Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 7: The Unofficial First Date

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"You will never find him, or maybe you will. He needs you to regain his former strength. The master will be reborn, The Fallen Angel Digimon is the Demon that will destroy all who opposes him and will rule the Digital World...revenge is coming" the words echoed in his mind and then he looked back at the 'Fallen Angel' card in his card case. Was there a connection? was what he thought as he stared out of the window of the bus. He then took out the card and stared at it again.

'The Master...' Naruto realized, the picture of a young blonde haired youth with eight wings on his back, two on his head. Sky blue eyes, golden bands on the wrists and ankles and dressed in a white robe, strange purple markings on the chest area... the only thing that was missing to complete the picture from his dream was the digital hazard sign on the angel's picture's right hand.

'The Master...could this be the Master?' the card shone in the sunlight...Naruto had no idea how right he was.


A few weeks after the field trip to the Digimon Gaming Factory, life was pretty normal. Naruto was sitting at his desk on the beautiful friday afternoon. One month had passed since he had become Dorumon's partner and the two were doing pretty well. After school Naruto and Dorumon still helped Takato, Henry and their partners fight better as Henry realized that there are some battles that you cannot avoid from when he saw Gargomon beat that Musyamon. They had improved greatly with Guilmon being able to actually perform a rapid fire Pyro Sphere and use less energy when using a single one as well as being able to coat other parts of his body in fire like when he used Rock Breaker. Terriermon was able to perform the Terrier Tornado at a much faster rate and make it larger. He was also able to form it around individual parts of his body so as to add a little spin to his melee attacks.

'Things have really changed these past weeks' the blonde tamer thought. He then glanced out the window as he always did as Mr. Kazuma gave a lecture on the history of Japan. Mr. Kazuma paused in his lecture and turned to Naruto and saw the boy gazing out the window. The teacher glared before picking up his chalk board duster and looked at Naruto. The other students then thought the same thing...

'He wouldn't' their thoughts were crushed as Mr. Kazuma threw the piece of stationary. 'He did' Naruto continued to gaze out the window as the duster neared his head, but then he did something unexpected. His eyes were suddenly filled with a cold look, one that could cause you to freeze up from fear alone. Naruto turned his head, stood up and caught the duster. Then in one fluid motion and with accuracy that Robin Hood could be proud of, even thought said archer is fictional, Naruto threw the black duster and threw it at Mr. Kazuma. The duster collided with the teacher's skull and caused Mr. Kazuma to loose his footing and fall to the floor. Naruto stared with the cold look before it left and his eyes returned to their normal sapphire gaze of indifference and then confusion as he saw the entire student population of the classroom stare at him with shock. Naruto tilted his head in confusion.

"What?" he asked. The class sweat dropped at that.

"Naruto do you know what you just did?" Katsumi asked. Naruto shrugged.

"I felt something coming at me, I caught it and threw it. I don't see the big deal" the blonde replied.

"Naruto, you caught a duster that Mr. Kazuma threw at you when you weren't even looking and then chucked it back at him and clocked him in the head" Kioshi explained. Naruto blinked before smirking.

"Cool, I was getting bored with that lecture" the blonde jinchuriki said. The class sweat dropped again and then looked as Mr. Kazuma as he climbed to his feet. The bell then rang as school ended.

"Class dismissed" the young teacher groaned before falling back to the ground from pain. The students cheered before rushing out the door. Naruto immediately took off, not even taking time to say goodbye to Katsumi or Kioshi. The blonde tamer rushed home and the door to his apartment. Dorumon was watching television...with Calumon? Naruto glanced at the digimon pair in confusion.

"Uh, Dorumon?" the blonde asked. The purple furred dragon looked up from the electronic device along with Calumon.

"Oh hey" Dorumon said. Calumon's ears expanded before jumping and gliding over to Naruto and hugging his face. The white little digimon rubbed his face against Naruto's nose.

"What are you doing?" he asked. The light of digivolution smiled.

"Eskimo kisses!" he exclaimed happily, "and now that Naruto's home we can go play" Naruto looked at his partner.

"Dorumon...why is Calumon here on the other hand how did he get here?" Naruto asked. Dorumon turned off the television and then went into the kitche before taking out some bread slices to eat.

"Oh, I was in the park, still putting up the 'digimon obsessed child' routine like you told me to and then I found the little guy just sitting there all by his lonesome and then..." Naruto raised his eyebrow.

"Then?" Dorumon sighed.

"He asked me to come over, I said 'no' at first, then he asked again, I said 'no' again and then the little gaki kept asking me before he pulled out 'the look'" Dorumon said.

"The 'look'?" Naruto asked. Dorumon nodded.

"The look that could melt the hearts of even a Devimon...the Puppy Dog Eyes...I knew I shouldn't have taught him it" Dorumon said falling to his knees. "That look could defeat anything" Naruto chuckled.

"Please, I could withstand it" Naruto said. Dorumon looked in surprise before glaring.

"Yeah right, it" Dorumon said. Calumon looked at his friends in confusion.

"Do what, Dorumon?" he asked, his ears flapping in the wind that blew from the nearby window.

"Do the Puppy Dog Eyes on Naruto" the purple dragon said. Calumon smiled and nodded before jumping over to Naruto. Then Calumon looked up Naruto with his humongous green eyes that seemed to somehow get larger, his lower lip expanded and protruded from his mouth and began to quiver and then his ears shrank down. Naruto looked down with an impassive look on his face. A few minutes later, Calumon refused to give up and suddenly the cuteness intenisfied and Naruto's left eye began to twitch.

'He can't keep it up much longer' Dorumon thought, Naruto's eyes then began to twitch rapidly as he continued to stare down at Calumon. Then Calumon spoke with the most pure, innocent voice.

"Will you be my fwiend Naruto?" Calumon asked. Naruto couldn't take it anymore and then fell to his knees.

"NOOOOO, STOP IT PLEASE, I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND JUST DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!" Naruto yelled clutching his hair. Calumon smirked and then jumped on Naruto's head.

"Hooray, now let's go get some cream puffs, I love cream puffs" the little cream puff of a digimon said. Naruto sighed and then glared at Dorumon who was smiling broadly as he bit down a piece of bread.

"Not a word, Dorumon" Naruto growled. The dragon rookie digimon still kept up his smile and the three headed for Matsuki's Bakery.

Streets of Shinjuku

Naruto and Dorumon walked down the street to Takato's house/bakery as Calumon rode atop the blonde's head of golden locks.

"Cream puffs, cream puffs, I love cream puffs HOORAY!" Calumon yelled.

"Calumon could you pipe down, people are starting to stare" Naruto said to the little digimon on his head. Calumon's ears shrank down and nodded and the rest of the trip was quiet as they reached Matsuki's Bakery.

"Ohayo, Mrs. Matsuki" Naruto said as he waved to the young woman. Takato's mother smiled at the blonde.

"Why hello there Naruto. What can I do for you?" she asked.

"I would like a few cream puffs please" he said. The brown haired woman nodded before packing the pastries into the brown paper bag and then ringing up the price.

"That would be twenty five yen" she declared. Naruto nodded and pulled out the money and took the bag.

"Arigato, Mrs. Matsuki" he said and then left the store with Dorumon who still munching on some slices of bread from the apartment. Calumon dove down from Naruto's head and plopped into the bag of cream puffs. Apparently Calumon's small stature came in handy during this predicament as the bag was spacious enough for him to sit in it as he stuffed an entire cream puff in his surprisingly large mouth. Calumon clutched his face and smiled.

"Mmmm yummy!" the white digimon said before diving in for more cream puffs. The trio walked for a while before Naruto turned the corner where he saw a familiar figure. Naruto tilted his head as he saw the same fiery red hair of Rika. The trio continued to follow the red haired indiviudal for a while with Naruto glancing down at the rather short grey skirt. He then began admiring the girl's ass and raised his eyebrow.

'Not bad' he thought, 'better than other girls her age,probably gets it from her mother' Naruto then looked down at his digimon and then pointed at who he thought was Rika.

"Is that...?' he asked. Dorumon looked at the grey school uniform that seemed to clash with the girl's fiery hair.

"I think it is..."

"Rika?" the two said. The red haired girl turned at the mentioning of her name, and then her eyes widened as she saw the whiskered blonde standing behind her as he held her bookbag.

"Whiskers?" she exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing here?" Naruto held up the bag of cream puffs for Calumon.

"Getting some cream puffs, that Calumon is currently eating...what are you doing?" the blonde tamer asked and then looked at Rika, "and in a skirt no less? he said with a chuckle. Rika blushed lightly at the remark, but forced it down.

"Oh shut up Whiskers. I'm just going home for your information" she said with that tone that all females have when they get the urge to argue (A/N: All Males who read this, will know what I mean) Naruto sighed and then he walked towards Rika and smirked.

"So mind if we join you for your walk" Naruto said. Rika sighed in annoyance.

'Damn you and your shining white teeth' she thought, "Fine, but no funny business" she warned him. The blonde gave a mock salute.

"As you wish your majesty" he said with a wink. The three then continued to walk, while Calumon stayed within the confines of his bag and munched on the third cream puff.

"So why do you walk with Dorumon? Aren't you afraid that somebody might try and take him?" she asked. Naruto shrugged.

"People just think he is a kid in a digimon costume so no one really bothers" he explained. Rika nodded as she glanced around, seeing the movement of Renamon among the buildings.

"So where's Renamon, observing you from afar?" Dorumon asked. Rika nodded and didn't say anything else. Calumon then popped out of the bag with the last cream puff in his mouth.

"Oh hi Rika" Calumon greeted with a smile as he waved his fingerless hand. Rika looked at the white little digimon and couldn't help but smirk.

"Hey...Calumon" she said. Naruto then decided to hang back so he could 'tie his shoelace', Rika continued walking as she knew he would catch up. Of course she never knew that his shoes had no shoelaces since they were velcro strapped. Naruto then followed while looking up and down Rika's figure. Judging from the diameter of her chest she was probably bordering between a B-cup and a C-cup before he settled on her ass. He nearly tripped a few times before steadying himself since he wasn't watching where he was going. However his show ended as they finally reached Rika's house.

"Well see you around then, Whiskers" Rika said as she entered her house. Naruto and Dorumon nodded before leaving the premises. Calumon jumped out of his cream puff bag since they were all gone and then settled himself back on Naruto's head.

"Naruto why is Rika leaving, doesn't she like us?" the little rabbit looking cream puff asked. Naruto smiled and glanced up at Calumon.

"Of course she does, she just has a...weird way of showing her feelings to other people, Calumon" Naruto explained. Calumon nodded and then the three headed back to Naruto's apartment.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto was looking through his modification cards before taking out the 'Fallen Angel' card.

"Who are you?" he asked the card's picture of the young blonde angel. The card of course gave no response and then Dorumon entered the room. Naruto looked up from the card and put it away.

"Where's Calumon?" he asked. The dragon digimon shrugged.

"You know the gaki, stealth in somewhat in his character, he gets up and leaves without anyone knowing. Probably went to look for some fun" Dorumon said. Naruto nodded before glancing back at the card case.

"Something seems to be bothering you" Dorumon said. Naruto remained silent and his partner sighed, "Naruto we're partners, you can trust me" Naruto still remained silent and the dragon digimon sighed. "Alright, but if you wanna talk..." Dorumon then turned and left the sentence hanging as he went back to watch the tv.

Naruto continued to stare at the cieling, he stared for about two hours as he thought about the 'master' and why he was involved in it. He hated not telling Dorumon about the 'master', he hated keeping his only best friend in the dark, but...Dorumonn was not a part of this, it involved him and him alone.

"You are right, Naruto. This is about you" a voice spoke in his head. Naruto growled.

'So're the master' Naruto growled. The voice chuckled.

"Well I wouldn't call myself a master, but more of a supreme overlord. Haha, you will help me Naruto. Whether you like it or not and then when I am free I will end your friends...especially Dorumon who you care oh so much about" the voice said and if it had a face, Naruto knew the voice was smiling. Naruto's eyes flashed red and he growled at the air.

'Do that and if I ever find you...I will tear you apart!' Naruto roared. The voice chuckled again.

"Well then little Naruto, you know what I am, you know my appearance, but you don't know my name. Unless you possess that information you won't know how to defeat me and...I promise you if you attempt to kill me hehe, let's just say you're going to have the fight of your life. Until then TA TA" the voice then left Naruto's mind. Naruto tossed and turned on his lower bunk.

'I don't want to risk Dorumon's life just because of this guy, if I ever find this digimon...this 'master'...I will not let Dorumon perish because of me' Naruto thought and then got off the bed and then grabbed his card case and his D-Ark. He walked out of the bedroom and then headed towards Dorumon.

'Which is why we will get stronger'

"Hey, Dorumon...wanna go for a little patrol around the town?" Naruto asked. Dorumon switched off the television and jumped off the couch. He then walked up to his tamer and smirked.

"Now a stupid question because you already know I would say yes" Dorumon said. Naruto smirked and patted Dorumon on the head.

"Then let's go" Naruto said. Naruto went to the window of his apartment and Dorumon stood next to him. Naruto opened it and then stepped onto the window sill. Dorumon jumped onto his back and rode piggy back.

"Ikuzo" Naruto and Dorumon said simultaneously. Naruto then channeled chakra into his feet and then took to the roof of another building. He then set Dorumon down as they both started roof hopping. After jumping around the roofs for a few minutes they stopped as Naruto's D-Ark began to beep. The hologram of a compass formed and then pointed in the direction of a digital signal. Naruto and Dorumon then followed the direction of the compass before the two dropped down on the ground and went towards the area where the digimon was on foot.

Shinjuku Park

Naruto and Dorumon walked into Shinjuku Park and looked around, since it was night there was no one around to see them if any digimon were to appear.

"So where is the digimon?" Dorumon asked. Naruto looked at his D-Ark.

"Well the D-Ark says we are near it, but..." the D-Ark began to beep again, "there is another digimon present somewhere in the vicinity" The two glanced around the area, but the ground then began to rumble beneath them. The two quickly jumped out of the way in separate directions, Naruto to the left and Dorumon to the right. A large mole looking beast with purple fur covering its back, head and tail while the entire parts of its lower body were a tanned colour. Three drill like claws were on each of its four paws and in replace of a nose, a large steel drill was found spiraling as it rose out of the ground. Naruto took out his D-Ark and scanned the digimon and then a holographic image of the digimon appeared along with some information.

"Drimogemon, a champion level digimon. His ability to dig is enhanced by the drill like claws on his paws and the large one on his nose that acts as a horn. His attacks are Iron Drill Spin and Mole's Claw" Naruto read before pocketing his D-Ark.

"Well Dorumon, looks like we get to do some training as well" Naruto said with a smirk.

"Hell yeah!" the dragon digimon said with excitement. However, as the two were about to attack they stopped upon seeing that the Drimogemon was not even looking at them. It was looking around the part, sniffing he air for something...or someone.

"What do you think he's looking for?" Dorumon asked. Naruto shrugged.

"I don't have a hell of a clue" Naruto replied. Naruto then walked up, cautiously to the Drimogemon, but still kept a distance.

"Uh excuse me?" Naruto called out. The large mole digimon glared down at Naruto upon seeing hearing him.

"What the fuck do you want gaki? Can't you see I'm busy looking for that little stupid piece of shit of a digimon" Drimogemon growled. Naruto stepped back a bit.

"Woah there. we just want to know what's going on" Naruto explained. The Drimogemon raised a non-existent eyebrow.

"We?" Dorumon the appeared next to Naruto as he ran up to his tamer.

"That would be me and him" the smaller digimon said.

"So I'm guessing you guys are tamer and partner" Drimogemon said. The duo nodded. "I see, well then maybe you guys can help me in some way..." however, Naruto noticed he pause in Drimogemon's sentence. Naruto saw the digimon standing as still as stone.

"Drimogemon?" then Naruto caught sight of Drimogemon's eyes. The original deep blue colour suddenly became overcome with the colour of sky blue before mixing and forming a light blue colour. Then on its chest, the Digital Hazard sign formed in violet. Naruto and Dorumon stood back.

"Yes, you can help me by freeing my master, the Fallen Angel" Drimogemon said. Dorumon's eyes widened, the same thing seemed to have happened to Raidramon and Diaboromon, but what was happening?

"What the hell is going on?" Dorumon yelled out.

"My master wishes for Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze to assist in his freedom. Trapped in the Dark Prison my master awaits his time for when he will be free, destroying he Sovereigns and taking control of the Digital World" Drimogemon said in a robotic tone as if he were brainwashed, which he was. "However, my master knows of the interference that will be made by the digimon you Dorumon...must be ELIMINATED!" Drimogemon charged forward and tried to slash at Dorumon and Naruto. However, the duo jumped over the attack. Naruto drew a kunai and Dorumon readied his claws. However, the large mole digimon avoided the slashes from the two and then crashed his larger body against the two. Naruto and Dorumon grunted in pain before righting themselves in midair and landing firmly on their feet. Naruto then took out an explosive note and wrapped it around the handle of his kunai. Then he leapt into the air and threw the weapon, the tag burning from a little application of chakra before the blonde threw it. Dorumon hen fired metal spheres from his mouth.

"METAL SHOOT!" Dorumon yelled. The metal spheres flew around the kunai and then they impacted with Drimogemon's body and then to add even more damage the kunai embedded itself into Drimogemon's body before exploding. The Drimogemon was sent skidding backwards into a tree. Drimogemon grew angry and then his drill claws began to spin before he thrust them forwards.

"MOLE'S CLAW!" the attack struck the ground where Naruto and Dorumon had stood as they avoided the attack. Tamer and partner landed on the ground. Naruto then charged chakra into his fist and performed an uppercut sending Drimogemon's chin upwards. Then Naruto spun in the air and performed a roundhouse kick that knocked the digimon's face to the left. Then he performed his favourite jutsu.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu" Naruto yelled as the clone materialized. Then the clone grabbed Naruto as the original formed a rasengan. The clone threw his creator before puffing out of existence.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled and then the attack struck home hitting the mole digimon just below the horn and sent it skidding backwards. Dorumon then followed up by charging into the champion digimon's chest.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" the purple furred dragon crashed against the larger digimon's chest causing the breath to be forced out of its body. Dorumon then jumped and performed Dash Metal and slammed his skull against Drimogemon's chin before spinning and slamming his tail against the face of the digimon and then fired multiple metal spheres from his open maw with a cry of Metal Shoot. The attacks impacted, but suddenly Drimogemon was surrounded by a violet aura.

"The master...will not rest until...Dorumon is destroyed" Drimogemon said. Then the horn on Drimogemon's nose began to spin.

"IRON DRILL SPIN!" the large horn spun and aimed to impale the small rookie digimon, but Dorumon leapt over it and opened his mouth.

"METAL SHOOT!" the metal spheres impacted with Drimogemon's body as Dorumon completed his flip and slid down Drimogemon's back. The attack did nothing to stop the rampaging champion digimon. Then Naruto appeared and formed five kagebunshins. One quickly punched the digimon in its face before another performed a backflip and kicked strongly against Drimogemon's chin. Then the remaining three including the original quickly flashed through handsigns.

"KATON: KADAIBAKUFU NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: FIRE EXPLOSION JUTSU!" large waves of flame flew from the clone's and the original's hands and crashed and burned the digimon. The Drimogemon howled in pain, but then the dark aura grew larger and the flames disappeared. Naruto's eyes widened before the Drimogemon charged forth with surprising speed for someone of his bulk.

"IRON DRILL SPIN!" the large horn drill attack crashed into the ground as Naruto and Dorumon were barely able to avoid it, and were force to do it more as they continued to back up until their backs hit a tree.

"Kuso" the two growled as they watched the Drimogemon chuckle before charging forth with his horn, but stopped as he was bombarded with millions of diamond shards.

"DIAMOND STORM!" came the voice of the blonde fox digimon. Naruto and Dorumon, as well as Drimogemon turned to see Rika and Renamon standing a few feet away from them.

"Need a little help there Whiskers?" Rika asked with a playful smirk. Naruto's eyes widened as he watched Renamon's fist glow with ghostly blue flames.

"POWER PAW!" the fists of flame crashed down on Drimogemon, but seemingly had no effect as Drimogemon just stood there before slamming his paw against the blonde fox and sending Renamon to the ground. Renamon quickly rolled out of the way as Drimogemon brought down his claws with a cry of "MOLE'S CLAW!"

"So are you of all people getting beat u by this overgrown tunnel digger?" Rika asked.

"Because it got some kind of power boost and the power is dark...I can feel it" Naruto said as he watched the Drimogemon's eyes that were once a beautiful shade of deep blue now filled with the colour of ice. Naruto and Dorumon nodded to each other before racing towards the Drimogemon. Naruto quickly took out his D-Ark as Dorumon leapt into the sky and descended upon the large champion digimon.

"DIGIMODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto yelled swiping the new Flamedramon card he got. Dorumon was then coated with orange flames as he crashed down on Drimogemon as caused the champion digimon to cry out in pain. However, during the battle a pair of large blue eyes watched from a short distance away atop the branches of a tree

Renamon quickly jumped and crossed her arms in front of her.

"DIAMOND..." but the attack took too long to charge and Drimogemon quickly allowed the drill claws to spin.

"MOLE'S CLAW!" and then slashed as Renamon allowing her to meet her new best friend...the dirt. Renamon groaned as Dorumon was also hit with the attack. However before the large digimon could finish them off, Drimogemon heard movement in the foliage of the nearby oak tree and turned to see the pair of large blue eyes.

"No witnesses to what has occurred here...besides, I was looking for you..." Drimogemon quickly slashed down the tree with his claws and then a panicked meow was heard. Everyone looked to see a small white cat that looked like an Egyptian cat, with two large yellow paws on its forearms that seemed to be gloves with three large claws on each one. The ears of the cat digimon were tipped in purple fur as well as the tail. A golden ring was hung on the tail of the newly arrived digimon.

"Gatomon" Drimogemon growled as then brought down her claws. Dorumon's eyes widened as he saw the young Gatomon about to be deleted. Dorumon quickly rushed forth.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" the dragon digimon cried out and then dashed to the side of Drimogemon and crashed against the champion digimon's face. Rika took out her D-Ark and scanned the Gatomon.

"Gatomon, a champion level. Kind of puny for that level of digivolution. Its gloves are copied from data of SaberLeomon hence they are quite strong and near unbreakable. Its attacks are Lightning Paw, Neko Kick and Cat's Eye Hypnotism" Rika read as she looked at the cat digimon. The white feline then scampered out of the way as Drimogemon nearly fell on top of it. The Drimogemon growled as its dark aura suddenly grew stronger than before.

"THAT IS IT!" the mole digimon roared, "NO MORE GAMES, I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" the digital hazard sign on the Drimogemon suddenly glowed deep violet before the dark aura surrounded Drimogemon and then surrounded its horn.

"IRON TORNADO OF DARKNESS!" a large black and purple twister formed as the drill on Drimogemon's snout began to roatate at rapid speeds.

'Oh how I wish Calumon were here right now to make Renamon digivolve' Naruto prayed and his prayers were granted.

"Hi guys...whatcha doin?" Calumon asked popping out of nowhere. Then he began to shiver in fear and clutched Naruto's pant leg as the twister grew in speed and power. However, Naruto looked down and was shocked to see the light of digivolution there.

"Calumon you're here?" he exclaimed.

"Well yeah, I went to look for more cream puffs, but then I went to look for you since there were none after I left" Calumon said. Renamon who was punching away with her Power Paw, but had no effect on Drimogemon, was suddenly sucked up into the tornado.

"RENAMON!" Rika cried out as her digimon was taken into the dark wind circulation system. Dorumon ran up to Gatomon and helped the feline try to get somewhere safe but then looked as Gatomon was clinging for dear life as the tornado was trying to suck her in.

"LET'S END THIS!" Drimogemon shouted and then thrust his head downwards and then the tornado blasted outwards in a large crescent of darkness heading straight for Gatomon and Dorumon. Dorumon growled and then looked at Naruto.

"DIGIMODIFY...WARGREYMON'S BRAVE SHIELD ACTIVATE!" the blonde tamer yelled, however the defense hadn't formed fast enough and Dorumon was forced to take the hit for Gatomon. Gatomon looked in shock as the dragon digimon, no larger than herself held its own against the dark winds. The atack ended and Renamon was lying on the ground covered in slash marks. Dorumon seemed to be smoking and Gatomon was shocked.

"W-W-Why...why did you do it?" the feline digimon asked.

"I-I honestly don't know, but even if I don't know you...I can't let someone as young as you, someone who had just arrived in this world to be taken away from it" Dorumon said as then coughed as he dropped to one knee. Gatomon quickly stood up and rested the dragon on the soft grass.

"You will live...please, at least let me know the name of my rescuer" Gatomon said. Dorumon smirked.

"Dorumon...and don't forget it" Dorumon said with a chuckle and then passed out. Naruto looked in shock as his digimon was knocked out from the attack, then he spotted Calumon. (A/N: I know most of you would be thinking, this is where Dorumon digivolves, well it's not. And I'm sorry for the spoilers right here, but it's in the next chapter that Dorumon will digivolve later. Sorry to disappoint, but it will be soon)

"RIKA, DIGIVOLVE RENAMON!" he yelled. Rika nodded and then her D-Ark was glowing and then a light erupted from it along with a red glow from Calumon's inverted red triangle.


Renamon was suddenly encased in a swirling blue egg of data.


Renamon's skin peeled away to reveal a larger form covered by a wire frame pattern. The skin then reattached itself to Renamon;s body to form her champion 's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck. The egg exploded as the champion digimon howled.


The mystical nine tail fox digimon howled before charging at Drimogemon and then tackled the digimon to the ground before jumping into the air and spinning.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" a mystical blue dragon of flame formed and rocketed towards Drimogemon and impacted causing the mole digimon to cry out in pain.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto cried out and then slammed his spiraling chakra sphere into the side of the beast before unconsciously drawing on Kyuubi's chakra and punched the digimon sending it flying...literally. Rika, Renamon and Gatomon watched in shock at the feat Naruto performed.

"Kyuubimon, some fire" Naruto cried out as he formed eight shadow clones and each of them held a rasengan. Kyuubimon seemed to have caught on and then her tails fanned out as each was tipped with a ghostly blue fireball.

"FOXTAIL INFERNO!" Each fireball rocketed towards Drimogemon, but then the Narutos intercepted with their rasengans before the chakra balls became chakra ball of blue flame. The clone then rushed Drimogemon who was still getting up off the ground.

"THIS IS FOR DORUMON, YOU TEME!" Naruto yelled. "Collaboration Jutsu: RASEN DAI KAJI/ Collaboration Jutsu: Spiraling Inferno!" and then the blue fire balls impacted and drilled tornadoes of flame deep into the body of Drimogemon and then a large explosion occurred sending Naruto flying backwards and rolling on the ground. Gatomon quickly aided in lifting Dorumon and taking him to his tamer, but struggled since Dorumon was quite heavy to lift due to her small body frame. However, a blonde fox tail landed next to her.

"Need some help?" Kyuubimon asked. Gatomon nodded and then the tail wrapped itself around the two smaller digimon and rested them on her back. Rika watched Naruto lying there still on the ground covered in dust.

"NARUTO!" she cried in alarm and then knelt down by his body. "Whiskers...Naruto are you okay?" she asked Naruto groaned and then turned to see Rika looking down on him.

"Huh, am I dead...I think I'm seeing angels" Naruto said as he rubbed his eyes. Rika blushed at the 'angel' comment and then helped Naruto sit up.

"That was amazing what you did back there...but also stupid" Rika said. Naruto and Rika chuckled at that remark.

"True, but...stupid decisions are often the right ones Rika-chan" Naruto said as he turned to Dorumon, "I attacked with everything I had...for Dorumon" Rika looked confused.

"I know he's your partner why do you fight so hard for him?" Rika asked. Naruto let a small smile grace his face as he slowly, with Rika's help stood to his feet.

"Because...he's like a brother to me and I don't want to lose him" Naruto said and sighed in relief when he saw Kyuubimon walk up to him and Rika with a slowly breathing Dorumon and a worried Gatomon that looked down at the dragon. Naruto smiled at the cat digimon.

"He will be alright, Gatomon" the blonde said. Gatomon looked up from the face of her saviour to look at the tamer. Gatomon's eyes widened and then she smiled a bit before nodding and then looking back at Dorumon.

"Why...why did you save me?" she still wondered. The feline digimon watched the unconscious dragon digimon with curiosity...and thanks.

"Kyuubimon why don't you take them to the lake to get washed up" Naruto suggested. Kyuubimon nodded and took the two younger digimon to the lake in the park. The two humans watched as the large nine tailed fox left the scene.

"Why didn't you are filthy" Rika said looking at the dirt covered Naruto. Naruto smirked and then formed handsigns.

"Because...I can do this" he stated, "Suiton: Yooyaku Shimasu no Jutsu/ Water Style: Condensation Jutsu!" and then the water vapour in the air suddenly became visible and then a torrent splashed down on him, wetting Rika a bit.

"Hey, watch it Whiskers" Rika yelled. Naruto chuckled and then formed more handsigns and then ended on the tora sign.

"Gomen nasai, let me get that...Katon: Daissui Shimasu no Jutsu/ Fire Style: Dehydration Jutsu!" and then a large burst of hot air was expelled from Naruto's body drying his clothes and Rika's of whatever water was on it. Rika looked in awe.

"I might never get over the fact you're a ninja Whiskers" Rika said. Naruto chuckled.

"Say Rika-chan?" Naruto asked. The red head looked over at the blonde. "Wanna go get some ice cream, it's still only nine o' clock. They might still be open" Naruto suggested. Rika thought for a while, she was feeling kind of in the mood for something.

"Yeah, sure why not...this isn't a date is it?" she asked with a slight blush. Naruto blushed also at the mentioning of his proposal being a date.

"Uh...of course not" Naruto said with an embarrassed chuckle, "Just offering a friend some ice cream" he added. Rika gulped and forced her blush down.

"Uh...okay. The ice cream shop is somewhere near here" she said and then as the two walked down the street, Rika realized something. "Since when have you seen me as a friend?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked, obviously confused by Rika's question.

"I mean...I've acted horrible to you in the beginning, I still remain closed off to everyone even though it has lessened a bit...but I don't know you that well and other than the fact you're from a whole other universe and that you're a shinobi" Rika said. Naruto then smirked.

"Rika, you're a tamer, and judging from your change in character, I'd say you've finally begun to open up to people...sort of. Also you're a nice girl, you care for people you trust and also you care for your digimon, Renamon now. Ever since then, I've looked to you as a friend, anyone like you would automatically be registered as a friend in my book" he said placing his hands behind his head. Rika blushed lightly at the compliments he gave her.

"Ummm, arigato Naruto" she said and then they arrived at the ice cream shop. The two walked up to the store owner and asked them what they wanted. Naruto got vanilla while Rika got strawberry and just in case...they got three more ice cream orders, in cups so it would be easier to carry. Chocolate for Dorumon and Renamon and just plain vanilla for the new recruit Gatomon. As the two tamers walked back to the park, licking their cones Naruto began to start up a small conversation.

"So, what are your likes, dislikes and dreams for the future?" he asked. Rika paused in her licking and looked confused at the blonde jinchurki.

"Huh?" was all she could say.

"Well you wanted to get to know me better. So I say I will do the same. So what do you like, dislike and your dreams?" he asked. Rika thought for a while, she didn't really have a lot of stuff that she liked.

"Well honestly, I would say I like digimon, Renamon in particular, playing the card game, rock music and I guess my friends, but since you are probably one of the only true friends I have Whiskers...I would just say that I like you...of course not in that way as in I 'like-like' you..." Rika blushed as she tried to cover up her statement knowing it sounded wrong. Naruto blushed a bit and scratched hi whisker marked cheek and shook his hands.

"Ma, ma, calm now Rika-chan. It's an honest mistake" he said, 'Although I wish you did like me that way'

"Anyways, my dislikes are those stupid bimbos in my class who only think about boys and looking good and buying a whole lot of make up, those weird clothes my Okaa-chan gets me, she's away on a trip in Italy right now, but I really hope she doesn't bring me back anything" Rika said.

"I'm sure she only does what's best for you Rika-chan, besides be glad you have your Okaa-chan with you" Naruto said with a sad smile. Rika's eyes widened.

"Oh, right...your parents...they died" she remembered with a gasp. Naruto told it was nothing to worry about and then asked what her dreams for the future were.

"Well honestly, I haven't really thought about it. I mean I'm only twelve, you're thirteen and finding a career you want to do in the future is hard to decide in this place. I mean there are just so many possibilities" Rika said. Naruto nodded and then his eyes brightened up at the realization that Rika was actually opening up to him.

'She really has changed this past month' he thought.

"So tell me your likes, dislikes and dreams Whiskers" she told him. Naruto nodded and then began.

"Okay well I'll start off with my dreams, well right now, since I've come to this universe my old dream and besides since I was banished from dream to become leader of Konoha was crushed, but...I found a new dream." he said beaming.

"Which is?"

"To protect all those people who I hold precious to me" Naruto said. He then finished his ice cream as Rika also finished hers.

'That's so deep' she thought.

"Anyways, my dislikes are the amount of time it takes for instant ramen to cook, evil digimon, anyone who speaks ill of digimon like as if they were nothing but data...I hated you a bit for that, but I could noticed that you actually cared for Renamon after she nearly died" Naruto said.

"You hated me?" she asked. Naruto shrugged.

"The feeling was mutual since I kicked Renamon's butt when we first met" Naruto said. Rika chuckled and then lightly punched him in the shoulder.

"Hey you caught us of guard with not knowing who exactly you were and besides, Dorumon doesn't show any data like Guilmon" Rika said. Naruto chuckled before Rika told him to continue.

" likes are my friends, my digimon cards, training with Dorumon so we can get stronger and also..." Naruto paused. Rika looked confused.

"Also what?" she asked. Naruto looked at her with a mischievous grin.

"Well, when I was walking with you back to your house, I hung back actually so I get could get a good look at your ass...and I can honestly say it's in my top 5" Naruto said. Rika turned crimson.

"YOU WHAT?" Rika yelled. Naruto laughed and then took off for the park with an enraged Rika Nonaka chasing him.

"GET BACK HERE WHISKERS SO I CAN BEAT YOU UP!" the red haired female roared with anime flames in her eyes. Naruto still laughed as he ran, which annoyed Rika to no end.

Shinjuku Park

Kyuubimon was sitting with a clean Dorumon and Gatomon who were both laying down against her body. Gatomon was still awake, but had Dorumon lying down in her lap. Kyuubimon smirked at the scene.

'Only a few minutes out in this world and Gatomon has already found someone to care for' the blonde fox thought. She looked around for Calumon, but shrugged mentally when she saw no sign of he little cream puff digimon as he always disappeared after a battle. Then her ears perked up along with Gatomon's as they both heard the sounds of...laughing and yelling? Then they saw Naruto running from an enraged Rika. The blonde tamer skidded to a halt, as a result Rika kept running and ran smack into him and she fell back on her, as Naruto had said a few minuted ago while they were running, 'sweet ass'.

"Now you stopped" Rika panted. Naruto smirked.

"It was a compliment and besides it is one of the things I like, so I'm being honest and you get a compliment. It's a win-win for you" the blonde jinchuriki said meanwhile Kyuubi no Kitsune was laughing his ass of in the cage.

"Dear Kami-sama the kit is too much...I wonder if I could pull off a move like that and get away with it. Probably" the red furred bijuu thought. Naruto then held out his little bag and then handed Renamon the cup of ice cream they got her.

"Here you go, Renamon." he said handing her it.

"What is it?" she asked sniffing the choclate ice cream.

"It's ice cream, it tastes good" he said. Kyuubimon sniffed it some more before taking the entire cup in her mouth, chewing it and then swallowed before spitting out the styrofoam cup.

"How did you do that?" Naruto asked.

"I have nimble teeth" the champion level digimon thought. Naruto then handed Gatomon the vanilla ice cream and upon seeing Renamon eating her ice cream, the feline digimon thought it was safe and so followed suit. Then after that Dorumon had finally awoken.

"Huh what happened?" he asked sitting up. Then his memory came to life and he jumped up.

"Okay where's that Drimogemon I can take it. Let me destroy that thing...where's Gatmon?" he asked. Naruto pointed behind him and the dragon digimon sighed in relief at seeing the feline digimon was safe.

"Are you okay?" he asked. Gatomon nodded.

"Hai...arigato for saving me back there" Gatomon replied in a shy tone that eerily reminded Naruto of the conversations he and a certain shy Hyuuga always had. Dorumon smirked.

"No problem Gatomon" Dorumon said and then placed a clawed paw on her shoulder (A/N: Gatomon is female, yes in case anyone was wondering) Gatomon looked shocked and then smiled back at the dragon digimon.

"Dorumon here I got you some ice cream for your hard work" Naruto said. Dorumon smiled and then ate the chocolate ice cream with extreme vigor. After that, the group rested fro a while. Naruto and Rika were lying down next to each other on the grass observing the glittering stars in the dark expanse tha was the night sky.

"So this has been one weird night for you, huh?" Rika asked. Naruto shrugged.

"I've had weirder" he replied and then looked at his watch. It said ten o' clock. The blonde then sat up and climbed to his feet. He then extended his hand for Rika to grab so as to help her up. She reluctantly allowed him to do so and then Naruto turned to the three digimon, Kyuubimon had been de-digivolved a while ago using Naruto's Data X-Traction card

"Hey guys let's go" Naruto said. The group nodded and then Naruto walked Rika home. They turned onto the streets where her house was. Naruto and Rika stopped with Renamon silently leaping over the gate to rest in her tree in Rika's yard. Rika turned and faced Naruto.

"Uh arigato, for the ice cream...and the talk" Rika said. Naruto nodded.

"Of course, anytime" he replied.

"So is it true that you really like my..." she paused as her face turned red from her blush.

"Of course I'd never lie about that. Like I said it's in my top 5, probably third coming after my friends in my original world, Hinata and Kurenai" Naruto replied. Rika nodded and blushed again.

"Well see ya" she said and then went through the door. Naruto watched her leave.

"That thing you got behind you is a amaaazin'" he sang followed by a chuckle, quoting the song 'Body Language' by Jesse McCartney. Rika blushed as he saw him make a circle with his index and thumb while his three fingers pointed up in the form of an 'okay' sign.

"Urasai, Whiskers" she said, but smiled all the while before entering her house.

Inside Rika's House

"Well Rika, it's nice to see you hanging out with that nice boy" Seiko said. Rika blushed.

"It wasn't a date!" she exclaimed. Seiko raised her eyebrow.

"I never said it was, Rika...does that it was?" the elderly Nonaka said and then watched her granddaughter search for words to come back.

"So he says you have a nice 'behind'?" she asked changing the topic. This resulted in causing Rika to turn crimson due to a blush that could give even Hinata a run for her money.

"OBAA-CHAAAAN!" the fiery haired girl whined in embarrassment.

"Oh come on Rika, your ass is something a girll should be proud of. I guess you got something other than your natural good looks from your mother" Seiko said. Rika blushed again before walking off to her room not wanting to hear any more. Seiko sighed.

'This is just how Makino acted when she was crushing for a boy...I know Rika made the right decision in liking this particular Naruto, boy' she thought with a small smile.

On the way to Naruto's apartment

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon were walking down the road from Rika's house back to the apartment.

"So, finally made your move" Dorumon said with a sly grin. Naruto blushed slightly while Gatomon looked confused.

"I don't understand, Dorumon?" the feline digimon asked.

"Oh...Naruto, that's the name of this boy here, he's my tamer and he had a little crush on Rika, the red haired girl who is a tamer to the Renamon" Dorumon explained. Gatomon nodded and then looked at Naruto.

" feel feelings of compassion towards your red haired friend?" Gatomon asked. Naruto was flabbergasted as Gatomon asked the question with pure innocence.

"Uh...yes?" he guessed his answer. Gatmon nodded.

"I see, so that means that would later want to copulate with her?"

"What the hell does copulate mean?" Naruto asked. Gatomon sighed, humans lacked vocabulary she thought.

"Undergo sexual intercourse" she explained. Naruto turned bright red as his face burned from the blood rushing to it and Dorumon laughed. Gatomon seemed to smirk a bit at Naruto's reaction.

"Nani, no...well yes, maybe in a later time, okay. NO i do not want to have sex with Rika-chan" he said. Gatomon nodded.

"Okay" she replied. Naruto sighed, now that the conversation was over it was silent until Dorumon brought up an interesting topic.

"So Gatomon, where will you stay?" Dorumon asked. Gatomon looked confused.

"What do you mean?" the white cat asked the purple dragon.

"I mean, are you going to stay out here in the cold night...or..." Dorumon paused and then he saw Naruto glance down at him. Naruto smiled warmly before bending down to Dorumon's ears so he could whisper to him and Gatomon wouldn't hear.

"I see that I'm not the only one with a developing crush" he teased the dragon digimon. Dorumon, seemed to have blushed, but it was hard to tell, but you could tell he was embarrassed from Naruto's come back at the remarks between him and Rika. "Don't worry, she can stay" Dorumon's orange eyes brightened in glee.

"Yes, Dorumon?" Gatomon asked, goading Dorumon to continue his question.

"Well, maybe you could stay with...with me and Naruto" the dragon digimon said. Gatmon's eyes widened, her crystal blue irises staring into Dorumon's golden orange ones.

"Really...stay with you?" the cat digimon asked, with what appeared to be a slight blush. Dorumon nodded. (A/N: I'm sorry if you think there is a lot of blushing occurring)

"So...will you?" the rookie digimon asked the champion level feline. Said feline thought for a while, she was basically alone, but why?

"Why do you ask, though. I mean we just met like a few hours ago" Gatomon asked. Dorumon smirked.

"Because, in that time I was able to see you for who you were. You're a strong digimon, but...I can see the loneliness in your eyes you have been alone in the Digital World probably and you've no one to talk to, to be a friend or a family member to you as a result you find it a bit hard to trust others" Dorumon said. Gatomon's eyes widened as the young rookie had described her entire life in the Digital World in just a few words. Gatomon then knew she could trust the slightly taller dragon digimon as in his eyes...she saw he same feeling of loneliness she had...maybe the void in her heart could be filled by making friends with this new digimon.

"Arigato, I will stay with you and Naruto" Gatomon said. Dorumon smirked and then hugged the cat digimon.

"Yay!" he exclaimed before letting her go. Gatomon froze as she felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her.

'What is this feeling? Is this happiness, I've never felt happiness other than when I escaped from being deleted' Gatomon thought, but decided not to think about it and followed the duo back to the apartment.

As they entered the apartment, Naruto first had Dorumon show Gatomon around the apartment before having them go to sleep. Naruto was in his pajamas as he and Dorumon slept on their bunk beds, but Gatomon being polite said she would sleep on the couch.

"Are you sure?" they asked and she nodded. With that Gatomon slept, but during the night Gatomon tossed in her couch bed.

Gatomon's Dream

Gatomon was running through the Digital World, a large wave of what looked like shadow was racing after her. Gatomon ran as fast as she could, but the shadow was too fast, but the last thing she saw before the shadows engulfed her was the image of a humanoid digimon with the image of an angel. He eyes widened as she recognized this digimon from the hearing stories and seeing pictures from the older digimon she had managed to befriend. A scream echoed in her dream as the scream was released from her mouth, the name of the digimon was...

End Gatomon's Dream

"Lucemon" Gatomon gasped as she sat up on the couch. She looked around the room and breathed heavily. She then got up and walked towards Naruto and Dorumon's room. She saw the light for the bathroom was on, meaning Naruto was in it since Dorumon was still snoring. Gatomon then climbed to the top bunk where Dorumon lay asleep. She gently nudged the dragon digimon until he woke.

"Huh" he said wiping his eyes, "Gatomon...what's wrong?" the dragon digimon asked.

"I...I had a nightmare and...I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble...if I could lie down with you?" Gatomon asked. Dorumon seemed to have woken up a bit more from the question, but saw the look of need and fear in her crystal blue eyes. Dorumon's gaze softened and he nodded.

"Sure" and then Gatomon immediately latched onto him like a child would a blanket or a stuffed toy. Dorumon slowly developed a blush as blood rushed to his face, but then he sighed. He then positioned himself so Gatomon was lying on his chest. Then his tail wrapped around her small feline waist and the two fell asleep.

The toilet flushed and Naruto stepped out after using the lavatory, however before switching off the light he noticed the light shining on the sleeping digimon. Dorumon was lying down on his back, with Gatomon's head resting on his chest. Their tails were slight intertwined with Dorumon's being long enough to be able to do that and also be wrapped around the cat digimon's waist. Then he saw Dorumon's left arm wrapped around her shoulder's and Gatomon's left hand being held by Dorumon's right. It was a cute little picture in the mind of the blonde shinobi and he smiled warmly before turning off he light.

' have just found someone else to protect and have become that much stronger' the blonde thought before he retired to the land of dreams just like the other two digimon.

(A/N: Well that's chapter 7. Hoped you enjoyed it, I introduced Gatomon because I just had this sudden urge to pair off Dorumon with another digimon and Gatomon seemed so cute and innocent and a perfect match for Dorumon for some reason. I don't know why. Anyways tune in next time as Rika is threatened to leave Renamon by an evil presence that will try to forever trap her in its icy embrace. Also the time you've all been waiting for will arrive this chapter. DORUMON DIGIVOLVES! So stay posted as next time on Naruto: Tamer of the XAntibody, Chapter 8: The Dragon's Roar, Dorumon Digivolve to...)