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I Have To!

I was at the training grounds at night trying to make my gentle fist attacks stronger, smoother, faster, and more efficient. It was hard to keep my extra training secret from my two teammates and sensei, but if they knew they would tell to me to relax and take more breaks. "Hinata its fine to go at your own speed and rate, you're becoming such a strong kunoichi," Kurenai sensei had said earlier today at the end of our training session.

"Sensei I'm going at my own pace right know there is nothing wrong with pushing myself to go further and beyond what I am capable of yesterday," I explained. She put her hands on her hips and gave me a stern look in the eye for a minute then shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

"Hinata I get it that you want to be stronger, I really do I just wish you would take more concern about your health." I looked down at the ground and my two index fingers started to poke each other. I understood what she meant as well, but all the guys seem to be allowed to do reckless things in order to gain knew knowledge and skills.

"I understand Kurenai sensei and I promise I will try to improve my body's condition, but I will not stop my training or slow it down," I said looking up and straight into her eyes with determination plastered on my face. She had a concerned look on her face as she walked forward closing the gap between us and placed her hand on top of my head.

"Alright you win this round Hinata, but don't expect to win the next one so easily," Kurenai sensei ruffled my hair and smiled. I smiled warmly back at her knowing she was only doing this because she cared about me. I nodded my head and then said my goodbyes as I ran to the Hyuga household knowing if I showed up late my father wouldn't be pleased.

"Father, I'm home!" I took of my shoes at the entrance and neatly lined them up against the wall before continuing on deeper into the house. I walked along the outside hall and heard some quiet talking. I crept as quietly as I could and pressed my ear against the door.

"I don't get why you won't let me see my own daughter Hiashi. I gave birth to her and was a good mother so why can't I see my beautiful Hinata," a soft yet firm women's voice asked with worry in her voice.

"Mother," I whispered to myself making my thoughts understood to the world.

"You know why I can't, I really wish I could, but you know what the Hyuga advisers and elderly would say," father sighed after he finished his plea.

"Have you at least told Hinata why her skills with the gentle fist aren't as good as her little sister's? If I could I would apologize to her for having done her wrong. If only you had fallen in love with your wife before we ever met," her voice becoming a whisper and her sobbing started.

I walked away with horror heading toward the training grounds to escape my pain. My sister and I don't have the same mother! Does that mean the lady who died was Hinabi's mom and not my own? So it was true I was never going to beat my little sister using the gentle fist. I had definitely improved my skills using byakugan even if it wasn't to Neji's level I thought that someday I could make it there.

No stop thinking like this! I will just have to work and train harder, I can do that and surely even I can be at Neji's level. And that is how I arrived to now, training way past midnight even when my chakara is all gone I just use the stance and moves without the use of chakara. Just like Naruto's my ninja way is to never give up, of course I took this idea and made it my own. I started to stretch and see how far my flexibility would take me and then thought of what I could use it for with different scenarios. The sun was starting to rise up and I wondered if I really had stayed up all night practicing. "I better get home," I murmured as I dragged my heavy body and sleepy eyes to my home.

"Hinata what are you doing up so early," Iruka my academy sensei asked.

"Oh I was just taking a walk about and now I-I'm heading home," I said nervously.

"So how has your training and team been doing? Tomorrow I'm having your entire academy class come to help show examples on good fights and skills; anyway I was hoping you could tell Kiba and Shino for me." Iruka rubbed his head as he waited for my answer.

"Okay I'm sure they would love to join thanks for inviting us Iruka," I said with a bow and then let my face drop done hiding how tired and beat up I was. I sneaked quickly all the way to my room without waking anyone who was asleep and dodged all the guards and people awake. My father probably never even knew I left since he had an uninvited guest and never checked up on me due to the fact he disowned me. Tears started to form in my eyes as I lied on the bed and quickly wiped them away. "One day you'll regret that father and you knew I wasn't at fault," I said fiercely as I hugged one of the pillows on my bed and rested my head on two others. Luckily today my team had a break and I could sleep for two hours then go and start another practice session of my own. I wanted to beat whoever Iruka paired me up to battle no matter who they were I desperately want to win.

I woke up to my alarm clock and then went threw my usual morning routine of washing my face and teeth then brushing my hair and changing. I hated this house everyone was always looking at me with smirks, fake pity, envy, and hate most of them no nothing about who I really am and so I'm forced to bear with their gazes of resentment. I dash through the hall that leads toward the quickest exit and trip right in front of my father. "F-Father I'm s-sorry," I blushed and looked down at the ground ignoring his harsh gaze.

"Hinata the Hyuga's will talk even more badly about you if you can't even walk or run properly," he said calmly and walked away offering nothing to me but scorn. As soon as I was outside and the stares ceased I went to a small shop to eat a big breakfast to help me gain energy.

"Is that boy eating Ramen for breakfast again father," a brown hair girl with an apron on asked.

"Now, now Ayame you know we can't do anything about his eating habits other than provide him with more vegetables and less salt," her father advised patting her shoulder.

"You're right next time he comes over he will have no noodles just some chicken and…" She had left the front of the shop with her father so the rest of the conversation was lost, but it was easy to guess what she was going to say. I paid for my meal and started to walk toward a training ground that I knew Kiba and Shino would be at waiting for my arrival.

"Hey Hinata you're pretty late today," Kiba smiled.

"Did you get some extra sleep today," Shino asked. I smiled brightly at my two teammates and nodded my head.

"Hey you guys we got invited to go back to the academy tomorrow so that we can be and show examples of how to assess fights and things like that. Everyone from our academy class who passed will be there as well," I smiled nervously.

"Hmm you're just glad that you get to see Naruto," Kiba teased, as his face got closer to mine waiting to see the red hue that would paint my cheeks.

"Kiba th-that's not true I'm just happy to see everyone," I blushed.

"Kiba are looking forward to see any of your comrades," Shino asked calmly.

"Hmm I guess I'm looking forward to seeing Lee since I haven't seen him around lately and last time we talked we promised to go and hang out," Kiba tilted his head up to the sky and had an index finger pressed against his cheek in thought.

"Who are you interested in talking with Shino," I asked knowing he had an answer.

"Naruto since he seems to know hardly anything about me. He even forgot who I was when he first came back from his training, but recognized the two of you," Shino said calmly with an upset tone.

"Aukamaru are you excited too," I asked as I gave him a hug. He wagged his tail and barked happily in response.

"Then we should all get training! Don't want to lose to any of them," Kiba grinned. Shino gave a short quick nod and I just smiled in response.

"So who wants to go first?"

I smiled as I left the training field after I waved goodbye to my friends. It wasn't much of a big deal, but just a little my accuracy with the gentle fist has improved. I got three more accurate hits than I usually get just the knowledge that I was improving inspired me to work even harder than I have been recently. I was looking for another place to train when I saw Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato talking. "Naruto it's a good thing you don't have an affinity with earth your wind can defeat Sasuke's ultimate lightning attack," Yamato stated.

"So the wind is the only thing that can save a fire from dying," Naruto said aloud in thought.

Yamato stared at him with surprise but then smiled, "You're right about that."

"Well Naruto I think you've had enough rest time to get back to training right," Kakashi asked as he helped him up.

"Yeah this time I'll get it down and cut that waterfall in half," Naruto grinned as he jumped up into the air. I smiled and continued passed to find an empty training ground. If I could bet on it I would say that my affinity would be water and water beats fire so just maybe I might be able to help Naruto out. I found an empty spot and started to repeat the exercise I had started yesterday and this early morning, but this time with some small weights on my arm as I practiced the hand movements against an old tree. Sweet pored down my forehead and arms, as I continued to push myself past my old limit until I couldn't go on any longer no matter how much determination was in me. I panted while I rested on the ground looking at the trunks of the trees. I was tired. Even if I could keep this training up it was taking a toll on my mind. My sleeping pattern is starting to change and often I catch myself as my mind starts to drift off away. It was midnight by the time I stopped training and it took 30 more minutes to rest so by the time I got home it was one in the morning. I sighed with relief after I took a quick five minute bath and plopped on my bed. My sore muscles loosened up and relaxed after the warm bath and quickly I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to a knock on my door and when I finished rubbing my eyes and sleep away I opened the door to find Neji on the other side. "I heard your team was also helping out the academy so I thought I would wake you up since you slept past your alarm clock," he smiled.

"Thanks Neji I'll be ready in a minute," I said. I shut the door and put on my normal ninja outfit then gathered my weapons and medicine. I opened my window to find out that it was really windy and reluctantly tied my hair back with a lavender hair band then ran out the door to find Kiba and Shino waiting for me.

"We just saw Neji leave with Lee and Tenten," Kiba said and Akamaru barked in agreement.

"I see you pulled your hair back the wind really could mess with your fighting so that was wise," Shino nodded.

"Thanks today I promise I will do my best and that I will not lose against my opponent," I grinned as we started to walk our way to the academy.

When we arrived only one group was missing and as we waited many of the teams mingled and reminisced about the good times. "Hey Kiba how's everything going," Shikamaru asked as his teammates followed beside him.

"Hmm Hinata it would've been cuter if you pulled back your hair with a ribbon instead, but I must ask are you digging my hairstyle," Ino asked with a grin.

"I did it so the wind wouldn't get in the way, but I can see how convenient it is," I tilted my head in unsure manure.

"Shino you're as quiet as ever. Want some chips," Choji asks though Shino politely declines.

"Seems like Kakashi's team is late, I wonder what they're doing," Tenten said joining in the conversation.

"Tenten isn't it obvious that they are doing some youthful last minute training," Lee interrupted.

"You're the only one who is doing youthful last minute training Lee," Neji sighed.

"Sorry we're late," Sakura shouted from a distance followed by Naruto and Sai the newest addition to team Kakashi.

"You guys barley made it Iruka is supposed to let us inside in three minutes what held you up for so long," Ino reprimanded them.

"Well it just so happens that Kakashi wanted to tell us something important before we left, but came late due to an old lady who needed help getting her cat out of a tree," Sai reported.

"Do you actually believe what he says," Kiba asked with surprise.

"No, Sai just likes to mess with people's heads and besides he also just tells facts," Naruto sighed.

"Naruto are you upset if so you should talk to me about it since we are friends," Shino said.

"Naruto's just upset he can't continue with his training today," Sakura smiled.

"Okay everyone you can come in now," Iruka said opening the door. We filed in and as we walked to the front of the room the young students eyes were on us. "Class this is the guests who will be showing you what real battles are like and how knowledge, skills, and strength are important. Quick decisions can save a life or end one. Now please introduce yourself," Iruka told Lee who was first.

"Hi I'm Rock Lee the second most powerful ninja in Kohana in tiajustsu!"

"My name is Tenten and I'm one of the top weapon mistresses in Kohana."

"I'm Neji Huyga from Huyga family."

"I'm the most wonderfully cute kuniochi Ino who can get into your mind literally!" She winked.

"I'm Shikamaru one of the brightest ninja's in Kohana, I guess."

"I'm Choji and I can expand my body in order to gain strength and reach farther."

"I'm Shino and my bugs are great for attacking chakra and searching."

"I'm Hinata Huyga and um I'm very flexible."

"I'm Kiba and this here is Akamaru who helps me out with tracking and fighting."

"I'm Sakura and I have precise chakra control allowing me to be a medic ninja and I'm way cuter than Ino."

"I'm Naruto Usamaki and my goal is to become Hokage I use shadow clones mostly to fight."

"I'm Sai and I use ink to draw pictures to help navigate, fly, and spy."

"Okay class I know you are going to have your final test soon, but because of that you should watch these fights to help give you ideas of what to do in certain situations," Iruka said to the class and with that we all went outside and waited for further instructions.

"First we will start of with a fight mainly using weapons. Tenten and Sakura will be showing the example for this exercise," Iruka instructed.

"Uh do I have to go against Tenten with weapons only," Sakura asked nervously.

"No just make sure to use your weapons skillfully," Iruka answered.

"I'm so going to win this fight," Tenten grinned.

"I wouldn't count on it," Sakura grinned.

"Ready set go!"

Sakura started by throwing a kunai at Tenten, who easily dodged while she pulled out a scroll, bit her thumb, and summoned a katana sword. "That was a pretty weak attempt at trying to stop me from summoning my weapon," Tenten shouted while she ran strait at Sakura. Sakura frowned and threw three ninja stars at Tenten who jumped in the air to avoid them only for Sakura to throw them up at her while she was in the air. Tenten had expected this from Sakura and rotated herself quickly while using the katana to deflect the stars with a few flung back at Sakura. Tenten landed on the ground and Sakura charged at her with her fists glowing with chakra. Tenten wasn't stupid and new to keep away so she ducked in order to dodge the first fist then kicked out her leg trying to make Sakura lose balance. Sakura quickly punched her fist toward Tenten and was going to beat her before she had the chance to unbalance her. Sakura felt for sure she was going to get a hit, but just before her fist connected she felt a stabbing pain bellow her belly button. Tenten threw Sakura off of her and threw the kunai that had just pierced Sakura at her.

"Don't underestimate me Sakura just because I choose to only use weapons," Tenten shouted as she pulled out her scroll and summoned the rising twin dragons. Sakura's back hit a tree and just as she was about to heal her wound thousands of weapons were heading straight toward her. Sakura quickly got up and quickly pounded her fist into the ground causing big chunks of it to break away from the earth. Sakura quickly grabbed the biggest piece of ground and threw it toward the densest part of the weapons. Half of the weapons fell to the ground with the dirt ineffective but the remaining ones finally reached Sakura as she quickly dodged the sharpest most life threatening weapons while a few smaller weapons hit their target causing her to wince in pain. Most of the heavy weapons were placed on one side forcing her to move to the left. Quickly Tenten threw five kunais with explosive tags of to the side without Sakura noticing since she was to busy dodging the continuous weapons. Finally Sakura was close enough to the tags that Tenten ignited them with her chakra and listened as Sakura cried out. The smoke hid Sakura's view and Tenten slowly landed to the ground picking up her katana she raced toward the smoke and just as Sakura came out for a surprise attack Tenten knocked her to the ground and held the blade to her neck.

"I win," she smiled.

Iruka sighed, "Tenten wins. I should have known you two would've ruined the field."

"Sakura are you okay," Naruto shouted with worry as he dashed over to her side.

"Some what though I should've known I was going to lose since her skills are mid ranged and mine are close ranged," Sakura muttered.

"It is important to learn that middle ranged fighters have an advantage against close ranged fighters and long distance ranged fighters as well. Next will be simple enough since Sakura needs to heal her injuries so now we will watch as a medical ninja heals her wounds," Iruka said as the class gathered around to watch Sakura tend to her wounds.

I noticed that one girl was a little off to the corner even though she was with the group she didn't talk to anyone and no one talked to her. "Hi I'm Hinata. What's your name," I asked introducing myself to her as the other students were busy watching Ino and Sakura instruct on the importance of being a medical ninja and how they always had to survive and avoid being injured badly.

"Inuzu," she muttered and then looked down into her lap.

"Inuzu, it's interesting that no one talks to you is anything wrong," I smiled gently.

"Nothing I just don't like any of my classmates none of them are actually interested in being ninjas recently parents are forcing most of their children to join academies and even though I was forced here myself I've learned the importance it brings," she sighed.

"Well you should try to understand the others point of view that is also an important part of being a ninja. Looks like their about to finish so I better get back there, nice meeting you," I grinned.

"Next we will have Lee fight against Shino in order to show you the importance of using tiajutsu," Iruka announced. Shino calmly walked out onto the field even when I knew he knew that this opponent wasn't really his strength. Lee ran straight at kicking his leg out. The Shino he kicked however was created out of his bugs and through the use of byakugan I saw that one of the bugs was perched to his shoulder and this made me grin. Shino had a plan even against Lee who didn't use chakra. Shino rarely use any weapons other than his bugs he picked up one of Tenten's stray ones and threw it to the right of Lee missing on purpose though this caused Lee a moment of hesitation allowing Shino to capture him in his trap. Bugs covered Lee from his feet to his neck and tightened around him. Using force no normal ninja had he broke their hold and landed a punch on the real Shino then switched to his leg to kick him from behind while avoiding an attack of bugs that Shino sent out. Shino cushioned his fall by having some of his bugs take the brunt of the force instead. "I quit this match since his skills are a rare weakness against mine," Shino said barely avoiding the full strength of Lee's punch and flew back into a tree.

"Shino are you okay," I asked pulling out some ointment and placed it on some of his bruises.

"Hinata you and Kiba have to win your fights okay you two," Shino probably smiled underneath his long coat as his voice held determination.

"No problem Hinata and I have been training with you Shino so this shouldn't be a problem right Hinata," Kiba grinned.

"I'll win no matter who is the opponent," I said raising a fist into the air while giggling.

"Even if your opponent is me Hinata," Ino smirked.

"All the more reason she will win," Kiba smiled, "Nice going Hinata an easy target for your skills."

"Hey what are you talking about I just might be able to dodge your attacks and sneak a fatal one in," Ino pestered him. Shino pulled down his collar to show his creepy smile.

"Ino Hinata has been training like crazy against many different styles of fighting so I'll offer some small advice. You might want to distance yourself when the battle begins," Shino said calmly without any arrogance, but his smile was enough to make Ino weary.

"Ino be careful you know your skills work better when you have Choji and I as your teammates," Shikamaru warned her.

"I know, but I haven't been training for nothing," she smiled.

"Enough talking everyone lets let the battle begin," Iruka shouted as everyone but Ino and I got off the field.

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