Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 8: The Dragon's Roar

(A/N: This is a NarutoxDigimon fanfic, honestly I found Digimon to be much more entertaining than Pokemon so this is why I'm not following my poll results. Now then, this is based on the series of Naruto which is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and the Digimon aspect owned by...whoever is the guy that own Digimon. The story is mine though. Now enjoy and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review because it's the reviews that will have more people read it and keep me motivated to write this, because as much as like faves and alerts...I LOVE REVIEWS MORE SO REVIEW!)

SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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Now then before I begin I will put up a few replies to one of the reviews I have received. One of you has suggested to me that Gatomon should become Naruto's digimon partner along with Dorumon. The original reason I had put in Gatomon was to satisfy my own need to provide a love interest in Dorumon's character life. However, this has struck me to also consider the reviewer's possibility to have Gatomon 'join the team' so to speak. So in return I shall put up a poll, in which you readers shall decide. Should Gatomon become Naruto's partner. Yes or No.

Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"I...I had a nightmare and...I was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble...if I could lie down with you?" Gatomon asked. Dorumon seemed to have woken up a bit more from the question, but saw the look of need and fear in her crystal blue eyes. Dorumon's gaze softened and he nodded.

"Sure" and then Gatomon immediately latched onto him like a child would a blanket or a stuffed toy. Dorumon slowly developed a blush as blood rushed to his face, but then he sighed. He then positioned himself so Gatomon was lying on his chest. Then his tail wrapped around her small feline waist and the two fell asleep.

The toilet flushed and Naruto stepped out after using the lavatory, however before switching off the light he noticed the light shining on the sleeping digimon. Dorumon was lying down on his back, with Gatomon's head resting on his chest. Their tails were slight intertwined with Dorumon's being long enough to be able to do that and also be wrapped around the cat digimon's waist. Then he saw Dorumon's left arm wrapped around her shoulder's and Gatomon's left hand being held by Dorumon's right. It was a cute little picture in the mind of the blonde shinobi and he smiled warmly before turning off he light.

' have just found someone else to protect and have become that much stronger' the blonde thought before he retired to the land of dreams just like the other two digimon.


About three weeks since Gatomon's arrival, Dorumon had taken the liberty to explain the workings of the Real World to the feline digimon. It took quite a while, but Gatomon was able to wrap her mind around the fact that things were different from that in the Digital World. Due to spending so much time around each other, Gatomon immediately became best friends with Dorumon. While Naruto was at school, Dorumon and Gatomon were lounging on the couch watching the television screen which was showing an episode of the actual Digimon television show.

"It amazes me just how anatomically correct these human have made us in this program" Gatomon said. Dorumon nodded, not really caring after all he was made of the Old Interface, the prototype digimon before all digimon were made. To put it in simple terms, Dorumon was actually one of the first few digimon, being made before the Sovereigns themselves.

"So Dorumon?" Gatomon asked. The fur covered dragon turned to his feline companion in acknowledgment.


"So what else do you do in this world other than eat and watch this television?" she asked. Dorumon shrugged.

"Well I usually wait until Naruto gets home from school so then we can go out and look for any bio emerging digimon" he explained. Gatomon nodded.

"I see" she paused, "so do you and Naruto do any kind of training in this world in order to hone your combat skills?" Dorumon seemed a bit taken back by the question.

"Well Naruto and I usually fight each other when there are no digimon to fight. We go on the rooftop of the apartment complex and fight there since no one ever goes up there. Also it is relatively safe since Naruto, made a sound barrier seal and an invisibility seal on the roof so one will notice" Dorumon explained, before asking, "Why so curious all of a sudden?"

"Because...I want to fight you" she replied. Dorumon's eyes bugged out of his head momentarily.

"Really now?" he asked. The feline digimon curtly nodded.

"Hai, my battle skills have dulled a bit since I have arrived as you and Naruto allow me to no longer roam free since people will no that I am, as you put it, a child in a digimon costume due to certain characteristics. Only allowing me to roam at night" she replied. Dorumon's orange eyes stared into her crystal blue ones before he smirked.

"Okay let's do it" he said. Gatomon nodded and followed the dragon digimon out of the door before shutting the door closed. Dorumon led Gatomon up a few flights of stairs and since the apartment complex was only two stories high, there weren't many occupants in the building and none of them really took notice of the two digital monsters walking up a multitude of stairs to the roof. The two digimon arrived at a green door and Dorumon turned the handle that revealed the grey floored roof which was open to the blue sky. A large iron fence outlined the roof so that people would not fall off it.

Gatomon took a deep breath of fresh air before she followed Dorumon and stood in the center of the square roof platform (A/N: The roof looks like the roof in Takato's school where he found Guilmon when he lost him,except picture it with an iron fence around the area.) The two digimon stared at each other before stepping away from each other. They bowed to each other in a respectful way that warriors do before doing battle. They shifted into their respective battle stance. Dorumon spread out his legs, his left ahead of his right and he was hunched over to provide less air resistance when he was to begin movement, his forearms twitched as his claws were ready to attack his opponent at any moment's notice. Gatomon was crouched on all fours and her fangs bared, her pupil changing from rounded to slitted, her tail flicking back and forth. The wind lightly blew through the air between the two combatants before they growled at each other and charged towards each other.

Dorumon aimed a slash at her face, but the cat digimon blocked it with her large forepaws before aiming her own claws. Dorumon blocked it and the claws interlocked with each other causing sparks to form. The two digimon landed on the ground. Dorumon quickly detached his claws from Gatomon's before sweeping her legs out from under her sending Gatomon to the floor, but Gatomon rolled backwards to avoid the claws that were brought down on her head. The claws impacted with the ground and Gatomon aimed a headbutt to her opponent sending Dorumon skidding backwards slightly. Gatomon then punched the dragon digimon in his snout before spinning to build momentum and then kicking Dorumon's face before sending out a solid uppercut that sent Dorumon slightly off the ground. Dorumon used the slight lift off to perform a back flip which allowed him to land a solid kick to Gatomon's chin and landed firmly on his feet. Dorumon quickly spun to the side as Gatomon intended to slash at him with her claws, but Dorumon quickly dodged them before planting a knee in her stomach, Gatomon's eyes widened as the wind was knocked out of her lungs. Dorumon then spun on his heel and his tail slapped her face before he grabbed her by her throat and heaved her away. Gatomon landed on her feet and coughed a bit as she regained air in her lungs.

"Not bad" she commented teasing the young dragon.

"Not too bad yourself" Dorumon replied with a smirk. The dragon and cat digimon then rushed in each other and began a small melee battle before Dorumon was able to see an opening and took it. He slashed across her chest with his claws. Growling, Gatomon glared at the dragon digimon as she noticed the three slash marks on her fur.

"METAL SHOOT!" he yelled and then took to the skies before raining down a hail storm of metal spheres. Gatomon used her all of her agility, reflexes and speed to avoid the metal meteors before she jumped and landed on one of the spheroids and used it to aid her in reaching Dorumon's location in the sky before leaping high above him and then her paw glowed with a whitish hue.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the shining claws slammed down on Dorumon's skull with momentous force causing the dragon to yell out in pain before he descended to the ground. He managed to right himself and land on his feet before settling into a crouch so as to absorb the shock from landing so forcefully. The orange eyes dragon rubbed his cranium and looked as his feline training partner stared at him, the three claw marks on her body now healing due to the somewhat rapid healing rate that all digimon possess. (A/N: I added this because I noticed even though the digimon are hit with moves that should normally injure them they end up coming out unscathed might as well explain it all)

"That really hurt Gatomon" he whined.

"Well in a real fight, an enemy wouldn't hesitate to kill you" Gatomon said with a monotone, having lived most of her life in the digital world, Gatomon possessed the ability to change her personality from one of friendly and gentle to harsh and cold when on the battlefield.

"True, but you're not an enemy" the dragon digimon replied.

"I see your reasoning for holding back..." Gatomon stared into the orange coloured orbs of her best friend and smirked, "but I have no intention of doing the same" Dorumon gulped.

'Oh dear, this is going to be painful' he thought as Gatomon rushed him.

With Naruto

The blonde sighed as he watched Mr. Kazuma talk about William Shakespeare during their literature period.

'Who care about this guy, William Shakes A Spear. He won't help people get far in life' the whisker cheeked shinobi thought. He rolled his sapphire eyes withing their sockets as he was bored out of his mind.

'I hope Gatomon and Dorumon are doing okay' he added, 'that little dragon must be having so much fun'

Back with Dorumon

'This is not fun' he thought as the violet furred dragon dodged the sharp claws of his female digimon friend.

"Come Dorumon, stop dodging and fight back for once" said the feline digital creature. Dorumon sweat dropped.

"Well I wish I could, but you won't give me a chance" Dorumon replied, Gatomon then crouched down and swept Dorumon's legs out from under him and sent him crashing to the ground. He then rolled to the side as Gatomon jumped in the air.

"NEKO KICK!" she yelled and then her glowing foot created a small crater in the roof as Dorumon avoided the blow. He then opened his maw and fired seven metal projectiles.

"METAL SHOOT!" Gatomon managed to avoid six of them, but the seventh quickly struck her in the stomach sending her flying back and crashing into the fence. Gatomon fell to her knees and panted. Dorumon then got a worried look and walked up to her.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked tilting his head to the side. Gatomon panted and nodded.

"Yeah, just knocked the wind out of me is all" Gatomon said. Dorumon sighed and then he was suddenly socked in the snout before Gatomon kicked him away. The dragon digimon rolled on the ground and lay there before sitting up.

"That was not fair, I wasn't ready!" he yelled out. Gatomon chuckled and stood to her feet and played with her whiskers.

"Awww, come on big boy, you're not too tired are you or are you going to give and admit defeat at the hands of a girl?" she teased. She laughed, but Dorumon's eyes quickly went slitted at the blow to his male pride and then he took off.

"HYPER DASH METAL!" he took off and slammed full force against Gatomon sending both digimon tumbling down onto the ground before stopping with Gatomon lying down with Dorumon straddling her waist and his claws holding down her own as she lay there with shock at Dorumon's move. The violet furred dragon panted, his sharp teeth visible as he stared into Gatomon's eyes. After about a minute of remaining in that position they realized that they were in said position and with blushes on their faces, the two quickly separated and dusted themselves off.

"Good fight" Dorumon said and then turned away to walk back to the room. Gatomon nodded.

"Yeah, same to you" Gatomon said, however as she took a few steps forward her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. Dorumon turned back and gasped in shock at seeing Gatomon on the ground clutching her snow coloured head.

"Gatomon are you alright?" he asked, but his words fell on deaf ears as she felt a strange feeling in her skull. It felt as if her skull was going to split open and then her pupils dilated, and unknown to her, the markings on her tail ring seemed to glow a soft yellow. An image formed in her mind's eye.

The image from her dream, the angel digimon Lucemon, she would recognize that digital signature anywhere now, even in her mind. The small angelic digimon was facing off against two figures, but they were clouded in shadow so Gatomon could not recognize them. One seemed human like while the other seemed to be a large reptile with large wings. The dark angel chuckled as he stared at the two figures.

"You think that you two can stop one can" Lucemon spoke in a soft, pure voice, but behind the pureness Gatomon could hear the evil and dark desires that were held within them.

"Yes we will and we will not rest until we destroy you for good, Lucemon" two voices yelled. Gatomon watched from her mind's eye and those voices sounded familiar, but she couldn't place them because they sounded strangely distorted for some reason.

"Please, I know your every move, your every attack because I've had a spy watching you for quite a while my young friends" Lucemon said with a chuckle. The two figures seemed to growl in anger.

"What spy, no one on our side even knows of you much less sided with you!" the human like figure yelled. The dark angel chuckled again, but this time a bit louder.

"You naive fools, the spy has been here amongst you this entire time allowing me to watch through their own eyes while I observed you in silence" Lucemon paused, "the spy is none other than..."

The image swirled and Gatomon gasped before seeing Dorumon's face looking down at her.

"Gatomon, you spaced out!" he exclaimed, "are you okay, may be our little spar took a bit more out of you than we thought" Gatomon shook her head and then stood to her feet, but she fell to her knees again and seemed to gasp slightly. It seems as if the mental images drained her of her strength. Dorumon frowned before picking Gatomon up and then flipped her so that her back rested comfortably in his arms as he carried her bridal style.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked with a mild glare. Dorumon eyed her warily.

"I'm carrying you obviosuly, you're too tired to walk apparently" the young dragon said. The cat digimon huffed, but then wrapped her hands around the dragon's neck so as to not fall off as he carried her, a slight pinkish hue finding its way to her cheeks.

"Fine" she mumbled. Dorumon chuckled and then opened the door with his tail before descending down from the roof to their apartment room. As they entered the apartment using the spare key that was hidden in a seal protected compartment of the wall that only Naruto and Dorumon could open, Dorumon set Gatomon on the couch allowing her to rest her head on the pillow that was on said couch. He then brought her a glass of water and handed her it.

"Arigato, Dorumon" Gatomon said with a small smile at him. Dorumon nodded, but smirked in return before turning away. Gatomon sighed as she watched the violet dragon's retreating form.

'What was that scene in my mind...and what does it mean?'

Time Skip-End of School

Naruto sighed in relief as the bell rung for the end of school. He then passed Takato and Henry as he walked out of the school's main entrance before back pedaling to talk to them.

"Hey Naruto" the two younger tamers greeted the older blonde tamer. Naruto nodded in ackowledgement.

"Hey" he replied.

"So, what's up?" Henry asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Not much, Dorumon and I have been training and I have managed to keep my grades just above average, and speaking of training how are Guilmon and Terriermon doing?" the blonde questioned.

"They are both fine" the two said.

"Guilmon is taking a break from training and is expanding his shed and by expanding I mean he dug a really big hole in the back wall and a large hole in the floor" Takato said. Naruto and Henry sweat dropped at that.

"And as for Terriermon, he's been telling me "Momentai" every time I ask him to go and do something constructive with his time" Henry sighed.

"I see, so I'm guessing he's been Pwincess PwettyPants this entire time" Naruto guessed.

"That's pretty much what's happening right now" the chinese tamer said. Naruto nodded and then looked at his watch.

"Well I gotta get going, Dorumon's probably waiting on me with Gato..." Naruto paused before becoming silent and turning away. Takato and Henry looked at Naruto and then each other before shrugging, probably something he didn't want to mention.

'Phew, I nearly blew it there. I forgot that I had to keep Gatomon a secret from the other...well except Rika because she was there. Gatomon seems a bit off and I don't think exposure to other digimon would be good for her, besides Dorumon' the whisker marked tamer thought as he walked back to the apartment.

Naruto's Apartment- Outside the Door

Naruto dug his hands into his pockets as he searched for the key. He found the bronze coloured key and was about to stick it into the key hole when he began to hear strange noises from inside the apartment. He quickly paused and then leaned in closer, using his advanced hearing to listen in on Dorumon's and Gatomon's conversation.

"Oh come Dorumon please just let me suck on it" Gatomon said.

"Nani, no no one touches my private property"

"Please, I'll be very careful and won't bite it...much" Naruto's eye twitched as he heard the coversation. Then he heard Dorumon sigh in defeat, Gatomon must have used the Puppy Dog Eyes on him.

"Just one minute please" he heard the cat digimon beg. Dorumon sighed again.

"Alright, but only for one minute, after that I'm taking it back and..." Naruto heard enough and stuck the key into the key hole and quickly turned it before opening the door. The two digimon gasped in surprise at Naruto barging in.

"Okay what the fuck is going on. I heard strange noises and disturbing conversation!" Naruto bellowed as he took the key out of the hole and shut the door with a loud BAM! He then blinked and saw Dorumon holding a cherry flavoured lollipop in his claws and was handing it to Gatomon who snatched it with cat like speed before sucking on it with childish glee. Dorumon looked between Gatomon, his lollipop and Naruto, but decided to focus on his tamer.

"Okay, what the hell are you talking about?" the dragon digimon asked. Naruto paused, his mouth hung open as he stared at the lollipop before Gatomon removed it from her jaw and put it in Dorumon's. Naruto closed his mouth and turned towards the bedroom.

'Nothing, say absolutely nothing' he thought. Dorumon thought for a bit as he watched Naruto place his bag on the floor in their bedroom. Then the cogs began to turn as he wondered what Naruto thought was so 'disturbing'. He relayed the conversation he and Gatomon had and thought about it from Naruto's perspective and after a few seconds, things clicked. His teeth gritting together so hard, the lollipop in his mouth shattered into pieces of artificially sweetened candy. He spat out the lollipop stick and growled.

"YOU FUCKING PERVERT, HOW COULD YOU THINK OF GATOMON AND I DOING THAT?" he roared. Dorumon stalked his way towards his tamer and growled. The blue eyed shinobi turned and looked down at his partner and chuckled nervously.

"Hey it's not my fault, all of my senseis were perverts" he said in his defense.

"Strike 1" Dorumon growled. Naruto looked around as he thought of another excuse, he knew he could easily defeat the dragon digimon, but he didn't want to destroy his apartment, that and it would disturb the neighbors and also an angry Dorumon was very, very dangerous. Coming third to an enraged Tsunade and Rika.

"It's Ero Sennin's fault, he gave an Icha Icha Paradise book to read and I was bored and he made me do it" the blonde said. Dorumon paused, the excuse was plausible and having been told of Naruto's former sensei Jiraya, he was safe...for now.

"Fine, you're free, but never make that assumption again. Gatomon's my friend and I care about her too much to let her do something like that" the dragon growled. Naruto nodded slowly and backed away from the dragon as Dorumon's claws began twitching.

"Okay, I won't do it again" Naruto said. Gatomon watched the entire thing and paused as she also began to think of what had caused Dorumon to go into such a rage. The conversation she and Dorumon had was instantly being played through their mind and due to having lived in a world where 'certain things' had to be known to survive, Gatomon immediately blushed at having realized what Naruto thought, but then blushed even more when she heard what Dorumon had said earlier.

'He...cares' a smile graced the feline's lips and then she edged away from the door frame before crossing her arms as Dorumon walked out mumbling things about perverted shinobi and how Gatomon was a friend or something like that. The dragon digimon turned to face Gatomon when he saw, his angry expression still there, but left as he saw the smile on her face.

"What?" he asked. Gatomon simply leaned forward and Dorumon leaned back as his eyes widened from the close proximity between his and Gatomon's faces.

"Uh, Gatomon what are you doing?" he asked. Gatomon smirked.

"It seems, 'somebody' has a soft spot for little ol' me" she said with a feline smile showing all of her teeth. Dorumon gulped and backed away..slowly.

"Ummm, okay" he said and then went into the kitchen that was adjoined to the living room and took out a slice of bread from the bread box. However, Gatomon didn't really see the conversation ending so she climbed up on the counter and crossed her legs and eyes Dorumon thus making him feel very, VERY uncomfortable eating his bread.

"Gatomon...why are you looking at me like that?" he asked.

"Admit it" Dorumon looked confused.

"Admit what?" Gatomon sighed and then mumbled something about the stupidity of males.

'Then again, digimon aren't designated into genders, but no one really cares anymore' Gatomon thought. Dorumon looked confused as Gatomon jumped off the kitchen counter and walked towards the couch where she began to watch television, thus confusing Dorumon even more.

'Admit what...did I do something wrong?' he thought and then shook his head before settling himself next to Gatomon and watched the tv with her and then noticed her glancing at him before pouting which he thought appeared to be cute, but still confusing.

'I will never understand girls' he thought.

Meanwhile with Rika

Rika was walking home from school and was looking at the ground. Suddenly she felt as if someone was watching her.

'Come on Rika, there are at least ten people walking behind you, why are you so jumpy?' she asked herself. However, the feeling of being watched began to bring a fear in her heart, the phantasmal image of two icy blue claws formed behind her and nobody noticed this. However, just as she turned around they vanished as quickly as they had appeared. Rika gasped and cause some of the people who were walking behind her to stare at her oddly, but brushed it off and walked past the red head. Rika then rushed home and passed her grandmother's room.

"Ohayo Obaa-chan" she called out. Seiko nodded as she drank her tea, knowing Rika would never reply when she would ask how her day was. Rika then went into her room and changed into her regular garb before sitting at the table in her room.

'What was that?' she thought. She then walked outside and walked towards her grandmother. "Obaa-chan?" she asked. The elderly Nonaka woman looked up from the magazine she was reading.

"Hai, Rika-chan?" she asked. Rika gulped slightly and looked at her grandmother.

"Obaa-chan, do you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you?" she asked. Seiko looked confused.

'Whatever do you mean, Rika-chan. You mean figuratively or literally?"

"Both actually" the fiery haired girl replied as she shifted nervously. Seiko seemed to notice her granddaughter's distress and quickly replied.

"Well if literally then it could be that someone is following you and if you ever do run like hell as if the devil itself were upon you" Seiko said, shocking Rika that her grandmother used a 'bad word' before she continued, "but in the figurative sense, there are those that believe spirits are real and they follow us everyday to warn us of impending danger or to cause the danger upon whomever they are following. Rika, these feelings are merely psychological attacks on the mind as the brain receives certain impulses due to the senses realizing there is danger nearby, like a sixth sense for danger. Therefore if you ever feel it just pray and make sure that the spirit that follows you is the one that aims to protect you" Rika nodded and then turned to leave. Seiko looked at the retreating back of her granddaughter as she turned around the corner.

'Protect her guardian kitsune and you as well, if you can...Naruto'

Early Evening- Hypnos HQ

Riley and her assistant were typing furiously on the computer keyboards as they had destroyed numerous Wild Ones using Yamaki's Yuggoth Program, only certain Wild Ones being able to break free from the Digital Realm by having enough energy to destroy the Yuggoth Program. And such an incident was about to occur now. Riley had managed to spot another Wild One appearing in the West Shinjuku area.

"Yamaki, sir, we got another one" Riley informed her boss.

"Do what we did to the rest of them" Yamaki said playing with his cigarette lighter. Riley nodded, but her fingers were getting tired from endless typing.

'They don't pay me enough for this shit' the red haired computer tech thought as she pressed the glowing violet button and Yuggoth was deployed. The spiraling circles neared the red dot, but then they noticed what looked like...projectiles of data being fired at Yuggoth on the data representation screen and Yuggoth was destroyed.

"Sir, Yuggoth has failed. The Wild One is bio-emerging" Riley announced. Yamaki gritted his teeth together.


Meanwhile somewhere on a random street, Rika was coming back from her walk around town when she felt that eerie chill she felt earlier today. She then performed a small prayer her grandmother had taught her.

'May I be forever safe in the darkest of nights, may the angel protect with the holy light and forever may I be in the warm embrace of my guardian angel until I reach death's gates' Rika ended the prayer, but she still felt the presence behind her, like the arctic wind was blowing through her body. Phantasmal claws, both an ice blue colour, formed out of thin air and reached to grab the red head, but at the last second she turned her head and the hands vanished. Rika felt the cold presence leave, but then with a panicked look on her face she took off for home. she reached her house and entered her room and shut the door. She was panting hard from running.

"Renamon!" she called her partner's name. The yellow fox blurred into existence.

"Yes, Rika?" Renamon asked. Rika turned with fright evident in her amethyst shaded eyes, something that surprised the digimon to no end.

'Is Rika...scared?' Renamon looked as her partner pointed to the door.

"Renamon is there someone out there?" she asked. Renamon shook her head.


"Well check again" Rika said with a more forceful tone. Renamon nodded and then slid open the door and looked up and down the hall before closing the door.

"Rika...there is no one there. Maybe you're seeing things, you've been running all the way home and the exhaustion is making you tired" Renamon suggested. Rika growled.

"What, Renamon I know what I felt. There's something out there!" Rika yelled.

"Rika, don't worry I'm here to protect you!" Renamon assured the fiery haired female. Rika's teeth gritted together as she glared at the blonde fox.

"I don't need protecting...I DON'T NEED YOU!" Rika yelled. Renamon's blue eyes widened, never in her entire life had she thought Rik could say something so cold to her, the look in her amethyst eyes added salt to the wound. Rika opened the door and stormed out saying one last thing.

"I don't need anyone" the door slammed shut and Renamon stood there still frozen from Rika's outburst before fading out of the room.

With Rika

Rika ran down the streets of Shinjuku before reaching the subway. She walked throughout the subway to blow off some steam, she probably shouldn't hae yelled at Renamon like that, but she didn't always need protecting. Rika continued to walk and avoiding the many people that walked her way and continued to walk, but then she felt that chilling feeling. The unknown phantasm of two arms appeared again behind her and reached for her body. She reached into her pocket and felt the cloth wrapped kunai he had given her a few weeks ago just a few days after they met Gatomon. It was a small knife, about the half the size of an original kunai, but just as sharp and was infused with many seals for certain protection measures including for her own protection.

Flashback- One week ago, Night time

Rika had just come back from shopping for groceries for her grandmother and was now heading back home. Upon doing so she turned a corner and accidentally bumped into someone. Both Rika and the other person fell to the ground along with the groceries, but before they could fall the unknown person managed to get up and catch the bag before it did so.

"Gomen nasai...huh Rika-chan?" Rika's eyes widened at the familiar voice. She saw the mop of spiky blonde hair atop the head of the blue eyed shinobi-tamer.

"Whiskers?" Rika tilted her head in confusion. Naruto handed the bag of groceries back to the red haired girl who took them with a nod.

"Fancy meeting you here, how are things?" Naruto asked with a foxy grin. Rika kept up an impassive look and nodded.

"Fine" she replied, "How is Gatomon?" mildly concerned for the feline digimon. Naruto shrugged.

"She is okay, I guess. Dorumon has been spending time teaching her how to adjust to the Real World and also we've been helping in explaining the differences between what happens between two individuals when they meet" Naruto explained. Rika and Naruto began to walk towards Rika's house as Rika was heading there and Naruto was because he knew Rika would ask...

"How does Gatomon have trouble understanding that?" she asked. Naruto grinned sheepishly.

"Well you see Rika-chan, Gatomon has grown up surrounded by beings that want to kill her and absorb her data, therefore she has built the instinct to kill anyone that meets her face to face other than myself, you, Renamon and Dorumon" Naruto said, "furthermore as a result she has this strange aura around her and therefore I have advised Dorumon that she must remain indoors at most times and only allowed to leave during the night when people won't notice a bipedal cat that looks nothing like a dress up costume walking through town and because I'm not sure I completely trust Gatomon because of that weird aura" Rika nodded.

"I see" she remained quiet for most of the time, but as they passed an alleyway Naruto and Rika were suddenly dragged into the alleyway when two pairs of arms reached out and grabbed them. Naruto and Rika looked out of the corners of their eyes and saw two thugs, Naruto observed their physical build and based on the tightness of their grip, he guessed the two thugs were about 18 years old. One was slightly taller than the other, but both seemed to be around average build, their clothes indicated they were doing it for the fun of it and were not from any broken homes as they didn't have any extremely ripped or dirty clothes which would indicate a life time of living on the streets.

Naruto rolled his eyes as one thug held him in a master lock. He's faced a giant snake, a sannin, another jinchuriki and that traitorous teme. He could surely handle a common street thief. Meanwhile the other thug took Rika's groceries and threw them away only for the two thugs to not hear the sound of the bag falling on the ground. The two fifteen year old thugs slightly turned their heads and one and the bag gone. The thugs shrugged before they pinned the two against the wall. Rika grunted slightly, but Naruto made no sound but glared at the two with his icy blue eyes.

"Well, well look what we have here" the taller of the two thugs said with a snicker as he held down Rika. "A cute girl and her blonde baka of a boyfriend"

"What do you think we should do Gingo, take the girl and have some fun?" the thug said with a snicker and gaining a perverted gleam in his eyes as he looked over Rika's figure. The thug identified as Gingo smirked.

"Why not, Ryu go and take care of the boyfriend and I'll...'prepare' our guest for the first class treatment she will receive" Gingo said as he caressed Rika's body. Rika struggled against the man's grip, but it was too strong as he held her by the throat with one hand and was rubbing her sides with the other. Tears of fear of being raped filled her mind. Ryu nodded and then dragged Naruto a few feet away and slammed the blonde against the dumpster there and held out a pocket knife.

"Seems you're gonna be injured for a while, while we have some fun with your girlfriend over there" Ryu said. Naruto stood up, but then Ryu punched Naruto in his stomach and kicked him in the face before slamming Naruto's back against the dumpster. Rika's muffled screams reached their ears as Gingo continued to feel her up, waiting for Ryu before they would begin. Ryu then held his knife and aimed for Naruto's chest, but before it could reach the eighteen year old man found his wrist wrapped in a grip as hard as steel. He tried to yank it free, but his hand refused to budge. Red chakra flowed out of Naruto as his crimson eyes stared into Ryu's green ones.

"I wouldn't mind if you only came for me...but to rape a twelve year old girl...especially one who is my friend, that is unforgivable" Naruto growled. Ryu's eyes held fear as Naruto's crimson eyes bore into his soul, the image forever burned into his mind.

"P-Please...d-d-don't hurt was all Gingo's idea. Really" Ryu cried in fear. Naruto growled and then snapped Ryu's wrist like a twig before hoisting the man up and slamming him into the wall and then landed a fist in his stomach. Ryu gasped before he blacked out from the pain.

"You may live to see another day, your friend on the other hand..." red chakra created an aura of fire around Naruto as he neared Gingo whose grip on Rika was still holding. He was now about to take off the red haired girl's shirt when another hand came and grabbed it before yanking it away with enough force that Gingo was thrown into a wall. Rika fell and Naruto caught her.

"Rika-chan...are you okay?" he asked. Rika nodded, but the noticed Naruto's changed features, even in the darkness of the alley, mixed with the darkness of the night she could still see them. His whisker marks, darkened and jagged, his canines lengthened into fangs, his nail became claws and his once sapphire eyes were now a deep crimson and a vertical pupil completed the image.

" look.." Naruto held a finger to her lips.

"Kyuubi may be a demon, but he's a demon with a heart, besides I'm in control so I will not kill these men" Naruto had faced Rika, but neither noticed the silent movement of Gingo moving up a wall. Gingo carefully reached into his pocket and pulled out...a gun. Gingo smirked and aimed it at Naruto's revealed back. Gingo smirked and pulled the trigger. The spring in the gun forced the bullet to move from its casing and speed through the barrel at speeds of over 300 metres per second. The mixture of bronze and lead flew through the air and Naruto turned around in time to see the orange flash as the gun was fired. Rika's eyes widened as Naruto was shot in the back. Rika gasped as Naruto grunted in pain.

"Whiskers...Naruto, come on don't die on me!" Rika pleaded as Naruto bled from his back, the bullet had reached somewhere near his kidneys any nearer and he would have lost his right kidney. Naruto grunted in pain.

"Don't worry, I will protect you...just let me and Kyuubi finish this guy" Naruto said. Rika nodded with a tear slowly falling from her eye. Naruto nodded and smiled showing his sharp teeth. The bullet was suddenly forced out by Kyuubi's youkai and the wound healed from the near kidney muscle tissue to the skin on his back. Naruto then stood up and cracked his neck and turned to see Gingo standing there in disbelief and the crimson eyes of one angry Kyuubified Naruto was not something you would want to see in your dreams.

"No one...hurts Rika-chan" Naruto said as he flexed his claws. Gingo fired another bullet, but Naruto's eyes were somehow able to see it coming in slow motion, probably Kyuubi making his adrenalin rush into his brain in order to perceive danger better. Naruto then raised a clawed hand and sliced the bullet in half. The two sides flying off and impacting with the wall and not injuring Rika or him in anyway. Naruto continued to walk, Gingo fired shots, but Naruto continued to stop them until he reached Gingo and grabbed the man by his throat and then took the weapon and crushed it with his bare hands. Naruto smiled evilly, but then frowned.

"I have protected Rika-chan...and you have a family to go to, I will not kill you, but now that I have your scent...pull a stunt like this again and you will find my eyes to be the last thing you see before I crush your throat. Understood?" the blonde growled. His eyes seeming to pulse and Gingo felt a warmth near his crotch...he just pissed his pants. Naruto smirked before throwing Gingo against Ryu who was still unconscious by the dumpster. Naruto watched the unconscious duo as Kyuubi's youkai left his system. Naruto then turned and helped Rika up. Rika stared in shock and to Naruto's surprise she jumped at him and enveloped him in a hug and cried into his chest. Rika sobbed and Naruto, not used to bodily contact froze. He looked down at the red haired girl who was probably traumatized, sobbed into his chest soaking his shirt. Naruto then slowly returned the embrace and the two remained like that for a while before Rika finally calmed down. Rika sniffled a bit and her eyes were slowly changing back from pick to their healthy white.

"Arigato...Naruto" she whispered. Naruto heard it and nodded and let the young girl go before he released a sharp whistle and a kagebunshin appeared out of nowhere and dropped down from above with Rika's groceries in hand. "Your welcome Rika-chan. Now come on I'll walk you home" he said. The two tamers walked for a while until they reached the door that led to Rika's mansion. "Well I'll see you around then Rika-chan" Naruto said, but Rika quickly shot out a hand and grabbed his arm causing the blonde to freeze before he turned and faced her. The clone had jumped over the wall and placed the groceries in Rika's room using extreme stealth before poofing out of existence

"Yes Rika-chan? If you're worried about your groceries don't worry, my kagebunshin just placed it in your room" he asked. Rika looked down and let go of Naruto's arm.

"Really and truly...arigato Naruto, I don't even want to think about what would have happened if you hadn't been there" she said. Naruto smirked and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a kunai knife wrapped in a black cloth. On the kunai's blade were a few seals in deep ocean blue.

"Here you go Rika-chan" placing the kunai in one of her other hands.

"What's this?" she asked.

"This is a special kunai, it has special seals that have a bit of my chakra stored into it. I made it for you, I'm still not finished with Takato's and Henry's, anyways if you ever need me just throw it down on the ground and have the blade, which is made of reinforced iron by the way, will pierce the surface and release a pulse of chakra that will act as a homing beacon as well as a distress call and I will come get you. " Naruto said, "I made a promise...that I would protect with everything I had Rika-chan and I don't go back on my word" Rika held the kunai and without even thinking she wrapped Naruto in another unexpected hug, which Naruto returned a bit more quickly, but followed by an even more unexpected kiss on the cheek. Rika backed off and smiled slightly as she saw his reaction, totally and utterly priceless.

"You're a good friend, Naruto" and with that Rika left and Naruto turned and left with his hand holding his cheek and a small smirk playing on his face.

End Flashback

Rika looked at the kunai and was about to throw it away when she became annoyed with the chilling feeling. She turned around with an angry expression on her face.

"WHAT?" she yelled. Two men who were doing nothing, but going to walk around her froze and blinked in surprise before looking at her confusedly. She sighed and Rika turned to the stairs so she could go home, but it was at the the stairs she saw the ghostly image of a digimon. Rika gasped and followed the phantasm before going up the stairs and looked around. She saw nobody.

"Come out, I know you're here!" she demanded. Rika sighed, but then two arms appeared from behind her with two large clawed hands. Its right hand wrapped around her waist, the other around her mouth. However, before Rika could be puled through the wall she managed to grab her special kunai from Naruto and then threw down with enough force that it stuck itself into the floor. A blue glow came from the blade as Rika was pulled into the wall. The glow grew brighter before a large pulse of blue chakra exploded from the kunai and spread throughout Shinjuku.

With Renamon

Renamon was sitting on the branch of a large tree staring at the silvery white moon with a far off look in her eyes. Then as she stared she felt a tingle flow across her very being and an itch in the back of her mind that told her one thing... Rika was in trouble.

'Rika' she thought and got, but froze as she remembered Rika's words.


"I don't need protecting...I DON'T NEED YOU!" Rika yelled. Renamon's blue eyes widened, never in her entire life had she thought Rik could say something so cold to her, the look in her amethyst eyes added salt to the wound. Rika opened the door and stormed out saying one last thing.

"I don't need anyone" the door slammed shut and Renamon stood there still frozen from Rika's outburst before fading out of the room.

End Flashback

With Naruto

Naruto was sitting on the couch in his usual attire and got up to go and get Dorumon and Gatomon for a little patrolling, but he then froze as he felt a pulse of chakra enter his system and that meant one thing.

'Rika-chan' he then saw Gatomon and Dorumon sitting on the floor playing a game of Go Fish.

"Guys get up, we have to go!" he said with urgency. Dorumon and Gatomon looked confused and laid down their cards and got up.

"Why, are we going patrolling again?" Dorumon asked with a hint of joy in his eyes.

"Not now Dorumon, Rika-chan needs help now hurry up!" Naruto said. Dorumon and Gatomon ran with Naruto to the roof of the apartment before taking long jumps as they jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

"Naruto do you know where we're going?" Dorumon yelled as the wind blew past their ears as they roof hopped.

"No , but I have a feeling I know where Rika-chan is" he said.

"So we're going in a direction based on a hunch?" Gatomon asked.

"No, you see I gave Rika a kunai that was stored with special seals to allow my chakra to be temporarily stored in the blade an when it makes hard enough contact with a surface it will cause the seals to release my chakra. This was to allow me to know when the other tamers were need of help and the kunai would act as a homing beacon" Naruto explained, but then he caught sight of what they were looking for. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon stood atop a roof and saw a large ice wall surrounding most of the upper portion and some of the roof area of a building which came up from underneath the ground.

'Probably from the subway' the blonde thought. The shinobi-tamer then dropped down on the ground, pumping chakra into his legs as Dorumon and Gatomon landed lightly on his shoulders. People who saw the Naruto land couldn't get a good look at him because of the smoke produce from his landing an also the fact that he took off leaving behind a flash of gold as he raced towards the building.

"WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!" Gatomon yelled. Naruto smirked before petting Gatomon's head.

"Have faith in me" he stated before planting one foot on the side of the building and then another before he began to running up the wall fascinating even more of the people who saw him going perfectly up the side of the building. Luckily his speed ad the height he was at caused people to now know who he was or what he looked like. Naruto then reached the area of the building that was iced over before forming a rasengan and began to shred through the extremely thick spiky ice wall.

With Rika

Rika found herself in some kind of blue void that seamed to be made out of ice causing her to shiver with her arms wrapped around herself "It's so cold." A figure then slowly emerged out of the ground behind her that turned out to be a digimon. The digimon was ice blue and had glowing crimson eyes, with arm that nearly touched the ground due to their length. Torn and weathered looking wings of a similar ice were attached to his back. A skull like pattern was on his right knee cap and his arms along with most of his lower body was wrapped in a combination of belts and bandages. A large magenta coloured bat symbol was displayed on his chest and left boot. The digimon then quickly wrapped his battered looking wings around Ruki causing her to let out a gasp.

The digimon lifted her off her feet before looking down at her "Welcome to my humble abode."

Rika just asked without looking at the ice devil "Are you a Digimon?"


Rika then asked "So this is a digital field?"

Releasing a chuckle, the digimon just looked around before looking back down at Rika "Exactly, Beautiful isn't it? It suits you perfectly."

Rika just looks down at the ground "It suits me?"

A small grin appears on the demon of ice's face as he looks down at Rika "The way treat people, how you think your cold as ice. You have no time for warm weak relationship. You always expect perfection from yourself and others, you demand it." Rika just absent-mindedly nodded her head before IceDevimon continued "I'm the only one who understands you, Rika. That is why we are destined to become partners."

Rika still looking at the ground just says "Partners, us?"


"No I can't. I... I... I already have a partner. Renamon." Rika finishes by looking over to the side.

Ruki moved her hand over her digivice just before the ice devil placed his hand over hers "I want to show you something."

Ruki just said half-heartedly "What is it?"

The unknown digimon just looked back down at Rika "To prove I'm worthy of being your partner I've set-up a little show and tell, so you can see my power for yourself." IceDevimon then spread his wings out as ice pillars formed all around the area. Each pillar of ice had a Digimon frozen in it "For years I have hunted hundreds of Digimon and absorbed their data. They were friends to some, maybe even partners." Rika's eyes widened hearing this before he continued "But as you once said, they are mearly stepping stones."

Ruki just looked around at the Digimon trapped within the pillars of ice "I never said that."

A smirk soon revealed itself to be on the digimon's face "Ah but you did. I fight to digivolve, you make your Digimon do the exact same thing."

Rika just seamed to frieze before saying "No, I couldn't see it before but there's more to Digimon then just fighting. I would eat dirt before I ever let Renamon become what you are. A monster."

The digimon's smirk just seamed to widen at this "Better a powerful monster then a weak nobody..." however, before he could say more the wall was suddenly blown apart and a large smoke cloud formed along with the scattering of ice particles.

"Let Rika go you demonic ice bastard" a voice growled from the smoke cloud. The two stared at the smoke cloud before it cleared and Rika's eyes widened as she saw who her saviour was.

'Whiskers...Naruto' she thought with shock. Beside him stood Gatomon and Dorumon both growling in rage.

"Ah, another tamer, but you seem different...stronger than Rika here. Mind taking up my offer to be my tamer" the digimon said. Naruto's eyes flashed red and he growled.

"Not on your life" Naruto said as he took out his D-Ark and scanned the digimon of ice. "IceDevimon, Champion Level. He is a sadistic mass murderer, delighting in the pain he deals on others and relentlessly killing without mercy. His attacks are Frozen Claw, Avalanche Claw and Tundra Freeze" Naruto read. IceDevimon chuckled.

"Fine then...your life it is then"

"Well remember this and remember it well teme...Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, never goes down without a fight" the shinobi-tamer then took out a kunai and threw it at IceDevimon whose eyes glowed sapphire.

"TUNDRA FREEZE!" a beam of blue rocketed from IceDevimon's eyes and froze the kunai solid in midair, including the flame which was burning a concealed explosive note.

"Gatomon, we don't want you to get involved in this...this is mine and Dorumon's fight now" Naruto growled. Gatomon was about to come back with a retort, but saw the looks in their eyes and then looked at the red haired girl and just realized something.

'With the addition of Rika into this...this fight became personal for Naruto' the feline digimon thought and then backed away. Naruto and Dorumon raced towards the ice digimon, but IceDevimon threw Rika to the side and the girl crashed against the hard wall eliciting a scream of pain from the twelve year old female tamer. Naruto growled again and then flashed through handsigns.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" he yelled and a large fireball flew from his mouth. IceDevimon quickly avoided it, but his eyes widened as he saw Dorumon in his face.

"METAL SHOOT!" and multiple spheres of steel rocketed towards IceDevimon. IceDevimon flew up and avoided the barrage of steel and then his left hand glowed a dark blue.

"FROZEN CLAW!" Dorumon quickly dodged the attacks and then he saw one attack coming directly at him, but Naruto appeared above the arm and laced a kunai with wind chakra before letting it loose. The kunai impaled IceDevimon's hand and caused him to scream out in pain.

" human filth...I'll destroy you" the ice devil roared as he removed the kunai from his hand and crushed it as it froze over from his touch.

Outside the Building

Takato and Henry along with Terriermon and Guilmon were watching up at the large building with ice covering its upper structure.

"So Henry, any words of advice?" Takato asked.

"Yeah" Henry replied putting on his shades as Takato brought down his goggles, "Don't get tired going up these stairs" as they entered the building and began to climb the multitude of literal stepping stones.

Naruto and Dorumon dodged the many flying ice projectiles from IceDevimon's Avalanche Claw. Naruto then grabbed Dorumon and spun before throwing him. The dragon digimon opened his maw and fired multiple metal balls at the ice devil. However, the enemy digimon avoided them before grabbing Dorumon in mid flight and then throwing him downwards. Dorumon impacted with the hard iced floor and then IceDevimon slammed down on Dorumon's smaller body.

"You teme" both tamer and digimon said. IceDevimon chuckled as he flew off of Dorumon who was getting up. Naruto then channeled chakra into his feet and took off for IceDevimon, but the champion digimon was able to track Naruto's speed and grabbed Naruto around the throat as he reached him. IceDevimon smirked before slamming Naruto into the walls, then the ceiling and then the floor. Then his claws glowed blue.

"FROZEN CLAW!" the ice devil slashed at Naruto and Dorumon sending them both to the ground. Naruto was slashed on his right arm, but he tried to dodged the second strike, but IceDevimon struck out with the same hand used to injure Naruto and slashed through Naruto's shirt and caused his side to release the red liquid of life. He formed a rasengan and rushed IceDevimon, but the demon of ice quickly grabbed Naruto's wrist and slammed Naruto onto the ground before holding him up and slashing him multiple times on the stomach and arms and legs. Dorumon tried to save his partner, but received the same treatment as IceDevimon. Dorumon was hit with a powerful uppercut before the power of the attack sent him skyward and then IceDevimon attacked with his Frozen Claws causing Dorumon to become injured and fall to the ground beside his tamer. Naruto was bleeding from his chest and arms from the numerous cuts that Kyuubi was now working to heal. He then held both Naruto and Dorumon and his eyes glowed as he prepared to freeze them solid.

"Say goodbye boys" the champion digimon said. Naruto's eyes then flashed red and he grabbed IceDevimon causing IceDevimon to burn somewhat from the Kyuubi's youkai. The youkai left and then Naruto and Dorumon freed themselves before rushing IceDevimon. IceDevimon growled before avoiding a hedbutt from Dorumon and then punching Dorumon in the snout. The dragon digimon was then grabbed by his throat and thrown into a wall. Naruto the aimed a punch at IceDevimon, but the champion digimon dodged it and aimed a kick to Naruto's head, but Naruto ducked and then landed an uppercut to the chin. Naruto then grabbed IceDevimon's throat and punched him repeatedly in the face before kicking off his chest before running in a beeline and a roundhouse kick found its way into IceDevimon's stomach. The digimon was sent flying back, but by spreading out his wings he stopped his movement before going back towards Naruto and then shoulder tackled the blonde sending him crashing into the wall near his partner.

It was at this time that Takato and Henry entered the room.

"What the...Naruto!" the four cried out. They then turned to IceDevimon.

"You monster" Takato growled. IceDevimon chuckled.

"Why thank you" taking the insult as a compliment.

"Take him down" Takato cried out as he drew a card, both Guilmon and Terriermon rushed forward to do battle with the ice digimon, but then two blue beams shot forth from his eyes.

"TUNDRA FREEZE!" IceDevimon yelled and the attack froze the two rookie digimon solid.

"No, Guilmon/Terriermon!" the two tamers cried as they tried to free their digimon.

"DIGIMODIFY...HEAT ACTIVATE!" Henry yelled, but the modification did nothing. Rika looked at the damaged Naruto and Dorumon and saw Gatomon looking in horror at the ice demon.

"Rika, where is Renamon?" Henry asked as he tried to break the ice with a nearby rock. Rika's eyes dropped.

"She's not coming, she wouldn't even if I told her to" Rika said with a somber tone. However, the ceiling blew open and there stood the blonde and white furred fox herself.

"Speak of the devil, RENAMON!" the two young male tamers yelled. Renamon said nothing and then charged forward at IceDevimon.

"POWER PAW!" she yelled as he paws were surrounded by ghostly blue flames. The fists and feet flew from all angles, but IceDevimon dodged them all.

"FROZEN CLAW!" the ice demon digimon yelled and then struck out with his attack, striking Renamon in the stomach and then the solar plexus, followed up with two strikes to the neck and then one to the face. Renamon gasped as she fell to her knees at the might of IceDevimon. Rika stared with shock and sorrow towards Renamon. IceDevimon looked over his shoulder.

"Why do you look at this failure of a digimon with that look?" IceDevimon asked.

"Because she's my friend" she whispered, "RENAMON'S MY FRIEND!"



Renamon was encirlced in a blue egg of data and her skin peeled away to show her larger, stronger form beneath a wire frame pattern. Skin then reattached itself to give form to the champion level of Renamon. The egg then exploded as Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.


"Ah so you can digivolve, maybe now I can have a challenge" IceDevimon commented and made a 'come' motion with his hand. Kyuubimon growled and spread out her tails, each one alight with blue fire balls.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" the nine tailed fox digimon yelled and then nine fire balls flew towards IceDevimon, but he dodged by flying up.

"Where are you going frosty?" she asked, Kyuubimon then jumped and spun in the air surrounding herself with fire. The blue flames then took the form of a roaring serpentine dragon.

"DRAGON WHEEL!" the fire dragon roared as it flew towards its target, but IceDevimon's eyes glowed blue.

"TUNDRA FREEZE!" he yelled and the fire dragon froze before it was shattered by IceDevimon's fist. IceDevimon flew down and crashed into Kyuubimon by planting a foot in her face before punching the fox in her throat stifling her scream. He then threw her upwards and flapped his broken looking wings.

"AVALANCHE CLAW!" icicle spike flew from his wings and impacted with the fox digimon and sent her to the ground. Kyuubimon fell and struggled to get back up and failed. Henry got an idea and swiped a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...EXPANSION ACTIVATE!" he yelled and Terriermon's body bloated up and cracks formed as pressure built up in the ice and cuased it to crack into small pieces.

"Should we go attack?" Takato asked. Henry shook his head and pointed to the standing Naruto and Dorumon.

"This is their fight, Takato"

IceDevimon chuckled as he watched the nine tailed digimon, however, he was caught off guard by a cry of...

"METAL SHOOT!" metal spheres impacted with IceDevimon's body sending the digimon stumbling forwards.

"Katon: Kadaibakufu no Jutsu!" a large explosion of fire struck IceDevimon in his back. Then Dorumon ran forward with a burst of speed.

"DIGIMODIFY...FLAMEDRAMON ACTIVATE!" Naruto swiped the card and Dorumon erupted into flames and then crashed down onto IceDevimon. The ice champion digimon turned and saw the duo still standing. Naruto then rushed forwards and ducked underneath a counter swipe from IceDevimon's Frozen Claw before charging wind chakra into his fist forming a miniature tornado around his fist and slammed it into IceDevimon's stomach causing the digimon to be cut. Then Naruto grabbed IceDevimon by his throat and brought the digimon's face hard upon his knee before forming a cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled. Naruto and Dorumon then got a boost from the clones and went high up to the ceiling.

"NA-RU-TO..." the clone kicked IceDevimon in the face with enough force to sending him upwards. Naruto then formed a rasengan and Dorumon flew back down headfirst using Hyper Dash Metal.

"Uzumaki RasenKane Rendan/ Naruto Uzumaki Spiraling Metal Barrage!" the attack struck home and IceDevimon was hit. However as the ice digimon hit the floor a large purple light enveloped IceDevimon. Naruto and Dorumon landed on the ground and saw the ice devil obtain the violet digital hazard sign in the middle of his chest over the bat sign. Naruto then spied Guilmon and looked at the Digital Hazard symbol.

'Their the same, but Guilmon is good I can tell. The Digital Hazard, what other digimon possess the Digital Hazard sign...find that and I find the 'master'" Naruto thought. IceDevimon suddenly rose back up and his eyes became a darker shade of magenta mixed with purple.

"The master will destroy you...your power is growing too great and if the master breaks free you will manage to stop him. NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE AND DORUMON...PREPARE TO BE ERADICATED!" IceDevimon roared and then his eyes glowed blue and purple.

"BLACK ICE!" he yelled. A dark blue beam, so dark that it appeared an ebony colour flew from IceDevimon's eyes and although Naruto was able to dodge it, Dorumon was too tired to do the same and he was suddenly encased in opaque black ice. Naruto's eyes, along with everyone elses looked in shock as their most powerful rookie digimon became encased in black ice.

"Heheh, the Dorumon is for you Uzumaki" IceDevimon growled. Gatomon suddenly appeared in front of Naruto and Dorumon.

"I won't let you hurt them" the feline hissed. IceDevimon growled and Gatomon rushed forward with her paws glowing white.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" "FROZEN CLAW!" Frozen Claw and Lightning Paw engaged in a duel to become the victor. Each blow matching the other as they clashed against one another causing small booms to be heard from their impact. However, Gatomon got tired from the twenty minutes of constant punching and was left wide open before IceDevimon swng and his claws tore at her sending Gatomon flying and slamming against the black ice. Gatomon slid down the ice and Dorumon's frozen form, although they couldn't see it, his form shook slightly.

"Stupid feline" he growled and flexed his claws. IceDevimon walked towards the downed kitten.

"NO I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT HER!" Naruto growled his eyes flashing red. The blonde stood up and got into a fighting stance.

"YOU'VE TAKEN DORUMON FROM ME, BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT THE ONE DIGIMON FRIEND HE ACTUALLY SEES AS A TRUE FRIEND...AND I WILL NOT LET YOU DAMAGE DORUMON ANYMOREEE, DORUMOOOOOON!" Naruto roared. The black ice prison rocked back and forth before cracks formed from white light formed and light from Naruto's D-Ark formed too. Gatomon and everyone else looked in surprise at the light's intensity. Dorumon stood there, free from the ice prison and surrounded by an aura of shining light.

"Naruto...arigato" Dorumon said.

"We're partners, no..." Naruto paused, "we're brothers and we stick out for each other" Naruto said as he withdrew a card from his card pack in his card case. Dorumon nodded.

"Then let's show this ice freak, what us brothers...CAN DO!" Naruto and Dorumon yelled simultaneously. Naruto's card...the Digivolution Card glowed before he slashed it through the D-Ark.



Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


Everyone stared in awe at the large dragon digimon.

"Dorugamon..." Naruto smiled, "Finally digivolution has been achieved" Dorugamon growled at the IceDevimon. IceDevimon growled back.

"You think digivolution can help you, well think again BLACK ICE!" The black ice encased Dorugamon, but a deafening beastial roar sounded from the black ice prison before it cracked and Dorugamon freed himself.

"Your attack have no effect on me again, teme" Dorugamon said and his tail swished through the air. Dorugamon then floated above the floor as he flapped his massive wings and then took off and slammed into IceDevimon. IceDevimon was sent into a wall before Dorugamon grabbed the ice digimon and slammed him into the ground. Dorugamon roared and bit down on the smaller champion's wings. Dorugamon's pupils turned slitted.

"This is for hurting my students and friends" he removed one wing with a bit of pulling using his strong neck and jaw muscles.

"This is for hurting my brother" Dorugamon then removed the other broken like wing and it shattered like ice as he crushed it and ate the data that made the wing.

"AND THIS IS FOR HURTING GATOMON!" he then grabbed IceDevimon and threw him threw the wall where Rika was. Rika ducked and watched as IceDevimon slammed into the wall and made an IceDevimon imprint. Dorugamon then opened his jaws and a large ball of steel and energy formed. The steel sphere crackle with red, blue and violet energy bolts before he fired it.

"POWER METAL!" the metallic projectile struck IceDevimon and caused a large explosion as IceDevimon was deleted for good, but the explosion resulted in a large hole forming in the wall and since Rika was near and the wind blowing so fiercly she fell. Naruto an Dorugamon's eyes widened. Naruto quickly pumped chakra into his feet and ran to the edge and jumped towards Rika's falling form. Naruto quickly formed a cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled and then a perfect copy of himself formed in a puff of smoke. People from below, who had chosen to look up saw Rika falling and a blonde boy falling after her. Naruto had the clone throw him and he built up velocity and shot forth like a pinball after being launched He then grabbed Rika who was still full of fear.

"Naruto, are you insane?" she cried.

"Hey, remember what I told you...I'll always be there to protect you Rika-chan" Naruto said with a foxy grin. Rika blushed at that, but then she noticed Naruto's eyes go from kind and sincere to serious as he righted himself as he held her bridal style as they were falling.

"DORUGAMON!" he called out and then the ebony dragon flew underneath them and they landed safely on his back and the people below couldn't believe their eyes and knowing they could not tell anyone about what they just saw because everyone would think they were crazy.

'I really need to stop taking Vicodin' an old man said as he walked away with his cane by his side.

Dorugamon flew back up to the roof and saw Takato, Henry, Terriermon, Guilmon who was holding an unconscious Gatomon meaning she didn't hear what Dorugamon had said when he dealt the final blow to IceDevimon. Kyuubimon was waiting there as well, but far off from the other. Rika looked at what just occured, her digimon nearly died at the hands at another and Naruto and Dorumon would have also died by the hands of that frozen bastard. She suddenly felt a bubbling rage, the rage soon exploded and it became a hate towards not only IceDevimon, but...

"I hate them..." she whispered.

"Well don't worry Rika, he's gone now" Takato said.

"I hate digimon. I HATE THEM ALL!" Rika yelled. Kyuubimon stared at Rika and Rika stared back at Kyuubimon. Dorugamon had been holding Gatomon before he nearly dropped the feline, hearing Rika's statement.

"Oh come guys don't be like that" Takato said trying to calm the situation, but the two females turned away from each other. Kyuubimon took to the roofs while Rika walked downstairs and headed home. The males all looked at each other and said one thing.

"I will never understand women" the guys then nodded goodbye to each other. Terriermon and Henry, along with Takato and Guilmon took the stairs down to go home. Naruto climbed on Dorugamon's back, holding Gatomon in his arms as Dorugamon flapped his wings and took off. As Dorugamon flew through the air with Naruto and Gatomon he let out one loud monstrous roar of triumph to signify his victory over IceDevimon.

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