A Favor from a Friend


Note: I do not own the Jungle Books, the Jungle Book I-2, Jungle Cubs, or any of their characters.

Surfacing Baloo took a breath of fresh air. Ah! He glanced back and smirked; the elephants were still stampeding through the waters, looking for him. Now all he had to do was get away from the river and, "Ah-ha!" Baloo looked up to see his friend, Colonel Hathi staring down at him. "So there you are! A sneak attack! Well, you won't get away from-"

"Come on!" Baloo pleaded, "Just this once?"

"No!" The Colonel said adamantly with a shake of his head. "I'm under strict orders."

"From who?" Baloo exclaimed. "Baghie? Pfft! You never use to- well, you did, but that's not the point! Why should you listen to him? He's just our friend, no more, no less!"

"Because I happen to agree with him. The man cub belongs with his own kind! Now, " Hathi lifted his trunk to sound the alarm.

"Please! I'm not gonna keep him! I just want to talk to him, touch base!" Baloo begged. "Just this once?"


"Just this once, Little Peanut?" Baloo whined.

Hathi wavered slightly at his childhood nickname, "Well, I suppose…But you'd have to take that up with Bagheera."

"Why? You're the Colonel, aren't you?"

"Of course," Hathi blushed, "but-"

"And you're not so little anymore, Little Peanut." Baloo cajoled. "You could give me permission just as easily…"

"I suppose…"

"Well, what do you say? Just one little favor for old time's sake?"

Hathi sighed, "Well, I suppose a short visit couldn't hurt. A short one mind you!"

"Got it!" Baloo grinned, tiptoeing out of the water and creeping around the elephant before Hathi decided to change his mind. "You're the best, Little Peanut!"

"Yes, well, just be back soon or else I'll-I'll have to take disciplinary action…"

"Whatever you say, Colonel!" Baloo grinned and dashed off towards the man village.