Little Big Planet:Legend of the Seven Stars

Chapter I.I: The Legend.

The lights fade...candles are all that illuminate the harsh darkness of a familiar workshop. Bookshelfs are crammed to the brim with old books, thin and thick. Finally a single book rests on a worn brown table...a lone figure extends a hand and lights two nearby candles.

This is a story...of a place that was once long...long ago.

This is the legend...of the seven stars.

The view is over a city now...old buildings grace its square and many people scamper about. In the distance on a high hill lies a large castle, its stones aged with time.

On the final nigth of the year, a amazing comet that comes once every millenia graces the skys over the kingdom. Once each year...a star will fall from this comets grasp...but that year...the eighth star fell.

A dark flash appears from the comet...and the city is engluphed into a massive dark force.

They say that...a lone wanderer...he a hero of sack and fluff drove away the ancient evil...the comet left...and so did the eighth star. but...not everything is well forever.

As the world grows silent...and the last breath comes the earth comes trembling down.

Preview for The Legend of the seven Stars, first Chapter will be up 5/11/11
Get Ready...for one adventure you'll never forget.