Knight manipulated its form and the earth cracked as pillars of light erupted from below, clearing away even more of the D-Reaper agents. The others quickly made a break for it and made it to the opening. Sakuyamon, who was in the lead of the others quickly made it to the entrance of Gallantmon's passage, but was suddenly caught of guard when a Horn Striker dropped down in front of the entrance. Due to pure adrenalin and reaction time, she quickly dropped to her knees and skidded along the ground and leaned back, allowing her to just barely avoid the bicep of the arm that would have most certainly hurt her face. The Horn Striker let his arm drop as he watched the fox miko avoid his strike, only to look back up and meet face to fist with Justimon's Trident Arm.

The force of 90 tons crashed down upon the unsuspecting D-Reaper's agent's face, creating a loud boom as the opponent met the road. As soon as the others passed through the opening in the D-Reaper's body, the Red Card's effect on the wall wore off, causing it to heal itself, before it began to work on the immunity factor for the tamers' Digimon, cloaking them in the crimson flame-like aura.

"Wow, that was close" Jeri panted, a bit tired from running and ducking to avoid D-Reaper agents on her here. GrapLeomon gripped Jeri and rested her atop his broad shoulder so she could rest her legs.


"No problem, Jeri" the bipedal lion grinned at his tamer.

"Alright, now that we're in...where's the Kernel Sphere?" MegaGargomon asked.

"OI, GUYS, I COULDN'T SEE YOU THROUGH ALL THE CHAOS! YOU GUYS MADE IT THROUGH?" the voice of Beelzemon echoed throughout all of their minds and the miniature comm-link that Kazu, Jeri and Kenta had, through the link that Yamaki managed to establish with the Digimon.

"Hai!" was Kenta's reply to the Demon Lord, "Beelzemon, do you see the Kernel Sphere from where you are?"

The Sin of Gluttony scanned the area of the D-Reaper and observed its large red-orange mass before spotting a glimpse of the white shell that made the Kernel Sphere.

"Yeah, though it's nearly completely encased. Why? Can't you guys see it from inside the D-Reaper?"

The tamers looked up, but the thousands of buildings that managed to clump together from the D-Reaper's 'eating' of Shinjuku, blocked their vision.

"No, the D-Reaper absorbed a lot of infrastructure from when it spread out over Shinjuku" Kazu replied.

"Beelzemon, give us an estimation. How far up from ground level do you think the Kernel Sphere is?" Sakuyamon asked. The raven winged Digimon looked up and down before nodding.

"I'd say a good ten stories up. You'd have a lot of ground to cover if you need to reach it"

The tamers and their Digimon cursed.

"Alright, Beelzemon. Arigato. We'll keep you posted, also try to see if you can use the Corona Blaster to cut away some of the D-Reaper so we can get to the Kernel Sphere easier" Gallantmon said.

"I'll do what I can" Impmon's mega form said as the right arm changed into the jaws of the Corona Blaster, already loaded with the energy of a miniature sun.

With the connection now cut off, the tamers looked up and sighed.

"This is gonna be a long climb" Kazu complained. And with that, Kazu activated the Hyper Wings for Andromon, while Kenta and MarineAngemon took a lift with MegaGargomon, as they ascended towards the Kernel Sphere. After many minutes passed of flying up the tamers were suddenly intercept when a large hand reached out towards them.

"LOOK OUT!" Andromon alerted his companions. The group weaved in and out to avoid the hand's grasp before it stopped and there was a small rumble as the arm retracted back into the D-Reaper's flesh. The group sighed in relief as they thought they were in the clear...only for the rumbling to return and it was much worse. Suddenly three gigantic D-Reaper agents, much larger than any they had ever scene before, appeared out of the D-Reaper's flesh. It was large, standing about five stories tall and was made entirely of red skin of some sort. Along its body were giant yellow mouths that continuously opened and closed and spouting random words...but in the voice of Alice. This was ADR-07: Paratice Head. Level Equivalemt: Mega.

"What is going on?" Sakuyamon asked.

"That's Alice's voice!" Justimon exclaimed and with a roar of anger, the bio-merged Digimon rushed one of the Paratice Heads and his Trinity Arm's hand morphed into a large high energy, orange blade.


"NO RYO DON'T!" MegaGargomon shouted, but the words fell on deaf ears as the Digimon sliced the D-Reaper agent to pieces only for the other two to attack and slam their gigantic fists against Justimon's body sending him careening through the air. Justimon caught himself in mid-air and found his balance.

"MEGA BARRAGE!" MegaGargomon yelled. The armoured rabbit mega fired a storm of ammunition that exploded upon contact and sent the Paratice Head into its fellow Paratice before Andromon opened out his chest.

"GATTLING MISSILE!" the twin missiles fired from his chest and exploded causing a decent amount of the Paratice Heads' bodies.

"SHIELD OF THE JUST!" Gallantmon yelled as he fired the golden light blast from his shield. The attack pierced through the bodies of both Paratice Heads and caused them to revert to data flakes.

"Okay guys, we have to move fast. We have to get to the Kernel Sphere as quickly as we can" Ophanimon commanded her battalion. The others nodded and they quickly began to fly up towards the Kernel Sphere. A wave of Pendulum Feet suddenly descended upon them.



The ten crystals of Ophanimon's attack burst into a storm of violet flames that quickly mixed with the tornado of GrapLeomon's cyclone kick and formed a tornado of amethyst coloured fire. The attack effectively defeated the ADR:02 agents. Suddenly three Paratice Heads appeared and roared, swiping with their large hands. They struck and hit Sakuyamon and Gallantmon and GRANI. The reformed ARK regained its balance before shooting off towards the Paratice Heads and sliced through their flesh. Thus one of the great beasts was cut into two.

"FOX DRIVE!" Sakuyamon yelled as she blew apart the two halves that GRANI had just cut with her attack. The two more Paratice Heads suddenly grew a number of tentacles on its person and began to fire red beams of energy which the tamers worked so very hard to avoid.


"PRETTY HEART!" Sakuyamon and MarineAngemon quickly called upon their defensive moves and the attack ricocheted off of the shields and bounced right back at their users causing the Paratice Heads to release screams of pure pain before they were blown apart as they saw a blast of yellow-orange energy slice horizontally through the D-Reaper's flesh.

"Looks like Beelzemon finally broke through" Justimon commented.

"Yeah, but remember...we're still not at the Kernel Sphere" GrapLeomon reminded them as how their minor victory wouldn't matter till they reached the Kernel Sphere.

"Yamaki" Gallantmon called out to the Head of Hypnos.

"Yeah, Takato, I hear you" the blonde haired man replied.

"Yamaki, I need you to run an internal scan of the D-Reaper. Point out our positions and give us updates as to how close we are to the GateKeeper/Kernel Sphere" the Royal Knight said.

"Understood" a few second later, Yamaki contacted Gallantmon.

"I got through, you guys are almost there, just about four stories left"

"GUYS WE GOT FOUR STORIES OF HEIGHT LEFT TO CLIMB, LET'S MOVE!" Ophanimon said, having heard Yamaki's words since the link was broadcasted simultaneously amongst all the Digimon and the comm-links of Jeri, Kazu and Kenta. D-Reaper agents appeared out of nowhere as the group continued towards the Kernel Sphere. However, the tamers refused to back down and they continued to fight their way through to the top until...

*Pant* *Pant* "Oi, Yamaki...we've been climbing for what seems to be hours...did we *wheeze* make it to the top *gasp* yet?" Sakuyamon asked. Yamaki looked at the screen showing the internal structure of the D-Reaper and contacted the tamers with his reply.

"Good news guys, you made it to the top" this caused him to become nearly deaf as the tamers and their Digimon released simultaneous whoops of joy. The group sighed in relief before looking up and their emotions of happiness quickly transformed to one of a serious nature as they gazed at the transparent white sphere that was ADR-09: GateKeeper, a.k.a, the Kernel Sphere. Inside the Kernel Sphere, from their position, they could clearly see the small humanoid form that was Alice.

"ALICE!" Justimon called out with Ryo's voice. However, there was no response from the teenage girl as she seemed to be in a trance. She was curled into a fetal position and the GateKeeper had numerous blue lines of data surrounding her form as it was being scanned. Sakuyamon meditated as she used her miko abilities to reach out to the black dress wearing girl, only for her to repulsed and her mind receiving a jolt.

"Sakuyamon, are you okay?" MegaGargomon asked.

"Hai, but there seems to be a shroud of negative emotions that are preventing me from reaching out to Alice with my miko abilties" the kitsune miko replied. MegaGargomon got into a thinking pose.

'The D-Reaper took Alice moments after she lost Dobermon it seems. She was probably feeling distressed as a result, distress becomes sadness, sadness escalates to to grief and so on and so forth. The D-Reaper suddenly became a lot tougher when we realized Alice was here and if Alice is feeling negative emotions then that means...' the armoured rabbit's eyes widened.

"OI, minna" the gargantuan rabbit yelled. Everyone looked at Henry and Terriermon's bio-merged form with confused looks.

"What?" Andromon voiced their identical thought.

"The D-Reaper is using Alice as a power source, well more of an amplifier for its powers" The eyes of the tamers and their Digimon expanded.

"NANI?" Justimon exclaimed.

"Yeah, I relized that ever since we relaized Alice was here, in the Kernel Sphere of the D-Reaper, it has suddenly become much more powerful. Alice is also feeling negative emotions all throughout this entire battle. Thus it can be said that Alice's negative emotions are being scanned and absorbed simultaneously to provide information and a power source for the D-Reaper"

"Wow, Henry that's brilliant" Gallantmon complimented his friend.

"Hey, I helped think this through too ya know" Terriermon's voice spoke through MegaGargomon.

"Alright, so the only question is..."Kenta started.

"How do we break through?" Jeri asked. GrapLeomon's turbines rotated.

"I could try my King of the Fist attack. I could try and through the sphere" the Ultimate level of Elecmon said.

"Give it a go then, GrapLeomon" Jeri urged her Digimon. The Ultimate level feline nodded before the turbines on his wrists began to rotate at mach speeds. Twisters roared to life before being shot forth and morphing into the twin lion heads.

"KING OF THE FIST!" GrapLeomon yelled. The attack struck forth and slammed into the Kernel Sphere's exterior with ferocious force. A great blast of wind was the result and everyone watched in mild surprise as the attack hadn't even made a scratch.

"Yup, just as I thought" Kenta spoke, "It always happens, the heroes find the big prison thing that holds the source of evil's power only to find that the frickin' indestructible" he deadpanned. Everyone sweatdropped at that. However, the D-Reaper suddenly released a roar, causing the tamers to lose their balance in the air.

"Quick guys, we have to get out here!" GrapLeomon said.

"But what about Alice?" Justimon asked.

"There will be time to save her later, but right now we gotta get out NOW!" GrapLeomon urged his companion. The group cloaked themselves in their Red Card auruas and broke through the D-Reaper's data eating skin and everyone gazed with wide eyes. The D-Reaper pulsed and roared as it began to grow. Its gelatinous form became more solid and rose to ever greater heights.

"Is it...evolving?" Andromon asked.

"The power increase is so immense" Gallantmon gasped. The D-Reaper's body suddenly became a behemoth that towered over even the highest buildings of Shinjuku. Its body, made entirely of red cords, spread out and in a matter of minutes, the entirety of Shinjuku was covered in red cords. Looking up at the top of the transformed D-Reaper, they gazed at its face, made up of the Kernel Sphere in the center of a golden face plate. Two large arcs, like ears, protruded from the evolved D-Reaper's head. This was... the Mother D-Reaper. The combination of every single D-Reaper data into one giant evolved mass of data and synthesized proteins.

"This...does NOT look good" Kazu commented.

"You think!" everyone else shouted.

"It's even higher up than it was before" Jeri said.

"Come on, we'll fly up" Gallantmon said as he readied GRANI for take-off.

"Wait, Takato, Guilmon...we can't possibly be able to climb that height quickly. Besides GRANI is what allows you to fly so quickly, so you'd be the only one up there and who knows what kind of new D-Reaper agents are up there" MegaGargomon said. The Royal Knight narrowed his eyes.

"Justimon, you want to save Alice, right?" he asked, to which the scarf wearing mega replied with a nod.

"And the rest of you wish to stop the D-Reaper, correct?" this earned a nod from the group.

"Right, so the only way to stop this thing is to save Alice and then have Yamaki and the others get rid of this thing and send it back to the Digital World from whence it came. SO GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND FLY!"

The group was in shock at the commanding tone in Gallantmon's voice and this earned a smirk from the group.

'I like it' Jeri thought.

"IKUZO!" GrapLeomon roared as he spun the turbines in his legs, floating several inches off the ground.

"Alright guys, here's the plan. We're going up there, but since GRANI and I are the fastest, we'll reach there before you guys, so cover us. Guilmon and I can handle ourselves" Takato's voice spoke through the Royal Knight. The others nodded.

"MarineAngemon and I will act as defensive protection" Sakuyamon said.

"Then we'll be on the offensive" Justimon said. Gallantmon nodded.

"IKUZO!" and with that the group flew off, taking to the skies.

Hypnos Towers

"Yamaki, the entire city has just been enveloped by the D-Reaper" Riley informed her boss. The blonde man gritted his teeth as he watched through the windows of the higher floors of Hypnos where all the staff was taking refuge.

"Shibumi, what happened? Why did the D-Reaper suddenly change?" The Jesus look alike observed the D-Reaper before going to the monitors and typed in a few keys.

"It seems all the data the D-Reaper's half in this world had gathered into Shinjuku evolving it into what I would assume is the Motherboard form, the Mother D-Reaper if you would. The Kernel Sphere appears to be supplying the majority of the power to hold its form though. So once the kids take it out, I'm sure they will be able to send it back" Shibumi explained. Yamaki nodded before pocketing his cigarette lighter and then went over to a keyboard and typed in a few keys. An image of Terriermon suddenly appeared on screen. Then the image became transparent, showing Terriermon's digital make-up. But what stood out amongst the grid-like form was the giant blinking dot in Terriermon's right arm.

The exact spot where Janyu and Yamaki had applied the 'shot'.

"Ready the program for Operation Doodlebug" Yamaki commanded the Monster Makers. The group nodded with a simultaneous cry of "Hai", they began to work.

With the Tamers

Gallantmon quickly speared through a Pendulum Feet as it fell towards him before spinning GRANI and throwing away the D-Reaper agent. Gram, alight with blue electricity faced an army of falling Creep Hands agents.

"LIGHTNING JOUST!" the Royal Knight cried out. The powerful bolt of lightning lanced through the Creep Hands that were in its path, electrocuting them and ending their lives. The remaining ones continued to fall only to be met with a multitude of missiles, courtesy of MegaGargomon and Andromon.

"Keep it up guys!" Gallantmon spoke through the Digital link.

"CRYSTAL SPHERE!" Sakuyamon yelled as she formed a sphere of blue energy around her armoured companion as the arm of a Paratice agent tried to grab the red and white armoured Digimon. The hand was knocked back before GrapLeomon sent a wave of wind from his Lion Cyclone Kick that shredded the appendage. Sakuyamon then raised her staff and pointed it at the Paratice agent's head.

"FOX DRIVE!" the sapphire fireball launched itself and impacted with one of the large agent's many heads causing significant damage before she ended it with a Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu. The fire dragon tore through the flesh of the Paratice Head and continued its course, exploding against a couple of Horn Strikers.

(A/N: Remember the D-Reaper agents are conntected to the main body by cords so it is possible they would be capable of flight)

Justimon quickly pointed his arm up and the red orb in the center of the Trinity Arm glowed, transforming into its Blitz Mode.

"JUSTICE BURST!" Multiple energy spheres of red energy launched themselves at the D-Reaper agents that erupted from the Mother D-Reaper causing their lives to quickly end. Gallantmon tapped GRANI with his foot, urging the reformed ARK to put on a burst of speed. And speed is exactly what it brought for the sound barrier shattered upon GRANI's wings suddenly taking on a crimson colour before fire shot out of the newly formed boosters on its wings. D-Reaper agents suddenly burst forth in more numbers than one could count from a single glance. The tamers all gaped in shock, but quickly composed themselves, flying after their companion and his winged steed.

Gallantmon's legs tensed, "GRANI, keep my spot warm...I'm goin' in"

The mechanical steed beeped in response, its eyes glowing a faint blue before Gallantmon released the tension in his leg muscles and pushed off. The Royal Knight flew up from the push and using his already gifted ability to fly, the red and white armoured knight tore through the D-Reaper horde. Gallantmon punched a Creep Hands in its head sending it reeling back before flipping with the momentum of his attack. He grabbed the blue behemoth and hurled it at another Creep Hands, leaping to the side to avoid a barrage of energy bolts from Bubble agents. Gallantmon jumped and flipped in the air, slamming an axe kick atop the skull of a Horn Striker and then kicked it right on the side of its head causing it to snap to the left. Gallantmon's hand became Gram and he stabbed the weapon through and through, impaling the skull of great green D-Reaper agent. Backflipping off of the Horn Striker's dying body, Gallantmon gripped onto the head of a Pendulum Feet and continued with his flip, slamming the agent's body against one its own species. Having landed on his feet, he kicked off the head of a Creep Hands and formed Aegis. The mighty shield was hurled and sliced through the flesh of multiple D-Reaper agents and the Royal Knight ran along the tops of the heads of the D-Reaper agents before feeling movement behind him. The Royal Knight leaped and twisted in mid-air, avoiding the barrage of missiles from MegaGargomon that destroyed the D-Reaper agents before raising his shield so as to deflect a sapphire coloured fireball from Sakuyamon, sending the fiery sphere at a Horn Striker, its head blown off from the impact. He jumped and spun in mid-air, the momentum from his leg built up to terrifying levels.

"KONOHA SENPUU!" the dreaded Leaf Hurricane taijutsu move let loose a powerful whirlwind with its motion, scattering some of the opponents while also taking off many of the heads that were so very unfortunate to have met the kick. The Royal Knight stabbed forth with Gram and let loose a golden beam of energy and the attack caused an explosion of golden light, killing a good bit of the D-Reaper horde before he followed up with a Lightning Joust destroying more of the enemies. A red kitsune spirit suddenly flew past Gallantmon and englufed some agents in a sea of crimson fire. The flames were suddenly swept up in a giant wind tornado as a green kitsune spirit appeared and tore the enemy to shreds with burning winds. Two more kitsune spirits, one blue and one yellow appeared and howled as they flew up alongside Gallantmon.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu!" the water kitsune spirit suddenly changed into a giant serpent of liquid before the lightning kitsune joined with the dragon, conducting along the flowing water currents of the water dragon. Gallantmon then stabbed Gram into the water dragon and shot a Lightning Joust into the dragon and the water dragon seemed to meld with Gram.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Ranryu Raansu no Jutsu/ Collaboration Jutsu: Storm Dragon Lance!" the Royal Knight yelled the name of his new technique. With that, Gallantmon stabbed his lance forward and the great water dragon took off like a shot and tore through the many D-Reaper agents before converting itself into a literal pillar of lightning infused water, the pure speed and pressure of the water allowing it to tear through the flesh of the agents and with a final roar, left the world and returned to Sakuyamon's pipes as the water and lightning spirits. A large blast of yellow-orange energy crashed through the army and the nuclear fission explosion allowed some extra lift for Gallantmon to fly faster upwards while also giving the Mother D-Reaper another annoying pest to deal with as Beelzemon's Corona Blaster continued blast away opponents.

Multiple red energy spheres, courtesy of Justimon, killed off some agents that nearly got to Gallantmon from behind. The caped knight turned around and sliced three Creep Hands in half with his holy lance and then sheathed his weapons in a flash of light. Gallantmon's fists and feet met all enemies that dared to cross their path. A Pendulum Feet aimed to take off Gallantmon's arm, but the Chrome Digizoid armour prevented any damage from taking place and as such it was sent careening through the air with a powerful backhand strike before Gallantmon twisted and slammed his elbow into the head of a Creep Hands. The Royal Knight twisted at the hips and crashed his heel into a Horn Striker's knee joint causing it to roar in pain before it was destroyed by Andromon's Gattling Missile Attack. A torrent of lances made entirely of light suddenly impaled numerous opponents before ten amethyst crystals flew past Gallantmon's head allowing him to catch a good glance at them before they flew a bit ahead of him. The Royal Knight raised his cape and covered his body with it as the Sefirots Crystal attack allowed for the formation of a storm of violet flames. A long orange blade cut through a good amount of the D-Reaper agents as Justimon activated the Voltage Blade. When the blade retracted, Gallantmon leaped into the air and kicked a Horn Striker in the head, but it didn't go down as it was one that was previously hit by Gallantmon's melee moves and thus it was better equipped to take damage. As a result, Gallantmon was met with a powerful fist from his opponent. The Royal was knocked back and was met with a crushing triple punch combo from three Creep Hands, one fist from each Creep. One struck him in the side, another in the chest and the final one hit him the hardest. An uppercut that crashed into his chin sending him upwards only to be sent back down as Bubble agents rained energy blasts down upon him from above. Suddenly, two arms, the arms of a Paratice Head agent, ejected from the side of the Mother D-Reaper and crashed into Gallantmon's armour. The attack sent Gallantmon flying back through the air and descending at a fast pace. GRANI quickly swept down, twisting through the horde of D-Reaper agents and began to spin like a drill. It sent D-Reaper agents flying everywhere in an effort to reach its rider, but was suddenly sent careening off course as a Creep Hands punched the dragon-like steed away and GRANI tumbled through the air.

"GALLANTMON, RIDE THE WAVE!" MegaGargomon messaged his friend. Gallantmon's golden eyes became confused, only for his ears to be met with the sound of an object whistling through the air. Gallantmon twisted his falling form, still not being able to stop his momentum from the punch, and saw two giant missiles with the faces of smiling rabbits on them. Gallantmon smirked.

"Ride the wave" he replied to the giant armoured rabbit. The red and white armoured knight reached out and grabbed the tail fin of the missile and flew back up towards the D-Reaper agents' horde. A wave of wind from GrapLeomon's Cyclonic Kick and a Lion Cyclone Kick, gave the missiles a little extra speed boost as well as giving the D-Reaper agents a good hit as the lion shaped wind blast sliced them to shreds. Gallantmon rode the missile like a surfboard and waited for a few seconds.

"Not yet, Takatomon" Guilmon's voice said.

"Wait for iiiit, wait for iiitttt...NOW!" and with that Gallantmon jumped off the Gargo Missile and ran along the heads of the D-Reaper agent. He jumped and spun delivering a crushing spin kick to one Pendulum Feet agent before grabbing another one out of the air and crushed its face with his fist. Throwing the body aside, the Royal Knight called forth Gram and jumped and twisted so that he faced downwards and launched a full scale wave of lightning from his holy lance. And just as Gallantmon was about to land, GRANI came out of nowhere beneath his feet, allowing him solid footing and put on a burst of speed just as the twin Gargo Missiles exploded, taking out a majority of the D-Reaper agents. However, the victory was short lived as two giant Paratice Head agents stepped out of the Mother D-Reaper's flesh and floated above the Royal Knight's rising form. The tentacles on their multiple heads sprung to life and fired multiple beams of crimson light that could tear away at data with a single shot. GRANI veered left, right and performed aerial twists, loop-de-loops and some moves that Gallantmon never even thought possible as he continued to fly up.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON!" Kazu yelled. A large blast of ice-blue energy from Andromon's newly formed Garuru Cannon fired and speared through one of the faces of a Paratice Head agent, but it still breathed.



Purple and blue fires combined in mid-air to form one large ball of violet flame that engulfed one of the two Paratice Heads' bodies causing it scream in pain with Alice's voice. Justimon growled from below as he heard the voice of his loved one come from the mouth of the dying D-Reaper agent and one still living. His Trinity Arm morphed into its Voltage Mode and the orange blade extended.

"VOLTAGE BLADE!" the attack was raised over his head before it came down and sliced the agent in half turning it into data flakes. It also had extended far enough to slice off the cord of the other D-Reaper agent. GRANI's nose point suddenly took on a red glow before it extended into a beak of some sort. Gallantmon watched as the D-Reaper agent feel towards them, only for GRANI's new and improved nose point to completely stab through it. Gallantmon shuddered as both he and his steed came through on the other side. His body covered in red slime. He quickly shook it all off, the wind from their climb taking off the rest.

"Alright guys, we finally made it to the top" Gallantmon cheered as he spied the face plate of the Mother D-Reaper. He floated in front of the Kernel Sphere of GRANI and spied Alice, still huddled within its centre. The rider and steed flew slowly over to the sphere, being cautious. And they were right to be, for after they got a few inches closer, a large bulge formed in the centre of what could only be the Mother D-Reaper's 'forehead'. The bulge extended before releasing a D-Reaper agent. Gallantmon raised his lance and looked down to see his friends still fending off D-Reaper agents from below, damn those things never seemed to end.

His golden eyes looked back up to watch the new ADR. This D-Reaper agent was surely different from all the others. It was tall and humanoid in shape. It had a feminine figure, with pale blue skin and evil yellow eyes, each with a slitted pupil. The figure had blonde hair in the same style as Alice's and wore a black, skin tight leotard. Its feet and hands were bare allowing for Takato and Guilmon's view of the claws that this new foe possessed. A pair of small bat-like wings sprouted of her shoulder blades and flapped as a way to test their movement.

"Hello" the new D-Reaper agent spoke in a voice just like Alice's.

"You sound just like Alice...are you one of those giant red agents in a different form?"

"Pfft, don't lump ME with those other D-Reaper agents. I am ADR-01: Alice. I am the result of the Mother's study of this human before me. I am the compilation of every single negative thought, word and phrase that Alice there has even had. I am what you would Anti-Alice if you would...but you can me Ally" the blue skinned Alice agent said.

"You also seem to be the only Agent that can talk" Gallantmon realized.

"Yes...yes I am. Though that is due to Mother's want to understand human behaviour" Ally replied before clenching her fist, "I am also stronger than my fellow agents"

Gallantmon's eyes widened as he ducked and narrowly avoided the punch to his head and raised his arm to knock away Ally's striking arm and let loose a straight kick to the stomach. Ally jumped back to avoid the kick and smirked.

"Ah, so a tamer that can fight. You batch of tamers certainly are interesting, much better at combat than from what I observed when Mother sent me to the Eastern Quadrant" Ally complimented.

"What do you mean when 'Mother' sent you to the Eastern Quadrant?" the Royal Knight asked.

"Well seeing as you are about to die, I'll tell you...Mother wanted strong batches of data, so Mother sent me to the location of the Digidestined in the East. Mother was disappointed when she couldn't understand the nature of the humans in that parallel earth so Mother had me observe them for a while. After much observation, Mother grew bored and retracted me back into the 'womb'. I was then sent to watch your group when you all came to the Digital World and Mother had finally developed way to enhance my abilties and understand humans finally" Ally explained, "And with that project complete, Mother wishes for the extermination of those beyond their original limits...just as Mother was originally programmed to do"

The ADR-01 launched itself at Gallantmon who leaned back, so his upper body made a nintey degree angle with his lower body, thus avoiding the punch to his cranium. Gallantmon went back with the lean and lashed out with a double kick. Ally was struck in her chin sending her head snapping up from the force. Gallantmon returned to his original stance and had GRANI fly back to gain some distance between them. Ally fluttered her wings and Gallantmon was caught off guard as Ally suddenly vanished from her spot. The knight quickly formed Aegis to block the attack, but Ally appeared behind him and struck out with a powerful kick sending him off of GRANI before flying after him and crashed a powerful fist against his armoured back which still hurt like hell. Ally then grabbed Gallantmon and lifted him up as if he were a feather pillow and slammed his stomach down upon her knee. The red and white knight Digimon coughed as the he felt the air leave his lungs from the follow up uppercut that nailed him in the diaphragm. Ally quickly swung back her leg and crashed it into his chin and the bio-merged mega flew up into the air from the force before Ally followed up with a string of uppercuts. She ended the combo with a front flip to crash her hell down upon his helmet. A loud ringing sound filled the now nauseated Gallantmon as he fell down. GRANI quickly flew under him and caught Gallantmon. GRANI's eyes glowed a bright cerulean colour before a red aura coated its body. GRANI, with a still nauseated Gallantmon atop it, suddenly vanished from Ally's sight and the D-Reaper agent was caught off guard as she saw the draconic looking ARK suddenly appeared behind her, showing off its speed. Ally smirked as she faced the Chrome Digizoid being.

"Nothing" she stated as she gestured to her unharmed body GRANI bleeped in response as if to say, "So you say, bitch". At that Ally looked to her both her arms had been sliced off and reduced to data flakes. Ally growled and her yellow eyes glared at GRANI.

"Lousy machine, how dare you hurt me!" she roared. Ally's arms suddenly regenerated as data was pumped into her being from the Mother agent. Gallantmon shook his head side to side and he stood to up. He raised Gram and quickly blocked a kick to the head...GRANI's head.

"You're attacking my steed?" the knight asked with a confused voice.

"That 'steed' cut off my arms!" she yelled and then redirected Gram thus Gallantmon was open and a swift double kick was planted in his chest causing small dents in his armour. He was then sent flying away by a powerful right hook to the jaw area of his helmet. As the armoured Digimon flew away from the attacks, GRANI seemed to show his hatred for the ADR-01 as his engines roared. The mechanical Digimon vanished from Ally's eyes once more and the golden eyed D-Reaper agent chuckled.

"The same trick can't work on me twice" Ally said as she punched to her left only for nothing to be there, only a gust of wind, "But I could have..." she didn't have time to finish the sentence as GRANI dove down from above and nearly speared her skull with his 'beak' as she flew back to avoid the strike. She quickly performed a barrel roll to avoid the follow up strike and smirked and when she grabbed the speeding Chrome Digizoid object by the tail fin.

"Now, rush. Ally's not gonna do one good thing to you for slicing her arms off" Ally twisted and GRANI's tail fin suddenly broke off causing GRANI to let out a...scream? Gallantmon rubbed his head and his head shot up upon hearing the scream. He looked to see the scream coming from, GRANI?

"GRANI can talk?" he wondered to himself before getting over the question and formed Gram. He aimed the holy lance just as Ally raised her arm and dug it into the left wing of GRANI, eliciting another scream of anguish from mechanized ARK.

"SABER SHOT!" the golden beam of light ejected from the tip of the lance and made impact with Ally sending the ADR-01:Alice, flying. Gallantmon quickly flew and caught his now falling steed.

"GRANI, buddy. You okay?"

" hurts" the dragon like ARK said.

"Don't worry buddy,'ll be fine. Don't worry, once this is over, we'll get you patched up"

"No, Takato..Guilmon" GRANI said. " merely data, reconstructed to aid you in your quest"

"That's not true, you may be made of data, but you feel pain. You're more than the ARK you were before, you're like a..a..." Takat paused.

"A Digimon!" Guilmon finished the sentence. GRANI's sapphire eyes seemed to widen before they became serious.

"Listen to me, Takato...Guilmon. I will lend you my strength, my data. Absorb and your powers will transcend beyond their limitations"

"No, GRANI don't talk like that" Takato said.

"Yeah, Takatomon and I will help you feel better and heal your wing" Guilmon added. GRANI's engines roared causing both halves of Gallantmon to be quiet.

"Listen to me...take my power. I care for you as a Digimon now can, I am a sentient being and it's all because of you two. Arigato, now take it as my way of saying thanks" Gallanton looked at the ARK with golden eyes and spotted the ADR-01 rising to her feet. The Royal Knight nodded.

"We'll always remember you GRANI. I, Gallantmon, Royal Knight...accept for offer of power" he said touching the downed ARK with his hand, having changed it back from Gram.

"Very well, here you are" GRANI spoke those final words and suddenly Gallantmon was surrounded by a bright crimson light. A pillar of blood red erected itself from the energy of GRANI as it was absorbed into Gallantmon's body. The light pillar was as tall as the Mother D-Reaper and about as wide as the two Hypnos Towers combined.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" the other tamers screamed in fear at being hurt by the light, but suddenly became confused as they looked over themselves. The light was simply bathing them in its glow...but the D-Reaper agents were being disintegrated.

"What's Takato doing up there?" Kazu asked.

"Let's fly up and take a look see" Jeri suggested and that's just what they did. As they flew up they reached their destination, the crimson beam of light still destroying D-Reaper agents, the only survivor being ADR-01:Alice due to her tougher data composition.

The glow suddenly increased in intensity.


The crimson glow died down and the tamers and Ally all looked in shock at the new form of Gallantmon. His original armour was now covered in an extra layer of crimson coloured armour, each separate plate was outlined in gold. In the center of his chest plate and two shoulder plates were sapphire coloured orbs that shone with after glow of his evolution. The glow suddenly morphed into ten white feathery wings. In his left hand was a twin bladed lance, the divine lance Gungnir. In the other was a white sword, the divine sword of light Blutgang. Both the same colour as his wings. A long tail of thread stretched down along the length of his body from his helmet to about five inches below his feet.


Gallantmon looked over his new form and chuckled to himself.

"Arigato...GRANI" he whispered for glaring with his ever fierce, golden eyes. That gaze being directed at Ally.

"As if a little power boost is gonna help you" Ally growled before racing towards the digivolved Digimon. The now winged knight blocked her punch with his lance before he raised his blade upon seeing her opening.

"You will pay for your sins just as your Mother will do today...INVINCIBLE SWORD!" Gallantmon Crimson Mode brought down the blade, Blutgang and sliced her in half. Everyone watched in awe as the sword, pure white, cleaved the D-Reaper agent in half and a large pillar of white light descended from their position to the ground, burning a hole in the ground.

"Sugoi, his light element powers exceed even my own" Ophanimon commented as she saw Gallantmon Crimson Mode turn to look at the Kernel Sphere. However, before he could do anything the Digital Link was activated by Yamaki.

"Oi, guys listen up. If you are about to destroy the Kernel Sphere, once you do that, save Dolphin's daughter. When that's done, Henry, Terriermon, I need to tell you that just before you all left, I implanted a data catalyst into Terriermon's data. Therefore, Terriermon is the high energy catalyst needed to send the D-Reaper back to the Digital World"

"NANI?" was the simultaneously exclamation making Yamaki, once more, nearly become deaf.

"Hai, sorry for not telling you guys, but we needed to make sure you all would succeed, not that we didn't doubt in the first place. Anyways, in order to send the D-Reaper back you will need to create a dimensional rift by spinning in the opposite direction of the portal that the D-Reaper is coming from. This will cause our reaction to take place and transfer the data from the algorithm we made into the D-Reaper causing it to revert back to its original RAM size and thus we save the world...understood?"

"Hai" was MegaGargomon's reply, along with everyone else's. The newly formed Royal Knight held up a ball of crimson light the size of an Oodama Rasengan and aimed it at the Kernel Sphere.

"JUSTIMON, PREPARE TO GO AND GET ALICE, I'M GONNA BLAST THIS THING TO BITS WITH ONE HIT!" the others blinked in shock before watching as Gallantmon's attack suddenly grew in size now the size of a Chou Oodama Rasengan.

"CRIMSON LIGHT!" Gallantmon Crimson Mode roared. The attack launched from his hands in the form of a high intensity beam that released a large shockwave once it made contact with the Kernel Sphere. Gallantmon gritted his teeth beneath his helmet as he felt resistance when his attack struck. He began to push more energy into his attack. The energy travelled along the length of the beam until it reached the end point causing the blast to become even larger. The Kernel Sphere began to crack and form like a spiderweb.

"Just...a little...bit...MORE!" Gallantmon released a loud cry as he pushed the last of his energy into the crimson light and with a bright flash, the Kernel Sphere shattered. Where the Kernel Sphere used to be, a large gaping hole had formed and Alice was shown there, still in the sphere before her eyes, which were dull and lifeless, seemingly gained back their colour. She blinked as she looked around only to suddenly feel slightly nauseous and thus she fell from her perch.

She fell through the air, causing her weariness to vanish. Falling from over ten stories can do that to a person.

However, as she shut her eyes, screaming her lungs out for fear of death, she felt a pair of strong arms catch her. She opened her eyes and looked around, she looked up at the face of her rescuer.

"Yo, you alright Alice?" Ryo's voice spoke through the mega Digimon's mouth. Alice nodded, but tilted her head in confusion.

"Ryo?" thus earning a nod as a response to her uncertainty as to whether it was Ryo or not.

"Yamaki, we've destroyed the Kernel Sphere" MegaGargomon informed the head of Hypnos.,

"Alright, great job. Now go into the area where the Kernel was and spin in a clockwise direction" MegaGargomon followed Yamaki's instructions and went inside the destroyed Kernel Sphere. MegaGargomon spread his arms out wide and then activated his rocket thrusters underneath his feet. The flames ejected downwards before the giant armoured bunny began to rotate his body. Faster and faster he began to spin until all he looked like was a giant green and black tornado. Suddenly blue sparks of electricity lanced out of MegaGargomon's body.

"Initating Operation Doodlebug" Yamaki said as he and the other Monster Makers typed away on the keyboards.

"Digital Quantum Matrix, set" Curly said as she straightened out her sari.

"Releasing Ram reduction agent, NOW" Daisy said. Janyu quickly set up the computer code for the Digital World's portal and then clicked on a few images and suddenly there was image of MegaGargomon spiralling above a swirling black and white vortex of data.

"Activating the gate" Dolphin yelled out.

"ACTIVATE THE CATALYST!" Shibumi yelled. And with that, all six of them pressed the Enter key simultaneously.

The tamers and their Digimon looked in awe at what was happening before them. A large portal had appeared below their gargantuan companion before the portal spiralled up and into the portal that the D-Reaper had originally come from. However, the portal suddenly began to spasm.

"What's happening?" Jeri asked. They all looked to see the D-Reaper suddenly began to morph once more. Changing from its Mother form into a large giant behemoth of wires. The behemoth was a large mound, the entirety of its body was made up of red cables white the area where the head and jaws were located became a dark blue, bordering on black. Long scythes appeared and stretched out as the D-Reaper, its new, final form, released a roar.

"Kuso" Kazu cursed.

"Yamaki there's something wrong, the evolved again and completely wiped out the catalyst program. We'll have to restart Operation Doodlebug in order for it to work again" Janyu informed the blonde.

"THEN DO IT!" Yamaki growled, "I WANT THAT THING GONE!"

The others gained serious looks and quickly began to re-type the code for the Operation Doodlebug project.

The Reaper, the D-Reaper's final form, roared as it seemed to glare at the Digimon.

"You think you can take us?" Sakuyamon asked as she readied her staff.

"Bring it" Gallantmon held Blutgang high slashing it downwards. A large arc of white light flew through the air and impacted with the Reaper causing it pain as it was sliced in half from the Invincible Sword attack, however the Reaper suddenly extended wires and it regenerated.

"Kuso" GrapLeomon roared as he flew around a scythe blade that tried to cleave him and his tamer, who was resting on his shoulder, in two.

"KING OF THE FIST!" two large wind lions ejected from the turbine speed enhanced punches. The two lions roared as it impacted with the Reaper, but did no noticeable damage. The Reaper lashed out with its scythes only for MarineAngemon to perform Pretty Heart and lock them in place with the gelatinous properties of her defensive attack.

"DIGIMODIFY...GREYMON'S NOVA BLAST!" Kenta yelled swiping the card. MarineAngemon took a deep breath and released the large fireball that was Greymon's signature attack. The raging ball of flame impacted with one of the scythes, burning through its cord, but not all the way through due to the Reaper's healing factor. MegaGargomon weaved through the scythe blades as they tried to attack him before raising his arms and fired multiple green energy bullets from the machine guns in his gauntlets. The bullets bounced off the Reaper's thick wire like hide. MegaGargomon was suddenly caught off guard when a large tentacle wrapped around his body and threw him away into Sakuyamon. The two mega level Digimon gave grunts of pain.

"Gomen nasai" he apologized.

"It's okay, just try to stall until Yamaki and the others are ready to perform that portal-catalyst thing again" the fox miko said as she ducked beneath a horde of tentacles that were destroyed by Andromon's Lightning Blade, slicing them to pieces. Gallantmon released a battle cry, using his new found speed and aerial maneuverability from his ten wings, flying along side Ophanimon.

"EDEN'S JAVELIN!" Ophanimon threw her javelin forth and the golden Chrome Digizoid weapon impaled itself into the D-Reaper's head before erupting into ten pillars of light energy. The light swirled around each other before converging at one point, forming an even larger light pillar that expanded into a dome of light. The Reaper released a pained cry as a result. Gallantmon Crimson Mode raised his holy lance and threw it forth. The lance surrounded itself with red fire and impaled the Reaper.

"CRIMSON EXPLOSION!" the Royal Knight roared as the lance exploded into a storm of red fire and smoke, injuring the Reaper further. Gallantmon raised Blutgang and blocked a scythe before redirecting it. He backflipped to avoid another scythe. A third sneaked up behind him, but Ophanimon quickly kicked it away before setting it ablaze with amethyst flames from her Sefirots Crystal attack.

Kazu, Jeri and Kenta performed their combo once more. MarineAngemon blocked numerous tentacles and scythes while GrapLeomon and Andromon followed up with their attacks, mainly Cyclonic Kick and Lightning Blade. However, they were quickly being overwhelmed and MarineAngemon was forced to put up a shield to protect them.

"Jeri, I think it's time we upgrade our power" Jeri looked confused as her Digimon.

"What do you mean?" Jeri asked.

"Kazu, I agree with Leomon. If we are to defeat this threat, our power must increase exponentially"

"NANI?" the visor wearing tamer yelled, "But the only way we'd be able to do that is if you became a..."

"A Mega level?" Jeri asked GrapLeomon. GrapLeomon and Andromon looked at each other. With a nod they both reverted back to their weaker forms. Andromon became Hagurumon, his Rookie form and GrapLeomon became Elecmon.

"Let's do this!" the two Rookies yelled. Jeri and Kazu looked down as their D-Arks glowed.



Kazu and Hagurumon were suddenly enveloped in a swirling, dark violet egg of data. Their bodies fusing into one being. Kazu floated in a sphere of violet data as Hagurumon's data swirled around it to give him shape. A tall humanoid body formed before it was covered in a red latex suit. The suit was then covered in thick, black Chrome Digizoid armour. Silver parts formed along the outlining of the foot armour, the knee joints and silver metallic plates formed on the arms and upper leg areas. A silver jet pack of somesort attached itself to the mega Digimon's back. One either shoulder were two mask like attachments. These attackements were silver on the lower half, but of two different colours on the upper halves. A large horn protruded out of the top of either attachment. One was a bright reddish-orange and the other was a deep blue. A helmet formed out of nowhere and covered the entirety of the Digimon's head, leaving only its mouth visible. Two glowing yellow eyes gazed through the lenses of the helmet.




Jeri and Elecmon were enveloped in a pale yellow egg of swirling data. Jeri's form was trapped within the egg while Elecmon's data began to give the egg shape and structure. A large wire frame form in the shape of a large bipedal lion formed. Tan skin, some areas with scars, covered the wire frame beneath it. The most prominent scar being the large red 'X' shape one covering the majority of its torso. Bandages covered its body from its waist to its upper legs, but these were quickly hidden as a pair of black pants that extended to just below the knee appeared. A large black coat appeared and covered the Digimon's body. A pair of red and gold knuckle bracers formed on its hands. A little black hat with a red 'x' on it sat atop its head where a mane of silvery white hair extended to its shoulder area. On its tail, a golden ring was attached. Data swirled in its hands as a large tanto, named Dankon, was gripped tightly in them. Blue eyes snapped open, slitted pupils gazing at the Reaper. Black claws and large white teeth bared.


BanchoLeomon and HiAndromon looked over their new forms and smirked.

"We are so gonna kick ass" HiAndromon spoke as the two mask attachments on his shoulders glowed their respective colours. BanchoLeomon swung his sword in a downward strike and a large red arc of energy shot forth and sliced away at the tentacles that Gallantmon was busy fending off. The Royal Knight, as well as the other tamers turned and gasped at the newly formed megas. Kenta, being the only non-bio-merged tamer now, took out his rose coloured D-Ark and scanned the two megas.

A holographic image of the cyborg Digimon appeared first.

"Okay, first up, HiAndromon. He's a mega level Digimon. The percentage of Chrome Digizoid parts which compose its body has increased, and it is impossible to miss the extent of its gains in offensive and defensive power from this, compared to Andromon. Additionally, as Andromon it was incomplete, and by adding Chrome Digizoid parts to the Bio-Synapse circuits which govern its thinking, it became self-aware, making it possible for it to execute its objectives. His attacks are Copy Paste and Atomic Ray"

The image of the robotic mega was then replaced with that of the coat wearing lion.

"Next is BanchoLeomon, another mega Digimon. It lives faithul only to the "Justice" in which it trusts. As it is a boss that only serves its own "Justice", if something becomes an obstacle to that "Justice", it will see them as "Evil" even if they are a being like the Royal Knights or the Celestial Digimon, and they will become an enemy that it has to eliminate. The "GAKU-RAN" worn over its shoulders is endowed with a defensive function that negates 89.9% of the opponent's physical strikes. It wields its prided tanto, "Dankon" (translated as Man's Soul)" Kenta then pocketed his D-Ark.

"You guys, take five. We wanna take a little test run of our new bodies" BanchoLeomon said. Gallantmon chuckled as he held up a large ball of crimson energy.

"Like hell we're gonna step down, just attack the damn thing" the Crimson knight roared, "CRIMSON LIGHT!" the attack rocketed forth and slammed into the Reaper and to the surprise of everyone present, the attack sent the D-Reaper's form flying through the air.

"Now's our chance guys, ATTACK!" MegaGargomon commanded as he opened every single compartment and readied his two missile launchers.


The storm of ammunition flew through the air and exploded upon contact with the D-Reaper's weapons and its body.

"SPIRIT STRIKE!" Sakuamon yelled as all four of her elemental kitsune spirits raced forth from their pipes. The four spirits howled as they merged into the white energy kitsune avatar. The kitsune spirit released a bestial roar and it tore through the scythes and tentacles before releasing an explosion of the elements as it met the Reaper. The Reaper roared in pain and its healing factor was beginning to slow down from all the damage.

"JUSTICE BURST!" Justimon held Alice with one arm while raising the Trinity Arm. Multiple spheres of concentrated energy launched forth from the arm and exploded with the D-Reaper's form and took out a good number of its scythes.

"DIGIMODIFY...IMPERIALDRAMON'S GIGA CRUSHER!" Kenta yelled. MarineAngemon grinned widely as a large dragon shaped cannon formed in her flippers.

"Hey, you told me you didn't have a strong card" Kazu's voice spoke through HiAndromon. Kenta adjusted his glasses with a large grin on his face.

"I lied"

"GIGA CRUSHER!" the attack rocketed through the air and released a colourful explosion causing the D-Reaper to roar once more.

"Alright, BanchoLeomon...let's fire up our attacks" The two mask like attachements began to hum as energy began to power up.

"I'll go first" BanchoLeomon roared as it raced through the D-Reaper's weapons, wielding the Dankon like a master. He jumped into the air and slashed through the scythe blade that aimed to attack him before ducking down and roared releasing a shockwave from it.

"KING LION!" a blast of red energy erupted from the tanto in the bipedal lion's hands. The red energy blast took on the shape of a gargantuan male lion that roared before exploding against the body of the Reaper. BanchoLeomon then continued his assault, slicing away through the D-Reaper's weapons before finally reaching the main body. The newly formed feline mega thrust back his right arm and a torrent of orange energy formed around it.

"EAT THIS...FLASH BANTYO PUCNH!" the punch was released and impacted with the D-Reaper and a large shockwave resulted from the hit. Everyone looked in awe as the lion Digimon followed up with multiple attacks using the spirit enhanced punches.

"YO, HIANDROMON, IT'S ALL YOU NOW!" the feline Digimon roared as he performed a final uppercut. A pillar of BanchoLeomon's spirit energy erupted from the attack sending the Reaper skyward, even though its body just seemingly extended due to it being made of wires.

HiAndromon's twin turbines on its shoulder began to glow orange and blue, respectively. He then held out his arms and they suddenly morphed into twin cannons.

"THIS IS FOR ALL THE TROUBLE YOU'VE CAUSED YOU STUPID PIECE OF DIGITAL SHIT!" the mechanical android roared as two spheres, one orange and one blue, formed in the cannons. HiAndromon positioned his cannons and the built guiding system, locked on to the large Reaper.

"ATOMIC RAY!" the two spheres of energy released two beams of their respective colour before swirling around each other in a tornado of energy. The attack met the Reaper head on and impaled the Reaper due to its power. HiAndromon then smirked as he activated the final effect of his attack. The energy then began to condense within the body of the D-Reaper before exploding outwards causing wires and digital Reaper flesh to fly everywhere.

"Henry, Terriermon...NOW!" Yamaki called out through the Digital Link. MegaGargomon quickly began to rotate and repeated the catalyzed process of sending the D-Reaper back. The black and white portal formed within the sky and began to suck up the D-Reaper like a vacuum cleaner would a multitude of dust. The portal continued to absorb the D-Reaper, shrinking its size before a tiny little dot ejected itself from the portal and launched back into the Digital World.

The tamers looked around the area they were in, the D-Reaper was was finally gone. A loud cheer was heard throughout the group and all over the world, the other D-Reapers that formed began to recede back into the Digital World.

Hypnos Towers

"This is Kairi Takenouchi from Channel 5 news where the Digimon here have finally just defeated the large gelatinous blob that was plaguing Shinjuku. With the death of this phenomenon, the other large energy masses have begun to recede back to place where they originated from and scientists have just revealed that the Earth's global temperature is finally returning to its regular one. This Kairi Takenouchi, Channel 5 News"

"They did it" Janyu whispered with tears lining his eyes.

"They actually beat the thing" Yamaki said as he switched off the television. However, all good things must come to an end. A large boom suddenly echoed outside the towers. Everyone rushed to windows and looked as the Digital Portal in the sky had still note vanished and the large booms were seeming to originate from it.

"Riley, quick...why is the portal not disappearing!"

Riley went over to the monitors and typed away before a digital diagram of the D-Reaper appeared.

"Yamaki...the D-Reaper on our end is destroyed, but it seems to have disintegrated in transport...which is good...but sir there is something coming through the portal. Two objects sir, both very powerful as shown by the Digital Scanner...and one is huge" Riley explained. Yamaki watched as the tamers' gaze focused on the portal.

"Just why hell can't these horrible days just end?" he grumbled.

Digital World- Southern Quadrant

Alphamon stood still as he watched the shocked face of the Sin of Pride. His eyes were rolled back into his head so they were pure white, the hints of red indicating the blood vessels. Red data flowed from the wound as Alphamon rested with his Ouryuken blade embedded in the Demon Lord's stomach. Alphamon sighed in relief as he watched the still Demon Lord. He stood and withdrew the large blade from Lucemon's stomach causing the body to spasm slightly upon its removal.

"So it's finally over" Naruto said. Alphamon nodded to his human half.

"Hai, now let's go to Fanglongmon and..." the bio-merged Digimon halted in his steps as he heard the sound of choking. Alphamon whipped around with such speed he never even took notice of the whiplash effect on his neck. There he saw Lucemon spasming on the ground with golden coloured...stuff, coming out of his mouth. The substance began to condense and form something akin to foam and his eyes and mouth suddenly released large beams of light. When the golden substance compilated into one giant blob, Alphamon blinked as he saw the form of an angel, the initial form of Lucemon. The little Lucemon gave a small wave and a dark chuckle.

"Bye byeee" it said ominously before vanishing as light particles. As Alphamon tried to comprehend what just occurred, Lucemon's Chaos Mode began to rise from the ground, encased in bubbles of black energy. Much like how Naruto looked when he was coated in the fox cloak. Lucemon's body then swayed, his arms dangling and head bent low. His long blonde hair cascaded over his face and thus hid it from view.

"Impossible" Alphamon gasped as he watched the large stab wound from the Ouryuken begin to heal. Lucemon's head snapped up and Alphamon took a step back in surprise as he saw the eyes of his nemesis filled with the purple-black colour of the dark energy.

"Thank you, Naruto..for getting rid of that pesky light side of my being" Lucemon spoke in a demonic voice. Alphamon's eyes widened as Naruto's dreams suddenly flooded back into his mind. The demonic voice was just like that of the giant purple dragon from his dreams.

"What...what are you?" Alphamon gasped. Lucemon chuckled as his form became obscured by the dark energy, locking him away in a large sphere of black energy. Suddenly an explosion of data flakes erupted from the dark sphere and began to take shape.


The data flakes took on the form of a giant dragon like beast. It was covered in purple scales. Gold lines that looked like veins were etched into its skin along its neck and upper arms. Ten purple, bar-like wings grew out from its back. Over seven of the wings were coloured symbols, each one representing one of the Deadly Sins. Red for Pride, Blue for Envy, Orange for Wrath, Indigo for Sloth, Purple for Greed, Yellow for Gluttony and Green for Lust. The dragon long tail was purple just like the rest of its body, with golden orbs embedded in it long the length of the tail. The tip of the tail branched off to form a hand like structure with three 'claws'. Its long muscular arms tensed as it grasped the dark orb that Lucemon was covered in, known as the Gehenna. Attached to each of its arms was a torn, purple wing. Three golden claws adorned its hands and feet. Its upper facial appearance was masked by a golden mask and its mouth seemed to be forever fixed to bare the sharp, white teeth held within it. The dragon behemoth released a roar as it finally took its first steps.


Alphamon gulped, but he gripped his sword tightly. His form was coated in a green and black aura before he vanished.

"ALPHA INFORCE!" Alphamon yelled and suddenly the giant behemoth was attacked from all sides as the Alpha Inforce allowed for Alphamon to perform hyperspeed combat, which is why the Alphamon Inforce only allows the opponent to see the final move. Because Alphamon moves too fast to be seen until the last blow has been struck. Alphamon continued to slice away at the dragon before stopping in front of the dragon behemoth's damaged form and held up a single hand.

"DIGITALIZE OF SOUL!" a blast of green energy launched itself at Lucemon ShadowLord Mode, sending the dragon flying back with a roar from the power of the attack. The dragon still seemed to have an ever tight grip on the sphere in its hands. The large dragon growled as it climbed back onto its feet and released a deafening roar. It took a deep breath and released a torrent of red flames from its jaws.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" and the sea of red flames flew towards the leader of the Royal Knights. The black and gold armoured Digimon quickly spun the Ouryuken in his hands and blocked the attack and diverted the flames. However, the dragon seemed to keep the blast going on forever and Alphamon's arms were getting tired. Alphamon's eyes narrowed and the Aloof Hermit quickly stopped his spinning sword and slashed the flames, an arc of green and black energy slicing through the fire blast. The arc of green energy slammed into the dragon's face sending its head reeling back. But the dragon quickly recovered and slammed the earth with its tail and a large amount of earth flew through the air towards the alpha Digimon.

The Royal Knight held his sword and quickly sliced through one rock before spinning and releasing an arc of green energy. The energy sliced through five other rocks before Alphamon dropped down from his perch in the air and avoided the rest of them. As he dropped, he positioned his blade and stabbed it into the ground. A stream of green energy rocketed from the blade's edge and slammed into the dragon behemoth's leg. Lucemon roared as he slashed with his golden claws and white energy launched itself from the claws. Alphamon spread his wings and took to the skies before flying up and avoiding the attack.

Alphamon raised his hand and his palm filled with green energy. The energy suddenly expanded and became a swirling mass that opened up to reveal the colours of another dimension.

"DIGITALIZE OF SOUL!" a large draconic creature plowed through the portal and crashed into Lucemon's draconic form. The dragon growled and released roar as it fell, but it countered by raising its tail. The tails claws which lay at its tip stabbed through the body of the serpentine body of the dragon from another dimension. The beast released a hiss of pain as it was hurled away and then burnt to a crisp from the crimson flames. Lucemon ShadowLord Mode roared and took a deep breath.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" The flames ejected themselves from the jaws of the beast, but Alphamon stabbed his sword into the ground and flashed through handsigns.

"Doton: DoKen no Jutsu!" a giant earth fist rose up from the ground and punched the purifying flames of the Sin of Pride's final form. The earthen fist continued through the fires, but couldn't make it that far as it melted into molten lava from the intense heat.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" the Royal Knight formed about four thousand clones of itself before leaping into the air. The Aloof Hermit released a battle cry as his one man army all held up their hands. The palms became coated in green energy.

"DIGITALIZE OF SOUL!" and a great beam of emerald light flew towards the dragon, however the beast took to the skies and avoided the strike. It growled and the purple scaled behemoth opened its jaws to strike with its red fires only for it to be snapped shut from five kicks from five clones. The kagebunshins then shot off towards the dragon, each one wielding an Ouryuken.

"OURYUKEN!" they all swung the great Dragon King War Blade and slashed away at the dragon. However, the dragon became annoyed as it felt the attacks hacking away his flesh and released a bestial roar that sent them all flying away from the shockwave it caused. The clones remained stable, but were in shock at how powerful the creature was.

"Boss, this thing is tough" one clone said to the original. Alphamon nodded before holding up his hand and a large rasengan the size of three elephants formed. The clones followed their creator's move and all 4000 clones held the powerful Chou Oodama Rasengan in their palms.

"NINPOU: CHOU OODAMA RASENGAN RENDAN!" the clones all leaped into the air, their rasengans held high above their heads.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" the crimson tongue of heated oxygen rocketed through the air and took out a great deal of clones, but the numbers were too many. The Alphamon horde parted the flames with their attacks before slamming all the spiraling chakra spheres onto the body of the behemoth. The dragon released a roar as its flesh was torn away and a large explosion of chakra sent it flying through the air and spinning into a large boulder which broke from the impact. The Alphamon clones then all flashed through handsigns and took a deep breath.

"FUUTON: DAITOPPA/ WIND STYLE: GREAT BREAKTHROUGH!" and a large twister rocketed out of all the clones' mouths before the original Naruto came through with a Rasenshuriken. The winds all flew into the spiraling shuriken as Alphamon hurled it at the downed Lucemon.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Rasen Arashi no Jutsu/ Collaboration Jutsu; Spiraling Storm Jutsu!" the large spiraling shuriken sliced into the chest of the behemoth before expanding as a dome of pressurized wind. Alphamon panted as his clones vanished. However, Alphamon was caught off guard as sudden burst of white energy sent him flying through the air. The great dragon roared in defiance towards its would-be-executioner.

"You cannot defeat me, Naruto" Lucemon spoke, "I am immortal in this form. You have no hope of defeating me, not even Fanglongmon would be able to stop me"

Alphamon groaned as he stood to his feet.

"You may be strong, but I WILL defeat you!" and the Royal Knight called forth the Ouryuken and hurled it at Lucemon. Alphamon then used the Alpha Inforce an vanished from sight. Lucemon was suddenly met with a powerful slashed that sent his gigantic form flying. Alphamon the followed up with multiple blasts of emerald energy.

"DIGITALIZE OF SOUL!" a large portal formed and a giant three headed bird flew from the other dimension and attacked the giant dragon. Lucemon gritted his large teeth as the large bird began to tear away his flesh with its claws and beaks. The giant behemoth used his tail and stabbed the points of the 'claws' at the end of his tail and hurled the large bird away. Alphamon jumped atop his steed and held the Ouryuken high.

"ATTACK!" the large bird released a screech before flying at the dragon. Lucemon growled as he avoided the inital strike and slapped the bird with his muscular tail before releasing a burst of white energy from each of the crowns that were in the form of the symbols of the Seven Deadly Sins.

"ANIHILISM MAELSTROM!" the white energy beams flew towards the bird, but Alphamon quickly flashed through handsigns.

"Katon: Karyuendaan no Jutsu!" The fiery reptile burst forth from Alphamon's jaws and impacted with the light beams. Though it was quickly overwhelmed, it allowed time for the knight's steed to rise above the attack and avoid it causing a large explosion that was sure to kill the bird had it landed. The bird suddenly released a blast of wind from its wings as it flapped them. The wind gusts impacted with the masked reptile that was Lucemon, but it had no effect as the purple scaled reptile flew through the air and through the wind attack, crashing its shoulder against the chest of the bird. The bird screeched in pain before flying away to escape further pain. Alphamon stuck to the bird with chakra as it performed aerial maneuvers to avoid the attacks from Lucemon.

The three headed bird released a projectile of pressurized air in retaliation while also performing its wind gusts to slow down Lucemon. The bird quickly performed a loop-de-loop to avoid a blast of energy from Lucemon and appeared behind the dragon as the two beasts flew through the air. Alphamon held his hand and fired multiple blasts of green energy that impaled themselves through the wings of the great Sin of Pride's form. However, Alphamon gritted his teeth as he saw the beast's flesh heal itself.

The bird quickly put on a burst of speed and slammed head on into Lucemon's body causing it to jerk forward and tumble through the air. Alphamon leaped off of his steed and stabbed the Ouryuken into the head of the dragon and tore a large gash in its skull as he dragged the blade through the skull. Alphamon then jumped off and flipped through air so that he was upside-down and put his hands in his favourite ninjutsu sign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" a clone formed in front of the Aloof Hermit and he threw his copy at the dragon.

"BUNSHIN DAIBAKUFU NO JUTSU!" Alphamon yelled as he flew away with his bird. The clone gave a loud laugh and exploded as it came into contact with Lucemon's draconic form. The dragon roared in pain before it healed itself. It glared at the two opponents and put on a burst of speed.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" a torrent of red fire struck the bird and sent it careening to the ground, crashing through two large boulders before slamming into a cliff face. This resulted in a rock slide that crushed the three headed bird. Alphamon turned so that he was flying backwards, his wings beating rapidly as he attempted to keep this style of flying.

"ANIHILISM MAELSTROM!" the giant dragon roared as it released seven powerful light beams at the Royal Knight who flipped and twisted to avoid them before he flw at the head of the dragon. Alphamon seemed to vanish from sight as the Aloof Hermit applied the Alpha Inforce and his hyperspeed combat came into play. The dragon was struck in the head, stomach, twice on each wing with a Digitalize of Soul attack. A kick to the neck caused the head to reel forward before the final move was seen. Alphamon twirled the Ouryuken as he flew up towards the violet scaled reptile's chin and sliced the giant's head in half. Alphamon quickly flew back to gain some distance as he saw his opponent's movement falter as both sides of the head bled red data flakes as smoothly as blood flowed from a human.

"He just never stays down, I've killed that thing so many times now" Naruto said.

"Naruto, let's go to Fanglongmon. He might be able to help us with him" Alphamon said to his human half. Naruto nodded from within his sphere of data and the Royal Knight flew off in the direction of Fanglongmon. The dragon's head healed as its two halves joined together.

"YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME BOY!" Lucemon roared as he breathed a crimson fire blast after his opponent, but the attack was already too far out of range and ended up burning nothing but air. With a mighty flap of each of his ten wings, Lucemon ShadowLord put on a great burst of speed and was quickly catching up to the holder of the empty seat. Alphamon was suddenly surrounded by a green aura and vanished from view. Lucemon cursed at that.

Fanglonmon roared in pain as he was struck by a large tentacle from the D-Reaper half that was in the Digital World. The great god countered with a tongue of golden flames coming from his mouth. The attack struck and the D-Reaper shrunk away to avoid the attack. Fanglongmon growled before stabbing his claws into the earth and a stream of light and dark energies fused into one explosive blast that blew a large hole in the D-Reaper's form. The golden scaled dragon panted. He had been fighting for so long he forgot that he didn't even notice that his DigiCores only had enough energy for a few more go-s. Only two of his eight DigiCores remained active and ready for use. The D-Reaper suddenly grew taller and was about to crash down on the might dragon god, but was suddenly stopped. Fanglongmon's orange eyes looked in confusion as he saw the D-Reaper's form suddenly freeze up. It was then that he saw multiple, deep slash marks appeared all over the D-Reaper's body causing it collapse onto the earth.

Fanglonmon looked up to see a winged knight, a giant sword coated in a green aura held in its hands.

"You okay?" Alphamon asked. Fanglongmon's eyes widened as he stared into the red eyes of the Royal Knight.

"Alphamon...but that can't be?" Fanglongmon gasped.

"Well believe it. Besides it's not really me, it's me and Naruto. We bio-merged again to become Alphamon" Fanglonmon nodded in understanding.

"I see, but why are you here? Shouldn't you be fighting Lucemon?" Alphamon turned away and fired a blast of green energy at the rising D-Reaper causing its form to fly apart, thus prolonging the time it would take for it to reform. Fanglonmon released a roar and then the earth tore apart and the D-Reaper's body fell into the giant chasm before the earth was sealed up once more.

"That should hold it back down for a few thousand years in human time wouldn't you say?" Alphamon chuckled at the joke before both he and the fifth god of the Digital World became serious.

"Hai, I am...but he suddenly digivolved. His power is far beyond that of any Digimon I have ever seen. Your power is now exactly equal to his if not a bit greater" Alphamon explained as he flapped his wings. The golden dragon gaped in shock.

"Greater...than my own" those words rattled his very DigiCore. Suddenly the two heard a roar and turned to see Lucemon ShadowLord, a few feet away from them.

"My, my Naruto. Going for help I see" Lucemon said through the mouth of his draconic puppet.

(A/N: Alphamon and Fanglongmon don't know that its just a puppet)

" really are a monster" Fanglongmon growled.

"Fanglongmon please, I need your assistance" Alphamon pleaded. The great Dragon of the Center nodded before both Digimon turned to face their one opponent.

"Now, now're tired from fighting the D-Reaper. You should GO TO SLEEP!" Lucemon roared as he released a breath of red flames from his jaws which Fanglongmon met with his own golden flames. The two attacks met and an explosion resulted. However, Lucemon flew through the smoke towards the tired dragon god and raised one forearm and slammed it down on the head of the god sending Fanglongmon to the ground. Alphamon appeared in front of the behemoth and kicked it squarely in the face as the final move of his combo. Lucemon's draconic form released a roar of pain as its arms, legs, tail and head were suddenly cleave from its body. Alphamon, having slashed away the body parts before using Alpha Inforce. However, the body parts extended as if they were made of playdough and reattached themselves to the main body.

"I cannot be defeated"

"So you say...this might cost the Digital World, but it's the only way" Fanglongmon growled as he flew into the air and tackled the other large reptile.

"TAIKYOU!" the Dragon of the Centre released a giant blast of light and darkness energy, but the dragon behemoth seemed to grin before the Geheena in its grip suddenly released a pulse and absorbed the attack.

"Tsk tsk. Forfeiting your own world for my destruction using Taikyou. Fanglongmon, you really are desperate"

"If I weren't...tired from...fighting the damn Chaos...I'd be a much better challenge" Fanglongmon panted. However, the dragon was suddenly struck in the side as a white energy beam from an Anihilism Maelstrom fired. The dragon god flew through the air before the other six beams descended upon Fanglongmon and created a crater upon the Huanglong Ore covered dragon's impact with the ground.

Lucemon chuckled as he looked at Alphamon.

"You know, Naruto...Dorumon. I'm going to be a ruler of both worlds"

Alphamon looked confused before he was suddenly smacked away by the behemoth's snake like tail. Alphamon quickly performed a catspring, leaping to his feet and gaped as he saw Lucemon flying up into the portal that led to the Real World.

"Fanglongmon, I know you're weak right now, but do what you can to keep the portal to the Real World open"

"I'll...try" the golden scaled dragon replied as he watched Naruto fly after the Sin of Pride.

The two powerful Digimon entered the portal and were sent through the rip in space-time at breakneck speeds. Lucemon held the front while Alphamon followed not too far behind. Lucemon chuckled as he gazed back and released a blast of red fire.

"Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba/ Wind Style: Wind Blade!" the wind blade diverted the fires thus keeping the caped Digimon safe. Suddenly a white light formed around both of them and Lucemon released a roar as he landed atop a building with enough force to cause it to collapse. Alphamon flew out and grabbed Lucemon. Using his enhanced strength multiplied by his use of the Kyuubi's chakra to power his arms, Alphamon hurled the Demon Lord's ShadowLord mode into the sky and blasted it with a green energy blast. However, the dragon recovered and slapped away the attack.



White energy blasts met a gigantic monster made up of a combination of a gorilla, tiger and lizard. The two attacks caused a large explosion as the beast took the full force of the attack, crashing into the streets of Shinjuku below. The beast then disappeared as green flakes of data. Alphamon then quickly vanished from sight and Lucemon was suddenly imapled from all sides by the Royal Knight's Ouryuken and was only able to catch a glance of the final strike. A powerful Chou Oodama Rasengan slammed full force into the behemoth's face and sent it flying, but Lucemon got in a shot as his tail slapped Alphamon with such force that the Royal Knight went through five buildings before being embedded half way through a solid concrete structure. Alphamon groaned as he freed himself. His wings quickly snapped back into place and took on a reddish hue as the youkai of Naruto's bijuu healed it. Lucemon ShadowLord Mode crashed through the many buildings sending them toppling to the ground as a result before firing off a powerful blast of red fire.

"YOU CANNOT WIN, ALPHAMON!" Lucemon roared as the fire blast suddenly increased in strength. Alphamon gritted his teeth and was pushed back as the Ouryuken took the hit, the only thing keeping it from shattering from the force or melting from the heat of the purifying flames being the aura of the Alpha Inforce surrounding both blade and wielder. However, the attack was able to push Alphamon back and the attack caused a large explosion. The Royal Knight flew skyward and arched through the air before impacting the top of the concrete structure he was embedded in previously.

Alphamon groaned in pain before an egg of black and gold energy surrounded the Royal Knight and he was changed back into Naruto and Dorumon.

The blonde shinobi rose up to a sitting position and looked over himself and saw his groaning partner.

"DORUMON!" the X-Antibody holder grunted as he also sat up.

"Naruto...I think...we're losing" Dorumon joked. Naruto smirked at his partner's attempt to cheer him up.

" seems for the first time...we're actually going to lose" Naruto said as he watched Lucemon's giant face, the giant face of a masked dragon, stare at them. The jaws of death opened and red fire compiled within the darkness of the maw of the devil.

"It's been good Dorumon"

"See ya bro"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Both tamer and partner looked to see Ophanimon and Sakuyamon dive in and perform a brutal double kick to the dragon's head. The behemoth's head snapped to the side before it was impaled by Ophanimon's javelin and Sakuyamon's staff.



The two attacks tore through the flesh of the great beast and the two females flew off, but Lucemon growled and roared. A shockwave sent the two flying, but Sakuyamon, being lighter flew farther. She was caught by HiAndromon though, but her armour was shown to be cracked and damaged.

"Just a...roar. And it did that much" Sakuyamon gasped before falling unconscious.

"RIKA-CHAN!" Naruto yelled at seeing his girlfriend's bio-merged form being sent flying away. Attack suddenly bombarded the giant dragon beast, but Lucemon smirked at their effort and merely absorbed them into the Geheena, the dark sphere held within his claws. Ophanimon was shocked as she saw Lucemon' crowns glow and release beams of white light. The attack was avoided, but the impact it caused, everything in a fifty mile radius erupted into fire and smoke from the attack. The tamers looked in shock and were frozen in fear at the awesome power of the leader of the Demon Lords.

"DARE NOT CHALLENGE ME, WEAKLINGS!" Lucemon roared. Ophanimon, whether it be from stupidity or from her want to protect her friends (a little bit of both it seems), the ten winged angel charged with javelin in hand.

"You annoy me, pest" the giant behemoth growled as it slammed its clawed hand against Ophanimon and atop the structure that Naruto and Dorumon were resting on. Her form was embedded quite deeply in the concrete and Naruto and Dorumon were frozen at seeing their precious people being defeated like they were nothing. They were strong...but Lucemon was stronger. Naruto and Dorumon grunted as they crawled over to their fallen friend. Ophanimon was wrapped in an egg of gold data before she reverted back to Gatomon.

"Gato-chan...are you alright?" Dorumon asked with tears lining his eyes. Gatomon coughed, her smaller form allowing her to, painfully, pry herself from the crater that Lucemon made with her.

"Not really" she said, "Doru-kun...I'm scared"

Dorumon and Gatomon were suddenly wrapped in Naruto's arms as he stood to his feet. His legs wobbling as he tried to stand.

"Guys..." the blonde shinboi looked as Lucemon burnt away Shinjuku with his fiery breath. The city set alight with fire and light, the other tamers trying their best to stop him...but to no avail. Lucemon sent them back with a roar and a slap of his tail, grounding them. Luckily, MarineAngemon had managed to put up a shield that took the brunt of the impact, but they were still heavily damaged.

"I've loved being with you two. I appreictaed every moment I had because you guys were the family I never had...but it seems that even one year in this universe has nearly caused its destruction. I'm nothing, but trouble...I cause this. My being here, my giving in to Lucemon's deal to come to the Digital World to escape my own...I'm sorry. Do you guys hate me for coming here?" he asked. Dorumon and Gatomon looked shocked as they watched their tamer with tears lining his eyes before they smirked and latched onto their tamer and stared once more into the jaws of defeat and the open maw of Lucemon's behemoth form.

"No, Naruto. You were the best thing that could have happened to us. You brought us together, you gave us the chance to be stronger and because of you, we were able to at least fight and try to stop him. You're our best friend, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...don't forget that" Naruto's body shook as he finally let his tears fall. His body was in so much pain he couldn't stand it and he fell to his knees and hugged his partners closer to him.

Lucemon chuckled as he watched his prey's last moments. The tamer and his two partners turned and glared at him, tears streaming from their eyes like miniature rivers.

"Die" was all the three heard as Lucemon fired his attack.

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon shut their eyes as the red flames flew towards them. However...




Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon's eyes snapped open as they heard the voices in their heads.

'Kyuubi...but whose voices were those other two?' the blonde shinobi was snapped out of his thoughts when Naruto's D-Arks for Dorumon and Gatomon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and floated in front of him before they bathed the two in a glow of silver light. The light acted as a shield and held back the fiery attack before condensing around the trio.





Naruto was suddenly encased in a silver egg of data and saw Dorumon and Gatomon become their mega forms. Naruto then combined with his two partners in the silver egg of data. A silver coloured wire frame formed before it was given shape. The wire frame was then coated in muscle and skin. The image of the new Digimon was like that of a black scaled dragon. Aqua coloured spines projected out of the Digimons back going down from the skull to tip of its long tail. Suddenly Alphamon's leg armour and chest armour formed covering the body of the draconic beast with it. Eight golden wings, similar to that of Ophanimon's wings sprouted out of the dragon's back. Its left arm was suddenly coated in amber coloured armour before it was set ablaze. Orange-yellow flames coating the armour. Its right was suddenly coated in aqua coloured armour like that of Ophanimon's armour and its hand, a a silver sword with the image of a black dragon imprinted on the blade was clutched in its grip. A silver horn grew from the dragons nose and its eyes snapped open to show the glowing silver eyes within its sockets. Suddenly the chest armour began to take on a slightly reddish hue as Naruto's Shiki Fuuin seal symbol burned itself into the armour. Five claws formed on each hand and on its feet, three claws. Its teeth bared as it growled. The newly formed Digimon released a deafening roar as the egg of silver data burst apart.


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Level: Super Ultimate

Its right arm has a gauntlet that can create golden flames and allow the Digimon to call upon the fire at will, the gauntlet is called Vulcan after the Roman god of fire. Vulcan is a gauntlet that has no physical form when not worn by its wielder (insert Digimon name here) and will not allow any other Digimon to do so, but when put on the gauntlet extends a metallic casing that also erupts into flames upon being worn thus will literally have an arm of fire. It wields a sword made of Aquamarine Chrome Digizoid with the image of a horse's head and two wings of gold Chrome Digizoid that make up the sword's hilt, named Angelus which can call upon the power of light.
Attacks- Amaterasu, the golden flames are unleashed from the gauntlet Vulcan in a high intensity blast which is named after the goddess of fire and light from Japanese myth.

Crucifixion- the Digimon slashes the air with the sword, angelus, making a cross of pure light. The cross moves at the speed of light and then appears behind its opponent and binds them by chains of light to it. It is nearly impossible to break free of these bonds. Only a Sovereign or highly powerful mega can break free, but even then it will be a task to do so. (Fanglongmon can do it easily since he's pretty God of the Digital World)

Dragon God's Angelic Fire- Vulcan must require a wielder in order to remain in gauntlet form. The Digimon removes Vulcan from his hand and Vulcan becomes a highly destructive ball of golden flames. The Digimon then uses the holy energy within Angelus to creates a large energy sphere of gold and white. The energy then surrounds itself around the Digimon in an aura of flame and energy that then takes the form of a dragon. (Insert Digimon name) performs slams into the opponent as the Digimon moves at approximately mach 5 when performing this attack and the energy surrounded the enemy in an orb of fire and holy energy that will ultimately turn them to nothing as the attack burns on a cellular level as the flames and holy energy attack the DigiCore while simultaneously burning away ever single outer physical characteristic (skin, claws, eyes, teeth, wire frame, etc.) all in a matter of seconds before ultimately releasing a catastrophic explosion that could destroy everything in a 100 mile radius.

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