Chapter I: Meeting Strange New People

The day was quiet in the land of Ooo, only the silent sound of chirping birds, and rustling of leafs in the wind could be hear. A large tree was in view, but this...this was no ordinary tree.

Its shingles were dark green, covered with spots of pink and yellow. It towered over the empty plains around it, high above its chimney let out dark black smoke. The many round windows that decorated its side were dark, except for a single window that was lit. A figure leaned against its frame her soft golden hair spilling across her shoulders, the wind picking it up and making it flow out of the open window. She clutched the edge of the window, watching as the last of the stars dissipated, as the sun rose over the horizon. Her blue eyes scanned the treeline far from her home, she wore dark orange pajamas and pink sweatpants...standing out against her milky skin. She adorned a gentle round face, and voluptuously curved hips and legs. Her chest was broad, showing her maturing breasts and the soft tone of her arms. This was Fiona. Like any other day her routine went as usual, wandering around the land of Ooo and slaying bad guys, doing things to help people. She thought about the Prince Gumball...and her mind went foggy as she pictured him. Fiona shook her head and regained her composure, ready to take on whatever came her way.

It wasn't until she stopped and birds rustling...their was one noise that came out above it all. A strange that which a hyena would make. She looked out the window to see the source of the noise...and saw a couple figures in the sky.

One had a long wavy mane, he looked old, and crepid with a rusty golden crown adorning his head. In his hands was a small figure, her features were easily distinguishable from the stark blue to the sudden pink outburst of her outfit. Two more figures were behind them, one was large and yellow...he was enormous as well. The second figure she...really couldn't see all that well. Fiona decided to listen...instead of following her warrioress instinct. "Come back here Ice King!" The old man did a air loop and shouted back "Nevvveeer!" Before he began to conjure up a storm of some sort. Fiona grasped her shoulders as a gust of cold air hit her, and suddenly clouds began to launch an blizzard of hail. The two figures quickly plummeted landing in the plains below...Fiona gasped

She quickly ran upstairs and awoke her feline companion Cake. The cat jumped up startled as she shook her bed, "Come on Cake! We got trouble..." She immediately understood following her master faithfully out the door. Fiona managed to pull on her favorite yellow sweater, running through the freezing cold until she noticed a few blotches in the distance. They made their way closer and finally came upon the fallen duo. One was a dog, his fur a strange yellowish color. His companion however caught her eye. He wore a similar blue shirt that she did, and had blue shorts and a white bear hat. He had an blank expression on his face, and she couldn't help but look at the boy in wonder. Fiona felt Cake shiver in the cold, and spoke "Hurry up! Lets get these guys back inside!" With that Cake extender her tail, enlarging it and wrapping the two into her fur and running back to their tree hut.

Finally inside Cake set the two on a large fluffy blow up mattress, and covered them in warm sheets. Fiona gently sat next to the boy...she couldn't take her eyes off of him for some reason...taking her small hands she gently removed his hat. Revealing a small tuff of golden blonde hair that ran to his neck. She ran her hand through it experimentally amazed at the soft and sleek feel of it. A thought crossed her mind...'Is he...a Human!" Fiona looked behind her and saw her cat Cake sleeping peacefully on the plain orange couch of theirs, she let her eyes go back to the boy once again. She grabbed the green pack she found on him...and it looked almost just like hers. Opening it she pulled out its contents...

A sword...some junk food...and pictures? She shuffled through them...they were of this boy. He stood in one with his dog friend both laughing and smiling. Another he blushed at a pink haired girl whom hugged him...and lastly he was alone. Sitting on a hill looking up. She saw a hint of sadness in the boys eyes and flipped the picture over. On it was black read. *Worst day ever...last human...that's me. I'm Finn.*

She read the message over and over...last human? Her eyes once again situated on him...she smiled "I guess...were not." She said as a matter of factly and placed everything back in his pack. Placing it back at his side before picking up Cake...and heading up the stairs.

*Next Day*

Finn grunted...his mind was foggy and dazed from the previous days battle. He then smelt something...something good like food. His nosed traced the scent and then he looked around. He was in a small room...and for some reason it looked eerily similar to his own tree house. Jake was layed out next to him, his eyes closed and chest rising and falling softly. Finn didn't know what was going on he noticed his pack was layed gently by him...and the smell it still taunted his nose. He heard being the stealthy ninja hero he was...went to investigate. Stepping down some stairs quietly he finally hear some clarity in the voices. One was feminine, and very elegant the other seemed...tomboyish more wild tint in its tune.

"Come on Cake...they can't be evil I mean how can something that looks like that in its sleep be evil?" He heard a huff. "He could be trust to easily Fiona." Another sigh was heard from down below, "Oh...your cranky aren't you?" The voice huffed again. "You want your squeaky?" Their was a sudden bang and a few scrapes as something scurried around down below. Finn peeked his head down and saw a cat. It was colored white with blotches of orange and chased a small rubber mouse. Finn saw part of another figure only her back and knelt over...trying to get a closer look. He slipped. "Ahhhhh!" He yelped as his chest and side was met with ruff wood. Fiona and Cake gasped as the boy came tumbling down the stairs smacking into the counter. "Ouch..." Finn let out rubbing his head. "Hey! Hey boy you okay?" That same voice called at him. He shook his head and let his vision clear when his eyes met bright blue ones. Her hair hung out the side of her hood, which had two prominent bunny ears sticking out of its top. Finn found himself momentarily enthralled by the girl in front of him, wondering exactly WHAT she was. "I'm...okay I guess." He said standing. "Good...didn't want to have to actually patch you up." She laughed the sarcasm in her voice ringing. "Yea...hey what exactly...are you?" He asked questionably looking her over. Fiona blushed "I'm a girl you idiot!" She said before looking away. "No way you can't be a girl, cause their are no...well no human girls maybe you got gills..." He said reaching up and touching her hood. "Gills! I'm a human you dope!" She growled frustratedly at him. Finn looked suprized "But...I thought...I'm the last human." Fiona turned back and worked on her cooking ignoring him. "Well apparently not." Finn could feel something after she said her harsh shell at the moment was a fog...hiding something else. "I'm Finn by the way! The greatest adventurer in all of Ooooooo!" Fiona looked back smirking "Ohhh really?" He smiled and puffed out his chest. "Sure am!" Fiona giggled "I'd be willing to bet on that." Finn's expression changed to that of embarrassment. "Come on hero boy...if you can beat me then your the best in Oooo."

"No...I can't fight a girl...its against my morals." Fiona scoffed, "Oh come on..." Cake then interrupted. "Shes got more of a boy personality than a marauder." Fiona blushed and threw a pot at the cat. "Well?" She said once more placing her hands on her hips. "Your on!" Suddenly another noise was heard upstairs. "Oh my glob!" Finn sheepishly rubbed his head . "Jake's awake."

*A few minutes later*

Fiona took her stance, no weapon in hand as did Finn. Cake and Jake watched in anticipation, both shaking at the cool fight that was about to start. Finn drew his golden sword, and Fiona drew her Ruby Sword...they waited a moment and charged. Both clashed against each others blades with a grunt. "Not bad for a boy!" She teased. "Not bad for a girl!" Finn yelled back swinging. Fiona dodged carefully placing her feet as to not get tangled in anything. "Alright boy...lets see if you can dodge this..." She said deviously, quickly spinning and making a ruby blur. The combat lasted close to 6 hours, Jake and Cake now sitting there bored. "You want some cake?" She offered looking over at the dog. "Only if its got ice cream in it."

*Later that night*

Fiona now lay side by side with Finn both sweating and exhausted..."Best...*huff* two outta three?" She said in the moonlight. Finn smiled "I'm...gonna win" They stood again and fought, both exhausted and tired. Fiona made one last blow trying to smack the worn golden sword from Finns hand, but missed. She stumbled the weight and force of her swing bringing her down on top of him. They landed with a thud both in a daze before they realized how close they were. Her chest was pressed against him, faces mere centimeters apart. They both blushed furiously and jumped up now fully awake. "Uh...uh yea sorry." She shuddered "Yea...uh...maybe we should call it a night" Finn nodded and they awkwardly made their way into the tree.

Fiona quickly made her way upstairs closing her door quickly and quietly, she shuffled out of her cloths not even bothering to get her pajamas on. Her wild blonde hair messily covering her bed as she pulled the purple and pink sheets over. 'My god...what was that?' she thought trying to calm her beating heart. She closed her eyes...trying best to snuggle deeply into the blankets that smothered her nude body.

Finn layed downstairs...still in his shirt and pants laying on the mattress Fiona had set for him. His heart thumped out of control, beating against his ribcage in fury. 'Alright... calm she makes me all...all yuck like I get around PB...whew...whew...' he thought to himself trying to keep his own heart from completely exploding inside of him. 'Now that I think about it...she is...uh kinda cute' He blushed. The night wore on slowly, Finn layed in his bed unable to sleep...thinking about what had happened between him and the beautiful warrioress a few hours before. He thought of Princess Bubblegum...trying his best to purge his mind of these thoughts, but for some reason...the normal feeling of relief and enchantment he felt upon seeing the Princess all but faded...his mind reverting to Fiona and his heart fluttering.

Fiona lay in her own bed, sweating as she awoke from her sleep...looking up at the pale pink and brown ceiling. Her eyes darted to the window, counting the endless amount of stars gracing the sky...she closed her eyes again...Finn...that boy. She rubbed her head...'What is that boy doing to me?'

Slow Chapter yea, I know. Next Chapter will be uploaded on the 12th, "Chapter II-Gumball Kingdom Arrival Part I" Stay tuned for more adventurous goodies of Finn, Fiona, Jake and Cake.