Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 6: It's Viral

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"What the hell was all that talk about this 'Master' you were fighting for?" Naruto asked. Raidramon looked at Naruto as his eyes began to change from violet back to red.

"I..." Raidramon suddenly began to forget as the evil power he was given left him, "the master...the name... it was in my head the entire time we were fighting young tamer...his name was...Luc..." but it was too late for Raidramon had dispersed into red flakes of data. Naruto looked in shock at what he just heard.

"What the hell?" he said, "who is this 'master'?" Naruto asked. Rika ran up to Naruto and looked him over.

"You did pretty good out there Whiskers. Where did you get that lightning card anyway...I didn't even hear the name from where I was standing" Rika asked. Naruto pocketed Azulongmon's card and looked at the red haired tamer.

"Rika, my past is something that I have shared with you, Takato and Henry and your partners, but this..." Naruto said making reference to the digimon cards, "this is something that you cannot is something that concern only myself and Dorumon, and if you try to go digging around to see what this is, there will be consequences Rika" Naruto said with a dark tone and his eyes flashed red to signify his seriousness. Naruto then knelt down and Dorumon climbed on his back.

"Until next time, Rika-chan" Naruto said with a small smile before performing shunshin no jutsu and he and Dorumon vanished in a swirl of leaves. Rika stared at the spot where Naruto once stood. Renamon picked up the shocked looking Rika and as the digital field dispersed it revealed the star lit sky. Renamon took Rika to her home, but along the way Rika could only think one thing.

'Just what the hell is going on and why does it concern you and Dorumon...Naruto'


Monday Morning-6:30 a.m

Naruto's eyes opened and instead of seeing the light of the sun he found himself in a dark void of nothingness. However as he walked in suddenly saw a bright light, Naruto looked around to find himself surrounded by buildings, buildings that were all to familiar to him. The buildings of Konohagakure no Sato. Naruto growled as he passed through, the people turned and glared at him before they started to follow him and curse at him.

"What the fuck are you doing here in our village demon"

"Get out"

"No one wants you, no one will ever like you" Naruto turned and his eyes flickered red.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto roared. However as he said this many more people joined the crowd and then the crowd parted to form a path and Naruto's eyes widened as he saw a mop of pink hair. The green eyes of his former crush glared at him.

"You bitch" Naruto growled. Naruto suddenly felt his face sting as Sakura slapped him.

"Shut up demon" Sakura said. Then all of a sudden Naruto was surrounded, in a circle by the members of Team 8 and 10 along with Team Gai.

"You are not one of us, just a blasphemy"

"I-I-I can't b-b-believe you actually thought you c-c-could have b-been our friend"

"I've always hated foxes, you'll never be part of the pack"

"Sasuke-kun will always be a hero, you won't even make it as Hokage let alone a shinobi"

"Agh, you've been nothing, but a troublesome monster"

"You can't deny your own destiny Kyuubi no Kitsune, this is your fate"

"You'll always be an outcast"

"OUR FLAMES OF YOUTH SHALL SNUFF YOUR FLAMES OF DECEIT AND HATRED FOUL BEAST YOSH!" Naruto gazed in shock as he saw the ones that he still cared for in Konoha, verbally assaulting him.

", I still cared for you. YOU BETRAYED ME!" Naruto cried out, but then Sakura smirked evilly before punching him in the face and then Naruto blacked out. Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes and found himself high above the ground. He looked to see the entire village of Konoha looking up at him with evil smiles of glee as he hung from the crucifix that they had fashioned for him. Sakura smiled as she looked up at him.

"Fucking bitch" he growled. Then he saw Tsunade and his eyes widened.

"Tsunade nee-chan?" Naruto gasped. Tsunade unrolled a scroll and read from it.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, you are charged with the crimes of the attempted murder of Sasuke Uchiha as well as endangering your teammates during the mission. For this your punishment is death" Tsunade read before rolling the scroll back up. Naruto then saw Sakura hold up a burning torch and throw it at his crucifix and it started to burn. Naruto stared in shock before he gritted his teeth in anger.

'Assholes' he thought as the flames licked his flesh and then the orange flames skyrocketed and burnt him, however as orange flames crossed his vision, Naruto found himself once again in the darkness with the orange flames still around him. The flames formed a large wall and then Naruto stared into the flames to see two black lines. The lines widened and formed a large red iris with a single pupil in it. Then three comma like markings formed around the dot before the flames fashioned themselves and took on the colour of Sasuke's face, the image of his curse seal level two form. His detached head floating in the flames.

"Sasuke" Naruto growled. Sasuke chuckled.

"Why don't you just embrace your destiny of what you are?" Sasuke asked,"You are a demon and you will always will be" Sasuke then began to chuckle, before his chuckling became louder.

"SHUT UP TEME!" the blonde yelled, but then Sasuke's chuckling turned into full blown laughter. His Sharingan eyes boring into Naruto's sapphire ones, his laughter suddenly becoming deeper in tone and much darker. The tomoe in Sasuke's Sharingan began to swirl, going around and around before they started to sink into the pupil of his eyes. The large pupil then stopped spinning and then lengthened to form a slitted pupil. The flames around the pair of red eyes changed into the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi then grabbed Naruto and chuckled darkly before a sky blue colour spread across Kyuubi's irises and then Kyuubi glowed, Naruto still clutched in its iron grip. The glowing stopped before Naruto found himself staring into a large humanoid form made entirely of light with eight wings flapping behind its back. The light suddenly stopped and Naruto found himself staring face to face with a large boy with eight wings and wore a white Greek themed tunic. Golden bands were wrapped around the boy's wrists and ankles and purple markings were on the boy's chest. The digital hazard symbol emblazoned on the back of his hand. Two tiny wings flapped on the figure's head as he held Naruto and the boy's sky blue eyes stared at Naruto's sapphire ones.

"Release from the prison, please. I need you Naruto, help me" the boy said in a pleading tone. Naruto's eyes widened as the gigantic image of the angelic looking boy held him.

" that you?"

"Release me from the prison, please Naruto, you're my only hope" the boy's voice emerged again in the form of the voice Naruto heard from his blue card. Then the boy chuckled and then a dark flame like pattern, like Sasuke's curse seal raced across the boy's body, before changing the boy into a large purple dragon like behemoth with a golden coloured mask-like face.

"RELEASE ME NOW BOY!" the dragon then opened its mouth and Naruto's vision went dark.

Naruto sprung up from his bed gasping. He shook his head and found Dorumon standing there next to him with a cup of ramen in his hand. Dorumon frowned and handed the cup to Naruto who took it.

"Arigato, Dorumon" Naruto said taking the ramen cup. he ate some of the noodles and drank the broth at the same time as he brough the cup to his lips.

"Naruto, you're starting to worry me, you've been having nightmares since last week Monday" Dorumon said. Naruto frowned.

"It's nothing...nothing but a nightmare Dorumon. Just let it go besides I'm going on the field trip to the Digimon Gaming Factory" Naruto said with a happy tone. Dorumon stared before smirking.

"Yeah, I guess that would cheer you up" the rookie leveled digimon said, "so what time do you have to be there?" Naruto glanced at the clock, it was 6:40 a.m.

"I have to get there for around 7:15, so I'll eat my ramen and then get ready" Naruto said. Dorumon nodded before going into the shower to have one himself. A few minutes later, Dorumon had showered and then Naruto walked in and had his. He stepped out with a towel wrapped around his waist before shoving Dorumon out of the bedroom and closing the door to change.

"Hey, you don't have to shove" Dorumon grumbled, his tail swishing back and forth in annoyance. Naruto walked out fully dressed in his usual outfit before taking his digimon card case and D-Ark before going towards the door. Dorumon watched Naruto leave before he spied the piece of paper on the kitchen counter. The digimon watched the paper for a few seconds before walking up to it and looking it over and his eyes widened.

"Shit, this is Naruto's permission slip" Dorumon cried out in alarm before grabbing the paper and rushing towards the door, but paused for a bit before going back into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread and then left the apartment.

"Can't forget the essentials, now can I?" he said to himself as he ate the slice of whole wheat.

With Naruto-7:10 a.m

Naruto was walking towards Shinjuku Junior High before seeing his class lines up at the bus that had come to take them. Kioshi and Katsumi saw their blonde friend and waved to him. Naruto looked at them and walked up to them to tell them hi, but as he reached them Naruto saw Kioshi's face being replaced with Sasuke's and Katsumi's with Sakura's. The two were glaring at him with unbridled hatred. Naruto's eyes widened before he rubbed them and the faces of his former comrades disappeared.

"Naruto, you okay?" Katsumi asked with a concerned look.

"Yeah, don't look so good" Kioshi added. Naruto chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm fine just a bit of exhaustion, couldn't sleep well last night" Naruto said, "no big deal" Katsumi and Kioshi nodded before taking out their permission slips. Naruto blinked and pointed at the strips of paper in his friend's hands.

"Uh...what are those?" the blonde tamer asked.

"These are the permission slips that Mr. Kazuma gave us to allow us to go on the field trip" Kioshi said, "You did remember your permission slip right?" Naruto gulped and then felt around in his pockets. He felt his D-Ark, but other than that, there was nothing in his pockets. Naruto gulped.

"I...I'll be right back" Naruto said and the ran back before turning the corner to run back to his apartment. "Baka, baka, baka" he said to himself slapping his own forehead. Naruto then continued to run before he crashed into something purple and short with a white tipped tail. Naruto tripped and fell over the figure and then figure fell to the ground. Naruto got up and turned to glare at the figure before he realized who it was.

"Oi, watch the fuck where you're going, teme" the fox tailed dragon digimon said.

"Dorumon?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, Naruto there you are. Good thing too, you left this on the kitchen counter" the short winged dragon said. Naruto took the piece of paper from Dorumon and saw it was his permission slip.

"Oh domo arigato, Dorumon" Naruto said and hugged his digimon partner.

"Alright, alright, you're welcome already. Now enough with the hugging or I'll think you're gay" Dorumon said. Naruto growled and then dropped the digimon onto the hard concrete sidewalk earning an "itai" from Dorumon.

"Oi, what the hell was that for?" Dorumon growled, his orange eyes glaring at Naruto's blue eyes.

"That was for calling me gay, you digi-baka" Naruto growled back. Anime lightning suddenly clashed between their eyes, but then they stopped when they heard the bus horn.

"Kuso, the bus" Naruto muttered before running after it. Dorumon watched as Naruto waved his slip in the air and ran up to Mr. Kazuma. Dorumon shook his head in disappointment.

" can never understand them" he muttered. Then he sensed a presence on his left and turned to see the imp digimon, Impmon standing on the tree branch of a nearby tree. Dorumon's eyes narrowed.

"Oh it's just you" Dorumon said before turning to go back to the apartment.

"You know you make me sick to my stomach sucking up to that human and letting him treat you like some dog you just picked up from the street. Him ordering you around and call that shit" Impmon said. Dorumon sighed and faced the scarf wearing digimon.

"I'm not a pet, baka. Naruto and I are partners and we look after each other. We see each other as equals, we're the same as bread and butter. We go well together...of course I'm the bread. I wonder if Guilmon had any bread?" Dorumon thought. Impmon face palmed and then looked at Dorumon.

"Dear Kami-sama, you're just like pineapple head back at the park. Only thinking about bread and your pitiful, retarded excuses for human partners" Impmon said. However, it was there that Dorumon glared at Impmon before jumping and grabbing Impmon with his claws and slamming the smaller digimon to the ground. He then grabbed Impmon by the throat before pushing Impmon up against the trunk of the tree.

"Now listen here shorty, I may be able to take insults and a few that are directed towards Naruto, but you better watch what you say about my tamer or you'll find yourself disappearing as red flakes of data" Dorumon growled, his normally round pupils turning slitted and his claws dug into Impmon's skin. "You get my drift?" Impmon chuckled nervously and nodded and then Dorumon let the imp digimon go before the dragon digimon went back to the apartment. Impmon dusted himself off before glaring at the other rookie digimon as he walked away.

"Well I didn't need him to help me with my pranking and besides I don't need a tamer to be strong, I'm the strongest digimon there is" Impmon grumbles and then leaped over a wall to wherever the hell he wanted to go.

With Naruto

Naruto quickly ran back to the bus and skidded to a halt in front of the bus doors and causing Mr. Kazuma who was looking around to see if anyone else was still outside, to throw a coughing fit.

"I'm here" Naruto said with a few gasps followed by his declaration. Mr. Kazuma stopped coughing and wiped his glasses clean with the cloth he kept in his pocket.

"Ah, Naruto...where did you come from?" Naruto thought as Mr. Kazuma asked that question before answering.

"Well Mr. Kazuma, you see my Okaa-chan and Otou-san loved each other very much so they decided to go in bed and..."

"Okay, don't need to go there Naruto" Mr. Kazuma said with a sweat drop. "However, Naruto do you have your permission slip?" the teacher asked. Naruto nodded and handed the white slip of paper to Mr. Kazuma. He looked it over and stared before sweat dropping.

"Is something wrong?" Naruto asked tilting his head to the side. Mr. Kazuma adjusted his glasses and shook his head.

"No, not at all, but out of curiosity...why did your Okaa-chan put a smiley face after her signature?" Mr. Kazuma asked. Naruto then gave the response that Dorumon had given him.

"She likes smiley faces" he stated, Mr. Kazuma sighed at the answer. Mr. Kazuma had been sighing a lot lately since he started teaching...poor, poor Mr. Kazuma. The teacher then stepped aside and took his seat as the blonde jinchuriki did the same. The bus was quite spacious and Naruto saw his friends, Katsumi and Kioshi, sitting in the back of the bus. Naruto quickly went over to the empty space, which was by a window on Katsumi's left, they had saved for him and smiled his foxy grin.

"Hey guys" he greeted. The two nodded and looked at him with confused glances.

"So...did you get your permission slip?" Kioshi asked.

"Yeah dude, you bolted right as we asked you which obviously meant you forgot it" Katsumi said in a matter of fact tone. Naruto nodded.

"Well yeah otherwise I wouldn't be here with my two best friends" Naruto said draping his arm around Katsumi's shoulder. Katsumi chuckled and slid the arm off of her before the bus let loose a hissing sound as its hydraulics went into action and the bus drove off. Mr. Kazuma then stood up with a microphone in hand.

"Okay people listen up, the bus ride to the Digimon Gaming Factory is about two hours long so until then you are free to do anything you want that will not damaged the bus or the other students because I don't want a repeat of the Rock Incident from when we returned to from the Natural History Museum" Mr. Kazuma announced before sitting down. Naruto looked confused at that statement.

"What happened on the trip from the Natural History Museum?" the blonde jnchuriki asked. Kioshi and Katsumi stared at each other before shaking their heads.

"Nope, can't tell you, it's a secret that the entire class swore we would never speak of again" Kioshi said, Katsumi nodded in agreement to not tell their blonde friend. (A/N: Like Calvin and Hobbes' Bill Watterson who created the Noodle Incident for Calvin, I have created this situation and am leaving it up to the reader's imagination to think of what happened during this trip from the Museum)

"So guys are you psyched or what?" Kioshi asked.

"What's the 'or what?' option?" Naruto asked earning a giggle from the red haired girl next to him. Kioshi glared at the blonde before pouting.

"Fine then I guess we're not talking on this trip"

"Oh come on Kioshi, Naruto was only joking" Katsumi said. Kioshi chuckled too before continuing with his conversation.

"Really though, what do you guys think of going to the Digimon Gaming Factory, I mean what if they have new cards on sale or maybe free cards" Kioshi said with a bit of drool coming from his mouth.

'Dear Kami-sama, he sounds like the Kazu guy from Takato's class' Naruto thought. "You're obsessed dude, you need help" Kioshi glared at his blonde friend.

"Oh yeah, says the one with a giant card case of Digimon cards" Kioshi said pointing to the blue and black card case on Naruto's waist. Naruto looked down and smiled sheepishly.

"I'm not obsessed though, just collect the cards as a hobby" Naruto said in his defense.

"Wait you have cards?" Katsumi asked.

"Well yeah, don't you?" Naruto asked. The red haired girl nodded.

"Yup, but I never saw your cards" Katsumi said.

"I haven't seen your cards either" Naruto retorted.

"Wanna look then?" Katsumi asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Sure, why not" the two were about to exchange decks when Kioshi reached over and grabbed Naruto's cards and opened the card case. Immediately Kioshi grabbed the deck and surfed through it like a guy who surfs the net at super fast speeds. Naruto quickly grabbed the deck and yanked it out of Kioshi's hands and just in time too for just after the card Kioshi was looking at were the Sovereign cards and the Blue card. Naruto glared at Kioshi.

"Dude, what the hell?" Naruto yelled.

"Gomen nasai, but I wanted to see them" Kioshi whined. Naruto glared before he removed the Sovereign cards and the blue card, placing the blue card in the back of the pile of six cards and placing them in his card case. Katsumi and Kioshi looked at their friend strangely.

"Why did you put those cards away?" she asked.

"Yeah man, I wanna see them" Naruto shook his head 'no'. Kioshi pouted, but brightened up as he saw Naruto hand Katsumi his deck and then leaned in to see Naruto's cards. The two then began discussing the cards in Naruto's decks until they reached one specific card. On the card was a picture of a white humanoid looking digimon with one arm looking similar to WarGreymon's Brave Shield and Head to form the left arm while the right arm was made to look like MetalGarurumon's with a cannon in its mouth. Behind the Digimon was a picture of the Omega Symbol. Beneath the picture of the white digimon was a phrase that said, 'All Delete'.

"Dude, no way!" Kioshi exclaimed.

"Nani?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, this card is really rare, only four of these have been made to exist. It's called Omni Force: All Delete, an attack that allows the users Omnimon monster card to vanquish any and all opponents from the field. Dude I'll give you anything for this card" Kioshi said. Katsumi and Naruto looked at each other and then back at Kioshi.

"You are obsessed" they said simultaneously. Kioshi sighed.

"Naruto please, let me play a card game with you. I want to use that card so badly with my Omnimon card" Kioshi said.

"Fine, I'll play against you and just for the fun of it, I will let you use Omni Force: All Delete" Naruto said with a sigh, but then Naruto looked around as the bus suddenly went silent and everyone stared at him and Kioshi.

"Why is everyone staring at us?" he whispered to Katsumi. The red haired girl sighed.

"Kioshi is the best Digimon card player in our class and to have him play you would be like receiving a mountain's worth of gold in their minds" she said. Naruto sighed before looking at Kioshi with a smirk.

"Well I can't turn down a challenge, bring it on" Naruto said. Kioshi nodded and then sat back down normally.

"We'll play at the factory, they have a card playing room for the Digimon gamers who want to play in between the tours" Kioshi said. Naruto nodded and the class cheered.

"Kioshi's finally going to battle someone"

"Awesome, Kioshi's gonna win for sure"

"Really, Naruto looks like he has some experience under his belt from the way he just accepted the challenge from the best gamer in our class" These discussions continued for a while until the bus reached the Digimon Gaming Factory. Mr. Kazuma stepped out first and then had the students line up single file. The students walked towards the door and the automatic sensors detected them and the doors opened. Naruto's eyes widened as he had never seen technology this advanced especially with what he saw inside. Conveyor belts and electronic arms. High speed scanner, multiple computer that could have equaled three super computers in terms of memory alone. Then a tall middle aged woman who was well endowed, walked up as she tapped her sensory pad which controlled what went on in some parts of the factory. She stopped as she reached the students and then tucked her pad underneath her arm and waved. The woman had grey eyes and blonde hair with streaks of silver showing she was getting old, and wore a purple blouse with a black skirt that reached just above her knees and black high heels. She had a lab coat on with the symbol for Digimon on her lab coat, which were large letters in gold and blue which spelled out Digimon. (A/N: Think Season one title of Digimon's letters)

"Ohayo minna-san, I am Kari Ishida the assistant manager of the Digimon Gaming Factory and are you the students from Shinjuku Junior High?" Kari said with a smile. The students nodded.

"Nice to meet you Kari-san" the students replied. Mr. Kazuma and Kari chuckled at their eager responses.

"Now then if you follow me, to begin with the tour we are going to see the area where the Digimon games are made" Kari said. The group walked past a large glass window which showed many computers with many people running back and forth as they calculated data and creating programs to make the Digimon Games a reality. As they stopped, everyone went in front of the glass window and peered through in awe.

"SUGOI!" they exclaimed.

"These workers are developing programs for the newest Digimon Game to come out this summer. We call them Digimon World: Dawn and Digimon World: Dusk. They feature different digimon, but through wireless connectivity you can trade and interact with friends and their digimon" Kari said.

"A new game, cool" one student said.

"Can I see a trial run of the game?" one student said. Kari chuckled.

"Maybe later, but come on we have much more to see" Kari said. The students nodded and followed the assistant manager, but as Naruto was walking past the window he looked at one of the computer screen where a series of ones and zeros were rapidly moving across the screen, but when he was looking at that he could have sword he saw three tiny figures moving across the screen. Then he saw two of the tiny figures stop and by pumping chakra into his eyes he used his enhanced vision, he noticed the tiny images on the screen looking at him before chasing after the other figure. Naruto's eyes widened in shock.

"NARUTO COME ON!" Katsumi yelled to him. The blonde shook his head and looked at his friend and nodded.

"Coming!" and then ran to catch up with the group, but something didn't seem right, the figures that stared at him were familiar looking to him as the figures were obviously digimon...but which ones were they? The names were on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't remember it, but that was when his eyes widened in realization at who those digimon were...

"WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon!" Naruto whispered. Naruto walked alongside Katsumi as he whispered the digimon's names and the red haired girl looked at the blonde who was slightly taller than her, since he had grown one inch over the week putting him at five feet, five inches.

"Huh, did you say something?" she asked. Naruto looked up and smiled sheepishly.

"Ah... no Katsumi-chan, just wondering about what strategies I should use in my game with Kioshi" Naruto said. Katsumi nodded and smiled at the jinchuriki before focusing on the path the group followed. The group then reached the card making area.

"The cards are made using a mixture of plastic, paper and so as to give them that little bit of protection, a sheet of titanium which gives the cards their weight and durability just below the blue and green 'card game' covers" Kari explained, "the copies of cards that have recently come out are being made here, except for certain cards. I notice that many of you have Digimon card cases, do any of you have these cards?" she asked. Kioshi raised his hand. Everyone turned to look at the brown haired boy.

"You have one, young man? Which one?" Kari asked. Kioshi smiled.

"Well it's not mine, but Naruto" Kioshi pointed to his spiky haired friend, "he has the card, Omni Force: All Delete, the card to be used with the Omnimon card" Kari's eyes widened in shock.

"Really, well Naruto you are really lucky to have found that card. Only four of them exist, along with the Ulforce card that we made for Ulforce Veemon and we are making a new brand of cards called Digi-X and have come up with a card to act as the opposite to Omnimon" Kari said.

"What's it called?" one student asked.

"Well, we originally made Omnimon based on the phrase 'I am the Alpha and the Omega', with Omnimon being the Omega, so we just created the Alpha card" Kari said, "however, it's still in the computer's memory banks and is still in its developing stages, we have just finished coming up with a design for the digimon" Kari said. The blonde haired woman typed a few keys on her pad and then she turned the pad around and then tapped a button and a hologram of the image of the digimon they made for the Digi-X brand showed up. The digimon was coated in black armour, which gave it a bulky yet intimidating look with golden lining and golden patterns etched into the armour. It had red eyes and two fangs peeking through the helmet it wore, and a long blue cape which was silver on the underside and had many holes in it on the bottom of the cape, seemed to flow from its neck and twisted to make it look like it was blowing in the wind.

"This is our final decision on the digimon's outer characteristics, but we still need to make more adjustments to its stats though" Kari said as she hit the rotation button on her data pad and the digimon turned a full 360 degrees. Everyone stared in awe at the armoured digimon.

"So what is this digimon's name?" one student asked.

"Call it Armourmon"

"No way dude, that's a shit name call it KickAssmon"

"You boys are complete bakas, it should be called BlackKnightmon" The students continued to call random names to name the digimon. Kari and Mr. Kazuma chuckled and then the group continued with the tour, looking at all the computer work and the manufacturing and the packaging of the cards.

"Well that's all there is to this factory, now then any questions?" Kari asked. Kioshi and Naruto raised their hands. Kari nodded and gestured to them.

"Yes, Kari-san, I was wondering...I heard you had a card playing room for the people who tour the place?" Kioshi said, "is that true" Kari nodded.

"Of course, are you and the young blonde going to play?" she asked. Naruto and Kioshi nodded. Kari gained a shine in her eyes as she was told this. "Do you mind if I watch, I haven't seen a Digimon card game in long time" Naruto and Kioshi looked at each other and shrugged.

"Hai" they said, Naruto gave the 'Nice Guy' pose and his teeth sparkled. Everyone stared in shock at what Naruto just did.

"How did you make your teeth do that?" Katsumi asked.

"It's called Colgate Toothpaste" the blonde replied. The assistant manager of the digimon factory led the students and their teacher into a room that had a few tables used for playing the card game. The class and the two adults gathered around the table in a circle as Naruto and Kioshi took their seats and took out their decks. Kari looked at Naruto and Kioshi.

"I'm sure you both know how to play the game?" she asked. Kioshi nodded, but Naruto didn't.

"Actually I don't" he admitted. Kari nodded and then went into the lengthy explanation of how to play the card game. Each player draws five cards at the beginning of the game. The players then play a one round of rock, paper, scissors and the winner goes first. The player draws one card during the beginning of each of their turns and then the players are only allowed to play one monster card on the field, with the baby to rookie level digimon being the only cards that could be played without the need for digivolving. The digimon have varying power levels ranging from 5 points to over 100. If the player has the digivolved forms of their rookie monster card in their hand they can digivolve it to the champion, champion to ultimate and ultimate to mega. In order to win, the players must battle with their monster cards to fight and the first player to lose ten of their monster cards, loses. Modification card can be used to power up or defend your monsters, power ups used only before the battle phase, and defense cards are only used during the battle phase.

"I see, so it's basically first one to lose ten monsters loses, use modification cards when needed and the ability to digivolve is only available if the digivolved forms are in your hand. " Naruto summarized. Kari nodded.

"Precisely, you grasp things quite quickly, Naruto" Kari said. Naruto grinned.

"It's one of my most recognizable traits" the jinchuriki said. Naruto and Kioshi nodded to each other, but Naruto scanned through his deck and then withdrew one card and handed it to Kioshi. he had quickly placed his Sovereign cards and the Blue card back into his case without anyone noticing using his quick movements.

"Is that the card, the Omni Force: All Delete?" Kari asked. Naruto and Kioshi nodded as Kioshi placed the card in a random part of his deck and then shuffled his deck. The two players then drew their five cards. Naruto and Kioshi then performed the rock, paper, scissors with Naruto winning by using paper as Kioshi used rock.

'Typical of the stupid boys to use rock' all the girls thought. Naruto then drew his sixth card and looked at Kioshi. Naruto placed a card down.

"Okay, I play Armadillomon on the field" Naruto said and then he played another card, "then I use the digi-egg of knowledge and armour digivolve him into Digmon and modify him with Digmon's Drills" Naruto ended his turn with his Digmon rising from its original 80 points to 90. Kioshi nodded and then played one card as he drew.

"I play Tentomon and digivolve him to Kabuterimon" Kioshi said powering up the Champion level digimon from 70 to 90 points. Kioshi and Naruto had their monsters battle. Digmon and Kabuterimon 'killed' each other and both players now had nine tried left to defeat each other. It was then Naruto's turn. The blonde tamer drew a card and then played a card down.

"I summon Veemon, your turn" Naruto said ending his turn. Kioshi drew a card and smirked. He then played a card down.

"I play Betamon and then digivolve it to Seadramon. Then I play the modification card, Tidal Rage and increase Seadramon's power from 80 to 110" Kioshi said, "Now I destroy your Veemon" However, he saw Naruto draw a card from his hand and place it down.

"I use the Modifcation card Holy Barrier and protect Veemon" Naruto said and then placed the card into his case since after using it once meant he can't use it again. Kioshi gritted his teeth and then looked at Naruto with a glare. Naruto drew a card and then ended since he couldn't do anything. Kioshi smirked and destroyed Veemon leaving Naruto with only eight more tries. Naruto didn't respond, but the crowd was watching with a 'hunger' as they were completely absorbed in the match, especially Kari being around Digimon themed things her entire adult life. After many summoning, Naruto had lost three more monsters to Kioshi's powerful Seadramon card leaving him with only five tries. However, it was then that the tide began to turn. Naruto drew a card and smirked.

"I play the Modifcation card, Computer Reboot and this card allows me to revive a Digimon that has already been destroyed" Naruto said and then he took out Veemon and placed it on the field from his case. Then he played another card.

"I then digivolve Veemon to Ex-Veemon..." Naruto said as he played the card for Veemon's Champion form. Kioshi smirked.

"That thing has only 70 points, you can't beat my 110 point Seadramon" Kioshi said smugly, but Naruto's smirk never wavered as he played another card.

"DNA DIGIVOLUTION ACTIVATE!" he yelled placing the card hard on the field, shaking the table. Everyone's eyes widened, earning a chorus of "oooo's" from the crowd.

'Excellent strategy, luring his opponent into thinking he was winning before striking back' Kari thought with a smile at the blonde, 'Nice'

"I DNA digivolve, my Ex-Veemon with the Stingmon card in my hand..." Naruto then placed the two Champion level cards from his hand and field along with the Veemon and DNA digivolution card on the field into his card case, which acted as a graveyard. Kioshi's eyes widened.

"NO WAY, YOU HAVE HIM!" Kioshi yelled and Naruto smiled, baring his sharper than normal canines and nodded.

"I play Paildramon" Naruto said playing the card, "then I equip it with the Modification card Paildramon's Desperado Blasters" the card with the picture of Paildramon's guns was laid down. Naruto smirked as the newly played ultimate card increased in power from 120 to 150 points. Naruto defeated Kioshis Seadramon and along with six other monsters that Kioshi attempted to use to defeat Paildramon, but to no avail and left Kioshi with only two attempts left to try and defeat Naruto. The match was seemingly intense as the match continued to drag on, but then Kioshi drew a card for his turn.

"Okay, I got you now Naruto" the brown haired boy said as he played down a card, "I play the Dual Battle Modification card that allows me to play two monsters on the field, and I choose Agumon and Gabumon from my hand" Kioshi said laying the two monsters down. Naruto looked in confusion as Kioshi played the much weaker monsters and then he realized something...

'Oh no' he thought, Kioshi then picked a card from his hand and laid it down on the field, "I play Warp Digivolution and Warp Digivlolve both Agumon and Gabumon to their Mega Forms, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon" Kioshi said.

"He's going to do it, I haven't seen this combo since I played him" Katsumi said with a smirk as she watched Naruto's shocked face. Kioshi then played the DNA Digivolution card.

"I DNA Digivolve, MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon to play Omnimon" Kioshi said taking away all the cards on the field before playing one of the two cards left in his hand.

"I SUMMON OMNIMON!" Kioshi yelled and then played the Omega Digimon on the field and attacked Naruto's Paildramon, but Naruto quickly played one of the five cards in his hand.

"Digimodify, WarGreymon's Brave Shield" Naruto said as he suddenly became serious, as if he were fighting an actual digimon with Dorumon. The brave Shield nullified Kioshi's attack and Kioshi ended his turn.

"You're lucky, Naruto" Kioshi said, Naruto nodded and then he drew a card before removing Paildramon from the field.

"I digivolve Paildramon into Imperiadramon" Naruto said playing the dragon looking digimon card. Both Imperialdramon and Omnimon had the same power levels so it was basically at a standoff and neither player was going to attack because they both knew that Kioshi held the Omni Force card in his hand.

"I then use the card, Virus Strike and take Omnimon over to my side of the field" Naruto said. Kioshi shook is head.

"You can't do that, remember Omnimon's card ability is to destroy all Virus Natured cards on the field" Kioshi informed his opponent. Naruto gritted his teeth and put away the card in his card case.

"Wow...who would think a card game would be this good" Mr. Kazuma mumbled.

"I know what you mean" Kari whispered to the teacher as the two adults and thirty other children watched the game. Kioshi ended his turn as he was saving the Omni Force card for when Naruto did something...and something is what Naruto did.

"I change Imperialdramon into Imperialdramon fighter mode and then modify it with the Positron Laser card powering it up from the original 200 to 270" Naruto said. Omnimon had 200 point also, but now he exceeded that limit and Kioshi smirked as he laid down the card.

"I play Omni Force: All Delete and destroy your Imperialdramon Fighter Mode" Kioshi said. Naruto smirked.

"Kioshi, you think I would have a card as strong as that without coming up with a counter attack?" Naruto asked. Kioshi's as well as everyone's eyes widened.

"You can beat the Omni Force card?" Kari asked. Naruto nodded, "Ever since Kioshi told me of this card, along the way to this place, I had looked through my deck to create strategies on how to counter this card...and this it..." Naruto said and then played the card down.

"DIGIMODIFY DATA X-TRACTION!" Naruto said. Everyone's eyes widened.

"NANI!" they cried out, "WHAT CARD IS THAT!"

"Impossible, I stopped the making of that card because it gave players a great edge in the game if they both had cards like Omnimon and Imperialdramon of the field!" Kari exclaimed

"Well I guess, I was lucky enough to get it before your discontinuation stopped" Naruto said and then told people of the card's effect.

"The card allows me to X-tract data from a digimon and revert it back into its rookie form, so, since Omnimon has been a DNA digivolved monster, he reverts back into both Gabumon and Agumon" Naruto explained. Kioshi stared shocked as his withdrew Agumon and Gabumon from his card case and placed them on the field and removed Omnimon and the Omni Force card.

"Now I activate Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's special ability which allows me to strike twice if equipped with the Positron Laser" Naruto said and then with a deep breath he blew on the cards and they flew by Kioshi's face. Naruto stood up and packed up his cards before placing them back in his card case.

"Good game, Kioshi you nearly had me there with Omnimon" Naruto said. Kioshi packed up his cards and the handed Naruto his Omni Force card back. Kioshi nodded.

"Arigato Naruto, you did better though" Kioshi said as the two shook hands. Kari smirked.

"You two played extremely well, Naruto your plan to defeat Omnimon was clever..." however before the blonde haired assistant manager of the Digimon Company could continue she was interrupted as a short fat man wearing glasses and a lab coat over a grey suit entered.

"Excuse me, Ishida-sama, there's something wrong with the computers" the man said. Kari's face turned to anger and shock.

"NANI, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" she yelled out, "pardon my language kids" she said with a sweet voice to them. The man continued.

"Hai, Ishida-sama, the computers are losing all their data and the data on the new Digi-X cards and the new Alpha card we were creating...all of the data is suddenly disappearing" the man yelled out. The class followed Kari to the computer room and saw a large screen flashing red as in the center of the screen, in violet was a symbol, a single black upside down triangle and connected to the vertexes of the triangle, a right side up triangle was attached and a circle surrounded the center triangle which had the other three connected to it. The symbol for the digital hazard.

"It is some kind of virus that found its way into the network, it's like a worm of some kind" the lab tech said as he typed away at the computer and tried to slow down the virus, but the keyboard was not responding, "great and now it's shut down all of our equipment, the only way to stop this thing is to shut down the entire system and reboot" the man said. Kari glared at the man.

"There is no way I am throwing away over forty years of work just because of a virus in the system" Kari said.

"But Ishida-sama, the virus is apparently absorbing...or deleting the data in our memory banks. This company has over three super computers with over 200 MB of memory, this 'virus' is deleting nearly a quarter of it within the hour" the man exclaimed. Kari remained silent.

"Try the wireless equipment, they have no serious connection to the tech due to the infra-red connection so that it wouldn't shut down" Kari instructed. The tech sighed and complied with the order.

Naruto then channeled chakra into his eyes and looked into the screen and his assumptions were correct when he saw the symbol. He saw the tiny figures of MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon chasing after a brown coloured digimon with blue armour over its head, hands and torso, with extremely long arms which had red claws on its hands, three red spikes protruding from its back and a yellow mane with evil yellow eyes peering through its mask. Then Naruto saw the WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon which were chasing the unknown digimon, stop and look straight at him. Naruto looked around the room to see if the digimon were looking at anyone else, before he pointed at himself and saw the two mega level digimon nod. Naruto's eyes widened before turning to Mr. Kazuma.

"Mr. Kazuma, I have to use the bathroom" he cried out. The teacher turned to the blonde and nodded.

"Sure, Kari-san please direct Naruto to the bathroom" Mr. Kazuma said. Kari stared at Naruto.

"Naruto, gomen nasai, I don't have time to leave this room, the bathroom is straight down the hall and first door on the left as you turn the corner. Naruto nodded and left the room before channeling chakra into his feet immediately after he left before speeding back to entrance of the Digimon Factory. His speed caused a trail of dust to be left behind him and many gasps were heard as a blonde coloured blur sped past them, Naruto doubted any of them got a good look at him at the speeds he was moving at. He quickly performed handsigns as he exited the Digimon Gaming Factory.

'Time to try out the new kekkai genkai techniques from Otou-san' the Namikaze heir thought before ending the handsigns on rabbit.

"Jinton: Haipā Hayasa no Jutsu/ Speed Style: Hyper Speed Jutsu!" Naruto yelled and then his speed increased to far beyond what he was traveling at as he used the secret bloodline of the Namikaze clan, Jinton...Speed Style and raced back to his apartment to get his faithful digimon partner.

With Dorumon- Naruto's and Dorumon's Apartment

Dorumon was lying down on the couch looking at the blank screen of the television with a slice of bread in one hand and a cup of instant ramen in the other. Drool dripped from the dragon digimon's lips as he was bored out of his mind.

"I am bored out of my mind, I wish something exciting would happen right now" Dormon sighed. (A/N:Well Dorumon, as your author I grant your wish) Dorumon's eyes bugged out and he dropped the empty ramen cup and his slice of bread as he saw Naruto standing there after having broke down the door.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" the digimon asked, his tail waving behind him, "You are supposed to be a your field trip"

"I know, but there's a problem" Naruto said. Dorumon's eyes brightened.

"Oh a Digimon...awesome where is it? Shinjuku Park, in the Digimon Gaming Factory, where?" the violet and white furred creature asked.

"It' the digital plane and to be specific the inside of the main hard drive of the Digimon Gaming Factory" Naruto said. Dorumon's eyes widened.

"Are you serious?" he asked but Naruto gave the look that said he wasn't joking.

"Now come on, we have to go...WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are waiting on us" he said. The X-Antibody holder looked at his tamer in confusion.

"Huh?' he intelligently remarked. Naruto then began to explain.

"You see when the virus attacked the computer system in the Digimon Gaming Factory, I used my chakra and enhanced my vision to see the pixelated images that I managed to glimpse at with my already superior vision. I then saw three figures, one was being chased by the other two, the one being chased was an unknown digimon and obviously the virus, but the other two I immediately recognized as WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon" Naruto said, "now they need our help to stop the virus"

"Okay, I understand, but how are we getting to the digital world, it's not like a portal is gonna come out of the sky" Dorumon cried out, but as he said this a large yellow beam of light came down from he cieling and enveloped the two. The beam of light was originating from a dark swirl of matter that was edged with dark green digital flakes.

"Hey look, a portal that came from the sky" Naruto said looking at Dorumon.

"I should start saying thing like this more often" Dorumon said in monotone. The two were suddenly forced upwards.

"Help us tamer, the virus is too strong. We will take you to our location" two voices said, both sounded deep, but one of them sounded a bit gruffer than the other one. Naruto and Dorumon were flung through the portal and suddenly found themselves in a shining blue tunnel that was quickly becoming just light as they developed tunnel vision from the speeds they were going at. Naruto quickly grabbed Dorumon and the digimon latched onto the blonde's back.

"Time to speed things up a bit" Naruto said flashing quickly through handsigns and ended on dragon. "KATON: KADAIBAKUFU NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE EXPLOSION JUTSU!" a large stream of fire exploded out of Naruto's hands and then sent the duo careening faster through the portal before they were enveloped in a white light.

Digital Plane- Computer Screen of Digimon Gaming Factory

A black portal formed in the digital plane and Naruto and Dorumon dropped out of it and floated there for a few seconds before something passed over their heads. A large digimon which was brown and covered with blue armour on its hands, head and torso. It had yellow coloured eyes as a small digital hazard symbol glowed in violet just above a green gem on its chest. Large red claws, three on each hand were shown on its extremely long arms and three red spikes protruded from its back. Then two more digimon passed over them, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

"Hey look there they are" Naruto pointed out. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon flew towards the blue armoured digimon as they fired their attacks. Many flaps on MetalGarurumon's body opened up to reveal many guns while WarGreymon held his hands together and an orange ball of fire began to form.



Many missiles flew from MetalGarurumon's cannons while a gigantic ball of orange flame flew at the unknown digimon. Naruto took out his D-Ark and scanned the digimon.

"Okay well we know WarGreymon, a mega level whose attacks are Terra Force, Dragon Killer and Great Tornado while MetalGarurumon is another mega level digimon whose attacks are Giga Missile, Ice Wolf Claw and Metal Wolf Claw" Naruto read as the two images came up. Then the image of the unknown digimon came up and Naruto read it out loud.

"Diaboromon, a mega level, what the hell? He is a pure virus type digimon whose goal in life is to absorb every scrap of data in the world and his attacks are Cable Crusher and Web Wrecker" Naruto read. Then a large boom erupted and it was then that Naruto noticed that he and Dorumon were in a large dome made entirely of ones and zeros. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon looked at the large smoke cloud and saw Diaboromon was burnt from the top half of his body while the bottom half was encased in ice and he was trying to break free. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon then turned and flew towards Naruto.

"Ah, chosen tamer and his partner you are here" WarGreymon said.

"Yes...yes I am" he replied.

"Well we better get you up to speed, my ice won't hold him for long" the wolf digimon said as the ice that encased Diaboromon began to crack a bit.

"Okay, what's going on?"

"Well Diaboromon is trying to take absorb all the data in the world, but he managed to absorb too much data so we needed some help so we found you as we were chasing him into this network." WarGreymon explained.

"Now we need your help. Diaboromon's speed is great and although WarGreymon and I are mega level digimon and are two of the most powerful, we cannot land a killing low on him" MetalGarurumon added.

"Will you help us?" they both asked. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other and a determined look filled their eyes and they turned to the mega level digimon and nodded.


"Good, because he just broke out" WarGreymon said, the group turned to see Diaboromon give a deafening roar and then with all his strength, broke the ice and then rocketed towards MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon, but as they were getting ready, Naruto and Dorumon jumped in front and Dorumon opened his mouth.

"METAL SHOOT!" multiple iron balls flew from Dorumon's maw and struck the mega level digimon, but it didn't even flinch. WarGreymon quickly shielded the two with his Brave Shield and sparks flew from the chrome digizoid shield as Diaboromon's claws raked down the shield. WarGreymon quickly redirected Diaboromon's attack and then spun and kicked the virus ype in his face before spinning quickly, looking like an orange drill.

"GREAT TORNADO!" the mega form of Agumon yelled before drilling forwards, but Diaboromon avoided the attack before turning to Naruto, as he looked at Naruto the violet coloured digital hazard sign on its chest glowed, the originally yellow eyes of the mega level virus type began to be filled with a sky blue colour before mixing to form an aqua green colour.

"The master...says to destroy...the boy and his digimon, NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE AND DORUMON PREPARE YOURSELVES!" Diaboromon roared before stretching its arms out.

"CABLE CRUSHER!" the long red claws reached for Naruto and Dorumon, but the two quickly dodged the attack before MetalGarurumon fired a missile from a compartment on his chest.

"GIGA MISSILE!" a large missile flew from the compartment sending MetalGarurumon skidding backwards from the recoil. The attack was dodged before the mega virus digimon performed cable crusher again, however WarGreymon quickly slashed down with his Dramon Killers.

"DRAGON DESTROYER!" and then his claws came down, but the arms quickly wrapped themselves around WarGreymon halting his movement before throwing him into MetalGarurumon. The arms continued to stretch their way towards Naruto and Dorumon. Naruto growled and his eyes turned crimson, his pupil slitted. Dorumon's eyes suddenly gained a more fiery colour as crimson mixed with orange and suddenly they both became stronger. Kyuubi's chakra flooded Naruto's chakra system and due to their bond, Dorumon also gained a power boost. The two dodged the attack and then began to run up Diaboromon's arm, using it as a pathway along to his body. Naruto quickly took out his D-Ark and a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...GEOGREYMON'S MEGA FLAME!" a large ball of red fire materialized in Dorumon's claws as Naruto flashed through handsigns.

"KATON: KARYUENDAAN NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE DRAGON BLAST JUTSU!" a large fire dragon rocketed out of Naruto's mouth as Dorumon threw the Mega Flame. The two fires mixed to form a gigantic dragon of red fire.

"Collaboration Jutsu: Saikyoh no Karyuendaan no Jutsu/ Omega Fire Dragon Blast Jutsu!" the two yelled as the attack impacted with their opponent's face. Diaboromon roared as the attack struck.

'That actually hurt, but I will not yield' Diaboromon thought, "I SHALL KILL YOU IN THE NAME OF MY MASTER!" Naruto and Dorumon growled before Dorumon jumped into the air and opened his jaws.

"METAL SHOOT!" a much more powerful Metal Shoot attack formed as the metal spheres were red hot from the Kyuubi's chakra increasing his power and then it struck Diaboromon's face sending up an explosion and causing the mega digimon pain. Naruto then jumped and formed a small ball of light blue spinning chakra with a core of violet.

"RASENGAN!" he yelled and slammed the attack forwards into its chest and the virus digimon was sent flying. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon flew past the tamer and digimon before attacking Diaboromon. MetalGarurumon quickly slammed his body into Diaboromon's sending the creature upwards before WarGreymon brought down his Dramon Killers.

"DRAGON DESTROYER!" the chrome digizoid clad digimon yelled before chopping the digimon in half. WarGreymon flew back to gain some distance and smirked beneath his helemt, but his happiness was short lived as Diaboromon's halves regenerated and formed two Diaboromon.

"You..." one Diaboromon said.

"Cannot defeat us..." the second one spoke.

"The master will not accept defeat" the spoke simutaneously for this. Naruto growled as he remembered Raidramon's words about this 'master'.


"What the hell was all that talk about this 'Master' you were fighting for?" Naruto asked. Raidramon looked at Naruto as his eyes began to change from violet back to red.

"I..." Raidramon suddenly began to forget as the evil power he was given left him, "the master...the name... it was in my head the entire time we were fighting young tamer...his name was...Luc..." but it was too late for Raidramon had dispersed into red flakes of data. Naruto looked in shock at what he just heard.

End Flashback

Naruto glared at Diaboromon and then the Kyuubi's youkai formed a shroud of youkai around him in the shape of a tailles kitsune and looked like it was red fire surrounding him. Dorumon's eyes took on a more reddish orange colour and the white parts of his fur which were on his snout, hands, feet and tip of his tail gained red highlights. Their powers rising at an alarming rate.

"Well listen here, Dorumon and I...WE WILL NOT LOSE!" Naruto said, "AND TELL YOUR MASTER..." the two took off towards the Diaboromon, "THAT WE WILL DEFEAT HIM!" Naruto and Dorumon then slammed full force against the two virus digimon. Naruto then formed two rasengans in his hands and slammed them into the Diaboromon.

"DOUBLE RASENGAN!" he yelled and then sent the two flying away as the rasengans shredded the clones through their chests, but they regenerated once more becoming four. Four then became eight, eight became sixteen until they kept multiplying until the lining of the dome was surrounded with Diaboromon. All of them laughing.

"THE MASTER WANTS YOU BOTH DEAD NARUTO..DORUMON...AND WE SHALL FULFILL HIS COMMANDMENTS!" the digimon yelled and then they charged up the gems in their chests which bgena to glow a shining gold. Then the fired.

"WEB WRECKER!" the Diaboromon all yelled simultaneously before firing. A storm of gold fired from all angles, but WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Naruto and Dorumon began dodging them all with ease, well not really ease, but they were doing pretty well. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon saw that Naruto and Dorumon were getting tired after a few minutes of dodging an endless amount of the Web Wrecker attacks.

"We must protect the boy" MetalGarurumon said.

"He and his partner cannot die on our faults" WarGreymon said. The two mega level digimon quickly flew towards the tiring tamer and his partner. Dorumon dodged a few, but one was about to strike him, so Naruto dodged a few of his own before grabbing Dorumon and yanking him out of he way. Then Naruto spun creating a crimson twister that deflected the golden spheres of destruction and taking out many Diaboromon in the process. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon finally reached the duo and then began to fire their attacks in order to protect them, but to no avail as the attacks kept coming from the virus digimon. So the two mega levels did the only thing they could do. They huddled around Naruto and Dorumon and took the attacks as they slammed into them. A large amount of explosions sounded and the firing stopped. The swarm of Diaboromon watched with glee as they saw the two mega level digimon floating lifelessly in the digital space. Naruto and Dorumon opened their eyes, having shut them during the explosions, luckily the Kyuubi's chakra was able to protect Naruto and Dorumon from the brunt of the explosion. The two then gasped as they saw WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. They looked like broken toys, cracked, some parts of their bodies were missing and their eye sockets were empty, just endless black in them.

"WarGreymon?" Naruto asked shaking the dramon digimon.

"MetalGarurumon?" Dorumon said shaking the metallic wolf. They both got no response and then the two turned to face the Diaboromon swarm.

"WE WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!" they yelled. Naruto drew a card and nodded to Dorumon who grabbed the two digimon in his claws.

"DIGIMODIFY...COMPUTER REBOOT ACTIVATE!" Naruto yelled swiping the card. A white light surrounded Dorumon's arms and then he touched the two downed megas and they were both shrouded in the same light. When the light died down, MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon were revived, their eyes were filled with life as WarGreymon's green eyes and MetalGarurmon's red ones were opened. Their injuries were healed and they were filled with new strength.

"DIGIMODIFY...DNA DIGIVOLUTION AND ENERGY TRANSFER ACTIVATE!" Naruto swiped the two cards through his D-Ark and then Dorumon was filled with the light of digivolution, but the energy was then transferred to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. The two mega level digimon seemed to smile.

"You have revived us and for that we thank you, Naruto and Dorumon. Now we must return the favour" they said. WarGreymon's body was the surrounded in an orange light while MetalGarurumon's was surrounded in a dark blue light.




The two mega level digimon swirled around each other in a twister of blue and orange as they went through a ring of red data and their DNA fused into one being.


WarGreymon's body grew in size before it glowed orange and the body of WarGreymon was absorbed into his skull which took on an orange colour, a black arm extended from the base of the skull with the Brave Shield from WarGreymon's back being the shoulder of the arm. MetalGarurumon's body glowed blue and the body of MetalGarurumon was absorbed into his skull which remained the same, but in its mouth was a large cannon. A black arm extended from the base of the skull with a blue circle with yellow spikes that looked like the same material MetalGarurumon's body was made from, made the shoulder. The light from their fusion suddenly attached itself to the arms and became the body of he newly formed digimon. His body was adorned with white armour, three purple stripes were on each pectoral. On his waist were two golden spikes that curved upwards like devil horns and on his feet were three golden claws, each. His eyes were a bright blue and two fang like marking were on the mouth part of his face. On the digimon's chest was a fusion of the crests of 'Courage' and 'Friendship' in gold. Then the new digimon wore developed white cape with a red underside that flowed down from his shoulders in makeshift wind from his digivolution. The MetalGarurumon mouth on the right arm opened to reveal the hidden cannon while he flicked his left hand which looked like WarGreymon's head and a long sword blade flew out. Along the length of the blade, in golden digicode, the words 'All Delete'. The warrior spoke his name.

"OMNIMON!" Naruto and Dorumon flew over to the mega level Royal Knight digimon as Naruto took out his D-Ark which automatically scanned Omnimon.

"Omnimon, a Holy Knight and Warrior digimon who is built for any situation due to his fusion between WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. On his right arm is the Supreme Cannon on his left is the legendary Grey Sword along with the Brave Shield. His attacks are Supreme Cannon, Transcendent Sword, Double Shot and Omni Force:All Delete" Naruto read in excitement. The two then sat themselves on Omnimon's shoudlers. The Diaboromon roared at Omnimon before the gems on their chests glowed.

"WEB WRECKER!" they yelled. The storm of golden sphere of energy sped towards Omni from all directions, but Omni seemed to chuckle before spinning forcing the blonde jinchuriki and the X-Antibody holder to have to grip on tightly to Omnimon.

"TRANSCENDENT SWORD!"Omnimon roared and then large blue crescents of energy flew from the Grey Sword and stopped all the attacks before he stopped spinning. Naruto and Dorumon had swirls in their eyes meaning that they were dizzy.

"Slow down on the spinning will you Omnimon" Naruto said shaking his head.

"Gomen nasai, young tamer" the Royal Knight said before getting serious. His Garurumon Cannon aimed as it charged an icy blue beam.

"SUPREME CANNON!" a blast of blue energy shot forth and destroyed a large portion of the swarm. Omnimon kept firing his Supremem Cannon before the sword retracted back into the WarGreymon head before opening to reveal a hidden cannon in their also.

"DOUBLE SHOT!" Omnimon fired a blast of ice and a blast of flame from the Garurumon and Greymon heads respectively causing large explosions. The white knight then decided to end things before firing rapidly with his double shot attack. Explosions filled the digital area and then Omnimon saw that there was still a lot of the Diaboromon clones so he released the Grey Sword and then the sword was surrounded by a dark aura which was laced in emerald green.

"Time to finish you off" Omnimon said and then slashed in a circle before stabbing his sword up into the air. "OMNI FORCE: ALL DELETE!" and then a large pulse of black and green energy raced from the tip of the Grey sword as it deleted all the Diaboromon. The original looked in shock as the attack reached for him, but using his speed he ran away from the attack, but it was like a heat seeking missile. After all his clones were destroyed, the attack formed a beam of black and green that raced after him. Diaboromon then jumped from the wall and headed straight for Omnimon with a smirk, aiming for the blonde shinobi on his shoulder. The digital hazard sign began to glow on his chest, however Omnimon stopped the virus digimon by impaling him through the stomach with his sword. Naruto then walked along the length of the Grey Sword, the All Delete closing in fast as Naruto stared into Diaboromon's aqua coloured eyes. A blue colour then receeded from his iris before Naruto's own blue eyes, similar to the way Sasuke's curse mark formed and receeded. Then he looked into the yellow eyes of Diaboromon.

"Who is the 'master'?" he asked Diaboromon chuckled as the Digital Hazard symbol on his chest began to fade.

"You will never find him, or maybe you will. He needs you to regain his former strength. The master will be reborn, The Fallen Angel Digimon is the Demon that will destroy all who opposes him and will rule the Digital World...revenge is coming" Diaboromon was then struck with the All Delete and then vainshed into nothing, not even red flakes of data. The attack completely wiped his data. Naruto and Dorumon the dropped down from Omnimon's body and floated in front of him.

"It has been an honour fighting along side the Royal Knight" Narut and Dorumon said with a bow of respect. Omnimon chuckled and then the digicode on the Grey Sword glowed.

"I could say the same, it has been an honour fighting alongside such a powerful tamer and his digimon" Omni spoke in the merged voices of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Omni held out the Grey sword and drew a circle in the digital air before a portal formed, a glowing yellow portal with flakes of red, white and yellow data squares surrounding it.

"This portal will take you home and arigato for saving my life...Naruto and Dorumon" Omnimon said with a bow and then the blonde tamer and his digimon left through the portal.

Digimon Gaming Factory- Control Room

Everyone watched in awe as the blinking digital hazard sign on the screen disappeared. The lab tech typed a few keys and smiled as he watched all the stolen data being restored.

"Ishida-sama, the data is returning to the memory banks" the lab tech said. Kari cheered along with the class. Naruto ran back into the room, he had been returned to his apartment and left Dorumon there as he used his Jinton jutsus to reach back to the Digimon Gaming Factory.

"So what did I miss?" the whisker marked blonde asked. Kioshi ad Katsumi turned to see Naruto standing there.

"Oh, Naruto the virus is gone, and the company got back its stolen memory. Also you should have seen it, the screen was filled with moving blue pixels, but then they began to start getting wiped out like a shooting game where somebody was just shooting a gun at the pixels and then a black and green circle came from the center of the screen from behind the symbol and then wiped out all the virus pixels. The lab tech said the pixels were the embodiments of the virus and the explosions and black and green thing we saw was actually some sort of antivirus program, but they couldn't trace it back to the server" Kioshi explained.

"Then I guess I missed a lot" Naruto said, 'They have no idea how right they were about the gun thing' he thought. Naruto then enhanced his vision with his chakra and looked as the digital hazard symbol vanished and then he saw Omnimon standing there making a very cool pose before looking at Naruto and winking. Naruto smirked.

'Your welcome, Omnimon' he thought.

"Okay class the tour is over, time to go home" Mr. Kazuma said. The class groaned before turning to leave, but Kari stopped them.

"Now hold on students..." the assistant manager of the Digimon Gaming Factory piped up, the class turned to face her with a look that said, 'You are our Salvation' in them. Kari chuckled, "Well you don't think you can leave without taking these free packs of Digimon Cards with you" the blonde/grey haired woman said with a smile as she withdrew a box with thrity two packs of Digimon cards, "there's one pack for each student so line up" the class sis as they were told and opened their card packs as soon as they got them. Everyone was excited a they opened them, some screamed in happiness at getting a card they didn't have while some groaned at the knowledge of already having cars they already had. Naruto, Kioshi and Katsumi opened their packs and looked at each other's.

"What did you guys get?" Katsumi asked. Naruto and Kioshi looked through their hands which had twelve cards.

"I got a Hyper Wing, two Power, a Holy Shield and a Speed Modification cards, while for monsters, I got Veemon, Agumon, Ankylomon, Angemon, Devimon, Lady Devimon and Marine Angemon" Kioshi said. Katsumi looked at hers.

"I got...awesome I got the Warp Digivolution card, two Agumon, a WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and a Black Tyrannomon, and for Modifications I got WarGreymon's Brave shield, Garurumon's Howling Blaster, and three Speed cards" the female member of the trio replied. They then looked at Naruto who was busy looking at his cards.

"What did you get, Naruto?" Katsumi asked.

"I got, a BlackWarGreymon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Armadillomon, Flamedramon, oh I don't have that one, and Ogremon for monsters and for Modifications I got the Omni Sword for Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, WarGreymon's Terra Force, MetalGarurumon's Metal Wolf Claw, Celestial Arrow for the Angewoman which I already have, and the Digi-egg of Courage" Narut said. Kioshi and Katsumi had their jaws hanging in shock, however it was because of this that they didn't notice Naruto had called out only eleven cards and Naruto was too confused at their shell shocked looks to know that he only called out eleven.

"Dude you're really lucky. I mean those were some good cards. Especially the Flamedramon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, the Omni Sword and the Digi-egg of Courage" Kioshi commented.

"Wanna trade?" Katsumi asked. Naruto chuckled and shook his head as he placed the cards in his card case. Everybody threw out their card packs in the trash and when Naruto was about to, he noticed the shining in the pack. A holo-foil card. Naruto looked in and pulled out the card and he stared at it with curiosity. On it was a picture of an angelic looking digimon, which was placed on a shadowy background, the angel itself was what made it holo-foil. The card was called 'Fallen Angel' which was because the angel was in a sea of shadow so it was contradictory.

'This card...has the picture of that the one in my dream' he thought. However, as he stared at it he blinked in surprise as he could have sworn he heard a giggle and the card winked at him.

"NARUTO COME ON!" Mr. Kazuma called out to his student. Naruto nodded and threw away the pack and placed the card in his pocket. He then ran outside and went on the bus and sat with his friends, but while everyone else was making noise Naruto was remembering the words of Diaboromon back in the digital world.

"You will never find him, or maybe you will. He needs you to regain his former strength. The master will be reborn, The Fallen Angel Digimon is the Demon that will destroy all who opposes him and will rule the Digital World...revenge is coming" the words echoed in his mind and then he looked back at the 'Fallen Angel' card in his card case. Was there a connection? was what he thought as he stared out of the window of the bus. He then took out the card and stared at it again.

'The Master...' Naruto realized, the picture of a young blonde haired youth with eight wings on his back, two on his head. Sky blue eyes, golden bands on the wrists and ankles and dressed in a white robe, strange purple markings on the chest area... the only thing that was missing to complete the picture from his dream was the digital hazard sign on the angel's picture's right hand.

'The Master...could this be the Master?' the card shone in the sunlight...Naruto had no idea how right he was.

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