Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 29: The End

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

"Digivolution"- Normal speech

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"Digvolution"- Unknown/Bio-merge Voices

"Digivolution"- Flashbacks

"Digivolution"- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi speech

'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

A/N:The end is here. The final chapter with action. This chapter have a bit less action than most of my other chapters and tried to do what I could to maximise the action in it. I did my best to do a good fight scene and hopefully you guys will like it. It has been an honour to meet so many nice readers. I would recommend you guys try out my NarutoxLegend of Zelda story and my NarutoxPokemon story after I complete this story since those two are incomplete and I will be focusing solely on those two after I have finished this one. Also for those of you who DO read my Naruto: Johto Journeys story and The Legend of the Wolf and the Fox: Twilight Princess, NOTE that I have NOT abandoned them, I have merely put them on hold until I finish this one. IF YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE A PICTURE OF VALDEUSMON I HAVE POSTED AN IMAGE ON MY DEVIANTART ACCOUNT. THE LINK IS ON MY PROFILE!

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Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody




Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon's eyes snapped open as they heard the voices in their heads.

'Kyuubi...but whose voices were those other two?' the blonde shinobi was snapped out of his thoughts when Naruto's D-Arks for Dorumon and Gatomon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and floated in front of him before they bathed the two in a glow of silver light. The light acted as a shield and held back the fiery attack before condensing around the trio.





Naruto was suddenly encased in a silver egg of data and saw Dorumon and Gatomon become their mega forms. Naruto then combined with his two partners in the silver egg of data. A silver coloured wire frame formed before it was given shape. The wire frame was then coated in muscle and skin. The image of the new Digimon was like that of a black scaled dragon. Aqua coloured spines projected out of the Digimons back going down from the skull to tip of its long tail. Suddenly Alphamon's leg armour and chest armour formed covering the body of the draconic beast with it. Eight golden wings, similar to that of Ophanimon's wings sprouted out of the dragon's back. Its left arm was suddenly coated in amber coloured armour before it was set ablaze. Orange-yellow flames coating the armour. Its right was suddenly coated in aqua coloured armour like that of Ophanimon's armour and its hand, a a silver sword with the image of a black dragon imprinted on the blade was clutched in its grip. A silver horn grew from the dragons nose and its eyes snapped open to show the glowing silver eyes within its sockets. Suddenly the chest armour began to take on a slightly reddish hue as Naruto's Shiki Fuuin seal symbol burned itself into the armour. Five claws formed on each hand and on its feet, three claws. Its teeth bared as it growled. The newly formed Digimon released a deafening roar as the egg of silver data burst apart.



How the mighty have fallen. The great city of Shinjuku, was tall and proud was now burning by the sea of red flames. Smoke filled the air and blotted out the sun. Tall buildings that once stood tall were now broken and some were even reduced to rubble. A News helicopter viewed the entire scene from high above before focusing on two lone figures. Atop a large concrete building, a lone figure faced off against the cause of this destruction. A black scaled dragon with eight golden wings, silver eyes and had black and gold armour covering its body along with a fiery gauntlet and aqua coloured armour on its left and right arms, respectively.

The unity bio-merged Digimon looked over its new body and clenched its fist. It looked at the sword in its right hand before sheathing the holy blade, waiting for the right time to wield its awesome power that could he feel was welled deep within the silver blade.

'I feel...strong' Naruto thought.

"Well what else would you feel when you bio-merge with BOTH your partners" Dorumon's voice said to his tamer.

"So this is what bio-merge feels like...feels weird" Gatomon's voice commented. Valdeusmon whipped its tail and slammed it on the concrete structure causing it to form a crater from the strength. The black dragon held up its hands and observed them, clenching them into fists to get a feel for its new form. Its wings fluttered lightly before widely spreading outwards revealing all eight wings in their golden glory. Valdeusmon floated a few inches off the ground before blinking and looking at the growling Lucemon ShadowLord behemoth.

"HOW DARE YOU LIVE BOY!" the behemoth roared before releasing a torrent of crimson flame at the newly formed Digimon. Valdeusmon looked up and stared as the large sea of flames engulfed him.

"NARUTO/NARUTO!" the tamers cried out in alarm at seeing their leader's being surrounded by the purifying flames of purgatory. Lucemon ended the stream and chuckled darkly.

"Some new form that turned out to be, it was as weak as a Koromon" the Fallen Angel chuckled. The dragon behemoth roared in triumph, but was silenced when a swirling sound was heard. The giant sea of flames that was in the air suddenly began to swirl and move in a spiral shape, as if being sucked into something. Everyone watched as the flames vanished into the fiery gauntlet on Valdeusmon's arm.

"Interesting ability" the black dragon commented before pointing the gauntlet, Vulcan, that made its left arm at Lucemon. However, before the Super Ultimate could do anything, Lucemon lashed out with his claws and slammed Valdeusmon into a building before whipping his tail out. The golden winged dragon flew through the air before slamming hard into another building and he was suddenly impacted with seven beams of light energy. Smoke resulted from the collision and the building that Valdeusmon slammed into, collapsed. Lucemon roared, peering through the dust cloud for his opponent to see if the jinchuriki survived. However, while Lucemon was looking at the rubble of the building, Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon's bio-merged form remained suspended in the air with absolutely no damage at all. His wings folded over his body in a protective manner.

Valdeusmon roared as he spread out his wings and smirked at Lucemon.

"That all you got?" Valdeusmon asked. Lucemon growled at the Super Ultimate.

"Don't take me lightly boy, I am the Sin of Pride, the most powerful of all Seven Demon Lords. Even Fanglongmon trembles before my might" the dragon behemoth spoke with Lucemon's voice. The dragon behemoth roared and released a shockwave that caused rubble to fly everywhere, but the black scaled dragon remained where it was in the air. A powerful smack from Lucemon's tail sent Valdeusmon to the ground before it was stomped on by the purple scaled beast. The golden masked dragon raised its foot once more and brought it back down on the smaller Digimon, which was about the size of Dorugoramon. The giant Demon Lord's ultimate form began to repeatedly crash its foot down down upon the unity bio-merged Digimon before taking a deep breath and exhaling a storm of red fire upon the Digimon. A large explosion resulted from the blast and the behemoth that was Lucemon growled at the downed Digimon.

The smoke cloud that formed from the explosion disappeared and Lucemon ShadowLord Mode was in shock was he saw...nothing.

"Yo, Lucemon. Over here" The large dragon turned only to see Valdeusmon with its right fist drawn back. A smirk formed on the black dragon's face. "My turn, teme"

Valdeusmon launched the aqua armoured fist at the golden masked dragon. The Sin of Pride, along with everyone else who was viewing the battle, were caught by surprise as the punch sent the large draconian beast soaring through the air before crashing into a building.

The other tamers could only watch in shock at the strength this new Digimon possessed. Kenta whipped out his D-Ark and scanned the new Digimon, but Valdeusmon's image showed up without any data at all.

"Guys...this Digimon has no data" Kenta said.

"'s a new Digimon?" Gallantmon asked. Sakuyamon groaned as she watched Naruto in his new form and smirked before she split up into Rika and Renamon.

"Rika, Renamon!" MegaGargomon picked up the two, "You guys okay?"

"Hai, just a bit tired. Though guys, I don't think we could stand a chance against that dragon thing...I mean I got knocked out by a mere roar from it" Rika said. The other nodded.

"I agree" BanchoLeomon said as he glowed before splitting off into Elecmon and Jeri. The other bio-merged Digimon split off into their human and Digimon components before looking at the slightly damaged Hypnos Towers.

"Guys, get back in here, it's too dangerous" Yamaki contacted the Digimon through the link. The Digimon, being the only ones that could hear his voice, replayed the message to their tamers.

"Let's go then...Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon in their new form should me more than enough for that thing...what is it anyways?" Takato asked as he took out his golden D-Ark and scanned the rubble where a bit of Lucemon's wing poked out. With the piece of data scanned everyone watched with wide eyes as they saw the image of Lucemon. The images flashed between regular Lucemon, Lucemon Chaos Mode and Lucemon ShadowLord Mode while also displaying information about each form in three separate paragraphs of data.

"Lucemon...the Fallen Angel Digimon" Takato read, "Guys, we should go back inside to look up on this... Lucemon"

The other tamers nodded at the goggle wearing tamer and ran towards the twin Hypnos Towers to take refuge in them.

(A/N: I think the city would have had enough sense to evacuate every single citizen when the D-Reaper appeared so to those who are wondering, No regular humans were killed during this battle)

The rubble fell atop the dragon, but the beast rose up and scattered the large rocks everywhere. A tongue of red flame flew forth from its jaws, but it was quickly absorbed by the fiery gauntlet, Vulcan. The dragon raised Vulcan before firing off a red blast of fire of the absorbed flames. Lucemon raised the Gehenna in his hands and absorbed his own attack thus not causing any damage to his reflection's form. However, that was too good to be true for the armoured reptile appeared in front of the masked behemoth and crashed a powerful kick to its chin snapping its head upwards before Vulcan became covered with golden fire. An uppercut smashed into the dragon's chin sending it skyward. Lucemon spread his ten purple wings and steadied himself and charged up seven spheres of light.

"ANIHILISM MAELSTROM!" the seven beams of light fell as pillars towards the Super Ultimate, but Valdeusmon smirked before flapping its wings and flew towards the attack. The black dragon flashed through handsigns before taking a deep breath.

"KATON: SAIKYO NO KARYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: OMEGA FIRE DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" a giant red fire dragon blasted from Valdeusmon's maw and clashed with the seven light beams causing a massive explosion. Two light beams however, managed to avoid destruction and blasted through the smoke cloud which Valdeusmon avoided. A large blast of fire came out through the smoke, but it was absorbed into Vulcan before being fired back at Lucemon. Lucemon growled as he raised the Gehenna and absorbed his own attack.

'At this rate, the battle could go on forever' Naruto thought within the orb of silver data where he floated.

'True, that orb of his absorbs any mid-range and long range attacks that come near him' Gatomon said.

'So the only way is through physical attacks and to perform our long range attacks at close range' Dorumon explained.

'But it's invulnerable and also seems to possess a healing factor as well' Gatomon said. The two Digimon and their tamer that made up Valdeusmon growled in annoyance as it racked its brain trying to figure out a way to defeat the large Demon Lord, but was thrown out of it when the masked behemoth slammed its tail down upon their head. Valdeusmon spiraled downwards, but quickly recovered and rocketed back up, slamming a fiery punch to the face as he used Vulcan to attack the large dragon. Valdeusmon then spun and slammed his tail against the face of the dragon before grabbing it and throwing Lucemon away. Disappearing from his spot in a blur of speed, Valdeusmon appeared in front of the flying dragon and crashed a powerful kick to the back and then punching with his aqua armoured fist. Lucemon was sent upwards at an angle as another kick slammed into his behemoth's back. Valduesmon appeared right in front of the soaring dragon before raising his left arm and Vulcan suddenly became surrounded by golden fire. A large fire ball formed in the palm of the gauntlet.

"AMATERASU!" Valdeusmon yelled as he released a stream of golden fire from his gauntlet. The attack slammed into Lucemon and burned away the flesh where it struck as well slicing through the five wings on Lucemon's left side. Lucemon was sent soaring through the air, crashing into a large burning building and toppled it over causing a small domino effect as the building knocked over two others. Lucemon ShadowLord mode growled as the wings regrew at an inhuman pace.

"You will pay..."

"Shut up!" Valdeusmon yelled with Naruto's voice as the golden winged reptile appeared in the Demon Lord's face and slammed a punch to the snout before striking out with a kick that had Lucemon skidding along the destroyed roads of Shinjuku.

"Doton: Yougousha no Tsuchijin" a large earthen lion rose up out of the earth before roaring as it raced towards the downed Demon Lord. Lucemon growled as he lashed out with his tail and crushed the lion.

"Suiton: Kiba no Hidora" a great multi-headed reptile made entirely of water condensed from the water vapour in the air and launched itself at the Sin of Pride. The water hydra bit into the flesh of the purple behemoth, but it rose up as if it felt almost no pain and suddenly released a blast of dark energy out from its body, causing the hydra to release its hold and be reduced to puddles.

"AMATERASU!" Valdeusmon roared as it launched a golden fire blast from the gauntlet. Lucemon raised the Gehenna and the golden flames were sucked into the orb of darkness, but Valdeusmon suddenly appeared in his face, Vulcan ablaze and fired off a punch. The flaming attack impacted with the face of the behemoth sending it skidding backwards before the black dragon appeared behind its opponent and held out its hand. The silver blade, Angelus, appeared out of a pillar of light before it was slashed horizontally.

An arc of white light flew forth from the blade and crashed into the beast of darkness. The behemoth was sent tumbling from the force behind the attack.

"I-I-Impossible...I can't lose. Not when I've come so far" the dragon growled as it rose to its feet before turning and releasing a blast of red flames. Valdeusmon was sent flying back from the attack, but unharmed due to his enhanced durability. Lucemon suddenly appeared in Valduesmon's field of vision, skull bent low. The large behemoth's skull slammed into the body of the smaller Digimon sending the black dragon flying through the air and through a building. Valduesmon roared as he crashed through that same building and held out his arms, stopping the following headbutt that Lucemon tried to use before twisting his body to the side. Lucemon was shocked as felt his body twist as it was sent slamming into the ground. Valduesmon threw the Demon Lord high into the sky and formed Angelus once more. The black, eight winged dragon, slashed upwards with its blade and an arc of light energy sliced the Demon Lord's behemoth form in half at the waist. However, before the two parts could join back, Valdeusmon suddenly appeared between the two halves and raised Vulcan.

"AMATERASU!" the golden fire blast rocketed into the upper half of Lucemon ShadowLord Mode sending that half flying away from the lower half. However, the lower half suddenly gained a mind of its own and kicked Valdeusmon. The silver eyed dragon grunted as it was sent upwards from the attack and was surprised at the speed of the lower half as it appeared above it and twisted, slamming the tail of the behemoth into its body. Valdeusmon slammed into a spire, knocking it off the top of the building. Valdeusmon shook its head to relieve itself of the dizziness before looking to see Lucemon's upper body region, rejoin with his lower half. The Demon Lord chuckled before observing the wreckage that was caused from their battle.

"You know something always put your friends before" Lucemon turned and faced the miraculously unharmed towers of Hypnos where the other tamers had hidden to avoid the catastrophic battle. The purple dragon opened his jaws.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" the raging ball of red fire raced through the air at unimaginable speeds towards the twin towers. Valdeusmon's eyes widened before he took off at a speed that caused the sound barrier to break. A large gust of wind passed Lucemon's behemoth form as the black dragon raced past him and stopped a few metres away from Hypnos where the raging fireball has just reached. With a punch using his holy gauntlet, the Super Ultimate broke through the attack and stopped the red fires. Valdeusmon panted slightly from using that level of speed and looked ahead of him, only to find Lucemon not there. Silver eyes darted everywhere.

'Left' his eyes darted left. 'Right' he looked right before looking skyward.

'Not' the Super Ultimate level Digimon flew down with Vulcan ablaze. "SO HE MUST BE BELOW!" Valdeusmon slammed Vulcan into the ground before the road split apart like when Moses parted the Red Sea.

"AMATERASU!" a sea of golden fire appeared in the chasm that was the streets, traversing the chasm before creating a pillar of golden fire as it impacted with Lucemon's form. Lucemon roared as he was sent upwards from the attack and when the fire pillar vanished into the Gehenna, he was struck with multiple arcs of light from his opponent's holy blade. Valduesmon raised Angelus high over its head, vanishing as a blur, before appearing above his opponent.

"HOW DARE YOU THREATEN MY FRIENDS...COWARD!" Angelus was brought down on the behemoth's head and a pillar of light descended from the tip of the blade when it made contact with the behemoth, however the attack was suddenly absorbed into the Gehenna. ShadowLord Mode turned and crashed the elbow of its forearm into Valdeusmon before following up with a headbutt. Valdeusmon skidded backwards before he was sent careening to the left through the air by Lucemon's draconic tail. Lucemon roared and released a blast of dark energy from his jaws. The attack blasted into Valdeusmon, but was suddenly eradicated as Valdeusmon raised Angelus. The white light parted the darkness before crashing into Lucemon's body.

Valdeusmon appeared above his opponent in a burst of speed and raised his gauntlet covered arm.

"AMATERASU!" a blast of golden fire slammed down upon the behemoth's head. Lucemon growled as he was knocked downwards before countering with a swipe from his tail. Valdeusmon raised its arm and took the attack, stopping it. Valdeusmon withdrew Angelus before so that both hands were free. The black dragon grabbed the tail and swung Lucemon around in a let go and the purple dragon crashed into a tower causing both the Digimon and the infrastructure to collapse. Lucemon quickly recovered, rising from the rubble and scattering it. Valdeusmon avoided the flying rocks before he was sent to the ground from a foot from the giant behemoth. When Valdeusmon was sent o the ground, Lucemon flipped and crashed his humongous tail down upon the Super Ultimate. Valdeusmon growled in annoyance as it met the road. However, just as he was about to rise up, Lucemon released a stream of red fire from his jaws.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" the attack crashed into Valdeusmon causing it to become even more embedded in the ground. Seven spheres of light appeared beneath each of the seven crown above the behemoth's wings.

"ANIHILISM MAELSTROM!" the seven sphere suddenly became condensed beams of white light that flew through the air, descending upon Valdeusmon. The white pillars of light impacted with the earth causing a large explosion. Valdeusmon flew out of the smoke cloud before calling upon Angelus and blocked the slash that Lucemon tried to get in with his left forearm. Sparks flew from the friction between the two, but Lucemon opened his jaws and released a stream of red fire. Valdeusmon redirected Lucemon's claws before raising Vulcan and absorbing the Tide of Despair.

"AMATERASU!" the golden fires blasted through air, but it was absorbed into the Gehenna. The dark orb of energy pulsed as Lucemon opened his behemoth's maw. A blast of dark energy flew from the jaws, but Valdeusmon used Angelus to slice the attack in half before throwing the holy blade. The silver sword embedded itself into Lucemon's forehead before the black dragon raced towards his sword and slammed his foot down upon the pommel, sinking the blade further into the purple scaled dragon. The beast growled as it tried to get Valdeusmon by shaking its head, but the eight winged dragon held onto his sword to keep his footing. A light pillar suddenly ejected itself from the tip of the blade and through the head of the beast. Lucemon's reflection floated still in the air as the light based attack continued to blast through his body. Once the attack ended, Valdeusmon withdrew the sword and it vanished into light particles. He flew off as the flesh of his beastly opponent healed.

Lucemon roared as he opened his jaws.

"TIDE OF DESPAIR!" the sea of red flames appeared once more, but the black scaled Digimon avoided the attack with a loop-de-loop before diving down and smashing a brutal right hook to the center of the beast's forehead. Lucemon was sent reeling back, but countered with a slashed from his back feet before slamming the side of his head against Valdeusmon. The eight winged dragon cursed as it flew towards a building. The eight winged dragon flipped in the air and planted its feet against the side of the piece of infrastructure and pushed off leaving noticeable cracks on the concrete structure, taking off like a bullet. The silver eyed Digimon slammed full force into the immortal dragon sending it flying through the air and into a building. The golden masked behemoth growled, baring its. always visible, teeth.

Valdeusmon gritted his teeth as he avoided and absorbed blasts of fire from the raging behemoth.

"At this rate, the battle could go on forever" Dorumon's voice spoke.

"Yeah...and we're getting tired. We should have killed this guy by now, I mean we're feeling stronger than we ever were as Alphamon" Naruto said.

"Lucemon was right when he said he was immortal in this form...but there's got to be a weakness something that we haven't noticed" Gatomon said as Valdeusmon raised his arm and caught a fireball from the Tide of Despair and flung it back right at Lucemon. The great behemoth raised the Gehenna and absorbed the attack, however Valdeusmon's eyes caught something when the orb absorbed the attack.

"Guys..did you..." Naruto paused.

"We see what you see, yeah we saw it" Dorumon said.

"There was an opening in the sphere when the attack was absorbed, as small as it was there" Gatomon said.

"That thing never let go of the dark arms remained attached to it even when we slashed off the limbs with Angelus" Naruto said.

Valdeusmon followed the actions of his three component souls and carried out the plan. The black scaled dragon flew towards the great beast and punched it in the snout with a brutal left hook. A right punch followed along with another left hook. The beast growled as it was knocked back before it was struck in the chin by a flaming uppercut as golden flames from Vulcan smashed into its chin. The behemoth rose high into the air before it was slapped down by Valdeusmon's powerful tail. Valdeusmon then summoned forth the silver blade and slashed downwards. An arc of white light descended and it was absorbed into the Gehenna, but Valdeusmon saw it again. The small opening.

"AMATERASU!" Valdeusmon released a powerful stream of golden fire towards the great beast's head, but it arched in the air as it was pulled towards the Gehenna. Valdeusmon smirked before continuously providing energy to keep up the attack. The golden winged, black scaled dragon then flew down, still releasing the stream of fire from his gauntlet. Once he got close enough, Valdeusmon let loose a more powerful Amaterasu causing the hole in the Gehenna to expand before cutting off the attack. Valdeusmon flew through his own attack and entered the Gehenna.

Inside the Gehenna

Valdeusmon opened his eyes as he looked around. It was pitch black, and as dark as dark can be. The Super Ultimate flew through the Gehenna, his silver eyes scanning the area. He lifted Vulcan and ignited the gauntlet with the golden flames of purity and watched in shock at what he saw. The eight winged dragon saw a giant white larva of some sort. The larva was pure white with a purple underbelly. It had five pairs of golden feathered wings with a purple lining on each one. Its underbelly was a transparent violet skin revealing a the red glow of its DigiCore. Two crimson eyes stared at Valdeusmon in the darkness of the Gehenna. This was Lucemon Larva Mode, the TRUE form of Lucemon.

Lucemon Larva Mode lives within the Gehnna, the behemoth that holds it is merely a reflection of Lucemon's evil dark side and can only be formed when it's light half if completely eradicated. Lucemon Larva Mode is not very powerful and often uses the behemoth to do its bidding, however, if Lucemon Larva Mode were to be defeated, the behemoth would go on a mindless rampage as it would no longer have a controller. Attacks that strike the behemoth are, through Lucemon's will, are absorbed into the Gehenna and the power from those attacks are converted into energy for Lucemon Larva Mode to thrive within the darkness of the orb. It also converts the energy from the attacks into power so Lucemon would be able to control the Gehenna.

" idiotic opponent" Lucemon spoke.

"Lucemon?" Valdeusmon moved away a few paces in alarm at realizing what this insect was.

"Yes, this is my TRUE form...young shinobi. That behemoth you were fighting is a reflection of my dark half. It is immortal and as such I am immortal"

"No you're not...not anymore. I know to kill you, you insect and once I kill you, the beast you control will cease to exist" the black scaled reptile growled. Lucemon chuckled as his red eyes shone.

"Care to test that theory?" Lucemon seemed to grin even though he had no mouth present. Valdeusmon roared and lashed out with a fiery blast.


"DARK VOID! the golden flames suddenly vanished into the blackness of the Gehenna. Valdeusmon gritted his teeth before summoning his holy blade. The silver blade became illuminated by a holy light as Valdeusmon slashed with the light based attack. The light and darkness elements clashed and caused a large explosion to form. Valdeusmon smirked.

"Told you"

"Told me what, Naruto...Dorumon...Gatomon" the Sin of Pride chuckled. The smoke cloud cleared, shown by Angelus' light, as Lucemon floated there a shield of dark energy surrounding him. The crimson eyes of Lucemon Larva Mode shone as the insect suddenly appeared in Valdeusmon's face. Crimson met silver as both pairs of eyes stared into one another.

"Let's see how you three face your greatest fears...NIGHTMARE PRISON!" Valdeusmon's pupils changed from slitted to round as they suddenly dilated.

Naruto's Nightmare

Naruto looked around as he found himself in a white void. The void suddenly released a bright flash in a rainbow of colours before the light died down and Naruto watched to find himself in Konoha once more. He walked through the village as he saw the streets were empty, there was no one around. However, his senses were suddenly assaulted by the sound and smell of something..burning? Naruto turned around and the previously clean streets were enveloped in fire. The screams of the villagers filled his ears and he watched as villagers ran past him, even through him, as if he didn't exist. He then saw a shadow run by him. He looked to his left where he saw the movement and he heard the gurgled cry of pain as the villagers had their throats ripped out by the shadowy figure. The blonde shinobi turned to see who or what the figure was. He watched as the shadow released its arm from the chest of one of the villagers before throwing the body into a burning building causing it collapse.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Naruto yelled as he saw the shadow turn towards him. Crimson orbs revealed themselves as the shadow opened its eyes. A toothy grin spread out across its face.

"Who am I?" the shadow chuckled. Naruto took a step back, he thought the shadow wouldn't have replied, after all no one else saw him or heard him for that matter so how could this creature?

"Who am I, you now young Naruto. Don't you recognize me?" the shadow stepped out of the shadows of a building and into the light of the fires of the burning village of Konohagakure no Sato. Naruto gasped at what he saw.

"Y-Y-Y-You'" the blonde shinobi gasped. In front of him was an exact copy of himself only the eyes were crimson with slitted pupils and the sclera was pure black. His hair was streaked with crimson, whether it was from blood or it was just a natural colour of the dark Naruto, the original could not tell. Finally, he watched as his dark self covered itself in the demon cloak he was always got when he used Kyuubi's chakra, only it had all nine tails (A/N: Think Killer Bee's Version 1 form). Naruto stared at his dark half.

"Oh, I'm more than just YOU, Naruto-kun. Kukukuku, I am the embodiment of every single feeling of anger, resentment, hatred and other negative emotions that you kept within your subconscious mind and locked away. All these feelings that you harboured towards Konoha, it was only until you were banished that I was given a physical form within your mind, but the cage still locked me away. Kukuku, what do you think of your TRUE self Naruto?" Dark Naruto grinned as he walked towards his original.

"No...No, I would never...true I disliked Konoha, but I would never..."

"Burn it to the ground? Kill every single man, woman and child that ever caused you misery within this Kami forsaken village?" Dark Naruto yelled, "They ridiculed us, Naruto. They spat on the ground we walked on, we rescued their precious Uchiha from that pedophile Hebi Sennin and what did they do...they kicked us out. Not even Obaa-chan was able to do anything. I'm pretty sure she wanted you gone as much as the rest of the village"

"No...Obaa-chan, she..."

"She saw us as nothing but a bother, Naruto. Always using her job as an excuse to leave whenever you went to see her, looking at you with that sneer that showed she was annoyed with you and wanted you to leave her sight. SHE DESERVED TO DIE AS MUCH AS THE REST OF THE VILLAGE WHEN I RAZED IT!" Dark Naruto roared. Naruto flinched as he watched his darker half grin widely.

"And the others, the supposed friends that you still kept close to your poor widdle bwoken heart when you were kicked out...THEY ALL FELT RESENTMENT TOWARDS YOU. KIBA CALLED YOU A FAILURE, NEJI ACTED LIKE AN ARROGANT PRICK AND SHOVED THE HAND OF FATE INTO YOUR STOMACH AS HE TRIED TO KILL YOU, KAKASHI NEVER REALLY TRAINED US FOCUSING SOLELY ON SASUKE. INO WAS JUST LIKE SAKURA, A FUCKING UCHIHA BITCH, HITTING US, BELITTLING US! I RAZED THIS VILLAGE FOR YOU, YOU WANTED THIS VILLAGE TO BURN NARUTO, THIS IS YOUR DEEPEST DESIRE, YOU WANT KONOHA TO FUCKING BURN TO THE FUCKING GROUND AND DESTROY EVERY SINGLE BITCH ASSHOLE THAT WRONGED YOU!" Dark Naruto yelled. He watched as his original fell to his knees. Naruto was gaping with tears flowing from his eyes as he searched his heart for anything...anything that could stop himself from thinking that what Dark Naruto was saying was true.

The ground rumbled and several crucifixes rose up from the burning streets of Konoha. The Rookies, Kakashi, Jiraya, Tsunade and every single person Naruto saw as precious within his former home, attached to their own wooden cross. Dark Naruto grinned widely as he held up his hand, claws reflecting the light of the fire.

"Now watch as I kill these bitches" Naruto looked up in shock as he saw Dark Naruto walk towards Kakashi and stab his hand through the silver haired man's chest and into his heart. Naruto nearly lost his stomach as he held back the bile and undigested food from leaving it, staring at the pumping heart in his darker half's palm before it was squished. Dark Naruto then raised his hand and tore out Kiba's throat, he punched Shino in the face till the Aburame's face was no longer recognizable. He tore off the limbs of Ino and Shikamaru using the tail from the demon cloak. Each time a comrade died, Naruto heard their screams, he heard their cries for the pain to end.

"Please...please stop!" he yelled. The red eyed Naruto chuckled before walking towards the original. Naruto stared into Dark Naruto's eyes, crimson meeting sapphire blue.

"Listen to me, Naruto. You want this, this is your dream. Not to be Hokage, it was to destroy the village that tried to kill you and end your existence. If they had succeeded, then you never would have come to the Digital World, if they had succeeded, then you never would have met Dorumon and Gatomon. If they had succeeded...then you never would have met Rika-chan" That did it. Naruto's head, which had been looking down at the ground, snapped up as he stared into his darker half's eyes. He was right, this village...his home...had nearly caused him to lose his life on countless occasions. He was unappreciated, he was insulted. He saved the village's life from Gaara and what did he get in return...a fucking banishment. Dark Naruto grinned as he watched Naruto's form become encased in red youkai, forming the one tailed formed as his hatred drew upon his bijuu's chakra.

"Naruto, kit...listen to me. Fight this guy. KIT HE'S LYING, YOU'RE NOT LIKE THAT! YOU KNOW THIS VILLAGE IS YOUR HOME! KIT!" the Kyuubi was utterly ignored as the kitsune demon's jinchuriki walked towards the body of Chouji and raised his youkai covered claw. He slammed his against the Akamichi's head, crushing it before slamming a rasengan into Hinata's body. He sliced Lee, Neji and Tenten in half at the waist in one fell swoop and then he watched his final victims.

"N-N-Naruto" Tsunade and Jiraya raised their heads, bleeding from many parts of their body from Dark Naruto's abuse. Dark Naruto grinned as he watched his other half about to strike down the two people he saw as parents.

"Yes, Yes. Strike them down, make your body mine. Give in to your hatred, give in to the demon that you are. Show them that you are in fact the Kyuubi incarnate in its primal state" Naruto's now red eyes stared at the busty blonde kage and the white haired Gama Sennin. He raised both hands and the youkai swirled into two rasengans. The orbs of spiraling chakra were held a few inches above the blonde's palms. Naruto thrust back his arms before attacking with the rasengan. The violet spheres of chakra were pushed forth with the youkai cloak's extendable limbs, but Naruto suddenly froze.

"MATTERO NARUTO-KUN!" Naruto looked around for the source of the voice when a white flash appeared in front of him. He looked around, still covered by his youkai cloak and watched as a red haired woman and a blonde haired man walked up to him. The blonde man had shining blue eyes and hair just as spiky, but longer than Naruto's. He wore a standard jonin outfit underneath a white cloak with a red flame pattern along the edges of the cloak. The red haired woman had her hair flow freely, nearly touching the floor of the white void where the three stood. She had grey eyes and wore an orange skirt that reached just below the knees and a black top with long orange sleeves.

"Now, now Naruto-kun" the woman said. The man nodded.

"Naruto, don't listen to that dark half of yours. That is not you" the man said. Naruto looked at the two figures and wondered who they were. He recognized the man at the first glance, the Yondaime Hokage...but the woman was a complete mystery to him, but she felt...familiar to him.

"Naruto, do not let the darkness consume you" the woman said, "What that dark side of yours is telling you, is not the truth. He only wants to see pain and suffering, Naruto-kun. You are not a murderer" the woman said. The Yondaime nodded before speaking.

"Listen Naruto, I gave you the power of the Kyuubi not only in order to save Konoha, but also to aid you and keep you safe. I know you haven't had the best of childhoods, the constant assassination attempts, the being kicked out of shops, even the lack of attention to your person when people came to adopt at the orphanage" the blonde Hokage paused, "But cannot do this. You're better than them, do not let revenge fill your heart. As your father I'm telling you to not do this, you're my son Naruto...I don't want to see you go down this road"

"Y-Y-You have NO IDEA...what I've been through. To SEE it is one thing, but to actually EXPERIENCE what I have felt. The loneliness, the's too much" Naruto broke down sobbing. The woman frowned as she turned towards Minato. The blonde Namikaze nodded to the woman as she walked up to Naruto and hugged him. His eyes snapped open and his crimson eyes watched the woman.

"What...What are you doing?" Naruto asked as his eyes became blue once more and the demon cloak receded, his anger replaced by confusion.

"It's okay to cry, Naruto-kun. I'm not going to let my son be hurt. Your mother is here" Naruto's eyes widened at what the red haired woman said. He then glanced down and his eyes widened even further when he saw the Uzumaki spiral on the back of her top.

"K-K-Kushina Uzumaki...Okaa-chan?" Naruto asked. Kushina smiled as she heard her son utter her name.

"Hai, it's me Naruto-kun. Now listen to me..." she paused as she took a deep breath, "I will not let you be consumed by your hatred okay, your Otou-san and I love you very much. And whenever you need us...we'll be waiting" Kushina said. Tears filled Naruto's eyes and he cried. Everything, all his sadness, his anger, his frustrations, all let out through his tears, staining the shoulder of his Okaa-chan's top. After a few minutes of crying, he stopped and Kushina patted Naruto on his back. She stood up as she let Naruto go. Naruto looked up as Kushina walked back towards Minato.

"W-W-Wait...don't...don't go, Okaa-chan...Otou-san" Naruto cried out.

"Remember what we said, Naruto-kun...and we love you" Minato and Kushina said simultaneously. The white void left Naruto's vision and Naruto was once again standing before his dark half.


Naruto's blue eyes stared into his dark half's before smiling at him.

"Listen...Naruto. If you are who you say you are, then you must know that we felt lonely and neglected because we never got the chance to meet Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Well I did...and they said how they loved their son. They loved me and that is why..." the scene suddenly vanished and the scene of a burning Konoha and one thousand corpses lying on the streets vanished, replaced with just a white void of nothingness, "that is why, I refuse to be taken in by the darkness. My parents told me not to give in to you and will follow up on that wish of theirs. I will not give in to you, I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Son of the Kiiroi Senko and the Red Habanero and I WILL NOT FOLLOW THE PATH OF DARKNESS AND I WILL END THIS NIGHTMARE!"

Naruto then rushed his dark half. The red eyed Naruto growled in anger, but as he was getting ready to fight he suddenly felt a force clash with his stomach. Naruto had slammed a rasengan into his dark half's stomach.

'So fast' the black sclera-ed Naruto thought as he felt his body being shredded.

"I hope we'll met again, but under circumstances where it could help lead to a better life" and with that, Dark Naruto vanished. Naruto closed his eyes and sighed before opening them to find himself before the cage of his bijuu.

"Kit, that teme Lucemon trapped your Super Ultimate form in an ever lasting nightmare. It's like a genjutsu that never ends and it's eroding the mind. The more a person gives in to the nightmare, the quicker the mind erodes. Once the mind is erode, the power from that being is absorbed into Lucemon's body. Right now, you are the only one who has escaped. Go through to Dorumon and Gatomon and break them out of it. Once you have, you three will return to being Valdeusmon and then you can finally put an end to this battle once and for all"

Naruto nodded to the nine tailed fox.

"I gotcha Kyuu" Naruto tapped his foot on the floor of the cell that made Kyuubi's room and a door with a small picture of Dorumon on it formed. Naruto opened the door and ran through it.

Dorumon's Nightmare

Dorumon was walking through his village. The place was happy and we was busy walking with his best friend, Ryudamon. The purple furred dragon had no idea how his previously deceased best friend appeared, but he didn't question it. However, the sky suddenly grew dark and lightning flashed. Dorumon was blinded for a moment, but when he opened his eyes he found that the village had all gathered around him and before him was Ryudamon's X-Antibody gem.

"You killed our leader"

"I knew we shouldn't have let Ryudamon-sama go with those humans and THIS Digimon"

"That Dorumon is trouble, nothing good can come from him"

Dorumon stepped away from the crowd as they closed in on him. Dorumon fell on his knees as he felt the voices beginning to affect him.

"NO...NO I DIDN'T MEAN TO...I DIDN'T CAUSE RYUDAMON TO..." Dorumon cried out in anguish as he tried to stop the voices. However, they did stop and Dorumon looked up. The purple furred dragon's eyes widened in shock however, as the crowd parted and the X-Antibody Digimon watched as the Demon Lord of Lust walked through the path the crowd formed for her.

"Lilithmon? But...But you're..."

"Hehehehe, Dorumon you poor naive fool, you think a weak attack could kill me. Besides now that you know I'm alive you should know that this IS all YOUR fault" Lilithmon grinned as she saw Dorumon's burnt orange eyes widen.

"You led your best friend on a journey you KNEW he wouldn't come back from. YOU caused this village to lose their leader. YOU caused many Digimon here to grieve, YOU...killed you best...friend" Lilithmon whispered the last part into Dorumon's ear. The purple furred dragon clutched his head.

"No...I didn't mean to..." A Gotsumon and an Aquilamon suddenly walked up and kicked Dorumon in the stomach.

"You killed out leader" A Halsemon stepped out from the crowd as well before slashing at Dorumon with its talons causing three large gashes to form on his stomach.

"You killed Ryudamon" "You killed Ryudamon" "You killed Ryudamon" Dorumon was physically and mentally assaulted by the members of his village and as he was being beaten he realized that Lilithmon may have been telling the truth.

'She right' he thought, 'I allowed for Ryudamon to come with us, I had him fight with Naruto and Gato-chan and I...I caused him to die...I killed Ryudamon'

Dorumon gritted his teeth when he for a few moments he felt no pain on his body. Dorumon opened his eyes and looked around seeing a white void.

"Dorumon, don't listen to that Demon Lord bitch" a voice said. Dorumon whipped his head around. Burnt orange met emerald green as Dorumon faced Ryudamon.

"Ryudamon,'re dead and your...your DigiCore is..."

"Hai, my DigiCore is within you, but I can come to you in times of stress. Listen to me Dorumon do not listen to those fake village members and that stupid Lilithmon. This is nothing more than a dream...a nightmare though. Lucemon is using his attack to erode your mind so that he can steal your portion of power from Valdeusmon"

Dorumon's eyes widened, "Really?" Thus elicited a nod from the samurai armour wearing Digimon. Ryudamon walked over and butted his head against Dorumon.

"Itai" Dorumon squeaked.

"Listen, get out of here so you can become Valdeusmon with Naruto and Gatomon again. You need to beat the Sin of Pride and if any Digimon can do it, I know it's you Dorumon" Dorumon's eyes began to water slightly, but he looked down.

"What's wrong?" Ryudamon asked as he saw his fellow X-Anitbody Digimon suddenly begin to shake and shiver.

"Ryudamon...d-d-do you hate me?" Ryudamon was taken aback by that question.


"Do you blame for your death, do you hate me for agreeing with you going on a journey that I could have stopped you from coming on that resulted in your demise?"

Ryudamon's eyes softened their gaze as he tapped Dorumon on the Old Interface gem.

"Dorumon...I watched you since you were a little Baby Digimon. After you disappeared I thought I would never see you again, but I did. I went on that journey with you of my own free will and I'm glad I did. I mean I got to see things I never would have dream of seeing or do things that I never did back in the village. Also...I got to spend time with the Digimon I saw as a brother. So no Dorumon, no I don't hate you and nor do I blame you for my death. If anything, I should blame myself for being so stupid, that's your job"

Dorumon chuckled before a tick mark appeared on his head, "HEY!"

"Now go, Dorumon...stop Lucemon" Ryudamon then vanished as orange data flakes. A pink and purple vortex suddenly appeared where Ryudamon was and Dorumon smirked as he saw Naruto step out of the portal.

"Dorumon, come on. Get out of this nightmare, we have to get Gatomon and beat Lucemon!" Dorumon nodded with a grin.

"Hai, Naruto" Naruto nodded beofre closing the portal and then stamping his foot on the white void. A door with the image of Gatomon's head on the front sprung up out of nowhere. They then ran through the door and towards Gatomon.

Gatomon's Nightmare

Gatomon was walking through the Southern Quadrant's with her two only friends from the Digital World. A Biyomon which was a pink bird with red claws on the end of its wings, yellow feet with red claws and ankle bracelets and a long furled feather that rose from out of its forehead. The curled feather was pink and blue. Biyomon had black eyes and was flying above Gatomon's other friend. This other Digimon was a Salamon that Gatomon saw as a younger sibling.

"Gato, Biyo...where are we going?" Salamon asked as he trotted alongside Gatomon. Biyomon flapped her wings, smiling at the innocent little Rookie.

"We're going into the forest to look for some food to eat" Gatomon replied to the little Rookie's question. Salamon's stomach growled in response causing him to chuckle nervously and the other two to burst out laughing.

"Seems someone is hungry" Biyomon laughed. The three found the forest, finally crossing over the boundary between desert and forest, and walked through the foliage. Gatomon sliced away the greenery with her ebony claws before parting some bushes to allow Salamon to walk through before letting them go causing Biyomon, who was following behind them, to get smacked in the beak.

Salamon laughed as he ran in circles near a tree that had some mature Digi-Fruit growing on its branches.

"Biyo, Biyo...LOOK!" the little dog like Digimon called out. The pink bird looked in the direction of Salamon's gaze and spotted the succulent fruit.

"I got it" the Rookie bird Digimon said as she flew up. She got one for herself in her beak before using her talons to tear two more free from their vines on the tree branch. The bird Digimon dropped the two fruits into the waiting paws of Gatomon who handed one to Salamon.

"Here you go Sal"

"Arigato Gato" Salamon said as he dug into his meal. After the three ate, they sat down, content. However, a loud roar met their ears soon after. They turned to see the bushes trampled beneath a feet of a raging dinosaur Digimon that looked like a cross between an armoured lizard and a rhinoceros. It was covered in black armour along its head, horn, frill back and tail as well as the front of its legs. The other areas were exposed as white flesh. Green eyes narrowed as the Monochromon's teeth gnashed, ready to bite into its prey.

The Monochromon dug its black claws into the earth and charged. Salamon quickly ran away hiding in a nearby bush while Gatomon and Biyomon jumped away. Biyomon flapped her wings to remain suspended in the air while Gatomon succumbed to gravity and landed on the ground behind the dinosaur Digimon. The Monochromon opened its jaws and a large orange ball of fire formed.

"VOLCANO STRIKE!" the fireball launched itself from the dinosaur Digimon's maw. Gatomon leaped over the attack and her foot glowed white.

"NEKO KICK!" the energy encased foot smashed into Monochromon's face, but its tough armour allowed it to defend against the attack. Gatomon dropped down and rolled beneath the Monochromon and her claws glowed white.

"LIGHTNING CLAW!" a brutal uppercut crashed into the Champion Digimon. Monochromon released a roar of pain and quickly ran away from Gatomon and turned around. Gatomon hissed as Biyomon watched from above.

"SPIRAL TWISTER!" a green swirl of flame flew from Biyomon's wings and impacted with the armoured Digimon's face. Monochromon turned and growled at the bird Digimon.

"VOLCANO STRIKE!" the fire rocketed through the air and impacted with Biyomon sending her flying through the air and crashing right into a tree.

"BIYO!" Gatomon cried out in alarm at seeing her friend taken down, however when she turned back to face her opponent, she noticed Monochromon was not looking at her. She followed the dinosaur Digimon's gaze and her blue eyes widened when she saw what the beast was looking at. Salamon had chosen then to crawl out from his hiding place to go look at Biyomon.

"Biyo are you okay?" Salamon asked.

"" Biyomon grunted. Her voice was soft as she was weakened by the attack. Gatomon looked to see Monochrmon dig its claws in the earth before charging. Gatomon channeled the energy to her feet and crashed a Neko Kick to Monochromon's side. The dinosaur growled before crashing the side of its frill against Gatomon sending her flying. She backflipped in the air and landed on her feet, but was suddenly met with a fireball to the face. Gatomon howled in pain as she was sent flying from the resulting explosion. She smashed into a tree and struggled to remained conscious. The Monochromon stalked towards the wounded Biyomon and Salamon stepped back, but remained strong for wanting to protect his friend.

"Sal...Biyo...kuso" the cat Digimon cursed as her vision went black. Gatomon floated in the darkness.

"KUSO...I couldn't save them. Sal...Biyo...they are both gone and it's my fault. I wasn't strong enough" Gatomon belittled herself before a soft golden glow appeared in her field of vision. The blue eyed feline looked up and gasped when she saw the light.

"Now now Gatomon, no need to beat yourself up. But...true you were weak. Oh so very weak. In fact if you were stronger you'd have been able to block that Volcano Strike attack and beat that Monochromon" the sphere of light spoke. Gatomon looked down, he ears dropped flat against her head.

"But, I can give you the power to fight any enemy, join me...Gatomon. And I will make all your desires a reality. I will give you power to vanquish your enemies, to save those that you deem even bring back those you have lost, to life" the sphere of light chuckled. Gatomon looked up.

"Sal and can really..."

"Become my servant, Gatomon, and I will bring back Biyomon and Salamon to you" the images of the two Rookies appeared in front of Gatomon. The two images smiled before fading away into the darkness. Gatomon had tears lining her eyes as she fell to her knees. Her head bent low.

"I...I will serve you, my master" Gatomon said. The sphere of light would have grinned if it had a mouth and the light suddenly flashed purple as the image of the Digital Hazard appeared on its frontal area. Gatomon's head snapped upwards as the Digital Hazard imprinted itself on her forehead and her eyes changed from sapphire blue, to a pale sky blue.

"You serve the great Demon Lord and the Sin of serve me"

"I serve you..." Gatomon fixed her position so that she was only on one knee and her arms crossed over her chest, "Lucemon-sama, just bring them back to me"

The sphere of light, now identified as Lucemon, chuckled before shining brightly.

"And so it shall be done"

The light obscured Gatomon's vision before it dulled down. Red suddenly splashed in front of Gatomon's vision, the sound of evil laughter...her laughter...greeted her ears. The scent of dying Digimon assaulted her nostrils and then a blast of black and purple fire filled her vision before a flash of lightning crossed in front of her. Gatomon blinked as she looked around and saw herself in a burning Digimon village. In front of her were numerous amounts of Baby Digimon all lying motionless on the ground, however two beings protruded out from the throng of fallen Digimon.

"BIYO, SAL!" Gatomon ran over to the Biyomon and Salamon and turned their bodies over. She gasped as she saw their bodies. Biyomon's wings had three holes in each of them and six diagonal slash marks across her stomach. And Salamon...oh Salamon, his legs were bent at angles they weren't supposed to be bent at and there was a single hole in the middle of his head.


"Gatomon...don't you remember..." Gatomon raised her claws as memories of what caused the carnage flooded her mind. She gasped as she raised her claws, each one coated in the red liquid of red data flakes given physical form.

"No...I couldn't have, no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Gatomon screamed to the sky as lightning flashed behind her. Rain fell upon her body as Gatomon collaped beside her dead family members once more.

"No...No...No...No" Gatomon sobbed uncontrollably, but she was suddenly grabbed by her shoulders and yanked. Gatomon felt herself flying through the air before she landed in a pair of strong arms.

" okay?"

Gatomon turned her head skyward and looked to see the burnt orange eyes of her loved one, "D-D-Doru-kun?"

"Yeah, it's me" the purple furred dragon. Naruto knelt down and patted his feline partner's head.

"You okay?" Gatomon shook her head before burying her head into Dorumon's chest.

"I...I killed them, Doru-kun. I killed Sal and Biyo, it was all my fault. I was Lucemon's puppet and now just when I thought I had them back...I lost them" Gatomon cried. Dorumon frowned as he hugged his girlfriend closer to him.

"Gatomon, listen to me" Naruto said, "This isn't real"

Gatomon looked back at Naruto, "Huh?" she blinked.

"Lucemon caught in a technique that places us in an infinite nightmare that shows us our deepest, darkest fears. He takes away the data of the ones caught in this nightmare and the more you give in to it, the more likely you will die" Naruto said.

"So come on, Gato-chan...we gotta get out of here" Dorumon said as he let Gatomon out his embrace. Gatomon shook her head.

"No...Naruto, Doru-kun...this isn't a nightmare...this is...this is a memory. This is my past. These are glimpses of what happened during my time as Lucemon's servant"

"No...NO, Gatomon. Listen to me, even if this is your past, it is just that. Your past. You may have been Lucemon's servant, you have caused the deaths of Sal and Biyo...but you got us now. Me, Dorumon, Rika-chan, Renamon, Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon and everyone else. We're all your friends. We may not be able to take the roles of what Biyo and Sal had in your life...but we will not leave you. Not now...not ever. So get up, stand tall...and let's go kick Lucemon's ass so that he never hurts another Digimon again" Naruto said as he stood to his feet. The storm of the makeshift nightmare calmed and the clouds parted to show the sky's original blue colour.

Gatomon sniffled before nodding. She stood to her feet and jumped atop Naruto's head. Dorumon then grabbed onto his tamer's back, riding piggyback. Just like they did in the old days. The environment around them suddenly broke down and became pure white.

"IKUZO!" was the simultaneously cry as a silver egg of data surrounded the three of them.

"AMATERASU!" Valdeusmon roared as the dragon launched a blast of golden fire from Vulcan. Lucemon back away and avoided the attack.

"What...impossible! How did you break out of the Nightmare Prison?"

"Listen Lucemon, when there is darkness in the heart...there is always something to help pierce that darkness. The light leads back to who we really are so that we don't succumb to our dark sides" Valdeusmon said before lashing out with a brutal punch sending Lucemon flying through the Gehenna. Valdeusmon drew Angelus and held the sword skyward. A light descended from the tip to the base of the blade before the Super Ultimate Digimon slashed downwards and the arc of light flew through the air and impacted with the weakened form of Lucemon.

Valdeusmon roared as he appeared in front of Lucemon Larva Mode and performed an upward slash with his holy blade. Lucemon's body was knocked away as he was struck and if it weren't for his tough exoskeleton he would have died from that attack.

Valdeusmon smashed its fist against Lucemon's form sending him flying through the air before he was hit by a brutal kick to the head. A fiery punch sent his form flying to the left before he was smashed down by Valdeusmon's tail. A loud screeching sound was then heard as Valdeusmon stood with a clone next to him. Lucemon looked up to see the black scaled dragon, his form visible by the illumination granted by the spiraling chakra shuriken in the dragon's claws.

"You've caused pain for far too many Digimon, Lucemon and now...WE WILL END THIS!" Valdeusmon threw the ninjutsu and the shuriken of wind chakra flew through the air before it impacted with Lucemon Larva Mode.


"No...not when I've come so close. NOOOOOOOO!" Lucemon Larva screamed out in pain and anger as he was sliced away as the spiraling chakra shuriken expanded into a dome of wind blades, slicing away Lucemon's molecular data, right down to his DigiCore.

The Gehenna pulsed before it exploded outwards and vanished as nothing but data flakes. Valdeusmon glanced up, but was in shock as he saw the large dragon behemoth still there.

"What the...why is that not gone?" Valdeusmon cried out in alarm. The black scaled dragon watched as the draconic beast spasmed in the air before it roared and charged everywhere as if it no longer had a mind of its own. It charged into buildings, knocking them down. It breathed fire and turned the sky red and it turned slapped its tail against the roads sending asphalt flying through the air.

"Naruto, Dorumon, Gatomon...can you hear us?" Yamaki's voice suddenly filled the dragon's head as the Super Ultimate Digimon watched the gigantic beast go on a rampage.

"Yeah, Yamami we hear you" the fusion of all three voices spoke through Valdeusmon as the eight winged dragon flew towards the raging behemoth.

"Well,we just did some research on that behemoth. It turns out to be a Digimon called Lucemon and that its true form is actually a larva of some sort"

"Yeah I know, I just killed Lucemon...but the thing is that his behemoth is suddenly going on mindless rampage instead of disappearing like I thought"

"Well, the thing is that the behemoth doesn't disappear, apparently Lucemon was controlling the thing so now that you killed Lucemon, the dragon thing has no mind and now it is a pure entity of darkness driven by pure instinct and the need to destroy" Yamaki said. Valdeusmon gritted its teeth and nodded.

"Gotcha, now if you excuse me...I got a dragon to slay" Valdeusmon roared as it took off. The sound barrier shattered as the unity bio-merged neared the behemoth. The golden masked dragon turned and released a tongue of red fire from its jaws, but the unity bio-merged Digimon held up Vulcan and absorbed the fires. With the Gehenna no long there, the attacks could hit the beast now which delighted the fused Digimon.

"AMATERASU!" Valdeusmon let loose a gargantuan blast of golden fire from his gauntlet. The attack blasted a humongous hole in the chest of the behemoth before the black scaled dragon flew forth and smashed its fist against the purple scaled dragon's snout. Valdeusmon followed up with a left punch before spinning and slamming its tail against the side of its opponent's face. Valdeusmon then slammed a powerful spin kick as it reversed its rotation sending the dragon spiraling through the air. In a blur of speed, Valdeusmon vanished from his spot and appeared in front of the behemoth's flying form before bringing its leg back and slamming it into the head of the giant dragon. The golden masked beast was sent flying up before Valdeusmon met it in midair and released a torrent of punches and kicks to its body before holding up both hands and formed its human component's favourite handsign. A cross shaped handsign.

"TAJUU KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" one thousand shadow clones of the Super Ultimate Digimon formed and they all held giant rasengans in their hands. Charging more chakra into the spiraling sphere's of blue chakra, the rasengan all grew to enormous sizes.

"NARUTO NINPOU: CHOU OODAMA RASENGAN RENDAN/ NARUTO NINJA ART: SUPER GIANT RASENGAN BARRAGE!" the clones cried out before slamming all one thousand Chou Oodama Rasengans into the belly of the beast. The behemoth roared as it was sent soaring and crashed through a multitude of buildings before crashing into the ground from the barrage of attacks. The behemoth growled as it struggled to fly. Its body was mangled, but they snapped back into place due to its invulnerability.

"You move around to much, let me make sure you stay there" Valdeusmon spoke as the clones vanished. He formed Angelus out of a pillar of light that formed out of nowhere. Valdeusmon slashed the air with Angelus. The dragon Digimon slashed vertically and a large pillar of light appeared. He then slashed horizontally and another light beam formed perpendicular to the previous one. A cross made entirely out of light floated in the air.

The behemoth rose out of the rubble before roaring. It glared at the one that dared to attack and charged like the wild, untamed beast it was. Valdeusmon smirked before raising the sword skyward.

"CRUCIFIXION!" the silver blade pulsed as it suddenly vanished from both its controller's and its victim's fields on vision. Suddenly the purple scaled, gold masked behemoth stood still, floating in the air as the cross of light appeared behind it and then chains made of light wrapped around the limbs, wings and neck of the draconic creature and pulled it towards it. It then positioned its victim's body like one would remember Jesus' body when He was crucified. The great behemoth roared, spewing jets of red fire in anger burning away a few buildings in the process.

Valdeusmon's eyes glowed their silvery colour before letting go of Angelus. The holy blade floated in the air as the Super Ultimate level Digimon reached for the flaming gauntlet. Vulcan spasm-ed as it was drawn off of Valdeusmon's left arm. The flaming gauntlet began to lose its equilibrium before it was completely yanked off of its wielders arm. The flaming gauntlet then became a raging sphere of golden flame.

Vulcan is an ancient weapon wielded only by the most powerful of Digimon, Valdeusmon being one of them. It requires a wielder in order to remain in its gauntlet form, but when removed it changed back into its true form which is a near uncontrollable mass of golden fire.

Valdeusmon held the golden fireball in his palm before he looked at Angelus. Angelus' holy blade glowed and the image of the the black dragon along the length of the blade seemed to move before shattering into millions of light particles. The light particles then withdrew into Vulcan's true form and the fireball suddenly stretched out and began to cover Valdeusmon's entire body. The gold and silver aura took on the image of a gigantic dragon that was equal in size of the chained behemoth. However, the chains were beginning to lose their hold. Valdeusmon roared as he charged.

"With this attack, I will stop this beast" Valdeusmon growled.

"I AM VALDEUSMON, I AM A SUPER ULTIMATE DIGIMON... NOW DIE BY MY MIGHT BEHEMOTH!" Valdeusmon roared at the behemoth which roared back in retalitation and tried to stop its attacker with a blast of red flame. However, the attack was simply absorbed and added to the power of the already powerful attack.


Valdeusmon crashed into the crucified behemoth with the force one would gain when moving at speeds equivalent to mach 5. The behemoth let out a roar of pain as the dragon shaped arua surrounded both Valdeusmon and the behemoth in an orb of fire and light energy. The behemoth roared as it was burned from the inside out. Its DigiCore first before its wireframe, followed by its muscle tissue and then the skin. A giant explosion then rocketed outwards as the attack burnt away the dark essence of the behemoth and destroyed everything in a one hundred mile radius.

The light of the attack was so intense it could have rivaled the sun's, but when it died down...there was nothing there. The behemoth was gone...but so was Valdeusmon.

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