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Chap 1. A Trip To Italy

Today is a beautiful day as always in Namimori. Until a group of students shrieked for what they've heard almost 5 seconds ago.

"Italy? Reborn! You're kidding!" Tsuna yelled at the top of his lung. He didn't believe what he just heard. The cruel and sadist tutor(from what Tsuna think he is) is now asking them if they wanted to spend their vacation happily and normally in Italy, the home country of mafia. He doesn't even know if he should be happy to be able to spend almost two weeks in a foreign country which he never visits ever since he was born, or suspect the yellow arcobaleno for planning something that he doesn't even want to think about.

"I'm not kidding, dame-Tsuna. We're going to have a normal vacation to Italy this time. And what I mean normal is, you're going to settle things and introduce yourself and your guardians to several high-class mafia family's bosses.." Reborn explained with his usual smirk.

"I'm looking forward to it to the EXTREME!" Ryohei yelled. He is so full of spirits. Unaware of what Reborn had planned behind this.

"And Tsuna! I command you to tell Hibari and Chrome about this too. Since they're not here.." Reborn demanded. Much to Tsuna's annoyance. How could he encourage himself to tell such thing to a wild carnivore like Hibari. He could have been bitten to death! Chrome isn't count, but the two creepy Kokuyo members that are guarding her, what was their name again? Joshima Ken and Kakimoto Chikusa. They're definitely scary! Especially the wild animal one!

"Why does it have to be me?" Tsuna yelled as he trembled while imagining what will happen if he goes to either Hibari or Chrome's place. But if he rejected Reborn's command, surely something as bad would happen.

"You're their boss after all.." Reborn said while smirking. "I never said I want to be the boss!" he yelled as some of his tears flowing though his cheeks. Reborn pointed his gun to the ceiling and fired it. "Go!" he said. "HIII!" Tsuna said as he run faster than road-runner to the top floor of his school. That is where Hibari always take a nap with Hibird.


"What do you want?"Hibari asked. Still in his napping style. He doesn't even bother to open his eyes to see where Tsuna is standing.

"Anoo.. Hi-Hibari-san. R-Reborn told me to tell you that all of us the Vongola Guardians are going to spend our vacation at Italy this summer. W-would you mind to join us?" he asked. He's really nervous that for the first time of his life he wanted Gokudera here to accompany him before he is bitten to death.

"I don't like crowds.." Hibari answered. Still closing his eyes. "Go away! Go away!" Hibird chirped to Tsuna.

"B-But, Hibari-san.." Tsuna tried to convince him but failed. Hibari stood up and bring out his tonfas.

"I'll bite you to death!" he said calmly.

"HIIII!" Tsuna shrieked as he run away.

"Pathetic herbivore.." Hibari grunt. "Herbivore! Herbivore!" Hibird chirped again.


"What do you want?" Ken yelled at Tsuna who is pleading them to permit him to see Chrome for a while.

"Ken, he already said that he wanted to meet Chrome. Just let him already.." Chikusa tried to calm Ken down as he then sighed at Ken's action towards the young Vongola Decimo.

"What if he plan to do something to that stupid girl?" Ken yelled at Chikusa.

What could I possibly do? Tsuna thinks as he looked at their argument.

"The Vongola won't do anything to her, Ken. Just let him in.." Chikusa said calmly. Tsuna has to admit that Chikusa's attitude is still better than Ken.

"I won't let him in!" Ken yelled again.

"Ken.." Tsuna could hear a soft voice coming from behind the two Kokuyos.

"Chrome!" Tsuna said, excited. At last he doesn't have to beg any longer.

"Boss.." she greeted Tsuna. And then turned to see Ken. "Ken, what happened?" she asked softly.

"Tch! Nothing!" Ken said stubbornly while looking to the other side. "Let's go Kaki-pi! Don't mind the stupid girl and her boss!" he said as he walked away to outside of the Kokuyo Health Land. Chikusa just sighed and then followed him.

After Chrome look at them leaving the Kokuyo Land, he looked at Tsuna and asked. "Why are you visiting, Boss? Does something happen?"

"Oh, no! Nothing, Chrome! I just come here to say that Reborn told us to spend our summer vacation in Italy! Would you mind to join?" Tsuna asked happily, he knew Chrome would be excited as well. Even though she might not show it openly. Well, Tsuna really care for her and sometimes consider her his little sister, so he slowly learn to read her expression.

Chrome, in the other side, got really excited. From the first time she met Mukuro, she has learned how to speak Italian so that someday she could visit that foreign country and become a more useful and stronger person than now. The black bag she always carried also content an Italian dictionary(if you see when Chrome's bag was inserted with a detector, we could see a book titled 'Italia' in it.. ^^ but I forgot which episode is it). "Really?" she asked Tsuna with a little happy expression, and of course, a blush. Which Tsuna always take as 'I am so happy' comment.

"Really, Chrome! All the Vongola Guardians have to attend!" he said. Even though I can't convince Hibari-san to join.. he thought.

"Make sure you come!" Tsuna yelled while waving good-bye before he run from the Kokuyo Land to go home. Chome waved at him too.

I have to think of a way to convince Hibari-san tomorrow! Tsuna encourage himself.


"I'm ho-" BUK! Tsuna is welcomed by a kick on his face from Reborn, of course. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT, REBORN?" he yelled as the tears flow and he rubbed his cheek which has been Reborn's feet's aim.

"Dame-Tsuna! You're not doing your job properly as the Vongola's Boss. Hibari hasn't agreed to join.." he said.

"It's not my fault, right? I tried! But he then said he'll bite me to death!" Tsuna yelled while still crying.

"Let him! As long as he agreed to join.." Reborn said.

"Are you trying to kill me? Of course I'm not going to let myself get bitten to death by him! I still want to enjoy my vacation to Italy!" he said dramatically.

"Now that you mention about Italy. I told Iemitsu to come here while you're away to Italy so Mama won't be lonely.." Reborn said.

"Now you're trying to change the topic!" Tsuna yelled, still crying dramatically as always.

"Shut up, Dame-Tsuna. And since you can't convince Hibari at all. I guess I'll do you a favor and ask him myself. This is an important trip after all. He can't miss this one!" Reborn said, a little excited.

Tsuna is so confused. Why would his strict tutor who would never allow him to get any help when he's under his order, now tell him that he'll do him a favor? Now that's really strange! Definitely strange! What's the point of this vacation, really?

Reborn could just show his usual smirk as he walk to the dining room, leaving Tsuna behind.

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