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Synopsis: Spoilers for Fast Five and My thoughts on what may be to come for Fast 6…

Dom gets the news that he may be complete again, Brian and Roman are along for the ride, and old ghost and debts are now up to be settled. What happens when everyone's past comes back with a vengeance when they all think they are scott free living the good life?

Chapter 1

Tonight, Dom felt all of the walls he'd built around his heart crumble and for the first time in two years, he felt it beating wilding in his chest.

The sky was dark and quiet and nights like these where the waves were exceptionally loud and the air smelled sweet, Dom felt smothered in her. Elena was inside sleeping, and she'd learned to let Dom have these moments, because when he went to this place, it was a place that no one except Letty and he belonged.

He clenched his fists, trying not to hate himself for not saving her, for not being the man she wanted him to be.

He couldn't stand to lose her so he'd left her.

Like a fool, he'd lost her anyway.

He sat digesting the words from a phone call from Roman that he'd taken where he explained that a situation started years ago with Brian was never resolved.

That was only part of the call.

He'd explained that a man that Dom had never met had a message for him; a picture of a ghost, tied to a chair.

Her eyes as defiant as ever, her brow feline, mouth snarled, and body language completely defensive.

To anyone else, she looked unfazed and stoic.

Dom knew better. She was scared. He could tell because he knew her.

He knew everything about her.

It's wasn't his intention to be a hero or to save the day or to earn any honorable mentions but he knew he was going to see her again and there was nothing that would deter him from having his arms around her.

He'd obliterate anything and anyone in his path.

And after he got her in his arms, he knew he was going to love her, because he'd been a broken man since she had been gone.


That was another subject all together. He loved her and cared about her but Letty was his everything. There was no way he'd be able to sacrifice Letty knowing he was hers 100% in order to spare Elena's feelings. He didn't know how he'd break her in two only to have Letty put his halves back together again.

He continued sitting on the beach waiting for the nerve to leave the sweet woman inside, and couldn't help but to be anxious to lay eyes on Letty in the flesh. He was prepared to risk everything for her. He was comfortable with dying a hundred deaths to make sure she was safe.

He looked at his phone as he received a text from Brian that the old team was ready and looked back at the place he'd called home and got up without a backwards glance, walking determined to his car.

Letty Flashback

Letty lay in bed, taking ragged breaths as her eyes continued to glance around the sterile room.

She was disoriented and confused and her body felt stiff and full of aching pains.

At the comprehension of pain, her hands flew to her stomach, and then to her chest and neck.

Tears welled in her eyes as she tried to focus, biting back fear as she tried to regain her bearings.

"Ms Ortiz. I see you're awake." A man in a white coat said, walking into her room and removing his stethoscope from around his neck.

"Where am I?" She gasped, her own voice sounding foreign to her ears.

"Where you are isn't so important, but you are in a medical facility. You've been in our care for 5 and a half months. When you came to us, you had severe injuries. Broken bones, a single gunshot wound, …"

Letty squeezed her eyes closed and then snapped them back open.

"What about…"

End Flashback

She shook herself from the memory and realized these thoughts weren't helping her.

If it hadn't have been for Agent Marquez, then she would never had had the opportunity to get into this mess, and furthermore if Dominic hadn't been such a coward, then they'd be together right now.


Letty sat in her room, alone in thought, anticipating what was to come next. She stared out of a window into the yard below, wondering how she would free herself and make her way in the world.

She turned at the sound of her door opening and became defensive when she took in the shiny suit and blank expression marring the man's face.

"Hello Leticia. My name is Andres Marquez."

"So. Unless you're here to break me out of this jail, you can leave." She bit, turning back to the window.

She had to admit, it was nice to talk to someone who was not in a white coat. Where she was there were no other patients and the limited staff were under strict orders to not speak to her unless cleared to and to keep all forms of media and communication away from her.

"Leticia Ortiz no longer exists." He began and the words cracked through Letty's mind as her world shattered.

"What? What do you mean?" She asked, turning her attention back to him.

"Leticia Ortiz was murdered in her car out on a county road when a man, Fenix, forced her car to flip when he T-boned her. Then, to finish the job, he walked up and shot her point blank as she tried to crawl out of the burning vehicle.

She was buried, empty casket of course, by her boyfriend's sister, Mia Toretto while the eldest Toretto almost got himself killed avenging her death."

"Empty casket? My family thinks I'm dead?" She gasped, her hands beginning to shake as he explained her circumstance.

"Yes, Leticia. Dominic thinks you're dead. Mia thinks you're dead. They all think you're dead. You've got no one."

"I don't believe you." She hissed, standing on shaky legs as her fists clenched at her side.

"Doesn't matter. What does is that you accept my offer and we hand you Toretto's walking papers."

"What makes you think his freedom is still legal tender with me or that you have a chance at bringing him in if I refuse?"

"Because I know where he's hiding and I know your secret. You don't want to know how this turns out if you refuse me."

End FB

Letty POV

And that is how I ended up in this mess, tied up in a warehouse, wondering how I was gonna get myself out of this.

I could hear the moving of metal and chains from the position they held me in and could make out the light peering in through the entrance before quickly disappearing as footsteps neared.

"Well Leticia, so glad you could join us. Looks like you are of some value to me currently, so we'll keep you alive for the time being." Verone said to me, walking into the warehouse dressed like a hero out of Miami Vice.

This should be interesting.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I knew it'd been almost two years since Dom had left me on that island to start over, but I'm pretty sure before then, I had never come up against a 'Verone' during our life together. " What could you possibly want me for? What's the connection?"

"You even ask questions like the FED's now. Here it is for you; it's about what he has and who's with him." He offered, enjoying the look of confusion on my face.

"Him? I don't understand how you think holding me in an empty warehouse in Berlin is going to help you get whatever it is you want from someone I know. I'm dead to everyone who would care."

I was telling myself that this insane man was not tied to my lover.

"Used to be dead." He smirked.

My eyes almost bulged.

My cover was blown when someone in Verone's operation bugged my car before a meeting with Marquez, but now they were disrupting lives of people that I loved with news they weren't prepared to hear.

"Right about now, Dominic Toretto has been notified that you're of the living and I assume he is organizing with a Brian O'Conner to concoct a plan to find and save you."

"What did you do?" I yelled, straining against my chains. If I were lose, he'd be on the ground.

He chuckled then.

This entire mission was falling to fucking pieces before my eyes and I was in a panic.

"Nothing, but a simple photograph and instructions that I would disclose your whereabouts at a later date. I'm sure he's all kinds of crazy in the head right about now." He gloated, "Never mind that. The money is what we're playing for this go around." He replied, walking over and testing my restraints.

My mind was spinning. He couldn't find out this way. He would be completely blind-sided. His vulnerability alone made him reckless. He would undoubtedly do something dangerous and completely epic to try to get to me.

I was so busy trying to manage my thoughts, I didn't realize that he'd walked behind me.

It happened so fast I didn't see it quickly enough to struggle. A needle prick in my arm and within moments I was out like a light.

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