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Somewhere We Can Be Alone

The alarm clock rang, making so much noise.

It caused Ryoma Echizen to open his eyes in frustration.

It was one of those mornings that Ryoma wished he could just stay in bed until late into the day.

He stayed in bed, looking up blackly at his bedroom ceiling.

Then he felt movement at the foot of his bed.

It made its way to his chest and when he lifted the sheet, Karupin purred, seeing her master's face.

"Ohayou, Karupin." He said as he softly hug his cat.

She purred again, and Ryoma chuckled.

"You know what, I sometime's wish that I can stay here in bed all day, with you here beside me of course."

Karupin purred as if to say "I wish that too, Master. But you know you have to go to school"

"But I know that I have to go to school" He said as he stood up.

Karupin quietly sat on the bed, watching Ryoma enter the bathroom.

After a few minutes, he came back out, slightly dripping water on his carpet.

Karupin purred again and Ryoma chuckled.

"I'll give you a bath when I get home later, ok Karupin?"

Karupin purred, "It would be great if we can take a bath together."

Ryoma looked at Karupin while putting on his uniform.

He loved her so much and sometimes wished that she could talk.

He jumped back into bed to hug her again.

"This is the only place we can be aloneā€¦ Just you and me." He looked at her lovingly.

"Yes, I like it here to, master. Being with you all the time."

She purred and licked his face.

"Karupin! That tickles." He giggled as she kept on licking his face.

From down stairs, Nanjirou was calling him.

"Oy gaki! You'll be late for school if you don't come down now!"

Ryoma sighed and looked at Karupin.

"I have to go now, Karupin. But I'll be back home later." He patted her head and grabbed his bag from his table.

"I'll be waiting for you to come home, master." She purred.

She jumped into the window and watched as Ryoma stood by the gate.

But before he went out, he looked back up and saw Karupin by the window.

He waved at her as he disappear into the corner.

Yes, Ryoma's room was the place that they can be together.

Just the two of them.

And she will be waiting until he comes back home and hug her again.

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