AN: This story is sort of an experiment. Unlike, in my other stories, I don't have a definite ending in mind for this story nor a definite direction. Hehe. I just need to get this out of my head. (winks)

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Note: This is in Cagalli's point of view.

Ugly Duckling: The Reverse

Chapter 1

Are you familiar with the story of, "The Ugly Duckling"? Well, the duckling was ugly, thus the title, who lived with ducks who appear different than him. He was teased by the other ducks and animals because he was unlike them and looked hideous. But after leaving the farm he grew up and turned into a beautiful swan.

Well, I'm sort of an ugly duckling, although the reverse. What do I mean, you might ask? Well, when I was younger, I had long beautiful blond hair. It went past my shoulders and was really silky. Some people really believe that I could be in a shampoo commercial. I also had remarkable amber eyes that people who notices them usually tells me how beautiful they are.

That was a long time ago, because now, I have short blond hair and my beautiful amber eyes were safely hidden behind black-rimmed eyeglasses. I was once beautiful and the present me was sort of unattractive.

The hair was my choice, because while growing up, I realized that it's really inconvenient being too pretty. I'm not conceited okay, just telling the truth. Another reason, well maybe because I'm not the girly girl type anymore. People change, and so did I. The eyeglasses is a necessity though. You see, I love reading novels and after reading tons of books, it resulted to a slightly poor eyesight.

I am tomboyish, hot-tempered and currently in my second year of College. Hmmm…college, I don't hate nor do I love it. But, if there's anything that I really like about college, it will be being classmates with Athrun Zala again. Who the heck is Athrun Zala? He's the guy sitting in the front row with the attractive blue-hair and really wonderful green eyes. He is really handsome, gentle, kind and a lot of good description that might go on and on.

I know I'm quite a tomboy or not the girly girl type, but I'm still a girl so I wouldn't deny that I really admire Athrun. Of course, this is my deepest, ultimate secret. Not even my brother Kira knows that I have a crush. Okay, so Miriallia, my best friend, knows that I have a crush on Athrun.

"Cagalli Yula Attha, define marketing."

I stood up, silent for a moment. All eyes are on me. Damn, did my professor notice that I was not listening for the past few minutes. I know one person who would really be happy if I didn't get this right.

Sorry, Joule, I know the answer.

I answered correctly and looked at Yzak Joule after taking my seat and smirked at him. He was obviously pissed that I did not make a fool out of myself. He was the hot-tempered guy who has silver hair and piercing blue eyes. I heard some girls actually admire him too. Okay, so maybe he is as good looking as Athrun but Athrun is really kind unlike Joule. I really pity those girls who like Joule.

Yzak Joule was the top 2 in our class, with me having the same rank as him. Who is the top 1, well, no other than Athrun Zala. Yzak sort of hate Athrun and me. Athrun, because, he can't beat him; and me because I'm a woman who have the same rank as him. He's really competitive.

Let's go back to Athrun, so another good thing about him is that he's not all-good looks but great brains too. He's like perfect and has lots of admirers who keep on growing in number. Thankfully, Athrun doesn't have a girlfriend yet, so women are free admiring, liking or loving him. Actually, it's a real mystery why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. I know a lot of perfect candidates that might suit him since there are lots of pretty, smart and wealthy ladies in Plants University.

I sometimes pretend that he doesn't have a girlfriend because he's waiting for me! Hahaha. I know I'm sometimes delusional despite being smart. What the heck, a girl can dream, right?


"Sorry I'm late." Miriallia seated herself in our favorite spot in Sunlight Café.

Mirialli Hawwe, my best friend, was taking up Advertising while I took up Business Administration.

"Seriously, I always get here ahead of you. Is there going to be a time when you'll arrive here first?" I pretended to be annoyed. "Treat me to a slice of chocolate cake."

"Do you want the world to know that the tomboy has a crush on a certain…"

"Fine! I'll pay for myself." I cut her off before she could tease me any further.

The object of my admiration entered the café and was seated at a table near us. I really had a good view of him. Oh yeah! I'm a lucky girl! Wait, he is smiling at my direction. I smiled tentatively. He was still smiling and nodded. I feel like I'm on cloud nine…

Crap, Joule just sat in front of Athrun blocking my good view. Damn you Joule.

Oh yeah, even though Joule sort of hate Athrun because of academics, they were still good friends. It was really odd, well, it's really hard understanding men but of course, nothing beats the difficulty of understanding most women.


"Hey Attha, are you going to Lacus' party? What will you wear a tuxedo?" Joule was asking for war again. Classes were not going to start for another 30 minutes.

"Why of course Joule, I take it you'll wear a dress?" I smiled widely at him.

"Why you! I'd rather wear a dress than see you in one!"

"Yeah. Whatever." I pretended to read my notes. Fortunately, he took the cue and went back to his seat.

Why you bastard! I know I'm not as pretty( I know it's my choice) nor as lady-like as others, but throwing in my face that he'd rather wear a dress was really insulting. Don't get him into you Cagalli. Grrrr…

Athrun approached me and I was really surprised because he has no business with me. He was also Kira's friend but that doesn't make him my friend automatically. We were just classmates…acquaintances.

"I hope you'd go to Lacus' party. Also, I'm sure you'll look great in a dress." He smiled gently.

I nodded and I can feel some of my classmates glaring at me and some sighing dramatically. I knew that they wish that he said it to them. I knew that most of them were thinking that I don't deserve such a comment from Athrun Zala, for I am not as pretty as them…for I am an ugly duckling.

It was then that I made up my mind, I'm going to wear a dress in the party and not my original plan of wearing some suit that looks like a tuxedo. I'm going to show you Joule. I'm going to show you girls. I'm going to try and prove that maybe, just maybe I could be suitable for Athrun Zala too.

The swan will be back! I would not hide my 'beauty' any longer. I just hope that it's still indeed there, just waiting to be uncovered.