Naruto: Tamer of the X-Antibody

Chapter 9: The Sins of the World

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SUMMARY:Banished from Konoha, Naruto discovers salvation in a little blue card that sends him to the Digital World. Under certain circumstances, Naruto is paired up to be the tamer of Dorumon, an unknown digimon that has been watched by the Digital Sovereigns. But, although the pair fights for the light, Naruto's about to realize his digimon holds the fate of the Digital World in his Digicore.

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'Digivolution'- Digital Sovereigns and Kyuubi thoughts

Now then before I begin I will announce that Gatomon will become Naruto's digimon has the poll has shown 11 votes Yes and 0 votes No. Gatomon will appear as Naruto's second partner in this chapter. Now then for another poll, I've been considering which mega form Dorumon should become when he and Naruto bio-emerge. Dorugoramon or Alphamon when fighting the D-Reaper and Beelzemon. Take your pick and this poll will be taken down when I reach the part where Guilmon becomes Megidramon when they fight Beelzemon.

Previously on Naruto:Tamer of the X-Antibody

"I hate digimon. I HATE THEM ALL!" Rika yelled. Kyuubimon stared at Rika and Rika stared back at Kyuubimon. Dorugamon had been holding Gatomon before he nearly dropped the feline, hearing Rika's statement.

"Oh come guys don't be like that" Takato said trying to calm the situation, but the two females turned away from each other. Kyuubimon took to the roofs while Rika walked downstairs and headed home. The males all looked at each other and said one thing.

"I will never understand women" the guys then nodded goodbye to each other. Terriermon and Henry, along with Takato and Guilmon took the stairs down to go home. Naruto climbed on Dorugamon's back, holding Gatomon in his arms as Dorugamon flapped his wings and took off. As Dorugamon flew through the air with Naruto and Gatomon he let out one loud monstrous roar of triumph to signify his victory over IceDevimon.


Rika was walking through town with her hands in her pockets as she thought about some things.

'What the hell is up with digivolving, it's like anybody could do it these days?' she thought.




Terriermon's skin peeled away to reveal a large green rabbit covered in wire frame pattern, or blue squares for a simpler term. The skin then reattached itself as Terriermon's body grew into that of a larger rabbit, his face and ears were entirely green, the edge of the ears, the body and muzzle of Gargomon being a tan colour, a red diamond lay in the centre of the champion level's forehead. Two red slash like marking were on Gargomon's cheeks, his hands were replaced with gattling guns, a string of ammunition was strapped across the trigger happy bunny's chest and he wore a pair of navy blue jeans.


'Then Goggle-Head was able to digivolve that little dinosaur of his'


"GUILMON DIGIVOLVE TO...GROWLMON!" Growlmon roared as he snorted flames through his nostrils. Growlmon was a large version of Guilmon except the ears were now like spikes and two blade like protrusion came from his elbows and Guilmon seemed to look a lot more reptilian looking with a mane of silver white hair growing from the back of his head. Black band like patterns with digicode on them were shown on his legs, forearms and around the thick part of his tail. The zero unit was emblazoned on his feet and hands while the Digital HAzard symbol was located on his left shoulder.

End Flashback

'Renamon was able to do it also...'




Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.

End Flashback

'And finally Whiskers...but he was able to use his digivolution card' was her final thought on the matter.



Dorumon's old interface symbol glowed red before he was surrounded by swirls of reddish violet data that then formed a swirling egg of reddish violet data.


Dorumon's skin and fur peeled away to reveal a much large form, bound together by reddish violet squares of data. The skin then reattached itself along with fur. The reddish violet egg of data exploded to reveal Dorumon's champion form.

A large dragon, only a little bit shorter than Growlmon emerged. Black fur with purple zigzag patterns coated the digimon. Two large wings, on the back were black with purple zigzag patterns, but on the underside they were pure white just like the snout area, hands, feet, wrists and ankles along with the tip of the new digimon's tail. A collar of white fur formed at the base of the dragon's neck and the ears were more pointed than before. Sharp teeth lined its jaws and three crimson claws on each of the dragon's forelimbs and back limbs seemed to shine. Orange eyes seemed to glow in their sockets. Finally, the red triangle, outlined in grey, the Old Interface lay in the center of its forehead.


End Flashback

Rika continued to walk before snorting in annoyance.

'Who cares, digimon are nothing but data. I don't need Renamon to protect me' the red haired pre-teen continued to walk along the road until she nearly tripped over something. She looked down and saw a white little rabbit looking creature with large ears that were trimmed in purple and looked up at her with its big green eyes.

"Calumon?" Rika raised her eyebrow in confusion. The little cream puff digimon smiled.

"Hiya" and then latched onto Rika's face which she thoroughly yanked him off of. The two stared at each other for a while. That is until Rika and Calumon heard a small commotion going on in front of them. There were a few people who were standing in front of a building and mumbling quite loudly t themselves as they looked at a young brown haired woman. It was Rika's mother, Makino Nonaka. The older woman spied her daughter and smiled before walking over to her.

"Rika!" Makino yelled out as she stopped in front of her.

"Okaa-chan, why are you here?" Rika asked, "I thought you had a photo shoot in Milan" Makino smiled.

"Nah, I finished that earlier today so I came back home to visit you and Okaa-chan" Makino said. "Oh by the way how is that blonde you've been seeing, Naruto I think his name was?" Rika scowled.

"I'm not together with him" Rika growled, unknown to the fact that people were looking back and forth between her mother and the large posters of the woman on the side of the building they were in front of. "And besides I could care less about how he is"

Makino frowned, "That's not very nice Rika...anyways I have some new clothes for you, they are just the cutest do you want to see them?" she asked with hopeful eyes. Rika held Calumon and looked at her mother's eyes that held that pleading look they always did when she wanted her to wear those goofy clothes.

"No" she said flatly and then turned away. Makino frowned.

"Matteo Rika!" Rika paused and turned around.

"I like your stuffed toy, it looks very cute" Makino said. Rika sighed and turned away before walking. She raised Calumon up to eye level and stared into his overly large green eyes.

"You just had to be cute didn't you?" she asked.

"It's all part of the job, Rika" Calumon said with a giggle. Rika held back a growl before heading for home.

With Naruto and Dorumon

"COME ON GUYS MY OBAA-CHAN WAS ABLE TO RUN FASTER THAN YOU!" the blonde jinchuriki called out as he watched Takato and Henry run around the park as their end of training exercise...after doing 100 push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks followed by three hours of sparring.

"GUILMON, TERRIERMON, YOU'RE LAGGING BEHIND COME ON YOU'RE NOT GOING TO LOSE IN RUNNING TO SOME HUMANS ARE YOU?" Dorumon yelled giving his torture victims...I mean friends some pep talk. The digimon nodded and began to put on a burst of speed leaving behind a trail of dust as they passed their tamers. Naruto and Dorumon were running along side Takato and Henry who were beginning to tire out.

"Alright we'll call it a day guys" Naruto sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. The two tamers stopped along with their digimon before they went over to a nice shady tree to rest. Naruto and Dorumon sat down on the grassy area that was shaded by the tree's foliage.

"So Naruto?" Takato asked after taking a gulp of the water he had brought. Naruto looked at the goggle wearing tamer in response.


"Where is that other digimon that was with you?" Takato asked.

"Yeah, come to think of it I saw another digimon with you looked like a cat" Henry added. Terriermon and Guilmon were also wondering about the mystery digimon. Dorumon and Naruto looked at each other.

'Kuso' they thought.

"Ummm, what other digimon...maybe it was one of those digimon imprisoned in ice by IceDevimon that you saw" Naruto said coming up with the excuse. Takato and Henry looked at each other.

"No, this one was not in ice, and I remember you had it in your arms when you were leaving"

"It was late you're probably seeing things" Dorumon piped in. Henry scowled.

"Are you guys hiding something from us because you sound like you are?" Henry said.

"Yeah Narutomon, Dorumon...I wanna know" Guilmon whined.

"Maybe it's a digimon that Naruto was going to use to replace Dorumon" Terriermon said.

"Terriermon!" Henry exclaimed.

Everyone's eyes widened as a pulse of killing intent filled their little area. The blue eyed tamer stood to his full height of five feet, five inches which towered over the little two foot tall Terriermon who was shaking in fear as Naruto's eyes flashed red.

"Momentai" Terriermon managed to gasp out, but the killing intent seemed to intensify.

"Never...joke about that" the blonde growled, "Dorumon is my partner and a brother to me and I wouldn't give him up for any other digimon in the Digital World...make that joke again and I'll make sure Dorumon increases your training to near unfathomable" Terriermon gulped and nodded before the killing intent left.

"So as I was about to say, you guys are probably seeing things, it was late and you had just come out of a fight. There was no other digimon there" Naruto said. Dorumon stood up and the duo left. Takato and Henry looked at their digimon and then got up to leave.

'I know I saw something...there was another digimon there' Henry thought as he went back to his apartment.

'Why is Naruto being so nervous around the topic about this other digimon...maybe we shouldn't press on about it' Takato thought. But the two young tamers thought the same thing although they were apart.

'I will find out what's going on with Naruto'

Naruto and Dorumon were walking through the streets of Shinjuku, Naruto had his hands shoved in his pockets, his sapphire orbs glazing over as he was in deep thought. The dragon digimon looked concerned for his tamer and poked Naruto with a claw.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Dorumon asked. Naruto sighed as he shifted his gaze skyward and looked at the white clouds that floated aimlessly in the endless blue void.

"Just thinking about some things" Naruto said.

"Is it about Gatomon?" Dorumon asked. Naruto shook his head and that left Dorumon with only one option left. Rika.

"So what is it about Ms. Nonaka that's troubling you?" Dorumon asked. Naruto smirked before frowning.

"It's what she said last night after our fight with IceDevimon. She said she hates all digimon" the teenage tamer said.

"I see...and you want to find out how to get her and Renamon back together?" the purple furred lizard added. Naruto looked down at his 'brother'.

"It's like you read my mind" the blonde said. Dorumon shrugged.

"Hey, I'm your partner I'm supposed to" he said.

"Well I'm going to pay her a visit, go and see if you can find Renamon and if you can't go back to the apartment and watch over Gatomon" Naruto instructed. Dorumon nodded and the two went their separate ways.

Rika's House

Rika was sitting on her floor staring at the blue D-Ark in her hand along with the deck of Digimon cards.

'Digimon pfft, such a waste of my time' Rika thought and then she walked over to the trash bin in her room and dumped the D-Ark in it before going outside. She walked along the walkway around her house. Seiko watched her granddaughter, Rika was beginning to open up before, but now...she was going back to becoming as distant as she was before.

"Rika-chan?" Seiko asked. The fiery haired girl looked up from the ground and looked at her grandmother.

"Hai, Obaa-chan"

"Are you okay? You've been awfully quiet and I was wondering if anything if there was anything wrong?" the elderly woman asked. Rika shook her head.

"No, it's nothing"

"Are you sure, something at school maybe? Or maybe it's that digimon thing you've been doing all the time?" Seiko asked. Rika's eyes widened minutely, but she made sure it wasn't noticeable to her grandmother's ever watchful eyes. The violet eyed tamer shook her head.

"I said I'm fine Obaa-chan. I just..." Rika sighed, "I just need some space okay?" Rika then took off and went to the little pond in the yard. She stood on the bridge and watched as the koi fish swam in an ever lasting dance. The two koi swirling in a circle in the mildly deep waters, Rika's eyes then perceived the image to be similar to that of the markings on Renamon's legs. The two violet tomoe, but Rika shook her head and rubbed her eyes as she glanced back at the koi fish. The image was gone.

"Now we both know that's a lie Rika-chan" a voice said. Rika turned in surprise and saw the blonde tamer leaning up against a tree.

"What are you doing here Whiskers?" she asked rolling her eyes. Naruto reached into his weapons pouch and pulled out the kunai he and given her.

"You left in such a hurry that you forgot this" he said handing her the weapon. Rika looked at the kunai knife and shoved Naruto's hand aside.

"I don't need that useless weapon. I don't need protection" Rika growled. Naruto glared in Rika's own violet eyes, he had much more experience in the art that was glaring and stared her down until she folded. The red haired tamer sat down on the small bridge that was above the large koi pond.

"I'm confused" she stated. Naruto sighed and sat down next to her.

"Aren't we all?"

"I don't know what to do anymore. I've always had Renamon with me to help me with tough decision, but now...she's gone and I can't bring her back." shr turned to the older boy sitting next to her. "What should I do?"

Naruto looked up at the sky and shrugged. "Rika-chan, there are times when people will not always be there to help you make tough decisions." Rika looked confused at his reply, but didn't say anything as he continued.

"Take me for instance. I've been alone my entire life, I am used to having to make these decisions, but, Rika-chan have been around people who help you with these decisions." Naruto took out the kunai and took her hand. Rika blushed slightly at the contact, but it faded as he placed the ebony weapon his her grasp. "Now is the time when you must make your own decisions Rika-chan. You're a strong, smart and quick thinking of the people that I've come to trust in this world." Naruto paused before standing to his feet and stepped off the bridge, amazing Rika as he stood there on the water's surface.

"Weapons like that kunai can be used to protect or destroy, Rika-chan. Rika-chan you will make a decision, protect or destroy and when the time comes..." Naruto smirked and then he heard footsteps approching and made the handsign for ram. The wind began to swirl around him and leaves appeared out of nowhere in the miniature gust of air.

"What do I have to do when the times comes, Whiskers?" she asked. Naruto showed his famous foxy grin to the red haired tamer.

"When the time comes, you'll know what to do" and then with a wink he left in a swirl of wind and leaves. It was then that Makino stepped through the door and looked to see her daughter standing near the pond staring at the koi fish, not aware that the blonde shinobi was present just a few seconds ago. The brown haired woman sighed and shook her head.

'I am never going to understand my daughter' and then she turned back to go inside. Rika looked at the kunai knife in her hand, as if examining it with great detail.

'What do I do?'

With Dorumon

Dorumon was running around looking for the blonde fox, he had caught on to the digimon's scent.

'Dear Sovereigns, why does she have to be so far away' he glanced at the sky and saw the blue shade disappearing as shades of red, yellow and pink bled into a mixture of colour in the sky. 'And it's already sunset'

Dorumon sighed in relief as he saw the fox digimon standing atop the banister of a nearby billboard, but it was what was a few feet in front of Renamon that intrigued him.

"Oh for the love of all that is mischievous and handsome as me, quit following me fox face" the ever annoying voice of Impmon proclaimed. Renamon stopped walking along the banister as she followed the little digimon.

"I've noticed that you always seem to be alone and you never have a tamer...yet you've survived for this long" Renamon inquired. Impmon growled.

"Hey, I got through my life here in this pathetic world by my smarts..." Dorumon snickered from below, "and the strength that I have"

"Well I have a question for you" the fox digimon said. Impmon's non existent eyebrow rose in confusion.

"You fricking followed me around for a few hours just to ask me a question?" Renamon nodded in confirmation.

"Hai, and being without a tamer I have come to you for advice"

"So, I see you finally got that mumbo jumbo about 'tamers' and 'partners' all out of your little noggin eh toots. So what is this question that you've been wantin' to ask me?" the scarf wearing digimon said.

"How do I become stronger without a tamer, I've always had Rika by my side throughout my entire life here and now I don't know what to do" Renamon said. Impmon shrugged.

"Well what the hell do I care, but if it means that much to you, all I can say is that you don't need that snot nosed gaki of a tamer. She's been the one dragging you down all this time. She has never fought in her entire life, always thinking you'll be there to take the fall whenever she's in trouble. Now that blonde tamer, fox boy now that's a tamer. He fights alongside his digimon, not that I have a particular liking to the gaki, but at least he can fight" Impmon said. Dorumon and Renamon seemed to be surprised by the sudden inclusion of Naruto in the conversation.

'I see Naruto has developed a follower' the dragon digimon thought with a smirk.

"So you're telling me that a hindrance to me?" the blonde fox asked. Impmon nodded.


"But...I need her in order to digivolve, how do I get the power to that without Rika?"

"I don't give a Ratmon's ass" Impmon said and then turned to leave.

"Matteo, Impmon answer me!" Renamon pleaded, Impmon growled in frustration.

"I don't know fox face, maybe you've had the power inside all along and you just need to draw on it somehow, I don't give fuck now leave me alone" the imp digimon leaped away leaving the fox digimon alone...or so she thought.

"So...going to the little puppy kicker for advice?" Renamon turned in surprise as she saw Dorumon standing behind her.

'I didn't even sense his presence!' she thought as her glacial blue eyes stared at the Old Interface digimon.

"If you're wondering how you weren't able to sense me, it's because of the stealth training I've been given from Naruto" the orange eyed digimon stated. "And no I cannot read your mind, your facial expression gives away what you are thinking" Renamon nodded, but she couldn't help but doubt the shorter digimon's words of not being able to read minds.

"Yes, Impmon has been without a tamer from what I've seen. He was the only one I can think of for a lack of a worse term, 'guidance'" Renamon said with a sigh. Dorumon nodded.

"I see, well are you going to leave Rika for good?" Renamon shrugged as her digital brain was blank, an answer not arising from the depths of her digital cerebrum.

"I...I believe I should, but I have this feeling of doubt within me..." Renamon said. The orange eyed dragon observed his fellow digital monster's expressions.

"Well...there are times when one must make difficult decisions in their lives as Naruto once told one can really help you in making such decisions as only you, yourself can answer them. I won't tell you what to do, but considering your current predicament, I say you should return to Rika. However...whether you choose to or your decision Renamon" Dorumon said in a sage like tone.

"I never thought you could be so insightful"

"It's something I picked up from Naruto. For a dunce he can be a genius when it comes to one's personal matters, well I gotta go or Gatomon will be worried" Dorumon rushed past the blonde fox in a burst of speed before leaping along the rooftops. The blue eyed fox swished her tail as she watched the second purple digimon leave her presence.

"However...whether you choose to or your decision Renamon" these words forever haunted the kitsune digimon's mind before she faded away from her location.

Later that Night- Naruto's Apartment

Naruto and Dorumon were sitting on the couch as Gatomon stood atop the small coffee table in the middle of the joint living room/kitchen.

"I can't believe you guys left me alone here without any consideration to tell me where you went and another thing, Dorumon why were you with Renamon?" the two males rolled their eyes as the blue eyed feline continued her rant of doom.

'Is she ever going to STOP?' the tamer and digimon thought in their minds. Thankfully their prayers were answered as someone began knocking on the door of Naruto's apartment. Naruto glanced at Dorumon and Gatomon.

"Okay guys, you know the drill" the blonde announced. The two digimon nodded, Gatomon and Dorumon quickly took on an immovable phase as they appeared to look like stuffed animals. Naruto quickly channeled his chakra.

"Henge no Jutsu" he mumbled and with a puff of smoke Naruto had changed into the likeliness of his father, Minato Namikaze, wearing a larger version of the outfit he was currently wearing and sporting the whisker like marks on his cheeks (In other words, Minato with whisker marks). Naruto, disguised by his henge, walked over to the door and peeked through the peep hole in the door and saw a delivery man. Opening the door, Naruto looked at the man.

"You knocked?" Naruto said. The delivery man had a large box next to him with a smaller box atop it.

"Uh, hai...are you a Mr..." the man glanced down at the clipboard in his hand, "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze?" Naruto nodded.

"Yes...yes I am" the delivery man nodded and then picked up the boxes, but Naruto noticed he was straining in carrying them, probably from carrying them up three flights of stairs, while trying to balance the larger box in his hands.

"Don't worry I got it" Naruto said and took the boxes from the delivery man and rested it in the apartment room.

"Okay, well then Mr. Namikaze, you ordered one hp LCD desktop computer with a ready installed copy of Windows 7 software, a twenty gigabyte external memory card and wireless keyboard and mouse as well as one Motorola cellphone with 4G software as well Android software installed into said phone?" the delivery man asked. Naruto nodded, he had done some flipping through catalogs as well as going to a library and looking at the 'Computers for Dummies', 'Cell Phones for Dummies' and the 'Many other electronic appliances for one who is new to technology for Dummies' books and was now able to operate practically any piece of technology due to his use of kagebunshin to memorize the information from the books. Naruto was now a tech nerd.

"Hai, arigato" Naruto thanked the man and signed the clipboard to certify his payment of the electronic devices and the delivery man left with a tip of his hat. Naruto closed the door and released his henge reverting back to his original form of a thirteen year old boy. Dorumon and Gatomon immediately got up as soon as Naruto released his henge and turned to the boxes with a smile.

"Oh boy, my order from the Amazon catalog reached" Naruto tore into the poor defenseless cubes of cardboard, first taking out his newly bought cellphone and observed it. He found the power switch to be placed on top the outlining of the phone and was greeted with a 'Hello Moto'

"Sugoi" the three occupants of the apartment said.

"What are these things?" Gatomon asked. Naruto opened out the box for the computer next.

"These, Gatomon, are what are known as computers and cellphones. A cellphone, which is the small device in my hand, is used for telecommunication in which radio waves are transferred wireless-ly from a phone to another cellphone, for example say I wanted to talk to Rika-chan, I could use it and if she answers her cellphone, I could communicate with her. Sound is heard from the small speaker on the top of the phone here, while you speak into the other speaker down on the bottom of the phone." Naruto explained. Gatomon and Dorumon tilted their heads in confusion.

"Huh?" they stated intelligently.

"So it's like a communicator?" Gatomon asked. Naruto's eyes brightened.

"YES, YOU GET IT!" he exclaimed. Dorumon still looked confused as ever. Naruto then proceeded to set up the computer.

"So what's this now?" Dorumon asked.

"This is a computer. It is used for a multitude of uses, it can be used for communication through a software known as E-mail, you can find information on almost anything using this incredible search engine called the Internet. Also it is what makes the Digital World. The Digital World, I've realized is made up from the joining up of all the servers and computer softwares all over the world, hence why there is a 'Real World' floating in the sky of the Digital World. Also since it appears that both worlds are parallel to each other and are sort of one and the same, whatever happens here, happens in the Digital World, but I'm getting off topic." Naruto paused.

"Anyway the computer is what I wanted to have in order to help with my research on Digimon. Apparently since digimon are man-made, the data constructs that make up the information on the digimon produce a real life, physical representation of the digimon." Naruto looked back at his coveted brown box that held his computer.

"So why do you need a computer to learn about digimon, I mean you have us" Dorumon said. Gatomon nodded.

"I agree with Dorumon, why do you need a piece of machinery when you have living, breathing digimon right in front of you" the feline digimon added.

"Because not even you two have information on every single digimon in the Digital World" Naruto replied.

As he took out the box filled with computer equipment his eyes widened and he sweat dropped as he gazed at the large amount of wires he saw wrapped up into three individual coils. Then he took out the hard drive, the computer, the desktop monitor and other computer gadgets before he took out...the instruction manual. Naruto struggled to hold up the large book before dropping it on the floor and the two digimon and one human stared down at the large yellow book that red 'MANUAL' as it made a noticeable indentation in the carpet covered floor.

"This might take a while longer than I thought" Naruto mused. Dorumon and Gatomon sweat dropped at the tamer's statement.

"Ya think?"

Five Hours Later

"Finally, I'm done!" Naruto stared proudly at his newly constructed computer.

"That's where are you gonna put it?" the two digimon asked.

"On the desk table by the window that I had ordered last week"

"I wondered why you bought that hunk of wood" Dorumon mused. Naruto moved his computer to the desk and stood back to admire it proudly before fishing out the wireless mouse and keyboard along with the Wireless LAN in order for him to connect to the Internet. After synchronizing the devices, Naruto was ready for his journey into the unknown world of cyberspace. He pushed the power button and the three could have sworn they heard a chorus of angels as the white light of the now active monitor glowed. Naruto seemed to tear up as he was brought to the home screen and saw the Google Chrome icon. He clicked it and nearly teared up at the sight of the search bar.

"It's...It's...It's Beautiful" he whispered.

"It looks like a piece of shit, this is what we were wasting five hours of our lives to do" Dorumon said. Naruto's happy expression immediately faded from his face and he turned to glare at the dragon as he sat on the swiveling leather chair he bought with the wooden computer desk.

"Do you always have to ruin the moment?" the blonde asked. Dorumon smirked.

"Now what kind of question is that? You already know the answer" in response both he and Gatomon bopped him on the head earning a grunt of pain front the dragon digimon.


The Next Day

Naruto had finally built up enough trust in Gatomon to finally let her out during the day and damn she was shocked when she saw the large amounts of humans, vehicles and towering buildings that seemed to reach the heavens. The golden glow of the sun as it began to set, seemed to enhance the appearance of the towering infrastructure.

"This is nothing like it is during the night" she murmured as she sat atop Naruto's blonde head. School had finished quite a while ago so the trio were just enjoying the scenery. Then their minds were taken to the loud beeping sound from Naruto's pocket.

"We got a digimon that's bio-emerging" Naruto stated. The two digimon nodded and Naruto knelt down so Dorumon could climb on his back.

"You two ready?" he asked. The dragon and cat digimon nodded atop his head and back respectively. Naruto then took off leaving behind a trail of dust at the speed he was moving. Many people gasped as they saw a black, purple, white and yellow blur race past them. Thus they didn't get a good look at the trio. Naruto fished out his D-Ark and the hologram of the compass appeared. The red arrow pointed in a north east direction which Naruto followed.

"This thing is so far away" Naruto sighed, he had been running for a while and it was slightly dark, a shade of navy blue bleeding into the fire coloured sky. Naruto then skidded to a halt as the D-Ark found the destination.

"The in a Parking Lot?" the blonde questioned more to himself than others.

"Apparently so" Gatomon inquired. Naruto then looked around and saw no one around so after that he quickly channeled chakra into his feet and ran up the concrete walls of the parking lot until he reached the fourth level of the lot, which was where the digimon was situated. Gatomon and Dorumon hopped off of Naruto's person, the enhanced sense of smell came to life as Naruto took a deep breath through his nose. His eyes seemingly flashed red before he spotted a shadow moving in the back area of the parking lot.

"Found you" with a smirk, the blonde and the two digimon stared into the shadowy background of the parking lot. Then a large black lizard jumped out. The digital monster's body seemed to be completely made of dark violet and black flames, a burnt orange made the colour of its irises and upon its head was a steel helmet. Three sharp claws on each hand of the dramon digimon glinted in the light of the street lamps across the street. Naruto drew his D-Ark and scanned the digimon as a holographic image of the digimon in front of him was shown.

"DarkLizardmon, a Champion Level digimon who is made from a Flarerizmon that is infected with a virus. Its attacks are Dark Flare, Snipe Fang and Darkness Wave" Naruto read.

"So Gatomon how about I let you take this one, you haven't fought anyone except Dorumon since you've come here" the blonde tamer suggested. Gatomon smiled like...well like a cat and showed her sharp fangs.

"Puuurfect idea, Naruto" the feline digimon purred, her tail flicking back and forth in the air.

"Bring it on kitty cat" the digimon said with a feminine tone, indicating that DarkLizardmon was female.

The feline raced towards the dramon digimon as Naruto and Dorumon sat atop a car and ate some popcorn that Naruto had stored in his sealing scroll that he always kept with him. Gatomon quickly jumped into the air and aimed a slash at the fire dragon, but the lizard dodged the strike before aiming to use her own flaming slash on the neko digimon. However, Gatomon avoided the attack, but DarkLizardmon followed up with more slashes. Gatomon smirked as she used her superior speed and reflexes to avoid the attacks. The adrenalin coursing through her, Gatomon jumped and flipped over DarkLizardmon's head before her claws glowed with a holy ivory colour.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the glowing paws slammed into the flaming lizard's back sending her flying. Gatomon followed after and then channeled the energy from her Neko Kick and increased her speed to appear in front of DarkLizardmon before slamming another Lightning Paw into the enemy digimon's face. Then she fired more claw attacks to the chest that knocked the wind out of DarkLizardmon before Gatomon performed a powerful uppercut with enough force to knock out teeth, if the lizard had teeth that is, before following up with a glowing foot to the chin.

"NEKO KICK!" the foot crashed into the fiery lower jaw of the masked dragon sending her skyward. Gatomon jumped after her and then performed an axe kick to send her back to earth, but DarkLizardmon's eyes seemed to glow their burnt orange colour before blocking the kick by crossing her forearms before grabbing the feline digimon's ankle and making her meet the earth and forming an indentation in the concrete. DarkLizardmon then dropped down next to the fallen Gatomon and opened her jaws. A swirl of dark shadows and purple flames formed before being launched at Gatomon.

"DARKNESS WAVE!" she yelled and the attack raced towards the feline digimon, however Gatomon was able to climb to her feet and with a rush of adrenalin cartwheeled out of the way before speeding towards her opponent. Claws alight with white energy. DarkLizardmon roared and her flaming claws seemed to grow in length and took on the shape of jaws.



The two attacks clashed in a flurry of blows sending shockwaves of light and dark after each impact. Then Gatomon and DarkLizardmon interlocked their attacks, energy flaring out from their contact before Gatomon used the interlocking to keep her forepaws stationary and leaped up to perform a front flip. Both her feet glowed as she powered through with a Neko Kick to the face with enough force to knock out teeth. Fortunatelu for the dragon of flame, she had no teeth as DarkLizardmon's interlocking grip loosed and was sent skidding backwards kicking up a slight amount of dust. DarkLizardmon then ducked under a Lightning Paw before crashing her claws into Gatomon's face and then spinning and her long flaming whip which could only be indentified as her tail slammed into the cat digimon. Gatomon let out a cry of pain before she crashed into a support column. The white furred cat glared at the fiery lizard and her feet glowed from charging up a Neko Kick and used the energy to increase her feet's movement and blurred out of DarkLizardmon's field of vision. The dragon digimon looked around, her head whipping in every available direction in a 360 degree angle.

"She seems to be quite adept at fighting" Naruto said as he ate his popcorn. Dorumon reached over and took some for himself.

"Yeah, and I have personal experience to back it up" the dragon digimon added before swallowing, "but she still has a long way to go before she can beat others above Champion level. If she had a tamer, Gatomon might be able to handle herself better and be able to beat even Ultimate level digimon" Dorumon said. Naruto nodded in agreement, but even what Dorumon said was right both tamer and digimon could only frown at the thought of Gatomon leaving the apartment to live with another person.

"Maybe" was all he uttered.

DarkLizardmon roared in pain as Gatomon dropped down from the ceiling, raking her claws down as they dug deeply into the fiery flesh that was DarkLizardmon. Gatomon then spun and a roundhouse kick to the back of the entity of dark flames. DarkLizardmon grunted in pain before smirking to herself as she caught a claw aimed for her face and then grabbed the other one. Gatomon growled and her pupils became vertical slits as she attempted to free herself from the iron grip of DarkLizardmon. If it weren't for her forepaws being made of the data from the mega digimon, SaberLeomon, the burning sensation in her arms would be much, much worse. DarkLizardmon chuckled before throwing Gatomon away and into a car, breaking the headlights and causing the alarm to go off, loudly. However, the sound was soon replaced with a loud explosion as the Darkness Wave attack crashed into Gatomon and caused the car to blow up also from the extra power. Gatomon gritted her teeth as she leapt out from the burning wreckage of the vehicle. Her fur was slightly singed since she was able to escape quickly. Her eyes widened as she was face to face with a large tongue of violet-black flames, that was just only a few seconds away from reaching her position.

"DARK FLARE!" was the cry from the reptilian digimon as the attack sped towards the chosen target. However it was ended as the blast was diverted. Gatomon's eyes widened as she saw Naruto holding a kunai that was surrounded by wind chakra.

"Fire may be fueled by wind, but wind can divert the flames" Naruto stated, "are you alright Gatomon?" Dorumon asked as he knelt down to the downed Champion digimon. Gatomon nodded and then she stared up at the much taller blonde shinobi and with that gaze in his eyes, the fierce sapphire orbs brimming with determination to protect those precious, she knew...she could trust Naruto with her very life. The golden ring on Gatomon's tail began to glow a shining topaz colour. Naruto looked back and his eyes widened as the light stretch from the tail ring and followed a path and snaked its way into his hand. The light took on the shape of a D-Ark, similar to Dorumon's except the ring around its screen was a bronze-gold colour, like Fanglongmon's scales. Naruto smirked and then clutched the D-Ark in his hand.

"Lucky me, two digimon partners" the shinobi stated. Gatomon chuckled as she rose to her feet with Dorumon's assistance.

"I knew I could trust you...Naruto" the feline gave off a smirk to her newly proclaimed tamer. Naruto smirked and then cracked his knuckles and neck.

"Then what do you say, partner. You up for a fight?"

"Of course"

"Oi, don't leave me out!" Dorumon exclaimed. Naruto smirked and formed a cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" and with a puff of smoke, a perfect copy of himself formed. He then handed Gatomon's D-Ark to the clone while he held Dorumon's. Naruto then drew a card and handed it to the kagebunshin who smirked at seeing the card.

"DIGIMODIFY...SABERLEOMON ACTIVATE!" the clone said. Gatomon smirked as her claw gloweda brilliant yellow.

"HOWLING CRUSHER!" Gatomon yelled and brought down the two claws that made contact with DarkLizardmon. The reptile of flame was sent to the ground before a roar was heard.


Dorumon raised his claws and brought them down and a crack formed in the earth as it reached DarkLizardmon and a large pillar of earth formed that sent DarkLizardmon upwards. Naruto and clone nodded to each other before running towards the digimon and then wind chakra into their feet, their speed increased as a miniature tornado swirled around both blondes. Naruto and the kagebunshin flashed through handsigns and then wind chakra flowed from their feet to their hands and formed two large claws on each blonde. DarkLizardmon then reached their level as they reached out and made contact with the digimon with the claws of slashing wind.

"Fuuton: Tatsumaki Assaiki no Jutsu/ Wind Style: Tornado Crusher Jutsu!" DarkLizardmon let out a scream of pain and crashed in to the back wall of the parking lot and sent her falling to the floor after. The clone dispelled itself after handing Naruto the D-Ark for Gatomon to the original who pocketed it with Dorumon's. The trio then walked over to the downed digimon, whose form was beginning to flicker.

" please don't make me go. I want to be stronger, help me DIGIVOLVE!" DarkLizardmon surprised everyone by standing to her feet and reached out towards Naruto, but paused as Naruto was a small object flying through the air and nail the digimon in the neck. Naruto watched as DarkLizardmon's eyes rolled into the back of her head before she fell to the ground unconscious...a tranquilizer dart stuck in her neck. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon then turned as they saw a white light and the sound of the rotating of the blades from a...Naruto tried to remember what machine made that sound. Then it hit him.

"A helicopter?" he tilted his head to the side in confusion. Then he heard footsteps and saw a man with dirty blonde hair in a black business suit and wearing dark sunglasses to cover his eyes. A cigarette lighter was being fiddled with in the newcomer's hands.

"We'll take it from here little boy" the man said as many armed men came down from helicopter and took DarkLizardmon.

"What are you going to do with her?" the younger blonde asked. Yamaki chuckled.

"Well we just came here to tell you little boy, that this is not to be treated as a game" Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Oh, yeah sure let's play catch with the giant fireballs" Naruto said sarcastically. Yamaki glared from beneath his shades.

"Listen here boy, we know about you and your little monsters. These creatures are dangerous to be around and I can tell you know this too" Yamaki said gesturing to DarkLizardmon. "You maybe I should take your own monsters too" Yamaki gestured to his soldiers to make a move, but they all froze as Naruto released killing intent.

"Sir...I-I-I can't...move" one soldier said. Naruto's eyes were a deep crimson as he stared at Yamaki.

"You make one move towards these two...and I'll make sure that you never see the light of day" the jinchuriki growled. Yamaki gritted his teeth and Naruto ended his killing intent wave.

"Well then, you seem interesting, more interesting than these monsters here" he smirked. "Take him down boys" the soldiers raced bent down on their knees and readied their tranquilizer guns, but when dealing with Naruto who can move faster than the wind...was not a smart idea to use a gun which takes so long, relatively speaking of course, to use since you have to get into a position to shoot with the most efficiency and also the reloading of the darts. Naruto growled and before the soldiers could even move, Naruto vanished from sight and then Yamaki watched in shock as he saw Naruto reappear as if he never left the spot and saw all his soldiers lying on the floor, their guns knocked away and crushed therefore making both weapons and man unusable.

"We'll meet again, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Yamaki said.

"How do you know my name?" the whiskered blonde asked with a glare. Yamaki pocketed his lighter and smirked.

"We have been keeping an eye on you for quite a while, and with this little presentation you just showed me..." Yamaki chuckled, "your little secret might go public" Naruto's eyes widened and then watched as the soldiers who were groaning on the floor, slowly get up and walk away with Yamaki back to the helicopter. Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon stared in shock and watched the helicopter fly off. Naruto watched it and saw it go towards a pair of twin towers.

"Tomorrow night, we go into those towers, and we destroy all evidence of me" Naruto said, he knew that they would probably take the rest of the night to only contain DarkLizardmon. The next day they would do their research and then update their files on Naruto's information.

"We can't risk the world knowing about you" Dorumon said, "why don't we go now?" the dragon asked.

"Because we can't go with Gatomon exhausted" he said gesturing to the panting cat digimon.

"No...I-I-I'm o-o-okay...really" she said between gasps before she fell unconscious. Dorumon quickly caught her before she hit the ground. Dorumon glared at the twin towers as he carried Gatomon. He and Naruto then walked back to the apartment and got Gatomon to sleep on the bed that Dorumon and Gatomon now shared...apparently she was only having nightmares just like Naruto, except hers seemed to be much worse. One word came from the mouths of both dragon and human. They stared out the window in the direction of the Hypnos Towers.


The Next Day

Naruto smirked as he looked at Gatomon.

"It looks good on you" he said. He had attached a small cord of leather through the strap on Gatomon's D-Ark and wrapped it around her neck to make a makeshift necklace.

"Really?" she asked.

"Of course, you look nice" Dorumon said with a toothy grin. A blush reached Gatomon's face at the compliment from Dorumon.

"Arigato" then the D-Arks went of, a beeping sound coming from both of them.

"Well looks like we got a bio-emergence" Naruto said and then nearly fell over as a sudden force reached his back and head. Dorumon climbed onto his tamer's back while Gatomon jumped onto her tamer's head. Naruto sighed.

"Suddenly, I'm beginning to feel I'm being abused for my uses of high speed movement"

"Awww, gomen nasai Naruto" Gatomon said.

"It's okay, Gatomon. I'm happy to carry you two and I'll do it when I can" he said with a foxy grin.

"NOW MUSH!" Dorumon said and looked to see Naruto glaring back at him.

"Don't push it" he said and then formed handsigns and the trio vanished in a swirl of leaves and wind.

Shinjuku Baseball Field

The wind picked up around an area of the grass in the baseball field. A miniature tornado formed and a leaves swirled around before the winds dispersed to reveal Naruto with Gatomon and Dorumon. The two digimon dropped down and shook their heads.

"How do you not get dizzy from moving like that?" the feline asked. Naruto shrugged.

"I guess it's because I'm just that awesome" the blonde said with a smirk.

"Oh you are so vain, my blonde tamer" Dorumon sighed. Then the compass appeared on the D-Ark around Gatomon's neck showing that they were...directly on top of the area where the digimon were to appear. The hazy mist of a digital field then formed as a large fountain of data sprung forth from the earth. Fie FlyBeemon and seven Flymon appeared from the data portal. The swarm of insect digimon buzzed as they spotted the trio. The holographic image of a Flymon, the likeliness of a mutate bumblebee, a pointy black beak in the likeliness of pincers made its jaws, large wings made of a pink membrane and inscribed with an odd yellow symbol. The large black claw tipped each of its six legs and a large pointed black stinger completed the image.

"Flymon" Naruto read, "a Champion level digimon whose hide is quite thick and contains a very potent poison in its body. Guess we will have to watch out for its Brown Stinger and Poison Power attacks" The trio then faced the swarm and charged. The swarm also split up, the FlyBeemon taking Naruto and the Flymon heading for the two digimon partners.

Naruto leaped into the air charged chakra into his clenched fist before crashing it into the head of a FlyBeemon sending both he and it to the ground.

"LIGHTNING STINGER!" one of the armour digimon yelled. Naruto rolled out of the way as a red lightning bolt struck the downed insect digimon and caused it to disappear into red flakes of data. Naruto then smirked as he saw two of them descend to attack him. He quickly spun on his heel and performed a spin kick that directed at the one of the two digimon's sides. He then grabbed the one he had struck as he ducked beneath a Poison Sting from the second one. The third FlyBeemon tried to help his two fellow digimon, but Naruto threw the FlyBeemon he had grabbed. He then jumped after it and used the digimon as spring board to reach the other two in the air, which was quite high up. The FlyBeemon twisted their bodies to avoid the lariats that Naruto planned to use. Naruto flew past his targets and then formed a cross shaped handsign.

"Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled. The copy of the blonde formed in a puff of smoke and then threw his creator at the digimon. Naruto held out his arms and performed the lariat again, this time succeeding and bringing both FlyBeemon to ground level. The two FlyBeemon buzzed their wings in pain before Naruto back flipped in order to avoid the bolts of red lightning from the other two digimon. The four FlyBeemon then rose up into the air, a bit lower though because they were injured. Naruto dodged an attack as one FlyBeemon tried to run him through with its stinger, he jumped backwards, but the FlyBeemon continued to follow him. Naruto quickly formed a kagebunshin. The clone took the attack through its chest before vanishing in a plume of smoke and Naruto charged through the cloud of white with a rasengan in hand. The sphere of chakra plunged into the chest of the FlyBeemon and sent it spiralling away. Naruto quickly formed handsigns and ended on Hebi/Snake.

"Doton: Doryuudan no Jutsu" he roared and then dragon of mud and rock formed before swallowing the FlyBeemon and then diverting its attention to the remaining two.

"LIGHTNING STINGER!" the insect digimon cried in a desperate attempt to stop the earth dragon, but it was no use and the beast of earth swallowed them as well before the exploding tags Naruto had placed on the dragon burned out and a large explosion formed as the dragon self destructed, killing the digimon as well.

Gatomon and Dorumon were busy with the seven Flymon. Due to their quickly regenerating stinger and their numbers, Dorumon and Gatmon were force to dodge for most of the battle. Gatomon and Dorumon quickly jumped into the air as the Brown Stinger attacks nearly impaled them. Dorumon then grabbed Gatomon and threw her at one Flymon.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" she yelled and then impaled the insect through its head before jumping and flipping in the air in order to avoid a rain of stingers before impaling another with her claws. Dorumon then landed and fired a multitude of metal spheres.

"METAL SHOOT!" he yelled and the spheres flew through the air and impacted with two of th Flymon. The remaining three buzzed, their wings flapping with powerfully before a purple mist coated their vibrantly coloured wings.

"POISON POWDER!" they yelled. Dorumon and Gatomon's eyes widened, they were surrounded by the three and couldn't escape unless they planned to get skewered for their troubles by a stinger. Naruto's eyes flashed red and he rocketed towards his digimon before kicking straight through the skull of a Flymon and then he formed two kagebunshins without handsigns, he then flashed through handsigns.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa" he and his kagebunshins yelled and the great gusts of wind formed a tornado that used its suction action to suck in the purple mist. Naruto then flashed through handsigns again.

"Fuuton: Fuuryuendaan no Jutsu!" he cried out and then tornado fashioned itself into a wind dragon that was edged with purple from the poison powder. The dragon sliced and poisoned the two remaining Flymon and ended their lives as they became red flakes of data. Naruto landed on the ground and walked towards his partners.

"Are you guys okay?" he asked. Dorumon and Gatomon nodded.

"Hai, arigato" the two replied. Naruto then took off the makeshift necklace he used with Gatomon's D-Ark.

"I'm going to have to hold on to this" Naruto said and then handed it to one clone. "It might get damaged in a fight"

"You're right, that things is too 'dangly', it was nearly hit by the stingers from those Flymon before" Gatomon said. The kagebunshin then left to hide nearby tree within the baseball field. However, the trio noticed something.

"The Digital Field is still here" Gatomon realized.

"That means...there's more of them" Dorumon growled, his rounded pupils becoming vertical slits. Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration as he saw the fountain of data arise from the earth again and this more than a dozen of each of the insect digimon appeared. FlyBeemon and Flymon alike rising out of the abyss in a swarm of red and yellow. The insects buzzed their wings ready to strike.

"Kuso" Naruto drew two kunai and coated them with wind chakra, forming a chakra blade extension. The blades humming from the wind natured energy. However before any one of the combatants made a move there was a blonde blur that appeared in front of the trio.

"DIAMOND STORM!" A circle of shining white energy formed in front of the golden furred fox as the energy morphed into the shape of diamon crystals, just as pretty and just as deadly when as sharp as they are. The barrage of diamonds flew towards the swarm causing them to scatter as some were knocked down by the attack. Renamon then ran towards the downed ones and her paws were alight with blue flames.

"POWER PAW!" she crashed her fists and feet against the bodies of the downed insect digimon causing them to explode and scatter into red flakes of data.

"Is this just your fight or can anyone join in?" Renamon asked with a smirk.

"TAKE THEM DOWN!" Naruto roared as he smiled at Renamon. Renamon's glacial blue looked into Naruto's sapphire before giving the shinobi a wink before the two charged into the fray.

Dorumon dodged the red bolts of lightning from numerous FlyBeemon before countering with metal orbs. He then reached one FlyBeemon and leaped into he air, his jaws wide open.

"DINO TOOTH!" and the dragon digimon's sharp teeth dug deeply into the neck of the armour digimon, breaking through the red armour exoskeleton and causing it to burst into red flakes of data. He then back flipped before landing on the back of a Flymon and as a result of his landing, he pushed off so hard it grounded the insect before it dispersed into red flakes as Dorumon used metal shoot on it. He then slammed his tail against the face of another FlyBeemon before slashing its throat out. He kicked the bottom of the head of a Flymon that attempted to bite into him before twisting it and using the downed digimon as a shield to take the hit as red bolts of lightning and flying stingers from FlyBeemon and Flymon respectively embedded themselves into the body of the now dead Flymon. Dorumon landed on the ground and rolled to absorb the shock of falling from such a high height which also aided in his evasive action as three Flymon tried to impale him with their stingers.

"BROWN STINGER!" the Flymon yelled simultaneously. Dorumon dodged and countered by opening his jaws.

"METAL SHOOT!" and then steel orbs met the organic weapons before Dorumon's pupils became vertical slits as they were previously rounded. He spunon his heel and grabbed a stinger that was aimed for him and used it to block the other stingers from the other two and then threw and it was impaled through the body of the Flymon that had orignally launched said stinger. Dorumon then fired two more orbs of tempered steel and destroyed those two Flymon with a toothy smile on his face.

Gatomon back flipped as she avoided a barrage of stingers and lightning bolts before her claws glowed with white light.

"LIGHTNING PAW!" the feline roared and slashed through the hardened shells of the Flymon and bringing one down before jumping onto another and another, each time she impaled them with her claws. She then front flipped over the attempted Poison Sting attack from a FlyBeemon and was quick enough to land on its back before it flew off.

"Yoo hoo" Gatomon said in a sing song voice. FlyBeemon looked up and seeme to gulp before a flash of silver and black crossed his vision before Gatomon stabbed her claws into the digimon's face. Then she jumped off the FlyBeemon as it turned into data flakes before flipping in the air towards a few Flymon that were surrounding Dorumon in the air.

"NEKO KICK!" Gatomon spun in a three hundred and sixty degree angle and planted her glowing white feet/paws into the faces which carried the force to knock the teeth out of a Tyrannomon. The heads of each Flymon snapped upwards with a crack being heard as their necks snapped and they fell to the ground as crimson square flakes of data. Gatomon then smirked at Dorumon.

"Arigato, Gatomon" Dorumon said before biting into the neck of a FlyBeemon.

"No problem" she replied before front flipping over a charging Flymon and impaling it with her claws.

Naruto smirked as he slashed through each and every insect digimon with his wind chakra enhanced kunai knives. Slicing through the tough armour of the insect digimon like a knife through butter. Naruto smirked as he twisted his kunai into a reverse grip and threw one of his kunai. A small whirlwind formed as the kunai broke the sound barrier from Naruto channeling chakra into his arm muscles to increase his throw's power as well as the kunai's. Newton's Second Law was then applied as the rate of change of momentum of the kunai was directly proportional to the force which acted upon it and moved in the direction of that force, being Naruto's throwing the kunai. In other words, his kunai went through and through about five digimon before going through a tree and a boulder before landing on the ground in a crater. He then flipped in the air and threw his other kunai and flashed through handsigns as he saw a large amount of FlyBeemon race towards him.

"Kunai Kagebunshin no Jutsu!" one kunai became one hundred before they impaled all the digimon and sent them packing as red data flakes. The group of four then regrouped in a tight circle in order for all the insect digimon to gather in one area. Naruto then released a high pitched whistle and his kagebunshin that was hiding with Gatomon's D-Ark appeared.

"Arigato" the blonde thanked his copy before it gave a salute and disappeared in a plume of smoke.

"Okay Dorumon, Gatomon, attack plan 17" he yelled out. The two digimon nodded. Naruto quickly flashed through handsigns and his finger sparked with yellow and blue sparks of electricty.

"DORUMON!" Naruto ordered. The dragon rookie nodded before aiming upwards.

"METAL SHOOT!" Dorumon fired a series of metallic spheres in a circle formation before Naruto immediately formed his attack later on.

"Raiton: Doutsuu/ Lightning Style: Conduction!" random bolts of blue and yellow electricity flew from Naruto's fingers before becoming attracted to the metallic orbs floating above and then allowed them to glow from the charge in them.


"I'm on it!" the feline yelled. Renamon's eyes widened in awe at the teamwork these three were using.

'Such strength...when with companions' she thought as Gatomon floated in the electromagnetic field generated from the floating orbs of steel which in turn allowed the orbs themselves to levitate. Naruto then took out Gatomon's D-Ark and drew a card.

"DIGIMODIFY...IMPERIALDRAMON PALADIN MODE'S OMNI SWORD!" the card was slashed through the D-Ark. The bronze D-Ark scanned the card before transferring the card's abilities to Gatomon and in the feline digimon's hands, she held the great weapon of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Gatomon held the glowing white and gold blade before spinning and creating a twister of white and gold. The metallic orbs spun also and drew the attention of the entire swarm that remained. Naruto quickly took out two scrolls. He opened both, the first was blank while the other had seals on them. He pumped chakra into the second scroll and a bottle of his father's sealing ink and his special seal drawing brush appeared. Naruto dipped the brush in the ink and with the precision of a sealing master he drew a multitude of kanji and other seals before sealing away the ink and brush away when he was done.

He then flashed through handsigns and slammed his palm on the scroll and pumped chakra into the seals.

"Fuuinjutsu: Fuuin no Yon Hogosha/ Sealing Jutsu: Four Guardians Seal!" then four golden shields appeared before the tornado of gold and white could harm them as they harmed the swarm. The shields taking on the shape of a box. One had the image of a turtle, one was a phoenix, the other a tiger and the fourth was a dragon.

"Collaboration Jutsu..." Gatomon cried out the name of the attack, "Tenrai Denjishaku Arashi no Jutsu/ Collaboration Jutsu: Divine Electromagnetic Storm Jutsu!" the metal spheres began to glow brighter before the tornado expanded, not harming Renamon, Naruto or Dorumon as they were in the shield. The tornado sucked in the FlyBeemon and the Flymon into the tornado due to the suction and the pull of the electromagnetic field. The insect digimon were then caught in a large lightning storm and with a flash of light, the storm died down revealing a slowly rotating Gatomon who fell to earth from using so much energy with the Omni Sword. The blade vanished into data as she fell. Dorumon quickly, and to her surprise, used Renamon as a spring board to reach the feline digimon.

"So tired...did I do the jutsu good, Dorumon?" she asked. Dorumon chuckled before landing on the ground.

" did great" Gatomon nodded and nuzzled Dorumon's face as she fell unconscious. Dorumon forced down the blush that threatened to appear. Then the four heard a gasp. They all turned to see...

"Rika-chan/Rika!" Renamon and Naruto exclaimed. The red haired girl looked downcast.

'Renamon was strong, she doesn't need me' the girl thought as Calumon was standing next to her. Takato and Henry, along with Guilmon and Terriermon had arrived on the scene a few seconds before Rika and were able to see when the electromagnetic storm appeared and were staring in awe at the wide crater they were in, it wasn't deep, but it was wide.

Renamon was about to leave as the place began to get tense from the aura between her and Rika before another digital field sprung up. A large digimon in the image of a harpy appeared. Rika took out her D-Ark and scanned the digimon.

"Harpymon, an Armour level digimon whose Wind Seeker attack is deadly and she is quite accurate with the thing" Rika read. She watched as Renamon ran towards the harpy digimon and leapt into the air. Harpymon dodged the punch to her face before catching the fox digimon with her talons and threw her down to the ground. Renamon growled as she remembered what Impmon told her.

'The strength is within me' she thought as she closed her eyes and began to concentrate on bringing out that power as she fell. Her glacial blue eyes then snapped open.

Renamon rolled with the fall to avoid a Wind Seeker attack. The wind blast crashed into the ground before Renamon jumped and her paws caught alight with the ghostly blue flames.

"POWER PAW!" Renamon yelled before slamming a flurry of punches against the face and stomach of the half-bird, half-human digimon hybrid. Then Renamon spun and slammed a powerful roundhouse kick to the face. Harpymon let out a shriek from the pain as Renamon landed on the ground.

'It worked...Impmon was right, I wished for strength and it came to me' Renamon said. Renamon then ran and performed a Diamond Storm injuring the digimon further before performing an axe kick sending the digimon to the ground. Renamon was about to finish Harpymon off, but froze as a thought came to her.

'I may get stronger from absorbing data, but...once it's all over...what am I to do? I will be able to digivolve and fight for myself, but...what is my purpose once I have achieved this?'

However the blonde kitsune was too distracted by this development that she didn't notice Harpymon taking to the skies again.

"Think we should tell her she's about to get hit?" Dorumon asked.

"Maybe, or we could let Renamon and Rika-chan see that they actually need each other to become strong" Naruto suggested. Dorumon thought and smirked.

"I like your way better"

"Well of course, it's MY way" Naruto said. Dorumon chuckled and heard the battle cry, more like a screech to other ears though, as Harpymon flapped her wings with a powerful forward thrust.

"WIND SEEKER!" the wind crescent materialized and the concentrated wind blast connected with Renamon. The kitsune let out a cry of pain before skidding along the ground as she held her own against the attack, but it still hurt like hell. Harpymon then rushed downwards and crashed into Renamon sending her to the ground. Harpymon then thrust back her talon covered feet and thrusted forwards. Renamon rolled to the side to avoid it before having to roll to the other side to avoid the other talons on her other foot. This kept up for a while as Rika watched in horror.

'No, Renamon..." Rika's violet-grey eyes stared before she shook her head and steeled her nerves.

"When the times comes, you will know what to do"

Rika withdrew the kunai Naruto gave her from her pocket and gripped it tightly.

"I know what to do" the fiery tempered girl rushed towards the digimon and Henry and Takato stared in shock.

"RIKA MATTEO, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Takato yelled. Their words fell on deaf ears as Rika continued to run and then she raised the kunai and with a yell she stabbed the kunai into Harpymon, right between the wings. Harpymon let out a cry of pain as Rika took out the kunai and stabbed her again before the digimon threw her off. Rika rolled on the ground and stared up as Harpymon screeched.

"Foolish Human!" the harpy digimon descended with a shriek. The crimson triangle on Calumon's forehead began to shine and its crimson light bathed the grass to make it look like it was covered in blood. Rika's D-Ark glowed in her pocket and the screen released a white light.



Renamon was encirlced in a blue egg of data and her skin peeled away to show her larger, stronger form beneath a wire frame pattern. Skin then reattached itself to give form to the champion level of Renamon. The egg then exploded as Renamon's form changed to resemble a large golden and white furred kitsune with the edges of the white fur that glowed with mystical blue flames on the paws. Instead of one tail, eight more had sprouted out, now nine blonde coloured tails each tipped with white fur that seemed to also glow with mystical blue flames just like her paw fur. The bottom of Kyuubimon's mouth was white and two purple slash marks were shown underneath her still glacial blue eyes and a large white mane extended along the entire length of her neck. The yin-yang symbol was shown above each of her four legs and one lay on the centre of her forehead. A white and red rope tied in a bow with two golden bells attached to it was wrapped around her neck.


The large nine tailed kitsune howled as she charged Harpymon and tackled Harpymon to the ground. Harpymon managed to wiggle out of the kitsune's grasp, but Kyuubimon couldn't catch her again as the armour level digimon took to the skies and flapped her wings with powerful movements, building up wind currents into a single crescent shape.

"WIND SEEKER!" the wind blast descended upon Kyuubimon, but Kyuubimon spread out her tails, each one alight with ghostly blue balls of flame.

"FOX TAIL INFERNO!" the attack broke through the wind blast as the Fox Tail Inferno used the wind in order to increase its already blazing hot temperatures. The attack crashed into Harpymon and reverted her into red flakes of data. However, Kyuubimon didn't absorb the data as she walked up to Rika.

"You...You didn't absorb her data?" Rika questioned. The giant kitsune shook her head.

"No Rika, I've realized that I do not need data in order to become stronger. As long as you and I are together, is then I am truly strong" Kyuubimon smirked. Rika chuckled.

"Well yeah, with me as your tamer, there's no one that can beat us" the red haired pre-teen said. The two chuckled while Takato, Henry and their partners watched in confusion.

"What happened to our Ice Queen?" Terriermon asked. Henry sighed.

"Terriermon" the Asian boy whined.

"Momentai Henry, you know you want to know what changed her evil ways" Terriermon told his tamer. Rika and Kyuubimon smiled at each other before turning to the backs of Naruto and Dorumon as they were leaving. Naruto and Dorumon turned back and nodded in approval to the two females and then headed back for their apartment...on did they?

Night Time- Hypnos HQ

After Gatomon had rested to her full health, our protagonist and his two digimon partners appeared at the Hypnos building and looked around for anywhere in besides the front door. However, when they were about to give up and use the damn door, they heard the sound of wind blowing...coming fro inside the building as it left the infrastructure.

'Ventilation shafts' the three thought. Naruto then grabbed the two and after channeling chakra into his feet he scaled the vertical surface of the building as he reached the vent on what appeared to be the second level of the extremely tall building. Naruto looked at Gatomon who nodded with a smirk. Her foot glowing white.

"NEKO KICK!" the kick broke through the vent and allowed them access into the building. The trio entered the vents and crawled through them. Naruto sniffed the air in the vents before catching on to Yamaki's scent.

"I got his scent" he whispered to the two digimon. The three followed the maze of aluminum and steel before coming to a drop.

"Matteo, stop" he said, but the two didn't hear him as they pushed him over the edge and also caused themselves to fall also as they had tried to grab the heavier human as he fell. Dorumon and Gatomon screamed, but Naruto quickly grabbed them over their mouth and channeled chakra into his feet and planted his feet along the walls of the downward vent. Naruto winced as he was forced into a split, which really...REALLY HURT.

"Are you guy insane? Alert the entire building we're here why don't ya" he growled. Dorumon and Gatomon chuckled in nervousness, their tamer sure was scary when he was mad. Naruto quickly dropped down before bending his knees as he landed in order to help stop his landing from making too much noise. His ears then twitched as he heard voices on his left. Naruto motioned for his partners to follow him, the two complied with their tamer and found themselves looking through a vent in a laboratory. In the laboratory was a large generator which had a large amount of electrical equipment and scientists running about, talking about the 'Wild One' they had found in a parking lot.

'DarkLizardmon' Naruto thought. He then saw most of the room which was in front of the generator was full of a bluish green liquid that was obviously not water.

'Probably some sort of liquid that is non-conductive since the liquid would be covered with electrical charge if it were aqueous' the blonde thought. Then he growled as he saw the man he was looking for...Yamaki.

"Yamaki-san!" one of the lab assistant cried out.

"What?" the blonde owner of Hypnos asked in annoyance.

"Are you sure you want to do this, I mean we could study the creature and learn about it" the lab tech said.

"Urasai, you baka. I make the orders here, and I say we destroy every particle of that thing so as to obtain the information which we so desperately require in which we could be able to destroy those beasts that those 'tamers' are calling digimon" Yamaki growled. "It's not even worthy to be called an organism"

"But Yamaki-san, it is. It has a body and is therefore labelled as such"

"Don't argue with me now, now get the data analyzer ready" the lab tech sighed and complied with his boss before turning to the control board. He flipped a few switches, turned knobs and pressed 'The Big Red Button'. The data analyzer suddenly whirred to life and DarkLizardmon was awake in the data analyzer.

"No please, don't make me go back...AHHHHHH!" the flaming lizard digimon screamed in pain as its data was analyzed and then its body destroyed.

"Sir, analyzing the data from the digimon is complete. However, we only destroyed its body, not its data entirely" the lab tech said. Yamaki nodded.

"Destroy what's left, leave nothing behind, I have to oversee the information on our file about File Alien" Yamaki said.

"Kuso...does he know?" Naruto asked himself.

"Know what?" Gatomon asked, her blue eyes wide with curiosity.

"Oh, well remember Gatomon, Naruto is from another universe and therefore there are no records or information about him. He's hoping that this 'Hypnos' or whatever this place is called, doesn't have much on him" Dorumon explained. The feline nodded. Naruto then turned around and followed Yamaki's scent through the ventilation system and realized the man was heading upwards. The blonde and his two digimon waited a few seconds as the room cleared out. Naruto then burst through the vents and jumped onto the floor, and signaled for his digimon partners to do the same. However, as they did a lab tech had come back.

"Forgot my files" the lab tech grumbled and then he spotted an orange and black colour in his peripheral vision. Naruto blinked as the man spotted them. Naruto growled before vanishing in a blue of speed as the man was about to squeal and with a quick chop to the neck, the man was unconscious. Naruto then positioned him so it looked like he fell asleep on his desk. Naruto then sneaked through the door with Dorumon and Gatomon and then found the elevator. Naruto watched as the elevator went to the top floor.

"It's always the top floor" Naruto groaned before looking around the hallways. There was nobody there and the lights were off so Naruto quickly channeled his earth natured chakra and punched the steel door, bursting it open. He then grabbed Dorumon and Gatomon before channeling Kyuubi's chakra into his feet as his normal chakra would only make him go slower, well slower in terms between his and Kyuubi's chakra. The shinobi clung to the wall and began to climb up it using all fours as the two digimon hung on to his head and back respectively. The orange and black blue raced up the elevator shaft until he came to the base of the elevator and punched a hole in it. He then spread it out and allowed he, and his digimon partner to climb out. He then pried the door of the elevator open and walked out.

The three walked along the hallway as Naruto followed Yamaki's scent.

'So this Yamaki guy has been plotting to destroy Digimon and...he's been keeping tabs on me' the blonde thought. Naruto cracked his knuckles and walked towards the door that automatically slid open as it was an automatic door and he and his digimon stared at all the electronic equipment in the room. There were computer generated graphs, a large screen that featured something call 'JUGGERNAUT', but Naruto didn't care about these things. His mission was a simple 'hit-and-run'. Destroy the equipment that held information on him and leave. He sneaked through the room without Yamaki and Riley noticing, both of which who were busy analyzing the data on him on a screen. Naruto looked as they updated the information on him. Dorumon and Gatomon were by his side watching along with him. The three were using all their stealth as they observed the screen.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Age: Approximately 13 years old

School: Shinjuku Junior High

Physical Appearance: Spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, seems to be average height, three whisker like scars on each cheek (cause of these marks is unknown) usually wears a black t-shirt with an orange dragon and orange flames on it, a pair of black/navy blue pants, a belt with a crimson X as a buckle and a pair of orange and blue sneakers.

Blood Type: O

Skills: High levels of stealth, hand-to-hand combat, weapons experts usually with shuriken and throwing knives, can manipulate the elements of fire, water, wind, earth and lightning, can erect force fields of some kind. Possesses enhanced senses, strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, and endurance.

Wild Ones Associates:First Wild One appears to be a purple and white furred dragon with a red gem embedded it its forehead. Has enhanced senses and can fire metal spheres from its mouth. Is very adept at hand to hand combat and can fight on even terms with other Wild Ones larger than itself. Extremely Dangerous.

Second Wild One resembles an Eyptian cat with two extremely large forepaws and ring worn on its tail. Has enhanced senses, and is adept in hand to hand combat, able to take down Wild Ones bigger than itself. Extremely Dangerous

Known Family Members: Unknown

Danger Level: Extremely Dangerous

Naruto, Dorumon and Gatomon's eyes widened.

"Naruto, they know all of come you haven't done anything" Dorumon whispered.

"Because, I thought after we ditched them in the park where we met Raidramon, they would leave us alone...and also they appear to be taking this information only when we fight the digimon that bio-emerge" Naruto replied.

"Well that's partly your fault for them to receive this much information, but Naruto they might have back ups so take down the girl, destroy the information and the computer and then take the man down, threaten him to tell you where the back ups are and then destroy those." Gatomon smirked at her plan as she saw the two males stare in awe.

"Good plan, Gatomon" Dorumon uttered.

"Arigato, Dorumon, you're always so good to me" Gatomon said as she hugged the dragon digimon.

"Okay, you two can flirt later, now come on" Naruto said. Dorumon blushed while Gatomon released Dorumon from the hug and winked at him. Dorumon would have fainted from the rushing of the blood to his head and face, but managed to not faint. Naruto looked at digimon and then held up one finger. Then he raised a second and then with a third he made the motion to attack. Naruto and his digimon blurred out of sight.

Riley and Yamaki were watching the screen until they saw multiple weapons slam into the screen and keyboard and frying the circuits. Naruto formed handsigns before firing water bullets at the computer. The computer fried from being soaked and destroyed. Riley and Yamaki were completely off guard, even more so when Dorumon appeared and chopped Riley in the back of her neck and knocked the red haired woman out. Yamaki was about to turn, but froze as he felt the coldness of Gatomon's claws at his throat.

"Heh, just like you beasts to threaten us defenseless humans" Yamaki chuckled.

"We are not beasts, human" Dorumon growled. Naruto dropped down from the ceiling and landed on the cold, stone floor.

"Now then Yamaki..."

"How do you know my name?"

"The same way you learned mine, by spying on the other" Naruto replied with a foxy grin, his eyes flashed red before reverting back to blue and back to red. The irises remained crimson, because Naruto really needed to get that information out of the blonde man.

"Now listen here, Yamaki. I know you have made back up information of this information you have on me...where is it?"

"What makes you think I'll tell you?" the shades wearing man said. Naruto chuckled before revealing his claws and held them up to his throat with Gatomon's own.

"Because if you don't...I will have Gatomon, and not to mention myself, slice open your throat" Naruto growled, the crimson aura of Kyuubi's youkai surrounding him. Naruto suddenly froze as he heard the sound of a click, it was faint, but he heard it and looked to where it came from...Yamaki's glasses. Naruto ripped off the glasses and crushed them and the circuitry for his camera broke apart.

"Remember Yamaki, you wrote down I have enhanced senses, that little click just gave you away. Now tell me what I want to know" Yamaki sighed and chuckled.

"No" Naruto palmed his face before grabbing Yamaki by his collar, Gatomon jumping down from his shoulders and watched Naruto punched the man in his face.

"Listen here, you don't want to make me angrier than I already am...and you won't like me when I'm angry" the jinchuriki said. Yamaki gulped as he nearly pissed his pants feeling the killing intent coming of Naruto in waves and then he saw Naruto's eyes glance to Riley and his eyes widened.

"If you don't answer, I know some very sexually deprived people who would LOVE to see this little piece of ass" Naruto said grazing Riley's face, apparently Kyuubi's influence was affecting his vocabulary and his dark nature was coming through. Yamaki shook his head.

"Alright...alright I'll tell you. It's in the secondary hard drive and there are two flash drives in the bottom drawer of the desk Riley's sitting at" Naruto smirked before reaching into Yamaki's pockets and pulling out the other floppy disks and flash drives from the man's pockets.

"I'm not stupid, Yamaki" Naruto said and then crushed the data on him. Naruto then saw Dorumon and Gatomon destroy the secondary hard drive and found the two flash drive and stomped them into pieces. Naruto's eyes flickered from crimson to blue before they settled on their original sapphire colour.

"Well, we'll be seeing you around" Naruto said. He then dropped Yamaki on his ass on the floor before he took Dorumon and Gatomon and vanished in a swirl of wind and leaves.

However, although Naruto was able to destroy the programs on himself, he failed to remember about the digimon destroying program. Yamaki reached into his shoe and pulled out a floppy disk and a CD each labelled with one word...Juggernaut. Yamaki chuckled, once he finished downloading this large amount of data into the main hard drive...

"All Digimon will be eradicated and the world will be free of those digital scum" Yamaki walked over to the main hard drive and inserted both CD and floppy into the main hard drive, he watched the program load itself and then went to reach for his cigarette lighter when he knocked over a stack of floppies that Riley had organized to very nicely...and in alphabetical order too. Yamaki sighed and picked up the floppies until he came to a silver coloured floppy. His dark colured eyes stared at the name on the floppy.

"X-Program?" he questioned. He looked at the floppy and found a note stuck to its back.

To whomever reads this letter, this is the floppy containing a prototype data destroying program. This X-Program requires the encryption key 774657473#8*9. It destroys all unwanted data and unless stopped using the encryption key I have written here, this program cannot be stopped. The encryption key to stop the program is 9998465367263. Use only when necessary, this program was banned because it caught a virus and nearly destroyed the entirety of cyber space, but before we banned it, I managed to add an antivirus program into the X-Program and destroyed the virus making it safe to use again.

May you use it well, whomever you are, Dr. YuGGito TakanoDRASIL

Yamaki smirked, if he could incorporate this program into the Juggernaut, he could make an even more potent data removing program, JUGGERNAUT-X he would call it...Yamaki's not good with names. But he wondered why the certain letters were in bold. He shrugged.

'Now to upload this into Juggernaut' Yamaki did so and by tomorrow evening... all the necessary components of Juggernaut-X would be completed.

Next Day- Evening

It was Saturday and the four tamers were relaxing and enjoying each other's company...even Rika. It was around 5 o' clock, so the sun was still shining high in the sky.

"This is nice, the four of us and our digimon all together" Takato said as he adjusted his goggles.

"So Naruto, how did you meet Gatomon and became her tamer? I mean Takato and I asked about the 'mystery digimon' when Dorumon digivolved, but you avoided the topic like the plague" Henry said.

"Yeah and how does Rika know about Gatomon?" Takato added. Naruto and Rika looked at each other as if telepathically communicating with each other. Rika shrugged and Naruto sighed.

"Okay, I'll tell you. But before I begin, Takato why did you reveal the existence of Guilmon to your friend Jeri?" the blonde asked.

"You showed Jeri, Guilmon!" Rika exclaimed.

"Uh yeah, because she's someone I can trust and although she calls him 'cute', but she can still be dependable she hasn't told a single soul" Takato said.

"Understandable...also given the fact that you obviously have a crush on this girl" Rika said. Takato blushed while the other two males chuckled.

"HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!" the goggle wearing pre-teen exclaimed.

"Girl's intuition"

"Girl's intuition by ass, you saw him blushing when he mentioned her" Naruto said causing Rika to slap Naruto upside the head.

"Itai, Rika-chaaan, that hurt"

"Naruto!" Henry and Takato yelled out.


"Gatomon" they said.

"Oh right, well I was fighting a Drimogemon with Dorumon when Rika came along saying how that she came to stop it, and was a bit late considering she lives like fifteen minutes from Shinjuku Park" Naruto said earning him a playful punch from Rika, "after that Drimogemon hit down a tree saying how that he was originally looking for and I quote, 'stupid rat of a digimon' before trying to kill her. Dorumon and I managed to save Gatomon while Renamon digivolved into Kyuubimon and defeated Drimogemon. After that, I took care of Gatomon and Dorumon helped in her adaptation to the Real World"

"Well that's the jist of it, unless you want to go into the battle details" Takato and Henry shook their heads 'no'. Suddenly they felt a large energy wave hit them. They turned and saw their digimon staring at the Hypnos Towers. Above it was a large portal made of blue, green and red data as the sky began to appear forming a swirl of colour. The once blue sky filled to with dark cumulonimbus clouds.

"Damn it Yamaki" Naruto growled.

"What are you talking about, Naruto?" Henry asked.

"The leader of Hypnos, Hypnos is the twin towers over there, Yamaki is their leader and I managed to sneak into their building and I found out about it. Something called Juggernaut. It's supposed to remove all digimon from our world...and now we have to stop it" Naruto said.

"Dorumon, Gatomon, let's go!" Naruto yelled and took off towards the Hypnos towers, his two digimon following him at his sides.

"Naruto matteo!" Takato called out.

"Meet me there" the blonde called back and then grabbed Gatomon and Dorumon before he channeled chakra into his feet and left them all in the dust...literally.

Hypnos HQ- Hypnos Twin Towers

Naruto stood in front of the building as he looked up at the portal. Large amounts of digimon began flying up from random locations towards the swirling mass of data in the sky as they were sent back into the Digital World. Then he watched as Gatomon was suddenly being pulled towards the portal by its energy. Dorumon quickly grabbed the feline digimon and then all of a sudden his Old Interface gem began to glow on his forehead. A glowing red aura surrounded Dorumon and then a large sky blue coloured ball of data floated out of the Old Interface and then stretched out to form a transparent blue shield, on it read a single word in Digicode.

"X-Antibody?" Gatomon read. Naruto and Dorumon looked at each other with wide eyes.

"The X-Antibody!" they exclaimed. However they heard a chuckle as they saw Yamaki walking up to them with a sensor pad in his hand.

"I see you are witnessing my greatest creation, Juggernaut-X, a mixture of the ancient data destroying program, the X-Program and my own JUGGERNAUT Program" Yamaki said. However, as he watched the remaining digimon go into the portal a large tear in the sky, as if it were sliced with a knife, leavin a large gash that showed a large amount of data.

"What the...what's happening?" Yamaki yelled into the headpiece he had in his ear.

"Sir, there appears to be some kind of data interference on the other's a Wild One and it appears to much stronger than any of the other Wild Ones that have's breaking through the Juggernaut-X and using it as a way to enter our world" the lab tech on the other end said.


"Oh suuure, blame us for your failures" Naruto said rolling his eyes, but then he began to think.

'Yamaki mentioned something called the X-Program which means that Dorumon's a way to fight back the destructive products of the X-Program and Dorumon was said to be around before even the Sovereigns. From the information Ebonwumon had given me on the Digital World and its makeup there is an old interface which made a few digimon. Dorumon being one of them.' Naruto thought.

"Dorumon, your X-Antibody, it's preventing Gatomon and you from going into that portal"

"Nani?" the two digimon asked.

"Hai, Yamaki mentioned an X-Program being interfaced with his Juggernaut so therefore, your X-Antibody must have been made to adapt to the destructive products of the X-Program since Yamaki said it was a data destroying program, the X-Antibody is helping to fight it off" Naruto explained.

"I see" however, the conversation was ended as large voice filled the sky.


"I'D NEVER SERVE YOU DIGITAL SCUM, LEAVE OUR WORLD IMMEDIATELY!" Yamaki cried out and then talked to the lab tech.

"Use the encryption key, stop Juggernaut-X" Yamaki ordered. The lab tech complied and within the lab he tried to, but it wouldn't respond.

"Sir, it won't respond, apparently, until that Wild One reaches to our world, the portal will remain open" the lab tech explained. Yamaki growled and then looked at Naruto's digimon.

"This is all their fault, if yo hadn't arrived in our world, this never would have happened" Yamaki growled and stalked towards Gatomon and Dorumon. Naruto quickly came to their aid and growled at Yamaki.

"Leave" he growled. Yamaki gritted his teeth and turned tail and ran.

"THE SOVEREIGN ONES SHALL FOREVER REIGN OVER THIS WORLD AS SUPREME RULERS OF BOTH DIGITAL AND REAL WORLDS!" the voice said and then a large blue light formed from the portal made by Juggernaut-X and onto the roof of Hypnos.

"The Sovereigns?" Naruto questioned.

"'s coming" Gatomon and Dorumon said. Naruto glared, at the light, this was one battle...that needed to be won, but Naruto could only think one thing as he felt the power coming from the bio-emerging digimon.

'Will we survive this?'

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