A/N: Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've written a DBZ/SM crossover, let alone a fanfiction! I recently looked up fanfictions with said crossover and I gotta say that I'm disappointed at the lack of RinixGohan pairings. So I decided to try my luck at this after years on hiatus.

A brief synopsis: This takes place about 20 years after the scouts fought Galaxia and during the time that Gohan is at Orange Star High. In fact, I'm considering at this point on modifying the entire Buu Saga. XD But that's if I can stick to it long enough. Anyway, since it's so long after the fight with Galaxia, the scouts have been living pretty peacefully and have become less than common knowledge on Earth.

Chapter 1

Stepping out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her soaked body. She snatched a second towel from where it hung on the wall hook and began to dry her hair with it. Of course, towels hardly ever got the job done on hair as long as hers. She would have to blow dry it as well. Once she finished with that, she began to dab up water droplets left on her body with the first towel, only pausing for a moment to steal a glance in the mirror. She almost blushed with pride at how her body had grown in the last few years. It was what she'd always dreamed of when she was little: fuller breasts, longer legs, and narrow waist. And her hair was as long as her mother's, though it was a cotton candy pink instead of blonde.

She pulled on a pair of tan khakis and a shirt striped alternatively with pink, tan, and white. Then she pinned a button with an orange star inside a dark green circle to her shirt. Something she wasn't used to was not having a uniform for school. There was no bow on her shirt to attach her transformation brooch. But she settled with just putting it in her schoolbag for now.

She'd just moved to this city with her parents, due to her father's job. Darien was a doctor, and could work just about anywhere that there was a need for doctors. He'd been recommended for a position at a big hospital in this city. It wasn't exactly far away from her old home, but it wasn't really close either. She would miss Hotaru and all the other sailor scouts. She wouldn't be able to see them as much anymore. Though they all promised to visit their queen and her family at least once a month. Setsuna had even agreed to move to the city… and that would mean that the outer scouts were likely to follow soon. But until that time came, Rini would have to adapt to her new life away from sailor scouts.

Rini turned the blow dryer off when she finished drying her hair at last and then proceed to put it up in her trademark style of cone-shaped meatballs. She then walked out of her rather large bathroom and down the hallway, passing many portraits her parents had put up as soon as the moving boxes were unpacked. Their new home was one of those large, modern apartments. And her dad's taste in decorating was adequate, though her mom's love of the color pink was also seen here and there with pillows or a lampshade.

"Good morning, Rini." Serena's voice sang as she saw her daughter walk into the kitchen. She may have been many close to twenty years older than when she had beaten Galaxia and Chaos Seed, but she looked only about five years older. Her bright blue eyes still glistened with love for her family and friends. The queen took a bite of the breakfast she'd prepared herself. She'd made pancakes that Rini guessed were supposed to be shaped like hearts, though they looked more like the shape that someone makes throwing soft clay at a wall. Rini giggled at her pancakes and sat down.

"Good morning, Mom. Have trouble shaping them again?" She smiled at her food. She saw her mother's face redden slightly. Rini knew that her mother was aware that her cooking wasn't the best. But at least she tried.

"They taste good though." Darien interjected as he walked into the room to grab a filled coffee mug from the counter. "And her cooking is definitely better than when we were younger. Trust me." He winked at his daughter and then moved to Serena's side to plant a kiss on her cheek. He carried his briefcase just like he had carried his school bag years ago, over one shoulder.

"Have a good day at work, Honey." Serena smiled and gave him a cheek kiss in return. Rini always admired her mother most when her parents were together. It inspired her to believe that old saying that a woman is most beautiful when she is in love. The way her mother and father looked each other in the eyes was all that Rini needed to be inspired in dreaming of the day she would have someone to be beautiful for.

"I will try. I've got a surgery in about three hours but I'll try to get through it. Rini, you start at Orange Star High today, don't you?" Darien looked at his daughter now. Rini answered him between bites of her breakfast.

"Yes, I do. That's why I'm awake at this time." Serena giggled at this. Rini may not be half as lazy her mother, but when it came to sleep, the young princess loved it. "And don't worry about me getting there on time. I know where it is. I made a point to find it before my first day unlike last time." She referred to when she'd started high school back home. She was excited for her first day but had forgotten to map out a way to walk there in the morning. So she'd ended up being late for class.

"Just be careful in town, I've heard there been a high rise in the crime rate around here lately." Darien gave his daughter a warning glance.

"If I need to, I'll transform and moon blast the offender to prison." Rini smiled and winked at her father. Serena sighed.

"Well, if you don't want my outstanding record of being late for school then you ought to be on your way. School starts in thirty minutes." Rini looked at the clock and then squealed.

"Oh my god, no!" She jumped up and grabbed her backpack from the table in the living room. The next thing her parents heard was the door slamming. They looked at one another and shared a laugh at the expense of their daughter.

"She's definitely her mother's daughter." Darien said before giving his wife one more kiss and heading out the door. Serena nodded in agreement.

Rini's pink hair flew behind her as she dashed down the sidewalk. She muttered to herself as she ran. "I don't want to be late on my first day! Why did I take such a long shower?" She'd run about six blocks at this time and fifteen minutes had passed, according to her watch (designed to look just like Luna P). As she came around the next corner, she saw something that surprised her.

It looked like a bank robbery was in progress. There were many police cars parked outside of a building with an arched entrance. A sign on the arch above the double doorway read "BANK". From what Rini could see, there were men with guns at the windows and there were hostages behind them. Rini slowed her run as she approached and then pondered for a minute. I won't feel bad about being late if I saved some lives, I guess. She then made a mad dash behind a car on the opposite side of the street from the bank.

Careful to make sure nobody was watching, Rini dug out her brooch from her bag and said the magic words. "Pink Moon Crystal Power!" Her day clothes were suddenly replaced with the classic sailor scout uniform. Her skirt was pink, as was the collar. The bows on her chest and on the back of her skirt were red and the brooch she'd pulled out now dawned her uniform, right on the center of her chest. On the front of her cone-shaped meatballs were rounded hair clips, each with a small feather adornment of some kind, and her feet were now covered by pink knee high boots instead of the sneakers she'd worn earlier. She also had long white gloves with pink on the edges and she wore a pink choker necklace that had a small crescent moon on it. A golden tiara with a pink circular gem was on her forehead. And to finish it all off, she had a white mask similar to her father's old mask to cover her eyes and part of her face.

Rini ran out from behind the car and up to the nearest cop.

"Excuse me, what's the situation here?" Her tone demanded respect in the most urgent of ways.

"There are about five guys in there packing guns and explosives. And they have the staff held as hostages. They say if any cops try to stop them, they'll start shooting the hostages." The officer told her before taking his eyes away from the scene. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sailor Mini Moon, heiress to the champion of justice." Rini had decided that would be her speech to introduce herself.

"Sailor Moon has been gone from our lives for years now; you expect me to just believe you?" This man was obviously older than Rini had initially thought if he could remember Sailor Moon.

"Well, yes." Rini was at a loss for what else to say and then shook her head. It didn't matter if the cops didn't believe her. What does matter is getting the hostages out of there safely. Rini began to step forward and went up to the door, miraculously without being gunned down by the robbers.

"The cops are sendin' a little girl in here! Hahaha! Are they nuts?" She heard a man at the door laugh. She growled under her breath and then walked through the door.

"And just what is a little girl going to do? Dance for us? Or maybe she'll say something like the cops gave up and want to trade her for the hostages!" A second robber added to what the other one had said. The two laughed at the motionless girl, but only for an instant before she inhaled a deep breath and held out her hand. A wand, much like her mother's crescent mood wand, though the crystal was pink, materialized in her once-empty hand.

"Pink Moon Therapy Kiss!" A bright light erupted from her wand and hit the two men, simultaneously knocking them out. "That'll teach you to laugh at me!" She felt a little better after she'd shouted that and moved to the next guy who had been trying to aim at her with his gun, but had been trembling a bit much to do so.

Rini ran at him and kicked his gun directly from his hands, then bashed him over the head with her wand. Not the most routine way of doing things, but she found it to be effective because he had fallen over. Many of the hostages in the room were cheering for her by now. But two men remained. One held what looked like a rocket launcher. And it appeared he had locked on to a target. Rini swallowed nervously a moment before he fired.

The first reaction Rini had was to scream, but then she thought she should move out of the way. By the time she thought that she had already been moved by something. It felt like someone was carrying her. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and then she looked at the man who had lifted her and moved her across the room in about half a second.

She saw an orange, black and white helmet with a black visor and antennas. Then he gently placed her on the floor again and she got a full view of his outfit. It looked like a black body suit made of spandex that was covered by a green tunic, a red cape, and other various items like gloves, boots and a belt.

"Are you alright, Miss?" It sounded to Rini like he was purposely speaking in a heroic voice, like when children tried to imitate the voices of superheroes they see on television. She wasn't sure whether to laugh or question his status as a hero. Before reaching a conclusion, Rini brought herself back to the reality of the situation. Part of the bank had just blown up. The hostages were still alive. And there were still two robbers left conscious.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks." Rini said quickly and then turned her attention back to the robber with the rocket launcher. He was in the process of aiming a second rocket. The man in the ridiculous costume looked toward the man too.

"I'll take care of him; you can take the other guy."

Rini nodded and then her new helper seemed to disappear and reappear instantaneously next to the man with the rocket launcher. What speed! Rini focused on her current foe and noticed that this man didn't have a gun, but a knife. She smirked and let her wand dematerialized. Then she moved her hand to her forehead, removing her tiara. This made it turn into a disc of golden light and she threw it at him. "Moon Tiara Magic!" It hit the man square on the jaw and he lost his focus long enough for Rini to catch her tiara, replace the tiara on her forehead, dash at him and take out his ankles with a slide. Once he fell to the floor, dropping his knife, Rini stood up quickly and stood firmly on his back with one of her heeled boots.

"Now, what are we going to do?" She asked him with an almost menacing tone. She liked to scare the baddies just a little bit before turning them in.

"We're going give up and go quietly to the police." The final robber was almost at a loss for words.

"Very good." Rini smiled.

The other young hero that had helped Rini earlier had signaled the police to enter the building and they began tying up all the robbers and releasing the hostages. Rini glanced at the man that had had the rocket launcher; he was out cold. Whoever her helper was, regardless how he was dressed, he was good at what did. As the police were finishing up with tying down all the would-be robbers, Rini walked over to the other costumed hero.

"Hey you, thanks for helping me." Rini smiled and held out a hand in a friendly gesture. The man seemed caught off guard for a moment before realizing that she was offering a handshake. He took hold of her hand and shook.

"Of course, Miss. Anytime. What name may I address you by?" He kept up with his superhero toned voice.

"You can call me Sailor Mini Moon." Rini returned her hand to her side once their handshake ended. "What can I call you?"

"You can call me Great Saiyaman!" The young man did a strange pose as he spoke. Rini stared for a moment and then giggled. She could see a small amount of red on his cheeks at the bottom edge of his visor and then she stopped herself and smiled at him.

"Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. That was rude of me. Got it, Saiyaman. Well, I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the near future. Now I've got to be on my way. See you around." Rini winked behind her mask and dashed off down the street. She made sure nobody was looking once she rounded the corner and then her sailor scout uniform disappeared to be replaced with her day clothes again.

She had a smile stuck on her face until her watch beeped at her. She looked at it and then screamed. "Oh no! I'm so late!" She started running to school again.

The Great Saiyaman watched the strange pink-haired sailor girl ran off down the street. He could easily follow her and find out who she was. But he respected that she had a secret identity just like he did. And it was likely that she had good reasons for keeping it secret.

Gohan stood in place for a few moments until he observed that the police could handle the clean up without his assistance. And Videl would likely show up soon and become enraged at seeing that she'd been beaten to the scene yet again by Saiyaman. He nodded to himself as if to confirm that his thoughts were probably very accurate. Gohan glanced at his watch on his left wrist. Oh my, gosh! I'm late again! I've got to split—and fast, if I plan on not missing first period today!

With that, Saiyaman took flight. Once he was high enough in the sky, he tapped a button on his watch and his superhero costume disappeared. He wore his red pants, white long-sleeved shirt and black vest with his school's button pinned on it. His short black hair was pushed back as he flew at top speed toward his school's roof. That girl…Sailor Mini Moon… she was something. Granted she needed help, she did a pretty good job on those first three robbers. I wonder what her story is and why I've never heard of her before. Maybe I'll ask Bulma about it after school. She seems to be in the know.

Gohan landed lightly on the school roof and ran down the staircase with his school bag in occasionally hitting his side. He knew he would get in trouble with the teacher for being late again… but what could he do? He was a superhero, and as long as he saved lives then he didn't feel as bad about being late.

Rini ran into the classroom, panting. When she stopped, she rested her hands on her slightly bent knees and breathed deeply. Everyone in the class stared at her for the sudden entrance. Not just because she was late, but because she'd gotten there right after someone else that was late. A girl with black hair tied in pigtails looked at Rini with her blue eyes for a few moments and then she went to her seat. The teacher looked to be an older man who was balding. He wore glasses and a semi-formal outfit appropriate for a teacher.

"Are you the new student I'm expecting today?" He asked with a curious tone upon noticing the school's button on her shirt.

"Yes. Sorry I'm so late to class!" Rini bowed her head slightly, allowing some of her hair to overlap in front of her shoulders.

"Don't worry about it. Today is your first day. Just don't make it a habit." The teacher held a finger up at her in warning. Then he cleared his throat and projected his voice to the students. "Everyone, this is Serenity Tsukino. She's the new student I mentioned at the beginning of class. Miss Tsukino, if you please, could you share a little bit about yourself with the class?"

Rini felt her cheeks get a tad warm and started fidgeting with her fingers behind her back. "Hi everyone… I'm Serenity… You can all call me Rini if you would like. I just moved to this city and I hope that I may call a few of you, if not all of you, my friends very soon." Rini allowed her etiquette to take over and even did a tiny curtsy though she wore khakis.

"Well, how very nice of you, Miss Tsukino. Now you can take the empty seat near the back. Behind Gohan, there." Gohan raised his arm instinctively as his attempt to be helpful in showing where her seat was. Rini smiled and nodded, then headed toward the indicated seat without a word.

As Rini sat down, she was greeted by the four people in front of her. One was the girl who had walked in before her, Videl. There was another girl with short blonde hair, Erasa. Then next to her was Gohan, a boy with black hair and the irises of his eyes were almost as dark as his hair. But his overall appearance made him look friendly. And on Gohan's other side sat a boy with long blonde hair, Sharpner. This boy wore a tank top to show off his muscles, obviously. Rini thought he looked a bit narcissistic.

"Hi there, Serenity, nice to meet you. I'm Erasa." The girl with the short blonde hair introduced herself. "This is Videl, Hercule's daughter." She gestured to the girl with the black pigtails. Videl smiled at Rini as an acknowledgement, but she was trying to pay attention to the lesson that the teacher had continued once Rini sat down. Rini returned the smile with a smile of her own.

"I'm Sharpner. You've got nice eyes." Sharpner sounded like he was trying to be the cool guy.

"Thanks, Sharpner." Rini said this mostly so she didn't seem impolite. Some guy flirting with her wasn't the first thing on her mind at the moment.

"Come on, Sharpner. Let her have little time before you throw your moves at her." Gohan said with an almost audible laugh. He pulled his attention from Sharpner and to Rini. "Hi, Rini. I'm Gohan. If you need help with anything, feel free to ask. I was new here not too long ago, so I know what it's like." Gohan offered this with his honest sincerity.

"Oh, thank you. That would help a lot, Gohan." Rini was overjoyed at having someone to show her around. And it helped that it was a cute guy. Though she kept the last part to herself.

Their conversation died down and they started to pay attention to the last bit of the teacher's lecture. After the first class, school seemed to fly by for Rini because she was already starting her walk home.

She walked out of the school with Gohan, Erasa, Videl and Sharpner. Sharpner had been giving Rini compliments all day and Videl had been casting strange glares towards Gohan. Rini wasn't sure what to think of this group yet. She knew that they all seemed nice enough.

"So, Rini, where do you live?" Erasa spoke up suddenly, interrupting the princess's train of thought.

"Huh? Oh, I live in some fancy apartments near the middle of town. I can't remember what they're called…" Rini scratched her head.

"Wow, really?" Erasa seemed surprised. "Those places are so expensive! Your family must be pretty well off! What do your parents do?"

"My father is a doctor. He does well enough for my mother to be a stay-at-home mom." Rini answered. Stay at home mothers weren't that uncommon in Japan.

"A doctor! Cool! So do you know lots of random medical facts?" Erasa seemed to be genuinely interested in Rini's life. It was almost too much for the pink-haired heroine.

"I don't know that much, actually. He tries not to bring his work home with him." She kept her answer concise and smiled as they reached the school gates. She knew that Erasa and Sharpner lived in the opposite direction. It seemed that Videl did too, because she was making her way to Erasa's side.

"Okay then. See you two tomorrow!" Erasa shouted as she waved at Rini and Gohan, both of whom were still standing at the front gates.

"Bye!" Rini shouted back. She turned to Gohan and he was looking at her as if he knew she was going to say something. "Gohan, do you live nearby?"

Gohan shook his head, "No, I live way out of town in the mountains. My family likes the outdoors."

"That's an awful long way to school every day!" Rini's voice rose in volume a little from the surprise. No wonder he looked like he was in such good shape! He must have some pretty strong legs!

"It's not that bad. I have ways of getting here. You know buses and stuff like that." It sounded like he had added the last sentence as an afterthought. Almost unnecessarily.

"Well, let's walk together until your turn-off then?" Rini smiled. Her words had sounded only slightly like a question because she knew he probably wouldn't say no. She saw his eyes widen a bit and then his right hand went to scratch the back of his neck. This seemed to be his nervous tick.

Rini giggled a little and then took the lead. Gohan felt his cheeks getting warm, but ignored that as he took a few quick steps to reach Rini's side. Maybe she knows about Sailor Mini Moon… It's just a hunch, but…


"Yes? You sound like you have a question." She was smiling back at him as she kept walking.

"Well, yes. I was wondering if you've heard of someone."

"Who?" Her eyebrows arched in curiosity.

"Well I heard something about a new hero in town. She helped Saiyaman at a bank robbery this morning… er, I guess it's more the other way around. Word is she was doing fine on her own for a while and then Saiyaman came to help her. I was just wondering if you knew anything about her."

Rini stood rigid for a moment before continuing to walk. Oh no! Could he have guessed that I'm Mini Moon? … Wait, he probably has no idea what she looks like! He wouldn't be able to connect me to her unless he was at the scene too! And I don't remember him being there… He was in class when I got there too. There's no way he could travel that far and get there before me. As she finished her thoughts, she saw that Gohan was looking at her with a questioning expression. "Ah, Mini Moon. Yeah, she's a sailor scout. They were a group of sailor suited heroes a few decades ago. Though they haven't been too active in the last 20 years. A lot of people seem convinced that they aren't on Earth anymore. At least, that's what my mom has mentioned to me."

"Really? That's cool I guess. I wonder why I've never heard of them." Gohan thought for a moment. He certainly wasn't born yet 20 years ago, but both of his parents had been around. Though neither of them had ever mentioned anything. Then again, they had always lived in the mountains. Not necessarily the greatest place to hear news. "I guess living out in the mountains has its perks." Gohan chuckled. And to his relief, he heard Rini giggle at his statement.

"Well, if you want to know more about the scouts, feel free to ask any time. This is my street, so I can take it from here." She displayed her pearly whites in a dazzling smile. Then she walked on, turning once to say, "See you around, Gohan!" Then she kept walking away.