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Today is the beginning of winter. Many kids are playing on the white ground. Of course, in this kind of season, everyone have to use warm clothes if they want to take a walk outside. But not for Chrome Dokuro. She's buying some snacks in the convenience store in town. WITH her Kokuyo uniform. You know how much skin that uniform could show. Her stomach could be seen, and her legs too! But as usual, a Chrome Dokuro never minded something like that.

"I have to hurry!" she said as she hugged the plastic bag tightly and began to run slowly. But the wind is strong and her stomach felt cold. So is her legs. She shivered for a while before she suddenly fell down because of the slippery ground.

"Ow.." she rubbed her back. But she quickly began to gather her snacks that were falling on the ground.

When she gathered it one by one, suddenly, someone helped her. Much to her surprised. "Th-thank you-Kya!" she's surprised to see the one who's helping her is the most fearsome man in the Namimori, Hibari Kyoya. She stood up quickly, so is Hibari who's done gathering the snacks.

Chrome quickly bowed to him. "I'm sorry! I'm not littering, but I'm just-" she stopped when Hibari suddenly covered her body with his black jacket. She blushed and then lowered her head. "Th-thank you.. Cloud Person.." she whispered. But the name he's calling Hibari stabbed his heart. Damn! She's calling him with that name again!

Hibari putted the snacks inside the plastic bag, so is Chrome. "Once again, thank you for your help, Cloud Person. I have to g-" before she could finish her sentence, Hibari quickly pulled her hand and dragged her along with him. "C-cloud Pers-" Hibari quickly putted his finger on her lips.

"Hibari Kyoya.. Choose which one you're going to call me. Between 'Hibari' and 'Kyoya'. Not 'Cloud' and 'Person'.." he said while glaring at her. She trembled a bit., then nodded.

"H-Hibari-san.." she said with a low voice, almost like a whisper. She lowered her head because of embarrassment. But Hibari quickly pulled her along with him until they arrived in the park. He pinned her to one of the tree.

"Say my name.." he whispered to her ears. She shivered afterwards, and she could feel her body heated up.

"Hi-Hibari-umph!" Hibari pressed his lips against hers, much to her surprise. She loosened her grip on the plastic bag and it fell to the ground. Her eyes widened and her cheeks burned red.

She shut her eyes tightly when she filled his tounge inside her mouth. She clenched her fists, but he gripped her wrists and pinned it on the tree. He inserted one of his feet between her thighs and pressed it sofly, earning a moan from her. Then he let go one of his grip on her wrist. His hand slipped under her shirt and he reached her breasts. But she quickly broke the kiss and she walked backward. Covering her body with her hands while blushing madly. "Hi-Hibari-san! You're a hentai!" she said.

"Pfft.." Hibari covered his mouth. Then he laughed softly before he turned his attention to her again.

"Wh-what's so funny..?" she asked nervously.

"Nothing.." he said calmly while walking slowly towards her. "..I just wanted to know how far you'll let me do it. So you're still an innocent girl.." he whishpered to her ear. Then he pushed her down to the white ground with him on top of her. He smiled warmly, and that makes Chrome blush.

"Happy Birthday, Chrome.." he whispered. Much to her surprise. How could he know about her birthday? She decided to spend this day normally without saying to anyone that it's her birthday.

After Hibari said that, he caught her lips again. But now is just a simple and quick kiss. Then he stood up and walked away. "Next year we'll spend this day officially. Don't forget that.." he said without looking back.

Chrome who's been left sitting on the ground could just blushed madly. She touched her lips with her finger. "So Hibari-san is a pervert. I just knew.." she whispered.

"But.." she turned to see Hibari's back who's walking away. "..I want to believe his promise.." she said while blushing. "Will my next birthday be as special as today..?" she smiled brightly.

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