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Ready to Go

It only took half the week for my eyes to heal, which surprised the Hokage and made Naruto free of his duties. Still until the week ended Naruto stayed to make sure that my luck would last. I want to see him now, but I heard he is on a mission with his team. I sigh wishing that I could've been on his team instead of Sakura. She always was more outgoing than me and I'm a bit jealous, but I'm still am happy to be teammates with Shino and Kiba so I stopped thinking about it. I shoved my hand into one of my outfit's secret compartments and pulled out three sheets of paper that Naruto had given me before he left on his mission.

"I got these from Kakashi, but he thinks I'm trying to be an overachiever by trying to find my second element. Anyway Hinata all you have to do is put your chakara into the paper and if it gets wet you have water it if it tears wind, crumbles earth, scrunches lightning, burns fire," Naruto grins.

"Thanks. I heard you have a mission against the Akatsuki and you are going to aid Shikamaru's team so good luck and be careful," I said.

"Thanks. Well I got to get going otherwise Sakura will beat me in the head and Yamato well I don't want to find out the guy is creepy," Naruto said and then ran off towards the gate.

I have some time to train so I might as well try this out I think nervously. If it's not water then how will my goal to be next to Naruto and help him as much as I can ever be possible. I head out deep into a secluded part of the forest and slowly take a deep breath. Everything is riding within this one moment I think and then force myself to pour chakara into one of the papers. It took a minute for it to show me, but when I saw the paper get damp with water I smiled. "Yes," I shout and then blush at how loud I had been.

Feeling motivated I practiced my chakara control by using the least amount of chakara I could to make the jutsu work. I'm quite good at this, but when I watch Sakura I know I still have room for improvement so I continued until I slowly improved. This is important because I don't have as much chakara as Naruto, Kiba, and Shino. I stopped to take a break when I had nearly accomplished my goal.

"Hinata there you are lady Tsunade wants to see us," Tenten said while beside her Neji waited.

"Tenten I'm glad you've made a full recovery quicker than the medical ninjas thought possible," I smile.

"Thanks, but I mostly blame that on my two teammates those two are strong and I'm used to battling with them," Tenten grinned.

"Still that doesn't mean you can slack off Tenten," Neji added calmly.

"Hey I never slack off anyone looks like there slacking off when their up against Lee and Gai sensei," Tenten muttered and hit Neji hard in the side.

"Anyway let's go," Neji said vanishing first. Tenten and I followed behind him until we reached the Hokage's office.

"Come in," Tsunade said before Tenten had the chance to knock on the door.

"We found her Lady Tsunade," Tenten said grinning.

"Good because this mission needs to be settled quickly. Hinata I want you to join Neji and Tenten since Gai and Lee are off on another mission. Neji will be team leader. Now on to the details of this mission you three are to assist the Mist Village's major jail. They carry over half of the strongest ninjas in this jail and have requested the Leaf Village's help for the three strongest. The three rogue ninja are Anbu level so be very cautious you guys maybe a little low in ranking for this mission, but I have been finding out you guys have been getting better results than many of the higher ranked ninja lately. This is an A-rank mission so get a move on!"

We left the room and immediately packed all our weapons, medicines, and other necessary things for a journey then met at the gate. "It's no fair Neji you always get to be the team leader when Shikamaru's not around," Tenten teased.

"It's not that great of a job just lots of stress," Neji sighed.

"Do you both have everything you need," I ask double-checking my own backpack.

"Yeah seems like it so Neji you ready for this mission? It sounds like this might be more difficult than it sounds, but I'm excited Lady Tsunade trusts us more than I thought," Tenten smiled happily.

"Come on lets go," Neji, said and the three of us set off toward the Mist Village. It took half the day just to get half way to the village and the three of us were starting to get hungry.

"How about we take a break here I packed some lunch," I said softly.

"That's a great idea! I think that it's crazy they want us there today I mean we just set off five hours ago," Tenten sighed.

"Good idea Hinata, but lets only take a five minute break otherwise we won't make it in time," Neji said sitting down next to Tenten and in front of me. We ate in silence and enjoyed the short break.

"Well looks like our time is up," Neji said whipping dirt off his clothes as he got up. Tenten sighed but got up as well and then we went at a quick pace to get to the village in time. Time passes but it's hard to tell when everything still looks the same.

"Neji um up ahead I think I can see a clearing where the forest starts to end," I say loud enough for Tenten to hear as well.

"Nice I can't wait to get this mission over with I have things to do back home," Tenten grinned as we came to the end of the forest.

"It should only be ten minutes from here," Neji said and I nodded. Finally we made it to the village and walked until we made it to the prison.

"You three arrived just in time! The Hokage and Leaf ninjas are really as good as everyone claims they are. Here let me introduce you to the head of the prison," a girl at the desk said. She got up out off her chair and led us into a room.

"Nice to see the three of you made it in time. Did you have any troubles on your way here," the head asked. He was scrawnier than one would think the head of a prison would be.

"No problems getting here," Neji answered.

"Well except for the time we set off, but seems like we made it," Tenten added.

"So who are the prisoners we will be watching over and what are their abilities," I asked focused on succeeding.

"Well as you can see most of the other prisoners have been moved already so far everything is successful, but the three we need watching over has escaped numerous amount of times before. In fact if it wasn't for one of our ninjas in the mist they wouldn't even be here today. Here is the files you three should decide among yourselves who gets to help guard who and then you will be escorted by one of the three people here." Neji took the three files and looked over them intently.

"Tenten your fighting skills would be suited best to go against this person," Neji said handing her the file.

Tenten read the information then grinned, " I might be able to handle this one easily unless they have a few tricks up their sleeves."

"Oh they do, but most don't get to live to tell us what tricks," the head smiled grimly.

"Don't worry about us we almost always succeed," Tenten smiled fiercely.

"We'll do our best and die trying if we have to," Neji said bluntly.

"Thanks I have high hopes for you three," he smiled.

One of the three escorts walked up to me, "I'll be your escort."

"Thanks," I bowed my head slightly and followed him out of the room, leaving Tenten and Neji with their escorts.

"So how long have you been working here?"

"Five years," he answered. He only spoke in a monotone voice hiding any trace of emotion.

Unfazed I continued to ask him questions. "When the prisoners are moved do they always take the same route?"

"Yes, they have to in order to make it challenging for them to escape." He lead me to a big room where the preparations for the move were going on.

"That over there is Yuga, but don't underestimate her, she may seem nice but she really is just acting so you will lower your guard down."

"Thank you for all the help," I smiled and hid in the shadows watching Yuga for clues. She was screaming insults at everyone around her until I walked out of the shadows and introduced myself.

"Oh who may you be," she asked politely. I smiled knowing that she didn't have a clue I had been watching her.

"I'm Hinata I'll be escorting you to the other jail. Who may you be?"

"Yuga of the mist."

"Well let's work together to get you safely back to jail," I said with a polite smile as the gated cart was pulled outside next to the other two. I noticed that Tenten's prisoner had a cut on his cheek.

"What did he do Tenten," I asked with concern.

"Oh nothing he just thinks girls are weaker than guys so I taught him a lesson," she grinned. I giggled she definitely defended kunoichi well.

"Were you two informed of the route and terrain," Neji asked.

"Yeah," Tenten said. The mission started off easy other than Tenten kept giving her prisoner new cuts every time he said something offensive. Neji ignored his prisoner who in turn ignored him, while Yuga and I talked about the weather and other polite things. When it started to get dark we stopped the workers who pulled the cart and set up camp. We then planned out the watch schedule; I offered to go first.

"Yuga may I ask something personal," I asked after silent hours of watching.

"Sure if you promise you will answer my question."

"Agreed." I secretly activated my byakugan and watched her heart to see how it normally beats.

"What motivates you to be a ninja?"

"I just like having the power to protect my village I guess," she answered sweetly. Her heartbeat was normal. She told the truth.

"Hmm then you got power hungry," I asked trying to make sense of this scenario.

"No not really it's more like I finally got motivated." Another truth that confuses me, it makes no sense. "So my turn to ask a question. What is your biggest fear?"

I hesitate, but decide to put it out delicately. "I'm scared of being unable to protect my friends and loved ones." It was the truth; I am afraid of that, but I am also scared of being left behind by him.

"Well I think we would make great friends," she smiled.

I nodded as I took not of the word would, and then left to wake up Neji for his shift.

"Anything strange happen," he asked.

"Depends on what you find strange, but no, nothing happened."

Tenten's POV

I felt a gentle shake and awoke from my dream. Anything I need to know," I yawned.

"Nothing happened yet so have fun." Neji grabbed his sleeping bag and went back to sleep. I pulled out a letter Tsunade had Shizune hand me in secret before we left, then started to read it. I silently thanked Tsunade for warning me in advance and burned the letter in the campfire. I heard I quiet crunch behind me. Automatically I pulled out a kunai from my pouch and placed it by the neck of the person behind me.

"You're good…for a girl."

"You're good for almost sneaking past me, Rugun," I said knowing full well it was the prisoner I was supposed to be escorting.

"Lower your weapon or I'll kill you little girl," he threatened.

"Sorry I'm afraid you're too late," I smiled curtly and threw the kunai into the target on the ground I had placed earlier.

"Nothing is happening! What did you do?"

"Nothing much, at least not for your concern."

"I'll kill you," he growled.

"I highly doubt it," I shouted, blocking his sword only inches from my neck with another kunai. I quickly jump back and throw kunia's at him followed by paper bombs. He dodges one to the right then the next to the left until he passed by them all without a single scratch. The bombs were loud when they exploded and created a smoke that kept me from seeing which direction he was planning to come at me from. As soon as he emerged I threw a kunai across the clearing cutting a thin clear string in half. Loud bangs and blasts of smoke covered the clearing yet Rugun dodged all of them effortlessly.

"Enough of this nonsense! It's my turn," he shouted.

"Don't you know in the ninja world there is no such thing as fair and there is no such things as turns," I retorted. I summoned a rentsuru (flail)—ball-on-a-chain weapon and took half a step to the right. Rugun's sword barely missing my side as I aimed the rentsuru at his side as he started to pull his sword back for more control. His eyes widened with surprise and he avoided a fatal blow, but it left his arm bleeding. With a speed so fast if one blinked nothing would have happened he thrust his sword at me and I could only reach out to stop it from killing me.

I gripped the sword with my hands stopping it in front of my chest the palm of my hands bleeding and my gloves ruined. "Wrong move girly," he grinned devilishy. Before I had the chance to let go electricity charged up the sword and onto my body.

The pain was excrutiating. It was all I could remember at that very minute.

Neji's POV

I was having a nice dream before I was awoken—the sky was bright blue and the few lingering white clouds would have captured the attention of Shikamaru—a senbon needle cut a thin, but rather painful blow to the cheek. "Darn your little friend has good timing," Yuga muttered when I blocked her kunai with one of my own.

"Who is she fighting," I asked calmly.

"You do know which one of us is missing so you must be asking about his hidden talents. He is strong, in fact I think the battle is practically over, and I must say it is not looking good for your girlfriend," she laughed. My cheeks became slightly red from embarrassment before it returned to normal. I wanted to flee toward her, but that would leave Hinata to fight with two Jonin ranked ninja.

"Well it seems she might have a slight chance of survival after that hit, but walking after that, no way," Yuga grinned.

"Neji go to Tenten, I can hold these two off until you two get back here," Hinata shouted sporting the same cut on the cheek from Tenten's alarm.

"You can't handle both of them at the same time," I shouted back.

"Neji go," she said firmly. Her voice left no room for argument and before my mind could even think properly my feet were already running in search of Tenten. I activated my byakugan and searched for her until I found her forcing herself to stand up.

Hinata's POV

"How brave of you dear to take us both at once," Yuga smirked. Before she finished I pushed myself as hard as I could and moved quicker than I ever had before. I quickly created a dense chakara and directly hit the guy beside Yuga forcing it into his chakara system with as much force as I could. In hypothesis, the dense chakara would force the person's chakara to leave the area it was currently in and push it until it reaches the heart. It will explode from overworking to spread the chakara out evenly to the rest of the body.

"What did you do to Ren," Yuga screamed as she caught him before he hit the ground. Blood was coming out of his mouth, nose and ears, but he would live.

"Looks like I'll need to practice," I sighed, " Don't worry he'll live."

"What are you doing? Your mission isn't to kill us, but to stop us from running away!"

"You're right Yuga, but this mission is a fraud. Go back into the cell and I won't have to fight you."

"No, you tried to kill Ren, you cheated! Ren could have taken you out easily if you hadn't surprised him with that attack," Yuga shouted as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Yuga I may not be strong yet, but I know when the odds are against me. I had to attempt that move and you know you would do the same if you were in my spot. In fact, I am lucky the move worked I haven't had the chance to practice it because of the results that might occur so I could have completely failed and lost this battle." I looked down at my fingers as they twirled around each other to display my nerves.

"You're acting all tough, but I can tell that the speed and amount of chakara in that move has taken its toll on you. So, prepare to die!"

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