Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 30: Goodbye and Epilogue

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody

Valdeusmon held the golden fireball in his palm before he looked at Angelus. Angelus' holy blade glowed and the image of the the black dragon along the length of the blade seemed to move before shattering into millions of light particles. The light particles then withdrew into Vulcan's true form and the fireball suddenly stretched out and began to cover Valdeusmon's entire body. The gold and silver aura took on the image of a gigantic dragon that was equal in size of the chained behemoth. However, the chains were beginning to lose their hold. Valdeusmon roared as he charged.

"With this attack, I will stop this beast" Valdeusmon growled.

"I AM VALDEUSMON, I AM A SUPER ULTIMATE DIGIMON... NOW DIE BY MY MIGHT BEHEMOTH!" Valdeusmon roared at the behemoth which roared back in retalitation and tried to stop its attacker with a blast of red flame. However, the attack was simply absorbed and added to the power of the already powerful attack.


Valdeusmon crashed into the crucified behemoth with the force one would gain when moving at speeds equivalent to mach 5. The behemoth let out a roar of pain as the dragon shaped arua surrounded both Valdeusmon and the behemoth in an orb of fire and light energy. The behemoth roared as it was burned from the inside out. Its DigiCore first before its wireframe, followed by its muscle tissue and then the skin. A giant explosion then rocketed outwards as the attack burnt away the dark essence of the behemoth and destroyed everything in a one hundred mile radius.

The light of the attack was so intense it could have rivaled the sun's, but when it died down...there was nothing there. The behemoth was gone...but so was Valdeusmon.


Hypnos Towers

The group all watched from their vantage point at the final attack Naruto and his partners performed on the great beast.

"What just happened?" Rika asked.

"They took it out, they defeated Lucemon" Takato said.

"But at what price?" Henry said. The group all let down their heads in sadness and respect for the blonde shinobi and his Digimon partners. Suddenly, the mood was interrupted when Guilmon sniffed the air and rushed out of the room. The tamers, their Digimon and the Monster Makers, along with Yamaki and Riley, all looked at each other before following the Digital Hazard Digimon. Guilmon ran down the many flights of stairs, causing many to get dizzy once they stopped at the bottom floor as the stairs had gone down in a spiral. Beelzemon watched from the skies, as he had been hiding during the battle with Lucemon, and was confused when he saw everyone running after Guilmon.

"What's pineapple head up to now?" the Demon Lord thought out loud as he flew after the others.

They continued to follow Guilmon through the burning wreckage of Shinjuku and then Guilmon raced past the Matsuki's Bakery Shop which was only slightly destroyed and then ran across from it and stopped when he reached the park. Everyone panted as they stood behind Guilmon in the slightly burning park. The park was relatively unharmed, the only form of destruction being the crushed trees and a large footprint from where Lucemon had stepped a while ago.

Guilmon looked back and then stood in front of the large portal of yellow data, lined with red, blue and green flakes of data. Suddenly everyone watched as the Digimon were being pulled towards the portal. Beelzemon landed and was suddenly changed back to Impmon and began to be drawn towards the portal.

", Shibumi, this shouldn't be happening" Janyu told his friend. The man frowned as he looked at the portal before his eyes widened and he slapped himself.

"KUSO!" he cursed.

"What?" everyone asked.

"I forgot to take into account the Digimon Human hybrid from when I made the Red Card. The Red Card was to get rid of all Digital intruders in the Real World and I guess I forgot that once you guys split up from your merged guys become human and Digimon. And if they don't...they'll be deleted from this world. Gomen nasai, I'm such a baka" Shibumi hit himself. The tamers still looked confused.

" mean Guilmon and the others are...?"

"Takato...they're being sent back to the Digital World" Yamaki said. Takato's eyes widened along with everyone else's. They watched as their partners regressed into their In-Training forms.

"LOPMON!" a childish voice called out. Everyone turned to see Suzy, who was being chased by her mother, running after a floating brown version of Gummymon, Terriermon's In-Training form.

The Digimon all floated as a group in front of the portal. Calumon then flew down and appeared out of nowhere as he usually did and grinned only for it to be dropped when saw how serious everyone was looking and how sad most of them looked.

"Don't worry Suzy, I'll see you again soon" Kokomon, a brown little Digimon with three horns on its head and black eyes spoke. This was Lopmon's In-Training form.

"Rika, I know we will meet again someday. Don't fret and remember, that even though Naruto is not here and I will not be here...we will be with you in your heart" Viximon, a small ball of yellow fur with blue eyes and a blonde white tipped tail, said. This was Renamon's In-Training form.

"Henry, we went through a lot of stuff, so take care and remember...Momentai" Gummymon which was a green version of Kokomon, said. This was Terriermon's In-Training form.

"Jeri, keep strong and keep that lion's heart for me okay?" Tsunomon said as he smiled at his tamer.

"Hey, tamers, Mako and Ai aren't here. They're in when you find them, just tell them, I'll be gone for a while and that I'll be back real soon. Okay?" Yaamon, a giant purple head of an In-Training Digimon, with a brown face and chartreuse coloured eyes said. Yamaki nodded and quickly made a note of it on his phone to look for Ai and Mako.

"Don't fret, Kazu. We'll see each other one day. Count on it, I promise that we will. I swear upon my status as the Iron Knight" Kapurimon, a blue and white striped ball of fur with a metal helmet covered the upper half of its ball like form. A blue and white striped tail swished behind it. This was Guardromon's In-Training form.

"Take care, Kenta. I'll be in your heart. Don't forget me till I come back, m'kay?" said the light brown Bukamon which looked like a lizard of some sort, with blue eyes and a white underbelly with a long piece of orange hair on its head. Bukamon was MarineAngemon's In-training form.

"Takatomon" Gigimon, a quadruped, red and black lizard like Digimon with golden eyes spoke. This was Guilmon's In-training form.

"You were the best thing to happen to me since I was made. You created me and because of you, I was able to be more than just a drawing. You helped become strong and you helped me find friends" Gigimon looked around at his fellow Digimon and the other tamers, "But know that when we leave...we will make a promise. We WILL come back and when we do, we'll go on amazing adventures again, right...Takatomon?"

Takatos eyes lined with tears just like everyone else's and he nodded.

"Hey Takato, can we play when we see each other cause I think I gotta go" Calumon said as he felt the need to go through the 'shiny yellow toilet water'.

"Haha, you bet...and if you see Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon in the Digital World...tell them to come back with you guys" Takato laughed and cried at the same time. Gigimon nodded before he and the other In-Training Digimon grinned and disappeared as flakes of gold data. The portal swirled before it began to decrease in size before vanishing as if it were never there.

Many months later

A girl ran along the streets, hurrying to reach her location.

"Kuso, I'm going to be late" the girl cursed as she continued to run. She continued to run, her long red-orange coloured hair flying through the air at the speed she was running at. She turned left and right before spinning to avoid crashing into a mother who was pushing her child's stroller. She then made a final left turn and panted in relief when she reached her destination.

Shinjuku Park.

The girl then smiled as she paused to stare at the landmark of the park, a giant stone statue of an eight winged dragon with a gauntlet of what seemed to be coated in fire (at least that's what the artist aimed to achieve) and armour coating its chest, lower legs and right arm. In its right hand, a long sword with the image of a dragon was carved into the blade. A long horn protruded from the dragon's nose and its fierce eyes seemed to follow those who looked into them. A tribute to the Digimon that saved the city...and the world by extension.

The girl's gaze seemed to soften as she stared at the stone statue before continuing to run along the dirt path before making a left to follow an abandoned path that led to the deeper areas of the park. The red haired girl sighed as she finally reached the stop of the stone steps and stopped in front of the shed.

"You're late" a male voice chuckled. The girl smirked.

"Shut it Goggle head" the girl said. The boy's head dropped as he was still called by that nickname even after so long.

"Rika, do you have to still call me that?"

"Of course, Takato-kun, it's a catchy nickname. But remember, you're my goggle head" a brown head girl said as she snuggled into the boy's shoulder, the boy being identified as Takato.

"But Jeri-chaaan" Takato whined to his current girlfriend.

"Chumley, just shut up and listen to the girl. You're HER goggle-head" Kazu and Kenta chuckled at their friend.

"You guys are so immature" a blue haired, Asian boy said as he leaned against the stone shed.

"Oh shut it, Henry. Manners aren't required here" Kenta said shaking his fist at the boy causing Henry to chuckle.

It had been many months since the D-Reaper incident. Shinjuku had rebuilt itself though there were still some areas that still required construction. Life had gone back to the way it had been before the former tamers had met their Digimon, but they still kept in touch. They went to school and did their work, they played their Digimon Card Games and what not and Jeri returned with her puppet dog with a vengeance.

Rika had opened a scroll given to her by Naruto many months before the D-Reaper incident and she was sworn to never open it unless something happened to him. When he disappeared, Rika opened the scroll and she was given the spare key to his apartment and instructions that was actually a map and the chakra seal combination to his private jutsu collection. Rika of course only took the ones with katon jutsus for herself, doton jutsus for Henry and suiton jutsus for Takato as well as some ninpou scrolls.

The three tamers trained with each other every day upon Rika's discovery of this and they even helped train Kazu, Kenta and Jeri on how to fight and how to work on their chakra.

Life was relatively normal in Shinjuku now that life was not filled with the pranks of a certain blonde shinboi and the attacks of Digimon bio-emerging.

After school, the former tamers would just go home and live their lives...However, not today.

Today was a special day.

The former tamers all stood in front of the shed where Guilmon used to live and sighed. Today was October 10th, the day that Lucemon was defeated and Shinjuku was saved from the was also the birthday of the hero of Shinjuku...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

"It's long... since that incident" Henry sighed as he scratched his head. Since it had been one year, everyone had turned thirteen and began to undergo their natural 'changes' as well as some purposely made changes to themselves.

"Yeah" the others nodded.

Takato and Henry hadn't change much at all, they still wore their regular attire just like everyone else's as their outfits had become sort of a uniform to them. The only changes in the two teenage boys were the fact that they had hit a growth spurt and were now as tall as their sensei when he was their age.

Rika looked up at the sky and ran her fingers through her long fire coloured hair. She remembered when she had let Naruto stay the night by her after her fight with Dokugamon, the day Renamon had first digivolved into Kyuubimon, and he said how that she looked pretty with her hair down. Well she had done so and let her hair flow freely and it had now reached just below her shoulder blades as she had let grow over the past year. Her body had also changed in ways that she still had to beat the fanboys back with a stick and they still kept coming when she told them she still had a boyfriend and she was also about two inches taller. Her violet-grey eyes seeming a bit lifeless as she remembered her shinobi...her Naruto-kun.

Jeri had let her hair grow as well, but now held it in a single ponytail. Her body had changed in ways that made men swoon, as she began to develop her curves much to the delight of Takato. She was also as tall as Rika. She leaned her head against Takato's shoulder, who was now her boyfriend. Which was a relief and not much of a surprise to everyone else because when they told them they all yelled out a loud "FINALLY!"

Kazu and Kenta hadn't changed that much physically, having only gained slightly larger muscle mass and were slightly taller from their training with Takato, Henry and Rika. But in terms of their intelligence, they changed very much in that aspect. They went up from average level to fluctuating between B and A level students, but they were times when they slacked off so they got Cs in there too.

Suzy, Ai and Mako, the youngest of the tamers were not present at this little meeting as they were still too young to understand what had happened and they were still a bit depressed over the loss of their Digimon.

Ai and Mako had gotten the message from Yamaki that Impmon had told him and they nodded. They hadn't seen Impmon for many months, they could deal with a year...though they still missed him dearly.

The older tamers remained silent as they all got up and then walked into the shed and turned to the left where Takato had nailed all the pictures that they had from Naruto's phone which he had left behind in his apartment. The blonde shinboi's phone still had the pictures from the camping trip from when they met Sinduramon as well as a few pictures of Kazu, Kenta and Jeri which he labelled as 'The New Guys'.

Takato had taken the memory card and printed out every single picture on Naruto's phone on his computer and then stuck them all over the wall of the shed that Guilmon previously occupied.

As the group continued to stare at the pictures a loud sound came from the tunnel that Guilmon had dug when he first came to the shed. Everyone looked at each other and then back at the hole. Takato went through the tunnel that used to be the shed's back wall before he stopped at its end and gasped at what he saw.

"OI GUYS, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!" the sound of feet against dirt met Takato's ears and he turned and screamed in surprise at how quickly everyone had arrived at his location in the long tunnel.

"What did you want us to see, Takato-kun?" Jeri asked. Takato shook his head and then his reddish brown eyes gained a look that he had gained from his sensei. Henry and Rika knew that look all too well from when they had trained with Naruto.

"Look" he stated and then moved aside. Everyone gasped at what was before them. In the darkness of the tunnel a small light shone. This light was a golden portal lined with flakes of red, green and blue rectangles similar to that of the data flakes from Digital World portals.

That's because...this was a Digital World portal.


Black eyes observed the landscape for any sign of a predator. Brown with white spots, a pair of doe traversed the forest floor, crushing the grass beneath their hooves. They continued to walk only to freeze when they heard the sound of twig snapping. Instinct kicked in and they ran off into the brush.

"Oh, great nice job. You lost our lunch" a voice said followed by the sound of a fist meeting someone's head.

"ITAI, hey it's not my fault that twigs tend to be everywhere in the GOD DAMN FOREST!" the receiver of the fist yelled back.

"Will you boys stop fighting, besides we can last a few hours without food, we've done so before" a female voice interrupted the two male voices. The two males sighed as they walked out with the female, from the brush.

"Fine" they grumbled. The sunlight shone down through the trees giving the physical appearances of all three figures.

The first one was a small dragon like creature that stood about three and a half feet tall, with purple fur covering its body with white fur on its muzzle, feet, hands and the tip of its fox like tail. Three black claws were own on all four appendages. Burnt orange eyes seemed to shine in their sockets and had round pupils that would become elongated slits when the creature was expecting confrontation or was angry. White teeth gleamed as the creature sighed. A small pair of wings that would not even be able to allow the creature to fly, were attached to its mid back. The most prominent feature of the creature was a ruby red gem of some sort was embedded in the dragon's forehead.

The second creature was a white furred, bipedal feline which stood at about three feet. It had sapphire coloured eyes with pupils that alternated between being elongated slits and round as it scanned the forest. Its ears which were white like the rest of its body was tipped with purple and its long tail consisted of purple stripes along its length, at the tip of said tail were three 'feathers' of some sort. A golden ring hung around the tail like a necklace and was engraved with strange symbols. Its legs were like regular paws, but its forelegs seemed to be covered with large yellow cat like gloves with red stripes on them. Three long black claws were on each glove.

The final creature was the most human of the three. The human was a boy with slightly tanned skin and looked no older than fourteen. He had cerulean blue eyes with permanently slitted pupils. On each cheek were three scars that looked much like whisker marks. The boy wore a white cloak over his outfit which consisted of a black short sleeved t-shirt with orange flames around the end of the sleeves and the hem of the t-shirt. An image of an orange scaled dragon on the front. The blonde wore a pair of dark blue cargo pants which possessed many a pocket and finally, a pair of dark blue sneakers. Attached to his waist was a pouch of some kind that if you viewed its contents would be shown to be filled with dangerous, pointy objects. Around the boy's neck was an aqua colour crystal attached by a leather cord, a gift from someone the boy held close to his heart and whom he saw as a mother figure.

"Gato-chan, I'm hungry still" the reptile spoke. The feline rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.

"Come on, Doru-kun. Stop griping we'll find food soon enough...right Naruto?"

"Yeah, sure Gatomon...Dorumon" the blonde boy now known as Naruto spoke to his companions, Dorumon and Gatomon. Both of which were creatures composed entirely of data, known as Digital Monsters...or Digimon. The two Digimon and shinobi walked through the forest before Naruto spotted a path in between the trees that signified a way out.

"Hey, guys I think I found a way out of the forest" Naruto said. Gatomon and Dorumon smiled as they took their placed on their tamer's body. Gatomon jumped atop the blonde's mop of spiky hair, which was now longer so that he now looked much like a miniature version of his father the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Dorumon was riding piggy back as he clutched the cloak that his tamer wore with his claws to hold himself. Naruto walked through the trees before exiting the forest. A bright light, courtesy of the sun, shone in the boy's cerulean eyes causing him to squint as he walked through the space in the foliage.

When the three's eyes adjusted to the light, their eyes widened at what they saw before them. A mountainous landscape made the background, covered with greenery showing they were covered with foliage. Their peaks extending into the cloud that floated in blue sky. A large river of crystal clear water flowed through the land and pooling into a lake that caused the land to form a makeshift crescent shape. However, the natural beauty of the environment was not what caught their eyes, but the many ruined stones and blocks of cement of what seemed to be a large city or village of some sort.

The architectural design reminded Naruto of Konoha's buildings. The destruction of what seemed to be a relatively large civilization extended from where Naruto stood all the way to the coast. From this, Naruto realized he and his partners were on an island. The visible parts of the sea were shown to have multiple depressions in them and if the sight of a large piece of driftwood being sucked into it was any indication, those depressions were actually whirlpools.

Naruto walked through the wreckage, large buildings destroyed. He saw a great number of skeletons void of any flesh, trapped beneath the rubble. He continued to walk before he stopped at two large pillars of concrete which were cracked and had large chunks missing from it from wind erosion. Two large pieces of wood each hung by a single hinge to the concrete pillars, creaked as the wind blew against them. Naruto stepped through the broken gate and turned around. Naruto, Gatomon and Dorumon watched the dilapidated gate. Naruto then saw above the gate was a large stone slab covered in dust.

It was cracked in many places. Naruto saw how dusty the rock was and quickly performed a Kamikaze no Jutsu to scatter the dust and clean the slab. What he saw in front of him caused his mind to shatter in shock.

"Naruto...what does it say?" Gatomon asked as she watched the strange symbols on the slab.

Naruto quickly flashed through handsigns and two earth fists rose from the earth and lifted the two pieces of wood that made the gate. The hands of stone held the gate in place. A spiral shaped symbol was shown to take up the majority of the surface of the gate. A spiral that was crimson...the Uzumaki spiral and below it were three words that shocked Naruto to his core.

"Uzushiogakure no Sato"

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