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Last Time:

"And what about a regular old husband?" she asked, pulling a ring from her lap, making sure it was visible to him. He stilled his fingers on her stomach, staring at the Tungsten, shaped like a lug nut. He couldn't help but to laugh at the thought of a band he would surely wear on his left hand for the rest of his life. He pulled her back into his chest, folding her in his arms as he brought his head down near her ear.

"You think of everything? Don't you?" he asked.

"Well that's the thing about a good relationship. I have to keep you guessing. Never a dull moment."

"Letty, you don't do dull in your sleep." He smiled. "And the answer to your question is I was made to be that for you. Yes!"

She turned into his arms, allowing him to hold her up like a child he was cradling.

"Yea?" she asked, wanting to confirm.

"What? You think I'd turn you down? Get outta here!" he chastised before kissing her passionately.

6 Months Later

"Wake up wife." Dom whispered into Letty's ear as she lay on her side, facing away from him.

When she didn't stir, he leaned down and kissed her cheek, then trailed his mouth to her ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth.

She moaned low in her throat and turned over onto her back, not bothering to open her eyes as she pulled Dom down and on top of her.

"Good morning, Husband." She whimpered, her body becoming instantly aroused as he touched her while their tongues danced erotically inside of each other's mouths.

"We can't stay in bed this morning." He interrupted, pulling back to stop the passion he was already building at lightning speed.

"We always stay in bed in the morning these days, Dom." She reminded, opening her legs wide and pushing his pants past his hips.

"Believe me, I want to do what you want to do, but we can't this morning. We have some place we have to be." He disclosed, pulling back to pull his pants back up.

"Well this is a first." She deadpanned, looking into his eyes as he began to chuckle.

"And definitely a last. I don't make a habit of not giving my woman what she wants. This is the one and only exception. I promise to make it up to you, tenfold."

"Fine. Leave the pregnant lady horny and frustrated. What is this exception and where is our son? I don't hear things breaking or feet running. It's too quiet."

"He's with his Aunt Mia and Uncle Brian." He smiled, grabbing her hands and pulling her into a sitting position.

"Thanks. Okay, so you got rid of AC and you won't have sex with me? What's the deal?" She asked, looking around the room in question.

"Well, the baby is due in 2 months and I know this last trimester has been kicking your butt. I want me and you to spend some time together concentrating on us. We're about to expand this family and things are going to get hectic. I want to spoil you before that happens."

"Ummm, so you're whisking me away for the weekend?"

"More like for the week. We're going on a Baby-moon. Your bags have been packed already. I even took the liberty of picking up a few things I want to see this body in." He smirked.

"Well, I don't want to disappoint. Let me shower and throw on some clothes and we're out of here."

Hours Later

Once inside the hotel suite, he tipped the doorman as he carried their bags into their room while Letty went straight to the phone to order room service.

"I'm hungry." She sighed, dialing the number. After placing her order, she finally took a moment to look around the room and took notice of the beautiful décor and the spa tub in the bathroom.

She walked into the room Dom had disappeared to and noted the plush bed they would be sharing as well as the amazing view of the ocean.

"This is heaven." She sighed, with a smile gracing her face.

"That's the idea, baby. Did you order food?"

"You know I did."

"How long they say it would take?"

"About 30 minutes."

"That will do. Come here." He instructed, sitting on the edge of the bed, toeing off his shoes as she smiled wickedly at him as her feet carried her towards him.

"You gonna make up for this morning?"


"Good." She snickered, pulling her gray sweats past her hips and onto the floor.

Later that Evening

"Do you know why I love you?" Letty groaned as she rested her head on her arms as Dom's oiled hands caressed into her flesh.

"Because of my muscles and my sexy voice." He joked.

"Yup, that's it." She sighed as he began to chuckle behind her. "This feels like heaven."

"I made Brian take a three day massage class with me. They teach the basics. I figured we could feel around for the rest." He smiled, leaning down to place a kiss to her bare back.

"Remind me to send Brian a thank-you card. This is doing wonders for my back aches."

"That's the idea. Turn over." He instructed, helping her sit up so he could readjust the pillows so she could lie flat.

"You sure you want me to keep the bikini top on, Dom?" She asked coyly, batting her eyelashes in a way that was completely un-Letty-like which made the both of them laugh.

"I'm never opposed to looking at your breast, Let. But if you want this to stay a massage as long as possible, its best to keep it on.

"You've been at it for like 30 minutes Dom." She reasoned, allowing him to help her rest on her back as he turned away to oil his hands. "And your pants have been tented the entire time we've been here."

"This is about you, Letty." He smiled, grabbing her feet and bringing them to his mouth to place kisses to the bottoms.

"Okay, so what if I say I'm over the massage and I want you instead." She challenged, watching as a smirk slid over his face.

"I'd say I knew that 30 minutes ago when your bikini bottoms were damp in the middle."

"So you're teasing me?"

"No. I'm helping you. It's going to feel really good when I give it to you." He promised as his large hands slid up the slippery skin of her calves to the backs of her knees.

Her breath hitched when he pushed her knees back towards her as she watched as he gazed between her legs at the dampened material.

"Yea, it's going to feel really good." He assured, bringing her legs back down to lay on the table.

He allowed his hands to slide up one thigh, one of his hands in the inside and one on the outside as he pressed into her flesh.

"Your skin is so soft, baby." He complimented as he listened to her breathing change.

He allowed his hands to get dangerously close to her nether regions and pulled away just in time to hear her whine her disapproval.

"Be patient baby. I promise I'll make it better." He purred, his own resolve beginning to crumble as he took in the way her breast were pressing against the bikini top punishingly with each breath she took.

After he was done massaging the opposite leg, he let his hands run up the sides of her hips as he hooked his fingers into her bottoms and pulled them away, noticing the way the center of the material clung to her dripping core until the very last second.

He swallowed in hunger as he watched her legs fall open instinctually as she brought her arm up positioning it behind her head.

He ran his fingertips between her legs, careful to avoid the center of her body before running his hands over his unborn child.

"My baby." He smiled, caressing her stomach as her hand came to cover his. He continued caressing her stomach and then her sides before moving towards her breast.

He bent his head and kissed her taut belly before moving around the table and around to stand by her head.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and began kneading the flesh gently as her eyes slid closed in relaxation.

"Your hands are amazing." She gasped, her breathing becoming deep and then shallow.

"Lucky for you they're yours for life. We can do this every day, forever if you say the words." He reminded, watching as a smile curved her lips.

"Be careful what you wish for, Dom."

He didn't reply, instead he took more oil and poured it over her naked breast and allowed his hands to rub the liquid into her heated skin before he began groping and squeezing at the flesh. He continued to massage her body as he rubbed her hardened nipples between his fingers before bending over her body to kiss then suck the peaks into his warm mouth.

"Dom…" She moaned as her hand held his head to her as he nursed at her peaks.

As he pulled away, he could feel her hand rubbing him through his pajama pants and he had to pull away before this ended before he was ready.

"Just relax. We have a ways to go." He admitted, grabbing the oil and walking back to the foot of the table.

He grabbed her under her knees, this time pulling her towards him until her butt was on the edge of the table and he spread her legs and bent her knees back towards her.

He smirked to himself when he realized the oil wouldn't be necessary and instead of use his hand on her, he bent his head and gave her one slow lick.

"Yeeees." She hissed, as her tongue licked across her top lip before she bit her bottom one at the feel of him finally paying her attention where she needed it most.

He pulled back and began caressing her outer mounds, pressing into the flesh of her vagina and squeezing and releasing the skin as she moaned above him.

He dipped his fingers into her center and used it to lubricate his finger as she rubbed at her bud, causing her to arch into him.

"More." She begged, her head moving back and forth as she tried to reign in her desire and hold out as he instructed.

He knew she was beyond her point of patience. One thing he noticed with pregnancy was that she was hornier than normal, which said a lot for Letty. She was always wet and always wanting him and she was not tolerant. If he didn't play this right, he was going to have things go very wrong.

"You know I love being inside you Letty. But with my baby in your belly, the feeling is fucking euphoric. You're always drenched between your thighs. I can't lick it up fast enough." He drawled, bending his head to place a kiss to her weeping center.

"Don't fucking tease me, Dominic." She moaned.

"I'm not teasing, baby. I'm talking to you."

"Less talk, more action."

"Look at you. You're so impatient. I can't even say all the nasty shit in your ear you used to love to hear." He half chuckled.

"Say that shit when you're inside me, Dom." She hissed, feeling him slide two fingers inside of her, twisting them as he rubbed her belly.

"Shit!" she moaned, laying open to him as he worked his fingers in and out of her.

"I love you, Let."

"Love you too, baby." She sighed as he withdrew his fingers and began rubbing her slit lightly before bringing his fingers up to tease her bud.

"You gonna give me more babies?" He asked, watching as a smile graced her face while her eyes remained shut.

"Unfair to ask me that in the position you have me in."

"Is it?" He asked, bending his mouth to take a deep, slow lick before her sucked at her.

She didn't say anything

She couldn't

When he didn't pull away from her, her body began to convulse as he pushed his tongue inside of her, wiggling it, teasing and massaging against her walls.

As he felt her orgasm against his mouth, he reached up and grabbed at her nipples, rolling them gently between his fingers as she arched into him, locking her knees against his head.

He allowed her to thrust herself against his face as a scream erupted from her mouth, satisfying the predator in him.

He released her nipples and hooked his hands on her thighs and pried her legs apart, releasing his head so he could pull back and look at her.

"Good girl." He smirked, licking his lips as he looked down at her flushed body. He reached over and grabbed a towel, wiping his face off as he grabbed her hands to help her into a sitting position.

He cupped her face as he brought his lips to hers, kissing her slow and sensuous as her hands pushed his pants past his hips.

"You taste good." He murmured into her lips as her tongue licked across his teeth before pushing into his mouth.

"I want you, inside me." She whimpered as he hooked his arms under her thighs and lifted her into his arms.

She circled his neck as he bypassed the bed, instead carrying her out onto their private balcony. He sat on a plush chase with her in his lap as he kissed her soundly, helping her lift herself so he could slide him member into her slick folds.

"Finally." She gasped, as he lay flat with his arms behind his head, wanting to watch her pleasure herself over him.

The sun was setting over the horizon, making the sky a hue of pinks and oranges and he found himself falling in love with her all over again.

Letty dropped her head backwards as she began rising and falling in his lap, her rhythm earning a solid slap every time she fell over him.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world." Dom admitted softly, watching as his words caused a knowing smile to slide over her face before she brought her fingers to her mouth.

"You always start that poetic shit when I'm riding you." She smirked.

"Keep riding." He chastised, causing her to snicker as she felt a sting from his hand slapping her ass.

She took that as her opportunity to slam down in him harder, watching as his teeth clenched as she pounded into his pelvis causing her own pleasure to heighten.

She began feeling the tingling in her groin, alerting her that her orgasm was on its way and growled when Dom's hands caught her hips, stilling her motions.

"Not with my baby inside you. Too hard, Letty." He warned, causing her to swat his hands away as she resumed her rhythm.

"Don't start that shit with me. I'm too close, Dom."

He didn't bother trying to stop her again. As she came apart over him, he realized watching his wife orgasm was the most fascinating thing on the planet.

As she came down, he switched their positions so they were laying on their sides as he lifted her leg and pushed himself back inside of her.

They set a lethargic rhythm, easing in and out of her as she mewled into the cushions.

"Life's gonna be good, Let." He smiled, thrusting in and out of her as they stared into the sky.

"Life's already good." She corrected, placing her hand over his as it spanned her protruding belly.

He placed a kiss to the back of her neck, then down her shoulder as he continued moving in and out of her.

She lay there, hyper aroused and felt herself pant through a gentle orgasm, her walls fluttering around his member as he continued his movements.

"Are you sore yet?" He wondered as his hand dipped down to rub her clit, causing her to hiss into the evening.

"No, I'm just really wet." She answered, listening to his soft chuckle behind her.

"That I can feel. I wanna lay here, doing this with you, until we can't take it anymore. This is beautiful. You're beautiful." He explained, causing her to take a deep sigh.

She knew when he went slow, he could last hours. She wasn't sure if her hormones would allow her to make it, but she was damn sure gonna try.

"Okay." She answered, relaxing into his embrace as he continued to thrust.

Month Later

Dom stood in the garage with Letty, looking at her in pure lust. Her tan legs were glistening in the African heat, and her hair was in wild disarray.

Her breast, now fuller and at least two cup sizes bigger were pressing forcefully against the confines of her wife beater and her stomach, protecting their baby was extended. She held a wrench in one hand, grease staining her hands and cloths.

"Stop staring at my boobs." She admonished, arching an eyebrow at him.

"Can't help it. Do you think they'll stay like that?" he asked.

"Probably not. They didn't with Adriel. When I woke up, I was back to normal as soon as I stopped nursing."

She put the wrench down and fished for another tool in the drawer. Finding the one she wanted, she turned her eyes back to him.

"Are you prepared for the 6 weeks after Junior here makes an appearance?" She smiled, knowing that he was going to be in pure hell. He snorted at her, oogling her breast again.

"I waited years to be inside you. I can wait 6 weeks."

"Famous last words." She laughed, "You've been pretty one track-minded lately."

"I'm always one track minded with you. I will admit, I didn't think that you being pregnant would turn me into such a nympho."

"Turn you into a nympho? That's funny." She chuckled, turning from him and walking towards the car she was messing with.

"Look who's talking? You can't get out of bed these days without me getting you off." He teased.

"Hormones!" was all she replied back as she went back to work under the car's hood.

Before Dom could reply, Adriel crashed into the garage, running straight for his mom and grunting when he ran into her legs, burying his face into her.

"Mom! Mom!" He chanted excitedly. She pulled her head from underneath the hood and reached down with the brightest smile Dom had ever seen.

"Hi baby." She said excitedly, kissing him all over his face as he squealed.

"Baby comes today?" he asked her, and she sighed. Poor kid was so excited to have a brother or sister and he wanted to know every few days if the newest edition was making an appearance.

"Not today, Adriel. Soon. Were you playing with Auntie Mia and Jessie?" she asked, adjusting him to her hip as they walked past Dom and out of the garage.

"Yes, but I want new baby, now, Mommy." He said sadly. Dom looked at his son behind Letty's back and gave him a stern look. He motioned with his fingers under his chin for AC to pick his face up and kiss Letty's cheek. The little boy obeyed, and Dom smiled, giving him a thumbs up as AC threw his arms around his mother's neck, smiling at his Dad.

'That's my boy', Dom thought, as he followed them out onto the beach.

Rosa and Nico were visiting from Brazil and sat on the beach across from Mia and Jessie. The two women were busy chatting in Portuguese, a language neither he nor Letty had picked up, so he had no clue what they were talking about when he approached.

"Hey ladies. Looks like one got away." Dom gestured to AC who was still getting kisses all over from his mom as the two laughed.

"Your kid has NOS in his diaper, Dom. He's so damn fast we can't stop him when he has his mind set on something." Mia smiled.

"AC! You have to listen when Aunt Mia says something to you." Dom chastised, causing Letty to pull him back so she could look into his face.

"That's right. You never run off from her. Got it?" She said sternly and he nodded his head, tears welling in his eyes.

"I in trouble, Mommy?" he asked, his lip quivering. Dom gave him the stern look again, gesturing to his chin, lifting it in the air.

"No, baby. But you have to listen to Aunt Mia. If something happens, Tia Mia will be sad. Do you understand?" she asked. He nodded his head in understanding and turned to look at his Aunt.

"I sowry, Tia Mia." He offered, kicking to get down from Letty's arms. Once on his feet, he ran full speed into Mia's arms, kissing her to make up.

"Thank you, Adriel. I love you." She smiled warmly into his eyes. He nodded, kissing her again.

"Baby not come today." He informed, running over to play with Nico.

The adults laughed, watching the two tikes play in the sand, working together in perfect harmony.

"So, you ready for the labor this go around?" Mia teased, looking up at Letty. She was almost 8 months pregnant and as active as ever. She got up every day with Adriel and Jessie, and took them to the ocean. She made lunch for the family every day and she snuck onto the garage every afternoon to fiddle around with their cars.

"I can take it." She smiled, grabbing Dom's hand and squeezing it.

"You say that now. When something the size of a watermelon starts pushing out something the size of a…"

"Mia!" Dom yelled, shaking his head 'no'. "We get it. No need for the visual."

"Why not? It was you saying 'I want to have another one. I wanna take care of you when you're like that.' Right?" she poked.

"And I meant it. But I don't need Mia trying to scare you." He explained, causing all women to turn and look at him incredulously.

"What?" he asked.

"Scare me? We'll see who's scared when the party starts." Letty cautioned, causing Rosa and Mia to laugh behind her.

"What's the worst that could happen?" he asked, hunching his shoulders.

1 Month Later

"I think I'm gonna pass out!" Dom cringed, looking at the area between Letty's spread legs as the midwife coached her as another contraction subsided.

"Dom, get over there and hold her hand!" He heard Mia yell forcibly, pulling Brian through the door as they left the two with the midwife. Letty was sweaty and crazy with pain as her chest heaved in exhaustion from the last contraction.

When he'd wanted more kids, it never crossed his mind that he'd put her in so much pain. He felt terribly for it; the last thing he wanted his wife to feel at his hands was unwanted pain.

"Dominic? Can you please?" she gasped, reaching for him weakly. Letty had been in labor for 6 hours already and she wanted this kid out already. She realized that had she been awake for Adriel's birth, baby number two would have been off the table.

She sighed into relaxation when his hand connected with hers, breathing deeply in support.

"You're doing really good baby. I'm so proud of you." He complimented, kissing the back of her hand.

"I love you, but I really hate you for doing this to me."

"I'm sorry. But it'll be so worth it when the baby's here."

"Okay Letty, when you feel the next contraction, you have to give me a good push!" The midwife instructed, gesturing for Dominic to help hold one of Letty's legs back.

When the next one hit her, she pushed with all her might and when she pushed the time after that, she heard strangled cries of her baby fill the air.

"It's a boy!" The woman gushed, busying herself with preparing the baby as Dom stared in complete awe.

"Oh my God!" he whispered, his mouth wide open as tears rushed to his eyes. He was frozen in place, watching as the woman cleaned his son, who was wailing with what sounded to be a great set of lungs.

"Is he okay?" Letty asked exhausted. Dom turned to Letty quickly, remembering that she was the most incredible person in his world and smiled, tears spilling over his cheeks.

"He's perfect, Letty. He's so goddamn perfect I don't know what to do with myself. You did a good job." He promised, watching as her exhausted face turned into a happy one.

The midwife brought their son to them, bundled in a blanket and lay him on Letty's chest.

"Hi baby. I'm your mommy." She cooed, nuzzling the baby softly. Dom watched on in complete admiration, noting how his son immediately responded to his mother's voice. The midwife picked him up, handing him to Dom, shooing them into a corner, as she prepared to deliver the after tuShe j ,n,j

When it was all over, he watched Letty nurse their son for the first time in complete awe. She was crying and he couldn't figure out if it was hormones, the occasion or something else.

"Those better be happy tears." He smiled, wiping her cheeks before bending to kiss her.

"It's just so different. I missed all this the first time. I didn't have you or the memories or the honor to be able to do this."

"Well, we'll be there the whole way this time. It's gonna be fun." He smiled, turning to the door as they heard a knock.

"Sorry to interrupt guys, but someone would not stop trying to get in here."

"Baby come today, mom?" AC asked, speeding his way into the room as his father scooped him up.

"Yes AC, baby came today." Letty smiled, leaning over and kissing her first born.

She watched Adriel's eyes light up as he understood her words.

"Baby." He whispered, causing Dom to laugh as he brought him closer to look at his brother's sleeping face.

"Now it's you, Jesse, Nico and Demitri."

"Big brother, dad?" He wondered, looking at his father for clarification.

"Yes, AC, you're the big brother." He smiled and watched as Adriel leaned over and planted a big wet kiss on his baby brother's face.

"I'n going go tell Jesse." He beamed, sliding out of his father's arms and running back to Mia who was looking at the entire situation with tears in her eyes.

"You okay there, Mia?" Letty asked, looking up from her suckling son to Mia's face.

"Yea, I'm fine. It's just that sometimes I still can't believe it. I wanted this so badly for my brother. I'm fine." She smiled, scooping Adriel into her arms and walking back out of the room.

"How is that I'm the one that just had the baby and Mia is in tears?" Letty joked, watching the slow smile blossom onto his face.

"That's Mia, Let. I can tell you one thing; I've never seen anything more beautiful than what I'm looking at right now."

"Now you're going to get started," She laughed, "Maybe it's a Toretto thing."

"Maybe." He smiled.

4 Weeks Later

Dom walked back up his driveway to the front door carrying mail as he thumbed through it, sorting junk and bills.

One envelope stood out and he grabbed at it and read it, turning it over in his hand.

Walking into the house, he smiled when he came upon Letty, covered in both their boys, all three asleep on the couch. She was exhausted. They'd done their best to prepare AC for his brother, but it had done nothing for AC wanting to be in his brother's presence.

At first, they'd expected him to want to have all of Letty's attention, but that was only partially true. True he wanted attention, but it was his little brother's that he was fascinated with.

So as it went, wherever baby Demitri went, so did Adriel.

That meant that instead of them being able to trade off on kids, it was usually the entire family together, or one of them with the two.

Sighing he took a seat and opened the envelope and read the contents, laughing gently to himself.

Sitting the card on the coffee table, he made his way over to his family and slid himself next to Letty and the boys, grabbing AC to give Letty breathing room.

"Thank you." She croaked out, shifting her body on the chaise to accommodate Dom's physique.

"You want me to take Demitri?" He asked, rubbing AC's back as he continued to nap.

"Yea, put him down in his bassinet, AC in his room and then you come lay with me." She sighed as Dominic walked AC up the stairs and to his bedroom, laying him down for the remainder of his sleep.

When he returned, he lifted Demitri and kissed his pudgy cheek before laying him in the bassinet a few feet from the couch.

As he lowered himself back to the couch, Letty immediately rolled into him, burrowing into his side and threw her leg over his.

"A few minutes of alone time." She muffled into his chest as his hands rubbed up and down her back.

"Yea. How are you feeling?" He asked softly as he lifted her head and opened her eyes to look at him.

"Tired. But I miss you." She smiled leaning up to kiss his lips softly. "I knew we only have two more weeks, but I was thinking maybe we could improvise."

Dom began to laugh knowingly, understanding where this conversation had gone.

"You're practically sleep walking, Letty. Believe me, I know you want some, but it's probably best if you don't get none." He laughed, squirming when he felt her pinch his sides.

"Your sons are wearing me out. I won't deny that, but I miss my husband. I need some quality time. Who's the card from?"

"Monica and I seem to remember someone telling me that I was the one that wouldn't make it past the 6 weeks." He reminded, sitting up to pull her pants down her legs.

"That's only because I took care of you in other ways after I left the hospital." She retorted, causing him to smirk.

"You saying I haven't been returning the favor?"

"Nope, just wanted to make sure you remembered that." She sighed as she felt his mouth on her.

"I could never forget."

"Can you use your fingers?"



"Doctor said no sex for 6 weeks."

"I know my body."

"I'm new to this. I'm not gonna hurt you and make it 8 weeks." He finalized.


"Shh. You won't even notice." He promised as he put his mouth back on her, licking and slurping at her as she moaned above him.

"God! You get me up so high." She groaned, as he pulled away and rubbed at her opening, smearing her juices all over her.

"Yea, I know. And it's a long way down." He murmured, dipping his head back to lick at her.

She didn't speak. Instead she realized as best she could and allowed him to pleasure her.

She felt the familiar sensation of her pleasure building and reached her hands down, positioning them on either side of his head.

Her hips were moving against his face and she was almost there when there was a loud wail that cut through the air, immediately snapping her out of pleasure.

She almost growled when Dom immediately pulled away from her, licking his lips and then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he walked over to Demitri's bassinet and picked up the crying boy.

"To be a parent." She huffed, averting her eyes to her husband. "I love you, Dom." She yawned as he brought his son to his chest and rubbed, calming the screaming infant.

"I love you too, baby."


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