Chap 1 – adoption

Ok reader's I wanted to tell you all that I've adopted a story called Betrayal by Advent of Shadows, I personality liked the story myself and when I saw it abandoned I thought that I should adopt it, so anyway's after reading the story I decided to keep it the same meaning that I won't change the original 8 chapters, as for the future chap's I may end up skipping the battle with the fourth Mizukage ( not good with fight scean's) also I am thinking and I said thinking about making this a Naru/Fu/Hina story I haven't made permanent ideas as of yet though, and like I said a bit ago the story will stay the same so both Naruto and Fu will stay at the same age so they're about 13 years old and they may not see Hinata for a while so if you guys have any questions or any ideas at all about the story please message me anytime.

As for now here is a list of thing's that will be added to the story

(1) the chap's will be re-written but there will be part's kept from the original so dont be surprised when you read the story and noiced some part's are the same

(2) Fu will slowly start to fall for Naruto seeing it as it was originally a Naruto x Fu story

(3) Fu will start to get an attachment to Naruto as they began to know each other

(4) Both the Kyuubi and Nanabi will be friendily with both Naruto and Fu plus they will help them control their power as they travel together

(5) as for lemon's i havent deciced when that will happen but it might happen when their a little older, probably around their 16 and such

(6) they may also get trained by Jiraya maybe during when their 13 yers old havent deciced it yet ,

(7) like i said before i'm not good with fight sceean's but i will try though, so there maybe some and not just with the Akatsuki