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Please Read: This is an alternate Universe, where in Kanata didn't had the chance to tell Miyu how he feels until Ruu and Miyu left his life... and he regretted it badly.

"Please Be Mine"
Chapter 12: Step 11 - Break her walls

"Give me back my ring, I love you, but I can't wait for you forever."

Miyu couldn't believe at first the words she heard from him. She could hear her heart racing rapidly in her chest painfully, "What are you trying to pull?"

Kanata frowned, "I am not joking. Miyu."

Suddenly, she felt cold inside as she watched Kanata opening his palm, signaling her that he wanted the ring now. "Wait a minute, this is really fast.. way too fast for me-"

"I confess, you rejected me. I have no choice but to move on."

"M-Move on?" she looked at him. "H-How fast can you-"

"Akira called me today." Kanata looked down, "You remember her right? my childhood friend?"

Akira Kijyo, Kanata's childhood friend. Long black hair, beautiful, violet eyes... "Yes..."

"She proposed to me."

"P-Propose?" she asked, her voice stuttering.

"Well... let's just say, I need to know if I will reject her or not." he leaned on the chair. "After all, I needed a girlfriend-"

"But getting married at the young age is-"

"I know." Kanata sighed, "But her parents were so eager. I told her... I will accept her proposal if you reject me for the last time-"


Kanata looked at her, sadly. "and you did."

"But you didn't-"

"I didn't what?"

What are you trying to pull? Why are you trying to stop him? Isn't this just what you want Miyu? You want him out of your life. You should thank Akira for this. She told herself in her mind but she knew that her heart was saying the opposite. She clenched her fist and felt the ring. Slowly she opened her hand and pulled off the ring to her finger, in doing that she felt her eyes getting wet and blinked fast. She didn't want to cry in front of him. She put the ring on the table and whispered, "O-Omedetou..." she was about to stand up when she felt his hand caught hers. "W-What is it?" she asked, trying her best to control her tears.

"I don't want to lose you as a friend."

His words were like a dagger in her heart that made the tears fall on her face. "Let me go..." she cried and run out the door. Before she could disappear from the corridor, she heard the teacher's voice calling her name. Now what?! She stopped and wiped her tears away. "What is it?" she asked, turning to her.

"We are not yet finish talking to him, go back."


The teacher approached her, "You remember when you took this job as a counselor, you will know that some of the cases might hurt you but you did swore that you, in spite of the pain... you will continue to become a counselor, am I right?"

"I just-"

"Do not forget. It is rude to leave someone who needs your help like that. Step aside the feelings. This is purely your responsibility."

Miyu looked at her, "W-What responsibility? I am through with that guy!" she yelled.

"Not yet. He came here for another help. Did you hear him out?"

"He already have someone-"

The teacher shook her head, "I know, so he came here for another reason"

"But Sensei-"

"Go back to the room... and talk to him."

A few more minutes, Kanata saw the door opening and saw Miyu glaring at him, she was so honest and genuine. She couldn't hide her feelings. He wanted to take her into his arms but he controlled himself, instead he took a deep breath and chuckled, "and you were suppose to be a counselor?"

"What can I do for you?" she asked, blinking back more tears. "Sensei told me that you need another help. What? you want me to help you for your wedding?" she asked, planting her hands on her hips.

"Yes." he said, meeting her gaze. "That's correct."

"I am not a wedding coordinator-"

"But I like your taste, and your style.. and Akira would love the idea for you to help." he forced a serious expression onto his face. "Plus... if I hire a true wedding coordinator.. I don't think I have the money for that. Also, I couldn't ask for Konishi and Tenchi since.. they really don't know me at all... but Akira and I knew that you do. So we decided to let you help us."

She gasped, "W-What did she said.. wait... you mean you already told-"

"I called her on the phone when you left." he groaned, "and she was thrilled, but I told her that I will be responsible for planning the wedding, every detail beginning to end." he chuckled, "besides... she had the nerve to propose.. so I decided to do everything. I lost my cool points when she did that, now I have to gain it by doing everything" cocking his head slightly to one side. "Don't you think so-" he stopped when he saw her changes in her face. "T-Take a sit Miyu, you look very pale all of the sudden."

Miyu took her seat, "You're impossible." she said, wishing her voice sounded steadier than the quivering little noise she was hearing. "You.. you ask for my help to find you a girlfriend... and then you force me to.. to act as your fiancee.. and now you-you want me to help you prepare for the we-wedding?"


"What about Nanami? or Aya? or Santa? They will be happy to help you." she paused. "Yeah I remembered, Nanami wants to become a fashion designer and-"

Kanata smiled pleasantly, "and you coordinate with her. She can make Akira's wedding dress. That's brilliant!" he nodded, "You are indeed helpful." their eyes met for a second, but Miyu looked away. "So.. will you help me?"

"When do you want to get married?"

"Valentines day."

"This is insane..." she whispered, the threat of tears again.

"I know." Kanata's smile faded. "But I will do anything for the woman I love."

"Welcome back, Miyu." Miki said, smiling while cleaning the house using one of the NASA Japan equipments. Miyu didn't greet her, she just went straightly to her room and lay on her bed. She couldn't believe how Kanata could move, decide, think and act so fast like that. She remembered how he confessed to her earlier and rejected him. After that, he made his decision. "Baka." she whispered, she clenched her fist and felt that something is missing. She opened her palm, and remembered the engagement ring. "Kanata no Baka." she growled and punched the bed. "Baka! Baka! Baka!" she cried loudly. "I can't believe you did this to me!"

"But you hurt him as well." said her mind.

"and you were so fast moving on." she said.

"But he gave you a chance." said her heart.

"I was afraid of rejection." she sobbed.

Her inner self replied, "But you rejected him many times as well."

"Ahhh Mou!" she growled and threw the pillow at the door.

The door opened and Miki caught the pillow. "Now Miyu, watch where you are throwing your stuff." she said, frowning at her daughter.

"Gomen." Miyu said, wiping her tears quickly.

Miki smiled as she sat on the bed and put the pillow back to its place. "I heard, Kanata's getting married... and it was a shock, that its not you."

Miyu gasped, "Mom.. I am sorry for lying-"

Miki nodded. "But it's not your fault right? You were just doing your job; and it was Kanata who told you to lie right?"

Miyu sat on the bed, realized and nodded. "Yeah, that's true. That Jerk." she said, then sighed. "How I wish I didn't help him before. This is the real reason why I didn't want to get involve with him"

"But you are his friend." Miki said, "I know that you never abandon your friends." she added, patting her daughter's hand. "and I am proud of you, for that."

"Mom.. in all honesty.. I don't know if I can help Kanata plan for the wedding." she said, quietly. "It will be painful.. and" she stopped and shook her head.

"Do you have feelings for Kanata?" she asked.

"Eh?" Miyu asked, "W-Well actually I-"

"I knew that Kanata has feelings for you, but you.. kept denying the feelings and now it's all too late." she said, sighing.

"You got it all wrong mom. I had feelings for him before but not anymore." she said, quickly. "I just.. well.. for Kanata and for the rest of us.. being married in this kind of age.. its.. suicidal right?"

"Well it depends on the couple." her mom said with a shrug. "I bet Kanata is a guy who can survive a weird relationship. Don't you agree?"

"Yeah.." Miyu said, and a sudden and vivid image of the past flashed through her mind. They've been through a lot. They had a quite weird relationship with an alien baby named Ruu and a pet sitter Wanya. "He is like that... he can survive a weird life and a relationship."

"I'll tell you what." Miki squeeze her daughter's hand. "Why don't you plan this wedding with Kanata as if it yours?" she asked.


"It will be for..." she rolled her eyes, "Training! That way when its time for you to plan your own wedding, you already have an experience. Right?" she said, then laugh.

"Yeah..right.." Miyu said, nodding. She didn't feel like laughing though, she feels as if she wanted to vanish from the earth immediately.

The next day, after school. Kanata and Miyu went to Saionji's residence to start the wedding plan. Miyu might not be excited but she had gathered all the resources and did her homework because its her responsibility.

"Okay." Miyu nodded and rubbed her hands together after she take out the wedding magazines and markers in her bag. While Kanata sat beside her after he prepared a tea for the two of them. "So what kind of wedding do you want? Traditional or western?"

"Traditional of course. I am a Buddhist priest son."

"But Akira came from a foreign country, do you think her friends and family won't mind a traditional one?"

"Hmm.." He paused and looked at Miyu intently. "What do you want?"

Miyu blushed, "Well I want a western wedding, its pretty romantic.. but of course since it's not my wedding I-"

"Then Western wedding will be."


"I'll just ask Akira if we can have a traditional wedding after the western wedding, it will be cool." he said, smiling.

"I thought you don't have enough money?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Well.. I'll think of something." he groaned inwardly. "Will you just stop being concern of the money and just continue with these.. things?" he asked, looking at the magazines sprawled on the table.

"Okay.. so next question is... how many are the guests?" she asked.

"Lots." he grinned at her.

"Kanata, here you go again. It's like you're not even serious! You should put your whole heart in this, since it's your wedding" she said, shaking her head.

"But I am serious." Kanata said, leaning forward, only a few inches from her as he looked directly into her eyes.

Miyu blushed and move away, "Good. Now let's continue" she said, picking up a magazine. She cleared her throat. "Okay.. according to this, we need a few bridesmaid for the western wedding." she looked at Kanata. "How many do you think, Akira can come up with bridesmaid? she must have foreign friends to-"

"None." he took a sip of the tea.

"None?" she blinked, surprise in her voice.

"Akira said, since the wedding will be here... it will be too costly to even bring her friends here." he sighed, "So I guess the bridesmaid will be our... wait you choose." he said, smiling at her. "If its your wedding, who will be your attendants?"

"Me? Well.. that would be Nanami and Aya."

"Then there you have it." he finished the tea and poured another tea on his glass. "What else?" he asked, turning to her.

"Okay.. if that's what you want..." she resume reading the magazine. "Oh.. here.. we need a motif." she said, pointing the picture. "What color do you think Akira would want for the wedding?"

"What do you want for your own?" he asked, still looking at her.

"Well.. I would want a yellow and white.. what do you think?" she asked.

"Perfect." he grinned.

"Tadaima.." Miyu said, opening the door of her house.

"Okaeri Miyu-chan" Yu said, winking "Do you want some snacks before we eat dinner?" he asked.

"No thanks dad.. I am full." she paused for awhile before she could reach the stairs. "Um dad..." she said, walking towards the kitchen.

"Yes?" Yu asked, but still cooking.

"I am really sorry for lying to you and mom..." she said, sighing.

Yu stopped and turned to her. "Your mom and I... just wanted you to be happy."

"I know..."

Yu blinked and frowned, "But the question is... are you happy?"

Miyu smiled and nodded. "Very." she excused herself and went to her room.

"As usual... Miyu.. you are such a terrible liar." he smiled and resume cooking. As he put a bunch of chicken into the oven, he remembered his conversation with Kanata.

"and we know how it is hard to convince our daughter to stop looking at the past and enjoy her future with you. However, since Miyu is our daughter... we know her more than you do. Are you interested about this kind of plan?"

"Is it guarantee?"


"Then let me hear it."

"First you break up with her."


"and see her reaction. But I bet that once you have said that it's over... she'll show you, her feelings. If you find out her feelings... start the plan right away."

"and then?"

"Since its hard for her to forget the past, let's fast-forward to the future. Tell her that you are engaged to someone and you will get married. After that, ask her to prepare a wedding for you, but she doesn't know yet.. it will be her wedding... I don't know how you can do it... but we will help you."

"That is crazy."

"It is... but seeing her right now, its impossible for her to wipe out your rejection to her. You must break that wall she created on her own. You must show to her that you will do anything for her... even to do the outrageous plan to get her."

Yu knew the risk.. but he had to help Kanata and Miyu, otherwise... the two of them will keep suffering for the rest of their lives. He chuckled, Well now this may shock people but Yu Kouzuki can be cunning too, like Houshou or his wife.

Yuu looked on her side and took a glance at her friend sitting beside her reading some magazines. They were inside the Library. Obviously, she knew why is she doing that. She frowned and sighed. This is why she didn't want to become counselor when she was offered to become one. She knew that once you become part of the counseling group, you have to step aside your feelings. The first time she heard the outrageous mission; the first thing that she wanted to do is kill Kanata. How low can that guy get? after trampling her friend's feelings like that, and now he wants her to plan his wedding? Talk about a real heart breaking experience.

"Ne.. what do you think of this?" Miyu asked, pointing the wedding motif at the magazine.

Yuu wrinkled her nose, "Do you want my opinion about this?" she sighed, "This is stupid."

"True." Miyu said, turning the page. "It is stupid... but I gave my word for it."

She growled, and snatched one of the magazines in front of them. "What does Saionji's fiancee want in her wedding though?" she asked.

Miyu looked at her, "Well that.. um.. the wedding.. will be planned as if.. its my own wedding." she said.

Yuu froze, "Wha?" she slowly looked at Miyu. "Pardon?"

"Yeah, Akira told Kanata that.. I should plan the wedding... just like its my own." she said, resuming looking at the magazines.

"But that is just-"


"Okay, fine. I'll shut up and I will control not to kill your precious friend 'Saionji.'" she paused. "It's just that this whole wedding is weird. Who ever heard of a bride who doesn't even give a damn about the plans for her own wedding? And to top that, she is asking the woman that her fiance was supposed to be in love with."

"I know it's all weird, just like this motif" Miyu said, frowning and pointing at the magazine. "Whoever wants a wedding with green and red motif in Christmas while the bride wears some gown with a Christmas lights around her."

"Your point?"

"It is weird but everyone is weird around us. You think you know this person but in truth.. you don't even know him at all.." she said, "Besides.. after everything happened.. I don't think.. Kanata would want to marry me."

"And if this plan works, I will marry Miyu." he said, looking at his friends. Aya, Nanami and Santa just overheard the plan. "Just like Miyu's father said.. I just have to break the walls that Miyu created. I just have to show to her the future.."

"Let me guess..." Santa said, touching his chin. "Putting the Minuses into plus?" he asked.

"Right." Kanata said, looking at them. "And you guys, you should help me." he frowned when Nanami and Aya crossed their arms, he remembered what just happened before. "I knew you said you won't help me anymore but I am begging you guys... this is the plan that Miyu's father and I worked.. just.. help me." he bowed before them.

"I thought you have 'Azami' hmm?" Nanami asked, frowning. Kanata frowned, but continue to bow.

"Well.. I must say.. Saionji.. that out of all the plans you thought? Miyu father's plan might actually work." Aya said, nodding.

Kanata raised his head, and looked at each of them. "Then.. will you help?"

Santa laughed, "Who would have thought that Miyu's father is actually conniving one too? I thought he was a silent person."

"Hey. He is a scientist." Kanata defended.

"Opps. Warui (my bad)" Santa tried his best not to laugh anymore.

"And what happens next?" Nanami asked.

"Well as we are planning for the wedding, I will try... really try hard" Kanata sighed, "To break Miyu's walls, chip away that fear of rejection and get her to allow herself to fall in love with me... without thinking of the past anymore."

"Ah..." The three chorused.

"It's just that.. I feel.. and Miyu's well my dad... knew that there is a special thing between me and Miyu... Its rare, important and forever. But because of that fear.. I..." he sighed.

"Love is complicated." Santa nodded. "But there is one flaw in this plan."

"And what is it?" Kanata asked, All of them looked at Santa; because they knew that Santa is a happy-go-lucky guy. But once he starts talking seriously, its really serious.

"I understand the wall breaking and making Kouzuki fall in love with you but.. what if she finds out? Will she understand when you start to explain to her about this plan? Women are complicated." he looked at Aya and Nanami. "Excuse me for the term, but Women don't like to be lied. This whole thing can backfire on you."

In truth, Kanata already knew that. He remembered Miyu's reaction when she finds out about the plan and they almost lost her friendship. "I know.. but.. I am taking my risk right now. If I don't do this.. I don't think.. Miyu can move on from the past."

"Well.. let's just hope.. that Miyu will be thrilled and will think of your efforts instead of getting hurt because you once again lied to her with this plan when she finds it out." Aya said. Everyone nodded.

"Bye Yuu!" Miyu waved at her friend at the entrance of the school. Before she could walk away; her phone rang. It was Kanata's ringtone. She immediately answered it. "What do you want?" she asked, Kanata told her to meet at the same restaurant where they went to before, there was a problem about the wedding and they must discuss it.. She sighed and just took a bus to get to the place.

"Yo!" Kanata greeted, as she entered the restaurant. "Took you long enough?"

"I had to take the bus." she said, as she slid on the chair. "And why here? We are in our uniform and this is one of those fancy restaurants." she said, looking around.

He frowned, "You should have take a taxi and we are customers, it doesn't matter if we are in our uniform." he smiled, "besides those waitress don't mind." he said, as he signaled one blushing waitress. "Order you like." he said, winking at the waitress.

"Oh brother." Miyu rolled her eyes and took the menu. She ordered the first thing she saw on the menu. After the waitress got their order, she busied herself spreading the linen napkin on her lap. "Okay so what's the problem?" she asked.

Kanata blinked, "Problem?"

"Yes.. the one you said on the phone?"

Damn, he thought. I'd almost forgotten the wedding plans. "Um.. Akira called." he cleared his throat.

"Okay?" Miyu blinked, "So what's the problem?"

"Well.." he stopped. Okay wise guy what now? "Um.. w-why don't we just enjoy our dinner first?" he smiled, nervously. "And then after that.. we can talk about the problem."

"Kanata, I came here to know the problem." she frowned.

"B-But if you find out about the p-problem.. you'll leave.. right?" he asked, damn, I am really crummy at this. "So I guess-"

"I won't. I promise." Miyu said, looking at him. "So tell me the problem."

"Um.. the... problem... fine." he looked around, Okay the problem is there is no problem. He wanted to blurt out; "W-Well Akira called and she..." he rubbed his hair which made his hair messy making him look more handsome than ever. Miyu blushed and looked down. But Kanata was busy thinking about the problem. "She.. um.." he stopped and remembered a scene like this in one of the mangas he was reading. "W-well she called and said that she doesn't have a maid of honor. It's problematic right?"

"M-Maid of honor?" she asked.

"Yeah.. since she's th-the only child.. so she doesn't have a maid of honor." he sighed.

Maid of honor huh? Miyu shook her head, "Well that's not a problem." she said.

"It's not?"

"I can be her maid of honor." Miyu smiled, "That way she'll be happy.. by the way. Can I ask for her number? We have to coordinate sometimes because of the wedding so.. can I have it?"

Kami-sama.. can I die now? That was Kanata's question after he heard her.


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