good news my loyal readers!

hey everyone i know it's been so long since i've updated anything, and i'm willing to bet that most of you thought i'd quit writng but no worries i'm still in bussiness but i thought it was time for you readers to know the reason why i'm am not able to update at the moment reason being is , my laptop as crashed on me but luckily i was able to back up all of my documents and i am not able to upade as much as i would like to, good news is that i am getting a new desk top and have to set up the internet to it, also my laptop is surprisenly letting me on at the moment, so be warned i may be able to post the last of the old chaps of Pile of Lemons, on to ficwad, (a link is on my profile for those who dont know) also some more good news i have gotten some more chaps written for tayuya and HInata's enslavement, and Pile of lemons, and Betrayal II, as for Naruto's wonder training excersise i am currently some chaps for that as well.

i do wanna apologize for this long wait, with everything that as happen along with my laptop crashing on me, such as job hunting and other things i know it sucks believe me but i have not quit wriitng and none of my stories are discontinued, i plan to finsh all of my stories, so the poll is still actitve, i also plan on contnueing Naruto's jounery and my code geass stories. if anyone as any questions about my stories and updates PM me at ANYTIME! i will answer as soon as i can i am also taking request for lemons concering Tayuya and Hinata's Enslavement, Pile of lemons and Naruto Wonder Training Excersise, i am also taking ideas for Betrayal II seeing as NaruXHinaXFu is sorta a rare pairing i'm sure you readers have some ideas. anyway's thank you for taking the time to read this, i once again apologize for this.