Holy crap. I expected the first part of the epilogue to go under the radar, but I'm getting a view count that's surpassing what I used to get back in 2011! You guys are freaking AMAZING. Writing is definitely my passion, but your continued support makes it worth the struggle. Thank you so much!

When I first published this fic years ago I was definitely in a weird place. I was very productive as a writer, but I didn't seem to catch a break in terms of getting readers to check out my original work. This was before Kindle and smartphones really took off, so digital distribution for books back then was quite difficult and consisted mostly of sharing PDFs with people through services like Mediafire. Fanfiction was thus a great way to practice and be read by likeminded people.

Writing and publishing "No Place for a Hero" was an important step for my growth as a writer, since it was the first time anyone took interest in my work. The fic got consistently awesome reviews, and even when mistakes were pointed out to me you guys were incredibly nice about it. To this day it's my most popular work, and even though it used to embarrass me a little bit that's really not the case anymore.

The fic originally came about as a sort of tribute to And Justice for All, quite possibly my favorite in the series back then –and probably now–. The cases (especially Farewell, My Turnabout) all touched a moral grey area that you rarely see in the franchise. Hell, the last case has been the first and –I think– only to talk about something as dark as suicide. You even see artwork of Juan Corrida discovering the body! Jeez. And don't forget Acro's motivations in Turnabout Big Top; you know he did something terrible, but you understand him and that makes it hurt even more.

As for the title, "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy was getting a lot of playtime back then. It was the trailer music for Batman: Arkham City and the ending theme for the movie Faster starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Popularity notwithstanding, that song is amazing and its chorus embodies perfectly what I wanted the story to be: something dynamic but at the same time moody and kind of dangerous.

So! No Place for a Hero 2. Is it happening? It's… not likely. Adult life comes with its fair share of responsibilities, so that means less time for long projects like this one. Writing the draft for the original novel (sans the epilogue! Ahaha!) originally took me about a month and a half of daily writing and two months for revising, so maybe I can make it if I try? We'll see.

The title would be either No Place for a Hero 2: Underworld Turnabout, The Underworld Turnabout, Battles without Honor and Humanity or something else. With the huge amount of awesome, new material that hit us with the release of Dual Destinies, I would have liked to include Athena Cykes, Simon Blackquill and Juniper Woods somehow. Maybe through a timeskip that lets this fic's continuity and Dual Destinies' become one? I don't know.

The plot was simple: the solving of Viola Cadaverini's murder. The focus would be on Edgeworth (and possibly a fully reinstated Simon Blackquill) going head to head against Viola's killer, the same person who double-crossed Ned Munny in part one by murdering her with the gun Ned ditched. There would be a mentor/protégé dynamic just like the one I wrote for Apollo and Phoenix, although less fire and ice and more cynicism and hope. The antagonist would be a gangster backed by an entire organization, making things super dicey but also really cool.

As you might understand, the sequel would be less of a courtroom drama and more like a police procedural. Think core Ace Attorney versus Investigations.

I think the idea is fresh, since the Ace Attorney gang has never gone to court against the mob but only elements of it. This is completely understandable, since the yakuza (the Japanese mafia) don't take too kindly to being portrayed as villains in popular media. You only need to read up on the "suicide" of Juzo Itami, a Japanese director who made a movie ridiculing the yakuza and was forced to jump from a rooftop at gunpoint.

Ahem. But I digress.

Even if I don't write a sequel for this, I have at least two things planned. The first is maybe a one-shot or very short fic starring the characters from Dual Destinies, and the second… is a surprise! And that one is definitely happening, that much I guarantee you. Expect a great revival!

Until then, here's to another good run of fanfic writing! I hope I can continue having your awesome support.