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I Still Believe

Sadly, our weekend getaway had to come to an end. Our flight to Southern California was at 8pm which was in about an hour. So we all spent pretty much half the day packing for the school trip. We were gonna get there late and go straight to bed. When we wake up we'll practice for an hour or two then head off to Nationals. Then we'll celebrate whether we win or lose and head back to Lima the next day, proud to have even made it to Nationals.

I just finished packing up enough clothes for Beth on the trip. I had finished my own luggage awhile ago. Finn and I both decided that it would be cool to bring Beth along to California, then she could see her parents perform for her. But she could only go if we were able to have an adult that we trusted watch her while we performed. Mr. Shue had volunteered to babysit her, and we considered it but realized that he would probably be too busy with the glee club. Thankfully, Mrs. Jones and Carol said that they would be glad to come. The whole glee club helped come up with enough money to pay for the extra tickets.

I heard my phone ringing somewhere. I searched around the room and found it in Beth's crib. "Hello?" I answer.

"Hey, beautiful. How are my babies doing?" The voice says.

"Hi, Finn. Beth and I are fine. How are you?"

"Great. So, my mom, Kurt and I will be there in about 15 minutes. Are you, Beth, Mercedes, and Mrs. Jones all packed and ready? Is there anything you guys need me to bring?" Finn had become even more responsible since Beth was born.

"Well Beth and I are ready. I think someone wants to see her daddy and grandma and of course her Uncle Kurt. But Mercedes and Mrs. Jones should be done any moment now. So come on over."

"Ok. I just gotta pack all the luggage into the car and we'll be right over. I'll see you in a bit. I love you both. Bye."

"We love you too. We'll be waiting. Bye Finn." I hang up the phone and go over to pick Beth up. "Daddy and Grandma are going to be here soon. How about I give you a shower and get you changed, so that Daddy can feed you when he gets here."

I grab a towel and take Beth for a nice shower. As soon as I finished changing Beth and putting her clothes on, the doorbell rings. I walk down and open the door.

"Hey, baby." Finn walks in giving me a kiss on my lips.

"Hi, Finn. Hi, Kurt. Hello, Carol." I greet as I see the two of them following close behind Finn.

Kurt waves before walking up to Mercedes' room. Carol looks around the house and takes in her surroundings for a minute or two. "Oh. Hi, Quinn. Are you ready?"

"Almost. I just need to take a quick shower." I answer her. Then I turn to her son. "Finn can you feed Beth while I go take a shower and bring our stuff down."

"Sure." He gently takes the baby from my arms and walks into the kitchen for a baby bottle.

"Make your self comfortable, Carol. I'm sure Mrs. Jones should be down any second now." I notified her as I motioned her into the living room. "I'll be right down, when I'm finished. And could you watch Finn, sometimes he forgets that he's supposed to burp Beth after feeding her."

"I'll do that. Now go, get ready."

I run up the stairs, and take a shower. When I finish, I walk into my room and find Mercedes waiting on my bed. She too had just finished taking a shower.

"Hey girl. You ready? Everyone's downstairs." Mercedes informed me. I nodded.

We both grabbed our stuff and Finn helped load it into his car after handing Beth over to his mom. Then we all gathered into in. Finn drove with me sitting up front. Carol, Mrs. Jones, and Beth sat behind us with Beth in the middle. Kurt and Mercedes sat in the back. Once all seated and buckled in we headed off to the airport.

We landed in California, around 9pm California time. About an hour later, we found ourselves in a hotel lobby. We waited for Mr. Shue to go get the rooms and room keys, so that we could head up and go to bed.

Finally, Mr. Shue came back with the keys. "Ok, here we go. We're all on the fourth floor and the rooms are right next to each other. Mrs. Jones and Ms. Hudson's room is room 426 and mine will be 438. Once I call your name come get your rooms are two to three people to a room. Mike, Matt, and Puck. Kurt and Artie. Finn, Quinn, and Beth. Mercedes and Tina. Santana, Brittany, and Rachel. You'll have a wake call of 8am and make sure you're at breakfast by nine. Go on!"

Tiredly, we all headed up to our rooms. Finn had Beth over one shoulder and was carrying his bad with his other hand. I rolled the suitcase Beth and I were sharing and walked in front of them with our room key.

When I walked in I saw that our room was connected with another. When I opened the door, I found that we were connected with Carol and Mrs. Jones. It was good news since we know that they will definitely help us with Beth.

I walked back over to Finn and helped him tuck Beth in who was still sleeping. He and I went to change into our PJs, before jumping onto the other bed. We didn't have the energy to talk, so we went straight to sleep.

The next morning Finn and I had our own little wake up call at 7 in the morning. Her name was Beth. Finn was out of bed and rocking Beth back and forth before I even sat up. I stayed laying down to see how he would handle the situation.

"'s ok Beth She started to fall back asleep in Finn's arm. When she finally did, instead of putting back on her own bed, Finn layed her down on his chest.

"Nice job, baby." I kiss his cheek.

"Thank you." He wraps one arm around me and brings me closer to his body. I slowly run my hand over her head before kissing it. We both stayed up and admired our baby for a little longer.

Eventually the hotel wake up call reminded us that we had to get ready. I went to get ready and when I finished, Finn went to get ready while I fed Beth.

The competition was later today. At breakfast Mr. Shue had us make sure we know what we were doing, and that we ate a nice healthy breakfast. We decided to go into his room after eating to practice for a bit. The competition wasn't until two, so Shue was gonna make us practice until lunch.

"Ok guys. That was great. Let's run through it again one more time and then we can head out to lunch." Mr. Shue said. We all groaned.

"Mr. Shue, we've been practicing for two hours without any breaks. We're all tired and hungry." Mercedes spoke from her spot.

"Yeah, Mr. Shue. If you overwork us before the competition, we're not gonna do so well." Puck agreed. All of us were agreeing with Puck and Mercedes. We already have the number down and memorized.

"Fine. Fine. Let's go get something to eat. Then we can relax a little before Nationals. Ok?" Mr. Shue sighed.

We all ran out as fast as we could to get to the food. We all ate a good amount making sure not to eat too much, so our routine wouldn't be messy.

All of us were now in our Nationals costume. We dressed pretty much how we always do. The guys were in nice pants, a button up shirt, and a tie. The girls were wearing a dress that were the same colors as the guys outfit. We were on the bus making our way to Nationals.

When we stepped off, we were amazed with the amount of people entering the building. All the girls were tightly holding onto the our boyfriend's hand. Kurt and Rachel were holding hands since they didn't have anyone with them.

Mr. Shue led us inside and we watched the other schools perform while awaiting our turn.

"Hey, Quinn. I'm gonna get a water. Wanna come with." Kurt ask from right next to me. I give him a smile and nod. I tell Finn where I'm going before Kurt and I walk out.

"Oh my gosh. Did you hear the other school's. They're amazing." Kurt started to sound a bit nervous.

"Hey so are we! You know that." I playfully push him which causes him to laugh nervously. We're laughing and talking until Kurt runs into someone pacing back and forth. Kurt fell back onto his butt.

"Oh. Gosh. I'm so sorry. I should've watched where I was going. I'm sorry. Here let me help you." The boy stuck his hand out and Kurt took it. He helped Kurt to his feet and we both for the first time look at the boy who knocked Kurt over.

The boy was very good looking. He looked to be about 5'8" with black hair and hazel eyes. He also wore the uniform of what Kurt told me was from Ohio's Dalton Academy.

"You're from Dalton Academy? Ohio, right?" I ask wanting to confirm my info.

"Oh. Yes. I'm from Dalton Academy. Transferred there after getting bullied for being gay. Love that school and the Warblers." I noticed how Kurt's look to guy changed as soon as he said that he was gay.

"Warblers?" I ask.

"It's the name of our singing group. We're performing soon. You guys from Ohio too?" he asked us.

"Yes. We're from Lima. We're part of the glee club named New Directions."

"Oh that's nice. It really isn't that far from Dalton then. Please don't think of me as rude but by the way you're dressed and the way your face and hair look, I was wondering if you were gay..." the boy concluded about Kurt.

"No I don't think of you as rude. And yes I too am gay." I see them both smile even bigger at the statement. "You're the first person I met from Ohio that was gay or at least very open about it."

The boy chuckled a little. "Yeah you are too. Hi, my name is Blaine. Blaine Anderson."

"Kurt. Kurt Hummel. And this is my friend, Quinn Fabray." I shyly wave, somewhat feeling a bit of a third wheel.

"Nice to meet you..." Blaine started to say before he was cut off by another boy in the same uniform as his own.

"Blaine! Come on. We're up next, we have to get ready." The other boy said.

"Well that's me. I gotta go." He started to walk away. "Oh wait!" Blaine grabbed the nearest piece of paper and a pen from his pocket. He quickly scribbled something on it before handing it to Kurt. "Here's my number. I hope we can talk again soon..." Blaine said.

"Absolutely. I'd love to. I'll text you soon!" Kurt says.

" Well bye, Kurt. Bye Quinn."

We quickly waved bye before he disappeared with his friend.

"Oh my gosh! Quinn! Did you see him. He looked so hot!" Kurt exclaimed.

"I know. I know. I'm so happy for you Kurt! You may have found your new future boyfriend. And you'll still have the chance to see him again since you have his number and he lives in Ohio." I was excited for Kurt. He really did deserve to be loved by someone.

"Blaine Anderson. Kurt Anderson. Doesn't sound too bad!" Kurt continued.

We rushed to the confession stand and bought our water. Then we hurried back to the others so that we could tell Mercedes what just happened.

"Oh. Goodness. Why did I miss this?" Mercedes asked, envying me and Kurt for meeting Kurt's potential future boyfriend.

Finally, our turn was up next. Mr. Shue led us to the green room for our before performance pep talk, leaving Mrs. Jones, Carol, and Beth behind.

"Ok guys. This is it! Nationals! It doesn't matter whether we win or lose because we will still have next year thanks to your performance at Regionals. So go out there and have fun. And no matter what happens, be proud that we made it here. Come on New Directions, take us home!" Mr. Shue announced.

We all walked behind the curtains of the stage. Taking our positions.

"God I'm so nervous, you guys." I say as we're waiting for our cue.

"It's ok. We all are. You can do this Quinn. We all can." Santana says.

"Santana's right. Let's go back to McKinley proud of what we did here. Make our families proud and especially Mr. Shue. I mean he helped us make it to where we are now. So for Mr. Shue." Finn yelled.

"For Mr. Shue!" we all shouted.

Then Finn leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Not to mention that our beautiful little girl is out there. Let's make her proud."

I lean in and give him a kiss. He raised his eyebrow. "Good luck kiss." I explained.

"Now for our next performers. Please help me welcome Ohio's William McKinley's New Directions!" The MC announced.

"That's our cue." I say to no one in particular. Here we go. I think as the music plays and Finn and I step out to start it.

Finn and Quinn: Face to face and heart to heart

We're so close yet so far apart

I close my eyes, I look away

That's just because I'm not okay

Quinn: But I hold on

Finn and Quinn: I stay strong

Wondering if we still belong

Will we ever say the words we're feeling?

Reach down underneath and tear down all the walls

Will we ever have a happy ending?

Or will we forever only be pretending?

We will always, always, always be pretending?

How long do I fantasize?

Make believe that it's still alive

Imagine that I am good enough

And we can choose the ones we love

Finn: But I hold on

Finn and Quinn: I stay strong

Wondering if we still belong

Will we ever say the words we're feeling?

Reach down underneath and tear down all the walls

Will we ever have a happy ending?

Or will we forever only be pretending?

Will we always, always, always be

Keeping secrets safe

Every move we make

Seems like no one's letting go

And it's such a shame

'Cause if you feel the same

How am I supposed to know?

New Directions: Will we ever say the words we're feeling?

Reach down underneath and tear down all the walls

(Quinn: Tear down all the walls)

Will we ever have a happy ending?

Or will we forever only be pretending?

(Finn: Only be pretending)

New Directions : Will we always, always, always be pretending?

Will we always, always, always be pretending?

Will we always, always, always be pretending?

We finished with a huge applause from the crowd. We all smile and Finn and I walk back so that Santana can help start the next song.

Santana: Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on dancing in the dark,

It's been tearing me apart, never knowing what we are.

Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on tryin to play it cool,

Now it's time to make a move and that's what I'm gonna do.

Artie: Lay it all down

Brittany: Got something to say

Artie: Lay it all down

Brittany: Throw your doubt away

Artie: Do or die now

Brittany: Step on to the plate

Artie: Blow the door wide open like

Artie and Brittany: Up up and away

New Directions: Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Puck: Hey-hey-hey you and me turn it up ten thousand watts

Tell me why we've gotta stop, I just want to let it rock

Hey-hey-hey you and me

Mike and Tina: Keep on staring at the road

Like we don't know where to go, step back, then we take control

Mike: Lay it all down

Tina: Got something to say

Mike: Lay it all down

Tina: Throw your doubt away

Mike: Do or die now

Tina: Step on to the plate

Mike: Blow the door wide open like

Mike and Tina: Up up and away

New Directions: Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Matt: Hey hey hey you

Hey hey hey you

Hey hey hey you

Hey hey hey you

Mercedes: Lay it all down

Mercedes and Matt: Got something to say

Mercedes: Lay it all down

Mercedes and Matt: Throw your doubt away

Mercedes: Do or die now

Mercedes and Matt: Step on to the plate

Mercedes: Blow the door wide open like

Mercedes and Matt: Up up and away

New Directions: Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

Let's light up the world toni-i-ight

You gotta give up the bark and bi-i-ite

I know that we got the love alri-i-ight

Come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

The applause that we got scared me. It was so loud. It was wonderful. We were even given a standing ovation that didn't last long but it was still there.

The curtains fell and we exited the stage, screaming our heads off. Mr. Shue met us at the end of the hallway we were exiting. Beside him was Mrs. Jones, Carol, and Beth. They were all smiling and laughing how our small group was going crazy with adrenaline coursing through our veins. Carol handed Beth over to me.

"How were we, baby? Did we do good? Did you like it?" The baby in my arms cooed then laughed with a huge smile.

"That was great you guys! You totally nailed it out there. I'm so proud of you guys." Mr. Shue told us.

"Well we did it for you Mr. Shue. We took a whole year of bullying, teasing, and being slushied for this moment. And we made it here all thanks to you Mr. Shue." Finn says.

"! Mr. Shue! Mr. Shue! Mr. Shue!" We all started to chant showing praise to our wonderful and helpful glee club director. Then we all gather around him and engage in a huge group hug including the three non-performers.

We really didn't care if we were missing the last performance. We were too pumped on adrenaline to go back into the auditorium without disrupting them. So, Rachel was the only one who went back to support her boyfriend, Jesse St. James.

Finally at last, we were waiting for the moment of truth. We kept talking to make the time go faster. Then we heard a scream and look to see that many of the choir groups. Then we see Kurt running back into the group.

"They just posted Nationals Top Ten Show Choir List!" He shouted.

"Let's go check it out. Remember win or lose we're all proud." Mr. Shue led us to the list everyone was gathering around. He steps up and looks it up and down.

"Well Mr. Shue? What did we place?" Puck asked eagerly.

Mr. Shue turned around with a blank expression and we all assumed the worst. That was until we saw his face with a huge smile.

"We placed fourth!" He shouted at the top of his lungs as if we placed first.

No one cared that we didn't place first. We placed fourth! I mean we this particular group just formed around the beginning of the school year.

"Yay! We the fourth best show choir!" Brittany jumped up and down. All the girls soon followed suit and were also jumping up and down.

I run over to Carol who hands Beth over to me. "Did you hear that sweetie. We won fourth place. It's not first but we did our best."

Finn soon comes over and wraps both of us into one of his warm and tight bear hugs. I don't even think he realized that he picked us off the ground. He slowly put us down and kissed Beth's head before planting a very nice and long kiss on my lips.

"We did it babe!" I hand Beth over to Mercedes who was with Puck. Then i jump into his arms and kiss him again. I felt him pull me closer to his body so I deepened the kiss. We finally pulled away in need of air and went over to the others and continued to celebrate our fourth place victory!

After our wonderful break in California, we returned home. We all walked into our school together, heads help up and proud. We didn't care what the others thought at the moment because we all felt good.

During our last rehearsal of the year, we partied. And much to Puck's dismay, we partied sober. But did he really expect Mr. Shue to bring alcohol onto school grounds for a celebration party?

Mr. Shue let Artie bring his speakers for some music so that we could party the right way and without one of us singing for a change.

We had some food and drinks set up on a table, so that it felt like a real party. We were all having a great time. Even Beth was enjoying herself. There wasn't one point during the party that she wasn't surrounded by one of us.

New Directions let loose and had fun. They danced, some sang along to the music playing, and talked about summer plans. About ten minutes before class ended, Mr. Shue cut the music and wanted to talk to us.

"Well, first of all I think I should show you our National's fourth place trophy." He stepped aside and right behind him stood a big trophy with the number four on it, engraved to this year's fourth place winners, New Directions.

"I'm so proud of you guys. We made it through this year as a family. A real family with all the good times and the bad. We had our arguements and forgave each other like we all should. I just want to thank you guys for making my first year teaching glee club a great one." Mr. Shue began.

"No, thank you, Mr. Shue. You helped us get there. Not only did you help us get to Nationals but you also helped us with our personal problems through the year." I told him, mainly referring to his help throughout my pregnancy.

"To Mr. Shue!" Finn said holding is cup in the air. "For being there and being the best teacher and friend to us all."

"To Mr. Shue!" We all echoed.

"Thank you. I'm gonna miss you guys over the summer. Be safe. And be ready when you come back. Next year we're taking Nationals all the way!"

The bell rang and we all cheered. We finished a great year with a great ending. As we walked out of the school, I realized that our lives were almost perfect at the moment.

Santana and Matt were leaving hand in hand, with Mike who was giving Brittany a piggy back ride. Artie was wheeling Tina over to his dad's car. Mercedes and Puck seemed to be happy. Rachel was on the phone with Jesse. Kurt was still texting Blaine which he did nonstop since we got back to Lima. And as for my little family of three, everything was perfect.

Finn had Beth hoisted onto his shoulder and was holding my hand as we walked to his car. Once, we buckled Beth in, we sat in our seats. I sat up front next to him and looked over at him adoringly.

"What?" He asked when he realized that I was staring at him.

I grab his shirt and pull him forward so that our lips met in the middle. He deepened the kiss and found my hand. He held it firmly. I eventually pulled away for air and smiled at him.

"Thanks for everything you did for me this year, Finn. I love you."

"I love you, too, Quinn." I gave him a quick peck before he pulled out and we made our way home.

What can I say. I was completely content with my life right now. We finished the school year from hell. My friends were together or almost together and happy. I had a beautiful baby girl that I loved with all my heart. I had the boy that I will always love as my boyfriend. We were all a huge family. I had an extended family that was way better than the family I was born into. And all of this happened because I always believed it.

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